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Author Topic: Wait For Me (RenaYuki/MaYuki/WMatsui) - Chapter 4 [150316]  (Read 24787 times)

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The night was calm with the luminescent light of the moon basking the dark land. The bridge was vacant of any vehicles as the clock ticks to midnight. No one wanted to pass through what people called the Bridge of Death. Every day, after midnight, someone will be killed mercilessly on this bridge before being pushed down the river of Black Hole to erase the person of any presence in this world. And tonight might be the night a certain girl is going down together with all those people that had gone through the river, dying a painful, lonely death without any trace and forgotten…   

A lone girl with long raven hair and a black jacket can be seen shooting rounds of gunshots at the group of men clad in black suit. The girl was bleeding on her limbs and face. Her shirt was torn on the back with a large, long wound and blood seeping into her jacket. She pant with heavy breaths as her eyes wanders around to look at her opponents. Spitting the blood collecting in her mouth, she took a deep breath, wiping the sweats forming on her forehead with the back of her torn, dirty sleeve.

“30 down, 29 more to go…”

She muttered, counting the remaining enemies that were holding guns and katanas in front of her. Closing her eyes, the girl held the golden bracelet she wore on her left wrist while muttering a small prayer. Releasing her breath slowly through her mouth, she lifted her right arm before running and releasing more rounds of shots to her opponents. One by one, the men fell from her accurate shots as she ran in a zigzag pattern in between her targets. Zipping across a guy taking shelter behind an open door of a sedan, the girl slammed her elbow on his neck, crashing his face onto the already cracked window. She aimed her left hand inside the car, blasting the driver’s head resulting with blood splattering by the window. Jumping on top of the car’s roof, the girl released another frenzy rounds of shots all over the men scattered down below. Rains of bullets spread all over them with droplets of red crimson liquid staining the cold asphalt road. It was a horrifying scene of bloodbath on the bridge.


“Damn!” She cursed after the guns lost their functions with her limited supply of ammunitions.

“Get her!”

Rolling down from the car’s roof, the girl grabbed the nearest dead body to give her protection from the incoming bullets. Throwing the body towards them, she rushed past the men before giving blows on the back of their heads with her useless guns to knock them down. With fast speed and agile movement, she dodged the bullets barely grazing her body, handling the men with her bare arms and strong kicks. She had managed to take down almost half of them by now but it seemed like the actual counts had not even reduced. They keep coming one after another. Seeing that the girl had worn out from the continuous fights, they rounded her towards the edge of the bridge. Her breathing had turned heavy as she tried to stay conscious. The lost of blood from her multiple wounds had just worsen her already beaten up condition. She can feel her heart starting to lose the fast beating with her pulse slowly decreasing by the seconds.

Unbeknownst to the girl, an old man stepped out of his car with a cane on his hand. He wore a hat to cover half of his face with the shadow. He had observed the girl since the beginning of her fight with his henchmen until now. Reaching inside his coat, the man took out a silver Desert Eagle before aiming it straight at the girl’s chest from afar.

“You’ve grown a lot, Agent 027… but this ends here.”


A loud gunshot echoed all over the place. The girl’s eyes widen as she felt something hot pierced through her chest. Her breathing shortened as her eyes gets blurry with the mixture of shock and pain she felt. Suddenly, a roaring sound of an engine blares in the air. The girl can barely make out the silhouette of a lone light getting closer to her direction. She can hear the commotion the men were causing from the unexpected appearance of someone. However, due to the numbness of her legs, the girl staggered backwards before falling from the ledge down to the river below. A thought ran through her mind in the split second of her incoming death…

“Promise me one thing… Promise me you’ll be back alive.”

“I don’t know-“

“You still owe me that lunch date, Rena-chan!”

A sad, weary smile formed on her face. The twinkling of her bracelet's reflected with the moon light caught her eyes as the face of a cute girl appeared before her…

“I’m sorry…” a lone tear dropped from her eyes, “Looks like I broke the promise…”

She muttered before splashing into the cold currents of rough waters down below while another girl shouted her name in desperation of not being able to save the love of her life from the inevitable fall…


Sup, everyone? Firstly, I wanna say A MILLION THANKS to everyone that had participated in voting for the contest no matter for which entry. You guys are the BEST! I still need a punch for getting 2nd tho.... :huhuh My entry wasn't that organized and was a bit rushed coz I've misread the deadlines ahahaha... Also on another note, I have never done YukiRena before coz all the pairings that I wanted to wrote had been picked by others but I still wanna try to enter the contest so... YukiRena it is! (coz I want Rena in it) XD 

Secondly, as I had promised one of my proofreader for the entry (yeees I'm talking about u, Chi-chan XD), this is the sequel of that story!!! WEEEEEE~~!! :cathappy:  It's gonna be a continuous AU action story so please pray I'll complete this one till the end! :doh: I'm not gonna reveal the pairings... yet! Coz there'll be some twist around here nyahahahaaha!!! So, I deeply apologized if the end pairing is not what you have been expecting, guys :bow:

I'll upload the entry in my Short Shots of Lame Plots collection so be sure to check it out for those that haven't read it yet but for now you can still find it in here. (my entry is #1)

I'll update in regards with the views and response so please give your support with this story, minna! Thanks again :cathappy: :deco:
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Re: Wait For Me - Prologue [140514]
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Omg nooo Rena dont die!!

What will happen to Jurina?!?

Update soon

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Re: Wait For Me - Prologue [140514]
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What just happened?!! :shocked
Rena-chan~ :panic:
I'm sure Rena didn't die! Right?!! :cry:
Who is that mysterious person that shot RENA?!!! :angry:
Sounds so interesting! :D :w00t:
Can't wait for chapter 1! :twothumbs

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Re: Wait For Me - Prologue [140514]
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I Really like you story a lot!
when I read In the completition , I hope that would be great if it become a long story.
And my dream came true!

even if you not going to reveal the pairing.
still hope its yukirena XD
don't mind my post haha up to you decide , I like you writing style by the way.!

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Re: Wait For Me (RenaYuki MaYuki WMatsui) - Chapter 1 [140515]
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After 3 years…

In the dark alley, a light from a cigarette lit can be seen with puff of smokes coming from its end. The scruffy figure blows the smokes into the air still with the stick inside his mouth, polluting the fresh air of the crispy cold night with the hazardous smoke. He rubs his hands to gather some heat from the friction when a sleek motorcycle screeched to a stop beside him. A slim figure of a female steps down from the roaring bike, clad in a denim jacket and worn out jeans. She pulls her helmet off, releasing the shoulder-length hair trapped inside before approaching the scruffy looking guy. She glides a hand through her messy silky hair, a golden bracelet gleams on her right wrist reflected by the flashing, broken street lamp on the road. Upon the girl’s arrival who seriously despises a heavy smoker like him, he throws away the remaining half on the ground, stepping on it in the process.

