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Title: Back to the Unknown Era [Chapter 4] Apr.8,2013 H.BDAY TO TAKAMINA!!!
Post by: Yagami.Rai on September 29, 2012, 04:18:18 PM
Hi guys~ I am starting another fic :P
I'll update this from times to times I guess.. :nervous
This background would be a bit towards to the Chinese like those martial arts you guys see in dramas and those kung fu I guess.. Since I've not really decide how things will work out..
Anyway here's a small prologue about the story. The pairings will remain mysterious since I've not solidly decide who will be with Takamina~ ^^

Back to the Unknown Era

Being the last blood in line of the Takahashi house, Takahashi Minami, was strictly trained by her grandfather both in her studies and Takahashi's own created sword skill "Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū" which is pPosteriored down from generations to generations only to those who inherits the Takahashi blood. Because of that Minami was always alone, doesn't have any friends and never the experienced falling in fully and truly embrace and cherish with another person.

With her pPosteriorion and talent for music, Minami, was able to go pro but prefer to become a music teacher to teach the future generations of how wonderful music is.

On her way to AKB High School for work, a car was about to hit a little girl. Minami with her sense of justice saved the girl but was not able to save herself as she was hit by the car.

With this incident, Minami flies back to the past but it is not like the history we know, it is an alternate history.

Minami was reborn as the child of the emperor at that time and what is shocking here is that she is reborn as a boy!!! Another thing is that she still keeps her old memory and knowledge which would really help her stands out in the future.

So this story will be about how Minami will survive in this era and about the people she will be meeting.

*Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū is a skill I copy from Rurouni Kenshi~ Laughing Out Loud! :P
Title: Re: Back to the Unknown Era
Post by: Strawberri on September 30, 2012, 01:33:47 AM
Interesting story line!~ Can't wait for the first chapter! :D
Title: Re: Back to the Unknown Era
Post by: kahem on September 30, 2012, 01:40:55 AM
Kung fu Takamina? ^^
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Title: Re: Back to the Unknown Era [Chapter 1]
Post by: Yagami.Rai on October 02, 2012, 03:59:52 PM
Chapter 1

My name is Takahashi Minami, 21 years old. Both my parents died when I was really young and I am living with my grandfather. I’m the last blood in line of Takahashi house. Speaking of the Takahashi house, it can be traced back to the feudal era where samurai first starts to appear.

Takahashi Sousuke, the first head of the Takahashi house is the no. 1 samurai back in the past. He has saved the emperor’s life many times and helps defeat invaders and protect our country. During the famous big war many hundred years ago, Takahashi Sousuke slays more than a thousand people with his katana and was able to help the country from being defeated so after the war the emperor gave him the title of ‘Yuusha’ and the whole Takahashi house became nobles.

Just because I’m the last blood in line of the great Takahashi Sousuke, my Grandfather, Takahashi Daisuke, was especially strict to me. Not only I have to aced all my studies, I have to also practice the sword skills that have been passed from generation to generation that starts from Takahashi Sousuke called the Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū meaning Flying Heaven Honorable Sword Style.

Aside from the Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū, I also have to practice all types of martial arts and even gunning and archery! Sometimes I wonder how the heck my grandfather had all those katanas, guns and armories!!! Isn’t that a crime?!!

Anyway because of all those trainings I’ve received from when I was young, I do not have a normal childhood like all other children my ages. I also didn’t have time to find friends so I’m usually alone, and because of that I do not talk much. Since my grandfather always tell me to go to the point and I also didn’t have someone my age to talk to so I have the habit of talking really little words and doesn’t really show much emotions which earned me a nickname “The Lone Wolf” at school.

BTW, I guess you all are curious about my appearance. In my own opinion, I think that I look pretty nice, at least above average. I have long, brown, straight hair with light-brown eyes. Er… I’m actually not that tall, only 148cm and that’s one of my complex since I was small. Another thing that I’m sad about is my health; I have a really weak body and gets cold easily from times to times and each times when I catch a cold, I will always have to go to the hospital because it’s really serious and because of that I can’t show my full power when I’m having a practice match with other people.

Actually I really love to practice and swing the katana, and its fun to learn new skills because it makes me feel like a samurai LOL! So I’m pretty frustrated when my weak body comes in the way of my training.

I have a cousin who is 10 years younger than me and she’s really close to me. I don’t know why but whenever she requests for something I can’t reject her… I guess is because of her puppy eyes…

I love to tell her some interesting things I’ve experienced and some of my jokes but she would always tell me how cold it is which is really shocking to me! I have always master in anything I learned but no matter how hard I try my jokes fail every time which is really frustrating!

