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Author Topic: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 9 (151027) + replies  (Read 24484 times)

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Re: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 4 (130613) + replies + poll
« Reply #20 on: June 14, 2013, 01:37:49 AM »
wake up and saw an update on this fic brighten my cloudy morning...I hope it wont rain again...

anyway,glad to see the progress on their sweet :luvluv1:
with tomochin cooking dinner for two and ate it in a silent and nervous atmosphere made them looks like a newly wed :on lol:

for the poll...since you said you had trouble to write something fluffy why don't go nuts...give them love rival :kekeke:

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Re: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 4 (130613) + replies + poll
« Reply #21 on: June 14, 2013, 06:42:35 AM »
Kyaaaa~~~Piggyback...Yuki-kun piggyback Tomochin~~
 :w00t: :wub: :inlove:

~Haaa...At last...They've exchange number phone~~Yaa...Isn't that good~~
 :thumbsup :heart: :yep:

~Auuu...Tomo~mi can't have a fun date with Masuda-kun~~
 :cry: :( :smhid

~Eheheh....anyway~~I really can't wait for what'll happen next!~!~!~!~
 :twisted: :twothumbs :lol:

~So pls update soon~~ Can't wait for it~~ Nice one..~..~..~
 :twothumbs :thumbsup :bow:
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Re: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 4 (130613) + replies + poll
« Reply #22 on: June 14, 2013, 10:02:01 AM »
OMG.... Yuki looked very great there... very handsome... actually suit the body... How did you do that... so GOOD  :heart:

And Tomochin as always look so beautiful...

Ah... TomoYuki situation developing... nicely....

Piggy ride-back, coming to Tomo house while parents not around, and Tomo cooked dinner for Yuki...

Great... Can't wait to see what's going to happen next

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 4 (130613) + replies + poll
« Reply #23 on: June 14, 2013, 06:10:41 PM »
I found this story really funny too! Definitely one of the more lighthearted stories I've read.

Even though I don't usually read any Tomochin nor Yukirin stories, will be sure to follow this one!

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Re: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 4 (130613) + replies + poll
« Reply #24 on: June 28, 2013, 07:21:36 PM »
Yaaaahh, hi there everyone. Here's your snail writer Yuki  :panic:

I'm currently facing writer's block (most probably due to uni stress etc which weirdly I don't think I'm thinking off) so I apologize that the update will be.... *ehem* very late. *is shot*  :bow:

Anyway, I appreciate anyone who has voted for the poll. Just a bit of spoiler from Episode 5 which I have started (just a very short idea, though)

"Tomochin-san, do you think I have a chance with Mr. Kashiwagi?"


"What am I doing here?"

I have also updated the first post with an index to make it easier for newer readers  :D
And ofc, I added a self-made banner............. I know I suck though  :nervous

Anyway, thanks for those who have commented and even those who silently read this fic. You are my support  :twothumbs

@kurosawa87: Chiyuu is jealous because she didn't get to have much fun with Masuda-kun :P

@bunny_rabbit: Hehe, I'm glad it brightened your cloudy day :D  and... EH HAHAHA NEWLY-WED TOMOYUKI, yeah now that you mentioned it XD  and yessss, I'm giving them rival. I'll do it one by one, though, since I'm not all too good with too much character  :nervous

@Dieyg48: Fufu, did it make your heart goes dokidoki?  :P

@cisda83: Just some sort of luck there to find a body that actually fit the face haha. The previous ones were horrible, I'm telling you  :bleed eyes:

@sharlatan: I'm glad if people find this fic funny. I admit I have rather weird sense of humor most of times  :panic:

SOO..... Once again, I apologize for the very long delay in update for episode 5. I'll do my best in finishing this fic  :bow:
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hoo...raibaru toujou :kekeke: who will it be :hehehe:

imho,one rival at a time is good...that will make the story more interesting :on GJ:

nice banner there... :on GJ:

writer's block is really annoying...go beat that him who's the boss :onionwhip:

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i never knew tomoyuki can be this cute.. XD
looking forward to your update  :ding:
update soon :on gay:
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Ohh...What's this?!?!? Who?! Who's the one saying that line?!?!?
 :? :shocked :O

~Well, stupid me...Of course you won't answer it until episode 5!~!~!~!~
 8) :P :lol:

~Hm...She ask Tomochin if she get a chance on Yuki-kun...To Tomochin?!?!?
 :shocked :smhid :banghead:

~Oh man...How will Tomochin react after that unwanted question?~?~?~
 :( :) :yep:

~Well, i will still wait, don't you worry Yuki88-san!~!~ I'll be looking forward for chapter 5!~!~
 :twothumbs :thumbsup :bow:
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First of all, I'd like to apologize. I'M SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING. I have finished my final exam but I still have some things I need to take care this week.  :banghead:

Thank you for those who have been waiting patiently for episode 5  :bow:

@bunny_rabbit: thanks  :) and hehe, PLEASE HELP ME TEAR THIS BLOCK  :banghead:

@Chichay12: awwwww hehehehehe thanks.

