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Author Topic: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Trapped [Mayuki] (08/08/21)  (Read 66853 times)

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LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Trapped [Mayuki] (08/08/21)
« on: January 21, 2013, 01:24:24 AM »
I suppose this is where I can place my random OS/short series that doesn't require anymore than 2+ chapters. Enjoy reading through them I suppose and yeah, like I need any explanation on what I do with my stories here.  :on drench:

I'm able to take in requests so feel free to I guess... request a pairing or two and if you want it depressing or not, LOL. (Don't want someone looking forward to a happy story to end up with a really depressing scenario instead)  :hee:

Table of Contents

The Truth [KojiYuu]
Valentine's Day OS
Truth Is... [Mayuki]
Online Friends [wMatsui + Mayuki]
I'll Do Anything For You [Atsumina] | Part 2
I've Always Loved You [JuriMayu]
Melting the Cold Heart [Mayuki]
From Friends to Lovers [wMatsui]
The Struggle [JuriMayu]
Surprise Homecoming [YuiParu]
Jealousy [Mayuki + wMatsui]
Going Crazy [wMatsui]
Building Feelings [wMatsui]
The Shadow and The Light [Mayuki]
One Night... [Kojiyuu]
Unexpected Love [YukoRena]
Regret [JuriYuu]
Searching for Love Again (Genderbend) [Mayuki]
Hearing my Lover Again [TomoTomo]
Pocky Day [wMatsui ft. Mayuki, Atsumina and slight Atsuyuu]
My Girlfriend [SayaYui]
I Miss You [Mayuki/JuriMayu]
Addictive Pain [wMatsui]
Change of Heart [Mayuki]
Unexpected Savior [SayaYui]
Immortality [YukiRena]
Weight of the World [SayaYui]
20 Minutes [YukoRena]
Manmade Killer [Mayuki, minor SayaYui & AtsuYuu]
Manmade Killer PART II [Minor SayaYui, Mayuki, & wMatsui]
Idol Royale [Mayu, Yuki, Yuko, Jurina]
Truth Is... (REMAKE) [Mayuki]
Trapped [Mayuki]

I wonder why, for once, Yuko's ignoring me?

It's strange since she's always so clingy and attached to me. Was it because of my looks? My body structure? Or did she really love me? Whatever it is, it seemed to have stop. And I didn't like it.

"Yuko, why are you ignoring me?" I ask her once more when I saw her return from the dance practice of her sub-unit, Not Yet. Yokoyama Yui, Sashihara RIno and Kitahara Rie walked past the both of us. Quickly they grabbed their belongings, packing them up before leaving. The atmosphere within the room was awkward due to the silence hanging in the air. Only the sound of their breathing and equipments being packed was heard. 

I put my hands on my hips. No response from the shorter girl. Instead of answering my question, she walked past me without batting an eye at my direction. "Yuihan, do you mind to give this to Aki-P?" she asked as she extended out a piece of white paper in front of her. To be precise, a form filled out. I'm not sure what was written on the form but I saw Yui's expression slightly darken.

"Are you sure, Yuko?" She bit the bottom of her lip when Yuko bobbed her head. A smile was flashed at the other girl. "I'm absolutely sure."

A pause. Then a long sigh. "I understand." Yui's hand hesitantly took the paper from Yuko's hand. It was shaking while she received it. Then without another word, she took her leave from the room. Soon Rino and Rie followed suit after her. Once they all left, leaving both Yuko and I alone in the room, Yuko was walking back to her bag without looking back at me.

"H-Hey! Yuko!" my angry voice raised as she continued to ignore me.

Why is she still ignoring me? Did I do something wrong? Maybe because I was acting like a tsundere and kept pushing Yuko away? After that thought came to mind, I stopped in my track. Yuko might be angry about that. But that would be pretty stupid. Maybe if I just apologize, it might be-

"I'll be graduating after tomorrow," I heard her mutter in a quiet voice. My eyes widen from those words. "I might as well move to France if I can after my graduation... Just so I won't have to worry anyone else around me..."

My mind went blank. Completely and utterly blank. I didn't know what to do other than stare at her in disbelief. Why is she quitting AKB48 and in general, move out of Japan? "Yuko, why are you moving out of Japan?" Tears were threatening to escape from the corner of my eyes. Again, silence. After a couple of seconds, I began reaching out to her with my hand. "Yuko, why aren't you answering me-"

"It's all my fault."

My hand halted midair from touching her stiff and tensed shoulder. Yuko in front of me had her head hanging low. Then before I knew it, she was crying. Wet tea droplets fell down upon the ground, sniffles heard. It took me by surprise.

"I'm sorry Haruna..." she whispered just barely audible enough for my ears. What was she sorry for? Ignoring me from yesterday and today?

She turned around and looked directly at my eyes. There too were tears in her eyes, sliding down on her always-dimpled cheeks. Nothing. There was nothingness beneath the pair of orbs that stared back at me. "It's so difficult to live without you."

Without you. 'Without you'? What could she possibly mean by that? My hand reached out to touch the side of her face when a surprising scene happened. It went through her cheek as though she was transparent. Oh, correction: As though my hand were transparent. Shock overcame my thoughts and I backed away from what was happening. Slowly I trailed my eyes down to the very hand I tried to touch Yuko and upon closer inspection, noticed that I could see the wooden floor through my skin.

"No... This... What... Why am I like this?"

I brought my head up to look at her again. Yuko. Oshima Yuko. Ace of AKB48 after Maeda Atsuko. The squirrel that always have the weirdest attitude from all of the members that I have ever seen. What did she do to cause me to become like this?

"I should've known to never walk you through the shot-cut street I have always taken to go home. I never would've known that a shoot-and-run scene was ongoing." A scoff. Yuko forced a smile at me. No... Of course not at me. She wasn't able to see me at all. See the Kojima Haruna in front of her eyes. "I should've protected you. Shielded you."

Her eyes looked downward. "Truthfully... If you're listening to me... Whether up in heaven or floating around here as a ghost... I just want to let you know that I really love you no matter what. If possible, I might as well want to propose a marriage to you once we both graduate from the idol group..."

I knew those words. The words she always would speak to me both in a joking and serious manner. Now tears were falling down on my faces. I shook my head slowly, feeling my teeth clench together as I felt my heart ache. Despite being dead, emotional pain can still run through any being whether dead or alive. "Yuko... I love you too... And would've gladly accepted the offer..." If I was alive, that is. I wanted to hold her in my arms. Tell her that she's going to be okay. That I'm going to be by her side. Besides, if I'm not leaving this Earth, that means I'm free to watch over her, right? That probably means I'm a ghost. Or not. I don't even know what's going on anymore for my brain is already going haywire at the situation at hand.

Yuko wiped her eyes with her arm. There was a faint chuckle from the girl. No. It wasn't her usual chuckle. Not a menacing chuckle. It was dark though. "Hehe... I wonder if I can live on Earth without you." Lifting her head up, she still kept her forceful smile plastered on her face. The corner of her lips could be seen twitching just slightly from the tensed muscle. Her fake smile. She truly is unhappy.

She then took her belongings and walked out of the room. Just when I was about to follow her, her next words soon froze me on my spot. The colored drained from my face. My eyes widening and fear striking my very core.

"I'll join you shortly after I graduate, Nyan Nyan."

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2013, 02:06:21 AM »
I found you!!! you post this fic on tumblr and made my heart a cry.. -______- why why.. who hate us (kojiyuu lovers) so much.. first haruna and then.. yuuchan.. -_______-...

Now you must to write a smut fic for heal my kojiyuu broken heart :B

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven
« Reply #2 on: January 21, 2013, 05:01:13 PM »
Aaaaaah :D I love it *w* I want to hug Yuko éwè ( like always...)

And I'll don't kill you for having written it... ( just see the os that I wrote... i can't hate you for this one xD )

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven
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 :cry: srsly, a drop of my tears fell from my eyes... Yuuko just can't live without Haruna  :cry:
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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven
« Reply #4 on: February 14, 2013, 05:05:41 AM »
@Haruko: Keep your eyes out on Tumblr then in the near future! I don't really write those kind of thing, but I guess I could do one more and it'll be Tumblr-only, LOL  :cool1:

Guess my last OS there made you three pretty sad. Hopefully this Valentine's OS could ease that (delayed) emotional "feelz."  :depressed:

You guys do not know how hard it was writing these pairings. (Gomenasai to SayaMilky fans. I had to remove them since I got burnt out in the end...) Anyway, short stories for each of them on Valentine's Day! Hopefully it isn't crappy (for I am a terrible terrible romance-genre writer). And... I didn't edit it because I'm too tired to....  :dozing:

Valentine's Day OS

[Yokoyama Yui x Shimazaki Haruka]

Valentines Day. The day that Yokoyama Yui was able to express her love to Paruru (also known as Shimazaki Haruka). Standing in front of her house's entrance door, she gulped in nervousness. In Yui's hand was a box of chocolate that she had made with her own hands not too long ago. It was freshly baked and the smell of the heart-shaped chocolate from underneath the red wrapped box could still be sensed.

