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Title: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ !!RETIREMENT ANNOUNCEMENT!! [4/16]
Post by: ohayou on March 20, 2012, 12:12:15 PM
So I'm deciding to turn this into like a collection of all my writing. Since I'm actually starting to enjoy writing these, even though they're not exactly the best writings I've done. I bet I probably write better in my English literature essays  :lol:

Anyway, many of my fics will be based around wMatsui. My favourite pairing and my oshimen(s). I might write other pairings as well, but I pay more attention about these two all the others so I usually only write about these two.

List order is from oldest to newest  :yep:

One Shots

I did it again didn't I (Part 1) [This post]
Time To Give Up (Part 2) (
For Now (Part 3) (
I Love You Too Much (
雨のピアニスト (

I Like Nightmares (

Still Waiting (
Father's Debt, Daughter's Responsibility | (Part 1) ( | (Part 2) (

Untitled 1 (

Broken and Fixed (

* Last Touch ( *

Long Fanfics

Rena x Airin x Jurina
SKE All Girl's Private School [Ongoing]
Chapter 1 ( | Chapter 2 ( | Chapter 3 ( | Chapter 4 ( | Chapter 5 (
Chapter 6 ( | Chapter 7 ( | Chapter 8 ( | Chapter 9 ( | Chapter 10 (
Chapter 11 ( | Chapter 12 ( | Chapter 13 ( | Chapter 14 ( | Chapter 15 (
Chapter 16 ( | Chapter 17 ( | Chapter 18 ( | Chapter 19 ( | Chapter 20 (
[/color]Chapter 21 ( | Chapter 22 ( | Chapter 23 (

wMatsui + Furuyanagi
The Perfect Bodyguard [Ongoing]
Prologue (
Chapter 1 ( | Chapter 2 ( | Chapter 3 ( | Chapter 4 ( | Chapter 5 (
Chapter 6 ( | Chapter 7 ( | Chapter 8 ( | Chapter 9 ( | Chapter 10 (
Chapter 11 ( | Chapter 12 ( | *Chapter 13 (*

Kumi x Kanon x Yuria
Tiny Me [On Hold]
Prologue (

* Latest update(s) in that segment

Hey everyone!

Um, I'm writing a piece for the first time in my life.
So um... please.... read and comment if you like it or not?
And maybe um.... please be nice to me?  :kneelbow:


I did it again didn't I? [wMatsui]

“Airin~~~~~ ”

Rena jumped out of her chair and hugged the said girl from the back. Starting with a “You must be tired from the practice”, the two quickly fell into a deep conversation between themselves. A girl watched them from the opposite side of the room, a frown on her face.

'Oh, how I wished you would say that to me too.”

She didn't know what went wrong. One day they were sticking together every minute and the next day, they were no longer hanging out with each other.

Memories flooded the girl's mind.
Happy memories.
Memories of the time the two of them spent together.
A tear dropped.


The girl looked up. Kumi looked back at her with concern all over her face.

“Are you okay, Jurina? Are you crying? What's wrong? What happened? Are you feeling sick again?”

Jurina shook her head. Out of the corner of her eyes, she could see Rena  looking at her. Curiosity? Concern? She doesn't know. Jurina wiped her face and forced the best smile she could at Kumi.

“I'm fine. Really, I'm just tired that's all. Don't worry about me.”

Kumi looked at her for a sec, then smiled back at her. The forced smile fooled her. Kumi nodded and skipped off to change her clothes. Jurina stood up and walked out of the room. She couldn't stand another second in that room, seeing the pair. The more she sees Rena hanging out with Airi, the more she felt abandoned.

'Is this what people call jealousy?'

She felt someone staring at her as she left, she didn't even need to turn back to know who it is. While her forced smile may fool the rest of the girls, that smile could never fool Rena.

********Later in the afternoon*********

'Finally found you.'

Rena tiptoed into the changing room. Everyone were minding their own businesses as usual, with one girl standing out. One girl, sitting on a chair, head on her chest, sleeping. Rena took the seat next to the girl carefully, making sure she doesn't wake the girl up. The girl needed her rests, running back and forth from Tokyo is really tiring afterall.

It's been a while since Rena had spent any time with Jurina. She realized that lately, Jurina has been quite down. And lonely too. She also know that it was her fault. She's spending too much time with Airi and not enough time with Jurina. She didn't know why, but whenever she sees Airi, she have a sudden urge to go up to the girl and hug her. But today, Rena made a promise to herself, today is reserved JUST for Jurina. No one else. Even if Airi was to walk into the room, Rena will try her best to keep her attention on Jurina.

“R- Rena?”

Jurina looked up, rubbing her eyes and her sore neck from the awkward sleeping position. Rena snapped out of her chain of thoughts and smiled at the girl.

“Ohayou sleepy head. You look awful. How long did you sleep last night?” Rena could see the eye bags under Jurina's eyes. The red veins in her eyes were really visible too.

Jurina rubbed the back of her head, “Ah... I dunno. I got home at around 1am last night, and fell asleep while doing my homework. I don't really know what time I slept last night.” She gave a small weak laugh.

Rena sighed, “You're fifteen now, Jurina. You have to look after yourself more. You don't want to fall sick again now do you? You don't want to miss out the upcoming concert right?” She couldn't help but growl a little at Jurina. She hated how the girl always go all-out at everything and never think about taking a small rest even when her body is reaching the very limit. However, at the same time, she loved that part of Jurina.

Concern was obvious in the older girl's voice, even it was concealed by the angry tone. Jurina smiled a real smile for the first time in a few days. Everything felt like how it was before. She just shook her head at the other girl, answering her questions. The smile never leaving her face even though she was being growled at.

“Rena-san?” A voice emerged from behind Rena. Rena turned around and smiling at her was Airi, asking for a photo with her so that she can put it on her blog tonight. Being the girl that she is, Rena didn't reject. Instead, she smiled and eagerly stood up next to Airi, giving a different pose for each click of the phone.

Jurina's frown returned. Reality started returning back to Jurina again. She should have expected this to happen. Since nothing had never been the same as before ever since that day Rena left her for Airi. And to think that Rena has returned... HA! What a dream. Jurina held back her tears and stood up from her seat silently and ran out of the room. Earning curious stares from nearby members.

Rena looked over her shoulder the moment she heard the sound of chair moving against the floor. She could see Jurina heading for the door. Before Rena could call her name, the door had already closed and Jurina had already left the room. Rena sighed and sat on Jurina's previous chair while Airi skipped over to another seat and started typing her blog.

'I did it again didn't I?'

Rena stared at the closed door.

'I'm sorry, Jurina. I didn't mean to hurt you.'


So.... doudesuka? Please comment! I love any comments! Be it good or bad~
Title: Re: I did it again didn't I? (wMatsui) [3/20]
Post by: Spicy Sapphire on March 20, 2012, 12:34:18 PM
Heeeeeeeeey! I first read this on tumblr. The storyline is good. You should continue  :D
Title: Re: I did it again didn't I? (wMatsui) [3/20]
Post by: Minami-chan on March 20, 2012, 12:55:32 PM
oh!! I like a lot jurina and rena fics!    :D

please continue this.

Looks like it will be very interesting.   :cow:
Title: Re: I did it again didn't I? (wMatsui) [3/20]
Post by: aruka on March 20, 2012, 01:07:51 PM
Is this gonna be a one-shot only?? Because I'm hoping for some continuation after this.. :yep:
Been waiting for someone writing a 'triangle' story between the three, though I'm more on the W Matsui ship.. :D Please write more! :thumbup
Title: Re: I did it again didn't I? (wMatsui) [3/20]
Post by: xxx220 on March 20, 2012, 01:17:35 PM
Is This Supposed to Be WMATSUI fanfic Right...

Poor Jurina Being Left by Rena

RENA YOU CAN'T LEAVE JURINA....I'M counting on you   :on voodoo:
Title: Re: I did it again didn't I? (wMatsui) [3/20]
Post by: sakura_drop_ on March 20, 2012, 01:44:53 PM
I somehow think that Jurina is overreacting. Now if a friend asked you to take a photo with him/her, would you decline? Jurina just could have waited until they ended shooting, and I really believe Rena would have come to her after taking photos. But yes, she's young, so it's only normal for her to overreact.. Ganbatte!

So, continue, please!  :peace:
Title: Re: I did it again didn't I? (wMatsui) [3/20]
Post by: Sieka on March 20, 2012, 02:00:43 PM
I can relate to this line very well, this one: 'She didn't know what went wrong. One day they were sticking together every minute and the next day, they were no longer hanging out with each other.'

I feel the pain, oh how I feel the pain. :catglare:

I mean, its hard not to get angry and hurt what when you thought the person your with had a bond you thought was strong, what you thought that would be something special and different that you try to place your loyalty and your best to keep that bond, that friendship up, but then it just went for naught for the next day, you don't even have a clue what happened, why there's this freaking distance between you, if you did or said something wrong.

I feel the pain. Can't help rant that out, sorry.... :(

Must say, it got me while I was reading. While I do think Jurina was overreacting when Airin asked Rena for a picture and she left because she felt that Rena left her for Airin, I do think that she has every right to do so if the scene is always a repetition already of another scene before.

Of course after that you'd just want to distance yourself a bit because you're hurting, I mean at Jurina's age, she'd surely do something like that, though I don't can change, depending on how Rena's approach comes in, it also depends whether Rena wants to keep their "what-was-once-left" relationship into existence. :catglare:

I feel upset, hahaha... I can just relate so much with Jurina here, I've had this experience before too, being left behind without having a clue at all why... Though I have to say, you must continue this, I don't want Jurina to end up having this bad distance with Rena.

Please continue! Author-san! :cathappy:
Title: Re: I did it again didn't I? (wMatsui) [3/20]
Post by: kahem on March 20, 2012, 06:24:10 PM
Oh poor Jurina, Rena stop hurting her!
Title: Re: I did it again didn't I? (wMatsui) [3/20]
Post by: RenaChii on March 20, 2012, 09:25:12 PM
You really did it again Rena~ (
Title: Re: I did it again didn't I? (wMatsui) [3/20]
Post by: SharkAttack on March 21, 2012, 03:23:31 AM
Daw, poor Jurina...  :cry:

I love this ship so much, but angst seems to be the dominating theme lately, lol. Not that I mind, since I love reading angst. Will you be continuing this? Yeah? :D
Title: Re: I did it again didn't I? (wMatsui) [3/20]
Post by: Haruko on March 21, 2012, 03:47:39 AM
poor jurina... rena you are a player.... aww my wmatsui
Title: Re: I did it again didn't I? (wMatsui) [3/20]
Post by: ohayou on March 21, 2012, 09:32:17 AM
i was actually planning something similar lol xD but a love triangle is going to be so hard to write~ however, i shall do my best! thanks for the idea, aruka-san!

yes, this is suppose to be a wMatsui, so it'll end with a good wMatsui ending. hopefully. if my mind allows me to xD sorry for making it sounds a bit like a renairin piece! gomen! :depressed:

overreacting? hmm... i see~ i shall try keep the writing a bit more realistic then (^^) thank you sakura-san!  :kneelbow:

you feel that too? same here. currently going through that kind of problem in real life right now too... so i guess some of my thoughts rubbed onto my writing? i'm glad that someone else feels that too... but at the same time, i'm actually not glad, because that means Sieka-san is in pain too... :cry:

thank you minna for reading and commenting!!! i'm so glad you guys actually read it, and then actually commenting! ureshii!!!!
i shall do my best and continue to write the next part, maybe able to update tonight since i have nothing to do except studying maths~  :lol:
Title: Time to give up (wMatsui) [3/21]
Post by: ohayou on March 21, 2012, 12:33:36 PM
Just a heads up for my dear lovely readers.
I'm sorry if this part is really bad. Really.
Today isn't really the best day I've had, reaching some problems with my life again. As usual, not that I have a life.
You will find that I'm a very moody person.
Just wanted to clear that up before you guys start reading. That's all.
Sorry if you guys were expecting a lot from me. (..)


Time to give up. [wMatsui]

A day off work.

It's been awhile since Jurina had one of those days. A day where she could just keep sleeping until she could sleep no more and rest until her muscles is dying to move again. Most of the time on days like these, Jurina wouldn't even think about waking up until it's almost 11am.

Jurina pulled an arm out from the warm covers and reached for her mobile phone. Flipping it opening and reading the time,


Jurina groaned as she realized that her body is refusing to let her sleep again. No one likes waking up this early when you have a day off. Especially when you have nothing else to do for the whole day. A vibration dragged Jurina out of her silent complaining. She looked at her phone, a mail from Kumi. Jurina read the mail, it wasn't very long, but it was a mail that saved Jurina from her no-longer-boring day. Quickly replying Kumi with a short sentence, “Glad to!” Jurina jumped out of bed and got ready for her entertainment of the day.

A shopping day with Kumi and the other girls.


“What took you so long?! We have been waiting here forever!” Kumi lightly slapped Jurina's arm as Jurina joined the girls in front of the shopping mall. There wasn't a lot of girls, just the usual. Kumi, Yuria, Mizuki etc. Doing a quick mental count, there was about 8 girls there, counting Jurina herself.

“Gomenasai~ But hey! I just woke up you know! It's been less than half an hour since I woke up! You should have told me earlier that you guys were planning to go shopping, then maybe I wouldn't had been late,” Jurina held back her laughter as she tried to put on an angry face. But, she was never good at that. A small laugh slipped off her tongue and soon the two girls were laughing until their stomach were in pain. “So, we going now?” Jurina asked, since it doesn't look like any of the girls are getting ready to move yet. Almost feel like they were waiting for more people.

Kumi shook her head, “We still waiting for Rena.”

Jurina frozed. Rena was coming? Why didn't Kumi tell her before? Without realising, Jurina had a small frown on her face. She likes Rena, really, she shouldn't be frowning at the mention of the girl's name. But, seeing Rena with Airi everyday at work, to be honest, Jurina didn't feel like seeing Rena today. Jurina don't want to be spending time with Rena and have Airi suddenly popping out of nowhere and all of a sudden getting Rena's full attention. She hated that feeling. That feeling that Rena was paying so much attention to someone else.

Jurina has been thinking about this a lot the last few days. About herself and Rena. Seeing Rena pay less attention to herself every day, Jurina was beginning to think about giving up. Maybe she just couldn't win against Airi after all. Maybe she should just let go and forget about Rena and move away before her feelings for Rena becomes more than just feelings for best friends. If it hasn't already.

“Why the frown? Are you not glad to see me?”

Jurina snapped out of her thoughts. That voice. That soft voice. Jurina could recognize it even if she was underwater. It was as if Jurina's brain was tuned to that voice. The voice of one Matsui Rena.

“I- I-” Jurina couldn't find the right words to say. She didn't know what to say. How can she not be glad to see Rena? But at the same time, why would Jurina be glad to see Rena? Jurina's mind became so confused she just clamped her mouth shut and refused to speak. Afraid that she will end up saying something that she didn't mean. She just kept her eyes fixed onto her shoes as Rena walked up next to her and greeted all the others.

Kumi nodded and smiled, “Alright then! Everyone is here! Let's go!” She fist-pumped the air as she grabbed Yuria's hand and ran into the mall, leaving all the others behind. Trailing closely behind was Mizuki and the others. The girls quickly split into little groups and wandered into different parts of the shopping mall.

Jurina felt a small nudge on her arm, bring her focus away from her shoes. She looked up.

“Let's go shall we?” Rena smiled, “It's been awhile since we went out. Just the two of us.”

A few days ago, Jurina would've smiled at Rena's invitation. But with what she's been thinking about lately, she decided. It was time to give up. Though Jurina wasn't the type of girls who gives up, she couldn't help it. This time was different.

It wasn't a dance routine she was dealing with.
She wasn't trying to dance with a sore ankle.
Those kind of things, Jurina would never give up. She would keep trying until she succeed.

But this, this... confusing relationship she has with Rena. She can't go on. It was hurting her too much.

As much as it was killing her on the inside,
it was time.

It was time to give up.


Please do comments. As usual, I love comments. Good or bad, throw them at me. All comments are welcome  :welcome
Title: Re: Time to give up (wMatsui) [3/21]
Post by: kahem on March 21, 2012, 12:58:09 PM
T_T Jurina, I can't understand what she is feeling but I'm feeling bad for her.
Anyway, whatever it's happening in your life, try to smile ^^
Title: Re: Time to give up (wMatsui) [3/21]
Post by: xxx220 on March 21, 2012, 01:31:47 PM
Is it Always Renairin ....I Ignored the Couple A little Bit... :on voodoo:

W MATSUIIII :on lol:
Title: Re: Time to give up (wMatsui) [3/21]
Post by: Sieka on March 21, 2012, 02:11:28 PM
I feel it so much. :sweatdrop:
You can say, I've experienced this kind of thing countless times this year.
You can say I'm on Jurina's position right now, because I'm lost and confused and hurt at the same time because I don't have any clue anymore. I've been trying to reach up for one person and establish a long lasting friendship because I know she also wishes for one, but alas, you can say it doesn't work out well when your the only one trying to balance everything, everything just spills off, there's also third party in this, very much like Jurina's case...

I have a lot of real life problems that I'm facing, I'm just trying not to delve into it too much, though sometimes, you can say when I'm all angry and depressed, I usually place all of my emotions on my writings so its very much alright that your thoughts and feelings are rubbing on your writing, I think it helps release the tension and stress bottled up after all. :cathappy:

I have to say though, I don't want Jurina to give up yet, not like what I doing right now. :catglare: There's still some chance to mend Jurina and Rena's relationship, Rena's trying to reach out for her after long as the other party is also trying, it can still be salvaged, that unless Rena also gives up trying after Jurina losses all hopes... I'm afraid that would be just tragic.

Anyways, thank you for the update.
I hope things will brighten up for you there! Hope your problems will come to a conclusion and everything will be resolved. Gambatte ohayou-san! :)
Title: Re: Time to give up (wMatsui) [3/21]
Post by: sakura_drop_ on March 21, 2012, 05:05:53 PM
Thanks for your update!

Jurina! Don't give up! I know Rena-sama likes you more than just a friend! Have some faith!!! Rena-sama, do something about it!!!
Title: Re: Time to give up (wMatsui) [3/21]
Post by: RenaChii on March 21, 2012, 10:02:10 PM
Don't you dare to give up!! Jurina~!! (
Title: Re: Time to give up (wMatsui) [3/21]
Post by: yukofan on March 21, 2012, 10:02:20 PM
poor jurina..but i think she's overjealouse..hugging & taking photo together is common things that a girl do with her female friends..
i hope jurina won't give up..well,i can understand jurina's feeling.she's tired of it.but,please make jurina talk to rena about her feeling.
Title: Re: Time to give up (wMatsui) [3/21]
Post by: CrimsonGrxy on March 22, 2012, 05:19:52 AM
do continue~ I really love WMatsui, Jurina dont give up ;A;!
Title: Re: Time to give up (wMatsui) [3/21]
Post by: Chikane Himemiya on March 24, 2012, 07:20:38 AM
plsss update soon,,
I hope jurina wouldnt give up on rena yet
and i hope rena will realize that he love jurina!!
Title: For Now (wMatsui) [3/25]
Post by: ohayou on March 24, 2012, 12:50:49 PM
thank you~

Thank you Sieka-san~ and please don't give up Sieka-san! I hope your problems will be solve soon and reach a happy ending like the wMatsui in this story (woops, did I just tell others that it's going to be a happy ending? :doh:)! Sieka-san mo, ganbattekudasai! :onioncheer:

Thank you for everyone's comments! :on slopkiss: I love comments! :luvluv1: I feel so happy! Really! So far it's probably the happiest thing that happened to me today... (..)

Anyway, I'm so sorry for taking so long to update this writing. I find this part so hard to write for some unknown reasons. I couldn't get it to sound realistic enough and still keep how the wMatsui act similar to their RL personality. It still doesn't sound realistic enough... but, I guess this was probably the best I could do. Ah~


For Now [wMatsui]

There was pure silence as the two walked. Jurina didn't know where they were walking to. She didn't walk side by side with Rena or have a general conversation with her like she normally would, instead, the two walked in complete awkward silence. When Rena realized it, she slowed down her footsteps to allow Jurina to catch up. However, instead, Jurina slowed down her pace as well. Rena slows down, Jurina slows down. Rena speeds up, Jurina speeds up. After awhile, Rena gave up and just kept walking to where her feet brings her.

Before she realized, Rena's own feet had brought her into a park.
It wasn't just any park.
It was the park where Rena hanged out with Jurina for the first time.
Just the two of them.
Just like now.

Rena sat down on a nearby bench. Jurina sat down as well, on the furthest side of the bench. Rena frowned slightly but didn't ask Jurina why. The two sat in silence, just like their previous walk together.

“Rena,” Jurina broke the silence first.

Rena looked up.

“I... I....” Jurina stumbled for her words. No matter how hard she tries, she couldn't get them out of her lips. She know what she needed to say. She know that the moment she says those words, the pain inside her heart would be over. Almost. But, as much as she tries to will herself into saying those words, she just couldn't. Her heart won't allow those forbidden words to be spoken. Those words of surrender.

“Yes?” Rena waited patiently, even though, deep inside her heart, she was panicking as she watched Jurina's face twist into different waves of emotions, from sadness, to anger, to pain.

'What are you thinking about? Please tell me. I want to share your pain. I want to let you know you're not alone.'

Then surprising Rena, Jurina burst into tears. Rena panicked. Immediately, she dragged herself along the bench to Jurina's side and held her tight and straight away tried to comfort her.

“Jurina! Don't cry! Please don't cry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry I haven't been around lately. We used to spend so much time together and now we hardly talk to each other since you're always up and running back and forth from Tokyo. And Airi? I'm sorry about last time when Airi came in and asked me for photos and I just turned my attention to her even though I was in the middle of talking with you. But she's a friend! I mean, you are too you know, but I just.... I just don't know how to refuse her! You know that! I don't know how to refuse anyone! And most of the time when she ask me for something, it's just really small things like taking photos! I- I- I-” Then Rena too, burst into tears on Jurina's shoulder.

By the end of Rena's panicking outburst, Jurina had already stopped crying and was staring at Rena in shock. Rena blaming herself was the last thing Jurina expected the older girl to do. Jurina stayed silent until Rena quieten down slightly, and her cries descended into quiet sniffles.

Jurina poked Rena's cheek, gaining the attention of the crying girl. “Why are you blaming yourself, Rena? Shouldn't it be me who's apologizing? I'm sorry. I'm sorry for making you cry just then by little things that I shouldn't have minded so much. You and Airi.... that's you two's business right? And Airi really likes you. I can tell. So... I don't think you should ever think about refusing her again since you seem to like her too.” Jurina looked away as she spoke the last few words. It was a fact that she didn't want to admit. The fact that Rena has her eyes set on someone else.

'I really can't bear to say good bye to you... I guess... This is as close as I can get to surrendering. Letting you go your own way.'

The older girl whispered into Jurina's ear, “Are you giving up on me already? Does all those 'I love you' that you say to me before mean nothing at all?” Clear disappointment in her voice.

“That.... I....” Jurina stumbled for her words again. Listening to Rena's voice, with Rena holding her, she really doesn't want to give up anymore. But all those pain that she felt before were all too real to ignore. And those 'I love you'? Jurina meant it.

Rena pulled back from the hug and wiped her own tears away with her fingers. She held Jurina's chin and gently turned her around until Rena was staring deeply into Jurina's eyes. Rena smiled, “Look Jurina, Airi is just a friend. Yes, she likes me and yes I like her too, but only as a friend. She was always just a friend to me. And I would rather never eat another melonpan again than to lose you, do you understand that?”

Jurina's eyes widened at the statement. 'Rena... giving up melonpan... for me? Should I be happy? Or should I be sad that she's comparing me with melonpan?'

Rena pulled Jurina back into a hug and continued, “I promise, from now on, I will do better to take your feelings into consideration and I promise I will hang out with you more often okay? I'll be with you everyday, before practices, during practices, after practices, before stages, during stages, after stages until you get sick of me and throw me aside to join all the melonpan that I had abandoned just for you.”

Jurina couldn't help but smile at those words. Even though she was still being talked about side to side with melonpan but then this is Rena, being compared to a melonpan is the highest of all compliment coming from Rena. She rested her chin on Rena's shoulder, “I would never throw you aside, you know that... and what about Airi?”

A soft musical laugh echoed in Jurina's ears. “What about Airi? Airi has much more friends than just me, you know. And plus, she would never get jealous like you.”

“I- I- Who said I was jealous!?” Jurina hid her burning face in Rena's shoulder.

Rena laughs again, “Sure you weren't. So~ am I forgiven?”

Jurina puts on a thinking face and laugh, “As if! I would never let you get off the hook that easily-”

Jurina was cut off as Rena pressed her lips onto Jurina's ones. Rena pulled back before Jurina could react. That was just a playful kiss, but it was enough to send Jurina into a state of shock as it was always her that steals kisses from members when they least expected it. It was hardly ever the other way around, and especially not when it comes to Rena, who hardly ever kisses anyone. Jurina's mind overloaded as Rena leaned in next to her ear and whispered, “So~ Am I forgiven now?”

Still recovering from her state of shock, Jurina almost felt like an electric wave ran through her entire body when Rena's warm breathe made brief contact with her neck. When her mind cleared and she could once again think clearly, she grinned that puppy smile of her. “Are you forgiven... Only if I get one more kiss~” Jurina leaned forward only to have Rena's palm meet her eager lips.

“Mou, you're so greedy.” Rena gently pushed Jurina's face away. She checked the time on her phone and stood up, holding a hand out to Jurina, “C'mon, it's been a while. The others will probably start to get worry if we don't show up soon.”

Jurina smiled and took Rena's hand and stood up.

Jurina walked back to the shopping mall where the other girls were waiting with Rena.

Hand in hand, side by side.
Together, in silence.

Jurina didn't talk. She just smiled as she walked and enjoyed Rena's calming company.

For now, Jurina won't give up.
For now, Jurina will keep fighting.
Just because she knows, she stands a winning chance fighting against Airi for Rena.

So the story ends. Kind of a pretty bad ending huh~ I'm so sorry if you were expecting something better.

And please tell me what you think about this entire story! :bow: And if I need to work on anything else, please do tell me too!

Now I shall go dive into my bed and think about which pairing I should write about next.
Title: Re: Time to give up (wMatsui) [3/21]
Post by: Sieka on March 24, 2012, 01:05:47 PM
A happy end, that's nice. Happy that Jurina didn't really let go, and Rena came in to salvage their relationship. It works well when two people support their friendship and love. :) Mah, it was a bit...rushed, mah, I still liked how it went, though you could have fleshed a few more drama in it to make the ending much more beautiful, but nevertheless, I liked how it came to its conclusion.

Good job!
Hahaha, real life problems sucks at times, but I'm hanging on it, because I know that if that so called friend of mine don't want me, then there's another person that needs me, I may not know him or her now, but surely, in the future I might meet them.

Thank you for the encouragement and thank you for the good end!
Cheers to finishing this shot! Hope to see you write another one.  :cathappy:
Title: Re: Time to give up (wMatsui) [3/21]
Post by: sakura_drop_ on March 24, 2012, 01:22:23 PM
It was a good read, I'm glad they resolved things between them... I'll be waiting for more updates!
Title: Re: Time to give up (wMatsui) [3/21]
Post by: kahem on March 24, 2012, 04:24:48 PM
Fight Jurina fight!
Lol being comparing to a melonpan hahaha!
Title: Re: For Now (wMatsui) [3/25]
Post by: Kamen Knight on March 24, 2012, 08:01:19 PM
The first time I read your fanfic, I was like "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS DEPRESSING WMATSUI??".. But somehow I got addicted by them,I read your fic only to be depressed beacuse of it..  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
I expect the last one to be angsty as well actually.. well, luckily you are not that cruel to Jurina..  :hiakhiakhiak:

Rena's feeling to Jurina is still unclear though.. In my opinion, It shouldn't be the end!  :on GJ:
Title: Re: For Now (wMatsui) [3/25]
Post by: xxx220 on March 25, 2012, 12:25:42 PM
Awww....So Sweet ...

W MATSUI :deco:
Title: Re: For Now (wMatsui) [3/25]
Post by: yukofan on March 25, 2012, 02:59:43 PM
love happy ending  :deco:


love your writing..please write more
Title: Re: For Now (wMatsui) [3/25]
Post by: ohayou on March 27, 2012, 11:00:51 AM
Yeah, it was slightly rushed... in a way. Sorry!
But you know, this was actually suppose to only be a OS in the first place hahahahaha~
and wow Sieka-san, you think so positively about life... wish I could think like you...

>>Kamen Knight
waaah~ I can never be so cruel to Jurina~
Though I actually might soon... because of Jurina's promotion to Team K...
I kind of have a new idea. But I don't really want to write about it, in case it becomes true, if you know what I mean.

>>Everyone else
As usual, thank you very much for your comments and advices! I'm really glad someone actually like my writing... because in my opinion, they really don't seem as nice you guys say it is but anyway, thank you very much.
When I finally escape from this depressing reality of my life, I will update again.
And it'll most likely to be in this thread again.
This thread will probably become something like a fic collection.
So, keep an eye out! :peace:

Title: Re: For Now (wMatsui) [3/25]
Post by: Chikane Himemiya on March 27, 2012, 04:53:05 PM
I hope you will continue!!!
a very good fanfic!!
Title: Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ For Now (wMatsui) [3/25]
Post by: ohayou on April 03, 2012, 12:57:49 AM
Another wMatsui fanfic. I've been thinking that this might actually happen to Jurina one day, or at least something similar. I mean, with that J-Cast news about Jurina's health and the SKE manager guy tweeting about her health..... I can't shake off the feeling that this will happen. I tried to write a happy wMatsui, but I can't.... cuz this idea just keeps spinning around my head...

Anyway, I talked too much now. Have fun reading, or not. Let's just hope this won't become real~

I Love You Too Much [wMatsui]

The way you shine on the stage,
the way you do your best at everything,
the way you push yourself to the very limit,

no one can do the same.

“Matsui Jurina from Team S of SKE48 to Team K.”

What was your feeling at that time?
How did  you feel?
What was on your mind?

All I knew was what I felt at that time: a throbbing pain in my heart. That pain, I can never forget. I held onto Churi, she was on the edge of breaking down right there on the spot. I hugged her tight and close and reassured her that everything was going to be fine. No, I was reassuring myself that everything was going to be fine.

How do you do it?

I saw your tears. I heard your cry.
But still, you held up your mic and walked forward. Accepting this decision.

Were you really ready for the change?
Because I know for a fact, I wasn't.

Feet slid around the wooden floor,
drops of sweat slid down the girls' face,
soft united singing voices echoed on the stage,

a body collapsed.


The music stopped and the girls rushed to the girl who is now lying on the floor. Sweat all over her pale face and almost purple lips. Her eyes fluttering open and close, open and close. Breathing was short and shallow. Her leg was shaking from the pain that she had tried so hard to ignore.

“Jurina, are you alright? Here, drink some water, have a rest.” Kuumin helped her onto a chair while the others crowded around them, ready to become human cushion if one of them were to fall. Jurina groaned in pain as one of the girls accidentally kicked her feet. Feeling the sudden increase in pain, Jurina lost her grip on Kuumin's shoulder that was acting as her arm rest, and fell head-first onto the floor.

The girls scream and panicked. No one knew what to do. Even though this wasn't the first time this happened to Jurina this month. Happened many times already. But each time, it seems to be getting worst. At first, all that happened to her was a sudden throbbing pain in her leg. But it was small, and she cold ignore it. However, it kept getting worst, the pain. And now, the pain was so bad that Jurina's own legs could no longer support her.

“CALM DOWN! ALL OF YOU!” Masana yelled. Everyone went silent. It wasn't everyday you hear Masana yell. But then it wasn't everyday you see Jurina faint either. Though that has gone more common quite recently. “Everyone back away, give Jurina some space, she needs to breathe. And be careful of her leg! Don't forget she sprained it at the Team K stage yesterday.” The girls did as they were told. No one dared to argue. All concern was on Jurina. The staff members came running to Jurina and after a quick checkup, an ambulance was called.

“That's all for today. Go back everyone. Half a rest.” One of the staff instructed as the medics came onto the stage with a stretcher. At first no one moved as all their eyes were still set onto Jurina. Then surprising everyone, Kuumin made the first move of departure. Her hands shook as she let go of Jurina and mumbled, “I'll call Rena.”

That hour on the train was the longest hour I've ever lived through. I tried sleeping to past the time, couldn't sleep. I tried practicing the lyrics of the new single while listening to my iPod, couldn't remember anything. My brain were focused only on one thing: you.

“Moshimoshi, rena desu.”
“R-Rena? It's me, Kuumin.”
“Oh hey, Kuumin! How was practice today. Did everything go oka-”
“Jurina is in the hospital.”

“Jurina is in the hospital.”

That was the only line I heard. I immediately asked, no, begged was the word. I begged the staff members to let me go early. They weren't very happy. No, they weren't. Even though it was just photoshooting, they weren't happy at all. But, maybe it's because I told them it was an emergency, or maybe it was because I never asked to be dismissed half way through work before, they let me go.

So now, here I am. On the train. On my way back to Nagoya. On my way to the hospital. On my way to you.

Why am I fidgeting so much in my seat? Can I not just sit still and stay calm? I'm fidgeting so much the man sitting next to me was giving me a slightly annoyed look.

I shouldn't have gone to the photoshoot. I knew something bad was going to happen. I knew it. You weren't feeling well the last few days, everyone could see it. I could see it. You've never felt well ever since you became a temporary member of Team K. Running back and forth Tokyo even more than you usually do, doing both Team K stages and Team S stages. Your body is still growing. And it can't stand all these non-stop muscle work.

“Next stop, Nagoya.”

Wait for me, Jurina. I'm on my way.

All I could hear was my footsteps pounding on the cold floor in the hospital hallway as I ran to your room. I can see everyone now. They were all outside your room. Wait- they're outside? Why aren't they inside looking after you? I skidded to a stop in front of your door, hands reaching out for the door knob.

“Akimoto-san is in there,” Kuumin said quietly.

I froze. Akimoto? What is the producer doing in there? Can't he just let Jurina rest? Or is he finally taking back his decision on making Jurina a double member and is going to give us our healthy Jurina back? My hands fell back to my side as I stared at the door. No words were exchanged. Everyone's mind was too occupied. Mine was no difference.

Suddenly the voices in your room became louder. I tried to look through the close blinds, suddenly hoping that x-ray vision existed. I heard you argued about something, but I couldn't make out the words. But I could definitely hear the sobbing between words. What happened? Are you hurting again? The door opened, and my concerning stare met Akimoto's tired eyes. Is- is that guilt I see in his eyes? Guilt? Definitely guilt. He's regreting his decision on letting you take a double team position isn't he? He gave me a nod and walked away in silent. The doctor came out and gave us a solemn smile, “Don't talk for too long, she needs her rest. Her body is really faint right now.” and with that, he walked away, leaving the door open.

We all rushed inside. The girls got to you before I did. I stood at the back, near the door, listening to your haggard breathing and cracked voice as the girls shared with you their concern for your health. Looking at the girls surrounding you right now, you'll probably be too tired to talk after they're done with you. I'll come visit you tomorrow okay? That's a promise.

“Wait-! R-Rena. C-Can I please talk to R-Rena? I-Is she here?” I turned around to your voice. The others backed away and made space for me. Completely forgetting about my previous decision of visiting you tomorrow, I sat next to you, placing my hand onto your cold ones. My eyes never left yours as you forced an apologetic smile at the others, “S-Sorry, i-is it okay if I-I talk to Rena alone p-please?” Without any questions the others flushed out the room and closed the door quietly behind them.

You turned around and gave me one of those really sweet smile again. Those smile that I loved. But, why is it that this smile feels a bit different than usual. Is it just me or are you forcing that smile out? And your eyes are red? Did you cry? “H-Hey, Rena-chan.”

I tried to smile at her as well, not doing very good I guess. How can I do good at smiling when you're lying on a hospital bed with machines beeping around you and things attached to your arms and body and your leg in a cast? Nevertheless, I still asked the most stupidest question, “You feeling okay?” Oh what the heck am I thinking? How can you be okay in your state?

“I-I guess so. B-But the doctor said it w-will be awhile before I recover.” It was obvious that you're sad. Even though you're trying to hide it. Almost everyone know you hate taking rests.

I don't like seeing you sad. Never had. I like seeing your cheerful smile, where has it gone? I want it back. “Then you just stay here, and get your health back to the top like before and then come back and dance with us! Then on our next day off, I'll take you to Disney again? How about it? Hm?” I smiled at her. Trying to cheer her up. It didn't look like I did a good job from the look in your eyes.

“Akimoto-san was here before.” That forced smile of yours kept dropping lower.
“I know.” Why do you have that hesitating look on your face? Did Akimoto say something?
“He told me what the doctor said.”

I don't see where this conversation is going. What are you trying to say, Jurina? Out with it, please. The tears that looks like they're about to drop are scaring me.

“I- Rena-chan. The doctor said my body can't move that well anymore. He said if I kept dancing, my injuries will never heal. He said the condition of my leg will keep getting worst.”

I looked at you. Right in the eyes. I finally see where this conversation is going. This isn't true right? Today is April Fools right? You don't mean this right? I could feel  cold tears rolling down my cheeks that was still burning from my run from the station to here.

You gave my hand a soft squeeze, turning my distracted mind back to you and you continued, confirming my worst nightmare. “Akimoto-san s-suggested t-that I-I gr-graduate.” Those silver tears of yours rolled down your cheeks. I tried so hard to contain my own emotions in. I wanted to hold  you like I did with Churi at the Saitama Concert before and tell you everything is going to be fine. But I can't. Before I know it. The rolling tears of mine turned into waterfall. The waterwork began. A waterwork that I don't think can ever stop.

It was just like that day all over again. That day Akimoto announced your 'promotion' to Team K.

You acted just like this. You cried, but you still accepted his decision. You stood forward and accepted his decision as if you were ready for it all along.

Why? Why won't you act like you don't want to graduate? Or, were you thinking about graduating all along? Have you thought about leaving SKE behind? Leaving the girls behind? Leaving me behind?

For the first time, I took the initiative and expressed my thought clearly, “A-Are you just going to leave us behind like this? You can't! W-We need you! You can't leave us behind! We need you! I-I need you! I-I-I-I love you! Don't leave me behind, Jurina, please! Please don't leave us.... Please.....” I couldn't stop my tears. They just kept flowing like a water tap. A water tap with a broken handle. A water tap, that is broken.

You wiped my tears away with your fingers, and as if it had a magic touch, it put a stop to my tears. “I-I love you too, Rena-chan. I always had. From t-the moment we m-met, I a-always had. B-But, I-I can't stay. E-Even i-if I stay in SKE, I-I won't b-be able to d-do a-anything a-anymore. I-I h-have t-t-to graduate.” Her hands started to shake against my face as she spoke. My also-trembling hands took hold of hers and gave it a soft, supporting squeeze.

I have no choice. I have to accept this decision. It was your decision wasn't it? Or at least it was Akimoto's suggestion. You're right. You staying here will only bring you even more pain. Both physical and mental pain, mental pain of seeing everyone work so hard for the group while you can only sit on the sideline.

I lifted your hands up to my lips and blew onto it and rubbing it together with my hands. Your hands are too cold. I need to make it warmer. It's all I can do for you. I felt your stare at me, then I heard your cry again. You couldn't stop sobbing. Neither could I. But after the waterwork stopped, the two of us just sat in silent. You lying on your cold white bed, while I sat on the metal chair next to your bed lying on your chest, listening to you faint but strong heartbeat. Our fingers locked together.

I don't know what time it was. I didn't want to know. I don't want to leave. I want to stay here. With you. Who knows what will happen after your graduation. Who knows if we'll still be able to meet up like the old times. I don't want to think about it. Yet.

All I want to do,
is treasure this last moment I have with you,
these moments that I know,
will probably never come around again.

I love you, Jurina.
I love you too  much.
Title: Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ I Love You Too Much (wMatsui) [4/3]
Post by: xXWompieXx on April 03, 2012, 01:41:11 AM
OMG this is so sad! I actually read this one-shot from your tumblr and I cried when I read it!
I just hope this doesn't actually happen to Jurina in the future.  :cry:
She is my SKE Oshi and I will have a break down if this happens!
Title: Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ I Love You Too Much (wMatsui) [4/3]
Post by: kurogumi on April 03, 2012, 12:08:41 PM
Auu jurina-chan...this story make me worried think about that may happend for real...

Hope the best for Jurina health...all hail Jurina!!
Title: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE All Girl's Private School (Chapter 1) [4/5]
Post by: ohayou on April 05, 2012, 12:49:51 AM
Waaah! Don't cry! *gives tissue* And Jurina is my SKE oshi too, in fact she is my kami oshi, I wouldn't know what to do if this does happens to her... BUT, this is a story after all. Nothing in stories are real. (^^)



Okay, so, while procrastinating from my school holiday studies/homework, I whipped up a new writing idea. Lalalala~  :cathappy: This won't be a one shot, obviously, and I dunno how long it's going to go for, yet.

This story is going to be revolving mainly around a love triangle between Rena, Airin, Jurina. And maybe Churi would come in at some point, I dunno, just an idea.  :lol: Anyway, as you can see, this is mainly going to be an SKE based fanfic, but MAYBE I'll add some AKB in later? Or maybe not, I dunno, depends on what you guys want, I guess. BUT! That will be decided later.

So anyway, this is the first chapter of the story, please tell me what you guys think?


Rena walked into the main office of the SKE All Girl’s Private School with filled in documents in her hand, getting ready to hand them to the office lady and officially apply to the school. She wanted to hand the forms to the office lady and start her first day at this new school as soon as possible, but unfortunately, the lady still hasn’t register the her existence in the lobby as she was too busy replying phone calls and printing out documents. Rena, not wanting to disturb the busy adult, took a seat on the sofa in front of the main counter and waited for the lady to finish her phone calls. Every now and then, Rena would flip open her mobile and look at the time. It was already 9am, she was going to be late to her first class on her first day at her new school.

A heavy sigh of relief came from the office counter as Rena flipped open her mobile for the nth time. “Oh, hello there. Sorry, I was really busy, may I help you?” The office lady looked at Rena from her seat.

Rena quickly stuffed her phone into her bag and walked towards the counter, handing her forms in to the office lady. “Um, I’m a new student here. You told me to hand you these forms yesterday on the phone.” Rena did her best to smile at the warm lady, pushing her impatience aside. She needed people to have a good impression on her.

The lady thanked her and looked through the documents and then pulled out a big folder. “You must be Matsui-san then.” She said as she slipped the papers into the folder and carefully placing the folder back into the drawer. Rena nodded. “Okay then, I realized I must’ve made you late to class. I’ll call up your teacher to come pick you up and lead you to your new class so you don’t get lost and become even late. Have a seat, it won’t take long.” Rena thanked the lady and sat back at her original spot.

Rena leaned back on the sofa and inspected her surrounding closely for the first time. The office lobby was beautifully decorated. Almost gave off a royalty feeling with the silver decorations against the white wall paper. To be honest, it didn’t seem to feel like a school. ‘But then, this was a private boarding school wasn’t it? Everything must be different to the public school.’ Rena thought to herself. This is her first time entering a private boarding school.

She had always wanted to apply for this school but her parents never agreed, even though her family has so much money to spare. However, when her parents died in a car accident, everything was left to their only child, Rena. Rena felt no love towards her parents, nor has she ever felt any love from them at all. They were almost never home and Rena has probably exchanged more words with the maids than with both her parents. So after they died, Rena felt no need to feel sad and decided to get on with her life and apply for this school, since nothing much has changed at all. With all the extra higher level education from this new school, her dream of being a teacher doesn’t seem that far off anymore.

A voice snapped Rena out of her thoughts. “Matsui-san?”

The girl looked up and found a 30-years-old-looking male teacher looking at her. She quickly stood up and did a bow, “Hai! My name is Matsui Rena, nice to meet you sir.”

The teacher smiled warmly at her and gave her a small respectful nod, “Well then Matsui-san, I will be your new class teacher then. I’m Yokoyama, but students here tend to get lazy and just call me Yoko-sensei. Anyway, come with me, I shall lead you to your new class. The class is having a free study period right now, so you don’t need to worry about being late.” Rena nodded and followed closely behind the new teacher as he walked off.

Rena looked around the school as she followed the teacher to her new class. The school campus was almost exactly the same as the lobby. Everywhere was so beautifully decorated, from the walking pathway to the drinking fountains, one may even describe this place as a castle. A castle similar to the ones shown in anime, on a floating island. From what Rena was seeing, this place really doesn’t feel like a school.

The teacher opened the classroom and walked in. Immediately, the large hallway was echoing with the loud voices coming in from the classroom. Rena hesitated outside the door when the teacher waved her in. She’s never been in a school like this. Was everyone in there going to be really royalty-like, like the school? How would she fit in with the rest of them? She mentally slapped herself for not thinking about this when she applied for this school. “Matsui-san, you can come in. Don’t be shy.” The voices in the classroom immediately died down at the teacher’s words. They stared at the door with hidden excitement as they wondered what the new student was going to be like.

“The new student has the same name as me? Wouldn’t that confuse people when someone calls Matsui-san?” A voice spoke from inside the classroom. Rena listened to the voice, it was filled with confidence yet under that confident tone, Rena could definitely pick up a childish feeling coming from the voice.

The class laughed, the teacher did as well. “Yes, you two would have the same name, but since the new student is older than you, she would be call Matsui-san. And you will be called Jurina-san.” The class laughed even louder.

Jurina joked, “Jurina-san??? That sounds horrible! That’s not fair! Why can’t she be called something else? I did come to this school before her!”

The teacher laughed and said, “We’ll sort out the names later. Let’s just welcome the new student into class first.” He looked at the door, where Rena was still standing, and mentioned again for her to come in, “Come on, Matsui-san, don’t be shy, the students here are very welcoming.”

Rena looked up at the teacher. She took a deep breath and walked into the classroom. She could hear someone sucking their breath in as she walked in. Soft whispers of “She’s so cute.” And “Her skin is so pale.” Didn’t escape Rena’s ears. She smiled at the sounds of those complimenting whispers.

“Please introduce yourself to the class.”

Rena kept her eyes focused on the floor, knowing that she would not be able to speak if she looked up at her new classmates. “U-uh, my name is Matsui Rena and I’m new here. Nice to meet you and please look after me from now on!” She did a 90 degree bow at her new classmates and quickly stood back up as the class clapped and cheered for the new student. Slowly, from the confidence that was building up inside her from the cheers of her new classmates, she looked up and examined her new class. Rena’s eyes nearly widened as she tried to hold in her surprise. She didn’t expect the class in this school to be so... normal. The way the students acted was almost the same as her old school. Not much difference.

“There’s a seat next behind Jurina-san and Furukawa-san. Please take a seat there, Matsui-san”

Rena nodded but didn’t move as she looked for her seat. There was more than one empty seat in the classroom, and Rena didn’t know who was who. The teacher saw the look on her face and smile in apology, “Ah, sorry. Furukawa-san, can you please show the new student her seat?”

Rena saw a girl wearing glasses reading a manga look up at her. The girl’s eyes quickly looked away when her eyes met Rena’s gaze. She quickly took off her glasses and put down her manga and pulled out the empty chair out from the table next to her. Rena walked towards her and thanked the girl as she took a seat. Everyone in the class then quickly returned to their previous activities as if nothing happened as they saw Rena has settled. Well, all except one girl. Rena looked to her left, and saw the previous girl was looking a bit uneasy. Out of concern Rena tapped her on the shoulder and asked, “Are you okay?” The girl jumped at the contact but quickly recovered and nodded quickly. Rena couldn’t help but smile. Looks like she was no longer the shyest girl in class. She raised her hand for a handshake and said, “Matsui Rena.”

The girl looked at her hand then slowly shook Rena’s hand and said, almost in a whisper, “F-Furukawa Airi.”

Rena smiled at the girl. She could definitely see a tint of pink on those cheeks. Definitely cute. Too cute, to be honest. Rena nodded and folded her arms on her desk and rested her head on them. ‘Looks like the new school isn’t going to be THAT hard to settle into after all.’ She thought to herself as her mind drifted back to that cute blushing face of a girl called Furukawa Airi.


So, what do you guys think? You guys like it? Should I continue?

And just saying, character introduction comes a bit later, maybe in the next chapter. I dunno. Gaaah, so much things I dunno. But anyway, hope you guys enjoyed it? Please please please tell me what you guys think! All comments are welcome!  :welcome Tell me if you don't like it  :smhid or if you love it  :twothumbs !
Title: Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE All Girl's Private School (Chapter 1) [4/5]
Post by: dukkong on April 05, 2012, 04:31:51 AM
I love it <3 <3 <3 Lol I know I had it bad when I read all girls private school and Strawberry Panic and Maria sama ga miteru pops up first thing on my head. Anyway, cheers for the story. I see you got Jurina and Airi character down already. Wonder if it's gonna be a WMatsui or a Renairin in the end :) Hope to find out soon. Keep up the great work
Title: Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE All Girl's Private School (Chapter 1) [4/5]
Post by: Kid_Alpha on April 05, 2012, 05:37:43 AM
Yes, I do believe you should continue this, I'm intrigued.

Especially the RenAirin part, there's not enough of that pairing even if isn't endgame.
Title: Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE All Girl's Private School (Chapter 1) [4/5]
Post by: Pandah on April 05, 2012, 07:13:17 AM
you should continue ! :thumbup im actually quite interested in the story and the renairin pairing :P plus theres just not enough of that pairing around D:
but yep good job :D
Title: Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE All Girl's Private School (Chapter 1) [4/5]
Post by: Sieka on April 05, 2012, 07:18:36 AM
I'm a sucker for set-ups like this. School set-ups are the best to write! I'm bad at it though... :sweatdrop:
I wonder though who will be the end, WMatsui or RenAirin? Or do you have another pairing in mind that you'd like to pull out of nowhere? I mean, Rena is shippable to almost anyone in SKE48 so I wouldn't be surprised if you do do that.... :lol:

I hope you continue this, it looks really interesting, especially the end part, hoh, I wonder how RenAirin friendship will go and if Jurina will come into to the picture. :lol:
Title: Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE All Girl's Private School (Chapter 2) [4/6]
Post by: ohayou on April 05, 2012, 02:35:38 PM
Thank you. And those two things that you mentioned, they're manga right? I mean, I've heard of them before, maria sama ga miteru from one of the SKE's video and the other one from someone on twitter. I've personally never read them in real life. Maybe I should start? To get some ideas? Don't even know what the two manga are about xD

Thank you (^^)
I'm really glad you like it. (^^)

Thank you!
And yeah, not enough RenAirin around... Which kind of sucks in my opinion, because they're really REALLY cute together <3

Oh don't worry, the ending will either be wMatsui or RenAirin. (But the question is WHICH pair would it be (^^) now that got you to read on no? bwahaha)
I like Rena to stay with either one of them, not someone else because you know, it just doesn't seem to have the same feel when Rena is shipped with anyone else from SKE. And maybe it's because I haven't been in this AKB/SKE fandom for long, so I don't really know who else Rena can be shipped with. Apart from Yukirin from AKB.

Another update (^^)
Just because I really didn't feel like working on my project, even though it's THE thing that determines whether or not I graduate from Year 11....
I'm sorry if this update is really long, or if it seems to go on forever and never seems to get to the point,
this is my first time writing something like this so, please bear with me (・・?)
If you guys have any questions about what I wrote, feel free to ask me, I'll answer all questions! Really! Even pointless and totally unrelated ones.


Rena grabbed her bag from the side of her desk and lazily packed her things as the end of school bell rang. It was the end of school already, but she was in no rush to get out. Since, what’s the point of getting out so early if you don’t even know where you’re going to be sleeping yet. Most of the other students have left already, rushing out almost as soon as the bell sounded. Only a few remained behind as they are either taking their time to pack or they had decided to stay behind and study.

“Hey Jurina, you want to come to the library with us?” Rena heard one of the girls said. Then out of nowhere, she heard another girl said, “Ignore her, hey Jurina, there’s something I didn’t get in our math class today, can you please help me?” Then she heard a few more similar questions coming from different girls. Rena’s curiosity took over and she looked up from her bag at the loud noises coming from the door of the class.

A mature looking girl could be seen, surrounded by a group of other girls. ‘This Jurina must be really popular around here huh...’Rena thought to herself as she stared as the surrounding girls started to push each other to the back, pulling themselves forward to be in sight of the popular girl. Ignoring them, Rena started packing again.

Then from behind her, Rena heard another softer girl’s voice spoke, “Jurina-chan, I’m coming!” She looked up again and saw a girl hopping towards Jurina. Jurina smiled and excused herself from the crowd and joined the girl. She then turned around and did a small bow at the girls, who now had jealousy written all over their faces as they stared at the girl by Jurina’s side. “Sorry guys, I gotta fix Churi’s laptop today. I’ll find you guys tomorrow okay? Please excuse us.” And with that, Jurina left the crowded with the other girl following closely.

Some of the girls that was left behind starting grumbling. “Why does that Akane girl always have priority over us? What does Jurina really see in a weird girl like her? Seriously!” The girls continued to complain as they disappeared through the door to eat their lunch alone.

Rena shook her head in disbelief as she zipped her bag close. She really don’t understand how that Jurina girl can be so popular, apart from that really cool boyish aura that she gives off and that really dazzling smile she gives out. But then Rena decided that it was probably just because Rena hasn’t been around for long and doesn’t know the girl well enough yet to find out what’s so good about her.

“Matsui-san?”The teacher called the girl as he closed his laptop lid and puts the item in his bag.

Rena jumped at the deep voice. Distracted by the girls before and by her own thoughts, she had completely forgotten that the teacher was still in the classroom. “H-Hai, Yokoyama-sensei?”

The teacher smiled warmly at her, “The office gave me an email just then. Seems like the boardings cleaners has finished tidying your bed area. And your luggage also arrived a few minutes ago, so when you have time, please meet with the office lady and she will have someone take you to your room and get your settled.”The teacher looked at his watch and quickly made way to the door, “I’ve got a meeting now so I’ll be going. I hope you had enjoyed your first day at school, Matsui-san”

“Thank you, sir. I will go to the office now. And I did enjoy my first day at school. It was very nice, thank you.” Rena did a quick small bow at the teacher as he smiled at her again and then left the classroom in a rush to get to his meeting.

Rena made her way out of the classroom and through the hallway. The hallway was filled with voices and laughter as everyone prepared themselves to go back to their respective dormitories. She quickly made her way outside and breathed in some fresh air as she now tried to think of the way to the office. Out of the corner of her eye, she spied Airi by herself. Rena quickly made way to Airi, hoping that the girl will help her out. “Furukawa-san?”

The said girl jumped in surprised and turned around. Her eyes widened when she saw Rena and those eyes immediately looked away as she bowed her head. “Ma-Matsui-san!? W-What are you doing here?”Airi kept her head down, trying to hide that burning face of her from the sight of Rena.

Rena looked at the surprised girl and blinked at her, completely confused at why Airi was so jumpy. “Um, do you know how to get to the office? I, um... I can’t remember how to get there.” Rena’s voice trailed off as she tried to hide her embarrassment. She was never good when it comes to remembering directions.

Airi nodded, still not looking up. She turned around and fumbled for something in her bag. She gave a piece of paper to Rena and then backed away in a bow. “That’s a map I drew of the school. Um, the office is marked with a big O on it. I-I got to go.”And Airi quickly disappeared into the crowded hallway before Rena got a chance to thank her.

Rena opened the piece of paper Airi gave her and giggled. On the paper, there was a neatly drawn map of the school. But that wasn’t all. There were also doodles of frogs and chibi anime characters on the side. And on the O that marked the location of the office, a big smiley face was drawn on it. One word came up in Rena’s mind when she saw the paper: cute. Rena nodded as she walked to the office with the piece of paper, ‘Definitely cute. Way too cute.’


“Ah, Matsui-san! You’re here!” The office lady smiled at Rena the moment she stepped into the office. ‘People in this school sure likes smiling,’ Rena thought to herself as she greeted her back and quickly looked around for her luggage. The lady said when she saw Rena looking around,“Oh, I already have someone take your luggage into your room. They should be back soon and then they can- Ah, look, they’re back. They can take you to your room now.” Two girls walked into the office, one smaller than the other. The lady asked as she returned to her work,“Oya-san, Hiramatsu-san, can you two please take Matsui-san to her room?”

The girls came up to her and Rena was immediately greeted by two warm smiles. The taller girl introduced herself, “I’m the head girl of this school, Oya Masana. Most of the girls around here just call me Masanya.”Placing her hand on the smaller girl’s shoulder she introduced the girl, “This girl here is Hiramatsu Kanako. We all call her Kanakana.”Masana shook hand with Rena while Kanako jumped up and gave Rena a hug.

Rena looked at the girl, surprised that she was so friendly to her on her first day here. Masana pulled the girl back and apolygized, “Ahehehe, sorry, Kanakana here gets a bit too friendly too quickly sometimes.”

“I am not TOO friendly! I am friendly. That is all. And I’m just excited because we hardly get any new students around here. Wah! Wait till I tell the others about this!” Kanako escaped from the girl’s hold and latched herself back onto Rena.

Masana tried to pull back the girl but Rena just shook her head and smiled at the head girl, “It’s okay Oya-san, I don’t mind. Really.” Rena returned the small girl’s hug and then quickly introduced herself, “I’m Matsui Rena.”

The girls nodded at her and said at the same time, “Nice to meet you.”Masana took out her phone and looked at the time. “Ah, look at the time. C’mon, we’ll take you to your room. Dinner is going to serve soon. I should give you a tour around the boarding house before we go off to dinner.” Rena thanked her and followed the two girls as they led her deeper into the school.

The sun was nearly down by the time Rena reached the boarding house located at the center of the school campus. It wasn’t suppose to take that long, but the three kept making detours as Masana and Kanako showed Rena around the school. Rena stared up at the building in awe. At her old school, there was never anything this tall. The only thing she could match the height of the boarding house to was the tall buildings out in the city central. The boarding house was only that tiny bit smaller than the city’s building.

“Pretty magnificent aye?” Masana casually said as she too started admiring the boarding house. Rena nodded as she started to focus on the outside decorations of the building and the garden surrounding the building. “Akimoto Yasushi, the founder of this school, made this garden by himself. This garden is what you would call a sacred place of this school, no one does any damage to it, and any sort of damage done to the garden is dealt with severely. So, be careful when you’re walking around the garden.”Rena nodded as she take in all the beauty surround her. A small tug on her arm dragged her back into the real world, Rena looked down and saw Kanako leading her into the boarding house.


“Room 048. That’s your room. You will have a roommate, I’m not sure who it is. I can’t remember. I’m not ever sure if your roommate knows you’re arriving. Ahahaha~ Anyway, dinner is at 6. You have an hour to unpack your stuff and get settled, then I or maybe Kanakana will come pick you up and take you to dinner. How does that sound, Rena?” Masana opened the door with a silver 048 pined onto it.

“Sounds awesome. Thank you, Oya-san, Hiramatsu-san. And I’m sorry for taking up you guys’ time.” Rena gave the two girls a small apologetic bow.

“It’s okay really. And you can just call me Masanya like the rest of the girls around here. I might be a head girl, but I prefer people not to address me with honorific because I feel like there’s this distance between them and me. Anyway, we’ll get going now. Gotta go help out in the dining room.” Masana and Kanako waved good bye as they left.

Rena took out her clothes from her luggage and placed them into the wardrobe in front of her empty bed. Then very carefully placing her favourite manga into the bedside drawer. It didn’t take too long for Rena too unpack. Not much things to unpack anyway. Rena laid in her bed and relaxed her body against the soft mattress. Her eyelids dropped lower as her body relaxed and within a few minutes, Rena was fast asleep.


“Thank you so much for fixing my laptop today, Jurina-chan. Now I can talk to you after lights out again! Thank you!” Akane gave Jurina a tight hug.

Jurina smiled and returned Akane’s hug. “It’s okay, Churi, anytime.” Jurina released the girl and gave her a small kiss on her forehead. “Go back to your dormitory, I’ll see you at dinner time. And be careful on your way back okay? Tell me if the girls gives you any trouble again.”

Akane nodded and ran off back the way she came from. Jurina stood there and watched Akane until she was fully out of sight. She couldn’t help but feel this tagging feeling in her mind, hinting her that something always happens when she leaves Akane alone. Jurina couldn’t help but worry about the girl. She and Akane has been friends since they were little kids as their parents were best mates. She was the closest person Jurina has in this school. Jurina pushed her worries aside, ‘The girls know what will come after her if they touch Churi again anyway. She’ll be fine.’

Jurina walked into her own room and her eyes widened. She had always had a room all to herself, but now she had to share a room with someone else. Her eyes shifted their attention from the newly laid out items on half the table to the girl on the other bed. Throwing her schoolbag onto her own bed, she walked closer to the sleeping girl. ‘Oh, this girl. The girl that shares the same name as me. Matsui.... what’s her name again? Ah, Rena. Matsui Rena.’ Jurina examined the new girl closely. Her skin was really pale, almost seems like the girl has never been under the sun her entire life. Jurina’s eyes moved upward to the porcelain face. ‘Ah... Churi was right. This girl is cute. Really cute.’ Jurina went back to her side of her room and took out a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and quickly got change into them.

A shuffling sound came from behind Jurina as she hooked up her school uniform. “Ju-Jurina-san?!” Rena pushed herself up and stared at her new roommate in surprise. Anyone would be fine, why must she be paired up with the most popular girl in her class? This was the first time she talked to Jurina today. The girl was always surrounded by other girls at school it was almost impossible to introduce herself.

Jurina said without looking back at the girl, “Finally awake huh? First day of school took that much out of you?”She went back to tidying her bed area as she spoke.

Rena looked away, embarrassed. She didn’t intend to sleep, she was just resting. She took out her mobile and look at the time, it was nearly 6pm. The girls should be coming to pick her up soon. Not liking the silence that was developing, Rena tried to strike up a conversation by introducing herself. “My name is Matsui Re-“

“I know who you are,”Jurina cut her off. Although Rena might be cuter AND sexier than any of the girls at the school, the fact that Rena shared the same last name as herself really annoyed Jurina for some reason.

Being cut off in the middle of introducing herself, Rena didn’t know what else to say. The awkwardness began to grow between the two as the silence continued. Jurina went on her laptop while Rena continued to stare at her.

“It’s rude to stare you know.” Jurina looked at Rena right in the eyes, making Rena cringe slightly at the coldness in that tone of voice. “I can’t work with you staring at me the whole time.”

Rena looked away and stared at the door, dying for the head girl to come back. A knock came on the door. Rena jumped up, and opened the door eagerly and sighed with relief when she saw Kanako and Airi outside the door. Rena’s eyes met Airi’s for a few brief seconds and the two immediately looked away. ‘Oh my god...those eyes! How can such cute eyes exist?’

Kanako poked Rena’s cheek, “It’s dinner! I brought Airin along~ From the way she looked at you, I assume you two already knew each other? And why are you spacing out? What were you thinking about?”

Being caught spacing out, Rena rubbed her face, hiding her burning cheeks under her palm and said, “Spacing out? I wasn’t spacing out. C’mon let’s go get some dinner.”She followed the two outside.

Jurina’s voice rang from inside the room, “Close the door when you leave. I hate people leaving the door open.”

‘Rude kid... won’t kill you to say please.’ Rena thought to herself as she clicked the door shut. She ran back to Kanako and Airin. Kanako stared at her in surprise, “You get to share a room with Jurina? THE famous Jurina?! You’re so lucky!”

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Intriguing, so there's two options, just two however. :lol:
I find RenAirin good right now, I mean Jurina is being pretty cold, so I can't say I like how WMatsui is going now, but mah, tensions are better to make things spicy, should I say it might turn into sexual tension? Mah, I'll wait what happens. Though RenAirin actually got me because Airin is so cute, my heart just went doki doki over the paper map she drew, so sweet and cute! :heart:

JuriChuri also appears here, but as close friends, I wonder what always happens with Churi, hope she's fine.

Hmm, RenaChuri seems nice, though its rare to see them talking. :lol:

YukiRena is pretty much the only AKB member I know that Rena's paired up to be honest. I don't know if I'm ignorant or just because I don't see it though... :sweatdrop: Also, it maybe because their both the famous Gekikara captain and ace tandem and because of their roles as Black and Gekikara in Majisuka.

If it isn't obvious though from my sig, then I'll say this, I'm quite a shipper of that pairing, but that doesn't stop me from shipping RenAirin, WMatsui or RenaChuri and I'm telling you, I like where this story is going so continue it! :lol: XD

Thanks for the update! :cathappy:
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After seeing a new update for this thread...I can no longer ignore the nagging feeling at the back of my mind. :kneelbow: I'm so sorry Ohayou-san! I was so lazy to even try and write a comment, when you're one of my TOP #2 Authors! I'm sorry! :kneelbow: I shall stop being a lurker! I PROMISE!

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I do apologize for the exaggerated fan-girling. I'm just so happy you wrote a fic that includes Rena-chan~!
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Cool I can learn to know the SKE better with you fic ^^
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Thanks for the update :) Ah the two of them are both more famous anime. They are very popular Yuri series too so you can find Eng sub almost everywhere for example here (
I personally like Strawberry Panic more (it talks about a boarding school too just like in your story :D) but Maria sama ga miteru is much more famous in Japan it seems. Personally I like any Rena ship equally so I wouldn't mind if it turn out either way but I definitely expect interesting twist if it's going to be a WMatsui at this rate :)
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Yeah I totally figured WMatsui were gonna be roomates. XD

JuriChuri friendship is pretty cute and I like this small direction with RenAirin.

I definitely want more.
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ooooh! i had a feeling rena's roommate was gonna be jurina :P jurina will forever be popular being how cool she is haha
she will definitely be captivated by renas charm and beauty soon enough and then churis gonna be all jealous!
awww renairin is just so cute and adorable  :D
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its like rena pairing its airin....not Jurina... :P and Jurina its the 3rd this love triangel :inlove:

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I like the theme and I couldnt stop imagining things hahahaha sorry about that! I was an otaku before joing this crazy 48 fandom. All-girls school are awesome and plus it's a love triangle too!.  :thumbsup

Kana-chan is cute. Are you going to pair her up with someone? Akisun  :twisted: add more trolls, lolis, team baka and etc. Man...I love SKE.

Chibi Airin~ *dies* I wonder if this ends with wmatsui, Airin and Churi are going to be...together? 'cause these two are dorks  XD

Woah, we're in the same year and yeah I know how it feels to have a lot of projects and stuffs especially when you're going to sit for a big exams.  :sweatdrop:
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This story is going to be revolving mainly around a love triangle between Rena, Airin, Jurina. And maybe Churi would come in at some point, I dunno, just an idea.  :lol: Anyway, as you can see, this is mainly going to be an SKE based fanfic, but MAYBE I'll add some AKB in later? Or maybe not, I dunno, depends on what you guys want, I guess. BUT! That will be decided later.
Yes! Finally you executed your 'love triangle' idea. Ureshii~ :D :D
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Should I continue?
Why do you even ask about it? :lol: Please keep writing this piece.

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Ah~ Majisuka~ I've only seen the second season, never seen the first one.
Only a small scene of Black and Gekikara so I can't really say I know much about the pair.
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>>Spicy Sapphire
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Hmm... I dunno who she can be paired up with though... But I'll keep that idea in mind (^^)

And seriously, how can you focus those projects!? It's almost impossible for me~

It will be full-SKE, or maybe occasional AKB girls dropping down for a visit, I dunno~ That's just an idea.
And yes, I'm much more into SKE than I am in AKB BUT! Unfortunately, I seems to know more about AKB than SKE....
Probably because more AKB programs are subbed online than SKE... Ah~ I dunno~

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Anyway! NEXT CHAPTER! Now, characters introduction are starting to come in (^^)
And I try to make it so that the characters have similar personalities as their real life person, but it's a bit hard, since I really don't know about them too much.
BUT! I did my best, and hey, this story isn't based on reality anyway lol xD so I guess it's okay for the characters to differ a bit right?

Anyway, enjoy!

“I still can’t believe you get to share a room with THE Jurina! You have no idea how many girls will die just to be in your position for one night!” Kanako said for the nth time since the three left Rena’s room.

Rena shook her head and mumbled, “I seriously don’t see what’s so good about that girl. Why does everyone like her so much? She’s is so rude, and I’m older than her, can’t she at least show me some respect and say please?”

“That’s because she doesn’t know you well enough yet. Give her some time. Trust me, I am confident to say that you are probably the cutest girl in this entire school. Jurina WILL be nice to you. She’s always nice to cute girls! She has like, this soft spot for cute girls. I dunno.” Kanako scratched the back of her head as she explained.

“And the sexiest too...” Rena heard Airi mumbled. She looked at the girl in surprise as did Kanako. After realizing the other two had stopped talking, Airi looked up and found two pair of eyes staring at her. She blinked at them innocently, “Why are you guys staring at me?”

Kanako couldn’t hold in her surprise and almost jumped up and down as she spoke. “You just said Rena was the sexiest girl in the school!” It was so rare for Airi, who was famous in the school for being the shyest, to express her opinion. Especially ones about other people. And to express such an opinion directly! Kanako grinned at the now blushing girl.

Airi looked away and gave a small nervous laugh, “Ehehehe... did I just think outloud? Ehehehe...” She covered her pink face with her hands and quickly changed the topic, “Shouldn’t we get to the dining hall now? The seats are going to be filled up soon.” With that, she quickly walked on with her hands still covering her face, leaving the grinning girl and the taller surprised girl behind.

Rena looked at Airi’s face from the reflection on the window as she followed her to the dining hall. She was rubbing her cheeks with her hands, almost looked like Airi was trying to rub something off her face, or keep her face warm. Rena just smiled at the action. She didn’t want to ask Airi why she was doing it, fearing that the girl will stop. Because honestly, Rena want to keep seeing Airi acting like this. And there was only one reason why. Because Rena has never seen anyone act so cute before and she definitely liked seeing it.

As the three walked, Rena kept looking at Airi’s face each time the three walks past a window while Kanako refused to let the topic dropped and kept repeating to herself, “I still can’t believe you said outloud, in front of Rena, that you think she’s sexy. Gosh you really are a pervert, Airin.” Airi didn’t reply and just kept walking forward while rubbing her face even more. Airi really hoped that she could just rub away this burning feeling on her face.

After walking down a small spiral staircase, Rena found herself looking at a giant double door down the hallway on the right. “That’s the dining hall, we’re nearly there.” Kanako said as she pointed at the door that Rena was staring at. “Now, prepare yourself for chaos.” She said as she opened the giant door that led to the dining room.

Rena looked at Kanko with a counfused look. How can there chaos in this school? Everything is so neat and quiet and in order. She turned and looked into the hall and gasped in surprised at the sight in front of her. Unlike what she had in mind of the girls sitting in front of the table eating with high class table manners quietly, the entire hall was filled with laughter of the girls. What surprised Rena as well was the amount of students of the school. During the school day, the school campus was so big and the school hall way was so wide and long, it didn’t felt like there was a lot of students when Rena walked around. But now that she looked into the hall where all the students of the school had gathered, she finally realized just exactly how popular this school really is.

“Rena! Over here! C’mon! What are you doing still standing there?” Kanako waved Rena over from one of the lines inside the dining hall, right outside the kitchen counter. The two girls appeared to have left Rena behind as she admired the school. Kanako was in line while Airi went off to find them a table. Rena slipped into the empty spot in the line behind Kanako.

Rena examined the food closely as she got closer to the kitchen counter, where all the food trays were laid out neatly. The food looked incredibly delicious, and as if to make everything look even tastier, the cutleries provided were all luxuriously decorated. Kanako took one tray and Rena grabbed two. Kanako looked at her with a questioning face and Rena smiled, “One for Airi-san.” Calling the girl by her first name now that Rena felt slightly closer to the girls. Kanako nodded and walked towards Airi who was waving at them, standing next to an empty table.

Kanako placed her tray on the table and quickly slipped into her seat. Rena placed one tray in front of her and handed Airi the other tray. Airi thanked her and took the tray. Rena felt Airi froze when the two of their hands accidentally made contact with each other. Airi quickly pulled the tray away and placed it on the table. Still refusing to look at Rena in the eyes, the girl sat down and focused on gaze at the food in front of her. Rena could see Airi’s face turning into a shade of pink again. Rena studied Airi’s face for a few seconds, trying to figure out why Airi kept blushing, but then gave up when she realized that her dinner was slightly more important at the moment.

The girls were almost half way through their dinner when another girl sat herself in the empty seat next to Airi. “Mafhanaa!” Kanako called the new comer’s name while chewing on some food.

The head girl gave Kanako a light slap on the head, “Don’t talk with your mouth full.” She then turned to Airi and said in a welcoming voice, “Now this is a rare occasion. What brought you here today, Airin? You usually prefer to eat by yourself don’t you?” Airi stopped eating and looked up at the head girl. She thought for a while, then without replying, Airi returned back to her food as she started to feel her cheeks burning up again.

After swallowing the food, Kanako very eagerly pointed to Airi and almost shouted, “Airi thinks Rena is the sexiest girl in the school! Can you believe that?! And she actually said that outloud in front of Rena!” Masana stared at Airi in surprised at first but then she looked at Rena, who suddenly stared intensely at her food, and back at Airi then nodded to no one in particular as she started stabbing at her food, with what seemed to Rena like an understanding look on her face as she pursued the previous questions no further.

“So, Rena, how was the unpacking? You still need help?” Masana asked as she poked a meat ball into her mouth.

Rena shook her head, “It’s okay, Masana-san, I got it sorted. There wasn’t a lot of things to unpack.”

Masana nodded and took a bite of the spaghetti then almost choke as Kanako jumped up and down excitedly in her chair and said this time, pointing at Rena, “Rena is sharing a room with Jurina! The Jurina! THE famous Jurina!”

The head girl cleared her throat and wiped some sauce away from the corner of her lips.“Really?” Masana asked, turning her attention back to Rena. Rena nodded. “How do you find Jurina? You like her as a roommate? I can arrange for a room change if you don’t like her.”

Rena thought for a while. Should she tell the head girl that Jurina is treating her really coldly even though she has never done anything to the girl? And should she tell her how Jurina doesn’t seem very happy at her arrival into her room? But then Rena thought back to what Kanako said about Jurina earlier,

‘That’s because she doesn’t know you well enough yet. Give her some time.’

She gave a smile to the head girl and said, “Jurina is fine. But I think I still need time to get used to sharing a room with a stranger.” Masana nodded and went back to her food.

Rena finished her food first out of the four girls. Not wanting to leave yet, she looked around the hall and studied her fellow students. A group of girls caught her attention. The girls were sitting on a nearly empty table and just chatting, their food placed aside. The food were left untouched. What Rena found weird was that none of the standing girls near that table had any intention to sit down there.

Seeing Rena’s attention on that particular empty table, Masana decided to give her a small explanation. “No other girls sit there because that table is Jurina’s. The girls sitting there are her friends.”

“Jurina’s? But, isn’t these tables for everyone?” Rena asked. She felt slightly sorry for the girls that had to stand because Rena knows how annoying it is to have to eat a tray of food standing up.

The head girl laughed, “Yeah, it is. But for some reason, the girls at this school here just decided that no one should touch that table. And considering the fact that Kuumin and Mizuki always gets here first, no one really gets a chance to take that table first even if they wanted to sit there.”

Rena looked at the girls, trying to decided which one was which. Masana smiled at her, “Ah, let me give you a small introduction about those girls.” Rena thanked her and listened closely as the girl gave her introduction.

“You see that girl wearing her long black hair down sitting on the table?” Masana pointed to the girl, Rena nodded. “That’s Yagami Kumi. Everyone calls her Kuumin. She’s a close friend of Jurina, they came to the school together. Kuumin is a really good dancer and she’s really funny too, she’s pretty popular with the girls here as well. Heaps of girls falls for her, but she’s already taken so, the girls learned to stay back a bit compared to Jurina. She’s probably the friendliest and the only girl who are quite open to friendship from anyone in Jurina’s group, like, she’s not closed to only being friends with the girls around Jurina’s social circle.”

Rena nodded and looked at the introduced girl. She knew the head girl was right about her being the friendliest. Kumi seemed the easiest to approach, with her kind face and smile. Rena thought about who was the lucky person that got Kumi, but then focused back to Masana as she continued. “The taller girl in front of her, that’s Kuwabara Mizuki. We just call her Mizuki. She is another friend of Jurina, probably the most athletic girl in here, she and Jurina are always competing for the first spot in the school athletics. Mizuki isn’t as easy to get along with as Kuumin for others, but if you know her and she knows you, she’s quite a nice girl. Really funny.” Rena looked at the girl and almost laughed when she saw Mizuki pull a monkey face at Kumi, making Kumi held her stomach trying to stop herself laughing.

“They’re always like that, the two girls, even when Jurina is here.” Masana explained as she finished her last bite of spaghetti. That line made Rena realized that Jurina actually wasn’t in the dining hall. “Now,” she set her tray aside and looked at Rena, “Would you like me to give you a background information on Jurina?” Rena thought for awhile, then nodded. Think to herself that maybe if she knew what kind of girl Jurina really was, she would be able to get alone with her better.

Kanako cried, “That’s not fair, Masanya! How come you never told me about Jurina when I ask you?”

Masana grinned, “Because you weren’t a new student then. Rena is, so I tell her. Feel free to listen.” Kanako immediately set aside her tray of food and looked at the head girl as she waited impatiently for the girl to begin. Even Airi, who had stayed quiet the whole dinner time, looked up from her food and showed an interest in where this conversation was leading.

Masana looked at the three girls and laughed, “Why are all three of you girls looking at me with those eyes? Why the sudden increase in interest? Anyway, so it all started last year, when Jurina came to this school along with Takayanagi Akane, also known as Churi, a childhood friend of Jurina. When Jurina started, she was already pretty popular as the girls around the school who seems to be attracted by her mature and boyish appearance.  Sporty, nice looking, nice smile, I don’t blame the girls to be attracted to her as even I felt like that for awhile when I first saw Jurina.”

The three girls looked at Masana with those I-can’t-believe-what-I-am-hearing eyes. She looked back at them and blinked, “What? She was really nice to me and that coolness that she gives out was...” Masana shook her head and went back to the topic, “ANYWAY! That was the past. Jurina’s popularity jumped sky high with that incident that happened last year.” Kanako and Airi nodded to themselves as they listened, remembering what happened.

Before Rena could ask them what happened, the door of the dining room swung open and the hall fell silent as they focused their attention onto the newcomers. Rena gasped at what she saw, as did some of the other girls around the hall.

Thinking out loud, Masana talked to no one in particular as the words slipped out of her lips, “Not again...”

Kanako too frowned and whispered, “Poor Churi...” Even Airi had sympathy shown all over her face as she looked at the door.

Rena looked around, everyone’s face was filled with surprise but at the same time, their face told Rena that this was not the first time they have seen something like this before. Rena thought to herself as she turned her gaze back at the two girls standing outside the door, “What happened...?”

OOOO what happened last year?
What did Rena see?
Who's standing outside the door?

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Not much scene with BlackGeki in MG I, or more like, there wasn't any, just that their beside each other sometimes...but no interaction. The only hint I saw was from MG II, ep. 10 when Black visited Geki and ep 12 where Geki called Black happily. :lol:

Oh right, my interest got perked with dukkong's comment. Maria-sama ga Miteru is really good, can't say the same with Strawberry Panic! though...but yeah, that's pretty much the most prominent all girls school anime. If you want something else, there's always a lot of anime about yuri, something like mechas with priestesses, Kannazuki no Miko. If you want incest, try Candy Boy. If you want something slow, try Aoi Hana, or weird got-changed-into-a-girl moment, try Kashimashi. Sasameki Koto is also popular, well, its kinda frustrating to watch though. :lol:

I'd recommend mangas to you though, because it takes less time unlike with anime, buffing and downloading. The most popular yuri manga I've ever read and would recommend to you is Morinaga Milk's Girl Friends, seriously, that manga is good, but its frustrating to follow in the past when it wasn't completed yet...the hell waits of at least one or two months off... :sweatdrop: (You'd understand why its frustrating when you read it.)


...Give Jurina a chance...hmm, would she really change? I have a feeling that she might and might not, but it depends though. If Rena were to go through with being friends with Churi and start an -everyone-should-be-equal- action here, then something might develop from them. I mean, seriously, the only possible option I can think of that Rena can take is the Churi route first, if she befriends Churi and protect her from the bullies, then she might get an opening for Jurina's route, that is if Jurina ever lets her get near Churi, or if Churi would decide to receive Rena as a friend cause' Airi's route is pretty much easy to go through, she's already giving out hints that she's interested in Rena, what with calling her the sexiest girl in school...and the drawn map and her cute actions......ahh, my heart is beating fast when I remember Airin's cuteness... :heart:

*coughs* I'm leading astray, now back to the story... If Rena does take some actions here, all the bullying would be centered on her though, what with her sharing a room with Jurina and if ever, because she's friends with Churi. Yep, I can see it...somehow. :sweatdrop: Makes me worried for Rena because I don't want her to get hurt or get bullied, but it might really happen, tsk, Churi had it bad...

I also think that the two girls in the door is an angry Jurina and bullied Churi, something must have happened to her before she came to the cafeteria...I hope it isn't something pride damaging, or else Jurina would lash out her anger. :( Don't want to see something bad...uwah.

But I think Rena should step up in the next chapter, if ever that it looks seriously bad. Crossing my fingers, hoping for the best, Rena do your best? :sweatdrop:

Anyways, thank you for the update! :cathappy:
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 :bow: :bow:pls2 update soon.. need to know more
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eeeh??? what happened...?? what happened...? waa im so curious... :cathappy:

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airin called rena the sexiest girl in the school!  :twothumbs i give her two thumbs up for that :P
and she even came to eat dinner with rena instead of being a loner  :) she definitely is showing interest in rena  :thumbup
ooh i wonder whos kumi with ..hmmmmm

:O i wonder what happened to churi and what happened in jurinas past...if rena does stick up for churi and gets bullied as an aftermath then maybe airin will have the courage tol come to her rescue! lol (i wish) but it'll prob more be like jurina who comes to the rescue since everyone would be scared of angering her

thanks for the update !  :D
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I think I might start liking RenAiri after reading this. :love:

So, Airin is the shyest in really? :shocked That dork (just like Spicy Sapphire-san stated) ?
I could understand if she gets all pink in front of Rena, though she slightly brushed it off with her 'outloud praise'. But shy in front of other people too? :?

Ah, what am I mumbling? You know what... just brush off this little disbelief of mine as well. :grin: Shy Airin is superbly cute, and nothing can change that. :oops:

And quoting Rena too, “What happened...?” at the end. You have one more curious reader!

