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Author Topic: [AtsuMina] Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi 8 (11/8/16)  (Read 100791 times)

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Re: [AtsuMina] Unmei (4/8/15)
« Reply #140 on: May 07, 2015, 06:17:56 AM »
Ne author-san, you will not finish the fanfiction, you should be busy, but it would spend to know the end, especially nisemono, wanted to know if Atsuko win the heart of  minami. Please.
And sorry to bother so.

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Re: [AtsuMina] Unmei (4/8/15)
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hey~ i've been meaning to post a comment on this thread but it always go out of my mind OTL OTL

anyways i wish you'd update your on-going fics XD any of them will do lol *cough*Nisemono*cough* :mon misch:
i love the drama (with acchan sort of left takamina and all lol) and acchan's turn to somewhat suffer 'cause takamina won't even pick her over uta but please don't let it go as far as takamina falls for uta  :mon cry: noooooo~  :mon whine: :mon whine:
just make acchan all jealous and frustrated lol anything, really. as long as it's an update  :on GJ:

thumbs up for your other fics too~ i enjoyed reading them! Kowai!'s really funny btw hahaha
update when you can author-san!!

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[YuiParu] Mirai (5/26/15)
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Hey everyone, how have you guys been?

Today is my birthday, so I thought I should at least post something up even if it's short and not what everyone wanted... haha

So this is a YuiParu Drabble. It's my first time writing them, so it won't turn out so great...



“Why are you looking at me like that?” The shorter girl came over to sit down on the lap of the other.

“I was just thinking of something…” The girl replied smiling at her partner and wrapping her arms around the girl.

“Share with me?” The younger girl whines, causing the older one to chuckle.

“Okay okay.”


“I can never resist you and your cute self.” The captain being honest to her ace, causing said girl to blush.

“I have been thinking of Takamina-san and Acchan.”


“Well, what do you think of Takamina-san?”

“Hmm, she’s a really kind senior who is willing to help everybody out that she’ll forget to eat. She’s so dedicated to AKB that I’m worried about her health. She’s the best friend you could ask for and a best leader too… You remind me a lot of her, why?”

“It’s because whenever I look at you, I’m reminded of Acchan too. Do you get what I’m saying?”

The shorter girl shook her head with a pout. She doesn’t understand what her girlfriend is trying to say.

“Don’t you think we resemble Takamina-san and Acchan? Their partnership and relationship?”

The younger girl scrunches up her eyebrows in a thinking manner. She kinda agrees that both of them resembles the eternal leader and ace of AKB.

“Un~ but I don’t think I resemble Acchan at all.”

“It doesn’t matter if you see it or not because you’re the Acchan to my Takamina.” The captain leant in, planting a soft, yet meaningful kiss upon the other girl’s lips.

“Let’s work hard and become like them together. We’ll be the nidaime Takahashi Minami and Maeda Atsuko to support AKB like they did.” The older girl stood up and pushed her partner down into the seat. She kneeled down holding onto the other girl’s hands, asking…

“Will you walk alongside me on this path, Haruka?”

If anyone were to walk in on this sight, they would think that the taller girl is proposing to the younger one, but that’s not it. This scene not only represent commitment, but the trust and love that both girls have for each other.

“Yes, I will, Yui.” Paruru flings herself at Yokoyama, hugging the girl tightly. She has taken a big step in their relationship and that makes her happy.

“Thank you, Haruka.” The new soukantoku was glad to have her girlfriend by her side because the path that they both decided on, will be long and rough.

“Uun~ I will go anywhere with you Yui.” Shimazaki whispered, as a member knocks on the door.

“Paruru, Yuihan, we’re shooting now.”

“We’ll be right there.” The captain shouted as she stood up holding her hands out for her partner to take.

They walk towards the door saying ‘I love yous’ to each other as they move forward to their future.


So yeah... I see YuiParu as the next AtsuMina. They aren't exactly the same, but they are very similar to my OTP.

