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Author Topic: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 3 Updated! 07/07/2012  (Read 9527 times)

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For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 3 Updated! 07/07/2012
« on: June 08, 2012, 11:31:55 AM »
Hi guys, uhh... I suddenly thought how nice it would be if AKB were to live in a world similar to the Arthurian era, so here is a fic. :) Of course this is an AtsuMina fic, so it will focus mainly on AtsuMina, but it will have Kojiyuu, Mayuki, WMatsui, and slight Saeyaka and SasshiYui (as my friend wanted). Mariko and Miichan will appear in this as well, despite not having leading roles.

Right now, I only have the Prologue ready. This is the general background of the world I create. Enjoy~


Prologue Below.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

For our Sake


Once upon a time, there were three countries ruling a region; their names were Giaer, Fosna, and Giile. In Giaer, every child and adult had extraordinary strength. Their physical abilities surpassed that of a normal mortal by a dozen times. Anyone who dared to challenge them to a physical combat would live to regret it. On the other hand, anyone born in Fosna would never be involved in a battle. They were geniuses in strategic warfare, with such schemes that would not be easily uncovered. There was no one who wasn’t aware of the Fosnians’ terrifying psychological plays; they would slowly but surely discover every single of a person’s weaknesses and finally break the person like breaking a doll. Last but not least, the country of magic, Giile. Perhaps the most peaceful kingdom among the three, a Giilian would try to solve a conflict without fighting. Should they have no other choice but to fight, with a snap of their fingers, storm would gather, lightning and thunder would come, lava would pour, and earthquake would swallow their opponents. Together, the three kingdoms divided power among themselves and controlled villages and towns around them.

However, as time went by, the countries’ royals became unsatisfied with what they already had and began warring against each other. For years and years, they kept on fighting. Their people did not dare to defy them, for royals possessed much stronger power than any other. For a long time, the citizens suffered greatly from the war: anyone who could fight was forced to join the army, famine spread to every corner on the streets, and blood had been carved into the youth’s mind. Tormented the most were the towns outside of the kingdoms. Without the power of any of the countries, they were normal humans, unable to defend themselves against the advancing armies.

Many had resisted, and many had failed. Resistance was completely futile. Until one day, a young passionate youth decided that it was time to put an end to this inane fight. He was the elite of elites, excelling in hand-to-hand combat, possessing wide knowledge of weaponry, and mastering the art of magic. For half of his life, he had been working on gathering every single person who would join in his cause. He was supported greatly; people loved him because of his kindness, patience, and understanding.

He was able to defeat the three kingdoms easily, due to them being worn out from the war. He united the countries and all the towns around them into one and named it Karteria, meaning “patience.” He became the first king and ruled it justly. Under his rule, the former citizens of the three countries lived happily alongside other normal people. The year that Karteria was established was called the 0th year, the year of reincarnation. From then on, the following years were to be called AR—after the rebirth.

The king, before passing away, had chosen a successor to his throne. It was a person whom he had faith in. For the successor that the king had chosen was as fair as he, the people trusted him to make the right decisions. Then it became a tradition that every king and queen shall choose a successor.

Generations later, descendants of the old countries’ royals who were exiled came back to Karteria and mingled with the rulers. They secretly worked to revenge their forefathers, break away and have the old kingdoms back, or take over Karteria. Calling themselves the Avengers, they placed factions all over the capital of the kingdom, letting anyone with the same purpose join.

There were four types of factions: The Giaerians, the Fosnians, the Giilians, and the Grays. They made contracts and took requests to build up their power, with the intention of winning over the people to the old countries’ side. Some of the Gray factions worked for anyone, not caring which side was which, and some worked to keep the people from supporting the Avengers.

All kings and queens had been able to put the unrest under control until 385AR when the last king passed away without choosing a successor. It was a chance for the Avengers to take over. The fight between Avengers and Karterians prolonged for twenty-three years.

It was now 408AR.

Would this generation put an end to the internal conflicts?

End of Prolouge

And here's a bonus quoting some of the characters. They are quotes that will appear somewhat later in the story:

"I don't need this eye. It's a fragment of failure." Maeda Atsuko.

"There used to be a fake human who tried to keep up with fake expectations for a doll." Takahashi Minami.

"Because love is a useless thing." Oshima Yuko.

"I'll wait for the day when she stops playing with fear." Kojima Haruna.

Please tell me what you think of this, I want to know if there is anyone who likes this idea.  :)
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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina)
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2012, 11:55:31 AM »
This Prologue is soo interesting!!! XD
I can't wait to read Chapter 1!


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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina)
« Reply #2 on: June 08, 2012, 12:19:30 PM »
That was one of the best prologue eva!!  XD  So interesting..  :twothumbs

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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina)
« Reply #3 on: June 08, 2012, 01:06:20 PM »
Yay! AtsuMina and KojiYuu~ and, Wow! Your English were Incredibly Cool. I like it. Thanks for the Prologue. :thumbup
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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina)
« Reply #5 on: June 08, 2012, 08:26:42 PM »
This is so cool, so amazing!!!
I've already read some of your fics here and I think your writing is good, really good.
And this one here is just AMAZING!
I'm eager to read it!
Thank you very much!

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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Prologue
« Reply #6 on: June 09, 2012, 05:46:54 AM »
Omg, you stop it like that ;___; It's so short. I need more, like...NEED IT.

