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Author Topic: Zombie Apocalypse? (WMatsui) - Chapter 5 [140708]  (Read 21091 times)

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Re: Zombie Apocalypse? - Chapter 2 (WMatsui) [140428]
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I really like this fic of yours, I must say.  :glasses: It definitely caught my attention with the words 'ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE' and WMatsui. The start was great and I definitely like the way the characters communicate.  :hiakhiakhiak: My favourite part... is maybe whenever Non-chan or Airin is involved. Those two are just hilarious.  :mon lmao:

Those things that grabbed Shinoda-sensei's attention, it made me really laugh.  :on spit: But the Listerine one was the one that caused me to really laugh out loud.  :hiakhiakhiak: :on lol: Now I can't help but wonder where Non-chan is. And Masana-san seems to mysterious and all-knowing. With Churi and Airin... can we expect some FuruYanagi moments?

I'm going to keep track of this, so please update as soon as possible!  :hee:

Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
Here are my fics~! They can be found amongst these three. :hee:

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Re: Zombie Apocalypse? - Chapter 2 (WMatsui) [140428]
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 :tantrum: You should make it longer. (Don't listen to me I am just spoiled child) ¨
Me in their place............I would be already dead :mon one:

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Re: Zombie Apocalypse? (WMatsui) - Chapter 3 [140507]
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CHAPTER 3 - First Night

“Hurry! Get up the stairs!”

“We’ll take charge from here!”

Jurina and Airi smashes and smacks their baseball bat and shovel to the zombies they met up on the fourth floor. It looks like they have infiltrated the place rather fast, with night drowning the bright sun in the horizon. Rena reached for the rooftop door but groans as the door is not even budging from its place even after several tries of pushing and slamming.

“It’s locked!”

“What?! Well… do something!”

“Like what?”

“Bust through the door or something… anything! We can’t hold these rotten guys for long!”

“Uh-oh there’s one glaring at you, Juritan…”

“Why? I didn’t offend them… did I?”

Both friends look at the crowds of zombies pacing in front of them with glares and growls.


The growling sound made Jurina and Airi gulp in fear.

“Ummm… I think that means… yes?”

“Not my problem!”

The duo resumed bashing the poor creatures while the others tried their best to open the door. Having enough of crashing their frail bodies to the thick door in hopes that it would give way like movies always do, Churi swung her axe to her side, ready to break the only damn thing obstructing their way to safety.

“That’s it! I’m breaking this door!”

“W-wait! Churi! We still need the door in its full, normal door-like shape to block the zombies. That’s our main plan, remember?”

Churi scratches her head with a sigh… “Sorry.”

Suddenly, the quiet and unexpressive Masana pushed them both aside. She took out a small pouch from the huge backpack and took out some equipment like those MacGyver dude always did. With a small twist and some twitching here and there, a click sounded from the door.


Rena and Akane could only stand behind the unresponsive girl with wide eyes and jaw hanging from their mouth as Masana opens the door without even a sweat or a bruise.

“Why are you guys still standing there? Go!”

Pushing the seniors with her back, Airi reaches for Churi’s axe leaning on the stair wall before slashing off two of the zombies’ heads that was trying to claw Jurina’s arms. After everyone safely steps outside the door, Jurina being the last person swings her bat with all her might on the eyeless guy in front of her. The hit had caused him to stumble backwards and plummet on top of the others, delaying their approach for the door.


After Jurina leaps outside to the rooftop, the others quickly slams the door shut before piling unused chairs and tables to hinder any useless attempt from the zombies to break through. Jurina heaved a relieved sigh with the others as they fall on the floor from exhaustion and anxiousness. They are thankful that this side of building’s rooftop is used for storing any broken or unwanted tables and chairs from the school. That’s why it was locked up in a more secured way than any other buildings. Too much dangerous play thing for the students, as reprimanded by the principal.

“Well… that’s brain wrecking!” Airi comments with a whistle as the others burst into giggle while trying to catch their breaths.

“Now what?” Churi asked as silence fall over them.  Jurina and Rena look at each other as the other three stare at them like they are some FAQ encyclopedia, waiting for either of their brilliant answer. Being the most outspoken since the first zombie encounters, Jurina nods her head at Rena to signal that she will be the one to answer the question.

“We should stay here for the night. We’ll start moving when the sun rises early in the morning since, according to Airin the Zombie-Know-It-All, they can't stand the sunlight and would probably hide anywhere dark. We can look for help once we’re out of the school ground...”

Jurina gulps as her eyes waver to the side, “If… there is any. Anyhow, we must get ourselves to a safe place first thing tomorrow. Perhaps a shelter of some sort provided by the government… there should be one. For the mean time, let’s get a well deserved rest tonight.”

Immediately after Jurina finished talking, a hand rose from one of the trio. It was Airi with a cheeky smile on her face.

“Ano… ummm… it’s cool that we got a place to sleep tonight but… I can’t help to wonder…” Airi scratches her head with a forceful laugh, “Does anyone here have food? I’m kinda… hungry.”

Jurina smacks her friend’s head lightly with an amused smile. This girl has the guts of a fearsome lion to be thinking about food at this time of the night while the groans and growls of zombies can be heard even from up there. She doesn’t have the nerve for fear and zombies and Jurina is glad she has a reliable friend like Airi. Jurina was about to take out something from her bag that she managed to salvage earlier but someone beats her to it. A loud clangs and rattles of utensils and cans resonates on the floor as Masana digs her big backpack for food. Everyone stare in awe as she lines up some camping equipments and canned food enough for them to survive for another week. She holds a camping mess tin with a can of preserved food with both hands as she ask still with the same expressionless face of hers.

“Who wants dinner?”


Jurina, Churi and Rena is putting up a portable tent, courtesy of Masana’s huge backpack, for them to sleep while Airi is rummaging the poor girl’s bag for any useful things. Not that Masana minds though. She only stood at the side with the usual deadpan face while sometimes answering every question Airi directed to her about the things she kept inside the bag with a single, syllable word and a flat voice. It’s like the fourth dimensional pocket of Doraemon. Everything is inside this one huge bag.

“A radio!”

Airi shouted as she lifts the item up in the air like it was Simba.

“There’s one too?”

“Yeah! That’s one useful bag you brought along, Masana!”

Airi said enthusiastically only to get a single nod as a respond. She switches the radio on and finds the transmission signal for the local radio broadcast.

“That’s weird…” Airi mumbles with Jurina walking to her side after successfully putting the tent up. There is only the noise of loud beeping with subsequent high static noise as she played around with the transmission button.


“I can’t find any local radio transmission…”

“Well, perhaps the radio is broken?”

“Maybe… but I doubt it.” Airi shrugs as she continue playing with the radio, “I’ll keep this guy close with me in case we managed to find one.”
Jurina nods her head as her friend hungs the radio on her waistband.


That night, Jurina can’t close her eyes. Even after countless of hopeless attempts of counting hundreds of sheep, she could only see zombies jumping over the fence… or more like crawling over it. With a sigh, she steps out of the tent silently to get some fresh air. Stretching her arms while inhaling the night breeze, Jurina could feel her tense muscles starting to loosen up a little. She was actually contemplating on doing a short round of running around the rooftop but not wanting to disturb the others sleeping soundly from exhaustion, she let the thought flew away. Jurina slowly walked to the center of the rooftop as she stares at the billions of stars blinking up in the sky. She took a sit at the center to wonder about the marvelous and grand view. She had never seen the sky as beautiful as this one in all her life... 

“Beautiful… isn’t it?”

A voice sounded from her side got Jurina surprised. She turns her head to her left only to feel her heart starting to beat that unknown rhythm again. Rena is sitting by her side with her head held up as she gaze at the bright sky with the cool breeze of wind blowing through her raven hair. Jurina couldn’t take her eyes off from staring at Rena’s side feature. The way Rena looks up the sky, the subtle, contented smile she shown and the way her eyes twinkle, probably from the sky’s reflection. The view of Rena’s face alone is mesmerizing, thought Jurina.

“Yeah… beautiful.”

The word unconsciously left her mouth in a small whisper but Rena caught it loud and clear. She turns to face Jurina with a smile but the latter lets out a cough, trying to pull herself together from the almost embarrassing moment. A faint blush forms on Jurina’s cheeks that hadn’t go unnoticed by the observant Rena.

“Hey, are you okay? You’re red…”

“Huh? Ah, I’m fine!”

“Are you sure? It’s not a fever or something, right?”

“No, no! Don’t worry… it’s nothing. Probably because it’s cold out here…” Jurina rubs her hands together trying to ease the heat she felt resulted from Rena’s deep staring. Then, a sudden weight was put on her shoulder. Jurina glance at her shoulder to see a blanket being wrapped around her.

“Here… this will help you a little bit.”

Jurina gave a questioning look to the girl beside her. Rena had just sacrificed her blanket even when she’s the one who’s been shivering since the beginning. Scooting closer to her senpai, Jurina wraps the other end of the blanket around the frail girl’s body. 

“This way, none of us will suffer the cold.”

This time, both can feel the warmth enveloping their bodies and faces. Rena too scoots closer to the latter to properly envelop their whole bodies inside the piece of thick cloth. They both stare at the sky, sometimes getting startle with the gruesome moans of zombies wandering the ground below.