Anyway, I'll try and update something better next time, hope you guys are still looking forward to my other fics ^_^

Mata ne :P
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Re: [YuiParu] Mirai (5/26/15)
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Happy belated birthday lezperv-san :)
Thank you for YuiParu OS and looking forward to your next AtsuMina update! :kneelbow:
Have tumblr have twitter. Just ask ^^

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Re: [YuiParu] Mirai (5/26/15)
« Reply #144 on: May 31, 2015, 07:28:25 PM »
I was surprised to see you writing YuiParu, but can see why after reading it :P
Anyway, a short but very sweet update >_<

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Re: [YuiParu] Mirai (5/26/15)
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I only now noticed, this was your update.. coz probably I am already used to, that you writting Atsumina stories.. hihi  :roll: , but....
First thing.. little bit late, but - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :vv:
Second - still patiently waiting when you lezperv-san update your other stories! :hee:
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[AtsuMina] Futari 1b (7/10/15)
« Reply #146 on: July 11, 2015, 08:14:10 AM »
@Megumi: Thank you for the belated birthday wish :D
@Crimson Sky: Hehe, I think you already know why, but thanks girl  :heart:
@black_maa: Haha, yeah I'm an AtsuMina shipper all the way, but I'll reveal why I wrote a YuiParu later :P Thank you for the belated birthday wish, and Thank you for always supporting me. I see that you started writing fanfics  :thumbup Keep up the good work  :twothumbs


Hey guys, been long huh?

Well, as I said, I'll be updating on Atsuko'a birthday.

Sorry, it isn't Nisemono, but I'm still working on it. Please disregard any errors I have because I didn't really recheck my work >_> ha..ha..

Anyway, Minami Omedetou on 4th in Sousenkyo, and Atsuko Otajoubi Omedetou  :love:


Chapter 1b

“Atsuko, are you ready? We have to get to the bus now.” Takamina stood at the theater door, looking back at her friend.

“Matte Minami~” Acchan rushed towards the other girl, out of breath. The sight in front of the short girl made her heart skip a beat, but it was a quick one again to make any sense of it.

“Ikou” The shorter girl extended her right hand for the other one to take.

“Un~” The younger girl blushes, but eagerly held onto the outreach hand.

Both girls rushes to the bus and sits in the only seat that was available, which was in the back. The seat didn’t really bother them since it gives them more privacy. Their hands were still intertwined with each other, and the funny thing was, they didn’t realized it because it felt so natural to them.

Maeda leans her head onto the other girl’s right shoulder, taking a slight nap, for she haven’t been getting enough sleep.

Takahashi wanted to have a conversation with her friend, turned over to the girl, but realized that she was asleep. She never saw the taller girl slept before, so seeing the girl’s face for the first time left quite an impression on her, since said girl was looking really adorable.

Somehow sleep was contagious, and so the older girl rest her head against her friend, joining her in a nap as well.

There were a few members who sat close to the two girls, who notices the cute gesture between the two. Shinoda Mariko and Kojima Haruna in the seat diagonally from them. Across from the tall dual were Oshima Mai and Minegishi Minami. Finally, the seat next to the sleeping girls, are Itano Tomomi and Kasai Tomomi.

All of these girls have worked and performed with the two girls before, except for Kasai. They each have their own opinion regarding the two girls. Some of them are good, some of them are neutral, and some of them are bad.

Shinoda Mariko was the only member who didn’t think badly of the two because they were the ones who helped her feel welcomed when she first joined AKB. If anything, the older woman adores the two girls greatly.

Itano Tomomi had the opportunity to work with the two and found out that they were just like her. They weren’t arrogant or anything like that just because they got the center position. They were sweet and very forgiving.

Minegishi Minami was a little different when it comes to Maeda Atsuko. She was jealous of the fact that Acchan gets to have a solo unit when she doesn’t even want it, while she herself want it, but couldn’t get it. She comes to accept that there is something special in the other girl that she may not possess, so she tries to be neutral. She only worked with Takahashi Minami a few times, so it wasn’t enough for her to grasp the girl yet, but she knows that the girl with the same name as her is really nice. She was actually jealous of her because even though they had the same name, she was called Miichan instead, and she didn’t like it very much.

Kojima Haruna never really cared for the two girls who are younger than her. She feels like she couldn’t connect with them. She really doesn’t have anything against the two. She just rather hangs with people who are the same age as her.

Oshima Mai, with Nakanishi Rina, Sato Yukari, and Urano Kazumi, have worked with the two girls on more than one occasion. They’ve come to adore them as well, especially after witnessing the dona dona donut skit that the two girls tried to perform in the theater for the A1 stage, but there wasn’t much opportunity for these older girls to spend time with them as they were busy with their own schedules.

As the bus reaches the location for their pv shooting, everyone snapped out of their thoughts. The six members who sit closes to the two girls, looked at each other to see who would wake them up.

Mariko signaled that she would be the one, but before she does so, she took a picture of them first. The other five members giggled at the older woman’s action, as they wait to get off the bus together. Those two look too adorable to not be captured on phone.