So feed me and give me the first chapter already! >=I

It was awesome as always, I'll be waiting oh-so(not)-patiently for the next one!! 

 :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Prologue
« Reply #7 on: June 09, 2012, 06:26:05 AM »
waaaa :D atsumina kojiyuu.. perfect :D

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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 1
« Reply #8 on: June 11, 2012, 11:48:06 AM »
Hi guys, um, here is the update~? I present you Chapter 1~ Dun dun dun~ :) Ah, I'm not very good at fighting scenes, I hope I did a fair job at it. This fic will be written in Acchan's POV, but in third person. Most of the time, when I use "she," I am referring to Acchan. If there is a change in who "she" is, the character should be clarified at the beginning of the sentence or of the paragraph. :)

Ah, Giaer is pronounced as Ji - ar, Fosna is Fos - na, and Giile is Jill - le (le is said softly)

For our Sake

Chapter 1

It was burning. It was hot. In front of her eyes, three people—one man and two women—were behind a row of bars as if they were prisoners. They were shouting, seeming very angry. All around her, people were rushing to do something: burning the three prisoners. It was a soundless commotion, for the prisoners’ shouts seemed to be drowning everything else.

Fire began licking and crawling in the wooden cage in which they were held. With the combined power of the three of them, the only reason the cage didn’t break was because it was reinforced by magic. In the night, it was the only thing burning, lighting a corner of the village. She looked down at her small hand; they were shaking and sweating. It was not the cold of the night or the heat of the huge fire. Her heart was thumping loudly in her ears. Her shoulders tensed and her legs quavered.

“Curse you!” She jumped and looked up at the man behind the bars. He looked as if he would put a curse on her if his magic were not restrained.

“Do you hate this family?” The woman shouted a question at her furiously, although it was more like an angry accusation.

The other woman, appearing to be in her adolescence, reached her hand out and pointed at her. The woman’s finger shook with hatred as her eyes narrowed at the little girl. “No matter what you do,” the woman said through gritted teeth, “you will always be a part of this family!”

Her eyes watered at this. She shook her head frantically.

Still pointing at her, the woman laughed maniacally. “This family will always be engraved on you!”

She brought her hands up hastily to cover her left eye. She knew it was her left eye that the woman was referring to. Shaking her head some more, she squeezed her eyes shut and mumbled repeatedly, “No! No! No!” Noises invaded her head and everything became incoherent.


She jerked awake with a start. Blinking a few times to clear the sleep out of her eye, she lay on her bed and stared at the ceiling. Her chest rose and fell unevenly as she breathed heavily. Sitting up, she ran her eye over the room. Everything was eerily still.

Lying here, thinking about the past wouldn’t do her any good. Throwing off the blanket, she put her feet on the floor and walked over to her table a few feet away from the bed. Looking over the items on the table, she spotted a black pocket watch with her name carved on it. Picking it up, she opened the watch and stared at the hands. It was about six in the morning.

She was confused, for her partner normally would have woken her up at this time. Her partner, Takahashi Minami, was one who would always have her watch with her at any time and place. Knowing that, she never kept her own watch by her side and let Minami wake her up every morning, since they were always together.

Next to her bed was a small closet. After getting her clothes, she went to the bathroom, which was connected to her room, and changed. Then she took out a wash-tub, waved her hand over the surface, filled it with water, and washed her face.

She was a mage, born in a Giilian family, and every Giilian had an element in which one would excel. Although she was able to control every element, just as any mage would, her specialty was ice. If she were to scale her ability from one to ten, then her ice would be at nine and the other elements would range from three to six.

She grabbed a towel and dried her face. Then using her reflection in the wash-tub, she ran her hand though her hair and combed it. Her left eye was closed; for years she had not been using that eye and had now had gotten accustomed to seeing only part of her vision. The blind spots of her eye made it difficult for anyone to be her partner without hampering each other’s actions. Amongst all of the faction’s members, Minami was the only one who could fight alongside her.

She, Maeda Atsuko, indirectly created the term “partners” in this faction. Before, one would work on a request with any member that one could find at the time. She was the first to request permission to work with only one person. As of now, everyone had a partner. Unless there was a direct order to pair up with someone else, no one was willing to change partner. She didn’t think such an order would be given out, though.

She fixed her bangs over her left eye until they completely covered it up; it was the only reason she grew her bangs past her cheekbone. Satisfied with the result, she flicked her hand and the water turned into vapor.

Thinking about where Minami could be, she slowly pushed the door to her room open. As soon as it became ajar, a small rush of air touched her face; there were noises coming from the far side of her left. Sighing, she stepped out and closed the door; the other members were as energetic as always. She had stopped wondering where they got their energy so early in the morning from a long time ago.

She was now in the hallway. This place was built so that one side of the hallway would have the rooms, and the other side would always be a long window. There were many floors; being one of the first members, her room was on the first floor.

In front of her—as expected—was the long window that stretched all the way to the end of the hall. It was infused with magic so that it was as hard as brick, and that one could see the outside looking from the inside. However, from the outside, the window would appear a dull wall. The man who constructed this faction, Akimoto Yasushi, only gave her a single sentence of explanation: “It’s interesting.”