“What’s up?”

“Got news… bad and good.”

The girl scans the surrounding before leaning on the wall beside the guy. Even with her relaxed state, the guy knew she is actually paying a very wary attention of the place with her keen eyes and trained ears. This girl is not normal and he had confronted her skills before, which had made him depressed for a year for getting beaten up by a girl. She is well trained in the field of information gathering and stealth with top notch fighting skills.

“Spill it.”

“They’ve found her.”

He took a glance at the startled girl. She gulped as she felt her heart starts beating faster inside her chest. Her breathing becoming shallow and hitched but she conceals them with her usual calm front.

“She’s in a secret facility somewhere in the suburb area. I’ve transferred the map into your device.”

The girl nods her head. Puffs of air formed from her mouth as she asked the next question that had been nagging her mind since she got the call from the guy.

“What’s the bad news?”

“Well… the president is on the move.”

“What?!” She snapped her head sideway, her eyes widen with the information.

“Yeah… they know. And they want her dead… again.”

The girl balls her hand into a fist inside her jacket’s pocket, her teeth gritted in anger. Even after all those years, the president is still with his crazy thoughts of killing a single girl who is not at all to be blame for the disaster that took place almost 10 years ago. Doesn’t he have enough of hurting others? She walks back to her motorbike before wearing the helmet. Opening the cover of the shade, she turns her attention to the guy with fiery, glaring eyes…

“That won’t happen again…” the engine roars as she clutched the accelerator, “Not when I’m still alive.”

- - - - - - - - - - -

Yuki stifles a yawn as she typed in the report for the day. As always, the room she works in is dark like there isn’t any light source installed in there. There are plenty of lights in the room but she prefers to work in the dark. It has something to do with her brain productivity or something, so it seems… A twin-tailed girl slowly crept inside her dark and cluttered workplace. Well, she didn’t actually crept inside but after knocking the door for the nth time with no response, the girl gave up in making her presence known to Yuki who is too immersed in her work. The girl is holding a cup of freshly brewed coffee from Yuki’s favorite café. She ordered the usual, espresso with cream, just the way Yuki likes it. She had calculated earlier that Yuki might still be working at this hour and the latter definitely needs her coffee… especially at this time of the night.

She noticed the single movement of Yuki trying to reach for the already empty cup on her table. Turning into stealth mode, the girl switched the cup with the one she brought. Unaware with her friend’s presence and her sly actions, Yuki grabbed the cup and put it on her mouth, sipping the drink in one gulp.

“Oh crap!” The girl thought out loud as she forgot the coffee is still hot and fresh.


Yuki screamed as she feels the hot liquid scalds her tongue. With quick reflexes, the girl pops a mint candy into Yuki’s mouth to ease the burning sensation on her tongue. Yuki was shocked when she felt the candy being shoved into her mouth by an unknown presence. Turning to her side, Yuki wears a surprised face as she sees a grinning Mayu swaying her hand to greet her.


“Hu herfived hee!” Yuki glares as she spats out incoherent words that could only be understand by Mayu, with a hand rubbing her chest to ease the wild thumping of her heart from surprise.

“How’s your tongue? Better? Let me kiss you to lessen the burn-“ Mayu puckered her lips playfully before a book met her face with a loud smack.


“Oww! I was just kidding… I don’t think bringing a coffee with good intention to your partner could get painful as this.”

Mayu rubs her cheek with a frown. Feeling the minty candy soothing the burning sensation on her scalding tongue, Yuki grabs the sad girl’s hand with guilt apparent on her eyes.

“I’m sorry… and thanks.”

“Don’t mention it…”

Pulling her hand away slowly, Mayu grabbed the nearest chair for her to sit. Yuki raised a brow with the girl’s action. She knows Mayu liked to be spoiled with full attention given to her, added with some skinships... she won't resist those gestures from Yuki even if the latter is pretty irked with them but just now, the latter had actually pulled away from Yuki with the usual cyborg expression of hers. Yuki wanted to ask but shrugged it seeing that her work is more important than trivial matters like that.

“Still working on the report?”

“I’m finishing the last words…”

“You know… I can’t believe we’ve been doing this for the whole 3 years.”

“It’s that long?” Yuki paused her writing before shrugging her shoulders, “Well, not that I mind…”

“Yeah… and I can’t believe you stood me up tonight to be with these pile of papers.”

Yuki turns her attention to Mayu in confusion but the latter just look at her with the same deadpan expression.

“I bet you don’t remember that too…”

Yuki tried to rake her brain for the meaning behind Mayu’s words when realization hit her hard.

“Ah! Tonight’s dinner!”

A sigh escaped from the shorter girl. Mayu had been courting for Yuki’s heart since the first day she laid eyes on the tall, frail girl. There has been countless of times Mayu had been asking the latter for a lunch or dinner… Well, not like a date. Just hanging out like friends always do but Yuki, being the workaholic professor she is, rejected all of Mayu’s offers. However, the day before today had been the happiest day for Mayu. Yuki had actually, for once, asked her out for dinner together that night. She was all hyper with the dinner, even arriving early to pick up the girl from their work place but after 3 hours of waiting outside the building, Mayu decided to drove to the café they always frequent to get a well-deserved late dinner all by herself.

Mayu averts her eyes from the guilt-stricken face of her crush. She is hopeless. She should be mad, maybe even yelling at Yuki right now for breaking their promise, but she can’t. She knows the latter won’t look at her the same way she looks at Yuki. But here she is falling deeper and deeper each day for the young professor. She had always admired Yuki’s determination and willpower but at the same time, she wants to uncover the other side of Yuki. The hidden, frail, weak side of the girl that was never shown to others. Mayu wants to be the one to discover that side of her. She turns her gaze to the large tube situated at the center of the room. The comatose person floating inside was the one that took Yuki’s heart first. Even if the person is in a comatose state, but the mere presence alone intimidates Mayu to no end. She had been thinking of pulling away from the project but she can’t give up on her dreams. To be the first doctor to successfully revive a dead person with cryonic regeneration and to make her crush realize the deep feeling she harbored for her… There’s no way she would give up.


“I think there’s a flaw with the formula.”

“Eh?” Yuki was caught startled with the random words coming out of her partner. “W-what are you saying?”

“Your formula. I think there’s a problem with one of them…”

“N-no way! There’s no way my mother’s research had flaws in it. You’ve seen the way they revived the first subject back to life…”

“He lived for two days, Yuki…”

“Look… we’re not talking about the survival rate of living after the resurrection. We’re talking about the success of bringing a dead animal to life! That is a totally different thing, Mayu…”

“Animals and humans are different.”

