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Author Topic: Precious One - chapter 6 (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina) 3/12/2015 - DISCONTINUED  (Read 19586 times)

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Atsuko and Kai practice how to kiss

Yuki and Mayu... Telling each other stuffs

Jurina and Rena... Facing deliema of being separated

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to see more

Thank you for the update

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  • WMatsui, Atsumina, Mayuki couple forever!!
What going to happen to the Matsui family?!

I wonder why Mayurefuse to go back to that school

I need more Wmatsui and Mayuki...Atsumina

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thx for the update~ [emoji4]

lol..the massage part of wmatsui n kaixacchan part make me thought of something else..hehehe.. *grin* [emoji5]️[emoji5]️

hmm..mayuyu absolutely painful one i guess..hope yukirin understand it..

ah..thx again~ [emoji4][emoji4]
gonna wait for the next update~ :3

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Precious One (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina) Chapter 6: Helpless Bird [03/12/15]
« Reply #43 on: December 03, 2015, 11:51:38 AM »
Hey everyone! Sorry for the really long and unnoticed hiatus! :kneelbow: My intention was to release this chapter by end of March (lol) but a series of unfortunate events happened so I couldn't post this... I'm seriously very sorry! Now I decided to post this because my exams have ended (YAY) so this fanfic will hopefully be continued on a regular basis.

If you have yet to read this fanfic, please start reading from Chapter 1! If you forgotten the storyline, do skim through the previous chapters!

So, where did I stop? Oh yes right, about-

Airin: Hello everyone! I'm Furukawa Airi!

Churi: and I'm Takayanagi Akane also known as Churi~!


C: It seems that the baka author is away, so in this chapter, it'll be a Furuyanagi special! Plus, us Furuyanagi will be narrating it! xD

E-eehhh but I'm right here-

A: In the previous poll of which pairing you readers want to see more, we won 21 out of 49 votes! Thank you so much! So without further ado, let's start the story!



CHAPTER 6: Helpless Bird

Akane here! Hmmmm where do I begin? Living for nearly 73 years has allowed me to experience a lot of things, including a roller coaster of emotions. I was mostly called energetic and loud (and sometimes annoying) by my peers and schoolmates, and that personality was stuck in me for quite some time. My student life wasn't anything epic but it was still freaking fun! I had decent friends and we did all the cool stuffs that teenagers do, but the best(?) part of my life was when I turned 21. My brother, who was also my lover at that point of time, proposed to me and with sort of lived happily together. Our parents were long gone because of a certain clan, and so our focus was to build a family. Of course, it wasn't easy to handle family life and our newly-opened restaurant business but we decided to keep things slow. I thought my life was so blissful - having a husband whom I love a lot and running a restaurant which had been my dream since young, until things took the wrong turn.

20 years since our marriage and I kept failing to produce an offspring. Not sure if I'm just being unlucky, but going through two miscarriages was quite traumatizing, but I thought I could handle this obstacle. I mean I could if... my husband was there to give his support...

He gave up on me. He threw me aside... and found himself another woman. Words like 'useless' and 'stupid' were used on me all the time. He would beat me and treat me like a toy, but all I did was to cry in pain. I may be from one of the strongest clan, but it does not mean I am no weak. I couldn't fight back... Despite all this, he didn't want to divorce me so that his reputation as the head of Takayanagi clan remain unstained. When he made the woman pregnant around 7 years later, I thought my life was over...

Going through all sorts of depression was horrible. The thought of ending my life happened way too many times, but considering how I was from one of the most powerful vampire clan, it was close to impossible. Life was full of darkness, no one was there to pull me back to the light. My old self - the energetic one and the one that likes to stand out a lot - is already dead. I was soulless.

Unfortunately (or fortunately lol I don't even know), that woman died after giving birth to her son, whom I treat him like my own: Takumi. Well, I didn't had a choice but to raise the kid like my own, since he IS a Takayanagi by blood. However, life still wasn't any better because my restaurant had to close down and that man never treat me any better from last time. Other than being beaten up, I became a "sex slave" to him. I probably wouldn't want to elaborate any further.

16 years later went past like as if nothing happened when finally there was a small ray of hope for me. One of my 'friend' offered me a place to work, which I profusely declined at first but I knew I had to give life a second chance. And I was right.


9 years ago...

Monday, 4th July 20x(x-9)


Uwah... Am I lost or what?

This can't do! I can't be late for my first day of work! All the more I'm working as a teacher!

Ok, calm down, Akane! Your stupid brain ain't gonna make your sense of navigation any better by thinking only. Let's ask some nearby people or students and you should be fine. Yeah, that should do.

Ah! Isn't that a high school student? The uniform even has a 'AKB' logo on it!

The student saw me and somehow began to approach me. Did I show my 'lost' face or something?

I was about to ask her when...

"Excuse me," her voice interrupted me, "do you know how to get to AKB High School?" EEHHHH???!!! This girl is... "I came from Nagoya and I just transferred today... I'm going to be late already, so please show me the way!" What luck do I have...???

"Ummm... Actually I'm going there as well, and, I'm lost too..."

"Oh, you're a transferred student too?" She held my hand, being a bit too overfriendly for a first meeting. And did she just said I'm a transferred student? Do I look like one?!

"Ah no I'm a-"

"Oh I know! I can just use Google Maps!"


After 10 minutes of searching for the school (it felt like hours though), we finally made it. I wasn't later, nor was I early, so both the stranger and I dashed towards the staff room where we were supposed to report.

"Who are you looking for?"

"Ummm I am Takayanagi Akane."

"I am Furukawa Airi." Hmmmm... Quite a nice name.

[End of Akane's POV]

[Airi's POV]

Our footsteps went "da da da da, ta ta ta ta" as we climbed up the stairs towards the staffroom. The un-athletic me panted "ha haa haa" while the petite girl whom I just met gave a knock on the door. "Kon kon!"

(Airin's Note (A/N): Just to make things a little exciting, I used onomatopoeia, or what you call it "sound effects" xD Maybe I read a bit too much manga >< but since doing this is troublesome, I won't continue after this.

Author: Airin-san, A/N is already used by me already so you can't use it!!! The readers will be confused...

Back to story~

Author: Don't ignore me T_T)

"Who are you looking for?"

"Ummm I am Takayanagi Akane." A long name for a short girl. Hehe.

"I am Furukawa Airi."

"Ah, you are Furukawa the new transfer student, am I right?" A nod was the only thing I did as I am a socially awkward person... It must have been a miracle for me to be able to talk to this Takayanagi Akane-san.

"Okay, please wait outside as another teacher will escort you to your class. Takayanagi-sensei, please follow me inside."


"Is there a problem, Furukawa-san?"

"U-ummm... n-nothing..." The girl who was referred to as sensei gave me a confused look, like as if I was weird.

The door in front of me was closed as I patiently waited. No way... That young girl, is a teacher? I didn't know she's an adult! Her face and body prove otherwise! Or maybe she's a child prodigy???

Moments later, a male teacher came out of the room, saying he is my homeroom teacher and led me to my classroom. As I was walking away from the staffroom, I looked back once again, hoping to see that stranger coming out so that I can apologize for misunderstanding. Unfortunately, she was nowhere to be seen.


"We have a new student who will be in your class from now on. Furukawa-san, please introduce yourself."

Ahh... All these new faces makes me so nervous! I don't like meeting new people and I'm bad at making friends... Calm down, Airi...

"N-nice to meet you, my name is Furukawa Airi and I-I am from Nagoya. Please take care of me." Not sure if it's a Tokyo thing, but no one seems to bother. They were talking among themselves, sleeping, reading manga or spacing out. The reactions they all gave brought a little pain to my heart, especially since the teacher didn't bother asking for their attention, but I chose to ignore it.

"Furukawa-san, you can sit next to Nakanishi-san over there."



The day past by extremely fast. My class didn't really talk to me though but it's not like I mind. If possible, I don't want to involve myself with them. Generally, the class is full of bullies. They make fun and tease the so-called weak and weird minority in the class. I hope I don't become a victim. I'm not the kind that likes to fight back or get angry.

I wonder what I should get for dinner... Instant ramen again I guess?

I was just wandering aimlessly to find a nearest convenient store when I saw a certain person whom I've been wanting to see since class started coming out from a supermarket. Now's my chance!

"Ummm T-Takayanagi-san!"

She turned around, looking like a clueless person when her name was called, like she didn't knew where the voice came from. I waved my hands to gave a signal to her that it was me before running towards her. Uwah! 'I don't want to see her!' or 'What an annoying person!' was written all over her face.

"It's you... What is it?"

"I want to apologize to you. I am really sorry for mistaking you for a student!" I bowed as low as I could since I felt really apologetic. She must have felt insulted when I jumped into conclusion earlier on.

"W-woah what-"

"If you want, I can even do dogeza here!"

"EHHH NO NO NO DON'T DO IT HERE! Actually, don't even do it! I forgive you already. Besides it wasn't even a big deal."

"Is it...??? I am seriously sorry..."

"There's no need to apologize, really."

(J/N: Dogeza is an act to show apology where one kneels on the ground and bow and the head will touch the floor~ It's like a super formal thingy ya know?

Airin: Jurina-san, sorry but, you're disturbing my story.

Churi: That's right! Move away!

But you two are stealing my limelight! I'm the main character of this fanfic, so why haven't I appear yet in this chapter?!

C: Come on, it's Furuyanagi's turn to shine!

A: Don't worry, you'll appear soon! Anyways, back to story~ Where did I stop?)

"Those look heavy. Here let me help you!" Takayanagi-san was carry large amount of groceries, so I guess she needed help, I think...

"Hmmm? It's not very heavy, so it's alright."

"It's okay, give them to me. It's to repay back for misunderstanding you."

"Mou you're being persistent! I said I'm fine!" She started to raise her voice, like as if she had enough of my annoyance, but being the apologetic me, I didn't take her words and continued persisting her.

I grabbed her left arm, "No, allow me to-"

"OWW! IT HURTS!" When she screamed, I immediately released her arm, worried that I had inflicted pain to her. Then I realize it wasn't me. Her arm was injured to begin with, and when my hand put pressure to it, it hurt her.

"Oh no! I'm so sorry... I didn't know you injured your arm." She didn't respond but only cried. I guess it was really painful.

"Does it hurt a lot? Do you want to go to the hospital?"


Just like that, she snapped at me and left the scene. Airi, you idiot. You just met her and you've cause so much trouble already. Sigh...


2 weeks later...

Monday, 18th July 20x(x-9)


I'm so forgetful! During class, the marker I used for my sketching and drawings nearly ran out of ink and I had already decided to buy another one on my way home after school. But when I was out of the school and walked towards a stationery shop, a wild dog suddenly chased after me! Naturally, I ran away as fast and far as I could managed despite my horrible stamina until the dog was out of sight. Without anymore thought, I went home and totally forgotten about my intention!

It was only at night when I completed my homework and felt like drawing when I realized about the markers.

Should I wait till tomorrow and buy? Hmmm but I need it now... But I could deal with a pencil. But what if I forget tomorrow? Ah, I'll just buy now!

So there I was outside, walking in the dark. Don't ask me why there aren't many streetlights installed because I don't even know. I would lie if I say I wasn't scared! I mean, who wouldn't be? It's quite late at night, there aren't many people walking in the area, the place is forever silent, and it's really dark!

I shouldn't have gone out. T_T

Just then...

"BUMP!" OH MY GOD I HIT SOMETHING! I heard the thing hit the ground with a "doka".

I was so scared because I didn't know what I bumped into, I felt like running away, especially when a sobbing "shiku shiku" could be heard.

"H-help m-me..." A GHOST?! I'M DOOMED! Somehow, I couldn't move. Like as if my mind told me to check out on that thing. Unconsciously, I crouched down to get a closer look (despite feeling super afraid). It was a human figure, whose knees were on the ground and had its hands covering its face. It was not a ghost. It was someone very familiar.

"Takayanagi-sensei?" I took her hand and got her up. She didn't look at me as her head was hung low, and continued to sob.

What in the world happened? The teacher who was pissed off at me, the teacher whom I avoided during school due to that incident, was right in front of me, looking hopeless. Gently, in case her arm was still injured, I brought her to the nearest bench that has a streetlight.


I didn't know what to do. I could only grab her hand and gave her comfort. She also looked like she didn't want to speak.

"AKANE! WHERE ARE YOU?!" Suddenly, a man's voice was calling out her name. Takayanagi-sensei grabbed my hand tighter upon hearing the voice and I could hear her panting in fear. Her head was still looking down, like as if she didn't want to get caught.

I was so confused! Should we make a run?

"Ah. Found you." She looked up, her eyes were filled with fear. I looked up too and saw a man approaching us. There was no point in trying to run away already.

"What are you doing here? Hurry up and go home!"

She didn't let go of my hand. Instead, the grabbing became harder. I was sure that there was something going on, and she didn't want to go home.

"Ummm... I don't think she wants to go home yet. Don't worry, mister. I'll bring her home later."

"And just who are you?!"

"I'm just a student, but I am totally aware that Takayanagi-sensei is scared of you."

"Huh? So what? Move away!"

"No, I won't. Maybe you should stop forcing her and just go."

"You little brat!" The man pulled me away from Takayanagi-sensei and bam! The next thing I knew I was on the floor and hit my head hard. I was also quite far away from where I was. What incredible strength he has!

Ah. I felt so dizzy and my vision became quite blurry. Oh gosh, am I losing consciousness? With my last effort to keep my eyes open, I saw Takayanagi-sensei being forcefully grabbed by the man and slowly, they disappeared from my sight.



"Airin, you finally woke up!"

"Mom? What happened? Where am I?"

"You're in the hospital, my dear. Someone saw you lying down motionless just now. Your head was bleeding..."

"Ohh..." So it wasn't a dream. I was with Takayanagi-sensei and a pervy-looking man took her away. How long was I knocked out? Whatever it is, I must talk to her. It's bothering me already!

[End of Airi's POV]


Friday, 23rd July 20x(x-9)


[Akane's POV]

It was lunchtime for the first years and I didn't have any home economics period, so it was the perfect time to head down to the cafeteria. It seems like I overslept today so preparing a bento was out of the question.

The girl who I accidentally bumped to the other day, I haven't seen her these past few days. Her homeroom teacher said she was given a number of days off due to a head injury. I guess she must have hit her head during that time... It was all my fault that it happened. If I didn't cling to her for help, she wouldn't be in such state. I'm so embarrassed to appear like that in front of a student! So, I decided to apologize when I see her.

But... I was glad she was there. Imagine if I were to run into a random stranger. They might not even help me! She was really nice, and when she held my hand, I could feel so much warmth and kindness.

I remembered screaming at her once. She only wanted to help, but I pushed her aside. Despite all that, she continued smiling! Ahhhh I'm such a horrible human (I mean vampire lol)!

It was like as if God heard my wish of wanting to see her. As I walked towards the cafeteria, at the corner of my eyes, I saw her at the garden with a sketch pad and pencil on her hands. She had a bandage on her head. It was the perfect opportunity to speak to her.

"Does your head still hurt?" She jolted, surprised to hear my voice.


"Furukawa-san, I'm sorry for what happened to you... It was my fault for getting you involved until you got injured."

"It's alright. Sensei was in need of help so I only did what I could." There she go again, smiling like as if nothing happened.

"More importantly, Sensei. I want to know what happened to you. It bothers me a lot, and I'm kind of worried..." This girl... Why does she care so much? But why do I feel like I can trust her?

"A-alright. Just don't tell anyone about it."


I looked around to see if there was any student around us, which fortunately, there wasn't.

"That man... He's my husband..."

I let everything out and told her everything she ought to know (and also the fact that I am no human and I am old as hell) and somehow, I ended up having tears formed in my eyes. I guess talking about this is painful to me...

But that she was, listening to my story patiently and carefully, like as if she really was caring for me. That sight just made me wail more.

She could only smile like how she always does. It felt like she was giving me assurance that I would be alright and she would be there for me.

"You cry so easily, Sensei."

"Un... I know..."

From those eyes, I could tell, an angel was sent to protect and save me from my misery.


From then on, Furukawa-san, I mean, Airin, and I got really close, and sometimes we forgotten our teacher-student relationship. She was a friend that I need for all this while, and I'm glad I could be a friend too. Airin is too quiet in class and doesn't speak to people that often. According to her, she's socially awkward and does not have many friends because she was always sketching. But when we are together, she shows her real side, her crazy side! Being with Airin always makes me forget about the ordeal I face at home daily.

 Thanks to Airin, I became an anime fan.

And thanks to Airin too, I wasn't the gloomy Takayanagi Akane anymore.