Yui had always liked Haruka the moment she laid her eyes on the girl. At first though, she was unsure of her feelings and decided to keep her distance for a short while. Not to mention that she was shy whenever Haruka would approach up to the girl, so that doesn't seem to help make the situation any better. However, over time, the girls were beginning to grow closer to each other. Opening up to each other. Day by day, week by week and soon month by month. Even during their idol works and school, the two always managed to find some spare time to goof off and expressed their love to each other.  But today was the day she was going to actually confess her love to Haruka.

Sure, she had said multiple times that she loved the girl during interviews and text messages, but she thought that Haruka might've taken it as a love that close friends share. What she really meant though was actual love. Love between two people that are unbreakable and unshakable. She wanted to make it clear to her.

But waiting this long after ringing the doorbell and knocking on the door was making Yui nervous.

'Why is it taking Paruru so long? Is she taking a nap or something? Oh... If she is, then maybe I should come back later on? Ahhhhh~ I'm so nervous!'

Her train of thoughts were soon interrupted by another person's voice.


The voice. The familiar voice that Yui knows instantly without even having to think about it. Quickly turning around, she saw the person that she was looking for the entire time. Shimazaki Haruka was standing in front of her in her cute white collared shirt accompanied with a red checkered skirt. There was a brown paper bag in one hand as the girl stared at the person that's standing in front of her doorway.

"P-Paruru!" Yui's voice squeaked up a couple octaves higher than usual. She could imagine that an imaginary sweat drop was running down her face as Haruka blinked at her direction. "S-So you weren't home then after all!"

"Have you been waiting out here for long?" she asked with a concerned expression. Her eyes trailed from Yui's embarrassed face to the red box at her two hands. They squinted once the pair laid upon it. "What's that in your hand?"

That caught Yui off by surprise. Nearly dropping the box, she struggled to keep a calm composure. "I-It's... some chocolate I made...." Her words trailed off and unconsciously blushed. "It's... for you."

Then walking up to Haruka, who was shocked at the words that came out of her mouth, she urged the younger girl to take the box. "Happy Valentines Day, Haruka," she said with a smile.

Speechless, it took Haruka a couple of good seconds to regain back her voices. Coughing into her hand and also blushing, she also urged Yui to take the brown bag from her hand. "I made you some chocolate too... Though I'm not sure if it's as good as you would expect it to be-" Her words were cut off when Yui's index finger was placed against her lips, silencing the girl. In one movement, she leaned in and gave a short-lived kiss on them.

"Anything that Paruru makes for me will always be good and meet my expectations-no, even more," she replied back. Haruka in front of her might as well turn into a bright red tomato from her face alone. Surprised at what had just happened, a smile too crossed her face. The two then exchanged their gifts to each other and hugged together.

"I love you, Yuihan."

"I love you too, Paruru."


[Kitahara Rie x Sashihara Rino]

"Oi, Happy Valentines Day yo!" Kitahara Rie was taken by surprise when her best friend, Sashihara Rino, leapt on her back. She was busy reading the daily newspaper on the edge of her chair in the dressing room. Nearly falling forward and face planting herself with the floor, she stabilized her balance for a bit before turning her attention to Rino.

Glancing over her shoulder, she saw Rino smiling at her like a goofball with a box of chocolate in her hand. She shook the box, hinting Rie that she should take the box. And she did. Or so she thought. Rino retracted her hand away from Rie's grabbing hand and grinned. Rie frowned and tried to grab the box away from the other girl, who doesn't seem to want to let go of the chocolate.

"Tsk tsk, wait for your turn Rie!"

'Wait for my turn?' Rie was confused with what Rino had just said there. So lowering the newspaper on the table in front of her, she watched Rino tore open the nicely wrapped and packaged chocolate box. Lifting the lid up, Rie swore that she could have drooled if she didn't hold it back. All sorts of assortments were in the box. Different shapes and designs were marked on each one. They looked simply delicious.

As her eyes took in the information and examined each individual chocolate carefully, she immediately noticed Rino grabbing one and popping it into her mouth. "Eh? What are you doing with that-!" Her question was answered when she felt Rino's lips on hers right away. The chocolate. Rie could taste the chocolate within her mouth just as Rino was. After a couple long seconds, the two separated and blushed deeply. "T-That was bold of you..." Rie commented in a tiny voice while trying to look away.

A grin crept on Rino's face. With a giggle, she pinched the side of Rie's face and pulled on them lightly. "Will you be my Valentine?"

Brief pause. Then the answer that Rino was looking forward to. "O-Of course!" Rie stuttered with her red face. A smile for her victory, she winked at the girl and took another one of the chocolates. Placing it in Rie's mouth, she smiled. "Then prove it to me." Once more, the two girls came together for their second round.


[Kojima Haruna x Oshima Yuko]

Oshima Yuko was literally bouncing up and down from her spot as she waited for Kojima Haruna to come out of Team B's practice room. The girl that she loved so much (aside from oppais and oshiris), she had bought a necklace just for her. A golden pendant that contained the picture of the two girls together. Yuko thought this would be the perfect gift for Haruna.

Other members and adults that were passing by her raised their eyebrows at such act Yuko is putting up. But they moved on, going through their own businesses. One can see how excited this squirrel was getting to be.

'Ahhhhh, Nyan Nyan~ When are you going to be out?' She was impatient, crossing her arms and tapping her feet on the wooden flooring beneath her body. 'It's been 30 minutes already!'

After waiting for a couple more minutes, Haruna finally came out of the practice room along with a couple other Team B members. "I'll see you later Yukirin," she waved to the ex-Team B captain as she walked out of the room. Little did she know that there was a shorter girl just waiting to ambush her from the corner of her eyes.

"Nyan.... NYAN!" Yuko exclaimed gleefully as she tackled the taller girl. Not prepared for the sudden attack, she was knocked down by the shorter girl. Her back landing against the floor, she winced slightly in pain while Yuko was on top of the girl. "Yikes! Y-Yuko!"

Yuko simply giggled and rubbed the side of her face against Haruna's. "I have something for you, Nyan Nyan!" Haruna blinked dumbly while Yuko sat up on her stomach and pulled out a small, blue box. "It's for you!"

Before Haruna took the box, she shooed Yuko to get off of her while she sat up from the ground. Taking the box, she popped it open and widen her eyes from the object within. "Yuko... This is..." She was speechless. Her right hand took ahold of the pendant and observed it with glimmering eyes. Gently placing aside the box, she opened it up and saw a photo of the two of them together. Tears of happiness might as well run down her face now. "I really love it, Yuko." Turning her attention back at the squirrel who was now smiling like an idiot, she gave her a peck on the cheek. "Thank you so much."

A blush crept across Yuko's face as she scratched the back of her head. "Haha, anytime for my Nyan Nyan! Happy Valentine's Day!"


[Takahashi Minami x Maeda Atsuko]

It has been a couple months since Atsuko had graduated and left AKB48. It has been... Lonely to be honest. Though it is true that it's stressful and there's a heavy burden on her shoulder, she felt empty without a certain presence in her life. And that presence is none other than Takahashi Minami.

Since this is a very special day where lovers would spend quality time with each other and singles would consider it 'Only a Thursday,' Atsuko decided to spend some time with the person she loved ever since the two first met. Humming 'Flower' under her breath, she skipped toward Team A's theater. Team A after their morning practice had nothing else to give to the members and many of them were hanging out with their friends and family. However, there was only two people that stayed within the building.

One was Shinoda Mariko, the new Team A captain and Takahashi Minami, the General Manager of all Group 48. A couple of words were heard coming out of the room through the barley closed door. As Atsuko approached, she heard giggles within inside. "Oh really, Mariko? Are you sure she's really going to like that?"

"Yes yes. I'm sure that's the perfect gift for her, midget."

"Oi! Who're you callin' midget!?"

Their voices rang out happily into Atsuko's ears, perking up her curiosity. 'I wonder what they're talking about?' she asked herself as she eavesdropped on the conversation.

"So... Is this going to work?"

"Yep, I'm sure it will."

"...Are you sure? I don't want to see that it's another one of your trolling methods-"

"Yada, it's not that Takamina~ I'm sure of it."

"...I trust you on that."

Then the door in front of Atsuko opened up. Revealing Mariko, who was standing right in front of her, she whistled with a small smirk on her face. "Looks like we have an unexpected visitor~"

Before Atsuko could even say anything, Mariko disappeared from both her and Minami's sight. The two were left blinking dumbly in their spot. In a couple minutes though, the two finally focused on each other.

"L-Long time no see, Acchan!" Minami exclaimed as she got up from her chair from the desk. She made a cute salute as though she was a soldier greeting a returning captain. Atsuko couldn't help but giggle at the sight and run up to the smaller girl. She gave her a bear hug, grinning widely. "It's been a while, Takamina~"

The two separated and laughed in harmony. "So what were you doing, Takamina?" Atsuko asked, which made the other girl tense up just slightly. To her surprise, there was a faint color of pink on Minami's cheeks after she had asked. Minami's hands soon came together and the thumbs were toying with each other. Twidling with them, she nervously spoke, "I-I was... um... w-writing something!"

"And what were you writing, hm?" Atsuko must've trapped her in the corner for she wasn't able to properly respond back without making incomprehensible words. Impatient for Minami's answer, she decided to look over at the desk. On top of the desk was a piece of paper. There were a couple of crumpled paper balls nearby along with many white outs and pink erasers leftovers from its usage scattered around. Shoving the shorter girl to the side, she reached out for the piece of paper. "A-Acchan!"

