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Title: Akihabara School of Sorcery and Artistry [MULTIPLE PAIRINGS] CH. 4
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Scorned Street looks like any street in one of the insignificant and neglected towns in the world. Rundown buildings, trash laying everywhere, graffiti on the walls, suspicious people lurking left and right. It does not distinguish itself as anything unusual, nor does the house that has a worn-out number 0 on the withered and barely doing its purpose mailbox. Presumably the number of the house is not zero, but one cannot know, because it is all that one can see of the once granite black paint.

People living in this house also do not differ themselves from the rest of the inhabitants that live in the Scorned Street, or any of the similar streets. It is a family that has a very common name, nothing weird or outstanding. Currently, three of the four inhabitants of the said household are sitting at the kitchen table. They are eating what looks to be classic rice with bits of burnt egg and seaweed leaf pieces inside.

Mr. Maeda represents a typical Japanese man, his longish black hair falling merely above the top of his glasses that have seen better days. He has already finished eating and is currently reading a newspaper, the only indication of him finding something of interest being the raised arch of his eyebrow. He has enough time before he has to go see his boss, a leader of the local gang that runs the town. Mr. Maeda is one of the most ordinary ranks, however, he still sees his job as important and tries to do it with utmost perfection. Polishing the shoes for his boss? Getting rid of some maimed bodies? Threatening people into repaying their debts? There is nothing Mr. Maeda cannot do for his boss and he is proud of himself and the position he holds. He knows his boss would never be okay without him. After all, no one in the universe can polish those shoes with such utter perfection and precision as Mr. Maeda does.

Mrs. Maeda represents a typical Japanese woman. Small and a little on the fluffy side, with hair wrapped in a tight bun; lips always positioned in a tight scowl. She eats with grace, chopsticks TIGHTLY clasped between her practiced fingers, her back straight and head held high. Poverty-stricken people can also eat like royalty. They should, as a matter of fact. Mrs. Maeda maintains her own private business to go by, and she is thrilled about it because it aids them in saving money for their younger daughter. The mother feels the need to also support those that perish from illnesses or neglect their loved ones because of their foolishness. Nevertheless, her drug business goes smoothly and her clientele consists not solely of those in poverty. If she indulged in a hobby of a gossiping hen... (Which she is DEFINITELY not!) She would brag about a few richer clients that she gained because of her drug being extremely effective and not outrageously expensive. Whoever spreads those rumors, Mrs. Maeda can assure it is not her, not at all.

Their daughter, at least the one present, is a frail looking girl hunched over her rice bowl. As her father, she wears glasses and her fringe seems to fall over the upper half of them. She seems very timid as she munches on her second-rate quality food. Her hair, which typically is a simple self-cut bob, is currently tied in a low and short ponytail. Her fingers nervously tug on a strand that already managed to escape the elastic band. The older daughter is promptly to turn fourteen, but she knows better than to expect anything for her birthday. She knows that everything this family gets hold of goes to her younger sister. That's the norm and something she learned to accept and not question. On top of that, her school nonattendance rose to the newest heights last year, when mother forced her to deliver the drugs to her clients. Once again, something to put up with and never bring up in any circumstances.

"Atsuko." Her mother quips in a sharp tone. "Go get ready. I need you to deliver the most recent batch of Sakura Petals. You have two minutes."

"Yes, mother." The girl replies and gets up, leaving her half finished bowl of rice on the table.

Atsuko walks towards the staircase, which leads to the second floor, where rooms of her parents and her sister reside. She stops by a door to the storage space and walks in. It has a bed, a minuscule grimy window, a box for her items and then lots of rubbish one tosses in the storage room. This is where the girl has lived for as long as she could remember and that is one more thing the older Maeda daughter knows better than to oppose. Sighing and putting on a hoodie, joined by the baseball cap and a pair of very worn out shoes, she exits the room. Atsuko walks towards the front door, where a bag with tinkling see through glass jars filled with pink petal-shaped substance resides. Another unpleasant day lies in wait.


Author's Note.