It will be full-SKE, or maybe occasional AKB girls dropping down for a visit, I dunno~ That's just an idea.
And yes, I'm much more into SKE than I am in AKB BUT! Unfortunately, I seems to know more about AKB than SKE....
Probably because more AKB programs are subbed online than SKE... Ah~ I dunno~
You're a bit (sorry~) hesitant, aren't you? Hehe... just go naturally with your flow. No worries, yow! :lol: Though I agree with the amount of subbed progs out there... we need more subbed SKE progs! :cry:
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Then...uh What do you want me to call you? Ohayou-san? Ohachan? Youchan?  :D
Why is it that Ohayou-sama and Sieka-san are refusing to accept that they ARE great authors. -3-
You're too humble! I mean, you guys have written great BlackGeki fics and SKE fics that made me feel the pain they want readers to feel!  :twothumbs

Well, the RABU square is for you to make. ^^ I shall not force upon you a request you don't want to do. ^^ Ohayou-sama's works are already making me crave for more!

And hahah, yes. I do remember that line!

And no! I am not bothered at all! I mean, as a person who also writes fics, I want people to comment on my works. The more the merrier. And since you're one of my Top #2 authors, I want you to know how much I ADORE, LOVE, CRAVE (I think this is my word of the day~  :lol:) your works! I want a great author such as yourself to know that I worship you~  :bow: :bow: :bow:

 :lol: XD :lol: XD :lol: XD

And I agree with Sieka-san's recommendations! All are fics that I have read! And if you want, I shall recommend! I have a notebook written with Yuri mangas and animes! The best Yuri mangaka for me is Morinaga Milky, the author of Girlfriends, and her works are the best! I recommend to you Kuchibiru Tameiki Sakurairo! It's cute. ^^

As for Sasameki Koto, yes. It is frustrating to watch. Watching those two not confess to each other is making me go insane! Candy Boy is really cute too! Incest grirl RABU!

Anyways, onto the comments for the fic! (I think that I blabbered too much  :nervous  :panic:)

OMG!!!!   :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
AIRIN CALLED RENA-SAN SHEKSII~! note that I am using Yuko's accent for this. XD
I couldn't agree more~! She's just so attractive! And SEXY!
She just made shy Airin say it out loud!!! YAY~! *squeals*

Is Non-chan Kuumin's girlfriend for this? Or Yuria?  :?
And I have a feeling that Churi got beaten up, and appeared along with Juri-chan outside the door.
Juri-chan surely must have an angry face if that was the case.

BUT! Don't answer those questions about the fic! I want to find it out for myself!  XD

:kneelbow: Thank you for the wonderful and cliffhanging update! I shall lurk back into the shadows until another update has been posted. (I might reappear for Sieka-san's fics as well.  XD)
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Really? Then there really isn't a lot of scenes of Black and Gekikara together in both MJSK seasons...
How are are these authors getting the ideas for the pair??? (0.o) How is Sieka-san able to write such good BlackGeki pieces then???
Godly writers are godly. :bow: :bow: :bow:

And wow, thanks to all those suggestion lol xD looks like I'll have something to do once I finish my school project.
That is if, I ever get it finished ahahahahaha~

Hmm.... Who is Kumi with indeed? Hehehe~

Yes! Like RenAirin! Like them! They're cute together!
*swings a clock on chain in front of aruka-san* You are hypnotized. Now like RenAirin! (^^)

Just ohayou will do, karomuwi-san. Really. Nothing else needed (^^)

Wow... Thank you so much, really. But you know, if should be me worshiping you guys.
Bowing to you for bearing with my too-lazy-to-edit work that has a large amount of grammar mistakes.
It is you guys comments that gives me motivation to keep writing (^^)b

And karomuwi-san has a notebook on this? *steals notebook*

Waaaaah, karomuwi-san and Sieka-san and dukkong-san's comment about these anime and manga are really making me want to read/watch them.
Curse this limited internet usage in my country

Hmm~ Is Non Kuumin's girlfriend or Yuria? Hmmm? Or maybe it's someone else? Hmm?
Hehehe.... Or maybe Kuumin's girlfriend is Jurina! Bwahahahaha~ You shall never know!
Or at least you won't know until I feel like writing something about it.

Thank you minna for your guys constant wonderful comments. All these comments! These brain fuel!  :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

So, ehehehe, I decided to procrastinate take a small rest from my incredibly annoying research project.
And I couldn't focus much on it anyway, the plot of this fanfic keeps swirling around my head, blocking out everything.  :panic:

So... This chapter.... is..... um.... really long. Ish. I'm sorry, I couldn't make it shorter. So please, bear with me and read it to the bottom!
It gives a pretty long description about what happened at the school last year.

And yeah, enjoy! And please please please, I'm so sorry for making this so long! I'm so sorry!

Time seems to have stopped in the dining hall as everyone’s attention were kept on the two girls at the door. “Ch-Churi...” Kumi’s face was filled with concern as she stood up from her seat, her eyes never leaving the girl. Churi was assisted into the dining hall and was sat down in the seat next to Kumi. The person assisting her was none other than one really angry looking girl, Matsui Jurina.

After seeing Akane relaxed slightly once she was seated and the sobbing coming from the girl stopped, Jurina stood up and glared at one of the group of girls sitting next to the table near the water fountain. Akane looked up nervously at Jurina and tugged Jurina’s hand, hoping she will drop her rage but Jurina just shook her hand off. Kumi held onto Akane as the girl stared helplessly after Jurina with her bruised eyes. Mizuki stood from her seat and kneeled down in front of Akane, softly wiping Akane’s tears away.

Jurina stormed towards the group of girls and then stared at one of the girls in the middle. From the way the other girls hid behind that particular girl, Rena knew straight away that girl was the leader of the group. There was clear fear in that girl’s eyes as Jurina suddenly grabbed her arm and yanked her up from her seat roughly. The surrounding girls cleared a path for Jurina as she dragged the girl out the dining room and slammed the door shut behind them.

No sound came from outside. But everyone knew something was happening. Every student in the school suddenly wished the school boarding house’s walls weren’t soundproof. After a few minutes, seeing that no one was coming back through the dining hall doors, one by one, the girls went back to their dinner and soon the hall was filled with loud voices again.

Rena turned around and asked the girls, “What happened to Akane-san?” No one spoke. Masana was staring at the door, worries written all over her face. Kanako and Airi just spaced out as the image of an angry Jurina flashed back in their mind.

After a few more minutes of silence, the head girl looked away from the door and mumbled to herself, “It’s happening again...”

Unable to contain her curiosity anymore, Rena asked again, “What happened to Akane-san? What’s happening again?”

Masana looked at Rena, there was helplessness in her voice as she spoke, “Jurina raging.” Seeing the lost look Rena gave her, Masana sighed and started to explain. “Jurina is very... protective, you could say, over the things she really cares about. She can also get very aggressive when she gets protective, especially over Churi.”

“Jurina gets even more angry when it’s the same girls causing the troubles all the time.” Kanako added with a small voice.

Both Airi and Masana nodded. Rena glanced at the poor girl sitting on the table with Kumi and Mizuki tending to her. From where Rena was sitting, she couldn’t see Akane’s face, but she could tell the girl was in pain as her shoulder was rising and falling again with her rapid breathing. Masana’s voice brought Rena’s focus back into the conversation. “Churi... because of how close she is to Jurina, and because of how jealous some of the girls can get, she gets bullied a lot. And it’s usually the same girls. Before, Jurina had always been a really calm and patient girl. She would just go up to them and ask them to stop whenever she finds Churi covered in bruises and tears, but after a while, the girls will start the bullying all over again. But ever since last year’s incident...” The head girl trailed off. Rena looked at her, waiting for her to continue on.

Masana looked around the hall, then at Kanako and Airi then back at Rena with nervous eyes. She leaned in closer and whispered, “None of us are supposed to talk about that anymore as the principle didn’t like what happened. But you being a student here now, and have Jurina as a roommate, I think you deserve to know.” Rena nodded and leaned in closer as Masana spoke in a small whisper as she gave Rena a history lesson.


>>>Summer holiday last year<<<

“This is the school of the girl you have a crush on? That’s crazy man! The girl must be real high class.” A group of boys casually strolled into the SKE school campus.

The bigger boy at the front just grinned, “She is one real hottie. And high class or not, if I can get this job she asked me to do done perfectly, she said she’ll date me.” The boy held up a piece of paper at the others. On the paper, there was a picture printed on it. A picture of a really cute girl.

Another boy looked closely at the paper then asked, “So, what do we do once we find this girl?”

The bigger boy shrugged, “Dunno. I just got asked to teach her a lesson and then tell her to stay away from this girl call Ju... Jumina? Ah- Jurina. Yes, I got told to tell the girl to stay away from another girl called Jurina. Anyway,” the boy scrunched the paper back into the pocket in his hoodie, “Let’s go find my goddess first. She told me to find her when we get here.”


*Knock knock knock knock knock*

Akane looked back at the door, but then ignored the knock and turned back to her laptop monitor.

‘Churi, aren’t you gonna go get the door?’

Akane shook her head and grinned at the voice on the other side of the screen, “Nope. I like spending time here, talking to Jurina-chan. I haven’t talked to you in ages! You’re always out for sport practice with Mizuki-chan~”

‘You just talked with me this morning?! And you know athletics is coming up, I gotta keep practicing or else Mizuki will steal my first place!’

The girl gave a small pout, “But it’s the summer holidays! You promised me we’ll go out sometime!”

‘I know, I know...’ The voice on the other side of the conversation stopped for awhile, thinking, then spoke again, ‘You know what, how about tonight then? I’ll take you out to dinner? I’m in the taxi on my way back anyway’

Akane immediately jumped up from her bed, carrying her laptop with her, not bothering to hide the excitement on her face as she jumped up and down, “Really? Really? Okay! Tonight then. I’ll wait for you!”


Akane frowned and sat back down on her bed, placing her laptop on her legs. “Mou, who is it!?” She grumbled.

The voice on the other side laughed, ‘Just go get the door, Churi. You have to stop being so lazy. I’ll still be here when you come back you know.’

Akane sighed as she placed her laptop on her bed and walked towards the door, “Fine... but if you hang up again like last time... you owe me a date!” It almost happens every time the girl disappears from the computer for a few minutes. She would be going to get something to eat or drink and when she comes back Jurina would’ve already hang up, either because her phone ran out of battery, or she had to go practice again.

The girl opened the door and blinked in surprise. “Takashima-san?” It was a very rare visitor. In fact, Akane don’t believe that the girl standing outside her door right now has ever visited her before. Since that girl was always ignoring Akane’s existence, jealous of the close relationship she and Jurina had with each other. The only time that girl ever talked to her was when she was telling her to stay away from Jurina.

Surprising Akane even further the visitor gave her a smile. A smile that somehow gave Akane a chill up her spine. “Say, Akane, wanna come take a walk with me outside the garden?”

Akane stared at the girl, blinking rapidly, not believing what she was hearing. She looked back at the laptop on her bed then apolygized to the girl, “Sorry, Takashima-san, I’m busy right now. Maybe another day please?”

The smile on the visitor’s immediately disappeared. Replaced with an annoyed, impatient expression, “That was not an invitation, Akane. Saying that is just me being nice. You can come out now on your own or I will drag you out.”

Akane backed away a step, scared at the sudden change in tone, “B-B-But, I-I-I’m b-busy.” She kept glancing back at her laptop, hoping that Jurina could just suddenly jump out of the LED screen and help her.

The girl frowned and stepped into the room. Grabbing Akane’s arm, cutting the circulation in Akane’s wrist, she dragged her out of her room. “I hate saying things twice.” She hissed. Akane, filled with fear, couldn’t resist the girl. Fearing that she would have her school notes thrown into the toilet again. ‘J-J-Just a talk r-right? It’s just a talk. Just a talk,’ Akane repeated in her head, trying to calm herself down as she unwillingly followed the bigger girl.

No one realized that the voice on the other side of the online conversation heard everything that happened. The voice rang out from the still turned on laptop in Akane’s room, ‘Sorry sir, can you please speed up a bit, I’m in a really big hurry. Emergency kind of hurry.’ The internet conversation was cut as Jurina closed her mobile phone and hanged up. Some distance from the school campus, Jurina moved uneasily in her seat, clenching her phone tight in her fist as she stared outside at the passenger window, watching objects fly past in a blur as the taxi speed up. Hearing the sound of fear from Akane’s voice on the other side of the call was starting to make Jurina feel really uneasy.

The bigger boy leaned down and grabbed Akane’s chin, forcing her to look at him. He studied her face left and right, “Such a pity to have to ruin such a cutie face. But sorry honey, order from the top, I can never say no to the girl I love. However, since you’re so cute, I will be nice, I won’t hurt you if all you do is swear that you will never approach that... what’s her name again?” He scratched the back of his head as he tried to remember the name.

“Jurina,” one of the boys whispered to him.

His eyes brightened, “Ah yes, Jurina. If you swear you’ll never talk, see, or even be in the sight of that Jurina girl again, I’ll let you go, completely unscratched.”

Akane’s eyes widened at the words. This was the reason why that girl dragged her out her room. Akane shook her head, like she does everytime the girl demands the same thing, “I can’t! I-I-I Jurina is my friend!”

A hand slapped across Akane’s face, instantly bruising it. Akane’s tears rolled down her cheeks as she held her cheek, trying to soothe the pain with her cold hands. “You WILL stay away from that girl.” The boy repeated. Akane shook her head. Another slap echoed in the garden.

Finally gathering her courage, Akane looked up and cried, “Stop doing this to me! Y-You think Takashima will be with you if you do this to me?! She won’t! She doesn’t like you! She likes Jurina!!! Jurina! She’s just using you!”

The boy stopped. He glared at her for a second then grabbed Akane’s collar and pushed her against the nearby tree, “What did you say?”

“I said she doesn’t like you!” Akane shouted into the boy’s face. She could feel her entire body started to shake as the boy’s face started to turn red with anger.

“YOU LIE! SHE LOVES ME! SHE PROMISED ME SHE’LL BE WITH ME IF I DEAL WITH YOU! AND YOU WILL LISTEN TO HER!” The boy screamed into her face. He threw her back down and started kicking her. Tears rolled down Akane’s face as she tried to hold in the pain. She bit down on her bottom lip so hard, her teeth were stained with red.

The other boys tried to pull the raging boy back away from Akane when they saw that she was starting to cough out blood. “Oi bro, stop! You’ll kill the girl!” They all tried to pull him back but was pushed back. Feeling his anger boiling to the top of his head, the boy raised his fist and aimed it at Akane’s face. The girl clamped her eyes shut and braced herself for the hit.

“Churi!” A voice shouted. Akane felt the floor move as someone ran towards her. She heard a few punches being thrown out and a few kicks being given. Then she heard someone fell onto the floor. Was it the person who called out her name? She didn’t know. She couldn’t think anymore, she couldn’t focus. The voice that kept on calling her name was getting further and further, Akane couldn’t identify whose voice it was. Akane heard a crack sound, then something fell on top of her ribs. She gasped from the sudden pain, and she blacked out.

“Who are you!?” The boys asked, clenching their stomach in pain as they backed away. The new intruder looked at Akane who had just passed out, then back at the retreating boys with fire burning in her eyes.

“What. Did. You. Do!?” Jurina yelled as she ran towards the boys. Never had she ever felt this angry before. The image of an unconscious Akane, covered in bruises, filled Jurina with a strength she had never felt before. Remember from those karate lessons that she took before she came into this school, she landed a kick, here and there. Then she threw a punch, here and there. And before she knew it, the boys were down on the floor, unconscious. The biggest boy, the one that was hitting Akane, slowly climbed back up. Jurina walked towards him and kicked him as hard as she could. The boy fell. Ignoring the boy’s pathetic voice that was begging for forgiveness, Jurina punched his face again and again. Jurina pushed aside the pain she felt from the breaking skin on her knuckles and her knucklebones that cracked at the strength that she was using.

Jurina was starting to hear girls voices around her. Someone screamed. Jurina didn’t know whether that person screamed because she saw all those unconscious bodies lying on the floor or screamed because she saw Jurina’s knuckles covered in blood. She didn’t care. She just wanted to make the boy in front of pay for the pain he caused Akane. But before she could lay another punch on her, someone grabbed her from behind and pulled her away. The person holding onto Jurina yelled, “Let him go, Jurina! Let him go!”

Jurina screamed and kicked at the boy who was out of reach. “Let me go, Mizuki! LET ME GO!” She threw all her weight against the human cage around her body but was pulled back even further. The more she tried to escape free from the girl’s hold, the further she was pulled away.

“Stop, Jurina! You’re only hurting yourself!” Mizuki begged the girl, refusing to release her grip. Jurina continued to struggle under her hold as Mizuki looked around, hoping to find something that could stop Jurina from thrashing her arms and legs around like a lunatic. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Akane lying on the pavement. She turned Jurina around and held down on her shoulder and said in a commanding voice, “Go see to Churi. Now. Ignore the boy.”

Jurina stopped resisting when she heard Akane’s nickname being spoken. Immediately, she slipped free from Mizuki’s hold and kneeled down by the unconscious girl on the floor. Jurina held onto the girl as she called the girl’s name over and over again, hoping to wake the girl up. Mizuki stared at the boy who was now trying to stand up. Looking at his face, Mizuki couldn’t help feeling a bit of rage boiling in her blood as well, but she pushed the feelings aside when she saw the boarding house supervisors had arrived and was sorting out the situation. Phone calls were made, girls were sent back to their dormitories and after awhile, sirens were heard from a distance. Sirens that were getting closer and closer to the school.


Jurina slowly opened her eyes and kept blinking as she allowed her eyes to adjust to the sudden brightness. She looked around, it was a white room with rows of bed around. She was in the medical facility. Jurina tried to recall how she ended up here then she shouted, “Churi!” as she jumped up from her bed, only to fall back down when she felt her head spin.

The sick bay doors opened and the nurse walked in, followed by a teacher that Jurina couldn’t remember the name of and a girl who Jurina could recognize as the head girl. The nurse took out a clipboard from the front of Jurina’s bed and filled it in as she took some reading from the monitor that was attached onto Jurina’s arm.

Unknown words were exchanged between the head girl and the teacher, than the teacher gave a small worried smile to Jurina and left the sick bay while the head girl walked towards Jurina and sat down next to her bed. “How are you feeling, Jurina?” The head girl asked.

Ignoring the question, Jurina stared at the head girl and asked, “Masana-san, where’s Churi?” There was so many questions Jurina wanted to ask the head girl. What happened to Churi? Is she okay? How did she end up here? What happened to the boys? When can she leave? But Jurina only asked the most important one. As knowing the answer to that question, Jurina will feel much better.

Masana smiled, “Akane is fine. The teachers sent her to the hospital when the ambulances arrived, along with all the other boys that you so kindly knocked unconscious. Churi had a few cracked ribs, but she’s making good progress in her recovery. The boys are lucky they’re not in wheelchairs, but they aren’t going anywhere. The police are planning to charge them with trespassing and some other things that I can’t remember. That Takashima girl, the principle had a talk with her, I think she got kicked out of school and her parents had to pay for Churi’s medical fees.”

Jurina nodded and sighed in relief as she relaxed back into her bed. ‘Churi is fine. Churi is fine.’ She gasped in pain when she accidentally knocked her wrapped knuckles on the side bar of the bed. Masana looked at the hand and chuckled, “You gave the guys a pretty good beating up. Kind of crazy if I must say so myself. You should see the state the boys were in when they were thrown onto the stretcher. I’m surprised at how you got all that strength and at how you can still move your hand after doing giving the guys such a bad makeover.”

Jurina looked at the bandaged around her knuckles and traced around the red mark where the seeping blood had stained and mumbled to herself, “I’m surprised too...”


>>>Back at the dining hall<<<

“And that’s about it to Jurina.” Masana leaned back against her chair, taking a sip out of the cup of water that Airi had went and filled up for her half way through the talk. The other three girls sat in silence. No one spoke as they tried to process all the background information in their brain.

Rena glanced at the door that Jurina went out through. Then she looked at Akane, who was still looking like she had difficulties breathing. ‘Jurina... did that for the girl?’ Rena thought to herself. A sudden wave of jealousy hit Rena in the face. Somehow she wished someone would do something like that for her too. Rena whacked herself on the forehead for thinking of something at a time like this.

“Are you alright, Rena?” Kanako looked at Rena, surprised at the girl suddenly hitting herself.

Rena gave a small laugh, rubbing her forehead, “Yeah, I’m fine.” Rena’s mind now went back to thinking about what Jurina did. Already, Rena felt her brain already starting to interpret Jurina’s action in a more positive way. ‘Maybe Jurina won’t be such an annoying person to get along with afterall~’ Rena thought to herself as she looked at the door, her mind replaying Jurina’s angry glare at the girl that she dragged out.

A loud cough echoed through the dining hall. Rena turned around, and saw Akane leaning forward, coughing. As it was her duty as the head girl to look after everyone in the school, Masana stood up from her seat and walked towards Akane. Kumi and Mizuki greeted the head girl with a nod then quickly went back to tending to Akane.

Feeling curious all over again, Rena followed Masana when she walked over to Akane. She stayed behind the head girl as the head girl observed Akane’s face, that was covered with bruises with small cuts everywhere. In fact, it wasn’t just the girl’s face that was covered with cuts, there were small cuts all over her arms and legs too. With an especially large and deep cut on the girl’s right leg which no one saw until Masana pointed it out.

Kumi panicked at the sight of the pink flesh inside the cut and she backed away with her eyes closed. Then she took a deep breath and grabbed her cup of water from her tray of food and moved to the front of Akane and smiled, “I’ll clean it.” Akane thanked her in a weak whisper.

‘The cut needs to be disinfected as well... Water alone won’t do any help.’ Rena thought to herself as she looked at Kumi cleaning the girl’s wound. One of the maids at Rena’s house taught her basic first aid skill when she was really small because Rena always hurt herself when playing outside in the garden. “Put some salt in the water,” Rena said as she recalled the lessons her maid gave her. She saw the girls gave her a surprised look. Masana was surprised at Rena’s appearance by her side while Kumi and Mizuki was surprised at the fact that someone they’ve never seen was telling them what to do. Seeing the hesitating look in Kumi’s eyes as she stared at the cup of water in her hand, Rena explained, “Salt can help disinfect the wound. If you don’t disinfect the wound, even if you cleaned it with water, it can still get infected.”

Kumi looked at Rena for a while then back at Akane. She thanked Rena and quickly went to the kitchen to get some salt. The girl was back within a minute and quickly tended to Akane’s leg. Kumi pulled back when she heard Akane hiss in pain as she cleaned her wound with the salt water. Kumi looked at Rena, fearing that she did something wrong, but continued when Rena gave her a small nod, indicating that this reaction is normal.

“What are you doing here?” A cold voice came from behind Rena. She turned around and stared right at the face of Jurina who had just walked into the dining room.

Pure anger was visible in Jurina’s eyes as Rena’s eyes locked onto hers. However, as Rena looked deeper, she could swear she saw a hint of fear in Jurina’s eyes. She looked away and pointed to Akane, “I-I-I was j-just helping-“ The dark aura Rena felt from Jurina made her felt really uneasy and Rena was starting to struggle with her words.

“Stay out of our business. We don’t need your help.” Jurina cut Rena off for the second time that day. She pushed past Rena and walked towards the kitchen then came back with a bag of food. Seeing the cut on Akane’s leg, Jurina stood there thinking for awhile, then took hold of the bag of food in her mouth and lifted Akane up bridal style and walked out of the dining hall, following closely behind was Mizuki.

A soft voice whispered, “Sorry. Jurina is always like that when Churi is hurt. She’s like that even to us sometimes when we get too close to Churi.” Rena turned around to the voice just in time to see Kumi give her a small bow, excusing herself from the crowd then walking out the dining hall, following after Jurina and Mizuki.

“C’mon,” Masana tapped Rena on the shoulder as the two made their way back to their table.

Kanako and Masana quickly fell back into a small conversation, and later, Airi joined in. Rena nodded every now and then, just to show the girls that she was listening to them. However, even though Rena was listening to their conversation, she wasn’t really registering any of the girls’ words in her brain. Those angry pair of eyes of Jurina kept floating out from Rena’s mind. Those angry eyes that hid the unknown fear deep inside her.


And sorry for such a long update, I was typing as I played the plot in my head and then before I knew it, BAM! The chapter was in pages.  :banghead:
It wasn't suppose to be this long! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

But a big thank you and a big  :bow: to you for reading all the way to the bottom.

Thank you! But again....

I'm so sorry! Gomennasai!  :cry:
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There really isn't. :sweatdrop:
It's kind of a pity, their a really good looking pair to be honest, just that their interaction is too minimal. It's agonizing. :lol:
Ehh... My BlackGeki isn't that good as the others.... :sweatdrop: And I think that there's no such limitation in imagination. Its free to imagine scenes and make up a story with just that, collecting a bit of data and story routes from other novels, dramas and games and you'll get yourself a good story. I'm not really that intact with reality since I'm mostly at home, I don't have any experience in love or anything, so that's how I do my work, collecting, making and using other ideas. :)

No problem, tell me if you want more suggestions, I'll try digging up from my memory and stash. :lol:

Oh right, karomuwi-san's suggestion about Kuchibiru Tameiki Sakurairo is good. Those shot collection is really good. Especially the NanaHitomi one. Blue Friends is also good. The mangaka Chi-ran, sometimes makes good mangas, though I find the art style a bit 'ehh', you should try that mangaka's works.

If you're a fan of ShizNat (Mai-HiME) try Doropanda Tours' doujinshis. Octave is also good, but...I think its better if you.....stay away from that one, its rather a frustrating manga to read, what with the main character being...ugh, I don't wanna put a word on her...but really its frustrating.

Morishima Akiko's works are also good. I love her art style too. If you want a cute sweet manga, try Ameiro Kouchakan Kandan. :) The stories in Yuri Hime, Tsubomi and Yuri Hime Wildrose is also good...erm, well at least some of them are... :sweatdrop:

Anyways, before I fully become an otaku and place more manga titles here, I'll...umm go onto commenting your update.

I kind of guessed that this would happen, Churi getting beaten up badly and Jurina being angry again, but...I was kind of expecting something worse for Churi...well, the thing that happened in the past that made Jurina this fierce. Its a level two bad scene to happen, someone getting beaten up badly that they had to go to the hospital. I was expecting level one, red alert, omg, the terribly bad scenario of......violation. I mean that was what I thought that was gonna happen, I mean, a group of boys are around Churi and all....not that I'm promoting that or anything.... :sweatdrop: Sorry, I just like seeing the pain, misery and wounds in the characters pasts... :sweatdrop:

Mah, Rena tries to help but Jurina snaps, tsk, that girl needs to lower her temper. If she wasn't good looking, she might as well have made enemies with everyone. Rena was being kind, but again, Jurina's overprotective nature came out and she didn't even think about it. I smell something bad that'll happen once Jurina and Rena are in their room, if ever that Jurina doesn't realize that Rena was being helpful. I do have a feeling that Churi would clear that up, I mean, Rena was just really being thoughtful after all...

I really feel the vibes of JuriChuri here, Jurina's overprotective nature is too much for just being friends.... :sweatdrop:

I kinda missed the RenAirin, I hope Airin pulls up Rena's spirit though. I seriously wish for it, to be honest, I wouldn't mind if Rena and Airin end up together, I'd be totally alright with that and let Jurina have Churi. But if you're going for the WMatsui route, I wish Churi would get Airin......... :heart:

I wanna see some RenaChuri interaction though, I wonder how Churi and Rena would act around each other, would it be awkward or comfortable? I wanna see it happen.......more or less, it be a good twist if Churi falls for, but mah, that won't happen impossible. :lol:

Thanks for the update! :cathappy:
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Gonna comment now since I saw this just before I decided to go to sleep.
Anyway, about Churi's past. I was actually going to write the boys doing something much more worst than just hitting her which I'm pretty sure is exactly what you were thinking about. But then... I dunno,  :nervous I found it really hard to play that plot in my mind, and I felt like it might go a bit over the top if I started writing something like this, you know what I mean?  Like, I didn't know if readers would be fine with these kind of stuff in the stories, so I changed it.

Maybe changing it wasn't such a good idea afterall?  :banghead:

So Sieka-san wants some interaction between Rena and Churi?
Don't worry, they'll come. But it won't be that quick.
This is still Rena's first day (well, technically right now it's night) at school.
So~ yeah~  :nervous

Anyway, thanks for commenting! (^^) Comments are such nice supper for my brain before I go to sleep.  :yep:
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awesome chapter on jurichuris past  :thumbup
i was actually fearing for churi when i read that some guys are gonna 'take care of her' D: in a way i was relieved and that she only got a really bad beating (not that getting beaten up is a relief cos thats definitely not  :panic:)

i agree with sieka-san and the jurichuri vibe! jurina will obviously thank rena once churi explains that she was only trying to help
and totally missing the renairin interactions! *nod nod*

airins gonna go do something dorky or cute shall we say and cheer up rena! oooh they're just so adorable i just wanna cuddle something but i have nothing to cuddle D:

thanks for the long update :D
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Interesting backstory, Jurina is pretty crazily protective of Churi and I can see why.

I wouldn't mind KumiNon but there's just so little KumiYuri and I've been on a KumiYuri high lately but whatever you choose. :thumbup

Rena and Jurina interactions are gonna be pretty tense lol Unless Churi tells Jurina to be nice to Rena, who knows? /shrugs
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This.. This is too great!!! SKE48 fanfics with high school setting, with WMatsui and RenAirin.. my God.. this is too epic!!!!

Please continue!! You might kill me from curiousity if you don't!
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Woot? SKE Fanfics! I really like your concepts..
And, I REALLY Love Akane's Role.. She's kinda cute...Ah! Rena! ;A;
The Boys is Cruel..How dare they made Akane Cried and not to mention, That Boy Slapped her! -O- Btw, Update soon!
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Jurina is so cool!!!
Jurina's group looks like F4 from hana yori dango ^^
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Noooo~! My notebook! It took me years to write all those Yuri down~! :panic: (just two years haha  XD)

My god. I panicked when I saw you saying about Kuumin being Jurina's partner. I actually haven't read a fic about those two being a couple, but if that's going to be the case, then I'm sure that I'll like it. ^^ BUT Rena-san must be with Airin if that happens. I want her to be happy. (I'm really biased about her.)

Boo~ So mean. Making me wait for more. -3-

Haha. Anyways....I'm should comment about the update!

Poor Churi  :cry:
Jurina should have killed them.  :angry: :angry: :angry:
It's very understandable that Jurina will hurt them.
I mean, even I would do that. Just that...I'll get even more bruised. Haha.

That stupid Taka-something girl! Just saying her name... Grrr!  :angry:

But... :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:  Rena-san was scolded by Jurina  :cry: NOOO~!  :panic:
Don't you dare yell at her, Jurina! She's my oshimen! I will stop being a W Matsui and prioritize RenAirin instead if that continues!!!!  :angry:
Lol. Joke.  :P I WILL NEVER stop being a W Matsui shipper. It's my first and favourite couple!  :wub:

I just hope that Jurina will apologize to her. BUT then! After reading what happened to Churi...I want Rena to be with Airin instead. She might get hurt by those girls!  :angry: :angry: :angry: If I can only write SKE fics, I would rip any jealous girl's throat! I'll feed their hearts to wild animals, while burning them alive. I WILL kill them !! Bwuahahahahahaa  :twisted:

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I HEARD THAT KUMI IS TAKEN!!!!!!!! :shocked

LET IT BE KANON!!!! LET IT BE KANON!!!! :kneelbow:

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is there will be manatsu..
and will airin closed to churi?
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Thank you, Pandah-san. But you know, I WAS going to make Churi's past much more worst~ (^m^)
But then I decided against it because I didn't know how readers will react to plots like that so.... yeah~

KumiNon, KumiYuria, KumiJuri(???), oh oh oh, or maybe it's KumiRENA???
Bwahahahaha! Who knows~ No one knows~!

>>Kamen Knight
Ah, thank you, Kamen-san! :bow:
Me very glad you like it! (^^)

Thank you, Nakamii-san~

Ah~ Really? (^^)
But I've never read that manga though, looks like I got more homework to do hehehe~ *adds hana yori dango to to-read list*

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And I don't think Kumi x Jurina is a very common pair... OOOOO maybe I can write something about this pair (✧ ✧)

karomuwi-san would... wha.... WHA-???!!! Oh dear.... it's a gekikra-kawromuwi-san :panic: *hides fanfic plot under bed*

I.... will see, eSsIe-san, I will see (^^)

Ah, sorry! But... Manatsu isn't a member that I'm very familiar with...
I mean, I hear her being talk about all the time on Twitter,
But I, myself, personally, don't know much about her so I don't think she will show up.
And if she does, she will most likely to be a small character.
Ofc, unless I suddenly get this SKE knowledge BOOM like I did with AKB

Sorry to everyone for not updating today...
I haven't lost the motivation to write.... nor have I ran out of ideas to write....
I know exactly what I'm gonna write... but... for some reason I can't get them into words,
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Look forward to tomorrow, minna!
Tomorrow, I'll have an update, hopefully.

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Troll author is troll.
I thought it was an update when you posted... :lol:

I do get what you mean though.
But in my case, I'm just being lazy and a big procrastinator, sometimes I loss the confidence and inspiration to write for a day and then it comes back and I write, then disappears...something like that happens to me. :sweatdrop: You're so lucky though because you have lots of comments, hehe, their motivational in pushing an author to update.

So, what I'm saying is, make your updates because we're all waiting for the next part.....its alright to take your time, but don't leave us hanging for months. ;)

I know you wouldn't though....~ :lol: XD
....Or will you dare to do so ohayou-san? *expression darkens*
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Ah! It's another gekikara reader! :panic: *run away from gekikara-sieka-san*


Anyway, sorry for taking so long with this update.
Took me a while to get this plot into words.
Didn't do too good though, since the chapter is really long.

Is it just me or are my chapters getting longer and longer?

Anyway, enjoy!


Everyone gradually left the dining hall to return to their own room as it was starting to get late. There wasn’t a lot of people in the dining hall now, just one or two that were doing their homework, the staff working in the kitchen, and the four girls. Seeing that the dining hall was almost empty now, Rena took out her phone and checked the time. It was nearly half past 8. Rena wanted to get back to her room and sleep early considering it’s been a really tiring day for her, but she didn’t want to be the first to depart.

Seeing Rena’s tired eyes struggling with some thoughts in her mind, Masana smiled and waved a hand in front of Rena, “Hey, Rena, you okay? You tired?” Rena blinked at Masana then gave a small nod. The head girl took out her own phone and looked at the time. “Ah, no wonder, it’s pretty late. Guess we should go back now aye? I got some work to do anyway,” she said as she pushed herself from the table then stood up from her seat. The girls all stood up and pushed in their chairs and made way for their own room.

“Ah! Rena! Wait!” Kanako ran after her. Rena stopped and turned around, curious at what the girl wanted. The smaller girl took out her phone and said, “Let’s exchange mail address! So I can talk to you when I get bored from doing homework!”

Taking out her own phone, Rena smiled at the girl’s energetic face, “Okay.” It didn’t take that long, just a few seconds, and a beep came from both phones, indicating the completion of the exchange of details. “I can’t promise I’ll return every mail you give me though,” Rena said to Kanako as the girl ran back to Masana who was waiting for her.

“It’s okay! I’ll just keep mailing you until you do! Have a good night, Rena! You too, Airin!” Kanako yelled across the hall way and followed Masana who was already starting to make her way back to her own room.

Rena let out a small nervous laugh, “Ehehehe... she’s going to spam mail me?” Then she turned around and walked back the way she came from. The whole time she walked, she could hear Airi’s footsteps shuffling behind her, apart from that, there was silence around them as they walked as everyone has already gone back to their room and neither of the two talked.

Suddenly, Rena stopped walking. Airi, who had her head down the whole time, staring at Rena’s feet, couldn’t stop herself in time and bumped into Rena. “Ah, I’m sorry, Rena-san! I wasn’t looking at where I was going! I’m sorry!” Airi backed away and kept on bowing in apology. Airi mentally facepalmed herself for not paying attention. She made a mental note to herself to learn to stop day dreaming while walking with Rena. Now Rena was going to think she’s weird.

Rena turned around and waved her hands around, “It’s okay, it wasn’t your fault anyway. It was my fault for stopping so suddenly. I just... kind of forgot how to get back.” She scratched the back of her head and looked away, feeling embarrassed again for not remember where to walk. But it wasn’t her fault though, for not remembering the way. She wasn’t paying attention when they walked to the dining hall because all her attention was given to Airi as she was looking at her face through the reflection on the windows the whole time.

Rena thought to herself for a while, and then decided, maybe it really was Airi’s fault for bumping into her. Because if she wasn’t so cute, then Rena wouldn’t had had her full attention on her as they made their way to the dining hall. Which would mean that Rena would probably at least remember most of the way back and she wouldn’t had to stop where she was standing right now and Airi wouldn’t had crashed into her. So maybe, in one way or another, it was somehow Airi’s fault for crashing into Rena. Her own fault for being so cute. Rena smiled at the thought.

“I um... I can uh... walk you back if you want... since um... it’s the same way...” Airi said in a really small voice, her eyes taking a sudden interest in her own shoes. Her feet rubbing against each other, like some nervous boys does when they’re asking their crush out. Except, Airi wasn’t asking Rena out. She just feels weird around Rena. She didn’t understand why she felt so uneasy around Rena, even when they’re in a group. She had never felt like that before. Ever since this morning, when she made that brief eye contact with Rena when she was introduced to the class, Airi found it almost impossible to meet her eyes again. Or at least, not without her face burning up like it’s on fire. ‘Something is definitely wrong with me,’ Airi thought to herself as she walked down the hallway.

Rena followed Airi and thanked her as they walked, “Thank you, Airin.” She looked at Airi when she abruptly stopped in her track and looked at Rena with her eyes widening to the size of a fist. Realizing the reason for Airi’s surprised look Rena panicked, thinking that she offended Airi with the call of her nickname, “Ah! I’m sorry, I didn’t ask! Is it okay for me to call you Airin? Because I heard Kanakana calling you that... and I thought that you would be fine by it and... I didn’t mean to offend you!” Rena decided to call her newly-made friends by their nicknames just now because she realized that the head girl was right, when calling people with honorifics, it does really pull apart that closeness between friends. She really didn’t mean to offend Airi in anyway, if that was what she did.

Seeing Airi look away with an even pinker face, made Rena realized that she didn’t offend the girl. “I-It’s okay... I... I don’t mind Rena-san calling me that.” Airi said in a really small voice. ‘I actually like Rena-san calling me that...’ Airi thought to herself as she continued to walk again.

Rena sighed in relief when Airi told her it was fine. She was so scared that she offended the girl, but it seems like she was just thinking too much. Rena could start hearing whispers of voices and soft laughter echoing throughout the hallway as she and Airi reached the dormitory floor. There were still girls who were hanging around, chatting casually with each other. Most of them were out of their school uniform already. The two girls stopped in front of the door marked 022. “Is this your room?” Rena asked, wondering why they stopped.

Airi nodded. “Rena-san’s room is further down the hallway, near the end. Just keep walking and you’ll get there.” Airi said as she pointed down the hallway.

“Thank you, Airin,” Rena thanked her with a small bow. “Have a good night, Airin,” She whispered as the girl closed her door behind her.

Airi leaned her back against the door of her room.


There was something about the way Rena calls her name that just makes her heart beats faster. Though Airi didn’t know what it was. Maybe it was just because Rena’s voice has a really nice ring when she speaks, or maybe, it was just because, it was Rena. Nothing about Rena makes Airi feel normal. However, no matter how uneasy Rena makes Airi feels, for some more unknown reasons, Airi wanted to talk to Rena again. Airi knock the back of her head against the door, trying to knock the thoughts away from her mind. She took a deep breath and walked into the bathroom in her room, hoping that a warm bath would clear her mind.


It didn’t take long for Rena to reach her destination, but Rena felt all her energy was drained by the time she stood outside her room. She reached for the door knob but then hesitated when she heard a voice inside her room. ‘Is Jurina back already?’ Rena pressed her ear against the door, trying to make out what the voice was saying on the other side.

“How’re you feeling? You ate yet?” There was a small pause. Rena realized that Jurina was talking on the phone. It was already obvious that Jurina doesn’t seem to like Rena’s existence much, and since Rena didn’t want to make the relationship between the two of them even worst, she stayed outside listened on, not wanting to barge into the room in the middle of Jurina’s conversation.

“You better eat some more, you need all your energy to recover okay? And don’t leave your room, especially with the condition of your leg. Even though I already dealt with the girl that pushed you down the hill, I can’t guarantee the girl won’t come after you again.” There was an even longer pause.

Rena could hear the voice softening when it spoke again. “I know, I know. I’ll apologize. But you know how I get when you’re like that and some stranger stands near you.”

“Yeah, alright. I’ll try be nicer to her okay? Now go sleep, I’ll come wake you up tomorrow. Even though your leg is hurt, don’t you even think about wagging class,” There was a small chuckle and the voice didn’t speak again.

Guessing that was the end of the conversation, Rena reached for the door and opened it. “I’m back,” she mumbled as she closed the door behind her, remembering that Jurina likes the door to be kept closed. Rena gave a quick glance at Jurina before turning to her wardrobe. Jurina was lying on her bed and was fiddling around with the phone strap that was hanging off her white phone. Her face looked as if she was deep in thought. Rena grabbed a set of fresh clothes and made her way to the bathroom. Even though she knew the chances of getting a reply is very low, before entering she still looked at Jurina and asked in the nicest voice she could manage, “I need to use the bathroom now, are you using it?”

Jurina stopped her action and was going to ask Rena to go take a shower somewhere else since Jurina doesn’t really want to share a bathroom, but then she stopped herself from saying those words. First thing that she thought about was, where else could Rena shower if not in this room? Since the boarding house made it so that there is a bathroom in each room instead of only having one massive bathroom. Then her mind flicked back to the words that Akane said to her before Rena came back.

“Rena was just there to help me in the dining hall you know, when Kuumin was cleaning my leg. Rena wasn’t going to do anything bad to me. Be nicer to her, Jurina-chan, like Rena was to me. Rena is a nice girl. She would make a good friend. Don’t let the fact that she shares the same family name as you annoy you.”

Jurina smiled at the words, Akane really did know her well. So well that Jurina didn’t even need to say anything and the girl would know exactly what it was that was troubling her. Deciding to listen to the girl’s words, Jurina pushed herself up and looked at Rena. Jurina gave the girl a small smile, the sort of smile that she gives Akane, Kumi and Mizuki. Not the dazzling playful one that she gives to the other girls at school when Jurina is messing around. She pushed the knowledge of Rena’s family name out of her mind and spoke in the best voice she could manage, “I’m already done. You can use it if you want.”

Rena won’t deny the surprise she felt when Jurina actually answered the question that Rena wasn’t expecting to be answered. And on top of that, Jurina actually smiled at her and there was warmth in her voice, compared to the coldness of her voice earlier in the afternoon. Not knowing what else to say at the unexpected answer, Rena just nodded and closed the bathroom door behind her.

Upon hearing the sound of the rushing water, Jurina relaxed herself back onto her bed and stared at the ceiling. ‘Churi was right, it wasn’t actually that hard.’ Jurina thought to herself as she recalled the warmth she had in her own voice when she replied Rena. Already, just by saying one thing to that girl nicely, Jurina could already feel the dislike she had for Rena before starting to fade away. Jurina started to feel a bit of nervousness as she thought about what else Akane asked her to do.

‘You should apologize to Rena when she comes back, about what happened in the dining room. Oh, and can you please thank her for me? I mean, I will probably thank her myself tomorrow as well in class, but, I might forget, so, please Jurina-chan, thank her for me!’

What was she going to say? How was she going to say it? Would Rena actually just forgive her after she was being so cold to the girl? Jurina started fiddling with her phone strap again. It was a habit that she had whenever she feels nervous or is troubled about something. She would keep rubbing the little bird on her phone strap, the one that Akane gave to her before they came to the school. Jurina always feel calmer after.

The nervousness returned when Jurina heard the sound of the water being turned off. Rena was done. Then making the already nervous Jurina jump, Rena spoke from within the bathroom, “Um, Jurina-san?”


“I... um... I forgot to bring in a towel...”

“Ha-?” Jurina’s mouth hanged open.

“Is it okay if I can ask you to get mine from my wardrobe please?” Rena tried to ask nicely. She knew she was asking too much of Jurina, heck, she doesn’t even know if Jurina would even care about Rena not having a towel. But Rena had no choice, she could either ask Jurina, or she could walk out of the bathroom fully naked and get her towel. And seeing that Jurina, for some reason, was really nice to her just then, Rena chose the first option.

“Be nicer to her, Jurina-chan.”

Akane’s voice rang in her head again. Jurina groaned, this had to be the worst AND the most difficult day she had ever lived through in her life. She would definitely rather beat up a few more bullies than to answer this request from Rena. Jurina slid off her bed and asked as she walked towards Rena’s wardrobe, “Where is it?”

“Uh, you’ll see it when you open the wardrobe. It’s hooked onto the back of the door.”

She opened the wardrobe. ‘Wow, so neat...’ Was the first thought that came into mind when Jurina scanned through Rena’s wardrobe. Jurina knew there was absolutely no way her own wardrobe could ever look as neat as that, since Jurina had to change clothes at least three times a day due to sports practices. Before, she could keep it really neat, but after a while, because she was always in a rush to get change, she just threw her clothes inside her wardrobe, too lazy to even bother to hang them up. The only clothes she ever bothers to hang up is her school uniform. She pulled the door open further and grabbed the green towel that was hanged up. Jurina could smell Rena from her towel when she took it down, and to be honest, she found Rena’s smell really sweet and soothing. Jurina slapped herself, ‘What am I thinking? Gah, I’m turning into that Furukawa pervert in my class!’

“Um, Jurina-san, I’m not rushing you or anything, but um... if you’re getting my towel, can you please hurry up a bit? And if you’re not, can you at least tell me? It’s getting a bit chilly in here.” A small sneeze came from the inside of the bathroom, backing up Rena’s comment about the bathroom starting to get cold.

Jurina quickly closed the wardrobe and knocked on the bathroom door. “It’s not locked,” Rena said, followed by another sneeze. Not locking the bathroom door was an old habit Rena had since she was really small. In her old home, because her parent’s mansion was located high up in the mountain, whenever the weather gets slightly bad, they always get a power cut. Almost every time when the mansion blacks out, Rena would be taking a bath and since she was scared of the dark when she was small Rena would always cry for the maids whenever that happens. However, since the bathroom was locked, the maid couldn’t do anything until the power comes back on. After a while, Rena just decided to stop locking the door.

Jurina kept her eyes away from the door as she pushed it open just wide enough to stick her other arm in. She waved the towel around, telling Rena to get it. Not feeling any reaction coming from Rena, Jurina turned around. Jurina’s eyes widened when she saw the reflection of Rena’s back on the mirror. She swallowed as she forced her eyes to look somewhere else other than Rena’s smooth back. “Um... R-Rena, y-your towel,” Jurina forced the words out, trying really hard not let Rena’s reflection on the mirror fall back into the range of her sight.

Confused and surprised at the fact that Jurina used her first name and the way she was stuttering with her words, which is something Rena would never expect coming from Jurina, she turned around. Seeing that the door was still almost close, Rena was getting even more confused at why Jurina was speaking like that. Then realization hit Rena as she saw the mirror. ‘Oh, that’s why...’ Rena’s face burned up and she quickly grabbed the towel and thanked Jurina as she covered herself with it. She could see Jurina’s turned away face in the mirror. Rena knows that most of the time, if you can see someone in the mirror, chances are, they can too.

Feeling Rena taking the towel from her hand, Jurina retreated and closed the door. She could feel her own face burning up as she recall the sight of Rena’s naked back. Out of all the girls in her class whose back she has seen whenever they get change for sports, Rena’s back was by far the best. Although slightly skinny, Rena’s back was really beautiful. Jurina can almost picture the smooth texture of Rena’s back just from one small glance at it. Jurina buried her face in her pillow as she jumped back onto her bed, ‘Furukawa’s perverted mind is DEFINITELY rubbing onto me.’

Rena walked out the bathroom and hanged her wet towel on the drying rack. She tried not to make too much noise as Jurina looked like she was asleep with her face in her pillow. Rena laid herself on her bed and finally relaxed her entire body, letting the tiredness from her first day at this school wash over her. Before she could close her eyes, Rena’s phone beeped. She reached up on her table and opened her phone. A mail from an unknown number. Rena’s raised her eyebrow in suspicious but still read the mail as her curiosity took over.

From: Unidentified number

Rena, hey, it’s Masana. Kanakana fell asleep already, while doing her homework. I needed to tell you something so I decided to get your number from her phone, I hope you don’t mind.

Just wanted to say that lights out at 10pm. Breakfast starts serving from 7am. I would recommend you to wake up at 6 or 6:30 to get ready, but that all depends on how fast you can sort out yourself.  If you want, we can come wake you up and take you to the dining hall in case you’ve forgotten the way.

Anyway, have a nice sleep!
Good night!


Rena smiled at the mail and quickly saved the head girl’s number on her phone then typed in a short reply.

Thank you, Masana-san. I’ll keep the lights out time in mind.

And it’s okay, I’ll wake up by myself. I remember the way, and if anything happens, I can always go find Airin to lead the way. Thanks for the offer though!


A voice startled Rena as she closed her phone, “It’s funny to see you read mail.” Rena looked up and saw Jurina lying on her bed on her side with her head resting on her hand that was holding her head up. She blinked at the girl, confused at what Jurina meant and most importantly, why she was talking to her. “You smile when you were reading your mail and your smile got bigger when you were replying. Haven’t you even noticed that?” Jurina pointed out.

Rena shook her head in reply to Jurina’s statement. She know just shaking her head won’t keep the conversation going, which is something she really wanted to do right now because Jurina was actually the one starting the conversation. But she was just too shock and surprised at how Jurina is acting so far. The way Jurina treated her before dinner and during dinner was a complete opposite of how she’s treating her right now and it was confusing Rena’s mind so much she can’t actually think clearly.

The sound of a soft chime from the hallway broke Rena’s thought. She looked at Jurina again. “Lights out chime,” Jurina said as she lay back on her bed and pulled the covers over herself. Rena nodded then she too, climbed into the warm covers of her new bed. “Good night, Rena.” Jurina’s voice came from the other side of the room.

Rena, though still surprised at Jurina’s sudden kindness, whispered back, “Good night, Jurina.” She closed her eyes as she start to feel the sleep demon overtake her mind. However before sleep completely took over, she heard Jurina whisper in a really small voice,

“I’m sorry.”
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Airin so cutee...
Jurina too

Furukawa’s perverted mind is DEFINITELY rubbing onto me.’
haha so funny  :rofl: :rofl: jurina become pervert
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I don't really see myself as a Gekikara type....I'm more of a Black type of person in all honesty, or more like, that's what makes up my real personality. :lol:

Anyways, moving on with the story.

I knew it~
I am right, Akane did say that to Jurina, and Jurina.....she's so whipped over Akane, even going as far as to do what she said, lol...what is she exactly, a friend or Akane's girlfriend? whipped and I like it.

Airin is so cute, omg, hahaha, too cute, I like RenAirin so much because of this fic, and I normally don't ship them, but dang! So cute........Airin day dreaming aww, and Airin is starting to feel the love, hohoho, will she realize that she loves Rena? Will Rena like her the same way too?

Jurina is starting to warm up to Rena too,, I agree with Jurina, Rena has a good back. :) Also, Jurina seems to be a pervert huh, she's looking at other girls backs while they change? Okay, that's definitely interesting...

I wonder what will happen in the morning though.
I wonder how Rena will react to the apology, will Akane come to her tomorrow and apologize? Or will she just rest up for the whole day? I wanna know........I wanna see Kuumin soon again too.... :heart:

Thanks for the update, you're quite fast you know, in making updates... :lol:
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 :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:
YES AN UPDATE! lolol made me so giddy hahaha airin is just so cute :D daydreaming about ..well probably rena :P and shes starting to realise shes falling in love with rena! *starts celebrating* oh wait its too early..but renairin is just too cute !  :D :D

man jurina is treating churi like like..well like a girlfriend already o.o lol but then shes beginning to be captivated by rena! and her lovely back  :P
lol at jurina thinking shes turning into perverted airin xD

cant wait until the next update :)  :twothumbs
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Ow~ iceberg Jurina begin to melt in front of Rena~
AirinRena's moment is cute too
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If that's the case, then I shall sacrifice lots and lots and lots of comments!

Noooo~!  :panic: My notebook!!!  :cry: Boo! You're so mean!

Haha, joke.  :peace: If you're going to write a Kumi X Jurina fic here or in your future fics, then I shall worship you more~!  :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: Hail the great Ohayou-sama~!

Ooops.  :P Slipped the 'sama'!  :lol:

And what do you mean by

karomuwi-san would... wha.... WHA-???!!! Oh dear.... it's a gekikra-kawromuwi-san *hides fanfic plot under bed*

OHAYOU!!!! gozaimasu ( :P) If you dare lay a hand on my oshimen, I shall stop reading your fics! JUST KIDDING!  :P

Your fic is too fun to read. It's also amazing to imagine, so no...I won't stop reading it. ^^

Just promise me one thing....Please make Jurina beat the hell out of those who hit Rena-san. And maybe rip out their throats and heart. And maybe crush a few bones here and there? Maybe even... kill them? *looks hopeful*

ANYWAYS! Onto the comments for the new update!

Jurina's being a pervert~ Oooh~  :twothumbs Her seeing Rena's back! OMG! It made me squeal and jump up and down! Seriously! I'm not kidding! I jumped up and down, while imagining Jurina looking at the mirror! *blushes* Rena-san....Ahh~  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: DAME! No pervertic thoughts of Jurina kissing Rena there!

*covers red face* Ahhh` I'm so blushing. You're so mean, Ohayou (-san)! -3- Making me imagine Rena-san being kissed so passionately by Jurina in the shower!!! AAAH!!!! SO MEAN!  :angry: *facepalm* Ahh... I really dislike you, Ohayou (-san). (note: Dislike is less than hate ^^)

*sighs*Enough of Rena-san and Jurina in the bathroom. Let's get on to the way Airin keep on feeling her heart beating fast because of Rena-san. I mean...Having THE MATSUI RENA call you with your nickname?! I would have fainted. I mean...Airin already finds her sexy! And cute! And to have someone sexy and cute call you by your nickname! *faints*

I'm too biased about her. *sighs*

And about how Jurina's starting to warm up to her...GOOD JOB!  :thumbup :twothumbs The way you made her seem so shy...and see her Rena-san in the bathroom was just so cute!!! *gasps* Ahh! The scene is in my mind again!  Aaaahhhh!!!  :panic: :panic: :panic: :panic: :panic: Stop it! The kiss scene is still in the future chapter!!! (there's a kissing scene between the two right? RIGHT?!)

I'm really glad that you posted an update so fast, Ohayou (-san).  It really made my day. And my day today was horrible. So feeding my empty heart with your fic was made my heart flutter. ^^ I thank you once again from the depths of my heart. :kneelbow:

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Ah arigatou...ohayou-san...for the update...really like how you write Jurina began Warm up to Rena...

And...please...make this WMatsui pairing...not

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This.. This is so awesome! The way you build the story really excites me! The WMatsui relationship is starting to grow, and RenAirin is just too cute! I can't tell which one Rena will end up with.. This fic is just.. so great.. I don't know what to say anymore.. Please update asap! or else I might die from anticipation..

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A Black-Sieka-san? :panic:
That's even creepier!
I mean, at least Gekikara is cute in some way~
Black is just... *shiver* dark and creepy and definitely NOT cute!
Just really really sexy~ xD

Jurina and Churi are JUST childhood friends for now~
I dunno what might develope as the story goes forward.
Maybe the two will end up hating each other while fighting for Rena?
Or maybe the two of them work together to get Rena?! (0.o)
Not sure how that would work... but meh~

And I try to update fast, because I don't like keeping readers waiting for too long.
Some starts to lose interest after awhile, I dunno.
Just me and my paranoidness~
And ofc, then there is Black-Sieka-san there to make sure I update fast xD

Hahaha~ Everyone is captivated by Rena's perfectly smooth back~ *drools*

Yay! Sacrifices! I get foooooood! I can get used to this worshiper idea xD

And don't worry, Karomuwi-san, I will NEVER do something so cruel to Rena.
Maybe. Or, at least... not yet.
But if harm does come to Rena, I'll make sure something is done about it. (^^)
Maybe Airi would like to fill in for Jurina and protect Rena? Muahahaha~ Who knows (^^)

Jurina kissing Rena?! And in the bathroom too?! (0.o)
What have karomuwi-san been thinking.......
But, meh, can't blame you though. *coughevenithoughtaboutthatcough*

Kissing scene between Jurina and Rena? Hmmm, maybe, maybe not~
I'll let you read on and find out xD

And I'm glad my update made your day, brush all those horrible-ness away!
Rena's back shall make everything better! :lol:

Jealous?! Why would you be jealous, HashirePomeranian-san?!
I should be the one being jealous, jealous that YOU write such awesome fanfics....
ESPECIALLY THAT KINGYOU ONE SHOT!!! *spazs over wmatsui one shot*

Ah, interactions between the girls will come in. Soon. Very soon. When I start focusing on it.

And Rena's back~ Ah~~~ How people fall head over heels over it~

As in for how long the fic will go on for...
Don't really have a set time yet, it could go on for a while.
Most likely at least till July?
But it might change, either get longer, or shorter.
I don't really know because I'm kind of working on the plot AS I write, not a very good idea though.
But yeah, this will probably last through the school year, or at least MY school year, which ends in June.

>>Kamen Knight
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Um... There should be at least ONE more update this week, if not, two, or maybe three.
But I really doubt there will be anymore than that.

AND! Just have to share this awesomeness of Rena with everyone else,
for those who don't know what Rena's sekushiiiiiiiiiiiiiii back looks like (you have no idea what you're missing out here)
Rena's smexi senaka from her PB Kingyo (
My favourite shot of Rena's smexi senaka (

Yeah, I'm weird like that. That's just me. I just love Rena's back. *drools*
Anyway, time for me to go take moi medicine now~
Boo hoo~
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Yes! Yes! Yes!
I FINALLY got this chapter written, after taking I dunno how many pills to sooth my breathing.
But hey, it's up, so that's all I care about (^^)

This chapter, might be boring for you guys, I dunno.
A bit long, but not as long as the previous chapter.
Anyway, enjoy!
I shall now go watch some Majisuka 2 because I'm really bored, and don't want to do homework yet :lol:

A loud sharp ring echoed in the room, breaking the morning silence. One of Rena’s hands found its way out of the warm covers and slammed down on her phone. The alarm stopped. Feeling satisfied with the quietness again, Rena shifted around on her bed and continued to sleep.


A loud knock came on the door.
No answer.
A few more knocks.
No answer.

A girl opened the door and walked into the room. “Rena? Are you awake?”
No answer again.
The girl gave the girl a tap on the shoulder, “Rena, you have to wake up now. It’s getting really late.”
Still no answer.

The girl frowned then looked around the room and walked into the bathroom. She walked back out with a towel in her hand, dripping in cold water. She reached forward and twisted the cold water from the towel onto the face of the sleeping girl. Rena’s eyes opened from the sudden coldness and she blinked at the intruder as she felt her brain go numb from the cold water. “Ah, finally. It’s about time you wake up.”

“Masana-san? W-What are you doing here?” Rena asked as she wiped the water from her face and tried to dry the parts of her pillow that were also drenched from the water that landed its way there.

Ignoring the question, the head girl threw the dripping towel back into the opened bathroom. Masana said as she closed Rena’s door behind her, “You’re really lucky I’m on duty this morning, there are other students out there that won’t even bother to wake late students up.”

Finally recovered from the brain freeze that the water gave her, Rena reached for her phone and opened it to read the time, 8:27am. She gave a small scream as she jumped out of bed and rushed into the bathroom. “Ah! I’m going to be late!!!!” She kept repeating to herself as she got herself washed up and put on her uniform. She looked at the time again when she was all sorted, 8:53am. Rena screamed again and quickly grabbed her school bag from the side of the room and rushed out of her room, bolting down the empty hallway, towards her classroom.

Rena’s foot just made it into her classroom as the bell rang. She dropped her bag by her table and slumped onto the table in front of her. She felt some student’s eyes were eyeing her with curiosity but she didn’t care about anything right now, she blocked everything out of her mind as she tried to catch her breath again. That run from her room to the classroom across half the school campus without breakfast wasn’t exactly her ideal form of morning exercise. In fact, there was no ideal morning exercise in Matsui Rena’s life. The word “exercise” does not even exist in Rena’s vocabulary at all.

Rena looked up when she heard an unknown teacher walked into the classroom and wrote on the blackboard in bold letters two words: Free Period. The girl groaned and dropped her head on her table. Rena just ran all the way from her room to be in class on time for a free period? “Why are you doing this to me, Kami-sama...” Rena mumbled to herself.

Someone tapped Rena on her shoulder and asked in a voice filled with concern, “Are you alright, Rena-san?”

She immediately turned her head to the familiar voice. Looking at her was Airi. “Yeah, I’m fine, just... tired, and sleepy... and hungry...” Her last word was backed up by a small grumbling in her stomach. Rena gave a loud sigh and leaned on her arm sideways, so that she could keep her eyes looking at Airi. Maybe it was because of the colour of the rising sun shadowing Airi, or perhaps it was because of some kind of magical aura that Airi had, but when Rena looked at Airi, she could already feel her breathing turning back to normal and her hunger forgotten.

Airi looked away when Rena turned her head to look at her. Just a small moment and Airi could already start feeling the weird uneasy feeling swelling in the pit of her stomach again. She block out Rena’s observing stare and focused back onto her manga. It wasn’t as hard as she thought it would be. It didn’t take long for Airi to drown her mind with the manga plot.

Rena was pulled back from her observing when some girls decided to get up from their seats and make their way towards the desk in front of Rena. “Jurina! It’s free period! You want to go somewhere?” One of the girls asked. Rena’s mind was filled with memories of the previous night when she heard the name Jurina.

“I’m sorry.”

Did Rena really hear those words coming from Jurina’s lips? Or was it just her imagination? She wanted to ask Jurina, but there were so many girls surrounding Jurina’s table, Rena, who is just sitting behind her, couldn’t even catch a glimpse of Jurina’s shadow. Then she saw the crowd of girls move towards the door as Jurina’s voice spoke from within the crowd, “Alright, we’ll go hang out by the water fountain. I don’t feel like studying today anyway.” And the crowd disappeared. Now the classroom was almost empty.

“Rena?” An unfamiliar voice called out to Rena from the back of the classroom. Rena turned around. Smiling at her was Akane. Akane tried to stand up and walk towards Rena but dropped back down on her chair when she felt pain coming from her wounded leg.

Rena, being curious at what the girl wanted, and being concern for the girl’s leg condition, walked towards the girl and took one of the empty seats next to her. “You shouldn’t move much, Akane-san. That cut on your leg is pretty serious. Too much movement can make it really difficult for it to heal,” Rena said to the girl as she took a look at the cut on the girl’s leg. There was still blood climbing its way to the surface of the white bandages. Although Rena was still haunted by the way Jurina reacted last night when she was trying to help Akane, Rena still, for the first time, engaged in a direct conversation with the girl.

Akane smiled at Rena as she watched Rena look at the condition of her leg, “Hai. I’ll keep that in mind then. Thank you, Rena.” Rena looked up. “For last night. Thank you for helping me.” Akane slightly bowed her head at the taller girl who was now looking at her in the eyes.

“I didn’t help much. It was Akane-san’s friend that helped cleaned your wound,” Rena said to the girl as she sat back up and leaned against the back of her chair.

“But you were the one that helped me disinfect my wound. Indirectly,” Akane grinned. And then quickly added, “And you can just call me Churi by the way. Most people do.”

Rena nodded. “Then I guess I did help you out... Churi.” She returned Akane’s smile as she called the girl by her nickname. Rena found Akane a really nice girl to be around. Not too shy like Airi, but not too overly talkative like Kanako. Akane was right in the middle. But then, Airi has her charm, and Kanako has her’s. It wasn’t really fair to compare Akane to her other two friends.

“Oh, and, I apologize for Jurina, about the way she acted last night. If she hasn’t done so already,” Akane said in a really small voice. There was a slightly guilt in her tone as she thought about how Jurina treated Rena when Rena was only trying to help her. Although she asked Jurina to apologize as well, she wasn’t entirely confident that Jurina did do so, so she decided to apologize on her behalf anyway. Afterall, no harm would be done even if Jurina had already apologized.

Realization hit Rena. ‘Oh, so those words that I heard last night wasn’t my imagination.’ Rena shook her head, “It’s okay, there’s nothing to apologize for. She was just worried about you and Jurina has already apologized, I think.” The last two words were almost whispered as Rena still wasn’t completely sure whether Jurina would actually do something. Maybe it was just a coincidence that Jurina didn’t apologize and at the same time Rena’s imagination made her thought she did.

“So how about we go for a walk around the school? It’s free period and there’s nothing much to do,” Akane suggested. She really liked the outdoor. She always liked listening to the birds sing and could sit under the school’s giant sakura tree for hours just watching the birds flutter from branch to branch. It was much better than sitting in a classroom with nothing to do. Since Jurina wasn’t here, and Akane found Rena’s company quite enjoyable, she wanted to take a break from the indoor. Akane thought that since Rena is also at the same time, a new student, she might as well as introduce Rena to some of the school facilities as they walk. Even though Rena has probably already been brought around school by some other students.

Rena thought for awhile then looked at Akane’s leg again. “But your leg...” Rena mumbled as she slightly touched the wet spot on the bandage.

Akane winced at the small pain but managed to keep her smile up, “I still need to stretch it once in a while you know. Plus, you said moving it makes it difficult to heal, but not impossible. So a walk would be fine.”

Rena sighed then smiled back at the girl. She was never good at arguing, and she didn’t really want to start an argument anyway. Rena stood up and helped Akane out of her seat. The girl looked like she had difficulty walking by herself, so Rena allowed her to lean on her shoulder for support. “Where do you want to go?” Rena asked as they made their way out of the classroom.

“To the sakura tree. It’s beautiful, and in the morning around this time, there are a lot of birds singing there,” Akane replied, her eyes shining from the excitement. Akane took Rena’s hand and led her to the tree. Rena, fearing the girl will lose her balance from the pain, held tight onto the girl’s hand, ready to hold on in case she falls.

“Here it is. Isn’t it beautiful? Look at all those birds,” The girl pointed upward as she sat down next to the tree, with her back leaning against it. Rena slowly let go of Akane’s hand as the girl settled on the floor then sat down next to her and looked at where she was pointing.

The tree was magnificently beautiful. It smelled really nice too. And Akane was right, Rena could see birds of all kinds dancing from branch to branch, singing and chasing each other. It was truly a beautiful sight. Something Rena would’ve never been able to see back at her old school.

“I always come here when I feel sad, and I would just sit here and watch the birds. Then after awhile, I’ll feel happy again,” Akane spoke softly as she picked up some of the baby pink petals of the ground and twirl them around her fingers. “I sometimes come here when I’m bored too. It helps pass the time.” The girl pointed up at one of the red birds which stood out from the rest with its yellow tail. “That bird is always here. She never leaves when I’m around. Whenever I’m here, I can always see her.”

Rena didn’t know how Akane knew the bird was a girl but she watched with amazement as the said bird fluttered from the branch and landed on Akane’s finger. Akane lifted a finger and slowly stroked the bird. Rena studied the girl’s face as she played with the bird, Rena could see the girl was troubled with something. She didn’t like that, even though she haven’t known Akane for long. Rena never liked seeing other people around her feel sad. It was just the way she was. “Churi? Is something troubling you?” Rena asked.

The finger stopped. Akane looked up at Rena then looked back at the bird. There was a moment of silence. Akane gave a small sigh and waved the bird away. Then she turned her attention back to the sakura petal on her skirt. “Jurina-chan and I used to come here together all the time. We would sit under here in the weekends and talk for hours. Sometimes, when the weather is really nice, I would just fall asleep while listening to the birds. And Jurina-chan would just sit beside me and wait for me to wake up...”

Rena listened closely as Akane continue to tell her of what she and Jurina used to do together. She could catch a glimpse of loneliness and sadness in her voice every now and then, but then it was always replaced by a small smile on the girl’s face. Hearing the way Jurina was described, Rena could almost tell that the two girls were really close together and that Jurina is a really nice girl. But then a thought hit Rena as she listened closer to the deep meaning in the girl’s words. “Nee, Churi,” Rena paused, wondering if she should actually ask Akane this, but then decided to go ahead anyway. “You like Jurina don’t you?”

Akane looked at her in surprise then quickly look down, a small tint of pink spread across her cheeks. She gave a small nod, “Always had. Even before we came to this school together. But I don’t think Jurina-chan feels the same way for me.” Akane felt like Jurina was only treating her like her little sister, since Jurina is an only child in her family and had always said how she wished she could have a sister.

“Have you tried asking Jurina if she felt the same way though?” Akane looked up then slowly shook her head. Rena gave a small smile, “Then how do you know she doesn’t feel the same?” Rena could tell Akane was feeling really down and she wanted to cheer her up. That was something that Rena was good at, cheering people up. Suddenly, from across the school campus where there was a water fountain, the two girls could hear squeals of excitements.  Rena’s eyes squinted as she tried to look at what’s going on. ‘Oh,’ Rena thought to herself as she saw a cluster of girls bunching together around one girl that stood out so much, Matsui Jurina.

There was a small laugh. Rena looked at Akane. There was a sad expression on her face as she spoke, “Because I just know. If Jurina-chan likes me, why is she all over the other girls?”

Rena looked back at the group of girls. Rena frowned at the sight of Jurina chatting and laughing with the other girls. Akane was right, Jurina was all over the other girls. A few hugs here and a few kisses there. ‘Matsui Jurina, you are so not helping right now.’ Rena thought to herself. But then the protective look of Jurina from last night flew back into her mind. “But the way Jurina is so protective over you, that’s not the way a normal friend acts.”

“That’s because she’s treating me like a little sister. Jurina is an only child. She always said how she wanted a sister.” Akane threw the petal on the ground, feeling annoyed at the fact. The two girls sat in silence again, with no sounds surrounding them but the chirping of the birds and the occasional squeals of the girls. Then Akane turned around to face Rena and let out a small smile, “Sorry for talking for so long. I always talk out loud about these things when I’m here, whether to the tree or to the birds. But today, since Rena is here, and I find you much easier to talk to than trees, I kind of talked more than usual.”

Not knowing what else to say to cheer the girl up, especially with the group of girls flirting with Jurina in front of the two of them across the school ground, Rena sighed. This was the first time Rena had failed at trying to cheer someone up. Or so she thought.


Rena frozed. Akane looked at her and blinked, trying to identify what that sound was. Then she broke into laughter. Rena held onto her stomach, trying to stop the embarrassing sound of hunger from being heard. Her face burning red at the sound. But seeing Akane all happy again and was laughing, Rena couldn’t help but smile a bit at her own embarrassment. Akane held up both her arms at Rena and smiled at her, “C’mon, Rena. Help me up. I got some food in my bag that you can eat.” Rena nodded and stood up herself, brushed off the dusts on the back of her skirt then pulled the girl up carefully. “I do hope you like melonpan, Rena. Because that’s the only food I have,” Akane said as the two of them slowly made their way back to the classroom, ignoring the big scene the group of girls were making over Jurina.

Akane had never seen Rena’s eyes brighten up so quickly. Rena had a large grin on her face, her eyes shining at the mention of melonpan, “What are you talking about!? I love melonpan! It’s been ages since I ate one! The last time I ate one was before for breakfast before I came to this school!”

“Rena, that was yesterday!” Akane exclaimed.

“Exactly! It’s been ages hasn’t it?” The two girls laughed.

Akane still couldn’t believe she poured out all those troubled thoughts deep inside her heart to Rena just then back at the tree. Those were the kinds of thoughts that she never shared with anyone, not even Kumi and Mizuki who were the next closest friends she had just after Jurina. Akane looked at Rena, it was probably because Rena had a calming aura around her. No other people she knew in this school had that kind of aura. Akane smiled to herself, looks like she won’t have to be alone all the time during free period now.

At first, Rena was surprised that the girl would talk about her emotional thoughts with herself. But then when she thought about it closely, Rena was really glad that Akane told her about these things. Because it means that deep inside, the girl trusted her a lot. Although it was a very short time, but already, Rena felt like the friendship between her and Akane just had a big jump forward. Seems like Rena just made another friend.
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This time we have JuriChuri to join WMatsui and RenAirin..  I don't know what to say anymore.. this is too awesome..
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Poor Churi, Jurina is such a player T_T
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Well akane and rena will be good friend...and because of that Rena will be a good friend to with Jurina and the others
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its nice to know rena is making more friends  :)

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Rena sure is tardy to sleep in like that, good thing Masana is there to wake her up......though her efforts were wasted because they had free period, at least she spent time with Akane. I have to say, I love seeing her with Akane, their pretty funny for some odd reason for me, or maybe it was because of the video I watched with Rena and Akane talking and they went "suki desu" and all. :lol: XD

Anyways.......Jurina really the popular kid here, having a groupie it seems, not surprised if the kid has a fanclub here......Akane has feelings for her though, that spells trouble, or maybe not, depends really... If Akane is portrayed here as the jealous type, everything can just go wrong, but I think....Akane would support them.

RenAirin sure is cute as usual, but....I wish Airin stared at Rena instead of going back at her manga.....

I kinda like RenAirin's direction, I really don't mind them being a pair, I know I've been saying that a lot, but I do mean it. WMatsui's fine too...but the pairing itself doesn't have any effect on me like JuriChuri or RenAirin (and I just started to like RenAirin too...) nor does Jurina's boyish appeal/charm either, I have immunity over all boyish cool looking girls like Sae so....yeah, I hope you don't try to push over Jurina's boyish charm here more because that doesn't work magic for me especially since her boyish appeal is already being overused, well, that's my opinion and all, but mah, if the story works well with her like that...I have no say for it. :sweatdrop: (Sorry if that sounds a bit...I dunno, uncomfortable? Or something...)

I'm hoping for more friendly interactions.
Don't rush things though because the pace here is already good.

Thanks for the update, and take care of yourself.
Hope you get better soon. :)
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I've just caught up on this story and I'm really enjoying it.
The best part is, since I'm a fan of RenAirin, Furuyanagi, WMatsui and ChuriJuri... there's no way I could be unhappy with the pairings. :wub:
But I feel like, with Churi's confession in the latest post, that I'm leaning towards cheering for ChuriJuri right now because I don't want Churi to have her heart broken. ;^;
Jurina's actions have also screamed, "CHURI IS MINE GRRRR!!!" all over the place :heart:

Of course the WMatsui relationship must go somewhere as that is what seems to be driving this story onwards. Whether Jurina gains a girlfriend out of this or a real friend remains to be seen. From what has been shown in the chapters so far, Jurina seems to need a friend more. As Akane mentions, there aren't so many people around with Rena's calming aura in that school and that is exactly the type of friend/influence the hot-headed Jurina of this story needs more than anything tbh.
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AIRIN!!! Y U NO make a move on Rena?! I'm a W Matsui shipper, but because of Ohayou, I changed my current interest!!!! MAKE A MOVE!!! KISS HER!!! HUG HER!!!

And I just want to pat Churi's shoulder. She likes Juri-chan, but the girl is much of a playgirl  :smhid *sigh* Juri-chan...
And YEAH~!~!~!~!~! Rena made a new friend!!! HOORAY~!~!~!

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Thank you for commenting! (^^)
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RENA'S COLLARBONE! *heart attack**faints**dies*

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Airi closed her book and stretched. “Ah~ Finally finished! I can’t believe the boy didn’t confess to the girl! Unbelievable! But I bet he’ll confess her in the next chapter. I better buy it when it comes out,” Airi said to herself as she put her book back into her bag. Finally noticing the weird silence in the classroom, she looked around, “Eh? Where is everyone?” She looked to the seat on her right and mumbled to herself, “Where’s Rena-san?”

A loud noise came from outside the classroom. Airi turned her head to the closed door, as did some of the studying students in the class.


Muffled voices were arguing outside the classroom. Feeling curious, Airi stood up and decided to take a look. Other students, not so interested, went back to their work. Airi walked out the classroom and quietly closed the door behind her. She looked around the hallway, nobody was around. Did she just imagine that? Then a loud voice came from further down the hallway, Airi tiptoed down the hallway. She gasped and hid behind the closest pillar she could find as she watched the shocking scene unfold in front of her.

“Hey, you’re the new girl in school aye?” A group of girls walked in front of Rena and Akane as the two made their way back to the classroom. The girls stared at Rena then at Akane. Rena could’ve sworn she felt Akane’s hands shook in hers as the girls stood in front of them.

Rena looked at them, confused, but nodded. Rena had never seen any of these girls before, but somehow, the girl in the middle, the one with a bruised eye, felt familiar in Rena’s eyes. These girls were not like the other girls Rena met around school, their uniforms were not exactly worn in the best way. Their shirt was out of their very short skirt. Although Rena have a short skirt herself, these girls’ skirts were even shorter than hers. She was sure that if these girls walked up some stairs, they will probably show a LOT of things. Also their shirt buttons weren’t all done up, Rena could see the stomach of one of the girls on the side. Overall, these girls gave Rena a chill up her spine. Especially with Akane shaking beside her.

“Ah... Let’s have a chat shall we?” The ‘leader’ of the group of girls, the one with the bruised eye, stood forward with a spooky smile on her face. The other girls spread around them. Rena took a step back. The smile that girl was giving Rena was really making her feel uneasy, but what made her feel the most uneasy was how Akane’s grip tightened in her hand and how she whimpered at the movements of the girls. Her eyes filled with fear.


“Jurina, stop that,” One of the girls giggled as Jurina flicked some of the water from the water fountain at the girls in front of her.

“Stop what?” Jurina asked with a grin on her face as she flicked more water at them. The girls laughed and ran from the flying water droplets. Some girls decided to take revenge and splashed water back at Jurina. Within seconds, a small water fight started between Jurina and the girls. By the time the girls gave up, their shirts were soaked in water while Jurina was almost completely dry, except for her hair which she dipped into the water and used as a weapon by swinging her dripping hair at the girls.

She watched as some of the girls twisted the water from their shirt. Their white school shirt, completely turned see through by the water, was sticking to their skin. At the sight, Jurina’s mind thought back to a certain piece of memory from last night. A certain piece of memory containing the image of the smooth back of a certain Matsui Rena. Jurina focused back into reality and looked at the girls’ back again. Then she shook her head. There was no comparison. The back of the girls in front of her were nothing compared to Rena’s. Although Jurina has personally never used this word to describe anyone before, the thought of ‘Matsui Rena’s back is perfect.’ still emerged from her mind. Somehow, Jurina really wanted to know what Rena’s back would feel like. She wanted to know how difference Rena’s back would feel compared to the backs of the other girls. The thought of Rena’s smooth skin under Jurina’s own hand made a smile creep onto Jurina’s face.

“Why are you smiling, Jurina? What are you thinking about?” Some of the girls asked her as they sat back down next to Jurina, even though their shirt was still dripping wet. Jurina just smiled at the girls and shook her head, there was no way Jurina was going to tell the girls what she was thinking just then. If she did, there was no way the girls would let Rena survive at school.

“Hey, Jurina!” A voice shouted across the school ground. The girls moved out of Jurina’s sight as she looked at the three girls jogging towards her. “It’s been a while since we practiced, c’mon! It’s healthier than being around girls all day,” Mizuki laughed as she threw something at her.

Jurina caught the object just before it hit the ground and looked at it. It was her personal pair of fingerless boxing gloves. “At least the girls won’t put bruises in my stomach like you did the last time we sparred,” Jurina complained as she stood up and put her gloves on. Feeling the familiar weight around her hand, Jurina stretched. Kumi, who came along with Mizuki, sat down by the water fountain with a girl with two pig-tails on her head. “Oh, hey, Non! You back from your Canada holiday already? I thought you’re not coming back next month?” Jurina asked as she cracked her knuckles.

“Well, my parents suggested that I should come back earlier since I was the co-head girl and that I should be there to help out around school. And plus, someone missed me so much that she won’t stop calling me every night until I come back,” Kanon smiled as she pointed at the girl next to her.

“I can’t help missing my girlfriend when she’s such a cute, adorable, little person,” Kumi pulled the girl closer and placed a quick kiss on her lips.

Kanon pouted and pinched one of Kumi’s ears with her fingers, “Who are you calling little? I’m only a few centimeters shorter than you, you know.”

“Okay, okay, I meant, cute, adorable, uh... young person! Now please let go! Have mercy on me, Kanon-sama! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! ITAI!” Kumi rubbed her ears as Kanon gave a small twist before releasing the girl. The surrounding girls giggled at the couples in front of them, even those that used to chase around Kumi all day. None of the girls ever complain about Kumi having Kanon for a girlfriend instead of themselves because they too, admit that Kumi and Kanon are truly the cutest couple in the school.

“I bet you Non’s parents kicked her back here because she was doing so much shopping with their credit cards,” Mizuki chuckled to Jurina as the two readied themselves for a sparring.

“I HEARD THAT!” Kanon yelled from the water fountain.

Jurina laughed and punched her fists together, “Time to get some revenge for those bruises you gave me last time, Mizuki!”

“AS IF!” And Mizuki charged for the girl.

Whenever the two girls spar, they never go easy on each other. They always end with bruises all over and the occasional cracked lips on their face. The two girls always do this for fun, but no one knew why they do their best and hit so hard even though it’s only a play fight. Perhaps that is why the two don’t spar very often because they prefer to go all out in one sparring match than to play around in a lot of sparring matches.

“Hey! I need my face for the ladies!” Jurina cried as she held her cheek where Mizuki had punched. The punch so hard it sent Jurina off her feet, earning a few gasps from the watching girls and a giggle from Kanon.

“Well, find yourself a nice girlfriend like Kuumin and you wouldn’t have to worry about losing some fans,” Mizuki grinned as she pulled Jurina back up.

Half way through getting back up, Jurina pulled Mizuki down and sat on top of her. “There is no one good enough in this school, Mizuki. No one good enough,” Jurina chuckled as she playfully rubbed her gloved fists against Mizuki’s forehead.

“How about Churi? She’s pretty cute and nice. And you’re pretty close with her aren’t you?” Mizuki kicked Jurina off and brushed the dust of her forehead where Jurina’s glove had rubbed.

Jurina jumped on the girl and locked Mizuki’s head under her arms. “Churi doesn’t count. She’s a childhood friend! She’s like a sister. Not to mention she’s too good for-” Jurina lost her grip while talking and received a punch in her face. She backed away a step and rubbed her jaw, “Ow! That hurts! And I was talking!”

“P-lease~ You know Churi likes you. EVERYBODY knows~ Just go out with her,” Mizuki stretched her sore neck and fanned some air onto it. The tight lock Jurina had her head in was almost choking her. Good thing she knew that mentions of Akane’s name will distract the girl.

Jurina shook her head, “She would probably be the only girl who I refuse to date. I want to keep the friendship between the two of us. If something happens while me and her are dating, I’ll lose that friendship, I don’t want that! And that won’t be that hard since Churi is the jealous type.”