Ignoring Minami, she picked it up and began skimming it. The other girl was trying to get it back from her, only to fail for Atsuko is much taller than her. Easily dodging the girl's attempt to grabbing it back, she continued to skim at it. She noticed that it was just finished and smiled throughout the entire time. Once finished, she returned the paper back to the person she loved. Minami did not hesitate to take it back and muttered a couple of words under her breath that Atsuko couldn't catch. Without warning though, she was met with a peck on the cheek from the ex-ace of AKB48. "Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Minami~"


[Watanabe Mayu x Kashiwagi Yuki]

Valentine's Day is the very day where one can exchange each other gifts, chocolates and not to mention some love. Love is in the air after all. For Kashiwagi Yuki, she was willing to give Mayu some chocolates she had just baked-oh wait. Truth be told, she had actually had two separate batch. One was the ones she baked and the other... was the one she had bought from a nearby supermarket.

Yuki was clearly aware that she is a bad chef. No. Bad isn't even a word that could fully describe how terrible she is at the kitchen. But efforts and love into is what counts, right? Knocking on the door of Watanabe Mayu's home, she shifted in her position uncomfortably. Impatient. 'When is Mayuyu going to open the door and let me in?' she mentally asked herself as she stared on to the dark red wooden door.

Though she waited merely for three minutes, it felt like a very long time for her. The door before her eyes soon opened and she saw the person she wanted to see. A smile broke out on her face. "Mayuyu~"

"Yukirin!" Mayu's high pitched voice squealed out in happiness as she leapt towards the older girl. By accident, she nearly knocked over the two small red bags in her hands. "Whoa! Careful there, Mayu!" She couldn't help but chuckle when the other girl bounced off of her and bowed repeatedly, apologizing.

"Gomenasai, Yukirin," Mayu said with a sweat drop running down the side of her face. Yuki then laughed and wave one of her hands in the air. "No need to apologize, haha! You're just happy to see me, so that's understandable."

It has been a while since the two got together. After they had been separated into two different teams thanks to the Tokyo Dome shuffle, it's getting difficult for them to meet up. Once in a while if they both had any spare time, they would hang out and have small dates. But today must be their lucky day for the two had enough time to spend the rest of their evening together.

Entering into Mayu's home, Yuki immediately noticed that her parents aren't home. "They're not going to be home until next week," Mayu explained as though she has read the other girl's mind. The younger girl of the two walked over to the living room and sat down on the sofa. There were a couple of crumpled paper balls scattered here and there on both the table and carpeted floor. Taking off her shoes, Yuki followed after Mayu and sat down next to her.

Silence crossed between the two girls as they stared into space.

"Ano..." Yuki broke the silence. "I wanted to... give you this for Valentine's Day." Mayu flicked her attention over to her left, which Yuki extended out a small red bag with her own baked chocolates. "I know it must be bad as always due to my low quality cooking skills but I also bought some from the store if you wanted instead-" Her words were cut off when Mayu snatched the bag that contained Yuki's homemade treat from her grasp.

"Mmmm... I like Yukirin's cooking no matter if they're bad or good," she commented and opened up the bag. Taking a piece of black coal-er, pardon, BURNT CHOCOLATE PIECE from within the bag, she did not hesitate to pop the foreign and possibly poisonese object into her mouth. She could be seen trying hard not to change her facial expression as she munched on it. (or more like trying to crack open a rock with her bare teeth) "They're... my favorite no matter what."

She then flashed a smile at Yuki once she, with difficulty, swallowed the small chocolate through her throat. Yuki's face turned red from her words and fidgeted with her index fingers with each other. "Mou... You're just trying to make me feel better-"

"Why would I be lying to you, 'okaa-san'?"

"....Hehe, thanks, Mayuyu." Then Yuki leaned in to give Mayu a small kiss on the lips. "Happy Valentine's Day."

The so-called cyborg girl might as well have her internal hard drive system overheated from Yuki's actions. Face burning red, she stuttered back, "H-H-Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Y-Yukirin!"


[Miyazawa Sae x Akimoto Sayaka]

'I wonder if Sae would like my gift for her?' Sayaka was inside of the airport, thinking deeply. She was currently staring at a handwritten card she had done at hand. 'I did buy her chocolate too, so maybe she'll also like it?'

Both Miyazawa Sae and Akimoto Sayaka were quite close. The two famously known as 'Twin Tower' of Team K in AKB48, they were unstoppable. Supporting each other through their good and bad times. However, Sae was in Shanghai, China for SNH48. Today though, Sayaka has heard she was returning back from her trip to visit Team K and a couple other members upon return. She swears her heart is going to leap out of her chest once she had heard of this news a couple of days ago. Unable to contain her excitement and knowing that Valentine's Day was getting nearer and nearer, she took plenty of time to carefully choose and create the perfect gift for Sae.

She glanced up at one of the many airport digital signs, signaling which plane was ready to take off, delayed or arriving. Her eyes flicked over to the name of the airplane that Sae was on. 'Five more minutes...' This tall girl has been waiting for Sae since two hours ago, hoping to get to her quickly before the crowd pushes through and, well... delays the two of them meeting. Sayaka is a patient girl, but if it's about the person she really loves, she can't even wait a full second without the urge to complain.

'Come on... Just a couple more seconds... Ah! Her plane is finally here!'

From the clear glassed window to her right, she saw the plane descending upon the ground from the clear blue sky up above. It took the plane a couple good minutes to park itself right where the passengers could exit out safely and into the airport. Many family members around Sayaka was heard excitedly chatting to each other about their awaiting relatives/friends.

The first person that came out ran toward the nearby family and hugged them tightly in his arms. Then the second person to their friends. And so on. Each individual that passed through the gate was not Sae. Until the last person that left the plane, Sae was yet to be found.

"Eh? Where is Sae?" Sayaka asked out loud while scratching the side of her head. Left and right she searched only to no avail to finding the person she was looking for. After a couple minutes of examining throughout the crowd, she was about to ask the flight attendance when someone poked her from behind. "Peek-a-boo, my Twin Tower sister."

She slowly turned around to find Sae smiling up to her face. Tears suddenly formed from the corner of her eyes. In a matter of seconds, the two were hugging together. "I miss you so much, Sae," Sayaka spoke through her tears. Sae squeezed back and rubbed her back. "I miss you too, Sayaka. I miss you too."

Once they had separated, Sayaka quickly fumbled around with the card and Valentine's treat in her hand. "This is for you, Sae. Happy Valentine's Day."


[Matsui Rena x Matsui Jurina]

Rena had her arms crossed, waiting for the other Matsui from school. Standing a couple of feet away from the entrance, she patiently watched the clock from above. The top of the school's building proudly showed off not only its mascot of a lion but also the clock with roman numerals for the numbers. Once it has struck three o' clock, the school's bell was heard ringing out throughout the campus. In a matter of seconds, students scrambled out of the building. One could see that many were excited and glad that school has finally ended.

"Oh my god, is that Matsui Rena?" one student's voice could be heard among the emerging crowd.

"Wait, are you sure that's Rena?"

"O. M. G. It is her!"

The many voices soon was calling out to Rena, cheering and squealing with both surprise and happiness. Of course. It's rare for any idol to simply walk into a public area, especially the popular ones. Rena simply smiled nervously and waved her left hand at the students. In hopes of getting away from the rapidly huge crowd that formed before her eyes, she created a distraction. "O-Over there! There's Yagami Kumi!" Their attention were immediately away from hers and onto the area where Rena had pointed her finger at. Using this spare and rare chance to her advantage, she quickly made a mad run away from the students.

As she ran, she hid behind a bush. Knees close to her chest as she laid low, she kept still for fear of having the students pointing her out. 'Jeez! I guess I should've worn a disguise next time I make an attempt to picking up Jurina from school!' A sweat drop ran down the side of her face as she sighed silently. Since it was Valentine's Day and honestly, Rena hasn't been hanging out with Jurina in a while. She was too busy frolicking over Furukawa Airi (due to her obvious cuteness for Rena could not hold herself back) and felt bad. So she decided that today she'll give some special treatment just for Jurina.

"Oh, Rena! Didn't know you were hiding out here," a sudden voice startled poor Rena badly, almost making her jump up a couple feet into the air if it weren't for her feet being rooted to the ground. Her eyes widen and quickly looked up, only to frown. "Jurina! Don't go blowing off my cover here!" she whispered harshly. The girl wearing a high school's uniform was standing right above her. A smile was on her face; an imaginary dog tail and ears could be visualized in attempt to picture Jurina's happiness.

Too kneeling down on her knees, she whispered back to Rena. "What are you doing here? This is my first time seeing you come here to my school. Something happening in SKE that made you come here?"

"No... I... um... I just... wanted to pick you up from school."

An 'o' shaped was formed from Jurina's mouth once she understood why Rena was here. Then a grin. "I'm guessing you didn't come here in preparation, hm?"

"Oh shush, Jurina! Now that I found you, let's get out of here first and let me treat you to a dinner."

Jurina's ears perked up from hearing such news from Rena. Grinning so wide from one end to the other of her face, she nodded happily like a puppy. "Hai hai~" When the two finally stood up from staying down, Jurina without warning hugged Rena tightly. "Daisuki~"

There was a slight pause before Rena giggled and pecked the side of Jurina's cheek. "Happy Valentine's Day, Jurina~"


[Itano Tomomi x Kasai Tomomi]

Itano Tomomi and Kasai Tomomi were sitting outside on a table. Drinks sat in front of them as they drank through the white bendable straws. The two fashionable girls were in the cafe, hanging out with each other.