“But orang utan bears the most resemblance of a human!”

“We’re not talking about the revolution theory again, are we?”

“Wha… What are you trying to say here, Mayu?”

Yuki rubs her forehead with the way Mayu is playing with her questions. She knows the latter was just trying to mess up Yuki’s head once again with her nonsense theory and perhaps just to annoy her for revenge for disregarding their dinner date. Mayu lets out a long sigh. Feeling guilty for increasing the stress for the already worn out professor, Mayu stands on her feet to give Yuki a small massage on her shoulder when a sudden movement inside the tube halt her action.


“Look… I’m sorry for forgetting about the dinner.”


“I know I shouldn’t have been too preoccupied with my work…”

“Listen, Yuki-“

“It’s okay, Mayu. You don’t have to do the explaining. I deserve it-“


Mayu grabbed Yuki’s shoulder, shaking her body with every syllable, making the latter mum with wide eyes. Mayu turns Yuki’s chair around to make her face the large tube in the middle of the room.

“Your girl…” Mayu points a finger at the person inside the tube who already had her eyes open, “…she’s awake.”

- - - - - - - - - -


Everything is white.

Even Rena’s clothes are white.

The girl is lying on a field of grass, her eyes close with a hand swaying in the air without a care in the world… well, perhaps heaven is a better word. There is no sight of other living things in this place except her. The sky is blue with no clouds rolling about. Rena is enjoying the soft breeze of the cool wind with a serene smile on her face when suddenly she felt a familiar presence looming above her head…



“You’re lazy.”

Rena opens an eye to take a peek at the intruder. Raising herself to a sitting position with crossed legs, Rena sends a glare towards the only person… or being… whatever she is that dares to disturb her peaceful rest.

“It’s heaven. I can do whatever I want…”

“No. You are not in heaven… yet.”

“You’re noisy. Do you know that?”

“And you’re lazy… that’s why I’m this noisy.”

“Then give me something to do!”

The being with a pair of tiny wings on her back ponders for a while before giving a pout.

“There’s none.”

“See? And you’re saying I’m lazy…” Rena grumbles with crossed arms. “What are you doing here, anyway? Don’t you have other souls to babysit? Do your job properly, for Kami-sama’s sake…”

The angel-like girl’s face beams as she heard Rena’s complaints. “I’m here for my job, of course!”

She holds her hands on air when a small, black portal appeared out of thin air. Rena’s eyes widen with her jaw hanging open from surprise.

“W-what’s that?”

“Duh… it’s a portal.” The angel rolled her eyes from Rena’s obvious question. A sudden thought came to her mind. Rena claps her hands happily as she jumps on the spot.

“Nee, nee… am I going to heaven? Finally! You don’t know how many years I’ve wasted my time here!”

“Ummm actually…” the angel scratches her head with a guilty face, “…you’re going back.”


Before she could ask anymore question, the angel swayed her hands directly on top of Rena’s head, causing the girl to be pulled by the vortex force of the portal before the black hole narrowed itself and disappeared into thin air.

“I hope she doesn’t miss me…” the angel lets out a deep relieved sigh, “Eh… we’ll meet again someday anyway.”

Shrugging her shoulders, the angel flew into the sky with a satisfied smile… not before giving herself a self-rewarding pat on the back for successfully having done another easy, small job.

- - - - - - - - - -

Beep. Beep.

Where… am I?

Beep. Beep.

What is that… sound?

Beep. Beep.

Ugh… it’s annoying…

Meanwhile, two girls in white coats stood side by side as they observe the girl’s condition after the ruckus she caused earlier from being awaken.

“How is she?” Yuki asks as Mayu wrote her observations on the clipboard.

“Still breathing so I guess she’s gonna make it.”

“That’s good…” Yuki nods her head but the disturbing scene from earlier is still haunting her and it makes her worry, “You know, after what happened just now…”

“Ah… I never knew she can do that. It requires a lot of effort to break through the thick glass for a frail girl like her.”

“Maybe it has something to do with the serum…”

“I guess…” Mayu heaved a tired sigh. “We’ll do more tests after this.”

Mayu taps the pen irritatedly on the clipboard sheets before giving a side glare at the oblivious Yuki who is tending to the girl lying on the bed.

“Geez... I had just upgraded the tube recently, though…” she mumbles to herself as she hung the clipboard back on the bed. She stole a glance at the professor standing beside her who is currently wearing a worried and anxious face with fatigue clearly shown from her eye bags.

“Hey… you should sleep, Yuki.”

“It’s okay.” Yuki shook her head which just caused Mayu to grip her fist from frustration.

“But, Yuki… it has been 5 days since you last had your sleep!”

“I can survive another day…”

“What?! You’re-“

“Hey… you guys are noisy. Would you mind lower your voice down a bit?”

Both heads snapped towards the source of the voice. They stare at the figure on the bed with their jaws hanging and eyes wide like they had just seen a ghost.

“Ummm… is there something on my face?”

Yuki was the first to gain her sense back as she pounce on top of the girl while Mayu quickly press the emergency button to call for the specialists. Yuki hugs the girl with all her might, choking the life out of her as tears of joy pours out of her weary eyes.

“Hurk! C-can’t…!” the girl flails her hand for help as she tried to release herself from the death hug.

“Yuki! You’re choking her!”

“Eh? Ah! Sorry!”

Yuki released the poor girl from her tight embrace. The latter cough uncontrollably, rubbing her neck to ease the pain she felt from the suffocating hug. A frown forms on her already scrunched face as she scans the surrounding. Yuki can make out the confusion written on her face as their eyes met.

“W-who are you?”

That’s when Yuki felt all her remaining energy drained from her body. She collapsed on the spot, shocked with the revelation that Rena is finally awaken and safe… only without a memory of her.

- - - - -

“It’s funny seeing the specialists rushing to see you first instead of our subject…” Mayu lets out a snicker with a hand on her mouth but got smacked on the head by her partner.

“Shut up…”

“I thought you can carry on another day, Yuki…”

“I said shut up.”

Sensing the dark aura enveloping the girl, Mayu stops her teasing and resorts to fully pay her attention on the specialists inspecting Rena’s body and mental state.


“Hmm... I'm glad to say she is as good as a normal living human, Watanabe-san.” One of the specialists answered Mayu, “Unfortunately, as we had predicted from the previous tests, she has a memory loss.”

Yuki listens attentively from her chair as the specialists explain Rena’s state to Mayu. She wants to stand near them but her weak state is preventing her from listening to her heart’s desire. She wants to be by Rena’s side, she wants to be the one to comfort Rena after they revealed everything of her current situation but she can’t. She could only watch from the sides, praying and hoping the girl won’t freak out or anything…

“We can’t exactly say the exact span and time of her memory loss but I can assume she probably has a temporary amnesia.”