“I envy you, Jurina…” Rena mutters as she rest her head on her knees.

“Eh?” The kid was startled with the statement. “What do you mean?”

“The way you fight those… things. There wasn’t a time I see hesitation in your eyes. It’s like you’re a fearless person, Jurina. I can’t help to feel envy with your coolness.”


Jurina couldn’t believe her ears… did Rena just say she is cool? Well, it’s in a different way of saying it but Rena definitely just said out loud that she is cool! Jurina scratched her flushing cheek timidly with a finger while laughing awkwardly.

“W-what are you saying…? Ahahaha! Just look at the way you fight. You were so badass, Rena-senpai! Swinging and smashing those dudes with your bokken… Now that’s awesomely cool!”

Jurina animatedly said with her hands moving and swaying everywhere, imitating the way Rena fought those zombies. Jurina’s dorky way of praising her had managed to make Rena laugh while clapping her hands. Now this sight just made Jurina’s chest tighten in an indescribable way… it’s like there’s a sudden kyun with a happy feeling while watching her senpai do this adorable action.


Once again, her mouth decided to slip out the word without her order. Jurina felt like slapping her mouth for following her inner thoughts. Of course Rena heard the word, but she shrugs it away with a smile. She don’t mind the flattery, she’s used to it already but she can’t help to feel a certain flutter in her chest to hear it from Jurina. Suddenly, Rena’s face turns solemn as she remembers something.

“Nee… aren’t you afraid, Jurina?” Seeing the solemn face of her senpai, Jurina averts her view to the front. She grips her hands tightly before realeasing it, repeating the action several times as she thought of the answer behind that one question that had been playing in her mind since she first encountered the creature.

“I am…” Jurina carefully arranged her words, “I am afraid of everything. What if we can’t escape from the zombies? What if we can’t meet our family? What if one of us died? What if I died? I have many doubts at the moment, it feels like my mind is about to explode… but there’s only one thing in my mind. I want to get out of here safely with you guys and that’s that. I might have other things I wanted to do but first things first!”

Rena nods her head slowly, amaze with the way Jurina handles her problem. She can see the bright future of Jurina if these things didn’t happen. The girl is smart, athletic, good in public relations… All in all, she is one amazing person.

“You remind me of my brother.”

“Hm?” Jurina look at the smiling girl.

“We were pretty close as a child. I’ll follow him in whatever he does; eat, play, draw… everything. But there’s one thing I can’t do and I envy him for that… My brother is an intelligent kid. He skipped a few years and entered college in a very young age. That’s when he distanced himself from me. He’s been preoccupied with this research thing, I barely seen him in the house. It’s like he’s not even there anymore… I kinda miss him.”

Rena hugs her knees tightly to her chest with a frown on her face. Jurina averts her eyes from staring at Rena’s sad face. She could actually feel the pain Rena felt right now, as if they shared the same heart and emotions. Trying to cheer her up, Jurina made a funny face before poking the girl.


Laughter reverberates around them as Rena explodes from Jurina’s weird expression. She slaps Jurina’s arm repeatedly with a red face as the girl joins her in laughing together.

“W-what are you doing?” Rena asked still with a giggle but Jurina answered it with a calm face and a smile.

“Trying to cheer you up.”

“You sure did a great job, Jurina…” Rena shoved the girl on her shoulder lightly after she calmed down.

“I think we suit each other.” Jurina randomly said, trying to ease the tense feeling from their conversation just now.

“I think so too.”

“Let’s watch each other’s back from now on, Rena-senpai…”

“Sure… and I’ll be happy if you drop the formalities when calling me, Jurina.”

Jurina scratched her cheek timidly, feeling awkward with the request. “A-ah… well… what should I call you then?”

“Hmmm… I don’t know.” Rena makes a pondering face as her eyes falls on the latter, “What do you think?”

“Ummm… c-can I call you… Rena-…chan?” Jurina mentally facepalms from her stutter.

“I like that! Makes me feel cute…”

“Eeeh? You’re too proud of yourself, Rena-chan.” Jurina shook her head with a teasing smile.

“But you said so just now~”

Now that did it. Jurina kept mum as she felt her face and ears heating up with smokes about to escape from her ears, literally. She didn’t know Rena had heard her back then and know she truly regrets having a mouth that never listens to her brain.

How embarrassing!

She quickly averts her eyes from Rena’s, hiding her face inside the blanket… Once again, Rena laughed from Jurina’s cute action. The older girl pokes Jurina’s cheek repeatedly, an attempt to gain her attention again.

“Heeeey… I was just kidding.”

“Hmph!” Jurina puffs her cheek. The older girl can’t help to feel fond of this childish act of Jurina.

“If it makes you feel better, you’re adorable too.”


Rena raised a brow from the muffle sound Jurina made. Raising her head slowly, Jurina repeats her question, her eyes looking away from Rena’s.

“Am I?”

Jurina’s eyes widen when she felt a hand pulled her chin to turn towards Rena’s direction. Feeling satisfied with Jurina’s face in front of hers, the latter nods her head happily with a grin.

“We suit each other… don’t we?”

That had successfully made Jurina’s frown turned upside down. They shared a giggle before resuming talking and teasing with each other, not minding the horrifying growls and moans from the ground below. The moon gleams brightly, giving light for the both of them as they laugh the night away with their stories and nonsense in a newly made world only known by them.


Morning came as the sun gleams its first ray on the pair sleeping on the hard cardboard Jurina found last night with a shared blanket. Jurina was the first to wake up resulted from the sun shining directly on her. Rubbing her eyes from the blaring ray and sleepiness, Jurina opens her eyes. A gasp escaped her mouth. In front of her is the most beautiful face she had ever seen. The first time she had the most amazing morning of waking up with an angel’s face sleeping soundly beside her. Jurina keeps her stare at Rena’s adorable sleeping face, making out the wonderful outline of her features that screams perfection.

She smells nice…

A smile crept on her face. Feeling her face heating up, Jurina turns around still with a smile plus a blush… only to scream as another face appeared in front of her.




Jurina reacted with a punch straight to the perpetrator face… only to find a blue-eyed Airi hunched on the floor.


“Serve you right for scaring me!”

Airi wears a hurt face with a hand on her cheek, “H-How could you… We’re bestfriends!”

Suddenly, a yawn sounded behind Jurina. Taking a look at her back, all the anger and sleepiness she felt poof into thin airas she stare at the source of the yawn. There she is, rubbing a hand on her eyes cutely while stifling another yawn, just like a child who had just woken up. Jurina could feel her heart go kyun kyun again with Rena’s adorable act.

“Awwww... how cute.”


Waking from her daze, Jurina glances to her shoulder to find the playful face of her bestfriend who’s grinning like a monkey right now.

“Good morning, Jurina.”

“G-good morning…” Jurina wants to greet her name back, but with Airi's presence, she knows the girl will tease her to no ends with her new nickname to Rena so she let it pass.

“Eeeh… what about me?”

“You only gave me a bad morning, Airin…” Jurina said with a glare before pushing the girl’s head off her shoulder. Rena giggled watching the two bestfriends bickering with each other early in the morning before greeting her too.

“Good morning, Airin.”

“Morning! How’s your sleep? I hope this kiddo here didn’t do anything inappropriate to you, Rena-san.”

“W-what are you saying?!” I’m not a hentai like you! Jurina shoot lasers at Airi but the latter pays no heed at her.

“Oh… if only you see what happened just now, Rena-san… the way Jurina- MMPH!”

Jurina clamps Airi’s loud mouth before she could reveal the embarrassing moment of the latter staring at her senpai when she is still sleeping.

“I-It’s nothing… Ahahaha! Just ignore her…” Jurina elbowed her friend as she struggles to release herself from Jurina’s strong hold.

One by one the girls got out from the makeshift tent to stretch their body from the short sleep. It’s not just Jurina and Rena who couldn’t sleep that night but almost everyone had a hard time to even close their eyes. The traumatizing effect of their occurrence with the zombies had finally got into their senses. Everyone is scared with what happened yesterday but today, they can only hope for the best of looking out for each other. After having a light breakfast, they stood on the edge of the rooftop to observe the neighborhood.

“It’s quiet… and calm. I like this one better than yesterday.” Airi voiced out.

“I can’t believe the zombies were actually scattered all over the place yesterday when the place is… empty right now.” Churi said as she hung the axe behind her back in courtesy of Airi’s handy work.

“I think it’s only us here.” Rena’s eyes wanders around to look for any presence of a human besides them.

“Yeah… It’s better if we move out right now.”

Everyone nods their head in agreement with Jurina’s suggestion. They move the barricade of tables and chairs aside, slowly opening the door to check for any of the zombies still lurking in the stairway. Only the remnants of rotten meat and pools of blood can be seen. Jurina motions for them to follow her as she leads them at the front. They slowly stride down the stairway, trying to avoid from stepping on the chunks of meat, bones, eyeballs and even… pieces of brains. 

“Ugh… I feel sick.”

Churi comments as she saw a string of something that looks like intestines hanging on the wall. Airi puts a comforting hand on Churi’s shoulder before pushing the latter slowly to walk away from the spot.

“We should go straight to the back entrance through this stairway.”

