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Author Topic: Zombie Apocalypse? (WMatsui) - Chapter 5 [140708]  (Read 21129 times)

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Zombie Apocalypse? (WMatsui) - Chapter 5 [140708]
« on: April 20, 2014, 09:46:15 AM »


CHAPTER 1 - Sporty with Kendo Girl
CHAPTER 2 - Zombies?! ... what's that?
CHAPTER 3 - First Night
CHAPTER 4 - The Officers and A Scientist
CHAPTER 5 - Everything Will Be Fine


Everything is a mess inside the house. Broken chairs and tables are scattered and flipped over in the living room. Traces of blood and remains of bodies could be found easily on the walls and floors. But inside one of the dark small rooms, panting and moaning sound can be heard. Shadows of two figures can be seen on top of each other on the worn out bed.

“Rena-chan… p-please…”


“I c-can’t hold on m-much longer…”

“But Jurina…”

“Just d-do it…”

“It will hurt you!”

“I can handle t-the pain…”

“A-are you… sure?”

“H-hurry… Hnngh…!”

Rena bit her lip in anxiety as she sees Jurina writhing and thrashing around with sweats all over her body. She can’t bear to see the girl suffering like this. With a determined face, Rena reached for Jurina’s leg before she did what Jurina had ordered her before…

“Hnng- AAAAAHHH!!!”


“D-don’t stop… Rena-chan!”

Hearing Jurina’s agonizing scream and plead, Rena halted her action. But Jurina gestured for her to proceed with her mouth open wide and uncontrollable breaths. Rena feels her eyes brimming with tears but she continued pulling and pushing in a slow motion to loosen the area that had been protruded. She could see blood pooling underneath Jurina’s leg from her continuous action.

“J-Jurina! Are you okay?”

“Just a bit m-more, Rena-chan!”

Rena could feel her hand and fingers starting to turn numb from the loss of energy and adrenaline of their previous act.


As soon as Jurina shouts, Rena quickly pulls the piece of bone sticking out of Jurina’s thigh resulted from their ordeal with the mass of zombie earlier.


Once again, the painful scream reverberates inside the small room. Rena quickly treats the deep wound with the first aid she had found earlier. After bandaging Jurina’s thigh firmly but not too tight, she quickly sits beside Jurina to pacify the pale and wounded girl.



“You okay?”

“I can manage…”

Jurina wears a small smile with exhaustion all over her face as Rena pulls her chin to face her. Rena swiftly pulls the girl into her embrace before hugging the girl tightly for support and warmth. She kissed Jurina’s head to calm the girl…

“With you by my side, I think I can survive another zombie bite…”

“Just sleep, cheeseball…”

Rena softly strokes the girl’s back to lull her to sleep. Just as she heard Jurina snores softly, the door opened showing a tall figure of a woman…

“How is she?”

“Never better.”

Mei nods her head slowly as she leans on the door frame with crossed arms.

“So… what should we do now that Jurina is… infected?”

Rena closed her eyes as she tightens her hold on the little girl who’s probably dreaming in a wonderful world right now. Turning her face onto the open window at the bedside, she opens her eyes to see the beautiful sight of a full moon shining its light on both of them. Rena exhales a deep breath with a serious face…

“We won’t leave a comrade behind no matter what. Jurina is, after all, our only hope…”

A/N: Hey yo to everyone who knows me~ :peace: Ahahaha I've come up with another fic :sweatdrop: I know I've got the Ninja Trouble still going on but I had to write this one!!! :panic:

Ok this story is actually a collab work of me and The-Writer-Who-Doesn't-Want-To-Be-Known. Yeah... she had multiple reasons why she doesn't want people to know it's her but she's one of the writers here. Her work is ABSOLUTELY GREAT but I think she's too modest or something... let's just respect her decision, alright guys?

About this story, it's inspired by many zombie-related animes, mangas, games, movies whatever that can be associate with zombies so I'm not sure if it's liven up to your expectations. If you DO like this story, it would be of great honor for US to continue to write this. This will feature mostly SKE members so PREPARE FOR THE AWESOMENESS THAT IS ZE NAGOYA GIRLS~!!! me no french~ :w00t:


P/S: Got any better idea for title...? :P :doh:
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Re: Zombie Apocalypse? - Page 1 (WMatsui)
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2014, 12:07:25 PM »
CHAPTER 1 - Sporty with Kendo Girl


A group of students are running around the school’s ground for their sports club. Everyone was already panting and wheezing after almost 10 minutes jogging nonstop but one girl with a middle parted hair was not even sweating. It’s like running is the same as taking a stroll or just walking to her. She is Jurina… Matsui Jurina, the ace of the athletic club of Akiba High. She calmly moves her feet in steady steps as she leads the group at the front… but what she didn’t know was that the group had already been left behind in quite a long distance. Well, she likes to run. Nothing can stop or distract her attention away when she’s running. Even if a bomb exploded somewhere near, she would still be running. Well, of course… what else would you do in that situation than to run for your life?