"So," Kasai started to speak after she took a small sip through her mocha. "Since we're both graduating from AKB48... That means we get to have more free time with each other, chiyuu~?"

A small giggle came from the other girl, pushing aside a strand of brown hair on her shoulder. "I suppose we can say that, Tomo~mi."

Happiness was seen on Kasai's face and grinned widely while drinking. "Chiyuu~ I wonder what we should do~?"

"Just work with some production company that have requested for us?"

Kasai shrugged her shoulders and sighed. "No no, not work. I meant in terms of life itself. What are we going to do? I mean, we're not going to be very busy like we were in the idol group."

"True..." Itano sipped through her strawberry smoothie and wondered. "Maybe I'll just hang out with my friends? Like Atsuko and possibly some AKB members too-... Oi. What's with that face?" She blinked when she saw Kasai making her lips pucker, pouting. "What about me, chiyuu?"

This made Itano laugh and want to just pat the top of the girl's head due to her cuteness. "Kawaii and yes, I'll hang out with you too of course." This brought a smile back to Kasai's face and unexpectedly, a kiss on Itano's cheek. "Chiyuu!"

Blushing madly, she cupped her own cheeks and frowned at the other girl. "W-What were you thinking?!"

"It's Valentine's Day silly." Kasai stuck out her tongue. "Don't tell me you've forgotten!"


[Kimoto Kanon x Yagami Kumi]

Kanon peeked through the corner of the room with a small, finely red wrapped box holding chocolates from within. The small and young girl was watching Yagami Kumi, who was busy interacting with another SKE48 member, Kizaki Yuria.

"Ah! Soudesune!" she exclaimed in understanding as she bobbed her head up and down at Yuria. Yuria grinned and too nodded her head along with her. Her hand came up to Kumi's shoulder and pat on top of it. "Ganbatte, Kumi! I'm sure you'll need it!"

The two continued to converse with each other for a bit longer. This made Kimoto Kanon here curious of what exactly they were talking about. 'What's this about Kumi's luck?' she questioned herself and retreated when she thought Kumi's attention turned to where she was standing. Little did she know that Yuria was reassuring Kumi that she would deliver her gift to the person she loves also. Hiding behind the wall of the backstage theater, she held her breath. The box she had at hand was pressed against her chest. Kanon was praying that Kumi doesn't find her here.

One second. Two seconds. Three seconds. Five seconds. Ten seconds.

Still no repsonse about Kanon's hiding spot. She then heard them talking again. Almost sighing out loud with relief, she was just about to turn around and peek out once again when she bumped into a certain someone.

"I-Itai..." she winced and rubbed her forehead with her spare hand. Her eyes were squinted close due to the pain. "S-Sumimasen..."

"Kanon-chan?" That voice. The familiar voice that rang inside of Kanon's eardrum. She snapped her eyes open to find that she had bumped into none other than Yagami Kumi herself. The taller girl of the two blinked at Kanon. "Ah, good to see you here!"

If Kanon wasn't able to keep her mouth shut, she might as well squeal out in embarrassment and run far far far FAR away from where she was now standing. But her feet stood rooted to the floor beneath. Gulping, she flashed a nervous smile at Kumi's direction. "K-Kumi, I-I-"

"Here!" Kumi interrupted her stuttering sentence with a heart-shaped box in her hands extending outward towards the younger girl. "I wanted to give you this, so Happy Valentine's Day!"

Kanon swore that if she was a tomato, she might become the brightest red tomato anyone could've seen in their life. Still blushing, she too extended out Kumi's present. "H-Happy Valentine's t-to you too!"


[Suga Nanako x Furuhata Nao]

"Pocky game?"

"Eh?" One of the two girls, Suga Nanako, lowered the fashion magazine that she was flipping through. She was sitting on the floor of the Team S's practice room. Nobody was in the room other than the two, so there was no one to disturb their conversation. Nanako looked up to see Furuhata Nao standing right above her; her hand gripping a hold of a strawberry pocky box.

It took Nanako a couple of seconds to comprehend what exactly was going on. Her face was flushed as incomprehensible words exited out of her open mouth. The magazine she once held at hand now dropped down right beside her. "W-W-W-W-What?!?!"

Nao couldn't help but giggle as she too sat down right in front of the speechless girl. Pulling out one of the many sticks inside of the box, she stuck one end right into Nanako's open mouth. She used her other hand to clamp the other girl's mouth shut. Satisfied, Nao then bit on the other end.

The two didn't make any move just yet. Nanako was too shocked to even be doing anything while Nao smirked at her reaction. "Kawaii," she murmured with the chocolate stick still in her mouth. Then without any warning, she began nibbling. This prompted Nanako to suddenly join in with her, also nibbling at her side. They nibbled and nibbled the chocolate away, tasting the candy's flavor.

But the two then were just a centimeter apart from each other's lips. Their breaths mixed in with each other and their noses nearly bumped together. Nanako's blush darkened as Nao had an amused expression. Before they knew it, their lips came together. It was expected but still shocked Nanako. They quickly separated, causing her to cover her face with her hands.

"MOU...." she squeaked out while hiding behind her hands in a failed attempt. Nao simply laughed and hugged the girl in front of her. "That's my Valentine to you!"


[Shinoda Mariko x Minegishi Minami]

"Mii-chan! Yo!" Shinoda Mariko's voice was heard from behind Minegishi Minami. The two girls were inside of the dressing room, Minegishi packing up her belongings for practice has already ended. The shorter girl, who was bent down on her knees quickly stood up straight and turned around so she was facing the oldest member of AKB. "Hello there, Mariko!" she exclaimed happily and waved at her.

Mariko smiled and pinched the side of her cheeks with her two hands. "Kawaii, Gachapin~"

"Mou, I am NOT a Gachapin!"

The other girl pouted, puffing her cheeks and scrunching her eyebrows together from such comment. This caused Mariko to, instead of apologizing, laugh and pat the top of her head. "Haha, you're really cute." Then she quickly changed the topic at hand. "Have anyone for Valentine's Day?"

A long pause. Minegishi didn't seem to answer until five full minutes have actually passed. "Nah, I don't have anyone..."

"Hm..." Mariko placed her hand under her chin. "Well, I could tell that Acchan is with Takamina right now..."

"Yuko's got Nyan Nyan," Minegishi added.

"Yuihan's with Paruru if I remembered from this morning after practice..."

"I saw Yuki dashing out in hopes of being with Mayuyu..."

"I also saw Sasshi visit Kitahara today..."

"And who else was there?"

"Ah, Jurina-chan. She's still at school and maybe just got out, but I remember hearing from one of the members that Rena is picking her up..."

"Sae is also returning from China, so gorilla Sayaka is now at the airport..."

"Double Tomomis going out to a cafe..."

"And for the rest of the other groups... I don't even know what they might possibly be doing and who's going out with who..."

"SKE48 have quite a lot of girls going out with each other if I remember from the fans' comment-"

"No no no, not SKE48. SGAYE48, Mariko."

"Okay okay-oh wait. Why the hell are we talking about other members going out while the two of us haven't even found our pair for this special occassion!"

"I wonder too!"



"....Neh... I was thinking..."

"Thinking of what?"

"I was thinking that... Maybe us two should just go out for just today?"

"...I don't see why not. Besides, I don't want to be marked 'Forever Alone' as my status on this occasion."

And thus, both Mariko and Minegishi spent Valentine's Day together. Thankfully the two almost 'FOREVER ALONE' individuals came together for a brief, but special day.

Whew! I'm pretty tired now~  :on_hot:

Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Single's Day, Happy Thursday and of course, HAPPY SATHDAY.  :byebye:

Edit: Does anyone know how I can link each post separately? I want to make a table of contents (as you all can tell from the first post) AND.... I have no idea how to do that, haha.....

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Valentine's Day OS [02/13/13]
« Reply #5 on: February 14, 2013, 06:07:39 AM »
All nice one shots :jphip: :jphip:

To link them you have to press the top of each post and use the url brackets

i.e. [url ]insert title[/url] without the space
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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Valentine's Day OS [02/13/13]
« Reply #6 on: February 14, 2013, 07:05:20 AM »
oww thanks for this OS, yuiparu and wmatsui so cuteee  :deco: :deco: :deco: :deco: :deco: :deco:
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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Valentine's Day OS [02/13/13]
« Reply #7 on: February 14, 2013, 01:03:27 PM »
Saeyaka...Too cute! :k-inlove: :k-thrilled: :k-great:

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Valentine's Day OS [02/13/13]
« Reply #8 on: February 16, 2013, 04:05:53 AM »
Thank you o/ this was cute, nice and funny hehehe

Sorry about my lack of activity... I'm kinda stuck in life...

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Valentine's Day OS [02/13/13]
« Reply #9 on: February 16, 2013, 10:22:49 PM »
I like all the short story.... for the Valentine's Day...

The Atsumina, Kojiyuu, WMatsui are the fav.

Thank you for the OS

Can't wait to see more

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Valentine's Day OS [02/13/13]
« Reply #10 on: February 17, 2013, 05:53:18 PM »
they are so cute towards each other.