Jurina told them as she fastens her steps to quickly reach the first floor before they encounter any unwanted company.


Rena suddenly slipped but with Jurina’s quick reflex, she caught the frail girl into her arms. With a calm face, Jurina warns her senpai…

“Be careful… Rena-chan.” The name came out as a whisper, still feeling awkward in calling her senpai with the new nickname. Rena nods with her usual smile, making Jurina’s heart thumping a weird rhythm. She quickly turns her head to the front before releasing puff of air from her mouth to calm her heart. The slippery floor just made it impossible for them to run down the stairs but after a few jumping and a few tumbling by Rena who managed to be saved by Jurina, they finally reached the back entrance of the school.

“Finally… we’re out of that hell!”

Airi shouts but got hit on the head by Jurina as they walk on the silent road, away from their school.

“Keep it down, Airin… we don’t want to attract any unwanted attention right now. Especially by them…”

“Geez… sorry!” Airi rolled her eyes but gulps afterwards after realizing what she would cause if there might be a zombie hiding somewhere, just waiting for the right time to ambush them. Suddenly, a few helicopters with U.N written on its body flew past them. Churi wants to shout for their help but once again, Jurina refrain her from doing so.

“What’s wrong?”

“They won’t see us, Churi-san.”

“But we can try!”

“She’s right...” A girl wearing a big backpack walks between them with a serious face, “It’s useless. They won’t land here just to pick up a few survivors wandering around the road… they might shot us, thinking we had been infected by the zombies.”

The grave information by Masana just made everyone gulp in fear and resent. To think they would be killed by the armies is worse than getting eaten by them… wait. That doesn’t sound right. Both are bad enough for survivors like them who are trying all their best to keep themselves alive.

“So… what do you suggest us to do now, Masana-san?” Jurina asked after silence falls on them. Somehow, Jurina can feel this girl is more than meets the eye. Masana closed her eyes, muttering some silent words before pointing her fingers on the direction the helicopters just flew.

“We follow them.”


They have been walking down the road in a normal pace for the past two hours, every pair of eyes wary of any movement on both sides for any humans or zombies. But another pair is watching with amusement at a person who’s not the least afraid of anything as she runs and stops once a while to scavenge any useful items from some vehicles stranded on the road.

“What are you doing?” Churi asked with her eyes following every movement Airi makes.

“Treasure hunting.”

“I don’t think we need money right now…”

“No, we don’t. They’re useless, anyway...”

Churi stares in confusion at the girl. If she’s not looking for money, then…

“You’ll know soon, Churi.” Airi said with a smile as if she had read Churi’s mind, startling the girl. Suddenly, Jurina stop as she points at a vacant grocery store.

“We need to restock our supplies and saerch for any useful items we can use for the following days.”

Jurina took careful steps as she approached the door of the store. She holds her bat tightly with both hands, preparing for any attack or ambush by some zombies probably hiding in here. On the other side, Rena took out her bokken and a flashlight given by Masana while the others stayed behind. Jurina had warn them to run away if something happened to them both. She even requested Rena to lead the group if she got caught, prompting the latter to accompany her with the reason of two brains are better than one. Besides, they can watch each other's back just like they promised each other last night. Using the lone light to help them see in the dark, Jurina steps inside slowly with controlled breathing, Rena following in tow with the flashlight. They walk from shelves to shelves, inspecting the place for safety. Suddenly, Rena saw a shadow moving away from the light at the back of the store.



“I think I saw someo-… something at the back.”

Jurina gulp as her hands start to become clammy from sweat. Nervousness kicks in, overwhelming her whole body with adrenaline and anxiety. Knowing that the figure already know their presence, she yells at the person… whatever it is to make it appear in front of her.

“Hey! Show yourself!” Jurina shouts while Rena grips her bokken tightly.

“If you’re a human, make yourself known!”

After a few minutes, laughter echoed within the store. The figure steps out into the light, revealing a man with one hand at his back. Jurina and Rena immediately put down their guards with the man’s presence. How relieved they are seeing the smiling man instead of another horrible creature.

“What are you kids doing here?”

The man slowly approaches them, an awkward, weird smile etched on his face. Being the cautious girl she is, Jurina asked him the same question.

“What are you doing here, sir?”

“Me? I’m taking shelter in here… it’s my store.” The man said still with the creepy smile. Rena keeps her eyes focused on the man’s hand, wondering why he is hiding his other hand. Then, her eyes noticed a flash on the round mirror attached on the wall behind him. Her eyes widen as she saw the flashing thing was actually a knife that had reflected the light from her flashlight. Rena grabbed Jurina’s sleeve slowly, pulling the girl closer to her…

“It’s great to see other survivors beside me…” Knowing that the other girl had actually realized his intention, the man giggled once again before showing the knife he was holding all this while behind his back, “More pleasure for me to play with!”


Pulling Jurina together with her, Rena dashed out of the place to escape from the crazy man. However, once they are outside the store, they see two men circling  their friends, one holding a pistol and one with a knife.

“Where are you going?”

The man from before appeared behind them, pointing the knife dangerously close at their face. Jurina steps forward to attack him but Rena pulls her before she does something stupid that might endangered their friends.

“What? You want to play with me?”

Rena holds Jurina’s hand tightly to calm the girl from the man’s intimidating approach.

“Drop them.”

The man pointed at the bat and bokken both girls are holding. Jurina glares at the man, dropping the bat on the ground followed by Rena’s wooden sword. The older girl quickly pulls Jurina to her side for safety, only to whisper something at her. Jurina stayed still, the man oblivious with their actions. He was about to reach for their weapon when a powerful kick met his chin, throwing him backwards to the ground. With quick movement, Rena grabs her bokken before sprinting to the man holding the gun as fast as lightning. She hit the man’s hand, disarming him from his weapon before giving a strong blow to his stomach. She raised the bokken up on her head to beat the man unconscious when the other guy interrupts her.

“Drop it!” The man yelled with Airi in his hold, a knife hovering on her neck. “Drop it! Or else…”

The man threatened them but Rena pays no heed. She glanced at Airi who had a bored face at the moment before observing the man’s appearance. She knows he won’t do anything to Airi. His face had shown it all. Rena could see the man’s hand trembling as he holds the knife closely on Airi’s neck. This is his first time of doing crime, Rena deduced. But the other two are no play thing. They are more experienced that him. Her eyes caught the man he beat just now stands on his feet with the gun back on his hand.

“Tch. You’re feisty… I like feisty girls.”

Rena turns to Jurina only to see the girl is helpless too as the other man had already regained his senses as he too is holding Jurina in his arms. Rena closed her eyes. There’s no way she can save all of them if she’s the only one who’s going to fight. She’s just a girl. Her strength alone is not enough to deal with three men. If only… if only there is someone else who has the upper hands in this situation, Rena thought. That’s when another voice appeared behind her…

“Drop down your weapons!”

Since the other author (let's just call her M :P) had finished writing the whole chapter to cheer me up (I can't help to AWWW at her :grin: but now I feel bad for letting her write alone :doh:), I decided to update to share this to you guys too~ :cow: No zombie this time XD But there will be next and another CHARACTER APPEARANCE!!! Thanks for reading and I hope you continue to support us~  :cathappy:

P/S: I haven't write anything for the next chapter of Ninja Trouble but I PROMISE I will as soon as my mind get the hang of everything :doh: :sweatdrop: Thanks for waiting I really appreciate it! :bow:

@Shinoki: Haha that was a planned accident~ Good ninja reflex! XD JZKS... :shocked I like that! :w00t: I've told you there will be tidbits of zombies manga, games, anime whatever related to zombie so you might find some scenes resemblance. Kanon is just lying on a couch, stuffing her mouth with popcorn as she laughs her ass watching Jurina and Airin getting beat by them zombies~ :rofl:

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Re: Zombie Apocalypse? (WMatsui) - Chapter 3 [140507]
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I see! Masana always has the food handy~~~
Ah, dat WMatsui.
That warm, nice feeling~~~ <3
*pat pat* Airin.
That guy is... a jerk-but that's probably the point
Ah! Someone is showing up!! Dun dun dun!!
Who could it be?
To the rescue?
Or wha?

Anyways, I count on Non to get out of the couch soon. :3

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Re: Zombie Apocalypse? (WMatsui) - Chapter 3 [140507]
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Eh~ Who is the person in the ending?! :OMG: Is it the police?! :scared: is it someone that Jurina or Rena knows?! :pig huh: wah~ wakaranai yo! :dizzy: :err:
Wah~ Wmatsui feels!! :luvluv2:
Lol! Airin is hilarious here! :hiakhiakhiak: :mon lmao:
Sugoi! Masana has that much stuff in that bag! Wonder what else she has up her sleeve? :mon determined:
Hm~ wmatsui now moving to the next level :mon misch: :mon XD: :mon beam: :mon lovelaff:
This update made my day~ Arigatou! :mon inluv:
Can't wait for the next chapter :on GJ: :byebye:

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Re: Zombie Apocalypse? (WMatsui) - Chapter 3 [140507]
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My heart goes 'kyun kyun' imagining wmatsui moments,lol.
This chapter scenes reminds me of maeshika mukanee's mv

Keep up the good work you both author-san :D

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Re: Zombie Apocalypse? (WMatsui) - Chapter 3 [140507]
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 :shocked new person .... maybe a superhero :cool1:
Lucky that Manasa has that bag. What else she has there? Maybe a tank. :grin:

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Re: Zombie Apocalypse? (WMatsui) - Chapter 4 [140518]
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CHAPTER 4 - The Officers and A Scientist

“Drop down your weapons!”