Mizuki thought for awhile and was just about to suggest another girl that Mizuki had been paying attention to since yesterday when she got a punch in the stomach and the jaw. “Hey! I was just about to suggest another girl!” Mizuki yelled as she fell backward and landed on her back. “Oof! That hurts...” She mumbled as she pushed herself back up.

“I don’t need suggestion, Mizuki. There is no girls in this school good enough,” Jurina said as she backed away a few steps to put some distance between her and Mizuki.

“That’s what you say before,” Mizuki rubbed her back, “But, there’s a new girl in school isn’t there. The girl from last night. The one that has the same family name as you?”

Jurina blinked at her and was just about to refuse when she thought about it deeper. There was something that attracted Jurina to Rena, but for now, Jurina couldn’t figure out what it was. Although it irritates Jurina to the top with the fact that Rena has the same family name as her, but somehow, maybe it was because of the same family name that allowed Jurina  feel and act more like herself around Rena. Jurina realized since last night, when she took Akane’s advice and became nice to Rena and apologized, that Jurina actually kind of enjoy Rena’s company. Even though Jurina only spent one night sharing a room with her. Perhaps it didn’t seem that way with how Jurina acted last night at the dining hall but the way Rena cares for the people who she doesn’t even know well, that was something that Jurina really like and admire. That was something that none of the girls that is around her all the time have. That, was something most girls don’t have in this school. Not to mention Rena has a back that Jurina had never seen in her life time.


“Jurina! You alright?!” Mizuki dropped down beside the girl who now had her back flat on the ground.

Jurina groaned and held the side of her head. “Um... ow, Mizuki? Why did you punch so hard?” Jurina took off one of her gloves and softly massaged her right temple, the exact spot where Mizuki hit her. Really hard.

Mizuki took off her own gloves and took a look at her face, hoping there won’t be any permanent injury. “I always punch this hard, but unlike just then, before, you actually pay attention and manage to escape most of the force that comes out of my punch.”

Mizuki lightly touched Jurina’s temple, Jurina slapped her hand away, “OW! Hurts!” It has been ages since Jurina had ever felt pain like this. Even since last summer holiday, Jurina became more flexible and was able to dodge and hit faster than before thanks to Mizuki continuously have a play with her. Even during those fights, Jurina usually don’t feel this much pain because with Jurina being the better fighter, she could usually dodge the hits coming from Mizuki.

Guilt in Mizuki’s face as she retrieved her hand and helped Jurina take off her other glove, “Sorry... I really thought you were going to dodge that one! And when I realized you were spacing out, it was kind of too late... What were you thinking about anyway? I’ve never seen you space out in the middle of practice like this before.”

The other girls crowded around Jurina, each one wanting to help her out. Jurina looked around, at the extra listeners, then back at Mizuki. She shook her head and mumbled, “Nothing.” Mizuki nodded in understanding. She knew right away that it was obviously something quite important that Jurina was thinking about, because Jurina is the type of girl who doesn’t mind telling others anything unless it’s really important in which case, Jurina usually only tell Akane and occasionally Kumi and Mizuki as well.

Kumi and Kanon made their way through the crowd and kneeled next to Jurina. “You alright?” Kumi asked as Kanon waved the girls away back to their class. None of the girls liked disobeying Kanon, since she is the next one in charge under the head girl. Ignoring their want for Jurina’s attention, they left the four girls and went off on their own way.

Jurina nodded, “Yeah, I’m fine.” She pushed herself up but immediately crashed onto Mizuki as she felt her head swirl around in circle. If Mizuki was late even for one second, Jurina would’ve fell head first back onto the ground, dragging Mizuki with her.

“Easy there~” Mizuki helped Jurina back up. “You feel dizzy?” Jurina nodded. Mizuki clicked her tongue, “We’ll take you to the nurse, just to get yourself an ice pack, and see if she’s free to check your head. I don’t want like, I don’t know, brain damage.” Kumi punched her arm. “Ow! I was kidding!” Rubbing her sore arm, Mizuki slowly walked, with Jurina using her as support, to the medical facility.

Out of nowhere, a girl came running towards them, face covered in sweat. “J-JURINA-SAN!” The girl shouted when she saw the girl.

Jurina looked up and stared in surprise, “Furukawa?”

Airi skidded to a stop in front of the girls. She leaned down to catch her breath then quickly said, “R-Rena-san a-and C-Churi. T-They- in t-the hallway. T-They-“ Airi never got to finish her sentence before Jurina pushed Mizuki away and ran back to their classroom.

“JURINA!” Kumi and Mizuki shouted after her.

“Jurina, your head!” Mizuki shouted at the girl as she ran after her.

Kanon thanked Airi and then quickly ran after the others, picking up the two girls’ gloves of the way.

Airi dropped on the floor. ‘Rena-san, please hold on for awhile longer. Jurina is on her way. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you. I’m not strong like Jurina...’
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oh ohayou-san im thinking about the story that happened in reality but im not sure if its the same story that you're thinking of.......soo i guess i will see :P

AH AIRIN! why are you so much like the boy in the book! too shy to confess even though you sorta..may of have just realised your feelings for rena..maybe lol

so its kanon!! kanon is kumis gf! lol this girl is so dangerous *snickers* kumi must always be having a hard time xD but she loves her anyway haha  :lol:

jurinas not gonna be together with churi? D: churis gonna get jealous once jurina likes rena! then omg poor churi! she better not turn suicidal if that ever happens  :panic: and she got distracted by mizuki who mentioned rena! then she started daydreaming during the spar! *shakes head* what a bad combination

gahhh *pulls out hair* hguehagiuwfbwif!! airin airin airin! WHY YOU NO SAVE RENA! this was your chance to show how macho you are! *dies* but you know you arent macho like macho jurina :( you know ohayou-san.. that very last sentence ....made my heart clench and my eyes start to water  :cry:
airin knows she cant save her so she goes and finds the one that actually can ... and renas gonna be so touched once jurina comes and saves them both ...I FEEL FOR YOU AIRIN! i really do :(  if rena ends up with jurina...ILL BE YOUR BEST FRIEND and support your unrequited love!

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Alright, Ohayou! I'll ship both of them! As long as there is Rena in it! I SHALL ship any pairing!!!

Now time for the comments~!

I laughed the moment I read Airin wondering why Rena was no longer beside her. I find it funny, since I'm like that whenever I'm near a book or a manga.  XD
As for Jurina talking about not wanting to date Churi, I was like...'Oh no, what if Churi hears that?' and then I was also like 'But Jurina's good. She wants to keep her friendship'
So yeah. I was like that!

AND YAY~! KumiNon~! Non non non non! Gambare yo~! Non's Kuumin's girlfriend~! BANZAI~!

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You've added my favorite couple of SKE.

I have read now followed all the fic. I really liked it.

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Apart from the neck to the jawlines and back of course, that's what I've been hearing from a few fellow friend artists. :lol: I started having a fetish over it to be honest. Wuahahaha, don't go using that fetish please. XD

Hoh, so she'll really be the cool princely Jurina huh, looking forward to how you'll make me like her then. :lol:

Trouble, trouble, Rena and Churi are in trouble.
Is this a pay back I wonder? Will Rena protect both her and Churi? Ah, but Rena doesn't seem like she can protect both her and Churi it seems, if she did have her kendo skills or her insane Gekikara mode then that would be fine, looks like its up to Jurina to save the two of them. I'm glad though that Airin was there to notice it, just that, I wished Airin could have done something much more, the teachers instead of Jurina. :sweatdrop: I mean surely the faculty is much more nearer than to where Jurina is.... Or was it just because she was panicking that she didn't thought of that? The teachers would be useless if the students don't ask help from them, they have more power than a student like Jurina, they really should ask for the administrator to work their power on this case and expel the group of girls that terrorize Churi, it would make Churi's life more easier. :sweatdrop:

Also I've been wondering, since that happened before, that incident, shouldn't the group of girls that were responsible for bullying be expelled already? I think schools don't allow things like that to happen. Heavy injuries dealt on students or other life threatening incidents will cause a quick expulsion, from what I know is a school's standard system and policy, and if we try to use a few basis private schools are strict when it comes to violence and mischievous acts. Rena and the SKE members are after all in a private all-girls school here in this story.....the punishment would have been dealt down after the incident happened  because the school's reputation would be on the line if they don't do it.

I'm wondering why those group of girls aren't expelled yet...with the severity of their case and all... It's plainly weird, unless they used money to work things out, then I'd say their school is pretty low standard then. Also, Jurina is gonna have a lot of bad marks in her card if she keeps dealing with the bullies, it would be bad for a student who came from a good school. :sweatdrop:

It just makes me worried you know, for Churi and Jurina.
The continuous bullying and Jurina getting involved again and again with the bullies, they might even pull the people close to them in to the fight. They really really need to have those girls expelled, like really soon.
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“Ah... Let’s have a chat shall we?”

The two girls shuffled backward, away from the threatening look on the surrounding girls’ faces. Their back hits a wall.

The leader of the girls pushed Rena’s shoulder against the wall and smirked as she saw Rena’s face scrunch up at the sudden impact. “We noticed, you’ve been hanging around Akane quite a lot lately. We just came here to warn you, Akane isn’t very... healthy to hang around with.”

Akane panicked at the words being spoken to Rena. These girls were trying to separate Rena from her! After being alone for so long, just when she finally found someone who she could be friends with, the girls had to come and ruin the friendship between them. She didn’t want to lose Rena like she lost all her other friends. She had to help get Rena out of this conversation fast, even if it meant that she will still get hurt. Gathering up her empty courage, she spoke up, “R-Rena is only helping me get around school b-because I dragged her with me! S-She i-isn’t hanging out with me.” Rena tried to tell the girls the truth but Akane pulled her arm, silencing her.

The girl smirked, “Oh yeah, that’s right. You can’t walk can you?” She walked closer and gave Akane’s wounded leg a nudge with her feet. The others laughed as Akane gasped in pain. The girl waved to one of the girls, and the girl disappeared into the classroom. “That reminds me, I still have to repay you for giving me this.” The girl pointed to the bruise on her eye and moved her face right up to Akane’s, “I thought we made it clear that you FELL down the hill.”

Realization hit Rena as she absorbed the words being spat out by the girl. That was why the girl looked so familiar to her. Rena finally remembered where she saw that girl before; it was the girl who got dragged out of the dining room by Jurina last night. A sudden wave of anger surged up from within her own body. This was the girl who hurt Akane. Although Rena had not been friends with Akane for so long, she felt it was wrong and disgusting for anyone to want to cause pain to the harmless girl.

Akane was about to say something when a hand made its way across her cheek, filling the hallway with the echoing sound of a slap. The girl’s vision blurred as tears were starting to at the corner of her eyes. One of the girls came back from the classroom and gave their leader a bag. “That’s my bag!” Akane cried as she tried to reach for it, only to have one of the girls push her back against the wall.

The girl smirked as she zipped open Akane’s bag and flipped it around, tipping everything out. Akane’s cries were accompanied by the sound of notes and books dropping onto the cold marble floor. “We did say before didn’t we, Akane? That if you didn’t FALL down the hill, your notes will?” The girl said as she threw away the now empty bag and picked up some of the notes. She held it in front of the crying girl’s face and ripped the notes in half.

“Stop it! Stop it! I need them! I need them for the upcoming tests! Please stop! I didn’t tell Jurina, I swear! She wouldn’t believe me when I told her I fell!” Akane cried louder as she dropped onto the floor and gave useless effort to protect the remaining notes with her body. What she was speaking was the truth. Akane would never have the guts to disobey these girls, not if she wanted to keep her study notes. She already tried to avoid Jurina last night after the accident because she knew that Jurina would be able to tell straight away if Akane was lying about how she got hurt. However, Akane couldn’t escape quick enough and Jurina found her.

The girls laughed at the girl’s poor attempt to protect her belongings and dragged her aside, completely ignoring her scream of pain as her wounded leg was sliding across the cold floor. Rena’s anger finally reached the point where she could no longer stand aside and be quiet. Rena pushed the girls that were dragging Akane aside, and went straight up to the girls ripping the notes and returned the slap that she so kindly gave the smaller girl.

The laughter stopped. Only Akane’s cry could be heard in the hallway.

The girl held her cheek with her hand and glared at Rena. “You... DARE TO SLAP ME!?” She yelled as she pointed her shaking finger at the girl. “Who do you think you are!?”

The girl stride forward and tried to slap Rena, who slapped the girl’s arm just before the slap landed and slapped the girl’s face again. Rena could no longer contain her anger, she grabbed the girl’s shirt collar and pushed her against the wall. “That should be a question I ask you! Who do you think you are!? What has Churi ever done to you!? Why are you treating her like you own her!? She IS my friend, I don’t care WHO you are, or WHAT you will do to me, I will keep hanging out with her because that is what a friend do. But bear this in mind,” Rena pulled the girl closer to her face and hissed in a voice that Rena had no idea she possessed, “I don’t care if you hurt me, but if you hurt Churi in any way again, you WILL regret it.” With that, she released the collar of the girl and instantly felt her anger fade away.

Almost no one was breathing as they waited for the girl to recover and reply to the threat. The girl fixed her shirt and cleared her throat, “And what exactly will you do to me if I hurt both of you?”

Rena hesitated. She didn’t know how to reply now that her anger rush was gone. Her anger disappearing brought back the fear that she felt from before. She backed away a step, pressing her back completely flat onto the wall, hoping to gain protection.

The girl was shocked to see someone speak up against her and hit her back. That has in fact never happened before, except with Jurina, but Jurina was an exception. After recovering from the shock, she could finally see that the anger in the new girl’s eyes has faded and was once again replaced by the fear that she sees in Akane’s eyes all the time. The girl smirked and waved her girls forward, “Not so strong now, are you, new girl... What are you going to protect, new girl? Your friend? Or yourself?” The other girls stepped closer towards Rena and Akane and one by one, they striked.

Wanting to protect Akane’s wounded leg at the same time as wanting to help Akane gather her study notes, Rena had no time to protect herself. Not that she needed to though. Although the girls were hitting them, their kicks only gave Rena a short temporary pain which passed as soon as the next kick came through. Rena heard Akane whisper to her in pain as she covered the girl with her own body, praying that no more extra damage will be done onto the bandaged leg, “Just... stay still, and they’ll stop hitting after awhile...” Rena didn’t ask how Akane knew that, she just took the girl’s advice and stopped resisting the damage being done to her back.

That short minute felt like an eternity to both Rena and Akane. But once the kicking stopped, they were both relieved. That was, until a black and shiny object on the floor caught the bully’s eyes. The girl bends down and picked it up, “Well well well, what do we have here? Is this a camera?” She fiddled around with the camera then, nodding to herself, she puts it in her own bag. “Consider this the payment. Don’t do anything we didn’t ask you to do again, Akane. And you too, new girl. This won’t be the last time you’ll see us.” And the girls turned around to walk off as Akane cried after them, begging them to return her camera, the item that means the most to her.

Before the girls turned the corner, they stopped dead in their track, eyes widening at the sight before them. “Ju-Ju-Jurina!” The girl gasped, her voice suddenly filled with fear, the same tone of voice that Akane had before. She backed away a step and the girl in front of her took a step forward. The other girls looked at each other and ran off before the girl could stop them, leaving the girl by herself to face her nightmare. Her nightmare of one Matsui Jurina, staring at her with burning eyes and her hands clenched into a tight fist.

Akane and Rena looked up from where they were. “Jurina-chan,” Akane’s voice trembled as she said the girl’s name in a whisper. ‘Jurina-chan shouldn’t be here... This isn’t good...’ Akane thought to herself as she tried to get up and walk over to Jurina’s side, hoping to stop what is about to happen before it’s too late. Akane didn’t want Jurina to start a fight now, not after the lecture given to her this morning by the school principal. However, just as she was about to move, Rena stopped her. The taller girl silently shook her head and carefully moved Akane back against the wall. Rena don’t know what Akane wanted to do, but if the girl moved anymore, the condition of her leg is going to get worst.

Jurina glanced at them and frowned as she imagined the pain the two girls are feeling from their faces, the face of wanting to hold back the pain. Filled with anger again, she looked back at the girl in front of her. “I thought I made it clear yesterday, that you were not to be anywhere near Churi again,” Jurina hissed as she took another step forward.

The girl in front of her backed away from both the tone of Jurina’s voice and from the anger shown on her face. The girl didn’t know why Jurina had a bruise on the side of her head, or why there was a bit of blood on the side of her lips, but those made Jurina look even more intimidating than she already was. The bully looked away from Jurina’s eyes as she tried to form a sentence from her trembling lips, “I-I-”

Before the girl could form a sentence, Jurina grabbed the girl’s shirt collar and held her up against the wall. Something familiar dropped from the girl’s bag, Jurina kicked the item aside. “Didn’t you say you will never touch Churi again!?” Jurina couldn’t control the anger she was feeling. Although she knew that the principal already had a talk with her this morning when Jurina and Akane was on their way to the dining hall for breakfast, that anymore act of violence from her, no matter what the reason behind it is, will be dealt with according to the school rules. Jurina’s fists were dying to deal some pain.

“Yes,” The girl on the wall whimpered as tears formed around the rim of her eyes. If Akane wasn’t in pain and her own back wasn’t bruised from being kicked in the same spots multiple times, Rena would actually laugh from the scene taking place in front of her. The bully, who just seconds ago, was laughing as she kicked them, was now on the edge of crying. It was a big contrast.

“Then what were you doing before!?” Jurina yelled in the girl’s face, ignoring the white spots in her vision as the dizziness returned.


“You,” Jurina cut her off, “are very lucky today. I am not going to risk my scholarship in this school for a worthless scum like you.” The girl’s tears rolled down her cheeks as she heard the venom in Jurina’s voice. “I will NOT cause you pain again, no I won’t. I will report you to Yamamoto kouchou *(kouchou is the Japanese term for school principal for those who don’t know) and I will make sure that she deals with you personally.” Jurina released her grip on the girls shirt who now was on her knees crying.

“Please! You can’t report to her. She will kick me out of school! Please, Jurina! I beg you! I will have nowhere to go if I get kicked out! I promise this will never happen again!” The girl cried as she grabbed Jurina’s leg, begging for the girl to forgive her.

Jurina kicked her away and shouted, “What makes you think I will say yes even if you beg me, when YOU don’t leave Churi alone when she begged you!? This isn’t the first time, I warned you last night already didn’t I!? You had it coming! And this time you didn’t just hurt Churi! You hurt Rena too! Rena is new to this school and treats even people she doesn’t know in a friendly way, what makes you think you can hurt her too!? Why should I forgive you when you hurt someone as nice as her!?” Jurina leaned against the wall as she felt the world around her starting to slope. She blinked a few times and focused back onto the girl who slid to the middle of the hallway from Jurina’s powerful kick.

Rena was surprised when Jurina included her own name into her words. The way Jurina described Rena was way beyond what Rena thought Jurina’s impression of her was. Rena never even thoughy Jurina actually say she is a nice girl, what with the way the girl treated her last night in the dining hall. ‘I can see why Churi likes Jurina...’ Rena thought to herself as she looked at Jurina. No longer was Rena jealous of Akane for having someone like Jurina to protect her, because for the first time, Jurina was protecting Rena as well. Although it was only protecting Rena with words, it was more than what Rena could ask for.

Seeing no reply from the crying girl, Jurina gave the girl a wave with the back of her hand, “Just leave. I don’t want to see your face again.” The sobbing girl quickly got up and ran away. Jurina relaxed back against the wall and softly massaged her temple as the dizziness refuses to leave. Jurina looked back at the two girls. She could see Akane and Rena, both their hair were in a mess. Akane was in pain, it was obvious. The pain on her leg was shown all over her face as the girl forced a smile at Jurina. Rena, on the other hand, was picking up pieces of paper from the floor and was tidying them back into a bag that Jurina could recognize as Akane’s school bag. ‘Rena is hurt too...’ For some reason, it put a frown on Jurina. The fact that Rena was hurt. The pain wasn’t shown in Rena’s face, but it was shown by the movement of her body. Jurina could see how Rena was moving in a way that doesn’t move her back much, and whenever she has to bend over, Jurina could see Rena’s face wince in pain.

Feeling slightly better yet still feeling dizzy, Jurina pushed herself off the wall and made her way to the two girls. From the corner of her eyes, she saw something black lying on the floor. It was the same object that she had kicked away before. Jurina made her way closer and picked up the object. Jurina shook her head silently as she observed the object in her hand. It was the camera that Jurina gave Akane for her birthday a few years ago. She remembered saving up her pocket money to get the girl the present, she found it surprising that Akane still kept it since Akane was really into photography and she liked using the best camera out on the market, and the camera in Jurina’s hand was already outdated. With the camera in her hand, Jurina walked to the girls, deciding in her mind to question Akane about the camera later.

“Jurina-chan,” Akane gave Jurina a weak smile as the girl kneeled next to her leg and looked at the bandage on her leg that was now soaking red.

Jurina let out a small smile, and spoke in a much softer voice than before, “You okay?” Akane nodded. “Didn’t I tell you not to go anywhere without me?”

Akane looked down, “It doesn’t always have to be with you, Jurina-chan. And we didn’t go far anyway, it was just to the sakura tree.”


Akane cut Jurina off her sentence, “You’re never around when I want to go out. You know how bored I get during free period, yet you decided to go out and hang out with all the other girls. I can’t always stay in the classroom and wait for you to come back everytime. It’s not fair for me, Jurina-chan.”

Jurina stayed quiet, she could hear hints of anger and jealousy behind that voice. Guilt climbed its way up to her mind, Akane was right. It wasn’t fair for her. Jurina didn’t even know why she didn’t stay with Akane, even though she knew that the girl will have trouble getting around. Jurina never understand why she, herself never tell the girls to back away from her and leave her alone. But at the same time, Jurina kind of have an idea why. She enjoys all the attention she’s getting. Before she came to this school, Jurina was just an average kid. There was nothing special about her, except for the fact that she was good at sports. But after she came, all of a sudden, she became one of the popular students in school. Being popular at that time was something Jurina never expected to happen to herself. After being chased around the school by the girls, Jurina got used to the idea of always having girls around her and started to enjoy always having company. Even though she probably doesn’t even know half the name of the girls.

Without saying anything back to Akane, Jurina stood up and went to Rena’s side to help gather Akane’s scattered items. As Jurina bent down, she ended up sitting down on the floor as she felt the world suddenly flipping upside down. The dizziness returned and was worst than before. However, Jurina pushed it aside and started picking up some of the books by her side.

“You okay, Jurina?” Rena asked. Although she was no expert when it comes to medical, she was pretty knowledgeable in that area. From the way Jurina sat down, or fell down, and the way that Jurina looked at the floor as she tried to regain her balance, Rena could already guess Jurina was obviously not feeling okay. Most likely to be a headache.

“I’m fine. How about you, Rena? Is your back hurting a lot?” Jurina asked as she recalled how Rena tried to move around without moving her back. She couldn’t help but feel concern for the girl since afterall, the girl did protect Akane at the time of the bullying. Something that Jurina could never do, and had never done. Jurina was always too late to get there on time and could only deal with what happened after Akane is hurt.

Rena smiled and nodded her head. Deep inside, Rena felt slightly happy at the fact that Jurina could tell she was in pain. If she was back at home, the maids would’ve never known unless Rena actually tell them. ‘But then, maybe it’s just because the maids are unobservant?’ Either way, Rena did feel really happy that Jurina was concerned about her. She watched as Jurina reached for the bag with a pile of books in her hand, attempting to put the books inside. But before the girl’s hand touched the bag, she fell forward and collapsed on top of the books she was holding.



Rena dropped the paper in her hand and rushed to Jurina. Akane wanted to help Jurina too, but her movement were restricted as she felt pain surged up her leg again. She watched as Rena tend to Jurina. Akane was grateful that Rena was helping Jurina, when she couldn’t, but then, deep inside, she couldn’t help but feel slightly jealous that it wasn’t herself helping Jurina.

“Jurina!” Footsteps pounded against the hallway floor. Mizuki dropped next to Jurina and checked her condition. Kumi went to Akane’s side and helped her instead as she didn’t want to crowd around Jurina since Jurina will probably need space to breathe. Kanon, was surprised by the scene in front of her but quickly recovered as it wasn’t the first time she has seen something like this. She took a look at the unknown girl that was taking care of Jurina but then left the girl alone to tend to Jurina. ‘Self introduction can wait.’ Kanon flipped open her phone and dialed a number, “Hey, Masanya? It’s me, Non. We have a little bit of a problem, can you drop by outside Jurina’s classroom please? Oh, and please don’t bring any teachers with you. I... don’t think Jurina would like that.” She knew Jurina well enough to know that Jurina hated teachers getting involved in situations like these. Teachers involved will always mean tons of questions and then later, a big lecture on what should’ve been done and what shouldn’t have been done.

Kanon quickly hanged up and picked up the rest of Akane’s stuff and put them in her bag. “The head girl is coming, hopefully she will know what to do,” Kanon said as she zipped the bag closed and stood up. Even though Kanon herself is the co-head girl, she didn’t know what to do. She is really good at helping around school and the teachers and sorting out all school-related things. But when it comes to emergency situations revolving around her own friends, she’s hopeless.
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Something warm and soft pressed again Jurina’s forehead. Whatever it was, it felt really comfortable on her. She no longer feels dizzy, but she could still feel some pain coming from her temple. ‘Where am I anyway? I was... wasn’t I helping Rena or something?’ Jurina tried to recall what she was doing before she ended up in this familiar-smelling place. Slowly she opened her eyes and quickly adjusted to the dimly lit room.

“Ah- You’re finally awake, Jurina. I was starting to wonder whether or not I should bring you back to the medical facility since it didn’t look like you were waking up,” Rena spoke as she shuffled closer to Jurina on her bed side.

Jurina stared at the ceiling, it was her room. Not wonder it smelled familiar. The girl looked around and fount Rena sitting on the side of her bed. She was still in school uniform, but her hair was fixed. It wasn’t as messy as Jurina remembered earlier today. Then a thought hit her. Shouldn’t everyone still be at school? “Shouldn’t you be in class?” Jurina choked on her voice. Her throat felt like sandpaper as she tried to speak.

“You already missed dinner, Jurina. You’ve been out for longer than you think,” Rena laughed softly as she lifted a cup of water in front of Jurina’s face. There was a plastic straw in the cup, but Jurina didn’t want to feel so weak, needing someone else to take care of her. She tried to push herself up from bed but then fell back down when the side of head started to feel really heavy again. “Just relax for a while, Jurina. It won’t kill you to accept kindness from someone once in a while,” Rena spoke as she lifted the straw for Jurina who, after thinking for a while, took it with her mouth and drank the water.

Jurina stopped when she felt Rena press something warm against the side of her head again. Seeing Jurina suddenly tensing from the contact, Rena smiled and allowed Jurina to see what was in her hand. “It’s a peeled hard-boiled egg. One of my maids taught me that if you roll a hard-boiled egg on a bruise, the bruise will heal quicker.” Rena unwrapped the paper towel around the egg and turned it until a dark spot in the egg was facing up, she pointed to it with her thumb, “That spot is from your bruise.” Jurina looked at the egg, fascinated by this new knowledge.

Once Jurina finished with the water, Rena placed the cup back onto the table and went back to rolling Jurina’s bruise. “T-Thank you,” Jurina said in a really small voice. Rena just smiled, it felt nice to have the girl saying such simple words to her, words that are so rarely spoken by the girl herself. Jurina leaned back on her bed as she looked at the smiling Rena. Finally being able to look at Rena’s face closely, Jurina took in the shape of face in front of her. The shape of Rena’s eyes, the faint yet noticeable eye bag under her eyes, her jaw line... Jurina gulped. It wasn’t just Rena’s back that was attractive after all. Jurina’s eyes focused on the lips that was smiling at her, ‘Ah... want to kiss them so bad~’

She and Rena haven’t even known each other for longer than a week, and already, Jurina feels fine with close body contacts such as this with Rena. She didn’t know why though. There are many girls in the school who is dying to, but have never had any body contact with Jurina unless Jurina initiates it. Normally, Jurina would get pretty annoyed at someone touching her, but for some reason, she didn’t feel any annoyance building up inside her. Inside, there was calm and peace as Rena tends to her bruise.

Jurina has never felt like this before when alone with someone else. She had never been taken care of before. Although she was an only child in her family, her parents are always overseas on business trips. She has almost no memory of any activity her whole family did together when she was small. That was why Jurina had grown up being so much more mature and much more independent than other girls of her age. That was also the reason why Jurina had always wished for a sister, someone who can be there for her when she comes home, someone who Jurina can cry to, someone who can look after her in place of her parents. It was really tiring after all, to only be a person who looks after others.

The egg was starting to lose its heat. It wasn’t doing a very good job now. Rena unwrapped the egg and threw it in the bin. “Stay here, I’ll go get another egg,” she said as she stood up.

Then, out of nowhere, a hand grabbed Rena’s hand. “Stay,” The word slipped out of Jurina’s lips. Rena blinked at the girl in surprised. Jurina was starting to enjoy being taken care of. She finally realized how lonely she had always felt before when she was sick and no one else was there to look after her. Jurina finally realized how much she actually wanted to be looked after. “Please don’t go...” Jurina whispered. Although the girl knew Rena wasn’t that kind of person, Jurina was still scared that once Rena leave their room, she won’t return and Jurina won’t have anyone to look after her anymore. The fact that Rena had no other place to sleep but this room never even crossed Jurina’s mind.

The girl lying on her bed was no longer the cool, mature, boyish, popular girl that sits in front of her in class. Rena looked at Jurina and for the first time, she sees the face of a 15 year-old girl. She didn’t know what it was that she saw in Jurina’s eyes as the girl told her to stay, but whatever it was, it wasn’t normal coming from Jurina. Was it loneliness that Rena could sense coming from Jurina’s tone of voice? Rena sat back down on the edge of Jurina’s bed, she patted Jurina’s hand and sighed, “I was just going to get you another egg, but I guess I won’t be going anywhere now.” She smiled as she carefully slid her hand from Jurina’s grip, the girl pouted the moment her hand lost contact with Rena’s. Rena chuckled at the sight; it was so strangely cute to see Jurina pouting with those puppy eyes. “I’m just going to go get a shower first. I’m not leaving. Don’t move around much okay? Rest. I’ll tell you when I’m done.” With that, Rena stood up from Jurina’s side, walked to the bathroom and quietly clicked the door shut behind her.

‘What am I doing? Why am I keeping her behind?’ Jurina thought to herself as the water turned on in the bathroom. ‘Who are you, Matsui Rena? Why are you making feel something I’ve never felt before?’ Jurina frowned as she tried to figure out the answer to her own question. This was the first time Jurina had ever asked someone to stay by her side. It was always her telling other to leave, the bullies, the teachers, the other girls and even Akane sometimes, when Jurina is in a really bad mood. But this, this is the first time Jurina felt like she didn’t want someone to leave her alone. This was the first time Jurina actually understood what the word ‘loneliness’ meant. ‘Is this how Churi feels whenever I’m off with the other girls?’ Jurina closed her eyes as she recalled Akane’s words from this morning.

“...yet you decided to go out and hang out with all the other girls. I can’t always stay in the classroom and wait for you to come back everytime. It’s not fair for me, Jurina-chan.”

Jurina could still feel the anger and jealousy from the girl’s words. And now, on top of that, she could feel loneliness coming from the words too. Jurina sighed and made a mental note to herself that from now on, she will try better to hang out around her actual friends more. Although she enjoyed the attention she was getting, she couldn’t imagine having Akane feeling lonely again. The same thing she is feeling right now.

Rena walked out of the bathroom in her bathrobe. It was too hot tonight and to be honest, if Rena had a choice, she would really rather walk out naked. But then, Jurina was in the room, so she decided to wear her bathrobe instead, and stick with putting on her shorts and t-shirts later, just before she go to sleep. Not to mention she didn’t want to cause any more pain to her abused back as she get into her clothes. A bathrobe was way easier to put on and take off. “Jurina, it’s your turn,” Rena said as she hanged her towel on the drying rack.

Seeing no answer coming from the girl, Rena walked over to Jurina. “Ah, she’s asleep...” Rena mumbled to herself as she looked at Jurina’s face. Jurina was sleeping on her side, with the bruised side of her head facing upwards. ‘Should I wake her up now or should I wait till she wakes up on her own? But now that she’s resting so peacefully and it didn’t look like she was in any sort of pain, I don’t really want to disturb her.’ Rena thought to herself as she brushed away some of the hair that was hanging over Jurina’s closed eyes.

She retracted her hand when Jurina stirred and slowly opened her eyes. “Rena? Are you done?” Jurina asked as she rubbed her eyes and sat up. Feeling satisfied that she longer feels dizzy from the bruise but shocked at the sight in front of her. Looking straight at her was Rena in a light green bathrobe with water droplets dripping from the tip of her hair and down her chest. Jurina could once again pick up the perfect features of Rena that stood out as she stared at the girl. This time, Jurina noticed one more thing, Rena’s collar bone. Jurina swallowed and allowed her gaze to wonder somewhere else.

Rena nodded and pointed to a white paper bag on their desk. “Go get a shower, Jurina, then come and have something to eat. You’ve hardly eaten anything today.” Without any objection, Jurina climbed off her bed and slipped into her slippers as she made her way to the bathroom. Jurina decided right away that this was going to be a quick shower as she was already feeling the long forgotten hunger lurk inside her.

As the bathroom door closed behind Jurina, Rena sat down on her chair. She was starting to respect her house maids even more now, with having to look after her all the time. Because now, Rena realized how hard and tiring it was to look after someone, especially with a sore back like hers. Rena slipped off a bit of her bathrobe and using her own mirror, she looked at the bruises on her back. It was like those camouflage patterns on the army uniforms. Rena’s back was covered with little faint spots of black and purple.

Rena sighed as she put away her mirror and took out her school bag. ‘Lots of work to do tonight,’ Rena thought to herself as she took out a spare notebook. Although she wasn’t in class at all today, she had a lot of work to do. She took out the ripped pieces of papers from her school blazer and laid them out on her table. Slowly, one by one, with tape, Rena rearranged the paper like puzzle pieces and taped them together to form Akane’s ripped up study notes. Rena remembered the girl said that she had tests coming up and with her condition right now, there was no way the girl will be able to do all her notes again in time. So, wanting to help her friend out, Rena secretly took some of Akane’s notes and planned to fix them and recopy them for the girl overnight.

Suddenly, Rena’s phone rang. She fumbled for her phone on her bed and almost screamed when she accidentally bumped her back onto the corner of her desk. Ignoring the pain, she flipped open her phone without looking at the caller ID and spoke, “Moshimoshi, Rena desu.”

”Hey, Rena! It’s me, Kanakana! Are you okay? We missed you at breakfast, lunch AND dinner. Masanya said you were busy, but it felt weird not seeing you the whole day so I decided to call you instead.”

The girl didn’t even have to introduce herself and Rena would’ve been able to tell who the caller was from the girl’s voice. Rena was glad though, to know that the head girl hadn’t told others that she ditched class because she was looking after Jurina. Not that anything is wrong with that, but Rena didn’t want to have to explain to others why she was looking after her instead of going to class. Because, apart from the reason that the nurse in the medical facility told Rena that someone had to tend to Jurina when she wakes up, Rena didn’t really know why she stayed. “I’m fine, Kanakana. I’m fine. As Masanya said, I’m just busy.”

“Oh, okay then. You’re fine, that’s all that matters then. Sorry for disturbing you with whatever you’re doing! I’ll come get you tomorrow morning okay? In case you wake up late again.”

“Thank you, Kanakana. I’ll see you tomorrow morning then, good night.”

“Good night, Rena.”

Rena closed her phone and went back the notes. Thanks to her professional skills with puzzle pieces, it didn’t take her long to tape all the notes together. And before long, she was already starting to copy out the notes.

Jurina quickly turned off the water and got change into her shorts and singlet after she dried herself. Almost instantly, she could already feel more relaxed without her school uniform weighing her down. She walked back into the warm, slightly lit room of her and Rena. After hanging her towel on the drying rack, she walked over to the other girl who seems to be working on something that she has still yet to realize Jurina has already finished with her shower. The girl tiptoed closer and peered over Rena’s shoulder to see what she was doing. “Where did you get those?” Jurina asked as she could recognized the handwriting on the notes as Akane’s.

Rena jumped from Jurina’s sudden appearance behind her. But quickly fixed herself and showed Jurina some of the taped up notes, “They’re Churi’s. The other girl ripped them up. Churi said she needed them for an upcoming test so I thought I should help her out since there is no way one person can redo all these notes by herself.” Rena set aside the completed notes and turned to the next empty page of her notebook.

Then suddenly remembering Jurina haven’t had anything to eat yet, she set aside her work and grabbed the paper bag as she pulled out Jurina’s chair from in front of her. Jurina sat down, eyeing the paper bag eagerly. Rena reached in and took out a small bottle of orange juice, an apple and a small dinner box and placed it on Jurina’s side of the table. “Now eat up, I’m going to go get another egg from the kitchen so I can fix your bruise okay?” Rena folded the paper bag and placed it on the table then she stood up and reached for the door.

“You’ll come back right?” Jurina asked, her voice filled with fear of abandonment.

The girl chuckled, “Of course I will, silly. Where else am I going to sleep tonight if I don’t?” Jurina mentally slapped herself for asking such a stupid question. Rena closed the door behind her and made her way to the kitchen.

Jurina opened the dinner box and already felt like she was on the edge of drooling as she stared at the food in front of her. There wasn’t a lot of food and it was just the normal boarding dinner, but it was so nicely arranged into the box that it looked much more tastier than usual. ‘There was no way the chefs would do this for me, even Churi won’t do this... did Rena help me with my dinner?’ Jurina opened a pair of chopsticks and said outloud, “Itadakimasu!” And she dived in. It didn’t take her long to finish the dinner box. By the time Rena came back into the room, Jurina was already half way through.

“Slow down on your eating, Jurina. It unhealthy enough to eat this late, eating so quick will make it even worst,” Rena said as she sat down back on her chair and placed the freshly boiled egg on the table, waiting for it to cool down before taking the shell off. Rena returned to her work as Jurina continued to eat, at a slower pace, while watching the other girl copy the notes.

A rumbling sound echoed across the room. Rena’s writing hand froze. The hand moving the rice towards Jurina’s move froze. Jurina blinked and stared at Rena, then down at Rena’s stomach where Rena was so desperately trying to silence with her free arm. Then Jurina burst into laughter. Rena facepalmed herself as she remembered that she haven’t eaten anything at all today. Akane was going to give her a melonpan for her breakfast but the two of them never made it back to class, and then everything happened so fast that by the time Rena has everything sorted, she has already forgotten about her hunger. Jurina’s laughter died down after a while then after some thinking, she pushed the remaining half of her dinner box to Rena. Rena looked the girl, confused. “You’re hungry aren’t you? I don’t feel like eating too much anyway, you can have the rest if you want,” Jurina lied. Truth is, she was still hungry. But, she didn’t want Rena to go hungry. After the girl has been so kind to her, Jurina felt that she too had to do something kind for Rena.

“No, no, no, no, it’s okay. You finish your dinner, Jurina. You need to strength to recover. I’m fine, really. That’s your dinner, Jurina. You have to finish it,” Rena said, pushing the dinner box back to Jurina.

Jurina frowned. Rena wasn’t making it any easier for Jurina to repay her kindness. Then an idea popped into her head and she grinned. She lifted up some rice with her chopsticks. “Rena?” Jurina called to the other girl.

Rena half turned to Jurina, half focused on the line she was copying. “Ha-“ Before Rena could finish saying anything, Jurina seized the chance and popped the rice into Rena’s opened mouth then grinned in triumph as the girl stared back at her with wide opened eyes. Knowing there isn’t anything she can do about it, Rena chewed the food and swallowed. She gave a small silent sigh as her stomach gladly accepted anything that falls through. “You really should eat them yourself, you’re gonna get hung-“ Jurina lifted a small piece of chicken into Rena’s mouth as she talked, silencing her. Rena, unwillingly chewed the chicken and swallowed. Rena have yet to tell the others that she, was actually not a meat eater. But, seeing how Jurina is surprisingly caring for her, Rena didn't want to ruin the moment by telling Jurina. 'Re-self introduction will have to come later on I guess...' Now Rena refuses to say anything more, fearing that the girl will give her more meat.

“Mou, you can’t stay quiet forever, just eat something, Rena. You’re making me feel really bad for eating everything when you were the one who looked after me and haven’t eaten anything at all,” Jurina frowned as she lowered her chopsticks.

Although Rena felt it was really weird for Jurina to feed her, she kind of enjoyed it. It was as if her own emotions were affected by Jurina herself. When Jurina is happy and smiles at her, she automatically smiles back without herself realizing. If Jurina is sad and frowns at her, she automatically feels the need of cheering her up. No matter how selfish Rena felt she was being, she made no attempt to stop herself from doing what she was about to do. Rena opened her mouth.

Jurina’s frown immediately disappeared and was replaced by a bright grin. She quickly lifted her chopsticks again and feed Rena as the girl continued to copy the notes. Rena was glad that the chicken from before was the last piece in the dinner box, she really didn't want to have to go through eating that again. Just as Rena finished the last page of copying, Jurina finished her apple and was opening the orange juice. Rena watched as Jurina drank the orange juice and was fascinated by how Jurina’s expression changed to that of a young girl. The happiness on her face was the same as that of a child whose parents had decided to give some money to so that they can buy the things they want. The expression on Jurina’s face made Rena smile as she packed up the notes and put them back in her bag.

Once finished tidying up the table and throwing away the rubbish from their dinner, Rena picked up the now slightly cooler egg and started peeling the shell. “Nee, Rena?” Rena looked up at the voice. “Thanks for today. For helping Churi...” Jurina looked away and almost whispered the last words, “and for helping me...”

Rena smiled at the girl, “There’s no reason to thank me. I’m only doing what every roommate would do. And plus, you’re my classmate aren’t you? And you’re Churi’s friend too, so that makes me responsible to look after you as well. Since Churi wouldn’t be happy if you’re not well.”

Jurina frowned slightly at the words. ‘Are these the only reasons? So you’re not helping me because you care about me? You’re only looking after me because I’m your roommate, you classmate and a friend of a friend? So if I’m none of that, you wouldn’t look after me?’ Somehow, Jurina found herself really upset by those words.

“You should smile more often, Jurina. You’re cuter when you smile. I don’t like it when my friends don’t smile,” Rena said absentmindedly as she fully peeled off the brown outer shell of the egg and threw the shell in the bin. Completely unaware of what she just said, she wrapped the egg in thin paper towel and gently held it up against Jurina’s temple, then slowly rolled it in a small circle.

‘I don’t like it when my friends don’t smile’

Jurina gave a small smile. She was thinking too much after all. Rena did care for her because she treated her as a friend. Without a proper reason, Jurina felt happier, at the knowledge that Rena treats her as a friend. She hummed happily to herself as she felt Rena’s cold fingers brush across her forehead, pushing back the pieces of hair that was hanging in front of her eye.
Title: Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE All Girl's Private School (Chapter 9) [4/20]
Post by: Kamen Knight on April 20, 2012, 03:17:18 PM
Damn.. I have to rub my eyes after refreshing page..


I think I'll have to wait for a week or so for the next update,, lol

You've done a great job again, Ohayou.. I really like this chapter, Jurina getting Tsuntsun is definitely a pure win! And not to mention the feeding scene as well.. Their relationship is geting to a new level now, so.. i guess the next chapter will focus on RenAirin?

Anyway, please keep on being epic!
Title: Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE All Girl's Private School (Chapter 9) [4/20]
Post by: jehovachiabi on April 20, 2012, 05:56:56 PM
another awesome chapter! and wow your updates are fast! xD AWESOME!

Shy jurina is so cute!!!! and omg the feeding scene hahaha!! i was totally imagining it in my mind!
Awesome chapter once again can't wait for ur next update !  :drool:
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MACHO MACHO MAN~~ (<-- da *beep*?  :wth)

phew *wipes brows* finally can take a breather from my epic assignment that has made me so busy these past few days that i havent been able to comment :O and staying up for 31hrs is meh...BUT! its pretty rewarding to see two updates from you right after i came home  :twothumbs :twothumbs


ahh! jurina didnt make it in time! they still got beaten up pretty badly :( and churis leg....omg it sounds like it totally needs to be amputated soon (okay maybe not...just exaggerating lol) YES RENA! YOUR INNER GEKIKARA HAS FLARED! then it disappeared again...... :sweatdrop:

churis jealous churis jealous!! and shes lonely :( i would send her a canary to make her feel better lol but i got none  XD
aww rena took care of jurina all day.....the sisterly love is happening (it better be sisterly love!)  haha 
and its nice to know that rena has this certain effect on people that brings their other self out into the open :) jurina gets to actually be a kid who wants to be spoiled   :D

and i wonder what happened to airin .....i actually miss her  :P  haha totally wonder what she actually thought about after she ran to find jurina....did she go back and check? or maybe shes thinking of doing something to help rena like offer to rub ointment on renas sore back   ;) jk airins too chicken shiit to do something like that LOL

and the other two...RENAIRIN?!  :w00t: *gets down on knees and starts praying*

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"Furukawa’s perverted mind is DEFINITELY rubbing onto me" Me too... :lol: I imagined when Jurina see Rena damaged back... Then she have cared for Rena... :wub:

I like this fic so much!!!
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No~ It's not an update~
I can't write that fast xD
Just thought I should make that clear before I go of rambling about stuff :lol::lol::lol:
Sorry to those who thought this post was going to be an update :lol:

But I just wanted to say (since I re-read it over and over again this morning and a dear friend on Tumblr pointed it out),
I just realised how weird one of the line was....

There was a plastic cup in the straw

Yeah.... That's... just how epic I am...  :sweatdrop:
I'm glad no one pointed that out.....
Or at least no one in this forum pointed that out xD
It's fixed nau~

Also, I realised I forgot something when I wrote the previous chapter (thanks to HashirePomeranian-san for reminding me)

But, I fixed that now~ (or at least I'm going to fix it right after this post~)
Pretty small fix~
Didn't make a big difference in the plot, so I could just edit it~
If you guys want, feel free to read that part again~ (^^)

And yeah.... Just apologizing for any sort of weird spelling... or sentences that pops up sometimes in the middle of the writing...
That happens....

Because I'm a lazy person,
lazy as in REALLY lazy...
Even though I find spelling mistakes in my writing (such as "not" instead of "no"),
I get too lazy to edit them.
Sorry~  :nervous



>>Kamen Knight
Hahahaha~ I was half way through posting the previous chapter when I saw you commented xD

RenAirin? Next chapter?
No sorry xD
For now it focuses on wMatsui~
But later, and soon too~
RenAirin will take over :lol:
Please look forward to it!

Who the "other two" is.....
You will have to wait and find out xD
Even though I kind of made it really obvious with comments replies~ f(^^;)

*goes back and edit* (since I want the characters to keep some of their RL things)

Pandah-san stayed up for 31 hours????!!!!
You need some sleep (0.o)
Maybe I should postpone some of my updates, to let you sleep first.

Airin will come back soon~
Very very soon~

I'm glad you like it~ (^^)

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in reply to your reply :D

haha that plastic cup in the straw.....i think the first time i read it something looked off but then i was too excited to know what was gonna happen next so i continued reading then i think i mentally skipped how weird that part was :D (okay somehow what i said just then didnt make much sense)

i got to have a 3 hour nap before dinner so it was all cool :D but when i got woken up i felt so zombified  :yawn:

lol NEVER!! if you ever postponed any updates ill be so devastated D: and then all the other readers will rage and hunt me down and then chop me up into little pieces to feed me to the piranhas! 

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just realized you continued your update in the same day, :doh:

LOL, anyway... so now arrogant jurina turns into sweet jurina when she's together with rena~~ :yep:
still waiting for some 'back healing' scene, if you know what I mean XD
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FINALLY!!! I CAN COMMENT! I'm so sorry Ohayou-san! My internet was being such a jerk, and I wasn't able to comment using my laptop! So sorry!!!

But...  :fainted: I just wished that they did it a bit softer...
*sigh* Fine. Just this once! Because Rena-sama slapped them, I'll forgive you. LOL.

Really? I thought that my usage of emoticons/icons were too much though...That's why I wanted to limit myself.  :hiakhiakhiak: Though I think that my last comment was still a bit TOO much. Ahahaha~ And I wanted to show you just how enthusiastic I was about this story! I use lots of those whenever I'm reading something aweseme! So...Now you know how aweseme your fic is?  :hee: And just a secret between us two, *whispers*  :mon psst: I only remember one emoticons. the :kneelbow: one.  :hiakhiakhiak: Now it's almost rare of me to type a comment or update without it. Ahahaha~!

Anyway~ Onto the comments~! :mon beam:

I never knew about the egg thing! I should use it whenever I fall down! yes. I'm so clumsly that I still fall.
And I love how Rena was taking care of Jurina!!!  :mon inluv: So cute~!
Jurina really feels lonely, and now I wish that Rena-sama would take care of me.
Maybe I should go and get myself beaten up or feel even lonlier than I'm currently feeling to be taken care of by her, like Jurina. *runs off to find a bully*  :mon look: :mon rush: *sees bully, runs away*  :mon tantrum2:

I-I knew that I can't ask someone to beat me up. I'm to scared.  :mon curtain:

Anyway~ I laughed when I saw the
There was a plastic cup in a straw
No offence intented, Ohayou-san. It's just really funny.
And it made my headache go away!  :mon fyeah:

So...Rena-sama got to be fed by Jurina-chan...*feels jealous*  :mon sigh: I guess that I'll get Rena-sama to feed me in one of my fics Ahahaha~
And it's so sweet that she ate a piece of meat just for Jurina!!!  :mon XD: So cute!!! Kyaah~
Ahh~ I'm dying from so much W Matsui!!!!  :imdead:

And thank you for the update!!!  :mon love: I shall be cheering you on and on and on and on and on and on~!  :mon yeah: I shall be waiting patiently for the next update, and will try to fix my laptop ASAP to be able to reply fast! I will also NOT limit my usage of emoticons~  :mon dance: So tata~  :mon bye:
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Hahahaha~ No way~
ALl my dear readers are nice,
no one will rage and hunt down Pandah-san so they can feed Pandah-san to the piranhas~
They're most likely to hunt ME down and force me to do an update xD

Currently writing the "back healing" scene.
Kind of stuck on it, for some reason.
I dunno, why.
But I'm getting to it.

I'm just trying to make sure these kind of scenes,
for both this pair and the upcoming pair,
is as perfect as possible.

No need to apolygize, karomuwi-san~
No need to apolygize~
For you to actually comment is more than I could ask for already (^^)

And about that trick with the egg,
it's actually real.
My mum used to do that all the time when I was small,
so, yeah, feel free to try it sometime xD

No offence taken lol xD
Even I laughed when I read it xD
I'm glad my idiotic mistakes helped healed, Karomuwi-san~

And I'm glad you won't be limiting your usage of emoticons~
I love them~

School on holiday today~ It's ANZAC day lalalalala~
Thank kami-sama for all these little extra holiday in New Zealand xD
Anyway, although it's a holiday, I'm not feeling EXACTLY well, so I could really write much.
So, for that, I'm sorry everybody.

But don't worry, this is an update. Or at least, it's a post with writing. I wouldn't call it an "update" though.

As you can see from the title, this post is a prologue of another story that popped out of my head last night when I was watching some old asian movies.
So, tell me what you guys think?


Fire spread from one shack to another at the speed of light. Before anyone could react, the fire had already swallowed most of the villagers’ home. Young men were back and forth from the only well in the village with buckets in their hands and were trying to put out the still-spreading fire.

“Go! Arm yourself with anything you can hit with! Jared! Take the women and the children into the mountain! Keep them safe!” A middle age man shouted to everyone. Others obeyed without questions. Bigger, stronger men, armed themselves with the hay forks while younger and slightly weaker ones picked up ladles and strong-looking tree branches. One by one, the capable villagers armed themselves and held their grounds, preparing to protect their village at all cost.

“Papa!” A young girl ran away from her mother to the middle age man who picked her up with ease and held her close.

“Go back to your mother, my dear. It’s not safe for you here anymore. Hide. Keep safe,” The man whispered to the girl as he planted a kiss on her small forehead. Slowly, he crouched down and placed the girl back on the earth.

“Papa will come back right?” The girl asked as she touched the man’s face.

The man gave the girl a smile and ruffled the top of her hair, “Of course I will, my dear girl. Now be good and listen to your mother okay?” The girl nodded and ran back to her mother. The girl’s mother gave the man one last look and turned around to join the others who was already starting to make their way up the mountain and into the dark secluded forest.

Then they arrived. The monsters responsible for destroying the village. The men tensed and gripped harder onto their weapons as the galloping sounds of horses came to a stop in front of them. Steels in the riders’ hands, they charged forward without warning and slashed at those in the way.


The young girl shuffled in her little space. “Mama?”


“Papa will come back right?”

The mother’s hold on the girl tightened. “Of course,” the woman kissed the girl’s forehead.

“When will he come back?”

“Go to sleep, my dear. Papa will be back when we wake up.”

Feeling satisfied with the answer, the girl shuffled closer to her mother’s warmth and quickly fell back asleep. The mother, on the other hand, laid on the cold wet floor like all the others, holding her child as she listened to the sounds of clashing metals and screams of pain echoing from the village to the inside of the dark cave they were hiding in.


“Papa? Papa? Where are you, papa!?” The girl ran through village, searching. A dark body raised from the ground and fell back with a groan. The girl spotted the movement and ran towards the body. “PAPA!” The girl hugged the bloody man. Barely able to move, the man did his best to return the hug. The girl’s mother gasped at the sight of the man and immediately, tears rolled down her cheeks. “Mama! Look! Father was sleeping here the whole time and didn’t come find  us like he said he would! Lazy papa!” The girl laughed as she poked her father’s forehead, completely unaware of the seriousness of the condition of the side of his face, which had been sliced open, revealing pink flesh underneath, coated with red liquid.

No longer feeling anymore pain, the man gave the girl one last hug and said with his last breath, ”Remember, my dear. Learn to fight and don’t let those bad bandits get to you or your mama. Protect your mama in place of me, Jurina-chan.” With that, the man’s eyes rolled back and he collapsed back onto the floor.


The girl sat up from her bed, sweat rolling down her forehead, chest heaving up and down as she tried to regain her normal breathing pace. “I sleep because I want to dream, not re-live my memory...” the girl mumbled to herself as she laid back on her pillow and stared at the dark ceiling of her room.


This is a pretty short writing, it's a prologue afterall.

I'm sorry for using Jurina again, for those readers that don't really like Jurina (though I can't think of any reasons why anyone would not like Jurina)
There WILL be... two pairings in this story, or maybe more, if I decide to write in a few more.
Who that two pairings will be....
You guys will have an idea when I post the first chapter (IF you guys want to continue the story, that is)

But yeah, what do you guys think? Should I continue with this?

Oh, and I'm very very very very very very sorry that this wasn't an update on SKE All Gir's Private.
I'm kind of stuck-ish on writing the next chapter.
I mean, I know what I'm going to write, but yeah, I'm stuck.
So... Sorry! m(__)m

And please help me out with the poll~
If I continue with this new writing, or if I ever have another idea in the future about a new writing,
should I post it in this thread, or should I start a complete new thread on that story but put the links in here as well?
Title: Re: >>POLL<< Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Prologue) [4/25]
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 :D :D haha nobody is gonna hunt you down and force you to do an update you say all your dear readers are nice xD hahah  :lol:

and ohayou-san is like my next door neighbour!!  well next door country neighbour  8)

oooh a new story :O!! fantastic!  :cow:
but its so sad D: what a tragic opening with the death of jurinas papa  :(
TWO PAIRINGS?! i want airin to be in the story but thats cos i love her  :P haha and yes please! id love it if you continued  :thumbup

take your time with SKE A.G.P :)  no rush

and in regards to the poll i was thinking it'd be nice if you posted the stories in the same thread and the links in the first page for easy access *shrugs*

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 :twothumbs don't worry! you can chill and update when you are feeling better! TAKE CARE!!! Nice prologue by the way! and thanks for helping me out xD
Title: Re: >>POLL<< Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Prologue) [4/25]
Post by: Kamen Knight on April 25, 2012, 06:48:04 PM
Wow! New fic! Jurina and bodyguard.. it sounds interesting!! Is it going to be set in medieval era?

UOOH! I can't wait for this!
Title: Re: >>POLL<< Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Prologue) [4/25]
Post by: kahem on April 25, 2012, 06:57:14 PM
Poor chibi Jurina T_T
Title: Re: >>POLL<< Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Prologue) [4/25]
Post by: Juribait on April 29, 2012, 12:57:10 AM
I'm in love with your fanfics!!!  :luvluv1:
(In reality I read some of them in tumblr and here a while, but just now that I decide make a account in this forum  :mon sweat: )
I'm really love the Jurina tsundere mode.  :shy1:
The people here probably will hate but I'm rooting for Wmatsui in the end of SKE All Girl's Private School.  :cool1:
But what I can do ? I'm just a Wmatsui shipper in the end  :bigdeal:
Well good work and keep writing this lovely fanfic. :luvluv1:
Title: jurina T_T
Post by: yukofan on April 29, 2012, 03:09:56 AM
i don't mind if u put jurina in every fic you make because i love jurina :D

i'm waiting for update :D
Title: Re: >>POLL<< Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Prologue) [4/25]
Post by: ohayou on April 29, 2012, 04:51:01 AM

Yup (^^) Airin is gonna be in the story~
She can't escape from being a character in my writing,
she's too awesome to not write about :lol:

And thank you, Pandah-san, for the comment on the poll!
Thanks too for voting, if you voted xD

Thank you~ <3
And you are welcome~
If you have any more things you need help with,
I'm always open to help (^^)b

Thank you for commenting!
I'm glad you like them (^^)
And I'm glad you decided to make an account too~ d(^^)b


Yay for no complaint for so much Jurina!
Prepare for the JURINA STORM!
*digs out boxes of Jurina-included fanfic plots*

I'm kidding lol~
I don't have boxes of plots xD
But I do have a lot of plots ideas,
that shall remain in my head
until I finish with these two fanfics
because I'm so bad at multi-tasking xD

>>Everyone else
Thank you everyone for reading and/or commenting
and especially thank you to those readers that helped me out by voting~
Votes results came out with:

14 votes for posting in this thread
13 votes for posting in a new topic
And 10 people didn't want me to multitask :lol:

And yeah, since more people voted to have new writing posted onto this thread,
that's what I'll do.
I'm sorry in advance to the 23 voters and others who didn't want me to do that,

PS: Can anyone tell me how to close off a poll? It's my first time creating one so.... yeah... f(^^;)
Title: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 1) [4/29]
Post by: ohayou on April 29, 2012, 05:05:54 AM
So now, onto the updates~
I update this in a different post because I didn't want my previous post to be too long.
Anyway, this is the first chapter of the new fic.
And I have to say, this IS the longest chapter I've written ever.
So, bare with me please~
And I'll try not to make them too long,
but I can't help it, it's too hard to write a short and good one,
so I write a long and average one.

Awoken by shuffling sound on the other side of the room, Airi sat up and rubbed her eyes, “Jurina? You okay?”

The shuffling sound stopped. Followed by a soft sigh.

Airi looked out the window, it was nearly dawn. Yet, because of the thunderclouds, it was still dark outside. Airi slipped out of her blankets and went over to the other girl’s bed. Now that she was closer, she could see beads of sweat rolling down Jurina’s forehead. She wiped it away with her thumb and asked in a whisper, “Dreamt of your father again?” The other girl nodded. Airi patted the girl’s trembling hand, comforting the girl. When the girl finally stopped trembling, Airi released her hand and made her way back to her own bed, hoping to get some sleep before the sun fully rises.

Both girls lay in their beds, under their thin blankets, wide awake. Jurina awake because she feared falling back asleep will mean returning to her nightmare and starting back from where her nightmare left off. Airi was awake because she was worried about Jurina. Although this isn’t the first time Jurina had dreamt of her passed away father, Airi knew that Jurina won’t be able to go back to sleep. Even though Jurina was close to dreaming about her father almost every night, Jurina’s mood the next morning is always the same. Depressed, deep in thoughts, and worst of all, she always does something reckless in those mornings. Jurina being in a bad mood makes her really cranky. That was a fact that Airi knew ever since the first day she and Jurina met. Airi’s mind wandered back to the memory of her first encounter with the girl.


>>Around some ten years ago<<

There was a group of them, all with tiring looks and fear in their eyes as they made their way into the city. No one needed to ask them what happened, everyone knew, because they weren’t the first group of villagers to have come to seek shelter in the city after having their village destroyed. They were rolling a giant cart behind them, the cart was covered with a sheet. No one needed to lift it up and they knew what was in that too. Airi’s mother dropped the fruit she was cutting and rushed outside as she called Airi, “Airi, find your father now. Tell him another village has been attacked.”

Seeing her mother’s anxious expression, Airi ran the shop her father always goes to when restocking of herbs are needed and dragged her father out of the shop. “Mother needs you back now. She said another village has been attacked!” Her father nodded at her and quickly picked her up then ran back home as fast as he could.

It was a horrible sight to see, all the villagers lying on the floor of the storage room her mother has freed up in order to give them a place to rest. All of them were in horrifying conditions, every one of them were hurt in one way or another. Some had cuts all over their arms and legs, some were burned while some were still to recover from the shock of seeing their village burn under their own eyes. There was one thing that Airi kept seeing in the villagers’ eyes. It wasn’t just this village, but in the eyes of all the previous villagers as well. That one thing that Airi felt right now: hopelessness. Airi felt so hopeless as everyday, more villages are destroyed while Airi herself was too young and too weak to do anything for them. Some may say that Airi understands nothing of the adult world since she was only a child in their eyes. But under her parents’ teaching, she had grown up to have a more mature mind than normal children her age. Or at least she is very mature when it comes to serious matters like these.

As usual, without needing her parents to tell her what to do, Airi disappeared into her family’s kitchen and returned to the temporary shelter with spare food and water. Since her family hasn’t done any restocking lately, there wasn’t a lot of spare food left. Airi ripped the bread in parts and cut the fruits into small slices then gave a share to each villager along with some water. However, for the first time, while Airi was giving out the food, someone rejected the offer. Airi blinked in shock when one of the bread roll she gave out flew back at her. She picked it up and looked at where it came from. Looking at her was a girl whom Airi guessed was around the same age, with tears rolling down her face and her cheeks were puffed red in anger. “I DON’T WANT FOOD! I JUST WANT MY PAPA BACK!” The girl shouted.

“Jurina-chan,” a woman called out to her, “You don’t treat others like that. You don’t throw food at them. Oneechan was only being nice. Youu should never treat others like that.” The woman turned to Airi and gave her a small apologetic smile. Airi immediately knew that woman was the girl’s mother. Seeing the way she was talking to her.

The small girl stomped her feet and yelled, “I DON’T CARE! I WANT PAPA!” And the girl broke down into tears.

Seeing the tears immediately broke through Airi’s shock. She never liked seeing anyone crying. Airi walked over to the girl with the roll of bread in one hand and poked the girl’s cheek, “You shouldn’t cry. Wherever your father is, he wouldn’t want you to cry. You have to stay strong for your father no? You father wouldn’t have wanted you to be crying. He would’ve wanted you to stay strong for him, for your mother and for yourself right?” The girl stopped crying at the words and was silent now. Her face looked like she was deep in thought. Then slowly the girl nodded and returned to her mother’s side, wiping away her own tears. Airi was thankful for having a good memory and could remember exactly what her mother said to one of the previous village’s child when that child acted exactly the same as this Jurina girl.

The villagers left Airi’s house one by one after a few days, as many of them had recovered and were desperate to go out and search for a new home. Airi’s parents helped each of them look for new places to live, most of them were at the very edge of the city, away from the population, but no one complained as having a home was good enough for them. Jurina and her mother, however, were not given a home at the edge of the city. Instead, because Jurina’s mother was also knowledgeable in herbs, Airi’s parents asked her to help them out around their shop. Airi’s parents said that she and Jurina can live with them for now and not worry about food and shelter. To that Jurina’s mother accepted without delay since she needed a job and a comfortable place for Jurina to live in. Airi then helped her parents clean out the storage room thoroughly, wiping it from the ceiling to the floor, and helped Jurina and her mother settle in.

Jurina avoided Airi at first, but then slowly opened up to the girl and soon, the two were close friends. Maybe it was because her parents now had a helper or maybe it was because of Jurina’s bad influence, but as Airi and Jurina became closer, they hanged out more in the city. At first, the two of them would be picked on by the richer family’s children, but after awhile, Jurina started to fight back and later, Airi joined in. The more Jurina fought back, the more they were picked on and the more the two girls gained experience in self defense. Soon, no one else dared to go close to the two and before the two knew it, it was the two of them that was feared by other children. Both Airi and Jurina’s parents weren’t happy about them fighting with other children, but none of them had the time to give them a lecture as the refugees coming into the city grew each day.


>>Back in Airi and Jurina’s bedroom<<

“Airin.” A voice broke the girl from her chain of thoughts. “Airin, are you asleep?” Jurina called out to the girl.

“Not yet.”

“I can’t sleep, Airin. My bed is cold...” Airi heard some shuffling sound from Jurina’s side of the room.

Airi chuckled, “Cold? Then close the wind- What are you doing!?” Airi gasped as she felt cold hands and feets made their way into her own warm blanket. “Jurina! Go back to your own bed!” Airi frowned at the girl who had made her way into her own warm bed.

“No~ I can’t sleep... It’s too cold~” Jurina slipped her arms around the waist of the girl in front of her and smiled at the warmth that she was feeling.

Airi sighed, “You know, maybe I should swap bed with you so you can’t use the cold excuse all the time and use me as a teddy bear.”

“But you’re a good teddy bear~ And I’m too scared to fall back asleep on my own...” Jurina mumbled as she recalled the nightmare she had of her father’s death.

“You’re such a kid sometimes, Jurina. Why can’t you act more like you do when you’re outside? The cool and mature Jurina is so much better.” Though saying that, Airi relaxed and shifted into a more comfortable position with Jurina’s arms still attached to her. Airi, personally preferred Jurina when she was more serious. Whenever the two of them go out in the city, the way Jurina acts, many people had though Jurina was Airi’s older sister when in reality, Airi was older than her. However, Airi still loved the Jurina she sees when it is just the two of them. At those times, Jurina shows a side of her that only Airi had seen before. The cute but childish side of her.

“Mmm...” was the only reply Airi got from her words. She turned around and looked at the girl. Jurina had already fallen asleep. Airi smiled and pulled the blanket up closer to cover both of them. Seeing the cute side of Jurina never fails to make her smile. Airi closed her eyes, ’Yes, it is much warmer now.’


Airi woke up to the sound of thunder. She looked outside, and was surprised to see shops on the street already opened despite of the pouring rain. “Eh? What’s the time now?” Airi sat up and tapped Jurina, “Sleepyhead, get up, all the shops had opened already.” The sleeping figure mumbled something and pouted, showing no sign of wanting to wake up. Airi held Jurina’s pouting lips between her two fingers, making Jurina open her eyes and blink at Airi. “Wake up. Is it normal for your mother not to wake us up when she opens the shop?”

Jurina looked at the window and pulled Airi’s finger away. “No... It’s not...” Jurina thought for awhile and looked back at Airi with fear, “Maybe she’s not feeling well?” Jurina quickly got up and climbed out of bed. “I’m going to go check on her.” Jurina slipped on her shoes and made her way outside the room.

“Wait, I’m coming too,” Airi said as she too, climbed off bed and put on her own shoes.

’Jurina was right. She is sick...’ Airi looked at the woman that was still in bed in front of her. Jurina was kneeling next to her mother and was looking at her closely. Airi walked closer and placed a hand on the woman’s forehead. “She’s really burning...” Airi mumbled to herself. “Can you show me your tongue?” The woman obeyed. After close inspection, Airi turned to Jurina and said, “Your mother... She is showing the same symptoms that my parents had before they passed away.” Jurina looked at her with fear in her eyes, fear this time, of losing her mother. She clapped Jurina’s shoulder, “Relax, my mother wrote down the cure for this flu.” Airi opened one of the smaller drawers and took out a pile of paper. She flipped through them and took out one, “Ah, this one.” She gave the paper to Jurina. “We better treat your mother quickly before she turns even worst. If we give her the medicine now, she’ll recover hopefully in a few days.”

Jurina looked at the paper, “So what should I do? Where do I find these?”

“You know, uncle Takashi? Yeah? He still sells some, I think. Hopefully. Now go, get about 3 bundles back. I’ll stay here and try cool down your mother’s fever.” Airi said quickly and returned to Jurina’s mother’s side.

Jurina grabbed her hood, flung it over her shoulder and took off with the piece of paper in hand. The rain was pouring hard, even with the hood over her head, Jurina could feel the rain hitting her. The front of her was already soaked even though she just left her home not long ago. Thanking her own fast speed, she made it to the market area quick. She looked around for the shop Airi mentioned but frowned when she looked at the notice stuck on the front.

”Close due to bad weather.”

“You serious!? What shop closes because of weather!?” Jurina complained as she looked around for more herbal shops. She went into the first one she saw and immediately looked for the grass weed. Jurina pointed to the herb she was looking for in one of the boxes and asked the unknown shopkeeper, “How much for three bundles of that?”

The shopkeeper looked at what Jurina was pointing at and then back at her. “The weed? That’s quite expensive unfortunately, my dear. The city’s stock on them is getting quite low yet everyone needs them. Seeing you came out in this bad weather to get them, I’ll give them to you for a smaller price.” She held up three fingers.

Jurina stared at her, mouth opened wide, “Thirty silver coins?!” Jurina squealed excitedly inside, that is nowhere near as expensive the shopkeeper made it sound like. She eagerly took out coin bag and hunted out for the coins.

The shopkeeper stared at Jurina in disbelief, “Thirty silver coins? What are you talking about? You can’t even get a bowl of grain with that now. It’s three hundred silver coins! Three hundred! As I said, there isn’t of them around anymore. They’re getting quite rare.”

Jurina’s fingers froze. Three hundred coins. She didn’t have enough. Business haven’t been good lately for her mother, money was running low. She looked back at her bag and counted. She was a hundred coins off. “Can I please get them for two hundred coins? It’s all I have! And I need the grass weeds urgently! My mother’s life depends on it!” Jurina begged the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper just shook her head, “I’m sorry, my dear. I can’t cut that much. It was originally three hundred and seventy silvers before and that is already cheaper than most other shops around the market. I already gave you a big cut off. I too, need to feed my family. I’m sorry.” Jurina hung her money bag back onto her belt and frowned. Now where was she going to find any grass weeds?  If all the other stores sold them for an even higher price, how was Jurina going to get her hands on them.

The shopkeeper looked at Jurina’s depressed expression and couldn’t help but feel sorry for the girl. Coming all the way here in the storm and having to go back empty handed. “Although I know this is not a very good thing to tell you, my dear,” the shopkeeper said. Jurina looked up. “But have you heard of the sacred dragon fruit?” Jurina shook her head. “Well, in the emperor’s garden, there is a big tree just off the palace. The sacred dragon fruit grows there. Rumor has it that those fruit cures all sickness and if you eat one every day, you’ll live forever.” Jurina listened closely to the shopkeeper. “That fruit may or may not help your mother. I don’t know.” If she could get her hands on just one of these sacred fruit, she could save her mother. Jurina quickly thanked the shopkeeper and ran out back into the rain towards the emperor’s palace in the center of the city, not caring whether or not this was only just a rumor.

It didn’t take long to reach the palace. Jurina hid behind one of the trees on the side and looked out. There were guards by the entrance, and there was no way they would just let Jurina pass. She looked around, the walls weren’t too high and from where Jurina was hiding, she could see some trees growing close to the edge of the wall. Jurina grinned and made her way to the trees. There was almost no difference to this thievery than all the other ones Jurina had done before. Only differences were that she wasn’t stealing bread this time, and the person she is stealing from is the emperor himself.

Jurina jumped from the wall around the palace and onto one of the stronger looking tree branches that were leaning close to where she was standing. She looked around, there wasn’t a lot of guards around right now. Slowly, Jurina made her way down the tree and jumped downed when she got too impatient, landing silently on her feet. She looked around, then mentally slapped herself in the face, ’I forgot to ask the shopkeeper what the fruit and the tree looks like!?’ Jurina looked around the emperor’s garden. ’It’ll take forever to search through the whole garden... So much trees...’

A small patch of green on the ground caught Jurina’s attention. “Eh?!” She kneeled down and felt the grass under her hand. Taking out the paper Airi gave her, she compared the grass under her hand to the picture. It was the same grass. “Is this just my luck or what?” She pulled out three bundle of the grass and looked for a place to put them. “Argh! How can I forget to bring a bag!” Jurina frowned as she searched herself, then ended up putting the grass in the money bag. That was, after all, the only bag she had on her.

“Who’s there!?”

Jurina looked up and saw two guards with large bamboo hat looking right at her. ’Yabai...’ Jurina looked at the guards, these two were lightly dressed guards. But from the belt of small daggers around the guards’ belt and the bow and arrow in the guards’ hands, Jurina knew straight away these guards were trained for speed and agility, thus the light armor and weapons. Jurina also knew right now that she can’t get caught. Stealing is bad enough already, stealing from the emperor is suicide. The guards were closing in now. Jurina backed away and her back hits the wall she climbed in from.

“Trespasser, reveal your face,” One of the guards pointed at Jurina with his bow. Jurina gripped the side of her hood. There was no way she will show her face. That means she will still be hunted down even if she escapes now. If she could somehow get away without having her face being seen, she would be safe. Jurina looked at the two guards. They were at the right distance. ’Please stay on, my hood. I don’t want my face seen for what I’m about to do.’ Jurina prayed. Taking a deep breathe, she jumped as high as she could and kicked herself from the wall. The guards were not expecting this. As they fumbled to get an arrow on their bow, Jurina landed on both the guards, successfully knocking both of them down onto the ground. Before they could get up, Jurina had already kicked their bows away and were making a run for the front gate.

“STOP!” The two guards yelled after her as they ripped the bamboo hat, which was sheltering their face from the cold rain, off their head and took out of the daggers in their belt, completely ditching their main weapon.

Bells were ringing around the palace now, making Jurina run even faster. She was starting to hear more and more footsteps behind her. “Can’t get caught, can’t get caught,” Jurina repeated to herself as she kept running. She could see the front gate now, but she could also see the two guards that were on duty before turned around and were looking right at her.

Jurina had to say, even though she knew this was dangerous, she couldn’t help but feel excited. It’s true that she always used to fight with other children and would go home with bruises all over, but those children were just messing around. No one really knew how to throw a punch properly. In fact, Jurina don’t think she knew how to either. But now that she was up against adults who were trained to fight, Jurina was excited to know how she will go up against these guards. However, at the same time, Jurina was afraid of what will happen if she lost the fight. The guards will catch her and she will be executed for intruding and stealing.

A knife whizzed past Jurina’s shoulder, cutting her off her thoughts. She watched in horror as she saw the small shining knife struck into one of the trees at the front. ’Time to make a gamble,’ Jurina thought to herself as she braced herself for combat with the two guards at the gate. These guards were not like the lightweight ones that caught Jurina. These guards had a spear and that was going to be a problem. Jurina knew from experiences that if the opponent uses a long distance weapon, get close to them.

The two spears jabbed at her, Jurina easily jumped from the sharp metal and kicked one of the guards in the face before turning around and throwing a punch at the other one. Jurina laughed as she realized that there was no difference in punching these adults and punch the kids that used to pick on her and Airi. Except, these adults had the hardest skull Jurina had ever punched before. The guards quickly recovered. One of them knocked the air out of Jurina as the back of the spear made contact with Jurina’s ribs. The other one was pointing his spear at Jurina’s neck.

Jurina froze. She had never felt something like this before. She had never felt like she could die any moment. But that gave her more excitement. When the guard were distracted by the incoming reinforcement that was chasing Jurina the whole time, she took this opportunity and kicked the spear away and kicked the side of the guard’s head, successfully knocking the guard out cold.

Another group of guards arrived and these too, wore bamboo hats on their head to stop the rain from blurring their sights. The guard at the very front leaped over some of the knocked down guards and aimed a kick right at Jurina’s head. Jurina ducked just in time to feel the powerful kick slide above her hair. Jurina kept her body low and charged at the attack, hoping to take this guard down before she gets her skull crushed to pieces. “Captain Sakiko!” The guards yelled as they watched Jurina hit the guard on the back of the neck with her elbow. At the impact, the bamboo hat of the captain fell and almost instantly, the rain soaked wet the long black hair that belonged to the captain.

’A female captain?’ Jurina looked at the knocked out female in front of her. She had always thought that only males worked for the emperor as close guards and that even if there were females, they would not be holding high positions like the female in front of her. Jurina observed the female face in front of her. The captain didn’t look much older than herself, probably only by a few years. Jurina snapped out of her thoughts when the remaining guards yelled at her and charged at her.

Maybe kami-sama was playing with her and wanted Jurina to be caught. As Jurina fought off the guards at the front gate of the emperor’s palace, the rain was started to get even more heavier than it already was. The cold was seeping through Jurina’s soaked shirt, chilling her to the bone. Every punch she threw at the guards, her knuckles would feel numb for a while from the cold impact. Her hood however, no matter how Jurina moved, kicked and jumped, doesn’t seems to want to fall off. And for that, Jurina was glad. “Ah!” Jurina screamed as one of the throwing knives nicked her shoulder. Her eyes widened at the sight of red staining her shirt. This was the first time she has been hurt like this. Jurina started to panic. Deciding that it was time she exclude herself from the fight, she knocked out another guard standing behind her and started running down the streets. It was easier to escape her attackers this way, running through streets and hiding in places where only Jurina knew existed rather than stand outside the emperor’s front door and fight them with no weapon.


The rain was hammering against the roof of their house, creating a new music piece with the thunder that was booming above the city and the wind that was howling across the barely occupied street. Airi stood up from Jurina’s mother side and walked to the window. Jurina has gone out for a long time now, and still she wasn’t back yet. Airi knew Jurina well and thought that perhaps Jurina felt like wondering around, getting some fresh air. After all, the girl did have a nightmare last night. But somehow, Airi couldn’t shake this uneasy feeling off her chest that something bad happened.

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“Hmm, your bruise looks so much better now. Does it still hurt?” Rena asked as she inspected the girl’s head. The colour of the bruise is less purple now, compared to earlier. Though still visible, it was much less obvious. Rena made a note to remember to thank her maid when she goes home in the summer holidays.

Jurina nodded, a grin on her face, “It feels much more better than before. Thank you, Rena-chan.” She slightly touched the spot where the bruise for. No longer can she feel the pain, unless she pressed hard on the spot.

Rena frozed. ’Rena...chan?’ She looked at the girl.

Surprised by the look on the older girl’s face, Jurina blinked her eyes innocently, “What?”

“You... You just called me... Rena-CHAN...” Rena replied, emphasizing on the honorific at the end. This was the first time she had heard Jurina address anyone like that before. It was the first time she heard Jurina addressing herself like that. Now that Rena thought about it, Jurina has been acting really different today. From this morning’s event, Jurina had protected her. Then there was Jurina asking her not to leave her, and those cute puppy dog eyes that Rena couldn’t help but love. And there was also dinner. Jurina offering to share her food already surprised Rena, as if she isn’t surprised enough already, Jurina fed her little by little. ’Maybe the nurses got it wrong when they said there wasn’t any permanent damage to Jurina’s brain,’ Rena thought to herself. However, Rena was fine by this change. She actually enjoy being around the new Jurina.

Jurina looked away and scratched the back of her head. She gave a nervous laugh, “Uh... Hehehe... Yeah... I guess I did...” Jurina faked a yawn and covered her burning face with her hand. She couldn’t believe she actually called Rena, Rena-chan. She never called anyone with honorific unless she actually accepts that person to be on a level above her, such as Masana, the head girl. Jurina has always addressed Masana in a more formal way than her friends, while Masana’s friends call her by her nickname, Jurina call her Masana-san. She had always looked up to Masana. Therefore, she feels better addressing the girl formally. Jurina was much more obedient to the head girl than the teachers in her class. That was the exact reason why teachers always find Masana to talk to Jurina whenever she does something wrong. Unless it’s so serious that they have no choice but to get the principal involve.

However, what Jurina didn’t understand was why she called Rena like that. The words just slipped out of her tongue and it felt normal to call Rena that. Perhaps it was because Jurina’s respect for Rena have grown a lot now that the girl has taken such a good care of her. But, Jurina still wasn’t entirely sure. Either way, Jurina liked calling Rena that it felt normal for her to address Rena like that.

Seeing that Jurina yawned, Rena stopped rolling the egg. “You tired? You should go back to sleep,” Rena said as she stood up from her chair and rolled the chair back under the table. The egg was still quite warm though, probably good enough to roll for about half an hour more. ’Such a waste of the egg... but then Jurina is tired, might as well as let her rest,’ Rena thought to herself as she felt the egg in her palm then placed it on the table. “C’mon, go back to bed, you need more sleep,” She pulled Jurina up from her chair and tucked the uncomplaining girl back into her bed. Rena winced when she felt a small pain on her back as she stood back up after giving Jurina a small kiss on the forehead, like all older sisters do when they tuck their little sisters in bed.

That face didn’t go unseen by Jurina, who wasn’t feeling sleepy at all. Rena had failed to see that the previous yawn was a fake yawn. Jurina sat up from her bed and poked Rena’s cheek, “Rena-chan?” Rena turned to look at her, the way Jurina called her puts a smile on Rena’s face without even trying. The pain on her back long forgotten the moment she saw the smile from the girl. “You back still hurt doesn’t it?” Jurina asked as she pointed to one of the small bruise that became visible as Rena’s bathrobe had slightly loosened and revealed her pale shoulder and a small part of her back.

Rena looked at where Jurina was pointed and quickly fixed her robe. She shook her head and stood up, giving the girl the best smile she could manage as the pain returned from her sudden movement, “I’m fine. Don’t worry about it. Go get some sleep, Jurina.” Rena made her way back to her side of the room and dropped on her bed with her back facing the ceiling. It seemed like she was going to have to sleep with her back on top today if she doesn’t want to wake up in the middle of the night due to the pain from her back. Rena didn’t even bother to get change anymore, she was too lazy to. And now that she has become aware of the bruises on her back again, she could start feeling the pain again. She looked at her phone, half an hour till ten. It was nearly lights out time anyway. Rena closed her eyes, attempting to start her sleep early, not even bothering to pull the blankets over her.

Suddenly, Rena felt something warm on one of the bruises on her shoulder. She opened her eyes and turned her head. “Y-You... What are you doing, Jurina? Go get some sleep, don’t worry about me,” Rena sat up and took the egg from the girl’s hand.

Jurina stopped the fingers that were trying to take the egg and placed them back to the side of their owner. Jurina frowned at the fingers, “I’m not tired. I think I’ve slept more than I needed to already. Just let me help you, you’re obviously in more pain than me. I saw it on your face when you bend you back. And like you said before, it won’t kill you to accept kindness from someone once in a while. You can’t always be the one that helps me.”

