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Author Topic: Starlight Parade (Multiparing) 1/3  (Read 1748 times)

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Starlight Parade (Multiparing) 1/3
« on: August 25, 2014, 03:04:03 AM »
Hey, I'm not new here, I have a few oneshots there in the limbo (? and well, I write in spanish but I wrote a Fic that I loved the theme so here is in english, we will have 3 parings here, the first one is this TanoTomu, then Mayuki and in the end... you will see

Hope you like it~ and welcome


What is this place?

All here is so colorful, lights and people with the more strange outfits that you could imagine, in the center of all this fuss was a stage, and on it, people dancing  and singing, but one stood out among them all.

"Welcome to the Starlight Parade!! Where the sky is full of stars in this endless night"

Screamed an animated person, the person who called my attention, but… she's talking to me?, here's much people , of course she doesn't talk to me, but when I putted my eyes on her again I could see how her gaze through all the place to me, her energy smile with her bright eyes, leave me in a state of stupidity, I had never seen anyone like her, she was radiating light around her

How was she?… hmmm… she was more short than me, big eyes and a radiant smile, her long black hair with a black top hat with a red ribbon on it, who was slightly inclined, wearing a suit that looked like a black tuxedo with red like his hat, under her right eye was drawn a small tear and in her hand a stick with which wan throughout the movement.

With a jump she was under the stage now, and without paying attention to the people who called her and applauded her, she turned in my direction at a fast pace but her movement looked so smooth and fluid that seemed like she was dancing, seeing her action I started to see around me, she was headed towards me?… my question was soon answered, a few seconds more and she stood before me, face titled slightly, her gaze up to see me, and I?, I was surprised with my body leaning back watching her expression which contained that same smile…

"Welcome to the Starlight Parade, my name?… Tano Yuka, what?, What is the Starlight Parade?… is that!!, a parade! don't pay attention to small details" she said smiling, answering my questions without even having to be asked, "You will not say me who are you?, I can't start the tour without being able to refer to you in any way, or I will call you the newcomer?" She asked as she stood right watching my face, allowing to take a proper posture.

"Mutou Tomu" I answered briefly with a whisper

"Tomu-chan! well… Again, Welcome to the Starlight Parade, Where the sky is full of starts in this endless night!" she Screamed again causing my surprise, seeing how with the stick she carried in her hand gestured circles making a light path, such as flares, and a small explosion with small fireworks, in the end she bowed slightly towards me, with a playful look on her face.

"Don't look so surprised Tomu-chan, just enjoy the place" she said pulling away my surprise

"I-I don't know how I got here…" I said looking around the place,  all noise and fun

"How you come? how you can go?, when do you go? or, When you can go?… those are questions you should forget here, you're been sent to a completely different world, here we don't sleep as the night is eternal, but when the sun sneaks… " she shut up her words before continuing speaking, but with a smile she brought her face close to mine "When the sun sneaks we will see, right?"

"Ehem…" I faked a small cough to take a step back, but without realizing it, I step on a small rock which made me lose my balance and fall back, I closed my eyes waiting for the fall, but still I felt no pain, no, I just felt an arm around my waist, and a hand who was holding me tightly, when I opened my eyes I saw the smiling face of the person who calls Tano Yuka

"We will not stay here, right?, you should enjoy this" she said pointing with her free hand with her stick all the place as she pulled me towards her, this to be in a position more… comfortable…

"Could you… release me please?" I asked her as I saw her face, which now was serious as she was observing mine, but hearing my words she smiled again.

"Of course not" she answered in a way that could mean seeking a quarrel with me, I just frowned at her response, but  apparently didn't affect her, and without warning, she picked me in her arms, Who would said that someone so small could carry me so easy? "Hang on, I'll take you to the stars" She said smiling as she directed her gaze at the starry sky.

"W-What?!" I asked scared, trying unsuccessfully to make me free

"Tomu-chan, you should begin to believe" She said with a serene expression but showing a small smile, still, her bright eyes were showing something that I couldn't decipher

I don't know how she can move so easily although I'm in her arms, but she threw her stick up, and this became into a black horse with beautiful wings, his head with a red carnival mask and his legs decorated with red, so it seemed that matched with Yuka's outfit

She took me to the horse and then she amount him behind me, wraping her arms around me to take the reins of the horse "Don't fall" She said in a playful whisper and again, without warning, the horse get up flying, making me to take one of Yuka's arms to not fall.

"Yuka!!" I yalled her name angry, but when I turned to see her face she was with the same playful expression

"Hahahaha!! it's fun, right? don't be afraid and watch" she said pointing down, my expression was transformed from a frown to a surprised one, if it was surprising to see the whole place full of color from below… from the heights it was much more beautiful, now the music sounding in the background

"S-so beautiful" I said holding all that emotion who was trying to scape

"It's very early to be surprised" She said smiling, one of her hands dropped the reins of the horse, and making certain gestures she began dating a play of lights from her "Look forward" she said me "I'll show you something beautiful" she continuous saying at see my puzzled expression, I did as she asked and looked forward, the horse began to fly in circles and strange figures, but in a certain point, I saw what Yuka had been doing with those lights…

The starry sky full of small bright white dots, now adorned with a soft layer between purple and green lights, as if you could see the northern lights

"Yuka…" I sighed her name in the absence of air thanks to the beautiful landscape that I was watching

"I like how my name sounds with your voice" she whispered surprising me a little "Don't pay attention to me" she continued smiling, as she made a gesture to make me observe her hand, this time the light were small figures which were changing in small butterflies, which started flying around us, "Let's do something fun and adventurous now, don't fall!!!" She said smiling as she took the reins with both hands, now I was ready so I hold her arm strong.

"What will you do now?" I asked expectantly

"I will bring the stars to the other" She replied softly, at first I may be think that she was crazy, but after what I've seen…

Yuka took the horse to go of ground, I couldn't help but to scream at the aggressive movement, while Yuka funny laughter could be mixed with my screams in terror, before the horse hit the ground, the horse made a movement and up the flight again, at the travel was passing, I lost my fear and I started to enjoy the long bumpy ride.

"Look behind us" Yuka said smiling as we passed between people which was screaming and laughing as we passed, I did what I was told and I realized why their expressions of happiness, were we passed we were leaving a trail of white lights as the stars "Having fun?" Yuka sked looking forward as we walked away from the crowd

"I never had so much fun in my life" I replied with our thinking for a second

"Would you stay with me forever?" She asked with a calm voice, hearing that question, I remembered that I didn't even know how I come here, "I told you not to think about those questions, but is inevitably" she continued saying as we descended to the ground, once we were there, she come down to the horse and lent her hand to help me down, being both on the floor with a hand movement she caused the horse to be returned to her stick

"Yuka… I like all this… but what is all this?" I asked watching at the distance were was all the commotion and colors

"The Starlight Parade… Where the sky is full of stars in this endless night, another world to which we are brought, but when the sun sneaks…" she said looking at the sky, which was beginning to paint an orange color

"But you said that the night was endless" I said watching the orange sky

"It is… for me still it is… but when the sun sneaks is time to wake up… some awakened earlier than others, and some others will live in this eternal night… Tomu" She pronounce my name as she turned to me "I never forgotten you and I never forgotten what I feel for you as I'll being here, so, please you don't forget about me" Her arm stretched toward my face, allowing her hand to almost touch my skin, but she began to disappear, and in my state of confusion, before I could feel her touch, all light disappeared… leaving everything in darkness

"It seems that she's awakening" I hear a strange voice, I began to slowly open my eyes, which were hurt by the light streaming through the windows "Call to her parents! she now is awake!" I hear the voice again, now seeing from who come, a young man dressed in a white robe… a doctor.

6 months ago, on a school trip, the truck in which we were, suffered an accident, 2 students were hospitalized in serious condition…

"One was me and the other you… Yuka…" I whispered as I was seeing her in the hospital bed, a Yuka completely different  from the dream that I had and Yuka's words ringing in my head, such a real dream or something I want to be real "What did you mean that you hadn't forgotten how you feel about me?…"

Another 6 months had passed and I couldn't see the parade again, but every night I remember what I felt as I was watching the stars, and… as I was watching at you…

"When will you invite me back to that world?… I want to see you… I want to talk with you…. I want to you to answer me… I want to see your smile" I whispered as I took her hand

"Welcome… to the Satlight Parade… where the sky is full of stars…who clears as the sun peeks" I hear her soft voice, and at see her face I could observe her brown eyes and that beautiful smile "It appears… that the parade is over to me now…"


"I hope you know what I meant…" She said patiently watching

"I haven't forgotten what I fell for you…"


So what is all about this parade? Yuka and Tomu remember the place, so is something special, or not? hope you like this first part! wait for the next one!!


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Re: Starlight Parade (Multiparing) 1/3
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It has an interesting feel to it.  Can't wait for an update :)
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