It was a sight to see. A good looking girl with a good looking body in a police uniform with a low pony tail hair points a gun at them with a serious face. The men looked at each other, communicating with eye movements to handle the newcomer while the girls all prayed inside their hearts that this woman is seriously not joking of trying to save them alone. Even if she is a police, it’s not possible for these guys to beat her up single handedly. The woman approached them slowly, each step taken with precautions as she pointed her gun at the man holding Jurina.


The one standing behind Jurina, their leader, fakes a worried face while slowly lowering the knife on his hand. But one of them quickly points his gun at the still oblivious policewoman, just the way they had planned with their discreet eye movement discussion just now. However, before he can pull the trigger, a gunshot had sounded from a deserted car at the side of the road.


The man screamed as he staggered backwards while holding his non-existent hand that had been blown to pieces with blood flowing freely from his wound by the unknown shot. Churi’s eyes widen with the view as the man stood near her. She trembles in fear, feeling some blood splashed on her face from the blow. Airi immediately grabbed Churi’s shoulder, pulling the girl into her embrace as she rubs Churi’s back to pacify the frightened senior. That’s when another policewoman shows up from her hiding spot with a shotgun on her hand.

“Don’t want your head to be blown to pieces too, huh?”

The woman with a little too tight blouse that shows her sexy figures with brown hair stated as she points her shotgun straight at the panicking man who’s kneeling at the ground from pain and fear. Now the girls can feel hope is finally on their side with the appearance of their saviors. This had caused the men to raise a white flag with one of their team had turned into a useless coward and traumatized after losing a hand. They throw their weapons on the ground, about to release the girls when a scream sounded from the man holding Jurina.


“Oh shoot.”

Every pair of eyes stared at the man writhing and screaming in pain on the ground. Jurina can see his skin turning pale with veins popping out. He raised his head; his face seems like its melting as the skin peeled out of the bone, exposing the red muscle underneath. Jurina could see his eyeballs protruding from their sockets, the pupil dilating wildly with the white of his eyes turning red. The same way she saw the creature for the first time in front of the school entrance yesterday evening.

“Get away from him!”

The black-haired woman yelled for Jurina to run away from the mutated guy but the girl was too shocked, her brain had shut her whole being from the world. All she could see is the horrifying scene of the man transforming into a monster right before her eyes. She could feel the hatred and sorrow from the man, his hand holding out to her as if asking for help. Jurina was about to reach for it but another hand had snatched it first, pulling her hand away from the man.


Rena pulled the still dazed Jurina away from the disfigured man towards the officers direction for safety. The warmth that envelopes her hand had awoken her from the hypnotic state she had gotten into after staring at the man that had now turned into a zombie. After arriving to their groups of friend that had already took cover behind the policewomen, Rena turns to the quiet girl she had dragged all the way.

“Are you okay, Jurina?”

Shaking her head from the disturbing scene, Jurina responds shakily with a pale face.


Jurina managed to say with a forced smile on her face which resulted with Rena embracing her for to provide the younger girl with comfort and safety. Rena was frightened to death from seeing the unresponsive Jurina about to reach her hand for the zombie’s hand. She had screamed for Jurina to follow her but the girl stood there like she didn’t even care about anything... She tightens the embrace, finding some sense of security of knowing Jurina is still alive and breathing while the latter is trying to calm the weird rhythm her heart is beating with their close proximity.

Another scream echoed on the road. The other guy too had turned into a zombie, following his zombie leader as they paced towards their friend who is shrieking in fear from their advances.

“S-save me!!!”

He yelled for help from the girls to save him from getting eaten alive. Without even asking, the black hair woman released a few rounds of gunshots aiming at the creature’s head, killing one of them on the spot.

“Let me take the other.”

The brown hair girl with huge chest steps forward, holding the shotgun with only a hand. With a side stance, she pulls the trigger, blowing the zombie’s head into pieces on the road. She blows the smoke coming out of the hole in a cool way before walking to the cowering man on the ground.


She grabbed the man by his collar, inspecting his pupil for any weird movement or strange dilation. After staring at the shaking man that was about to wet his pants from too much shock and madness, the woman pushed him down on the road before aiming the holster on his face.

“He’s one of them, Mei.”

She said nonchalantly while poking the holster on his ripped jeans. The man once again screamed in pain as she poked his wound a little bit too deep. The other woman kneeled beside him, tearing the jeans in half. She inspects the wound and nod, confirming it was indeed a zombie bite.

“I’ll leave him to you, Seira-san.” The black hair woman said nonchalantly while walking back to the girl’s location.

“What?! W-wait! Don’t! I don’t want to d-die! Plea-“

Not paying heed of his pleas, she loaded the shotgun before pointing the holster on his head…


The whole place turned silent after the shot was released. The girls all closed their eyes, not wanting to see the way those officers mercilessly killed the man. Jurina grits her teeth, hating their action of shooting those guys without any pity. She stood up to confront to black hair girl.

“Why did you that?!”

Jurina shouts at the officer’s face but she just look at her without any expression shown. She pushed Jurina out of the way but the girl caught her sleeve before pulling her closer. The slight difference of their height made it easier for Jurina to look at her straight in the eyes, face to face. The latter glanced at Jurina before releasing a sigh.

“You girls are too naïve.” She released Jurina’s hold from her sleeve easily, “I don’t negotiate with the undead, kid.”

“But he’s one of us!” Jurina objected but only managed to receive a glare from the latter.

“He’s infected. We should kill him before he turns into one of those annoying monsters.”

“Less effort to waste, right?” The brown hair girl said with a grin and a thumb up while carrying the shotgun on her shoulder. “Oh yeah… you guys should pick up your things back there. We have one of your friends in custody right now so you guys should follow us.”

“Eh? Who?” Airi asked in shock before giving her a judging stare. “Wait… how did you know she’s one of us? You’re a stalker, huh…”

The sexy officer rolled her eyes from Airi’s accusation. She neared Airi with daunting steps, pulling the girl’s collar to face her. Their differences in height had caused Airi to stand on her toes, with her face landing closely at the officer’s cleavage which cause the school girl to blush and drool.

“You…” the taller woman scans Airi up and down before she gave a smirk at the blushing girl. “Like what you see, girl?”

“Ummm… a bit?”

The officer let out an amused giggle before releasing the flustered Airi. “You’re one honest kid…”

She gave a wink and a beautiful smile to Airi that can melt any men… well, Airi has a perverted old man brain so she can count as one…

“She wears the same uniform as you. That girl doesn’t want to say her name… even after Sakai here saved her ass from getting bit by those zombies. She’s cute, but full of nonsense blabbering questions. Something about bunnies can turn into zombies… Tch, no one cares about that!”

Jurina and Airi looked at each other after the woman’s descriptions match that of their annoying friend. They couldn’t be sure if it is indeed their bestfriend but if it is true, they are glad to know she is safe and sound with the police.


Jurina’s group had agreed to follow the policewomen back to their safe place after deciding it would be best to have more experienced and trustworthy people to protect them from harm after the incident just now. They don’t want to do the same mistake of believing random strangers who claimed to be the good guy whereas it was the opposite. Besides, they want to meet the other girl that Jurina and Airi believed to be their bestfriend, Kanon. After walking for half an hour, they have reached to a decent looking house standing alone in the neighborhood. It was like it had been deserted by others house, not that they mind… Easier for them to move about and do their things without disturbing anyone... if there is anyone left in this neighborhood.

“Welcome to my house!” Seira greeted cheerfully with a big smile, “Actually it was my grandma’s but… oh well!”

Shrugging her shoulder, Seira brought them to a secret door at the back of the house when suddenly a scream resounded from inside.


“What the…”

“Kimoto-san.” Masana suddenly voiced out with a serious face as everyone turns to her.

Seira quickly rushed through the door to find the source of the scream but Airi and Jurina had already beaten her to it.


They both shout for their friend after hearing the familiar screaming voice of Kanon. Approaching the kitchen, they found another lady with brown hair and a creepy smile standing in front of Kanon with both hands doing a lewd groping motion while the small, scared girl crossed her arms in front of her chest in a protective manner. They stood there with wide eyes at the scene. Jurina grabbed the lady’s shoulder before giving a punch at her face.


“OOOFF!” the blow had caused the creepy woman with a long, white coat to stumble on the floor in pain.

“Urgh… I can feel that…” Airi expressed with her hand rubbing the still blue spot resulted from Jurina’s punch that morning.

“What in the name of huge breasts is happening here?!” Seira reprimanded after she pulls the crouching lady up on her feet, revealing a red, swollen cheek on her face.

Jurina and Airi approach their friend to console the girl but without saying a word, Kanon zooms past the girls, throwing herself into the arms of a scary looking Officer Sakai Mei. The latter could only blink her eyes in startle and surprise with the sudden action.

“E-eeeh?” Jurina and Airi looked at each other from shock.

“Have you seen her like this?”

