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Author Topic: Rine's OS Area. (Will Be Back Soon!)  (Read 55727 times)

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu/AnzuKiriko) The Wanted Kiss 1/18/19
« Reply #120 on: January 22, 2015, 03:33:15 AM »
This is sheer brilliance Rine-chan ;w;~~~

I really felt the KojiYuu-- err AnzuKiriko feels in this so very much ;w;

Sad stuff really does appeal to me after all :v

Asahi though :v It'd be interesting to see an AnzuAsahi fic xD

Sorry for reading your OS late ><

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu/AnzuKiriko) The Wanted Kiss 1/18/19
« Reply #121 on: January 27, 2015, 05:33:38 AM »
Oookay~~ I'm finally here~~

OMG I had this turmoil of feelings! I liked the movie, but this, wow! Angst and very cute! I loved it!
To tell you the truth I never really noticed Kiriko and Asahi had the same surname XD

That end was genius~~  :heart: I loved it, really!

You could make a continuation, Anzu trying to win Asahi's affection :p (and Nami, Ray and Hinata could make a special appearance hahaha )

Thank you for this o/ 

Sorry about my lack of activity... I'm kinda stuck in life...

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) Feel The Love 1/31/15
« Reply #122 on: January 31, 2015, 04:18:48 PM »
Hey guys! I'm back with another OS~ this time, some of the scenes are true. :mon sweat: Well yeah, the pictures are real, right? lol :on gay: I hope all of you will enjoy this OS~ :gmon bang:

Sorry for not posting these couple of days, I'm kinda busy with school and such things :depressed: An uh, for the grammar issues, excuse it, I will edit it tomorrow. :hehehe:

Thank you to my fadah, thelonewolf48 for helping me for some plot of CBKHBF and this OS. Thank you Fadah~! :V /

Some minor mistakes from The Wanted Kiss, I posted the OS last January 18, 2015. Not January 18, 2019. :mon XD:

Thanks to lambie-san for posting the translation of Yuko's Instavid. :farofflook:

Feel The Love

Walking alongside of the backstage, a sigh escaped from the tall girl's lips. She just couldn't hide the fact that she's missing the person who used to walk with her. Too bad for her, that person already graduated from their group. She thinks she's getting desperate and such, maybe it's not her fault if she's being too controlling or being possessive. She knows the fact she misses her dear lover, Oshima Yuko. The short girl told the tall that she will appear later on their Request Hour for this year. Yuko even told Haruna that she's glad that their song didn't ranked, Haruna is confused though. She doesn't know if she should be happy or sad because their song didn't get in. Maybe because she doesn't want to repeat the same mistake she did like last year's RH? The tall girl thought, while roaming around the backstage looking for her beloved one.

Or maybe because, she got jealous when Takamina and I performed our song? That's quite immature for Yuuchan though. Plus, Takamina and I only did that for the sake of fan service, nothing else. Yuko knows that my heart belongs to her. Another question dived into her mind, she gasped because of the idea that she thought. Maybe Yuko doesn't love me anymore? Haruna asked herself. Plus, she's busy with too much acting schedules these days, maybe she's enjoying her kissing scenes with some other guys. "Maybe that's the reason why we're being distant from each other?" Haruna mumbled and she just pouted. "Yuuchan is being an idiot."

Noticing that her aura is off, the two girls noticed their fellow 1st Generation member is out of her game. Worried because the tall girl's atmosphere is kind of gloomy, Miichan stood up from her seat and followed Haruna, Takamina did the same thing. Each glance Haruna will do, they will automatically hide. But then because of Miichan's grumbling stomach, Haruna shifted her glances again and saw the WMinamis. Afraid and shivering because of Haruna's aura and glare at them, Miichan grabbed Takamina's hand and they automatically ran as fast as they can away from Haruna. Due to Takamina's short legs, Haruna was able to catch them. Grabbing the General Managers jacket, she was able to pull her comrades. Panting because of the running exercise they did, Haruna just looked at them giving them a glare that's pretty scary than their girlfriends stare.

"What are you doing?" Haruna asked her two comrades. Miichan elbowed Takamina while chuckling. Takamina just looked at Miichan, giving her the lets-count-to-123-and-run.

"One." Miichan said and Takamina's sweat started to form on her face.

"Two." Takamina said, and Miichan just grinned

"Three!" Miichan and Takamina said at the same time, before Haruna could blink, she held Miichan's shirt and Takamina's arms.

"Useless creatures." The cat-like girl said and she let go of her comrades.

"Is there something wrong Kojipa, my loves~?" Miichan asked as she cling her arms on Haruna's left arm. Takamina just walked beside them, the little General Manger doesn't want to cling because she knows that there are two people who will punish her if she will cling to Haruna or to other girls.

Haruna shrugged and sighed. "I'm fine." The tall girl said and she looked at her comrades.