Greetings, earthlings. I know, I know. Long time no see. And DO NOT start telling me how many fanfics I have on hiatus. I KNOW. Still, the plot bunnies are working, and I just had to post this piece (more to come at some point lol). This is heavily inspired by 48G, 0048 and Harry Potter universes, as well as some other things sprinkled in there. Chapters will not be ridiculously long, hopefully easy to digest, and I promise a fun ride. This will solely have members of AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, and MIGHT include some cameos of K-pop idols of Japanese descent, we'll see :D Now, I am a seasoned — and rusty — writer, thus I do not possess in me the knowledge of the newer generations, so anything you see will be mostly centered about those who mostly are not in the 48G anymore. This will contain various themes in the future, all will be written as a warning before the chapters in question. I promise to you, in my true nature Gekikara will appear, and she will appear in fashion :D also, I have to mention, that this will be a mix of stereotypical and non-stereotypical pairings, again, the latter being something I once managed to be good at haha. THAT DOES NOT MEAN THIS STORY IS ABOUT LOVE, ROMANCE IS NOT THE PRIMARY ASPECT OF THIS WORK. Now that the cat is out of the bag, see you in the future. COMMENTS AND CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM ARE HIGHLY APPRECIATED. Additionally, all of this is pure fiction. Thank you.
Title: Akihabara School of Sorcery and Artistry [MULTIPLE PAIRINGS] CH. 2
Post by: sakura_drop_ on March 23, 2021, 03:36:02 PM


It has been nearly five hours since Matsui Jurina permitted anything but water in her mouth. Her determined gaze stayed concentrated, staring into the mirror in front of her, following the moves she so carefully memorized, body profusely sweating and all sore. Messy raven hair already damp and strewn over her face, her black crop top stuck to her skin, wonderfully toned abs forming flawless lines as her body followed the rhythm to the perfection. A beep somewhere in the background ceased the song the girl was dancing to. She refrained from succumbing to the floor and after drinking some water ascended towards the source of the beeping. Grabbing her orange and green decorated device, she allows her finger glide over the screen. Seconds later a hologram appears above it as the news reporter's optimistic voice fills the dance practice room.

"To think the tickets were gone in minutes. That's the popularity of the girls at its best. We have received the footage of their most recent performance of the newest single 'Shower no Ato Dakara' and allow me to assure you, you will not be disappointed."

The reporter leaves the screen, and the hologram reveals a vast arena, presenting a stage surrounded by a massive crowd. The audience shouts the names of the girls performing the song, cheers overpowering both the music and the vocals. Three idols wear outfits that leave one's imagination running on steroids. It's a mix of bathrobes and towel wraps with lace and garter belts, high heels accompanied by innocent expressions, borderline seduction more than anything. They dance, using a crimson red sofa and plush burgundy chairs to emphasize the meaning behind their song. As if the lyrics are not enough for the starved ancient dudes who solely rely on their perverse fantasies. Fanservice, of course. After the performance the crowd stills as the girls address the audience.

"Good evening! Hook, line and sinker, we are The Fishing Girls!"

Everyone howls and shouts, applause nearly deafening and full of support.

"Sweet and Spicy ocean princess, I am Matsui Rena." A voice gentle and calm, eyes scanning the crowd as soft lips form into a tender smile. Her gentle hand waves towards her fans and assesses the cameras with a lady-like gaze. The raven-haired girl's outfit is that of a light purple color, the baby pink garter peaking out of the towel-wrap bottom, and her heels are ivory sandals.

"I'll make you dazed with just one wink, I am your elven princess Kashiwagi Yuki." A cheerful and mature tone escapes from a second girl, who arranged her long ebony hair in a high ponytail. The female wears a sky blue outfit, her heels being beige pumps and the more prominent garter shining in a scandalous scarlet. Her wink sends the crowd into a massive roar, maybe even an ambulance is needed for some, but the girl simply cheekily blows a kiss towards the flying camera.