Unexpectedly, her eyes suddenly turns towards the old dojo situated at the back of the school ground. The place was a little bit hidden from the main building as it was surrounded by trees but the sound of people shouting during training had made it known by quite a few students, including her. Jurina had always passed by this old building during her trainings before and not once she had ever thrown even a glance at the place. But somehow, it was as if there’s an unknown force today that had attract her attention to take some interest on this dojo. She slowed down her speed as she takes a look at the vacant and silent view of her back.

“Again?! Aaaah seriously these guys… Well, no harm in taking a short break.”

Jurina takes a peek into the clear windows. She looks around the old but quite big dojo that can fit almost 30 people in it. She never knew what dojo this is but after seeing the students holding shinai and the loud shouting of moves, Jurina managed to make out that this is a kendo dojo.

“Uwaaah! This is awesome!”

She continues observing the whole place when her eyes abruptly stop at a figure on the corner near the opposite windows. She stares at the person with hair tied in high pony-tail, holding the shinai in a strong stance with her eyes closed in a steady breathing. Being a good sportsman, Jurina knows how to differentiate a person who has great control in breathing and someone who might collapse even after running not more than two minutes. There was nothing special with the person except that she has a very pale complexion and a tall figure but that’s normal for every girl she had met. But then, the person opened her eyes. That’s when Jurina’s jaw dropped… She is at awe. She couldn’t define what she was feeling at the moment. The sight of the person holding the shinai with a calm but fierce eyes and determined expression had made Jurina’s heart skips a beat…

“So cool…”

That was the first time in her life Jurina had no control over her heart…




Jurina steps away from the window as the screaming voice of her team sounded from afar.

“Nee, Jurina… *pants* Do you have…*gulps* ...water?”

Jurina could only shrug her shoulders in pity, “Sorry.”

More pants and groans sounded by the time everyone arrives at Jurina’s spot. Seeing that her team members are complete, Jurina did some stretching of her legs before blowing the whistle hanging on her neck.

“Come on! I’m expecting you guys to keep up this time!”

Again, groans and grumbles sounded from the bunch. With heavy hearts and steps, her teammates start running to catch up with their ace that had already left them behind. Jurina wasn’t a heartless leader or a bully, in fact she is a kind hearted person. She wants to give them some rest just then but somehow the beating of her heart couldn’t stop even when she took some calming breaths. There’s only one solution left. She decided to run to keep her heart beat steady…


“Are you okay?”

Jurina had almost thrown her pencil to the front when her seatmate/bestfriend nudged her out of her reveries. She gives a small smile to Kanon.

“I’m fine…”

“Aaah… is that so? It’s weird, though…”

“Hmm? What is?”

“You, Matsui Jurina, would never miss your focus from Shinoda-sensei. But just now, you were daydreaming…”

Kanon made a pondering gesture as Jurina look at her without any emotion.

“Tell me I’m right, Jurina! Come on! Nothing can escape from my keen eyes…”

Kanon jokingly squint her eyes as she repeatedly pokes Jurina on her arms. The latter put a hand on her mouth to muffle her giggles.

“Stop that! Okay, okay… I admit I was! Happy?”

“You were? Nee, nee… about what?”

“Just things…”

“Just things…?”

“Well… things?”

“What are those… things?”

“Things… like how Shinoda-sensei is looking at us right now.”


Kanon carefully turns her head to the front as she caught the glaring eyes of her sensei at the front.

“Care to share your story with us, Kimoto-san?”

“Ah… Ahahaha! I was just explaining to Jurina… You know, she’s fast at running but slow at studying? Yep, that’s why...”

Jurina bit her lips from laughing as Kanon put her trademark cute dimpled innocent grin at her sensei to escape from any sort of punishment. Shinoda-sensei shakes her head as she dismissed the adorable girl before continuing her class. Kanon lets out a relieved sigh before mouthing at her seatmate who’s still smiling from amusement with her bestfriend’s antics.



It was lunch time and Jurina is trying to run away from the noisy hallway and her bestfriend. Yes, her bestfriend Kanon who’s practically tailing her like a dog tied with its owner as she follows Jurina closely from her back.