“Takamina, Acchan, okite.” Shinoda called out, tapping on the shorter girl’s arm, causing her to wake up immediately.

Takahashi opens her eyes and was greeted with six faces smiling back at her. She grins and yawned, trying to stand up, but was held back by the sleeping girl beside her. She forgot that their hands was still entwined.

“U-um, why don’t you guys go ahead, we’ll catch up in a minute.” Takamina blushes as she was silently asking for room to wake up the beauty next to her.

The six smiled, knowing the implication for privacy, went and got off the bus.

The older girl turned to her friend and tries to wake the girl up without frightening her. She knows what it feels like to be woken up without a warning, and she doesn’t like that very much.

“Atsuko, okite.” The shorter girl said softly, shaking the other girl slightly.

“Hmmm, five more minute...” Maeda whines, snuggling into the comfort of the arm that she slept on.

“Atsuko, we’re here already, and we don’t want to be late for the shooting.”

“Hmmm, yada~” Acchan continues to sit there, holding onto her friend.

“Neh Takamina, can we go over our scenes?” The voice came out of nowhere, and it belongs to none other than Oshima Yuko, who was standing near the bus exit.

The sound of another person surprised the two girls. One of the girls especially didn’t like the squirrel’s presence at all, and she definitely didn’t like how that girl came and ruin her private time.

“Ah, Yuko, I’ll be right there.” The shorter girl smiled reassuringly and watches as her scene partner got off the bus.  She turned to see that the younger girl was awake, which she didn’t expect.

“Atsuko, let’s go.”


Both girls stood up, still hand in hand, started walking towards the set. They both split up so that Takahashi could go find Oshima, but before she went to the other direction, Maeda pulled her friend back with the same hand that was holding onto the other.

“Once you’re done practicing… come find me, okay?” Acchan said, looking into the other girl’s eyes. There was some kind of meaning behind that sentence, but Takamina only took it as her friend wanted to spend more time with her.

“Un~” Was the cute respond the older girl give.

The younger girl watches as her friend went to the second generation girl. She wants to keep her eyes on them, but she needs to find out about her own roles too.

“Takamina~” The squirrel smiled, seeing the girl walking towards.

“Oshima-san. So what do we have to do?”

The second generation girl pulled Takahashi with her to the scenes that they will be shooting together. She then pulled out a bag of pockey and toss it towards the other girl.

“We’re sharing this and hang out, watching the scenery until you got a message from Maeda-san...” The squirrel said excitedly at first, but when she mentioned the other girl’s name, her smile slowly disappear.

“That sounds fun, Oshima-san.” The shorter girl was enthusiastic about it.

“Call me Yuko, okay?”

“Un~ Yuko.” Takamina smiled, causing the other girl to blush.

“Ah, um, after you received the message from Maeda-san, we’ll be running for a long time.”

“Eh, but I don’t like running…” The younger girl pouted.

“Haha, why not? It’s fun.”

“It’s fun for you because you’re athletic…”

“Takahashi-san, Oshima-san, anything you would like to say into the camera?” A staff came over with the heavy machine on his shoulder.

Instead of saying anything Yuko started bouncing around with a peace sign, which makes Takamina do the same. The two girls look silly, but seeming to have fun at the same time.

Meanwhile, Maeda was going over with what she had to do. She kept on looking around to see if her friend would be returning anytime soon, but couldn’t see the one she was aiming for.

The shooting for the pv started as both girls didn’t get time to meet with one another. Only when they were all dancing with the group is when they caught a glimpse of each other.  Even during break times, they both were busied with their own scenes to shoot.

Of course everything went well for both of the girls as they interacted with more people and get to know the other members, but there was just something that’s nagging in the inside.

As the shooting was over, everyone thanked each other for their hard work while packing to get ready to go home.

The members entered the same bus and took the same seat as earlier. Takamina got to the bus first and went to the last seat to wait for Acchan, while said girl was looking around to find her friend. With no luck of seeing the shorter girl, she went onto the bus with a pout on her face.

As Maeda starts walking back to the same seat that she had occupy earlier, she saw the top of somebody’s head, immediately she knew it was her and walked towards the girl quickly.
“Minami~” The younger girl called out, smiling.

“Atsuko~” Takahashi reciprocated the structure as she stood up to let her friend in to sit by the window.