Rena ignored the girl’s words and tried to take the egg from the girl. All that was Rena’s mind right now was the fact that Jurina needs rest. She didn’t know what happened to her today to make her just suddenly collapse, but whatever it was, it was really bad. And it is because of that, Rena doesn’t want Jurina to do anything else but rest.

The more Rena tells her that her back is fine and that she should go back and get some rest, the worst Jurina feels. Even at this stage, when Rena’s back was starting to hurt so much that she could no longer keep the pain from being shown on her face, she was refusing to back down and kept telling Jurina to go back and rest. “Rena-chan!” Jurina almost yelled out, her patience running low. She really wanted to help Rena, but Rena wasn’t making it easy at all. Rena froze at the calling of her name. No matter how many times she hears it from Jurina, she still can’t get used to Jurina calling her like that. Seeing that Rena has stopped, Jurina pulled Rena’s fingers away from her hand. “Can you please just let me help you? After you helping me out all night... I don’t want you hurting...” Jurina said in a small whisper as she gave Rena her irresistible puppy eyes.

“I-I...” Rena stammered at the sight of Jurina’s eyes, no longer able to form a sentence in her brain. Rena’s heart melted and she sighed in surrender. ’That’s not fair... who can resist that...?’ Rena thought to herself as she dropped her hand and allowed the now smiling Jurina to lower her back onto her bed. She had to admit, she really like the way Jurina is acting all different tonight. But it is also because Jurina is acting more like her age than the cold and mature Jurina from last night that makes Rena worry more about the girl’s condition than her own.

A small sigh escaped Rena’s lips when Jurina gently pressed the warm egg onto one of the bruises on Rena’s shoulder. ’If I knew that’s how nice this felt, I wouldn’t have bothered to resist before...’ Slowly, Rena closed her eyes and started to relax as her bruises absorbed the heat being given out by the egg.

“So, Rena-chan, what happened after I was out?” Jurina asked as she turned her attention to a different bruise that was on the opposite shoulder.

Without opening her eyes, Rena explained, “Well, a few seconds after you collapsed, your three friends came over. One of the girls who I have never seen in school before called Masanya, Mizuki was helping you and Kuumin was helping Churi. Then the head girl arrived and send all three of us to the medical facility. Which reminds me, you know, Masanya was pretty shocked to see you on the floor.”

“Well I don’t collapse often so... yeah,” Jurina mumbled to herself, feeling slightly embarrassed at the fact that she showed such weakness in front of all the others. Even though they were just her friends, she didn’t like others seeing the weak side of her. However, being in this room right now, with Rena, Jurina for some reason, couldn’t care less. Jurina already killed her own popular image when she requested Rena to stay behind and look after her.

“Anyway,” Rena continued, “when we got there, the nurses gave your head a brief scan, they said not much damage has been done and that you will recover quick but someone needs to be there when you wake up because you might still feel dizzy. Which again, reminds me, what happened to your head anyway? You looked like you got kicked in the head.” Rena opened her eyes and looked at Jurina, dying for an explanation from the girl to satisfy her own curiosity and concern.

Jurina stopped what she was doing and scratched the back of her head. She forced a small laugh from her throat, “Uh... um... To be exact, I was punched in the head.” Looking at Rena’s eyes which looked like they were about to fall out of their sockets, Jurina quickly explained, “well I was having a play fight with Mizuki and then I was thinking about y-“ Jurina stopped her words. She couldn’t possible tell Rena that she lost concentration because her mind was completely occupied by the girl during the fight. It was way too embarrassing. “I was thinking about something, and I got distracted and didn’t block the blow,” Jurina said. It was too hard to think of an excuse.

Now her mind trailed back to what she was thinking about during the fight: Rena’s kindness, the way she treats others, even those that she did not know and the way Rena looked after Jurina tonight proved to Jurina that Rena was indeed a nice person. To be honest, Jurina wouldn’t mind being knocked out again if she could have another chance to have someone like Rena to look after her.

Rena chuckled at Jurina’s answer. She have no idea what Jurina would’ve been thinking about to have distracted so much during a fight, but whatever it was, it must’ve been something really important. Otherwise, Rena couldn’t think of a good and reasonable excuse for Jurina to space out during any sort of dangerous events like these. Rena wanted to ask Jurina what she was thinking about, but decided against it. Although her curiosity is killing her, she didn’t want to accidentally ask something too personal and ended up angering Jurina.

“What about Churi?” Jurina asked as the picture of Akane’s bleeding leg flashed back in her mind.

“The nurse just changed the bandage on her leg and had Mizuki carry her back to her room. She spent the rest of her school day off, in her room, playing on the computer.”

Jurina looked at Rena with a confused face. ’How did she know what Churi did? Was she with her the whole time?’

Seeing Jurina’s confused face from the corner of her eye, as if she could read the girl’s mind, Rena answered the question swimming in Jurina’s mind. “Churi mailed me. We exchanged mail addresses on our way back to the classroom.” Jurina nodded and then decided that she will check her phone afterwards before she goes to sleep. If Akane mailed someone else, it is most likely that Jurina’s inbox would be spammed with the girl’s messages.
“Rolling for too long isn’t good for the bruise, Jurina,” Rena pointed out as she stopped Jurina’s moving hand. The girl have been going on at the same spot for a long time and Rena’s other bruises were calling for Jurina’s attention.

Rena’s soft grip on her hand turned Jurina’s attention back onto her. “Ah! I’m sorry,” Jurina apologized, “I’ve never done this before so...” Jurina pulled her hand away from Rena’s bruise. She didn’t want to make the bruises’ condition anymore worst. “Um... Do you have any more bruises? The egg is still warm.” Jurina opened the paper towel and felt the egg. It was the perfect temperature. Jurina might’ve eaten it herself if the egg have not been used to roll on bruises.

“On... my back...” Rena said in a very small voice but before Jurina could say anything back, she sat up. “It’s okay, don’t worry about the ones on my back. They’ll heal on their own. It’s okay, Jurina, thank you for helping me,” Rena lied. The bruises on her back are screaming in pain each time she moved her back and the truth is Rena did want Jurina to treat her back as well. But at the same time, Rena didn’t want Jurina to do anything to those bruises. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Jurina, but more like because Jurina will need to see her back in order to treat it and letting others see her back is something Rena have never done before.

Jurina frowned at Rena’s words. Can the girl not understand that she was trying to help her? Listening to Rena telling her to let her bruises heal on her own really annoyed Jurina, especially when Jurina is feeling guilty for making Rena look after her. “No, it’s not okay, Rena-chan. You have bruises on your back. You said it yourself just then. So let me help you.” Jurina said as she waved for Rena to lie back down.

Rena looked at her then gave a sigh as she lowered herself back onto the bed. From the look on Jurina’s face, Rena knew the girl wouldn’t listen if Rena kept telling her she was fine, so instead of arguing, she might as well as relax and enjoy it since it does feel really nice. Only problem remaining now for Rena was to let another person see her back. Rena didn’t like people seeing her back, she never had shown it to anyone willingly. Not that there was any reason to. The only people who had ever seen it was her mother and the head maid when Rena once fell down the stairs when she was really small.

Rena tensed as she felt Jurina pull down the shoulder of her robe. ’Is Jurina’s hand shaking?’ Rena questioned herself as she felt Jurina’s fingers touching her skin, whether intentionally or not, Rena didn’t know. Jurina was considerate, only pulling down Rena’s robe to the top half of her chest, not revealing too much. She was glad that Jurina couldn’t see the whole of her back. It would be quite embarrassing indeed. Rena had never been that confident about the appearance of her back. In fact, Rena has never really cared about her own back, since she never intended to have anyone see it.

Jurina pulled Rena’ robe down to reveal the top half of her back. She didn’t want to pull it down too low and make Rena feel uncomfortable, considering the two of them had only known each other for the second day. Slowly, Jurina rolled the egg onto one of the black purple bruises on Rena’s really pale back. She could see Rena’s body immediately relax when it came into contact with the warmth.

No more words were exchanged between the two as Jurina treated Rena’s back. Mainly because Jurina didn’t know what else to say. Her mind couldn’t form any sentences as she observed every inch of Rena’s back. She watched with fascination as Rena’s back slightly moved with each breath the girl takes. Before Jurina knew it, one of her hand was rolling the egg while the other, the other was tracing the outline of one of the faint bruises in the middle of Rena’s back.

Rena felt a touch on her back. A touch that seemed like it was drawing little patterns on her back. A touch that was soothing yet at the same time, strange. It wasn’t a touch Rena was familiar with which made Rena reach the conclusion that the touch was probably just her imagination from her fatigue. Her tiredness was really overwhelming her afterall. Yet Rena didn’t want to fall asleep yet. Not when her back is exposed to another person. But, while Jurina slowly and gently treated her bruises, Rena felt her eyelids droop lower and lower.

A soft ring echoed into Jurina’s room. “Ah, lights out. Good timing, the egg had gone all cold now...” Jurina rolled the egg in her hand. She looked at Rena’s back and unconsciously, traced around one of the bruises with her fingers, “At least the bruises look fainted now.” Jurina threw away the egg and called the girl who have been still for the whole time Jurina was observing her back, “Rena-chan, I’m done now.” Seeing no reply, Jurina moved closer and tapped the girl on the shoulder, “Rena-chan?” Jurina looked closer and smiled at the sight in front of her.

Matsui Rena, sleeping, with a faint smile on her face.

Quietly, Jurina pulled Rena’s robe back up to cover her shoulder and then pulled Rena’s blanket over her. Then she tiptoed back to her side of her room, turned off the light and threw herself on her bed. Before Jurina fell asleep, she remembered what she had to do first. She took out her phone and flipped it open. “Eh?” Jurina stared at her phone in surprise. There was no messages. She closed it, waited for a few seconds then flipped it open again, thinking that maybe her phone had a lag. “No messages from Churi? Yet the girl texted Rena-chan?” Jurina frowned as she stared at her screen. Then realization hit her as she remembered what the girl had said today.

”It’s not fair for me, Jurina-chan.”

“Oh... Churi is mad...” Jurina sighed and pulled her blanket over herself. “Looks like I have to make it up to her tomorrow morning,” she mumbled to herself as her mind starts pondering on how she can gain the girl’s forgiveness.
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Tako-chan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :D daisuki!!!  :wub:
i started writing coz one day, i just suddenly thought of a storyline for a fanfic  :P
and i really want to form it into words hehe
i've written fanfics before but that was when i was into KPOP
"Promise" is my first fanfic with JPOP as characters  :)

and by the way you finally updated!!!!  :wub:
as always i looove the update  :inlove: XD
but i'm starting to miss Airin  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:
i looooooove the WMatsui sisterly love moments here  :twothumbs
i want to see more RenAirin moments  :cry:
cant wait for the next chapter!!!!  :D
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Yay the WMatsui was so innocent and sweet ^^
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I like this chapter :) WMatsui is perfect, but I like RenAirin too. And poor Churi, she loves Jurina, but it seems Jurina fall in love with Rena... Interesting, I'm waiting for the next chapter!
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Had to catch up on the last two chapters.

Really liking how things are progressing, don't mind if it turns into a RenAirin or WMatsui story, it's well written and interesting enough for me to be okay with whatever.

I can understand how Jurina feels about Rena's back though as weird as it is.
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Wmatsui moment! So cute and lovely  :luvluv1:
Churi loves Jurina who is starting fall in love with Rena who is still do not know who love yet, but we still have Airin who apparently love Rena ...
this will be complicated :dizzy:
I think hearts will be broken in the end of this fanfic :OMG:
Well keep writing you're making a excelent history  :on GJ:
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Ohayou-sama... :kneelbow: I shall now comment once again after being unable to comment before.

Prologe of The Perfect Bodyguard: Wow... Such a horrible dream. Jurina-chan... I pity you!  :pleeease: Why did those bandits have to try and kill the people?!

Chapter One: Hmm~ So Airin is here.... :glasses: Is there...:hee: Perhaps...RenAirin?  :on ksweat: Or maybe some AiriJuri? I'm fine with whoever ends up though. AS long as Rena-sama is happy. LOL. So... Here, Jurina is stealing. Hmm~ And I wonder who she'll become a bodyguard. I'm not sure who she's going to protect, but I'm suspecting Rena-sama or maybe Churi-san. And maybe how she'll be a bodyguard is when she gets caught perhaps? So many questions~ But I'm sure you'll care to enlighten us by answering those in the next comin chapters. I'm waiting for the next chapter, Ohayou-san! ^^

Chapter Ten: Finally~!  :farofflook: And hooray~! Jurina saw Rena-sama's back! And even traced some parts of it!  :shy2: And she called Rena-sama 'Rena-chan'! HOORAY~!  :on woohoo: So...How will Juri-boy try to make it up to Churi? And how will Churi react to Jurina's sudden kindness to Rena-sama even though she's the one who told her to be kind to her. Ahh~ :glasses: I'll be waiting for more of these updates, Ohayou-san~
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awshgfiwghkhfg an update!  :w00t:

LOL *cough* ive got nothing to comment about your hentai mind ROFL
ah yes her hentainess ..its just too epic  :yep:

rena is so persistent! but then so is jurina ..but then maybe jurina also wanted to see her back again xD lololol  :lol:
jurinas change in character is definitely interesting o.o shes really like a little girl again  :P

ah churi :( your love for so painful  :( well since churi is mad at jurina..i wonder what jurinas gonna do to make it up to her   ;)

thanks for the update!  :thumbsup
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Woo!  :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:
Just read SKE School from chapter 1 to 10 in one sitting!!!! Loving it so far (and with this trend, I'll love it more and more in the future!). Makes me wonder why I hadn't read this earlier...


Oh god, let me do that again.

I'm shipping them so hard lately.
Rena staring at Airi non-stop. Yesssssssss
Stuttering stupidly Airi. Yesssssssss

Airi skyrocketed up my rankings so fast it's scary. All hail Furukawa-sensei!!!

Wmatsui egg rolling epicness. Maybe I should try this at home too..

Ah. Churi.
I feel bad for her man. And I'm starting to like her a lot too. Damn Jurina, not caring about her.  :smhid
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Before Jurina knew it, one of her hand was rolling the egg while the other, the other was tracing the outline of one of the faint bruises in the middle of Rena’s back.
Rena felt a touch on her back. A touch that seemed like it was drawing little patterns on her back. A touch that was soothing yet at the same time, strange. It wasn’t a touch Rena was familiar with which made Rena reach the conclusion that the touch was probably just her imagination from her fatigue.

I forgot to coment this in my other reply so I decide send another.  :mon sweat:
No Rena is not you're imagination is just Jurina who want your body. LOL
Sorry I know I'm a pervert in thinking this but I cannot resist in share my thought  :err:

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RenAirin coming up soon~~~
Please wait for it lol~~

Thank you, Juribait-san~

Why you think like me!?
That's exactly what I thought when I was re-reading through my chapter xD
I love you for thinking this!

How many times do I have to say this!
Drop the sama at the end of my name, karomuwi-san!
Drop it! *takes out katana* Drop it! *growl*

Karomuwi-san being baised about Rena-san again~
I wonder what Karomuwi-san will do if I decided to kill Rena-san in my chapters~

I actually think I made Jurina's change in character slightly too quick...
But, I dunno~
Still, I'm glad you all was fine by it~

Hmm, what is Jurina gonna do to make it up to Churi~
I wonder~~~ (^^)

I'm glad you like it, oist-san~

And I still wonder why so many people shipped RenAirin,
I mean, before RenAirin, it was always wMatsui.
And then suddenly, one day,
RenAirin everywhere.
But I'm not complaining though~
The pair is kawaii~

Thank you everyone for continue to read/comment on my fanfic,
you guys have no idea how much I love you guys.
Reading you guys' comments puts a smile on my face each time.
And no, that was no exaggerating.

Anyway, enough of me blabbing on.
Here's the update for TPB (The Perfect Bodyguard).
I hope you guys enjoy it.


A girl stood by the door as she waited for the princess to get ready. “Mai-chan, can you come help me out please? I’m kind of stuck...” The princess said as she tried to get her arm through the other sleeve of her kimono.

The girl giggled, “Princess Rena, how is it that you always get stuck? Would you like me to tell the servants to resize your kimono so you can get it on without help?”

“IMADE! Don’t laugh! Come and help me out!” The princess cried as she jumped around and waved her stuck arm at the girl.

“Alright, alright. It’s not like I can say no to the princess,” Imade said as she walked forward and helped the princess put her kimono on.

The princess frowned, “How many times do I have to tell you, it’s just Rena. RE-NA. Don’t you call me princess when no one is around.”

The girl laughed as she helped comb the princess’s hair, “Alright, Rena-chan. But you know, if I get caught calling you that, I’ll get punished for disrespecting you.”

“Nonsense. If my father was another emperor, then perhaps, you would be punished. But he is not. My father is too nice to do that, you know that. He was the first emperor to completely abandon the death penalty. He doesn’t hurt anyone,” Rena said as she made her way out of the door. “Come, Mai-chan, let’s go for a walk. I haven’t seen the garden in a while.”

Imade nodded as she followed the princess, walking down the hall of the palace. Once out of the princess’s chamber, they continued their conversation from where it started, “Yes, your father is a good and kind emperor, but that doesn’t mean his men are. The general is so scary!” Imade could clearly remember the angry look on the general’s face the last time he caught her calling the princess by her name. She would’ve had her tongue cut off if the princess had not intervened. She shuddered at the memory.

“Ma... You think too much. No one would hurt you as long as I’m around. Who would even dare to,” Rena laughed. She might be the daughter of the kindest emperor, but that doesn’t mean she’s not dangerous. Although her father is against fighting, he had no problem when Rena decided to go and watch the soldiers do archery. After a while, when Rena decided she wanted to try kyuudou as well, her father, instead of going against the idea, like all emperor does when their daughter decided to do anything that an ideal princess wouldn’t do, the emperor encouraged Rena to try and even assigned one of the best archer in the army to help Rena. At first the army didn’t like having the princess in their training hall, but the determination of the princess of wanting to master kyuudou and how she was actually doing much better than most of the archers in the army, they accepted her after a while.

“Of course no one would dare to! Who wants you to use them as a stand to shoot apples off,” Imade laughed as she remembered something that happened a few years ago. One of the captains in the army had insulted Rena by saying that she was a princess and a female and had no place in kyuudou and that she should go back and do what every princess does. And the next thing the captain knew happening was that he was tied to a chair in the middle of the kyuudou practice area and was having apples shot from the top of his head. Rumor had it that the captain resigned after that incident while some said the captain died from a heart attack afterwards in his own chamber. But either way, Imade never saw the captain again.


The two girls frozed at the angry voice. They looked at each other and then at the door on the right that led to the place where the emperor meets with generals for private meetings. The place where the voice came from. Rena walked forward, curious at the conversation, only to have Imade pull her back. “That’s the meeting hall, Rena-chan. We’ll be punished if we get caught eavesdropping,” the girl whispered at the princess who just shrugged at her and pressed her ear against the wooden door. Imade sighed as she kept a lookout for any incoming soldiers who might catch them. She hated it when Rena does things like this, never thinking about the consequences. Rena doesn’t care because she’ll never get punished even if they get caught, but what Rena didn’t know is that Imade would. She’ll be punished for not looking after the princess and allowed her to do things that she shouldn’t be doing.


>>Inside the meeting room<<

The emperor slammed his hands on the table, “An emperor is supposed to look after his people! Not allow them to be slaughtered in exchange for golds and silvers!”

The rest of the generals jumped from the sudden sound of impact. No one has ever seen the emperor this angry before. No one dared to speak a word as they waited silently, hoping that the emperor’s rage will die down slightly. The commander of the army however, wasn’t slightly affected by the emperor’s rage. She was after all, the only female commander in the army. There is always something special about the people who can hold such a high and powerful position. And in her case, she got this far not only because she showed she was a professional at the field of commanding, but also because the emperor admired her for being able to speak out her thoughts, not caring whether or not she insulted anyone. She was probably also the only one who dared to insult the emperor in front of his face.

The emperor sat back down on his chair and took deep breaths, trying to calm himself down. Then he leaned forward and looked at the map in front of him. “Yagami, how long has Togasaki been going on with this... this slaughter of his own people?” The emperor struggled to speak the words out. He still found it hard to believe that any emperor would allow bandits to slaughter villages after villages in exchange for gold and silvers from the bandits, the very gold and silvers that they looted from the villages.

Kumi stared at the map as he counted, “My father has also been investigating this before I came into the army, so I assume that it has been for at least some ten years.” The other generals’ eyes widened at the number. For ten years, Emperor Togasaki has allowed bandits roam freely in his land. For ten years, that emperor has taken the small fortune that these villagers had made themselves all for himself. The emperor’s fist shook as he closed his eyes, thinking of all the villagers that have been slaughtered in these ten years. “And there was something else that I need to tell you too...” Kumi mumbled as she watched the emperor’s shaking fist. For the first time, she was afraid of telling the emperor this news. She didn’t know how the emperor will react and most of all, what he will do about this news.

The emperor waved his hand, mentioning for Kumi to speak on. Kumi took a deep breath and almost in a whisper, reported the news, “The bandits are now starting to target our villages as well.” Everyone in the room froze. The long silence in the room started to make Kumi feel uneasy, but she still had to finish her sentence. “And two of our villages had already been looted. My me-“

The emperor’s fist slammed down on the table for the second time that meeting, cutting Kumi off. Kumi and the other generals jumped from the sound. Kumi looked away from the emperor as he observed the map. “I would not have done anything if the damages was only to his people, though I would’ve tried to help them. But now that damage has been done to MY own people...”

Kumi’s eyes widened at the words coming out from the emperor’s mouth. The emperor was about to make a decision that she had hoped never to happen. Wanting to stop this from happening, Kumi started, “Emperor Yuasa, please re-“

The emperor held up his hand and stopped Kumi from speaking, “Togasaki is asking for this. My duty is to protect my people. And he is stopping me from doing my duty,”

“There will be war.”


Rena pulled back from the door, the last line continued to ring in her mind.

”There will be war.”

She shook her head and grabbed Imade’s hand, who was surprised by the princess’s sudden seriousness, and ran out of the palace and into the garden outside.

“Rena-chan! Rena-chan! Stop! I can’t run anymore! Please!” Imade tried to shout at the princess who still had her grip on her hand, dragging her with her. Suddenly Rena stopped and released Imade’s hand. Alone, she walked to the pink sakura tree and picked up some of the fallen petals. “Rena-chan?” Imade watched as she tried to catch her breath. She have never seen the girl act like this before. The expression on Rena’s face was scaring her. It was a face filled with seriousness, and right now, Rena looked as if she was deep in thought. ’Did she hear something that she wasn’t suppose to?’ Imade asked herself as remembered where they were a few minutes ago.

“Soon these petals will no longer be pink...” Rena unconsciously mumbled to herself.

Imade made her way to the princess’s side and nudged her, “Rena-chan, what’s wrong?”

The princess allowed the pink petals to slip from her hand. “Soon these petals will be stained with red...” Rena whispered as she watched the last petal fall onto the soft earth.

“What do you mean? You’re scaring me, Rena-chan. What’s wrong?” Imade shook the princess’s shoulder, trying to get the princess’s attention back onto her.

Rena turned around and looked Imade right into her eyes. Imade took a step back, shock at the sorrow she could feel from the princess’s eyes. “War is coming, Mai-chan. War with Togasaki.”

“EH!? Why? Why with the most bloodthirsty emperor of all!?” Imade tried to control her volume of voice but still, her voice came out as a shout. Emperor Togasaki, the ruthless ruler of the bordering faction, was well known for his strong and deadly army. They were the very army that had completely crushed over ten factions. Togasaki was an emperor that was feared by all other. No one dared to provoke the man, fearing the annihilation of their own faction. Emperor Togasaki’s army is always at war. Either with stronger emperors who wanted to put a stop to his endless slaughter or with tribes and rebels who were refused to be ruled by such a monster.

Rena explained everything that she overheard from the meeting to Imade as the two sat down under the sakura tree. By the end of the explanation, Imade too, were looking at the sakura tree, and imagining it stained with the red blood of the soldiers, the blood of the people. “If a war is waged against Emperor Togasaki, Rena-chan, he will do everything he can and destroy everyone here,” Imade stated.

“I know,” Rena sighed. Rena hated war, just as much as her father did. “When the time comes, maybe I too, will help my father in battle,” Rena whispered as she stretched the fingers she always held her bow with. She would have no problem fighting with the army. Her kyuudou skills were better than most of the soldiers.

Imade shook her head, “Emperor Yuasa will never allow you to take part in the major battles.”

“I may not be able to help out with the major battles, but I can convince father to let me help with protections of the small villages from the bandits, can’t I?” Rena asked.

Imade thought for a while. “Maybe, but your father will never allow you to go alone,” Imade said. Everyone knew how protective the emperor gets when it comes to his three daughters and especially, Rena, who was the oldest out of the three and his favourite.

“I won’t be alone! I have you to come with me!”

Imade’s eyes widened and flailed her arms around, horrified that Rena will even think about such things, “No no no no no, I am not going anywhere NEAR the bandits. And I was talking about someone who can protect you. You need someone who can protect you. The emperor will never allow you to leave the castle without protection once we’re at war. I can’t protect you, I can’t fight!”

Rena frowned, “So... what, I have to find a bodyguard?” Imade nodded. “But what if he ends up like... the one before!?” Rena exclaimed as she recall the bodyguard her father had assigned to her when she was small. Her bodyguard had once barged into her room drunk in the middle of the night and was trying to do unimaginable things to her. If the general had not come in time, Rena couldn’t even imagine what would’ve happened.

“That’s why you need to find a female one. Someone who can fight as well as General Yagami or like her bodyguard, Kizaki-san,” Imade said, her eyes sparkling with admiration at the name of the famous general. Everyone admired the one and only female general in the army. She was strong, fast, smart and best of all, she was really beautiful.

“Kizaki-san? You mean Yuria? Well, Kuumin and Yuria had exceptions. How many girls do you know living in this world that can fight like those two?” Rena frowned. Trying to find someone as powerful as Kumi and Yuria was absolutely impossible in this world. The skills the two girls possess is rare.

“Hard to find, but you’ll need to find one if you want any chance of convincing the emperor to let you take part in the war,”  Imade said. Sounds of giggling echoed in the garden. Imade turned her head and saw the other two princesses on the other side of the garden. Then another thought entered the girl’s mind. “I think it will be good if Princess Akane and Princess Kanako have protection as well,” Imade suggested as she watched the two chased each other in the garden, completely unaware of what was happening in the world around them.

Rena turned her head to her two younger sisters and nodded, “Maybe I should ask my cousin, and see if she can find any good female fighters? Maybe she can find someone like that around Emperor Togasaki? I mean, the emperor’s army has some female fighters in it as well, doesn’t it? So chances are, there are probably some females that are strong enough we can recruit perhaps.”

“But,” Imade stopped Rena from thinking any further, “If you write a letter and it is intercepted by Emperor Togasaki’s own men, you will risk exposing her identity. You have to remember your cousin is working there as a spy. Emperor Togasaki isn’t your father, if he finds out your cousin is a spy, he isn’t going to let her go like your father does.”

“Well it’s worth a try isn’t it?” Rena asked. Imade shook her head. “Then what can we do? I don’t want to have to sit in the palace all day once the war starts and see soldiers leave everyday with only a few returning each time!” Rena yelled.

Imade placed her hand on the princess’s shoulders and tried to calm her down. “We wait, Rena-chan. We wait. The more you try to look for something, the harder it becomes for you to actually find it. If kami-sama wants you to go out in the battle, he will find you someone. If he doesn’t, then you will have to accept it, Rena-chan.”

Rena slowed her breathing and started to calm down under the comforting hand of her best friend and servant. “I just don’t want to see man being slaughtered everyday... I want to help...” Rena sighed.

“I know, Rena-chan, I know. Kami-sama knows that too. He’ll find you someone,” Imade patted the princess’s shoulder.


Imade Mai makes a special appearance as a big minor character in my fanfic!
Just because Imade is my favourite KKS, and the one who I always give support to.
I had always hoped she gets promoted, but then her leg injury and oversea study and all that...

So, was the emperors' identities who you guys thought it would be?

Anyway, hoped you guys enjoyed this chapter~

The next chapter for AGP is currently being typed as you read this.
It is most likely to be up tonight, if not, tomorrow morning~
So, please look forward to it! (^^)v
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awesome update tako-chan~~~!!! :inlove:
i LOOOOOVE how you included Imade in here and as Rena's bff/servant at that  :twothumbs
she's my fave KKS too  :cry: i still can't believe she's graduating  :cry:
just like you and like Rena, i also thought that she'll be promoted soon  :cry: instead we get a graduation  :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

by the way i loooooooooove your characters XDD
the emperors, togasaki & yuasa! hahahaha nice one!  :lol:
and the super sexy general/fighters Kumi & Yuria  :drool:  :twothumbs

i loooove that you made Rena as a fighter too and not like other princesses that just prance all day and make their selves pretty
i cant wait to read/imagine Rena fighting! and along with Jurina too! since we all know that's how it'll be  :P

however, i'm curious as to what will be Airin's part in all this  :? :?
can we expect some RenAirin??? or will this be purely a WMatsui one????

and also i'm totally looking forward to the RenAirin moments in AGP!!!!!  :D :D :D :cow:

can i just say YOU ARE AWESOME!  :twothumbs

i love your fics ^_^
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gekirena is right: YOU ARE AWESOME! I can not say more :) Thanks for this two great fic!!!
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Lol Togasaki is the bad guy.
I like how Rena punish the ones who insult her hehe
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yo  :hand:

ah yeah just a tad too quick on the personality change but maybe..SHE HAS A SPLIT PERSONALITY! JK!  8)
i wonder indeed  ;)

ooooh i love how you included imade in here! gj!  :thumbsup
mmm pro archer rena...definitely sexy  :yep: and then theres kumi and yuria!  :w00t:
but daymm this war is gonna get nasty!

PHWOAR JURINAS GONNA BECOME A BODYGUARD FOR SURE! but then.....airinnnnn whats gonna happen with airin  :O maybe jurina will want airin to be together with her as well so she becomes a bodyguard too! DOUBLE BODYGUARD!  :w00t:
renairin renairin.......ah maybe its a wmatsui....ahh dunnooo~~

thanks for the update! :D  :twothumbs
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I sense a war between AKB and SKE, yeah~  :D

Maybe there'll be appearances of AKB girls. Definitely looking forward to that.

As for the body guard... Jurina seems like the most likely candidate, but like Pandah-san said, DOUBLE BODYGUARD (please), for obvious biased reasons.

And I still wonder why so many people shipped RenAirin,
I mean, before RenAirin, it was always wMatsui.

lol, I dunno either. I just happen to like Airi after watching her sing some anime songs, and I ship every member I like with other members. (I also ship her with Churi, but since RenAirin is more popular there's more material). Oh, and they seem to be all over each other, which is cute.

Thanks for the update!  :deco:
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Togasaki is the bad guy!!! WOOO!! LOL

Ahh, I can't wait for Jurina to be assigned as Rena's bodyguard.. the good stuffs will be happened after that after all..

Airin and Jurina.. and Princess Rena and Princess Churi.. I wonder what you're planning for this fic.. ha ha ha
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whoa, the things this fanfic is starting begin good!!! the war and stuff.  I'm feeling lonely here,the only one expecting Wmatsui things in the fanfics T.T Well sorry for my bad english in this reply,is because of my habit of read fanfics in my cell phone, I cannot resist send a reply but because of this I can't verific if I write some things right -.-"   
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Thank you, geki-chan~

It's nice to know another person supports Imade~
She's such an awesome KKS!
I'm still confused as to why she never got promoted before~ (..)

i cant wait to read/imagine Rena fighting! and along with Jurina too! since we all know that's how it'll be
Hmm~ Oh really, geki-chan~
You know, if everyone can guess the story, there will be no fun lol xD
Hahahaha~ That's all I'm going to say about that line.
I'll let you think about what i mean (^^)

As in Airin's part in this, you'll see~
Airin's part in TPB will be revealed as the story develops.
The only thing I'll say is that, Airin is one of the main characters of this story.
But then, I'm sure you guys all knew that before already right? (^^)v

RenAirin in AGP, coming right up~ *serves AGP chapter update on a plate*

And I'm glad you like my fanfics, geki-chan.
You're awesome too, geki-chan~
Now I shall wait patiently for your next update on your own fic~

Thank you, Kiri-el-san~
It's okay, you don't need to say anymore (^^)
Just reading and commenting is good enough for me.
I'm glad you enjoyed these two fics~ (^^)

Lol~ Juri with a split personality xD
OMG! That just gave me a new fanfic idea xD
Hahahaha~ I love you pandah-san~
But that idea shall go hide in that little hole in the back of my brain for now~

As in what will happen with Airin...
Pandah-san will have to read on and find out for yourself xD
No fun in telling you guys all right?
The pairings too, will be revealed soon~
Maybe in a few more chapters~
Gah, I hate introducing a story, because I always take so long to finish introducing everything.

Ding ding! A war between AKB and SKE!
Except this one focuses more on SKE so any AKB characters (if there will be any) will be minor characters.
Maybe, I'll make another one later based on this except with major AKB characters.
I dunno, that depends~

Double bodyguard xD
Hahahaha~ You'll see when you read on~
You'll see~ (^^)

Hahahaha~ At least oist-san can remember how you got into loving Airin~
I can't even remember how I first started liking Airin xD
And yeah, I love the way those two are just always with each other~
Except at the same time, I don't really like it,
since it breaks up the wMatsui pairing...

Oh? Was Juribait-san expecting wMatsui in these fanfics?
Ah~ well then~ Ahem... Hehehe~
I won't comment anything on that,
because if I do, I'm be giving away too much hints to my fanfics.
Like I am already doing right now.
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I know, I separated the comments with the updates again,
even though I know I shouldn't be doing that~
But yeah, I just, felt like doing that. ANYWAY!

Thank you to all for reading and commenting~
I love comments~ Comments are my fuel~
It is the fuel that keeps me writing,
even when I am up at 2 am and stuff~
So again, thank you~ :kneebow:

So, here is the next update for AGP.
I'm sorry if it is really bad.
I mean, I'm not good at writing really warm and happy stuff.
As I said before, pain is so much more easier to write since I live most of my life with that~
But yeah, I'm blabbering on for too long now~

Jurina’s eyes opened as the vibration alarm of her phone went off. Although her head doesn’t hurt or feel dizzy anymore when she moves it, a small touch on the bruise and the pain will return. She peeked over the table and looked at Rena’s sleeping figure. Rena’s blanket had fallen onto the floor, yet her position was still the same as Jurina left her last night. ’Ah... I didn’t put the blanket on properly...’ She thought to herself as she climbed out of bed and slowly wrapped the blanket around Rena again. It might be a sunny day today, but it can still get really cold in the morning. Once satisfied with the secured blanket, Jurina quickly washed herself, got changed and quietly slipped out of their room.

Jurina opened her phone, still no mails from Akane. “This girl really is mad at me isn’t she...” Jurina mumbled to herself as she made her way to Akane’s room. Not even bothering to knock on the door, Jurina walked into the girl’s room and found Akane still sleeping on her bed. Completely ignoring the snoring Mizuki on the floor, Jurina tapped Akane’s shoulder., “Churi~ It’s time to wake up. We have breakfast duty this morning.” Akane mumbled something and pulled her blanket closer. Jurina smiled at the sleeping girl, Akane is always cute when she’s sleeping. Jurina tapped Akane’s shoulder again, but before she could say anything, Akane’s arms darted out of her blanket and pulled Jurina down into a hug. Already used to this happening, Jurina returned the hug, “C’mon sleepy head, wakey wakey.”

“Hmm...” Akane hummed as she held onto Jurina tighter. It has been a while since she had initiated such close contact with Jurina. Or at least it has been a while since she had had the chance to do so, and right now, she didn’t want to let go. Deep inside, she was still slightly annoyed that Jurina left her alone in the classroom last night, but seeing that the girl still personally came and woke her up, there was no way she could still be mad at her.

“Not mad at me anymore?” Jurina asked in a whisper. Akane shook her head. How can she still be mad at the girl she likes? “Good,” Jurina smiled as she pulled Akane up from her bed, “Then go get ready. You don’t want the chef growling at us again for being late hmm?” Akane nodded and quickly went into the bathroom.

Not knowing what to do while waiting, Jurina helped Akane made her bed and packed her school bag. Her hands stopped when she saw an old picture of her and Akane on the table. Jurina picked up the frame and stared at the photo. It was the photo the two of them took together under the sakura tree on their first day of school. Jurina was lost in her memory as she stared at the photo, completely unaware that the snoring figure on the floor was no longer snoring. “What you thinking about?” Mizuki asked as she stretched and did a big yawn.

Jurina jumped at Mizuki’s voice and quickly placed the photo frame back on the table. “No-Nothing,” Jurina said as she went back to packing.

Mizuki raised an eyebrow and walked over to Jurina. She looked at Jurina for a while and picked up the object Jurina was so interested in just then. “You know, Churi hasn’t been very happy lately.” Jurina nodded and continued to pack. “You gonna do anything about it?” Mizuki asked as she put the photo back to its original place. Jurina nodded again. “She misses the old you a lot.”

Jurina stayed quiet as she packed and listened to Mizuki at the same time. ’Have I really changed? What was I like before?’ Jurina no longer remember what she was like before she came to this school. She didn’t even know what it was about her that changed. But Jurina know for a fact that there is one thing that hasn’t changed between her and Akane. And that is that Akane will always be her first priority. If something happened to the girl, no matter what she was doing at that moment, Jurina will always rush to Akane first. That was something that never changes.

Mizuki stood there in silence as Jurina put Akane’s pencil case in and zipped her bag closed. Then Mizuki spoke again, “How’s your head? Feeling better?” Jurina nodded. “That reminds me, what were you thinking about before I punched you? You were so lost in your little world,” Mizuki asked as she thought back to yesterday’s incident. She could clearly remember how Jurina was just standing in the middle, her arms were up and ready to fight, but her eyes were staring into empty space and she was smiling about something as well.

Jurina stopped her movement. ’Should I tell Mizuki about Rena? Should I tell her what happened last night? And how I feel so not like myself when I’m with the girl? What would she think of it? But what if Churi hears it? If she heard what happened last night, she’ll go mad at me again. Argh... Why is life so hard!?’

Seeing Jurina was having another mental conversation argument within her head, Mizuki clapped Jurina’s shoulder, “Doesn’t matter if you don’t want to tell me.” Despite her curiosity was killing her, Mizuki climbed back onto her bed and tried to go back to sleep again since she had no morning duties and there was still a few hours before breakfast is served.



“Is it normal for a person to feel like they’re a completely different person when around another person and just when alone with them, that person acts really different to how they usually act?” Jurina asked. She can’t always keep her thoughts inside her mind after all. Mizuki was the type of friends that Jurina have that knows what is serious and what is not when Jurina talks to her and it is for that reason why Jurina sometimes talk to her about her own problems instead of going to the school counselors who never seems to do their jobs right.

Mizuki opened her eyes and thought about Jurina’s words over in her mind. ’Why does those words sound so familiar? Didn’t Kuumin say something like that before when she first met Non.......?’ Mizuki’s eyes widened in surprised and was about to asked Jurina who that person is, but then decided against it. Now is not the time to do so. Not when Jurina’s tone of voice is so serious. Mizuki thought about how to answer her, but then decided to point Jurina to the right person to ask. After all, Mizuki herself had never had any experience yet. It was hard to help when you don’t know what it is. “That question... Go ask Kuumin about it,” Mizuki said as she pulled her blanket back over her head and from underneath the warm material, she spoke again, “She had had the same problem as you before.”

’Kuumin? Why Kuu-‘ Jurina was cut from her thought when the bathroom door opened, revealing a fully dressed Akane with tied up hair and the bright smile that Jurina loved seeing. Jurina handed Akane her bag, “You good to go?”

“Un!” Akane nodded and grinned. “See you at breakfast, Mizuki!” Akane yelled as she took Jurina’s hand and went out her room.

Jurina placed a finger on Akane’s lips, “Shush, Churi. It’s still four thirty in the morning! You don’t want to wake up anyone now, do you?”

“Ah, gomen. I forgot. C’mon! It’s breakfast duty time!” Akane pulled Jurina with her as the two made their way to the dining hall. Although breakfast duty always mean waking up so early in the morning, it is the only duty Akane have with Jurina and because of that, Akane can’t help but always feel so happy on that day of the month when they get breakfast duty together.


“Ready? Ok, on the count of three. Three...” A girl started to count.

Another girl stopped her, “Wait, what are you trying to do!?”


“Wait!” Two voices shouted at the same time.


“Kanakana! Don’t do that!” A different voice shouted.

“OOF!” Rena gasped as she felt pain shot up her back from a large pressure.

“Yay! She’s awake! Hey, Rena~” The girl jumped down from Rena’s back and kneeled down next to her bed, resting her head on her arms that was folded on Rena’s bed.

“Kanakana?” Rena breathed out the words as she tried to ignore the pain on her back. “Why did you jump on me?!” Rena asked, trying to keep her voice as normal as she could despite the anger and pain that she felt from the wakeup call that Kanako have so kindly offered her.

Kanako grinned at Rena, “Because then you’ll wake up. Why are you looking at me like that? You said I could wake you up!” She slightly backed away when she felt a really dark aura radiating from the girl. Something wasn’t right and Kanako could finally see it. Both Masana and Airi have a very worried look on their faces. “What?”

Masana spoke up first, “Rena hurt her back last night and you just jumped on her.” Inside Masana’s mind, she slapped herself for not knowing what Kanako was going to do. After all, the girl always likes waking people up by jumping on them.

Kanako looked at the head girl in surprise then back at Rena who was now trying to flip around on her bed and sit up. Kanako could see the pain in Rena’s eyes now. “Oh... I’m sorry... I didn’t know. Rena, I’m sorry, I really didn’t know! No one told me!” Kanako held up both her arms as if Rena was pointing a gun at her. She turned to the other two girls at the two, “Why didn’t you guys tell me!?”

“I was going to. We told you to stop, but you didn’t listen,” the head girl said.

Seeing Rena struggling with getting up, Airi ignored the two girls’ conversation and walked over to Rena’s bed and gently helped Rena sit up from her bed. The head girl saw the interaction between Rena and Airi, then she waved at Kanako and pointed at the two girls. Kanako looked at Masana with a confused face then she realized what the head girl was implying. “Hey, Rena, we’re um... going to go get a seat at the dining hall first. Take your time,” Kanako said as she followed the head girl out the door.

“Wa-wait! What about me!?” Airi looked at Kanako as she closed the door. The girl only received a grin from her as a reply. Airi noted to herself to remember to get Kanako back for ditching her. A groan from Rena snapped Airi out of her thoughts and turned her attention back onto the girl sitting in her bed. “Are you okay, Rena-san?” Airi asked as she helped Rena stand up from her bed.

Rena weakly nodded as she leaned onto Airi for support. Kanako jumping on her really hurts her back but since the girl didn’t know about it, Rena couldn’t stand snapping at her. “Airin, what’s the time?” Rena asked as she made her way to the bathroom with Airi holding onto her arm with one hand and having her other hand behind Rena in case she falls.

“Uh...” Airin looked over her shoulder, trying to see if there’s a clock around. The only clock she had was on her phone and that’s out of reach right now since she was holding onto Rena. ”Um, I’m not sure. But the last time I checked it was around six thirty.” Seeing Rena was reaching for the door knob of the bathroom, Airi quickly stepped forward and opened the door for Rena.

“Thank you, Airin. Can you wait for me before you go off? I won’t take long,” Rena asked as she stepped into the bathroom. Airi nodded and closed the bathroom door behind her.

’Wa! I did it! I... I managed to talk to Rena-san without stuttering like an idiot! YES!’ Airi fistpumped the air and smiled as she leaned against the door of the room, waiting for Rena to finish. It was getting easier to talk to Rena now. Or maybe it was just easier because Airi wasn’t really thinking about it, she just said whatever came first to her mind. ’Wha~ I’m not even making any sense~’ Airi pressed her palm into her cheeks. Now that she was thinking about, she can feel her cheeks burning up again. She held her hands in front of her and stared. ’I touched Rena-san... Her skin is so smooth and so warm... And she smells really nice too... And she was in a bathrobe! The light green colour of her bathrobe is such a nice matching colour for her skin... Gaaaaah! What am I thinking about!?’ Airi turned around and slammed her head on the door.

“Airin? Are you okay?”

“Ha!?” Airi turned around and found Rena standing in front of the bathroom door, fully dressed, and was staring at her with a very worried face.

Rena walked forward and touched the red spot on Airi’s forehead left behind by the painful impact with the door. “Are you okay? Why did you hit yourself on the door?”

“I... uh... um... I...” Airi couldn’t think anymore. All her mind focused on right now was Rena’s cold and smooth fingers pressing against her forehead.

Rena giggled at the Airi in front of her again. It amuses Rena to see someone act like that around her, and Rena can’t help but love it when she knows someone is acting like that because of her. “Why are you stuttering, Airin?” Rena poked Airi’s burning cheeks and asked. Rena watched with fascination as Airi stared at her and opened her mouth, as if to say something, only to close it again.  The two of them stood like that, just looking into each other’s eyes.

Airi’s heart was threatening to jump out of her chest and she felt like her face was being set on fire as she broke the stare contest between her and Rena. “W-We s-should g-g-get going,” Airi managed to speak the words out clear enough for Rena to hear. She fumbled for the door knob and opened the door.

Rena smiled at Airi’s reaction and nodded. She made her way to her bag and winced in pain as she tried to put her bag on her shoulder. Airi, seeing the pain on Rena’s face again, immediately returned normal and rushed over to Rena’s side and took the girl’s bag from her hand. “Here, let me get that. It’ll hurt your back if you carry that bag around all day,” Airi said to Rena as she slipped Rena’s bag onto her own shoulder.

It’s true that Rena likes the stuttering Airi, but she loved it even more when Airi can actually talk to her normally. Without any complain, she allowed Airi to take her bag and hold onto her as the pair made their way to the dining hall. When they reached the stairs, Rena stared at it. How on earth was she going to be able to get down all these stairs without hurting herself? Without realizing, Rena was biting her bottom lip as she imagine the pain she will feel if she suddenly slipped.

Airi’s holds on Rena’s arm tightened as she watched Rena’s troubled expression. “It’s okay, Rena-san. I won’t let you fall,” Airi said as she took the first step down, leading Rena down with her. Airi felt this strange feeling in her heart as she watched Rena’s face winced with each painful step they took. ’What is this? Why does it feel so horrible to watch Rena-san like this? Then Airi’s mind clicked. That feeling was guilt. Airi felt guilty for not being able to help Rena. If only she was strong like Jurina, then she would’ve been able to stop the girls from hurting Rena instead of running all the way to Jurina to get help and wasting all those time. It was her fault that Rena was hurting. Her fault that Rena got hurt.

“Airin? What are you thinking about? You’re spacing out,” Rena asked as they two of them arrived at the door leading to the dining hall. Rena noticed that the girl’s face has been deep in thought the moment they started making their way downstairs. It’s as if the girl was hiding something, though Rena didn’t know for sure. Maybe Airi was always like this?

“I...” Airi mumbled. What would Rena think of her if Airi told her that she ran away to get help from Jurina when she saw the girls hurting her and Akane? Rena would think she’s weak and useless. Airi didn’t want that. But somehow, Airi couldn’t shake that feeling of guilt off her shoulder. Airi’s mind was set. She had to apologize. She had to tell Rena, even if Rena is probably going to be angry at her. “Rena-san.”

“Hai?” Rena looked at Airi and saw the serious expression on her face. It was much like the face she had when the head girl was telling them Jurina’s history.

“I... I-“ Airi jumped when the dining hall doors suddenly swung opened. ’Ah... Guess I have to tell her later...’

“Ah! There you are! We’ve been waiting for so long! We thought something happened so I decided to come find you guys. What were you guys doing standing out here?! Come on! The food are nearly all gone! Everyone is so hungry this morning for some reason, everyone is taking second serves!” Kanako shouted as she dragged the two girls into the hall.

“Stop! Rena-san’s back- Kanako-chan!” Airi shouted at the girl over the noise in the dining hall, attempting to stop the hyper girl from dragging them. Airi could see Rena biting her bottom lip as the girl tried to hold in the pain this dragging  movement was causing her.

Kanako stopped and turned around, she had completely forgotten about Rena’s sore back. “Ah! I’m sorry, Rena! I forgot! Sorry! Please don’t hurt me!” Kanako cried as she ran back to the table she and Masana were seated, earning a slap on the forehead from the head girl as she sat down.

Rena thanked Airi as the two of them made their way slowly to the table. Airi, much unlike her, was walking in front of Rena, stopping any girls from accidentally bumping into Rena. The head girl watched as Airi as the two girls made their way to their seats. Masana looked worryingly at Rena who looked back and gave the head girl a small nod as she relaxed into the chair, finally free from the pain. The girl then turned her attention to Airi, only to find that the girl was already on her way to the kitchen, getting two trays of food. Masana chuckled. Rena’s arrival seems to be doing some good already. Airi’s shy barrier was certainly starting to break down.

As Rena waited for Airi to return, she had this strange feeling that someone was watching her. She sat up and looked over her shoulder. She scanned the dining hall room. No one was watching her. ’Huh... weird.’ Then Rena looked over to the table where the bully sat before. Rena sighed with relief when she couldn’t see the girl anymore. It was a good thing because now, at least, no one else will hurt Akane anymore. Suddenly, Rena felt that strange feeling again. She looked behind her again, and this time, in the middle of a big crowd, her eyes locked onto another pair. The pair looked away immediately and focused back onto the girl next to her.

“Hmm, you noticed Jurina is acting a bit different today too huh, Rena?” Kanako asked when she saw Rena looking at Jurina.

“Ha? Um... I don’t know. Is she acting different today?” Rena asked as she focused on Jurina.

Kanako took a bite into her omelet and continued, “Mmmhmm~ She usually keep her distance from Churi when the other girls are around her. But look,” the girl pointed to the crowd with her fork, “Jurina is hardly paying any attention to the girls today. It’s like she has her full attention on Churi.”

Rena nodded and looked at Akane. The girl’s smile was so bright it almost seemed like nothing happened to her yesterday. Just as Rena was about to turn back to her table, she saw Jurina look at her again and this time, she saw a childish grin on the girl’s face for a second before it turned emotionless again and turned away. Rena blinked, ’Did Jurina just grin at me? Or did I just imagine that?’


Please don't kill me if this chapter was really bad.
I'll try make up for it with my next update on whichever one I'm working on next.
I'm just... Yeah, not going good right now....
Maybe I should stop writing a while... Hmm...
Maybe if I rest for awhile and come back, then I'll write better? Maybe?
I dunno~ I'll see~
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EH??? Airin is one of the main characters in TPB???? thank God!!!!  :cow:
i thought she was just a minor character  XD
i can wait to read more Airin in TPB hehehe
and sorry for guessing about the bodyguard haha   :sweatdrop:

regarding AGP!

yay another update~!!!! it was great!  :cow:
yay for RenAirin!!!! :wub:  :bow:
love the new RenAirin moments  :twothumbs  :inlove:

and i just realized that your Airin character and my Airin character is almost the same! with the stuttering and the shyness  :shocked
maybe i was getting inspiration unknowingly from your fic as I was writing mine!  :shocked
i'm sorry, i didn't have any idea at all!!! I didnt really have a specific character for Airin even before I wrote the prologue.
I just wrote her character as the story progress...and with this new update i just realized that it is really similar to yours!!!  :shocked i hope you're not angry  :cry:

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AWESOME UPDATE!!! I was looking forward to this chapter hehe.
Another nice chapter phhayou-san :D Thanks for the update!

Jurina with rena oho i sees love is in the air~
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Hahaha I wonder how Mizuki finished on the floor lol
I like Kanakana, she is so funny ^^
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Oh? Was Juribait-san expecting wMatsui in these fanfics?
Ah~ well then~ Ahem... Hehehe~
I won't comment anything on that,
because if I do, I'm be giving away too much hints to my fanfics.
Like I am already doing right now.

In reallity I'm rooting for Wmatsui  :mon sweat:
I ship JuriChuri too but Wmatsui is my N° 1 OTP, and when I see, I'm rooting for then even when I should not doing this  :err:
Jurina smilling to Rena in the final remind me Kataomoi Finally, in reality this fanfic remind me a lot that PV  :mon mischief:
I'm happy seeing Akane have their precious moment with Jurina  :mon inluv:
But I'm sad too because when she know that Jurina have feelings for Rena, her heart will be broken again  :gyaaah:
Poor girl...
The chapter was good ohayou-san, you write well happy stuff too.  :mon thumb:
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Upon thinking about this story...  :V :V :V
I realized that I'm shipping ChuriJuri way more the usual RenAirin. That's prolly because I don't really like bad ends, and emo characters. And maybe because I like Churi way too much that I can't stand the fact that she's hurting.

D'aaaaawwww.. That RenAirin moment!!!!!!!!
Awkward Airin is fun.
Serious Airin is way too cool (which is a good thing), even if she can't fight lol.
Rena is perceptive as always. I'm liking her character a lot.

Ahhhh, Churi. I really hope that something good will happen to her.

Thanks for the update!! :flower:
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I did it again didn't I (Part 1)
Ah? It is difficult and painful, trying to rekindle the relationship with one that is going almost too far from your reach. The last part when Jurina run away at Rena and Airin moment, honestly, i dont think that it is overreacting. It is me though, i mean...if i am in that sort of situation, i will choose to silently leave that scene because it hurts. It isnt like i will choose to stand there and watch them, it will be just too painful and i am kind of afraid i might do things i am not supposed to do, so in the end, leaving quietly is the best option, for me at least.

Time To Give Up (Part 2)
Wah? Unexpected to see her yet she has to. Confusing, it is confusing when you are wondering bout relationship. Is it okay to be near her? Could she win her heart? What should she do? Between her own feeling that she want to stay close with her and feeling that it is just too tiring to be near her. Wonder if it is okay to just give it up. Then again, the signs is obvious that it is for the better to just give up. Lol, what am i rambling about..:lol: I guess what i mean to say is, i kind of understand what Jurina felt here.

For Now (Part 3)
Jurina's eyes widened at the statement. 'Rena... giving up melonpan... for me? Should I be happy? Or should I be sad that she's comparing me with melonpan?' no good, it is no good to compare someone with food, i think :lol: that's what i said, even though i do it too sometimes. Anyway, it is good that it's somehow ends happily. I am smiling widely right now, you know. I was frowning at your previous updates. So, now that i am feeling quite satisfied with the ending, i have wiped that frown away :D

I Love You Too Much (OS)
Eeeh?! I was just smiling widely at your previous update and then reading this. >__<;; Sigh...this one felt too real. Like, someday, Jurina might really collapse because she's too exhausted. Then again...I...somehow hope, that it isnt the case. Like, i dont want her to quit just because of this. No, really....i would like her to have a long career. I..ah...this fic is good. Like, i am almost cry because of it.

SKE All Girl's Private School
Oh? A longer fic. It is fun to read :) Jurina's character is like having a bipolar personality. One time she's cold and mean, and then she turns to a lonely kid, then a warm and cute girl. Really, this kid is making people confused, just like she's making Rena confused. I like it though, because it will make her chara somehow unpredictable. But, i think...she may just be a kid in her early teen lol, so having her emotional running like a roller coaster ride, is normal...maybe. One thing, i am sure..about her is that she's a good kid who just want to do the right thing based on her perceptive and try to not hurt her friends. Oh...i want to say that she's starting to fall or Rena..but, i think it is too fast for that.

While Rena, is the most mysterious..i think. Despite how the story often using her point of view, still...she's a mysterious chara for me. I cant put on words on why i thought she's like that. Because, in visual novel games and such, Rena will be like the player, isnt she? She's opening route of other charas one by one yet she hasnt have a focus yet. All i could say is just that she's a good girl with a wise..perceptive, the hero or heroine of the story i think. Like...ah..sorry i cant explain it clearly >__<;;

Akane, is...hmm...another lonely chara. Because she clearly knows what she wanted yet cant do anything to really acted upon it. What i mean is, she knows she likes Jurina, more than friend, yet she cant really act upon her feeling because she thought, Jurina doesnt have the same feeling as her. Not helping that Jurina is really outgoing with other girls. She is jealous and hurt yet she cant hate Jurina because she likes her and maybe because she knows that despite what she did, Jurina never intended to hurt her. A complicated chara, i think.

Airi, shy, arent we? No, really...she is really shy here, but her act and feeling toward Rena is genuine, least till the latest update, it is still genuine. What i mean with genuine is...she hasnt show any sign of pervertness, yet :lol: With her awkward way she tried to help Rena as much as possible, within her own range of course.

Kumi, Mizuki, Kanon, and the gang, mm, such a loyal friends. No really, Jurina's really lucky to have such people as her friends, the one who could know not to step on boundaries, one who could stop you doing anything foolish, one who will worry over you, one who will think bout your happiness.

The bad girl and the gangs, lol...honestly i feel pity toward them. No..not the one that beat Akane up in the past. She's terrible and what she did is even more terrible. But, i feel pity toward the girl that Jurina hit and later bullying Akane and Rena. No, i dont like what she did, bullying just because you are jealous is no good. But, the moment her friends flee when Jurina arrive at the scene i just, some friends you got, girl. The moment she begs for Jurina's forgiveness lol, it is amusing yet...i feel pity, i wonder why. I hope Jurina didnt really report her, no...what i mean was, i thought that girl already got her lesson. Lol, if she did terrible things to Akane and Rena again...well then, that pity i felt is going to 'poof' in an instant though :lol: I am not a good person, after all.

Ah, it is not important, but....RenAirin is really popular, nowadays, isnt it? O___o like...really popular, lol. It is just, i like wMatsui more. This story however, i dont know who will win Rena's heart lol. Whatever end it might have, i will still like it, i think :D. Oh, and in other note, i really like Masana chara here, dont know why, just like her, i guess.

The Perfect Bodyguard
Ara? Another fic? Uh...the prologue is sad. I hate war, really hate it. It makes children lost their parents, their siblings, their homes, their family, their childhood. It wasnt war, but it is close to war, attacking a village. Sigh...what is it feel to die in front of your daughter and your wife like that? I cant imagine it. And, how little Jurina saw it with her own eyes, it will definitely leave a scar inside her heart. Moving on to the 1st chapter..waw...Jurina and Airi? Jurina is really cute here...snuggles in bed like that :lol: Then after cute scene come thunder. Like one said, good stuff always followed with bad one. Stealing is wrong at some level. But, she did it because of some pressure, so maybe it is okay? Chased by the guards, even managed to knocked off some of them, she is pretty good for a beginner thief, i mean it in a good way :D. But, she's hurt, least she got the grass, i hope she could reach her mother right on time, so that her doing wasnt useless. Then come 2nd chap in which reveal Rena, and her family who is going to have a war. Ara...i wonder if it is going to be okay. For some reason i think Jurina is in Togasaki land, not in Rena's side. Hmm...will she be Rena's or Akane or Kanako bodyguard. It will be funny if it is Airin and Jurina is on the opposite side. Funny yet devastating lol.

That's really long blabbers i wrote there /(o.o)\ Anyway, i am waiting for your updates, ganbare, Ohayou~san  :cow:

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Anyway~ Onto the commenting!

Hmm~ I'm not familiar with I hope that I get to know her in your fic. ^^
And yeah~ Rena-sama is a princess along with Churi and Kanako
She knows how to do archery. YAY~! :onioncheer:

I hope that Jurina becomes her bodyguard. though it's most likely that she will. ahahaha
And about Airin...will she become Churi's bodyguard? Hmm~

And now onto the next one!

KYAAAHHH~! Jurina asked the question that was asked by Kuumin!!! YAY~! *dances like an idiot*
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THANK YOU FOR THE TERRIFIC AND WONDERFUL UPDATES, Ohayou-sam* -san!!! I'll be waiting for more~!
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OH IM LOVED! LOL hoorah for me giving ohayou-san a new idea  :cow:

lol boooo i wont be finding out whats gonna happen with airin in a long time then D:
haha but the introduction is a very crucial part in any story  :yep:

LOL WHAT! CHURI FORGAVE JURINA SO EASILY! juri needs some tough love from churi...cant just always forgive her like this D:
hmm hmm jurina is starting to question herself and the way she acts....ITS TIME TO TALK TO KUUMIN!

KANAKANA! your way of waking up people is rena secretly totally wants to murder her  8) oh oh oh they left airin together with rena  :D and airin can talk to rena normally! well just for a bit rofl  XD aww shes feeling guilty :( and she didnt get to tell rena! GAHHH! shes just so awesome here *hugs self* being all gentle(wo)manly to rena  :thumbsup

lol somehow im starting to find jurina a bit creepy o.o sounds like a stalker...okay its just my imagination i think

thanks for the update!  :thumbup
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*cough cough* Anways... Late reply... is late. o no ; But better late then never.
Jurina is growing a soft spot for Rena, how adorable. (~ o 3o ) ~ And yet Rena growing a little fond for Airin.
Love triangle! .... Sqaure... because of Churi. xD ; Though though though ~ I wonder Churi going to pull off a yandere and try keep Jurina to herself after. > w>
OR she might just have feelings for Rena someday too! But... That won't happen right? * u*
That totally won't happen.... Maybe? But questions to lingers around. If Jurina likes Rena. And Churi likes Jurina.
Is Churi going to be jealous and hate Rena? o no And maybe become a bully like those other girls? Wait... GASP! D: No! Churi you can't be a bully! ; AAA;
So hard to imagine Churi as a bully. * siiiiiiigh ~ * Then there's Airin. I wonder if Rena going to love her first, then she'll realizing she actually likes Jurina.
Can't help but giggle how Churi forgiven Jurina so easily. > w> Aaaaaw. ~ But Churi needs to be tough on Jurina more tough. xP
Hnn. Is Jurina going to tell her about Rena? IF she did... Who going to eavesdrop, hm ~ ? Airin or Churi? OR... Is Jurina still going to keep it a secrect. o 3o
So much questions.... = w= ;;
Awww. Rena feelin' the pain how old people feel. o uo ; She'll live... I'm sure Jurina is going to be persistent again and try to take care of Rena's back once they get back into the room! xD
Got to feel sorry for Rena, she's going to have to go through a lot of pain, aye? ; u;
... GASP! Why is Jurina being a stalker? Lol. She can always admire Rena when they're in the room! Don't do it in front of Churi! xD ;
I'll comment on Perfect Bodygaurd when another chapter is out! :"D

Thanks for the update, bro. > w < AND write when you have power surging through your mind! * u*
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Ofc not my dear geki-chan~
I'll never make Airin a minor character~
Or at least not in this story~
And don't worry, I don't mind when readers guessing the plot
because you never know if I might or might not actually add that in~
But if I do decide to change my own plot and use readers' ideas,
I always tell ask for permission~ (^^)b

Why would I be angry?
Don't worry about that, geki-chan~
Airin is a shy, stuttering character by default I think,
because before I started writing fanfics,
many writers were already writing Airin as a shy person xD

Thank you~
I hope you liked this chapter xD

I should've wrote down the reason why Mizuki was sleeping on the floor huh~
But you know, the reasons are usually the same~
Maybe I should've added the fact that Mizuki was sleeping completely spread out on the floor, with her mouth wide opened? xD
Bwahahahaha~ I'm completely ruining her image~ xD

If Juribait-san's top OTP is wMatsui,
then I think hope you will like TPB fanfic~
If you don't know what I mean, you'll understand as the story continues.

Jurina's smile in the KataFai PV?
Was it the part when Juritan touches Rena-san's leg?
And I love the wMatsui biting ear scene too!
Yeah, sorry, just had to blurt that out~

You know, maybe, just MAYBE, Churi would never find out about Juritan and Rena-san~
The pair might end up being in an underground relationship!
Who knows lol~
I don't even know myself lol xD Bwahahahaha~
I don't have a set plot after all (which isn't very good),
I think of the plot as I go.

And thank you~
I'm glad the wMatsui chapter worked out okay~
Though it didn't really have the effect I wanted when I re-read it~

A ChuriJuri(or JuriChuri? Which way does it even go lol xD I don't know) shipper!
I love ChuriJuri as much as I love RenAirin xD
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Except, maybe not YukiRena, but I'm algudz with GekiBlack(or BlackGeki?)

Yay! Oist-san likes Rena's character!
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Hmm~ But I guess she was o----kay-ish?

Yay! Luna-san, I bow to you for reading through all my fanfic in one go~ :bow:
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Thank you, luna-san~ Thank you~ :bow::bow::bow:

For the RenAirin pairing, yeah, they're getting waaaaay too popular~
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They so LSKJAGHAKSLDJ CUTE together!
Even though writing about RenAirin is slowly killing the inside of the wMatsui shipping me!

And may I mention you have guessed something correctly regarding what I was planning to do in TPB~
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Anyway, yeah, thank you for reading all my fanfics!
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And.... NOOOOOO!

And personally, I love Imade, but I too, don't know much about her xD
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But yeah, I hope you can get to know her!
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Who is whose bodyguard~~~?
I wonder~~~
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And, hahahaha~ Karomuwi-san would be better than me at least when you're aroudn Rena-san.
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I'm sooo glad Airin is not a minor character! hahaha  :cow:

can't wait to read more of her in your new fic  :D

and you're right! Airin seems to be the shy character by default  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I remember reading a lot of RenAirin fanfics with Airin just as shy as she really is when she's with Rena  :lol: :lol:

and good luck on your exams!!!  :cow: i hope you do well!

and dont worry coz we'll always be waiting patiently for your next update ^__________^
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If Juribait-san's top OTP is wMatsui,
then I think hope you will like TPB fanfic~
If you don't know what I mean, you'll understand as the story continues.

Jurina's smile in the KataFai PV?
Was it the part when Juritan touches Rena-san's leg?
And I love the wMatsui biting ear scene too!
Yeah, sorry, just had to blurt that out~

You know, maybe, just MAYBE, Churi would never find out about Juritan and Rena-san~
The pair might end up being in an underground relationship!
Who knows lol~
I don't even know myself lol xD Bwahahahaha~
I don't have a set plot after all (which isn't very good),
I think of the plot as I go.

And thank you~
I'm glad the wMatsui chapter worked out okay~
Though it didn't really have the effect I wanted when I re-read it~

You're welcome  :on GJ:
The TPB fanfic, I think I understand what you mean  :hehehe:
Yes the part when Jurina touches Rena-san's leg and smile,the end of chapter remind me that part.
(I love the way that Jurina smile in that part, is so... SEME!!! xD)
And I love that PV and all that Wmatsui scenes  :shy2:
Is okay, update when you can, me and a lot of people will be wainting patiently for the next chapters  :on GJ:
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Your stories were awesome

Seriously - AWESOME

You are so cool .... :3  :twothumbs
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I am so sorry everyone for not update for so flipping long,
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Anyway, here's an update to make up for it.
I hope you guys like it.
And there will be another update to come later tonight.
It's only 1pm here so I still have time to do an update on AGP, hopefully~

So yeah, enjoy~


The rain seemed to be pouring forever. There was no sign that it was going to stop any time soon. Jurina thought about climbing up to the rooftops and escape the guards like that. It was a good idea, probably the best she could think of, but it was an impossible idea. Without the rain making the wall slippery, then perhaps, Jurina could’ve done it. “Argh…” Jurina held her wounded shoulder with her hand as the pain increased with each pounding step. The girl no longer remembers how long she has been running for, but it must have been quite long since there wasn’t many guards behind her now. She had proven that she had a higher stamina than many of the soldiers. ’Just why can’t these guards give up already!? Why bother to chase someone like me... Argh...’

After running around the city in circles and losing the majority of the guards, Jurina turned into one of the old abandoned houses in the very edge of the city and threw herself on the floor as she tried to catch her breath. For now, she has lost the guards. Even though it was thundering outside, Jurina could still hear the sounds of running guards around her. She threw back her trenched hood and slowly, she released her grip on her own shoulder and observed the bright red cut across her shoulder. It wasn’t a long cut, but it was quite deep. Having never been in a situation like this before, Jurina didn’t know what to do with her wound. The only thing that she knew right now was that she could hardly feel the pain from her wound anymore. The rain has successfully numbed her shoulder.

Jurina froze when two soldiers stopped under the shelter outside the house she was hiding in. “Why do we even need to chase this person in this weather! It’s just a thief! Why can’t we just let him go!?” One of the soldiers complained as he leaned against the opposite side of the very same wall Jurina was leaning against. “It’s not every day you can see someone knock down Captain Sakiko like she’s nothing. Maybe that’s why the emperor especially requested us to chase this man down,” the other soldier suggested. In reply, the complaining soldiers only frowned and mumbled something Jurina couldn’t hear.

Suddenly, hearing a soft scattering sound, Jurina turned around. The girl screamed when she saw a rat running towards her. Then she clamped her mouth shut, remembering that she wasn’t alone. She whipped around and saw the two soldiers staring right at her, surprise on their face. Without warning, the soldiers charged into the house as Jurina turned around and bounded up the worn out stairs that threatened to break under her and the heavy, pounding steps of the guard that was chasing her.

“Come out, thief. Make our job easier and we will treat you better,” one of the soldiers spoke up as he kicked each door open, checking for any sign of Jurina. “You have nowhere to go, there is only one way out of this house, and my partner is already there to make sure you won’t get past.” Jurina held her breathe as that soldier kicked open the door of the room she was hiding in.

Out of the small gap between the doors of the wardrobe Jurina was hiding in, she watched in horror as the soldier opened every cabinet and cupboard that he could see. ’Why did I even hide here? In a place where there is only one way out. That is so stupid!’ Jurina thought to herself as the soldier edged closer to her hiding spot. Before Jurina could figure out what to do, a pair of eyes stared right into her through the doors. Jurina’s eyes widened.



“Let me go! LET! ME! GO!” Jurina yelled as she kicked her unbounded leg around. Her leg successfully caught one of the two soldiers holding her. The man gasped in pain and cursed her as he backed away further enough to escape Jurina’s kicks but close enough to keep her under watch.

“I wouldn’t struggle if I were you. The knots we get trained to tie are ones that tightened even more if you struggle against it. You will only hurt yourself,” a casually dressed female made her way to the soldiers who was holding onto Jurina. As the new comer got closer, Jurina could see something like a bandage behind the back of the female’s neck.

The soldiers gave a small bow, “Captain Sakiko.”

Sakiko held up her hand, “It’s just Sakiko. I’m off duty right now.” Then the female captain turned her attention to Jurina. She looked at cut on Jurina’s shoulder for a few seconds, then she looked up and stared right into Jurina’s eyes. Sakiko smiled, “That’s what you get for hurting me.” The captain waved the soldiers forward, “Emperor Togasaki wishes to see the kid.” The soldiers looked at each other, then nodded at the captain and gave her the rope that was linked to Jurina’s tied up hands before doing another small bow before walking away.

When the two soldiers left, the female captain turned Jurina around and untied the knot on her hands. Jurina stared at the captain who she had previously knocked out as she unbound her hands. “Why release me? Are you not afraid that I will knock you out again and run away?” Jurina asked as she flexed her freed hands and rubbed her sore wrists where the rope had left a burn mark when the soldiers pulled her too hard.

“You wouldn’t survive a minute the moment you run from my sight. Not everyone here is as nice as me. Of course, unless it’s the princesses you run into. They’re pretty nice,” Sakiko chuckled as she coiled the ropes up. “Plus, I would never let you knock me out again. You succeeded before because I underestimated you.” When she was done, she turned around and started making her way down the hallway. “Hurry up, the emperor seeks an audience with you,” the captain said as she walked off.

This was the perfect chance to run away really. Jurina could’ve knocked the captain out again and using her as a shield, Jurina could’ve escape from the imperial palace without one more scratch on her. However, for some reason, Jurina found herself following the captain instead. Jurina didn’t understand why her inner mind was telling her to follow the captain, maybe it was because Jurina was curious at why the emperor wanted to see her. Or maybe it was just because Jurina was feeling too worn out from the long chase previously that she can no longer bring her legs to run again.

Jurina stared at the door in front of her when the captain came to a stop. Sakiko knocked on the door. A moment later, the door slid open silently, revealing a large room with soldiers standing on guard along the middle path. A large man was sitting in the back of the room with his legs crossed and was stroking the katana that was laid on his leg. There were two guards standing on either side of him, their hands rested on the hilt of their swords as they eyed Jurina suspiciously. Seeing the way the guards were standing in a protective manner beside the man, Jurina assumed that the man was the emperor.

“My lord,” Sakiko stepped into the room and bowed at the man sitting down. The emperor looked up at Sakiko. “Matsui! Have you already recovered from the knock down?”

The female captain bowed again, “I have, my lord. Thank you for your concern.”

“Your recovery was much faster than the healers said. As expected of from one of my best captains,” Togasaki laughed as he set aside his katana. “So,” the emperor clapped his hands together, “what brings you here, Matsui?”

“I have brought you the person you seek.”

“Oh?” The emperor raised an eyebrow, “The boy who tried to steal from my garden? Already?” Sakiko nodded.He nodded, “Very well, bring him in.”

Sakiko turned around and looked at Jurina, beckoning for her to come inside with her hand. Jurina stepped inside and looked around. She had never been in the imperial palace before, let alone the room of the emperor. Jurina’s eyes widened as she took in the beauty of the emperor’s room. From his bright armor in the corner to the katanas placed on the stand, from the hanging paintings on the wall to the neatly stacked scrolls on the tray in front of him. Everything in his room was more than perfect in Jurina’s eyes. It was exactly as perfect as she had always imaged an emperor’s room to look like. Jurina stared as something caught her eyes on one side of the emperor’s room.

Togasaki chuckled when he saw Jurina stare at his favourite katanas. The emperor stood up from his spot, his guards stepped forward in order to keep him protected but he just held up his hand and ordered them to stay. Togasaki walked over to his katanas and picked up the first one, “This is my favourite.” Jurina watched as the man unsheathed the katana and rolled the katana in his palm. Jurina watched the light occasionally reflects of the pure silver blade. And suddenly, the emperor whipped around and held the shining blade against Jurina’s throat. The room gasped at the sudden action of the emperor while Jurina just stood there as if nothing happened. “You afraid of death, my child?” Togasaki asked as he observed Jurina’s expression.

Jurina won’t deny the fact that she was surprised too, at the emperor’s sudden move. But even with the cold metal pressed up against her throat, threatening to break the skin under, Jurina felt no fear for unknown reasons. There was only one thing that was boiling inside her blood: Excitement. ’Am I?’ Jurina asked herself as she thought over the emperor’s question in her mind. Was she afraid of death? Jurina wasn’t sure herself. She felt nothing towards the word death but hate. It was that very same word that took away her father. And it was the very same word that is threatening to take away her mother too. That feeling of the possibility of death, that feeling of feeling death but is not dying, that feeling? That feeling excited Jurina. Reaching a conclusion with her thoughts, shocking everyone in the room, including the emperor, Jurina shook her head.

Togasaki laughed and pressed the blade harder against Jurina’s throat. A trickle of red slid down the blade. “You are a strange child indeed. I have not met a single man in my entire life that does not shake when it is I, who is holding a weapon against them.” Slowly, he retrieved his katana and after wiping the blood on the shirt of one of the guards standing by, he sheathed the weapon and placed it slowly back onto the stand.

The excitement still lingered in Jurina’s mind when the contact between the metal and her skin broke. The corner of her lips curled upward at the emperor’s not-so-obvious compliment and when the emperor faced her again, she threw back her hood, not fearing the emperor any longer. “That’s because I’m not a man,” Jurina spoke as she wiped the blood on the small cut on her neck with her hood. She couldn’t help but grin when she saw everyone stare at her in surprise as they register Jurina’s true identity in their mind, ’So even the emperor is not an all-knowing after all...’

When the man recovered from his shock, Togasaki laughed again. “A girl! And such a young and beautiful girl as well!” He chuckled as he cupped Jurina’s chin. Jurina tensed and frowned at the sudden unwelcomed contact but did not pull away as she did not want to anger the emperor in anyway. She might not fear death, but that doesn’t mean she wants to die. “What is your name?” Togasaki asked as he looked closely at Jurina’s face. The more he looked at her, the more familiar the face of Jurina looks. Yet Togasaki could not remember what it was that was so familiar about her since, obviously, the emperor had never seen the girl before.

“Jurina. Matsui Jurina,” Jurina replied, confidence clear in her voice. Jurina could have sworn she heard a few surprised gasps someone around the room, but the sound was so small that Jurina wasn’t sure whether or not she misheard it. Jurina decided that she had just misheard the sound after thinking for a while since there was no reason for anyone to gasp at her name. Or at least none that Jurina knew of.

The emperor raised an eyebrow at the response, but the action was so brief Jurina once again became confused at whether or not this was her imagination. While she was thinking about that, his face had already changed and was now staring at Jurina with an amused face. “Another Matsui? The Matsuis’ sure are making their mark in this world right now. Say, Matsui Jurina, are you by any chance a relative of our captain Matsui?” Togasaki asked as he pulled his hand back from Jurina’s face and pointed at Sakiko who was standing a few feet away from Jurina, surprised yet again at Jurina’s reply to the emperor’s previous question.

“The only other family member I have is my mother who is sick in bed,” Jurina frowned as she thought back to her mother, sick in bed and then to the horrifying memory of her father dying in front of her. Jurina shut her eyes as if to shut out her disturbing thoughts. “I only met the fair captain today.”

“Ah, yes. When you knocked her down,” he chuckled as he returned to his seat at the back of the room, following closely behind, the female captain. Jurina followed. Once the emperor settled, he waved his arm and dismissed the others in the room. Everyone hesitated at first, but when the emperor mentioned for Sakiko to stay behind, everyone left without a word. “You two leave as well,” Togasaki said to the two men standing behind him. They were about to say something back when he held up his hand and stopped them, “I have Matsui. She is more than capable of defending me when the need arises.” Knowing the reliability of the female captain, the two guards nodded, bowed, and disappeared through the door, closing it behind them.

“So, you are a Matsui,” the man stated the obvious. Jurina nodded. “You have a father?” He asked.

Jurina stared at the emperor, wondering if that was a trick question. Does she have a father? Of course she has a father. Or at least she HAD one. Why was the emperor asking a question like this? Did he spend so long catching her just to ask her if she had a father? The emperor cleared his throat, indicating his impatience. “Everyone has a father. You do, the captain does, the guards does. Everyone does. I am no different,” Jurina answered, trying to keep the pain caused by the topic of this conversation away from her mind.

“Of course you do,” Togasaki chuckled Jurina’s words. It was so rare to hear someone talk to him without addressing him properly. Yet, surprisingly, he didn’t find it at all offending like he usually would. Perhaps it was because he was in a good mood. Or perhaps it was because Jurina reminded him of another Matsui that used to work under him. “Your father’s name, what is it?” he asked again, feeling curious about this familiarity between Jurina and the previous Matsui that he know.

“My father’s name was Yuusuke. Matsui Yuusuke,” Jurina hissed between her teeth as she felt anger boil up inside her at the emperor pricking at her emotional scar unknowingly.

Togasaki blinked. It WAS the same Matsui after all. ‘So he have already married and have a child so beautiful yet dangerous?’ The emperor thought to himself. “Was?” He raised an eyebrow at the word.

The anger inside Jurina burst. No longer did she care whether or not the man in front of her is an emperor. She shouted at him nonetheless, “YES! WAS! MY FATHER IS DEAD! AND MY MOTHER WOULD BE SOON IF I DON’T GO HOME! WHY ARE YOU ASKING THIS ANYWAY!? DID YOU GET YOUR MEN TO CHASE ME FOR SO LONG JUST SO THAT YOU CAN ASK ABOUT MY FATHER!? IS THIS YOUR WAY OF WASTING MY TIME!? YOU MIGHT HAVE A LOT OF TIME TO WASTE, BUT I DON’T!” Jurina pointed at the emperor with her finger as the last words left her lips. Her other hand clenched into a shaking fist as she tried to gain control over herself.

Sakiko jumped at Jurina’s disrespecting outburst at the emperor and tried to clamped her hand over the girl’s mouth but Togasaki stopped her. “I am truly sorry for your loss. Your father was a great and loyal man,” he said as he recalled the good memories he had of the man.

“You don’t even know my father,” Jurina frowned.

“Oh I do, my dear. I do. He was much more closer to me than you think, girl.” The room echoed with his short and deep laugh. It troubled Togasaki slightly, at the fact that Jurina’s father never told her of the work he did for him. It made him think that the man was never proud to work for him and that, annoyed him. The man should’ve thought it an honor to fight side by side with him. But Togasaki couldn’t blame him, after all, he did remove the man from his position of power to a lowly farmer after the man spoke up against him in a meeting, disagreeing with his idea.

“However, we are indeed getting off topic now and we shouldn’t be since your mother needs you right?” Togasaki stated as he steered the conversation back into the right direction. “You are pretty brave to steal from me. Not much people have the nerves to do that. Are you not afraid that I will kill you?”

Jurina relaxed slightly at the change of topic, yet the frown was still on her face at the forgotten fact that her mother and Airi was still waiting back home. “If you wanted to kill me, you would’ve done so before and wouldn’t waste so many peoples’ time to chase me down.”

“Indeed. I could have. But I didn’t want to because you are special, my girl. You,” he pointed at her, “managed to knocked down one of our best fighters in the army and that is all the reason that is needed to keep you alive.”

“I only did what I needed to do in order to survive.”

“Why didn’t you kill her then? In fact, why didn’t you kill all the men that were chasing you before? If you did, you would have never been caught,” the emperor asked.

Sakiko frowned at the tone of Togasaki’s voice. The way that tone sounded, it was almost as if he cared nothing of the lives of her men and herself. Although Sakiko is used to the horrible man treating everyone like that, she still couldn’t help but be annoyed at the emperor’s attitude every time. It annoyed her to no end. But, she had a job to do and until the end of that job, she knows she has to endure all of this. Otherwise, all those work and effort put into this job so many years ago, it will go all into waste.

“Because death was never part of my intention of stepping a foot on your land. I am only after what I need and I took only what I need, nothing more, nothing less,” Jurina stated as she untied her money bag from her belt and showed the emperor scarce amount of grass in it.

Togasaki stared at the grass for a while then rubbed his chin and chuckled again, “Why, you truly are a strange kid. I like it. I like your attitude. It is not normal for someone to not fear death and have such amazing fighting skills. Tell me,” The man leaned forward, “Did your father teach you to fight?”

Jurina frowned again at the mention of his father, but this time, she only felt her anger bubble and didn’t burst, “No. My father died many years ago. We taught ourselves to fight. Fighting only requires experience.”


“Me and my friend.”

“Ah~ Well, seeing that you are stealing, am I right to assume that you are in need of money?”

Jurina looked at the emperor. Was this another trick question? Jurina debated in her head for a moment, trying to decide whether she should tell the emperor that she was in need of money or whether she should just say no. A conclusion was reached when her desperate side took over. Perhaps telling the emperor will mean that he will help her family? Jurina nodded in reply to the emperor’s question.