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Valentine's Day OS [02/13/13]
« Reply #11 on: February 23, 2013, 05:22:52 PM »
Thank you very much for the comments! I'm glad you all like the Valentine's OS.

Truth is... [Mayuki]

"Tell me, Mayu. Do you really love me?"

" I don't."

Kashiwagi Yuki, just any normal high school girl in her senior year was taken aback by the younger girl's response. The younger girl who is named Watanabe Mayu, a student who is just a freshmen at their school.

The two girls were standing alone inside of the gym room; specifically the basketball court built inside of the school. Right after school, Yuki decided to call out for a short meeting with Mayu. Two figures standing in front of each other. Staring right into each other's eyes.

Yuki bit the bottom of her lip, trying not to let the tears that had already formed in the corner of her eyes slip out and trickle down her face. Not tearing her gaze away from Mayu, she replied back with a barely noticeable shaky voice.

"Oh, I see."

She saw Mayu's eyes broke away their connection with hers and dragged it to her left.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I don't love you back... Let's just stay as friends, okay?"

Then before she knew it, the youngest out of the two just... left her. Left her behind without another word. Now she stood with her lonesome self in the room. All alone with no one but her shadow. She couldn't it in anymore. The emotions that she poured for the younger girl. How much she cared for her. How much closer she wanted to be with the girl. Wanting to stand right by her side. How much-there's a ton more of 'How much' Yuki could list out, but she stopped right there. Tears began showing on her face, prompting her to face down at the ground to hide it with her black bangs.

Ever since the first day of school when this school year started for the two, she didn't think it was special as always. She was always alone. Always sitting in the back corner of the classroom in silence. No one caring for her presence. Only to acknowledge her presence when someone needed something from her. Yuki didn't mind though. She was used to being treated like a used living doll in school. Not to mention at home, her parents didn't really bother noticing her either. It was as though she was never meant to exist in this world called Earth. Maybe it would be better for her to disppear, right? If you don't fit in or even get acknowledged, might as well disappear. No one will care either way.

But she was proven wrong. Kashiwagi Yuki found someone that had pulled her up from the darkness she nearly succumbed to. The light that is called by a person none other than Watanabe Mayu. Her hand was outstretched, reaching out to Yuki in order to help her escape. She was someone that on the first week of school, came up to the older girl and began talking to her. Something that simple meant a whole lot of difference for her.

The conversation was simple. Simply greeting each other and talking about the classes. They were in the same class and Mayu had just transferred from another school. God must've given her some sort of hope for placing the girl into her life. Soon over time, the two began to open up to each other. Talked about their problems and nonsensical things that many who would hear their conversation think they both need a visit to a mental facility. Went over to each other's houses. Went out on 'dates' and hanged out. Going broke at amusement parks and at shops that sell anime items to Mayu's interest. Making fun of each other and mostly Yuki's terrible household skills. They were very close to each other.

But as time passed by, Yuki started to develop feelings for the other girl. Though she doesn't know exactly how Mayu felt towards her other than being close friends, she knew her own feeling very well. At first, she thought that it might be just because Mayu's the only person that she's ever been this close and stayed with the longest. Maybe because of that. But her heart tells her that it's more than that.

She loved her. Kashiwagi Yuki loves Watanabe Mayu, her close friend, supporter, and someone she can turn to.

But in this society, loving someone with the same gender is considered taboo. Sometimes Yuki wonders to herself if she really is going insane. Crazy for loving another person with the same gender. There's a saying though that love reaches no limit. So maybe it was possible to love her? She definitely loves Mayu once second semester of school rolled around the corner. They've been together since the first week of school; about six months to be precise. It was probably time for her to confess her feelings and emotions towards the younger individual. Spill it all out to her about how she feelings towards her and hopes that she returns the same feelings too.

However, Yuki began noticing something. Mayu was acting a bit... differently. More hesitant. More unlike herself. They stopped hanging out. They stopped having long conversations with each other; at the most only engaging in a short paragraph-like conversation. This bothered Yuki. Bothered her greatly.

And now she knew the reason why. Mayu must've already knew the feeling that Yuki has had towards her and wanted to cut off further connection just so their relationship won't deepen. Was it because she was afraid of how society with view the two of them? Or was it because of Yuki? She'll never know what goes on inside of Mayu's head.

Sad and depressed, Yuki wiped away the tears with the back of her right arm. Mayu just picked her up from day one and dropped her at the very end. Like a toy a child would play until they get sick of it. This thought just made Yuki feel even sadder, trying to clear her mind only to no avail. All her mind was flooded with 'Mayu Mayu Mayu.'

Adjusting the school's blue bag on her shoulder, she began making way out of the gym. Slowly dragging her feet across the ground just so she could move her stiff body. Her stiff body due to shock. Chatters and noises around her just blurred with the surroundings. Too dazed to even pay attention to who or what was in front of her, causing her to bump into things and people by accident. She didn't even bother to apologize to them. It earned her a couple of bad comments, but she paid no attention. All she has to do is go home and just.... stay there, holed up inside her room. Inside her room alone just like she usually does before.

When she came out of the school's building, she was met with a powerful gust of wind blow against her. This made her straight, long black hair to lift up from her back for a couple seconds until the wind died down. Trying to keep her hair from flying all over the place, Yuki had one hand placed behind the back of her head as she moved forth.

Couple of hours has already passed since she last talked to Mayu. She was already at home and stayed in the living room alone since her parents left a note that they were going to be out of town for a couple days. Typical. Her parents always do this so it's no surprise to her. So she just sat on her comfortable red sofa. Just... staring up at the white ceiling, lost in her mind.

There was a ringing of the doorbell heard from the entrance way. It snapped her out of her trance-like state and turned her head towards the door. Yuki didn't get up from her seat, watching to see if the ringing would continue again. A few seconds passed by and it didn't come again. Thinking that she must've been hearing things, the doorbell rang once more.

Yuki then got up from her seat, sluggishily dragging her boy towards the front. Plastering a fake smile on her face, she unlocked the door and opened it up just a crack. "Hello-M-Mayuyu!?"

Her eyes widen when she saw the girl standing in front of her door. Not because she just came to stop by. It was because she was injured. Hurt. Looked as though she was beaten up. Bruises were seen from one corner of her mouth and another on the side of her head. It was also on her arms and who knows if it's also under her uniform. Mayu had one of her hand gripping on top of her right side, blood seen on it. Quickly without hesitation, she pulled the girl inside and closed the door shut behind her.

"We need to get you treated fast!" Panic was in her system. The emotions of sadness and anger she had towards the other girl was quickly replaced with worries and concern. She made the younger girl lay down and rest on top of the couch she had seated before. Yuki ran towards the nearest bathroom on the first floor and took an emergency medical kit from the cabinet. "What happened to you? Who did this?" Yuki began sputtering out many questions as she approached the girl.

Mayu's lips formed a small smile before wincing from the pain. "Stupid students... I beated them up... Just for you..." she spoke in a ragged voice as Yuki lifted her shirt up. She flinched when she saw a bloody wound on the girl's perfect body. The wound wasn't very deep, thank the heaven lord for that. But it was still enough that if not treated, death could be resulted from blood lost. Forcing Mayu's hand away from touching the injury anymore, she applied medicine and cleaned the wound. "Just for me? What do you mean by that?"

"Bakayarou. Those students... in school-itai! Watch it!"

"Gomen gomen."

"A-Anyway, like I said... there were students... that wanted to hurt you..."

Yuki paused for a short moment and glanced over at Mayu's face. Aside from Mayu's sweat forehead, she noticed the eyes of the cyborg girl. The eyes that usually is filled with happiness is now filled with many emotions that she's never seen before. Emotions that she couldn't describe. Gulping, she asked another question. "Why would they want to hurt me? I don't see a point."

"They wanted to.... rape you, silly..."

If Yuki was still cleaning Mayu's wound instead of grabbing a pad from the medic box, she surely would've jerked her hands and hurt her by accident. Biting the bottom of her lip, she focused on fixing Mayu up.

"Okay then... But why didn't you let me know this? I would've dealt with this let alone get anyone hurt!"

"I didn't want my Yukirin... to be hurt."


Those words. God, if Yuki were to replay any sentences that Mayu has ever said to her over and over, it would be that one statement. Tears formed into her eyes for the second time of the day. She tried not to cry but that failed. Sniffles were heard from her direction as she patched up the younger girl. "Mayu... You didn't have to..."

"I should apologize... about what I had just said... Those boys were everywhere... They could hear us... in school... I'm sorry I made you... feel unwanted and hurt..."

Her right hand came up to touch Yuki's cheek, caressing it. "Will you forgive me?"

Yuki didn't even have to think twice about what to answer back. "Of course I forgive you. I really love you a lot. Maybe too much..."

"That's okay. I love you... a lot too..." Then there was a chuckle that slowly escaped out of her mouth with difficulty. "Those... boys won't be... bothering my Yukirin anymore..."