“No… this feels like seeing an alien movie.”



Airi said with her Engrish accent as Jurina face palm from her weird friend’s antic.

“Ummm… ano…” Mei tried to free herself from Kanon’s tight hold but the girl won’t even budge from her spot. “A-are you alright?”

Kanon lifts her head only to cutely nod at Mei who awkwardly stood there like an idiot. A tinge of pink formed on Mei’s face from seeing the cute girl clinging on her waist while Airi and Jurina still watch the scene in utter disbelief with jaws hanging. Seira pushed the perpetrator to sit on the chair with an interrogating gaze directed at her.

“Care to explain, Deguchi?”

The lady sighs exasperatedly. She was never at fault at the beginning. This was all that annoying girl’s fault, she thought.

“Blame that girl! She’s been annoyingly giving me stupid questions; I just had to threaten her with my ways to keep her silent!” Akisun yelled at Seira as she pointed her finger at Kanon’s direction, the girl stealthily puts out her tongue at her.

“D-did you see that?! How dare-" Akisun was about to give a piece of her mind when Seira pulls her back to her chair.

“She’s just a kid, Deguchi.”

Akisun gave a judging stare at Seira’s uncalled way of calling her be the surname, “What’s with you suddenly calling me like that?”

“Figures… It comes naturally when I’m dead beat with all of these dramas.”

Seira stated firmly with a menacing glare directed at the Akisun. After a few minutes of silence as everyone waited for anyone to say something from the awkward scene, Seira quickly turns her expression to a giddy one to get rid of the tense air.

“So… what’s for dinner, Aki?”


Akisun quickly presents everyone with her dish, only to have everyone scrunched their face with the food.

“It’s the super Mayo-Omurice with Mayonnaise on top~”

“Oh no… I think I’m gonna puke.”

“Is it edible for human even?”

“Can I have a spicy one?”

The girls randomly comments, causing a tired Seira to let out an exasperated sigh.

“That’s it. You’re staying out of my kitchen, Akisun.” Seira grabbed the apron and wrapped it around her waist.

“You guys should take some rest while I make dinner that could be eaten by everyone.” She purposely emphasized the words directed at Akisun who just shrugged it with an innocent face.

“I’ll help.”

Everyone turns to the owner of the voice. It was Masana with a hand slightly raised and an eagerness shown on her face. Seira could only nod her head slowly, not quite used seeing a weird and quite girl like her turns all happy. Indeed, it was weird...

“Follow me, everyone!” Akisun happily pushed the visitors out of the kitchen like she owns the house. “Let me give you a tour around this place.”

“Oy! This is my house!”

“I know… just trying to be a good friend to our guests here.”

“Make sure you don’t touch my grandma’s thing!”

“Ugh… they’re dirty anyway.”

Everyone turns around as Akisun motioned them to follow her to the living room when a desperate voice called for their attention.

“Ummm… wait!” Mei calls them, scratching her head timidly as she points at Kanon who is still clinging on her body like a baby koala, “Can anyone get this girl off of me?”


After having a short tour (Akisun just showed them the toilet, guest bedroom and living room only) around the house, Mei had suggested for them to barricade the house for the night to keep out from any unwanted break in by the zombies. Airi had stated that the zombies have weak visuals and they depended on their hearings to hunt for their victims, which resulted in Akisun agreeing with her. The duo with both having a weird fascination of zombies had decided to do their own discussions of intellectual talk while the others resorted to block the windows and doors with anything they can find that can withhold any strong force from outside.

“You okay, Rena-chan?”

Jurina asked after seeing Rena having a hard time placing the wood panel on its place for the past 10 minutes. Not wanting to worry the girl, Rena turns her head to Jurina with a bright smile.

“I’m okay!”

But Jurina just stared at her unconvincingly with a brow raised and a teasing smirk etched on her face. Letting out a defeated sigh, Rena’s smile immediately turned upside down.

“How exactly do they do this thing…” Rena mumbles cutely with a frown as she raised the hammer while kicking the planks of wood lying innocently by her feet. Jurina couldn’t help to giggle from the adorable and childish act of her senpai. She never knew Rena had this kind of side too…

“Here, let me help you.”

Jurina swiftly pick the long piece of wood from the floor and placed it on the window pane while standing behind Rena. 

“Give me the hammer and a nail.”

Jurina breathed out near Rena’s ear, unaware of their close proximity which had caused a blush to form on Rena’s cheek. She gave the tools to Jurina before the latter motioned for Rena to hold the plank while Jurina hammers them on place. Rena could feel her heart about to thump out of her chest from the feeling of Jurina’s outline on her back. She could almost feel the heat from Jurina’s body transferring to her. It was like they are in back hug; the one thing that spoils their moments is the pounding sound of the hammer meeting with the surface of the nail and wood. Rena just hopes that the younger girl doesn’t hear the fast thumping of her heart.


Jurina giddily announced with a grin as her eyes falls on Rena’s when the latter turns her head. Everything falls into slow motion as their eyes caught each other, drowning into the deep, brown and black orbs with faint tinge of red appearing on both faces. Their faces unconsciously came closer and closer, shortening their distances with each other. Rena could feel Jurina's breath tickling her lips, her eyes staring at the pair of enticing soft pink lips...

“Kyaaaah!!! I can’t stop fangirling!!!”

“Now… KISS!”

Jurina who had finally realized the close distance of their bodies and face from her friends’ comments quickly staggered backwards, only to stumble on top of Airi and Kanon who had silently stalk on them on the floor behind Jurina.




“Serves you right for stalking them…”

Rena covers her mouth from seeing the bestfriends piled up on top of each other while Churi just stood at the side with a crossed arm. She shook her head from the sight after Airi had told her about their plans of creeping on some Jurina and Rena moments.

“Jurina, are you alright?”


“Wait… we’re the ones who need that question!” Airi protested after seeing Rena helping Jurina to stand up.

“Ugh… you both are heavy.” Kanon pushed Airi to the side as she rubs her painful back after cushioning her friends' fall.

“What happened here?”

All eyes turn to the voice as Officer Mei came down the stairs after she finished with the windows upstairs.


Kanon quickly rushed to the woman, linking their arms together while the others have a confused, bewildered expression on their face.

“MeiMei…?” Airi asked with a ridiculed face.

“Since when did these two get closer?”  Jurina stated, blinking her eyes rapidly with the unbelievable scene of the bright Kanon together with the serious but robot-like Officer Mei.

“I think they look cute…” They all turn to Akisun who had suddenly appeared in between them with a creepy smile. “NonMei couple… established!”


But before Mei could protest, Seira appeared from the kitchen with a messy faced Masana, saving the officer from anymore embarrassment from the girls.

“Dinner’s ready!” Masana chirped.


“HAHAHA! You serious?”

Seira burst out laughing after Akisun revealed how the NonMei couple was established. The others too joined in with the teasing while Mei stabbed her fork pretty deep into her meat and Kanon ducking her head low to hide her blushing face… Well, actually she enjoyed watching a flustered and angry Mei. Makes the officer turns all sexy and hot.

Kyaaah!!! What am I thinking…?!! This is obscene for a high school girl like me! But who cares… I’ll die soon anyway. Hiyaaaan~!!!


Kanon glared at the smirking Airi after the girl kicked her foot under the table when she’s having a daydream about Mei and her together. But before Kanon could do anything, Mei had once again caught her attention as the officer turns to her all bashful and concerned.

“W-what’s wrong?”

Kanon bits her lip, holding the giggle about to come out from seeing the adorable look of her Mei…

Wait… my Mei? Kyaaaah!!! That sounds… lovely~

Shaking her head from the wonderful thoughts, Kanon give the cutest smile she could muster in front of the worried Mei.

“I’ts nothing!”

Seira and Akisun shared knowing looks after seeing the red face Mei nodding her head slowly and resume eating her food while subsequently stealing a glance at the cute but annoying girl. Suddenly, a ringing tone sounded from Akisun’s direction.

“Ah! Excuse me…”

Akisun stood from her chair with a grave expression as she answers the call. The girls look at each other in confusion as they watch Seira and Mei having the same expression as Akisun. Being the most curious out of all of them, Airi was about to ask but Jurina signaled a no with her head, not wanting to meddle with their affair. It might be some secret they had to deal with… If they need to know about it, then Jurina is for sure the officers would inform them about it. After eating in silence for a few minutes, Akisun came back to the table still with the serious face.

“This is bad.”

“Why? What happened?”

“The government… they need it now.”

The helpless face of the officers and Akisun had the girls all wondered what the heck they are talking about. Seira quickly stood from her seat, rummaging for something inside the old drawer on the living room while Mei collects their weapons and guns before searching through another drawer for boxes of ammunition, piling and scattering them on the floor. Akisun on the other hand had disappeared to the kitchen, only sounds of cabinets banging and cutleries can be heard. The girls start to get worry and bothered with their actions, which prompts Rena to voice out their questions.

“Wait, wait… what is this it you guys are talking about?”

Only silence envelopes them, the question pausing everyone from their action. Emerging from the kitchen with all kind of food supplies with stack of Mayonnaise in her hands, Akisun lets out a sigh.

“I guess you kids should know about this…”

“What? They can’t! This is top secret, Aki!”

