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Author Topic: Bakada X Majisuka - Chapter 2 13 May updated  (Read 4115 times)

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Bakada X Majisuka - Chapter 2 13 May updated
« on: May 12, 2012, 04:05:07 PM »
I know I have 2 fics that's not moving at all. And I'm slow at updates. =/

But this is something that's struck in my head now. Hopefully this will be completed. It's gonna be a short story and not long and complex and span 3000 over chapters like a soap opera =x

Cast List

Chapter 1

“Hey sugar… Wait up!” cries a rough voice in a dark alley.

“Bug off… before things gets nasty…” replies a fierce but sweet voice.

“Oh… you know we guys like it nasty, especially sweet little things like you…”

“You know… we are running out of patience....” replies another female voice.

“Yah! Why don’t you boys find other girls to play with…” replies the 3rd female voice.

“Ah… hot and spicy… I do like little chilies…” answers another male voice.

“I’m not a chili! I’m a fresh lemon!” retorts back a 4th female voice in a whiny nasal tone.

“Ok boys… let’s show them how to party…” replies the first rough voice.


“Tatsuya! Should we help? This isn’t our territory but we can’t just let those punks bully girls like this!” asks Makoto.

“This punks! I’ll show them who’s boss! Let’s go show them how to treat the ladies properly!” replies the hot-blooded Tatsuya as he motions the rest of the Bakada High guys to follow him, only to be stopped by Testuya.

“I think it would be better to observe the situation first before we jump in.  Remember we aren’t supposed to fight! Fumie-san had imposed the rules on us. Anymore fighting and we will lose our tables. Besides, they might not even need our help…”


The group of ruffians surrounds the five girls dressed in a mixture of yellow pullovers and blue sailor styled uniform, continuously teasing, harassing and taunting them.

As the circle gets tighter and the pressure increases, the girls look at each other before one of the girls in the middle suddenly shouts out loud!

“Formation Octo Pussy!”

Confused by the shout, the guys’ eyes widens as the girls formed a circular formation.

It’s said that in nature, when predators are threatening wild herds, they will form a circular formation with their horns facing outwards. This defensive formation protects the herd at all angles, leaving the predator no weakness to strike. This is perhaps the principle behind this odd formation, which the girls now employ against the ruffians.

“What joke is this? This isn’t some super sentai show isn’t it? Let me show you what’s a real fight!” boast one of the ruffian as he steps forward to deliver a liver punch to one of the girls.

However, his targeted girl wasn’t there as the formation starts to spin quickly. His punch was diverged by a parry, followed by a quick slap on the face. But before he could react to the slap, a different girl appeared to kick him on the shin, followed by another punch at the kidney. Before he could even react to this, the faces of the girls before him changed so quickly that he was plummeted by a barrage of blows, bringing him down to his knees in a flash.

Enraged by the sight of their comrade being brought down by mere girls, the group of hooligans advanced forward only to meet the same fate.

A punch or a kick, a slap or a jab, nobody knew what happened or who did what. It just seemed that each girl is like an octopus with multiple arms and legs, able to deliver quick damage to each of them.

However, each formation has it’s own weakness. This formation depends on continuous movement of each member to confuse the attacker and if the momentum is broken, the formation is broken and one of the attackers just managed to discover this weakness by luck as his hand grabs one of the girls’ leg, bringing the formation down like dominoes…


“You dare punch us? I will show you true terror now! Not so powerful without your formation is it?” laughs the leader of the group. As his arm pull back for the gaining of momentum to deliver a punch, he suddenly yelps in pain as a vice-like grip twists his arm behind him into a shoulder lock.

“Hey asshole, didn’t your mom teach you not to bully girls?” replies his tormentor, a young guy in navy blue uniform.

“That’s right! We might not be well-educated but we at Bakada High at least know basic chivalry!” answers another navy blue lad as he gives a devastating head-butt to another one of the punks.

“If you know what’s good for you, I suggest you leave in one piece before we get really serious…” threatens another as he stares at the thugs with a pair of ice-cold emotionless eyes.

Realizing that the tables had turned, the thugs took the chance to beat a hasty retreat. Their pride and the girls weren’t worth the stay in the hospital, especially when facing the infamous Bakada High…


“You know, girls shouldn’t go out and play so late at night…”

“And guys should know when to back off when it’s clearly not their fight…”

“Tsuri! Be polite! They did came to our help… “ chides one of the girls as she sticks out a hand towards the boys in friendship.

