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Author Topic: Guide to JPHiP Forum (Revised 2016-08-22)  (Read 156251 times)

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Guide to JPHiP Forum (Revised 2016-08-22)
« on: August 22, 2005, 09:38:53 AM »
Welcome to :hip smile:

It started with two pervs - daigong and Masa - who wanted to speak their perverted minds about Rika Ishikawa's ass in peace. Joined by tama-chan, shirenu, ebc, Stryfe, shadowstar, tenkei & The Crack Staff, JPH!P was born on February 22, 2005. Da HiP has spawned shit like chatroom, news, radio, image board, TV and more. The sky is the limit because we do shit OUR way. Throw out all the kawaii and bring on The Ecchi with a touch of HiP HoP, Bruce Lee, Chappelle, and Scarface. We get

The Land of The Dropping Pants...

The Hello! Project Pervert Forum/Japanese Pop Culture site with Porn! and you ARE allowed to swear, pimp, hustle, whore, flirt, wank as you wish. (BIG PROPS to Sexy Beam and Kuno_Thunder for brainstorming the forum name and logo overnight)

JPHiP SO VERSATILE! Make it what you want it to be. JUST LIKE LIFE! We have members from all around the world, speaking any language, being ourselves, having FUN, doing it all for the love of the music, entertainment, and of course butts. be positive. be perverted. be yourself.

Guide to :hipheart: JPHiP

Home of the sanest crazy idol fans. Be pervin', no trippin' It's the World of Perversion and the love of Hello! Project that has brought us all here today. It's not just  :sheep love: or Yui's  :bouncy boobs:  and :pimp: Rika's :booty: ... BAH! shit's self-explanatory.

There are benefits to **REGISTERING**. You can post i.e. participate in conversation. Post whatever's on your mind. PIEHOLE for H!P; Anything else for HiP. Write a fan fic. All red-blooded males: go talk sports! post porn! Geek stuff with comics and gaming! You get access to many forums that are populated by The Net's hardest working hustlers who give us The Crack to keep us high.

  • Welcome

    The most important forum here. Start with JPH!P Code of Conduct (PLEASE READ FIRST!) Learn about JPH!P Meet your JPHiP Administration. Get all the forum news. Read this funky Guide. Voice your opinion! Help us improve. Be a part of HiP Nation. Find out what's up with The Bidness

  • HiP Joint

    The Members Forum where we can all pull out our pipes and smoke. i.e. get latest forum news, talk to other members aka HiPstaz! JPHiPPers, JPH!PSTARZ and:

    Fill out a Profile!

    show pictures of yourself (see all our Sexy Members in all their glory!), slang goods and spit HOT FIRE in the Marketplace & Freestyle Flow subforums, etc. etc. Also, get your SPECIAL ACCESS here (keep reading for more details).

  • The Perv Forums

    With 20 posts, you can be taken to a world of H!P Perv & AKB Perv Pics/Video - for all your fakes, body part threads, Shining Musume. H!P Perv & Other Perv Fan Fics - all the dirty stories and comics to keep you wanking all nite long. 気持ちいい KIMOCHI!!

    The PORN is here. In Red Light District, you can find all our favorite JAVs and bare body parts just like how JPHiP likes em.

    **NOTE** Just go to the HiP Joint members forum and read the Perv Access thread and its rules to request SPECIAL ACCESS. THEN you will see what we have to offer. And keep posting after ... don't be shy :D DO NOT SPAM OR YOU WILL BE BANNED

  • The PIEHOLE & CHUUCH of CHARMY :rikabunny

    Where all the Hello! Project Fans MEET!! Enjoy the latest news, pairings, and pictures with indepth discussion by the most hardcore fans! With the home of the world's first overseas forum dedicated solely to Rika and related acts such as Viyuden (Rika's post-Morning Musume project featuring Yui Okada, Erika Miyoshi)  Ongaku Gatas and hANGRY & ANGRY. Find it here cuz It All Started With Rika's Ass...WORSHIP AT DA CHUUCH OF CHARMY!

  • AKBar48!

    Visit the forums dedicated solely to AKB48, SKE48HKT48, NMBB48, Nogizaka46 Keyakizaka46 JKT48 & SHN48 etc. etc.  with threads for all the girls and the wildest discussions that make them the top group in Japan. DISCUSS! The ENTIRE 48 Family... OOH BABY I LIKE IT RAW!

    **NOTE** With 50 posts, you can access the AKB48 Multimedia section.


    Not just about H!P and Japanese Music - Visit the forums dedicated solely to Korean Music including 2NE1, Big Bang, Wonder Girls, KARA, and SNSD aka Girls' Generation ...It's All About YULBUTT.COM!

  • The Fanfics

    Join Yuuyami :heart: as you explore new worlds with stories of your favorite H!P girls - from one-shots to many chapters, to webcomics. Even drop a fanfic of other genres like SNSD, AKB48 and Wonder Girls. Let your mind go wild!

  • Jpop Sekai

    Everything Japanese related. Home of Goto Maki's new career with avex, the Obscure Music, SCANDAL & IDOLING!!! Loads of Japanese Rock, Pop, Idol Groups GALORE! And dorama that everyone watches but no one posts about.

  • Asian Music Entertainment!

    Here you can talk about ALL OTHER Asian Music including Chinese, Thai, Filipino, and of Pakistani/Arab/ DIUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! THE place where we can get our Bruce Lee and Kung Fu Movies on!! :brucelee:

  • The HiP

    All the finest taste in Ladies have a Home at Ladylove Forum - featuring ladies of all shapes, sizes, and shades including the biggest collection of Japanese Bikini Idols aka Gravure - and it's partner the Manlove Forum XD

    **NOTE** With 50 posts, you can access the HiP Multimedia section with XXXclusive material.

  • JPHiP News @

    For the latest in news, event reports and interviews written by HiPsters such as yourself. With a resume that includes extreme close encounters with Girls Generation, hANGRY & ANGRY, Morning Musume, Jade Starr, VAMPS, GLAY, Wonder Girls, Brown Eyed Girls, AKB48, SCANDAL, Stan Lee, Taylor Swift! Anything that's new in the world of will be posted there faster than you could say "It's FAPPING TIME!". You can get it at JPHiP News: the heart of

  • JPHiP Radio @

    The Official Radio station of JPH!P. Keep up with DJs and their shows. YES. Actual programs hosted live by fellow HiPsters like you. This ain't your grandfather's radio station. We will air anything. And proud to be the home of the famous Hello! Ongaku Radio Show hosted by Ongaku! Project and Masa and daigong's drunk live radio show(s). Here you can provide feedback, post requests, or if you're really crunk, sign up to be a DJ. No experience necessary.


    After JPH!P WORLD TOUR DOKYU 2006, you think we weren't gonna do this? Streaming live from all the latest events, doing random TV shows, home of all our original programming. Stay tuned.  :tama-mad:

  • The Asshole

    For sharing Shit directly enter the  The Asshole forum, a part of The Crack that keeps ya high.

    **NOTE** With 50 posts, you can access the The Asshole section BUTT keep posting after ... don't be shy :D

  • Image Board aka Picroda! Birthday Countdown! Shop!

    Roller Coasters! Action Figures! The list is endless. Stay tuned to see what other MANIAC shit we have in store!


Posting has its keeps you from lurking!! And helps get to know the community better. So we have:

The Perv - 20 QUALITY posts and reply to THIS THREAD in HiP Joint, no exceptions.


Idoling - Access to ALL registered members
AKBar48 - 50 posts
The Asshole - 50 posts

And so much MORE. JPHiP is community first. From H!P to Japanese Music to Geek to Sports to Wacky News. Go explore. Talk in the #JPH!P Chatroom. Yep. JPH!P Membership has its rewards.

JPH!P :hipheart: FORUM Special Features!

If you're new to SMF:

To Save Sent PM’s:
From your profile, go to Personal Message Options and check “Save a copy of each Personal Message in my outbox by default.”

To Return to Topics After Posting:
Go to Look and Layout Preferences and check “Return to topics after posting by default.” (You can change your time settings here too.)

Quick Reply Box
Go to Look and Layout Preferences in your Profile and set “Use quick reply on topic display:” to “Show, on by default."

All Posts As New
If you have a new account, all posts on the forum will be marked as unread by default. You can hit the Mark All Posts As Read button on the bottom right of the main page to mark them as read.

Post Streaming Video Clips With Ease From URLs
Automatically embed video and audio clips in our forum from OVER 130+ sites including YouTube/DailyMotion/MetaCafe/GoogleVideo/ from urls. Just copy the url from your address bar into a post (like and let the forum do the REST!

Make JPHiP a Greater Place,  :hip smile:
Put a Smile on a Thread/Post's Face!

Help make :hipheart: a better place! Remember, as per proper netiquette, DO NOT HOTLINK. The space provided for the files are from various gracious fellow HiPsters, and we don't want to abuse the privilege they've given us of uploading files to their servers. @_@ Just LINK to the JPH!P forum and credit the member if you feel the need to share, don't direct-link. Read The Code. DON'T FUCK WIT KARMA :o

START THREADS TO TRIGGER DISCUSSION!!! Add comments and thoughts; not just a picture, link or simply click the "Thanks" button like it was social media - that was there so there wouldn't be boring "Thank you" posts XD

Be a QUALITY OP - Original Poster! Use basic intro like a blurb about her bio, a profile picture, some sample works. Even a few comments to get people talking!! What's the point of just posting a picture or link with nothing to say? We're not robots!

Check out previous examples! Or use these TEMPLATES!! Just hit Select, copy and paste!!  :otomerika:

Random Artist/Singer/Model :hip smile:

Masa version for PWO  :yep:

Code: [Select]
[img width=777]<sample pic>[/img]

[i]<wiki intro blurb>[/i][/center]

[url=]Official Site[/url]
[url=]Birthday Countdown[/url]

[b]<sample pics>[/b]


Masa's easy peasy Official Topic thread
Code: [Select]
[center][size=28pt]<Generic Topic>[/size]
[img]<random pic>[/img]
[url=][b][size=12pt]IMDB[/size][/b][/url] [size=12pt][b]|[/b][/size] [url=][b][size=12pt]Official Site[/size][/b][/url] [b][size=12pt]|[/size][/b] [url=][b][size=12pt]Wikipedia[/size][/b][/url]

[i]<random wiki entry>[/i]


daigong version for Asian Artists with long resume

Code: [Select]
[b][size=7]<ARTIST> <尻 in origin language>[/size][/b]

<Random Intro Thoughts>

[img width=777]<random image>[/img]

HEIGHT : 5'4.5"
WEIGHT : 95 lbs.
Date Of Birth :February 9th 1980
Place Of Birth: Beijing, China
Blood Type: O
Fave Music: Faye Wong, Leslie Cheung


[url=]Official Website[/url]
[url=]Official Blog[/url]
[url=]Birthday Countdown[/url]


<random comment, source>

tama group artists :tama:

Code: [Select]
[b]Norazo[/b] (尻)  is a Korean pop/Dance male duo. Mostly known for their comical/eccentric appearance and surprising lyrics, like their 2007 hit "Superman", they are usually covered by Korean idol singers on their concerts. Japanese group DJ OZMA also covered some of their songs.

[img]<group image>[/img]
(l to r, Jobin, Lee Hyuk)

[size=12pt][b]Jobin[/b][/size]  (尻)
Born: 1977
Birth name: Jo Hyun-jun
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 70 kg

[size=12pt][b]Lee Hyuk[/b][/size] (尻)
Born: August 26, 1979
Birth name: Lee Jae-yong
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 72 kg


[i]Digital Singles[/i]

source: [url=]KPop Wiki[/url] / [url=]generasia[/url]
[url=]Official Site/blog[/url]

some examples of the wtf :D

a few MVs

my fave curry (just skip 1:52 lol)

Masa/daigong's cheap ass Entertainment Generic Official Threads  :pimp:

Code: [Select]
[center][size=28pt]Eric André[/size]
[url=]Official Site[/url] | [url=]IMDB[/url] | [url=]Wikipedia[/url][/center]

[i]Eric André (born April 4, 1983) is an American actor, comedian and television host. He is the creator and host of [url=http://]The Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim[/url] and plays Mike on the FXX series Man Seeking Woman.[/i]

Insane comedian! I seen him here and there on sitcoms and he's tearing it up with [url=]The Eric Andre SHOW[/url]!!


A friendly reminder to those who are new: to have people post is great, but we want to have QUALITY discussions and make JPHiP GREAT!! Have a take, don't suck! :twothumbs

What does it mean?!

JPHiP has always been deep rooted in the teachings of Rika Ishikawa and her POSITIVE attitude. To challenge oneself to be the best one can be! You can be and do whatever you want (within legal limits please lol) at :hipheart: NO FUCKS GIVEN!!

"Consider the rights of others before your own feelings and the feelings of others before your own rights."
                                                                                           - John Wooden

Pronounced Jay Pee ECH Pee or Jay Pee HIP ... the definition is

JP = Jpop/Japan for the fandom,
H!P = Hello! Project, or HiP = hip (japanese for ass) or being hip...


JP = Just Plain
H - Perverted in Japanese
! - :o WOW Exclamation
P - Pervert. Ain't nothing wrong with that.

J = Just
P - People
H - Having
! - It

the acronyms be endless! WU-TANG!


This is just the beginning...we are working hard to enhance more content and shit to wank to!

"This town like a great big pussy jus' waitin' to get fucked."
- Tony Montana

Long live JPHiP! Often imitated, never duplicated. OMGASS! On behalf of the Crack Staff, thanks for joining the forum.

So hold on to your asses, assholders and enjoy the ride known as :jphip:
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