“But they can be our only hope, Seira… We can’t be sure if we’re gonna reach that place alive.”

“We should try harder!”

“You know we can’t, Seira! I’ve had enough of all these mess…”

Seeing the defeated face of Akisun made Seira’s heart wrench with fear and hopelessness. She never knew they would have to suffer the consequences after surviving this far.

“Akisun is right, Seira-san…”

Seira took a glance at the already slump and weary Mei before dropping her shoulders in defeat. “Fine.  Just… don’t blame me if anything happens to them.”

Nodding her head firmly, Akisun turns her head to the girls before sitting on one of the chairs.

“It all begins after…”


A week before…

“Pull back! I said pull back!”

“Don’t move from your spot!”

“There’s too many of them, sir!”

“We have to protect the facility’s main building no matter what, you hear me?!”

Shots of guns and explosives resonate all over the place as the police force tried to fend off the incoming zombies breaking through their defense line. The place was a research facility of the national security department of Japan specializes in the research of genetic mutations. Indeed, they had once encountered a zombie a few years back wandering in the suburban area inside a forest. After several complaints from the locals about unknown deaths and brutal murders, the government decided to take matters into their hand. They had managed to retrieve the creature back to the facility with the purpose of a top secret study about them. No one knows about it, even some of the government officials' are oblivious with the project. Deguchi Aki, or Akisun was one of the scientists working on the project. The scientists had determine the cause of humans turning into one of those zombies; a plague-like disease that cause the human brain to morph with weird thoughts and normal flesh to rot. They had successfully acquired the formula of an antidote needed to cure these zombies back to normal human. However, the facility was suddenly attacked by an armies of zombies coming out of nowhere.

“I’ve never seen a horrifying sight like this, sir.”

“Well… you’re one lucky girl then, officer.”

The man gave a strong pat on Officer Seira’s back before walking to the front of his squadron.

“I need you, Officer Sakai and Officer Kato to safely guide the scientists out of the facilities in one piece.”

The three officers look at each other with uncertainties before the booming voice of their commander in charge startled their attention.

“We’re counting on you, officers!”

They saluted their commander for the last time before sprinting towards their destination while blowing and blasting their enemies heads’ off on the way.

Meanwhile, inside the facility…


“Y-yes, Professor Sato!”

“Since you’re the youngest and most energetic between all of us, I’m counting on you to take care of this.”

The professor handed Akisun a small box with a vial filled with blue liquid and a syringe.

“Make sure you keep it safe, Deguchi or my ghost will hunt you at night in your dreams.”

“O-of course!”

“Aaah… It feels nostalgic to depart like this.” The professor with cute front teeth mutters before hugging Akisun with all her heart.

“You’ve been a great apprentice and little sister, Aki. I'll never forget my perverted little sister. I’m hoping the best for you…”

“Thank you, Mieko-san…”

After wiping the tears forming in her eyes, Mieko pats Akisun's shoulder with a suppressed smile. Just then, the door burst open revealing two women and a man clad in police uniform.

“We’re here to help you escape.”

“Ah! That’s right…” Mieko pushed Akisun towards their direction. “Please take good care of this perverted scientist for me!”

Mieko said as she bowed 90 degree to the officers.

“Wait… aren’t you guys going too?”

“We are… but we’re not following you, Aki.”

“But, Prof-"

“Just go! We’ll be fine!”

“We must hurry!” One of the officer with huge chest pulled Akisun to the door, stating the urgency for her to follow them right away. Akisun could only watch helplessly as Mieko, her most trusted senior who acted like her own older sister continue to smile warmly at her as they rushed out of the facility, leaving behind the other scientists to face the unknown fate of being alive or dead.

End of Flashbacks…

“And that’s what happened… well, part of it." Akisun shrugs her shoulder nonchalantly, "Too tired to tell the rest.”

Silence once again filled the air as the girls tried to absorb the story being told by Akisun.

“So… you’re a scientist?”

Akisun lets out a heartening laugh from Masana’s out of the world question.

“I am.” Akisun brags in front of the school girls, flapping her white lab coat like a superstar while Seira shook her head in disbelief, “I’m one of the scientists working for the antidote so bow to me kids for being the only savior of mankind!”

Akisun lets out a loud laugh, only to get a smack on the head by Seira.

“You only managed to get the formula for the antidote… Don’t give them the wrong idea.”

“Tch… I need some credits too.”

“So… what are we gonna do now?”

Jurina asked with a hint of uncertainty in her voice as she glanced at her friends, everyone having doubts and insecurities shown on their faces.

“We’re going to the survivors’ post up north. The only place that is probably safe in this continent…”

Mei answered as she checks the various types of weapons on the floor.

“I presume we’re not going there by foot… are we?”

“No, Churi…” Seira stepped to the table before slamming down a key on the wooden surface. She wears a proud smirk before crossing her arms below her big chest.

“We’re going with my jeep!”

A/N: New chapter, Minna~ Honestly, we wrote this in such a rush without any plot in mind ahahaha :sweatdrop: Hope this is good enough. Enjoy, everyone~ :cathappy: Thanks for reading! 8)


@Shinoki: Ahahaha I don't even know what I wrote :doh: Weell Non is off the couch~ :grin:

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Re: Zombie Apocalypse? (WMatsui) - Chapter 4 [140518]
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Ah~ I'm so happy they found Non-chan! :onioncheer:
Finally! Jurina and the others are saved from those men/zombies! :on cny2: :on cny1:
Wah~ Rena got scared about losing Jurina! :tama-apeshit: :tama-music:
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Ha! new couple formed! NonMei established!! :mon star: :mon lol:
Aw~ I love how Airin came to Churi right away after noticing that she got scared! :luvluv2: :shy1: Rena became more protective towards Jurina! :luvluv1: :mon lovelaff:
Eh~ so that was the story behind the zombie mutation! :mon determined: :mon geek:
Can't wait for the upcoming chapter! :mon XD:
Wonder if the group will face tons of zombies and meet new survivors? :tama-uhh:
I'm interested to see if the girls will use guns and stuff like that? :dunno:
Update soon~  :k-inlove: :k-great:

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Masana and food!
Seira-oppai!!!!! (not oppa, but oppai in this case XD)
Loved this: “What in the name of huge breasts is happening here?!”
Haaa...haaa....haaaa *drools*

*hands over a bouquet of roses*

Le pervert Akisun!
Aaaah!!!!!! This is wonderful~

I <3 SKE! And ZOMBIES! And your fic!!!
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Re: Zombie Apocalypse? (WMatsui) - Chapter 4 [140518]
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Can't wait  :twothumbs
WMatsui I need a kiss  :bleed eyes:

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Re: Zombie Apocalypse? (WMatsui) - Chapter 4 [140518]
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They should start comment after the kiss not before. Such a wasted opportunity. :smhid

What in the name of huge breasts is happening here?!.......that is a good one. :rofl:

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Re: Zombie Apocalypse? (WMatsui) - Chapter 4 [140518]
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ohh good one

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Re: Zombie Apocalypse? (WMatsui) - Chapter 4 [140518]
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I hate zombies! But I love the love stories ...

Wonder when will the WMatsui have their first kiss ... Hahahaa (∩_∩)

Keep going! I like the (WMatsui) story :D

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Re: Zombie Apocalypse? (WMatsui) - Chapter 4 [140518]
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Re: Zombie Apocalypse? (WMatsui) - Chapter 5 [140708]
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CHAPTER 4 - Everything Will Be Fine

The roaring sound of the engine breaks through the silent night as the lone hummer drives on the deserted highway, the only source of light is the laminating full moon shining from the cold sky and the hummer’s headlights. The passengers all had gloomy faces, hopelessness and sorrows etched on every one of them.  One is panting hard, her breathing becoming shallow by the minutes as the other attends for her care in desperation and fear. Desperate for the girl to live through the night and fear for the burden she had to carry. Churi turns her head away from her comrade who’s writhing in pain at the backseat. She puts a hand on her mouth, holding down the sob about to form from her throat. She can feel guilt about to swallow her whole being for her foolish act. If only she had listened to what Seira had said earlier, none of this would have happened.



Everyone turns their attention to the front door. They exchange glances with each other before the knocking sound came again but with a sudden urgency as the pace gets a little faster by each knock. A muffled voice can be heard from behind the door. Being the person sitting closer to the door, Churi stood up from her chair to check the commotion going on outside.

“What are you doing…?” Mei quickly intervenes with a glare as she saw Churi nearing the door.

“There’s someone outside.”

“Wait… You’re going to get us killed.”

“I just wanted to check…” Churi rolled her eyes, “I heard a voice just now.”

Reaching the door with careful steps, Churi slowly put her left ear on the wooden surface to hear of the barely audible voice outside. She could make out a sobbing sound with faint voice of a woman asking for help. Her eyes widen from the revelation.

“There’s a woman outside!”


“Are you sure?”

Everyone had neglected their chairs as they stood warily closer to the door, each one of them were contemplating with the decision whether to save the woman or leave her helpless to the hordes of zombies about to appear soon…

“A crying voice…” Churi turns to them with a worried face, “There’s a baby… She’s carrying a baby! We’ve got to save her!”

She was about to reach for the door knob but a clicking sound of a gun being reloaded paused her action. She turns her head around to find Seira pointing her revolver at Churi.