Togasaki nodded then surprising Jurina but not Sakiko, he gave an offer to Jurina. “In that case, would you like to do a job for me, my dear?” Seeing Jurina’s hesitation, he continued, not wanting to lose this perfect chance of gaining an advantage over his opponent, “Since you can fight so well, would you like to get paid to fight?”

Jurina’s eyes widened at the offer. She wasn’t stupid. She knew what this offer meant, yet she couldn’t be sure if that was what he was implying. “Are you asking me to be a hired blade?” Jurina asked.

“Asking you to be a hired blade? No, of course not. I’m just asking you to be a problem solver for me. A problem solver that solves things physically,” he gave Jurina a smile that send chill up her spine.

Jurina didn’t know whether or not it was a good idea to accept the emperor’s offer. But she knew she was desperate for money. Her whole family was. Jurina wanted to accept it, but she knew after she accepted the offer, there will be no turning back and Jurina wasn’t sure if she was to have her future set on such a path. “I need time to think about it,” Jurina replied as she decided that she was going to ask Airi about this. Airi always comes up with the best solutions.

“Of course,” Togasaki smiled. He waved the captain over who quickly stood by the emperor’s side, leaving Jurina alone, still lost in her own thoughts. “Matsui, give her a sack of rice and a bottle of the potions that the healers made from the dragon fruit,” he whispered only to the captain.

“But, the potion is for y-“ Sakiko was cut off by the emperor.

“But the girl’s mother needs it. And I need the girl. Just go do it,” he commanded.

Sakiko bowed and existed the room and quickly looked for any idle servants, “As you wish, my lord.” It didn’t take long and only after a short moment, Sakiko returned to the room and laid the items next to Jurina who stared at her, confused.

“For you from the emperor, you are free to go,” Sakiko said as she stepped back from the items. Jurina turned to look at the emperor.

“Take these, I know you need them. I will be waiting for your reply back in this room. Come see me when you have decided.” Jurina nodded.

“By the way,” Togasaki’s words stopped Jurina’s movement, “Are you not curious at your father’s relationship with me?” Throughout the whole conversation, Jurina had not questioned the emperor about her father once. It sparked up Togasaki’s interest. It wasn’t exactly normal for a girl whose father died early to not question about her father when someone tells her they know their father and have a close relationship with him.

“If you and my father was close, he didn’t tell me. And what he don’t tell me, he don’t tell me for a reason. If I needed to know, he would’ve told me. If he didn’t, that probably means I don’t need to know.”

Togasaki nodded at the mature answer and dimissed Jurina, “Very well, you may go now. Give my greetings to your mother.”  Then he turned back to admiring the katana that he had placed aside at Jurina’s appearance.


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Hum that emperor is really suspicious. Jurina is so cool! My favorite part is the one where she said that she is a girl ^^
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I Like Nightmares [KumiNon]

Kumi jumped when she heard a soft scream come from the other side of the room. Having being pulled out of her own dream world, Kumi sat up from her bed and looked across the dark hotel room to the dark shadow that was also sitting up from the other bed. A soft sniffing sound reached Kumi’s ears.

“Non-chan? Are you okay?” Kumi asked while she tried to search through the dark shadows with her eyes. Hearing no response from the young girl, Kumi slowly reached over the bedside table and flipped on the dim lights. Instantly, the room was filled with a soft glow.

Looking over at Kanon who was now visible, Kumi saw the girl shaking. Concern immediately flooded Kumi’s mind. She slipped out of bed, wrapped around herself the jacket she laid on the side of her bed and made her way to Kanon’s side. “Non-chan? What’s wrong?” Kumi asked as she sat on the edge of Kanon’s bed and pulled the covers up to cover the girl’s thinly dressed body, not wanting the girl to catch a cold.

“Non-chan, what’s wrong? Did something happen?” Kumi asked again when she saw tears around the brim of Kanon’s red eyes. It was clear the young girl was crying, as much as she was trying to hold it in.

Finally realizing Kumi was by her side, Kanon threw herself onto Kumi, hugging her tightly as she let the water drops roll down from her eyes. “I saw these weird shadows, they were going to take me away, and then you wanted to help me but they took you away too. It was so real... It was so real!” Kanon cried into Kumi’s shoulder, soaking the girl’s jacket wet.

Kumi smiled gently and patted the girl’s back, “It’s okay, Non-chan. It was just a bad dream. I’m still here aren’t I? There’s no shadow here.”

“But it was so real...” Kanon cried again.

Kumi pulled away from the hug and softly wiped the tears from Kanon’s face. “But it was just a dream,” Kumi repeated. “I’m here now, don’t worry, everything is fine,” Kumi whispered as she gently lowered Kanon back onto the bed and pulled the blankets over to cover the girl’s shoulders tightly. “Go back to sleep now, we still have work tomorrow,” Kumi said as she gave the girl a small kiss on the forehead and slipped back into her own bed, closing her eyes immediately as the tiredness of today’s work overwhelmed her senses again. Then remembering that the lights were still on, Kumi reached over and fumbled for the switch, wanting to turn off the lights but was too lazy to re-open her eyes.

Just before Kumi flipped off the switch, she felt her bed shifted and her eyes snapped open at the sudden invasion into her own warmth. “Non-chan! What are you doing? Go back to you bed and get some sleep,” Kumi said as she watched the youngling sit on the side of her bed, looking at her with those lovely puppy eyes that she adores.

“Please don’t turn off the lights, I... I’m scared to go back to sleep with the lights on...” Kanon mumbled as her arm tugged at Kumi’s, begging her to pull back her hand from the switch.

Kumi sighed and looked away from Kanon’s eyes, knowing that if she looked even for one more second, she would give in. “But I can’t sleep if the lights are on.”

Kanon looked down, “Oh... Well... I don’t want Kuumin to not sleep well....” The girl pulled back her hand, knowing that there was no way she would be able to sleep in the light tonight. Suddenly, the old idea crossed her mind again and instantly, her eyes shone.

Kumi looked at the girl and saw Kanon smiling at her. “Non-chan?” Kumi called, surprised at the sudden change on Kanon’s face. The change was so quick that Kumi was almost sure that it was just her tired eyes playing tricks on her. But of course, that was not the case.

“I can sleep with the lights off, I guess... If only,” Kanon grinned at the words she was about to say, “If only I have a teddy bear.”

A confused look spread across Kumi’s face. “B-But I don’t have a teddy bear...” She mumbled to herself as she thought over Kanon’s words. Kumi can never sleep with the lights on, unless she is so tired that she fell asleep without turning the lights off. But right now, she doesn’t have in her possession a teddy bear that she can give to the girl so that the girl will let her turn off the lights.

Frowning at the fact that Kumi didn’t understand what she was trying to say, Kanon climbed into the bed of one surprised Kumi and pulled the covers over herself. Before Kumi had the chance to react, Kanon slipped her arms around Kumi’s waist and held onto her while she whispered, “A teddy bear can be of any size, Kuumin.”

Upon hearing Kanon’s words, Kumi mentally facepalmed herself for not knowing what Kanon wanted before. This wasn’t the first time Kanon had a nightmare while they stayed over at the hotels. And every time will refuse to go back to bed unless she had someone to hug to sleep, which in this case now, was Kumi herself, again. Blaming her own tiredness for not remembering, Kumi shifted over slightly and gave Kanon more space. In a whisper, Kumi asked, “You could’ve just asked directly, Non-chan. You know I would never say no.” Kumi smiled when she felt Kanon’s arms around her tightened and the girl held her closer.

After letting Kanon settle comfortably in her bed, Kumi looked down and asked, “Can I turn off the lights now?” Kanon nodded and Kumi reached over and flicked the switch, allowing the darkness to wrap around them once again.

Just before Kumi’s mind drifted off, she heard a soft whisper, “I think I’m going to start liking nightmares now.” And the arms around her tightened as Kanon snuggled closer.

Kumi smiled and pulled the cover tighter around the two of them. ’I think I do too,’ Kumi thought to herself as she closed her eyes and drifted to sleep with the sound of Kanon’s calm breathing.

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The ringing of the lunch bell snapped Airi back into reality, where she was supposed to listen to the teacher talk about the important test that was coming up next week. Lazily, Airi threw her books into her bag and made her way out of the door, not even noticing Rena staring after her.

Ever since this morning, after breakfast, Rena had already started to notice something wasn’t right with Airi. Though she haven’t quite figured out what exactly was wrong yet, but Rena kind of have an idea that it might have something to do with something that Airi wanted to say before while the two of them were standing outside the dining hall. During class the whole morning, Rena couldn’t focus in class, just like Airi. One minute she was worrying about Airi and the next minute she was worrying about her own stiff back which still had a small throbbing pain. Ignoring the back pain, Rena quickly packed her bags, avoided the big crowd that was surrounding Jurina and Akane and slipped out the door, following after Airi.

Airi took her time walking to the boarding facility, not worrying about the long line that will be lining up at the dining hall if she was late. She had much more things to worry about, for example, Rena. When she decided to tell Rena this morning about what happened yesterday, she was fully determined to get it over and done with. But when Kanako came and interrupted, Airi found that the confidence she had at that time to tell Rena was all lost. After breakfast, Airi spend the whole morning in class, spacing out, trying to think of the best way to apologize to Rena without her getting mad. But of course, as usual, Airi could never think of any good ways.

“Airin! Wait!” A voice shouted after her.

Airi’s eyes widened at the familiar tone of the voice and jumped when she felt a hand grab onto her shoulder, restricting her from moving any further. “Re-Re-Rena-san?” Airi looked at the girl who now had one hand on her knee and was bending over, trying to catch her breathe. “W-What are you doing here?” Airi asked.

Rena stood back up when she felt like she could finally breathe a little again. Running was still after all, one of the things that Rena was the worst at. “Are you okay, Airin?” Rena asked as she looked at Airi.

“Huh? What do you mean am I okay? Shouldn’t I be asking you that? Why did Rena-san run after me?” Airi asked, confused at the question being asked. Why would Rena ask her if she was okay when Rena was the one who just ran from the class to catch up to her and was now still trying to breathe normally again?

Rena placed her other hand on Airi’s other shoulder and turned the girl around to fully face her. Airi froze at the sudden extra contact and her mind immediately tuned into the two hands that was firmly holding onto her shoulders. “You know what I meant, Airin,” Rena sighed, “I saw you in class today, everyone did, you have been spacing out during class the whole time. What’s wrong? Although I’ve only been in this school for a few days, I see that you are always listening to the teacher closely during class and you never lose focus during class. You didn’t even realized the teacher asked you a question until I poked you with my pen.”

Finally understanding why Rena was here, Airi couldn’t help but mentally slap herself. Was this thing troubling her so much during class that even Rena, who was new to the class, could tell that something wasn’t right? “Rena-san... I...” Airi’s determined mind to apologize to Rena blanked out as Rena’s concerned eyes looked at her, waiting patiently for her to continue. The words were stuck in Airi’s throat. Seeing how Rena was so concerned about her made Airi felt million times worse. At the same time too, Airi didn’t want Rena to stop caring about her after she tells her what she did. So doing the simplest thing, Airi shook her head and tried her best to force out a smile, “N-Nevermind! I’m fine. Just a bit tired, that’s all.”

Rena’s grip on Airi’s shoulders refused to let go when Airi wanted to turn away. Rena looked pleadingly into the girl’s eyes and said, “Airin, maybe it’s because I’m new here and isn’t that close to you yet and maybe that’s why you don’t trust me enough yet, I don’t know. But what I do know, Airin, is that I know something is wrong. It doesn’t matter if you don’t tell me what is wrong, but can you at least tell me if something IS wrong?”

Airi quickly shifted her attention to objects behind Rena, looking everywhere but Rena’s eyes. “I trust you, Rena-san! It’s not like that! It’s just... Nothing is wrong! Really! I’m fine!” Airi waved her arms around, trying to emphasize her point.

“Airin,” Rena called, stopping all movements of the girls with a single word. Seeing that Airi once again have her attention to her only, Rena continued, “Can you really look at me in my eyes and tell me that nothing is wrong?”

The lies refused to come out, as she stared at Rena. She wanted to tell Rena what was troubling her, really, she does. But Airi is so scared of what will happen afterwards that she just want to lie to Rena and tell her everything is fine. Even though Airi felt like it wasn’t right to make Rena worry like that, she couldn’t afford to lose Rena, someone who could make her heart jump out of her chest every time just by calling her name.

“I just want to help, Airin. That's all,” Rena whispered as she slowly dropped her arms back to her side and backed away. Seeing that Airi still wasn’t speaking, Rena assumed that perhaps Airi just didn’t trust her enough to tell her of her problems.

“It’s not that, Rena-san. It’s not like that. You don’t understand,” Airi frowned at the lost contact with the warmth of Rena’s hands.

Rena looked up, “Then tell me, Airin. Tell me what’s wrong so I can understand. Tell me what’s wrong so I can help you.”

“You can’t help people that are feeling guilty towards decisions that they shouldn’t have made!” The words slipped out of Airi’s lips in a tone that somewhat sounded like an angry shout. Airi clamped her hand over her own mouth as she realized what the tone of her voice sounded like.

“Airin feels guilt?” Rena looked at Airi, confusion spread across her shocked face. “Guilt to who?” Rena asked as she tried to recover from Airi’s voice that suddenly increased in volume. Perhaps Rena really was annoying Airi too much by pushing her to tell her something that she didn’t want to talk about. But Rena was so worried about Airi, she didn’t even think she would annoy her. Not to mention Rena never thought Airi would be the type of girls that could actually be annoyed, considering how Airi is always so nice to everyone. Even to some of the annoying girls in the class who picks on her just because Airi spends three quarters of her school day in her own little 2D world instead of the 3D students around her.

Airi stayed silent for a while and had a mental conversation with her mind when she realized what words had slipped out of her lips, ’The words are already out. I might as well as tell her right....? But... wouldn’t Rena-san stop talking to me if she knew I left her behind to be beaten just because I was too weak?’ Gathering her courage, she said in a really small voice, “You.”

Rena stared and blinked. Completely lost at where the conversation was heading. “M-Me?” Airi nodded, her head hanged low, afraid to meet Rena’s eyes. “What do you mean? What did you do to me that made you feel guilty? I don’t recall you doing anything wrong at all!” Rena exclaimed.

“It was my fault that you got hurt yesterday by the girls,” Airi did a 90 degrees bow to Rena and apologized, “I’m sorry!”

Rena stared at Airi in surprise, “What do you mean?”

’She’s going to get mad... She’s going to get angry...’ Airi’s mind kept repeating the same phrase over and over again inside her head..

“What do you mean, Airin?” Rena repeated, seeing that Airi wasn’t answering her. Why did Airi feel guilt? Why would she ever feel guilt? Airi never seems like a girl who would do something so bad that she would feel guilty about it. Or at least in Rena’s eyes, that’s what Airi seems like. “What do you mean it was your fault that I was hurt? What are you talking about?” Rena asked.

Praying in the back of her mind that nothing will happen to the friendship between the two of them, Airi took a deep breath and started explaining, “Yesterday, when you were in the hallway surrounded by the girls, I saw you and Akane-san. I knew the moment I saw the girls, that they were going to hurt you two. I knew it! A-A-And I could have helped you! I should have stopped them before they started hurting you guys! B-B-But I was too scared! I didn’t know what to do!” Airi flailed her arms around.

“A-Airin...” Rena whispered as she watched glistening drops started to gather in the corner of Airi’s eyes.

“I wanted to help! B-But I didn’t know how! S-S-So I went out a-a-and looked for Jurina... and then asked her to c-come and help you. I’m sorry! I s-should’ve helped you! I shouldn’t have gone off! If I helped you the m-moment I saw you, then you wouldn’t have suffered those injuries! I am so sorry...” Airi trailed off as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Rena stepped forward and held Airi’s face. Wiping her tears away with her thumbs, she said with a small smile, “Is that what you were worried about the whole time?” Rena’s hands worked like magic against Airi’s tears, instantly putting them to a stop. Airi sniffed and nodded in answer to her question. Rena let out a small giggle and looked at Airi directly in the eyes as she smiled, “It wasn’t your fault, Airin. None of this is your fault. It was just unlucky of us two to run into the girls on our way back. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“But I-“ Airi started to speak again only to be cut off by Rena’s fingers on her lips.

“Shuuuuu, let me finish, Airin,” Rena shushed the girl with her fingers and continued to speak when Airi’s lips stayed sealed, “Don’t you dare feel guilty about that unfortunate thing that happened to me and Churi. You did nothing wrong. In fact, you did everything right. You helped, even when others students didn’t even bother, and that’s all that matters. Having Airin helping is more than I could ask for. To be honest, I’m glad you didn’t come help and went to look for Jurina. Though I think it would’ve been a better idea to call a teacher instead. Because I don’t think I can bare to see Airi get hurt for helping me. Now that, would make me feel guilty.”

Airi slowly looked up at Rena and as she felt Rena’s hands on her own cheeks and listened to every word the taller girl was saying to her. Airi was shocked. Not only was Rena not mad, she was actually happy? This was way beyond what Airi thought Rena’s reaction would be. “So... Rena-san doesn’t want me to get hurt... But you don’t mind Jurina-san getting hurt?” Airi asked, thinking that Rena had forgotten that Jurina was actually the one who helped them.

A soft giggle escaped Rena’s lips, sounding like bell chimes to Airi’s ears. “That’s not what I meant. I just don’t need to worry about Jurina considering she is strong enough to protect herself, as everyone can see,” Rena pointed out as her mind flashed back to Jurina’s angry face in the dining hall on her first night at school and then the scene of Jurina holding the girl up against the wall appeared again. Rena shuddered at the memory. “Anyway, really, Airin, you have to stop worrying about things like these. You can’t let small things like these distract you from your classes. Would I be correct if I say you probably don’t even know we have a project due next week?” Rena asked when she saw Airi’s face deep in thought.

“But this is Rena-san we’re talking about! People hurting Rena-san is not small...” Airi mumbled. Then, as if a lightning bolt suddenly struck her, Airi jumped and her eyes widened, “WHAT!? WE HAVE A PROJECT DUE NEXT WEEK!? B-B-BUT NO ONE TOLD ME!”

Rena laughed again at Airi’s reaction to the news, “The teacher explained it just then, Airin. Just before the lunch bell rang.” Rena couldn’t help but pinch Airi’s cheeks when she saw how cute Airi looked even when she was frowning, “Aaaaah, how can Airin be so cute even when she’s frowning? Don’t worry, Airin, I copied an extra set of notes on the project, you can have it if you want,” Rena pushed the two corners of Airi’s lips upward and smiled at the girl who looked slightly happier now, “Now, turn that frown upside down and smile.”

Airi jumped again when she felt Rena pinch her cheeks. It wasn’t a very hard pinch, in fact, it felt quite different from the pinch that Kanako used to do to her cheeks before she asked the girl to stop. ’No, it wasn’t a hard pinch at all... It felt... kind of nice, to be honest... Pinch me again, Rena-san! That felt so nice~ Pinch me ag- What the heck am I thinking!?’ Airin mentally facepalmed herself as she pushed away those thoughts. Finally, for the first time that day probably, Airi gave a small smile.

Seeing a small silence has developed around the two of them as they walked slowly to the boarding facility, Airi decided to speak up again, “S-Say Rena, san...”


“Where did that girl go?”

“What girl?”

“T-The girl that um... hurt you yesterday...” Airi scratched the back of her head, trying to come up with a way of describing the girl exactly mentioning her. Although Rena seems to find no problem with what Airi did about the event yesterday, Airi still couldn’t get over the fact that she could’ve helped.

“Oh. Her.” Rena stopped walking.

Hearing no more footsteps alongside of her own, Airi stopped and looked backward. Then she started panicking and questions started to fill her head. Did she say something wrong? Why wasn’t Rena walking or talking anymore?

“I’m not sure really. I didn’t see her this morning at breakfast,” Rena thought for a while then looked up and continued to walk when she realized she had stopped. When Airi caught up, Rena continued, “However, I do remember Jurina saying something to the girl yesterday. Something about reporting her to kouchou sensei or something. I don’t know. Jurina was quite far away when she said that so I couldn’t hear properly. But who knows, maybe the girl is just too scared of Jurina and didn’t come to school,” Rena shrugged at the last few words, showing clearly no sympathy to whatever happens to the girl. Anyone who hurts her friends deserves to suffer. Perhaps, if the girl apologized, Rena could at least feel a little sympathy for the girl. But unfortunately, the girl hasn’t. And it sure doesn’t seem like she will be doing that anytime soon, if she is still in this school that is.

Airi nodded and silently breathed out a sigh of relief. It was good to know that there won’t be anyone at school anymore that will want to hurt Rena. And as long as nothing happens to Rena, Airi is fine. But since when have Airi cared so much about things like this? Why did she care about Rena so much? Why is it that her heart skips a beat whenever her hand brushes past Rena’s hand while they’re walking? Airi has still yet to figure out the answer to it. Then out of the blue, Airi whispered again, “I’m sorry, Rena.”

Rena sighed and stopped, making Airi look back at her. There was a small frown on Rena’s face, and Airi didn’t like it. “Airin, can you please stop apologizing? Stop saying sorry when you didn’t do anything wrong ok? It’s not your fault,” Rena repeated for the nth times that day.


Rena placed a finger on Airi’s lips again. “No buts. You didn’t do anything wrong. End of story. Now stop apologizing and don’t you dare to ever think about this ever every again. Okay?” Airi slowly nodded and felt her mind spin slightly from the small contact. Suddenly, a loud grumbling sound rolled across where the girls were standing. Rena felt her cheeks burned up as she clenched onto her stomach. This was the second time her stomach has protested in public. “Airin, what do we have for lunch today? I want to eat something that is good enough to stop my stomach from embarrassing me in public any further.”

“I think...” Airi’s fingers went up and stroked her imaginary goatee, “Melonpan? Or was it yakisoba pan? But yeah, it’s some kind of bread. That’s all I remember.”

Rena’s eyes lit up in an instant. “Melonpan!? I’m hungry, Airin. The line is going to be long isn’t it? Let’s go get there before everyone else does! Can’t have everyone taking all the melonpan away!” Rena squealed in joy as she grabbed Airin’s hands and ran towards the boarding facility, suddenly remembering exactly how to get there.

Airi just smiled and watched as Rena’s face suddenly brightened. No, that was not a metaphor. Airi actually saw Rena’s face brightened. As if someone shone a torch on her face. That happy face that Airi saw on Rena when she mentioned melonpan, it was a face Airi don’t think she could ever forget. That smile, those eyes, that voice. It was all too unique and beautiful for Airi to ever forget. No 2D characters on a page could ever match that face of Rena. Airi registered every little detail into her 2D-filled mind as she followed after Rena, feeling the warmth of Rena’s hand in hers.

As the two girls ran to get their lunch, Airi could swear she feels her heart jumping out of her chest. Perhaps it was from the fact that she was running. Or more likely, it was probably because she could feel Rena’s hand holding onto her own. Or perhaps it was just because the soft sweet scent of Rena was brushing past her face like wind as Airi ran behind her. Airi didn’t know for sure. But for now, all she knew was that Rena didn’t get angry at her and was still happy to stay friends with her. That alone, was enough to put a smile onto Airi’s face for the whole week.


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The rain had already stopped when Jurina left the palace, escorted by the female captain who made sure Jurina got home safely for reasons that were only known to the captain herself. The captain dropped the sack just outside the door that Jurina stopped in front of. “This is where you live?” Sakiko asked as she looked at the house in front of them. The house wasn’t big, it was in fact, quite small. From the outside, the house looks like it’s only just enough to have one person living there. Anymore than one seems slightly too crowded.

“Yeah, I live here with my mother and my friend,” Jurina nodded as she picked up the sack of rice the captain had placed next to the door. Seeing the look the captain had on her face as she looked at the house, Jurina just smiled, “We have a huge storage room further in the back. It’s larger than it looks.” The captain sure was not the first person to look at their house like that. Many regular patients that drops by the shop that her mother now runs, says that as well.

Sakiko nodded. She was just about to leave when her heart suddenly had this urge to say something to the girl that she knew she should not be saying, “Jurina?”

Jurina was just about to open the door when the captain called for her by her first name. Curious, Jurina turned around and looked at the captain who had a somewhat concerned face, “Hai?”

“You’re still young, Jurina. There are many things that happens in this world that you still don’t know about or never thought would happen,” Sakiko paused, letting the girl absorb her words before continuing, “Don’t make any stupid decisions. Think over the job that Togasaki offered you thoroughly. This decision can and will affect your future. It will affect your entire life.” Confused at the captain’s words, Jurina opened her mouth to ask the captain what she meant only to have the captain turn her back on her. “Just be careful, Jurina. Be careful of everything that happens around you. Be careful of the people around you. Nothing and no one are what they seem like on the surface.” With that, Sakiko walked away, leaving Jurina behind, pondering over the captain’s confusing word and most of all, at the fact that the female captain mentioned the emperor by his name. That was considered disrespectful amongst the guards, everyone knew that, especially someone with such a high position too.

Still lost with what the captain was trying to tell her, Jurina turned back around and reached out to open her door. Just as she was about to push it open, it was pulled open from the inside. “Jurina? Thank god! Jurina! You’re finally back! You were gone for so long I was starting to get worried! Where have you been! Do you have any idea how long you were gone for!? I was just about to go look for you!” Airi shouted at the girl standing in front of the door, angry at her for not noticing the time but relieved that nothing happened to the girl. ’Guess that weird feeling from before was just my imagination~ Doesn’t seem like anything bad happened to her.’

“Woah, woah, slow down, Airin. Here, hold the rice first. Story telling can wait,” Jurina said as she gave the sack of rice to Airi who’s eyes widened at the sudden weight of the sack on her. Before she could protest about anything, she saw Jurina pull out some kind of bottle and started making her way to her mother’s room, “I got to tend to my mother first.”

Airi’s curiosity about the origin of the large sack of rice was surpassed by her curiosity about what Jurina had in her hand just then. Carefully, she placed the sack of rice next to the table, carefully making sure not to spill any one grain of rice, and followed after Jurina.

“Jurina... What.... is that?” Airi watched as Jurina uncapped the small silver bottle and poured some golden yellow syrup-looking liquid into her mother’s mouth.

“According to the captain, it’s a potion made from the emperor’s dragon fruit. She said it can usually heal any sickness. Haven’t you heard of it before?” Jurina asked as she placed the now empty bottle on the bedside table and wiped away the excess on the corner of her mother’s lips. After pulling the blankets over her mother’s shoulder and making sure she is warm, she went outside to hang up her wet hood.

Airi shook her head and went over to Jurina’s mother’s side and felt her forehead. Already, the woman’s heat was cooling down. Surprised at the speed the remedy worked at, Airi picked up the bottle from the side, turned it around her palm, inspecting it. Then she turned to Jurina who was hanging up her hood outside her mother’s room and asked, “Where did you get this, Jurina?”

“Get what?” Jurina asked from where she was, not knowing what Airi was talking about.

Airi quietly slipped outside the room and softly shut the door before putting down the bottle on the table, “This.”

Jurina turned around and saw what Airi was pointing at, “Oh, that. Long story.”

“I’ve got time. You have some explaining to do. And, oh dear kami....” Airi’s eyes widened as she walked over to Jurina and hovered her fingers over the red blotch on her shoulder, “Is.... I-I-Is that blood!?” When Jurina nodded, Airi immediately went to get some herbs and a bowl in the kitchen. When she saw Jurina make her way towards the front door, Airi panicked again, “Where are you going, Jurina? Your arm is hurt.” Jurina just shrugged and pointed her finger upward and disappeared out of the house. “That idiot... When is she going to understand that people are supposed to rest when they’re hurt...” Airi mumbled to herself as she took the bowl of herbs with her and followed after Jurina, climbing up towards the roof of their house.

Although the appearance of their house is not the best, the structure of their house is much more stronger than many of the houses in this area of the city. The rooftop was always a place where Jurina goes to whenever she didn’t want to be trapped indoor but didn’t want to leave the house either. It was also a place where Jurina always goes to when she was in a bad mood or wanted time alone. Airi remembered a few years ago, when Jurina had another nightmare, she ended up spending her entire night on the rooftop. It wasn’t until Airi woke up in the middle of the night did she realize that Jurina was gone and that she had fallen asleep on the top of the house.

It was more than difficult to try climb up the boxes beside the wall of their house to get up to the roof top. Having to carry a bowl that had things inside made it almost impossible. When Airi finally reached the top, she drop dead on the side, and stretched her sore arms before sitting back up and moving next to Jurina who was lying down and was staring at the grey sky. “So... what happened?” Airi asked as she started to grind up the herb that was in the bowl.

 “I had fun, that’s what happened,” Jurina grinned as she recall that excitement she felt when fighting the guards and when the emperor had his katana right up against her throat.

Airi looked at Jurina in disbelief, “You had fun? After going for so long, you come home with a bleeding shoulder and tell me that you had fun? Did you get into a fight with those kids again? You do realized their parents don’t like it when we hurt them right?”

Jurina laughed, “The kids from the high lords’ families are wimps. I mean we only beat them up once and they never showed their face out in the city again.” Seeing the serious unlaughing face on Airi, Jurina’s laugh trailed off and she frowned at the girl, “Serious, Airin. You gotta loosen up. Stop being so serious all the time!”

Angry at hearing how Jurina’s tone of voice sounded, completely not worried about her own condition, Airi picked up some grinded up herbs and smudged them onto Jurina’s wounded shoulder. Jurina hissed in pain and glared at the girl for not warning her first before putting the stinging herbs on her cut. “Don’t look at me like that, young lady. Did you know that a cut as deep as yours could’ve gotten infected!? Especially with the rain pouring down! Did you know how worry I was about you! You were gone for so long I thought something happened to you! And now you’re acting so normally, as if nothing happened at all!” Airi yelled at the girl beside her who looked up at her completely shocked.

“I-I-I-I’m sorry, Airin. I... I didn’t make you worry like that...” Jurina stammered at the sudden outburst of Airi, suddenly felt like a small child being scowled at by their parents. This was the first time she have seen Airi this angry. Jurina always knew Airi gets worried when she’s out by herself, since Airi treated her like a little sister. She never thought Airi would be this worried. But then it was understandable in a way, since this was also the first time Jurina went home with a bleeding shoulder.

Airi’s eyes softened at the girl’s apology and gave her a small smile, “Just don’t do it again, okay? Don’t make me worry like that, Jurina.” Jurina nodded, keeping her eyes up at the sky, refusing to look at the older girl in the eyes. Softly this time, Airi put more herbs onto Jurina’s shoulder and frowned when she saw the way Jurina had shut her eyes, her lips pursed into a straight line, holding in the pain. “It stings that much? Jurina nodded, eyes still kept shut. Airi leaned over and blew onto the wound. She smiled when she saw Jurina’s face started to relax slightly.

All of a sudden, Jurina sat up and said, “Story telling time. Where you want me to start?”

“Right from the beginning,” Airi answered.

Jurina nodded and started explaining everything. Starting from when she found out the herbal shop was closed, to her stealing from the emperor’s garden, fighting off the guards, seeing the emperor and then coming back home. The only thing she missed out was the extra little conversation the female captain had with her just outside her house before.

Airi listened silently the whole time while applying the remaining herbs onto Jurina, occasionally blowing softly onto the wound when she sees Jurina wince. “You know, I always thought Emperor Togasaki was an honest man. I always thought that the emperor won all those battles purely because we are stronger and have better tactics. That’s what the soldiers always say anyway. Who knew the emperor was actually hiring assassins... I wonder if his men knows what their emperor is doing behind the scene,” Airi said.

“So... what should I do, Airin? I don’t know what to do. I want to accept the job, since our family needs money. I mean, the prices of the herbs are flying sky high, just counting on the income from mother’s shop won’t cut it you know. Not to mention we are even willingly helping some of the citizens with our own money sometimes!” Jurina asked as she sat up and looked at Airi, waiting for her answer and secretly hoping that Airi will tell her to take the job.

Airi thought for a while then answered, “I don’t know, Jurina. This... killing people for a living... I don’t think I would be able to live with that. Of course, unless there was a reason behind it. Like there did something really bad or something like that. I don’t know.”

Jurina sighed, seeing this conversation wasn’t going anywhere. She really didn’t want to miss this opportunity. So much experience could be able to gain from this job. “It’s not like we’re going to be killing a lot of people. We’ll make ourselves a rule, only doing a certain amount per month or something. Earning just enough for us to survive and nothing more. Would that be okay, Airin?” Jurina asked.

“As I said before, Jurina. I don’t know if this would be a good idea. Just keep in mind, Jurina, that this is another person’s life. Are you absolutely sure that you are willing to take another’s life in order to survive?” Airi answered Jurina back with a question of her own. Somewhere, in the back of Airi’s mind, she already knew that Jurina wanted to go. The reason the girl gave her for taking the job might all be about the money, but Airi knew better. Ever since Jurina got herself involved into a fight for the first time, Airi knew straight away, from the way the girl’s eyes shone, that Jurina enjoyed it.

Airi always found it slightly scary whenever they are up for a fight against some of the other kids in the city. Airi, being the “bigger sister” figure, is always much more careful with what she does and always tries to talk their way out of a fight. Jurina, on the other hand, never rejects a fight offer. Airi knew the girl would never start a fight, but the girl would never reject a fight either if someone stirs one up. In fact, the girl was always eager to accept the fight and her eyes would always shine.

Airi knew Jurina enjoys hurting others, physically. Either for enjoyment or just plain self-defense. However, emotionally, Jurina tries not to hurt anyone. But what Jurina doesn’t realize is that fighting somebody is different to actually killing a person and taking their life away. Airi doesn’t know what it feels like to take a person’s life away, but she know how horrible it felt when someone died under her hands when she couldn’t help them in time. She couldn’t imagine how it would actually feel if someone actually died by her own hands.

Jurina laid back down on the roof and in a serious tone of voice said, “People die everyday don’t they? It’s a cruel world afterall right? People kill others in order to survive. That was why my father died right? He told me to look after mother, he told me to learn to fight and protect mother. And this is the only way I can think of to do so. If I work for the emperor, Airi, and if I do my job good, the emperor will treat our family better. We would never have to worry about ourselves getting sick or not having enough food like last summer. If anything happens, we can ask for protection from the emperor. Isn’t that a good thing, Airin? Taking someone’s life in return for all of this? Don’t you think it’s about time we start making our lives better?”

Airi stayed quiet for awhile, thinking over what Jurina had said and feeling slightly annoyed at how true Jurina’s statement sounded and how easily she could be persuaded into changing her mind by words from the girl. Deep inside, Airi knew Jurina was right in a way. If they could get on the emperor’s good side, then their lives would be much easier. They would not have to worry about anything. But the danger that could be brought upon Jurina is so high. One mistake and it could cost Jurina her life. ’Can I really bare to let Jurina take on such a dangerous job? She would be out there all by herself, no one would be able to look after her...’

Seeing that Airi was deep in thought, Jurina poked her softly on the cheeks, “Airin... What are you thinking about?”

Dragging her focus back onto the girl next to her, Airi stopped the poking on her cheeks and placed the girl’s arm back by her side. “Jurina, this job is going to be really dangerous. You could lose your life if you made even just one small mistake. And who knows what kind of torture you would go through if someone catches you? I don’t want you to go because I don’t want to have to sit at home with your mother, worrying about you every single minute. Do you know what I’m saying, Jurina?” Airi said in a small voice, unable to contain the fear that she had of the possibility of losing Jurina.

“I knew you would say that, Airin,” Jurina grinned.


“That’s why, I wanted to ask if you wanted to come with me,” Jurina’s grin stretched across her entire face.

Airi blinked. “Huh?” Airi repeated, thinking that she misheard Jurina’s idea.

Jurina sighed and went for a deeper explanation into what idea she had in her mind, “If Airin came with me, so that we’re both doing the same job, wouldn’t that make it easier and less dangerous? I would watch your back and you would watch mine. If anything happened to me, you can help me and if anything happened to you, I can help you. And say, if one of us do get caught, the other one could come back and get help perhaps? Or something like that. We’ll just answer a few request per month, as I said before, just enough for our family to survive. If you came with me, Airin, you wouldn’t have to worry about me back at home.”

Airi chuckled at the last sentence, “No, of course not, but I’ll be worrying about you on the field, seeing that you’re always  doing things in a reckless manner.” Jurina laughed and later, Airi joined in. “Well, I guess... It can’t be that bad... perhaps. Just one or two per month. At least I can watching over you so your mother wouldn’t be worried. But what are you going to tell your mother?” Airi asked.

“Don’t know. I don’t think she would let me go if I tell her what the job actually is so...” Jurina paused and thought for awhile. “I will probably just tell her I’m working as a messenger for the emperor? And does that mean you’re going to come with me?” Jurina smiled in such a way that Airi honestly thought her smile would split her face in half.

Airi thought again, making sure that she, herself, was making the right decision, then slowly, the girl nodded. Seeing this, Jurina jumped up and gave Airi a large hug and danced around like it was her birthday. “Woah, Jurina. You’re on the ro-“ Airin almost screamed when she saw Jurina’s foot stepped into the empty air on the side of the roof and faster than she had ever moved in her entire life, she bounded forward and grabbed onto Jurina’s arm just before the girl’s entire body fell down onto the ground below. “What am I going to do with you!? You’re not even on the field yet, you’re at home, and still you can make such a mistake that could’ve cost you your life if I didn’t catch you in time!?’ Airi frowned.

Jurina just grinned, not even caring about the fact that she nearly fell to her death seconds ago and allowed Airi to pull her back up, “That’s why Airin is with me, isn’t it? I wouldn’t have to worry about falling if Airin is here right?” Jurina laughed as she threw herself onto Airi and locked the girl into a hug, refusing to let go.

Airi gasped at the sudden weight but quickly recovered and strengthened her own foothold as this isn’t the first time Jurina does this to her. “Get off, Jurina, we’re on the rooftop, not the ground,” Airi said as she tried to move away from the edge of the roof so that she wouldn’t fall like Jurina nearly did just then. “Jurina, stop acting like a kid!” Airi tried to throw Jurina off her back, but the girl’s hold on her was too strong. All Airi got for a reply from her words were the laugh of Jurina and the tightening of the arms around her. Finally giving up, Airi just sighed and picked up the bowl and gave it to the girl that was still on her back, “Hold this then, we’re going back down before we both fall off.” Slowly and carefully, Airi made her way down, with Jurina still attached to her back.


“This is so wrong, Jurina. Why aren’t we using the front door!? What if someone catches us?” Airi nervously whispered to the girl as they jumped over the wall and sneaked into the closest room, hiding themselves from the incoming patrol.

Jurina giggled, “Where would the fun be then?” Almost immediately after the patrol past, Jurina slipped out of the door.

“Jurina!” Airi called in a hissed whisper. Seeing the girl wasn’t answering her, Airi facepalmed herself and after checking both ways for any sign of extra patrols, she sneaked out after Jurina.

When Jurina finally stopped, Airi caught up and turned Jurina around, “Jurina, can you PLEASE stop being so... so.... argh... what if the guards inside treated you like an intruder!? They would kill you!”

Jurina just chuckled at the excessive amount of concern Airi had on her face, “Relax, Airin. The guards can’t get to me.”

“Right...” Airi rolled her eyes, “Says the person who were caught hiding in a wardrobe.”

“Hey! That didn’t count! I got scared okay!? There was a mouse! I wasn’t thinking when I ran!” Jurina defended herself.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever you say,” Airi grinned at the girl who just turned around and pretended Airi didn’t say anything.

“C’mon, Airin. Let’s go, the guards have their backs turned,” Jurina tapped Airi’s arm and sneaked behind one of the guards and brought her elbow down hard on the back of the guard’s neck, knocking him down onto the floor with a loud thump. Right before the other guard could react, Airi sneaked behind him and knocked him unconscious before slowly lowering the guard onto the floor without a single noise. Jurina looked at Airin and saw the girl looking at her with a grin. “Psssh, just because you were quieter,” Jurina frowned and turned away to slide the door open. Airin quickly bounded away from the guard and joined Jurina.

Just before Jurina’s hand touched the door, the door slid open and pointing at Jurina’s head was a spear. Airi gasped and Jurina just stood there, staring at the tip of the spear. Slowly, without fear, Jurina, with two fingers, pushed the spear tips away and looked at the man sitting at the back of the room.

“Ah, it’s Jurina! My girl! Back away, all of you. Let the girl through,” Togasaki’s surprised voice spoke.

The guards immediately stepped back and moved back to their original position. Airi looked at Jurina who just grinned at her and walked into the room. Airi peered inside from where she was standing. There wasn’t a lot of people in there, just a man in the back of the room with two guards standing behind him, two more guards standing next to the door on the inside and a slim figure standing in the middle of the room. Sensing not much threat coming from inside the room, Airi walked in, following Jurina who found her place next to the slim figure.

Togasaki waved his arm at the guards who without any objections, existed the room and closed the door behind them. The figure next to Jurina turned her head and greeted the girl with a small nod before stepping to the side of the room. Airi watched the exchange between the emperor and his men and the exchange between Jurina and the guard who remained behind. And was slightly fascinated by the way Jurina acts towards the guard that remained behind who Airi could now see, is a female with her hair tied up into a high ponytail. Jurina greeting the guard with a nod seemed out of her usual self, as the girl hardly ever greeted anyone except for her mother and Airi. A deep voice dragged Airi’s attention towards the man sitting in the front.

“I must say, Jurina. You gave me quite a shock, coming here so early in the morning,” Togasaki said.

Jurina chuckled, “I wanted to give you a surprise. Though it kind of failed.”

Togasaki laughed, “Well, I heard a loud thump outside the door so I knew I would be expecting someone. Just didn’t expect it to be you, my child.” The emperor stood up and clapped his hands together, “Anyway, I assume you are here to give me an answer?” Jurina nodded. “And what is your answer to my offer?” Togasaki asked.

“We’ll take the job,” Jurina said. Just as the emperor was about to speak, Jurina cut him off. “But,” Jurina held up three fingers, “under three conditions.”

Though slightly annoyed at being cut off, Togasaki was amused by the bravery Jurina had in her to cut him off when he was about to speak. Putting a smile on his face, Togasaki waved his hand, “Name them.”

Jurina nodded and held up one finger, “Firstly, I have a limit. I will stop working that month once I earn enough money to survive for that month. So don’t expect me to be kil- to be doing this job everytime you ask me to.”

The emperor frowned slightly at the first statement but nodded and waved his hand again, telling her to continued.

Jurina held up her second finger, “Second, my friend will be with me. We will be taking the job together. If you don’t let her in, then we have no deal because she wouldn’t let me go alone.”

Togasaki’s frown dropped slightly lower. Having one more person know about this will prove to be ten times easier for someone to get caught. But, needing to have someone to take this job, Togasaki nodded again and asked for Jurina to continue.

Jurina held up her third finger and said, “Lastly, I want to have perfect guarantee that nothing will happen to my mother while we are away. I hope you can have someone to look after her.”

Togasaki sat back down and thought for awhile before answer Jurina’s three conditions. “Putting a limit, that’s okay. There won’t be too much requests, so that’s out of the way. The second condition... having one more person...” Togasaki looked at Airi then back at Jurina, “Is that your friend?” Jurina nodded. The emperor inspected Airi from where he was sitting. Seeing that the girl is in a good flexible shape, he shrugged and nodded, “I assume that is okay. She... looks okay enough.”

Airi frowned at the way the emperor looked at her. Those eyes the emperor looked at her with, made Airi felt like she was a product on a stand being inspected. And Airi didn’t like that feeling. Ever since she stepped a foot into this room, she already wanted to step out again. There was just something in this room that didn’t feel right. There is this mysterious feel radiating off the emperor and the female guard standing by the side. It was as if, the two was hiding something from her and Jurina. But then, Airi decided that she was just thinking too much. Jurina had always said she was slightly too over cautious about everything. ’But it’s better to be careful than to be sorry right?’ Airi thought to herself as she eyed the emperor.

“As in for the third one,” Togasaki paused and thought for awhile, then suddenly, a larger smile formed on his face as he said, “Will be taken care of. I will make sure someone is there to look after her.” Airi could’ve sworn she saw a cold grin on the emperor’s face before he smiled. But the action was so quick, Airi wasn’t sure if it was just her imagination or not.

“Then we have a deal,” Jurina smiled, completely unaware of Airi’s constant silence and doubting look.

Togasaki stood up and clapped twice. The door behind Airi slid open silently and someone walked inside with a tray towards the emperor. Togasaki picked up the bottle no top of the tray and walked towards Jurina, holding out the bottle for the girl to take.

Jurina took it without doubt but held it up slightly and gave a questioning look to the emperor, “This is...”

“A special potion,” Togasaki answered. “This will keep any sort of sickness away from your mother for around a week. My men can only offer physical protection. This,” he pointed to the bottle in Jurina’s hand, “offers internal protection. Strengthens your mother in a way, you could say.” Jurina thanked the emperor and listened closely as he explained how the potion is to be taken.

Sakiko, standing by the side, widened her eyes when she saw what was in Jurina’s hand, ’That potion... no....’ The captain’s hands clenched into tight fists by her side. ’Why this girl, Togasaki? Why!? WHY!? I need to tell Jurina... But...’ The captain gave a silent sigh and relaxed her fists. There wasn’t anything she can do. If she said something, the emperor would not be very happy, and right now, after so long, Sakiko couldn’t afford to have herself put onto the emperor’s bad list. The captain watched helplessly as Jurina took the bottle and held onto it as if it was her life.

Airi eyed the bottle suspiciously. Perhaps she was overreacting again, but something definitely doesn’t feel right about the dark green liquid swirling inside the clear bottle. No matter how the emperor describes it as something good and healthy, it was just a feeling that Airi couldn’t brush off her shoulder, the feeling that the potion is more than what it seems like.

Finally noticing the strange silence Airi has been in ever since they came into the room, Jurina turned to the girl and asked, “Airin? You okay?”

Airi immediately snapped out of her thoughts and nodded, “Yes, I’m fine. Just... nervous about something.”

Togasaki laughed, “Are you nervous about what tasks I’m going to give you two already? Why, you sound like as if you’re eager to take on the job. Don’t worry, the first is always the easiest.” He made his way to his table, leaving Jurina behind, looking at her friend with slight concern in her face. When Airi is quiet, Jurina know the girl is thinking. And right now, Jurina is curious about what Airi was thinking about.

“Here, this is your first one. Something small. This man is... causing some trouble for me, in one of the neighboring cities. He’s already starting to stir up some kind of rebellion amongst the civilians, he needs to be taken care off before more civilians listens to him and hurts themselves doing something they’re not supposed to do,” Togasaki said and gave Jurina a piece of paper. Airi peered over and saw a portrait of a man on the piece of paper with a name written underneath it. “Go find him, take care of him, come back and you’ll get your reward of five hundred silvers and whatever you took from him,” the emperor said. “Good luck,” Togasaki added before returning to his seat and started reading some of the scroll that was placed by his side.

Jurina and Airi’s eyes both widened at the said amount of silver. Five hundred silvers! That is more than what they usually earn in a week. Jurina’s grin returned to her face. If it was five hundred silvers each time, then minimum, all they need to do is take on about three to four jobs per month and the silvers they earn should be enough to restock on the supply of her mother’s shop as well as buy food and perhaps even save up some to buy new clothes. “Airin, let’s go,” Jurina nudged the girl’s arm. Airi nodded and quietly made their way out of the room.


“How... How long... will you be gone for?” A weak voice spoke from inside the room.

Jurina’s hand gave her mother’s hand a small squeeze, “It won’t be long, mother. Just a few days, it won’t take that long. We’re just delivering messages for the emperor, that’s all.”

“You... You have to be careful... of the emperor.... he.... he...” Jurina’s mother coughed, unable to get the words across.

Not liking seeing her mother like this, Jurina leaned her mother back into the bed and pulled the blankets above her shoulders. “Rest, mother. I’ll be back before you know it. Don’t worry about me, just take your time and rest okay?” Jurina said.

“There is nothing to be worried about, auntie,” Airi stepped into the room, holding a bowl of ramen in her hand. She carefully placed it on the bedside table next to Jurina’s mother, “I will be there to look after her. I’ll make sure nothing happens to her.”

Jurina’s mother relaxed slightly and whispered a word of thanks. “Just be careful, both of you. This is Jurina’s first time out of the city, please take care of my child, Airi.”

Airi smiled, “Of course, auntie. Jurina is like my little sister, I would protect her even if you hadn’t asked me too. Don’t worry about anything, auntie. Just rest for now. When you’re hungry, there’s more ramen in the pot in the kitchen.” Jurina’s mother nodded before closing her eyes and drifted off to sleep. “Let’s go, Jurina. Let’s get this over quickly and come back before your mother starts worrying about you again,” Airi said as she grabbed her hood and the short sword that once belonged to her father. Jurina followed after Airi, grabbing her own hood as well as her own two daggers, something that was given to her by her mother that used to belong to her father.


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Chapter 13

Airi spun her phone on her table again and again, something she always does when she’s thinking. Her mind was still arguing with each other, trying to figure out whether or not to ask Rena for her phone number and how. It had almost been three months since Rena joined this school. Airi has known Rena for three months yet still, her mind wasn’t set about Rena’s phone number. Airi slumped onto her table and blew at the hair that covered her face from the action. ’Ah... I want to get Rena-san’s number so bad... Should I just go up to her and ask her if I can have her number?’ Airi shook her head and slammed it on her table, ’What am I thinking!? I can’t do that! Rena-san will think I’m weird!’ Then another idea popped into her mind, ’Oh! How about I go get Rena-san’s number from Kanakana and then mail Rena-san? But then she will probably think I’m a stalker and dislike me because I got her number without her permission? Ah... doushiyou!?’

Airi’s face was still facing down on her table when another girl walked into the room. The girl sat her usual chair and watched Airi as she continued to spin her phone on her table, still unaware of another presence next to her. “Airin?” The girl spoke.

Airi’s hand stopped. She looked up and her eyes widened at the sight of the exact person she was thinking about, staring at her with what seemed like concern in her eyes. “A-A-Ah! Re-Rena-san! W-When did you get here!?” Airi asked as she sat up and straightened her slightly crumpled shirt and fixed her hair. Airi didn’t know why she was getting so worked up over her own appearance whenever Rena is near. Airi never thought about it. Her subconscious always told her to fix herself when Rena is looking at her. Perhaps it was because Rena is so perfectly neatly dressed for school everyday it almost made Airi felt horrible for not reaching up to Rena’s standard.

Rena smiled at the usual sight of a stuttering Airi, “I arrived just then.” Rena looked at the device on Airi’s table and asked, “Is something troubling you, Airin? Airin seems to be awfully quiet lately.” For the past few days, Rena had always walked into the classroom to the sight of Airi doing what she was doing just now, spinning her phone on her table. Usually Airi would be reading manga or drawing, but Rena haven’t been seeing Airi doing that lately, which was really starting to worry Rena since she knew how much the girl loved drawing.

Airi shook her head furiously, “N-N-No! O-Of course not! Well...” The girl scratched the back of her head, “Uh... Kind of, maybe... Um... I-I-I j-just...” Airi cursed herself for stuttering. Then summing up her courage, she held out her phone and almost shouted, “Canrena-sanpleasegivemeyournumber?”

Rena blinked, “Huh?” Airi’s words came out so fast Rena couldn’t even hear anything. All Rena heard was a long string of words, even though she could pick out her name and she knew the first word Airi said was “can”.

“Uh... you know... Uh, since Rena-san is n-new... Y-You might n-need h-h-help on things... S-So I t-though that i-it would be g-good to have R-R-Rena-san’s n-number so Rena-san c-can contact me i-if there’s any problem. Not that Re-Rena-san needs any help! Since Rena-san have already been here for almost t-three months,” Airi struggled to keep her words together. She could feel Rena looking at her with a really big smile on her face, and Airi could feel her own face burning up. ’Rena-san is probably laughing at me right now... After so long I still can’t talk to her normally all the time! Ah...’

Rena couldn’t help the smile that was forming on her own face as she looked at Airi’s face turning red as she asked her for her phone number. To be honest, Rena had always wanted Airi’s phone number. But she couldn’t’ bring herself to ask the girl herself and had always waited for the girl to ask her for it. Now that Airi did ask her for it, Rena couldn’t be more happy. Deciding to tease Airi a bit after seeing how nervous the girl looked like as she waited for Rena’s reply to her request, Rena took her time with her words, “Oh, so Airin wants my number? What for reason though? I can always just come find you if I need help. I know which dormitory room you stay in anyway.”

“Ah! I-I-I- Uh... Um.... I-I-It’s j-just in case R-Rena-san needs a-any h-h-h-help. B-B-But i-if Rena-san knows w-where I am, t-t-then i-it’s f-fine then. I-I-I’ll be in my r-room if R-R-Rena-san n-needs any help,” Airi mumbled, slightly hint of disappointment in her voice.

A soft giggle escaped Rena’s lips, “I’m joking, Airin.” Rena took out her phone and grabbed Airi’s phone and started to exchange her details with Airi’s phone. “Airin doesn’t need a reason to have my phone number. In fact, I’ve been wondering when Airin was going to ask for it. After all, both Kanakana and Masana-san already asked mine on the first week of school. For a moment, I thought that Airi didn’t want my number,” Rena finally said, deciding to spare Airi from anymore teasing.

’Rena-san was waiting for me to ask for her number!? Why didn’t I know that!? I would’ve asked her straightaway for it if I had known! Then I wouldn’t had had to spend so many time worrying about this!’ Airi thought to herself as the two of them waited for the exchanging process to finish. Airi thanked Rena and took her phone back after their phones both beeped, indicating that the exchange has finished.

Rena smiled at Airi as she gave her phone back to her. “So was my phone number the thing that had been troubling Airin the last few days?” Airi shyly nodded and looked away, avoiding Rena’s eyes as she once again felt her cheeks burned. ’Cute~~~ Airin so cute!!!’ was Rena’s first thought when she heard Airi’s answer. Rena found the fact that Airi gets troubled by little things such as phone numbers too cute. It wasn’t normal, in a good way. However, even though Rena was amused by this side of Airi, she couldn’t help but feel a little worried. If little things like this can affect Airi so much that it can cause her to spend the morning in the classroom spinning her phone on the table, it might start distracting Airi from her studies.

Hoping to help Airi out, Rena called for the girl’s attention, “Airin~” Airi slowly turned her attention back to Rena. Suddenly seeing the seriousness on Rena’s face, Airi looked at Rena’s in her eyes, wondering what made Rena turn so serious all of a sudden. “Airin, can you promise me that you will never worry about little things like these again?” Rena asked.

“H-Huh? What do you mean?” Airi asked, confusion on her face.

“I may be asking a lot out of Airin. But I want Airin to promise me that you won’t worry about small problems like these again okay?”

Airi looked down at her feet and mumbled to herself, “But these problems aren’t small to me.....”

The words didn’t escape Rena’s ears. Rena smiled, “Then can you at least promise me that you’ll always tell me when you have problems? Whether they are big or they are small, can you promise that you’ll always tell me about it? I don’t want Airin to have to worry about these things on your own.”

Airi looked at Rena again, and found that Rena wasn’t joking about anything at all. She was being serious. Rena being serious will mean that Airi herself would have to give a proper serious answer as well. After thinking for a minute to herself, Airi nodded, “I promise. B-But, I want Rena-san to  come to me when you have problems too. C-can Rena-san p-promise that too?”

Rena nodded with a smile on her face then out of nowhere, pulled the shocked Airi into a hug. “Thank you, Airin.”

Airi froze almost as soon as she felt Rena’s arms wrapped around her but almost immediately, Airi felt herself melt into Rena’s warm hold. Hearing Rena’s words surprised Airi, “Thank me? For what?”

Rena smiled again, “For everything.” Rena could’ve answered with more deeper, but she decided to keep it to herself. ’Thank you Airin, thank you for offering to be there for me. I hope I can really rely on you when something big happens. You are the second person to make me promise that, the first being my head maid.’

“OHAYOUGOZAIMASU! Oh, someone looks busy,” A cheerful voice shouted from the door.

Upon hearing someone intruding into the classroom, Airi immediately tried to pull from Rena’s hug and pretended nothing happened. However, Rena wouldn’t have that. Rena gave Airi a smile and hugged Airi from behind and rested her chin on the girl’s shoulder and looked at the newcomer. “Good morning, Kanakana. Don’t you have class today?” Rena asked from where she was still standing.

Airi felt her entire body was set on fire when Rena stepped forward and hugged Airi again from behind. When Rena spoke, Airi couldn’t help but shiver when she felt Rena’s breathe on her neck. Not to mention the light yet noticeable fresh melon smell of Rena was overwhelming Airi’s senses. Rena’s action has forced Airi’s mind to completely focus on her and her only.

Kanako looked at Rena, then at the blushing Airi and then back at the smiling Rena again and a happy grin formed on the little girl’s face as she laughed, “Nope, sensei set us on free period. Masanya had to help take something to the staff block so I’m all alone and decided to come find you two.” Kanako looked at the closeness of the two, “But then, it seems like I interrupted something hmm?”

Airi waved her arms around, “It’s not like that! W-W-W-We were just talking! It’s n-n-not what it looks like!” Why did Kanako had to walk into the classroom when Rena was hugging her? And why did Rena have to hug her again even when she pulled away!? Airi won’t deny that she loved and enjoyed having Rena hugging her, but not now! Airi couldn’t even think of what would happen to her when Kanako goes around school telling everyone what she saw.

Almost feeling heat radiating from Airi’s face that was only a few centimeters away from Rena’s own face, Rena laughed and hugged the girl tighter while looking at Kanako, “It’s exactly what it looks like. Nee, Airin?”


Rena laughed again and finally decided to release Airi before the girl faints from overheating. “Anyway,” Rena turned her attention back to Kanako who was finally walking into the classroom, “Come, sit. Unless you want to stand at the door all period.”

Kanako shook her head, “Nah, I need to get back to class before Masanya comes back. She will kill me if she found out I came into another class.”

“Oh? So then, why are you here? Did you come just to spy on Airin and me?” Airi blushed at the words and looked away. ’Cute Airin~~~’ Rena thought to herself as she saw Airi’s reaction to her wrods.

Kanako giggled, “Spying on you two? No thanks, I’ll pass. You two are so creepily disgusting, I mean, sheesh, get a room~” Rena laughed while Airi’s eyes just widened, unable to make any words come out of her mouth to say back to Kanako. “Anyway, me and Masanya are going shopping in the weekends. You two want to come?” Kanako asked.

Rena thought for a while. She hasn’t been out of the school grounds since she came into the school. It almost felt like she hasn’t seen the outside cities in ages. And since Rena was far ahead than most students in the class with her studies, she nodded, “Sure, I’m in. How about you, Airin?”

Airi shook her head, “I’m falling behind, I have to catch up with some of the works in the classes that I didn't listen in.”

Kanako laughed, “Airin not focusing in class? Wow, the world has truly come to an end. But really, we’re only going for a few hours, you will have the rest of the weekend to work on it. Just come! There’s an anime expo going on in the cities, I heard.”

Airi’s eyes flashed, “Really!?” She thought about the work she had to catch up on, it was only English and history. Nothing much to be honest. She can’t afford to miss out the expo. Almost immediately, Airi nodded, her eyes shining, “I’m in!”

Kanako beamed her giant grin, “I knew you would say yes to that.” Just as Kanako was about to say something else, the bell signaling the next period rang. Kanako jumped, “Ah! Yabai! Masanya is going to kill me for being late to class! See you two at dinner!” Kanako quickly ran out of the classroom, bumping into the corner of one of the tables.

“Kanakana always lose track of time,” Airi stated, trying to hold back a laugh as she watched Kanako ran out of the classroom.

Rena smiled at the sight of a rushing Kanako, “As usual.” Once Kanako was out of the classroom, Rena turned to Airi, “Time for PE hmm?”

Airi froze, ’PE!? Ah! I lost my shirt last week!!! AH... what am I going to do???!!!’ Airi’s brow scrunched up together as she tried to think of a solution.

Rena noticed the sudden change in Airi’s emotion, worried, she tapped Airi on the shoulder, “Is everything okay, Airin”

Airi snapped out of her thoughts and looked at Rena, “U-U-Uh, y-yeah! E-Everything is f-fine!”

Rena frowned at Airi not telling her what’s going on in her mind again. “Didn’t you just promise me before that you will always tell me when you have problems? Or had Airin forgotten already?” Rena asked, hoping the girl hadn’t forgotten her promise already. She hated people who doesn’t keep to their promise. While other people uses the word “promise” easily, Rena don’t. That word means a lot of Rena and she never joke around when it comes to that word. She never promise something she know she can’t do.

“I-I-I didn’t forget! I-I-I j-just...” Airi looked down on the ground and started rubbing her feets together, “W-Well... I-I-I kind o-of lost my PE sh-shirt last week...”

Rena laughed, “Is that it? Don’t worry, Airin,” Rena said as she grabbed one of Airi’s arm and started making her way to the door, dragging Airi with her, “because I lose things easily, I always buy an extra set for most things. I have a spare one, you can use it till you find your’s”

“R-Really?!” Airi’s eyes almost went watery as she accepted Rena’s offer, “T-Thank you, Rena-san. T-Thank you s-so much!”
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Every step Airi took, a blood puddle was left behind from where her feet touched. Airi winced at the increasing heat coming from the fire that was forming walls around and behind her. The girl didn’t dare to slow even for a second, fearing the fire wall will melt her into nothing. Behind her, even without turning around, Airi could hear people howling her name. Occasionally, she could feel the scorching fingers scratch at her shoulders, burning her shirt away.

”Where you running to? Let’s play, Airin~ Nee?” An eye appeared in front of Airi’s face.

Airi gasped as she felt as her skin gave way to the hovering sword that had suddenly appeared and was slicing through her neck. “P-P-Please... s-s-stop...” Airi managed to breathe the words out as blood started drip down the sword by her throat and onto the ground under her.

“You never stopped when I asked you to? Why should I stop for you?” The eye laughed before it disappeared as Airi tried to take in one last breathe of oxygen as the sword cuts open her throat.


Airi gasped and sat up, sweat dripping down her forehead. She brought her hands up and felt all around her neck, ’It was just a dream... Just a dream...’ Airi reached for the water skin lying next to her and glopped down a large mouthful water, clearing the unwanted thirst. Looking over the campfire in the middle, Airi saw Jurina sitting by the fire and was twirling one of the throwing stars that she made herself around her fingers. “Can’t sleep, Jurina?” Airi asked as she scooted closer to the camp fire, knowing she wouldn’t be able to get any more rest until they finish their next job.

Jurina shook her head in answering to Airi’s question but stayed silent as she continued to spin the throwing stars, watching the fire light reflecting off the shiny silver surface on it.

Airi frowned at the silent response. Although she was already used to Jurina being like this the last few months, she still couldn’t help but feel slightly annoyed at a response like that. Hoping to strike a proper conversation with Jurina, Airi asked, “How come you never get nightmares, Jurina?” Jurina looked up, a slight confused face. “I mean, like, nightmares, about those people. Those people we killed?”

Looking back down at the fire and stacked her throwing stars into a pile with the rest, Jurina explained in a plain voice, “I do. But only faces. My nightmares aren’t as traumatizing as yours because I never look at them in the eyes when I kill them since the fear they show in their eyes when they look at you will always haunt you.”

“How do you know that? I mean, to know that, you must’ve done it once before, right?”

Jurina shrugged, “I just do.” Picking up one of the close by sticks, Jurina threw it into the fire and watched as it crackles up into flame. “Jobs like these are easier done if you don’t put emotions in it. You need to learn to put your emotions aside when striking. I’ve seen you hesitating before you kill too many times. It’ll give them a chance to retaliate. It can cost you your life.”

Airi took the advice and nodded, “I’ll try.” After thinking for awhile, Airi added in a small voice, “But I’m still a human being, you know. Even though I have killed so many people I can’t even count anymore, I still have feelings. It’s hard to let go of these feelings when you’re striking down your own race.”

Jurina turned away from Airi and lied down on the ground next to the fire, not wishing to continue the conversation any further. She felt no need to continue such a pointless conversation. She had told Airi many times already that bringing own emotions into the job will only make it harder for herself, but Airi wouldn’t listen. Since the girl won’t listen, there isn’t any more reason to keep advising her right? Jurina only like saying things once, any more times more than one is pointless and a waste of time.

Airi watched Jurina turn away, indicating that she no longer wanted to continue the conversation. Sighing, the girl went back to her resting place and lied back down onto the grass that she had used as her temporary bed. Not wanting to fall back asleep, Airi allowed her mind to start going over problems that she have been keeping inside her mind for so long.

It’s been troubling her for a while now, ever since the two of them starting doing this job for the emperor. Perhaps Airi was thinking too much, but Airi felt like Jurina have been going colder ever since they both took their first kill. Airi remembered when the two of them set out for the first job. It was an easy job. When the two of them found the man, he was lying in the middle of the street, drunk. Airi remembered that she couldn’t take the kill, she couldn’t get over herself that she must take someone else’s life and then before Airi could do anything else, she remembered watching Jurina bring her daggers down onto the man’s back, completely hiding the blade of the two daggers deep into the man’s organs before pulling it back out. Ever since that time, Jurina had never acted the same.

It has almost been two months since Airi had heard Jurina laughed. The last time was during a job. But, Airi didn’t want to count that as a laugh. The laughter came out at the wrong place at the wrong time about the wrong thing. It happened when Jurina watched the target try to run away and ended up tripping down the stairs. That was the first time Airi had been so scared of Jurina. Airi remembered she stayed standing upstairs when Jurina laughed and walked downstairs and brought her daggers down accurately into the man’s heart, even though the man had already died when he knocked the back of this head while rolling down the stairs.

The emotionless expression that Jurina has on her face each time she takes a kill scared Airi. And ever since that request for the ten years old boy of one of the opposing lords, the emotionless face never left Jurina’s face again. That child was supposed to be Airi’s kill, but, after observing the child, Airi just couldn’t take the kill anymore. Seeing the ignorant boy running around his father’s castle, helping out the servants and working really hard to learn words off the scrolls his father gave him, Airi didn’t understand why the child had to die. When she told Jurina that she was thinking about abandoning this job, Jurina ignored her and went off on her own only to come back early next morning with blood on her shoes.

Airi never had the chance to ask where Jurina went that night, but she had an idea that it was to do the job that she couldn’t do herself. Since the death of that child, Jurina have been talking less and less and Airi felt like there was a distance growing between the two of them. In the times before, Jurina was always the one striking up conversations and could talk for hours if Airi doesn’t stop her. But now? Even when Airi strikes up a conversation, Jurina’s replies are always short. Airi almost started to sense the girl was hiding some kind of secret away from her, or maybe there was something on the girl’s mind that she wasn’t telling her. Even though they had promised each other before when they were small that they were never to keep any secrets from each other.

Unable to hold in these questioning and worrying thoughts in herself anymore, Airi spoke up, “Nee, Jurina? You still awake?”

From the other side of the fire, a few seconds later,  Jurina replied, “Yes.”

“Um... Are you hiding some kind of secrets from me?” Airi asked. Finding the response in silence, Airi sat up and stared at the lying down figure of Jurina over the crackling fire, “If you are having troubles with something, I want to help. I hope you understand that, even if I can’t help, I’ll try my best.” Still seeing no response, Airi mumbled as she lied back down, “You know we promised each other to never keep secrets between the two of us right? Or have you forgotten?”

Jurina remained silent for awhile after hearing Airi’s mumbled words. Then suddenly, looking up at the sky, Jurina sat up. “It’s about time. It’s fully dark now, everyone should be asleep,” Jurina said as she picked up her belt of throwing stars and strapped her daggers onto the new boots that she bought with the last reward money.

Airi sighed again and threw her own hood over her head and grabbed her sword. She walked over to the fire and started putting it out with her water. Jurina walked over and helped stamped out the last few pieces of burning wood, completely erasing any evidence of their stay here. Surprising Airi, Jurina spoke in almost in inaudible whisper, “I don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong anymore, Airin.” With that, Jurina turned around and started making her way towards the towering city walls.

Airi watched the back of Jurina moving away as she pondered over Jurina’s words.

’I don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong anymore, Airin.’

What did the girl meant with what she said? Airi didn’t understand at all. But then, Jurina had become incomprehensible ever since she took her first kill, so Airi wasn’t that surprised when she heard these words coming from Jurina’s lips. What surprised Airi the most was that Jurina called her by her nickname. It’s been a while since Jurina had called Airi by her nickname. Yet, even so, Airi still felt no warmth within Jurina’s voice. Shaking her thoughts from her head, Airi quickly followed after Jurina who was barely visible under the moonlight.


>>>Sakae Faction’s Meeting Room<<

“Father! Why? Why must we go to war? Can we not avoid this at all?” Rena confronted her father for the first time about this matter ever since she overheard the decision a few months ago.

Yuasa stared at his beloved daughter, surprised that she had suddenly barged into the room and talking about things that she wasn’t supposed to know about yet. “What are you talking about, Rena?” Yuasa asked, pretending he had no idea what his daughter was talking about. Yuasa didn’t want to tell Rena yet, knowing his daughter hated war just as much as he did.

“I heard that conversation last time. The one you had with the generals. You said you were going to w-“ Rena flailed her arms around when Imade suddenly clamped her hands over the princess’s mouth and tried to drag her out of the room.

“I’m sorry, Emperor Yuasa. I tried to st-“ Imade tried to explain to the emperor but he just smiled and gave the girl a wave.

“It’s okay, Imade. I understand my daughter’s personality. She always gets what she wants, one way or another, no matter how hard you try to stop her. So please, no need to apologize. I was planning to tell her about this later anyway, just wasn’t supposed to be this early,” Yuasa said in a kind voice. Imade nodded and slowly released her hand on Rena’s mouth and stepped back, allowing the princess to talk to her father again. Once released, Rena glared coldly at Imade, sending chills up the girl’s spine.

Yuasa saw the small silent exchange between the two girls and couldn’t help but also shiver at how scary his own daughter can be sometimes. Deciding to save innocent Imade from his daughter’s death glare, Yuasa cleared his throat to put Rena’s attention back onto him. “No, we cannot avoid this. Sakae is going to war with Akihabara. Since you said you overheard the meeting, I assume you know the reason behind this. It’s only a matter of time, my child, even if we do not declare war, for Akihabara to get to us. Togasaki is a wild man, everyone knows that. I must get Sakae prepared for whatever planning Togasaki have in mind. Most of the soldiers are prepared and armed already and every single one of them are going through even tougher trainings than usual. We won’t attack, Rena. I know you wouldn’t like that, I don’t either. But we will defend. Defend until Togasaki gets tired.”

Rena stayed silent for a while, then deciding to tell her father about her decisions regarding the war preparation, she spoke up, “Perhaps I can help out the archers in their kyuudou training too no? I am a good archer after all.”

Yuasa smiled, “Of course. I’m sure the men will love to have you personally train them. Go ahead, my child. And if anyone causes any troubles about their training, you tell them to personally come and tell me.” Although surprised by Rena’s suggestion, Yuasa couldn’t help but feel happy that his daughter wanted to help. If this training goes well, the soldiers would respect Rena even more. And when the time comes, if the time ever comes, having Rena take over his own power wouldn’t be greeted with as much complaint from the army as it would if Yuasa stepped down now. Not that he was thinking of stepping down.

Smiling at her own father’s quick approval, Rena decided to take another step forward straight to the point, “And then when the time comes, I can go fight alongside the archers too! Wouldn’t that be great!? I would be able to see them perform in ac-“


Rena stopped half way through her sentence, interrupted by Yuasa’s loud shout. This was the first time her father had ever shouted at her. And to be honest, Rena couldn’t even remember seeing her father’s eyes burning with so much anger. But the anger in Yuasa’s eyes disappeared almost right after Rena saw it.

In a softer and calmer voice, Yuasa explained his outburst, “I can’t afford to lose you, Rena. You’re too valuable to me, to Sakae. Not only are you my eldest child, Rena, you are also the one who will be in my place if anything happens during the war. You have to stay behind and look after your two sisters, they are still young and hardly pay attention to the world around them. You have your duty to protect them as the eldest in this family.”

“No!” Rena shouted back, almost on the brink of tears, “I won’t take over! I won’t ever take over! Nothing is going to happen to you! I want to and will help out with the war, one way or another, with or without your approval. Nothing is going to change my mind, do you know why, father? Because you,” Rena pointed at Yuasa’s chest, “will not fall in battle. Which means it will not be necessary for me to stay behind and wait to take over your rule.”

Yuasa sighed, ’I knew you would act like this... That’s why I didn’t want to tell you, my child.’ The emperor waited till Rena finished before he spoke again, “Rena, death is part of war. If there is no death in a war, then it is not a war. If you want to help Sakae, you can help by staying here and training the archers. And Imade,” The emperor turned his head towards Rena’s friend and servant, “Keep Rena underwatch, don’t let her do anything foolish, okay?”

Imade bowed her head and nodded, “I will, my lord. Don’t worry.”

A shadow appeared behind the door of the meeting room and gave the frame of the door a gentle tap. A soft voice spoke, “My lord, we are ready and prepared for the next meeting. Others generals are on their way.”

Yuasa turned his gaze to the door and said, “Come in, Yagami.” As the female general slid the door, Yuasa looked back at his daughter, “Go eat something, Rena. It’s lunch time. My decisions are final.”

Imade tugged lightly at the princess’s sleeves. Rena reluctantly stepped backward, allowing her friend to pull her out of the room. Just before Rena walk out the door, she thought about trying one more time, “What if it was helping nearby villages and helping escort the villagers?” Seeing no instant disagreement from her father, Rena continued, “There will be a small army there right? And if you’re still worried, the only enemies I could run into are bandits. Bandits are not trained to fights, only to steal. The soldiers would be able to protect me much better than they would be able to on battlefield.”

Yuasa scratched his chin then tapped his forehead after a moment of thinking to himself and said, “No. I trust the soldiers but they are trained to fight and protect villagers, not princesses. If I get them to look after you, they will put you first priority before the villagers. If the village is attacked, what will happen to the villagers if all the soldiers go and protect you?”

Rena frowned, unable to believe how stubborn her father can be. Almost giving up hope, Rena asked again when she remembered her close friend’s suggestion when they were under the sakura tree, “What about a personal bodyguard trained only to protect me?”

Seeing the downcast expression of his daughter’s face, Yuasa sighed again, “We’ll talk then, when you find one.”

Rena’s frown immediately turned upside down at her father’s words, ’We’ll talk again? He agrees! He agrees! Mai-chan was right all along! Finding a bodyguard was the only way I could convince my father!’ Quickly excusing herself, with a surprised Imade in tow, Rena rushed outside the meeting room, dying to continue their long search for the perfect bodyguard.

Kumi stared at Rena as she ran off, confused at the princess’s presence in the meeting room. Once the two girls were out of the room, Kumi turned to the emperor and asked, “My lord? Princess Rena is here for...”

“Don’t worry about it, Yagami,” Yuasa waved his hand at the female general, trying to drop the topic as soon as possible, “Rena is just being... well, Rena.” The emperor knew that if Kumi knew Rena had already found out about the war, Kumi herself would tend to the girl’s safety, considering the two of them were friends since childhood. And Kumi’s form of protection is slightly too protected. Yuasa knows Rena hates being locked in her room and only allowed to be outside under the watch of almost an entire troop of unknown soldiers.

Kumi nodded and whispered a silent ‘o’ as she turned around again and looked at where the princess exited the room. Although Kumi knew that there was something that the emperor wasn’t telling her about Rena’s reason for being in the meeting room, she did not pursue the matter any further. If the emperor kept something from her, Kumi knew there must be a reasonable explanation for it. But right now, there was something more important than hearing an explanation from the emperor.


“You were right, Mai-chan! The only way I could convince my father to let me go is to find a bodyguard like Yuria or Kuumin! Even though you broke me off while I was speaking before, I forgive you now that you turned out to be correct! C’mon! We have to continue the search!” Rena gave the girl a tight hug and then ran down the hallway again, leaving Imade behind.

Imade sighed in relief, ’Thank god... I thought she was going to eat me with that glare of hers in the room before...’ “Wa-Wait, Rena-chan! You’re going to rip the kimono if you keep running like this!” The girl chased after the princess, “We need to search, yes, but we still need to eat lunch first! Rena-chan!”

Rena half turned and half continued to run, “We’ll go find a person first, then we’ll g-“ Suddenly, Rena felt herself collided into something that felt like a brick wall. Unable to keep her balance, the princess fell backward from the impact and landed on her back. “Oof!”

“Ah! Rena-chan!” Imade yelled as she caught up and rushed to the princess‘s side. Imade glared at the cause of the princess’s fall who seems like she was choking on something, “Watch where you’re go-“ The girl stopped speaking and her eyes widened when she realized who Rena had bumped into. “Ah! Ki-ki-ki-kizaki-san!” Imade’s words come out as stutters as she looked at the famous bodyguard.

Standing in front of the two girls was a shorter girl, fully dressed in armor with a katana strapped by her side. The bodyguard looked back with her surprised round eyes as she choked on the food she was eating, “R-Rena!?” Yuria immediately helped the princess up with her free armored hand and straightened the princess’s kimono. “What are you doing here, Rena? Are the princesses supposed to be eating lunch right now? Churi and Kanako is already eating in the garden outside,” Yuria said and took another bite into her rice ball.

Imade stayed silent as she helped fixed Rena’s sleeves, not knowing how to speak without stuttering. Seeing the famous bodyguard in the palace was all too rare, Yuria usually doesn’t show up unless there is something really important that is being discussed by the famous general, Kumi. So important that even the general’s bodyguard needed to know about it. This was the first time Imade had seen the bodyguard in almost five months. The fact that Yuria don’t like being indoor making it so much harder to even catch a glimpse of the girl.

Rena quickly thanked Imade and frowned at Yuria, completely ignoring the girl’s question, “Why do you wear your armor inside? I felt like I ran into a brick wall!”

Yuria shrugged, “No one told you to run into me. Besides, you should not be running with a kimono in the first place. It was your fault for bumping into me.”

Rena growled, “Argh... five months of not seeing you, and you haven’t changed a bit. Always saying things are not your fault, even when it is. I wouldn’t have fell if you didn’t stand there.” The princess’s hand held onto her left shoulder where it had bumped into Yuria and was still hurting from the throbbing after-collision pain.

“Maa, I’m like this, deal with it, Ma-tsu-i Re-na,” Yuria laughed as she took another bite into her rice ball.

Imade giggled at Yuria’s  tone of voice. Although Imade still found it slightly weird to hear even the close friends of Rena calling the princess so informally, she really does miss seeing the princess get teased by her friends.

Rena glared at Imade, immediately shutting off the giggles. Giving the girl an ‘I’ll deal with you later’ look making Imade gulped, Rena turned back to Yuria. “Annoying as always, Yuria. Annoying as always,” Rena mumbled. Then an idea popped into her head, “Say, Yuria, do you know if there’s any good female fighters?”

“Hmm?” Yuria’s hand stopped half way of putting the rice ball in her mouth. It was a weird question for the princess to ask her. In fact, Yuria don’t remember Rena ever asking her about things in the army. Giving the fact that the peace-loving princess almost hates everything related to war. Seeing the seriousness in Rena’s face, Yuria thought for awhile before giving her a proper answer, “Female fighters are quite hard to come by these days. And to find a good one is even harder. The only ones I can think of is Kuumin, Mizuki and your cousin.”

Rena frowned and mumbled to herself, “But Mizuki can’t possibly come, she is a front field commander, there is no way father will let her off.”

Yuria’s eyebrow raised, “Why?”

Rena shook her head, not wanting to bother Yuria with her problems. However, Imade thought differently. Since Yuria has good connections with the Sakae army, if Yuria knows that Rena is looking for a bodyguard, perhaps she can even help them look for it. Crossing her fingers and hoping that the princess won’t kill her for speaking in her place, Imade spoke up, “Princess Rena wants to find a bodyguard who can accompany her into the battlefield when the war takes place.”

Yuria choked on her food again and her eyes widened,  “H-How did you guys know about the war?”

Imade shook her head, “That’s not the problem, Kizaki-san. Problem is that Princess Rena can’t find a bod-“

Rena slapped Imade lightly on the back of her head, “Shush, Mai-chan. It’s not PRINCESS Rena, it’s just RE-NA. And you’re talking too much.” Snatching one of the rice balls off Yuria’s hand, Rena stuffed the rice ball into Imade’s mouth, successfully silencing the girl

Yuria frowned, “Hey! That was my lunch, Rena! And Mai, please, just Yuria will do. You make me sound so old when you call me so formally. And like what, we’ve known each other since we’re kids so please, just Yuria. Oh, and you owe me a rice ball now.” The girl grinned at Imade who couldn’t do anything but try to swallow the rice ball that Rena had stuffed into her mouth. Then Yuria turned back to Rena with a serious face, “I don’t know how you found out about the war, Rena, but the battlefield is too dangerous for you to go into. Your father can’t afford to lose someone as talented as you.”

Rena frowned at Yuria and mumbled again, “That’s exactly what my father said...”

“But it’s a good idea anyway,” Yuria said. Rena’s confused look made Yuria smile and explained further what she meant, “To have a bodyguard. There seems to have been a whole string of assassination going on around the place lately. The defense plan that your father planned out is starting to fall apart already, even though it hasn’t even been put to action yet, because many of the key important figures had been targeted and suffered one way or another.”

“Hmm? What defense plan?” Rena asked.

Yuria shook her head and took another bite into her nearly finished lunch, “Ah, nothing. I’m talking a bit too much.” Yuria threw the last bite of her food into her mouth and then said, “Be careful, Rena. Mai too, be careful. Look after yourself, both of you. I’ll keep an eye out for fighters who are good enough to be bodyguards. When I do, I’ll give you guys a message.” With that, Yuria slipped into the meeting room and closed the door behind her. Leaving the princess and her servant behind.

“Princess Rena, let’s go get our lunch now. Leave Kizaki-san to her meeting,” Imade said as she pulled the princess’s sleeve, trying to get the princess to move.

Rena frowned at the way Imade was calling her again. ’When is Mai-chan going to call me by my name!?’ Rena mentally shouted. Frowning, Rena pulled back her arm and stayed standing, despite her hunger was starting to overpower her.

“Princess Rena, please. I’m really hungry. Can we please go eat?” Imade pleaded.

Rena turned her head away and crossed her arm, completely ignoring the girl.

Knowing exactly what the princess want, Imade gave up her old habit and spoke again, “Rena-chan, can we PLEASE go eat something now?”

The princess turned back to Imade with a huge smile on her face, “That’s better! Now, that wasn’t so hard was it, Mai-chan?” Laughing as she grabbed Imade’s hand, “C’mon, let’s go eat. I was actually thinking whether or not I had to stand there and starve to death before you will get what I’m trying to make you do.”

Imade frowned and was about to say something when a servant came rushing at them. “Princess Rena, an urgent message has been sent to you,” the servant held out a small parchment roll.

From the size of the roll, Rena knew straight away it was a pigeon mail. Thanking the servant and dismissing him, Rena waved Imade closer and showed her the parchment.

“Who is it from?” Imade asked as she looked at the tiny roll.