The said girl ignores the caller as she zooms past the flocks of students to escape from Kanon’s intimidating interrogation. That girl is persistent. If she wants something, then she will definitely get it with any way she could think of. No one can run away from Kanon… even teachers are afraid of her queries as they sometimes involve the most brain-wrecking question ever asked by a high school student.

“Can I get drunk from a bottle of Listerine?”

Yup… that’s pretty much like it. Honestly, she was just messing with the teachers but she won’t back down until she has the answer with scientific, logical explanations from them. That’s how annoying and persistent Kanon is.

“Oh, come on! We’re bestfriends! Bestfriends don’t keep secret…”

“This doesn’t concern secret, though…”

“Okay, fine! But why are you running away from me?”

“I am? I’m just hungry, I need food right away.”

“Suuuure… how lame is that excuse, Jurina.”

Not enough with Kanon, another annoying person came running while shouting their names in a loud voice without any shame.

“Juritan! Non-chan!”

Every eyes turn to her direction. The latter just ignore them as she leered at some girls with good-looking butt and huge bosom.

“Still as hentai as ever, HentaiRin-sama…”

“Nothing better than being a hentai!”

Kanon and Airi give each other a high five while Jurina waves her hand as a greeting.

“Sheesh… where’s your manner, dude?” Airi reprimanded the glum looking Jurina…

“Left it somewhere on my bed…”

“Ooooh… someone’s in a not-so-good mood~”

“Don’t mention that! Or else she won’t tell me those things~”

Things? Jurina has things?”


Kanon nods her head dramatically like it is some big deal as Airi gasp loudly with overreacted reaction from the revelation. Jurina face palm from her friends’ act. She was about to walk away from them but then something… or rather someone caught her attention.

Everything paused as a person walks out of one of the classes. It was the person Jurina saw yesterday at the dojo. The girl with fiery but calm and soothing eyes. Jurina keeps her stare at the person when suddenly a voice calls her name and the world starts moving again.


“Huh? What?”

“Oh gosh… I thought you were having a seizure attack just now!”

“What? I don’t have seizure!”

“You did. You got drools... It’s because of that senpai, eh?”

Airi nudges Jurina as she turns her head right and left trying to find that girl again but she was long gone.


“Oh no! I’ve got it!”

“What, what?”

Airi excitedly put an arm around Jurina’s neck to keep a hold on her as they walk slowly to the cafeteria as Kanon skips in delight from her founding…

“Those things… it was that senpai!!!”

“Eh? REALLY?!”

“It was nothing! I just saw her the other day, that’s all!”

“You did? Why didn’t you tell me?! Okay this is one good story… Spill it!”

“Yeah! Sharing is caring, oh dear friend~”

Jurina lets out a tired sigh before she drags them to the cafeteria to get some well-deserved lunch…


There was no practice that day but Jurina decided she should run a few laps around the school just to keep her body in shape and gain some peace from stressful student life. Jurina is so focused on her running; she didn’t realize that her feet had brought her once again to the old building… She has no intention of going there, she even planned on not going through that course again but it seems like fate had something stored for her here. Her legs naturally stop outside the window as Jurina heave a sigh… She wipes a bead of sweat that flows down her cheek. Jurina never sweats… not in this distance and speed. So it’s a wonder where did this sweat come from. However, something weird happened. Her heart decided it’s time to beat the same rhythm Jurina had once experience in the same spot at the same time, at the same location.

Jurina gulps as she neared the silent dojo. She looked through the window, making out of any presence inside the dark hall but to her dismay there was none. A frown unconsciously formed on her face. A slight tighten feeling appears on her chest. Thinking it was probably fatigue, Jurina takes some deep breath to calm her nerves before she resumed her running. Without her realization, a slight disappointment etched on her face as her heart starts to beat normally.
Just a few seconds after Jurina left, someone appeared in front of the locked dojo. She was about to unlock the door but the sound of shoes running on the graveled road halted her action. The girl went to the side to look for anyone’s presence but she could only catch the view of someone running in their school’s full sportswear. The girl tilts her head in confusion…

“It’s rare for a person to run through this course alone… Oh, well. Now, to practice!”

If only Jurina stayed just for a few more seconds, she would have met the person that had caused the abnormality of her heart beat…


It was quite late in the evening and the school’s area is vacant of students. Only a few can be seen doing their work in class or training in the field. Jurina stopped near the school’s entrance to drink some water from the tap provided for drinking. She gulps a considerate amount of water before taking some breaths while wiping her wet chin. She didn’t know what’s wrong with her today… She thought perhaps it was because of fatigue and stress with the enormous school work and club activities she had to deal with. She raises her head to take a look at the clear blue sky without any presence of clouds today…

“It’s pretty hot today…”

Indeed, the evening sun was pretty hot that day, causing the cicadas to chirp loudly than ever. Jurina was about to enter the school building to change her clothes and take her things when something banged on the school’s gate. Jurina turns around to find out the source of the sound in quick response.