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Truth Is... (Mayuki) [02/23/13]
« Reply #12 on: February 23, 2013, 07:20:58 PM »
at first I was really surprised by the response of Mayu
and after the development of the story
I felt very sad and sorry for what happened
how is Yuki's state and her relationship with the world
your stories are always very sad or I would say dark XD
but I think it's more interesting this way then always happy :)
when the Mayuyu come I turned to be happy  :lol: even Mayu was in a bad state
When I read what Mayu said what that students wanted to do to Yuki I was  :shocked
and the question in my head what idn Mayu did to them beating it is no enough  :P

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Truth Is... (Mayuki) [02/23/13]
« Reply #13 on: February 23, 2013, 07:47:23 PM »
It was a good story! The debut shocked me but then it's happy end youhou!!!!

Thank you for this fanfic! :thumbsup
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Truth Is... (Mayuki) [02/23/13]
« Reply #14 on: February 23, 2013, 07:54:10 PM »
Mayuyu had to do everything to stop them hurting her but she ends up with the punishment :(
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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Truth Is... (Mayuki) [02/23/13]
« Reply #15 on: February 23, 2013, 08:51:08 PM »
Mayuyu so cool!!!! I hope she gets better soon^^ Good for Yukirin that Mayuyu returned her feelings o/

Thank you for this cute OS o/

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Truth Is... (Mayuki) [02/23/13]
« Reply #16 on: February 24, 2013, 12:10:47 AM »
ahhh kawaii!!  :cow:
i wondered why mayu rejected yuki :cry:, but in the end she returned the feelings  :heart: :yep:
those boys wanted to hurt yuki!! :angry: :smhid thank god for mayu :deco:
thanx for the fic :bow:  :love:
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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Truth Is... (Mayuki) [02/23/13]
« Reply #17 on: February 24, 2013, 04:33:21 AM »
Great Mayu and Yuki OS there

Thank you for the OS

Can't wait to see more

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Truth Is... (Mayuki) [02/23/13]
« Reply #18 on: February 27, 2013, 03:25:18 AM »

@mo-chan: Haha, I sometimes wonder to myself too? Maybe this is what I've always written well in. But I'm sure if requested, I am willing to write/type fictions that aren't dark and sad.  :bingo:

@Chanaline: Thank you very much and thanks for reading it!  :nya:

@kurosawa87: But at least the boys won't be bothering them anymore if you think about it. But if they come back, I have a feeling that Mayu and Yuki won't have to deal with them since I sense you readers suddenly able to jump into the storyline and handle them-oh, you get what I mean. *imagination* :shifty:

@BbSis: I'm sure she will now that she has Yukirin to take care of her.  :hee:

@mayuki_daisuki: Ah, I'm not sure if I stated it clearly in the story but Mayu rejected Yuki in the beginning because she didn't want the boys that were after Yuki to you know... catch Mayu's relationship with Yuki and blah blah blah, lots of negative stuff. Sorry for not making that clear. And thank you for reading the fiction!  :kneelbow:

@cisda83: Thank you very much!  :shy2:

Here's another OS that I made (5,000 words, whew!) and that Kojiyuu fiction that was requested earlier... That's going to take quite a while since, yeah. Just hope it sees the living daylight in Tumblr. (Possibly because I keep pushing it to the back of my head) :frustrated:

And hope this isn't too confusing... I was writing this while my emotions were muddled all over the place. So I'm sure it's written in a way that's difficult to express clearly since I wrote this with 'meh FEELZ and EMOTIONS' and stuff. And when I actually write it from how I feel, it gets really complicated.

So in hopes of avoiding any confusion, let's just say this story is just like what the title states.  :sweat:

Online Friends [wMatsui + Mayuki]


Center @Kawaii_Center89
I only have an hour left before I leave for school!

Nori @DarknessIsKey
@Kawaii_Center89 Morning.

Center @Kawaii_Center89
@DarknessIsKey Morning! How are you doing today? :3

Nori @DarknessIsKey
@Kawaii_Center89 Alright. Nothing special. You?

Center @Kawaii_Center89
@DarknessIsKey Energized this morning! Probably because there’s a relay in my high school~ :3

Nori @DarknessIsKey
@Kawaii_Center89 That’s good to hear.

Center @Kawaii_Center89
@DarknessisKey Yeah! And hey… You’re doing fine, right?

Nori @DarknessIsKey
@Kawaii_Center89 What makes you think of that?

Center @Kawaii_Center89
@DarknessIsKey Just wanting to make sure you’re alright. You know… Your entire family ordeal with your father and mother…

Nori @DarknessIsKey
@Kawaii_Center89 I’m seriously fine. Really.

Center @Kawaii_Center89
@DarknessIsKey Hm… I don’t trust you with that, but alright then. I have to go to school anyway, so I’ll be back to talk to you later! :)

Center @Kawaii_Center89
Gotta go to school now! See you all later! :D #BBL


I jumped out of the chair from my desk. My right hand quickly reached out towards the laptop and slammed it shut with one swift movement. Fixing my black bangs I just got done merely a month ago while staring at a nearby mirror, I was reaching out towards my school’s black bag. I made a quick adjustment towards my blue ribbon on my white collared uniform shirt accompanied by the dark navy skirt and white socks.

A smile was shown on my face when I glanced at the mirror once more for further examination of my appearance. “Looking good for today, Jurina!” I grinned like a fool as I puffed out my chest proudly. Hands were on my hips as I stared at the person that was reflected back at me.

She was a young high school student in her first year, ready for all sorts of challenges that high school would throw at her. Her carefree and optimistic yet caring and warm personality would warm up anyone within the same room as her. Tall and skinny, she had a dimpled smile shown. With a giggle, I snatched my iPhone that sat nearby the black laptop of mine and deposited it into my skirt’s pocket.

“Yosh! I’ll be able to get on Twitter and talk to Nori on there when I have a spare moment in school!”

Then I did not waste any moment to run down to the kitchen where my mother and father was seen. Mom was cooking breakfast while Dad was eating his meal in a peaceful manner.

“Jurina! You’re going to be late for school!” I heard my mom’s voice warn me about the time once I came inside of the kitchen. Her short black hair tied back into a ponytail was swinging side by side when she turned her head at my direction. A small frown seen with a concerned expression. “How are you going to eat breakfast and make it in time for school? You have a relay today!”

In a few seconds, I was now in the front door, trying to get my brown leather shoes on with a toast in my mouth. “Im gonnah make ith,” I tried to speak through with the food in my mouth. Thank god my mom and dad is able to understand what I was trying to say for the two of them bid their farewells to me along with a soft sigh. “Have fun in school, Jurina!” I heard my dad call out to me before I slammed the door shut behind my back.

Now ready to for school and anything that was coming at my direction, I took the fresh, warm toast out of my mouth. I sucked in a deep breath; inhaling for about five seconds before exhaling it all out through my nose. A smile was still plastered on my face as I hype myself up for the events I was going to be prepared for in school. My eyes shot a glance at my digital watch in my right hand, informing me that I only have about ten minutes to dash all the way to my school. Luckily the school wasn’t that far away from where I live. It’s just up the Sakura tree-filled hill on my right. If lucky, I might be able to catch a couple extra minutes to stop by, greet and harass my best friend, Matsui Rena.

Just the thought of wanting to joke around with her makes my heart pound against my chest with determination, energy flowing through my veins. I feel like superman right now. With a silly grin still on my face, I dashed away and towards my destination.

While I ran up the hill, my shoes going up into the air and back into the pavement in a pattern, my thoughts trailed back to Nori from this morning.

I’m not an addict to the internet, I will clearly state that for those quick to judge on my action. I have a couple online friends right now that I would occasionally talk when I have a chance. But truth be told, I met those couple online friends that managed to turn my life and twist the road up ahead so I was able to walk on the right path. The friends that made me have a relationship that many close real life friends would have with each other.

Back then a year ago, I was bullied in school. Bullied, taunted, harassed, and sneered at me. Since I was at a different school than where I am studying right now, I didn’t have any friends. Or good friends, so to speak. Many of them would only come up to me only when they needed something or if they’re bored. If they don’t have their close friends they always talk to, they would come up to me as though I’m a substitute for the time-being. They then treated me like I was a nobody once their friend came back. And when they noticed my presence, they would mock me of even breathing the same air as them.

It was painful. So very painful. I don’t know why they would do this to me or what I had done wrong. Why did I deserve this pain? I could tell my parents what exactly happened, but I didn’t want them to deal with the hassle. Besides, this can’t be stopped just by teachers and parents interference alone. The whole school was against me and if the adults didn’t know about the situation at hand, then why get them involved in the first place if they’re that blind?

So I sucked in the entire ordeal and decided that I should just make an online account. Something or somewhere I am able to speak to someone that I can relate to. Or just to let it all out without having to worry about my identity. Either way, I had to find an outlet. And that outlet is an online social network.

When I went on, I began to join in Twitter. It was quick, fast and efficient. All under 140 characters where I can express my deepest emotions without having to worry too much about who was staring at my tweets. I’ll be able to express my pain and in reality, keep a strong exterior where no one would suspect I’m sad.

Honestly, I don’t know why I thought of it that why. Possibly because I believed that… no one in my life would understand what I had gone through? That thought reverted back when I met four of my online friends.

One was Nori, the other goes by the name Gekikara, Black and Nezumi.

I could just close my eyes and imagine the memories of the four talking to me as though it was just yesterday. I didn’t know exactly how I met them. Maybe I must’ve followed them through random guessing or maybe they followed me instead? Whatever it was, I was thankful I met the four online figures. Even though I don’t know who is behind the monitor screen, they were able to pull and snap me out of my dark times.