“I’m not sure,” Rena answered as she carefully untied the parchment. “Ah- It’s the sakura stamp,” Rena almost yelled in excitement as she pointed at the pink stamp at the bottom of the paper, “It’s been a long time since my cousin has gave me a message!”

“Looks like your cousin is fine after all,” Imade smiled with relief. Seems like the princess’s worries over her cousin the last few weeks are all pointless. It brought relief to Imade to know that she was okay, Imade didn’t know what she would have to do if something happened to Rena’s cousin. “What did she say? Your cousin,” Imade asked.

Rena read the words out loud in a whisper that only the two of them could hear, “Keep your bow and arrows close.”

“What does that mean?”

Rena thought for a while, “I’m actually not really sure. Keeping my bow and arrows close... Maybe she’s trying to tell me to be careful and keep on guard? Perhaps danger is coming soon, I guess.”

Imade nodded, ’Seems logical, the interpretation.’ Thinking about the words deeper, “Princ- Rena-chan, do you think this have anything to do with the assassin that Kizaki-san was talking about before?”

Rena shook her head, “I’m not really sure. Probably.”  Rena held the parchment above one of the nearby candles on the wall and carefully burned the message, erasing it’s existence. Slowly, Rena started to make her way back to her room with Imade following behind, “Let’s go get change and get my bow first. Then we’ll go eat. I think I need to go practice anyway.”
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“Here,” Rena held out her spare shirt in front of Airi who took it without a second delay, “It should fit you. Our size is not that much different.” Rena smiled at her before opening her own locker and started sorting out her own things for the PE lesson.

Airi thanked Rena and quickly got change, pulling Rena’s shirt over her head. ’Oh Rena-san! I can smell her! Her smell is all over this shirt!’ Airi thought to herself as she put her arms through the sleeves and sniffed the shirt over and over again. ’I can smell this shirt all day- WHAT AM I THINKING ABOUT!?’ Airi slapped herself on her face as she closed her locker and sat on the nearby bench, feeling slightly dizzy from the light but overwhelming smell of Rena on her shirt. ’I swear I can just faint from this...’

Rena saw Airi suddenly sitting down on the bench, feeling concern, Rena kneeled down and asked, “Airin, you okay? You face seems slightly red. Are you feeling sick?”

Airi shook her head quickly and smiled at Rena, “No no no no, I’m just waiting for you. It’s getting a bit hot in here so...”

Rena smiled back, “Ah, I see. I won’t take long. Sorry you had to wait.” Quickly putting her bag in her locker, Rena took out her own shirt and started getting change, completely unaware of the two pair of eyes staring at her from behind.

Picking up her own shirt that she had put on the bench, Jurina pulled the top above her head and skillfully swapped her school shirt with her PE shirt without showing any part of her body to anyone, not that she would mind. But Jurina felt like she would spare the other girls from fainting, knowing that most of them are staring at her while she gets change. Jurina was about to throw her bag in her locker when something caught her eye. Turning around, Jurina saw something that made her halt her action: Rena’s back.

Both Jurina and Airi stared as Rena slowly, taking her time, took off her school shirt and hang it up in her locker while showing her back to everyone. Rena’s smooth back, like a magnet, captured the two girls’ attention, making it impossible to turn away. Airi quickly clamped her opened mouth close with her own hand to stop herself from drooling while Jurina froze at the sudden flash back coming back into her mind, the flash back of her treating Rena’s bruised back that night in their room. The feeling of Rena’s soft skin under Jurina’s finger tips. The perfect shape of Rena’s back. It was all coming back to Jurina’s mind and Jurina can’t deny the fact that she really did miss the sight. Without realizing, a smile crept up onto Jurina’s face as she watched.

It didn’t’ take long for Akane to finish getting change. She was smart and didn’t wear her blazer today, saving her those extra few seconds of having to take off the blazer and hang it up. Akane turned to the girl standing next to her and was about to ask why Jurina was taking too long when she realized the girl was frozen with her bag half way in her locker. Curious at what captured Jurina’s full attention, Akane turned her head. The moment her eyes saw what Jurina was looking at, Akane felt a sudden stabbing pain in her heart.

’It’s just Rena’s back... Why are you getting distracted by it so much, Jurina-chan?’ Akane frowned. Although Jurina had been hanging out with Akane much more often lately and was almost ignoring all the girls that were trailing behind her the whole time, Akane still couldn’t help but feel this strange throbbing in chest whenever she sees Jurina paying attention to another girl, especially Rena. It wasn’t that Akane hated Rena. She doesn’t. She treated Rena as a friend. In fact, a really good friend too, considering that Rena is much warmer to her than many of the other girls in class. However, whenever she sees Jurina paying more attention to Rena than herself, which to be honest, was quite often, especially during class when Akane catches Jurina staring at Rena whenever she was over at Akane’s table, having a group discussion, Akane always feel this burning feeling in her chest. Even now, Akane could feel it. Yet she still couldn’t understand what this feeling was.

Rena straightened her PE shirt after she put her second arm through her sleeves. ’Did my shirt shrink or something? Seems a bit harder to put my arm through... Or... DID I GAIN WEIGHT ALREADY!?’ Rena’s eyes widened at her own thoughts. Only being in boarding for about three months and she was already gaining weight? ’This isn’t good... This isn’t good... I should’ve stuck with the melon pan diet that I eat back at home...’ Rena sighed. ’Is it just me, or do I feel someone is staring at me again...’ Rena thought to herself as she hang up her skirt inside her locker. Once done, she turned around and immediately, her eyes made contact with another pair that was staring straight at her.

Jurina’s eyes widened the moment Rena turned around and looked straight at her. Feeling a sudden heat wave blasting on her face, Jurina quickly turned around and put her bag back into her locker and pretended to sort out things.

This wasn’t the first time Rena had caught Jurina staring at her, and to be honest, it is quite often too, during classes and meal times. Rena never thought about asking the girl why she does that, but, perhaps it was time to confront the girl with this? Rena smiled at herself as she saw Jurina turned away with a pink face, ’No need, I guess. Whatever it was that made Jurina pay attention to me, just stay there. It feels nice to have Jurina’s attention.’

Feeling someone else staring at her, Rena looked down and saw Airi with a very red face and her hand over her mouth. Although confused at why Airi was also acting like this, Rena didn’t say anything. Ignoring Jurina, Rena grabbed Airi’s hand and pulled the girl up, slipping their way through the other girls and towards the doors that leads to the gym, “Let’s go, Airin.”

Jurina watched, from the mirror that she hang inside the back of her locker, as Rena grabbed Airi’s hand and led her away, completely ignoring Jurina’s existence. Jurina frowned at the lack of attention at her and for the first time, cursed her own popularity at this school. She knew that if she wasn’t so popular, it wouldn’t have been so much of a problem to get close to Rena during class time as well like Airi can, instead of always having to wait till the end of the day when they’re both in their room. By that time, they are both usually tired from school and are so busy with their school work that the longest conversations they ever have are questions about their homework. Usually it’s Rena asking Jurina because Jurina is one of the top students in class, seconded by Rena. Although Jurina does sometimes ask Rena questions when it comes to geography, something she doesn’t really have an interest in and therefore, usually space out during class.

The girl shook her head to clear away her thoughts, ’Why am I even thinking about things like this? I like being popular, with or without Rena, it doesn’t make much of a difference. I can get any girls I want, it doesn’t have to be Matsui Rena.’ Yet no matter how many times Jurina say that to herself, no matter how hard she tries, somehow, she couldn’t shake off that burning feeling in her chest as she recalled the image of Rena holding onto Airi’s hands. Turning her head to Akane who was playing with her own phone, Jurina smiled, “C’mon, Churi, put the phone away, let’s go.” Akane nodded and put her phone back into her locker and followed after Jurina, glad to see that Jurina was finally out of her trance.


“Okay, today’s game is dodgeball. We haven’t done that in a while so that’s what we will be doing today. As usual, you guys will be split into the red and white teams. These two teams are randomly sorted, it has nothing to do with your two hourses,” The teacher spoke as he gave each girl a color strap that was to be tied to their arm, indicating which team they were on.

“Jurina-chan!” Akane called out, “Which team are you on?”

Jurina waited till the teacher handed her her own strap, looking at the color, she looked at Akane and smiled, “My house color.”

“Oh...” Akane frowned slightly, but quickly replaced her frown with a bright smile as she grinned at Jurina, “Well then, looks like we’re against each other this time! I’ll do my best this time, Jurina-chan! I won’t let you down!” All hyped up, Akane skipped to the red team’s side and got ready for the start of the game, eager to show Jurina her improvement in dodgeball.

Jurina walked to the white team’s side of the gym and smiled at the girls who was squealing in joy at the fact that they were in the same team as Jurina. The moment Jurina stood onto the court, the girls surrounded themselves around Jurina and asked Jurina to save them from the dodgeballs. Ignoring them, Jurina looked around, trying to see who else was on her team and frowning when she didn’t see the one she wanted to see. Looking over to the red team’s side, Jurina saw Akane with Rena, the girl who Jurina was looking for before. Unconsciously, Jurina frowned, ’Looks like I’m not on Rena’s team...’ Looking closer at the opposition, it seems like Airi wasn’t in Rena’s team. The fact brought back a smile on Jurina’s face, ’Ha! She didn’t get into Rena’s team either. She should be glad though, otherwise I would’ve gotten her out first.’

“Alright! Get ready!” the teacher shouted. The girls all laid on their stomach, eyeing the dodgeballs that was set out on the middle of the court. Jurina and Akane both readied herself for the whistle while Rena and Airi just relaxed, knowing that there would be no way the two of them could reach the dodgeballs. “GO!” The teacher whistled.

Jurina immediately bounded up from her position and ran as fast as she could towards the dodgeballs. By the time Jurina got to the middle, many of the girls were still half way. Picking up the closest dodgeball, Jurina threw it at the closest girl in her path, hitting her perfectly in the chest. Without wasting any time, Jurina picked up another dodgeball and was about to throw it again when a ball suddenly came flying her way. Using her fast reflexes, Jurina moved backward and blocked the attack with the ball in her hand. She smiled when she saw Akane grinning at her, knowing that it was the girl who threw the accurate shot.

Rena ducked when she saw one of the dodgeball flew her way. Although it was a very inaccurate shot and wouldn’t have hit her even if she didn’t move, Rena felt slightly paranoid and ducked anyway. Rena picked up one of the ball rolling towards her and held onto it as she looked across the gym, looking for a potential victim. Seeing a group of girls standing at the back, chatting and staring at Jurina, Rena grinned and threw her dodgeball at them. Rena laughed in surprise when she got three girls out in one shot. She expected her shot to miss considering how far they were away from her, and even if it was to hit, it would’ve only got one person out. Rena never expected the dodgeball to rebound of one of the girl and hit the other two before falling onto the floor. ’Not bad for the first dodgeball game at this school I guess? Even though I am bad at sports.’ Rena thought to herself as she backed away from the warzone while her teammates praised her.

It didn’t take long for most of the girls to get out, leaving behind Jurina and Airi on the white team and Rena and Akane on the red team. Having Jurina and Akane left behind was a normal scene for the class to see, seeing how Jurina is a strong dodgeball player and Akane have very slightly weak but accurate throws. What surprised many was that Rena and Airi was still standing. Many girls expected Jurina to take Rena out first, but instead, Jurina haven’t even aimed her shots at Rena once yet. Airi on the other hand, surprised everyone with her sudden improved agility, showing great skills in dodging.

Jurina grinned as she picked up one of the ball that was lying around and for the first time in the game, because she didn’t want to hit Akane, threw it at Rena who gave a small scream as she ducked the shot, lost her balance and fell on her bottom. Seeing Rena is on the same team as her, Akane quickly went over to help Rena up, blocking one of the shots from Jurina that was aimed at Rena’s leg with the ball in her hand. Rena quickly thanked Akane and went off to pick up one of the many free dodgeballs lying on the ground.

Airi ran around the court, jumping and ducking, sliding and rolling, as both Akane and Rena kept aiming their shots at her. Unable to stand being the only one targeted anymore, Airi shouted across the gym as she ducked another ball that flew past her head, “Why are you both aiming at me!? Throw it at Jurina as well!” Almost the gym was filled with laughter at Airi’s words. Even Jurina couldn’t keep an amused smile off her face as she watched Airi dodge the hits.

Jurina felt a sense of proudness as she watched her only other remaining teammate dodging the hits like an expert. ’I guess having Furukawa on my team isn’t that bad. She is actually really good! Why have I never noticed her during dodgeball before?’ Jurina thought to herself as she observed Airi’s movement.

Airi stopped to catch her breath only to have to duck again when a ball came flying towards her head. Once recovered, Airi quickly picked up one of the dodgeball and threw it back at Akane who easily blocked Airi’s ball with her own. “So how come you always throw the ball at me and not Rena?” Akane laughed as she passed one of the ball to Rena and picked up another ball herself.

“B-B-Because... I-I-I... Because you’re closer!” Airi shouted back.

A soft laughter filled the gym. “Really, Airin? Churi is standing all the way in the back of the court and I’m standing right here,” Rena giggled.

Airi’s face grew red as she looked away from the two girls and went to pick up another ball, avoiding the conversation. Jurina on the other hand, frowned at the small exchange between Rena and Airi when she felt that weird feeling in her chest again. Ignoring it, Jurina threw another ball at Rena.

Rena knew there was no way she could get Jurina out so having only one other option left, Rena threw the ball at Airi again. However, because Airi was all the way on the back of the court picking up another ball, Rena’s shot missed, bounced off the wall and back into the court.

An idea popped up in Akane’s head as she stood and watched Rena take the shot, ’Seems like Rena can only hit okay if the target is standing still.’ The girl picked up another ball and tapped Rena on the shoulder, “Hey, Rena.” Rena turned around, confused at what the girl wanted to talk about at a time like this. “Let’s team up,” Akane grinned.

“Huh?” B-“ Rena said as two balls came flying their way from both Jurina and Airi. “But aren’t we already in the same team?”

“No, I meant like, team up as in target the same target. You can only hit targets that are standing still right?” Akane asked. Rena nodded. “Well then, since I have pretty good accuracy, I can throw it at Airi to distract her and stop her movement, and then you can quickly take your shot and get her out!” Akane said excitedly at her new plan.

Rena thought for a while and nodded, knowing Akane was probably right. And since Akane did have good accuracy, Rena knew it wouldn’t be a problem to get Airi distracted, but the problem now was for her to actually throw it accurately at Airi to get her out.

“Here we go, Rena! Get ready!” Akane said as she bounded forward nearer to the middle of the court, blocking one of the occasional accurate throws from Airi, and threw the ball at the said girl, hitting Airi right in the face. “Now, Rena!” Akane shouted at the girl as she watched Airi stood there frozen, trying to recover from the sudden shock.

Hearing the signal, and seeing that Jurina was empty-handed at that moment, Rena ran up and as accurately as she could, threw the ball at Airi, hitting the girl on the shoulder. Akane cheered and the two girls high-fived each other as they heard the teacher whistled, indicating that Airi have been caught out.

Airi shook her head, still trying to recover from the sudden hit in the face from Akane. But before she could even react, another ball had already hit her on her left shoulder, catching her out since the rules in this dodgeball game was any hit below the head. Hearing the teacher whistled just proved that she did indeed get out and it wasn’t just her imagination. ’Guess I gotta improve my recovery rate as well... Why do I sound like I’m playing some kind of gam-‘ Airi thought to herself as she walked to the side, off the court, when suddenly she felt a tug on one of her shoe and the next thing Airi knew, her face was flat on the floor.

Rena watched Airi as the girl walked back and when she saw something white flying around Airi’s feet, she wanted to warn Airi. But before she could, Airi had already fell. “Airin!” Rena rushed forward, completely forgetting the game, “Are you alright, Airin?”

Airi shook her head to clear the ringing in her ear and pushed herself off the floor. As she sat up, she felt Rena suddenly rubbing the sore side of her face with her usually cold hand. Airi smiled at the cold yet warming touch from Rena, “I’m fine, Rena-san. It’s okay. Don’t worry about me.” She looked down at her feet, trying to see what caused her to fall. Finally understanding the cause of her fall, Airi mentally facepalmed herself, ’Seriously!? Stepping on my own shoelace!? You stupid pair of sport shoes, did you really have to embarrass me in front of Rena-san!?’ Still unable to believe her own clumsiness, Airi shook her head and pushed Rena’s hand away, almost frowning as soon as she couldn’t feel the soothing touch anymore, “I’m okay. Rena-san should get back into the game before Ju- Watch out, Rena-san!”

Rena jumped at Airi suddenly shouting. She turned around to see what made the girl shout and ducked just in time when she saw Jurina had thrown one of the dodgeball at her. The dodgeball flew past her head and unfortunately hit Airi straight in the face again. “Ah! I’m sorry, Airin. I’ll go now,” Rena apologized to the girl as she quickly bounded up and went back into the court to avoid having Jurina throw the ball anywhere near Airi again.

Shock, once again, at having a ball fly right into her face, Airi sat there as the ball bounced off her face and rolled back into the court. The teacher came over and tapped Airi on the shoulder, “Are you okay, Furukawa-san?”

Airi nodded, though still feeling slightly dazed, “I’m fine.” Slowly, without getting up, Airi crawled closer to the side benches and sat herself down onto the floor with her back leaning against one of the free spaces on the bench. It felt safer to Airi if she was closer to the floor, away from both Jurina and Akane’s usual throwing height. Airi turned her focus onto Rena as when she could finally focus again and watched with a smile as Rena dodged Jurina’s throw and picked up a ball.

’Two against one? Oh this is going to be fun~ I’ve never gotten to this stage in a dodgeball game before. Espeically not with me in the team of one,’ Jurina grinned as she picked up another ball. Jurina felt excitement as she think it over again, this was indeed the first time Jurina’s whole team had been taken out, leaving only her behind. This was new to Jurina, never have Jurina been the only person targeted before. “This is going to be challenging hmm...” Jurina mumbled to herself as she aimed at Rena. Jurina threw the ball, and frowned when the ball flew higher above Rena’s ankle, the spot where she was aiming for. But the frown was quickly stretched into a large grin and she laughed when the ball hit Rena in the face.

“You girls are hitting so many head shots today,” The teacher laughed along with the class as they watched the intense game from the sideline.

Rena shook her head to put her focus back into the game and turned her head slightly when she felt another tap on her shoulder coming from Akane. “Yes?” Rena asked, her eyes never leaving the ball that Jurina was rolling in her hands as she laughed.

“Let’s do the teaming up again. I’ll distract Jurina and you hit her?” Akane whispered.

“Would it work with Jurina?” Rena asked, uncertain whether or not Jurina will fall for a trick like that.

Akane grinned as she passed a ball to Rena and picking up another one herself, “We won’t know until we try.” Seeing that Jurina have finally recovered from her laughing fit, Akane nudged Rena with her elbow and whispered in a voice that only the two of them could hear, “Hold onto the ball until Jurina have none. She can get quite impatient when she’s playing dodgeball and she’ll keep throwing until she have none left.” Rena nodded and held tightly onto the ball like it was her life.

As if to prove Akane’s point correct, almost right after Akane told Rena to hold on to the ball, Jurina started throwing at the two girls again. Strong and accurate throws, but all were dodged and blocked. Once in a while, Akane would throw out her own dodgeball at the ones that were aimed at Rena when she thinks that the girl won’t be able to dodge in time, just to make sure the girl won’t get out. Soon enough, all the dodgeballs on Jurina’s side of the court were all gone.

“You ready, Rena?” Akane asked as she aimed at Jurina’s head. Rena nodded her head firmly as she aimed her shot at Jurina’s body. “Here I go,” Akane said as she stepped forward and threw the ball, hitting the unprepared Jurina, who didn’t expect a headshot coming from Akane, right in the face. Akane held onto her laughter as she watched Jurina stood frozen for a few seconds.

Not needing any calls this time, Rena immediately stepped forward and threw her ball at Jurina. It almost felt like the time inside the whole gym slowed as everyone watched Rena’s shot slowly get closer to Jurina. A loud cheer came from the red team when the ball bounced off Jurina’s ankle and onto the floor. The entire red team rushed onto the court and cheered for Akane and Rena, getting the strongest dodgeball player in the school out. Akane and Rena laughed and high-fived each other for the second time as their team jumped and laughed and cheered around the two girls in circles.

A clear, long whistled came from the teacher, indicating the end of the PE lesson. The girls on the white team rushed over to Jurina on the court and asked if she was okay and such. It wasn’t until Jurina suddenly laughed and called Akane over before the girl started to disappear off to get change. “You’ve improved so much, Churi,” Jurina smiled as the girl jumped happily to Jurina’s side.

“I told you I wouldn’t let you down,” Akane grinned as she hugged Jurina. Happiness burst inside Akane when she felt Jurina’s arm wrapped around her and hugged back. It was so rare, even though they’ve been together more often now, for Jurina to hug her in front of others.

Jurina patted Akane’s head like a proud parent and gave the girl a small peck on the cheek, “I know you wouldn’t.”

Akane’s face blushed pink as she looked away and tried to keep her growing smile to a moderate size. “Let’s go help the teacher tidy up aye?” Akane suggested as she took Jurina’s hand. Jurina smiled and nodded and allowed herself to be led to the storage room where the teacher was busy packing the equipments by himself.

“Airin, I’m so sorry about before. If I wasn’t there, you wouldn’t have gotten hit in the face again,” Rena apologized for the third time since the game ended.

Airi smiled and shook her head, “It’s okay. It wasn’t Rena-san’s fault. I was just  unlucky, I guess.” Airi stopped herself from jumping up and down when she felt Rena’s hand softly massage her forehead, where the ball hit.

“Does it still hurt?” Rena asked as she gently massaged Airi’s forehead.

Loving the extra attention she was getting from Rena, Airi nodded, “Just a little bit.”

Rena nodded and reached over to grab her frozen water bottle that she had froze in the kitchen’s fridge overnight and held it against Airi’s forehead, using it as an icepack. Airi sighed in relief as she felt the cold sensation seep into her skin, although she preferred Rena’s hand instead. Rena looked down and saw Airi’s shoe was still untied. “Here, hold onto the bottle, Airin,” Rena said as she grabbed one of Airi’s hand and made her hold onto the bottle before she knelt down next to Airi and started tying her shoelace. Airi’s smile grew as she watched Rena help her. She felt selfish, not stopping Rena from helping her, but she couldn’t help it. Having Rena helping her was heaven.

“Done,” Rena smiled at Airi as she swapped Airi’s hand with her own and continued to hold the bottle against Airi’s forhead. “You feeling better?” Rena asked.

Airi nodded, “I am. Thank you, Rena-san.”

“Good,” Rena stood up and pulled Airi up, “Let’s go get change then.”
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Looking closer at the opposition, it seems like Airi wasn’t in Rena’s team. The fact brought back a smile on Jurina’s face, ’Ha! She didn’t get into Rena’s team either. She should be glad though, otherwise I would’ve gotten her out first.’
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Poor Airin getting constant damage to her cute face. Rub her cheeks good to fix it up, Rena!

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Chapter 13

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The Perfect Bodyguard

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Chapter 14

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Jurina picked up the bag of silvers on the tray in front of her and strapped it onto her belt, not even bothering to check the amount. The two girls were just about to turn around and leave when the emperor suddenly called out to them, “Wait.” Curious and surprised, the two girls stopped and turned around. “I,” Togasaki tapped the scroll placed in front of him, “have another one here. Take it.”

Airi frowned, “But we already finished our quota for this month!  I thought we made it clear that we won’t kill anymore than we have to?!” If they have to take an extra order, that means it will be Airi’s turn to take the kill and to be honest, having just witnessed Jurina killed one of the advisors for one of the enemy’s general, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to have to see blood again yet.

Togasaki shook her head. He knew this response would come. “This- No... I meant, these targets,” Togasaki rolled up the scroll and lifted it up, “deal with these now and you wouldn’t need to take anymore requests for the next two months.” Seeing the sudden attention he got from Jurina and the surprised face on Airi’s face, he grinned, “These two targets are valuable. Take are of these two and the reward for it will be enormous. Depending on how well the job was done, I might even reward you guys with a horse of your own, since I heard you guys have always wanted one.”

Airi’s eyes widened at the prize. ’A horse! It would take so many request to save up enough money to buy a horse!’ But Airi’s mind eventually trailed back to her original reasoning with herself, the reason of wanting to reject this request, ’It would be my turn to take them out... I can’t even get the image of Jurina’s last kill out of my head yet...’ Slowly, Airi turned to Jurina, hoping that the silent girl will make some sort of comments.

Much to Airi’s expected disappointment, Jurina looked up at the emperor, “Who is the target?”

Togasaki’s grin grew and he waved the female captain that have been standing at the side over to him and handed her the scroll to give to Jurina and Airi. “The two daughters of the emperor of Sakae,” Togasaki said as the female captain handed the scrolls to Jurina.

Sakiko’s eyes widened at the said names. The scroll slipped from her shaking hands. Then remembering where she was, Sakiko quickly picked up the scroll again and apologized as she handed the scroll to Jurina before backing away.

Jurina opened the scroll and Airi leaned in closer to see the face of their next target. “The daughter of the emperor Akihabara is fighting against huh... But I thought Emperor Yuasa have three daughters?” Airi asked as she tried to recall the extra pieces of information they pick up when they travel around.

Frowning at the amount of comments Airi was making, Togasaki explained, “The third one is too young to be of any harm. It is the two older one that is the problem. The eldest one is too strong and her thinking is too close to her father. The second oldest one is too smart to be left unattended. According to my informant over on Sakae’s side, I heard that Yuasa sometimes talk over battle plans with his second daughter. Because of that, I need that girl gone as well. Is that explanation good enough for you?” His tone of voice showing clear annoyance.

The tone of his voice did not escape Airi. Knowing it will only make it troublesome if she pursed the matter any further, Airi turned her attention to Jurina who was looking at the targets closely. “Jurina, this is the first time we’ve ever been told to target females. Are you sure you want to do it?” Airi whispered to Jurina as she crossed her fingers in her mind and hopes that Jurina will reject the offer. Airi couldn’t stand killing an innocent boy from before and she was almost sure that she would not be able to even hold her sword against a female. She looked at the target again, ’And girls so young too... The oldest one can’t be any older than either Jurina or me...’

Jurina ignored Airi’s obvious statement and rolled up the scroll and held onto it as she nodded at the emperor, “We’ll take this request. But after this request is done, don’t expect us to turn up in here again for the next two months. Stick to your promise.”

Togasaki nodded, satisfied with the answer. If Jurina can get rid of Rena and Akane, there truth be told, this war will be a guarantee win. Yuasa will come begging on his knees in front of him to spare his third and by that time, the only daughter he would have left. He reached forward and grabbed the green potion in front of him and gave it to Jurina, “Something for your mother as usual. Remember, Jurina. As long as you work for me, I will protect your mother and make sure your mother will stay alive.” Jurina nodded and took the potion with a word of thanks.

Sakiko watched in defeated silence as the emperor gave Jurina the all-too-familiar potion again. Just like he has been doing every time for the last few months. As much as she wanted to scream at the girl each time, ”Don’t do it!”, she couldn’t. All she could do was watch.

“Go,” Togasaki waved his arm at the girls, dismissing them. “Matsui,” Togasaki turned to the female captain who seems to have frozen on the spot. “Matsui!” Togasaki’s booming voice echoed around the room, snapping the captain’s focus back onto her master.

“H-Hai?!” Sakiko blinked and bowed at the emperor as she cursed herself for being distracted.

“Take the two girls to the stable and get them a horse each. It’s a long way to Sakae, they’ll need a ride. I want them to get this job over and done with as soon as possible,” Togasaki said.

“As you wish, my lord,” Sakiko bowed again as she backed away to the door. Without realizing, Sakiko’s hands shook against the door frame as she slid the door open and exited the room, closing the door behind her silently.

Togasaki let out a long sigh and a new cold grin appear on his face. “Disappointing, Matsui. It’s too bad isn’t it? That you couldn’t last to the end and watch all your effort pay off,” Togasaki chuckled to himself as he watched the captain disappear.


“This is the stable,” Sakiko said to the two girls as she mentioned for the horse keepers to open the gate. “I believe this is the first time you two have been here?” The two girls nodded. “Well then, I’ll go get you guys a horse. Wait here for a sec,” Sakiko said as she walked over to the horse keeper.

Airi watched as the female captain said something to the horse keeper. Under the dim moonlight, Airi could tell that the captain had said something surprising to the horse keeper because she could hear the horse keeper’s gasp all the way from where she was standing, next to Jurina, by the gate. The gasp was cut short when Airi saw Sakiko thrust something into the hands of the horse keeper. ’Is that silver?’ Airi thought to herself as she saw a sudden flash of moonlight reflecting on that something. The next thing Airi saw was the horse keeper nodding and disappeared inside the stable. “Weird,” Airi mumbled to herself as she recalled the obvious bribing action from the captain.

Sakiko returned shortly with two brown, saddled horses in tow. The captain smiled at them and gave the girls a horse each, “These two are the finest horse we have in possession. Very obedient. You really don’t even need to interact with them much and they’ll let you ride on them. Of course, the emperor’s steeds are much better, but obviously, they are not available to use.”

Jurina nodded and pulled herself up onto her horse, shuffling slightly in the saddle to get into a comfortable position. Airi however, looked at the horse slightly. There was something about the horses that didn’t feel right to Airi. Airi moved to the front of the horse and gently stroked the nose of the horse. The horse looked at her and looked away, not even paying attention to Airi’s hand. Worried, Airi turned to Sakiko and asked, “Are you sure this horse is okay? He doesn’t seem very... what’s that word again...” Airi scratched the back of her head as she tried to think of a word to describe the horse.

“Energized?” Sakiko helped her out.

“Yes! Energized! That was the word I was looking for. The horse doesn’t seem very energized,” Airi said, eyeing her own horse.

Sakiko chuckled, “Don’t worry about it. That horse is always like that. Get him on the move and he’ll show your just how energized he is. It’s just that he has been stuck in the stable for a while and he’s getting slightly moody.”

Airi nodded. Although still not convinced by the female captain’s reassuring words, Airi climbed onto her own ride.

“Good luck and hope you guys make it there,” Sakiko bidded the girls farewell as they took off. Once the girls disappear into the distance, the female captain turned around and looked at the horse keeper, “Not a word to anyone.” The horse keeper responded with a nod and held onto the small bag of silver given by the captain tightly against his chest. Satisfied, Sakiko slowly made her way back to her room.

A shadow watched the scene unfold in front of them from just behind the stable. Seeing the departure of the female captain, the shadow pulled back and disappeared back into the darkness around them.


“Let’s stop for a rest, Jurina. We’ve been travelling for almost three days non-stop now,” Airi suggested as she massaged her sore back gained from sleeping on the horse.

Jurina shook her head, “It’ll only be a two days trip once we reach the next town to get to Sakae. We can rest when we get there.”

Airi groaned in annoyance as she took out the a rice ball from the food that she had packed with her for this long trip. “Want one?” Airi held out one towards Jurina when their two horses moved to walk side by side. Jurina shook her head. Airi frowned, “Jurina, you haven’t eaten today yet. Eat something.”

“I’m not hungry.”

Airi sighed and pulled back her hand, unwrapping the rice ball and bit into it herself. Though slightly dried, the rice ball tasted like heaven in her even drier mouth. They have not stopped once since they left Togasaki’s stable and their supply were starting to run low. If they don’t stop in the next town they pass by, not only will their supply run out, their horses will probably also get too tired to continue to move on. Being the fastest horses doesn’t mean they can be on the move non-stop.

Jurina took out the map that the emperor gave her on their first job and opened it. Judging from where they were when the sun was up and having travel for so long that the sun was almost down, it was safe to assume they are almost halfway. Once they reach the next village, they would be exactly halfway. Just as Jurina turned around to put the map back into the bag on her saddle, the front leg of her horse suddenly collapsed. Jurina quickly turned back around and tried to pull her leg loose from the saddle but was too slow. As the horse collapsed, it fell forward, bring Jurina down with it.

“Jurina!” Airi yelled as she tried to stop, only to have her own horse do the same. However, since she was already preparing to get off the saddle the moment she saw Jurina fell, Airi quickly jumped off the horse before it could crush her underneath its body, which was exactly what Jurina’s horse did to Jurina. “Jurina,” Airi breathed out as she kneeled down next to Jurina, hearing her ragged breathing.

It was a horrifying sight to see. Or at least, for Airi it was. It was even scarier than seeing Jurina coming home with blood that day she tried to steal from Togasaki a few months ago. There was Jurina, her foot stuck in the saddle, crushed under her horse. Jurina was still alive though, as anyone could tell that Jurina was struggling to breathe in. Pain was written all over the girl’s face, even though she is silent.

“Jurina, are you alright?” Airi asked as she tried to look for a way to somehow free Jurina’s leg from the saddle. It was difficult though, since Airi couldn’t see Jurina’s foot in the first place. Jurina nodded. “Can you move your leg?” Airi pointed to the girl’s left leg, the one that was under the horse.

Jurina tried to pull her leg from the saddle but stopped almost as soon as she moved as the pain was too much for her to bear. And the weight of the horse pushing down against her leg made it ten times worse. The girl bit on her bottom lip and her entire being shook as she tried to hold in the pain. Once the pain has passed, Jurina shook her head slightly.

Airi frowned as she looked around for anything that could help. Then spying a large branch on the side, Airi picked it up. Stabbing the branch between the ground and the horse, using it as a lever, Airi pushed down onto the end of the branch as hard as she could. Jurina hissed in pain when she felt the horse’s weight shifting, which in her case, was sliding across her already painful leg.

“Sorry, Jurina. Please hold on for a while longer, this is going to hurt a bit,” Airi said as she pushed down on the branch again. With each push, the horse moved down slightly. Luckily for both Jurina and Airi, Jurina’s leg was not completely tangled up in the saddle and therefore, only moving the horse was enough to free Jurina’s leg. “Can you move it now?” Airi asked when she moved the horse enough to finally see Jurina’s foot.

Jurina moved her foot slightly and nodded. The pain was still there, the pain on her leg. In the exact same place where the horse had landed on. However, ignoring the pain, Jurina’s leg was at least free and she could move it again. Slowly, Jurina pulled her leg back, droplets forming on her forehead, and she pushed herself back up. She half-hopped, half-limped to the unresponsive horse and untied her bag from the saddle. Putting the map that she still clenched in her hand during the fall inside the bag, Jurina slowly made her way towards the road once again.

Confused and shocked, Airi pulled Jurina back as the girl went past her, “Where do you think you’re going?”

“To the next town,” Jurina replied as she tried to pull Airi’s arm off her.

“Can’t you just rest for a while?” Airi asked, keeping a firm hold on the girl’s arm. “Look at your leg!” Airi yelled at her when the girl ignored her and pointed at her bleeding ankle.

Jurina shrugged and twisted her arm, successfully breaking off Airi’s grip. Without waiting for the girl, Jurina started walking off again, in the same direction they were travelling in before everything happened.

Airi frowned as she watched Jurina limp off. She knew it was hard to change the girl’s mind once she is determined to do something. However, even till now, Airi didn’t understand why Jurina was so eager to get this job done. Travelling non-stop for days, not eating, and now continue to travel even with though she is hurt. ’Was it because Jurina want to get this job done with so she doesn’t have to do anything for the next two months?’ Airi would really rather kill more people than to see Jurina push herself to the limit and hurt herself for such a reason.

Knowing she will have to catch up to Jurina soon if she wants to make sure the girl is fine, Airi quickly packed her own stuff from her saddle. Before leaving, Airi took one last look at her horse. Her horse was still alive, yes. But its redshot eyes and rapid breathing already told Airi, who was no expert when it comes to animals, that this was not a healthy horse. Healthy horses do not look like that, nor do they suddenly collapse, even after intense non-stop travelling like theirs. ’Finest horse? I thought something wasn’t right with that captain...’ Airi thought to herself as she recalled the night when the captain handed them their horses, ’Why do I get such a bad feeling about this job...?’

Airi shook her head, shaking the thoughts out of her head. Looking over her shoulder, Airi realized that Jurina, even with her bleeding leg, has already disappeared far off in the distance. “How does she limp so fast?” Airi mumbled to herself as she quickly took her things and chased after Jurina, leaving the horses behind. Upon catching up to Jurina, Airi grabbed one of Jurina’s arm and instead of stopping the girl, she fling her arm over her shoulders and allowed Jurina to lean on her as she walked. Jurina gave a silent sigh of relief as she leaned her weight onto Airi. Suddenly, everything felt like they were way before they started on their first job. Except, Jurina knew better. Nothing could ever be the same as before anymore. But even so, Jurina allowed Airi to support her as they make their way to the next town.


Silently sliding the door open, a shadow slipped inside the room that no one dares to enter without permission. As quickly and quietly as they can, the shadow took a green potion from the hidden cabinet that they have seen the emperor open so many times. Hiding it in their sleeves, as smoothly as they got in, the shadow slipped back out of the room and slid the door shut behind them.


“How is her leg?” Airi asked the local healer. Their travel was put on hold when Jurina suddenly collapsed on their way to town. Airi picked her up and carried her to town as fast as she could, they managed to make it in just before they close off entry for the night. Almost a week has past now, since Airi had placed Jurina under the healer’s care.

The healer unwrapped the cloth around Jurina’s leg and pointed at the healing wound, “This girl heals fast, if I must say so myself. I have never seen anyone capable of healing from a slightly infected wound so fast. However, although her outside wound is healed, I think she might have broken something inside...”

Airi’s eyes widened, “What do you mean?”

The healer tapped his chin, “You mentioned that a horse fell on her right?” Airi nodded. “Well then, from my prediction, I think the weight of the horse must’ve been too much for her bones when it fell on her and I think the impact might have crushed some bones. Not very serious though, probably just cracked some bones, seeing the girl isn’t in too much pain. I, however, don’t have the resources needed to fix broken bones right now so I’m afraid you will have to get her to the next town.”

The body on the bed shifted. Airi’s mind immediately blocked out everything and focused only on Jurina. Airi grabbed Jurina’s hand and gave it a comforting squeeze, “Jurina, you’re finally awake.”

Jurina groaned as she felt her eyes were being pierced by the sunlight shining through the window. “Wh-“ Jurina coughed when the words choked on her throat, “Where am I?”

The healer handed Airi a cup of water as he checked Jurina’s leg closer. Airi lifted the cup in front of Jurina’s face, about to help the girl drink only to have Jurina stop her hand and take the cup herself. Airi sighed and ignored the cold action from the girl. “We’re in the next town, half way there. You collapsed on the way and I carried you here. This is the local healer’s house. Your leg was slightly infected but it’s all healed now. You might have some crushed bones inside your leg though, but it isn’t a lot, and since the healers here don’t have the resources, we won’t be able to get that fixed now. You will have to deal with the crushed bones for now until we reach the next big town which will have healers who have the resources and by then, we would’ve reached Sakae,” Airi explained fully, knowing the girls have a lot of questions on her mind.

Jurina nodded and poured the rest of the water down her throat before setting the cup aside, “How long was I out?”

“About a week.”

Jurina shook her head and pushed herself off bed, ignoring the comments from the healer, “We have to go. Too much time have been wasted.” Jurina’s legs gave out from underneath her the moment she stood up. If it wasn’t for Airi kneeling next to her and grabbed onto her just in time, Jurina would’ve fell again.

“My child, you haven’t moved for a week,” The healer helped Airi helped Jurina back onto the bed, “Whatever is so important that makes you needing to go off immediately, at least stay for a while longer to get some hot food and drinks to settle in your stomach before you move on. You need to get your body used to moving as well, many of your joints have probably turned stiff from lying still for a week.” The healer stood up from his position and excuses himself from the room, leaving the two girls alone.

Unwillingly, Jurina gave up resisting when a female walked into the room with a tray of steaming hot food. The female placed the tray down and walked out of the room. From where she was sitting down, Jurina smell the food the moment it was carried into the room.

Airi walked over and carried the tray over and placed it in front of Jurina, “Eat up, Jurina. Only then can we continue. I managed to get a horse from the healer in exchange for two of the rings that you kept from our previous jobs. If we get moving tonight, we will probably be able to get to Sakae in a few more days.”

Jurina just nodded as she picked up the bowl, ignoring the heat, and ate as if she had been starved for days. There was nothing on Jurina’s mind but the warmth she felt from the ramen that was now resting in her stomach. Without waiting, Jurina placed the finished bowl aside and picked up the second bowl, eating and drinking every one last drop of the ramen soup as quickly as she did with the first bowl.

“Slow down, Jurina,” Airi smiled at the girl as she wiped the corner of Jurina’s mouth with her sleeves. As if by magic, the Jurina in front of her suddenly turned back into the little kid back home. The girl that sneaked into her bed after having nightmares. The girl that was always out on the street, beating up the boys that comes and pick a fight with them. But before Airi could enjoy the moment, Jurina’s face turned back to the emotionless one again. She placed the tray aside and once again tried to get herself moving again while ignoring that numbing pain in her leg.

Airi sighed. ’The girls would be walking perfectly fine in no time...’ She stood up from the bedside and said as she walked out of the door, leaving Jurina behind to walk, “I’ll go get the horse ready.”


Rena stood up from her bed and walked over to her window and looked down at the busy streets. Few minutes later, the princess turned around and walked over to her kimono and straightened the clothing, smoothing any visible folds. Once done, Rena walked over to her mirror and adjusted the position of the mirror so that she could see herself while standing up.

“Rena-chan, you have been walking around your room for almost an hour, can you please just... sit? My head is starting to get dizzy already,” Imade complained as she clamped her hands to the both side of her head, trying to steady her spinning mind.

Rena frowned and sat herself back onto her bed. Unable to keep still, Rena started rolling on her bed.

“Rena-chan, what are you doing?!” Imade asked in surprise as she watched the princess started rolling around on her bed like a child.

“Argh! I can’t stand this anymore, Mai-chan. I see soldiers go off every day, while I,” Rena pointed to herself, “sit in my room. I watch them go off as groups, and I watch them come back individually. Scattered. No formation. No chatters. Can you really expect me to just sit around doing nothing to help while others are out there, in the field, risking their lives for us?”

Imade sighed as she waited for Rena to finish her outburst. This was the princess’s fifth outburst this week. “Rena-chan, we are already doing the best to find a suitable person to protect you so that we can persuade your father to let you go,” Imade repeated this line for the nth time that week. There was nothing else that she could say after all but this. This was the truth. Imade really was working as much as she can to gather people to help them look for suitable people, but as Yuria said, good female fighters are not easy to come by these days.

“I’m going to go practice again, get my clothes,” Rena commanded as she grabbed her bow and arrows. Imade nodded but spoke no further, knowing the princess is in a bad mood. She quickly helped Rena slip on her practice gear and opened the door for Rena as the princess stomped off.

“Ah! Rena!” Two voices called from behind them.

Rena and Imade turned around and saw two other two princesses catching up to them.

Surprised at the sudden appearance of the two girls, Rena asked as she looked at the two girls and the bird, “What are you two doing here? Aren’t you two supposed to be in your room?”

Akane said excitedly as she pointed to her bird, “Papi wanted to come out for some fresh air so Kanakana and me decided to bring Papi out!” Kanako nodded as she played with Akane’s bird.

“Are you sure it wasn’t Churi that wanted to come out and play?” Rena smiled at the two girls, her own troubling thoughts disappearing the moment she saw her sisters again, “And it’s Kanakana and I, not Kanakana and me. How many times have I told you that?”

Akane smiled back, “It was all three of us.”

Kanako nodded again before pointing at Rena’s bow, “Rena going for practice again?”

Rena nodded, “I wanted to come out for some fresh air too.”

“We want to come to!” The two girls grabbed onto Rena’s arm as they jumped up and down, begging for their oldest sister to let them go.

Rena sighed, “You guys will be bored. And you guys will start complaining again half way through.”

Kanako shook her head furiously, “No way! Last time got boring because it was just you. But this time,” the girl bounded up to the girl standing a few steps behind Rena, “we have Mai-chan as well!”

“Are you saying I am boring compared to Mai-chan?” Rena gasped in a joking tone.

“Just a bit,” Akane giggled as she dragged Rena along, “C’mon, take us there! Take us there! We haven’t watched you shoot for so long!”

“Fine, fine. But don’t complain if it gets boring again, okay?” Rena said as she slowly made her way to the practice range.

Akane and Kanako chatted with Imade as they sat behind Rena and watched her as she practiced over and over again. The girls laughed when Papi suddenly jumped onto Imade’s head and stayed there, not wanting to get off. “Papi likes you, Mai-chan,” Akane laughed as she stroked the bird’s feather again.

Trying very hard to keep still as the bird rested on her head, Imade said nervously as she tried to look up to see what the bird was doing to her head, “Y-Yeah... I can see that... Churi, can you please get this little guy off my head?” Kanako giggled as she placed her finger next to the bird’s feet. Almost immediately, the bird fluttered onto Kanako’s finger and left Imade alone to try fix and redo her hair on the spot.

While Rena practiced, the girls stayed like that, chatting and messing around. Before anyone knew it, servants have come to light the candles already, the sun was setting already. “Nee, Rena-chan, let’s go eat, Churi is getting hungry. I have a feeling the girl is going to bite my arm off soon,” Imade called out as Churi grabbed her arm and grinned at her.

Rena swore she could’ve heard a voice somewhere, calling out to her, talking something about dinner. But she wasn’t sure. All that was on her mind, was the war. Rena closed her eyes and imagined herself being on the battlefield and open her eyes again to aim at the target. Smoothly, she released her arrow and the arrow hit the center just like all her other previous shots. Nodding to herself, satisfied with the shot, Rena retrieved her arrows and started to aim all over again.

The two sisters frowned at the lack of reaction from Rena and turned to Imade. Imade smiled at the girls and patted them on their head, “Maa, don’t be like that. Your sister is just in one of her moments again where she blocks out everything in the world and only focuses on her targets.” Imade waved one of the lower servants across. “I’ll get our dinner served in here today, okay?” Imade said to the girls as she walked off with the servants, only to return a few minutes later with food. It wasn’t a lot, but it was more than what Imade was supposed to get for the three princesses.

“Eat up,” Imade laid down the tray on the table next to the other tray that the other servant had put down, “this was all we could get.” The two princesses quickly took their portion of the food and started eating. Imade took a step closer and called out to Rena again, “Rena-chan, we have some food here, do you want to eat something?” The princess shot another arrow, completely unaware of Imade talking to her. “I got a melonpan from the chef just for you,” Imade said again as she held up the bread.

Rena’s bow lowered and she spoke, “Bring it over.”

Imade smiled, knowing that there was no way Rena could resist melonpan since it was the girl’s favorite food. After seeing Rena take a bite into the bread, Imade returned to the two girls and started eating her own food. A smaller portion compared to the princesses, and less tasty too, but Imade was used to that by now.

When the meals were finished, everything returned to normal again. Rena kept on practicing while the girls kept chatting. It seemed to Imade that Kanako still wasn’t troubled by the war yet, that is if, the girl realized there was a war at all. Imade knew Akane knows about what was going on and was actually surprised to see the girl acting as if nothing happened around Kanako. ’Ah, Churi is so much more intelligent and mature than she seems,’ Imade thought to herself with a small smile as she watched the two girls tickle each other.

After a while longer, Imade looked outside the window, it was completely dark outside already, and the street was silent. “Rena-chan, I think it’s time to call it a break. We’ve been here for a long time now, it’s completely dark outside and I think almost the whole city is asleep already,” Imade said as she walked back.

Akane nodded, agreeing with Imade, “Yeah. Neechan, let’s go. Kanakana is getting sleepy, I think. She’s gone all quiet.”

Rena lowered her bow and rolled her stiff shoulder. ’Yeah... My shoulders are starting to get sore too...’ Rena thought to herself as she started to walk to the target to get her arrows.

Imade sighed with relief when she saw Rena finally starting to pack away. If the princess practiced any longer, Imade was sure she would end up massaging Rena’s shoulder the whole day tomorrow. “C’mon, let’s go,” Imade tapped Kanako’s shoulder and took the girl’s hand. Normally, Imade would help Rena pack and tidy up after whatever she does, but when it comes to kyuudou, Imade knows to keep away. Rena hates people touching her bow, even if it’s Imade, the closest friend she have in the entire palace.

The four girls made their way quietly back to their room. Most of the people were already asleep, except for the troops of patrolling guards that had just walked past them and the occasional servants walking around. “Rena, can we come sleep over in your room tonight?” Akane asked.

“Hmm? Why?” Rena asked, surprised. It has been a long time since the girls had slept over in her room.

“Because we want to sleep with Rena-chan today,” Kanako answered.

Rena thought for a while and smiled, “Are you sure it is not because my room is closer?” The two girls grinned at her. “Alright then,” Rena nodded. “But,” she pointed at the bird, “Papi not allowed in.”

Akane stared at her older sister in horror, “Why!?”

“The last time Papi came in, he stole my melonpan,” Rena answered firmly, still able to remember that event clearly. Papi came with Akane to Rena’s room because the girl had a nightmare and couldn’t sleep. When Rena woke up, her hidden melonpan supply was completely cleared out. That was probably the worst morning Rena had ever woken up to.

Akane frowned and sighed in defeat, “I’ll go put Papi back in my room then.” Akane turned around and made her way to her room around the corner. The girls waited patiently as Akane turned the corner and disappeared from their sight. Suddenly, Rena heard a sound that sounded like the drawing of a sword and the next thing she heard, was Akane’s scream and the screeching of Papi.


Sakiko looked around the house. ’Good, no one is here. Seems like the guard have gone back,’ the female captain thought to herself as she entered the familiar house. “Mrs Matsui,” Sakiko called out in a whisper. A small groan replied her, coming from within the opened door nearby. Sakiko followed the sound and walked into the room. She gasped at the sight in front of her. There, on the bed, laid Jurina’s mother, looking weaker than the last time Sakiko visited her.

“Only a month, and you’ve already grown paler,” Sakiko whispered as she kneeled down next to Jurina’s mother.

The mother gave a weak smile, “Even after a month, you still risk your life and come here. Why?”

“To look after you,” Sakiko replied as she took out the green potion. “I’m sorry I couldn’t stop the Togasaki giving this to you. If General Matsui saw this, he would’ve been really disappointed in me.”

The mother shook her head, “My husband would be disappointed in you for risking your life for things like this. He would not want you to risk so much to come down here.”

“You need to stay alive for Jurina,” Sakiko said as she pulled the plug of the bottle open and gave the woman the potion. “The girl will break if you are down.”

The woman drank the potion and a small smile formed on her face, “No wonder my husband kept you by his side, you truly are a kind person. Take care, Sakiko. Look after my daughter. And thank you for bringing this. I will stay alive for as long as I can. I guess you will come back in a week again?”

Sakiko nodded, “If Jurina still not back in a week, I will come back. You need to potion to keep you alive. Not taking it continuously will...” the female captain’s voice trailed off, unwilling to continue her sentence, fearing of it becoming reality.

“Sakiko?” The woman called out just as the captain was about to make her way back.

“Yes, m’am?”

“If I leave too early, can you promise to explain everything to my Jurina?”

Sakiko thought for a while then nodded, “I promise.” Quietly, she closed the door behind her and made her way back to Togasaki’s palace. She needs to be back before finds her gone.


Sakiko took off her cloak as she entered the palace. Straightening out her clothes, she silently made her way back into her room. Just as she turned the corner, she saw two guards standing in front of her room. Sakiko’s eyes widened at the colour the two guards were wearing. The red armor told her immediately that Togasaki had sent them to her personally. ’What are Togasaki’s personal guard doing outside my room?’

Pretending nothing happened, Sakiko walked casually towards her room. One of the guard sees her and tapped the other’s shoulder. “Captain Matsui?” The guard called.

Sakiko slowed down, feeling like something wasn’t right with the way the guards were looking at her, “Yes...?”

“The emperor wants to speak with you,” the other guard spoke.

Before Sakiko could say anything else, she felt someone pull something over her head, blocking her sight and before she could do anything, something knocked her on the back of her head.


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A blast of water forced Sakiko to open her eyes, only to shut them again at the sudden light coming into her vision. However, she quickly adjusted to the new barely-lit environment that she found herself in. Looking around, she found herself in a familiar place, yet at that moment, she couldn’t recall what was so familiar about this place. Another bucket of water splashed onto her face from nowhere, bring her attention into focus. Sakiko gasped as she blinked the water out of her eyes and felt the stinging of the cuts on her face from the coldness of the water.

Footsteps shuffled across the concrete floor. Sakiko heard a chair being pulled across the concrete floor and there a small creak was given by the chair when someone sat their weight on it. She looked up and squinted her eyes as she tried to bring the figure sitting in front of her into clear focus.

“Hello, Matsui,” the person spoke.

Sakiko immediately recognized that voice. The same deep voice she had forced herself to obey the past who knows how many years. Listening to this voice giving her order, listening to this voice insult her, listening to this voice insult her men, it was a voice Sakiko could never forget. The voice of Togasaki. “Togasaki,” Sakiko hissed out the emperor’s name, not even bothering with any formalities, knowing there was only one reason why she was being treated like this.

“Since when have our captain been so disrespectful?” Togasaki sneered, “But then I guess it must be some kind of genes passed down from the Matsui bloodline hmm?” The emperor’s laughter echoed in the dark cell along with the guards’ laughter.

“Don’t you dare insult my family, Togasaki,” Sakiko glared at Togasaki.

A guard whacked his sheathed sword across Sakiko’s cheek and shouted, “Who do you think you are? Looking at the emperor like that!”

“Are all Matsui’s like this? Always protecting the family’s name. You know, Matsui, Yuusuke too protected the Matsui’s family name before I dismissed him. His words were exactly the same as your’s.” Togasaki got off the chair and pointed at no one in particular, mimicking the former general, “Don’t you dare insult my family, Togasaki!” The emperor grinned and sat back on his chair and looked at Sakiko right in her eyes, “I sometimes wonder if you actually might be related to Yuusuke. Since you’re risking your life by stealing the potion from me and giving it to his wife. But when I think about it, Yuusuke married after he left, and you came before he left, so there was no way you two could be related.”

Changing the topic, Togasaki leaned back on the wooden chair, “So, Matsui Sakiko. I must confess, never did I thought that you would be the spy we have been looking for all this time. No wonder why we couldn’t find the spy. After all, ordering the spy to find themselves just doesn’t make sense. I should’ve gone over your background before I accepted you into the army.”

The mention of the dead Matsui general, the man that had looked after her when she joined the army, angered Sakiko. ’You don’t have the rights to mention his name, Togasaki! After all that General Matsui did for you, you kicked him aside and killed him like he was nothing! And now you are messing with his daughter and his wife, you deserve to rot in hell!’ Sakiko mentally shouted at Togasaki as she let Togasaki’s words go in through one of her ears and out the other. When the emperor was finally done, Sakiko spoke, “What do you want, Togasaki?”

Togasaki smiled at Sakiko, “That should be my question, Matsui. What do YOU want?”

“Your death,” Sakiko replied coldly, “Who doesn’t want the death of a monster such as you?”

A different guard punched Sakiko in the face again, “Don’t disrespect the emperor!”

Togasaki grinned and waved the guard off. The guard bowed and backed away. “You better mind what comes out of your mouth, Matsui,” Togasaki said as he looked at her.

Sakiko smirks, “I speak only the truth. An emperor who treats his men like they are not worth anything? There will be a day when they can’t stand it any longer. When that day comes, they will betray you and take you down.”

“Are you referring to Yuusuke, Matsui?” Togasaki laughed, “My men are smarter than Yuusuke, Matsui. They value their life, they would never have the nerves to betray me.”

“General Matsui, NEVER betrayed you,” Sakiko shouted angrily, “How does speaking out of anger because you insulted his family count as betrayal!?”

“If you speak against me, then you’re not with me. If you’re not with me, then you’re against me. Simple as that. And if you went against me while serving me, that, is betrayal in my world,” Togasaki said as he picked up a small knife from the table, stood up and walked over to one of the standing torches and placed the knife on the tray, burning the blade part in the fire. “Now,” Togasaki turned around, “Let’s get to the main topic.” Sakiko looked at him. “You have been a great asset to me, Matsui. So I’ll let you live. Under the condition that you tell me what I need to know.”

Sakiko laughed, “You? Togasaki the bloodthirsty monster would let a spy live? That’s the first.” Seeing the emperor’s angry expression made Sakiko smiled, “You won’t get anything from me, Togasaki. I won’t tell you anything. You’re going to kill me anyway. I’m not that stupid.”

Togasaki frowned, “Yes, you are correct. I will kill you. But not yet. You still have some value to me for now.” Togasaki picked up the knife from the torch stand and looked at the burning red blade of the knife as a smile crept back on his face, “After all, the famous captain Matsui is the only one Yuusuke’s girl, Jurina, shows respect to.” He turned back to the captain and waved at the guards behind Sakiko. Immediately, Sakiko felt two pair of arms hold her down. Unable to fight back, Sakiko’s eyes widened at the red blade as the emperor walked closer. “There is always more than one way to make a person talk,” Togasaki said as he brought the knife down into Sakiko’s thigh.

Upon feeling the pain, Sakiko screamed. Her nails cut through the skin of her pakm as she felt the blade penetrate her skin. Sweat poured down from her forehead as she felt the searing heat burning her flesh. “I won’t tell you anything even if you kill me!!!” Sakiko screamed as Togasaki twisted the blade slowly.

The smile on Togasaki’s face grew as the cell filled with the screams of pain, the sound that sounded like music to his ears. In an even slower motion, Togasaki slowly withdrew the blade and watched as blood oozed out from the cut and onto the cold floor. Togasaki handed the bloody knife to one of the guards and walked over to the table while talking, “Matsui, do you know about the dragon fruit tree in my garden?” The emperor paused as he stared at the bowls laid out on the table. He reached for one of the bowl as he continued, “The nectars we make out of the dragon fruit are famous for healing, I’m sure you know that by now. One drop is all it takes for a cut that usually takes a week to heal, to completely heal in one day.”

Togasaki dipped his fingers into the bowl, grabbed a pinch of salt and placed the bowl back down before walking to where Sakiko was held, her thigh completely covered in her blood. With his free hand, he grabbed Sakiko’s chin and lifted it up, forcing her to look at him directly in his eyes. “Do you know what the worst thing in the world is, Matsui Sakiko?” Togasaki asked as he smiled at the anger and pain found in Sakiko’s eyes.

Slowly, Togasaki allowed the salt between his fingers to slowly flutter down onto Sakiko’s thigh like snow, mixing in with the girl’s blood and flesh. He moved his face closer to Sakiko’s and as the girl screamed in pain, Togasaki slowly whispered into the girl’s ear, “The worst thing in the world, my dear, is being only one step away from death and brought back to life...” Togasaki pulled back and waved at one of his men. The guard picked up the bowl of salt and handed it to him with a bow. “Brought back to life,” Togasaki continued his sentence as he poured the rest of the salt onto Sakiko’s cut, “only to fall back down to hell again.”



The girls froze at the sound of Akane’s scream, thinking their ears were playing tricks on them. But when they heard Papi’s screech, they all knew it was real. Rena was the first to react. Immediately drawing her bow and fitting an arrow on it, Rena ran towards the corner where Akane’s scream came from. Recovering from her shock, Imade grabbed Kanako’s hand and ran after Rena. Imade saw the fear in the small princess’s eyes, but she didn’t have a choice, she had to bring Kanako with her. There was just no way she could leave the princess to stand alone in fear by herself.

As Rena turned the corner, her eyes widened in horror and her hands shook. In front of her, was two masked and hooded figure. One was holding onto Akane with a hand over her mouth, while the other one had a sword in hand raised high, about to stab Akane. Seeing her beloved little sister in trouble, Rena raised her bow and shot an arrow at the figure with the sword, only to see it fly past the stranger’s face. ’Curse my shaking hands!’ Rena shouted at herself as she stared at her hands that used to shoot so well when they aren’t shaking.

Airi jumped back in surprise when she felt something flew past her face. She turned and saw an arrow stuck onto the wall, an arrow that could’ve taken her life. Airi stared at the arrow in horror as she realized how lucky she was just then and how close she was just then to being given a headshot by someone. Airi turned her head to the other direction and saw someone holding a bow and was fitting already fitting another arrow onto the bow. When Airi looked closer, she realized the person who shot at her was a girl with long hair.

Jurina didn’t expect there to be any trouble with this kill. Airi was supposed to jump onto the girl and attack her from below. This princess was supposed to die without even realizing their appearance. But it seemed like Airi miscalculated her jump, either out because she was nervous or she was worried about this mission’s target, Jurina didn’t know. Only thing she was sure about was that Airi don’t usually make mistakes like this. The girl might have too much unneeded hesitation, but she never miscalculates. It was a good thing that Jurina knew to clamp her hands over the princess’s mouth, even though it was a second too late and the princess had already let out a scream.

Seeing that Airi had already failed to take the kill, Jurina kept her hold on Akane tight and reached down with one of her hands to take out the dagger strapped onto her boots, intending to finish off the kill herself. However, the moment Akane felt Jurina bend down, her gaze away from Akane, the girl gathered up her courage and bit down hard on Jurina’s left hand, the one that was stopping her from speaking. Unexpected, Jurina’s hand drew back from the sudden attack. Akane, freed from Jurina’s hold, immediately ran back past the still frozen Airi and back to Rena’s side.

Relief filled Rena’s heart when she finally felt the warmth of Akane back by her side. She had to admit, her heart almost stopped when she saw the sword hanging over Akane. She had never been so scared in her life. The fear of losing her own sister right in front of her eyes. Once over the shock, Rena’s sensible thinking finally took over. “Let’s go,” Rena said to Imade, who was holding onto a shaking Kanako, while tugging Akane’s hand. The girls immediately turned around and ran, as fast as they could, to Rena’s room which was the closest.

Jurina cursed as she held onto the hand that Akane bite. The teeth mark was so visible, Jurina didn’t even have to lift up her hand and she could see it. The sound of the girls running away immediately brought Jurina’s attention away from her hand and back to them. Jurina quickly jumped from her spot and onto the wall, and jumping from one side of the wall to the other, Jurina swiftly caught up to the girls without making any sound.

The moment Airi felt Jurina disappear from her sight, she snapped out of her surprise of having the arrow nearly taken her life. She shook her head and gripped her sword tighter as she ran after Jurina who was leaping from wall to wall. ’The girl’s signature move,’ Airi smiled to herself as she watched the girl. However, there was something about Jurina’s movement that made it felt different from before. Jurina doesn’t seem to be moving as smoothly as she used to. Realizing the reason behind it, Airi reminded the girl, “Jurina! Be careful with your leg! It’s not healed yet!”

Ignoring Airi’s words, as usual, when Jurina leaped into the air and landed in front of the girls as she drew her dagger. Not expecting the usual landing to have such a large impact on her slightly crushed leg, Jurina felt the numbing ground shock on her hurt leg as she landed. If she had not known to crouch down slightly to decrease the impact, she knew she would’ve collapsed. Ignoring the pain, Jurina turned around and stared straight at Rena, her target.

Airi ran as quietly as she could, making sure the girls doesn’t hear her approach them from behind while being distracted by Jurina. Seeing her previous target standing in the back with her back facing Airi, Airi raised her sword and prepared to strike. Noticing something wasn’t right, Akane turned around and saw a glimpse of silver above her head. The princess let out a small scream again and hid herself behind Rena who was too caught up in her own problem to realize Akane was hiding behind her.

Somewhere, Jurina heard the stomping of boots across the entire palace. Soon enough, a bell started ringing. Wanting to get this over and done with before the guards get here, Jurina leaped over Kanako, who was crouched down on the ground, shaking as Imade hugged her and tried to comfort her, and slashed her double daggers out at Rena.

Not knowing what to do, Rena held out her bow and blocked the quick and powerful slash coming from Jurina, who Rena knows now, is obviously an assassin. Rena gasped when she saw the dagger left marks on her bow, ’What was I thinking!? Defending with my bow!?’ This was her favorite bow, it was the one her cousin gave her. Rena really didn’t want to have to put anymore damage on her bow than she already had. But what else could she do? She was only good at archery, and although Kumi had taught her basic self-defense, Rena was hardly an expert at it. Seeing Jurina advancing with the two deadly looking daggers, Rena slowly backed away.

Akane gripped tightly onto Rena’s shirt as the girl backed away, trying to keep her standing where she was before to hide her from Airi. However, Rena really was too distracted by her own problem. As Rena backed away, Akane felt herself becoming more exposed. Although Akane wanted to keep hiding behind Rena, her legs refused to move. Akane was completely frozen on the spot as she watched Airi slowly stepped closer to her.

When Rena finally saw Akane out from the corner of her eye, and after seeing Airi closing in on her, without taking her eyes off Jurina who was still walking towards her, Rena yelled at Akane, “Remember what Kuumin taught us!” Hoping the girl will remember those lessons back then with Kumi, those lessons where Kumi had Yuria whack at Akane with a stick to make sure Akane knows how to dodge well. In those lessons, Akane did quite good, which is why Rena never expected Akane to have any problems escaping from any assassins. ’Guess dodging well doesn’t mean escaping well,’ Rena thought to herself as she focused back onto Jurina.

Hearing her sister’s advice did nothing to help Akane, to be honest. She was too scared to move. All that was going through her mind was that she was going to die. However, when Airi brought her sword straight down at Akane, she felt Kumi’s lesson kicking back in. Remembering how many times she had been whacked in the head by Yuria’s stick, Akane stepped aside and dodged the blow. Following up with what Yuria taught her, Akane stepped forward and grabbed Airi’s hand, trying to twist the sword out of her hand. However, it did no good. She was too weak. In training, she could do it because Yuria went easy on her, but the fact that Airi wasn’t a practice target escaped her mind.

Airi was surprised at first, when she saw how quickly Akane had dodged her hit. When the girl stepped closer to her and tried to wrestle her own sword out of her hand. That surprised Airi even more. Even though she hardly felt any strength coming from Akane, Airi was just shocked that a princess would actually try to fight back. Even some of the well-equipped guards that Airi have seen in previous missions run away when they see Airi with her sword out. Now to see a princess was trying to fight against her just completely blew her mind.

From the corner of her eyes, Airi could start to see guards steaming into the hallway from the stairs. She could hear the men shouting out as well. She turned her head to warn Jurina but noticed that Jurina was probably too focused on her target to hear her. Suddenly Akane bit down on Airi’s sword arm hard, trying to get Airi to drop her sword. Staring at the girl in disbelief, Airi tightened her grip around the hilt of her sword. Even seeing no reaction from Airi, Akane refused to back down and was determined to disarm Airi. She bite down harder on Airi’s hand. Airi started to feel pain from her hand. Not wanting to reach the point where she might drop her sword, with her free hand, Airi grabbed Akane’s shoulder, spun the girl around and locked the girl’s head in her arm and held her sword against Akane’s throat.

For Jurina, her specialty was always about movements and speed. Focus on target and bring them down as fast as she can. That was the conclusion she came up with herself. The longer you let your target live, the harder it will be to take them down. That was one of the reasons why Jurina always tells Airi not to hesitate before she kills because in that one second of hesitation, the target could’ve taken out a hidden dagger and killed her.

Trying very hard to ignore the increasing pain in her leg, one of the main weapon she uses, Jurina kicked at Rena, who backed away some more and held up her bow to defend herself. Annoyed at the shield, Jurina curled her feet around the bow and kicked it out of Rena’s hand. Having her only protection taken away in a split second, Rena turned away and ran. Jurina grabbed onto Rena’s arm, pulled her back, and aimed her dagger at Rena’s throat, ready to take the kill.

Having the lessons flashback coming back to her, remembering clearly what Kumi taught her personally, Rena turned around and ducked just as she saw the dagger cut at her throat. Almost right after, Rena stood up again and twisted her arm, breaking Jurina’s hold on her as the girl wasn’t expecting such strength coming from a princess. In that few second that Jurina was using to recover from losing her grip on Rena, as hard as she could manage, Rena slapped Jurina and backed away again. Immediately pulling further away from Jurina and increasing the distance between them.

Jurina’s senses came back to her when she felt a sharp sting on her cheeks. Jurina took a step backward as her mask slid off her face. Not even bothering to worry about her mask since her hood was still up, Jurina brought her finger up to her face and touched the side of her lips. She winced when her fingers touched the cracked lips and was surprised to see red on her finger when she brought them down and looked at it. With her lips as one of the body parts that she takes care of the most, Jurina felt anger when she realized Rena had hurt the part of her body that she worries about the most. Jurina looked away from her finger and glared at Rena, while Rena, stared at Jurina in surprise when she saw that Jurina was a girl.

Setting her anger aside, knowing that anger will only distract her from keeping focus, Jurina jumped up and disappeared into the shadow of the ceiling. Rena looked around, trying to find Jurina, but not finding even a shadow of the girl anywhere. She was just about to go and pick up her bow to help out Akane when suddenly, out of nowhere, Jurina landed silently behind Rena. “Boo,” Jurina whispered in Rena’s ear as she pulled back her dagger to stab Rena’s heart. Rena backed away but tripped over her feet and lands on her back. Ignoring the pain on her spine, using her elbow, Rena backed away from the advancing Jurina who gave Rena chills just from her look, especially with the blood on the side of her lips. Now Rena was sure her heart had just stopped beating when she saw the light reflect of the two daggers that Jurina was holding.

Unable to stay quiet and do nothing, Imade released Kanako and jumped in front of Rena just as Jurina brought her dagger down. Noticing something in the way, Jurina stopped her dagger just a finger away from Imade’s sweat-covered face. Seeing the girl’s eyes screwed shut, Jurina frowned at Imade and said firmly, “Move.”

Imade slowly opens her eyes when she felt none of the pain that she had expected when she jumped in front of Rena to save her from Jurina’s attack. However, opening her eyes to the sight of a dagger barely an inch away from her face almost stopped her heart. In fact, Imade was almost sure she felt her heart skipped a beat when she felt some wind blasting into her face from the dagger. Gathering her courage, Imade went on her knees and looked up at Jurina, trying very hard to ignore the dagger that was still pointing at her, “P-P-P-Please. Whoever you are, please leave Rena-chan alone. I don’t know what Rena-chan did to you but if you must kill, t-take my life instead.”

“Move,” Jurina repeated, “I don’t take the lives of those who I was not told to kill.”

Imade bowed this time, hitting her forehead onto the floor. Looking back up at Jurina with tears rolling down her cheeks, Imade cried, “Please, I beg you! Rena-chan is like a sister to me! P-Please! I beg you! Please don’t hurt her! I-I-I will do anything! Just please don’t hurt her!”

“Mai-chan...” Rena whispered as she watched her best friend and servant jumping out in front of her. Rena felt heat around her eyes and her tears threatening to spill.

“Don’t force me to break my own principle!” Jurina hissed between her teeth, “I don’t like saying things more than once so move!” When Imade shook her head and still refused to budge, Jurina were already getting ready to kick the girl away and take the kill. However, this action was stopped when another girl jumped forward.

Kanako jumped in front of Imade and hugged the girl and cried to Jurina, “Please don’t hurt Mai-chan! Don’t hurt my sister either! Please don’t hurt any of us! We never did anything wrong! What you are doing is not right!” Imade could feel the small princess’s arms shake as they wrapped around her.

“I haven’t known what is right and what is wrong since a long time ago,” Jurina shouted as she kicked Kanako away. Just as Kanako cried out in pain at the powerful kick, Jurina already kicked Imade away as well and was walking towards Rena who once again, was backing away.

Jurina felt like her leg was being pierced by a thousand needles after kicking with only half her usual strength, but that didn’t matter. As soon as she get this mission over and done with and go back to the emperor, Jurina knew Sakiko will be there to help her fix it up. The female captain was always there to help her. She, Airi and her mother was probably the only one still alive that Jurina felt would ever care for her. Sakiko not only helped her and Airi when they needed help, for whatever reason that Jurina never bothered to ask, Sakiko was always there, next to her, as a silent friend, whenever Jurina is troubled with her own thoughts again. Just the captain’s presence being next to her soothed her mind and she could always calm down, especially after one of those all-too-familiar nightmares of her father.

Putting her focus back onto her target, Jurina took another step forward. Imade watched Rena’s eyes widened in fear when Jurina closed in. ’She doesn’t kill those who aren’t her target... right?’ Imade closed her eyes and braced herself for what she’s about to do. ’This is the only way to help you, Rena-chan. You must stay alive, for your sisters, for your father, for Sakae,’ Imade took a deep breath and grabbed onto Jurina’s leg, holding the girl back with her entire weight.

Pain shot up Jurina’s leg when she felt a sudden increase in pressure right on the spot where her wound was. Jurina spun around and saw Imade hugging onto her leg. Having had enough of interference from this girl, with her free leg, while balancing on her sore leg, Jurina kicked at Imade’s stomach. Even after a few kicks, Imade didn’t let go. Furious, Jurina gave Imade’s stomach another full power kick. Imade’s arm loosened and the girl slid back from the force, coughing out blood. Jurina struggled to keep balance on her sore leg as her kick hits the target. With her leg finally free, Jurina turned around to face Rena. However, before she could even take another step forward, two pair of arms grabbed onto her and Jurina felt her daggers ripped from her hands as someone’s cold blade held against her own neck.

The troops of guards surrounded Airi as Airi backed away, with her sword still against Akane’s neck. Airi looked around her, there was around twelve guards surrounding her. She tried looking over to see why Jurina’s side was so quiet but she couldn’t see anything. The guards were blocking everything. All of a sudden, while trying to look for Jurina, Airi felt another sharp pain on her arm. “Ow!” Airi shouted as she turned back at Akane, “Would you just stop biting me!?”

“Then let go off me! Or I’ll keep biting you! I have sharp teeth!” Akane replied as she bite down on Airi’s arm and smiled in the back of her mind as she felt the hold around her neck slightly loosened.

Never has Airi met a target who fights back by biting her. And biting so hard too! “Why do you bite m- Ow! G-Get your bird off me! Get it o- ARGH!” Airi waved her sword arm around as Papi jabbed at her hand with its beak. No matter how hard Airi shakes her arm, the bird refuses to move and clings on and keeps jabbing at Airi’s hand. Unable to stand the pain anymore, Airi released her hold on Akane, pushed the girl aside and whacked the bird away with her now free hand.

Papi screeched as it was flung aside by Airi’s hand. “Papi!” Akane called out in alarm as she saw Papi crash into the nearby wall. Completely forgetting about herself being targeted, Akane ran forward and caressed her favorite pet in her hands.

Without anything to use as a shield anymore, the guards charged at Airi who was busy trying to stop the small amount of blood that was seeping out from the wound Papi made on her hand. “Stupid bird,” Airi mumbled as she ducked an attack coming from one of the guards in front of her. “Amateurs should just learn to stay away,” Airi said as she dodged another easy hit from one of the guards. It was twelve guards against Airi, but, the guards being amateurs made it so easy for Airi. All twelve guards were down on their backs within a minute, all unconscious.

As Akane was picking up Papi, Airi spun the girl around by her shoulder, lifted the girl up by her shoulder, held her up against the wall and pointed the tip of her sword right at Akane’s trachea.


Airi froze. “Jurina...” Airi murmured as she turned around and saw Jurina being held tightly by two guards with another guard holding a sword against her neck. Looking closer, Airi saw something that looked like blood at the corner of Jurina’s lips. Anger filled Airi when she knew Jurina got hurt. Tightening her hold on Akane, Airi yelled back at the guards, “Release her or I will kill your precious princess!”

The guards hesitated at Airi’s words but kept still, unsure what to do. “Do it! Or your princess will not see another sunrise!” Airi yelled again.

With the help of some of the guards, Rena stood back up. Worried about her sister’s safety, Rena waved at the guards, ordering them to stand down. However, instead of obeying, all the guards did was back away a step. Their weapons were still held up against Jurina.

Airi pushed Akane higher against the wall and pressed her sword deeper against the princess’s neck. “Looks like your guards doesn’t want to help you,” Airi whispered as she watched more sweat formed on the girl’s forehead and rolled down the side of her face.

“P-Please,” Akane begged, “Please don’t hurt me. Please stop. Why are you doing this!?” Tears started to form in Akane’s eyes.

Airi shook her head, “I don’t have a choice. I don’t want to kill you, but we all need to survive in this world. This is our way of survival.”

With the guards distracted by Airi, Jurina broke out of the guards hold and slid out one of the hidden throwing stars out from her sleeves and was about to throw it at Rena who had her back to her, looking in Airi’s direction. But before she could even take aim, the guards had already called out and gotten hold on her again. Rena turned around in surprised and looked at Jurina. The moment Rena’s eyes made that small eye contact with Jurina, Jurina immediately turned away. “Don’t look at her in the eyes! Do it!” Jurina shouted at Airi when she saw the familiar hesitation in Airi’s face, “Hurry up and d-“

“Shut up!” One of the guards ordered Jurina as he knocked Jurina with his knee. Jurina bit her bottom lip to stop herself from crying out loud when she felt pain once again, shot up her entire leg when the guard kicked her in no other places than the spot where her horse had landed on her. Jurina’s leg couldn’t stand the pain and the next thing she knew, her leg gave away and she collapsed onto the floor. Conscious, but in great pain.

Hearing all the commotion, Airi turned just as Jurina dropped, “Jurina!” The anger Airi felt within herself boiled up to an even higher degree. Mad with rage, Airi swung back to Akane and pressed her sword even harder against Akane. Airi ignored the blood that was rolling down her silver blade from Akane’s neck. Pulling back her arm, Airi tensed herself as she thrust the sword in the direction of her target.

Akane’s sudden outburst of tears made Airi jumped. Akane cried again, “PLEASE! PLEASE DON’T HURT ME! Please...” The tears that were resting in the corner of Akane’s eyes spilled down like a waterfall as she no longer have any strength to continue her sentence. Fear of death had taken all her strength away.

Airi’s sword froze in mid-air when she felt something warm dripped onto the hand that she was using to hold Akane up. Looking down slowly, Airi saw clear, glistening drops splashed onto her hand and rolled off the back of her hand and onto the ground below. Airi felt warmth. She felt warmth in the liquid. Looking up, Airi saw Akane’s eyes were red from crying. Airi felt her heart stopped as she looked at Akane’s eyes. Those eyes reminded her so much of that first memory she had of Jurina crying. That time when Jurina shouted at her about the death of her father when she tried to give Jurina some food.

Then, remembering Jurina words to her about not looking at the target’s eyes, Airi tried to tear her eyes away. But she couldn’t. Akane stared deep into Airi’s eyes and whispered again, with less sobbing, “Please, please let me go.”

Airi couldn’t concentrate. The more she tried to look away from Akane’s eyes, the more she kept staring at her. The more she looked at Akane’s eyes, the frightened eyes of the princess that showed a hint of warmth and sympathy, Airi felt her arms grew weaker. Slowly, Airi lowered her sword. “I...” Airi mumbled as she kept looking at Akane. Unable to hold it any longer, Airi dropped her arm and released her target, “I can’t do it...”

The moment Akane felt the force holding her up was gone, she scampered away from Airi and back to Rena. Rena enveloped Akane into a hug and patted her sister’s back as she comforted the girl, “It’s okay, everything is okay. You’re okay, I’m okay, Mai-chan is okay too.” Rena stole a glance at Imade and was glad to see her friend smiling back at her, even though she was clenching at her stomach and she was still occasionally coughing out blood.

Airi dropped to the ground and wrapped her fingers around the hilt of her sword. “I couldn’t do it... I’m sorry, Jurina... I couldn’t do it...” Airi mumbled to herself. She didn’t resist even an inch when two arms grabbed at her forcefully and took her sword from her. Holding back her arms, the guards tied a rope around her wrist so tightly that Airi felt like her blood circulation was cut. But that didn’t matter to her anymore. All Airi could think in her mind was, ’I’m sorry, Jurina.’


Pairings for this fic finally revealed!!!
wMatsui and Furuyanagi!
Now furuyanagi isn't a pairing I'm familiar with but I've grown to like them not as much as wMatsui or RenAirin though
so I'm going to try writing them (^^)
Hope you guys liked the chapter!

Please do comment! (^^)
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*saves spot for comment*

Yes! WMatsui and FuruYanagi! Omg, I'm so happy! Poor Jurina, her leg got worse..
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The fight is kind of funny and a little bit scary :)
Poor Jurina
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I was so worried that Airi would kill Churi... Imade is so loyal to Rena!!

This is interesting. How will Rena heal Jurina's distraught and bloody mind?

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Ohayou-san ohayou~~ *ara,it sounds funny somehow, saying ohayou to Ohayou-san xD*
ano, i am sorry for commenting late  :kneelbow: things happened and when i am back, you already have lots of updates, not that i am complaining though  :P
ah, i should be the one that's bowing to you because you have written such enjoyable stories *bow* Ohayou-san~ sankyuu *i still find it funny to call you that somehow  XD*

lol, yeah, RenAirin is cute but...ah...i will still ship wMatsui, the ship is going to sink though, with me in it  :on cloudeye: *i cant swim though XD*

arara? i have guessed something correctly? ah, it is new, lol  :lol:

The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 3)
Ah, i see....i was  right bout Jurina being in Togasaki's land. Oh, another Matsui appeared~ Maa, will she have a relation with Jurina or Rena? :o
Umm, who is the princesess in Togasaki's land again? Akb girls? Jurina's father is working with the emperor before? Then he's killed? o___o
Captain Matsui Sakiko...she will have some connection with Jurina's father....i think...?
Ah, and Jurina is going to work with the emperor, isnt she? She will agree with it, along with Airi too...

I Like Nightmares [KumiNon]
First, lol....i dont like nightmare at all xD. Sorry, i just have to comment on the title lol
Ah, Kanon is somehow kinda naughty here  :luvuluvu:. So, that's the reason for liking nightmare? I might be going to like it too if it is like that  XD
what do you mean with you suck at writting OS? o__o Ohayou-san isnt suck at writting, dont say that again, nee~ :poke:

SKE All Girl's Private School (Chapter 12)
Aaa, why Airin is so cute here? :shy2: Like really really cute....ah, i want to comment more but cant seem to find the words lol.
It s just cute that's coming to my mind right now  XD

The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 4)
“You’re still young, Jurina. There are many things that happens in this world that you still don’t know about or never thought would happen,” Sakiko paused, letting the girl absorb her words before continuing, “Don’t make any stupid decisions. Think over the job that Togasaki offered you thoroughly. This decision can and will affect your future. It will affect your entire life.” Confused at the captain’s words, Jurina opened her mouth to ask the captain what she meant only to have the captain turn her back on her. “Just be careful, Jurina. Be careful of everything that happens around you. Be careful of the people around you. Nothing and no one are what they seem like on the surface.”
Hmm....Emperor-san seems is Captain. But, for the captain to show such concern to Jurina....

Ah, so Airi agreed with Jurina and she will be with her to join the will be interesting then.
Lying to her mother...hmm, i think somehow her mother know what Jurina and Airin are going to do in their mission. Well, the Emperor isnt such a stranger for her afterall...