"Mix delicate milk with the essence of the devil, that's me, your princess of the mountains, Watanabe Miyuki." Seemingly innocent but definitely seductive voice owner drawls out and wiggles her hips in a gentle swaying motion, accompanied by the blinding smile. Her black curls wrap around her shoulders as she slowly lifts the bottom of her baby pink bathrobe. Just the edge of a white garter can be detected and then a giggle escapes her lips. The idol twirls in her lilac-colored platform shoes and bites her bottom lip while gazing towards one of the cameramen through her eyelashes.

Jurina slides her finger over the screen once again, and the hologram disappears, her device once more returning to the music from before. However, the girl does not proceed with her dancing and slumps to the floor, enveloping her head in her hands. The disgusting snarl she lets out of her trembling lips is far from the harsh truth. She despises what she witnessed to the core of her being and that shows when she looks up into the mirror.

"Two months... Two months of waiting left, sister. I will prove you wrong." Jurina's voice is but a whisper as the song restarts and fire burns in the young dancer's eyes. She didn't practice for nothing, her sweat and rigorous work will be rewarded.


Author's Note.

Well, ta-da, chapter two has arrived! We have a glimpse at a few more characters and you are therefore introduced to our other leading heroine, hehe. Can I say the plot thickens? Not really. Then again, you receive more information than I initially intended providing you with, so be thankful :p COMMENTS AND CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM ARE HIGHLY APPRECIATED. Additionally, all of this is pure fiction. Thank you.
Title: Akihabara School of Sorcery and Artistry [MULTIPLE PAIRINGS] CH. 3
Post by: sakura_drop_ on March 23, 2021, 08:35:14 PM

12秒 | 12BYOU | 12 SECONDS

She lied in her bed still, looking up at the ceiling, littered in tiniest jewels dazzling in various colors. With each other they formed patterns of which the girl still had yet to learn and differentiate, but one particular shape always stood out to her the most. She couldn't describe the feeling, an attachment of a certain degree that the girl had to it. Yet there she was, staring at the twinkling pattern of a rose, formed by the jewels on her ceiling. The petals were seemingly crimson red, yet the twinkling jewels changed their color and position once in a while. It might result in one thinking the rose she saw wasn't even a flower. Its petals were a collective number of twelve, something that the girl always ruminated about. Was it some sort of a symbol, unique number, a hint or just a coincidence? After all, she moved into this dormitory when she was twelve.

"Sakura!" A mildly annoying voice called from below and the girl leaned over her bunk bed to present her face of displeasure. As one would expect, there was Aanya, her best friend. They knew each other since for who knows how long and the friendship never faltered, even got stronger with each year passing. That didn't mean they didn't banter, and there were definitely matters they disagreed upon. "Come down, hurry!!"

The place the two girls currently resided in was called Diamond Dormitory. Their room housed a bunk bed that of a four sleeping spaces, stacked up to the ceiling. It was a tidy room; the dormitory was that of a satisfactory quality. Enjoying a peaceful time in it, however, was a task one found very hard to achieve. The culprit was a certain individual by the name Anna, who was as loud as a monkey wearing cymbals on all its paws.

Miyawaki Sakura was an adorable girl with a heart shaped face, round hamster-like eyes and a mellow squeaky voice. Her jet-black hair was trimmed in a bob, and she typically wore a headband to complete an appealing and innocent look. She owned the top most bunk bed, therefore her ability to gaze at the bejeweled ceiling. Her dearest friend Murashige Anna had the least lucky choice, the bottom cot. The girl was half-Russian, and her features were fairly distinctive, but her loud and cheerful personality helped her make friends really quickly. The other two beds belonged to their roommates Nako and Miku, the tiniest of the chibis in the whole planet; an over exaggeration created by none other than Aanya.

"I'm coming." Sakura grunted and looked over her shoulder at the calendar on the wall. Excitement bubbled up in her chest witnessing a few dates circled in pink color. The day when they were going to go shopping was significantly close, and then...

"Sakura!!!" Murashige's voice sounded eager, and Sakura immediately scuttled down the ladder. She tumbled down in the process and her bottom landed on the carpeted floor in a not so subtle 'thud'. "Jesus Christ, I know you are incapable of running properly and all that... But if you cannot last twelve seconds without falling, how will you endure even a day in that place, let alone half an hour?"