Another thing about me is that I prefer to keep a low profile because I don’t like getting attention from people but I really don’t understand why I get all those attentions especially from girls.

Speaking of girls, they loves to give me things like chocolates on February 14th and sometimes cookies from times to times, I really don’t understand why do they give me chocolate on Feb. 14 but I’m still happy since I really like sweets. I also get letters in my locker occasionally and the contents are always something like ‘I love you’ ‘I like you’ ‘Please go out with me’ etc. I wonder if it is a batsu game (punishment) or something but when I told my little cousin about it, she will always roll her eyes and tell me that I’m really dense! Personally I don’t think that I’m dense but to keep her from arguing with me I will just let it go.

The last thing about me is I don’t or will never allow anyone to harm those I care like my grandfather and my little cousin. "I will not attack unless I (and those I care) am attacked; if I am attacked, I will certainly counter-attack." is always my policy. So even if I’m considered a calm person but when those I cared are attack I wouldn’t stay still but will pay a thousand times back!

Now I’m working as music teacher because I have a passion for music since I was young. I’m good enough to become pro but I prefer to teach the future generation the wonderful things about music plus I also wanted to become a teacher when I was young so I decide to become a music teacher. Although I can play all kinds of instruments, I prefer Xiao (Chinese Flute) the most. My high school music teacher gave me a Jade made Xiao as my graduation present and I really treasure it. I bring it with me anywhere and play when I feel like playing it.

Today, like any other day, I’m on my way to AKB High School as I work as a music teacher there. The sky is still blue, people are still in a hurry, birds are chirping, everything is peaceful until a crazy car was about to hit on a little girl on the side of the street.

Minami, who has a strong sense of justice, would of course not just stay there and let the car hit the girl. She dash towards the girl and push her away and as a consequence from that action, in the place of the girl Minami was hit by the car real hard.

“Arg!” Minami groaned from pain as everything blacked out…


“Ah!!!!” a woman in her late early 30 screamed out loud as she gripped onto the blanket tightly with her face pale and full of sweat.
“Empress, the baby is born! Congratulations, it is a boy!” says the midwifery who felt relieve because if something were to happens to the empress and the child then her head is definitely going to go apart from her body.
“waaaah! Waaah!” Damn! The only thing I can say now is ‘waah waah’!!! And the heck a boy?!!! I’m a girl!!! I’m going to kill that Enma-O

“Ah… Where am I?? The last thing I remember is saving a little girl from a car.” Says Takamina as she rubs her head as it is a bit dizzy inside.
“Young girl, you are dead from the car accident” says a deep and powerful voice.
The owner of the voice is 100 times bigger than Takamina and his skin is all red with a big black beard which is longer than the Skytree in Tokyo!
“Ah… So who are you and what will happen to me now?” Takamina asks calmly as she has already accepted the fact that she’s dead.
“I am Enma-O and normally those who are dead will be judge by me whether they’ll go to heaven, hell or reincarnated. I’ve already checked your life book and you’re not supposed to die yet so I decide to let you be reincarnated. You died because you try to save the little girl and I am moved by your actions so I decide to let you be born in a prestigious family! Hahaha, be thankful young girl!”
“Let’s not waste anymore time” Enma-O says as he grabs Takamina in his hand and throws her into a hole in front of him.
“Wait!!!! Waa!!!!” Takamina shouts loudly as she is thrown into a tunnel full of whirlwind.

After a trip inside the tunnel, Takamina finds herself in a place full of darkness.
“Eh? Where am I? I can feel myself inside water? Oh! I heard something!”

“AHH!!!! It hurts!!”
“Keep going on, Empress!! The baby is coming out!!”

“Shoot! Don’t tell me I’m inside that Empress’ stomach?!!!” Takamina
Flashback Ends…

“Empress, here’s the little prince. He looks just like the Emperor and is really handsome.” says the midwifery as she hands Takamina to the Empress.
“Call the Emperor” says the Empress weak and tired from child labor.

The Empress has long, black, silky hair and really beautiful features but you could see some faint wrinkles which show that she’s starting to age. Beauty’s fatal enemy is definitely time!

After a few minutes, a made in his early 40 came in hurriedly. The man has really handsome features with short silver hair and purple eyes. He’s height is about 180 cm and is quite muscular with a short beard on his chin.

“Shingo, look it’s our son” says the empress eyes full with love looking at Takamina.
“Shizu, thank you for giving me such an adorable son” says the emperor while hugging his wife gently.
“What will you name our son?” asks the empress.
“I’ve thought about it already. Let’s name him Minami, Takahashi Minami.”
“Yes, Minami is a good name.”