“I’m Docchi. Please to meet you…”

“And I’m Tatsuya, their leader. The cold one is Testsuya.. That loud one is Makoto. The stupid looking one is Satoshi. That ikemen is Maya and lastly the hip-hopper is Yuuki. We are from Bakada High. Please to meet you!”

“Thank you for your help… This is Tsuri, that is Lemon, and lastly the two of them is Kanburi and Toshima…” replies Docchi as the five of them stepped into the light, only to trigger a wild range of response from the boys.

“Majide… you’re from Majisuka High?”


“The school that produced horrors like Maeda, Yuuko and that deranged Gekikara?”

But the last response was one that made all the boys almost stared their eyeballs out.

“Fumie-san? Saaya-san? When did you ever turned Yankee!” asked the boys in unison, as they looked hard at Kanburi and Toshima…

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Re: Bakada X Majisuka - Chapter 1 When boys meet girls
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2012, 10:06:53 PM »
Hey! Another fic from you, Prataz-san.. :D
Unfortunately I'm not that familiar with the Bakada people (not quite following Shiritsu Bakaleya), so I'll comment on Majisuka's side...

Team Fondue on the spotlight! Happy me!! :w00t:
Tbh, I'm starting to get bored with the upper ranks (Maeda+Yuko+Sado+Four Queens) in most Majijo-based fics (not that I look down on these, because still they're good reads too), so having the yellow pullovers here is refreshing for me. :thumbsup

But.. Eh? Kanburi and Toshima are the same Fumie and Saaya here? :shocked

Need next update for the question to be answered... and that's a nice twist you left hanging in the end.
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Re: Bakada X Majisuka - Chapter 1 When boys meet girls
« Reply #2 on: May 13, 2012, 01:39:19 AM »
I had updated the Cast List so that it's easier for the readers.

More cast will be reviewed so stay tuned =)

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Re: Bakada X Majisuka - Chapter 1 When boys meet girls
« Reply #3 on: May 13, 2012, 03:30:22 AM »
Wow, Bakada X Majisuka....

at first i think that the boys will meet Otabe :D but team Founde is good. Even though i prefer Team Hormone than Team Founde

And........update fast :twothumbs

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Re: Bakada X Majisuka - Chapter 1 When boys meet girls
« Reply #4 on: May 13, 2012, 05:13:55 PM »
@aruka - Hope that the cast list is helpful! I do have a current love for Team 4, especially with Paruru. So this fic will be Paruru focus.

And yes!  Fumie and Kanburi is Paruru. Likewise for Toshima and Saaya as it's Minarun. But apart from that, things will be different as their worlds start to collide. Hope you're ready for the next chapter

@Pwoper48 - I do like Team Hormone too! But I guess that since they were Year 3 during MG2, it's time for them to graduate this year? Team Fondue is now in Year 3 together with Center and Nezumi. I do like Otabe and she might camo somehow. =P

Chapter 2

“Fumie-san? Saaya-san? When did you ever turned Yankee…”

The words of the boys from Bakada High still resonate in the brain of Kanburi. Toshima and herself had being Yankees since middle school, choosing the infamous Majisuka High due to its legendary status.

Although the reign of Yuuko-san and the four queens had being over, her successor Maeda even jailed, the new Ranpapa is still a force to be reckoned with, especially under the leadership of Nezumi and Center.

With training given to the newer generations by legends like Sado-sama, Black-sama and the pro fighter, Chokoku-sama, the new Rappapa looks promising, especially when Team Fondue has a chance to become Queen candidates.

They are no longer the useless Team Fondue of the past.

Each of them could stand on their own, although they still prefer their various formations.

Today was just a fluke that Formation Octo-pussy had failed.

To have witness to the failure of their formation and to have her pride as a yankee questioned by those boys was a double whammy for her ego.

But Kanburi wasn’t one that will anger that quickly, especially not when the boys had just stepped in to help them due to chivalry.

They have a code of conduct, which made them similar to Gakuran, the infamous stealer of hearts.

And it was clearly a case of mistaken identity as the boys clearly apologized for their mistake.

How on earth could they take her, a proud yankee as one of those rich brats?

Nevertheless, Kanburi finds it within the grace of her magnanimous heart to forgive them for their mistake.

It does help that they are cute too, especially the one called Testsuya.

He seems to be the strategist in the group, a position that she held too.