Miichan removed her arms away from Haruna while Takamina just gave Haruna an, are-you-okay look? The tall girl nodded, but the truth is, she's not. Most of the time she will just pretend that everything’s going to be alright.

"Are you really sure that you're okay? Takamina asked this time, and Haruna nodded again.

“Are you sick?” Miichan asked and Haruna shook her head.

The tall girl took a deep breath and smiled at her comrades. “Work is just stressing me, guys. You know that.” Haruna said and she weakly smiled.

Walking on their way back to Haruna's dressing room, Miichan told that she needs to go back to her dressing room because her food is there. Same thing happened with Takamina, the WMinami left Haruna alone again. For some random reason, they know that they did the right thing. They just want to surprise Haruna, Miichan knows that Haruna's been lonely these days because the tall girl's lover is not around. Usually, Haruna will just rant her situation to her comrades. But these couple of days, Takamina observed that Haruna's not focusing. It's true, that she's an air-headed girl, but seeing Kojima Haruna being not her usual self is really new. Of course, they also knew that Haruna and Yuko met last week at Sato Kayo's party along with their Peach John friends. Usually, Haruna will always be happy; bringing home that smile along on her face. But it looks like Haruna got lost or something, questions started to dive inside her comrades head. Luckily, their questions stopped when Oshima Yuko explained their argument.

Yes, it was the first time after Yuko's graduation they got into an argument. It was not their first time they got into an argument. Though, doubts and jealousy can't get out of their heads, it’s been weeks or months since the last time they got into sweet talks. They also knew that Yuko is a busy person right now because of her movie and dramas. Meanwhile, Haruna couldn't blame herself at all. She's also a busy person, just like Yuko. But Haruna's just being possessive and controlling because, flashbacks of Yuko's bed scene can't get out of the tall girl's head. It’s not her fault. Yuko also knows that Haruna will get jealous because of the kissing scenes, specially the bed scene.

Haruna just sighed, and decided to go back to her own dressing room. It was their request after all, they requested from Togasaki that 1st Gens will get their own room because it’s their 10th year anniversary. Togasaki can't blame anyone about this because usually, he will spoil them. Along with their producer, Akimoto Yasushi.

Moving on, Haruna was walking and she saw her juniors are having fun. Haruna's heart couldn't help but to break because it reminds her of Yuko, playing with their juniors. Playing around, fooling around. But Haruna knows when Yuko's serious or just being playful. As her feet dragged her to her dressing room, she opened the door and noticed that the lights are off. Haruna sighed and rolled her eyes, "Maybe the staffs are playing games with us again." She said and she opened the lights. A gasped escaped from her lips.

The tall girl was shrieking because her dressing room is empty, it was too clean. Her bag isn't there; her scattered costumes aren't there anymore. Specially, she was shrieking because she couldn't find her collections of KojiYuu's wallpaper. Not to mention, her missing phone.

The staffs came and they saw Haruna, panicking. The staffs told her to calm down and check the other dressing room, but Haruna said that the empty room is her room. "Look! Can't you see the name?! It's named as Kojima Haruna's dressing room!" She pointed to the door. The staffs nodded.

Haruna's junior suddenly came, panting. It looks like they decided to go out for a run. "Kojiharu-san!" Haruna saw Kawaei Rina, waving while wiping the sweat off from her face. "Your...things." Kawaei panted and the tall girl just nodded. "We saw some staffs placing it inside Yuko-san's dressing room."

"Yuuchan?" The tall girl asked Kawaei and the tired girl nodded. Rina pulled Haruna's hand, to Haruna's surprise it really is Yuko. 50 feet apart from Yuko, she can see the body, the appearance and all. It really is Yuko. Haruna picked up her feet and she forced Rina's hand to let go of her hands. Rina was shocked when she felt Haruna's hand was not there anymore. Rina saw the tall girl running, she was so shocked but happy because Haruna's finally happy again.

But then, Haruna was just 5 feet apart from Yuko. Chills crawled inside her body. What if she's still mad at me? Haruna asked herself, but she saw Yuko writing something. Haruna decided to walk closer and she saw Yuko writing her name.

I must write her name perfectly so that she will know that I'm still the Oshima Yuko she met. The small girl thought as she smiled while writing 小嶋陽菜 様 Yuko saw Takamina taking some pictures of her while writing Haruna's name. But Yuko didn't know that her Princess was watching her. Yuko couldn't help but to smile about it. Who wouldn't smile because you're too excited to surprise your girlfriend with such things, right?

"Yuko, I didn't know that your Kanji is still perfect." Takamina said, Yuko faced at Takamina who's taking the pictures. Yuko though, she's still not noticing the person behind her.

"Thanks Takamina!" Yuko said and she smiled at Takamina.

Haruna didn't know what to do, maybe it was just some misunderstandings between her and Yuko. It’s just that, jealous will always overcome the two of them. Now the two of them are swallowing their prides because of the jealousy issues. Haruna took a deep breath and smiled, she tapped Yuko's shoulders. Yuko faced Haruna and she dropped the marker. "N-Nyann-nya..." Yuko couldn't speak at all, she was caught up with Haruna's outfit. Black loose shirt and short shorts, revealing her smooth, white, and soft legs.

"Yuuchan~" Haruna called Yuko's nickname, and to Yuko's surprise she felt Haruna's hand on her wrist. The next thing Yuko know, she was pulled into a hug. Yuko was blushing. she was guilty for making things very complicated for the two of them. Yuko couldn't help but to hug her dear cat back. It’s been a while since Haruna will do that to Yuko, since it’s very rare for Haruna to express her feelings for Yuko.

But the question is, Yuko can see that Haruna’s eyes are filled with sadness. She doesn’t know what to do, she’s feeling the guilt even though she doesn’t know if she’s actually part of the cat like girl’s problem. “You took me by surprise!” Yuko said.

Another surprise for Yuko, Haruna kissed Yuko’s cheeks. The heat crossed down Yuko’s face, which made Haruna very happy. Haruna on the other hand, can’t help but to shower Yuko with her love this time. She just wanted Yuko to feel very loved, Haruna couldn’t help but to giggle and such stuff. The tall girl opened the dressing room door, pulling Yuko inside with her.

Takamina smirked and laughed. “This is going to be a long night.” She said as she rested her phone on her hoodie and walked away from Yuko’s no wait, scratch that. Yuko and Haruna’s dressing room.

Inside the dressing room, two girls were now having thoughts and doubts about what they’re going to, since the awkward situation rose up again, Haruna didn’t mean to cough and such things, Yuko grabbed her bag to get the bottle of mineral water. She gave the bottle to Haruna, the tall girl accepted the bottle with a smile on her face. Though the smile is kind of different than the usual smile she will give to Haruna. Haruna on the other hand, locked the door which made Yuko sweat.

"Say, Miichan told me that you're out of your game these couple of days." The short girl started the conversation and sat down on the couch. Haruna just looked at Yuko while blushing. Walking on her way to the couch while holding the bottle of water.

“Hmm? Actually I’m okay…” Haruna said with a sad expression.

Yuko on the other hand shook her head. Knowing that it’s not true, Haruna is not really okay, at all. Yuko can feel the guilt, crawling her pride right now. Haruna just looked at Yuko, with those eyes that are telling to Yuko ’I love you’

“I love you, Haruna. So much.” Yuko said and she fixed Haruna’s hair.

Kojiharu just blushed and rested her head on Yuko’s chest. It’s been a while since the two of them did this kind of scenario. “Yuuchan, I have a question before I will say that I love you too.” Haruna said and Yuko looked at Haruna straight into the eye. “If you love me, can you request the director of your movies and your dramas know…not involve your body to some bed scenes?”

“Is that the reason why you avoided me last week? Well not really avoid, you were really just down last week.” Yuko said and she felt a nod on her chest. A sigh escaped from her her lips and she smiled. "Well then, if that's what my Hime-sama wants, she will get it then." Haruna looked at Yuko with a smile on her face, she felt the short girl's hand on her head.

"But silly you." Haruna said and a fake giggle got out from her lips. "I'm not really sad." Kojiharu lied, she gulped because she's too afraid if Yuko will know that she's lying.

Yuko doubted and she looked at Haruna. "You know what's going to happen when you're lying."

Haruna just stared at Yuko while pouting. "I didn't even say that I love you too." Haruna mumbled and Yuko lighlty flicked Haruna's forehead.

"Don't you even dare to seduce me." Yuko said and Haruna just looked at her, the glance was innocent. But burning desire of lust are pretty obvious.

"So, are you ready?" Yuko asked and Haruna nodded.

"Yeah. Let's go?" Haruna asked and Yuko smiled at her. Grabbing the short girl's hand, Haruna opened the door and they got outside. They saw their juniors giggling and the both of them blushed.

"Uhm...Oshima-san and Kojima-san, can we take some photos of the two of you along with your sign outside your dressing room?" Oshima Ryoka asked and the two of them nodded. They also gave their phones to their juniors to take some photos for them as well.

"Yes!" One of the juniors shouted and the two girls blushed.

The juniors gave their phones back and they thanked them.

"Oh well, good luck for the two of us, Yuuchan." Haruna said as she kissed Yuko's cheeks and whispered. "I love you too."

"Hehehe, I knew it. You will not last any moment not to say that word."

"Of course, I just want you to feel the love." Haruna said and she winked at Yuko.

"Don't worry, I can feel the love."

Hours Later...

"Nyannyan~ that was great~" Yuko said and a smile replied her.

