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Author Topic: My instant girlfriend - chap 25 (WMatsui) 10/08/2016  (Read 66168 times)

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Re: Wmatsui (my instant girlfriend) chapter 23 + other pairing
« Reply #180 on: August 01, 2016, 03:17:15 PM »
The same face as Rena? Who is that person?

Thanks for your update
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Re: Wmatsui (my instant girlfriend) chapter 23 + other pairing
« Reply #181 on: August 01, 2016, 05:52:01 PM »
Eeeh , i think that's gekikara !!!
Where's jun???

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Re: Wmatsui (my instant girlfriend) chapter 23 + other pairing
« Reply #182 on: August 02, 2016, 02:01:24 AM »
Ho No!!!!! ..... Rena is in danger.... Where is Jun ....  Guys hurry ! Please help  them. :mon zoom: :mon zoom:

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Re: Wmatsui (my instant girlfriend) chapter 24 + other pairing
« Reply #183 on: August 06, 2016, 11:20:02 AM »
@yocelin17 : you are welcome   :)

@kumabear : please imagine her as one, I reveal her a little, but not her past yet.

@Naoru_chan : Jun...  I wonder too,  :lol: With him still being injured he won't go far right?  :lol:

Hi all,
enojoy the next chapter, and sory for bad english.

Wmatsui Chapter 24 : Forgotten Family

Blood dripping from her mouth, as the other girl just enjoying the expression that Rena have right now. she still have the shock expression, above all.  The other girl giggle, and give creepy laugh.

“ha ha ha, nee.. did you angry?”

Rena : no, answer my question. Who are you?

“ha ha ha, you need to be angry. it won’t be fun if you are not.”

Rena : why should I? who are you? Did I know you?

‘ha ha… nee… I said you have to be angry!!”

With that the girl slap Rena face again, and make her  lip bleeding hard.  But, Rena didn’t want to show any angry expression.

“ let me tell you one thing…I the one who kill your father! ah ha ha ha, our father to be excatly!!!”

Rena : you!!! no! I don’t understand,….

“let me tell you, my name is Reina, and I am your twin. Ah ha ha!!!

Rena :  I … but… I am the only child….

Reina : ha ha ha… you are too stupid to know the whole truth. Because of that I will be the one who tell you all things, and let me play a little with you. just like I play with otou sama? Ha ha ha..

Rena : Otou san…Yuki… Jun… help me….


At the other place

Yuki run as far as she can to Rena and Jun room behind she, Mayu and Sayaka follow by, as she run to the room, she see a lot of guard that get shoot, and most of them are died.  Her heart beating so fast, but she still try to remain calm. As she arrive to Rena and Jun room, she didn’t see anybody. She is so frustrated.

Yuki : no… NO!!!!!

Mayu : Yuki… we will find them, definitely.

Sayaka : damn! I going to check the other, maybe there are some hint about the culprit.

Mayu : yes, and please do. Sayaka, please help me to find the head of household for me.

As Sayaka go out from the room, Yuki also want to rush to outside, but she got stopped by Mayu. He has a worried gaze, as he know Yuki is on her furious state. He afraid Yuki will do something reckless. Beside, he started to have some doubt, something seems really off.  He do worried about his man. Most of Watanabe guard are very professional in guarding. And he do choose the best from Watanabe man to follow him here, but most of them are get killed. That mean, the curplit must be very strong and skilled.

Yuki : don’t stop me, Mayu. I need to save Rena sama.

Mayu : what will you do? You don’t even know where are they, we will find the way. I am promise.

Yuki : no, you don’t understand!! Rena sama could get killed!! You don’t know who we are dealing with!!!

Mayu : and how about you? do you know? Yuki, did Matsui Madam have something to do with this? did you inform her?

Yuki : Watanabe Mayu… what do you mean? do you suspect me?

Mayu : I … just answer my guestion.

Silent filled the room, as now filled with tension. They are silent but both didn’t break the gaze they give with each other. until Yuki broke the gaze and look at Mayu with the sad gaze.

Yuki : you know what, Watanabe Mayu, I will tell you all what I know. It is too late already to hide it all from you. but before that, could you help me?