Monday, 26th May 20xx




"Ahhhh! Finally caught up to you! And call me Jurina!!!"

"I would if you kindly refer to me as Sensei! Shouldn't you be going for club now?"

"That can wait~ I want to know what's up with yesterday!" Yesterday? What's with yesterday? I just gave her a confused look because I don't know what she was talking about.

"Yesterday I called you, remember? You were crying and calling out for Airi-sensei! What happened? I'm worried!" I remember now! I thought Airin was the one who called yesterday... and why was I crying? The usual happened at home but it got really bad yesterday that I needed someone's help. After Matsui-san's call, I called Airin straight away for her to come down to my house.

Am I going to tell this to Matsui-san? DEFINITELY NOT.

"Huh? I don't get what you're talking about. I don't remember you calling me at all!"

"No way, it was definitely Akane-san on the line!"

"Like I said, it wasn't me! You were probably imagining things. Now get your ass to the field! I've got work to do."


"Now what?"

"I need some love advice!"

"HUH?" Love advice? This girl is in love?!

"I think... I'm in love with Rena-chan." When I heard Rena's name, I could only laugh. Seriously?

"Hahaha Matsui-san, I think you're confused! Rena is your sister so of course you love her. You're very clingy and she takes care of you very well. You two are very close, so you thought you love her as a lover, but actually you love her as a sister. Relax and don't think too much!"

"Y-you're right... Then, I have one more thing to tell you."

"Go on."

"I... might be in love with you then." She's making me laugh for the second time.

"Please, Matsui-san! You're making me laugh. I have to go now, so please erase those thoughts off your mind."

I left her despite her telling me to wait, and made my way to the staff room. Finally, I made it to my desk and started doing some admin work for the track and field club.


"Urghhhh even you too, Airi-sensei?! Like I've said so many times, don't call me any names other than Takayanagi-sensei or Akane-sensei in school!"

"Woah okay okay, I understand. What's up with that mood? Are you under pressure or something?"

"You bet I am! This morning, a student of mine scalded herself during home economics and I had to take the blame. Just now, a parent called to complain that his son is tired from club practices and asked me to shorten the timing. And not even 5 minutes ago, Matsui-san weirdly confessed to me! How can I not feel this way?"

"Shhhhh! You're too loud. Rena's lil sis confessed? That's weird..." Airin softened her voice enough for only me to hear.

"I too think it's weird. I know she's clingy and all, but I didn't expect her to fall in love with a girl."

"No, that's not what I meant by weird. I mean, she's in love with Rena, you know?"

"You're kidding!"

"I'm not. Don't you feel that Jurina-san's actions whenever she's with Rena is a bit too different? Her eyes always look so different, and they way she looks at Rena, it's full of love! Besides, even Rena felt it too."

"Rena knows about it?!"

Airin nodded and then asked me something I never expect. "You're not in love with Jurina-san, are you?" What kind of sudden question was that?

"Huh? Are you crazy? Matsui-san is too young, and too annoying. Plus she's a female! No way would I think of her that way. Wait a minute, why are we talking about this topic at work?!"

"You're the one who started it. Well, if you don't have such feelings, that's good."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Nothing. I'll go back to my desk. Sorry to disturb your work, Akane-sensei."

Sometimes, I don't understand Airin's feelings. It was more like she was hiding her feelings. She's always smiling and helping me a lot, and I didn't know how to repay for her kindness. I would always be the one complaining and getting angry, while she just patiently listen to me and never scolded me whatsoever. She doesn't seem to have any problems too since she don't involve herself with other people.

Am I a bad friend?

Is there really nothing that bothers Airin? Or am I not looking enough?

If she's hiding anything from me, I want to know!

Because... if anything were to happen to her, I will suffer. I can't imagine living without depending on her.

Long time ago, there used to be a saying that goes "No human and vampire can get too close to each other, be it in whatever relationship: friendship, love, etc. If fail to abide by the rule, one of them will have to suffer a curse and be gone from this world."

Well of course most of us don't believe it these days. Besides, the human and vampire races are in peace now unlike in the past.

But if the saying is true, then all the more I want to prove that it's not. Airin may be a human while I am not, but it doesn't mean we can't stick together.

Or so I thought...


Churi: Anddddddd that's the end for the this chapter! Hope you enjoyed it!

I sure did, but you two didn't have to snatch away my job!