“Open that door, I’ll blast open your head.”

Airi stepped closer to Seira’s side with a nervous smile, trying to calm the officer from hurting Churi.

“H-hey! Now, now… We don’t have time for jokes-…”

“You touch that door, I’ll pull the trigger.”

The warning had made everyone gasped and gulped. Never had they seen Seira as serious and crazy as she is right now. The officer wasn’t joking from the glaring and pointed gun she gave to Churi. She will seriously pull the trigger if the latter ever touch the knob. She doesn’t care what everyone would think of her after this but she won’t risk others lives just because of a stupid and reckless action made by one of these school girls. Rena stepped in front of her bestfriend to chastise the policewoman for the ridiculous act.

“What are you doing?!”

“Step aside or you’re going to suffer the same fate as your friend.”

“What?! But… We must save the survivors outside!”

“Yeah! I agree with Rena-san and Churi!”

Jurina and Masana stand at the side in silence. Jurina’s eyes had been attached to the gun in Seira’s hands since the beginning. She swallow the tightness in her throat, afraid of the outcome coming from a single weapon resulted from the stubbornness of her friends.

“Umm… guys-“

But before Jurina can put a brave act, Mei had beaten her to it by standing in between her partner and the school girls. With a calm stead and eyes filled with authority, she put a hand on Seira’s gun to lower the weapon from pointing at the innocent girls.

“No one is pulling the trigger and no one is opening that door. Are we clear?”


“I said… are we clear?”

The girls nod their heads with defeated sighs. However, they hadn’t realized that Akisun had slipped past them to take a peek at the door to take the matter into her own hands. She opened the door hastily, everyone staring wide eyes at her.


Seira was about to give a punch at the stupid professor for always having a curious mind when the horrifying sight halted her action. A lady is crying on the doorway with a small child in her arms. She was wounded pretty badly all over her body. Black and bluish bruises as well as fresh blood can be seen flowing and seeping into her torn clothes. She desperately sobbed, asking for help from them…

“H-help me… p-please…”

Seira clutched her gun tightly, a finger ready to pull the trigger as she points it at the unknown lady. 


Rena took a step forward to get a closer look but Jurina had caught her arm first. She shook her head, motioning for Rena to stay back. Meanwhile, Akisun had bravely hold the lady’s arm to pull her inside when the little girl that was crying held Akisun’s arm with her small hands.

“W-what the…”

That’s when the little kid’s face was revealed as she took a peek at Akisun.


Her eyes showing round, white globes like that of a possessed person, the same happening to her mother at the moment. Out of reflex, Akisun pulled her arm away from the little girl and push them out as the small kid jumped out of her mother’s hold to attack the professor.

“Close the door!”

Seira shouted as Mei grabbed the wooden door to shut it for good but the little girl was faster. She had slipped past the small slit, turning rampage as she leaps across the room together with the decaying lady.

“W-what the hell is that?!”

“A zombie, obviously… a baby zombie.”

“T-they have one of those too?!”

“Even an old granny, Airin.”

“Let’s just hope papa zombie won’t be home soon.”

“Get to the basement!”

“What? That’s not a great escape plan, Seira! We’ll die from starvation down there!”

“Just go!”




Rena dabs the already soaked towel on Jurina’s head, an attempt to lower the temperature slowly rising from her body. She hugs the pale girl closely in her embrace while whispering comforting words to calm the latter. Jurina is sweating heavily; Rena can feel her body boiling from the effect of the serum.

“Jurina... Can you hear me?”

Airi asked from her side as she holds the girl’s limbs to prevent Jurina from doing unnecessary things, such as hitting her head a few times on the hummer’s side window or biting her arms till they bled. All of this because of that serum... the serum that Akisun had injected into Jurina earlier.

“Aaah… I d-don’t remember Akisun s-saying I’m going to b-be deaf…”

The lame effort of a joke from the weakly smiling Jurina made Airi and Rena chuckles. Airi bumps her knuckles lightly on Jurina’s shoulder, not wanting to hurt her sick friend.

“Still wants to act tough, huh?”


“This is bad… this one is really fast, I don’t think we can shot it down.”

“We need to corner this annoying thing to bring it down.”

Seira and Mei continued shooting down the leaping small zombie but its movement was too fast, they only hit the air. They managed to corner the creature, but a deafening scream from it had made the officers lost their focus. As they gained back their hearing senses, they finally heard the pounding and moaning sound from outside the barricaded door and windows. The damned little baby had just called for its rotten and disfigured family and neighbors for support. Meanwhile, Jurina tried to block the other female zombie that had emerged into the kitchen. She attempted to bashed and slammed the zombie with her baseball bat to prevent it from following them to the basement while the others scurried to the underground basement located below the kitchen’s floor.

“Non-chan, you go first!”

“What about you, Jurina?”

“I’ll cover for her.” Airin pushed through the girls to stand beside Jurina with her new makeshift nail gun that she had modified earlier under Akisun’s supervision.

“Trying to be the hero all alone, huh”

“I’d rather have a sidekick to cover my back.”

Jurina smacked her fist to Airin’s as both of them worked together to get the mama zombie dead for good. The girls all hurried down the stairs when suddenly a loud scream sounded from their back.



Seira rushed to her side, her gun is still firing at the advancing zombies. She took a glance at the wounded professor. Her lower right leg had just been bitten; half of the flesh was gone showing a small part of the white bone with blood flowing out of the large bite mark like tap water.

“Oy! Are you okay?!”

“I can still enjoy the sight so I guess I am…”

“Stupid… get a hold of yourself! We’ll get help soon!”

“N-no… Errgh! I don’t think I can h-hold it any longer….”

“Damn it!”

Rena quickly ran to Akisun’s aid knowing full well the others are busy dealing with the creatures. More zombies came as the infected child wailed for their attention and break through the windows. Jurina asked for Airin to cover for her as she came to Akisun’s side to help her while Seira and Mei holds the oncoming zombies from advancing further into the already wrecked house.

“Akisun, come on! We’re getting you out of here!”

“No, listen… Jurina, can you do me a favor?” Akisun pulls out a small envelope from her coat and passed it to the confused Jurina, “Take this letter and give it to the Colonel at the checkpoint, will ya?”

“I… I will!”

“Now, Rena… could you please hold Jurina tightly for a while?”


“Hurry! Time is running out!”

Rena holds Jurina as ordered before Akisun pulls out a syringe from a small box inside her pocket and injected the liquid inside Jurina.

“What are- HIYAAAARGH!!!


“HOLD HER! Don’t ever let her go!”

Jurina pants with sweats forming on her forehead. In a matter of seconds, drastic changes occurred in Jurina’s body making the girl looked pale and tired with heat starting to build up from inside. She felt as if her body was being burned from the inside.

“The side effect will wear out in the morning but in the mean time, I entrust you to take care of Jurina.”

“What… was that?”

“It’s a nanotechnology serum. I don’t have time to explain everything but you should know that the antidote to those creatures is inside Jurina’s body right now.”

“W-what the…”

“Listen, Rena! Look at me! Make sure she is safe and alive by the time you reach the survivor’s post checkpoint. Mei will explain to you the details later… Got that?”

Rena could only muster a small nod before Jurina suddenly clutched her side as she screamed loudly with gritted teeth. After successfully dealing with the mama zombie, Airi scurried to Rena's side to help her carry the weakened Jurina down the stairs.

“You two go ahead! You too, Mei!”

Mei gave an incredulous look to her partner as she gave the order. Knowing full well the meaning behind Seira’s words, Airi quickly interferes.

“Wait, what about-“

“Officer Mei will take charge of you guys from this moment on so I appreciate it if you follow her orders after this!”

“What? Seira… what are you talking about?!”

“Just go, Mei! I’ll take care from here!”

“You nuts?! Hurry and get your damn huge breasts down here! We’re supposed to get to the checkpoint together!”

“You’re forgetting the true purpose we are here, Officer Sakai!”

The serious voice and unwavering eyes of Seira made Mei’s mouth shut. Her wide eyes and dilating pupils slowly turn calm as Seira’s words punched some senses into her panicking state. Seira is right. She shouldn’t be worrying about this in the first place…

“For now, I need you to follow my orders to get the girls to safety first…”

“What about Akisun?”


Instead of answering, Seira gave an eye signal to Akisun to throw the thing she is holding to Mei. It was the key of her beloved hummer.

“Take care of my baby, will ya?”

“Wha… Wait, Seira!”

"See you soon, partner. Nice working with ya!"


The door slammed shut in front of Mei’s face. She stood there in silence, eyes unwavering from the already closed door. Rena was about to take a step forward up the stairs when Mei pulls her back.

“Let’s go. We need to get out of here.”

“But Seira-san and Akisun-“

“This is an order!”

With fallen face, Rena nodded her head before walking back to Airi’s side to carry the frail Jurina down the stairs to the secret basement.


Jurina only gives a small smile to Airi before closing her eyes. She still remembers the hopeful and determined faces of Akisun and Seira as they pushed her into the door of the secret basement despite the agonizing pain she had to endure from the injected serum. Perhaps, that was the last time she will see of them. She grits her teeth. She can feel all different kinds of feelings overwhelming her whole being at the moment, but a single stroke of a hand on her face made all the difference.

