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Author Topic: 私のアホ家族(My Stupid Family)[24/6 - Chapter 25: A Series of Unfortunate Events]  (Read 95309 times)

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I have never thought about it but the way you writ Reina is just to cute :wub:

and btw do you have a beard then since you`re a God now :mon star:

Awww ReinAi is to cute :mon crazyinlove:

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All right!  Next semester, I will bring a frisbee, find targets and follow the steps of KY  :lol:  THIS is how you really get friends in life.

I'm so glad you've included Eripon in this fic :3  She's quickly become one of my favorites, especially her constant fangirling over Risa.  What a wota :lol:  Riho-Reina rescue video is going on youtube! XD  Aichan should've just left her up there so she could take care of her two babies :)

You sure do know how to make a person smile :3  KEEP IT UP ESTREA~ (^_^)d
Hi~iiya!~  (>^_^)>
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Crack is good. Had practice. Am back.

grac: Unicorns I love 'em unicorns I love 'em~♪

Koei: Haha glad my update was so well received. :D Reina is still adjusting to having a kid, and Ai has already adjusted to having a kid. For 12 years. It matters, you know. The matter of Sayu's apartment will be settled in this chapter. Sort of. XD

rndy: Eripon is awesome. I love that girl. XD Dramatic crack has its place, I couldn't have used it anywhere else hurhur. My level of crack might have increased exponentially ever since I got grac's number. Direct hotline to crack, yo.

Fushigidane: Eripon wins so hard. :heart: Glad you like it!

Kikk4r: I love Reina a lot too. *strokes imaginary beard* Hurhur. ReinAi is the Way and the Truth!

mochi.rini: Tell me how the frisbee thing works out. :lol: The Eripon Frisbee School of Making Friends. Oughta trademark that. XD And yeah that video is making it to youtube...once Eripon extricates herself from her situation. :lol:

And time to edit and post *rubs hands gleefully*


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A Series of Unfortunate Events

King was in a foul mood.

First his pet human dumps him with the loud one and told him to "be good", and now the loud human promptly vanishes in a whirlwind of clothes and flying heels after a shrill phone call that elevated her voice several octaves higher. King hissed his displeasure at having been woken up from his nap then, but any protests clearly did not register with the loud human as she tossed a handful of tuna into his tray before making her departure. Was that all for dinner?

To begin with, what was all this nonsense? Humans, he would never understand them. The wind was howling outside, making the cat's fur stand on end. Foul weather outside, which was a good thing he was indoors. Being wet would hardly improve his mood. Why would any sane creature go out in the wet and the cold? Then again, the loud one has never registered as 'sane' in his sights. Humans rarely were. At least his human had more good sense than the average. King stalked about restlessly, bounding off furniture and sharpening his claws on the unblemished wood of the dining table. The hideously pink curtains fluttered along the wall in the unfamiliar space of the apartment as he explored. The scents in this place were not yet strong, a clear sign that it hadn't been nested in for long. This was not his territory...

That would soon change.

Marking the boundaries was a very relaxing activity since the annoying human was so conveniently not around. It didn't take long. In fact, there was so little challenge that he almost wished that the loud human were around. Nothing like frenetic efforts to thwart him to make him feel like a kitten again. And he was soon bored once more.

Skulking after shadows only held so much allure for a while. He was no longer a kitten, and tail-chasing was never as entertaining after leaving kittenhood. The box with the moving pictures wasn't even switched on! His pet human always left it on for him. The travesty!

The offensively pink curtains with their lacy white trim fluttered again with the gusty breath of the storm slipping through a crack in the window. King's tail twitched.

Seconds later there lay only shredded remains of pink, with the lace firmly betwen kitty teeth and now property of King. It had the honor of becoming his chew toy after death. It should be flattered to be so.

Curling up by the carpet, King mused over a nibble of tuna that he could get used to this change of pace. Wanton destruction, giving in to the hunt, feasting in the aftermath...not too bad for a housecat.