She lets out a relieved sigh. It was a white cat with a scary, angry face. Jurina thought perhaps the cat had encountered a cat fight or something, that’s why it had run to the gate with shocked expression. Jurina rubs her chest to ease the anxious feeling building up inside. Somehow, somewhere in her mind, there’s this uneasiness going on since morning…

“I should get home soon…”

Jurina turns around, feigning ignorance to the still growling cat when out of nowhere, something bump onto her…


With her agile body and quick reflexes, Jurina quickly regain her composure from falling to the ground.

“I’m sorry! It was my fault-“

Jurina halts her words when the person she had accidently bumped with glared at her with a slight frown and anger on his whitish face. His face is so pale, Jurina thought he is sick with some kind of disease. She could make out a hint of resentment thrown at her from this guy’s eyes…

“Hey, are you alright-“


Without saying a word, the guy left Jurina with rush steps towards the school’s gate. She just scratches her head in confusion before shrugging her shoulders and walked into the building. However, just as she was about to step inside, another thing happened…


To be Continued...

A/N: Here's chapter 1 for you~ Just some character intros and all... nothing much going on yet. Hope you guys enjoy this. DO LEAVE COMMENTS DOWN BELOW AND CLICK THE THANK YOU UP ABOVE~ :bow: I sound desperate ahahaha :P

Thank you for reading!!! :grin: See ya next time~ :cow:

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Re: Zombie Apocalypse? - Preview & Chapter 1 (WMatsui)
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Frankly speaking, the first few paragraphs of the "Preview" were a bit suggestive. Did you craft them this way on purpose? hahaha...I like them  :lol: and thanks!

The image of Rena in Kendo costume, holding the shinai in her hands, with serious eyes reminds me of her appearing on the cover page in a photography magazine released last month. Really suave and cool!  :w00t:
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Re: Zombie Apocalypse? - Preview & Chapter 1 (WMatsui)
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I enjoy that theme quite a bit huhuhuhuhu....
I wonder how you'll take it since~~
There are lots of different ways~
Lol, misunderstandings of the people like the prologue XD

SKE memberrrrrssss!!!! Yosh!!! I shall enjoy this....
(even if they die....hopefully not my oshis but let fate go on with whatever~)
Whew~ the title is pretty straight to the point so I don't see anything wrong with it :3

*lurks in the shadow awaiting what interesting things will come next*

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Re: Zombie Apocalypse? - Preview & Chapter 1 (WMatsui)
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Wow, I haven't read an interesting story like this in a long time. Rena-chan practicing kendo give me chills, lol.
I look forward to the moment where Jurina finally strikes a conversation with Rena.
Loving AKB48 everyday~

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Re: Zombie Apocalypse? - Preview & Chapter 1 (WMatsui)
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What happen at the last part?!?

Jurina is in love with Rena?

Update soon

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Re: Zombie Apocalypse? - Preview & Chapter 1 (WMatsui)
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WMATSUI x Zombies
oh~! f*ck yeahhhhhhhhh!!!

contiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :cathappy: :cathappy:

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Re: Zombie Apocalypse? - Preview & Chapter 1 (WMatsui)
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Yay~ Chapter 1!!! :onioncheer:
I can't stop grinning when Airin and Kanon kept on pestering Jurina about  those things :hiakhiakhiak: :kekeke:
oH~ Jurina you are definitely in Love! Ever heard of love at first sight! :shy2: :whistle:
What happened at the end?! :shock: Why oh why! there had to be cliffhangers! :on polter:
Anyway~ Cliffhangers always make things interesting! :on lol:
I wonder how zombies came into the world and what Rena meant when she said that Jurina is their only hope? :mon wtf: :pig huh:
Update soon~ :byebye:
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Re: Zombie Apocalypse? - Preview & Chapter 1 (WMatsui)
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OMG ! What was that? The preview ! (笑)
I like your writing style and the story seems interesting :D
Look forward for the update :D

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Re: Zombie Apocalypse? - Preview & Chapter 1 (WMatsui)
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the preview~  :kekeke:

ah, the wMatsui x Zombies seems so awesome~  :farofflook:

can't wait for more  :on comhere:
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Re: Zombie Apocalypse? - Preview & Chapter 1 (WMatsui)
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What happened? :shocked :shocked :shocked :shocked :shocked :shocked :shocked

This story is awesome :grin:
I just feel sorry for this zombies. They have no chance against wmatsui. XD :P

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Re: Zombie Apocalypse? - Preview & Chapter 1 (WMatsui)
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Oh oh oh? What is this? New fic? Hmmm..... Wanna see more   :D

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Re: Zombie Apocalypse? - Chapter 2 (WMatsui)
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CHAPTER 2 - Zombies?! ...what's that?


The surrounding suddenly became a little bit dark resulted from the sun being covered by a stray, dark cumulus cloud up in the air. A grueling scream sounded from outside the gate… Jurina gulps before turning around to see what had just happened. She was thinking maybe that guy was actually ill and she had no other choice than to help him. But boy, how wrong she was…


What Jurina saw outside wasn’t the frail, sick looking guy she bumped just now. Instead, it was something else. Something that can’t be called a human… 

“W-What… What the heck is that?!”

She didn’t know if it was the same guy from before but it sure wears the same school uniform. Suddenly, that thing turns to her direction. Her heart was beating so fast as their eyes fall on one another. They keep staring at each other, just waiting for any action or movement from either of them. Jurina could make out from afar the disfigured face of the man with red bloodshed eyes and falling nose. He was standing in a weird stance, like his legs were broken or something… Jurina couldn’t say. There was a sizzling sound with slight smoke coming out from his body and that’s when Jurina could smell the foul odor of rotten meat being burnt.


His hand rose slowly with a pointed finger pointing straight at Jurina. That’s when her mind started to scream for her legs to run. As per command, Jurina runs back into the building. She slams the door entrance before pushing the green trash can to block the door. But she knows that poor trash can won’t hold for a long time before that… thing could break through.

Jurina runs through the hallway towards her class. She thought that maybe this was all just a dream and someone would wake her up. She purposely bumps her hand quite hard on the wall.

“OWW! Damn it’s real!”

Jurina hissed at the realistic pain she felt. Whatever that thing is… it is indeed a factual and real thing. Jurina was about to warn whoever that is still inside her classroom as she reached her class but it was empty. Of course, it’s almost half past 5 in the evening. Everyone should be home by now. Not wasting much time, she quickly picks up her things. She stops at the door to think of a place she could run away to save herself.

“Wait… where am I supposed to go to?”

Jurina slams her forehead with her fist lightly. There’s no place she could run to. But then her mind starts to think of an escape plan. Jurina is fast enough. If she can outrun that one guy at the front, then perhaps she could escape from this school and away from that thing.  She takes a look outside the window to the front gate of the school. That's when Jurina felt shivers running through her bones…

There wasn’t only one. There are like dozens of them right now, strolling and pacing in slow movement with hunched state on the school’s ground. Most of them are wearing her school’s uniform while the others are most probably some public workers. Jurina could only stare with her jaw hanging… How on earth is she going to run through all those weird things now?

A sound of slow steps and grumbling woke Jurina from her stun. With brave steps, Jurina neared the classroom door to take a look at the hallway. Her eyes widen from the sight of a man wandering the hallway with a pale face. It was one of her teacher. Jurina recognizes him with his pink tie he always wore just because his wife told him so. Knowing there is someone else here beside her, Jurina calls out for him.


The man raised his pale face. A frown shown as Jurina neared him.

“Are you okay, sensei?”

“W-what are you still… doing h-here, Matsui?”

“I was running around the school when-… Sensei! You don’t look so good!”

“Ah… what a diligent girl you are, Matsui.”

“Sensei, let me help-“



Jurina was shocked with his outburst. She backs away a few steps to give him some space…

“Just… stay a-away from me. I don’t f-feel so good I might puke on you…”

Jurina managed a smile at her sensei’s effort of trying to lighten things up. He still managed to do a joke at this kind of state…

“Sensei, what is happening…?”

The man wears a grim face before he answer his student…

“It seems like t-there’s a zombie disease g-going on…”


“Yes… “

Jurina grips her fists tightly with the revelation. What on earth is going on? Zombies don’t exist… do they?

Jurina was so lost in her thoughts when her sensei suddenly coughs uncontrollably.

“S-sensei? Nee, you need help… let’s go to-“

“NO! I don’t n-need help… I’m not o-one of them. I’m not! They are t-the ones who need h-help!”

A trail of blood flowed out of his mouth, the crimson liquid dripping down his scruffy chin as it stained his white shirt and pink tie. Jurina could sense something is definitely wrong with her sensei. She slowly steps backward, trying to gain some distance from his sensei who’s acting kind of weird at the moment.

“W-where are you… g-going, Matsui?”

Jurina halted her step in shock. Her sensei is biting his nails with blood dripping from his hands. Jurina wants to scream. She wants to scream and run away from him but her feet wouldn’t obey her. Looking at the distressed face of his student, he grins in a sickening manner.

“Aaah… y-you know… I always e-envy you, Matsui…”

“W-what are you talking about, sensei?”

“You… the g-girl that has always b-become the talk of s-school. E-everyone loves y-you, Matsui…”

Jurina backs away slowly as he steps closer towards her but the wall at her back  prevented her from moving away from him.

“I d-despise girl like y-you… always playing t-the trump card. The ace of sports c-club... T-he most a-adored girl i-in school… I feel like c-crushing you!”

“S-sensei… stop this, please!”

“B-but now… I can f-finally have y-you… I’ll t-treat you well, M-Matsui… hehehe.”

Jurina could feel tears building up in her eyes. The frightening view of her once most respected sensei turned into a zombie made her paralyzed on the spot. She couldn’t do anything. Her mind isn’t working, her body is numb. She backs up on the wall, her whole body had literally glued on the cold surface.


She closed her eyes for whatever that is about to happen while silently praying for anything, anyone to save her right now...



Jurina opens her eyes at the sound of her sensei being hit by something. As if granting her prayers, a person with hair tied in a high pony-tail clad in their school uniform appears before her eyes. She stared in awe at the person’s back as the latter stands in front of her valiantly while confronting her sensei.

“Get a hold of yourself!”


“I don’t want to lose another person so get your mind straight!”


“Grrr… y-you’re on my way, b-bitch!”

The man launched himself at the girl while swaying his bloody hands on her face but the girl steadily steps aside to avoid his attack. With a calm movement, the girl swings her bokken to give some strong blows straight onto his body. After the third strong blow straight to the gut, the man collapsed on the floor. The girl lets out a relieved sigh before turning around to face Jurina.

“Nee, are you alright…?”

That’s when Jurina turned breathless. Once again, her heart beats the abnormal rhythm she always had when she neared the dojo at the back of school... She know she shouldn’t be thinking of trivial matters like this at the moment when there are zombies loitering about on their school ground. But she can’t help to admire this wonderful creation in front of her. Never had she thought they would be meeting in a heroic way like this… it was the girl she had wanting to see all this while. The kendo girl with beautiful, flaming eyes. It was her… Matsui Rena.

“Are you okay?”


“Here, let me help you.” Rena reached out a hand but the latter shook her head in response.

“Ah! I-its fine! I can stand on my own!”

“Are you sure?”

Jurina nods her head firmly while trying to stand on both feet. She could feel her legs still trembling from the shocking scene just now but then her eyes went wide.

“What’s wro-”


In a quick reflex, Jurina pushed her senpai to the side as she rolls herself to the other. Her disfigured sensei had just barely managed to pounce on both of them when Jurina caught sight of him standing behind her senpai.

By now, she couldn’t make out the face of her sensei. It’s like he had fully turned himself into a zombie with those whitish eyes and bloody mouth. Trying to distract the creature from attacking her senpai who’s still trying to pull herself back together from the fall due to Jurina’s strong, unintentional push, she brave herself to kick the creature’s back before running into a classroom.

“Hey! You want a piece of me? Come and get me!”



“Oh boy… bad move!”

Indeed, Jurina’s mind just decided to start working right now when the full view of the hideous creature is facing her inside the class. Grabbing the nearest chair, she slammed it on top of his head but it only managed to break the chair.

“What the… you got an iron head or something?”

She grabs another chair to defend herself from the zombie's continuous clawing and biting while subsequently trying to hit it back.

“Hey, Juritan! Catch this!”

Turning to the voice of her bestfriend, Jurina reached out her hand to grab hold of a…  broom?

“Airin! I’m really glad to see you and all… but WHAT THE HECK SHOULD I DO WITH THIS?!”

“Stick the sharp end through his head!”

Still defending herself from the creature, Jurina wore a ridiculous face as she turns to Airi…



Ugh… not that I have any better idea…

Following her friend’s not-so-trusting idea, Jurina push the end of the broom’s handle straight into the creature’s distorted face that cannot be called a face at all with all her might.

Sensei, I'm sorry...


Her eyes widen with the way the handle poke through the creature’s head with splatters of his remains and blood gushing out of the hole and some splashed on her face and clothes…

“Woohoo! Attagirl!”