That stupid Enma… it seems like I have no choice but to live in this new identity… sigh* Luckily or coincidentally my name is still the same Takahashi Minami. At least I don’t have to get used to another name.


That's it for Chapter 1! ^^
I'll try to update soon~ And Thanks for Reading!!
Title: Re: Back to the Unknown Era [Chapter 1] UPDATED! Oct.2
Post by: chichay12 on October 02, 2012, 04:29:02 PM
 :farofflook: :farofflook:
this is so cool!!
i can't wait for more!!! :thumbsup :thumbsup
 :on lol:
thank you for the update!!
looking forward for next!!
Title: Re: Back to the Unknown Era [Chapter 1] UPDATED! Oct.2
Post by: Strawberri on October 02, 2012, 08:27:43 PM
This story-line is amazing! Thanks for the update! I'll be waiting for the next chapter  :)
Title: Re: Back to the Unknown Era [Chapter 1] UPDATED! Oct.2
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LOL Takamina is reincarned as a boy! Hahaha!
Title: Re: Back to the Unknown Era [Chapter 1] UPDATED! Oct.2
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This is cool!  :twothumbs Interesting!!
Lol at minami reincarnated as boy (thanks to Enma-O :thumbsup)
I want moarrr~
Please update soon :D
Title: Re: Back to the Unknown Era [Chapter 1] UPDATED! Oct.2
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plsss update this :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

still waiting patiently.. :panic: :panic: :panic:
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Waiting for your next update. Keep up updating and well done on writing this fic !
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nice story,
Takamina return to the past~!
Enma-O sure a good person huh~
Waiting for the nxt update,

looking forward for the nxt update.
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my god!!
where are you??
update this!!! :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
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Why?...  :nervous :nervous :nervous

Ah, Takaboy will be  :inlove: :wub: :inlove: :wub: I'm sure of it!

Title: Re: Back to the Unknown Era [Chapter 1] UPDATED! Oct.2
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Wow Cool
I Love the story
Takamina is now a GAY BOY  :jerk:
waiting for the other characters to come  :mon look:
And of course maa ACCHAN  :mon cweepy:
please update soon  :mon olympics:
Title: Re: Back to the Unknown Era [Chapter 1] UPDATED! Oct.2
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Just Joining

Keep up the good work and looking forward to the next chapter

Thank you for the interesting fanfic, back to the  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
Title: Re: Back to the Unknown Era [Chapter 1] UPDATED! Oct.2
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Minami still have her old memories, I can' wait for the fight stories  :drool:  :drool:
Minami will be more cooler since now she's become a guy and know martial art  :inlove:  :inlove:
Thanx for the update ^^
Will be waiting for the next update :D
Title: Re: Back to the Unknown Era [Chapter 1] UPDATED! Oct.2
Post by: KojiYuu44 on November 20, 2012, 04:33:52 AM
Ohh Minami was reborn as a boy :)
I like fic set in the past!!
Please update soon!!
Title: Re: Back to the Unknown Era CHANGE OF SETTING!
Post by: Yagami.Rai on November 30, 2012, 04:51:39 PM

At first I wanted to put Kung Fu but it is too complicated to explain… And those names for each of the Kung Fu groups and the name of each skills… kinda hard to translate it I guess… So I decide to just do how I feel like. Like add some magic, etc. inside depending on my feelings~ XD

So here’s the new setting I’ve thought of.
2 Types: Magic & Melee
Each is divided into different levels. Such as…
Magic: Apprentice, Wizard, Mage, Sorcerer, Sage
Melee: Apprentice, Fighter, Warrior, Knight, Hero
Each class is divided into different levels too like…
Low Apprentice, Apprentice, Top Apprentice, Low Wizard, Wizard, Top Wizard, etc.
Continuously like that and for melee too.

Magic Elements: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Thunder, Light, & Dark
Melee has Ki that have elements too: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Thunder, Light, & Dark

Magic and Melee are the 2 major jobs but there are minor jobs too which are alchemist, assassin, summoner, etc. People can have more than 1 job but it is not easy to train.

Guilds for each jobs; most popular ones are the Mercenary Guild and the Magic Association. All guilds have quests for their members.

The biggest schools are Twin Moon Gakuen, Meteor Gakuen, and Stardust Gakuen. Twin Moon will be the main school that takes place in the story.

Here's some photo as a reference to Minami's outlook. But then her hair color would be silver and eyes purple like her dad as I've describe in Chapter 1.