Center @Kawaii_Center89
I feel sad…

Nezumi @NezumiTheRat
@Kawaii_Center89 Something the matter?

Center @Kawaii_Center89
@NezumiTheRat Yeah… My life feels really screwed up.

Gekikara @SpicyFoodFTW
@Kawaii_Center89 @NezumiTheRat Screwed up? Oh, and sorry for the sudden interfering! >_<;

Center @Kawaii_Center89
@SpicyFoodFTW @NezumiTheRat Iie. You don’t have to apologize. It’s just… life gets rough for a long period of time… And you know you’ve had enough.

Nori @DarknessIsKey
@Kawaii_Center89 @SpicyFoodFTW @NezumiTheRat Don’t give up. Life is rough, but if you can hang on this long, then you’ll be able to make it through.

Center @Kawaii_Center89
@DarknessIsKey @SpicyFoodFTW @NezumiTheRat You speak as if you were in my shoes.

Nori @DarknessIsKey
@Kawaii_Center89 @SpicyFoodFTW @NezumiTheRat I’m just stating what comes to mind.

Black @Black09
@Kawaii_Center89 @DarknessIsKey @SpicyFoodFTW @NezumiTheRat I’m sure you can make it!

Nezumi @NezumiTheRat
@Kawaii_Center89 @Black09 @DarknessIsKey @SpicyFoodFTW Think positively and hang tight. Though we only just met, we’ll do anything to get you through the mess.

Gekikara @SpicyFoodFTW
@Kawaii_Center89 @NezumiTheRat @Black09 @DarknessIsKey Huggies! \(^.^)/

Center @Kawaii_Center89
@SpicyFoodFTW @NezumiTheRat @Black09 @DarknessIsKey You guys… Why would you care for such a stranger like me, who has never spoken to anybody?

Nori @DarknessIsKey
@Kawaii_Center89 @SpicyFoodFTW @NezumiTheRat @Black09 Silly, we care for you. Although truth be told, I don’t even know who you all are…

Black @Black09
@DarknessIsKey @Kawaii_Center89 @SpicyFoodFTW @NezumiTheRat Ehhhhhhhhh! You are right! We’re all strangers yet speak to each other like we know each other for a long time!

Gekikara @SpicyFoodFTW
@Black09 @DarknessIsKey @Kawaii_Center89 @NezumiTheRat It is pretty funny now that I think about it. ^_^;

Nezumi @NezumiTheRat
@SpicyFoodFTW @Black09 @DarknessIsKey @Kawaii_Center89 Oh well. Now’s not the time to worry about that right now; we have Center-san here to take care of!

Gekikara @SpicyFoodFTW
@NezumiTheRat @Black09 @DarknessIsKey @Kawaii_Center89 Right right! Gomene, Center-san! >_<;

Center @Kawaii_Center89
@SpicyFoodFTW @NezumiTheRat @Black09 @DarknessIsKey Iie. You don’t have to apologize again, Gekikara-san, haha. For some reason, seeing you guys talk to me makes me feel… slightly happier.

Black @Black09
@Kawaii_Center89 @SpicyFoodFTW @NezumiTheRat @DarknessIsKey Really?! That’s good to hear! :D

Gekiakra @SpicyFoodFTW
@Black09 @Kawaii_Center89 @NezumiTheRat @DarknessIsKey Yaaaaay! \o/


“Jurina! Wait up!”

I quickly brought my mind back to reality and saw my other best friend, Watanabe Mayu. She was running right behind me, panting and out of breath. I slowed down just enough for her to close the distance a couple feet between the two of us as we descended down the hill. Mayu is one of my many classmates and was a close friend to me here in reality. Ever since I transferred to a new school due to my parents moving to a new house; new neighborhood, Mayu immediately opened up to me with a warm invitation.

She’s very… slow at physical sports. Guess that’s the lash back for her geniuses. I never was quite an intelligent girl (rather more of a sporty type). I tried very hard not to laugh when I saw her nearly trip on her way downward from behind.

“Mou, S-L-O-W  down, Jurina!”

“If I slow down and wait for you, I’m going to be waiting for eternity! Come on! We don’t have much time till the school gate’s closes on us!”

After ten minutes has passed, we both have safely made it to our classroom within the last second. Our foreheads were sweaty, the two of us out of breath. The teacher in the front, we call Aki-P, was staring at us in disbelief when we skidded our way right into the classroom.

“Er… Jurina and Mayu… Please take a seat…” our homeroom teacher spoke with a hint of nervousness shown in his tone of voice. The both of us bowed our head in apology and headed straight towards our desks.

Students around our classroom were seen watching us for a couple seconds before turning their attention back to the front of the classroom. I could see the many students that I was well-acquainted in the classroom I was glad to be stuck with till I graduate from this school. It was a small class size with less than twenty students present in this all-girl student school setting.

There sitting in the very front row was Takahashi Minami, Maeda Atsuko, Kashiwagi Yuki and Watanabe Mayu. Atsuko was seen sitting on the far left where she was near the window, seen with her small textbook opened to the specific pages that we had to open and stood it on top of her desk. Her chin was resting on the wooden desk’s surface with her medium-length straight black hair drooping on top of her two shoulders. Eyes were closed as though she was asleep (or maybe she was) and trying to hide it with her book. It’s a surprise that the teacher never caught her napping in class if she ever was.

Minami sitting right next to her couldn’t help but shoot nervous glances over at Atsuko’s direction. She was the class’s president and always was the one leading the class. Usually class leaders would annoy me, but for some reason, she didn’t. She’s always on top of her game and never would back down from any sort of troubles and problems both the students and teachers faced within this classroom zone. I have very high respect and a good relationship with her.

To her right was Yuki, who was too busy staring at Mayu, who sat on her right. It seems that she was hooked with what Mayu was drawing on her notebook paper. I could see my best friend’s mechanical pencil scratching on the surface of the paper; art coming to life before our eyes. She was very well known to do well in the art category when it comes to drawing anime and manga. During her spare time, she would always draw our classmates in all sorts of different anime poses in her sketchbook. If nice enough, Mayu would give them away.

Yuki smiled when she knew that Mayu was drawing the older girl. It seems easy to tell that the two were very close to each other. Close enough that everyone would call them the ‘mother and daughter’ pair. The mother spoiling the younger daughter. That’s exactly how one would describe Yuki’s attitude towards the younger girl.

On the second row, which was where I sat, I had Matsui Rena on my right side and Minegishi Minami and Kojima Haruna on my left side. Haruna’s snoring could somewhat be picked out from the noise the classroom was making. Soft and gentle she snored on as she wandered throughout her dream world. Her long brown hair ran through her back as she rested the side of her head on top of her crossed arms.

To the very left of her, I could see Minegishi writing on a scrap piece of paper with great haste. It was as though she was trying to finish up last night’s homework for Japanese or something. On my right, I turned my head to be faced with Rena.

She was very beautiful, I will bluntly admit with pride. Pale, white skin and elegance of a princess, I’m surprised that she’s just a normal student that lives down here in the neighborhood with me. She’s a very close friend of my aside from Mayu. Rena would always be hanging around me and sometimes share her melon bread during lunch. (Which, mind you, she rarely does that for melon pan is something that she literally LIVES off on every single day.) Anyway, she’s someone I know I can count on if I needed something in life whether it’s copying her homework or saving me from falling down the stairs of the school’s. Always by my side just like Mayu is. That’s someone I admire.

From behind, I could hear snickering. That snickering was from none other than Oshima Yuko and Shinoda Mariko. The troll and the hentai squirrel of the classroom. It’s not surprising that the two girls were busy whispering to each other and trying hard not to laugh their heads off. Then there was Sashihara Rino and Kitahara Rie also goofing off in the background.

The school I now attend is completely different and the opposite of my other school I had gone to. And I’m glad that it is.

A couple hours through the lessons and teachers coming in and out, collecting our homework and explaining about the relay events that was going to happen right after lunch, lunch then rolled around the corner. I could see the classroom next door to ours have two four students enter inside of ours. Kimoto Kanon, Yagami Kumi, Yokoyama Yui and Shimazaki Haruka all entered in for a small discussion with Minami on the relay race. Or at least Yui and Haruka was ready and prepared for it. I could see Kumi and Kanon sneak off to then converse with our other classmates.

“Hey Jurina,” I heard Rena call out to my name. I turned my head towards the source of the sound to find her standing right next to where I sat. Her long black hair swayed gently left and right when she bent her upper body down just so she can get slightly closer to me. “Want to join and eat lunch with Yuki and Mayu at the rooftop just like usually?”

A wide smile crossed my lips as I bobbed my head up and down rigorously. She doesn’t even need to ask twice for I dashed right up to the rooftop, dragging Rena from behind with my hand gripping on hers tightly. We zipped past by the students that were lingering and wandering around the hallways of our school. Up the stairs we went and soon we were standing on the rooftop of the school.

On the top of the fifth floor and metal fences keeping us from having any sort of accident in relation to falling, I sucked in a deep breath. The smell of fresh air filled in my two lungs. Exhaled, from the corner of my eyes I managed to see both Yuki and Mayu sitting in the corner of the rooftop. Their lunchbox seen laying on top of their laps while conversing with each other. Jokes that nobody would understand why they would be laughing and laughter was heard from the two sitting figures.