"Not as bad as your performance, Yuuchan." Haruna said and probably, she have the brightest idea she ever thought of. "Hey, Yuuchan." Haruna called Yuko, and the short girl looked at her while bouncing her shoulders.


"Can we spoil our fans?" Haruna asked then a grin suddenly appeared her on her face.

Yuko grinned as well, "I thought you'll never ask." Yuko grabbed the cat-like girl's phone and opened the Camera.

"You need someone to take pictures of the both of ya?" Takamina asked and the lovers nodded.

"Thanks, Takamina~" Yuko said and Takamina just nodded. "There, make sure that the fans will see it~" Yuko said and Haruna nodded.

Haruna took Yuko's phone and opened the Camera. They took a picture again and Haruna chuckled.

"Something happened?" Yuko asked and Haruna shooked her head.

"Yuko, make sure that you will upload this around midnight to leave our fans hanging~"

"But of course~" Yuko said and she nuzzled down on Haruna's back.

"Hey, Yuuchan." Haruna called Yuko again.

"Yes my dear?"

The juniors saw their lovey-dovey actions, some couldn't help but to squeal about it.

"About earlier..." Haruna remembered the scene earlier and a pink hue crossed down on her face. "I was just thinking about if we know..."

"Continue it?" The short girl asked and the tall girl nodded. "Maybe later, okay~?"

"Mou stop teasing me~" Haruna said and Yuko kissed her cheeks.

"But I love you~" Yuko said which made Haruna blush even harder.

"I love you too, Yuuchan. And I guess the two of us can feel the love." Haruna said and she felt Yuko's hand on her body, protecting her.



After performing Nakinagara Hohoende, she rushed on her way to their dressing room 2 days ago. She opened the door and she saw Haruna preparing for the Kokoro no Placard ranking performance. "Nyannyan~" She called Haruna, Yuko ran towards Haruna with open arms.

An arm also welcomed her and she felt Haruna's hand on her back and the tall girl patted Yuko's back.

"I missed you so much~" Yuko said as she nuzzled on Haruna breast and face.

"But its only been 16 hours since the last time we saw each other." Haruna said with a blush on her face. Miichan was there and Yuko didn't noticed that Miichan pick-pocketed Yuko's coat just to get her phone and video the two girls that are hugging each other. "Hey, Yuuchan." Haruna whispered Yuko and the short girl looked at her. "Are the love marks still there?" Haruna asked and Yuko nodded.

"Yeah." Yuko whispered and she pointed at the other side of the room while smiling. "Look at that way~" Yuko started to hum and their bodies are swinging.

Haruna did what Yuko commanded her but she saw nothing, Yuko saw Miichan with her phone. But she didn't protest. "Hey what happened?" Haruna asked and she rested her head on Yuko's head.

To Yuko's surprise, she felt the tall girl's head on her shoulder. Very rare for Yuko to see Haruna like that. "Ahh~ I can't look at your costume." Yuko said as she pulled out from the hug and took a peek of Haruna's costume. "Ah! Watch out! Watch out!" Yuko said and she started to hum again. Haruna rested her head on Yuko's shoulders again.

"Harunyan, it's time already." Miichan told Haruna and the tall girl nodded.

Haruna pulled herself out from her lovers hug and she kissed it's forehead, nose, and lips. "Wait for me, Yuuchan. Okay?" Haruna asked and Yuko nodded.

"I will watch you, Nyannyan!" Yuko said and Haruna gave her an okay aign and she opened the dressing room, giving Yuko a flying kiss and went out of the room.

Miichan and Yuko were left, Miichan didn't stop the video player and she got an idea.

"So, what will Oshima Yuko do every time Haruna will do that to her?" Miichan asked and Yuko just smiled and started to dance.

"Oshima Yuko will dance like a kid!" She said as she started to bounce.

Miichan uploaded the video without Yuko's permission, she uploaded first the video where Yuko was dancing and the second one, where Haruna and Yuko were dancing and hugging.

Yuko just smiled and went outside of their room, leaving Miichan alone in their room. She watched Haruna and Yuko was clapping, screaming "THAT'S MY NYANNYAN! MY NYANNYAN WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST OF THE BEST~!"

It may even loud outside of their backstage, but Haruna smiled and heard all of it. She secretly turned off her mic and she whispered, "Kami-sama, I don't know what to do without Yuko. Thank you, for always making her feel me the love." Haruna whispered and turned on her mic and she sang along.


Replies for The Wanted Kiss:

@MaYukiIsLife: Yeap~ :on gay:

@Haruko: Glad to know that :mon sweat:

@Korisu29: Thanks, kouhai :nya:

@IamNot_Glad: Hahahaha! I LOVE THAT PART~ :mon inluv:

@arawche079: Hahaha, well I like to focus while watching movies though :mon XD:

@MisakiShishido: Just trying my best though :mon sweat:

@BbSis: Hahaha! Granny~ I really don't know Kiriko's real name so I used Asahi's family name :mon XD:

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) Feel The Love 1/31/15
« Reply #123 on: January 31, 2015, 07:16:57 PM »
Mai gawd.