“You mean, she can regain her memory back?”

“Yes… but it’s going to take a very long time.”

Mayu nods her head with the information but a hand being raised pretty up in the air caught her attention. She neared the bed to give her attention on the innocent looking girl clutching the bed sheets like a lost kitten.

“Ano… excuse me, but why am I here?”

Mayu turns to look at Yuki but the latter was unresponsive with her eyes closed. The lack of sleep had finally taken a toll on Yuki’s brain, shutting her down for good. Taking a deep breath, Mayu decided it would be best if she take over from here.

“Hey, I’m Doctor Watanabe Mayu… You can call me Mayuyu.”

Mayu introduced herself with a smile. Rena nods her head cutely with a dumb look but the confusion is still obvious on her face.

“What’s your name?”

“Ummm… I thought you know already?”

Mayu lets out a small laugh, “Yeah I know… but I want to assure that you do know yours.”

“I’m Rena… Matsui Rena.”

Once again, Mayu nods her head with a satisfied smile… At least she knows her own name, she thought. But before Mayu can ask another question, Rena had beaten her to it.

“You didn’t answer my question earlier, Mayuyu-san.”

Getting startled from the direct question, Mayu clears her throat to think of something. With the nimble brain of hers, Mayu aligns her thoughts and words carefully to prevent the girl from getting stressed out from knowing the unbelievable truth.

“Honestly… you were in a coma for three years, Rena-san.”

The latter’s eyes widen from the revelation. She never knew she can sleep for such a long time. Even more, to even manage to be awake after a deep slumber… Mayu continue to explain every health-related matter about Rena, not including the part where they had put her into a sleeping chamber and had just resurrected her back to life. No one wants to know that she was a subject for some sort of an experiment for 3 whole years... Mayu thought that it was a blessing for them to have Rena suffering from amnesia at the moment.

“That’s… amazing.” Rena scratches her cheek before pointing at the knocked out girl slumping on the couch, “Umm… who is she?”

“Oh, Yuki? Well… it may be awkward saying this. But she’s Kashiwagi Yuki… your girl.”

“My girl?”

“Yeah… your girl.”

“As in…”

Mayu nods her head with a smile, thinking Rena caught what she’s trying to imply but the latter had actually misinterpreted her words. She puts a hand on her mouth with eyes as wide as saucer.

“You are seriously trying to get yourself in trouble, Mayu…”

A hoarse, dark voice sounded from her side, startling the cyborg girl with the unexpected presence.

“I-I thought you are sleeping, Yuki…” Mayu scratches her head timidly with a forced grin.

“I’ll take over from here… you should take some rest.”

Hearing the absolute, spooky voice of Yuki with a hint of get-out-of-here command, Mayu lets out a sigh as she walks out of the room not before waving her hand towards Rena’s direction with a smile. The girl responds with a smile before turning her gaze at the taller girl. Now, there is only the two of them in the room. Awkwardness surrounds them both with the deafening silence of the room.

“How are you feeling?” Yuki asked with a worried face.


The girl lets out a cute giggle, Yuki joining in. She walks to the bed before sitting at the edge near Rena’s waist. They both stare at each other, one with an innocent face while the other is trying to hold back the tears from falling after seeing her friend breathing like how she used to be.

“I’m… I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say… it’s all kinda confusing for me right now.”

“It’s okay… I understand, Rena-chan.”

Yuki smiled seeing the hopeless face on Rena as she tugs and scrunches the blanket with her dainty fingers. How she wished her friend would be happy seeing her, just the way Yuki is feeling right now. She can’t help to feel the sudden longing of wanting to embrace the girl, of wanting to let out all the loneliness she felt after Rena is… Yuki shook her head, not wanting to say the cursed word. She doesn't want to remember the scene of Rena being shot in the chest on that unfortunate day.

“I’ll tell you all the details, Rena-chan but for now… c-can I give you a hug?”

Seeing the tears about to fall from the girl, Rena opens her arms wide to welcome the girl into her embrace. Yuki once again pounce on Rena but not forgetting to loosen her hold to prevent repeating the earlier scene. Rena could feel her shoulder becoming wet from Yuki’s tears. Somehow, there’s a nagging feeling inside her mind that has been missing the warmth. She felt like they have a special connection with each other that can’t be described with words. Rena unconsciously rubs Yuki’s back to calm the girl, tightening her hold on Yuki.

“Shhh… There, there… I’m here now.”

Yuki was startled with the way Rena said those words. It was the same like how she used to pacify her when they were together 3 years ago. A sudden feeling of melancholy came rushing as she reminisces the days Rena would say comforting words when she is sad, even giving her a hug just to make her feel belonged.


Yuki just had another fight with her father that day just because she had been returning home late for the past few days. Not that she cared because they have been having fights for the past years since Yuki's mother left them. What infuriates Yuki the most was the accusation of her hanging out with boys and friends on the mall or going to a karaoke to have fun. That had done it. She remembered that she had practically slammed the door on her father's face that night and cried by herself to sleep. She wasn't having fun with boys or girls or whoever her father had thought of... She had been studying with Rena every day after school to make up for her bad grades, to make her father feel proud with a daughter like her. A stupid, idiot and useless daughter that her father had claimed countless of times. Yuki really hates it when her father make fun of her in front of his friends and socialites... That's what made her in a bad mood today. Not to mention the girl that had been pestering her to no ends for the past few minutes. Not that she hated her presence by her side.

Yuki played dumb with a straight face, reading the book on her lap in silence as Rena tugs her sleeve several times for her attention.





"Yuki yuki yukiiriiiiin~"

A giggle came out from Yuki as she turns her attention to Rena. "What is it?"

"What's wrong?"

"Eh? What are you talking about..." Yuki averts her gaze from Rena's worried and concerned eyes, focusing her attention on the book once again. She doesn't want to tell Rena about her family problems. She can handle them on her own. Besides, Rena would surely made fun of her for acting like a spoiled girl just because she had a fight with her father. No one wants to hear her boring stories anyway...


Having enough of Rena's antics, Yuki slammed the book shut to lashed at the girl for persistently disturbing her free time.


However, before she can shout at Rena, her view was blocked from the world as a pair of arms envelops her body in a warm hug. Yuki's eyes widen with Rena's unexpected action.

"W-what are you d-doing, Rena-chan?"

Instead of answering, Rena just tightens her hold as a respond. She pats Yuki's head as if she is a small kid...

"It's okay, Yuki... I'm here..."