It was likely accurate, Miyawaki was a very clumsy girl. However, she believed things were going to go well once she was to be there, in the place of her dreams. She stood up and rubbed her sore bum. The girl glared at her best friend, not angry at her, just a little bit annoyed. A wicked grin appeared on her face, she knew just the way how to get at her friend. After all, in this dormitory, no one was as superior at computer games as Sakura was.


Author's Note.

Voila, chapter three is done and now I can calmly retire... Nah, time to discover what you all have thought of this so far and then we delve into the mysteries these girls will experience haha  :D COMMENTS AND CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM ARE HIGHLY APPRECIATED. Additionally, all of this is pure fiction. Thank you.
Title: Re: Akihabara School of Sorcery and Artistry [MULTIPLE PAIRINGS] CH. 3
Post by: BbSis on March 24, 2021, 02:25:30 AM
Oh well, it's been a while for me, but daaaaam I had this nostalgic vibe going on from I moment I clicked the link haha

The first chapter was, oh poor Atsuko, sad. She seems a bit hopeless.
The second, I felt Juju harbor bitter feelings inside her. I'd like to know more about that. I like Jurina happy :x
The third, Sakura huh always clumsy, let's hope she is not butthurt :v And Aanya <3

And they seem to live in different universes. I'm curious to see how they will intertwine :3
Title: Re: Akihabara School of Sorcery and Artistry [MULTIPLE PAIRINGS] CH. 3
Post by: LoyalFlutist on March 24, 2021, 03:10:15 AM
Finally gave this a read and this is going to be my first proper comment in a long while on the forum, haha. :panic: Seeing these girls... the fact that they're from the older generation definitely hits me like a nostalgic truck just like BbSis mentioned. Perhaps we might be feeling it differently based on our interpretation, but for me, seeing characters that I'm familiar with eases me back to the past... I digress.

The three chapters are well written! In fact, I might have to say that it's even better than before. Your choice of diction is sharp and direct. No beating around the bush. You went straight to the point and it moves the story coherently. Although we are only introduced to the three characters in these chapters... you've squeezed in just the right amount of information where it isn't like you're spoiling us, but you're not completely leaving us in the dark. The perfect medium for telling a story. Plus, the way you fleshed out the girls? Their circumstances? It leaves us (or at least, for me) craving for more.

Overall, it's a good start with the three chapters! I'm certain this will be one heck of a wild ride, and I look forward to seeing where you will take us all.

Thanks for writing this! Looking forward to your next upload! :deco:
Title: Re: Akihabara School of Sorcery and Artistry [MULTIPLE PAIRINGS] CH. 3
Post by: StrongStyle9Q on March 24, 2021, 04:02:54 AM
You've done a lot of work setting up the world and characters so far. You've dropped a payload of content already, and I'm excited to see where this takes me!

Keep it up friend!
Title: Akihabara School of Sorcery and Artistry [MULTIPLE PAIRINGS] CH. 4
Post by: sakura_drop_ on March 25, 2021, 01:00:44 AM


The Sakura Petals delivery lasted for five days from Tuesday to Saturday. Atsuko felt dull and exhausted by the time her head landed on the pillow late in the evening. Her mother provided some extremely peculiar clients, and a number of them felt entitled to place their hands where they shouldn't. She was promptly to turn fourteen but their behaviour made it seem like women being of proper age never mattered to anyone of masculine gender. The girl scoffed at the memory of one client trying to grope her bottom and his wife hauling him on the head with a broom. That was a sight Atsuko could have almost giggle to, that is, if she had emotions and feelings in her. Not anymore, after living a life of a delivery girl and not a proper daughter that of school age.

Worse than that, her sister was home and it meant torment to no ends. No, of course, the younger Maeda daughter bore a face of an angel. She would never dare to lay a finger on any innocent or guilty soul. However, the girl possessed an unusually venomous tongue and excelled in acting, so her parents catered all of her needs and provided her with everything of her desire. Atsuko longed for attention which she could never get, because apparently her sister deserved it more. She was better-looking, with long curling coal-black hair and displayed an adequate sense for fashion and make up, even though the girl was only twelve. Her interests in gossip and acting was what propelled her parents into worshipping her and like that Atsuko got shunned by her own family.