Title: Re: Back to the Unknown Era CHANGE OF SETTING!
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I'm fine with the new setting  :)

Will be waiting for for the next update  XD
Title: Re: Back to the Unknown Era CHANGE OF SETTING!
Post by: fael_c00l on November 30, 2012, 05:43:56 PM
Wow,, its like online game,, i'd prefer this new setting,,
Title: Re: Back to the Unknown Era CHANGE OF SETTING!
Post by: KojiYuu44 on November 30, 2012, 08:21:44 PM
I new setting sounds awesome!
I'm all for it :)
Title: Re: Back to the Unknown Era CHANGE OF SETTING!
Post by: cisda83 on December 16, 2012, 09:30:42 PM
well that's good setting...

But what online game is it?

That photo is Hu Ge chinese actor.

It's cool. Well looking forward to your new story.

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
Title: Re: Back to the Unknown Era [Chapter 2]
Post by: Yagami.Rai on December 19, 2012, 04:42:47 PM
Thanks minna san for all the comments! :bow:
This chapter is more about introduction and the main story will be starting the next chapter in which I still don't know when will I post it... :nervous
This chapter could be a bit boring because there's nothing much going on just you know those blah blah blah only.. :sweatdrop:

Chapter 2

Time flies as 6 years have passed since our little Minami is born. Although he is still a little child you could already see handsome features in his face and could really tell that he’ll be an ikemen when he grew up.

It is well-known in the Takahashi residence that Minami is a small ‘adult’ because he does not play around like what kids of his age should be doing. He prefers to stay in the library of the Takahashi which is on located at the east side of the Takahashi residence or go to the training ground which is at the backyard.

Allow me to explain the landscape of the Takahashi residence. In the Takahashi residence, it consists of 4 main buildings which are located in the North, South, East and West. Each building also represents wisdom, nobility, high-soul aspirations, and friendship.

In the middle of these buildings is a very big and beautiful pond with flowers and plants. Takahashi residence is famous for its beautiful nature and flowers. The main flowers are cherry blossom, plum blossom, scarlet lily, and marigold.

The East Building is known as the Building of Wisdom as it is where books are kept and research is done. The left side of this building is the library and the library of the Takahashi’s is one of the biggest library in the world which contains hundred thousand or even millions of books with wide genres; from magic to melee, monsters’ data, landscapes, etc. The right side is the research lab where the researchers under the Takahashi house research daily about many things such as the antidote of a certain poison that hasn’t been made yet, new magic skills, etc. Around this building there are plenty of Cherry Blossom around which gives a peaceful feeling for reading books and the language of this flower is a good education.

The South Building is known as the Building of Courage where the royal soldiers and royal magicians of Takahashi’s are trained and lived. But most of the time, soldiers and magicians will train at the training ground at the back of the building. The flower here is scarlet lilies which represent high-soul aspirations as the soldiers and magician of the Takahashi’s must have self-improvement and self-esteem.

The training ground is really wide with lots of equipments available. There are targets where you can practice shooting magic skills or arrows and for melee too. Plus at the side of the training ground is the weaponry, armory, etc. (anything relating to combats) so it is convenient for them to train here.

The North Building is the known as the Building of Beauty where orchids are planted. This is like a living room where customers and friends are welcomed. Foods are also served in this building and the guests’ rooms are also located in this building. It has Chinese-style designs where the building is made mostly of woods and bamboos. Orchids represent refined beauty.

The last building which is located on the West side is the Building of Nobility where family members of Takahashi house reside. The main flower here is plum blossom and its language is nobility. Takahashi are proud of themselves as each generation they serve as a great emperor.

So as time passes, Minami learned that in this world it is possible to cast magic which got him really excited and can’t wait to learn it. But her father prefers her to train in melee since every generation the main stream of the Takahashi members are always melee which they are also proud of. Majority of the Takahashi are strong warriors and their level are all at least Top Warriors.

It is really rare to see people training in both magic and melee because it is really hard and you need talents to be a magician. You need talents to be a magician because before you start any magic training you will first need to feel the elements around you and this will decide what elements fit you. It is not easy to feel the elements and even if you do feel the elements you will need to try to communicate with it and if it’s successful then that is when you can start casting magic. It is not possible to cast a magic element that does not fit you. For example, if you feel fire element then you can only cast fire magic. Most of the time each person can only feel one element but there are special cases where a person can feel two elements and therefore able to cast two kinds of magic.

On the other hand, anyone can be a warrior. But the difficulty of warrior is that each skill is harder to train than magic skills and consumes more time. Warriors will also able to bring out inner energy from their body that is known as “ki” and “ki” is also dividend into several elements.

Now that we’ve explained about magic and melee now we should explain about the countries in this world.