That's when Yuki's tough front broke from Rena's gentle voice. It was like when her mother was still alive, giving her a hug when she's feeling down or hurt. The dam of tears flooded out of her eyes as she grips Rena's shirt like her life depends on it. It has been long since she had a heart-warming hug like this and she hopes she wouldn't lose another warmth from another most caring person that had appeared like a blessing in her life. No, she won't ever let go of Rena...

End of Flashback

Indeed, Yuki had been missing the girl so much…

Suddenly, the door flung open by none other than Mayu. The latter gulped as she felt a tightening feeling in her chest with the sight of Rena and Yuki hugging each other but she shrugs it away as there are more urgent matters to deal with right now. She motioned for Yuki to approach her. The latter released Rena from the hug hesitantly as she gave an apologetic smile to the girl. Walking with heavy steps, Yuki glares at the intruder but the worried face of Mayu had made her heart beat anxiously…

“We need to go…” Mayu took a small glance at Rena before whispering in a small, desperate voice. “They know she’s here.”

A/N: Chapter 1 up! How was it? I'm getting worried with the sudden requests of the ending pair ahahaha :sweatdrop:
Ooooh my I don't want to disappoint you guys ARRRGHH!!!  :banghead: But no worries I'll make up something at the end Nyahahaha :cathappy:
Thanks for reading~ and do forgive the grammar mistakes or typos. I was too excited to write I just read in one go lol :grin:

Do read this for better understanding of the plot... But I don't think it helps much :P



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Re: Wait For Me (RenaYuki MaYuki WMatsui) - Chapter 1 [140515]
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What the hell? That was terribly GREAT!
RenaYuki and our lil nezumi's jealousy... Where the hell is Jurina?

I want MORE! Update soon ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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Re: Wait For Me (RenaYuki MaYuki WMatsui) - Chapter 1 [140515]
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OMG! This fic is sooooo good! Moreover, it's YukiRena!  :wub:

I really can't wait to read the next chapter :D

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Re: Wait For Me (RenaYuki MaYuki WMatsui) - Chapter 1 [140515]
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OMG! OMG! OMG! RenaYuki endgame please please please!!!

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Re: Wait For Me (RenaYuki MaYuki WMatsui) - Chapter 1 [140515]
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wooohooo the continuation is here!!!  :on woohoo:
i cant wait for more!!!
update soon embee-chan :on gay:

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Re: Wait For Me (RenaYuki MaYuki WMatsui) - Chapter 1 [140515]
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I commented~  :angry:
I want to READ WMATSUI AND MAYUKI~  :twisted:
Why jurina didn't appear  :smhid I cannot accept that~  :P
HAHA~ yukirena is just fine to me~  XD

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Re: Wait For Me (RenaYuki MaYuki WMatsui) - Chapter 1 [140515]
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^ What's with the comment? Ahaha :sweatdrop:

Is this it?? Woooow.... I'm already anticipating the next!!! :w00t: Update soon~ :grin:
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Re: Wait For Me (RenaYuki MaYuki WMatsui) - Chapter 1 [140515]
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Rena wakeup atlast !
Yuki have wait for 3 years.

you said like my Yukirena wish rarely come true, , , T^T )
but don't worry embee5442 san
I will follow you till the end.

but pleasssssse YukiRena pleasee
3 years for waiting and hoping, is it too crule to not make them together? :cry:
I feel sorry for one side love of mayu by the way, I ship both mayuki too but I'd love to see (if it migth be) Yukirena here XD

but if you make some twist like
Mayurena or YukiJuri
i think It would be really shock here  haha.

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YukiRena! JuriMayu! :wub: :wub: :wub: Rooting for it! :nervous

Oh! TOO MUCH ANTICIPATION!! :fap Can't wait for next!

Hope to see more, yeah?

Thanks for the update and hardwork :bow:

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Re: Wait For Me (RenaYuki MaYuki WMatsui) - Chapter 1 [140515]
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Re: Wait For Me (RenaYuki MaYuki WMatsui) - Chapter 2 [140521]
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Yuki brought Rena to the safest place she could think of from her point of view; her apartment. No one knows of this place, except for Mayu since the girl was the one who recommended this place to her. Mayu had claimed that she has a complicated relationship with the owner of the apartment building and even got the rent quite low than the usual, much to Yuki's delight. The apartment is quite decent, located a little bit far from the bustling city center. Yuki wants some privacy from his father’s watchful eyes and a quiet place to work for her new thesis. Thus, she ends up living here alone during her college years. She’s been commuting back and forth from her apartment with public transports, sometimes Mayu insist on picking her with her car because of the far distance… and just because she wants to court Yuki with her unbelievable romantic ways. She had made it possible that only her personal butler knows of her whereabouts on certain times just so her father won’t start annoying her with his troublesome and unwanted concerns. She wants to live her own life, Yuki reasoned to her father and the man reluctantly accepted her request after several persuasions by his only daughter.

“So… ummm… are we sharing the room, Yukirin?” a voice from her side broke her reveries as Yuki turns her attention to Rena. She wears a dumb face with confusion written all over.

“Eh? What do you mean by…” a certain conversation of Rena and a doctor came into her mind. She glared at the cause of Rena’s assumption of them sharing a room together but the latter just shrugged her shoulders, turning on the television to avert her attention from Yuki’s killing eyes… not that she mind the attention, though.

“No, Rena-chan… you have your own room, right here!”

Yuki pushed the door opposite of her room, showing a bedroom with a single bed, a wardorbe and a table with a mirror. Pretty simple for a sophisticated girl like her. Well, she never like living in all those wealth her father had been feeding her since she was a child. She prefers to live a decent life like this one, as long as she’s happy and free.

“All of your belongings are inside so feel free to use anything, Rena-chan… After all, you did live here with me before.”

Yuki put the best smile she could muster with the lies. After several contemplations and thinking, Yuki decided to just go with the story of them being in a relationship. That will make it easier for them… she hopes.

“Sure… thanks, Yuki-san.”

“Eh? Why are you calling me that?”

“Hmm? Is it wrong?”

“You used to call me Yukirin before…”

“Is that so? Then… thank you, Yukirin!”

Yuki responded with a nod and a bright smile. She had been longing to hear Rena calls her that name. It was a special nickname and only Rena has the privilege to call her that. But then someone with a cyborg face interrupts her from the living room…

“Yukiriiiin~ I’m going to grab lunch! You need anything?”

Sneaking on their conversation, Mayu had come to a decision to tease the girl with black air with the new nickname. Yuki rolls her eyes in annoyment...

Curse you, Mayu… I’ll deal with you later…

“I’ll go with you! Just wait for a minute…”

“Okay. I’ll be in the car… Yukiriiin~”

Mayu responds with a prolonged tone of Yuki’s nickname, just to get on her nerves. She really loves seeing an angry Yuki.