She started liking this idea not long after. Peering at the sky outside, she noticed today wasn’t going to be sunny. On the ground below, no one was present yet. She smiled at the scene, feeling nostalgic. How many times had she seen this street since she started living here after meeting Minami?

Akimoto Yasushi had decided that everyone would live here after joining the faction; coincidentally, the members more or less considered themselves orphans, therefore, it was not a problem. Naming this faction AKB, Akimoto told them this was a family that had rules, thus everyone wore uniform and lived together as a family. Akimoto, once again, explained: “Isn’t it more interesting this way?”

Because of that, she was wearing a dark red skirt and a long sleeves white shirt. On the upper arm of her left sleeve, the word “AKB” was sewn. Another symbol of the faction was glued on her shirt’s left chest. It was a burning phoenix. “Like a phoenix, die and reborn after your failures. Isn’t it interesting?” Akimoto had told her and laughed. Her black boots rested a bit below her knees, and around her neck was a dangling silver necklace. Turning towards the source of noise, she made her way towards the center of the floor and descended the stairs.

As usual, there was a ruckus on the ground floor, which was made into the kitchen with tables and chairs filling all the space. There were voices crying, whining, teasing, pouting, shouting, and even begging. Casting her eye around the kitchen, she frowned as it couldn’t catch her partner’s figure.

“Looking for Takamina?” asked a familiar voice. Shifting her gaze towards the speaker, she wasn’t surprised to see Oshima Yuko, who was grinning widely, clinging on Kojima Haruna. Yuko, much like herself, wore a white shirt; the only difference was the she also wore a loose black tie and an unbuttoned leather jacket. The skirts only had one design, but the shirts had three types to indicate a member’s role. She and Yuko were responsible for attacking and being at the front. On the other hand, Haruna, being in a supportive role, wore a gray shirt. Usually, a medic or an informer would wear a gray shirt.

“Do you know where Takamina is?” she asked.

“I think she said she was going to the Square to see if there was any new request.” Yuko paused before continuing, “If you’re going out, be careful. They are targeting us after all.”

AKB was well-known amongst the Gray factions—the Grays for short. Soon, the other three groups of factions—the Giaerians, Fosnians, and Giilians—were aiming at AKB. Working as the Grays made AKB a notorious target. The three groups preferred to attack the Grays to avoid wars with the other two, for the Grays worked independently, having no connections with each other. It was easier to take down a Gray to gain more ground.

“Thank you.” Not wasting her time, she turned to the front door and left, hearing a few screams from some members as she closed the door.

It was the beginning of December; she was expecting snow at the end of this year. Exhaling a long breath, her eye followed the small puff of smoke as it slowly diffused in the air. It was supposed to be cold, but, being an ice mage, she felt nothing. It would be very tiring once summer came around the corner.

As she took her time sauntering down the streets, something rang inside her head.  Reaching into the skirt’s pocket, she drew out a card. It was the card that AKB members used to communicate with each other. On one side of the card was the burning phoenix symbol, and on the other side, her name—Maeda Atsuko—was inscribed. In order to call, she had to press the card against her forehead and say the full name of whomever she wanted to contact; of course, it only worked amongst the members.

Underneath her name on the card, another name was flashing: Takahashi Minami. Raising the hand that was holding the card, she pressed it against her forehead. “Takamina?” she asked.

“Ah! Acchan, I’m sorry I didn’t wake you up. Where are you right now?”

She wondered why did Minami’s voice sound worried. “I’m going to the Square right now.” The Stathei Square, where requests were put up, was built at the centre of the capital. It wasn’t far from where she currently was.

“Ah, could you hurry up? I’ll explain later.” Minami sounded like she was in a hurry.

“Roger! I’ll be right there.” Ending the call, she put the card back in her pocket and began running.

As she took the last turn to the Square, she caught sight of Minami. Minami was in her white shirt and her leather jacket. She guessed it really was cold outside. Closing the distance, she looked over Minami’s shoulder to see what her partner was staring at. There she saw a group of people crowding around something. She thought it was weird, as requests were put up on the boards around the Square, not in the middle of it.

“They were chasing Rena. I couldn’t do anything since there were too many of them. I just followed them here.” Minami whispered to her without looking back; she frowned, slightly frustrated to know her friend was being hurt by another faction.

Poking Minami’s ribs, she joked, “What kind of vanguard are you?”

“The kind that waits for her partner,” grinning, Minami unsheathed her sword, which was strapped to her hip. “Fire on my cue, okay?” she directed.

Nodding, she watched as Minami moved away from their hiding place. She knitted her brows, hoping that the people hadn’t done anything to Rena.

Minami was a fast swordswoman; she was probably the fastest amongst all members, for her parents were both Giaerians. Soundlessly, Minami advanced and took down several of those in the group. The moment they noticed Minami, she had already jumped back a few steps.

Knowing that was her cue, she took one step out, raised her hand, and aimed at the group. Balls of ice formed around her and launched themselves at the group. Some of them hit those people and knocked them unconscious.

She widened her smile into a grin as Minami swiftly tripped a guy who was trying to dodge her icy ball. Said guy was hit by three other balls as he fell to the ground, grunting and making funny faces. The rest of the group, terrified by their presence, tried to escape. Smirking, she snapped her fingers and small ice marbles appeared on the ground. As the group ran over the marbles, they tumbled over the little things and fell; some of them smashed their faces against a frosted wall that seemed to come out of nowhere.

Still smirking, she glanced at Minami who was attempting to contain her snickers. Finally deciding to let them leave, she walked up to Minami. Just then, she noticed a girl hiding behind Rena. It seemed Rena was defending the girl against those people. She was hurt quite badly, not fatally, but it would take time to heal.

The girl glared up at her and Minami as they approached Rena, her eyes filled with determination. “Ah…” she gasped lightly, realizing that the girl was willing to fight them if they were to harm the tall girl.

Rena then patted the girl’s head and assured her, “Don’t worry. They are my friends.” The young girl seemed to relax at that.

She turned to give Minami a small smile as Minami also glanced at her and smiled at the same time. Then Minami returned her attention to the other two and asked the girl, “Are you hurt anywhere?”

“No,” the girl shook her head, sounding more at ease, and flicked her head towards Rena, “but she is.” As the girl pointed out the obvious, Rena smiled sheepishly.

“Come on,” Minami said as she took Rena’s arm and wrapped it around her shoulder, “we’ll carry you back.”

Wordlessly, she took Rena’s remaining arm and did the same thing as Minami. Together, they carried a limping Rena back to the faction, with the girl trudging along.

As they neared the place, shouts could be heard quite clearly. She and the other two looked at each other, wide-eyed, seemingly clueless of what was happening inside. Suddenly, the door was wrung open, surprising the four of them. As she wondered what was going on, Watanabe Mayu poked her head outside and told them, “I saw you. Come on in.”

Now she was reminded that Mayu was a clairvoyant. Mayu’s ability allowed her to see a person’s actions in the near future; therefore, Mayu’s shirt was gray. As she and Minami were carrying Rena in, she could hear Mayu call, “Yukirin! Is the hot water ready?” And answering Mayu was a shout that resembled a “Yes!”

She sighed. Mayu could even predict that she would ask for hot water to clean Rena’s wounds. Yuko’s voice reached her ears, “Sir, I’ve got the medic ready!” She could already imagine the short girl grinning and saluting Mayu. This was going to be tiresome.

End of Chapter 1

Please read and review~ If you have a hard time imagining the uniforms, I took the skirts from Iiwake Maybe, the shirts from Beginner (with the tie), and the leather jackets from Lucky Seven (Acchan's outfit).

And I have a question for you. Who is this little girl that Rena was defending? It should be easy to answer :D (Hint: it should be in my introduction in the Prologue)
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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 1 Updated
« Reply #9 on: June 11, 2012, 12:26:09 PM »
I got the uniform parts right!!!!!  :on gay: :on gay: :on gay:

And I think its Jurina, right?  :nya: :nya: :nya:

I love this story so far, keep this up!!  :kneelbow: :kneelbow:
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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 1 Updated
« Reply #10 on: June 11, 2012, 12:38:00 PM »
This is really interesting! :)
The uniforms were really nice too~ ^^
And I wonder who the little girl is..?? :?

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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 1 Updated
« Reply #11 on: June 11, 2012, 12:50:39 PM »
I think little girl will be ...Airin desu ne :lol: :lol:

**Postpone:: Atsumina Birthday fic,, I'm really busy.. gomen ne..

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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 1 Updated
« Reply #12 on: June 11, 2012, 06:11:19 PM »
Wow. Acchan is an ice mage and Takamina is a swordman. So cool  :inlove:
I wonder what kind of power the others have  :lol:
About the little girl that Rena is defending. Well, I think (and I want) her to be Jurina  XD (I'm a WMatsui shipper after all  :P)
But if she is someone else, it's okay. It's up to you  ;)
I'm seriously curious about Acchan's left eye and her past. And imagining Acchan with her bang covers her left eye, absolutely cool  :inlove:
Your fighting scene is not that bad, it's good. Don't worry about it. You did well  :thumbup
I'm waiting for your next chapter. Please take you time  :)
Thank you for your writing  :)

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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 1 Updated
« Reply #13 on: June 11, 2012, 06:34:19 PM »
This story reminds me of about my favorite anime Negima with pactios have a lot of partners and different elements to fight magic wars.^^

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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 1 Updated
« Reply #14 on: June 12, 2012, 10:17:03 AM »
I like this fic. It looks like a mix between negima and others things ^^
Beginner shirts? Does it mean the shirts are transparent? Hehe


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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 1 Updated
« Reply #15 on: June 12, 2012, 03:14:38 PM »
the first scene, is it a flashback? or...  ah! a dream?  :O it got me really curious about Acchan's left eye..  :banghead:

So, Taka is a swordsman?? so kakkoi!! :w00t: I wonder if her sword can light  :lol:

Hurm.. I'm guessing Jurina is this little girl that Rena was defending??  XD

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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 1 Updated
« Reply #16 on: June 13, 2012, 08:57:40 PM »
yay an ice mage! XD my favorite char in games!! update soon please  :jphip:

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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 1 Updated
« Reply #17 on: June 15, 2012, 04:53:07 AM »

And is there going to be WMatsui soon? Hm? HM? Juri-chan!!  :heart: :heart:

Sorry it took so long to read, but it was totally worth reading! I should have read it sooner! LOL

Update soon!~

 :heart: :heart: :heart:
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For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 2
« Reply #18 on: June 22, 2012, 04:41:43 AM »
To you who guessed... the little girl is!!!... Read and find out  :P
And yes, the first scene in chapter 1 is a dream of the past. I also would prefer that the shirts are not transparent, but it's up to your imagination XD
Eh... I'm sorry if this chapter is boring to you somehow, since I need to explain things  :sweatdrop:
I'm also sorry if there is any out of character-ness. Please read and review~

For our Sake

Chapter 2

As she was about to start walking, Atsuko noticed the young girl spacing out from the corner of her eye. Judging from her gaze, the girl was probably awed by the building before her. She, Atsuko, also had the same reaction when she first came here, although back then the faction wasn’t as tall as it was now.

Leaving the girl alone, she helped Rena ascend the steps that were in front of the door to the faction. There was nothing special about the steps; what made it difficult was the tallest girl’s injured leg.

Looking up, she nodded at Mayu who was holding the door open for them. Inside, the members were eyeing them, especially the girl trailing behind them. Everyone had already vacated the table nearest to the door; only Kojima Haruna and Kashiwagi Yuki were waiting for them at the table.

After helping Rena sit down, she stepped aside and stood in a corner while Minami told the girl to take her seat beside Rena.

As soon as Minami was in her reach, she immediately wrapped her arms around the small girl’s waist and leaned against her back. Somehow, the others’ faces cracked up when they looked at Minami’s direction. Wondering what was going on, she glanced down and pouted at what she saw.

The short girl was squeezing her eyes shut tightly, lips curled downwards as if in pain. She pinched Minami’s cheek and, with an unpleasant smile, asked, “Does Takamina have anything unhappy that she needs to tell Acchan?”

Without delay, Minami instantly straightened her face and shook her head quickly, “No! I’m totally fine!” She then whipped her head around to glare at the people who were laughing at her.

In response to Minami’s glare, Yuko laughed, “You poor midget!”

“You’re only a few centimeters taller!” Minami retorted. “And stop making fun of me! Pay attention to your partner instead!”

As if she just remembered something, Yuko gave an exclamation of surprise and, as though there were no tomorrow, instantly latched on to Haruna who was cleaning Rena’s wounds. “Nyan-nyan, go and play with Yuu!” Whining, Yuko shook the girl’s arm for her attention. Preferring to focus on her current task, Haruna pushed Yuko away by the face.

“Excuse me…” the unknown girl finally raised her voice. The girl then looked around to make sure she got the audience for what she was about to say. Slowly, she asked, “Didn’t you say that there was a medic? Why can’t you just heal her?”

Kashiwagi Yuki, who had been silently standing at the table, answered, “I’m here in case there was an emergency.” As the girl still had that blank look on her face, Yuki added, “Healing magic requires a lot of energy and puts a strain on the patient’s body.”

Haruna, still warding off the energetic midget, said in an airy voice, “Only those born with the ability to heal would be fine healing themselves; otherwise, unless it was serious, natural healing is the best.” The girl nodded; her expression was like that of a child that just learned something new.

For a while, Atsuko kept staring at the girl. She thought there was a familiar look on the girl but couldn’t figure out what. Willing to find out, she decided to start at the basics, “Your name?” It came out more rudely than she expected, seeing the girl was quite shocked.

“She didn’t mean anything. She just… uses her words sparingly.” From under her, Minami spoke up and patted her hands. Not intending to let anyone see, she hid her smile. It didn’t matter to her if the girl misunderstood, but she was glad Minami cared about her.

“Ah,” the girl seemed a bit more relaxed now, “Jurina. Matsui Jurina. I’m thirteen years old.”

“Huh?” everyone exclaimed; even Mayu, whose expression was said to hardly change, was unable to hide her surprise. Indeed, although her feature was young, Jurina looked too mature to be thirteen.

Letting the matter of age pass, Yuko stroke her chin with her forefinger and questioned aloud, “You have the same last name as Rena’s. Does that mean…?”

“I don’t have siblings.” The Matsuis answered Yuko’s unvoiced question in synch.

“Still, it’s interesting to know someone with the same last name,” Rena turned to grin at Jurina as Haruna finished cleaning and bandaging her wounds.

Yuki then grabbed Rena’s shin and asked, “Weren’t you limping just now?” She rolled her eyes as Rena replied with a sheepish smile. Yuki remained in that position awhile before standing up. She wiped the sweats on her forehead and stated, “Three days for complete recovery.”

“Thank you,” Rena said. Yuki, Mayu’s partner, carried within herself the ability to heal. She was also a master of the flame.

As they wondered what to do with Jurina, a voice, accompanied by the sound of footsteps going down the stairs, asked, “How did the two of you meet?” A tall short-haired woman, clad in the same uniform as the other members, appeared and made her way towards Jurina. The woman, who was wearing a gray shirt, introduced herself, “Shinoda Mariko. I let everyone know when there’s an order from Father.”

Feeling eyes on her, Jurina decided to leave the questions about Father for later. Staring at Rena, the young girl began to talk. “Long story short, something happened and I ran away from home,” she paused, seeming to recall the event. “It was in the middle to the night; I thought no one would be around so I wasn’t paying attention. But unfortunately, I encountered a group of… violent people.”

“I was out for a walk that night,” Rena joined in the story, “when I heard a commotion. So I went to check it out and saw her—”

“She was really cool!” Cutting off Rena’s line, Jurina jumped up excitedly and made punching gestures. “She had this cool look on her face and told them, ‘Go away or you’ll regret!’ Then they all ganged up on her, but she was super quick! She dodged every single of their attacks! Then she hit them like this! This! And like this!” Jurina, who was getting worked up, swung her arms around at invisible foes.

Rena watched Jurina with her eyes wide, hand over her mouth to keep herself from gaping. Grinning, Yuko nudged Rena and winked, “Looks like you have an admirer already.”

Watching the vigorous display, everyone couldn’t suppress a smile, but whether because Jurina was cute or because she was silly, no one knew.

“So!” Jurina returned to her story with a loud voice, “Rena-chan told me to go back home, but I refused. Then she asked me to go with her to a safe place—I guess she was talking about this place—but I refused too! So she told me, ‘Be at the Square every day at six, twelve, and nineteen o’clock. Luckily, there’s a clock tower at the Square, and it’s big enough so I always knew the time. Then! Then!” she had once again become energized, “I waited for her at the Square the next day. Then! She brought me breakfast! She always brought me food when we met up!”

As everyone gasped, shocked at Rena’s care for the kid, Haruna exclaimed, “That’s why you’ve been ‘taking a walk’ on a regular basis lately.”

“And we’ve been wondering what you did to your meals that you never finished.”

“What?” Jurina shouted, “Yay! I got to eat Rena-chan’s food!” before jumping over the table to hug Rena.

As the laughter died down, Mariko asked, “I’m sorry to cut your fun short, but you’re not going to provide your background, are you?”

Suddenly, Jurina’s smile left her face. “No…” she whispered.

The atmosphere now turned gloomy, pressing down on everyone. Then Atsuko understood the familiarity that she had sensed from the girl. She lived with the others as a family. However, she never told anyone about her past—no one ever shared the past; the only one who knew about it was Minami. Jurina, like she and everyone else, certainly wanted to forget something, to get rid of the memories that she never needed.

After a while of silence, Mariko was the first to break it. “If you have nowhere else to go, you’re welcome to stay here,” she offered. “Order from Father: ‘If the girl is willing, we’ll welcome her.’”

“When did you even talk to him?” Minami was obviously awed by this fast order.

Raising her eyebrow, Mariko grinned, “As soon as I saw your four. I’m supposed to be Father’s informant after all.”

“Is it okay?” Jurina lowered her voice. “Don’t you think I might be a spy?”

“Oh?” This piqued Mariko’s interest. Mentioning spies in a faction in a case like this could highly mean that the speaker had already known at least the name of that faction. AKB, despite being well-known in the world that was struggling for power, had never revealed its name to the public. They always went hunting for requests and receiving rewards in groups of two to ensure safety of the whole. Even the building didn’t have anything flashy; it looked just as dull as any other normal house. “Rena, did you tell her about us?” Mariko glanced at the aforementioned girl.

Surprised, Rena could only stutter, “Eh? Ah… no…” and redirected the question to Jurina.

Jurina blinked a few times, her mouth a perfect O shape. “You guys really are AKB? The real one?” she shouted.

“You seemed… shocked?” Mariko snickered.

The girl scratched the back of her neck, apparently embarrassed by her own outburst. “Someone I know told me about AKB once and described your uniform…” she trailed off and was quiet again.

After observing the girl some more, Mariko ended the topic with another question, “So? What do you say about our offer?”

“…” Jurina appeared to be considering this offer with some difficulty.

“If Rena trusted you enough to help you, then I’ll trust you as well.”

Indeed, although she was a gentle girl, Rena had not been very close to many of the members and was the only one without a partner. Even persuasions from everyone couldn’t change her mind. It was a personal matter of trust.

“Then…” the young girl’s lips slowly spread into a wide grin. Tightening her hold on the older girl, Jurina beamed, “I’ll join! I’ll join!”

Shaking her head, Mariko placed her hands on the table. “You can either partner up with Rena or stay partner-less. Of course, the decision depends on Rena.”

“I’ll be her partner,” smiling, Rena declared without hesitation, which generated some reactions amongst the other members.

“Good.” She then turned to Jurina and informed her, “We train every day from seven to nine. Then you’re free for the rest of the day to find a job to do or train more.” Checking her own watch, Mariko added, “We’ll start late today. Everyone, finish your breakfast if you haven’t already! Jurina, Rena can answer whatever questions you may have.” With that, Mariko turned and headed for the stairs.

As everyone returned to breakfast, Atsuko whined, “Takamina, I’m hungry!”

“Ah?” Bringing her hand up to pat Atsuko’s head, Minami laughed, “Wait here, I’ll get us breakfast.”

Sitting down to wait for her partner, she overheard Jurina ask someone, “There are not many of you here? Why is this place built so high then? There must be more people.”

The reason for this was that all of them were assigned works in other major cities. Only the first members and their partners stayed here in the capital. Some also wanted to see the world beyond this crowded place, so they had asked to be assigned elsewhere.

Rena probably answered this question for Jurina.


The ground floor, now made into kitchen, had windows that allowed the light from outside in and two main doors. The other doors either led to the storerooms or restrooms. One of the main doors led to the streets, which was the one where Atsuko and the others came in from, and the other door opened to the quasi-garden at the back of the building.

It was like a small park that was isolated from the rest of the world, surrounded by walls in all directions. A pillar was raised at each of the four corners, holding up the roof that ran along the walls to provide shade for anyone sitting on the benches under it. Perhaps only to decorate the yard, bushes were planted at the corners, a few feet away from the pillars.

(I case you can't figure out what I was describing at all.)

Early morning sunlight coated the ground with a milky white paint, streaked with some golden dust here and there. Finally done with the belated breakfast, everyone started leaving the kitchen and into the courtyard, or the training ground, to be more precise. While Atsuko stretched her shoulders, the others were shivering, rubbing their arms repeatedly. Realizing that no one would be willing to talk soon, she decided to take up the mission.

Telling everyone to gather together, she was about to say something Jurina suddenly stared at her face with such intent curiosity. As the girl kept on staring, she began to feel quite ticked off. “Is something on my face?” she asked.

Of course, the members, who had been living with her for quite a long time, did not see anything strange, but Jurina did. “You must have been used to it, but,” she started, “isn’t it uncomfortable, letting your bangs cover your eye like that? How do you see anything at all?”

She froze, not expecting a question like this to pop up. It was to be expected, though, for Jurina was new here. All this while, she was trying to forget about the reason she had never opened her left eye for years. Now leaving it close was natural to her just as blinking was to a normal person.

She could feel a chilly hand hold hers. Knowing it was Minami’s, she slightly leaned her body against the smaller girl for comfort and slowly replied to Jurina’s question, “I don’t use it.”

“Why do you not use it?” Needless to say, she knew everyone else was also curious about her answer; she never told them anything about her eye after all.

She thought about the question. Why did she need to cover her eye? A few reasons immediately came to her mind. It wasn’t something as trite as a sad or dramatic story from the past that still came to haunt her in nightmares. She was scared of what had happened, but that wasn’t it.

Tentatively, she lifted her hand to touch her left eyelid; it reminded her of something that she would rather not talk about. For years she had never thought about it and thus had forgotten about the reason of her sadness. It was something that held her down, and she didn’t want to accept its existence. It was a… “…Failure…”

“Huh? What was that?”

Without knowing, she had whispered her thought aloud. Stopping herself from wandering too far, she answered quickly, “I don’t need this eye. It’s a fragment of failure,” and crossed her arms across her chest to signal the end of the topic.

Minami, apparently trying to divert the attention from her partner, suggested, “Let’s introduce ourselves to Jurina first, shall we?” It was such an obvious attempt that she had to feel bad for Minami. Everyone could see through her poor excuse. But she was grateful of her partner for that and leaned down to kiss the short girl’s cheek.

It wasn’t anything usual. They only laughed as Minami blushed and made a funny face. Taking advantage of the “disturbance,” Yuko, fast as a squirrel, tried to land a kiss on Haruna’s cheek but was slapped away. Mayu, on the other hand, was safe when she hugged Yuki’s waist; however, as the clairvoyant moved her hands upwards towards Yuki’s chest, challenging her luck, she earned herself a smack on the head.

The training ground was filled with complaints about not being loved enough from the small perverts. Clearing her throat to stop the craziness, Minami turned to Jurina and introduced herself. “I’m Takahashi Minami; everyone calls me Takamina. I’m a swordsman—”

She had to pause for a moment when Yuko jumped in to add, “Also the best racer you can find in the area! She’s also our captain!”

Pushing Yuko away, Minami corrected, “It’s not official, but everyone keeps insisting that I should be one.” She then proceeded to tell the members to present themselves.

“Oshima Yuko at your service,” Yuko saluted and grinned, “I’m an archer, a very special archer who can shoot love arrows!” Her playful introduction seemed to have irritated Haruna, who was sending her death glares.

Pulling on Yuko’s ears, she ignored the whimpers and said, “I’m Kojima Haruna, just call me Kojiharu. I don’t think there’s any name for my ability, but I can hasten the process of things.”

“What do you mean?” Jurina asked.

Not being prepared, Haruna only hummed and tried to think of a way to explain to Jurina. Yuko, once again, in the name of the anonymous guardian, gave an example, “Let’s say, if you have a wound, she can either make your skin mend faster or increase the speed at which blood leaves your body.”

“Hmm…” the tall girl nodded thoughtfully, “I guess you can put it like that. It’s really tiring, though.”

“I think the thing that matters is you can kill someone, not how tiring it is…” Rena spoke nervously before turning to Jurina, “I’m Matsui Rena, a martial artist.”

Jurina, as overexcited as she was, was about to hug Rena again and scream, “Cool!” when Mayu’s voice stopped her, “If you’re going to jump on her, do it later.”

The look on Jurina’s face when her plan was uncovered was priceless; it simply said “no clue.” Mayu then grinned, “Watanabe Mayu. You can call me Mayuyu. I can see what will happen in the near future.”

“That’s why you knew I was about to hug Rena-chan!” Jurina shouted.

“No, no,” Yuki, who had been quietly smiling up until now, raised her voice, “it was written all over your face. I’m Kashiwagi Yuki; call me Yukirin if you like. I’m a medic and a mage of the flame.”

The last person in the courtyard had spoken; it was Atsuko’s turn now. Slowly, she began. “I’m... Maeda,” at the sound of her last name, her voice was dripping with resentment and some sadness, “…Atsuko. Everyone calls me Acchan. I’m an ice mage.”

There was still one more person yet to be properly introduced. Choosing the right time to reappear, Mariko opened the door that was the entrance to the training ground. “You better not forget my name already. You may call me Mariko-sama or Sama. There are some more members, but they’re currently not here. You’ll meet them soon enough,” Mariko said as she made her way towards them. “Your room is on the third floor; Rena should know where it is. Anyway, I inform the Father everything that concerns this faction.”

“Who is the Father?”

“Akimoto Yasushi,” Mariko answered. “He built this place, not the actual construction, but he took care of everything. We call him Father.”

“Actually…” Minami shyly objected, “It was Godfather at first.”

“Yeah, then somehow you all cut it down to Father,” Yuko joined in.

Narrowing her eyes, Mariko roared, “You midgets! Stop messing with my glorious self-introduction!”

Finally calmed down, she returned to their new recruit and inquired, “Do you have any specialty? Were you taught how to use a weapon or how to cast a spell?”

Of course, they needed to know the extent of Jurina’s potential; otherwise it would be a suicide on the battlefield. Seemingly deep in thought, the girl frowned and spoke slowly.

“My father…” she paused, hesitant to mention the man, “he used to teach me how to use every element. He said that a mage needed to know a good deal of everything and that being a Matsui, what I needed to learn the most was something else.”

Right now, even the air-headed Haruna was interested; she looked up from the flower she was trying to bloom. Urged by Mariko, Jurina continued, “He said that we were not medics, but he made me cut the skin on my palms and heal it.”

She stopped and looked at everyone, not knowing what else to say. Mariko demanded, “Describe how it was healed.”

Pressing a finger to her temple, Jurina closed her eyes. “Well, the blood… Usually when there’s a cut, if you hold the injured part up vertically, the blood will drip downwards, right? When I healed myself, my blood stopped dripping and streamed back into the wound. Then after a few seconds, the cut would close itself.”

Based on the given description, Atsuko could only think of time magic. As she was trying to solve the question, Jurina began talking again. “He also taught me how to use a short sword and a dagger, said it was for self-defense. But it was weird. He showed me where the vital points on a body and where the large veins were. He said it was okay for me to bleed, but never let a foe hit my vital points. And he left me to learn magic on my own.”

Contrary to Jurina, who seemed displeased at that, Mariko smiled; her eyes were full of curious interest, “Oh? Now that’s a nice way to find a real talented mage.”

Everyone nodded approvingly, but Rena and Jurina were confused by Mariko’s statement. It was understandable, since Rena was not a mage and Jurina was left out of it. Looking at their bewildered faces, Yuki suppressed a snicker and explained, “We all know that you can only use magic if you have Giilian blood in you, yes? However, many people, despite being a mage, cannot use magic unless they were taught how to.”

“Saying many doesn’t cut it!” Yuko jumped in and added, “Thos people make up about eighty percent of mages!”

“The rest are the mages with talents,” Minami continued where the explanation was left off. She was not a mage, but being Atsuko’s partner, she had picked up a few basic things about magic. “The talented ones are those who did not have proper lessons and trainings, but their powers awaken when they need them the most.”

“So before that happens, their powers just sleep?” Rena asked.

“Most likely, yes.”

“Can they choose what their powers are going to be?” Jurina asked excitedly, as if expecting something like a unicorn to appear out of nowhere.

“…What fairy tales did you read?” Mariko smirked. “Your power will either be the one that you inherit from your family or the one that fits your personality.”

The girl’s morale seemed to decrease right away. “That’s boring!” she whined, hunching her shoulders. The dreams of unicorn had been crashed.

Mariko only smirked more, “Be careful of what you say. You might be offending that mute kid over there,” and pointed at Atsuko.

Yuko laughed at Jurina, whose mouth was wide open. She boasted, “Except for her, every mage in this faction had taken lessons on magic at some point in their lives.”

“No way!” Jurina shouted. “But wait… actually, I think ice fits her—” Before Jurina could even finish her sentence, a sharp ice cone had already been pointing itself at her neck. Frosted smoke radiated visibly from the cone, and the sound of ice cracking was quite audible. Gulping, Jurina could see Atsuko glaring at her with a not-so-tolerant smile on her face.

As everyone smirked openly at the simply clueless new little sister, Minami desperately tried to calm Atsuko down. “I am not angry!” she refused to be mollified. “I am just a bit… ticked off.”

She narrowed her eye at Jurina who was wailing, “Rena-chan, help me!” However, Rena wasn’t sure if she would like to eat ice cream in winter.

“Acchan, Acchan! Let’s start training, okay?” Minami still tried in vain.

Mariko, not being caught in this, only went over to a bench, sat down, enjoyed her peace, and waited for the kids to start their daily training. After a while of watching Jurina struggle to get away from Atsuko’s unreasonable wrath, she sighed, “Must be nice to be young.”

End of Chapter 2

It's now summer, it's too hot... so... it shall be winter every time you read this fic to decrease the heat :D
I seem to have described Jurina based on how the Jurina in Mousou Deka acted. She is too hyper XD
Question for you guys! What kind of mage is Jurina? XD
If you have any question that was not answered in this chapter, feel free to ask, I'll try to answer them :D Unless they're secrets that shall be revealed later :P
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