As I’ve said earlier this is an alternate history so countries like Taiwan, Japan, America, China, etc. does not exist here. This world is known as Mahodollas. In Mahodollas, there are 3 continents which are Savanas, Andrentic, and Jyllas. The basic climate is Savanas are desert-like areas which have really dry weather, Andrentic has cold climate, and lastly Jyllas has a tropical climate.

There are several races in this world too which are Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Mermaids, Beast man (like in games you see, tiger, bear,… head but walk in two foot, etc.), Demons, and Dark Elves.

Takahashi rules the Kingdom of Prosperity which is called AKB. It is one of the major countries in the world and is located at Jyllas. AKB is well-known for its beautiful nature, rich resources and strong army. 99% of the citizens in AKB know either magic or melee. 60% of the citizens are in the army, it is not gender restricted but you have to be at least 18 to join the army. Although AKB is a military-based country, it is really a peaceful country that does not go on wars unless provoked by other countries.

Another well-known point about AKB is that AKB has many strong barrier enchantments which only AKB have. There is a really, really strong barrier enchantments casted on the whole AKB, the barrier is known as the Holy Protection invented by Takahashi Mirianna, the first empress, Takahashi Shingo’s great, great, …, grandmother, or Takahashi Minami’s great, great, great, … grandmother. For hundreds and thousands of years, no one has ever been able to destroy this barrier. It is possible to destroy it but it takes at least 1 month+ to destroy it with full power that is at least as strong as a nuclear bomb continuously. There are no attacks or skills that powerful plus this barrier has the power of recovery where it can recover its damages itself.

To get inside AKB, the only way is to go through the main gates located at north, south, east, and west of AKB. In each gates, there are 100,000 soldiers + mages, 2 knights and 1 sorcerer to prevent any intruder.

You might think that 2 knights and 1 sorcerer might be too little but you’re actually wrong! 1 knight can alone fight up with an army that consists of a few thousand people! 1 sorcerer can even do more damage because their magic attacks are usually wide-range attacks!
It is really hard for a person to level up each rank. Normally, it will take around 40-50 years to even reach the level of knights! And it is only Low knights! To even go to the level of knight or top knight it’ll take a lot of time maybe even more than 10 years to rank up 1 level.

In the whole Mahodollas, there are only 7 people who were able to reach the level of Sage or Hero; 4 Sage and 3 Hero. One of the Hero is Takahashi Shingo the emperor of AKB Kingdom.

Enough introduction, let’s go back to the story now.

Minami is really excited about learning magic so he ignored her dad’s puppy eyes pleading him to go for the path of warrior. On the other hand, Minami’s mother, Shizu, does support whatever Minami wants.

Shingo doesn’t want Minami to practice magic so he told Minami to learn magic by himself without the help of others. Minami who hates to surrender of course accept this unfair treatment of his dad. So now, Minami is cramming all the basic knowledge of magic through reading books daily.

A few days ago, Minami has tried to feel the elements and to his surprise he is able to feel all the 7 elements which have never once happened before in the whole Mahodollas! But the strongest element that he feels is thunder/lightning follow by water then fire, wind, earth and the least are light and dark elements. Thus, Minami decide to practice thunder magic first because that’s the element that has the highest compatibility with him. He also decides to keep it a secret that he can feel all the seven elements because he wants to use it as his trump card against his enemy in the future.

Today, Minami is flipping a book called “Beginner to Magic – Thunder”. In the book, it consists of some basic concepts about thunder magic and beginner spells such as small thunder bolt, thunder ball, etc.

“Oh, the thunder spirit residing around, I sincerely ask you to come to my command! Small thunder bolt!” Minami reads out the spell and slowly thunder elements are forming on his right hand and fall upon a tree nearby and burnt.

“Woah! This is awesome and I’m really casting magic from my hands!” shouted Minami excitedly as he jumps up and down a few times before continuing his magic training.

“I’m going to cast it upon dad once I get the hold of it!” Minami says towards the sky with his fist raised upon determined.

So next chapter will be more training and etc. going on and I'm thinking on fast forwarding the time to when Minami is going to attend school and meet all those other people. :)
Title: Re: Back to the Unknown Era [Chapter 2] Dec.19,2012
Post by: takamae on December 19, 2012, 05:05:26 PM
Nice introduction  :D
A bit curious, is minami just going to learn magic?
I know he already know martial art before reborn
I just can help to think he can do both
Since he is a special kid  :w00t:
Thank you for the update ^^
Title: Re: Back to the Unknown Era [Chapter 2] Dec.19,2012
Post by: chichay12 on December 19, 2012, 05:09:18 PM
ur back!!!

i really like ur story line..
iwant more!!
pls update soon!!
thank you~~ :nervous
Title: Re: Back to the Unknown Era [Chapter 2] Dec.19,2012
Post by: miayaka on December 19, 2012, 09:51:23 PM
I love the plot!
Magic swoosh~
Minami is fantastic learning magic!
Title: Re: Back to the Unknown Era [Chapter 2] Dec.19,2012
Post by: cisda83 on January 01, 2013, 09:04:05 AM
Wah... Interesting....

Minami can sense 7 elements.... and from his alternative life he can fight as a warrior.

He's going to be the strongest person alive.

Ah... he's going to go to school.... then he will see all the other AKB members there...

Great plot... can't wait to see the next chapter.

And Thank you for the fic.

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
Title: Re: Back to the Unknown Era [Chapter 2] Dec.19,2012
Post by: Yagami.Rai on April 01, 2013, 04:16:07 PM
Chapter 3

In Mahodollas, not everyone can become a magician it depends on their inborn physical attributes. These attributes will allow the child to communicate with the elements around them. To become a warrior you don't have to have the attributes.

Only one in a hundred new born babies will be able to become a magician in the future and this is why magicians are usually more highly respected than warriors.

To train to become a magician is also very costly because it is hard to level up so the magicians will often uses magic stone of their own elements to absorb it and while meditating to enhance the speed of training. Meditation is the only way for magician to train and it is slow so together with the magic stone it increases the efficiency. It allows the magcian to increase their magic capacity and when their magic capacity reaches a certain level then they will be able to level up. Once they level up the magic elements stored in their body will become little but with higher quality. Meditation is also the only way to absorb the elements and store them inside the body for future use, so most of the time magicians are meditating and therefore causes them to have weak body. This is why usually when magicians are going on a quest or trip they will team up with some warriors to protect them because they need time to cast spells.

Magic stone is only attainable through killing mystical beasts. In Mahodollas, there are normal beasts like what we have in our world such as bear, rabbit, tiger, etc. and mystical beasts which is beasts that can cast spells such as fire bear, wind rabbit, thunder tiger, etc. these mystical beasts are harder to kill and are divided into 10 levels. Mystical beasts are dangerous because when they cast spell they can cast it instantly different from magicians and this is why even if a level 4 magician fight with a level 4 mystical beast there is a higher chance for the mystical beast to win. Another thing is that only beasts that are at least level 5 have magic stones, the higher the level the better quality the stone is. Mystical beasts that is level 6 have intelligence and level 8 and up can speak human language while level 10 can turn into human form and are very strong as they are also known as the Godly Beasts.

There is another reason why magicians are viewed as more valuable than warriors and it is the range of their attacks. Warriors' skills are often one-to-one only and rarely one-to-two, only small range but magicians they have skills that can be cast a very big range which is really useful especially when there are wars.

Magic skills are divided into 10 levels and forbidden skills. Apprentice can cast level 1 and 2 skills, next can cast level 3 and 4, next can cast level 5 and 6, then level 7 and 8, and lastly Sage can cast level 9 and 10 skills.

Although in the historic record has records of level 11+ skills but there has been no one who is able to cast it. It is also said that only those who have reached the Godly level can cast it.

Forbidden skills has the effect like a level 11 skill but there is a very big and negative drawback after casting it which is why there are rarely anyone who will dare to risk their lives and cast it. Only those who are at the level of Sage can cast it and might still live but loses maybe all of their magic.

As magicians have magic skills, warriors also have melee skills which is also divided into 10 levels. Apprentice can only execute level 1 and 2 skills and so on.

Another thing about this world is that, "Power is Everything!". If you reached the level of Sage or Warrior then even the King of the country has to respect you which is why in Mahodollas everyone seeks for strong power.


Three months have already passed since little Minami casted his first magic spell "The Small Thunder Bolt". Minami is now a top apprentice and with a little more effort he will be able to promote to low wizard.

In the three months little Minami found out that even if when he is not meditating, the magic elements from the surrounding will still flow inside his body constantly but slower than when he is meditating. This fact truly surprises him and felt happy about it because it will mean that he will be able to train faster since it is like he is ‘meditating’ all day long although slower and he can some of the time he used to use for meditating for other things. So from before meditating 8 hours+ a day he reduced it to about 4 hours a day and for the free time he uses it to train his body because it is his habit from his past life to train his body and the Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū. Now he still can’t train the Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū since he is still small and not physically grown yet so he is making his body to be prepared for the future training now. This is the reason why later in the future when magicians Minami’s age look thin and fragile, Minami is tall and physically well-built.