THE FEELS IN THIS IS STRONG~  :heart: :heart: :heart:

I really loved this fic, Rine-chan! Felt like the whole thing was real and actually happened!  :twothumbs

KojiYuu's really the best when you do write it  :thumbsup :heart:

Thank you so much for the fic, and hope there'll be more to come! KojiYuu, please do inspire Rine-chan more with your photos or videos or what not~ *shot*  :cathappy:

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) Feel The Love 1/31/15
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Woah!!! rine-chan new OS....  :w00t:

You're the best!!! Hehe

I always enjoy reading your fics...

 thank you, I really appriciate you gift.

Shhhhh......Let's keep it between ourselves :banghead:


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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) Feel The Love 1/31/15
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DAT KojiYuu FEELS! :inlove:
What a very very great OS as usual, Rine-san!
This surely made my day! :wub:
Thank you very much :twothumbs
All hail KojiYuu! :bow:

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) Feel The Love 1/31/15
« Reply #126 on: February 04, 2015, 10:48:08 AM »
I think it's not too late to comment ...  :mon dunno:
I loved your OS senpai!!!  :mon XD:
I read Feel The Love in your tumblr, and damn!!! You really great writing *ahem* part ...  :mon misch:
as expected from my senpai ...  :mon lovelaff:

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) Feel The Love 1/31/15
« Reply #127 on: February 04, 2015, 10:35:43 PM »
Wow wow WOW wow wow.

'Feel the Love' kept making me question how old you were again and again :v

Too bad NyanNyan was prevented from continuing. Dominant Yuko though :3

Nice one~

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) Feel The Love 1/31/15
« Reply #128 on: February 08, 2015, 11:01:51 AM »
I made an account just for you.~ Bwahahaha~  :twothumbs I love all your fics~! :heart: How do you give thanks anyway?~ :nervous

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) Feel The Love 1/31/15
« Reply #129 on: February 09, 2015, 07:57:41 AM »
Awwww it's a win win situation when your otp uploads photos of them being together. we get their photos or videos may it be and then we get fanfics. writers are awesome. thank youuuu :deco:

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) Feel The Love 1/31/15
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Hello.. First time commenting. And, *erkhem. Excuse me but..
OH MY GOD~~ The amount of Kojiyuu fics are wonderful. And your latest one, Feel the Love is very nicely written.  :thumbup
Btw, all the best in writting more OS and your on-going fics!  :ding: :ding: :ding:
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❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) Heart Only Beats For Kojima Haruna 2/15/15
« Reply #131 on: February 15, 2015, 04:28:27 PM »
Don't forget to vote. :ding:

Hey guys, I'm having second thoughts if I'm going to be on-hiatus. This time, I'm serious about it. Lately, I'm not really good with words, I don't know whats wrong with my actions, I can't get enough sleep. I guess we need to take a break, right? Anyways, I'm not sure, but this just a notice. I don't want all of you to expect such things. I want to face something, probably a thing that's related with reality. I don't know, I'm giving too much information again. (Well shit.)

Reminder: If you're feeling depressed or something, you need Sam Smith and Taylor Swift. Trust me, they'll help you with your problems. :V /

Another Reminder: I'm sorry if this OS will be the lowest of the low, my writing skills is not that good. (Well, it's true...not gonna lie about it.) My writing style is a little bit rusty because of too much school works. @-@)


Okay, spread the love and joy. :wub:

Heart Only Beats For Kojima Haruna.

A tall brunette headed girl sighed in defeat. Its been weeks since the last time her dear lover touched her. Yes, and she misses the warm hand wandering around her body, the small hands groping her breast, specially the lips that will always surprise her. Wait a minute. Kojima Haruna, misses it? Yes, it’s very rare for the tall girl to express her feelings. She needs an Oshima Yuko right beside her, the energetic girl that will always make Haruna happy. But Yuko's been busy with work and such things. Haruna knows that Yuko's trying her best to support Haruna and her own needs. The tall girl didn't bother to ask Yuko why, in fact, Haruna likes surprises that are from Yuko.

She just wanted the squirrel-like girl to understand what she's feeling every night. She couldn't help but every night she's sad. Asking herself, why won't Yuko live with her? Haruna can remember how her dream was too cruel. She dreamt about Yuko, waving goodbye. Running away from Haruna with a guy. The tall girl shook her head, trying to erase the flashback. "I will never think about that dream." She sighed and pouted.

"At least Usa-chan and Mimi-chan are having fun." She said as she saw her dogs sleeping, because of too much playtime.