Sunday followed without any sun in the air, gray clouds threatening to present everyone with unfortunate showers. The air felt thick with pressure and it seemed as if life ceased to exist. You couldn't hear a single bird or insect chirping outside. The silence was suddenly disturbed by a ringing of the bell, and Atsuko knew it was Sunday post, delivered by a postman on his decrepit bicycle. Her parents had assigned her to collect and present it to them, so she dragged herself out of the bed. Outside felt worse than inside, so the girl hurriedly grabbed two letters and a newspaper, then slinked back into the house. She was about to place everything on the kitchen table for her family to discover them when they woke up. At that time she detected something peculiar about one of the letters.

It was addressed to her. She never received letters, ever. Who would write to her? Aside from her family and a few classmates or teachers, Atsuko had no one to communicate with. The girl couldn't think of anyone who would want to compose a letter to her. Curiosity killed the cat, or so the saying went. She grabbed the letter with baited breath. It was of the pearly-white sturdy paper, its surface layer covered in barely visible shimmering baby-pink lines, forming the most exquisite flowers and birds. It felt hefty in her hands and seemed bulkier than most letters did. As if the letter was about to burst and let out the countless mysteries the package seemed to hold inside. The writing on the front was also in pink, though the color was more striking and distinctly visible. The font was arranged in cursive letters that seemed to dance if you squinted your eyes well enough.

To Miss Maeda Atsuko
The Storage Room by The Staircase
ZERO Scorned Street
Swallowtail Town
North Crossroads

Her vision seemed to blur a little but Atsuko regained her composure very quickly. Straight away she bolted to her room and closed the door, her heart palpitations being those of exceptional levels. Feeling somewhat numb the girl sat on her bed, hands shaking while clutching the mysterious letter. Who was writing to her? How did they know where her room was located? Why were they writing to her, a mere commoner? The letter screamed nobility and Atsuko didn't recall anyone that wealthy among her few acquaintances.

There were of course a few of her mother's clients, but why would they write to her? To blackmail her? She didn't do anything wrong, other than denying their endeavours and advances quite a few times. But still, it puzzled Atsuko how whoever was writing to her identified the exact location of her room. She flipped the package to examine its other side, and a soft gasp escaped her lips. It was sealed. An actual magenta wax seal was binding the letter together and in the middle of it was a gorgeous bejeweled emblem. The crest consisted of a dancing girl figure holding a microphone with three letters underneath it, written in the same beautiful cursive font: 'AKB'.


Author's Note.

AND THE PLOT THICKENSSSSSS!!!! Just to inform you all, the address doesn't exist, the town and all. Therefore don't go seeking it out on the Google Maps... But then, if you indeed find yourselves doing exactly that and discover something like that... Whoah do inform me then. I want to know lol  :roll: THANK YOU FOR THE WONDERFUL COMMENTS. I will refrain from replying about the plot for now because I do want to keep the suspense going, but I am just so happy to see some of you are actually interested in this and writing the feedback :bow: COMMENTS AND CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM ARE HIGHLY APPRECIATED. Additionally, all of this is pure fiction. Thank you.
Title: Re: Akihabara School of Sorcery and Artistry [MULTIPLE PAIRINGS] CH. 4
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Ohh interesting chapter I will be following this story closely I am very excited to see how it continues :twothumbs
I will wait for the next update and thanks for the effort!
Title: Re: Akihabara School of Sorcery and Artistry [MULTIPLE PAIRINGS] CH. 4
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WAHHHH! Good to see people still writing fics till now!!! :twothumbs :heart: :yep: Naming the chapter titles over AKB group's single titles is such a great thing! :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup
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man, can't believe it's been years since last time I read something here...  :cool1:

the art of sorcery eh... this pique my inner mage  :on study:

gonna wait for my Dazai Osamu trio appear...  :ding: :whistle:
they will right? :dunno:
Right???  :shifty: