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Author Topic: Yankee kun to Idol chan Chapter 3[UPDATED] (Gen.Ben.) [WMatsui, other pairings]  (Read 10908 times)

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Yeay Jun save the day  :stuffed:

Ikoma-chan is really sadist  :stoned:

Please update soon  :cow:  :cow:

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Yosha! I know you're indonesian right? Me too :D
Whoaaaa.what if i've boyfriend like Jun?! Aaaaa I'm the luckiest girl in the world :inlove: :inlove:
Please update soon! Can't waittt :twothumbs

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@gyuchan : Of course, Jun is a perfect material for boyfriend but a bit stupid, you know..  Terimakasih, gyuchan :twothumbs

@vivinardisa : LOL. Actually Ikoma is worried about Jun but she didn't want to show it... XD

@Kirozoro : Maybe someone from the past? 8)2 Thankss for your time..

@kairi65 : hmm, JSF is Japan Special Force. It's like FBI, ermmm i think... :P

@koyumichan : Yess Jun doesn't die easily... I will post the characters later because some of them still haven't appeared.. :thumbsup 

@MaYuki x JuRena : Thanks for the feedback! I hope you enjoy it till the end! Please stay tune..

@River1721 : Hey river-san, thank you for always leaving the comment early :deco: Stay tune! :twothumbs

If you have question about the characters or the story, just ask me. I will answer it as best as i could O0..

Here is a short bonus chapter.. actually this is a drabble about Yuu x Haruna moment..
Gotta go now~


Chapter 3.1

Pursuit and Happiness

Disneyland, Sunday.

Yuu's POV

Yuu desu!
Wohooo, guys, you know what?

I will have a date with my beloved Nyannyan, guys! Soooo, here i am waiting for her in front gate of Disneyland.
Hehehe, i can't stop imagining Nyannyan wearing a short skirt which showed her beautiful legs..

It's been 20 minutes. She's soo late, geez... Where the hell is she, anyway?


Wait, i think i heard Nyan's voice. But, where is she?

I turned around and sees some people in black suit suddenly came out from a van, carrying my Nyan-nyan, then drove away.


You're joking, right?

"Nyannyannnnn. Wait up you bastards!"

I started to run. Damn, i can't chase them at this rate.

I must find something to catch up with the van.

Ah a sport bike and the owner doesn't seen anywhere.

My chance!

But, suddenly..


"Sorry. I will return your bike later!"

I peddaled the bike as fast as i can. Faster faster faster, bike-kun!

Ah, i will have Jun and Mayu helps me.

No! That's wrong.

I must solves my problem, alone. I can't always burdening my friends. Because i'm a man. A man always solve his problem with an action!

Yoshhaaaaaaa! Please hang on Nyannyan, your Yuuchan will save you no matter what! Even though i'm weak..

30 minutes and 20 KM has passed...

Haa, haa, they didn't stop, yet. Where are they going? This is so exhausting..

Damn, my legs hurt so bad, but i can't stop now. Nyannyan needed me and I will regret it, if something bad happened to her.

Luckily, not long after, The car stopped at a very big mansion in the woods.


I parked the bike and adjusting my breath into a steady rythm. Haaaa, haaa..
Must stand firm..

After i looked at the mansion, i realizing something.

Eh, Isn't this?

HA, as i thought..

"Well done, Oshima boy!"

A man voice startled me.

Keh, that scary old man again..

"You dare to interfere my date with Nyannyan, huh?" I stared coldly at him. "Where is Nyannyan? I know you're behind this kidnapping thing."

"Haha, cheeky as always, aren't you?" He huffed. "So what i i kidnapped her? You will kill me, huh?"

This shitty old man..

We glaring at each other for some minutes until a woman voices interrupting us.

"Kuro-chan, stop acting like a child. Let him and Haruna have their date. You were just ruining it."

Nyannyan's mom appeared.

"Yeah, dad. Why are you so annoying? I want to have a date with Yuuchan, but your men suddenly kidnapping me!"

Nyannyan following her from behind. Thanks god..

"Nyannyannnnn. I'm so worried about youu." I tackled her with the hugs. "Don't leave me, I'm afraid of losing you.."

"Aah, don't worry Yuuchan. I will not leave you alone. Dad was just being a nuisance as usual." She smiled and patting my head. "And thank you for chasing me till here, Yuuchan. I love you."

My face turning red. This is no good, she always made me blushing with her bold action...

"Aww, looks dear. Aren't they sweet?"

"B-but i was only trying to test him, Mako-chan!"

"Enough, Kuro-chan. You should let them happy." She said and dragged her husband into the mansion. "Haruna, Yuu please go inside. We will have lunch together and sorry for the trouble."

"Yes, mom." Nyannyan smiled. "Alright, Yuuchan let's go inside."


I released the hug and trying to stand firm but.... failed and fell down.

Shit, my legs forgot how to legs..

"Nyannyan, i can't stand.. My legs numb."

"Eeh.. Is that so.."

She suddenly picked me up and carrying me like a bride.
Darrn, i'm blushing again..


"You're so light, Yuuchan. You should eat more." She said and smiling. "I was just returning the favor."

We smiled at each other. And the curiosity suddenly got me.

"Hmm, nyannyan. Can i ask something?"

"Umm.. Yeah, anything for my Yuuchan."

"Erm.. why is your dad so afraid of your mom?"

"I don't know too, Yuuchan. Maybe he was loving Mom too much. Believe it or not, Dad was a strong yankee like Jun-kun in his younger days.."

"Woow, love sure can change people, huh?"

"Of course, Yuuchan.."

Yeah, surely love changed people. I won't be able to chase a moving van with a bike for 30 minutes if it isn't for Nyannyan.
Ah, love has its power..

"Aah, i definitely marry you, Nyannyan." I murmured to myself.

"You said something, Yuuchan?"

"Ah no, i just wanna say, I love you too."

She blushed furiously.. Awwww...

"I know, silly.."

And Nyannyan keep carrying me like a bride until we reached the dining hall..

Well, this is not that bad as i thought..

"Once I told Yui a message, 'no matter what happens, I only want Yui to be by my side.' To think of it, it just become a vogue, isn't it?"

-Shimazaki Haruka-

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KojiYuu :heart:
Btw.where do you live? I'm live in pekanbaru :D
Please update soon!! :twothumbs
I don't care if Jun has a bit stupid.I can teach him yaa :heart:  :love:
#salammanggis XD :lol:

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sweet kojiyuu chapter :wub:

but pedalling a bike for 30 minutes, 20 km is just.. :shocked

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I turned around and sees some people in black suit suddenly came out from a van, carrying my Nyan-nyan, then drove away.
I panicked when I read this part :sweat:, but thank goodness it was just Haruna's parents and not some kidnappers trying to do some bad stuff :mon sweat:
A man always solve his problem with an action!
Aw, Yuu is so brave and nice! :mon fyeah: Not wanting to burden his friends, he takes actions on his own :mon thumb:
She suddenly picked me up and carrying me like a bride.
Just the cute scene!  :mon lovelaff:
But the roles switched, instead of Yuu carrying Nyan Nyan :mon lol:
Love the KojiYuu chapter~ :luvluv2:
Thanks for the update :hee:
Can't wait for more :k-hello:

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