Folding her legs, while her body is rested on the couch, a sigh escaped from her lips again. The tall girl lazily grabbed the remote control that's rested on the coffee table that's faced in front of the television. Haruna turned on the television and she saw the promotional commercial of Yuko's drama. A smile on her face appeared, seeing Yuko acting so naturally makes her very proud. But then, a scene suddenly showed up, Haruna hates this kind of scene. What scene? Bed scene. She quickly changed the channel so that she will not see that scene again.

But the way Yuko acted was too different, she knows Yuko's face if she's enjoying it. "There's no way that Yuuchan will enjoy it, I know her face." She clenched her fist. "I'll kill that guy." Haruna added, but an idea popped out from her head. "Yuko's going to pay me, big time." The tall girl smirked, "That'll be awesome, as always." The tall girl mumbled while watching a drama.

Haruna turned off the television because the shows aren't really her type, she opened her phone. Tapped the application called Instagram; she typed Yuko's IG username. This is one of Haruna's hobbies, stalking Oshima Yuko. She saw a picture of Yuko with another girl, Haruna furiously tapped the picture and she saw the description. "Hats couple eh?" Haruna mumbled and she started to punch the pillow. "She did it again like the last time! She posted a picture of her with another girl saying that they have matching rings." Haruna sighed and she pouted. "Be ready for my wrath, Oshima Yuko."

She immediately received a text message from Yuko, she chuckled and a smile on her face suddenly appeared.

From: My Yuuchan
Subject: I'm Very Sorry TT3TT
Date: 2/14/15

Himeeeeee~ I'm very sorry for that scene, I know that you saw that kind of scene. And here I am, going to apologize. Sorry if you watched that kind of scene again, believe it or not, I showered like three times after that scene. >.> I hate that scene, I told the staffs about it, but they won’t listen! DX Being an actress is really hard~~

By the way, Happy Valentines~ I love you! ^u^ I hope you will never change, teehee. I love you the way you are, and my heart will always beat for you. Always remember that, please? I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU MY HIME-SAMA~! \(>o<\)

I’m sorry if I’m being hyper or something, I miss you…so much! OTL

PS: Don't bother to reply, I know that you're mad at me. I promise that I will make it up to you, just you and me. Nobody else.

"Pervert." Haruna mumbled but a grin showed up. The tall girl stood up and grabbed her bag. She didn't care if she looks like shit. Well, that's what we thought. She ran upstairs of her house and decided to change her clothes. She chose a pink dress, while wearing it, she's thinking about her Valentine's surprise for Yuko. It's very rare for the tall cat like girl to do such things for her dear lover.

She fixed her hair and smiled to herself, imagining things that will happen later. Haruna wants this Valentine's Day to be special, no work. No misunderstandings, no jealousy. Just love and innocence. She grabbed her phone and bag, not to mention the keys for her house. "My Yuuchan deserves a reward." Haruna said loud and clear and she looked at Yuko's picture on her phone.

She decided not to reply because she wants to leave Yuko very worried about that scene. But the truth is, she just want to tease Yuko. "And I thought Yuko will always be the sadistic one." Haruna smirked. "Oh wait, I am the sadistic one." She sheepishly grinned.

Haruna quickly ran as fast as she could, it's only 3:50 PM. Today is her rest day but, she didn't care about it because she can just rest after this special occasion. “Today, I will make sure that Yuuchan will enjoy the best Valentine’s Day.” She mumbled confidently and went out of her house. Carrying her bag, she opened it to check her phone, wallet, and keys. She sighed in relief and made sure that the door was lock. Haruna successfully locked the door and she started to drag her feet on her way to the supermarket. Probably there won’t be much a lot of people because today is Valentine’s Day.

While walking, Haruna’s browsing around her phone; searching for ingredients and recipe for her surprise. Doubts started to drive on her head; sometimes the internet will confuse the cat-like girl. She decided to just to ask the vendors; for sure the vendors will know what to do. 

But her phone vibrated and she received another message from Yuko, a smile on her face appeared again. Today is like the usual, Yuko will send a cheesy text message and Haruna will just tell Yuko to stop teasing her. But the plan is, Haruna will not reply. Leaving the squirrel-like girl hanging, wanting her princess to reply.

From: My Yuuchan
Date: 2/14/15

How am I going to apologize to you??? .-.
You want me to make it up to you?
How about we go to the carnival this day? :D
Sounds good? >.<


By the way, I love youuuuuu~~~

"Still not replying you, idiot." Haruna said and she realized that she reached the supermarket.

1 Hour later

She bought all the ingredients that she needed, she even saw the AtsuMina couple buying the foods for their family. "It looks like that they will spend Valentine's day with their parents. I hope Takamina will not embarrass Acchan. I hope Acchan will not embarrass Takamina." The tall girl mumbled to herself and she finally arrived back to their house, she dropped the plastic carefully and grabbed the keys from her bag. She inserted the key on the keyhole and carried the plastics again.