SKE All Girl's Private School (Chapter 13)
Rena is such a tease  XD She likes teasing Airi a lot, doesnt she?  :lol:

Kanako laughed, “Airin not focusing in class? Wow, the world has truly come to an end. But really, we’re only going for a few hours, you will have the rest of the weekend to work on it. Just come! There’s an anime expo going on in the cities, I heard.”
Such a perfect bait for an otaku, Kanako knows her friend well  XD

The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 5)
If it is like that...after killing a lot of people, slowly Jurina's felling is starting to die slowly. While Airi...tried her best to still keep her and Jurina's heart from dying.
But, i think with Airi going with her, Jurina's least she still be able to feel..i mean, she will still able not to lose her heart completely.

Ah...stubborn Rena is stubborn, i feel pity for Imade because she has to face the princess glare xD
And now she is going to search for a bodyguard...wonder who will it be  :whistle:
And Yuria's entrance is lol  :lol:
Wait a minute, who is Rena's cousin again? o__o
Asassin.....Jurina and Airi? Hmm..will they finally meet?  :D

SKE All Girl's Private School (Chapter 14)
What the-?! Lol, dont smell the clothes, Airi!?  :shock:  XD
Ara, dodgeball? Things that's good as long as you dont get hit by the ball  :lol:

The fact brought back a smile on Jurina’s face, ’Ha! She didn’t get into Rena’s team either. She should be glad though, otherwise I would’ve gotten her out first.’
Lol, so mean  :lol:

“B-B-Because... I-I-I... Because you’re closer!” Airi shouted back.

But before she could, Airi had already fell. “Airin!” Rena rushed forward, completely forgetting the game, “Are you alright, Airin?”
:lol: Clumsy kid  and i thought Rena is in Akane's team? means that she's supposed to be againts Airi? xD

“I’m okay. Rena-san should get back into the game before Ju- Watch out, Rena-san!”
and i thought Airi is in Jurina's team, means that she's supposed to be againts Rena?  XD
oh my, this is amusing  :lol:  XD

Arara,, you are great at making the couples relationship grow~. At one side, we have Jurina who is slowly starting to pay more attention to Rena. Eventhough she didnt really sure why. And while like that, she too...started to pay more attention and be kinder toward Akane.
Then we got Rena who is confused by Jurina attention but like the attention so decided not to ask her directly. And, she really enjoy to tease Airi.
It is like
Rena : :gmon bang: *went straight to Airi's heart* err,what did she shoot, i dont know, Ohayou-san is the one who know it xD
and then Airi will be like :  :tama-laff: :tama-apeshit:

We also got Airi who's heart is always going on dokidoki everytime she's with Rena and slowly become more pervert as chapters goes by, *smelling one clothes, really?! xD*
Not forgotten Akane who is being very happy because of Jurina but a bit insecure by Rena.
Wonder how will the love grow~~ Will it be RenAirin, whose interaction is really cute? Or ChuriJuri, the childhood friends? Will it be wMatsui whose relationship is progressing slowly? and FuruYanagi who is being friendly with each other?

Cant wait for the continuation~

The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 6)
Hmm, so they really are going to meet with Rena and her sisters~
Captain is doing something toward the poor horse. She doesnt want Jurina and Airin to arrive at the princesses place?
Jurina's leg will be trouble later. And stubborn kid is stubborn, the fic and in real life, this kid really like to push herself out of her limit? Sigh...

Trying very hard to keep still as the bird rested on her head, Imade said nervously as she tried to look up to see what the bird was doing to her head, “Y-Yeah... I can see that... Churi, can you please get this little guy off my head?” Kanako giggled as she placed her finger next to the bird’s feet. Almost immediately, the bird fluttered onto Kanako’s finger and left Imade alone to try fix and redo her hair on the spot.
:lol: finally something that could break all the seriousness earlier. But, like one's like calm before storm.

Suddenly, Rena heard a sound that sounded like the drawing of a sword and the next thing she heard, was Akane’s scream and the screeching of Papi.

Oh, so she did have connection with Jurina o__o
Before Sakiko could say anything else, she felt someone pull something over her head, blocking her sight and before she could do anything, something knocked her on the back of her head.
Eeeh??! ∑(゜Д゜;)

The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 7)
Slowly, Togasaki allowed the salt between his fingers to slowly flutter down onto Sakiko’s thigh like snow, mixing in with the girl’s blood and flesh.
Ehh? SO Mean!!  :on voodoo: Emperor-san, you deserve to be punished!
So, Captain is a Rena's cousin? But, the possibility....oh well...

“Move,” Jurina repeated, “I don’t take the lives of those who I was not told to kill.”
That's quite a principle. Seeing how she slowly start to kill her keep this sort of principle...

Ah, they finally meet...morality, huh? It has saved Imade and Akane.... and in the end, save all the princesses.

Maa...wonder how will things turn out~
Ohayou-san...looking forward for you update, Ohayou-san ohayou and ganbare  :mon santa3:

ps : it is off topic and i dont know if i could say it but, you know...Karomuwi-san and Flameeyes-san comments are very amusing to read  :lol:  XD
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eeeeeeh what will happen to then Jurina and Airi I'm kida scared  :fainted:
and how Wmatsui get along and love each other  :badluck:
agrthhhh I can't get iiit  :frustrated:
Jurina is sufering  :gyaaah:
I can't wait for the next chapter  :imdead:
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I KNEW IT!!!!!  :hiakhiakhiak:
Wmatsui and Furuyanagi!!!
the second couple is rare and cute  :luvluv1:
I can't wait until the next chapters  :luvluv1:
good work Ohayou-san  :on GJ:
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I've forget to talk that it's my first time reading about Furuyanagi  :hee:
 sounds new and interesting to me  :glasses:
I can't wait for the formation of the paring of Furuyanagi and Wmatsui  :farofflook:
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togasaki is torturing to sakiko! someone please kill that man!  :pleeease: Jurina and Airin were captured!  :panic: I hope they do not suffer much  :err:
i like furuyanagi and Wmatsui! so i am expecting to read what will happen!  :ding:
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Wow ! What a battle!
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Long time no comment!

 :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:
The lastest chapter of The Perfect Bodyguard sure is intense! With our protagonists captured and all (including Sakiko). Airin hit Papi and made Akane cry. Only that is enough to ensure a life sentence from me!  :lol: I've always had a soft spot for a tearful Akane.

Words on the revealed pairings...
Furuyanagi!!!! I love this pairing and it's such a rarity even when the two of them are close for real. I am delighted that you decided to write about them. In coming fluff galore! (maybe, once they stop the princess-assassin thing)

Wmatsui!!!!! No RenAirin this time, but, hey, it'll be a bother if all of the girls fell for our beloved Hentai right?  XD  Wmatsui makes me happy, I can picture Rena's kindness opening up the now cold-hearted Jurina.

 Can't wait for the next chapter. Ahhhh!!  :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup
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Took me a while to write the fight scene,
I was literally moving around in my room while trying to imagine what the fight scene should be like.

Thank you~
I'm glad you liked my fanfics~
There is no call for bad language~
I'm kidding lol, no one cares for languages around here, I'm so used to it by now xDDD

Woah, long comment, luna-san xDDDD
I don't mind late comments, hehehe~
Late comments are welcome, non-posted comments are also welcome (aka lurkers) (^^)
And you can call me tako if you want,
that's the name I usually use on Tumblr.
I've recently started to call myself tako on twitter as well, even though tako means octopus in Japanese...
Now I'm starting to wonder why I made my name on jphip ohayou....
No reason... I can't rememebr xDDD

Luna-san is right, the wMatsui ship is sinking *sigh*
Being sunk by the RennAirin ship~ (even though I love both ships)
Don't worry, Luna-san, if the wMatsui ship fully sinks, Tako will come get you (^^)

As in for Rin-chan and Flameeyes-san's comments,
yes, they are a joy to read.
So is Luna-san's and everyone else.
Everyone's comments makes me jump around my room like a happy monkey~ (^^)

FUnny mo-chan~
Don't worry, I'll TRY not to make Jurina and Airin suffer~
Can't guarantee though (^m^)

Juribait-san knew which couple I was going to write!?
What is this!? T-t-t-t-this.....
And I wanted the rarely-seen-overly-cute-and-adorable-and-lovable pairing to be a surprise to my fellow readers~
Did Juribait-san read my mind?(0.o)
*sigh* Guess the surprise didn't work out hmm~

Thank you for commenting again meow~
I hope Sara-chan will like the next chapter of TPB when I get to start writing it~
Which shouldn't be long from now~
In just a minute~
Maybe the next few days~

Heheh~ (^m^)
Liked it, kahem-san?
I tried my best to write a good battle scene~

Ohisashiburi, oist-san~ (^-^)/

A tearful Churi brings everyone down xDDD
Including me

It is quite rare to see these two together~
But then I think Airin and Churi have been closer lately~
It was after all, because I saw them surfacing quite often that I thought of writing furuyanagi.
Not much fanfics materials around though, for those two~

Maa~ No RenAirin this time,
but there's plenty more of that in AGP soon~ (^^)

Oh hey there, minna~
How's everyone doing?
I'm almost half way through my second week of my four weeks holiday lol~~~ xDDD
And surprisingly, I'm actually studying~
Woke up at 6 today to do my maths tutoring homework and then studied a bit of Japanese,
and then worked on fanfic (which is what you're about to read).
Fulfilling day today (^^)

Anyway, I bring you!
Hehehe~ Double updates~
I like double updates~ (^^)

And as I said before, for thanking everyone for supporting me by reading and/or commenting,
I have decided to post the prologues of one of the fanfics I have on the waiting list.
This one is a fanfic that I'm going to work on as soon as I get either AGP or TPB finished~
After all, working on three fanfics at the same time is a pain and incredibly difficult~
(Figured that out after having to experience working on two fanfics at the same time xDDDD)
So this new update will be put on hold~ But please, do still tell me what you think about it~
If not much people like it, then I might abandon it so~ Hehehe (^m^)
Oh, and since it's a double update, there is another update.
A short chapter on AGP. Sorry for it being short. Gomen~
(Updates in the next two posts.)

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SKE All Girl's Private School - Chapter 15

Mizuki shivered as she watched Kumi and Kanon talking to each other. One minute the two were feeding each other and the next minute, the two girls were giggling and whispering to each other. “Seriously, it’s dinner time! Get a room you two. Don’t get so lovey-dovey over the dinner table,” Mizuki complained as she rubbed the goosebumps formed on her arm just from watching the two interact.

“What?” Kanon said, “It’s not like we’re kissing or anything.” A grin crept onto Kanon’s face “Or would Mizuki rather see that?” Kanon asked as she and Kumi pretended to kiss each other. Mizuki held out one arm and blocked out the couple in front of her from her sight and turned back to her food.

Jurina and Akane, on the opposite side of the table, were quieter. Akane had her head on Jurina’s shoulder as she read one of the books that she had brought with her down to the dining room because she needed to finish reading it before next week’s test. While Jurina on the other hand, was half eating in silence and half spacing out.

Akane finally looked up from her book and blinked her eyes. All the reading was making her eyes go all watery. Akane looked up at Jurina, surprised at how Jurina was quite quiet tonight. Usually Jurina would spend most of the dinner time teasing Mizuki. “Jurina-chan?” Akane called as she poked one side of Jurina’s cheeks.

Jurina smiled and looked down at Akane, “Hmm?”

“Why are you so quiet tonight? Is something wrong?”

Jurina shook her head, “I’m just thinking about something.”

Unable to stand the disgusting couple in front of her, Mizuki needed to distract herself or she would never be able to finish the rest of her dinner without throwing back up something. “About what?” Mizuki asked.

“About what to do for Churi’s birthday this weekend,” Jurina said as she turned back to her food and popped a small piece of chicken in her mouth.

“Oh, I thought Jurina-chan have forgotten already,” Akane said. Jurina really haven’t been saying anything regarding her birthday lately, so it was only normal that Akane thought Jurina had forgotten about it right? Even though Akane knew that Jurina was one of the girls who would never forget her birthday.

“I might forget MY birthday, but I would never forget others’. Especially Churi’s,” Jurina replied .

“Lies!” Mizuki complained again as she pointed her chopsticks at Jurina, “You forgot my birthday last year!”

Jurina laughed, ‘I didn’t forget it! I was just distracted because it was on the same day as athletics day.”

“That’s the same as forgetting,” Mizuki said as she crossed her arms, pretending to be mad. “You didn’t remember until Churi gave me a present to me at dinner!”

“Mizuki is being all cute again,” Akane laughed as she looked at Mizuki with her arms crossed. Mizuki quickly straightened up from her position and went back to her food. Wanting to protect Jurina, Akane spoke up, “You know, Jurina was the one that told me to get a present for you.”

Another laughter came from the other side of the table, from a person who hardly spoke today as well. Or at least, hardly spoke to the group. “At least don’t make it so obvious when you want to protect Jurina, Churi,” Kumi laughed, “Everyone knows you don’t need people to tell you to give presents. You always give us presents for our birthday.”

Akane pouted, “That’s not my point!”

Jurina just laughed, “Fine, I’ll TRY not to forget this year. As long as it isn’t on the same day as athletics again.”

Mizuki nodded, “I’ll hold you to that. If you forget this year, you will owe me something.”

“How about we go shopping in the city to celebrate Churi’s birthday in the cities? Kumi was dragging me to go to the anime expo there with her. We might as well as go all together,” Non suggested.

“But didn’t you just did massive shopping a few months ago when you were still in Canada?” Mizuki asked, even though she knew that wouldn’t matter to Kanon. Kanon was almost famous for shopping almost as frequently as she eats.

Kanon frowns, “There is this thing call window shopping, Mizuki.”

Mizuki laughs, “As if that term exists in your vocabulary.” Hearing the co-head girl using that term was overly weird and rare. It was like hearing an otaku saying they’re going to give their mangas away for free.

Akane closed the book on her lap and whacked Mizuki’s head with it, “Don’t be mean!”

Kanon poked out her tongue, “At least someone is nice.” Turning to Akane, Kanon smiled, “Thanks, Churi. You are definitely getting an even bigger present this year. Unlike someone.”

Akane smiled back and shook her head, “It’s fine. I don’t need anything for my birthday as long as we get to hang out together. You already gave me a camera last year and that was a really expensive one too.” Hearing some mumbling, Akane turned back to the source of the hardly hearable words.

“But I have sports practice this weekend...” Jurina mumbled to herself.

Mizuki frowned at the words from Jurina and kicked Jurina’s foot hard under the table. Mizuki eyed Jurina and tried her best to get her message across mentally, ”Are you flipping serious!? Skipping a practice won’t kill you!”

Jurina eyed Mizuki back, ”What!? It’s not like I was planning to go to sports practice instead.”

“It’s okay, Jurina-chan should go to practice instead. You made a commitment to the team and you shouldn’t disappear just because of me,” Akane said. She knew how important sports was to Jurina and it would be selfish of her to hold back Jurina from doing something that she loves. Akane was a bit disappointed, yes, but it was better for her to be sad than for Jurina to not be able to do something she loves.

Disappointment was so obvious in Akane’s voice even though the girl tried to pretend that she was fine by it. Jurina smiled and shook her head again, “It’s okay. It’s Churi’s birthday and that’s more important than sports practice. I was only thinking about how to tell the coach that I won’t be there. He said there was a national competition coming up and that we all need to train harder for it.”

Though Akane felt really happy on the inside when she heard Jurina saying that her birthday was more important than something that Jurina have devoted most of her school life to, she felt bad for making Jurina miss out something this important. “Jurina should go to sports practice, that’s more important. I have more than one birthday you know, we can celebrate again next year,” Akane said.

“Shush, Churi,” Jurina said as she place her finger on Akane’s lips, silencing the girl. “I WANT to celebrate Churi’s birthday. Or is it that Churi doesn’t want me there?” Akane quickly shook her head.

Mizuki shivered again and rubbed her arms up and down as she said loudly to no one in particular, “Why are all the people around me so disgusting?”

The four girls laughed. “Maybe it’s time for Mizuki to find someone too,” Kanon said as Kumi wrapped her arms around Kanon.

Mizuki’s eyes widened at the outrageous suggestion, “No way! I hate having to spend time worrying about another person when I have sports practice to worry about.”

“You’re already a good athlete, Mizuki. You don’t need to worry about sport practices. And it’s not like you come to the group training anyway, the coach let you free to do your own independent training, checking up on you only once a week to make sure you didn’t slack off,” Jurina said.

“Pssh, that’s only because the coach doesn’t know how to teach me since I train in a different way. The way my father train me is different to how he trains me,” Mizuki paused and scooped up a spoonful of rice with a piece of chicken, finished chewing before she continued, “Plus, I want to be able to beat you in athletics once. I can’t always stick myself in second place. I have to train hard!”

“Beating Jurina-chan is a pretty hard thing to do,” Akane giggled as she opened her book, having enough rests for her eyes.

Mizuki frowned, “Don’t crush my self-confidence like that, Churi...” Looking into the distance, Mizuki announced sarcastically, “I have such encouraging friends”

Akane poked out her tongue and shuffled closer to Jurina who have finished eating. Wrapping her arms around Akane, Jurina rested her chin on Akane’s head as she read, “You can train better when you have that special someone encouraging you.”

“So,” Kumi said, bring the girls back onto the original topic, “Are we actually going to the anime expo this weekend?”

“I think so,” Mizuki said.

Jurina nodded, “Yeah. We’ll drop by the expo for awhile, but main purpose would be to celebrate Churi’s birthday.”

“Maybe we can go eat dinner somewhere too, after we go to the anime expo or something,” Mizuki suggested.

“Would the school allow us though? Didn’t Yamamoto kouchou said we can’t stay out too late?” Akane asked, worried about the punishment of coming back to the boarding house too late. She heard that there is a serious detention if the girls come back to the school too late.

“We could have dinner early,” Kanon says.

Jurina agrees, “Un, we can. We can eat early, come back early and continue to celebrate the rest of the night at school.”

“How does that sound, Churi?” Kumi asked.

The plan brought a big smile to Akane’s face, “I don’t mind, anything is fine. As long as we get to stick together.”

“It’s decided then,” Jurina said as she took out her phone and started marking down the schedule, “So we go to the anime expo first because it gets quite crowded later in the day. They we will go hang around the shopping malls in the city for awhile and then will go eat and come back. We’ll work out what to do for the rest of Saturday night when we get back from the city.”

“Ah!” Kanon sat up, making Kumi jump and pull back her arms from the sudden movement, “I know a good restaurant! The head girl suggested it to me once. She said it’s a good restaurant and that she always goes there with Kanako. I could go book us a table.”

“Is it expensive though?” Kumi asked as Kanon relaxed back into her arms.

Kanon grinned at the girls, “My parents didn’t ask for their credit card back when they kicked me back to Japan.”

“Oh,” Mizuki laughed, “So your parents DID kick you back to Japan.” The other girls joined in with Mizuki, even Kumi who then earned slapped on the forehead by Kanon.

“It’s not a good idea to use your parents’ credit card without asking for their permission though,” Akane murmured.

“Don’t worry,” Kanon laughed, “It’s not like my parents would make a big deal out of it. As long as we don’t spend too much then they should be fine.”

“you know, Kuumin. Maybe you should keep a hold on Non’s parents’ credit card before dinner just so that Non can actually TRY window shopping.”

“Kuumin, whack Mizuki for me please,” Kanon said as she sat up. Without questioning her girlfriend at all, Kumi reached over the dinner table and whacked Mizuki’s head.

“Ow! Why did you hit me?” Mizuki cried as she rubbed the top of her sore head.

Not knowing how to reply, Kumi sat back down and turned to Kanon who was holding onto her ribs as she laughed, “Why did you tell me to hit Mizuki again?”

“Why’d you hit me when you didn’t even know why you’re hitting me for?”

“Because Non told me to,” Kumi answered straightforwardly, not even bothering to think of a reason.

The girls laughed again as Mizuki just groaned and facepalmed herself.

“So, is everything settled?” Kanon asked when she finally recovered from her laughing fit after hearing how Kumi replied to Mizuki. The others nodded. “Well then, Kumi and I will go book a table over the phone when we get back to our room.”

“I need to figure out what to get you for your present,” Mizuki said to Akane.

“And I need to think of a way to tell the coach that I’ll be disappearing from this weekend’s practice,” Jurina said.

“What do I need to do?” Akane asked as she looked around at the girls. Each one of them seems to have a job to do about her birthday this weekend. Since it was her birthday, she might as well as help out too.

“You don’t need to do anything because it will all be for your birthday,” Jurina said as she pinched Akane’s cheeks, “All you need to do is wait for it and then enjoy the day us four sets up when it comes.”

Looking at her phone, Kanon quickly closed it again and stood up, “The restaurant is nearly closing. I’ll go off first and see I can get a table booked tonight. See you guys tomorrow morning! Good night!” With that, Kanon grabbed Kumi’s hand and they made their way out of the dining hall and back to their room.

“I have an assignment that’s due tomorrow morning that I need to finish first before anything else. Then I’ll go think of what to give Churi for her present,” Mizuki said as after the couple left the dining hall.

“It’s really not needed. Having a day out with all of you guys is a good enough present,” Akane repeated.

Mizuki laughed, “Jurina will kill me if I don’t get you a present.”

“Jurina-chan would never do such thing,” Akane turned to the girl, “right?” Jurina just smiled.

“Churi, you coming back with me or are you staying here for awhile longer with Jurina?” Mizuki asked as she got up from her seat.

Jurina too, stood up while pulling Akane up as well, “Churi, you should go and finish off the homework that are due next week so you can fully enjoy your birthday without worrying about those things.”

Akane held onto Jurina’s hand as the three of them walked out of the dining room. At the stairs, Akane gave Jurina one last hug for the day and kissed the girl on the cheeks before parting. As Jurina made her way slowly back to her room alone, she allowed her mind to wander to another person, ’I wonder what Rena would be doing this weekend...’
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Tiny Me - Prologue

Two girls laid down on the floor, papers spread out everywhere. The textbooks and notes stacked in a pile next to them.

“Nee, Kuumin, do you believe in magic?” Yuria asked, looking up from her homework.

Kumi scoffed as she pointed to the notes in front of her, “How old are you, Yuria? 3? Magic haven’t existed in our world since the start of school. Just like Santa Claus haven’t existed ever since we knew about the existence of God. If magic exists, then may magic allow me to pass my science exam that’s coming up in two weeks’ two.” The older girl looked back down at her notes and grabbed her hair in frustration, trying to memorize her notes.

“Maybe Kuumin would be able to pass if she focuses on studying rather than finding the tv remote,” Yuria said as she looked at the girl who had given up on her studies and was jumping on top of the sofa, trying to find the tv remote.

“Aha!” Kumi grinned as she held up the tv remote like a trophy, “I find it!” She jumped down from the sofa and dropped down onto it, feeling the soft leather against her face while Yuria just smiled at the action. After a short moment, Kumi sat back up properly against the white leather sofa and switched on the tv as she patted the space next to her, “Come, Yuria, let’s take a break off studying for now.”

Yuria jumped up from her place on the floor and almost dived onto the sofa. Yuria might be the top student in class, but when it comes to be able to spend time with Kumi closely, even though Kumi was the kind of students in school that people try to keep away, she would throw aside all her studies. Yuria didn’t care about Kumi’s background, all she cared about was that at this moment, Kumi’s attention was all on her. Snuggling closer to the girl who flinged her arm around her shoulder, Yuria leaned her head on Kumi’s shoulder as they both watched the news come on.

”And that marks the end of today’s ne- Eh? It seems we have an extra piece of news.

A student from Sakae Girl’s High, Kimoto Kanon, age 14, was reported missing today by the police.”

The screen of the tv switches from the news reporter to another scene. A big house that seemed more like a mansion with police and servants everywhere. A commonly see woman, Ms Kimoto, with red eyes and crying in front of the camera.

”I don’t know who that person is. But my poor girl was on her way home. No, in fact, she was already home. I was in the kitchen, making dinner for her when she waved and smiled to me from the sidewalk. I saw her turn into our house and I heard her step onto the front porch. But then, the door never opened! I waited for so long and the door never opened! And then I heard my girl scream, so I rushed out and opened the door and t-there was no one there! All that was left was her school bag and the house keys. But I swear! I swear I saw a woman run away when I opened the door! Long shaggy hair, black cloak, black glasses! She was laughing too! She must’ve taken my daughter! She must’ve taken Kanon!”

A police next to the woman that appears to be the missing girl’s mother walks into the screen with a notepad in his hand, “Are you sure you saw your daughter, Ms Kimoto? Could it be that you have mistaken some passerby as your daughter?”

“No! I know my daughter! I know that smile of her! I can recognize my own child! And even if I did mistaken my poor Kanon as someone else, how would that explain my child’s belongings outside the front door!” The women screamed.

“Calm down, miss. I was only doing my job to...”



“That girl is a student from that really rich private school near us. Do you think she got kidnapped?” Yuria asked.

Kumi shrugged, “I don’t know, possibly. Anything happens these days. People will do anything for money.”

”Anyone, and I repeat, anyone, with any information regarding Kimoto Kanon, can they please contact the police. Reward will be given if the girl is found. So I urge you, good citizens, please help find this girl,” A police officer said.

Screen switches back to the news reporter who seems to be looking at the reporting on another screen for a second before he turned back to the camera after realizing he was already on screen.

The news reporter cleared his throat and said solemnly, “And that is our news for today. Please citizens, if you have any information regarding the Kimoto family’s only child, please come forward. The Kimoto family have donated generously and helped so many charities in the past. They have willingly lend out their manpower to help out with the search and rescue in every major earthquakes out country had had in the past. The family has contributed so much to our community. This is our chance to help them and thank them for all the work they have done for our community in the past. A generous reward has also been set by the Kimoto family to anyone who helps find their child. So please, good citizens, if you have any information, please contact the police. Good night.”

The two girls left the tv turned on as they made their way towards the kitchen, getting ready to make some breakfast. “We should go help look for the girl too, Kuumin. I mean, Mr Kimoto did donate money to our school to help rebuild the dance studio that you love so much,” Yuria said as she took out two eggs from the fridge and handed it to Kumi.

“I know who Mr Kimoto is, Yuria. I want to help too, but we can’t. We don’t have the power, Yuria. We are just high school students. The only thing we have to worry about right now are our exams. The adults will take care of the rest,” Kumi shook her head and placed a pot filled with water on the stove. Yuria took out two packets of instant noodles as Kumi turned on the stove. “Go study, Yuria. I’ll tend to our dinner. After dinner, I still have to walk you home or your mum will kill me,” Kumi urged as she gently pushed the girl out of the kitchen area.

It didn’t take long for the water to boil. Just as Kumi was about to place the instant noodles in the water, she spied something strange outside the kitchen noodle window. Placing the noodles aside, Kumi leaned on the counter and peered out the window. Sitting on the fence, staring right back at her, was a really small black cat. But that wasn’t what Kumi found strange. It wasn't the fact that a cat was wearing something that Kumi found weird either. What Kumi found strange was what was on the black cat. The small cat was wearing some kind of clothes that looked like school uniforms. A school uniform that is rarely seen around here but more often seen around her school.

The school uniform of Sakae Girl’s High School.

So, like it? How was it?
This is going to be a Kumi x Kanon x Yuria fanfic~

Edit:Just thought I should let you guys know what mistake I made when typing, I kept the mistake in the chapter above. I mean, like, I put a strike through it and type the right word, but I left the word I typed in there~ Maa~ You guys would know what I'm talking about if you guys read it xDDD
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Yeah finally finish reading your story..
somehow i like TPB more..
maybe you should put some 'drama' in AGP to make it more interesting
Well i love drama..

New story.. lol Kanon become cat...
some witch cast spell on her??

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dont rush to write TPB just because i'm excited to know what will happen! lol
SKE All Girl's Private School
they will celebrate the birthday of Churi in the anime expo?!  :hiakhiakhiak: I hope that Jurina give her a great gift  :pig red:

Tiny Me
Why are you doing this to me? i love kumiyuri and kuminon  :err: :fainted:
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SKE All Girl's Private School - Chapter 15

ooooh~~~ i love the KumiNon scenes!!!
and i can somehow understand Mizuki  :lol:
she should hurry up and date Masanya! LOL!!!!
just imagining the two of them as a couple is soooo funny  :lol:

Tiny Me - Prologue

Ooh!! KumiNon! please more KumiNon!!!!
let this be a KumiNon focused fanfic!!!!  :wub:
thank you so much for writing this prologue and please continue!!!!  :cow:

I havent read TPB yet  :banghead:
but when i do i'll comment here ^________^

and WOW you have all kinds of stories now XDD


Nice! :twothumbs
but i love AGP more ^_^ and i'm sure i'll love Tiny Me as well!!! since it's KumiNon~!!!! ^______________^
thanks for the awesome updates!  :cow: :cow: :cow:
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Everybody get out in the weekend... I have this little feel that trouble is coming :hehehe:
But I hope that is a good trouble   :kekeke:
Because I finished read AGP and immediately start to read the prologue of the new story,my mind automatically fuse the Tiny Me has part of AGP story LOL.
So because of this I decide read and coment about the prologue in another hour  :mon sweat:
And don't worry ohayou-san, I think that some people became surprise with the couples of TPB  :on GJ:
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lol my cheeks *holds onto face*
*gasps* so many updates! im in heaven!!  :D


D: urgh when i read that the horse squished i was like omg gross we have a pancaked jurina! lolol but man.....JURINAS SO TANK! shes practically turned into a robot ....

but captain matsui got captured! oh nos! the evil togasaki is going to torture her to his hearts content D: stab him!! that evil bas---- *cough*
and and churi got attacked! and and omg the bow ! omg im commenting all over the place  :O like what! airin so soft and wants to save jurina but D: looking at churi she couldnt kill her...LIKE OMG THE FIGHTING SCENES WERE YUMMY!

THE PAIRS HAVE ALSO BEEN DECIDED! its gonna be interesting reading about furuyanagi! im looking forward to it even though i was hoping for renairin BUT ITS OKAY! shall forever love ohayou-sans fics :D because they're just too awesome to not be loved~~

i feel sorry for mizuki for getting stuck sitting on the couple table hahah i applaud her for being able to even eat her dinner!
even though churijuri arent exactly together but....somehow they still act like a couple hahaha although its one-sided for churi :(
OMG JURINAS THINKING OF RENA AGAIN! seems like she probably wants to invite her along or something....hmmmmmmmm

Tiny Me
Kumi x Kanon x Yuria fanfic! now this is gonna be interesting.....AND ITS MAGICALLLLLLLLLL~~~~ jk  :D
but more of a kumiyuri shipper but dang this is gonna be a good read
haha and non turned into a cat!  :)

thanks for the fantastic updates!  :thumbsup
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Hai! (^^)/
Drama coming up rrrrrrrrrrrrright away~~~~ (in the next few chapter of AGP)

As in for what happened to Non....
msst-san will have to wait till I finish one of my fanfic before I go continuing with Tiny Me xDDD
It's going to be one loooooong wait~

Don't worry, sara-chan~
I will TRY not to rush it (since I'm excited about writing it myself xDDD)

YOU CAME BACK! YAY!!!! *dances around*

Mizuki with Masanya!?
Really can't imagine LOL xDDD
But you know, I might think about it xDDDDD

Tiny Me IS a KumiNon focused fanfic, geki-chan~~~
Hehehe~ (^m^)

I'm glad geki-chan likes AGP,
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Trouble? Where? I see none~ (^m^) *coughshushJuribait-sancough*

Ah~ Well then,
I hope Juribait-san likes the Tiny Me prologue!
Even though that story will be put on hold for awhile~

And I hope they were~
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Pandah-san is in heaven?

omg im commenting all over the place
It's okay, Pandah-san~
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even though i was hoping for renairin BUT ITS OKAY! shall forever love ohayou-sans fics  because they're just too awesome to not be loved~~
Well, if Pandah-san was hoping for RenAirin,
I guess I'll try write some other RenAirin to make up for it? (^^)
And lol~
Thank you, Pandah-san~
Thank you for loving my work~

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Thank you for reading/commenting/hating/paying attention to my writing~
Forever loving all my dear readers~
Allow me to forever love you all and yuko-harass all of you~

So, it's been a while since I've updated.
Even though it's the school holidays.
I apologize~
But... something came up, a decision.
A decision that really can actually affect my future~
So... yeah, I'm struggling with this decision, wondering what I should do about it~
I have apprx two more weeks (if not, less) to give my answer to my kaachan~
So, sorry, but for this two weeks, there MAY not be as much updates as I intended to do~
Of course, unless I reach a decision early......

Let's ignore my life story~
And move on to the update!!!!
I'm sorry, this chapter might not be as good as it should be~
But, I tried my best.
You know, having a distracted mind like mine right now,
makes it slightly difficult to write things...
I only started this chapter this morning....
But anyway~ Enjoy~~~

The Perfect Bodyguard - Chapter 8

Airi woke up lying face down to the nauseating smell of sweat, blood and underground air. The girl wrinkled her nose before pushing herself off the ground and leaning her back against the wall. Airi looked around, it was obvious they have been put into a cell. There were no windows as far as Airi could see, the only place that air could pass through, was through the long hallway that Airi assumed lead to the outside world. The only light came from the candles stands on the wall, the hallway at the far end was too long and twisted for any light to come through.

After getting used to the smell of the cell and the occasional moans from the prisoners that were locked up in different cells, Airi crawled over to Jurina who was lying down on ground, just like Airi was before.

“Jurina?” Airi called softly. Airi didn’t know whether Jurina was sleeping or whether she was unconscious as she heard no reply from the girl. She looked around again, her own sword was gone obviously. Airi carefully turned Jurina around so that the girl was now lying on her back and checked Jurina’s sleeves, where the girl hides her throwing stars. ’Seems like the guards took those away too...’ Airi thought to herself as she took off her cloaked hood and covered Jurina’s body with it, attempting to keep the girl warm from the cold air of the cell. Just as Airi was about to crawl over to check Jurina’s leg, she felt her leg go numb. “Ahhh~ Pins and needles again,” Airi frowned as she grabbed onto her leg, trying to massage the blood flow back into her leg and stop the tingling feeling. Not feeling much help from her massage, Airi pushed herself off the ground and started walking around the cell.

The bolt of her cell suddenly slid open. Airi stopped her movement and turned around, coming face to face with a guard. Looking at the guard, from his face feature to his height and then the overall build structure of the guard, Airi was certain that this guard was no more than a few years older than her. To Airi’s surprise, the guard put down a tray of steaming hot food onto the floor and smiled at Airi, “These are food for you are your friend. Eat up.”

All Airi could do was stare at the guard with her mouth opened. From where Airi was standing, not only could she see the steam coming from the tray, she could also feel the warmth. Not much, but it was enough for Airi to notice.

Seeing Airi staring at him, not saying anything, the guard chuckled, “What?”

“Y-You’re talking to me...” Airi said. It was rare, for guards to talk to prisoners, and in such a nice way too. Airi have never encountered guards like this before. In the prisoner camps that Togasaki sets up a fair distance from the city, no words are exchanged between the prisoners and the guards but harsh commands and rude insults. Normal conversations were forbidden in those camps. Any guards caught talking to the prisoners were killed on the spot on suspicion of being the prisoner’s ally. Also, the food they see in the camp over there are always stale bread and water. Even for the guards, they only get some cold meat to go with the bread, and the captain may or may not get a cup of wine to go with the food if they’re lucky. This was why Airi find it so surprising to see hot food in a place that holds prisoner, especially when the food is for her.

The guard had a confused look on his face, “Yes, I am. Is there a problem?”

“N-No!” Airi quickly replied, “It’s just that I’ve never seen guards that talks to prisoners before.”

The guard broke into laughter and looked at Airi again, an amused smile on his face, “Eat up, while the food is still warm.” The guard pushed the tray closer to Airi and closed the cell door behind him, slid the bolt shut and locked the door with his keys.

“Why do you guys serve warm food to us?” Airi asked, unable to contain her own curiosity. Prisoners are locked up because they did something bad right? For prisoners such as herself, a prisoner that have been captured for attempt assassination of the princesses, should not even been given food at all.

The guard looked back at Airi through the spaces between the metal bars of the cell, “I don’t know how other emperors treats their prisoner, but this is how Emperor Yuasa treats his. The emperor said to us on the first day of our job that even prisoners are human and that although they have made a mistake, they should not be treated in a manner that is worse than even that of an animal.” Airi nodded, satisfied with the answer yet still shocked that an emperor with such a mind existed. The guard reminded Airi again before he left, “Eat before it gets cold and make sure you eat early. The interrogator will come soon. The meals are the best treatment you’re going to get while staying in here because when it comes to getting information out from prisoners, the emperor doesn’t get involved, thus the treatments won’t be as nice as this.”

After watching the guard disappear into the dark hallway, Airi pulled the tray of food closer and sat herself down next to it as she held her hands above the bowl of hot soup, feeling the warmth, ’Things sure are different around here.’ A small groan snapped Airi out of her thoughts. Turning to the source of the sound, Airi saw Jurina waking up. Setting the food aside, Airi jumped up and moved next to Jurina. Helping the girl sit up against the wall, Airi asked as she brushed a piece of hair from the girl’s face, “Are you okay?”

Ignoring the question, Jurina looked around her. Not liking being confined in an unfamiliar environment, Jurina asked, “Where are we?”

“In Yuasa’s prison, no doubt.”

Jurina almost jumped up at the emperor’s name and the memories of last night’s event floated back up into her mind, “The mission! What about the mission?” Airi stayed silent, not knowing how to reply. “What about the mission!?” Jurina repeated, her voice louder now, unable to contain her worries. Remembering that Airi had her target right in front of her before Jurina lost sight of the two girls, Jurina asked, “Did you take your kill?”

Airi wanted to tell Jurina. To tell her that she had failed. She had faltered and let her own emotions got in the way. She could have killed the girl. She couldn’t do it, no matter how hard she tried. But Airi didn’t say these outloud. She knew how Jurina would react to her words. It would just be like that time with the young boy. If Airi told Jurina that she couldn’t take a kill, she knew that Jurina would do everything she can and take down the target for her.

Airi’s continuous silence answered Jurina’s question for her. “We can’t go back empty-handed, you know that! Killing at least one of the targets, at least we could’ve gone back and told Togasaki we did our best. But now, killing none, after wasting so much times travelling from Akihabara to Sakae, do you really think Togasaki will let us live!? What about my mother!? Do you think he’ll le- argh!” Jurina shouted at Airi but couldn’t continue when her leg started hurting. The pain was worse than it was from when they were riding on the horses. The kicks she made last night must’ve worsen the conditions. But Jurina couldn’t care less. What she cared about right now was the fact that Togasaki could kill her mother just for the reason that she had failed her task. Togasaki said he would protect her mother for as long as she worked for her, but that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t hurt her mother as punishment for something that Jurina did wrong.

“Jurina!” Airi reached over to help Jurina only to be pushed away.

Jurina slapped Airi’s hand that was reaching over, trying to help her up. Without thinking, pouring all her anger into it, Jurina pushed Airi away, sending the girl flying back to the metal bars of the cell, startling some of the other prisoners. “If you had taken the kill, then we wouldn’t be here!” Jurina yelled.

“If I had taken the kill, then YOU wouldn’t be alive!” Airi shouted back, unable to believe that Jurina had just pushed her. Yes, they had argued many times before, ever since they took on the emperor’s job. But not once, not once had Jurina hurt her. And now knowing that Jurina had pushed her away all because she couldn’t take a kill, Airi’s heart ached.

“What we agreed on before,” Jurina said in a lower voice that still showed anger, “was that if one falls into trouble, then the other one would go back and think of a way to save the fallen. Not falling together!”

“But we also agreed to each other not to keep secrets!” Airi almost screamed back at Jurina. Airi knew what she had just said before had absolutely no connection to their current argument whatsoever, but she couldn’t help it. In the heat of her anger, the thoughts that had always been on her mind just slipped out. Seeing that Jurina was quiet now, Airi continued in a much softer voice, “Or have you forgotten?”

Jurina stayed quiet. There was nothing else to say back. Airi spoke the truth. They did agree to such thing. Not knowing how to talk back, Jurina just sat back, closed her eyes, and relaxed against the wall as she tried to focus onto something else, like the sound of the flame of the candles flickering whenever the guards past by it. Now Jurina was curious at why the guards didn’t stop them when she and Airi shouted at each other in the cell. Usually, if it was back at Togasaki’s camp, the two of them would’ve had their heads pushed into water before they even got into the argument because talking between prisoners was also forbidden.

Seeing that Jurina had finally calmed down, Airi sighed. Deep inside, she had hoped that Jurina would argue back, because that means that Jurina was normal. But, being greeted only by the girl’s silence, it just proved that Jurina indeed was hiding something from her. And that wasn’t a very encouraging thought, not in this situation. Shaking the thoughts from her head, Airi looked at the food in front of her and after awhile, pushed the tray towards Jurina and said, “Eat up.”

Without opening her eyes, Jurina answered back straight away, “Not hungry.” She wasn’t in the mood to eat. There was too much things on her mind.

“We’re going to get questioned soon, you’re going to need your full strength.”

Not bothering to reply, Jurina ignored the pain in her leg as she lied back own onto the cold floor, clenching onto Airi’s cloak tightly, trying to stop herself from shivering from the contact with the cold floor.

“You’re going to need to eat if you want to make it out of here and fix that leg so you can do that signature wall jumping move of yours better,” Airi said, knowing that Jurina loves showing off with that move of hers. Or at least Airi thinks she still likes showing off.

Hearing those words, Jurina sat up. She couldn’t lose that skill. It was probably the only thing that she was proud of. It was something that no one that she has met was able to do. It was something that was special to her. The reaction she sees from others when they see her jump from wall to wall and then disappearing and reappearing in front of them, Jurina could still remember them clear.

“Here,” Airi took the loaf of bread and pushed the tray towards Jurina again, “You take the rest. The rice and the hot beef stew will help you recover. The soup will keep you warm.”

Jurina took the tray and stared at the steaming food. After thinking for a while, Jurina picked up the bowl of soup and pushed it to Airi. Without waiting for any other reaction, Jurina dragged herself to the corner of the cell with her food and started eating.

Airi smiled and took the soup. Dipping her bread in the soup and taking a bite in it. While enjoying the warmth inside her stomach, Airi stole a glance at Jurina. Seeing Jurina eat was probably going to be the only way that Airi could ever see the girl act like she had always been before. Because whenever Jurina is eating, there is always this smile on her face that instantly puts a smile on others’ faces as well.


Airi don’t even know what time of day it was when she woke up. After the warm meal, since Jurina didn’t really talk much, Airi just closed her eyes to relax for a while and before she knew it, she fell asleep. She would’ve kept on sleeping though, if there wasn’t so much loud shouting going on. Cursing the noise, Airi forced her eyes opened and stood up from her not-so-comfortable position on the floor and made her way to the front of the cell, trying to see what all the noises were from.

“Give us the keys!” A voice shouted at one of the guards. Airi have never seen the newcomer before, but seeing how his clothes are different to the other soldiers that were following behind him, she suspected that he must have a pretty high position.

“Interrogation time is still yet to come, you are not allowed in,” the guard answered back with firm voice, keeping his sword out in front of the person, blocking him from moving further.

The interrogator narrowed his eyes at the guard and said, “Having the interrogation take place a few ten minutes later doesn’t make a difference, soldier. I had had enough with sitting in my room and doing nothing. Now that I have a chance to do my job, I want to be able to do my job properly. Unless, would you rather take their place, soldier?”

The guard took a step back from the interrogator and after a while, pulled back his weapon and allowed the interrogator and his men through. “The emperor will hear about this,” the guard said as he handed the keys to him.

Airi moved back from the gate, knowing very well who the interrogator had come for. “Jurina, wake up,” Airi called the girl in a whisper, shaking her shoulders lately. “Jur-“ Airi felt arms grabbed her shoulder and threw her to the other side of the cell, ripping her away from Jurina. Airi’s eyes widened when she saw the interrogator walking towards Jurina, ’How did they unlock the door without me hearing!? How can I not hear them!?’

“Get this one first,” the interrogator pointed to Jurina. The two men that had pulled Airi away moved forward and lifted Jurina up roughly by her two arms. Jurina woke up the instant she felt strange hands grab at her. Although her feet didn’t touch the ground, using the strength she had from her waist, Jurina twisted around in the air and landed a kick in the head of one of the soldiers’ head, making him release his hold on her and sending him flying back to Airi’s side of the cell. The other soldier tried to release Jurina before she could do the same too him but was too late. Before he knew it, he too, was send flying across the cell, landing onto the previous man.

“You two are useless,” the interrogator spat and moved forward to grab Jurina himself, lifting her up easily with one hand. Jurina kicked at her wildly, but found her kicks useless on the man. Using up the strength she gained from her previous warm meal, Jurina kicked at full power at the man with her leg and watched with satisfaction, even though she felt enormous pain on her leg as she had kicked the man with her sore leg, as the man released her and doubled over, clenching at his stomach.

Jurina winced as she dropped back down onto the floor, face down, the pain in her leg doubled. Just as she pushed herself up to turn around, she felt a pair of arms grab her shoulders again and flipped her around with so much force that her elbow hit the cold floor, scraping off the skin. Almost immediately, Jurina felt something warm flowing from her elbow. “That’ll teach you to kick at me!” The interrogator shouted at Jurina and stepped with his full weight, on the leg that Jurina kicked him with, causing Jurina to squeeze her eyes shut and her fist clenched tightly into a ball as she endured the pain in silence.

“Stop it! Stop!” Airi screamed as she watched Jurina’s pained expression. She jumped up from her position and tried to kick the interrogator. The two guards quickly got up and grabbed Airi’s two arms, holding her back and stopping her from intervening. Airi easily shook them off and gave them a full roundhouse kick in the head, sending them to the floor once again. Before the two soldiers could recover again, Airi had already put full force into her body and slammed against the interrogator, the metal bars of the cell shook as the man collided into it. Not even bothering to look at where the man flew off to, Airi dropped down and check Jurina’s leg, “Are you okay?”

Before Jurina could even answer Airi, the interrogator had recovered and landed a kick right in Airi’s ribs, “Don’t intervene with my job.”

Airi fell onto the floor, gasping for air. She tried to resist when the two soldiers grabbed at her again, but she couldn’t. She barely had any strength left. The soldiers pulled Airi back away from Jurina and forced her to stay on her knees as she watched the interrogator stepped on Jurina’s leg again. There was no screaming from Jurina as the man stepped on her leg over and over again but even from where Airi was kneeling, she could hear Jurina’s breathing rapidly increasing in speed and she could hear Jurina starting to have trouble breathing as well.

“Please stop!” Airi yelled at the interrogator when she saw Jurina’s eyes rolled backward from the pain and collapsed. “Her bones are already broken on the inside! Please don’t make it worst!” Hot tears streaming down Airi’s face as she spoke.

The interrogator stopped but kept his leg on Jurina’s leg. He turned and smiled at Airi, “I can stop, but you,” he pointed at Airi, “must answer my questions.”

Airi quickly nodded, “I’ll do anything you say, just please... don’t hurt her anymore...”

Without releasing his hold on Jurina, the interrogator started his questions. “Who are you two?”

“I’m Airi and she’s Jurina,” Airi quickly answered as she nervously looked at Jurina, hoping for the girl to wake up soon and help her. Jurina once taught Airi what to do when they are caught and are being questioned. She remembered Jurina telling her not to give their full name if their identity are asked and only give first names because there will always be more than one person with their name. However, Airi can remember this now, but that doesn’t mean that she can remember all the other things that the girl taught her. And seeing Jurina being used against her right now, Airi wasn’t sure that she would be able to hold out for long. She knew herself that it wouldn’t be long till she breaks.

“Very well, Airi. Why did you try to kill the princess?” the man asked again.

“It was just a job,” Airi mumbled, her eyes never leaving Jurina. Airi gave a sigh of relief when she saw Jurina’s finger twitched. ’She can help me soon, to answer those questions too... So it won’t be just me answering these...’

The interrogator grinned to himself, satisfied with the cooperation coming from Airi. His focus were completely put on Airi as he thought that he had Airi completely where he wanted. He never even thought that Jurina would recover so quick. Without realizing that Jurina was already awake, he asked the next question, “Who gave you two the job?”

Airi hesitated this time, before answering. This was one of the questions that she couldn’t remember what Jurina had said to reply. As she tried to remember, Togasaki’s words flew back into her mind.

”If you two are ever caught and I found out that you two spoke my name out to your captors, it wouldn’t just be you two’s lives on the line.”

A shiver went down Airi’s spine again as she recalled the tone of the emperor’s voice when he said that line. The only other life that was in the emperor’s hand was Jurina’s mother who was all alone back home, defenseless. Airi’s gaze moved and focused onto the interrogator’s boot that was still on Jurina’s leg. It was a choice, choosing between Jurina’s leg or Jurina’s mother’s life. And Airi honestly didn’t know what to do. After a while of deciding which side was more important, Airi finally looked up at the interrogator’s impatient eyes and was about to say Togasaki’s name when Jurina shouted at her.

“Don’t tell him! Don’t tell him anyth-“

The man stepped on Jurina’s leg, cutting her off and spat, “Shut up!” Turning back to Airi with a more furious face, he asked louder this time, “Who is it!?” Airi clamped her mouth shut and shook her head, tears rolled down her cheeks as she watched Jurina writhed on the floor in pain. The interrogator raised his leg, about to step on Jurina again when a much difference voice suddenly spoke up.


The interrogator’s eyes narrowed as he stared at the new comer, “What are people such as yourself doing in a place like this? This is no place for people such as you. May I suggest you return to the palace?”

Airi recognized the voice as a female voice. It was obvious too. It was a soft and elegant voice that spoke with much confidence and authority. From what she could hear, if her hearing had not failed her, it sounded like there were four people walking towards their cell.

“I refuse. I am here upon the command of my father.”

“Your father never interrupts my work.”

“He is this time,” the voice spoke firmly.

The interrogator thought for awhile and released Jurina. Upon seeing the interrogator moving away, Airi immediately shook off the soldiers’ arms and ran to Jurina to check her condition. “It wasn’t the emperor’s order, was it?” The interrogator asked as he made his way out of the cell with his two soldiers.

“That is none of your business, soldier,” the voice spoke coldly, “You are done here. Leave.”

“As you wish, princess,” the interrogator bowed and stomped out of the cell, furious.

Airi sighed with relief when she heard the three men’s footsteps fade into nothing as they move away. However, she froze when she heard someone else coming into the cell. Quickly twirling around, Airi placed herself in front of Jurina, hoping to be able to stop whatever else others were planning to do to Jurina. Airi’s eyes widened when she realized who was here. It was Jurina’s target, Matsui Rena. The same person who shot an arrow at her last night. Looking behind her, Airi could also see three other girls. Airi’s vision focused onto one particular pair of eyes that belonged to Akane, who Airi knew she would never be able to forget. Seeing Airi staring at her, Akane moved back and hid slightly behind Rena.

Seeing Airi’s protective stance, Rena smiled at her and said in the most convincing voice she could muster, “I’m not going to hurt you two.” When Rena saw that Airi still didn’t budge but had turn her attention from Akane to herself, she sighed, “If I really wanted to hurt you two, I would’ve just left you two to the mercy of the interrogator instead of having to argue my way down here and use my father’s name without his permission.”

Airi looked at Rena. The first thought that came into her mind was ’What is a princess doing here?’ and then her mind turned into the more important point, ’Why is the princess here?’ Airi didn’t understand any of the Sakae people. One minute, they serve up really nice food and one minute they storm in and starts hurting Jurina in unimaginable ways. Then the next minute, their princesses come and start a nice conversation with her. ’What is this place?’ Airi thought to herself as she looked around.

Akane stepped backward a step, her leg getting sore from standing in the same spot for so long. Surprising her, she saw Airi’s eyes instantly snapping her focus onto her. It was then did Akane realize that somehow, she really affects Airi. Hoping to be able to help her sister since she knew what Rena was doing here, Akane stepped out from Rena’s back and spoke in a soft voice, “My sister won’t hurt your friend, or you. You can trust her.”

For some reason, Airi found reassurance in Akane’s word and slowly moved aside. Rena looked back at Akane, confused at how her little sister became so persuasive. But then seeing that Akane’s eyes were so locked onto Airi’s moving figure, Rena decided to save that question for later. “Mai-chan?” Rena called.

Imade frowned, unable to believe what Rena is about to set her to do. But being the servant, and after Rena begged her so much to the point where Rena was offering her melonpan, Imade had no choice but to do what Rena asked. Slowly, while holding onto the pain, Imade limped forward and kneeled down next to Jurina’s leg. “I can’t believe I have to help someone who cracked my ribs just last night...” Imade mumbled to herself as she inspected Jurina’s leg condition.

Rena heard Imade’s mumbling but decided to ignore it. Rena knew it wasn’t nice to ask Imade to come help Jurina, even though Jurina kicked Imade so hard last night that she cracked a few of her ribs. Not to mention the healers said that Imade was supposed to stay in bed the next few weeks to make sure her bones stay in place. However, Rena really couldn’t afford missing such a rare chance like this. After all, someone who she have been looking for this whole time, had just delivered themselves to her. And for a reason that Rena decided to keep to herself, not telling even Imade, Rena really wanted to help Jurina. There was something about Jurina that really made her want to help her, yet Rena couldn’t exactly put into words what that feeling was. Shaking her thoughts from her head, Rena looked at Jurina’s leg and asked, “Can you fix it, Mai-chan?”

Surprising everyone, Imade shook her head, “I don’t know...”

“E-Eh?” Rena looked back at Imade, shocked. “I understand that you only study medics by yourself all your life, but your skills in healing surpasses even some of my father’s healers. How can you not be able to fix it!?” Rena asked, concern for the girl who tried to kill her made the volume of her voice increase.

Although confused at why Rena was so concern about this assassin’s health, Imade kept it to herself. “I’ve never seen bones in such a state before,” Imade answered, “That’s why I said I don’t know whether or not I can fix it.”

Worried and confused, Airi spoke up, “Why? Is Jurina’s bone in an even worst condition now?”

“Jurina?” Imade turned turned her head to Airi.

’Yabai! I wasn’t suppose to say our names unless we have to! Argh! I can’t believe I forgot!’ Airi thought to herself as she mentally slapped herself. Realizing what she had done, Airi kept quiet.

Rena laughed, knowing why Airi was suddenly going quiet, “It’s not like we don’t already know Jurina’s name. You shouted out Jurina’s name a few times last night. The only name we don’t know here, is your’s.”

Seeing that Airi was still quiet and seems to Imade that she wasn’t planning on telling them their name, Imade turned them back into the right topic, “I don’t know what Jurina’s condition was before, but right now, just from what I can feel,” Imade poked Jurina’s leg, “It feels like Jurina’s bone is not just cracked, but some of the cracked pieces have also slightly moved out of place, causing her leg to swollen.”

Jurina hissed in pain when Imade poked her. Airi, seeing Jurina in pain, tried to loosen up Jurina’s clenched up fist with her hand to avoid the girl breaking the skin of her palm with her nail. However, the moment Airi’s finger touch Jurina’s knuckles, Jurina’s hand pulled back. Ignoring the stab in the heart that Airi felt from Jurina’s action, Airi mumbled to Jurina, ‘I told you we should’ve waited...”

Imade chuckled, “If you two had waited till Jurina’s leg is healed before you two came, then you two would’ve met much more resistance than just the patrolling guards because Emperor Yuasa would’ve been back with the main army already.”

Airi looked at the princess, confused at what they meant.

“Our father isn’t coming back until next week,” Akane said.

“Our entire city is only protected by a few hundred men right now. That was why you two didn’t see much guards last night,” Rena added.

The extra information just made Airi even more confused. Why were they telling her this? ’Are these princesses crazy!? If we went back to Togasaki with this information, then... Both me and Jurina’s life would be spare even though we failed our mission. If Togasaki gets hold of this information, the war will be over for Sakae and Akihabara will emerge as the victor...’

Akane saw Airi’s face and immediately knew what the girl was thinking about. “We’re telling you this because we know you won’t go back,” Akane smiled.

Airi was lost in the girl’s smile for a second but quickly recovered. “Why? What makes you think that?” Airi asked as she tears her eyes away from Akane’s.

“Because we have an offer for you and Jurina,” Rena smiled.

“Well, whatever the offer is, how do you know we will accept it?” Airi asked.

“Because I know you are different,” Akane said, looking directly at Airi who once again, was drowned in the girl’s dazzling smile.
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SKE All Girl's Private School - Chapter 16

The anime expo was much larger than Rena had expected. She was surprised she never knew of the existence of this expo. Right in the middle of the city, was where the anime expo was held, in that large empty square. Even though it was still quite early in the morning, the expo could still be count as crowded, yet it was not as crowded as it usually would get yet. Meaning, Rena could still gaps between people, which was a good thing.

Kanako dragged Airi with her as they both ran into the expo, over excited, accidentally bumping into a few people or two. Rena and Masana too their time and followed slowly behind as they admired the magnificent decorations all around them. Rena was used to this, as it was not the first time she had been in an expo as big as this, but Masana on the other hand, wasn’t as interested in 2D things and therefore, had never actually been to any sort of 2D-related events before. With all her duties as a head girl, there just wasn’t those free time to learn about those anime and manga that Kanako always harass her into reading and watching.

The girls didn’t know how long they’ve been in the expo already, but by the time Rena remembered the existence of a thing call time, the expo was already filled with people in every square of free space. Masana waved Rena over to one of the seat she found in a sheltered café inside the expo. Rena quickly rejoined Masana and sighed with relief as she sat her body onto the metal chair, finally able to rest her body.

Masana laughed at Rena’s expression and reached over to fix Rena’s fringe that was out of place, “You tired already, Rena?”

Rena nodded as she wiped away some of the sweat that was forming on her forehead, “Yeah, and the hot sun really isn’t really having mercy on me.”

Masana laughed again, “Let me get you some ice cream.” Leaving Rena alone by the table, Masana walked up to the cashier and order both of them a cup of chocolate ice cream. Walking back with the two ice cream in hand, Masana placed Rena’s cup in front of her as she sat back down into her own seat and held onto her own cup, feeling relief from the coldness.

“Thank you, Masana-san,” Rena smiled with a small bow of her head.

The head girl waved Rena off, “Stop with that bowing and honorific thing, it’s so... formal, Rena. And I’ve heard you called me normally before, when you’re with Kanakana. Can’t you just call me like that too?”

“The bowing is a habit, I can’t get out of it. I don’t know why,” Rena laughed, “And for you name, it’s easy when it is with a group of friends, but... when it’s just the two of us... it feels...”

“Like I’m the head girl,” Masana finished the sentence for Rena as she scooped a small spoonful of chocolate ice cream into her mouth and allowed it to melt on her tongue.

Rena laughed slightly, poking at her own ice cream, “Yeah... The difference becomes slightly more obvious...”

“Maa,” Masana sighed, “It sucks being the head girl then.”

“But I’ll try my best, Masana-sa- Masanya. I’ll try look at Masanya more as a friend than a head girl,” Rena said after seeing Masana’s expression.

Masana laughed, “Hahahaha, alright, I’m good with that.”

The girls ate their ice cream as they watched Kanako and Airi running from attraction to attraction, holding bags and bags of anime goods they bought. “So,” Masana said, intending to start a conversation with Rena since it has been a while since the two of them had had free time on their own for her, as a head girl, to catch up to Rena’s progress of settling down at school, “is it difficult having Jurina for a roommate?”

“Hmm?” Rena looked away from the girls and back at the head girl. With a small smile, Rena answered, “Not really. Jurina is okay.” Although her answer was only that, Rena was actually thinking of Jurina as more than just okay. Speaking honestly, Rena thought that Jurina was actually a really fun roommate to have. Rena can’t remember how many times the girl had brought a smile on her face with or without her intending to. Sometimes when the two of them were doing homework and Jurina didn’t understand something, Rena always see Jurina cutely pouting to herself as she tried to figure out the answer to her problem and then when she couldn’t really figure it out, she would always come and ask her with those adorable puppy eyes that Rena always loved.

“Ah, that’s good then. I’m surprised though, I must say,” Masana chuckled, “That you really managed to survive with Jurina.”

Rena gave a soft laugh, “I guess it’s easier than most people think.”

The two girls continued to chat about Rena settling into this school and the problems she was having in her classes and the things in class that she was finding easy. Rena told Masana pretty much everything, except, of course, there will always be secrets. Rena kept Jurina a secret, the way she is completely different when they’re alone in their room compared to when she is with the big crowd of girls or Akane during school. She didn’t know why though, Rena just decided that Jurina’s action wasn’t something to be shared with the head girl. And then even though Rena told Masana about Airi having trouble asking for her phone number and the two of them laughed about it for a while, Rena never told Masana about the promise that she and Airi made to each other of always telling each other when they are having problems. Rena thought that Masana really didn’t need to know EVERYTHING that happened.

“AHHH! I-I-Its Gundam!!!! A red Zaku!!! Someone is in the suit of MS-06S!!!!”

Rena didn’t even have to turn and she knew straight away that it was Airi’s voice. When she did turn her head, Rena saw Airi dragging Kanako to a cosplayer. The two of them were harassing the cosplayer with their phones, both wanting to take a photo with it. “Airin likes Gundam too?” Rena mumbled out loud as she watched Airi.

“Come again?” Masana looked at Rena, not understanding what she had said.

Rena shook her head, “Ah, nothing. Don’t worry. Oh m-“ Rena stared with her mouth opened as she saw in the distance, Sebastian. Someone was cosplaying as Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji. It was the very same character she once cosplayed to another anime expo before. That time, Rena remembered being almost blinded by all the camera flashes. Not looking away from her target, Rena quickly stood up and fumbled for her phone in her bag while keeping her eyes stuck on the cosplayer. “I’ll be right back,” Rena said as she quickly ran after the cosplayer with her phone in her hand.

“HuH? What? Wait, Rena! Where are you going!?” Masana called after Rena as the girl took off. Sighing, Masana sat back down and finished the rest of her ice cream as she waited patiently for Rena to come back. “Can’t believe Rena just ditched me like that...” Masana mumbled to herself as she stood up and brought herself a cold drink.

“Airin! Look! It’s Sebastian!” Kanako called to Airin who finally decided to release the Gundam cosplayer and allowed him to be harassed by all the other people around him.

“It is! I can’t stand this! I want to marry him! Sebastian, come to me!” Airi shouted as she grabbed Kanako’s hand and ran towards the large crowd.

“Ah, I don’t think I have enough memory on my phone. Wait a second, Airin. Let me get my camera,” Kanako said as she put her phone back into her bag and took out her camera from her case. Turning back to Airi, Kanako waved her hand in front of the suddenly quiet Airi, “Airin? Earth to Airin? You there? Couldn’t your poor heart take in the beauty of Sebastian?” After getting no reply from Airi but a few blinks, Kanako grinned and using her camera, took a photo of Airi’s out-of-the-world face.

The flash from the camera brought Airi back out of her trance, “R-R-Rena-san...” Airi mumbled as she blinked, trying to get the sudden whiteness out of her eyes.

“Oh hey there, you’re finally back on Earth. What happened to you, Airin? Sebastian’s beauty too perfect for you?” Kanako asked as she looked back at the photo she had just taken and tried to hold into her laughter.

“No... Rena is...” Airi said in a whisper as she stared again, at the girl that was next to the Kuroshitsuji cosplayer who was smiling and was chatting with the cosplayer.

“Huh?” Kanako looked back at Airi in surprised, “Rena? So it’s Rena’s beauty that’s too perfect for you. Ah~ I get it now.” Kanako laughed.

Not knowing what she had just said, Airi turned to Kanako who was now holding onto her stomach as she laughed. “W-What happened? Why are you laughing?” Airi asked.

Running out of oxygen from laughing, Kanako leaned onto Airi as she said with a giggle, “I asked if Sebastian’s beauty was too perfect for you and then you said no and said Rena is.”

“E-E-Eh!? I-I-I-I said that!?” Airi’s eyes widened. Why did she say that? Airi mentally facepalmed herself. That’s a truth yes, and Airi admitted it, but that doesn’t mean that Kanako needs to know about it! ’Looks like I need to learn to control what my mind is forcing me to say and not say at the right time, right place and to the right person...’ Airi though to herself as she turned away from Kanako, feeling her own face burning even more for another reason apart from the horrifying sun.

“Look,” Kanako nudged Airi’s shoulder as she pointed at Rena, “Rena is waving at us, c’mon!” Kanako grabbed Airi’s hand and ran towards the large crowd to where Rena was standing next to the cosplayer. It seems that the cosplayer is enjoying Rena’s company and had choose to continue to talk to Rena even though there was a big crowd around them. “Where did you leave Masanya, Rena?” Kanako asked as the three of them joined up and took a few more pictures with the cosplayer.

“Oh, she’s in the café. I will go back soon, I feel like the other people are going to murder me soon,” Rena laughed nervously as she looked around her at the sea of unknown faces that was looking at her or the cosplayer, she didn’t know.

The three girls quickly thanked the cosplayer over and over again who just smiled at then and walked off to join her other friends, followed by the big group of unknown fans. Rena laughed as Kanako started dragging Airi back to where she was before Airi dragged her off to the Gundam cosplayer while Rena quickly made her way  back to the café where she saw Masana still sitting there, playing with her phone.

“Hey, sorry I took so long,” Rena apologized as she did a small bow at the head girl and sat back down.

Masana laughed and puts down her phone. Stirring the drink in front of her, Masana took a small sip before looking at Rena and smiled, “It’s okay, I’m glad you had fun. But, next time, please, give me a better explanation before you suddenly dash off.”

Rena laughed and nodded, “I definitely will.” Finishing the rest of her already melted ice cream, Rena placed the cup aside and flipped open her phone, checking the photos that she had taken with the cosplayer. She stopped at the photo where it was just her and Airi with the cosplayer in the middle. Rena smiled as she set this as her new phone wallpaper, ’Airin’s eyes are so adorable in this picture.’

Just as Rena placed her phone back down, out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of a group of girls who somehow looked slightly familiar. But the group had their back to Rena, and Rena couldn’t see their faces to identify who the girls were. “Masanya?” Rena called.

“Hmm?” Masana hummed, looking up from her drink.

Rena pointed to the group of girls, “Do you know those girls? They look familiar.”

Masana squinted her eyes to get a better look at the girls who were standing in the direction of the sun. Shaking her head, Masana looked back at Rena and blinked a few times, adjusting her eyes back from the sun’s blindness, “Nah, but you’re right, they do look familiar from the back. But I don’t know because I can’t see their faces either. It wouldn’t be surprising though if those girls are from our school,” Masana pointed out, “I do know quite a lot of girls in our school who are into 2D things. Which reminds me,” Masana set her almost empty drink aside, “I never knew you liked 2D things.”

Ignoring the familiar girls, Rena turned her attention back onto Masana and grinned at the girl, “Not like me right? But I love these things,” Rena gestured towards the attractions in the expo outside the café, “I’m quite an otaku myself. But I try to keep these things to myself.”

Masana laughed and said, “Well, that is definitely a new side of you that I learned of today.”

After a while of silence between the girls as they waited for their spicy pizza to arrive after ordering it when Rena’s stomach suddenly rumbled, Masana said as she pointed to Airi who was laughing with Kanako as they ran tirelessly around the expo, “It’s been a while since Airin hanged out with us.” Rena looked at Masana, confused. Masana smiled and explained, “Before you came, Airin was always excluding herself from the people around her. She rarely talks to others. When I talk to her, she talks to me, but I guess that’s only because I’m the head girl. She talks to Kanakana a bit when they found out that they both loved the 2D world more than the 3D world around them. And I know she talks to Churi after she found the girl crying by herself one time, and Airi don’t like seeing others cry. While others are outside, hanging out with each other during free time, Airin stays in class and read manga or draw.”

Rena nodded as she listened to the head girl’s explanation. She remembered when she met Airi for the first time, the girl had been reading a manga during class, with those glasses that made the girl look too cute. “Did you know why Airin was so quiet?” Rena asked.

Masana shook her head as she took another sip from her drink, “No one knows. Airin doesn’t talk about herself much and no one asks about it even though we are all curious because everyone knows there are usually a special reason that people don’t talk about themselves with others. But then then a rumor started last year from I don’t know what or who, that suggested the reason for Airin’s quietness all the time.” Rena looked at Masana, eager for the head girl to continue. Masana frowned slightly as she continued, “Apparently, Airin coming to this school caused the death of her brother, which from my point of view, I don’t think is true. But then, I’ve never heard of Airin talking about her brother. I don’t even know if Airin have a brother.”

Rena’s eyes widened in surprise, “Airin’s brother is dead?!”

“According to the rumor,” Masana repeated, emphasizing on the unreliability of this information. “According to the rumors,” Masana continued once again, “Airin apparently never cared about her parents. When they died, using the money that her parents left behind, Airin came into this school. But then she and her brother had this big argument about her not supposing to use the money but then Airin insisted and then her brother suicided or something like that. I can’t really remember much from the rumor.” Changing from her frowning mood, Masana looked back up at Rena with a smile, “But then, these are just rumors. I honestly don’t think something like that even happened. It was probably just some nasty rumors the bullies started to spread, just like they sometimes do with Churi as well.”

Rena frowned, shocked at such sort of rumors to surface. ’Airin must’ve gone through a lot during that time...’ Rena thought to herself as she imagined Airi having to live through her school days with that rumor hanging on her back. Then Rena thought about the rumor slightly, ’What if it is the truth? The Airin just took off with her parents money and caused her brother to suicide?’ Curious, Rena asked, “If it’s not the truth, why didn’t Airin deny it?”

Masana smiled again, “Airin is probably too shy to say anything about those rumors.”

Rena nodded. It sounded like Airi, her being too shy or too scared to say anything about those rumors. And then Rena reached a decision almost right away, ’Whether the rumor is true or not, Airin is still Airin. She’s still my friend,’ Rena thought to herself with a smile.

“But yeah,” Masana started again, “Those were all before you came. And ever since you came, Airin have been talking so much more often now. And not only that, Airin is also hanging out with us and she is also eating with us. It was a big change.” Rena nodded and smiled, happy that she was able to change Airin. “How did you do it anyway? What did you do to make Airin change so much in such a small time?” Masana asked as she picked up a slice of pizza from the plate as the waiter laid it down on the table.

Rena shook her head, “I don’t know.” Looking over to where Airi and Kanako was staring at one of the shops, Rena mumbled, “I wish I know.”

Masana laughed as she quickly finished the first piece, took another piece and gave it to Rena before taking another piece herself again, “Guess you’re special hmm, Rena? But you know,” Masana took a bite in her pizza and struggled with getting the long stringy cheese to snap before she continued to speak, “It’s not just Airin who have been changing. The entire atmosphere around the school has changed.”

“Huh?” Rena looked at Masana with a confused face, her slice of pizza stopped just in front of her half opened mouth.

Masana laughed again, “Haven’t you noticed?”

Rena shook her head, “Noticed what?”

“Ever since you came, Jurina have been hanging out with Churi much more often and are only paying occasional attention to the other girls,” Masana said as she took another bite into her pizza.

“What does that have to do with me though?”

“It has to do with you because it happened after the accident you got into with Churi with the bullies.”

“How is that my fault though?” Rena asked.

Masana smiled, ‘It’s not anyone’s fault. It’s a good thing that Jurina is hanging out with Churi more. Churi seems happier lately too, just like Airin.”

“Oh, okay then,” Rena simply said as she ate the pizza, smiling. Whether she intended to or not, as long as she was able to make people around her happier, that was more than good enough for her.


The four girls made their way to the nearby shopping mall with bags of manga and anime goods. Kanako and Airi bought  heaps of things as they made their way around the entire expo and before they knew it, they had bags and bags of them. They bought so much things that they couldn’t even hold everything by themselves. Kanako got Masana to hold two of her bag for her while Rena offered to carry some of Airi’s bag for her.

However, unlike Kanako, Airi shook her head and refused, “It’s okay, I can manage.” Airi puffed up her cheeks and held her breath as she lifted up the bags with all her strength and stumbled after Masana and Kanako who were walking at the front. ’Why on earth did I ever buy this much stuff!?’ Airi asked herself as she struggled to catch up.

Rena giggled at the sight in front of her. Airi with puffy cheeks that were growing red each seconds with her pouring all her strength into carrying her bags was definitely a sight rarely seen. ’So cuuuuuute~’ Rena squealed on the inside. Unable to resist, Rena pinched Airi in the cheeks as she grinned, “Airin~ Kawaii~”

Surprised at the sudden words, Airi couldn’t keep her strength up and dropped her bags onto the floor and rested her arms from the heavy weight. “R-R-Rena-san!” She stuttered as she rubbed her cheeks where Rena had touched.

Rena laughed as she picked up three of Airi’s bag and walked off to catch up with the other two girls, leaving Airi behind. Recovering from her surprise, Airi picked up the remaining bags that were still heavy but more manageable, and followed after Rena. Suddenly, seeing a familiar store out of the corner of her eye, Airi left her confused friends and bounded into the shop. Seeing it was too crowded inside, the other three girls waited by the side patiently for Airi to come out.

“I got it!” Airi shouted as she ran out of the shop, apologizing to one of the people she accidentally punched in the face when she held up the thing she bought in her hand.

“What were you doing in there?” Rena asked as she looked at Airi who was now red in the face. Her clothes were messy now, probably from being squashed around by the people in the store. From Rena’s point of view, Airi looked like she just ran a full marathon.

“Here,” Airi said, out of breath, as she held out something towards Rena, “I heard the melonpan in this shop is really good.”

Rena’s eyes widened at the melonpan in front of her and quickly took it. “T-Thank you, Airin,” Rena said in a small voice, her mind filled with happiness at the object in her hands now, “But you shouldn’t had spent money on such unneeded things.”

Airi quickly shook her head and said, “I need a way to thank Rena for helping me carry my things. They must’ve been really heavy.”

“Say,” Masana turned from Airi to the girl that was clinging onto her arm on her side and poked the girl, “Why aren’t you buying me anything?” The girls laughed.

Kanako poked her tongue out at Masana and changed the topic, “Let’s go eat! I’m hungry~”

“It’s still quite early though isn’t it?” Airi asked.

“It might be better if we eat earlier so we can get back to school on time,” Rena said. Then in a smaller voice, Rena mumbled to herself, “That pizza at the expo really didn’t cut it...”

Masana nodded, “Rena is right. I don’t want to be late back to school. I know a good restaurant around here that Kanakana and I always go to. It’s not too expensive so let’s go eat there.” The girls all nodded, too tired, exhausted and hungry to think of any other places. Not that they need to of course, everyone trusted Masana’s suggestion to be the best. Quickly following after the head girl, the four girls made their way to the restaurant, dying to fill their stomach with some decent food.

Next chapter for AGP, Jurina's group~ (^^)
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I was in a fanfic writing mood last night so I decided to write something more.
This is an OS, there will be no continuation of it.
(Unless people want it... But I don't see how I can make a part 2 for it so let's just keep it as an OS)
I would say this is probably the one I like the most so far, even though I couldn't write it as good as I thought I could.
Did that make sense?

I hope wMatsui shippers don't kill me for this piece (because the pairing is really not who you think it will be)...
I tried to make the ending good.
But, you know, my fanfic brain sucks~
So yeah, you might get a bit confused with the ending...
I dunno....
But I can explain more about it if anyone needs me to.
Just tell me~
Anyway, enjoy~
I'll go write the next chapter for TPB nau~

雨のピアニスト [wMatsui]

I have been thinking about it a lot. Ever since that day you told me in the changing room, I’ve been thinking about nothing but that every day. Even till now.

”I love you, Rena-chan.”

At that time, I didn’t know what I was supposed to say back.
I didn’t know what I SHOULD say back.
Saying something wrong could mean the end of what we have between us.
As if it hasn’t already...


Rena had been thinking about it a lot, ever since Jurina confessed to her one day while they were getting changed. It was so sudden. One minute, Rena was getting out of her outfits, and the next minute, Jurina had her arms around her and was holding her tight.

”I love you, Rena-chan.”

Rena touched her ear unconsciously, smiling, as she recalled the tone of Jurina’s unique voice that whispered those words in her ears months ago. Jurina had been kind and considerate enough, to accept it when Rena asked the younger girl to give her some time to think about it. Those words that Jurina had said to her, Rena could never forget.

”I will wait for as long as Rena-chan needs.”

Even after so many months, Rena was still confused with what she should say back to Jurina. However, that night, back at the end of the concert that day, when Rena heard of Jurina’s promotion into Team K, Rena knew her answer. She knew the answer she wanted to give to Jurina. The answer that, she, Matsui Rena, loved her, Matsui Jurina, more than anything and that she never wanted to let go of the girl. Rena wanted Jurina to be hers, and hers alone.

But the thing was, this thing that they have – or once had – was already starting to fall apart ever since Jurina’s Team K debut started. Jurina was getting busier with Team K and Team S. Rena herself, was getting busier with almost everything. They might be managing, but it was difficult to have to hold not just Team S, but the entire SKE together with just Rena and a few other leading members.

Days that Rena got to see Jurina was getting less and less too. Days where the two of them gets to have a stage together were getting even more less. Despite chances of having a stage together were getting less, it was still often enough to be at least once every one or two weeks. However, even on those days, in the changing room, Jurina was always busy kissing other members instead of being with Rena. The two of them hardly have time anymore. Rena knew that everyday, Jurina was waiting for the answer. But Rena didn’t have the time to tell Jurina how she really felt and give the girl an honest, well-deserved answer. Whenever that happens, Rena just smiled at the Jurina that was so far from her reach and say to herself to wait and tell her the next time.

But that next time became tomorrow. Tomorrow became the coming week. And before Rena knew it, another month had already gone past again.


Rena turned on her phone and opened Google+. Quickly typing down an entry about her work for today finally coming to an end, Rena made her way to her most visited page. It was already starting to become a habit before Rena realized. Every day after work ended, Rena would make her post and then go and look at Jurina’s page and see how the girl’s day was. Jurina still doesn’t update often, but Rena wanted to see it when she does update, just so she knows and can make sure that Jurina was taking enough care of herself.

Rena was almost used to it by now, seeing all those photos on Jurina’s Google+ and blog as well as the other AKB members’ accounts, those photos of Jurina kissing other AKB members. Everyone knew Jurina was a kissing monster. The girl being an adorable kissing monster was probably one of the many reasons Rena realized she loved the girl for. Those photos of Jurina kissing AKB’s top members, Atsuko, Itano, Haruna and Mariko, Rena was already used to seeing. But not this, Rena wasn’t used to seeing Jurina being so close with that particular AKB Team K member.

The girl frowned as she stared at the photo of Jurina kissing that particular member. Rena slowly willed her eyes to go up and read the words that came with the photo.

’wMatsui, isn’t that name for us? Why are you using that name with her?’

That was the first thing that Rena thought of when she read Jurina’s post. Unable to stand the fans commenting with that special word that used to describe her and Jurina anymore, Rena locked her phone and threw it in her bag. Grabbing her bag, Rena made her way out of her filming studio, thanking the staff for today’s work automatically as they greeted her. She heard one of the staff remind her to take an umbrella as she left because it was raining outside. To that, Rena just nodded, thanked the staff and exited the studio, having nothing on her mind but that photo that against her wants, kept flashing back into her mind.

“Oh,” Rena stopped dead in her track, her hand in her bag getting ready to take out the umbrella, as she remembered something. “Jurina had filming to do today with AKB nearby as well that ended a while ago didn’t she?” Rena asked herself. Pulling her hand back out, Rena made her way to towards the studio where AKB had filming earlier on, hoping that Jurina was still there so Rena could catch a ride home back to Nagoya together with Jurina on the shikansen. Once they’re on the train, just the two of them, perhaps she could finally give Jurina her answer after so long.

“Huh,” Rena mumbled to herself as she opened the studio door only to be greeted by nothing but darkness, “Guess Jurina is gone already.” Just as Rena closed the door, getting ready to leave, her ears picked up a soft piano music coming from one of the studios further down the hallway. Curious at the strangely familiar music, Rena walked towards the studio where the music was coming from and pushed opened the door that was already left opened slightly.

Rena poked her head through the door to see the cause of this beautiful music. In the dimly lit studio, was a piano and someone with long black hair was playing on it. Rena finally remembered why the music sounded so familiar, it was Ame no Pianist, one of their stage songs. Rena was just about to walk closer when she saw another person on the opposite side of the piano. Rena recognized the girl and knew right away it was the girl that she was looking for and have been thinking about every day. Looking harder, Rena realized that the person who was playing on the piano was Matsui Sakiko, the other Matsui in AKB. And that particular Matsui was playing the song beautifully. Rena has heard of Sakiko being good at piano and all, but to be honest, she had never had the chance to hear it in real life and now that she has, Rena had to admit, it was really good.

Rena stayed where she was and listened to the entire piece being played to the end. When the song ended, Rena focused back onto Jurina again. From far away, Rena could see Jurina’s bright smile. The bright smile that Rena haven’t had time or the chance to see for awhile.

“Play it again please?”

Rena heard Jurina asked Sakiko. In the same loving voice that had once whispered the words of “I love you” into Rena’s ears all those months ago. The same tone of voice that Rena could remember even now and will remember for as long as she lived. It was unforgettable.

“Again? I just played it for the second time though.”

Rena heard Sakiko gave a soft laugh. Rena couldn’t deny it, even Sakiko’s laugh sounded like the piano that she played. Somehow, Rena felt her heart cracked slightly when she heard Jurina’s voice spoke again, in that slightly childish voice of her that she uses whenever she wanted people to spoil her. Or to be more exact, whenever she wanted Rena to spoil her.

“But I want to hear it one more time.”

When Sakiko’s chuckling sound reached Rena’s ears, she couldn’t help but frown. Thinking only one thing.

Spoiling Jurina was her own job, no one elses.

Rena watched Jurina in surprise as Sakiko started playing the song again. The usual hyper kissing monster called Jurina that Rena used to see in SKE barely seems to exist at that moment. As the music played on, Jurina slowly closed her eyes and the girl’s hands went up onto the smooth black surface of the piano. Just as slowly, while keeping her eyes closed, Jurina walked around the piano, with her hand sliding across the piano, to where Sakiko was sitting.

To Rena, Jurina looked like she was in some sort of trance. Rena had never seen Jurina is such a calm and quiet yet relax state before. Knowing that the girl have to shoulder the weight of being the SKE’s ace, the only time Rena ever sees Jurina really calm and quiet is when the girl is so serious and focus on her work that all her usual excitement stops to a standstill. This is why, seeing Jurina in this state when she’s only listening to the piano, really surprised Rena.

Rena didn’t even know how to react when she saw Jurina opened her eyes and sat next to Sakiko without disturbing the girl. Rena saw Sakiko gave Jurina a small smile and kept playing. But when Rena saw Jurina slowly rested her head on her senpai’s shoulder, the waterwork inside her spilled. Rena never saw Sakiko’s reaction to Jurina’s action. Rena left the moment she saw something that she never expected and never wanted to happen, happen right in front of her eyes.

Running straight outside the studio, tears streaming down her cheeks, Rena ran outside the building and kept running to wherever her feet brought her to. When she finally stopped to catch her breath, she realized she had reached a park. The rain poured down harder as Rena slowly made her way to one of the benches on the side and sat herself down. Rena knew her hair was dripping wet and that her shirt was soaking through but she didn’t care. Rena let loose her tears as the rain continued to pour down, helping her wash away the rejection she felt.