@Diegy48: Well, it's not like anyone in the school have the slightest idea on TomoYuki.... except Tomo~mi, that is  :P

Anyway, I feel extremely guilty since I've finished only like..... 30% of episode 5 but I guess I don't want to keep you guys waiting for way too long.  :bow:

So here I am presenting 1st part of Episode 5. Gratitude to Deukie a.k.a. LoyalFlutist for the help  :bow:

-moved to here, complete episode 5-

Very short, I know. And this is just small piece to Rena arc, in fact. I planned it to be only 1 chapter but we'll see on the progress  :nervous :panic:

Comments and Critics are appreciated.  :panic:
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Re: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 5 part 1 (130722) + Replies
« Reply #29 on: July 22, 2013, 07:35:15 PM »
Tomochin sure has a battle on hand against Rena XD
Random Thought:


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Re: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 5 part 1 (130722) + Replies
« Reply #30 on: July 30, 2013, 08:50:52 AM »
Thank you for those who have read the part 1.... which I shall delete now that I have finished episode 5.

So... finally I (sorta) finished with episode 5. A bit shorter than I thought, but it's more because of I cut the story to be included in episode 6 (yes, episode 6 is still correlated to episode 5).

@kurosawa87: Not really a fair battle for Rena, really  :P

Thanks a lot to Deukie (a.k.a. LoyalFlutist) for every help and ideas during the development of this episode. Also gratitude to my non-JPH!P friend for the proofread.

Hereby I present Virgin Love episode 5.


Episode 5

"Tomochin-san, do you think I have a chance with Mr. Kashiwagi?"

I swear I was shocked when I saw the mail. It was from the honor student of class 3-B, Matsui Rena. I got to know her from the cram school.

'What should I do...' I have no idea this reserved girl actually has interest in a guy. Last time I saw our junior chasing her around like a puppy; she rejected him almost immediately when he actually confessed, saying that she had no time to be in a relationship. Yeah, she is that serious about study so it is so surprising to receive this kind of mail from her.

I am thinking of asking Tomo~mi for some advice, but then I remember that today is Sunday--which means she is on a date with Masuda-kun at the moment. Nope, definitely shouldn't disturb them.

'Hmm...' I look at the message on my phone again. To be quite honest, I'm not sure how I should react to it. My goody-goody side is telling me to help her, but I know I may inflict pain on myself if I do so. Besides, we all know that... *ahem* Yuki-san likes me.

I massage my nape and let go a sigh. "Of all guys you know, Rena-chan, you just have to pick him."

I decide to reply to her with a generic answer as I type "Why not? Just give it a try" and send it to her. It doesn't take long for her to send a reply back.

"B-b-but how?! I-I-I don't know how to. >_<~"

Sigh. I really hate this situation. Seriously. Oh well, I shall just call her and ask to meet up at the usual cafe.


"I’m really sorry for taking your time, Tomochin-san." This pale girl in front of me bows her head down before sitting on her seat.

"Nah, it's not like I have anything to do anyway," I tell her as I sit down and raise my hand to call the waiter. After we finish with the order, both of us sit in silence anxiously before Rena-chan decides to open her mouth.

"Tomochin-san, w-what should I do to get closer to Mr. Kashiwagi?" Her face is reddened as she utters the words. Oh, fellow maiden, I know how it feels (in fact, I'm in progress of the attempting the thing she's asking). Hmm, how about this...

"I think you should pretend there are things you don't understand in the class." I give her a rather half-hearted suggestion there. She seems confused so I take a deep breath and explain more.

"I know you're the smartest girl in our school, but that doesn't mean you're not allowed to not understand the subject. You can get closer to him by pretending that you have something you don't understand in the class and ask him outside. It's good timing to do it now since we're having final exam for the current term soon."

From the look on her face, I can see that a light-bulb has been turned on inside her head as she looks surprised yet happy with that wide grin on her face. Also, I think I’m imagining things as I see stars in her pupils.

"I see... Thank you very much, Tomochin-san!" She jumps from her seat and shakes my hand vigorously. I can only watch her in awe.

"D-don't mention it."

As our order comes, we finish our meal and go our separate way afterward. I call out to Rena-chan and wish her a "Good luck!" while waving my hand.

"Thank you very much, Tomochin-san!" She waves back with a huge smile on her face and walks away afterward. I watch her back as she walks away and let go a sigh.

"What am I doing here?"


"Nee, nee, Tomochin, have you heard about the honor student Matsui Rena starting her approach toward Mr. Kashiwagi?"

It doesn't take long until the news spread, it seems.

"Yeah, what a news, haha." I chuckle, trying to answer the question from Acchan without sounding awkward.

"Seriously! I thought she has no interest in guys." The black-haired girl tilts her head, looking puzzled.

"Maybe she wants to feel the youth in her last school year." Another classmate of mine who has gachapin-like face joins the conversation.

"What do you mean by 'youth', Miichan?" My brain isn't really registered on what she was meant to say.

"LOVE, Tomochin! LOVE." The short-haired girl raises her hands as if she's worshipping something.


"Well, coming from the well-experienced player like you, that's not too surprising." Miichan chuckles and shrugs me off. Sigh, as always.

I turn to my right side to see a certain well-endowed neighbor of mine squinting her eyes at me. She keeps silent as she stares at me with questioning look.

"What's with that face?"

Tomo~mi lets out an annoyed chuckle to my reaction. "We need to talk later, after the school."

I look at her, thinking of what I have done to make her into like this.



"My hunch keeps telling me that you're helping Rena-chan."

I'm sitting on my bed with Tomo~mi crossing her arms on her chest. She seems a bit angry and I have to admit it is entirely my fault. I forgot to tell her about this matter because.... well, I didn't want to disturb her lovey-dovey time. Sigh.