They both continue to stare at one another, each has something to say, but felt embarrassed to say so. Eventually, one of them got enough courage to speak…

“I missed you today…”

The other girl was surprised to hear such confession. She, too, felt the same way about the other. She blushes as she replies…

“I missed you too…”


“Yeah… it was weird not seeing you around a lot…”

“Hontou, because I thought you forgot all about me when you’re with Oshima.” Acchan scrunches her eyebrows in a teasing matter.

“What? I could never forget you Atsuko. You’re my best friend.” Takamina took it seriously, didn’t know that the other girl was just joking.

Was the other girl really joking though?

“Hontou?” The taller girl asked, looking down away from her friend to hide the blush.

“Uso jya nai yo.” The older girl reached out to grab the other’s hand.

“Un…” Maeda squeezes the hand, feeling very happy inside.

The bus took off, going back to the theater to drop the girls off. On the long way home, both girls feel satisfied that they have strengthen their friendship, and that nothing could change the relationship at all.


After the release of their single ‘Aitakatta,’ AKB has become more known around Japan. They have gain more fans, and bookings in talk shows. Team B was also formed as the third addition to AKB48. There are a total of 13 girls. This Team is considered to be luckier than the first two because AKB has already established a fan base.

During this time, the AKB girls finally gets to take a break. Even though they still have to do their stages performances, they have a little bit of free time now, since there won’t be any activities till later.

The two girls who are most excited for this is none other than Takahashi Minami and Maeda Atsuko. These two have been looking forward to spending time with each other and hanging out like normal people for the longest, but due to their work schedule and slow learning, they couldn’t.

“Minami~ I’m sooo excited hehe.” Acchan held onto one of Takamina’s arm and swing playfully like a child was about to get what they’ve always wanted.

“Haha, me too, we’ve waited so long… I told you we would, Atsuko.” Even though the shorter girl was trying to pack her stuff in the duffle bag, the center girl isn’t really letting her with all the shaking.

“Un~ I’ll never doubt your promise ever again.”

“Eh? So you have doubted me?” The older girl looks shocked, scrunching her eyebrows at her friend.

“Hmmm, just a little tiny itsy bit.” Maeda tries to justify herself by showing how small her doubt was, of course it wasn’t enough for Takahashi.

Takamina continues to pack up her clothes, not talking or responding to Acchan anymore. Of course, as her friend, the taller girl quickly understood. She jumped on the shorter girl, prepared for if they have to fall down, but they never did.

The taller of the two continues to hold on tightly at her friend, amazed that said girl was still able to stand. She then wraps her arms around the girl’s neck, looking at her in the eye with a pout on her lips.

“I’m sowwie, Minami~ pwease forgive me~” Acchan’s whine is undeniably cute and adorable, but since Takamina is her best friend, she was able to withstand it even if it’s only for a little longer.

“Minami~” Maeda starts moving her body around, making it harder for the older girl to stand up straight.

“Atsuko, stop that, we’re gonna fall if you keep shaking.” Takahashi holds her friend ever tighter, hands grabbing onto the other girl’s thigh, near the butt to lift the girl up.

“Not unless you stop being mad at me, Minami~” No one can withstand the pouting face of Maeda Atsuko when she looks so adorable.

“I’m not mad, Atsuko.”


“I was a little upset that you doubted me-”

“I promise to never doubt you again! So come on, forgive me, Minami~” Acchan smiled at Takamina. The genuine nose wrinkled smile that only shows on her face when she’s truly happy. It’s the same kind of smile that her friend loves to see.




“Yay~ Minami~” The two girls hugged each other while laughing, still in the same position that they were in, which is surprising because they should of fall or something by now. Who knew Takahashi was that strong when she look so weak.

While this cute scene occurred, on the other side of the room, there were girls whispering and glaring again.

“Look at them.”

“They are so gay.”

“Hella gay.”

“Super gay.”

“I bet they’re going out with each other.”

Gay or not gay, it was their decision to make. Love is love, no matter what gender they are. The other members are just jealous of the friendship that these two girls carried. Some of them have already accepted the fact that these two would be the top members, and have learned to like the two, while others still have some resentment.

Shinoda shook her head at these members. She wasn’t really opposed to the whole gay thing, but it is true that Japanese society won’t accept that so easily, let alone accepting two popular girls from AKB dating each other. Though, it would be interesting to see if fans would get excited or disgusted by this.

“Takamina, Acchan, what are you guys excited about?” The older woman asked.

“Well… we’ll finally get to hang out and stay over each other’s house.” The shorter girl explained.

“I’ve been waiting for so long, Mariko, I can’t wait till tomorrow~” The tallest woman laughs at her cute little friends.

“Is it just going to be you two?”

“Un~” Both girls nodded.

“Ohhh~ so like a deeto?” Shinoda teased.

“Huh? Um… ah… uh…” The two girls didn’t know what to say about it, except for blushing, which amuses the older woman greatly.

“I’m just teasing you guys. Where will you guys go?”

“Sushi~ Minami promised to take me there~” Acchan was really adorable being all excited about the hang out, and of course, sushi.

“Yeah, I promised her that, but maybe we could go see a movie too?” Takamina look over at her friend to see what she thinks, and a happy nod was returned.

“Anywhere else you have in mind, Takamina?” Mariko was really interested because everything that the two girls was telling her, sounded like a date.

“Hmm… go shopping and getting some sweets? Then we’ll head back to my house. Atsuko will stay for the weekends, and it’ll be my turn to stay at hers next week.” Maeda likes the sound of all the things suggested by Takahashi.

“Wow~ it really does sound like a deeto.” Again the woman teases her younger friends, earning another round of red cheeks.

“M-Mariko~ mou~” Acchan hides her face in between Takamina’s neck, her back facing the troll.

“Well, have fun tomorrow, but wait… don’t you guys have school?”

“Yeah… but we’re not going tomorrow though. We’ll go on Saturday, so I still get to go over Minami’s house to relax.” A smile continues to show on Acchan’s face, and it’s probably the longest it’s been on there.

“My mom has been looking forward to meeting Atsuko, finally she gets to.” Takamina laughs.

“Woh~ aren’t you guys moving a bit too fast?” Shinoda is on a roll with the teasing today. She can’t seem to let this couple off even if they aren’t a couple, yet.

“What’s moving too fast?” Itano Tomomi came over with Kasai Tomomi.

“These two’s relationship… Acchan is meeting Takamina’s mom tomorrow.”

“Hayai! When do we get an invitation?” Tomochin is also joining in on the fun. Kasai was just watching and giggling.

“Mou~ you guys…” Maeda continues to hide her face, leaving Takahashi’s redness shown to their friends.

“We love you two, that’s why we teased. Anyway, to change the subject, who is your friend Tomochin?”

“Kasai Tomomi, Tomo~mi desu~”

“Shinoda Mariko, Mariko-sama desu.”

“Takahashi Minami, Takamina desu.”

“Maeda Atsuko, Acchan desu.”

“Nice to officially meet you guys.”

“Officially? Didn’t we meet before?” The shorter girl was confused, sharing the same look with her companion.

“What I meant is that we finally get to talk because no one dares to talk-”

“Tomo~mi!” Tomochin shush the girl, didn’t want her to say any further, but both Acchan and Takamina understands.

“We see…” The fun, friendly, and brightness in their eyes started to fade slowly. Even though a smile was still apparent on their face, it was clear that it was just a mask that they put on, the type of mask that they’ve learned to put on over the year. 

“Anyway, it was nice meeting you Kasai-san, but we have to go now.” Takahashi and Maeda walked out of the practice room together, leaving the three behind.

“They are sensitive to that topic, Tomo~mi…”

“Gomenasai…” Kasai pouted her lips.

“Well, what’s done is done, but make sure to talk to them like normal next time.” Mariko said, patting the girl.




“Minami~ Gomen ne for making you wait.”


Today was the day where Acchan gets to stay at Takamina’s house for the weekend. They met up with each other immediately after school, but since the younger girl had class duty, she was a little late coming out.

“Do you want to stop by some place?”

“Hmmm, can we go get some crepes?” Maeda wanted some sweets.

“Okay, let’s go.” Takahashi obliged as always.

They went to the store and each bought a different flavor crepe. Acchan got strawberry/banana with whip cream. Takamina got anko (red beans) with green tea flavor ice cream.

“Minami, let me get a bite?” Maeda likes to eat many different foods. She especially likes sharing with her friend because they’ll each get two tastes instead of one.

“Hmm~ Oishii~ here, try mine.”

“Un~ Umai~” The girls continued to smile at each, bouncing in their seat, and sharing their crepes. From an outside point of view, they just look absolutely adorable.

“Ne Minami, can we walk around first before going to your house?” Acchan suggested. It was still a bit early for them to go home immediately so Takamina didn’t mind one bit.

They went to a nearby park, sitting on the bench, watching other people there. The weather wasn’t hot, but it was sunny. There was wind blowing, which makes it the perfect temperature.