Airin: Hmmm? Author-san is finally back! Welcome back~



A: Ah. Sorry...

C: Yeah... We were too excited...

Naanya: Author-san, next chapter is going to be my chapter right?

Huh?! No way! You didn't win the poll! The readers said I could do anything I want, so guys, please! Don't go on and disturb my story T_T

Jurina: You were on hiatus for so long! Of course we had to take over you! Or else, who would complete this chapter?!

Sigh... You're right... I'm sorry everyone. I won't go on a hiatus without telling beforehand again :kneelbow: And Naanya, although next week won't be your chapter, I'll make sure you'll still appear.

With that, Next Chapter: Curse

Till then, bye~!

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Damn Churi's husband!!! :angry: :angry: Why doesn't he die along with his second woman :banghead:
Aaaawwww Airin is so kind and understading towards Churi :wub: :wub: anndd from their last converstaion, I bet she likes Churi already right? :fap
To: Churi
Leave your husband and come to Airi already! :P XD
Next chapter asap~

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FURUYANAGI!!!!!!!!!! >w<

But seriously though her husband (a quote from a good friend) should burn in the pits of hell for all eternity.

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nice story author-san

massaging part WMatsui makes me laugh hahahaha
rena did know they arent blood related sister, didnt she?
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Hey everyone, emprezz48 here! Before I say anything with regards to the title, firstly, I apologize for not updating this fanfic “Precious One” for a very long time. My last update was in December 2015 and since then, I went on hiatus without telling anyone publicly. For that, I am really sorry. Moving on to the real announcement…

As stated in the title, I have, unfortunately, decided to discontinue, or put it simply, drop this fanfic “Precious One”. I have also decided (if I can) to close this thread, which means I am not allowing anyone to continue this fanfic as the “new” writer. I am, from the bottom of my heart, deeply sorry for making such decisions. I thought about this for a long time, and only now am I deciding to do it. I know this is bad news to all my readers, but before anyone decides to bash me, please, hear me out.

I started this fanfic back in 2014 when I was a new fan of AKB and SKE. I was a naïve kid excited upon seeing pairings here and there which led to my decision on making this fanfic. However, as time passed by (fast forward to end of 2015) I no longer consider myself an AKB fan nor a 48G fan, as I only focused on SKE (which I still do till today). I no longer have the same interest as before in AKB pairings such as AtsuMina and MaYuki, which are the main pairings to this fanfic. I don’t know if this make sense, but, I can never write something that I lost/have no interest in.

For your information, I did try to write a new chapter. What more, I even have an idea to how the chapter should run, and I already came up with the ending of the fanfic. But no matter how much I try, I can never seem to complete the chapter. I’m not even halfway done! Honestly, it’s stressful and painful to write something to make others entertained, yet something I don’t enjoy doing. What an irony.

I am shameful for being such a horrible writer for deciding to stop writing this fanfic even though I know my readers will be negatively affected by it. I know I had quite a number of readers, though I don’t know how many are left patiently waiting for me to update this fanfic, but even one reader counts so I am really disappointed in myself.

I blame myself for not allocating time (though I had school and exams and other stuff to do) to write this fanfic, because thanks to time, I lost interest, and by the time I realized it, it was too late. I am no robot to force myself, nor do I want to be a machine that vomits out shitty content because I don’t enjoy writing it. Rather than making readers read a horrible fanfic, I should discontinue the fanfic. I have no intention to upset anyone, but I think this is the best decision for both me and readers.

With that, I would like to thank all my readers who read this fanfic. Your comments have always been warm and encouraging, and I will never forget that. To the silent readers, even though I can’t see you, I know you were there reading it, so thank you. Everyone, thank you, thank you so much. I don't know how else I can say this, but THANK YOU!

From now on, I will do a lot of reflection, so that I can become a writer with a better personality. I don’t wish to stop becoming a writer because it is something I like to do, and if someday I do create a new work, I hope to finish it! I hope I’ve said everything that I want to say.

Oh, and now that you are done listening me out, if you still want to bash me, curse me, whatever, go ahead. Because I know that I deserve it.

With that, see you when I see you!

Ps. I am so sorry for writing such a long post. I feel the need to explain my decision rather than leaving things hanging, so I actually hope you understand after reading… and thank you for reading this.

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