Haruna removed the key from the keyhole and went inside their house; she quickly walked on her way to the kitchen because the plastic bags are too heavy for a girl like her. The tall girl gently dropped the plastic bags on the divider and opened it; she pulled out the meats, vegetables, a brick of chocolate, flour, sugar, thick cream, eggs, and rice. Haruna smiled, she grabbed a ponytail and she started to fix her hair.

Her phone is vibrating again, this time Yuko's face appeared on the screen. It was a call from Yuko; Haruna just smiled and grabbed her phone. Haruna picked up the call and ended it. "Why am I so rude~~~?" Haruna sang and she giggled.

She opened a plastic full of beef, the vendors decided to cut the beef for an idol like her. 'Cause they don't want Haruna to do the same mistake like she did on an AKBingo episode. Haruna grabbed a bowl and putted 500ml of soy sauce there; she started to cut the calamondin and drowned the beef there. The tall girl grabbed a secret sauce that the vendor gave her. She opened the bottle and smelled the sauce; it was making the tall girl very hungry. She set up the stove and lighted the fire, poured down the oil with the secret sauce.
The tall girl grabbed the meat and putted it inside the stove. Haruna prepared the rice and the chocolate cupcake.

2 hours later...

Haruna finished everything, it's almost 7PM, and she’s just waiting for Yuko to arrive. She prepared the food on the table and opened a bottle of champagne; this may not be the ideal Valentines for the two of them. But Haruna will know that Yuko will enjoy it. She grabbed her phone, because of giving less attention to her phone.."6 missed calls, 14 messages." Haruna mumbled and she couldn't help but to smile because of Yuko's messages.

She was too busy reading her messages, she heard someone knocking on the door. "Nyannyan~! I love you! Please don't ignore me!" A familiar voice can be heard and Haruna smiled. A sweet smile that will only appear because of Oshima Yuko. "Hime~ let me in!" Yuko said while whining.

"NO!" Haruna said, making her voice deep...but the truth is, she's just pretending to be mad.

"Puuuuuhleaaaaseeeeeeeeeeeee?" Oshima Yuko shouted. Haruna covered her mouth and she giggled. "I'll do anything...just, let me in!" Yuko shouted again, she banged her head on the door. "OUCH!"

Haruna got worried, so she ran on her doorstep and opened the door. She saw an Oshima Yuko, rubbing her forehead but carrying a bouquet of red roses. "Y-you idiot..." Haruna mumbled and she opened her arms, walking towards Yuko. Yuko dropped the roses on the bench and hugged Haruna. "Don't you even dare to do that, okay?" The tall girl caressed the short girl's forehead and kissed it.

"Nyannyan is not mad at Yuuchan?" Yuko asked and Haruna nodded. "Nyannyan, I'm very sorry for accepting that kind of scene, again." Yuko said with a husky voice, making Haruna smile.

"Don't worry Yuuchan. Nyannyan is not mad at Yuuchan."

Yuko's dimples appeared along with her squirrel set of teeth. "Really?" Yuko asked as she tightened her arms around Haruna's waist.

Haruna can feel the arms of Yuko like it's making her safe, a chuckle escaped for her mouth. "Really. I won't last a day getting mad at my Yuko, because only Yuko can make me happy."

"Haruna...." Yuko mumbled as she nuzzled on Haruna's chest.

Feeling Yuko's hair tickling her chest, she laughed. "I love you; you make me happy in a way no one else can, always remember that. I will catch you if you fall, I'll be your savior. Day and night I will protect you, no matter what happens, because my heart is screaming for your name."

"Hehehehe~ Nyannyan is so cheesy~" Yuko said as she stole a peck from Haruna.

The tall girl just blushed and slapped Yuko's forehead. "The food is getting cold, let's get in." Haruna said as she dragged Yuko's hand inside the house.

"Just wait for a second; I will just grab my things." Yuko said as she picked up the rose and gave it to her princess. "Here." The short girl added.

Haruna accepted the roses and went inside of the house. The tall girl examined the table, and it was perfect. It may be simple, but perfect. She went to the living room and grabbed a vase, dragging her feet towards the kitchen. She washed the vase and filled the half of it with water. Haruna removed the plastic from the roses; the roses were placed on the vase while plastic is somewhere. The tall girl heard the door closed. "Hello Yuko."

"Hi Nyannyan~ the food smells so good~~~!" Yuko startled Haruna; the tall girl was shocked because she saw Yuko with two luggages and three shoulder bags. "Surprised? Hehehe." Yuko sheepishly grinned, leaving Haruna very pleased with her sudden moves. "Starting this night, I Oshima Yuko, will live with Kojima Haruna."