“Ah~ Kimochi~”

Takahashi watches the sun shines brightly on her friend’s face. She thought the girl look absolutely breath-taking, very beautiful, and her smile was to die for.

“I’ve always love your smile, Atsuko.” The comment made Maeda turned to look at her friend. The same smile never disappears from the girl’s face.

“I’ve always love your kindness, Minami, but you’re too kind sometimes...” There is a different emotion showing on the younger girl’s face even though she continues to mask it.

Why did I say that?

“What do you mean?” Takamina was really confused.

“Nandemonai… I wish we can hang out more like this.” What Acchan meant was that, her friend was nice to everybody, and that could be easily taken advantage of. She also felt that, it wouldn’t be anything special, if the shorter girl is kind to everyone.

Why do I feel like this?

“Atsuko, tell me…”Even though the older girl doesn’t know what exactly Maeda is showing, she can detect it somehow, and it’s a mixture of sadness.

“It’s really nothing, Minami… AKB is getting more popular, huh?” The taller girl continues to change subject since she doesn’t want to talk about it. She doesn’t even understand the feeling herself, let alone, expressing it.

“Yeah, it is… They’re attracted to you.” Takahashi wants to continue discussing what the other girl was feeling, but decided to let it go for now.

“Hehe, but they’re also attracted to you. Your ‘Bird’ performance is amazing.” It was true. Atsuko was happy to find out that Minami was getting a solo when the third stage performance was announced. She felt that her friend deserves it, as she has been working so hard.

“You really think so?”

“Of course! I really like your singing, Minami~”

“T-thanks…” Takamina blushed slightly. Hearing compliments isn’t exactly normal for her, so it’s really special when she does.

“Hehe~ you’re blushing.” Acchan teased even though it excites her to see that she can cause such a reaction out of her friend.

 “Mou~ let’s go home.” The older girl walks ahead, making the other one follow.

The taller girl quickly catches up and walked closely side by side with her companion. Smiles were apparent on both of their faces as they head towards Takahashi’s house.




“Mama, I brought a friend over.”

“Do I finally get to meet her?” The mom comes out to the front to see the girls.

“Konbanwa, Maeda Atsuko, Acchan desu. Yoroshiku onegiashimasu.” The girl introduces herself and bows respectfully.

“Ara ara, you are definitely as cute as my daughter had described.”

“Mama!” Takamina cheeks turn red.

“A-arigatou gozaimasu.” Acchan also blushes at the compliment.

Giggling can be heard coming from the mom as she left the two girls to go back to making food. She felt that, that was enough teasing for the time being, as she knows the girls were also tired from school.

“Come on, Atsuko.” The shorter girl led her companion to her room to settle their things down, and to rest.

“Onee-chan!” Her younger brother, Ryo, came out to greet her.

“Hey, how’s school today?”

“Good… and who is this?” The little boy was so obvious, even a blind person can see that he’s starting to have a crush on the girl.

“This is my friend, Maeda Atsuko.”


“Boku wa Ryo desu, hajimashite.” The boy deepens his voice down to seem manly, but he only seems dumb to the older sister.

“Alright, alright, go do your homework.” Takahashi pushes her brother into his room and drag her friend into hers.

“Sorry about my otouto. He seems to be attracted to you…” Takamina grumbles as she speaks.

“It’s fine, but sadly I will never like him like that.” The taller girl giggles.

“That’s good, and he’s too young for it…”

“Oh? So if I were to be younger, it would be okay?” Acchan teases.

“W-what? No!.. Atsuko, no matter what age you are, I don’t want that. Okay?”

“Un~” This was the first time that she saw the shorter girl being super opposed to something, and somehow, it brings a smile to her face knowing that she was the reason.

She puts her bag down next to the owner of the room as she sat on the bed, and looking around.

“Wow~ so many pink…”

“A-ah… yeah… I like pink…”

“It’s cute~”

“Really? Thank god.” The owner felt relieve that her friend doesn’t think that it’s too much.

“So where will I be sleeping?” She assumes the extra futon that will be brought to her later.

“On the bed of course!”

“With you~?” She likes the idea and wouldn’t mind it.

“U-um… ah… no… You sleep on the bed and I’ll sleep on the futon.” At least the younger girl was right about a futon.

“Can we share bed instead?” It seems like it would be a hassle to pull another one out when a bed was already there. It was big enough to fit them two anyway since they’re pretty small.