However, those eyes of his, gave her the chills…

 Cold, calculating and emotionless…

 His eyes reminded her of the former president of Rappapa, Otabe.

Otabe was a genius but in Kanburi’s eyes, a total emotionless robot, even rivaling the likes of Nezumi.

At least in Nezumi’s eyes, you can see desire.

But Otabe’s eyes were emotionless.

Just strategies after strategies, riddles after riddles…

Nobody except for perhaps Maeda-san would understand her.

But now, Otabe’s reign as president is over, having passing the role over to Nezumi.

The mysterious ex-president had disappeared without a trace, just like how she appeared out of nowhere to take over the leadership from Maeda.

Oh well… She shouldn’t worry so much about Otabe-san anyway. A girl as smart as her should be able to take good care of herself.

Now all it matters should be trying to get Team Fondue ranked as Queen Level. Her nose wrinkled at such a though.

During Yuuko’s time, there’s a pyscho, a speeding bullet, a mind reader and the fashion bitch, which made her smile slightly at calling Shibuya a bitch. She was a bitch at least till the end when she finally found peace within herself and became a much better senpai.

 During Maeda’s time, there’s still the pyscho, the ladies’ boy, the drama queens and the screen-timer. Not a good combination but at least they were dependable.

Now under Nezumi and Center, who herself is like a one-man army, does the new leadership need Queens anymore?

Perhaps she does, if not, why would Nezumi beg the alumni to come back and train the new generations?

Kanburi sighs at the great pressure. Team Fondue has to make it this time! They will be the new queens! Besides, it would be great to wear the jacket of a queen instead of the yellow pullovers. No matter how much she likes fondue, the prestige of the Queen Jacket is still alluring.

She smiled to herself at the thoughts of being a new queen as she walks through the streets of busy Tokyo…


“Ah Itai!” cries Kanburi as she knocks hard into someone around the corner.

“Why don’t you watch where you’re going?” snarls Kanburi at the source of her pain, whom appears to be a similar sized girl in white uniform with textured bob hair.

“Sumimasen…” apologizes the girl as she bows formally in apology.

Kanburi narrows her eyes as she looks at the uniform, recognizing the badge on her chest.

“You’re from Cattleya High… aren’t you?”

“Hai… Sumimasen…”

“Sumimasen? I will let you suminamsen this!” replies Kanburi as she drags the girl by her jacket to pull her towards her only to have the following reaction as their eyes met for the first time.

“Nani Kore?”

“Kore Wa Nani Desuka?”

A slight breeze blows open one of the textbook that the student in white had dropped when they both collide, revealing the name of the owner to be Shingyouji Fumie…

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Re: Bakada X Majisuka - Chapter 2 13 May updated
« Reply #5 on: May 14, 2012, 12:05:21 AM »
@Prataz ah~ so, the background of the story is after Otabe's Rappappa graduate? At first I think that the Rappappa still lead by Otabe, because they haven't graduate in MG2...

So.... it's not Fumie who become a Yankee, but there are two persons that looks similar. Or can I say, very similar?

And that means, Paruru and Minarun got 2 roles right?

Ah, I think the next chapter will tell about that

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Re: Bakada X Majisuka - Chapter 2 13 May updated
« Reply #6 on: April 07, 2013, 10:16:26 PM »
such a good fanfic.... I'm really sad that this might not ever get updated.....
hah....well, it happens sometimes to the good ones.......
though I loved Geki and Black, Team Fondue has it's good points......
if you ever decide to continue or update again, ganbatte! <3
...reads again... now i get it...
bakaleya was a good drama as well~~
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Re: Bakada X Majisuka - Chapter 2 13 May updated
« Reply #7 on: April 07, 2013, 11:21:53 PM »
Eh... very interesting idea there....

Making BakadaxMajisuka crossover...

There are double players here....

What's going to happen to Fumie...?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the great update

 :wub: :inlove: :heart: :love:

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Re: Bakada X Majisuka - Chapter 2 13 May updated
« Reply #8 on: April 08, 2013, 03:17:51 PM »
Omg... It's almost a year =x

I got a writers block and couldn't find any inspiration.

Hopefully by the end of this week, after my encounter with some 16 girls from Team A and K would inspire me to write more =x

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Re: Bakada X Majisuka - Chapter 2 13 May updated
« Reply #9 on: April 08, 2013, 03:21:12 PM »
I like the combination of both so far :)

I hope you get over your writer's block :thumbsup
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