"Are you sure?" Haruna asked while walking towards the dining area.

"Of course." Yuko did the same thing. However, she's holding something; more like hiding something. "WOW! Nyannyan made these?!" Yuko asked and Haruna nodded, showing off that she's proud of herself. "Beef gyudon, rice, and chocolate cupcake~?"

"Un. I hope you will enjoy it, I followed the instructions very well this time." They both sat down on the chair, as Haruna reached out for Yuko's left hand, the short girl couldn't hide her blushing face.

"Nyannyan, I will never leave you. That dream will never happen, I promise." Yuko said which made Haruna caress Yuko's left hand even more. Yuko used her right hand to eat the foods. Surprisingly, it's not bad as Haruna's previous cooking skills. "This is good Nyannyan!" Yuko announced which made Haruna's heart fluster.

"It's just that, I'm happy." Haruna said and tears started to roll down on her cheeks. Yuko dropped her chopsticks on the bowl and used her right hand to wipe the tall girl's cheeks.

"Hey, don't cry." Yuko said and she kept caressing Haruna's cheeks. "You know, every time I will see Nyannyan crying because of me, I couldn't help but to be sad."

"I'm sorry, I will not cry. I promise." Haruna said as her index finger landed on the icing of the chocolate cupcake, she quickly wiped the icing on Yuko's face.

Yuko just laughed, wanting her revenge, she threw the whole cupcake at Haruna. Both of them laughed, creating mess, and of course, not yet letting go of each other’s hand. But Yuko stood up, grabbing a roll of tissue and pulled some papers to wipe off the mess from her princess.

"Now you're acting like my mom~" Haruna said which made Yuko smirk.

Yuko also wiped off the icing away from her. "It's because I don't want my plan to get terminated because of this messy situation." Yuko said and a grin suddenly appeared.

"Plan?" Haruna asked bluntly, the short girl nodded.

"Stand up." Yuko said and Haruna just obeyed her lover.

Yuko bowed down which made Haruna very shocked.

"Are you willing to wear two rings at the same time?" Yuko asked and her signature smile appeared. "Kojima Haruna, you know that sometimes I'm not good with words. I maybe an extrovert person and you are an introvert person. But hey! Opposite attracts! Out of all the sweet talks with the other members, only you can make me say this." Yuko said as she coughed; she pulled of a red velvet box. As she opened it, it was a ring with a diamond on the top of it. "I may be a jerk sometimes; I may not be the best girl you will always get along with. But I swear, you're the only one who can make me smile with my fullest. You're the only one who can inspire me. My heart will always scream out for your name, it's because I love you. My heart only beats for Kojima Haruna. I know that earlier you got mad at me, so I've been having second thoughts about it. I decided to live with you to prove you that you're the only one for me. I would like you to cook these foods almost every day for our family."

Haruna couldn't help but to smile and cry at the same.

"Will you be my wife? I will never promise but I will try to be the best wife for you." As Yuko inserted the ring on Haruna's ring finger, Haruna pulled Yuko upwards and hug the short girl.

Yuko got off from the hug and wiped Haruna's tears again. "You know that sometimes I'm not good with my words. I'm a clumsy person, possessive, sadistic, you name it. But only Yuko can bring the best out of me. Only Yuko can make me happy." Haruna said.

The girl caressed Yuko's cheeks as she pulled the short girl for a long sweet kiss, as they both tasted each other’s tongue, feeling each other breath they both pulled out and smiled to each other.

"I guess you already know the answer. Yuu. Chan." Haruna said as she left Yuko alone in the kitchen.

Still in an awe moment, she just followed Haruna. Climbing on her way to her room, Haruna just giggled while Yuko was just following her.

As they arrived to the room, Haruna told Yuko to wait for a while. The short girl just nodded, doesn't know what spell Haruna casted this time. It only took Yuko two minutes to wait. "Yuuchan~" Haruna called Yuko in a seductive way. "Come in~" Haruna added.

The short girl opened the door and the light is not too bright, "Nyannyan?" Yuko called Haruna as she looked around; Yuko saw Haruna on the bed, laying down, wearing the laces Yuko gave her.

Yuko's jaw dropped which made Haruna giggle. "Why, Yuuchan? You thought that was your last surprise?" Haruna asked which made Yuko nod furiously. "Well guess what, I'm the last surprise." Haruna said Yuko ran on her way to the bed taking off her clothes.

As Haruna saw Yuko's undergarments, the short girl laughed. "Oh look, you're wearing the same with me!" Yuko grinned.

Haruna bitted her lips and kissed Yuko's forehead. "You know how much I love you, especially when you're naughty."

There ya go, ya pervs :V

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Did you notice that kojimako looks like yuuchan with her black hair and dimples and ryoka looks like haruna because her hair and face? I love it

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