“Don’t worry… We’ll get through this together.”

The simple gesture and the smiling face of her senpai had actually lifts some of Jurina’s worries. Fear and worry of not making it alive… everyone’s feeling the same thing. But she’s glad to know that she is not alone in this. She has everyone to depend on... The silent Masana watch everything from her seat. She only helps once in a while in providing the aiding kit needed to treat Jurina. She may seem calm and reserved in the outside. However, in her mind, she had been replaying the sight of Seira’s old house burning and blown into pieces just after they had succeeded to hit the road.


“Are you sure about this, Mei-san?”

“We’re running out of time… Hurry!”

They’ve reached the secret basement of Seira’s house and rushed into the brown hummer in the garage. Once they got into the jeep, Mei press the remote control to open the garage door, only to be revealed with the horrifying view of hordes of the undead standing by outside the garage.

“Uh-oh… Looks like we’ve got company.”

Mei quickly pressed the button back before turning around to the girls.

“I need you guys to back me up. Who’s up for it?”

“What do you mean by… backing you up?”

Mei released a sigh before pointing at the stash of guns and ammunitions on the back, motioning for them to grab one. However, the girls only looked at each other, every one of them is hesitating with the order.

“Umm… we don’t know how to use a gun.”

“Oh for Kami-sama’s sake…”

Mei really wants to smack her head on the steering wheel when Airi spoke up.

“I’ll use my nail gun. It’s not that powerful, but it can pack up a good round of shots.”

“That’ll do… but we still need another person-“

“Leave it to me.”

Everyone turns to the sound of a shotgun being loaded. Standing confidently without any emotion on her face is Masana with a shotgun on her hand. They all gulped at the way Masana stand proudly with the shotgun. It’s like seeing the godly presence of a hero about to go for war to save them from hell.

“MeiMei! I want to help too!”

Kanon who was sitting on the passenger seat beside Mei suddenly spoke up with determination. She seems so fired up seeing her friends about to defend them in their escapade; she wants to be a part of it too. The officer nods her head, handing over a handgun from her holster towards Kanon.

“Just take a steady aim at their heads and pull the trigger, you hear me?”

“Like this?”

Without warning, Kanon released a shot out of her side window, hitting a lone can lying on top of a box situated quite far from their location. Mei’s eyes widen from the unexpected bull’s-eyed shot. That is a good shot for a first timer, she thought.

“Uh… y-yeah… like that.”

After setting up their position and asking Churi to help Rena watching over the ill Jurina, Mei looked at each of them for confirmation.

“You guys ready?”

They all firmly nod their heads simultaneously. Gripping the steering wheel tightly, Mei turns on the ignition before opening the garage door. As she waits for the big door to open, she can see the rotten and bleeding legs pacing about outside. Revving the engine a few times for standby, Mei prayed silently in her head. As soon as the door opened fully, the zombies rushed to the sound of the engine. Just as they get closer to the hummer, Mei harshly stepped on the accelerator, running over the undeads swarming into the garage.


Hearing Mei’s orders, the girls hastily released rounds of shots to the front to make way for the jeep to get through the hordes of zombies coming their way. Airi and Kanon did a great job by defending the side of the hummer while Masana stood on the open roof, blasting off the creatures’ heads from above. If one could see their actions right now, it was like the girls were already trained to face this kind of situation beforehand.

They managed to get a good distance from the house despite the hundreds of zombies surrounding them from all sides. However, a loud boom blasted through the air just when they had successfully reach the main road.


“No way…”

From the rear view, Mei could see the house exploded. The roof and windows flew to the dark sky with the structure of Seira’s house burning in large fire. She slowed down, stopping by the road as she sees the hordes limping their way to the direction of the burning house. These guys were like moths, simply attracted to a light source in the middle of a dark night. Mei was thankful for the lack of attention of those zombies from their side but to think the main attraction was that of the house her partner had loved so much… Mei could think of nothing than knowing the cause of the explosion was caused by Seira, after all. She loves the house so much; she would rather tear down the whole building than letting an intruder step foot into the comfort of her home.


Despite the commotion happening at the back, the officer keeps her eyes on the lone and dark road, keeping an eye from bumping into those wandering creatures. The groaning coming from Jurina had caught her attention a few times but she knows the girls can attend to their sick friend at the moment. Her mind has been preoccupied with her partner’s and the professor’s fate. She should be protecting the sole survivor of the research facility, but instead she had to take care of these school girls all by herself. Alone. Without her annoying and boasting partner by her side. They’ve been together since the last mission she received, looking out for each other’s back all this while, it’s becoming weird to not have Seira telling her jokes and stories while shooting down those zombies. Not to mention the bickering she always had with the perverted professor. Right now, she should be feeling sad and regret for leaving behind her partner but surprisingly, she felt none of that.

“Ummm… ano…”

She took a quick glance to the passenger’s seat at her side. From the corner of her eyes, she can see Kanon fidgeting with her hands while biting her lower lips. She had forgotten about the girl’s presence sitting silently beside her. She took another secret glance to the side, this time lasting for a good five seconds before she focuses her view to the dark road ahead. Mei couldn’t believe this girl is actually is a second year high school student as claimed. The way she looks and acts makes Mei thought she was only a kid… A cute and adorable kid.


“You don’t have to worry about Jurina. She’s a tough girl, MeiMei…”

Mei almost lets out a snort from the random nickname Kanon made for her. She had never met someone who’s as free-spirited as these girls, especially this Kanon here. Even to call her with that name from their first meeting… Usually people wouldn’t want to start a conversation with the serious-looking officer. They don’t want to mess with the strict and stern officer, as proclaimed.

“I know.”

She gives a small smile to Kanon, which didn’t go unnoticed by the already blushing school girl.

“I’m… I’m sorry about Seira-san…”

“You don’t have to.”

“But still…”

“Don’t worry…” Mei once again wears a small smile but this time, it was of trust and assurance. “Everything is going to be fine.”


In a remote island, a big unknown facility stand tall in the center surrounded with all kinds of trees and rainforest. Inside one of the many rooms, a man in a white lab coat can be seen sitting in front of flickering monitors with different kinds of footage. His hands are placed under his chin as he observes one monitor that shows a group of girls shooting down his ultimate creations. A sickening smile appears on his face as he watches the scene unfolding in front of him. Suddenly, his view averts to another monitor. His face slowly turns from malice to sorrow. He frowns from seeing a girl defending herself from the creatures he had set loose. Like a delirious person, he caressed the girl’s face on the monitor’s screen while hushing and muttering in small voice as if trying to pacify the girl. However, a scene had made him screamed furiously. He slammed both fists on the table, his jaws gritting in anger. His action had caused the door of the room to open, revealing a man in suit.

“Is something the matter?”

The man walks solemnly to his side, a hand lands casually on his shoulder. Feeling annoyed with the nonchalant act, the furious guy snarls at the intruder of his private time. The man smiled, removing his hand from the spot. But his eyes caught something… Something that he is sure was the cause of the professor’s irritation. He laughs loudly while clapping his hands in an amused manner. The professor grunts as he sensed the hint of sarcasm behind his actions.

“I thought you said you never cared?”

With menacing eyes, the professor glares at the girl still visible on the screen of the monitor with another walking closely by her side. Without taking his eyes away, he growls in a low voice, scratching his finger on top of the flickerin screen directly on the girl limping weakly with the assistance of the girl he’s so fond of.

“I want to meet her.”

A/N: I deeply apologize for going on a hiatus. Life has been a living hell for me, my soul had been sold to the devil for an exchange of a calm life thus the disappearance of my presence here...

Just kidding~ :grin: Sorry for not updating all this while. It's hard to get a good internet connection on this new place I'm living. I hope I don't lose my readers... :sweatdrop: This chapter has flashbacks in between written in ITALIC so it might be confusing for some of u. Feel free to ask anything and I'll try to answer ur uncertainties :cathappy:

Oh yeah! Do not fret, my Ninja Trouble readers! 8) I've been writing bits and pieces of the chapters (yes, CHAPTERS :roll:) all this while so expect an update this week! XD Just pray I can have internet access in my place... :cry:

And yeah sorry no replies this time I'm in a rush :panic:

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Re: Zombie Apocalypse? (WMatsui) - Chapter 5 [140708]
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Finally  :cry: :cry:
I'm glad that you are back :'D

I liked this chapter a lot by the way!
but but poor Akisun and Seira ToT
and...Juri bby T__T

Glad that R is there for J uwu

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Re: Zombie Apocalypse? (WMatsui) - Chapter 5 [140708]
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AAHHH  :on lol:

I read it in the midnight, and i'm scared :tantrum:

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Re: Zombie Apocalypse? (WMatsui) - Chapter 5 [140708]
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Glad your back ~ :onioncheer:
They can't be gone right? Akisun and Seira?? :depressed: :fainted:
Ah! Jurina! At least Rena is there for her! :hee:
Why did Akisun inject the cure into Jurina? :k-sad:
Who is the man in the end? Does he  know one of the girls? :dunno:
Wah~ So many questions! My brain needs answers! :frustrated:
You don't have to answer all the questions ~ :mon sweat:
I'm willing to wait :mon fu:
Hope you update soon ~ :k-great:

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