So sexy and hot…

She thought with a naughty smirk apparent on her face before walking giddily out of the door to her car. Meanwhile, Yuki pushed Rena to lay on her bed, not wanting the girl to move around the house too much due to her condition. She just woke up not more than 24 hours and that's not recommended for a newly awake comatose patient like her.

“Rena-chan, you should lay rest on the bed. You’re still not fully recovered.”

“Eh? I’ll go with you… it would be troublesome to brought home food just because of me.”

It’ll be more troublesome if they find you out there.

“I-It’s fine, Rena-chan! We’re just going to the café a few blocks from here… You should really rest!”


“I don’t want anything to happen to you, Rena-chan… You’re still weak.”

“If you say so…”

Heaving a small relieved sigh, Yuki grabbed for her purse before turning her attention towards the pale girl.

“Nee, what do you want to eat?”

“Anything will be fine.”

“Okay… make sure you stay inside. Don’t ever get out of the house, you hear me?”

“Geez… I’m not a kid, Yukirin…”

- - - - - - - - - -

The ride to the café was silent; each one of them is deep in thoughts of the girl at the house. One is thinking about the possibilities of Rena not surviving the days soon to come while the other is worried about their safety. Mayu was the first to break the silence after getting a bit suffocated with the tense air.

“Are you sure about this, Yuki?” She took a glance at the tall girl who’s staring out the window from her side.

“What are you implying?”

Mayu bit her lip at the unresponsive Yuki, “About Rena staying at your place…”


“You know why, Yuki... He's been on Rena's tail for a long time. He won't back down after knowing she had disappeared from that place.”

“I know…”

Mayu lets out a sigh from Yuki's flat answers. She knows Yuki doesn’t want to talk about these things at the moment but she can’t help to get worry at them after what had happened 3 years ago. She doesn’t want the same thing to occur again. She doesn’t want to repeat the same crime she had done before just for the sake of her dreams… The guilt had been killing her for the few years after all she had done to achieve her goal of successfully resurrecting a human back to life with her own methods. She turns her head sideways to face Yuki as the car come a stop at the café’s parking lot. Before Yuki could open the door, Mayu quickly grabbed her arm.

“Just be careful… I don’t want anything to happen to you, Yuki.”

Yuki look at Mayu, the latter’s face is full of worry and desperation. Yuki knows of the risks she’ll be facing once Rena step foot inside her house. Heck, even when she had saved Rena from her death a few years back. She will definitely be involved with the ordeal. Even if the man is her own father, he would still do anything he can just to get his revenge on the girl that shattered his world and family. But to kill his own blood… Yuki can’t guarantee that his father will hesitate to kill Rena even if Yuki wished for the opposite. She must do whatever she can to make sure her father will let Rena live her life freely without any threats from the ruthless man.

“I’ll do everything I can to keep Rena-chan safe…”

Yuki stated firmly as she pulled her arm from Mayu’s hold. The latter had a weak smile on her face, feeling defeated once again from Yuki’s stubbornness. Skipping out of the car, Mayu puts on a smile as she teased Yuki like she always do… the only thing she do to conceal and drown all her sorrows of having another useless attempt of melting a piece of Yuki’s cold heart.

“Of course… Rena-chan can depends on her Yukiriiin~”

“S-shut up!” Yuki stuttered with a blush on her face which she tried to hide by walking ahead of the shorter girl…

“Awwww Yukirin is shy~”


“Okay okay… it’s rare to see you flustered like this, Yuki…rin.” Mayu grins as she teased the girl for the last time. Yuki just ignored her as they step inside the café, not wanting to stressed her already worn out self with Mayu’s childish act.

“It’s a cute name. I think I’ll start calling you Yukirin after this… can I?”


Mayu happily skips as she hung an arm over Yuki’s, linking their arms together like how a couple always do. A tinge of red crept on Yuki’s face from the gesture which hadn’t gone unnoticed by the happy cyborg. It was always like this when they walk together outside but Yuki never seemed to mind it. Thus, Mayu make full use of it to make it a habit for them when they are together like this. Well, at least Mayu have something she can cherish when she is alone with the cold hearted girl...

- - - - - - - - - -

Rena wanders around the house after feeling bored of lying on the bed for the remaining minutes of waiting for Yuki and Mayu to come home with their lunch. It was still unbelievable for Rena to comprehend the thought that she was in a coma for 3 whole years. Usually people would give up hope after waiting less than a year… She is grateful that Yuki had been waiting for her, giving her attentive care all this while. Trying to find some memories of them together, Rena scans through the room for any pictures or anything that could relate Yuki and her being together. She knows it’s bad to doubt their relationships but there’s something weird about everything. Perhaps it was because she had lost her memories, Rena thought. That’s why she needs some evidence, perhaps one thing that could make her trust Yuki more.

“There’s nothing here…”

Indeed, her room is quite vacant, a few furniture and some clothes folded neatly on top of the small, wooden cabinet. Taking a deep breath, Rena steps out of her room. She looked right and left through the hallway before deciding to go to her left, towards the living room. The squeaking sound of her feet meeting with the tiled floors resonates all over the place. She paced around the living room, a hand roaming all the things she could touch and feel; the wall, the couch, the television, the small drawer cabinet beside the door… almost everything. It was a habit for Rena to touch everything to memorize their locations if ever one day her eyesight become useless in pitch dark. Suddenly, she snapped her fingers.

“Ah! I remember that!”

She happily exclaimed to herself with a smile when a scene played inside her thoughts…


The place was dark without any light source; only the flashing of thunders outside the window gave some help for me to see through the dark room. I can make out the faint crying voice of someone in another room despite the heavy rain deafening my hearing from the world outside the wall. She seems in distressed, perhaps frightened of the thunders rumbling and booming during a bad storm like this. I closed my eyes for a few minutes; the image of the living room appeared clearly brightly lit behind my eyelids. The place bears no resemblance with Yuki's living room. Not even a bit. Perhaps we had lived somewhere else before. Still with my eyes closed, I walk through the room, avoiding the furniture and obstacles obscuring my way towards the room by the help of my imaginative map. It was like an interactive game of role-playing for me. Reaching the room, I pushed the door to reveal a girl cowering under the blanket like a ball inside the dark room. A smile appeared on my face as I approached her slowly. Even after I have settled down right beside her on the bed, she still didn’t realize my presence. Poor girl… the storm must have shaken her pretty bad…


As soon as I gained her attention, the round ball of a human hiding inside the blanket immediately pounced onto my figure, making me lying flat on the bed with her in my hold.