Jurina turns to her friend who’s jumping at the door frame like a monkey…

“You do realize I just killed a sensei-turned-zombie, right?”

“He wouldn't want it any other way, Juritan. We're freeing him from the suffer of being a zombie...”

Then, the face of her senpai appeared in between Airi and the door.

“We got to go now! It seems there’s more heading this way!”

Rena pointed at the school’s windows behind her back as she stares at the horrifying scene unfolding down below. Jurina and Airi join her side as they gulps with the way those zombies are walking around the neighborhood…

“It’s definitely a zombie apocalypse, alright…”


The three are walking down the hallway of classes to reach the stairs going down to the gate at the school’s backyard.

“Why are you still here, Airin? I thought your club meeting was cancelled?”

“Yeah but the president need some help for the next release of his manga so he asked me for some editing… I was about to run for the gate but then I saw you two fighting off the crazy sensei.”

“How did you know how to kill those zombies?”

“Pssh... Everyone knows that! It’s written in the zombies survival guide...”

“Ummm… what?”

“It’s a book… Wait! Don’t tell me you've never heard of it?”

Jurina shakes her head. Airi looked at Rena who shakes her head too… she heaves a sigh.

“Indeed, normal people are hopeless…”

Jurina nods her head as they continue walking in silence, still wary of any sounds or movements around them. Suddenly, she felt a nudge on her side… she raise a brow as she turns to Airi who at the moment is making some weird faces before they communicate telepathically.


‘Your left! Look to your left!’

Jurina turn her head to her left, only to receive a smile from the taller girl. She quickly averts her eyes to face Airi again.

‘It’s just Matsui-senpai!’

‘Talk to her, you idiot!’


‘YES WAY! Oh come on! Just say anything…!’

‘NO! Why don’t you just-‘


Jurina just got shoved to her left quite hard by her idiot bestfriend as she bumps into her senpai.

“Whoa, there! Are you okay?”

“U-uh… yeah! I’m okay! Ahahaha… I guess my foot was just a little bit tired, you know… from running and all…”

Jurina scratches her head timidly before shooting a glare at Airi who’s playing dumb at the moment.

“We can rest for a while if you want.”

“No! I don’t want to get eaten by those scary guys…”

“You got a point there…”

Again… silence. But Jurina wants to know more about this cool senpai who had just saved her life earlier so she decided to be brave and act like she always do with everyone.



Both of them got startled as they both start speaking at the same time. They shared a giggle…

“You first, senpai.”

“No, no! You go first!”

"You sure?"

"Of course!"

“Well, ummm... I just wanted to thank you for saving me from Ito- ummm the zombie. I think I owe you one, senpai…”

“But I think you saved me too… And you did well with killing the zombie! I didn’t think we owe each other anything.”

Rena said with a smile on her face. But for Jurina, even if the smile is, well… just a smile, she couldn’t help to feel her heart fluttering in joy.

“Oh, I think we need some introductions here. I’m Matsui Rena, a third year student.”

“Matsui Jurina, a second year. And this is my bestfriend, Furukawa Airi.”

Hearing her name being said, Airi turns to them while standing straight like those SNK characters always did.

“Furukawa, at your service! But please do call me Airin, Matsui-san… It’s a pleasure to meet you!”

Rena lets out a giggle from Airi’s otaku way of introducing herself, “Nice to meet you guys too. But please drop the formalities… Rena is fine.”

“Sure, Rena-san.”

“I hope we can work together as a team, Jurina.”

Rena reaches out a hand towards Jurina for a handshake and the girl timidly accepts it with a slight tinge on her face as she holds the soft hand while admiring the beautiful smiling face of her senpai…

“O-Of course… Rena-senpai.”

They both stare at each other with smiles on their faces, still with their hands connected. Airi was about to whistle from the scene but another sound beats her to it...



A scream from one of the room broke their actions and thoughts. Recognizing the familiar voice of her friend, Rena immediately dash to the source of the scream.


“Wait, Rena-senpai!”

The two friends follow the already running Rena closely behind her as they reach a closet room filled with two zombies and two normal people who’s blocking the creature with a broken table.


“Rena-chan?! RENA-CHAN!!! HELP US!”

Hearing the commotion behind them, one of the zombies turns to them with an eye hanging out from its socket.

“Oh God, how can you see with an eye on the ground?!”

With the broom handle she used earlier, Jurina smacks the zombie straight on its face before kicking it to the ground. Focusing her eyes on the pitiful face of the zombie, she directed the end of the sharpened handle straight in between its forehead. Pulling away the stick, the brain followed along as it splattered on the floor.