At the back forest of the Takahashi Residence there is a very strong barrier covering the whole forest because there are strong mystical beasts inside and to prevent them from harming the people, only the Takahashi’s can go in and out of it. Inside this forest there are also many rare natural resources so from time to time, the adventure team of the Takahashi’s will be allowed to go and gather resources from the forest and store them inside the storage but most of the time no one will go inside the forest. The adventure team mostly only gather resources around the outskirt of the forest because the deeper you go in the forest the stronger the mystical beasts are, that may not be a problem but the problem is that many of the beasts live in groups so it will take a lot of time to take them out.

In the outskirt of the forest, you can see a small figure casting many spells on the target far away.

“Oh Thunder, the strongest elements among all, you represents the symbol of destruction. I plead thee to come to my command! Small Thunder Dragon!”

Thunder elements starts to gather quickly in the hands of the little figure and when fully charged a thunder dragon is emitted and “BOOM” hits the target, leaving it completely destroyed.

“As expected from the element that has the strongest attack, what a great power. But it still takes some time for me to use this skill, I have to practice more.” Says little Minami to himself.

Yes, the little figure at the forest is our little Minami. Minami chose to train at the outskirt of the forest because he didn’t want to expose to other people that he can communicate with all seven elements. If this is leaked to the public then Minami himself could be in great danger.

There has never been anyone in Mahodollas that has ever able to communicate with more than two elements. To be able to communicate with two is already very rare. Those who are afraid of Minami’s future potential will definitely send assassins to kill Minami when he is still young and weak. Therefore, Minami chose to keep it a secret until he is strong enough to protect himself. It is not that he doesn’t trust the soldiers of the Takahashis but there are no secrets that will last forever so Minami has to be careful since he can’t bet his life on this.

Let’s explain the attributes of each element in Mahodollas for the readers.
Thunder, has the strongest attack among all elements and also paralyzes the enemy.
Water, has the second strongest defense and healing ability among all elements and also when reaches a certain level can be converted into ice magic.
Fire, the second strongest attack among all elements and has the widest range of attack.
Wind, the fastest among all elements as the chanting words are very short compare to all elements.
Earth, has the strongest defense among all elements.
Light, has the strongest healing ability among all elements and can remove curse.
Dark, like fire is also the second strongest attack among all elements and also causes the enemy’s body to rot and can curse the enemy.

Although Minami can learn all spells of all seven elements, Minami decide to only focus on two then when he reaches a certain level then starts to learn the rest. Minami made this choice because he knows that it would be stupid to learn all now and be good at none. It is not easy to learn any spells, if you think that as long as you know the incantation of the spell then you will be able to cast it then you are wrong! Even if you know the incantation there is still a very high chance that it will fail if you don’t practice!

Think about this, if Minami learns all kinds of elements spell and all is level 2 spells only then Minami would still loses to someone who only know one kind of element but can cast level 3 spells! Minami believes that Quality>Quantity is always the right thing.

So, Minami chose to focus on Thunder as main and Wind as supporting. Thunder for great damage and wind for speed.

Minami also believes that speed is one of the most important things in a battle because if you are very fast then you can just kill your enemy within few seconds and the enemy might not even finish chanting their skills yet! Therefore, Minami put efforts in increasing his speed through trainings too, not only on wind magic.

At the moment Minami knows 5 kinds of spells now; 3 Thunder and 2 Wind skills.
Thunder Spells:
Small Thunder Bolt Lvl 1 (active)

Small Paralysis Lvl 1 (active)
Only causes the enemy to paralyze for 1-2 secs.

Small Thunder Dragon Lvl 2 (active)
Shocks the enemy a bit.

Wind Spells:
Small Wind Razor Lvl 1 (active)

Shadow Steps Lvl 2 (passive)
Dmg(–)none Speed+3
Increases the speed of the caster.


“Phew, I guess that’s it for today since I’m already out of my magic power and it’s already 6p.m. which is time for dinner~~ If I remember correctly today’s menu is Katsudon~~~~~ I can’t wait to eat it~” says little Minami as he skips(?) weirdly to the dining room.

Dining Room
“Yea~ Yappari it is katsudon~~”
“Go wash your hands first” says Taka mom gently.

After washing hands, Minami immediately jump on his chair and says “Itadakimasu!” and digs in the katsudon.