“R-rena-chan… I’m s-scared…”

The girl voiced out in stutters, her hands gripping my shirt for some security and comfort. Releasing a sigh with a smile, I pulled the girl into my embrace and patted her head like a kid.

“It’s fine… It’s okay…” I whispered comforting words to her, squeezing the girl tightly to make her feel safe with my presence, “I’m here…”

After a few minutes of staying like that, the girl finally stopped her crying and lifted her face. Somehow, I couldn’t make out the features of her face. It was all blurry and dark… only the silhouette of the shape of her face and hair appearing like a real human in my view.

“C-could you sleep with m-me?”

I let out a small giggle, nodding my head with her childlike request. “Sure…”

I could feel the girl let out a cute, adorable smile at me before finding a more comfortable spot to lie beside me. She was about to pull the blanket over us when the sky rumbled once again.


She quickly latched herself to my arm, hiding her face on my shoulder while slightly shaking from shock. This girl is surely acting like a kid, I thought… After scooping her in my arms for a side hug, I can feel her tensed body slowly relaxed as I intertwined our hands together. Whispering sweet nothings to the girl, she slowly drifted off to dreamland with my eyes slowly becoming heavy after staring at her beautiful face.  But before my mind shut off for good, a faint whisper from the girl had made my heart thump with fluttery feeling, a happy smile etched on my face…

“I love you, Rena-chan…” 





“Mmmmph…” Rena flutters her eyes open after Yuki had called her name a few times. The girl had unconsciously fallen asleep on her bed after she had the flashbacks. It was unknown how she had walked back to her room. Perhaps she was sleepwalking without her own knowledge. She cutely stretched her arms before greeting the person in front of her with a dazed face.


“Hey… had a good sleep?”

“Yeah… just a little nap.”

A snort came from the door as Mayu walked in with her silver suitcase filled with her medical equipments. She turns to the confused Rena, the corner of her lips rising up from seeing her patient’s clueless expression.

“It’s already 6, Rena-chan. Time for your meds and check up.”

Rena’s eyes widen, all of her sleepiness suddenly washed away from the revelation. “Eh? I slept that long?”

Yuki who is sitting on the bed nods her head when Rena turns her attention to the professor for confirmation.

“Had a good dream?”


“Cause you were smiling in your sleep, Rena-chan…” Mayu teased, “You were clutching the bolster like your life depends on it.”

“Really?” She smiled dreamily after remembering her dream or one of her lost memories… but she was pretty sure it was one of her memories. A blush crept on her already blemished cheeks as the last sentence rewinds in repeat inside her head.

“Heeeeh… if only I know what was going on in your head, Rena-chan.” Mayu commented with a shake of her head after setting up her things needed for the check up at the side table. However, what Rena had said after had brought up different expressions on both of the doctor and professor; Mayu had a slight shock with a pang in her chest while Yuki’s face turns crimson red with abnormal thumping in her chest.

“I was dreaming of you, Yukirin.”

- - - - - - - - - -

“Where is she?”

Mayu asked after Yuki closed the door behind her, slumping her tired body on the couch.

“In the shower.”

Yuki rubs her temple with a sigh as she laid her head lazily on the headrest. Rena’s mental and physical state is slowly improving, except her memories, according to Mayu. It was good news for Yuki but she can’t help to feel worried of the incoming days. Their studies are a success at the moment with Rena’s good health condition but what if Rena suddenly collapsed in the middle of the night? Or perhaps she has major complications of organs or some sort that couldn’t be treated with modern treatment? Yuki could feel her head about to explode from all the what ifs situation she would face but the loud slurping sound from the dining table had caught her attention. Too lazy to make any movement, she rolled her eyes upward to take a glance at the girl munching her lunch hungrily with a full mouth like a hamster. Sensing eyes staring at her, Mayu raised her head to meet Yuki’s wondering gaze. She goofily smiled with a puffed cheek.

“Ah, sorry… I was starving! The lunch was like tempting me to eat them…” Mayu said with her mouth full when she abruptly stood from her seat with the lunch on hand, “It was like… “MAYUYU-SAMA  COME TO MEEE I’M DELICIOUS PLEASE DEVOUR ME I CAN’T HANDLE IT ANYMORE MAYUYU-SAMAAAA~””

She stated animatedly, her hand holding the bowl like it is a living thing while approaching Yuki. The latter lets out an amused giggle from Mayu’s effort of a lame joke.

“You are seriously- HMPH!”

Before Yuki could finished, Mayu had stealthily shoved a spoonful of her lunch into Yuki’s mouth, causing the latter to look at her with wide, shocking eyes that Mayu had loved so much.


“Don’t talk with your mouth full. It’s rude!”

Mayu teasingly stated with a deadpan expression while she took another mouthful into her own. They stay there in silence, munching and enjoying the food in their mouth as they sit beside each other. Mayu hold another spoonful in front of Yuki’s face which the latter gladly accepts.

“You haven’t eaten since yesterday evening… right?”

“H-how did you know?”

“I’m your stalker, remember?”

Mayu nonchalantly said with wiggling brows as Yuki glared teasingly at the cyborg girl who’s merrily scarfing down her bowl’s content. Yuki wipe the side of her mouth as she ponders about the little girl beside her. She had done so many things for Yuki even till this time. Deep in her heart, she is actually glad she has Mayu to keep her company all the while Rena is in coma…

“Nee, Mayu…”


“Thank you…”


“Well… for everything you did today. For Rena-chan…”

Mayu was hoping Yuki would not include Rena in this. There was never any intention inside her heart of ever wanted to help Rena. She had sincerely help Yuki just because she wanted to. She had vowed to do whatever in her powers to help Yuki. To see Yuki have that wonderful smile she had once saw in a picture of her and Rena together. To see the happy and bright Yuki from before… Once again, she felt hopeless with her thoughts and feelings, moreover with Rena finally awoke after her deep slumber. The feeling of resentment overwhelms her soul, a part of her heart already dying from keeping everything inside. If only… if only she refuse to help Rena in the beginning. But Mayu is not that corrupted like others who like to play dirty to gain someone’s heart. She’ll do everything to make Yuki reciprocate her feelings, to make Yuki realize she had hopelessly falling in love with the professor. She heaved a small sigh before stuffing her mouth with the lunch…

“Don’t mention it.” Mayu wears a small smile as she turns her face to Yuki, “She’s my subject, anyway…”

- - - - - - - - - -

“You sure you’re not gonna stay for dinner, Mayuyu?”

The pleading look from Rena had Mayu feeling slightly guilty for leaving early. It’s not like she really needed to leave, but she had promised Yuki earlier to give them a private time together to reattached their long-forgotten bonding. She can literally feel Yuki’s penetrating eyes shooting lasers on her back.