In Watanabe castle

Yui, Haruka and Milky finally arrived to the castle. In front, they met, Sayaka who take care of injured guys, with the help of the other Watanabe household member.  Terrified of what she has look, Haruka quickly hide her face at Yui back, as Sayaka told them to quickly go to Mayu room, he will go after finish to take care the remaining. As the go to Mayu room, they saw no body, but the room quickly get closed and revealing Yuki from behind. she still have a dark aura from her gaze, no one could mess up with her.

Milky: Oni chan!!! What actually happened?

Mayu : I also don’t know, but whatever who did this, they will feel my anger. They dare to mess with Watanabe Clan, that mean war.

Mayu quickly point the gun to Yui, as the rest of them have a shock.

Milky : Oni chan?! Are you crazy?

Haruka : Mayu kun.. what happened?

Mayu : care to explain Yokoyama Yui?

Yui : I don’t understand….

Yuki then with a swift move, give a kick and push Yui down, but Yuki fail, because Yui is faster than him, but as Mayu point the gun right to him again, Yui then stopped. He surrender. Yuki then tears his clothes and from his back, there is a snake tattoo.

Mayu  : it is useless, even if you try to hide that Yui san.

Milky : it is just a certain tattoo. Oni chan.. I don’t understand anything. tell me what happened?

Yuki : try to look at the snake eyes, carefully.

From the eyes there a birth shape that only Furukawa clan have. Every eldest  and leader of the furukawa have them.

Haruka : no… it can’t be.

Mayu : yes, care to explain something.. Yokoyama san, or should I say Furukawa san?

End of chapter 24

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Re: Wmatsui (my instant girlfriend) chapter 24 + other pairing
« Reply #184 on: August 06, 2016, 12:25:37 PM »
too short author san..
please update soon

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Re: Wmatsui (my instant girlfriend) chapter 24 + other pairing
« Reply #185 on: August 07, 2016, 01:48:26 AM »
oooooooooh interesting!

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Re: Wmatsui (my instant girlfriend) chapter 24 + other pairing
« Reply #186 on: August 07, 2016, 03:42:41 AM »
I didn't expect that Yui is a Furukawa, I hope he's a good guy here. Waiting for the next update Author-san :)
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Re: Wmatsui (my instant girlfriend) chapter 24 + other pairing
« Reply #187 on: August 07, 2016, 04:59:08 PM »
What!!!! .... Yui????      :shocked   From the Furukawa clan!.  I hope he chose to help Jun.     :panic:   
what kind of Matsui clan likes ???? Hump our Matsui girl have twin sister!!!
 Ah.... Author-san~ :mon chilly: Please update soon.

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Re: Wmatsui (my instant girlfriend) chapter 25 + other pairing
« Reply #188 on: August 10, 2016, 06:03:44 PM »
 @Puririnpha : better than not right?   :lol: I can't promise to update soon. But i do promise to finish my story, if the author is not died.  :twothumbs

@Minami-chan : glad you find it interesting. i been thinking what how will i end the story. I bet i need to kill some of my character again.  :bleed eyes:

@MatsuiLee : well, he is part of Furukawa. Will tell the secret soon. :cow:

@Naoru_chan : we will see that in the next chapter.  :roll:

hey all, enjoy and sorry for the bad english..

Wmatsui Chapter 25 : Bed time story

Yui is now being tied on the chair, he is now surrounded by Mayu and the rest.

Mayu : Yui san, care to explain for me?

Yui : I have nothing to say.   

Yuki : hit him, as she is very angry right now. she is really are. Don’t dare you say you have nothing to say. spill where they plant to do? where do they take Jun and Rena?

Yui just smirk and ignore every word Yuki asked.

Yuki : fine, if you prefer the harsh way, I will give it to you!!

Yuki then puch him over and over, until Haruka stopped her.

Yuki : get out of my way, Haruka chan!! This guy need to be punish

Haruka : no….

Yui : … don’t do something stupid, get away from me!!!

Haruka : no! I won’t!... please, we can find the other way.. please Kashiwagi san…

Yuki : as Kashiwagi, I can’t let anything happened to Matsui clan. Even if it is to beat this guy to a pulp. Sensing Yuki that desperate
want to find her master, Yui triggered the anger again.

Yui : heh.. you should feel shame of yourself, because you are one useless Kashiwagi.

Yuki then give him a kick in his face, as she want to continue to kick him again, Haruka stopped her.

Haruka : please stopped, Kashiwagi san. hiks…

Sayaka : Haruka… sigh… this are not going to work. I agree with my sister, Kashiwagi san. Do we need to do something this harsh?