“How is your training going on?” asks Taka mom.
“Everything is going perfectly well!”
“Hmph!” Shingo (Taka dad) is still not happy that Minami doesn’t want to go for the path of warrior.
“Shingo..” says Shizu (Taka mom) gently while pinching Shingo’s arm.
‘Hehehe, I always knew that dad is afraid of mom~ XD’

“Shingo, I thought you had something to announce”
“Ah, yes I almost forgot about it. Tomorrow Atsushi and Hanako are coming with their daughter, Atsuko”
“That’s wonderful! It’s been a long time since I last see them.” Says Shizu happily.
“Who are they?”
“They are our friends and also the king and queen of Maeda Kingdom. In the old days we went to the same academy, the Twin Moon Gakuen. We went on adventures together; it was really nostalgic those days.”
“They’ll be staying with us for a week so you better behave!” commands Shingo who earns another ‘gentle’ pinch from Taka mom.
“Got it~~~” replies Minami while eating katsudon.
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Chapter 4

The kingdom of prosperity which is ruled by the bloodline of Takahashi is located in Jyllas which is a tropical continent located at the south east of Mahodollas. Aside from the kingdom of Takahashi there are also two other kingdoms that are located in Jyllas which are the kingdom of Elves and the kingdom of wisdom. The kingdom of Elves is located at the North of Jyllas and is inside the Mystical Forest while the kingdom of wisdom that is ruled by the bloodline of Maeda is located at the South of the Mystical Forest. Between the kingdom of prosperity and the kingdom of wisdom lies the Mist Forest.

It is called the Mist Forest because most of the time inside the forest it is covered with mist and makes it hard to travel inside. Luckily there aren’t any dangerous mystical beasts that lives in the mist forest so although it is easy to get lost inside the mist forest, it didn’t discourage people to travel in it. In addition, 50 years ago an inventor has invented a thing called ‘Compass’ which allows the people to check the direction and after that people always use compass when they are travelling and this also decreases the rate of people getting lost in the mist forest. This help encourages people to commute between the kingdom of prosperity and kingdom of wisdom which help build even stronger relationships between the two kingdoms.

At the moment, in the mist forest you can see a horse carriage travelling towards the kingdom of prosperity. Beside the carriage you can see many knights riding on a horse guarding the carriage, you can tell that their master is inside the carriage and the knights are guarding it. You can see a dark blue water-droplet symbol on their armors and shields and this shows that they are the royal knights of the kingdom of wisdom.

In the kingdom of wisdom, their holy symbol is water-droplet because it is the main element in their kingdom and the royalty from the first generation all have water attributes either in magic or melee. The water symbol is divided into 4 different colors; light blue for the royalties, dark blue for the royal knights, guards, & magicians, green-blue for normal soldiers and mages and lastly purple for the rest of the citizens.

On the carriage there is a light blue water symbol which tells us that the person or people inside are definitely the royalties of the kingdom of wisdom.

Inside the carriage there are a middle-aged man, a middle-aged woman and a little girl sitting inside. The middle-aged man has a handsome facial outline and dark-blue hair with ocean-blue eyes while the middle-aged woman has a soft and beautiful facial outline and long, black silky hair with a pair of sky-blue eyes. You can tell from how intimate they are that they are definitely a married husband and wife and the little girl sitting beside is their daughter. The little girl has a cute and chubby face because of the baby fat with shoulder-length, black, silky hair like her mom with two big, round ocean-blue eyes.

“It really has been a few years already since we last see them. The old days are definitely nostalgic to me, I still remember how we all used to form an adventure team and went to adventure in many different places and slay the mystical beasts.” remarks Maeda Atsushi.

“Yes, it really has been awhile already… If not because of the 1 million year seal is going to lose it effect soon, we might not even be leaving the kingdom yet.”

“Yea, according to the legend passes down from generation to generation it says that 1 million year ago the Maoh named Diablo and his subordinates has caused large destruction on Mahodollas, all the heroes and sages of Mahodollas has challenged Diablo but all ended up in death. Just when the people of Mahodollas are already giving up hope a person called K declares that he is sent by the god and is here to save the world. The record didn’t have the details but just says that he uses his life energy and is able to seal Diablo and his subordinates in an island that is beside Andrentic which now we call The Island of Diablo. Before he dies he says that the seal can only last for 1 million year and after the seal will be broken and Diablo will be free again and says that to seal Diablo again the people will have to collect the 7 fragments of star pieces that is scattered around Mahodollas.”

“Around the island there is always dark smokes surrounding it all year long and anyone who went in there doesn’t come back at all so nobody dares to go near the island at all but now that the 1 million year seal is going to lose its effect soon we have to do something about it.”

“We still have about 50 years before the seal is broken out so we have to gather as much power that we can. Today we’re going to the kingdom of prosperity to ask for some help. I have plan that we should form a group or an organization for the purpose of finding information about Diablo and the seven fragments. Each kingdom should send some of their elites to join this organization. I plan to name this organization as Archangel and the plan is Archangel Project, so first we need to get every kingdom in this plan. I’ve sent letters to each of the kingdom and is now waiting for their reply, I just hope that we can get this done fast and get the plan starting because time is flowing really fast as we only have 50 years.”
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