“Eww gross… Can’t you be clean with the killing, Jurina?” Airi comments with a grimace but Jurina just stand there with a glorious stance while holding the broom stick on her shoulder with bits of brain and blood dripping from its end…

“This… is killing with style, dude.”

Meanwhile, seeing the distressed shout of her friend, Rena hit the zombie on his shoulder to get its attention to get out of the cramped room. After the zombie steps out of the room, Rena quickly whacks hard on its head with her wooden sword, cracking the skull and brain inside the hideous looking creature.


Rena steps in the room to help her friend and the other girl out of the closet. The bestfriend hug each other, glad that they are safe while another girl stood there with a huge bag on her back. Airi kicks the deformed body out of the way as Jurina approach the other girl.

“Are you okay? You’re not hurt or anything, right?”

“No… I’m fine.” The girl nods her head in a gloomy way.

“You’re Masana from class 3-C… am I right?” Rena steps in after succeeding in calming her friend. The girl nods her head without any expression on her face.

“If I don’t know better, I’ll think she’s crazy…”

“Hey! Stop that…”

Shrugging her shoulder, Airi steps inside the closet room to inspect the room for anything useful they could use to fend off the zombies.

“Guys! I think you should see this!”

Everyone gets inside the closet to see what Airi had found. The room is full of brooms, buckets and mops like any janitor closet should be. But inside one of the rusted locker that Airi had managed to break open, there are plenty of useful items that can be made as a weapon in dealing with those zombies.

“Swell, Airin… these could become handy.”

Jurina said as she reaches for the new-looking baseball bat. She steps out of the room before giving it a swing a couple of times.

“This is mine!”

Airi picks up a nail gun from a corner with boxes of nails stashed around it. She took a sling-bag hanging on the wall before stuffing it with the boxes of nails. 

“You know, it’s useless without an electric supply.” Churi carefully said as she picks up an axe.

“I’m saving it for later. It will come handy… soon.”

Airi shrugs the girl with a smirk before picking up a shovel and a rope. She ties the shovel with the rope before hanging it on her shoulder opposite the sling bag.

“You sure know how to do those gadget things…”

“Heh… there’s more than meets the eye with my skills, senpai.” Airi sent a playful wink at Churi as the latter smile from the girl’s playfulness.

“I’m Takayanagi Akane… or Churi as everyone calls me.”

“Furukawa Airi or Airin for short.”

Suddenly, a growl sounded from the end of the hallway.

“We should be going soon. There will be more coming…”

Jurina said as she starts walking the opposite way to reach for the stairs at the other end while swinging the baseball bat to land on her shoulder.

“But where are we supposed to go to if those zombies are everywhere?”

Jurina halts her steps as Rena’s words made some sense into her mind.

“And night will soon fall upon us…”

Masana said as she stares at the sun slowly setting away for the day still with no expression on her face.

“Well, there is one way left to go!”

Airi steps in between them before standing in front of the group...

“Where is that, Airin?”

“The only place they haven’t set foot yet…” Airi points upwards with a smirk on her face, “The rooftop.”


“Matsui-san, could you do me a favor?”

“Yes, Ito-sensei?”

“Please bring these hands outs to the class. I’ll be following you shortly soon.”

“Yes, sensei…”

Jurina bowed at her sensei as he gathers all his things for the next class.

“By the way, sensei…”


“That’s a nice tie you’re wearing. It suits you well!”

“Ah! I thought it was an embarrassing one cause my wife insists me to wear it this morning… but since you said so, Matsui… Thank you!”

“My pleasure, sir… You have a very lovely wife!”

“I’m lucky to have her in my life, honestly!”

They share a laugh before Jurina excused herself from the teacher’s room. Just as she was about to turn around after closing the door, another person appeared before her. Jurina got startled with the view in front of her. Her sight fall onto the most beautiful pairs of eyes she had ever laid upon. Her eyes were a bit round with light brown colored iris which draws her soul to get closer to the owner with her unwavering but warm gaze.

“Excuse me?”

“A-ah! Sorry…”

Jurina side stepped to allow the girl to enter the teacher’s room. She was about to walk away when a shout of the girl’s name made it into her ears. The name kept repeating inside her mind while replaying the scene of the girl holding the shinai in a cool way with those fearsome eyes, the same way Jurina had seen her before inside that old dojo. A smile unconsciously made its way on Jurina’s face as the name came out from her mouth in a whisper…

“Matsui Rena…”

A/N: OMG WHERE'S KANON?!!! :shocked Hahaha well she'll get into the story later but for now, here's chapter 2 guys!  :cow:

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