“I-is that a good idea?” Takamina never really had a sleep over before, so she doesn’t really know the procedure, but there are really no rules at all.

“There’s no right or wrong, Minami, yes or no?” Acchan furrowed her eyebrows, looking at the older girl in the eye.

I feel like I can’t say no…

“W-whatever you like…” Was the only response coming out of her, since she didn’t want to flat out agree or disagree.

“Miichan, Acchan, Ryo, dinner time.”

“Come on, Atsuko, let’s go wash our hands first.”

The girls went to clean up before sitting next to each other at the dining table. There are so much food that four people would not be able to finish it.

“Eat as much as you want, okay, Acchan? Our Miichan doesn’t eat a lot.”

“Miichan?” The younger girl furrowed her eyebrows.

“Huh? Is there something wrong?” The mom was confused.

“Ah, I know what you’re thinking of, Atsuko. There’s another member in our group name Minami, but she’s called Miichan to distinguish herself. So Atsuko is probably surprised to hear it, right?” Takamina look over at her friend and smiled, earning multiple nods in return.

Taka-mama was surprised that her daughter had understand her friend with just a single word. How close these two girls are, she wonders, but it doesn’t matter. She’s just happy that her daughter has such a cute friend over. She wouldn’t mind seeing this adorable girl again.

“Itadakimasu~” Everyone says their thanks before eating.

“Oishii~” Acchan smiled brightly, while chewing on her food.

“I’m glad you like it.”

“Hehe~ Atsuko eats a lot mommy...itai!” Takamina teased, earning a smack to the arm.

“That’s what you get Miichan.” The mom and brother laugh at their family member, causing said member to pout.

The four people continue to eat dinner while chatting about AKB, and school. Afterwards, they relax in the living play watching TV shows.

Maeda was the first one to sit down at the corner of the couch, she waited for her friend to sit down with her so that she can cuddle, but Ryo took the spot instead. He blushes as Acchan was staring at him. She was surprised to see the boy, but didn’t ask him to move, for she didn’t want to be rude. She wants her friend’s family to like her, so she just sits there with a pout on her face.

Takahashi walked out seeing her brother next to her friend, which makes her eyebrows twitch and gives her a feeling of irritation for some reason.

“Miichan, what you standing there for?” The mom came out and pushes her daughter along to the couch.

The seating was Takamina, Taka-mama, Ryo, and Acchan. The best friends are on the opposite side of the couch, making them both upset.

The four continues to watch shows on TV until the little brother had to go to bed for his sport meetings the next day, leaving three people, but there was still a person blocking the girls from being together.

“You girls don’t stay up too late, okay?” Finally, the older woman was tired, retiring herself to bed.

Takamina and Acchan were still at each end of the couch, but they started scooting slowly towards each other, reuniting in the middle. The younger girl immediately latches herself onto her friend’s left arm, snuggling into the warm body, and resting her head on the shoulder.

“I missed you~” Maeda said, looking up at her friend.

“I… I missed you too…” Takahashi said, looking away to hide her blush.

The girls were looking at the TV, but none of them were really paying attention. Acchan was tracing and playing around with the arm she was holding onto. Takamina tried to concentrate, but was distracted by the fingers running up and down her arm instead.

“Minami, what’s this scar?” The taller girl looks up at her friend with round innocent eyes. The sight was really cute, causing another flow of redness onto the other girl’s face.

“O-oh, I got the scar when I was in kindergarten. It was the day before the athletic meet, and I was practicing for a race. I ran with all my might through a glass window, getting a cut from it, and it was in front of my parents too…” Takamina felt kind of lame for getting a scar from that.

“Hehehe~ that’s funny.” Acchan laughs, running her fingers on the scar to feel it.

“Mou~ what about you? Do you have any scars?” The shorter girl wants to know.

“Hmm, iya, none.” Maeda answered, smiling.

“Ah sou? Hmm, you’re perfect then.” Takahashi said, complimenting her friend, causing the younger girl to blush.

I’m not perfect like you…

“Atsuko let’s go to bed, it’s getting late, but we have to shower first.” The girl yawns, getting up and holding her hand out for her friend to take.

“Un~” The girls went to the bathroom to brush their teeth and into Takamina’s room.

“You can go ahead and take a shower first.” The older girl offered, taking some clothes from her closet, and settled it down on the bed.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, it’s fine.”

After the two girls had finishes with their shower and changing into comfortable clothes, the tiredness was finally kicking in. 

Takamina laid on the left side of the bed, and Acchan on the right. They both turn towards and stare into each other’s eyes.