"To tell the truth.... yes, she did come to me asking for help."

"Did you help her?" This feels like a criminal interrogation, damn best friend.

"Well.... I did. Just a bit, though."

Tomo~mi chuckles. "You think it is only a bit. Now she's occupying most of his time outside class and you don't even get to meet him as often."

I roll my eyes, feeling slightly annoyed. “Well, who am I to get in her way, I’m not even his girlfriend!”

Tomo~mi is clearly unsatisfied with my answer as she rolls her eyes. Sigh. As much as it annoys me, I realize that what she stated is entirely true.

“I’m sorry.”

Tomo~mi lets out a sigh and pats my shoulder, accepting my apology.

“I’m sorry, too, Tomochin.”

I shake my head, “You shouldn’t have, Tomo~mi.” She certainly shouldn’t have. After all, she made me realize how much unnecessary sacrifice I made here when I am supposed to get closer to him. But then again, I won’t tell her that or this damn well-endowed best friend here will tease me to death.

“So what will you do?” Tomo~mi raises her eyebrows in question as I give a thought to it. It doesn't take long before she suggests me to...

"How 'bout asking him to be your tutor at your home?"

I raise my eyebrow to the idea. That is almost exactly the same as the one I gave to Rena-chan.

"Wait, no. I don't wanna use similar tactics as the one I told Rena-chan, you know. It makes me feel dirty-handed, like I'm backstabbing her."

Tomo~mi rolls her eyes before she stares at me in disbelief as she tells me, “You don’t have that responsibility to make sure she gets him.”


"No buts!"

I still feel rather guilty toward Rena-chan but.... Sigh. Sorry Rena-chan. I guess I should listen to Tomo~mi this time.

“Okay fine, I’ll just ask him later.”


I am lying on bed--typing the message for Yuki-san, asking him to tutor me. After that, I am getting ready for my journey to the dreamland, when my phone rings and disturbs my preparation.

I roll my eyes as I have a thought in my head, 'Who the hell calling in the middle of the night...' so I check the caller ID and it says... WHAT, speaking of the devil...

"He-hello, Yuki-san." I pick up the call nervously.

"Hello, too, Tomo," he says, sounding weirdly nervous, before he becomes silent and I can hear roar of laughter from his side. I raise my eyebrow.

"Yuki-san, what's wrong?"

"No, nothing's wrong." Now he sounds like he's anxious and in hurry to end the call. From the speaker I hear a guy's voice saying, "C'mon Yuki, man up a bit!" while the others laughing out loud. I won't deny that it made my heartbeat became 200% faster, you know. Who knows if those words will make him confess to me, not that I expect it to happen, though.

"Yuki-san? Are you okay?"

"Yes, I am really okay. I'm very sorry for the sudden call. Please excuse me." And then he hangs up the call.

I look at my phone in disbelief. "Yuki-san and prank call?" Doesn't seem like his style but... Oh well. I shall just shrug this case off for now and head over to dream land, hoping to see him there.


"Good morning, T-, Itano-san."

I was checking my locker when I heard this greeting from a familiar male voice. What a real good morning I'm experiencing right now. I turn my head to smile and reply to his greeting.

"Good morning, too, Y-, Mr. Kashiwagi." I bow my head down as a part of respect toward older people. What, don't forget he's still my teacher.

"See you in class," said Yuki-san as he smiles back and walks away happily as he is humming to something that sounds like "want you, need you, love you". It seems that he remembers something afterward as he stops walking and turn back to tell me,

"Ah, about the tutoring, sure. I have nothing to do this afternoon so we can have the session right away."

I'm sorry, Rena-chan, but I guess we will fight for Yuki-san's attention in fair and square way...

"Okay! See you later." I tell him back. I can feel my lips turning into smirk before I suddenly remember about the call he did last night. He didn’t seem to remember about it. Hmm~ I guess I should ask him about it during the tutoring session.


I’m so nervous. Seriously. This will be the second time Yuki-san visiting my house, although this time, it’s for tutoring. I was rolling on my bed imagining things when I hear my mom’s voice calling me. I guess I haven’t told you that my parents have come back from their second honeymoon, have I?

“Tomomi? Your teacher has come for your tutoring session!”

“Yes mom! Wait a bit!” Oh gosh, I’m so excited for the wrong reason! I run down the stairs quickly. In the living room, I see my mom is talking with Yuki-san with a sheepish smile on her face. What the?

“Good afternoon, Y- Mr. Kashiwagi!” I cut their one-way conversation while glaring at my mom.

“Tomomi, your teacher is still so young and so handsome!”

I shake my head as it makes me cringed inside, looking at my mom’s gushing over Yuki-san like she’s a teenager. Meanwhile, Yuki-san seems pretty embarrassed as he scratches his head and blushes a bit, not knowing how to react to my mom’s squeal.

“Errm, Mr. Kashiwagi, you can follow me to my room and ignore my over-enthusiastic mom here.” I tell him as I show him the way.

As we walk up the stairs, my mom teases me with "DON'T DO ANYTHING IMPROPER YET, OKAY." Ugh, mom. Don't add more fuel onto fire, please. Seriously.

I look at Yuki-san whose face is reddened and feel glad that my mom can't see his current state or she'll tease even more. Yeah, she's so much like Tomo~mi that I often wonder if she's really my mom or actually Tomo~mi's.