He could use his pet human for a good bellyrub though. Speaking of which, where was she and why was she taking so long to come back?

King licked a paw. Well, he would just have to guard the nest until she did. That's what he always does. Housecat and Hunter Extraordinare, a King among cats...

He could really use a good movie about now. With a wide kitty yawn so human as to almost mimick a sigh, King arched his back and settled back into a furry ball. Sleep was good.

Hopefully there will be catnip in his dreams as well...


"Why am I looking for hospitals in Okinawa?" Ai muttered to herself as she frantically got everything in order to deal with her comatose daughter and ex-girlfriend/lover. The activity was calming, as long as it lasted. Then she started hyperventilating, and when the emergency paramedics came, they had had to sedate her and stick an oxygen mask on her as well.

At least the kid and the idol didn't need as much work. Just a matter of hauling them into the back of the ambulance and speeding away into the horizon.

Atop the rocky gnoll, a forlorn figure knelt in the dying light of the sun.

"Hello? Some help please?"

Sorry Eripon, you totally deserved it. Good luck getting down from there.


"I don't care! Push everything back! I'm flying to Okinawa whether you like it or not. It's only one day!"

Hurricane Michishige was in full force. One of the phone calls that Ai made was to the erratic cousin of Reina, since that was the only next-of-kin that Ai had the number of for Reina, and Sayu really should know about the whole incident, she supposed.

Sayumi, however, was far more concerned by the news that her dear RihoRiho was also out cold and in need of intensive hospital care. Her overactive imagination conjured up images of an invalid Riho, helpless in a flimsy hospital gown... {This section has been censored for inappropriate content}

Sponge baths were a wonderful thing. Which was why Sayumi had already booked a first class ticket on the next available flight to Okinawa.

Neither Heaven nor Hell would stop her now.


"Ai-chan! Get a hold of yourself! I'll be right over!"

Then the call had cut, and an immensely worried and near-panicked Niigaki Risa, more commonly known as Gaki-san, flailed about helplessly for a few seconds before resolutely making reservations to fly straight out to Okinawa to support her best friend.

The skies grew ominously dark as she threw together an overnight bag. She had to get there ASAP before Ai-chan had a panic attack. What kind of best friend would she be if she couldn't help her friend in her time of need?

Calls were made, tickets booked. Risa didn't even blink at the cost. Money was no object, and she could afford it anyway.

Anything for her friends.


Rain pelted down in bullet-sized drops as Sayumi sat safely ensconced in her first class seat, cradling a glass of brandy. What? One of the best parts of first class was the liquor! She paid for it, she could enjoy it however she wanted!

Stupid delays by a late boarding was wearing on her nerves anyway. And at the rate the storm was going, it was going to escalate to typhoon levels soon, and that would probably delay them further. To hide her irritation, Sayumi took another gulp of the brandy, feeling its warmth light up her insides, leaving a pleasant glow in its wake. Ah, the joys of inebriation...


That sounded familiar. Someone plopped down in the spacious seat next to her. Sayu looked up, one delicately trimmed eyebrow raised.


Truly, Reina and Sayu had to be related. Down to the deadpan reaction, the quirked eyebrow, and the non-scowl on their perfectly made up faces. Even the amount of disdain in their voices, though Sayumi was perhaps a shade better in that department.


The temperature must have dropped ten degrees instantly, the rain outside notwithstanding. A pretty stewardess walked past with a genteel smile.

"Please put on your seatbelts. Can I get you anything?"

Gaki-san spluttered like a fish at her worst nightmare made flesh in the seat next to her. Without a word, she grabbed Sayu's brandy and downed the whole thing in a single gulp. Sayu's eyebrow shot up higher, then she turned to smile pleasantly (if predatorily) at the nonplussed stewardess.

"I will have another of those."

"Make it two."

It was going to be a long flight.


"This is your pilot speaking. We are currently experiencing some turbulence. Please remain in your seats and be advised that we will not be serving any drinks during this time. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding."

"Fuck this shit." Slurred one.

"I stopped at duty-free just now."

"Good. Pour on."

The storm howled its fury outside, unheeding of any and all circumstance.


That was the longest 4 hours of their lives. By the time they touched down at Naha Airport, both Niigaki and Michishige were grouchy, touchy, and piss-drunk.

Except they both looked perfectly fine, on the outside at least. High alcohol tolerances. They couldn't exactly do shots the way they did at Riho's birthday party, and they did have a limited supply. It did not help that the two of them were natural antitheses to each other, one being a lolicon and the other being, well, strictly of the older woman preference variety. Except she would never admit it. Though Sayumi did figure it out within the first hour, about a dozen drinks in. She stored it away for future reference. You never knew when such information could come in handy.

The airport was in chaos. The tropical storm had officially upgraded itself to a typhoon, thus stranding all passengers within the terminal for the short term.

Sayumi was muttering about goddamn typhoons and bad timing, and Kami was laughing at her. Well, ask and ye shall receive? Poetic irony right there. Gaki wasn't paying attention. She was drinking straight from the bottle now, at least until Sayumi stole it from her and finished the rest. They were both flushed, antsy, and tense beyond belief.

"Travellers are advised to make themselves comfortable until the typhoon has passed. Please approach our staff if you require any assistance. We apologize for the inconvenience caused."

"Inconvenience, pshaawww!" Gaki scoffed, tossing the bottle she was holding in the general direction of a recycling bin. She may or may not have missed. Fortunately, airport security was too tangled up trying to deal with a hyperventilating little old lady with luggage taller than she was to actually apprehend her for anything.

Sayumi noticed though. Got quite an eyeful of it, if you get what I mean.

"You. Me. Talk now."

Alcoholic rages. A need for privacy. Pounding headaches. Harried airport staff handing out pamphlets for nearby accomodations.

Recipe for impending disaster.




"Oh my god."

"Oh my god."

"We shall never speak of this."

"Never. Oh my god. My eyes!"

"Your eyes? What about mine?!"

And the rest shall never be spoken of ever again. Never.


Too much crack a crazy story make. I blame grac. XD

The sponge bath reference was for you, btw. :P

Rock on!
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Ok, not that many. For being such a short chapter, I laughed pretty hard.

King tearing up Sayu's apartment XD

Ai hyperventilating XD

Eripon XD

GakiShige meeting on the plane and drunkenness XD

GakiShige after the plane XD

I so can't wait for the aftermath of that!

I did have a question though...
the other being, well, strictly of the older woman preference variety. Except she would never admit it.
Are you implying a little Takagaki kataomoi here? Or is that my wishful thinking?
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omg AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I rofled so hard  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Is it wrong of me to desire a detailed write-up of this part...?  XD XD

But I totally appreciate this.  made me laugh after a long day.  You are da crack mastah.  :twothumbs

avii&sig by the wonderful kawaii beam~!

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I rofled, really :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Even you rarely update, you still make us happy with a chap you post :bow:

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Why am I up? How many days have I been up?

This story brings so much joy to my life. I don't have enough time to write, but thanks for letting me play with your characters and imagine horrible things for them when we chat. Thank you for indulging my crack and being awesome.

And so I give you King, Killer of A Thousand Hideous Curtains.

"I'm still blaming Sayu for my lolicon tendencies now." ~Essy

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OMG! Estrea you always amaze me with your fics, is very good  :panic: :wub:

but ... as they did to have Riho o.o? I'm staying with that doubt o.o!!
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wait, whut ??? this is one of the best fics (i mean, estrea is just so good in writing anything!) how come i never knew it was updated ?!
lol, thanks for this. had me cracking-up in my morning. oh, life is good!

sayu and gaki. lol. i woould have never thought. but they might go well together xD

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waahhh.. why there's no update T^T i want to know what will happen to Reina & Riho
also curious about on what's happening to Rissa&Sayu '(^-^)
What Ai-san will gonna do now...anyone there please update this story (T^T)

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