Milky quickly give Haruka a hug.  She is aware if the girl feeling toward the Yui, but it is really an irony because Haruka fall in love with Yui who seems to be a betrayal. Haruka then break Milky hug and went to face Yui. But even until now, Yui still refuse to see Haruka, they remain silent. Until Haruka broke the silent into sobbing.

Yuki : I can killed you whatever I want to. Now tell me where is Jun and Rena? why they take them?

Yui : If you say killing is easy for you, then do it! what are you waiting for?!

Yuki : You!!!!

Mayu then stopped Yuki before she let out all her frustration again.He held her shoulder and make an eye contact with her, as he feel Yuki finally calm down. He let go of Yuki.

Mayu : Yui san, please understand. We just want to save our friend. Jun is your friend right? why don’t you help us?

Yui : …I don’t know why they take them. And what make you so sure that I am part of them?! You all really pissing me off!!!!

Yuki : and then, why you hide your identity?!

Yui : if I tell you all that I am part of Furukawa then what? they even didn’t know me!

Milky : Oni chan, what if Yui really are not a bad guy here?

Mayu : … sigh… I don’t know Miyuki. Things got harder, and I already told Ikoma san to not tell our father about this incident. I am sure he will be very angry.

Sayaka : then, I don’t get it… why do you know about Yui identify? I won’t be able to see the birth mark, if I didn’t see it closely.

Yuki : blame his own careless, when we are at the beach, Haruka accidently push him to the water right? that time, he remove his cloth and I see something fishy about the tattoo. That time, Mayu is near me, and I ask him about his opinion, and we really sure that Yui have the Furukawa birth mark.

Yui : heh… I am really impressed. I just take off my clothes for a moment, and you two already have know my stupid secret.

Sayaka : why? you are not proud being part of Furukawa family?

Yui : that Family just bring misfortune to my life, especially to my mother. I swear I will ripe out all of that Furukawa!

Yuki : this didn’t help at all!! damn!! What should I do. I fail again… forgive me….

Sayaka : stop it, Yuki. This is not all your fault, about Matsui leader, it is also part of my fault. that time if I am more careful, then
Matsui leader won’t had to die.

Yuki : you all don’t understand! I …I need to protect Rena sama, at all cost. I have fail. after all I fail to protect Reina sama!!

All : who?!

At the same time and in the different place.

Rena : uggh….

Reina : ah ha ha, did I hurt you so much? Rena onee chan?

Rena : pant… pant.. I don’t know you… do you really my sister? But…

Reina : but you forget about me… all of you. ha ha ha… nee… I will tell you a story.

“once upon a time, there are twin girl that been born in one big family. The family didn’t like them, as they are born from disgrace woman. But as the father love them very much, they didn’t care about what other people think about. Day by day, the twin born and become so close to each other. They need each other presence and will do everything together. But one day, the little one get sick all of sudden. Many doctor have come, but the sickness get worsened.  rumors rise, the sick child  as a disgrace child, as misfortune child, she is not part of the family. she need to be removed from the family.  Finally they decided to throw her away, forget she never exist. Little girl missed her family very much especially her sister, so she went to meet them. Happy forever after!!”

Rena : …

Reina : aha ha ha!! Do you love my story? No… It is our story!! Ha ha ha


Suddenly there is a man standing there with a mask, he punch Reina hard, and make her fall down, but Reina quickly stand up and
look at the man furiously.

Rage : I should have know, when you said that you want to take the job. Why did you bring them here, Fool?! This is not our main object!!!!

To be continue…

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Re: Wmatsui (my instant girlfriend) chapter 25 + other pairing
« Reply #189 on: August 11, 2016, 03:02:45 AM »
oh~   :onioncheer: :  Author-san    Gambattene~    :mon trannie:  That  why I like your fiction......
Please update soon  author-san~   .......

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Re: Wmatsui (my instant girlfriend) chapter 25 + other pairing
« Reply #190 on: September 12, 2016, 02:22:36 AM »
OMAGASH!!!! Sayamilky I LAB U!!! Mayuki and Yuiparu LAB U TOO!!!! I just really hope that Jun will regain his memories soon and PLS save Rena!!!.

P.S. I've been obssesed with Sayamilky lately. Thanks for your oneshots.

Looking for another great update, sadrilim-san!!
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