“No, I insist.” Mayu smiled warmly before motioning her hand to Yuki and Rena, “Besides, both of you need some time alone to… you know, catch up on things.”

“It’s not like we’re staying far from each other, Mayuyu…” Rena rolled her eyes from Mayu’s excuse, “I want to know you more too.”

What’s with this woman…? I don’t want to die in my Yuki’s hand!!! Wait… that sounds like a good idea, though. Hey! What are you thinking, Mayu? Geez… come on! Pull your senses together and make up some real excuses…

Mayu walked to the girl sitting on the dining table, already prepared to eat dinner. She gave a small pat on Rena’s head to appease the already frowning girl. She can’t help to feel a little fond to this strangely adorable older girl even when she loathe her the first time she sets eye on Rena.

“Next time, perhaps? I just remembered I need to finish some works…”

“Okay…” Rena nods her head slowly, her trademark smile showing.

“See you guys tomorrow!”

Mayu approaches the door with Yuki following behind her.

“Make sure to take good care of Rena-chan, Yukiriiiin~” She deliberately stated while returning Rena’s wave at her. Yuki gritted her teeth before threatening Mayu with a dark voice…

“Go before I destroy one of your anime figurines, Mayu…”

Mayu quickly turns around but not before sending a flying kiss towards the annoyed Yuki standing by the door.

“It’s such a pity Mayuyu can’t join us for dinner. I already miss her…”

“What about me?”

“Why should I miss you? We’ll see each other every day.” Rena stuck out her tongue teasingly.

Yuki laughed it out before walking to the dining table which they had prepared earlier together with Mayu. That’s why Rena was upset when the doctor had insisted to leave earlier.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure she’ll give a visit every day to check up on you, Rena-chan.”

“I’m curious… Why am I not in a hospital right now? I mean… the doctors need to observe me and do all those check up things, right?”

“There were some complications here and there, Rena-chan... being one of the best young doctors in town, Mayu had volunteered to take your case personally. That’s why we put you in the facility. That place is owned by Mayu’s family, the Watanabe Foundation.”

“Really? That Mayuyu? Wow…”

Rena exclaimed, fascination obviously can be seen from her face while Yuki nods her head knowingly.

“And that’s where Mayu comes in. She will be your personal doctor, Rena-chan.”

“What about you?”


“What were you doing there, Yukirin?”

“Ah… well…” Yuki’s eyes avert everywhere as her eyebrows twitched out of habit when given a sudden question that she had problems answering.

“The thing is... Your case is a bit complicated, Rena-chan. Of course I was the one who asked Mayu to help you wake up from your coma but there’s something else too…”

Yuki ducks her head low to avoid from Rena’s questioning gaze. She heaved a sigh, a hand reaching out for Rena’s.

“I’m not sure you want to hear them right now but I promise you, I’ll explain everything one day when the time is right.”

The desperate look on Yuki’s face had Rena decided it was best if she let it go for now. She wear a smile with a nod, her hand squeezing Yuki’s cold one as a sign of understanding their situation. A thought abruptly appeared inside Rena’s head about their relationship. She was about to ask when suddenly a crashing sound from outside the window interrupts their moment.


“What was that?”

Yuki took cautious steps towards the window to check for the ruckus. She was hoping it wasn’t what she seemed it is; one of her father’s men spying on her… She gulps from the thoughts. Anything but that, she prayed. She scans the view outside warily before releasing a relieved sigh. She turns around, shaking her head with a smile. She sits back on her chair to continue finishing her remaining dinner.

“Probably a cat…”

- - - - - - - - - -

“We found these two about to drown in their car on one of the harbor…”

A tall man with short brown hair and a full tuxedo suit announced with a deadpan expression. He stands in front of the drenched men calmly while another old man were boring hole on the hunched and panting idiots.

“We managed to trace the car’s tracking device to-”

A hand raised had the butler halt his words, waiting for orders from the old man, also known as the president.

“I don’t need to hear more, Gakuran.”

The said man nods his head once from his master’s command, shutting his mouth from sputtering out any unwanted words.

“I don’t like useless people who can’t even do a simple job.” The president spats with a scornful face. He turns his chair around to face the large window of his room. Tapping his fingers on the surface of his cane stick, the president gives out another order for his butler.


“Yes, master?”

“You know what to do with trashes like them. I’ll be leaving them in your care.”

“Of course, master.”

The drenched idiots were about to protest but their mouths were shut with wide hands from two huge bodyguards with well-built body. They had just escaped from a tiger’s den, now they had to go up a blind alley. That’s the bad thing of working with the president despite the promising rewards at the end of the day. With an eye signal from Gakuran, they drag the struggling men out of the room. The tall butler was about to step out of the door to follow them when the president calls for him.


He bows a perfect 90 degree before straightening his body with his stare on the ground, “You need anything, master?”

“How is Yuki?”

The butler took a glance at the president for a second before turning his gaze back on the floor.

“She’s doing well, master.”

The president nods his head slowly from the news. He rubs his well-trimmed beards, his other hand still holding his silver coated cane handle.

“Make preparations for a grand feast next week. We’ll be having some guests over…”

The president turns his chair to face his butler with an evil smirk etched on his face. Gakuran gulps from his master intimidating gaze but he hides his nervousness with a calm expression he had grown accustomed to whenever he had to face this wretched and sinful man.

“And Yuki must be here, whether she wants it or not…”

A/N:   :dunno:  I don't know what to say with the pairing's requests...

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Well yeah i know about the pairing embee-san. Hehe :nervous Forgive me, embee-san! :banghead: :bow:

I just couldn't stand to see Mayu hurt about YukiRena moments, ya know? :nervous

So why not JuriMayu. That's why i blurted it out.  :banghead: Maa, atleast there are still MaYuki moments to see. :wub:

Ohwell, i'm fine with who end up together with. :nervous

Since, the story only has just begun. Why not just go with the flow, right? :3

Oooohhh~ A GRAND feast? :? Wonder who are goin' to be there?

Yey! More to come! :fap

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poor mayu!! I hope yukirin know what mayu feel for her

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Interesting update as usual....
YukiRena FTW XD
But poor mayu.. *sigh
Im torn between mayuki and yukirena  :banghead:
Thank u for the update embee-chan
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I need more YukiRenaaaa~~~  :shakeit: :otomerika:

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Re: Wait For Me (RenaYuki MaYuki WMatsui) - Chapter 2 [140521]
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I'm curious about this "Master", could it possibly be Jurina? Is she the bad guy here?
Awesome as always! I hope Jurina is part of Rena's life *hell yeah, of course!* and she'll remember her, somehow ...
Until then, I'll wait for more! (∩_∩)

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