 “…” Maeda didn’t know how to voice out her feelings. She wants to know that she won’t lose her best friend, no matter the situation, but she doesn’t know how to express it.

Takahashi can see that her friend is in deep thought. She reached out to take hold of the younger girl’s hand, giving it a squeeze to bring the girl out.

“Minami?” She squeezes the hand back, feeling at ease.

“Daijoubu dayo.” Takamina said seriously, making the other girl smile.

“How do you know what I was thinking of?”

“Do I? I don’t think so.” The shorter girl made a thinking face with her lips pouting.

“… but you know what to say all the time…”

“If I don’t know how to cheer you up, how would I be your best friend?” The older girl grins, showing her pearly white teeth, and giving a thumb up.

“Hehe~ you’re so silly… but thank you.” Acchan got the urge to make their friendship even closer, to bring it onto a different intimacy level. She pushed herself up a little and lean over her friend.


She kissed the other girl on the cheek, leaving the other girl surprise. She blushes from her sudden action, didn’t really understand why she felt like doing so.

The other girl was a mess, but not in a bad way. She was just shocked to be kissed by her friend. She never receives one from anyone else besides her mother. She reaches up to touch her cheek. Not only was it burning, but it was special.


“Oyasumi Minami.” The younger girl cut the older one off. She didn’t want to hear anything bad. She was afraid that she may have gone overboard.

“Oyasumi Atsuko.” Takamina reached out to hold the other girl’s hand, trying to tell her that it was okay and that they are still friends, if not closer.

The tiny gesture was enough for Acchan to close her eyes to sleep, but with a smile of content on her face.

The two girls held each other’s hand, falling asleep together, looking forward to their hang out tomorrow.


So yeah, I'm going to end there, but there is still one more part to this chapter ^_^

Hope my readers are still there haha. Anyway, thanks for your patience guys.

I'll be back with more next time, and hopefully it'll be the long awaited Nisemono :)

(A video I made, please watch and tell me what you think, thanks)
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Welcome back author-san!
Thank you for the update.
This is true enough, Shinoda really respected those two.
It's good to know that Atsumina's bond is escalating well.

Good job author-san!  :rock:
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Update!!!!  :w00t:
You really have long updates.. but when I read them.. the ends come too fast.. XD But love it like that, cuz it really makes to be in these stories and imagionate it..  :)
About this F...1b - Aah..!! Those two are soooo cute!  :oops:  And glad to know, what there also are few others, who accept them to be like that.. :)
About video - Good video.. and good job..  :twothumbs  But why so sad music?  :huhuh
Hehe.. yeah.. I will try my best with writting them.. more like.. your stories was my inspiration to try myself too.. So.. thank you about that!  :)
Can't wait next update!!!!!!! :panic:
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Author san please update your fanfic, futari one.

Their story is so swett. I want to read more.

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Oh.. another futari at last....

Been waiting for a while now...

Atsumina... is so cute....

Can't wait to see more

Thank you for the update

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It was really nice reading atsumina's interactions~ XD
even the gap between them and the other girls seem to come off as simply nuances to their sweetness loool
i give two thumbs up to mariko too   :twothumbs
wonder if atsumina gets to grow up a few years in the next chap? hehe

anyway thank you for the update~ looking forward to next one *cough*nisemono*cough*

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Please update ASAP!!

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Author, remove Minami. Give AtsUta!

Well... so... sudden! О_О

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Re: [AtsuMina] Futari 1b (7/10/15)
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loved it, but what about other fanfiction?

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Re: [AtsuMina] Futari 1b (7/10/15)
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Continued please! :bow: :bow: :twothumbs

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you know! I really hate and love you at the same time! XD

You write fantastic fanfics, very good story. (I love all your works by the way! :) )but many of your story do not have a "the end" and you start with a new one :P
Argh! how can we keep up? And how can I hold out the whole excitement??!
you love to torture your readers. Am I right? :P

Nevertheless, Thank you for your hard work and I hope you will continue all your fanfics and give them someday a ending ;)

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Re: [AtsuMina] Futari 1b (7/10/15)
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please update shiroi x kuroi tenshi & nisemono, please~

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The authors disappear or give an explanation why not write more, it's a shame, because fanfiction are great. :cry: :cry: :cry:

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ya!!! levperz-san!!!!
i know u still here since u still update about atsumina moment   :shifty:
u can leave us hanging like this  :scolding:
so please come back.....or i will seriously haunting u  :on polter:

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