Both Rena and I approached with our lunchbox. Mayu saw us coming and waved at our direction. “What’s up?” she asked me as we sat down with our legs crossed. Opening up my lunchbox, I smiled and shrugged. “Nothing much. Just excited for the relay today. You both?”

“Nothing much either,” Yuki responded back along with a smile.

“Same here with ‘okaa-san.’ “

The four of us were chatting normally, eating our lunch as normally. We usually would sit on the rooftop alone with just us four and enjoyed the one-hour break from schoolwork and classes.

“…So I then played this creepy PC game called Amnesia with Yukirin and god, you should’ve seen her reaction!” Mayu was blabbering away, her hands thrown up in the air for dramatic effect. The chopstick she had in one hand nearly fell out of her grip if she wasn’t keeping her fingers curled around it. The taller girl sitting next to her gave her a playful slap on the arm. “MOU, don’t say it! Jeez, I don’t even know how you get these games and how they make it so scary!”

It wasn’t surprising for Yuki wasn’t such a video gamer just like me. Unlike both Mayu and Rena, we both aren’t those ‘otaku’ and gamer that are such a hardcore on the inside. I heard Rena from beside me giggling. “That game is really scary! It’s no surprise that Yuki would be afraid.”

Yuki shot a glare at the two girls who are now laughing their heads off. There was a faint blush seen on her face as she covered her face with her two hands. “Stop laughing, you both!”

While they laughed and poor Yuki had to keep herself from getting embarrassed any further, I took out my iPhone and pulled up the Twitter app.



Center @Kawaii_Center89
Having lots of fun with my close friends here as usual.


After that tweet I sent out, I scrolled down the timeline, reading random tweets that came up between the time I left home and now. Just when I was about to close the app and return my attention back to my friends, there was something that caught my attention. Stopped me from going any further.



Nori @DarknessIsKey
I’m disappointed in you all.

Nori @DarknessIsKey
I was always alone either way.

Nori @DarknessIsKey
You know what? I’m glad I’m getting rid of you all right here, right now.

Nori @DarknessIsKey
I’ll show you all that I can live and be better off without you all. :D


What could he have mean by that? All alone and wanting to get rid of me, Gekikara, Black and Nezumi? I blinked back the shock as I continue to stare at the screen; unable to think clearly for a short moment. The words that he has typed and uttered in text format…

To be honest, I have met him before in reality. Or more like he was the only friend from online that I have ever met in real life. We both did meet up only once though due to the distance we both lived here in Japan. Nori, or his real name Kizaki Shino, was a nice boy. The same age as me, we both were easily able to connect to each other the moment we both met both in reality and online. He was a shy boy, not one to speak so much compared to his internal thoughts and online personality. Short, black hair with a curl here and there spotted within the other straight hair.

He had… problems though. Problems with his family and life. After helping me with my problem and I quickly rise out of it, it was his turn to play the victim part. During the one whole year we were together, I felt like he was the closest person I could ever turn to. The person that would listen to my rants and complaints that comes to mind. The person that I would do anything just to meet him once more. I fell in love with him. I really did. I would just do anything to save him from his despair. I cared for him so much that his face would just instantly pop into my mind. It’s wrong, I know, for someone to care for a person they have only met once in their life. But still, I can’t stop myself anymore for reaching my heart out to him. Do I really love him secretly without saying anything to him to the point that I yearn attention from him? I’m sure my other online friends told me that it will be difficult to fall in love online when you don’t constantly meet with the person on a daily basis in reality.

But this. I don’t understand what he’s trying to get his point across… Is he saying that he really doesn't have anyone to be there for him? But he knew that at least I could be there for him! I did tell him many times that I would always be lending a hand when he needs help! There was a pang of aching pain that suddenly slapped my face as my heart pounded against my chest from internally. I gulped, feeling my mouth go dry in a short amount of time and appetite lost immediately.

“What are you doing, Jurina?” Rena’s voice brought me back to reality for the second time today. I snapped my head up and saw three of my friends staring at me with a worried expression. “You looked really worried.”

“Er… It’s just… Something with one of my online friends.”

“Huh? Did something happen?”


Before I was able to say anymore, Rena snatched the phone away from my hands. Quickly I tried to get it back from her only to no avail. She dodged and avoided all of my attempts into getting it back while staring at the screen. I didn’t really want her to know how weird I am. Weird that I have friends online and care for them even though most of the time I didn’t know who they were behind the monitor other than Nori. There was a pause till her expression darkened. “Huh. How ironic.”

“Ironic? What do you mean by that?”

Rena tossed my phone smoothly over to both Yuki and Mayu, who both read what was on the screen. I was about to speak up about my personal privacy, but Rena interfered.

“Jurina, you should’ve already known that he was just using you.”

“U-Using me?”

“Yeah,” Mayu’s voice pitched in. “Nori here doesn’t seem to be the same like before.”

“Same like before?-Wait a minute. How do you know him?”

I could see Mayu cross her arms. “Nezumi. I’m known as Nezumi online.”

“EHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! If you’re Nezumi from online, then… I’ve known you way longer before even coming to this school!” Yuki exclaimed, one hand covering her mouth. “I’m Black09!”

“So if you’re Black and Nezumi, then I suppose I too have met you all,” Rena had a small smile cross her lips. “Gekikara is my username I went with.” Turing her attention back to me, she raised one eyebrow. “It’s a surprise that we would only find this out, Jurina or should I call you, Center.”

I opened my mouth, trying to same something. Instead, I closed it back up and was speechless. I never knew that the three friends that I also trusted from online would be the friends I made when I came to this school all along. All right by my side the entire time before I knew it.

Rena suddenly put her right arm around my shoulders, pulling me into her body for comfort. “Should’ve known that damn boy was someone that would only use people and play with their emotions for his own good,” she mumbled under her breath as she squeezed my body lightly. “It’s sad to know that you’re a sensitive girl, Jurina.”

“Oh well, I never really liked him once he changed like I said,” Mayu sighed, scratching the back of her head. “He began picking fights with my Black-er… Yuki here when he didn’t agree with her opinions about his attitude.”

Yuki nodded her head and leaned forth, her lips in a stiff, straight line. “He was acting like a complete asshole. Always talking down about others and exaggerating his pain only to gain attention. It hurts me a bit to know that I wasted all of my time just for the guy.” Her eyes were then laid on my face, the anger flickering behind it diminishing when she saw me. “It’s funny how we seriously met each other via online and didn’t know, even though we still talked to each other online, that we were this close to each other.”

I wish I could say more positive words but nothing came out of my mouth. The words were caught in my throat, feeling it like a lump within my windpipe. I bit the bottom of my lip. “I wish it would be that easy to get rid of him from my mind, but I’m just… shocked. I cared for him so much-“

“You don’t even have to say it, Jurina. We know how close you both were. Or well, how close you were to him when he truly didn’t care for you.” Rena brought her other hand up to flick the tip of my nose playfully. “Listen, you have your other friends here that will always support you. We’ll never become like that guy at all. We’ll never leave by your side and we’ll always love you for being you.”
She stopped poking my nose and soon had her hands cup my cheeks. Our face suddenly got real close to each other. Her gentle breath. I could feel it tickle my skin with every exhale she does. Both of our eyes met each other and were locked in position. A serious expression crossed her face. “Since this is appropriate now that I got to know who you are even more, I just wanted to say that… I really love you.”


Her face brightened just slightly, looking like she wanted to take back the words that had just exited out of her mouth. But she pushed forth and repeated the statement.

“Jurina, I really… love you. Ever since we’ve been talking over the net, I-I cared for you. I wanted to protect you. Wanted to keep you safe from harm. Want to keep you happy with that usual smile that… That Nori does for you. Make you laugh. You don’t have to return your feelings to me, but… I just had to tell you that.”

I swear that if I replayed her confession once more, I would’ve fainted from such happiness and surprise. The emotions I was feeling right now were quickly pushed aside and was replaced momentarily with positivity. Friends that I have built bond and given all of what I have, they won’t easily leave my mind and heart.  I know I won’t easily get over Nori’s sudden disappearance and need to dump us. Knowing that he never truly cared about how much I cared for him. That feeling obviously won't go away overnight. But I am for sure to know that I have those that care for me around, especially Rena, my closest friend in school.

We both leaned in, the distance between our lips getting smaller and smaller with each nervous second passing by. It felt like forever just from time alone. And our movements. It just felt natural for us both to just lean in closer and closer...

“Excuse me and pardon to interrupt, but don’t suddenly forget our existence you love birds.”

Just when we both were about to have our lips meet, Mayu just had to come in and remind us that there were also two figures watching from the background. We backed away from each other quickly, blushing from noticing what we were just about to do. Mayu and Yuki were smiling and the youngest out of the two stuck her tongue at our direction. Rena beside me gave me a quick kiss on the cheek instead and chuckled.

“Gomen gomen, we didn’t mean to,” she said while her right hand slowly made its way on top of my left. She grabbed ahold of it and gently squeezed it with reassurance that she’s here for me.

It sucks. I will admit, this isn't the best one I have written. I'm going to sob and hide in the corner, hoping that the next OS won't be pathetic/stupid/whatever.  :on cloudeye:

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Twitter is a very dangerous weapon in the wrong hands luckily for the support by the others around her. :jphip:
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