I tap Yuki-san's shoulder when we reach the door to my bedroom. "Yuki-san, don't bother. We're only here for a tutoring session." I try to reassure him with a smile, although I am very nervous myself. What, anything can happen between two persons who not-so-secretly like each other in that small room with bed, you know! Not that I expect it, though.

"Ye- yeah..." He takes a deep breath before calming himself. I wonder what's on his mind right now.

I put my hand on the door knob, ready to open the door. "So, shall we enter the room?"


"Okay, douzo." I invite him to enter my room. As I lay my eyes on my bedroom, I start to feel embarrassed, to be honest. I just realized how messy it is right now.

"Umm, I'm sorry about the current state of my bedroom, Yuki-san. It's a bit... messy."

Yuki-san just smiles awkwardly while making an entrance to my messy bedroom. I tell him to wait a bit as I make space for the coffee table. He looks around and offers his help to me.

"Let me help you with the table."

I just reply to it with a simple hum and a nod. We are about to move the table when a small 'accident' happens.

He put his palm right above mine, accidentally touching my hand and making me gasped. It's as if the time has been stopped. My heart beats seriously fast and I can feel my face getting hotter as I look at his hand that is still on my hand then move to his face, which has also become as red as tomato. He also does the same, before he is snapped back to reality and removes his hand off mine quickly.

"I- I'm sorry, Tomo."

"No, no problem, Yuki-san." I wish he would hold my hand a bit longer but I don't think that will be good for my heart.

"L-let's continue moving the table so we can immediately start the session."


Oh God, will this tutoring session be alright?!

----------------- ------------

TBH, it's a bit boring and I'm sorry for those who expect more YukiRena as it has TomoYuki fluffy moments as usual  :nervous

Comments and critics are welcomed  :bow: :bow:
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Re: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 5 (130730)
« Reply #31 on: July 30, 2013, 09:27:11 AM »
Tomo wins the round but the war is still going XD
Random Thought:


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Re: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 5 (130730)
« Reply #32 on: July 30, 2013, 02:56:18 PM »
Wow! I've just read the whole episode!!!~
-Orgh!!~ Tomo~mi loves teasing in here huh?
-Same with Tomochin's mom~ lol~
-Eh?! So the spoiler thing...It's Rena who is behind this!!
-Tomochin!!~ I'm on your side!!~ *thumbs up + grin*
-This 'accident' ...Hahaha!!~ You're the best Yuki88-san!!~

>Plz update the next episode!!~ Tutoring is the best alright!!~ Hehe~

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Re: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 5 (130730)
« Reply #33 on: July 31, 2013, 12:22:37 AM »
I can not wait for something happen between Tomochin and Kashigawi san!

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Re: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 5 (130730)
« Reply #34 on: July 31, 2013, 02:39:00 PM »
need a help to break the writer's block? will a sledge hammer enough :kekeke:

anyway...I can imagine some smexy time between tomo and yuki then another smexy time between rena and yuki...and to complete it tomotomo+rena ganged on yuki :on bleed: hurray for yuki the harem king :onioncheer: :on woohoo:

me and my pervert thought :wahaha:

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Re: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 5 (130730)
« Reply #35 on: August 25, 2013, 05:27:56 PM »
So... Everyone who have read and left comment, as well as thank you, on this fic of mine, I really appreciate it. It is one of my source of spirit in working on every episode (and also the future possible episodes!).  :bow: :bow:

@kurosawa87: well............ okay I shall not comment since the answer lies on this episode  :nervous

@Kochiki: Tomo~mi is a total teaser, so is Itano-mama hehe  :rofl:  Thank you hehe, I'm not the best here but I'll do my best  :D

@Minami-chan: Hehehe, we'll see. *winks*

@bunny_rabbit: HAHAHA, If only I can break the writer's block with a sledgehammer  :banghead:  as for the smexy time.... NOOOOO *Yuki's brain gets steamed as she attempts to write*

Oh, just so everyone have easier time to imagine their appearances, I looked for pics that somehow fits the character. Still lacking some people, though, but in the mean time, here they are.


Matsui Rena


Miss Kojima

Miss Akimoto

A bit teaser for you: Miss Kojima will have a role in future episodes.  :grin:

Anyway, finally, 1 month after episode 5.... I finished with episode 6!!!  :panic:
I managed to deliver this episode thanks to my RL friend who has been helping me with ideas (Brainstorming time with you is always gold, girl) as well as Deukie (a.k.a. LoyalFlutist) for the suggestions and proofreading. To be honest, I feel uneasy about this episode because of the pace. And btw this episode is going to be the longest episode I've ever written for Virgin Love.

In the meanwhile, please enjoy Episode 6.  :)


Episode 6

"In a sentence, you have to check whether it has a verb or not. If it doesn't, you will have to use a 'to be'. However, you will use both 'to be' and verb if it is a passive sentence."

I'm trying to pay attention to Yuki-san's words as I jot it down on my notes. Ugh, English is so hard. Doesn't make it easier even when the one teaching it is Yuki-san.

"Is there anything you don't understand yet, Tomo?" It seems Yuki-san noticed how I look bewildered from his explanation.

"English is so difficult!" I lay my back on the floor from frustration. Yuki-san lets go a sigh and gives an understanding smile.

"Haha, it's not that hard if you keep on practicing. That's why I'm here."

I feel that I gain a little courage from his words. I raise my back up to the table and continue the lessons... until something flashes on my mind.

"Nee, Yuki-san, did you call me last night?"

Yuki-san looks confused. "Did I?"

"You did."

It seems that he doesn't remember about the prank call so I decide to show him my phone call received log. He stares at the screen for a little while when he suddenly remembers something as his eyes look like they're going to bulge out any moment.

"I-I-I, I did, huh..." He stumbles on his words and he is so flustered. Great.

"What's wrong, Yuki-san?" I watch him curiously.

"Nevermind!" He panickedly waves his hand. Is he trying to flee before I ask for explanation?

"Oh ho~ isn't this suspicious?" I flash a cheeky grin at him. He won't get away with this!

"N-no, seriously. How 'bout going back to the lesson, Tomo?" So now he tries to divert my attention. Not so fast, Yuki-san.

"Lessons can wait." I tell him as I start moving out of the coffee table and shift toward him slowly. Realizing what I'm trying to do, he moves backward, trying to run away from me.


I let out a giggle when I say "Yes?"

"Umm..." He panickedly looks around for an escape route. Too bad for him, as he continues to move backward, his back finally hits the end (which is my bed, actually) so he can't no longer flee. I'm slowly crawling closer to him when my door is knocked.

"Tomo? Here's the tea."

I quickly move back to my previous spot, pretending that I'm still working on the exercise, before my mom makes her entrance. Meanwhile, Yuki-san seemingly still shocked from the sudden approach from me is frozen in his position like a statue.

"Mr. Kashiwagi?" My mom stares at Yuki-san dumbfoundedly.

It seems that Yuki-san is snapped back to reality with my mom's call. He stands up and tells my mom that he needs to use the toilet so my mom tells him the way.
It is when he goes out of my room that I realize how embarrassing it was. WHAT HAVE I JUST DONE?!

"OH God, did I attempt to seduce him to do indecent things... no no no no, I just wanted him to tell the truth about the prank call... that's all of it."

Yeah, here I am, trying to convince myself that I wasn't doing it because of a hidden desire. I hope that's just true because... I never thought tutoring session with Yuki-san can be this dangerous! Damn that Tomo~mi. I have a feeling that little devil had this calculated inside her dirty mind when she suggested to me to have private tutoring session with Yuki-san.

Yuki-san shows up not long after I'm finished with my internal self-cursing. He still looks extremely awkward and... can't blame him for it.

"I-I-I'm really sorry, Yuki-san." I stand up and bow my head to apologize for what I've done to him.

"A-ah... It's okay."

I slowly raise my back and face him without looking at him in the eyes, probably with my face blushing red from the little regret. I don't want him to misunderstand so I try to explain.

"I... just wanted to know... about the prank call."

I anxiously play with my fingers, waiting for his answer. If he's answering, that is.

"O-oh..." He scratches the back of his hair as he walks to the coffee table and sit back on his previous place so I follow suit.

He lets out a sigh before he opens his mouth to explain. "S-so... Last night, I went for a reunion with my old friends from the high school days."

"Uh-huh..." Ah, that explains the noise from his side of speaker.

"We had a little drinking... and as we usually do, we played a truth or dare game."

"And then?"

His eyes are restless and keep looking around nervously, probably wondering if he should tell the rest of the game that caused him to do that call.

"So, basically one of my senior dared me to do something and... that happened."

What's with that 'do something' thing?

"Emm, may I know what he dared you to do?" I ask him while staring at him curiously. It seems that my nervousness from before has disappeared. Good for me.

He looks at me for a while then blushes and looks away. "I-I'm sorry, I can't remember much about that."

“I see...” I guess I can’t push to tell him any more than this. Hmmph.

I open the exercise book again and suggest, "We should continue with the lesson, then."

He let go a relieved sigh. "A-alright."

We continue the session from what we left before, thankfully this time without any 'incident' occurs. Can't get anymore awkward from this, can we. After a while, Yuki-san looks at his watch to check the time.

"A-ah, it's already 7 o'clock. I guess this is the end of our first tutoring session."

Wow, time sure flies fast. I wait for him to take care of his belongings before going downstair with him. He is about to leave when my mom calls.

"Tomomi, please ask Mr. Kashiwagi to have dinner with us!"

What kind of development is this, dear mom. I shake my head as I smile at him.

"Well, you hear what my mom said, Yuki-san. Would you like to have a dinner with Itano family tonight?"

I give him some time to think when my dad makes his appearance behind my back.

"Mr. Kashiwagi, don't be shy! My wife has cooked enough for all of us." My dad puts his arm around Yuki-san's shoulder and drags him to the dining room while laughing. Yuki-san stares at me over his back helplessly. I just raise my hand up to my shoulder apologetically, silently telling him to just go along with my happy-persistent daddy while I follow them to the dining room.

As we reach the dining room, my mom already waits at the table as my dad asks Yuki-san to sit at the seat beside my usual place. What kind of situation is this?!

My dad grabs his utensils and announces, “Let’s not waste more time and start eating!”

During the dinner, I take a discreet look at Yuki-san who still looks very nervous. I let out a smile as I continue with my meal when my mom decides to open a conversation.

“So, Kashiwagi-kun, do you have girlfriend?”

Kashiwagi.........kun? What’s with the sudden intimacy?

Yuki-san is taken aback by the question as he lets out an “E-eh?” as a reaction. My mom then goes on with her little blabber.

“Well, Kashiwagi-kun is so smart and handsome. Of course, he already has a girlfriend. Nee, Kashiwagi-kun?”

Yuki-san can only smile sheepishly, hearing what my mom said. “Thank you for the flattering but actually I have never had a girlfriend, Ms. Itano.”

“Ehh~?! Really?” My mom just won’t stop with this, will she.

“Then, what about a girl you like?”

Yuki-san chokes on his food as he heard that question. I can sense him stealing a glance on me as I, too, choke on my food when I heard my mom’s question. That brings curiosity out of my dad.

“Why are you choking, too, Tomomi?”

Yep, the choking part, not the Yuki-san-glancing-at-me part. What were you thinking?

“Kashiwagi-kun, don’t rush when eating meal,” is what my mom says with innocent look. Yuki-san just nods his head while drinking the water. Of course, my mom doesn’t realize what she has caused (or maybe she pretends she doesn’t) and continues with the ‘interrogation’,

“Hmm, since you’re not telling about the girl you like.... How about the type? What type of girl do you like, Kashiwagi-kun?”

“What’s with the questions, mom?” I stare at my mom who just answers me with a wink. What the...

“I like a kind girl...” Thankfully, Yuki-san gives a generic reply... or not.

My mom is unsatisfied with his answer as she says, “Eh~ but ‘kind’ is so relative, Kashiwagi-kun~”, to which Yuki-san replies with a simple smile.

“Then, what about my cute daughter?”

Once again, Yuki-san chokes on his food while I protest to my mom who dropped the bomb without any warning.


I give him a glass of water and rub his back to calm him. He becomes a little more relaxed and he takes a deep breath before he turn his head to me, looking embarrassed.


"Don't mention it." I glare at my mom, to which she just answers with a teasing giggle. My dad decides to close the conversation as he tells us to finish the meal.

After we finish with the meal, my mom and I clean up and go to wash the dishes, leaving my dad and Yuki-san at the dining room. When we leave, my dad starts his talk with Yuki-san. Oh, poor Yuki-san. I try to listen carefully to their conversation, with my dad being the first one to strike.

"Mr. Kashiwagi, I shall be straightforward from this point so..."

Yuki-san gulps to the serious tone in my dad's voice.

"How long have you been with my daughter?"


"W-what do you mean, Mr. Itano?"

"Don't try hiding this from me, Mr. Kashiwagi. This is my fatherly instinct."

Yuki-san is probably trembling right now as he can't even respond properly to my dad's words.


"C'mon, Mr. Kashiwagi. We're talking as fellow MALE creatures here. Tell me, how far have you two been in your relationship?"

Right now I feel like running to the dining room (which is just a few steps from the kitchen) to help Yuki-san so I quickly wash the dishes and leave right away as I finish. When I arrive at the dining room, I can feel how tense the air between my dad and Yuki-san.

"T-t-there's nothing between me and Itano-san, sir!" He puts up as straight face as possible. I can't help but letting out a sigh before I butt into their tension.

"Mr. Kashiwagi, it's already late so you should go home."

The tension between Yuki-san and my dad dissolves quickly as my dad flashes a grin on the nervous teacher and my palm cupping my face looking at my dad.

My dad shakes Yuki-san's hand. "Please come and have dinner with us again next time." And then he sneaks a wink for me when Yuki-san doesn't pay attention as I push him from the back toward the door.

When we reach the gate, I figure that I should pretend I have no idea what my dad and Yuki-san talked about.

"Yuki-san, sorry about my parents." Never thought they're that quick in picking out the thing about us.... not entirely, though.

The teacher with flushing red face just lets out a sheepish smile when he says, "It's okay."

"You know, I wonder what my dad asked you when I was with my mom washing dishes. Care telling?"

I thought his already red-as-tomato face couldn't be even redder--guess I'm wrong.

"No-nothing important."

"I see..." I decide not to pursue this further since I did listen to the talk. It seems that Yuki-san can't see me in the eyes as he keeps stealing a glance and quickly looks around afterward.

"O-okay, then, see you tomorrow, Tomo."

The flushing-red teacher is turning to leave when I grab his hand unconsciously. He turns around with an obviously visible nervousness.


To be honest, I am also surprised with my hand's reflect. I bite my lower lips while thinking what I should say to him.

"Erm... ah right, thank you for the tutoring."

I don't know if my face is now turning as pink as his but at least it makes him let out a giggle when he sees it and he becomes a lot more relaxed afterward.

"It's been my pleasure, Tomo. I'm looking forward for the next session."

I just smile at him embarrassedly as I let go his hand.

"You better leave now, Yuki-san. It's really getting late now."

He glances at his hand that I held before he takes a deep breath and says, "I guess so. I'm leaving now. See you tomorrow."

There's a hint of disappointment in his voice. Maybe he still wants to be here but I told him to leave too soon? I shrug that thought off and tell him, "take care" as he walks away.

I quickly return inside my home and go straight to my bedroom so I can avoid my parents. It's kind of scary to face them right now if they can just detect that both Yuki-san and I have crush on each other just by seeing our interaction.

I lay my back down on the bed and grab my phone. I send a message to Tomo~mi to tell her about my private tutoring session with Yuki-san, also I ask her if she had envisioned the little 'accident' we had back then. I'm not angry, actually, just curious.

While waiting for Tomo~mi's reply, I decide to send a message to Rena-chan, asking for her progress in approaching Yuki-san. I'm amazed at how fast I receive the reply from the smart girl. There has yet any message from Tomo~mi to come, that little devil!

I open the message from Rena-chan. It says:

"To be honest, I'm not really sure about it, Tomochin-san. You know how kind Mr. Kashiwagi is toward all of his students. ;>_<)"

I know, Rena-chan. Yuki-san is so loved by everyone in my class because he always takes care of our class so well even though he's new. I do wonder if it has anything to do with the essay we worked on weeks ago, though. At least, I did write a bit of my real side there, who knows about the others.

I'm thinking of a reply message for Rena-chan when a new message arrives. I open it to see that it's from a certain neighbor of mine.

"Good for you, girl. And to answer your question, yes I had. :P"

As I finish reading it, I feel like throwing my phone right on her face--if only she's right in front me.

"You little devil!"


Our private tutoring session went for 2 weeks. Thank God that it went normally as the final exam for the term is coming close. I think my English has become slightly better, thanks to Yuki-san's patience in teaching. Tomo~mi occasionally came and studied together with us after my mom told hers one day in their afternoon tea that I had private tutoring session with Yuki-san. Of course, the well-endowed brunette wasn't really happy about that but even I understand her mom's decision since Tomo~mi is really bad at studying.

"I'm sorry for disturbing your quality time with Yuki-san, Tomochin." Tomo~mi whispers to me at the end of the last session, hoping that the mentioned shy teacher didn't hear her words.

I roll my eyes and pinch her cheeks as I tease her. "Nah, I don't really mind it since my best friend isn't the brightest girl in the world."

She pouts to my words and pinches my cheeks, having a revenge on me. "I don't wanna hear that from you."

"Don't forget that my grade is still way above yours."

We continue pinching each other's cheeks, not realizing that Yuki-san has been staring at our childishness, holding his laugh.

"You girls are surely very close friends."

Tomo~mi looks at me then grins at Yuki-san. "We are, Mr. Kashiwagi. I even know her 3-size in details."

Lies. I don't remember ever stripped in front of anyone including her.

"Don't listen to her, Yuki-san, she..." I stop in the middle of my sentence when I see his face flushing red with his jaw dropped. I smack Tomo~mi's head.

"That hurts!" She protests and glares at me.

I roll my eyes and point my finger to Yuki-san. "Look, what have you done, stupid."

Tomo~mi then proceeds to check the shy teacher who is now hiding his blushing-like-tomato face behind his palms. She giggles and lets out an "Oops."

I smack her head again. "Don't ‘oops’ me!"

"I told you that hurts!" She whines again as she pouts. I ignore her and move a bit closer to Yuki-san.

"Yuki-san, are you okay?"

He takes a peek at me in between his palms. Sigh.

"I'm sorry for what I will do to you, Yuki-san." And I pinch his arm, making him shriek from the little pain and release his palms from his face.

“It hurts, Tomo.” He pouts as he rubs his arm.

“Yuki-san, you pervert.”

I just give him a smirk when he suddenly blushes. I was wondering why until I realize how close the proximity between our faces is. I don’t know how long we stay in that awkward position. I only move backward after I hear Tomo~mi’s cough from the side.

“You know, I don’t wanna be a third wheel here so can you two keep this kind of thing just for your privacy?” She says while wearing this deadpan look on her face.

“W-w-w-what are you talking about, Kasai-san?!” Yuki-san is trying to deny Tomo~mi’s straightforward words while his face is already so red that I wonder how many red-cell blood he has.

“I guess next time we’re having this kind of study session I should just ask Masuda-kun to come along," says Tomomi as she shrugs her shoulder.

I can still feel the heat from all the blushing I had on my face but at least I'm already used to Tomo~mi and her teasing compared to Yuki-san, who is hiding his face again but unable to hide his flushing red earlobes, though. Meanwhile, Tomo~mi is giggling before I stare at her and punch her on the arm lightly.

I turn to talk to the flushing red teacher, "Like I said, Yuki-san, don't listen to that little devil."

Yuki-san slowly looks up and shows his face, looking at me with some sort of puppy eyes.


All of sudden, he acts like a kid. A very very cute one. Please excuse me while I'm barfing rainbow... oh wait. I have to fix this first.

"Yeah." I tell him as I glare at Tomo~mi, who gives me tongue in cheek.

It seems that he finally calms down as he gathers his belongings and prepares to leave. When he's done, Tomo~mi and I accompany Yuki-san to the gate.

"Jaa, good luck with the exams," says Yuki-san as he steps out of the gate.

"Thank you for the tutoring, Yuki-san. We really appreciate this." Tomo~mi discreetly looks at me when she said that 'we really appreciate this' line. I roll my eyes, knowing what she actually means.

I turn to smile at Yuki-san as I say, "We'll make sure to get good grades on English and make you proud," and winks.

Hearing my statement, Yuki-san smirks and pats my head (Thank God I can handle myself, unlike last time). "I believe you can get good grade, Tomo." Then he turns to Tomo~mi and pats her head as well. "Well, you have to work hard, Kasai-san."

Tomo~mi chuckles. "Yeah yeah, I know."

Yuki-san looks at his watch and hurriedly turns around to leave. "I'm really sorry but I have appointment with my friends. See you!" He says as he waves his hand and runs.


"Tomochin-san, I will confess to Mr. Kashiwagi after the last exam. I'm scared. >_<~"

Sigh. Of all times to receive this kind of message, Rena-chan, you just have to send it before our exam's last subject. I send her a short message.

"It's all up to your courage, Rena-chan. :3"

I don't know how I should encourage her since we're rival (although she doesn't know about it) but I guess that should do. It takes a little while before a reply message comes.

"You're right, Tomochin-san. Thanks for encouraging me! ^^"

I smile as I look at the message before I let out a sigh.

"I wish I can be as courageous as you, Rena-chan."

It's true. I envy her for having the courage to confess to Yuki-san. I bet you wonder why I have yet to confess to Yuki-san. I know I like him and he likes me back but to confess is another matter. He's still my teacher and I honestly think a love relationship between teacher and student won't work well. The society doesn't easily accept it.

I lay my head on the table, trying to not thinking about Rena-chan confessing to Yuki-san. It is soon the time for the last subject of the exam and I engulf myself in answering the questions, pushing all the thoughts away.

After I finish with the exam, I hurriedly walk out the class, ignoring Tomo~mi's call. I look for Rena-chan and quietly follow her from a safe distance. On my way, I see a certain puppy-like junior student following the honor student as well. Remember when I told you she rejected a junior back then? Yep, that’s him. I guess he’s a persistent kid, still chasing Rena-chan even after the rejection.

You’re asking me for his name? No, I have no idea about that. All I know is that he has same surname as Rena-chan, which is Matsui.

Anyway, back to Rena-chan. I (and the persistent puppy junior) follow Rena-chan to the school backyard, where a certain man on subject has been waiting. Both of us choose a hiding place that (we think) is safe to observe the confession scene in front of us.

"T-thank you for coming, Mr. Kashiwagi." Rena-chan stutters on her words as she strikes on Yuki-san. He just gives an awkward smile as a reply.

"Anou, Mr. Kashiwagi, I have something I want to tell you!"

Yuki-san seems a bit startled when the pale girl blurted those words. Nervously, he let out a "..Yes?"

Rena-chan takes a deep breath to calm herself before she says, "Mr. Kashiwagi, I-I-I I like you!" And she bows to Yuki-san who is now looking sad. He taps Rena-chan's shoulder gently and let his eyes meet hers as he tells her, "Matsui-san, I'm really sorry."

To be bluntly honest, I let out a slightly relieved sigh when I heard his rejection. Rena-chan looks like she's going to break into tears anytime soon but she holds it.

"Can you tell me why?"

Yuki-san takes a step back as he explains.

"A teacher can't have relationship with his student, Matsui-san. Social consequence awaits for those who break the norms. I don't want you to suffer from that kind of things, especially when you still have a bright future ahead."

I don't know why but I can feel tears flowing from the corner of my eyes. 'So he has the same thought as me...' is on my mind. I shake my head and erase the tears as I continue observing the two.

"But, Mr. Kashiwagi, I can wait!" Rena-chan cries, at last.

Once again, Yuki-san let out a sad expression as he tells Rena-chan, "I'm sorry, Matsui-san. I already have someone I like."

Rena-chan drops her shoulders. "I... see..." was the only thing she said before she runs, still with tears, and leaves Yuki-san standing on his place. I notice the younger Matsui stands up, looking agitated as he shouts at Yuki-san.

"How dare you hurt Rena-senpai!" He turns his back and runs to chase Rena-chan afterward.

I stand up to leave as well when I hear Yuki-san's shocked voice calling my name. I turn around to see his face filled with guilty feelings so I give him an understanding look as I move my lips in silence.

"I will wait."


Okay.... Comments and critics are accepted, as usual.

I have started working on episode 7, but I don't think it will be finished soon with the current situation in my life. I'd like to apologize in advanced for that *bows*
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Re: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 6 (130825) + chara pics + replies
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Tomochin parents is so cool XD
I cant stop smilling while reading this
Because of this fic im starting to ship yukitomo :wub:
Kyaaaaaa this is to much to heart :inlove:
I hope u will put some yuki's pov so that i know what is going on inside his head/heart :doh:

I cant wait to read the next part :on gay:
Update soon~~~
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Re: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 6 (130825) + chara pics + replies
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yay update :onioncheer:

a month worth of waiting for a nice update like like it :on GJ:

tomochin's parents are hilarious...poor yuki being teased by them :on lol:

if only tomochin's mom didn't came...I wonder what will happen :on bleed: (me and my perver thought :wahaha:)

I'm with chiyuu...let's make them do something...well, you know what I mean :kekeke:

poor rena being rejected...hope she will find someone a perverted squirrel like guy would be nice :luvluv2:

I hope u will put some yuki's pov so that i know what is going on inside his head/heart :doh:


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Re: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 6 (130825) + chara pics + replies
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Oh! An update~ I was waiting for this!!~
-But anyway, such a teasing mother she have there...
-Make him choke 2 times~ Lol...
-Okay, now Rena's is off and what's next??~
-Man... I need to know Yuki's heart content...
-So that i know what is he thinking just like Chichay12-san said...

>Whatever it is, plz update soon!!~ I can't wait for the next one!!~

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Re: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 6 (130825) + chara pics + replies
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yuki88 where are u?
I miss ur tomoyuki
please update soon :cry:
I just sulk in the corner while waiting XD

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