“You said you would wait for as long as I needed! You said it!” Rena cried repeatedly to the rain, hoping that somehow, the rain would bring her words to Jurina.

“You said you would wait...” Rena whispered as her tears continued to mix themselves in the rain.

Please please please please do tell me what you think of this OS~~~
I did the best I could've EVER done on this piece so...

How was it?
Good? Bad? Horrifying?
Hate me for the pairing?
But you know, of course, none of these things are true you know~
It would be horrifying to seeing my kami-oshimen being paired up with my AKB-oshimen...
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Omg please make a sequel to this! Don't leave this story on a bad note!
Title: Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ 雨のピアニスト (wMatsui) [7/15]
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This oneshot... so sad  :pleeease:
I don't know why but I like OS about wmatsui like this, sad and with a sad ending  :gyaaah:
Well I prefer the OS with happy ending but wmatsui is so full of angst in these days that I think that stories like this fit perfect  :gyaaah:
I almost cry reading this but is okay, I'm okay  :fainted:

PS: I'll make another coment about the AGP new chapter when I finish read him :3
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Hmm... What should I say about this os...? Hmm..
To be honest, I like it. WMatsui but not the supposed WMatsui.
It's like messing around with readers' hopes. Really like it.
And I just want it to be left on a way its ended.
Keep writing!
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the OS is so depressing yet so good.. I got worried after reading your author note at the beginning and ended up couldn't focus on reading this at the first time.. lol

Rather than making a sequel, I think It will be better if you write this fic.. but with Jurina POV! It will be interesting to see what Jurina is thinking.. no, it will be really interesting!! So please make it!!

btw, I just know we can find Furuyanagi in tumblr.. I know ChurixAirin exists, but didn't know the name of the pairing until now.. lol
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Reaction to the WMatsui OS
 :panic: :panic:

That was unexpected. I feel weird now because imagining Sakiko and Jurina in my head somehow came out really weird. I lack better words to express this, sorry.

Oh, right.
You might want to try a Matsui love triangle while at it, ahahah. You know, just for lols.  :lol:

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I'll call you Tako-chan~ then  :D Now i wonder too why you were using Ohayou when you always call yourself Tako  XD
You are a funny kid, arent you?  :lol:
Eeeh? Save me then when the ship is sinking, i seriously cant swim :nervous XD. in a big warm ship   :P
lol, their comments are interesting because it is kinda funny..xD. well, some other comments are actually funny too
oh? a happy monkey? i thought Tako-chan is a ta..ko?   :lol:
ah, first..i forgot to say it but, sankyuu for the update ^__^

SKE All Girl's Private School - Chapter 15

Mizuki shivered as she watched Kumi and Kanon talking to each other. One minute the two were feeding each other and the next minute, the two girls were giggling and whispering to each other. “Seriously, it’s dinner time! Get a room you two. Don’t get so lovey-dovey over the dinner table,” Mizuki complained as she rubbed the goosebumps formed on her arm just from watching the two interact.
Kumi  :    :luvluv1:
Kanon :  :k-inlove:
Mizuki :  :on_puddle:  :stunned:

me :  :shy2:   :hiakhiakhiak:
i think i might react the same way as Mizuki here if my friends are being like that in front of me. Too much sweets will lead to cavity, you know.. XD

Mizuki nodded, “I’ll hold you to that. If you forget this year, you will owe me something.”
so playful xD

Kanon poked out her tongue, “At least someone is nice.” Turning to Akane, Kanon smiled, “Thanks, Churi. You are definitely getting an even bigger present this year. Unlike someone.”
:lol:  XD

Jurina smiled and shook her head again, “It’s okay. It’s Churi’s birthday and that’s more important than sports practice. I was only thinking about how to tell the coach that I won’t be there. He said there was a national competition coming up and that we all need to train harder for it.”
Jurina is being reaaaalllly sweet toward Akane   :oops:  :?

“It’s decided then,” Jurina said as she took out her phone and started marking down the schedule, “So we go to the anime expo first because it gets quite crowded later in the day. They we will go hang around the shopping malls in the city for awhile and then will go eat and come back. We’ll work out what to do for the rest of Saturday night when we get back from the city.”

“Ah!” Kanon sat up, making Kumi jump and pull back her arms from the sudden movement, “I know a good restaurant! The head girl suggested it to me once. She said it’s a good restaurant and that she always goes there with Kanako. I could go book us a table.”

“Is it expensive though?” Kumi asked as Kanon relaxed back into her arms.

Kanon grinned at the girls, “My parents didn’t ask for their credit card back when they kicked me back to Japan.”
this girl..tsktsk... XD. And, the girls are going to the same expo as Rena's gumi. Maa~ wonder what will happen there?  :kekeke:

“Because Non told me to,” Kumi answered straightforwardly, not even bothering to think of a reason.
Kanon :  :shifty:  :scolding:
Kumi :  :heart:  :on voodoo:
Mizuki :  :on beatup

me :  :rofl:  :rofl:

Akane held onto Jurina’s hand as the three of them walked out of the dining room. At the stairs, Akane gave Jurina one last hug for the day and kissed the girl on the cheeks before parting. As Jurina made her way slowly back to her room alone, she allowed her mind to wander to another person, ’I wonder what Rena would be doing this weekend...’
what did she do? It is like, she's making Akane felt like Jurina is faliing for her, but, the next second she's thinking bout someone, feels like cheating..somehow..  :smhid  :O

Tiny Me - Prologue
Eeeeh??? You are writing a new one already? o___o could you really keep up with your ongoing fics, Tako-chan?
I am not complain though, because i like reading stuffs XD

Wait..wait...the cat is Kanon? o____o she's i dont know, cursed? is pretty interesting, i wanna know the continuation  :D
Kumi x Kanon x Yuria....nah wonder how will it turn out  :w00t:

The Perfect Bodyguard - Chapter 8
Jurina's angry at Airi, Airi's worried bout Jurina, the guard is being nice and then the interrogator being mean, the princesses are having a plan.
Rena's being worried bout Jurina, Akane got a feeling that Airi is different...

Seeing that Airi was still quiet and seems to Imade that she wasn’t planning on telling them their name, Imade turned them back into the right topic, “I don’t know what Jurina’s condition was before, but right now, just from what I can feel,” Imade poked Jurina’s leg, “It feels like Jurina’s bone is not just cracked, but some of the cracked pieces have also slightly moved out of place, causing her leg to swollen.”
It's one of those moment when i wanna say, 'sigh, i know it' her legs are going to be trouble...

Jurina, i think...even though she's angry at Airi, at the same time, she's still care about her. She wont be angry for that long..maybe.
Ah, Rena is going to propose the bodyguard thing, isnt she? Will the two assassins accept it? o___o

SKE All Girl's Private School - Chapter 16
The anime expo was much larger than Rena had expected. She was surprised she never knew of the existence of this expo.
Me want to go to anime expo too >__<

Rena shook her head, “Ah, nothing. Don’t worry. Oh m-“ Rena stared with her mouth opened as she saw in the distance, Sebastian. Someone was cosplaying as Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji.
Oh my- Sebastian?! That Sebastian?!!  :w00t: Uwaaah~ :ding: I want to meet him too!  :frustrated: Ahem,please allow me to fangirl a moment about Sebastian too.

Running out of oxygen from laughing, Kanako leaned onto Airi as she said with a giggle, “I asked if Sebastian’s beauty was too perfect for you and then you said no and said Rena is.”

Rena smiled as she set this as her new phone wallpaper, ’Airin’s eyes are so adorable in this picture.’
Ooo.... XD

Just as Rena placed her phone back down, out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of a group of girls who somehow looked slightly familiar. But the group had their back to Rena, and Rena couldn’t see their faces to identify who the girls were.


“According to the rumor,” Masana repeated, emphasizing on the unreliability of this information. “According to the rumors,” Masana continued once again, “Airin apparently never cared about her parents. When they died, using the money that her parents left behind, Airin came into this school. But then she and her brother had this big argument about her not supposing to use the money but then Airin insisted and then her brother suicided or something like that. I can’t really remember much from the rumor.” Changing from her frowning mood, Masana looked back up at Rena with a smile, “But then, these are just rumors. I honestly don’t think something like that even happened. It was probably just some nasty rumors the bullies started to spread, just like they sometimes do with Churi as well.”
That sounds weird. I dont know,....but, it is just, it is not true, i think..

“Say,” Masana turned from Airi to the girl that was clinging onto her arm on her side and poked the girl, “Why aren’t you buying me anything?” The girls laughed.

Kanako poked her tongue out at Masana and changed the topic, “Let’s go eat! I’m hungry~”

Masana and Kanako is like an old married couple  XD

Masana nodded, “Rena is right. I don’t want to be late back to school. I know a good restaurant around here that Kanakana and I always go to. It’s not too expensive so let’s go eat there.”
The Jurina gumi is going there too, arent they? Ah, cant wait to see what will happen when they meet  :w00t:

雨のピアニスト [wMatsui]
Hm, it is good. Why would i hate you for the pairing? xD many wMatsui fics that i've been read..somehow most of it is either tragic or sad. Meaning that they just wont be wMatsui in the end lol. Because this fic is somehow wMatsui but not wMatsui too  :lol:   :(   XD
And, oh..Sakiko..ah, is it weird that i thought that Jurina could really asked that sort of stuff to Sakiko?  XD  :lol: i mean, Jurina is how to say it, attracts people older than her  :lol: i am just being weird i think, sorry >__<;

Anyway, Tako-chan you are updating fast, you know or am i just being late to see it as always lol ? XD  :nervous
Like i've said before, i am not complain  :D
I'll wait patiently for the next update, Tako-chan ganbare~   :tama-lotsaluv:

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Poor Rena T_T
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The Perfect Bodyguard - Chapter 8
why he only treating Jurina badly  :pleeease:
 :OMG: now her condition is serious because of what he did  :stoned:
If Rena don't come to rescue Jurina faster than this time I  :shifty:
it is really interesting  :glasses:
I can't wait for the offer :hee:
雨のピアニスト [wMatsui]

what is this!!  :gyaaah:
why is this happening  :pleeease:
if Rena tried a bite it woulding be a sad ending  :fainted:
I hate sad ending  :fever:
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Post by: Sara-chan on July 18, 2012, 10:25:09 PM
ok i gonna have more sympathy with jurina...
but only if she has more sympathy with Airin!  :rofl:

SKE All Girl's Private School - Chapter 16

Kanakana and Airin went crazy in the anime expo  :pig laugh:
Poor Masana she got caught between 3 fanatics of the 2D  :hiakhiakhiak:
Rena has helped Airin to be more sociable, i'm so happy for her  :ptam-shy:
i wonder if is true the rumor about the airin's brother  :scared:
I'll be waiting for the nexts chapters of your fanfics  :mon heh:
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This oneshot is soooooo SAD

I'm Crying Right Now.....

WMatsui of Tokyo

Poor Rena
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ah... wmatsui's os is perfect.  :twothumbs
it's not the bad ending, it's just rena's part.
so i hope to read jurina's part too ^^

ps. wmatsui shipper forever
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But I don't see how I can make another part for it lol~
I'll still see anyway~
Maybe in the future, I'll write something similar again~
Thank you for commenting!

Let's go with attraction to peopel with the same last name xDDD

As in for a full piano version of the song,
I found one before.
But... The version that I found.... Eh~
If HashirePomeranian-san can stand hearing a guy singing in the background,
I can give you the link for it~ (^^)

wmatsui OS are indeed hard to come by these days~~~
The ship is dying, that's why xDDDD
But, I'll try, maybe one day, I can get my head back to PURE wmatsui shipping mode and write a happy one (^^)v

Thank you for commenting, caghaunt-san!
I'm happy that you (and other readers) liike it!
Since many prefer it to be left as a OS,
that is what I shall do~ (^^)

>>Kamen Knight
Hmm? Worried? Why?

Writing this piece in Jurina's POV....
Hmm.... I actually just might~
Who knows~ Thanks for the idea, Kamen-san!
I actually might, not that I think about it~
I have an idea for it~ But I'll put it on hold for now xDDDD

I'm glad Kamen-san found that Furuyanagi tag~
I personally never get sick of going through that tag~
Interesting things you see~

Thank you for commenting, oist-san!
Oh don't worry, I don't expect people to imagine Sakiko and Jurina the way I was imagining it,
since that pairing doesn't even exist. xDDDD
I mean, I personally think it's weird to pair Sakiko up with any member xDDDD

A Matsui love triangle!?
I could try~
Maybe later on hmmm~
Thanks for the idea, oist-san!  (^^)b

Ofc I'm a tako~ But you know, saying I dance around like a happy tako~
Uuuuuu~~~ *waves tentacles around* xDDDD

I have TOOOONS of fanfics being stacked up, waiting for me to write~
But ofc, I know I won't be able to keep up with my ongoing ones.
That's why Tiny Me is put on hold until I finish one of my stories~ (^^)
Fufufu~ (^m^)
Luna-san will have to wait a loooooooong time till you know what happened to Non~

I survived!
I thought wMatsui shippers will hate me because... well, I killed the wMatsui ship
and replaced it with a different wMatsui ship~
Did that make sense? Maaa I don't know lol~

Jurina is a cutie~ She attract EVERYONE! djaklghaksjdfhlkasj

And nope, I'm not updating fast at all!
When I first started, I updated at least once every two days!
I'm starting to slow down!!!
It's not good though, but I can't help it!

Anyway~ Fufufu~
Thanks for the comment!
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Long comments~
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I feel bad, REALLY!
I want to comment, but... I'm just soooooo lazy~
I'm so sorry!
But I swear, I'm reading them!
And I'm loving them! aklsdjaghlksdjhfa

Because Jurina is so awesome and he is jealous of Jurina's awesomeness~~~

Don't worry, mo-chan~
I'll try write a happy wMatsui next time~
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Sympathy.... will come.....
Later.... Then......

Don't cry la~
But hey, that means that Rena will have to fight hard to get back the name of
wMatsui of Nagoya! xDDDDD

It's a good thing la~
It's a good thing~

Yay! I'm glad lizzie-san likes the wMatsui OS!
But I wouldn't describe it as perfect, it has too much things that needs to be improved....
And fufufu~ (^m^)
Lizzie-san isn't the first person wanting a Jurina part for this one~
So... I'll see~
Maybe I'll write one, maybe I won't xDDDD
But thanks for commenting!


Next post for update pwease~~~ (^^)v
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I'm so sorry for taking so djlaghsldajflasdghklajsdfh long with this update~
I couldn't think of how to get Churi's feelings across (as I have been raging on Twitter about xDDDD)
You'll get what I mean when you guys read it~

School starts on Tuesday!
People to harass!
I was starting to get all moldy from lack of harassment during this four weeks holiday~
It's horrifying, I say!
Sucks having a long holiday~~~

Anyway, here's the update!
And really, thank you all for commenting!!!
Seems like many liked my wMatsui OS!
So happy~~~ Fufufu~ (^m^)

The Perfect Bodyguard - Chapter 9

There’s no blood on the outside that Imade could see, but it was obvious that there had been some bleeding inside the skin. With how the leg is swollen and purple red in color, Imade was almost sure that one of the bone pieces must’ve cut the girl’s smaller blood vessels. Imade prepared herself to at least, even though she didn’t want to do it, do as much as she can to reduce the pain for Jurina. She grabbed the two bags by her side and dropped it outside the cell, knowing that they will only take up unnecessary room inside the cell.

“Can you please look after those two bags for now?” Imade asked the guard in a whisper. The guard opened the two bags, looked inside, then nodded. Quietly thanking the guard, Imade returned to her original position by Jurina’s leg and started crushing some of the herbs so that she can quickly make some pain relief ointment.

Airi watched Imade moved away as Rena explained in details about her offer. Squinting her eyes slightly, Airi could just see a little flash coming from inside one of the bags where the items inside the bag caught the light coming from the flicking candle flame on the table above. Her eyes widened slightly when she realized that the items inside the bags were their weapons. Quickly looking away from the bags, Airi turned back her focus to Rena just as the princess finished explaining.

“So, what do you think? Are you two up for it?” Rena asked as she waited patiently for Airi to answer. Rena was glad to be able to finally stop speaking, she had been speaking for slightly too long, making her tongue dry like sand paper.

Airi blinked and then closed her eyes as she tried to remember everything that Rena said. “Okay... So in a shorter form,” Airi spoke slowly with her eyes closed as she tried to recall all the details that the princess spoke off, “You want us to be your bodyguards but you will let us go free anyway, whether or not we accept the offer.” Rena nodded. “If we accept your offer, our job is to protect you.”

“Churi and Kanakana as well,” Rena added as she pointed to her two little sisters by her side.

Airi nodded and continues, “Jurina’s leg is guaranteed to be fixed, we will be counted as a subject of Emperor Yuasa and thus will be protected by his men and we will be paid as well as given somewhere to live inside the palace. Did I miss anything out?”

Rena thought for a while and shook her head, “No. That is about it.”

To be honest, Airi didn’t even know whether it was a good thing or not that she didn’t miss out anything the princess offered because right now, Airi was having trouble figuring out if this was a trap. Was it a trap laid down by Sakae? Did they make the princesses come and stop the torture so that Airi and Jurina would trust them more and perhaps even spill them secrets? Airi wasn’t sure. She really didn’t know.

Airi thought about the good things and the bad things about accepting the offer, disregarding the fact that this might be a trap. ’If we accept, not only will Jurina’s leg be fixed. We will also be free, we will be safe. No more killing and running around. We will even have a better sleeping place inside a palace. A PALACE! Who could’ve thought that we would even get a chance to live INSIDE a palace!?’

However, Airi bit her bottom lip as she looked over to Jurina and thought about the negative points, ’But Jurina’s mother is still with Togasaki, which means that the moment his spies found out we’ve switched to Sakae, Jurina’s mother would be in danger. He did say afterall, that if we betrayed him, then it would not just be our lives on the line. And the thought that we will actually have to betray someone...’

Jurina groaned as she suddenly felt something cold being spread on her sore leg, but her groan quickly turned into a sigh of relief as she focused on the new cold and soothing sensation on her leg. Having heard the whole conversation and realizing that Airi was probably actually thinking about the offer since she was silent, Jurina spoke up. Without turning around, Jurina pushed herself up so she was resting on her two elbows and said in a firm voice, “No.”

Suddenly hearing Jurina’s voice again once again snapped Airi out of her thoughts. “Are you okay?” Airi asked as she attempted to reach over and help the girl up.

Jurina ignored Airi’s helping hand and repeated, “No. We refuse your offer.”

Rena looked at Jurina’s back, her eyes widened, ’Is she crazy? This is the best offer anyone could ask for!? And she is refusing it?’ Rena was just about to say something to convince Jurina to take the offer when Airi spoke up in a much more different tone than the voice she used when talking to her.

“Wait, Jurina,” Airi said in the best convincing tone that she could manage, the tone she usually uses when she is trying to get Jurina to stop starting fights with other children back in the city, “Thinking about, Jurina. It would be a good thing. Your mot-“

“I don’t care,” Jurina said, cutting Airi off. Jurina turned her head around and looked at Airi, “I can’t go back on a promise of loyalty that I made.”

Getting slightly impatient that Jurina refuses to see the good points in this offer, Airi almost shouted at Jurina as she waved her arm around, trying to emphasize her point, “Who cares about the promise! It won’t be the first promise that you break anyway!” The moment those words left Airi’s mouth, she regretted saying them right away because she saw, for the first time in a long time, a slight pained expression in Jurina’s eyes. The pain lasted a few seconds in the girl’s eyes before they turned emotionless again.

As Jurina stayed silent, the atmosphere in the cell became too awkward for Imade to handle. Stopping her work, Imade looked up at Rena, silently asking for Rena to say something to break the silence. Rena looked at Imade, then at the two girls and then back down at Jurina and said, “Uh... We’ll give you two time to think about it. We’ll come back later.” Putting her hands on Kanako’s shoulder, Rena ducked her head as she walked out of the cell, pushing Kanako out with her. As she needed to rejoin the princesses, Imade quickly took the rest of the ointment and applied it onto Jurina’s leg.

Akane didn’t move even when she realized her sisters had both moved out of the cell. The whole time Rena was talking, Akane was looking at Airi. The whole time, Akane was watching as different emotions flashed in Airi’s eyes as the girl listened and spoke and even now, as the girl is deep in thoughts. This was the first time that Akane had ever seen an assassin with so much emotions before. Most of the time, when she sees assassins being led down into the prison here, their eyes are almost identical to Jurina’s, emotionless, with the extra difference that Jurina’s eyes always looked like she was hiding something. However, Akane had never seen an assassin like Airi, an assassin who can still be emotional after killing who knows how many people.

Perhaps it was because that Airi was different, that made Akane take an interest in her in the first place. There was something that Akane saw in Airi’s eyes that night when the girl held the sword against her throat that Akane didn’t quite understand. Akane wasn’t sure, but it almost felt like she saw something similar to guilt or even hopelessness in Airi’s eyes at that moment, just before the girl decided to release her. The only thing that Akane knew right now, was that she really wanted to help Airi. Unlike the other assassins, who have already gotten used to the idea of killing people for a living, Akane knew that if Airi was given the chance to, she would rather choose not to live the life she’s living right now. And Akane knew that because she felt Airi was different. Call it a hunch or whatever, but Akane had never been wrong before about things like these. That being the reason why even her father asks her to help him out with battle plans sometimes. After all, Akane’s strategies always come from those strange feelings inside her that tells her that this is the right way to do things and so far, there has not been one time where Akane’s strategies has failed.

Airi frowned as Rena started to leave. She needed to give an answer now. They may say that they will return, but that doesn’t mean that they actually will. And Airi really didn’t know if the torturer would come back once the princesses leaves. Airi looked at Jurina who was staring at her own leg intensely. ’Should I go with what I want to do? Or should I stick with Jurina to the very end...?’

“Churi? Aren’t you coming?” Rena called out from outside the cell, finding it weird that Akane still hasn’t followed them out.

Airi looked up at Akane only to find the princess staring at her, with eyes that Jurina used to look at her with when she always said to Airi that she wanted her own horse. ’Horses! Was that the reason why Jurina wants to finish this order so badly? Because she had always wanted a horse of her own?’ Unconsciously, Airi bit her bottom lip again as she debated inside her head with which decision to make. Airi didn’t understand why Akane was giving her those eyes, but Airi had always been weak when it comes to eyes like that. Without even knowing why she did so, Airi mumbled, “I’ll do it.”

Rena, who had just realized that Akane was still staring at Airi, turned to Airi with a smile and nodded her head, “Thank you. Your decision helps us a lot.” Poking her head back into the cell, Rena looked at Jurina who was still refusing to look at anyone but her leg, “Jurina? Do you also have an answer as well? Or do you want us to give you more time to think about it?”

Jurina sits up and pulled her leg away from Imade even though the girl was still rubbing the ointment on her leg to make sure it iss fully absorbed. Now that the pain was less, Jurina stood up and dusted her clothes. “I can go get my own leg fixed,” Jurina said out loud to no one in particular. Then walking right up to Airi, Jurina looked at Airi right into the girl’s eyes with an emotion that Airi have never seen before, “It is only because you,” Jurina stabbed a finger at Airi’s chest, “don’t have anything left behind that you care about and therefore, you can take the offer. But I do. I have mother. And there’s Sakiko too. I won’t let my mother or the captain fall into trouble because of a stupid offer.”

Airi stared at Jurina in surprise and said in a tone of voice slightly too loud, “But Sakiko isn’t even one of our own! She works for Toga- She works for him!”

“Not one of our own?” Surprisingly Airi further, Jurina chuckled with that emotionless face of hers, “In my book, Sakiko is counted more as one of my own than you are.”

Airi stared at Jurina and felt like her heart was torn in half by those simple words that Jurina had said. All those years of friendship, those laughter that they went through, those tears that they shared, those fights that they had both fought together... such memories couldn’t even beat a person who worked for someone they had both grown to dislike one way or another.

Seeing that Airi was quiet, Jurina continued, “Sakiko have been more of an older sister to me than you have been.” Taking one step closer to Airi’s shaking body, Jurina whispered, “You had me to comfort you after you took your first kill. But what about me? Where were you after I took my first kill?”

Airi stayed quiet as she thought over Jurina’s words. That night after their first assignment, Airi had been so scared that the moment they received their rewards from the emperor, Airi ran away and hid in the tree that she always climbed onto whenever she needed time on her own. It was a place that was secret to everyone, even Jurina. At that moment, Airi didn’t even think about what was happening to Jurina. All that was on her mind was the face of the dead man and the blood that was covering Jurina’s hands. Now that Airi come to think of it, perhaps that was when their friendship started falling apart. Airi wasn’t there when Jurina needed someone by her side the most.

Stepping away from Airi again, Jurina walked outside the cell and picked up her weapons from the bag. After finish strapping them on, Jurina said without looking back at Airi, “Still want to know how I know not to look at the eyes when I kill someone, Airin?” Jurina paused for a second before continuing, knowing that the use of the girl’s nickname will bring make the girl pay even more attention to her, “Sakiko told me.” With that, not even turning back, Jurina walked off and out of the prison.

Rena and Imade stared at the two girls, shocked. Both were thinking about the same thing. About the person they were talking about. Imade looked at Rena and Rena looked back. Both asking each other the same question silently with their eyes, ’Is the Sakiko they’re talking about, Matsui Sakiko?’ But before Rena could ask Jurina, she realized the girl had already left.

Airi’s legs weakened at the sight of Jurina’s back disappearing into the dark hallway, followed by the guard. She dropped herself to the ground, not knowing why she didn’t run after Jurina. Her eyes felt really hot and for the first time in a very long time, Airi felt something warm rolled down her cheeks. When Airi suddenly felt a pair of warm arms wrap around her, she cried. The tears that she had held back for so long because she didn’t want to break down in front of Jurina, the tears that she had held back because she needed to be strong for Jurina and be someone she can lean on, the very same tears that she had promised herself not to see again when her parents told her to stop crying before they died, poured out of her eyes like a waterfall.

Airi clamped her mouth shut, trying to hold back in her tears but she couldn’t. When a soft voice whispered in her ears, telling her to let it all loose and that she no longer had to hold them back, Airi finally cried out loud. She cried harder when reality started to sink in.

Jurina had left her.
She could no longer protect Jurina.
Jurina no longer needed her.
The friendship between the two of them was gone.
They were enemies now, working for two different factions that are at war with each other.
No more will Airi wake up in the middle of the nights when someone has nightmares.
No more will someone slip into her own blankets and hug her close when the night gets too cold to sleep alone.

She was alone.

Sorry this is quite a short update~
As I said, I couldn't write this part good enough...

Anyway, due to MJSK 3 influence,
I'm starting to faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall in love with Paruru and Yuria~
And yes, I officially declare myself a ParuPeace shipper~
Because of that, yes, rest assure, there WILL be ParuPeace OSs in the future~
Perhaps, when I finally get my hands on the second episode of MJSK 3,
I'll get enough idea to write a ParuPeace OS~

Yay! Finally updated!
Hope you guys liked it!
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Wow... wow. Jurina's words even pierced my heart LOL. awh Airin </3 ... she's like.. my favorite character in this story so far >< I want her to be the one to save Jurina's mother or something
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Aggghh poor jurina.. the lonely kid
also poor airin...
pleae someone save them
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*gasp* i fell behind!

hahaha i should comment all over the place more often? rofl rofl now that would just be a mess  :P

YES YES write some other renairin please  :w00t:  makes me happy to know theres gonna be more renairin coming  XD
LOL *facepalm* i actually forgot she had something planned for the weekend  :nervous
magical mushroom indeed o.o *shrugs*  :D
haha i shall see you try convert me xD

i sorta wanna strangle jurina a bit LOL but i guess its not her fault that shes like that D:

airin and kanakana went on a rampage ! haha running around without needing to rest....very impressive  8)
ooh there goes airin randomly saying stuff about rena unconsciously  :D
renairin renairin~~ i have no idea what im talking about anymore  :panic:

and that wmatsui!
it was definitely a surprise finding out which pairing of wmatsui it was  :twothumbs

my poor airin *cries* why must jurina be like so....churi is definitely loving airin  8)
but now i wonder what jurina is gonna do :O

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I read everything I missed in one go, and I have so many things to say, but because I'm away, and reading through phone, I'm gonna comment properly when I'm back home. But I'm starting my work on Wednesday, so I dunno how soon I'll be able to properly comment.
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Oh! So now we know why Jurina has been cold to Airin.. Her words sound selfish, but seeing what she has gone through, I can understand why she said that.. I feel bad for Airin, that must be hurt..

Now Jurina has refused the offer, I wonder what will happen next.. And seems like the WMatsui moments won't start so soon..

Btw Churi as a strategist is so badass~
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Jurina was so mean with airin   :ptam-hbk:
she not realize that they most care about her is airin?  :on voodoo:
I just hope that Jurina ever realizes how wrong she was
and she returns to be friends with Airin  :pleeease:
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Jurina ...You left Airin Alone with the Princess.... :scolding:

Jurina Care for her Mother that why she didn't take the Offer :hee:

I WANT WMATSUI but take time to write it....~~~ :OMG:
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The girls in this chapter remind when me and my friends go to events of anime XD
The difference is that we don't have money to buy so many things hahaha  :lol:
I want to see what will happen in the next chapter  :hehehe:

Oh god what will happen??!!
I can't wait for the next chapters  :gyaaah:
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T_T So sad
I hope Jurina will come back to Airin
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noooooooooooooooo :stoned:
Jurina's words made me feel really sad  :fainted:
don't go Jurina  :pleeease:
Airin is alone now  :gyaaah:
and what will you do to Rena  :OMG:
I'm confused  :frustrated:
what will happen  :fever:
I hope the best  :prayers:
I can't wait for the next  :on hobo:
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Thank you for commenting, StaRzRus-san!
And fufufu~
StaRzRus-san wants Airin to save Jurina's mother?
Hmmmm~ We shall see~

Airin has got Churi to save her~
And Jurina have Rena! (soon~ Sometime in the future)
Don't worry, msst-san, Rena and Churi will save them soon enough~

Oh hi there, Pandah-san~ (^-^)/
Your comment gave me a good laugh again~ xDDD

ooh there goes airin randomly saything stuff about rena unconsciously
renairin renairin~~ i have no idea what im talking about anymore
Especially this part xDDD
I was actually picturing my imaginary Pandah-san flailing around like that emoticon xDDD

Anyway, for the RenAirin OS, it's a maybe.
I have a lot of them piled up unfinished in my word doc,
but yeah, I suck at writing OS, so I might never get back to them.
Like, ever.

And I give up trying to convert Pandah-san into a KumiNon shipper
because, lately, I'm loving Yuria A LOT so yeah, please, stay as a KumiYuri shipper.
As I too, have started to ship KumiYuri more than KumiNon. xDDDDD

So yeah, keep those "messy" commenting coming, Pandah-san~
I love them~ <3 xDDDD

It's okay, sakura-san~
Work is more important than my fanfic, of course.
So take your time (^^)
Tako will wait for as long as sakura-san needs to comment. (^m^)
Ganbare at work, sakura-san! (^^)o

>>Kamen Knight
Everyone feels sorry for Airin~
Lol, what's up with THAT~?

But yeah, wMatsui moments won't start anytime soon~
Probably be about 4-5 more chapters???
Or maybe more? I dunno.
I suck at counting xDDDD

Don't worry, Sara-chan~
Jurina will come back, in time.
Some time in the future xDDDD

If in real life, Airin would love that.
Jurina leaving her behind with Rena Churi~
It's kind of funny now that I think about it,
Airin and Jurina always seems to be fighting with each other.
wMatsui <--> RenAirin
JuriChuri <--> Furuyanagi

I guess Juribait-san is the same as my friends then xDDD
My friends do that when they go to anime expos and stuff too xDDD

Don't worry, kahem-san~
Jurina will~ Some time in the future xDDD

Don't worry, mo-chan~
Things will start clearing up in the next few chapters,
then mo-chan won't be confused anymore xDDDDD

Heya, minna~
Sorry for updating late.
School started~
And thus, hell has started~
Seriously, the IB Diploma is like, much harder than I thought it would be~
But meh, I'll have to deal with it~
Just two years to survive and then KABOOM! Graduating high school with that diploma is incredibly rewarding~

Anyway~ Yeah, because of that, updates are back to once every one or two weeks.
Depending on amount of school work. But hey, I'm becoming slightly more organized.
Once I get a laptop bag, I'll take my laptop to school and maybe can get something typed up during the numerous amount of free periods that I have lol~
Ofc, that is, once I finished my homework, and once I ACTUALLY get a laptop bag~
Which I still haven't gotten yet.
Anyway, update for AGP is up (next post)~
Hope you guys like it!
Sorry it's slightly short....
But yeah, enjoy~
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SKE All Girl's Private School - Chapter 17

It was real entertainment for both Mizuki and Jurina to watch as Akane ran around the expo with Kumi and Kanon. They almost felt sorry for Kanon, seeing that Kumi was refusing to let go of Kanon’s hand. Or more accurately, Kanon’s credit card. Kumi was a blur in the crowd, running from one stall to another, stopping only to beg Kanon to buy something for her. Akane on the other hand, was different. Occasionally, Akane would pick up something and then turn around and smile at Jurina. Akane doesn’t ask Jurina to buy it for her though, she was only showing Jurina the things she finds interesting. Once she sees Jurina smiles back, she would place it back down and go off to somewhere else. Unknown to Akane, Jurina secretly bought some of the things that Akane showed her. Mizuki bought some as well, as a birthday present for Akane because she couldn’t think of anything to buy her.

“Nee, Jurina, how much do you have left?” Mizuki nudged Jurina with her elbow as she walked over to the stall that Akane finally left.

“Hmm?” Jurina mentally counted and then said, “Cash I don’t have much left. But I haven’t started using my card yet, so I still have quite some left. Why?”

Mizuki pointed to the figurine that Akane stared at for a long time and then looked back at Jurina. Understanding what Mizuki wanted to do, Jurina picked up the figurine and stared at it. After a while, Jurina flipped the figurine around carefully and looked at the price. Jurina’s eyes widened at the figure she saw and she stared at Mizuki, “You serious?”

“C’mon, Jurina. Please? I know for a fact she will definitely love this one. I know it’s a bit too expensive even if we half it, but it’ll be the last thing I buy today. Please?” Mizuki begged Jurina. She really wanted Akane to get a good present and so far, with the small things that she brought so far, Mizuki wasn’t confident that Akane would be happy with those small presents.

Jurina bit her bottom lip and looked at the price again. Even if she and Mizuki join up to pay half each, the money they individually need to pay is still a five digit figure.

“Just this once, Jurina. Last one,” Mizuki repeated again when she saw some hesitation in Jurina’s eyes, knowing that the girl was close to reaching her decision.

Jurina looked up at Mizuki, then turned her head and looked at Akane who was laughing at how Kumi was hugging Kanon after the co-head girl bought her another item. Seeing Akane’s bright smile, Jurina thought to herself, ’For her birthday. Once a year. I guess a five digit doesn’t matter hmm~’ Jurina grinned when an idea suddenly popped into her head. She called the person in charge and pointed at the figurine in her hand. That person immediately smiled and gave Jurina a new box. Jurina took the box and gave the person her credit card.

Mizuki looked at Jurina, shocked, “I thought we’re halving?!”

Jurina ignored Mizuki as she pinched in her pin code and took back her card and receipt. Handing the figurine to Mizuki, Jurina grinned, “Oh don’t worry, Mizuki, it’s okay. You have to pay too, in a different way.” Mizuki looked at Jurina, confused. Jurina laughed, “I would rather pay for the figurine than to pay for dinner like I always do.”

Mizuki gasped as Jurina walked away, laughing. “O-Oi! T-That’s not fair! O-Oi! Swap! I’ll pay you back for the figurine! Y-You pay for dinner! O-Oi! Jurina! Come back!” Mizuki shouted as she ran after Jurina, clenching tightly to the expensive box that Jurina had just handed to her.


“I still can’t believe you would do that to me,” Mizuki complained for the nth time that day as she and Jurina continued to walk in the direction where the other girls had disappeared off to. Since the purchase of the large expensive figurine, every few minutes, Mizuki would complain about it. Complaining that Jurina made her pay for dinner instead of the figurine when it was her that thought of buying the figurine in the first place. Mizuki couldn’t deny it though, Jurina was quite smart to be able to think of this way to get herself away from having to pay for the birthday dinner like she does every year. After all, birthday dinner are worth much more than a five-digit-worth figurine.

Jurina just grinned and continued to walk as she watched Akane pull Kumi away from Kanon. A smile climbed onto Jurina’s face when she remembered how she and Akane used to play around like that too when they were still small, before they came to this school.

“You look like you’re staring at your girlfriend,” Mizuki said as she shifted her bags to her other hand, balancing out the stress on her arm.

Jurina laughed at Mizuki’s words, “No way. Like I said before, Churi is just a friend.”

“But don’t you think it’s about time you find someone? Or are you really planning to spend the rest of your school life with a bunch of fangirls?” Mizuki asked as she stopped in front of a vending machine and bought both herself and Jurina a can of soda.

Jurina thanked Mizuki and took the drink. Upon hearing her name being called, Jurina looked up and saw Akane holding up something that looked like a keyring. Jurina smiled at the girl and opened her can of soda and then answered Mizuki’s question, “Me and Churi would never work out. She gets jealous too easily, as I said before many many times.”

Mizuki frowned, “Well, have you even given Churi a chance?”

Jurina shook her head, “Don’t plan to.”

“You will never know the outcome unless you try,” Mizuki said as she picked up the keyring that Akane was holding up before. Mizuki immediately placed the item back down when she saw the price, ’How can someone sell something this expensive?!’ Mizuki watched in surprise as someone picked up the same keyring Mizuki put down and quickly bought it, not even looking at the price.

Jurina pointed and laughed at the expression on Mizuki’s face and said, “There’s no point in trying if you know what the outcome will be.”

Mizuki shook her head at Jurina’s words and said, “Nonsense! I know I lose to you every time we race in athletics, but I still race anyway because I never know if maybe, one day, my effort would actually pay off and I would beat you in a race! Impossibility only exists if you don’t even bother trying in the first place.”

Jurina stay silent and picked up the keyring that Mizuki picked up before. Looking at the price, Jurina quickly bought it and put it in her bag, adding it to the rest of the collection of Akane’s birthday present.

Mizuki continued, seeing that Jurina wasn’t going to say anything, “Look at Kuumin and Non. Remember Kuumin before she was with Non? She was just like you, flirting with almost every girl that was within ten meters of her. And wasn’t it you that told her to go out with Non after Kuumin said that she might like Non a few months after Non started hanging out with us?”

“Yeah, I remember. And then Kuumin said something like it will never work out between the two of them because Non was an ace student and would never really like someone like her more than just a friend,” Jurina mumbled.

“Exactly. But then when we actually got Kuumin to go and ask Non out, the two of them ended up well didn’t they? I mean, look at those two,” Mizuki said as she pointed over to where Kumi was running around with Akane while Kanon was trying to catch up, her credit card still in hand as well as all the other bags of things that Kumi had bought.

“It’s two different situation,” Jurina shook her head, “Firstly, Non and Kuumin were never childhood friends to start with. Two, the thing that Kuumin was worried about was that Non might not like her because she was the ace student and Kuumin didn’t want to get rejected. Three,” Jurina said as she held up three fingers in front of Mizuki’s face, “Even if Kuumin and Non were childhood friends to start with and Kuumin was the same as me, worrying about the relationship ruining their friendship, Non isn’t the type of people that gets jealous easily, unlike Churi.”

“Psssh~ Excuses~” Mizuki said and pushed Jurina’s fingers away. “If it’s really just these things that are holding you back from being in a relationship, then why don’t you go look for a girl that aren’t childhood friend with you, someone who will stay friends with you even if you two break up and someone who aren’t the jealous type. Are there really no one in this school who fits into your oh-so-specific category?” Mizuki asked. She tapped her own forehead as a memory suddenly resurfaced, “What about that time when you came into our room to get Churi up for breakfast duty? You asked me that weird question which obviously, even a three year old would know was obviously NOT for a friend.”

“Is it normal for a person to feel like they’re a completely different person when around another person and just when alone with them, that person acts really different to how they usually act?”

Mizuki waited for a few seconds before continuing, “There is someone isn’t there?” Her words sounding more of a statement than a question.

Jurina frowned at Mizuki’s words. Instantly regretting ever asking Mizuki that question, even though the girl did help her by redirecting her to Kumi, whom she still haven’t gone to yet. Jurina was about to say no and deny the fact when she suddenly spied someone familiar over at where there was someone in a cosplay. Instantly, a smile climbed back onto Jurina’s face as she saw the familiar bright smiling faces belonging to that particular girl. Unconsciously, Jurina whispered out loud to herself, “There is someone alright...”

The words didn’t escape Mizuki’s ears. The girl turned to look at where Jurina was looking at but frowned when she saw that the only thing that was familiar to her was a certain girl’s back. Mizuki turned around when she heard footsteps running behind her.

“I give up! I can’t do this anymore. All my money! Those two are crazy!” Kanon cried as she dropped the bags onto the ground and finally tucked her credit card back into her purse. Noticing Jurina staring at somewhere, Kanon was about to ask Mizuki what was wrong with Jurina when a pair of arms suddenly wrapped around her waist and a head rested on her shoulder.

“Please, just one more manga?” Kumi asked as she held tightly onto her girlfriend, refusing to let go.

Kanon shook her head furiously, “No way! You’ve spent way too much money already. Oh wait, let me rephrase that. You’ve made ME spent too much money already.” However, seeing that Kumi was refusing to let go, Kanon turned to Akane for help, knowing that if she doesn’t get help soon, she would give in to Kumi’s request sooner or later, “Help me, Churi!”

Akane heard the request but just laughed. She could understand why Kumi was begging Kanon to buy it for her. The girl had been hunting for that manga for a long time and it was her favorites too. Although Akane felt slightly sorry for Kanon for being harassed by Kumi, she just stood back and laughed, unable to bring herself to help the co-head girl.

Mizuki stepped in, deciding to drop Jurina’s love topic and help out Kanon before everyone else starts looking at them weirdly. “Dinner or manga, Kuumin. Choose one,” Mizuki said, straight to the point. Kumi either let Kanon buy her the manga and go without dinner, or she could stop begging for the manga and then eat dinner. Knowing how much Kumi loved eating, Mizuki knew the girl would choose dinner over manga.

Kumi immediately stopped upon hearing Mizuki’s words and frowned at the girl, “Mou... That’s not fair.”

Kanon fixed her clothes and hair and puts away her card properly. Then the girl turns to Mizuki and said in a joking tone, “I never thought I would ever say this, but thank you.”

Akane laughed again while Mizuki just grinned slightly. Mizuki’s mind was still too focused on Jurina’s words to fully understand the humor in Kanon’s words just then.

“Let’s go eat now, Kuumin and I are getting hungry,” Akane suggested.

“Of course you guys are. You two have been running around all day!” Kanon laughed.

Mizuki nodded, “Yeah, now would be good. It’s still slightly early, but then we can take our time eating instead of rushing. Let’s go.” Mizuki and Kumi followed after Kanon who was leading the way as none of the girls knew where the restaurant was.

Seeing that Jurina was still standing there, Akane tapped Jurina on the shoulder, “Jurina-chan? What’s wrong?”

Jurina jumped at the sudden contact then relaxed when she realized it was just Akane. She smiled at the girl and shook her head, “Nothing.” Looking over the girl, Jurina saw the others walking off. Confused, Jurina asked, “Where are the others going?”

“To eat, of course. We are getting hungry already,” Akane answered with a grin.

Jurina nodded and started walking after the girls while being confused about why she didn’t hear the girls discuss about it just then. Or perhaps it was just because she was too deeply absorbed in her thoughts.

Akane followed after Jurina and slipped her hands into Jurina’s as the two of them slowly walk behind the three girls at the front.

Jurina’s hand slightly flinched when she felt a familiar warmth made contact, but she relaxed and allowed that warmth to hold on as it was the girl’s birthday and she didn’t want to upset her. As they walked, inside Jurina’s head, Mizuki’s words replayed over and over again.

”Are there really no one in this school who fits into your oh-so-specific category?”

Jurina smiled as she recalled the girl’s words. Then inside her mind, she repeated to herself as her mind flashed back to the smiling face next to the Kuroshitsuji cosplayer, ’Oh yeah, there is someone, alright~’

Suddenly, the hand holding onto Jurina’s doesn’t feel as warm as it used to anymore.

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The Perfect Bodyguard - Chapter 10

Rena rolled her shoulder a few times as she walked out of her room, her bow in one hand and her arrows in a quiver in another. Today was another training day for the new archers and Rena was eager to help teach them, seeing it was still going to be a while before she would be able to set foot outside the palace. However, there was still some time before it starts so Rena decided to go visit someone who she haven’t been seeing often in the last few days.

“Churi!” Rena called out to the girl in the hallway as she walked towards her.

Akane’s hand stopped just in front of the door, about to slide it open. She turned her head and a smile immediately grew on her tired face as she waved back at her sister with her free hand that wasn’t holding onto the small bowl of water and towel, “Rena!”

“How are you?” Rena asked as she patted her little sister’s head and fixed the girl’s fringe that have been brushed back possibly by the wind when the girl went out of the palace.

Akane’s smile faltered slightly, “Tired.”

Rena looked at the bowl of water in Akane’s hand and then she looked at her face and her eyes focused onto the faint but visible bags under Akane’s eyes. Rena frowned, “I told you to leave that to the healers, why are you doing it by yourself?”

Churi gave a small weak smile, “The healers are already busy enough fixing the wounded soldiers, Rena. If you tell them to help, they would only check on her every once in a while. That is how those healers always work. She really needs someone to look after her right now, Rena, not someone to check on her.”

Rena sighed and decided to drop the persuasion, her sister had a point. “Is she asleep?” Rena asked as she looked at the closed door. There was no sound coming from the room, which was uncommon, considering the state that Airi had been in the last few days ever since Jurina left.

Akane glanced at the door, as if she could see through it, and nodded her head. “She finally stopped crying and slept. That’s why I went out to get some water. But still... she wouldn’t talk or eat anything yet. It’s almost been a week, Rena. If she doesn’t eat soon...” Akane shook her head, refusing to think of what could happen, “I don’t think Airi can start on her job anytime soon.”

“I understand,” Rena nodded, “she has probably been through a lot.” Suddenly, seeing the concern in Akane’s eyes as the girl’s gaze kept returning to the door, a thought popped into Rena’s head. “Say, Churi,” Rena called the girl’s name, gaining her attention, “Do you want Airi as your bodyguard?”

“E-Eh?” Akane looked at her sister in surprise.

Rena smiled at her sister’s reaction, “Jurina and Airi was after both you and me and not just me. So while we’re at it, why don’t we get someone to protect you as well? I’m sure Jurina and Airi won’t be the last person others send. And I know you’re thinking about Kanakana as well, you don’t need to worry about that. Kanakana usually hang around you so if Airi becomes your bodyguard, then she can protect both of you two.” After pausing for awhile to allow Akane to think over her offer, Rena added, “And plus, from the way you’re acting, if we were to find you a bodyguard, you would probably want Airi anyway.”

Akane’s eyes widened at her sister’s words. “W-What!? T-T-That’s not true!” Akane looked away from her sister as she felt her face suddenly becoming hotter. “B-But what about Rena?” Akane asked, still not looking at Rena.

Rena laughed at the pink tint growing on Akane’s face, “I’ve been waiting for awhile already, I can wait for awhile longer. And you are more important right now because you are already playing a big part in the battle planning and father needs you.”

Akane was about to say that Yuasa needed Rena too but before she could, a girl appeared behind her sister. “Rena-chan?” the girl called out. Rena turned around and smiled when she saw her servant standing behind her. “The archers are about to begin their training, Rena-chan. You should get going.”

Rena nodded at Imade and then gave a small smile and another pat on Akane’s head, “We will talk about it later when I finish training them okay?” Without waiting for a reply, Rena quickly jogged towards the archer training area with Imade following closely behind.

Akane watched her sister leave and the turned back to what she was doing before. As quietly as she could, Akane slid the door open and slipped into the room. Setting the tray of water on the table, Akane sat down next to the bed and picked up the towel inside the bowl and squeezed the water out of it. Gently, Akane wiped the glistening drops on the sleeping figure’s forehead without disturbing the girl’s sleep.

Seeing that the muscles around Airi’s face was too tensed up, Akane picked up Papi who was standing on Airi’s shoulder and stroked the bird’s still wounded but almost healed wings. Akane brought Papi up and gave the small bird a small peck on its small head before saying in a small whisper, “I know Airi’s friend will come back. Airi will need to get better before her friend, Jurina comes back right? Jurina probably wouldn’t want to see her like this right now.”

Akane smiled when she saw that Airi’s face had slightly relaxed. Her assumption was right. All the troubles and thoughts in Airi’s mind was too much for the girl to fall asleep deeply. Her mind was still half aware of what was happening around her, hence the girl could hear Akane’s words. Akane stood up quietly and pulled the blankets up to cover Airi’s shoulder. Then just as quietly as she came in, Akane left the room and made her way to the next door on the left where her own room was.


Jurina closed her eyes and stopped for a few seconds as she gathered her remaining strength. Then using all her strength to ignore the pain in her leg rather than to move, Jurina limped towards the city gate of the Akihabara city. The gate was already closed but luckily, Jurina still had Togasaki’s night pass with her. Showing the pass to the guards on duty, the guards nodded and reopened the gate just enough to allow Jurina to slip through. Without bothering to thank them, Jurina went inside the city and breathed out a sigh of relief as the familiar smell of the city reached her senses again.

Making her way slowly back to where her home was, Jurina was glad to see none of Togasaki’s guards outside her house, as they usually would when she is out on a job. There were supposed to be guards that were send by Togasaki to protect her mother. Normally, Jurina would be concern as to why there weren’t any guards outside, but right now, Jurina was just glad. Because now she was sure no one would question her about her whereabouts. However, after thinking for awhile, Jurina made her way painfully up to the roof instead of going inside to her house and greeting her mother, mainly because she didin’t want to have to explain to her mother why Airi wasn’t with her and what happened to her leg and make her mother worry about her too much.

Jurina sat down on her usual spot in the middle of the roof and finally took a look at her leg. She didn’t even look closer and she could tell, under the silver moon light, that her leg was swollen all over again. It looked even worse than before the princess’s servant girl that Jurina remembered as Imade, treated it. ’Must’ve been because I walked all the way back instead of finding a horse...’ Jurina thought to herself as she recalled her long and painful journey home, alone. But then, she couldn’t have gotten her hands on a ride anyway, even if she wanted. Unless she decided to steal one because all their spare silver and loot was with Airi.

Her thoughts suddenly brought her mind back to the girl. ’Airin would probably growl at me right now for being up on the roof at this time of the night without a blanket...’ Jurina thought to herself with a smile as she remembered the way Airi would poke her bottom from inside the house with a long pole through the ceiling of the house and shout at her with that concerned voice of hers,

”Get back down here, Jurina! You’re gonna catch a cold you idiot! The herbs at home are for the patients, not you! Hurry and get back down or else you’re going out to find your own herbs if you get sick!”

Ignoring the pain from her leg, Jurina laid on her back on the roof and looked at the moon. “Why are you so lonely tonight, Lady of the Moon? Where are all your little starry servants tonight?” Jurina asked the moon as her eyes searched the sky to look for the stars. It was a strange sight to see, a clear sky with a bright moon, but no stars. The sky was almost a match with her own situation right now. Where instead of the moon, there was Jurina herself and instead of the stars, there would have been Airi. “Tell me what I should do now, O’ Lady of the Moon...” Jurina asked again out loud in a voice that her mother couldn’t hear. However, before Jurina knew it, while waiting for a reply that would never come, she was fast asleep.

Jurina frowned and squeezed her eyes tighter and turned her face to the side, trying to avoid being constantly hit by small wet drops on her face. When she couldn’t fall back asleep, Jurina sat up and growled at the annoying rain that was keeping her awake. Pulling her hood over her head, she laid back down and tried to go back to sleep again. Suddenly, remembering that Airi said if she ever caught her sleeping on the roof when its raining again, then the older girl wouldn’t let her touch any meat for a whole week, Jurina sat back up and prepared to get back down. But just as Jurina was about to climb back down when something finally clicked in Jurina’s mind.

Airi wasn’t here anymore.

However, although remembering that fact, instead of staying on the roof, Jurina still climbed back down anyway. It was about time to go back and check in with the emperor since it has been over a month since she had left Akihabara on her job. It had taken her longer to come back than it was expected of her.


Jurina nodded her head slightly, instead of bowing as others do, as she walked inside the room and stood in front of the emperor. Togasaki looked at Jurina in surprise, but the surprise look on his face quickly disappeared and was replaced with a slightly angry face. “You were expected to be back more than a week ago,” was Togasaki’s greetings to Jurina after the girl had disappeared for so long.

Ignoring the annoyance at the lack of concern in the emperor’s words, Jurina said, “We ran into some trouble.”

“Has the job been done then?” Togasaki asked, not caring about anything else. As long as Jurina and Airi got the job down, to be honest, Togasaki wouldn’t care how late the girls were. He just wanted the war to hurry up and end. The war had been continuing for longer than he had expected. He had underestimated the Sakae faction and now his own grand army was paying the price for it. Togasaki hadn’t even expected to have to take his grand army into the field. Sakae was supposed to be wiped out by the time the forth army was sent out.

Jurina stayed silent at the emperor’s words, not knowing how to reply and at the same time, not wanting to reply.

Not liking it when people don’t answer him, Togasaki asked again, impatient, “Has the job been completed?”

“No,” Jurina said finally. Simply one word. She didn’t want to have to explain anything else.

“NO!?” Togasaki slammed his two fists on his table as he stared at Jurina, fuming, “Then what are you doing back here!?”

’Even I myself don’t know why I am back here...’ Jurina thought to herself as she waited for Togasaki to sit back down. Seeing that the emperor was on the verge of exploding, Jurina calmly lied to him, “Airin has been captured. I have been injured. I need to fix my leg before I will be even fit to get back into the field.”

Togasaki frowned as he stared at Jurina’s leg. He didn’t need to look anymore than a few seconds to know that the girl wasn’t lying. Her leg was so swollen that it was visible even from where Togasaki was. Fixing his robe, Togasaki slowly sat back down and said, “I’ll get one of the healers to check your leg.”

“No need, the captain can fix it,” Jurina said.

“Matsui won’t be helping you anymore,” Togasaki said as he felt his anger returning at the thought of that traitor.

Confused, Jurina blurted out, “Why?”

Togasaki felt his boiling point reaching the maximum and his fists clenched even tighter as he hissed, “Since when did you start questioning like your friend!?”

Overwhelmed by her concern for the only other person that cared about her, Jurina ignored the emperor’s mention of Airi and asked again, “Why won’t Sakiko help me out anymore?”

Togasaki smirked at the way Jurina was speaking. It was the first time he has seen the girl filled with concern. “If you really want to know,” Togasaki said as he pushed himself up from the mat and made a gesture as he walked out of the room. “Come if you wish to know what I mean,” Togasaki said as he disappeared from the door with his entire royal guard following him. Curious and confused, Jurina followed.

’What is this place...?’ Jurina thought to herself as she widened her eyes at the dark hall that has suddenly appeared in front of her. ’How come I never knew this place existed...?’ Just a few minutes ago, she had followed the emperor into a long abandoned room of the palace, where nothing was in sight but books and dust, layers and layers of dust. Then all of a sudden, she heard a click from where the emperor was standing with his back to her, and then the bookshelves shook and disappeared behind the wall and revealed the hallway that now stood in front of Jurina. At the same time, Jurina felt a cold blast of eerie air hit her face, sending chills up the back of her spine, making her shiver.

Togasaki walked into the hallway, mentioning for Jurina to follow which she did without questioning. The rest of the guards stayed outside, following behind Jurina was only the two personal bodyguards of the emperor. Jurina winkled her nose at the stinging air that was reaching her senses. Air that was filled with the smell that was all too familiar to Jurina’s brain. Air that was filled with the smell of blood. As Jurina got closer, she started hearing painful moaning coming from deep within the dark chamber.

Once they reached the end of the hallway where there was another dungeon-like area, lit dimly by candles, just like the prison that Jurina was in back at Sakae. However, looking around the area, Jurina could almost say that she would rather spend her entire life living in Sakae’s prison than to stay down here even just for one night.

Togasaki waved the key guard over and the guard quickly fumbled for the right key and unlocked one of the prison cells that had metal plates nailed onto the outside that prevented anyone from seeing what was inside the room. Togasaki stood outside the door and pointed to the door, “There’s the person that was supposed to help you with your leg. Now you can either let my healer look at your leg, or you can let Matsui fix it for you.”

Jurina looked at the door, confused at what the emperor meant with his words, slowly made her way forward and pushed the door opened. A small gasp escaped the girl’s usual quiet lips as she stared at the sight in front of her.

Standing, or more like, lying in front of Jurina, was a shattered looking body. There were blood, bruises and cuts everywhere. Jurina wouldn’t have been able to recognize the body that was in front of her was the female captain, chained, if it was not for her long black hair which Jurina knew no one else who worked for Togasaki would have. Jurina dashed forward and dropped down next to the female captain and whispered the captain’s name as she held the captian’s fragile body, “Sakiko...”

Sakiko could barely open her swollen, bruised eyes to see what was happening. But from the small gap that she managed to force open, she could see Jurina staring down at her with concern. A weird emotion not seen often from a girl like Jurina. Sakiko wanted to speak to Jurina, there was so many things she wanted to ask. What happened? Where was her friend? What happened to her targets? Did she manage to kill them? What was she doing here? However, no words could be produced. It was just too much strength for Sakiko to spare. She knew that if she pushed herself too hard now before the guards come in with the healing potion later tonight before she sleeps, she might actually slip into the underworld

Jurina didn’t know if Sakiko was awake, she could see no reaction from the captain when she called her name. Her eyes trailed down as she took a quick look at the state of the girl in front of her. Her gaze froze on something on Sakiko’s leg. Jurina reached out slowly towards that dark ugly scar on Sakiko’s thigh but stopped just before her finger tips touched the blood covered wound, knowing that it would only bring the girl more pain. Instead, Jurina took Sakiko’s cold and unharmed hands into her’s and held onto it, wishing in the back of her mind that there was something she could do to help Sakiko after all that the girl has done for her. Sakiko, still unable to speak, did her best to give a small squeeze back to Jurina’s hand just to let the girl know that she was still in this world and haven’t slipped yet.

“What is the meaning of this?” Jurina asked, finally gathering her strength to look away from Sakiko and at the emperor that was still standing outside the cell, staring at Jurina with an amused look.

Togasaki gave off a cold laugh and said, “Your little friend, Matsui, is a spy, a traitor, a useless being that thought she could stand against my rule. Does that answer your question, my dear Jurina?”

Jurina looked back at the female captain and whispered outloud unconsciously, “Impossible...” Looking back at the emperor, Jurina shouted, “You must’ve gotten the wrong person! Sakiko have been so loyal to you, there is no way she could ever do something like this!”

The emperor laughed again, “Oh, we have the right person, alright? Even Matsui admitted to it herself!”

Jurina once again, looked back at Sakiko, wanting the girl to say something to talk back to Togasaki, but to her disappointment, Sakiko made no movement to talk at all. Jurina didn’t know whether the captain was too hurt to talk, or she just didn’t need to talk back because Togasaki spoke the truth. She really didn’t know. Jurina frowned as she thought over a question in her mind over and over again, ’Why is everyone going against Togasaki?’

“Come now, my child,” Togasaki held out an arm, gesturing for Jurina to join him, “I will go get your leg fixed so that you can go back and finish your job.”

Jurina stood up silently and obediently walked back to the emperor’s side and stepped out of the cell. Sakiko tried to hold onto Jurina’s hand, but found no strength in her grip and felt her mental will to stay attached to this world shattered as her hand slipped from that of Jurina.

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So Jurina met Sakiko in this chapter, maybe somehow Jurina will oppose ppose Togasaki in the next chapter.. Ahh I can't wait the time when Jurina finally be Rena's bodyguard, there must be many good things happen after that..  I wonder who will be met by Rena.. Sakiko?

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Airin hold on  :gyaaah:
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This Togasaki person is scary
Jurina please don't trust that togasaki Tena
Poor Sakiko.....
Churi x Airin RenAirin
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i think i fell in love with ur fiction
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i read chapter 1 to 10 ^^ and i really love jurina character
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i cant wait to read wmatsui scene !
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SKE All Girl's Private School - Chapter 18

When the girls arrived at the restaurant, it was already filled with people, even though it wasn’t eating time yet. Rena peered inside from where she was standing with the girls just outside the entrance and she was surprised with what she saw. The restaurant was filled with people everywhere, but in the middle of the restaurant, was a room with windows for all side of the wall. Rena knew immediately that the special room was the kitchen as she saw a chef putting something that looked like pizza, above the fire. Rena looked away when she heard a desperate voice spoke.

“I know we didn’t book a table, but I can see a few free tables in the back, can we take one? We don’t have that much people!” Masana asked the waiter standing behind a stand with an i-Pad in his hand.

The man looked at the screen and scrolled up, then shook his head as he looked back up at Masana, “I’m sorry, miss, those tables are reserved already. But you can always make a reservation for another day if you-“ The man suddenly jumped when someone else tapped him on the shoulder. Seeing who it was, the waiter did a small bow, “Manager-san.”

“Ah, Masana-chan, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you and your friend,” the manager smiled.

Masana smiled back, “Takashi-san, it has been a while indeed. Things looks much more busy than the last time I came here.”

The manager nodded, “Thanks to one of the top magazines writing an article on our restaurant, our business have been booming. The anime expo that opened up a few days ago seems to have brought more people than usual too. So ladies, what brings you here today?”

“I wanted to bring my other friends for some pizzas here as well,” Masana said, gesturing towards Rena and Airi, “but it seems like every table have been reserved.”

The manager, Takashi, took the device from the waiter’s hand and scrolled up and down the schedule list, “Ah... Hard luck... Indeed, we are booked up right now.... However,” Takashi said as he stopped and scrolled back up a bit, “there is one table where the table is reserved for six thirty. It is now,” he looked at his watch, “only five. If you can finish eating before six thirty, I’m sure I can make an exception and squeeze you girls into that table.” The girls squealed with excitement and immediately agreed and followed the waiter into the restaurant.

Both Masana and Kanako threw their bag into the corner as they reached the designated table. Masana rolled her shoulder a few times as she dropped herself onto the soft cushioned chair and complained, “Not even the teachers’ markings for exams are this heavy! What did you even buy!?”

Kanako laughed and said, ‘It would be good practice then, no? It’ll be easier for you to carry the teachers’ markings next time so you wouldn’t have to get me to help you!” Masana slapped Kanako’s head and ignored the girl.

Unlike Kanako, Airi carefully placed her bags down in the corner, not wanting to damage anything inside. Then turning around, Airi took the bags from Rena and thanked the girl as she placed those bags next to the other bags as well. Rena just smiled and sat down on the opposite side of Masana while Airi took the seat next to Rena, opposite of Kanako.

“So what do you girls want to order?” Masana said as she opened up the menu that a waiter had placed in front of her.

Both Rena and Airi opened up the menu in front of them and looked at the menu then Rena looked up after a while and said, “We don’t know what is good here, so anything is fine.”

“Let’s get the Italian pizza that we got last time! They are really good!” Kanako suggested, jumping up and down in her seat and giving all the girls a large grin.

Airi nodded and said, “I haven’t had any pizzas in a long time, so any pizza will do fine for me.”

Rena on the other hand, had hesitation in her eyes as she looked at the menu and asked, “Are there any meat in it?”

“Of course,” Masana answered.

“It is okay if we um... don’t order meat...? If... that’s okay by you guys?” Rena asked in a really small voice, hoping that she wasn’t causing any trouble for the girls.

Kanako stared at Rena with her mouth wide opened, “What!? But that’s the best pizza in here!”

Masana slapped Kanako’s head again and then ignored her as she turned back to Rena, “Why? Are you a vegetarian?”

Rena shook her head slowly and then mumbled, “I... just don’t like meat, that’s all.” Ever since small, Rena had never liked meat, for unknown reasons. There was just something about that strange taste of meat that just makes it unbearable for Rena. Even if it’s spicy chicken wings, unless she had to, she would pick another food.

“Aha... Well then...” Masana scratched the back of her head as she looked down at her menu again. Finally found a solution to the problem, Masana looked back up and clicked her finger, “We could get one Italian and one spicy vegetarian? I remember you said that you like spicy things right? The spicy pizza here won’t be too spicy so we could still share it around. How about it?” Seeing all the girls nodding with smiles on their faces, Masana waved a waiter over and had him take down their orders and collect up the menus.

“I never knew you didn’t like meat,” Masana said as the waiter walked off with the menus and their order.

“No wonder you always let me eat the meatballs whenever we get meatball spaghetti for dinner,” Kanako said, “I always thought that it was because you found that it tastes weird.”

“I just never bothered telling anyone yet because I didn’t really want to make too much of a big fuss,” Rena said.

Masana waved her hand, “Its fine. If you have any more likes or dislikes like this, you should really tell us. Then we wouldn’t order anything that you wouldn’t eat by an accident.”

Rena smiled, “Thank you. But nope, that’s all there is.”

Hearing Rena’s words, Airi immediately made a mental note to herself, ”Rena-san doesn’t like meat.”

Reaching the end of discussion about Rena’s likes and dislikes, Kanako reached behind her chair and grabbed one of the bags. She brought it up onto her lap and goes through her prizes as they waited for the food to arrive. “Can’t you wait till we get back to school?” Masana asked as she looked at Kanako laying out things onto the table. Kanako mumbled something in return but otherwise continued, ignoring Masana as the head girl neatly stacked the items on the table neatly into a pile.

Rena took out her phone and flipped through the photos that she had taken today at the expo again while Airi, after watching Kanako and Masana, suddenly took out her artbook and a pencil from her bag and starte d drawing down the scene in front of her. When Masana finally realized what Airi was doing, she stopped and pointed at Airi as she reached for the artbook, “Hey! Don’t draw this down!”

Airi poked out her tongue and flipped the artbook around and showed Masana and Kanako the picture she drew. Kanako pointed to her own character and squealed, “Ah! That’s so cute!”

“Thank you,” Airi smiled as she puts down the artbook and started putting her pencil back into her bag.

Rena looked at the artbook that Airi put on the table and then said, “Airin really is good at drawing~”

For some reason, hearing Rena complimenting her drawing instead of others, brought an unneeded wave of heat onto Airi’s cheeks. ”T-Thank you, Rena-san,” Airi whispered in a really small voice as she looked down, finding it impossible to meet Rena’s eyes.

Kanako tried to hold onto her laughter as she watch Airi’s face turning into a different shade of red with each second passing by. Then an idea popped into Masana’s head as she saw how Airi reacted to Rena’s words, “Nee, Airin? How about you draw Rena too?”

“E-EH!?” Airi’s eyes widened in shock, unable to believe that Masana even came up with such a shocking idea. ’Drawing Rena-san!? I can’t! How can I!? I’m not good enough! What if I didn’t draw Rena-san good enough!?’’ The inside of Airi’s head panicked as she thought over Masana’s suggestion.

“You don’t mind right, Rena?” Masana asked.

Rena smiled and shook her head, “Of course not.”

Airi looked away again, blushing and said, “I will try.” Turning back to her artbook with her pencil, Airi turned to a new page in her artbook. After looking at Rena for awhile, searching for a pose to draw Rena in, an image of Rena earlier today popped back into her mind. With a small smile, Airi glued her eyes onto the paper in front of her and started drawing the Rena she had in mind from her memory. The happy, smiling Rena when she is eating a melonpan.

All three girls watched as Airi drew lines after liners onto the white paper and occasionally rubbing out a few imperfect lines. Airi blushed again when she realized the girls were staring at her. Hiding her work closer to her, Airi said as she turned back to her work, “No looking till it’s done.” Rena laughed and then with her phone in hand, she stood up from her seat and moved next to Kanako and Masana and the three girls started taking photos with each other. Airi kept erasing the lines and redrawing them, trying to make her drawing of Rena, perfect.

Masana pointed at Airi as Rena waited for the images they took to save onto her phone, “I’ve never seen Airin take this long with a drawing before.”

“Me neither. Airin could always draw really fast and really well all in a few minutes,” Kanako said as she turned her head back to Rena who was showing her what the previous photo looked like.

Hearing both girls’ words, Rena looked at Airi. Rena kept looked at Airi’s concentrated face and couldn’t help but think that the way Airi bits her tongue whenever she erases something off the paper is really cute. Without disturbing the girl, Rena held up her phone and took a photo of Airi drawing. When she saw that the waiter was coming back with their pizzas, she quickly went back to her seat and sat down. Before putting her phone away, Rena secretly changed the wallpaper of her phone for the second time that day.

“Nee, Airin~ The pizzas are here~” Kanako called as the waiter carefully placed the two pizzas onto the table and with a bow, left the girls to enjoy their meal.

Rena was about to tap Airi on the shoulder but Masana stopped her, “Don’t worry about her. She’ll come back to us when she finishes. Once she gets really concentrated onto drawing something, she kind of shuts off all her other senses and focuses only on drawing.” Rena nodded and retrieved her hand.

The three girls clapped their hands together and said together at the same time before they dig in, “Itadakimasu!”

’Finally finished! There, this should be good enough for Rena-san right?’ Airi thought to herself as she looked up from her drawing and at the girls in front of her. A frown formed on her face when she saw what was on the table, “How come no one told me the pizzas were here already!”

Kanako laughed and said, “We did! But you were just too focus to hear us.”

Airi puts aside her drawing and quickly takes a pizza before Kanako took her second piece. Rena puts down her pizza and wipes her hand on the wet towel provided before picking up Airi’s drawing and looked at it. “Airin really IS good at drawing,” Rena smiled as she looked at her picture.

Airi nearly choked on her pizza when she saw her artbook in Rena’s hands. She reached out with her free hand, trying to take the picture back, “No! Don’t look at it! It’s bad!”

Rena kept the artbook out of Airi’s reach and kept looking from the picture in her hand to Airi, who was still reaching out for her artbook back. Suddenly, surprising everyone, Rena asked, “Can I keep the picture?”

“E-Eh?” Airi stopped trying to take the artbook back, shocked at what she had thought she just heard.

“Please? Can I keep the picture? I really like it,” Rena repeated, begging Airi with her eyes. Rena didn’t know why, but there was something about the drawing that made Rena really wanted to keep it. Rena had an invisible feeling that this picture will soon become something really important to her. The feeling Rena felt radiating from this picture was just like the feeling she felt radiating from the new car that her parents bought home, after saying to her that they will be home more often...


>>Earlier that year<<

“Ojou-sama, okaerinasai. How was school today?” The head maid greeted the young girl as she stepped into the mansion and slipped off her shoes.

Rena gave a tired smile, “Same as usual. Tiring.”

“Lots of homework?” The head maid asked as she took Rena’s schoolbag and followed her into her room and placed it next to her table. Rena nodded. “Well then, shall I get the bath water started so you can relax for awhile before eating dinner and then starting on your homework?”

Rena nodded again, “Yes please, that would be very nice. Thank you.” The head maid bowed and closed the door behind her quietly as she left to fill up the bath.


Ding dong!

“Hai!” One of the maid walked towards the door, ready to greet the visitor.

“Who could be visiting at this time of the night?” Rena asked the head maid who was standing next to her, as she looked at the clock hanging on the wall, reading 8pm.

“Maybe some sort of emergency delievery?”

“Hmm,” Rena hummed as she continued eating and allowed silence to surround them again. She was already used to it, being alone everyday at the dining table, eating dinner in silence.

The front door swung open, “It’s good to be home!”

Rena’s chopsticks stopped half way to her mouth and she looked over her shoulder, where the front door was. In front of the door were two people, dragging in a large suitcase in each. The maids immediately helped the two newcomers carry their luggage into their room.

“Ah~ My lovely Rena~ Tell me, did you miss us?” The woman came over and hugged Rena from where she was sitting.

Rena was surprised, but she quickly recovered. She placed down her chopsticks and frowned, “I missed you two as much as a daughter who could never see her parents for more than two months in total in a year, would miss her parents.”

The arm hugging Rena dropped and Rena’s mother spoke, “Oh don’t be like that, Rena. You know we have to be away for work and-“

“And you two are doing it all for me,” Rena cut her mother off, “I know. I’ve heard that many times already.” Completely ignoring her father and mother, Rena stood up from her seat and looked at the head maid, “I’m going back upstairs to do my homework.”

“But ojou-sama, your dinner is st-“

“I’m full. Thank you for the meal,” Rena said as she made her way back up to her room, unaware of her parents’ eyes staring after her.

Rena’s father walked up next to Rena’s mother and clapped her shoulder, “It’s okay. She’ll be happier once we stay home more often, which we can. We’ll tell her tomorrow okay?” His wife nodded and the two of them made their way back into their room to rest from their business trip back.


Strangely, even with her parents sitting on the table with her, Rena still ate her dinner in silence. No one started up a conversation, no one spoke. Everyone focused only on the plate in front of them. Rena was the first to finish. Just as she was about to stand up and dismiss herself from the table, her mother spoke for the first time that evening, “Rena, wait. We have something to tell you.” Rena, although against her want, sat back down on her chair and waited for her parents to finish their dinner.

“We bought a new car,” Rena’s mother spoke as she placed aside her tray of food.

Rena raised an eyebrow. Her parents buying a car was definitely rare. It was never something they would ever think of. Mainly because they are hardly ever home and having a car would only mean it would be placed at home to be covered in dusts.

Her father placed aside his tray and spoke up, explaining her mother’s words, “I have reached an agreement with my boss, and he has allowed me to remain behind in Japan. Your mother and I will no longer need to fly around the world. From now on, we would be given full charge over the management of the branches in the whole of Japan and apparently, that alone would be busy enough. So my boss will not have time to send me overseas.”

“Which means,” her mother spoke, “that we would be able to stay home with you from now on. Which is why we bought a car. In your next school holiday, we will all go out on a trip, the three of us. How does that sound, Rena?”

Rena stared at her parents, clearly shocked. She didn’t what she should feel. Happy that her parents will finally be able to stay behind longer, or sad that the relationship between her and her parents are so shallow that she felt nothing special towards this news. Without waiting for Rena’s answer, her mother stood up and took Rena’s hand in hers, the very rare motherly touch that Rena have received in her life, and led her to the garage.

“This is our new car, do you like it?” Her mother asked as she released Rena’s hand and allowed the girl to step forward and admire the silver beauty in front of her.

Rena was never knowledgeable in cars. She didn’t what carmaker it was. But what Rena did know, was that the car was beautiful. Rena reached out with her hand and felt the cold metal under her fingertips, suddenly, she felt an uneasy feeling in her heart. At that time, Rena didn’t know what it meant. But it didn’t take her that long to found out what that uneasy feeling she had was.


>>Back to the present>>

Rena could still remember that day as clearly as she could remember what she ate this morning. That day, was one of the days that Rena knew she could never forget. Because the day after her parents told her that they would be able to stay behind from now on, during the school lunchtime, Rena received a call from the Nagoya General Hospital, informing her that her parents had died in a car accident. Since then, Rena had learned to trust her instinct and not to ignore it when she feels like as if something wasn’t right.

“R-Rena-san? Are you okay? Airi asked as she waved her hand in front of Rena’s face.

Rena blinked and then looked around and then she remembered where she was. Looking at the artbook in her hand, she finally remembered what she was doing before too. “So, can I keep it please?” Rena asked again.

“I already said you could, I was asking you for my art book but then you looked like as if you were spacing out,” Airi said.

“Ah, I’m sorry,” Rena apologized and handed Airi’s artbook back to her.

Airi carefully ripped the paper out of her artbook and handed the drawing to Rena, “Rena-san.”

“Thank you,” Rena whispered as she folded the piece of paper and tucked it safely in the inside pocket of her bag. After another long moment of silent eating, Rena breaks into conversation again. “Nee, Airin?” Rena called.

The girls looked up. Airi too, looked up from her pizza, “Hmm?”

“Can I ask you something?”

Airi nodded and swallowed the food in her mouth before answering, “Of course! Rena-san can ask me anything.”

“It’s about something I heard from Masanya today when we chatted,” Rena said. Masana looked at Rena, confused at where she is going. Airi looked at Masana, seeing that confusion on the head girl’s face confused Airi as well. Airi looked back at Rena and waited for Rena to continue. “Does Airin have a brother?” Rena asked.

Masana’s eyes widened when she finally realized what it was that Rena wanted to ask about. She wanted to stop Rena because she really didn’t want Airi to feel offended in anyway, but then she stopped herself because she too, wanted to know the truth behind that strange rumor.

Airi’s confusion grew even more, however, she still nodded, “Yes, I do. How did Rena-san know? I never talk about my brother.”

“From a rumor that Masanya said used to go around the school,” Rena replied, her inside started feeling slightly nervous about going into such a sensitive subject. She really didn’t want to upset Airi with a conversation like this, but she couldn’t help herself. Her curiosity got the better of her.

Airi tried to think of which rumor Rena was talking about and then it clicked in her mind, “Oh, that one.” All three girls stopped eating and was looking at Airi nervously, waiting for her to continue. Then surprising everyone, Airi broke out into a huge smile which Rena though was very cute. She puts down the pizza in her hand, wiped her hand clean and reached into her bag and took out her phone. Quickly searching through her phone, she flipped the phone around and showed the girls the photo on her screen. “That,” Airi pointed to the photo on the screen, “Is a photo of me and my brother.” Then Airi took back the phone and browsed through until she got to the content she wanted. Once again, she opened it and showed it to the girls.

Title: Have fun!
Sender: Oniichan~

Airin! I’m glad to hear that you’re finally going out with your friends instead of telling me that you are going to spend the weekend reading manga and watching anime!

Have fun at the expo! If I was still in Japan, I would’ve gone with you.

Remember not to spend too much money, touchan and kaachan wouldn’t want that.

Seeing the girls were in complete silence, Airi puts her phone away and said, “My brother and I are really close. I would never do anything to hurt my brother.”

The girls smiled, glad and happy to know their friend have a nice and kind brother. Then Rena asked again, “And your parents?”

“They died in a car accident a few years ago before I came into this school.”

“I’m sorry,” Rena immediately said. Feeling guilty for bring such a painful subject up.

“It’s okay,” Airi smiled. After finishing the rest of her pizza, she wiped her hands again and then begin to explain to tell them her story. Something she knew they wanted to know about, but something she preferred not to talk about.

“My parents died in a car accident. Killed by a drunk driver. The driver was drunk and when my father turned the corner, we only saw a bright white light and the next thing we knew, we were in the hospital. My father died immediately after the crash as the drunk driver drove right into him, and my mother died because one of the bones of her rib cage stabbed into her heart. My brother and I were luckier, I guess, you could say. Because we were at the fairground before we got into the accident, I was holding onto a large cushion that I won as a prize. That was the thing that apparently saved my life because it lessened the impact of me slamming into the door when the crashed happened. As in my brother, I guess it was probably because he was generally good at sports and have really tough bones because he only came out of the crash with a broken arm and a few scratches.

After that, our family lawyer came to me and said that all my parents money had been left behind for me instead of my brother. I felt it was unfair to be honest, at that time, when I heard that none was left to my brother. Of course, my brother didn’t mind, but it didn’t feel right to me, so I gave them all to my brother instead. Then my brother decided that the two of us will create a shared bank account and put all the money in there, taking out only a little bit per month so it’ll be as if we’re still getting pocket money, limiting ourselves of the money we can use per month. He also puts in portions of his work money into that account too each time he gets paid.

After we settled down once again, just the two of us, I told my brother I wanted to come to this school and he said it would be a good thing and told me to do it, which surprised me back then, because my brother answered it so quickly it felt to me as if my brother have waited for a long time for me to be gone. But then he explained better and said that he was offered a scholarship to America a few weeks ago but he asked them to him to think about it. He told me to come to this school so he wouldn’t have to worry about me because I was the reason that he was still thinking about the scholarship instead of accepting it right away. That was when I applied for this school and after I settled in, my brother moved off into America. Even now, he still puts portion of his money into our joined account.” Finally finished talking about something that she had kept inside herself this entire time, Airi took a sip of water and sat back in her seat. It felt good to finally be able to talk to someone about it.

“You have a very good brother,” Masana said, being the first to break the silence that grew after Airi finished telling them her own background.

“How come I don’t have a brother...” Kanako mumbled. To be honest, Kanako felt slightly jealous of Airi being able to have someone so nice to be her brother.

The girls laughed at Kanako’s expression and Rena watched as Masana patted the top of Kanako’s head, like a sister. “Now I wonder how the rumor got started,” Masana said as she wrapped one arm around Kanako who shuffled closer to her.

“I think I know why,” Airi laughed. The girls looked at her, surprised yet again but the girl’s words. “It was probably started by one of the otakus at school. They must’ve got angry because I, for some very weird coincidence, cosplayed as the same thing as she had cosplayed and I won the competition. They must’ve gotten jealous and thought that they deserved to win more and thus the rumor started. I mean, they did threatened me to pull out of the competition when I showed up that day in the same cosplay as her.” Airi thought for a while and then mumbled, “Now I wonder how they knew about me having a brother in the first place, considering I’ve never told anyone before tonight.”

“Maybe they stalked you?” Kanako giggled, sending the other three girls into a soft laughter again.

Suddenly the manager walked up to them, sweat upon his brow. With a bow, he apologized to Masana, “I’m sorry, Masana-chan. The people who reserved this table came earlier than they were expected but because they reserved the table, under our restaurant’s policy, they still get first priority. So I’m afraid you girls will have to take leave now.”

Kanako frowned but Masana nodded in understanding, “It’s okay, I understand, Takashi-san. We finished eating anyway. Sorry for causing so much trouble.” The manager sighed in relief and then quickly got the waiters to tidy up the table. The girls stood up from their seat and was picking up their bags when a voice called out,


Rena turned around and her mouth opened in surprised at the person standing in front of her, “Churi?”

Churi and co arrives as the restaurant!
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I feel sorry for Rena when her parents wanted to stay with her they ...  :fainted:
I'm glad that the rumors about Airin was false  :whistle:
interesting interesting  :glasses:
the reserved table was for Churi's birthday  :stuffed:
Jurina have a chance too see Rena outside  :ding:
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i guess churi will ask them to join on her birthday dinner :dunno:
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Ohayou-san i miss wmatsui moment...

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I loved the chapter 18 of AGP *o*
I want more RenAirin moments !!!  :hee:
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The things in AGP are getting good, I feel that something will happen but I don't what, I love mistery  :kekeke:

And finally Jurina saw that Togasaki is bad, how can he do that to Sakiko ?!! :angry1:
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Still Waiting - KumiYuri OS

I don’t know if you could feel it, but whenever we walk home, whenever our hands brush past each other, I swear my
heart skips a beat. Today, I’ve already lost count on how many times my heart has stopped. But you know, if you feel like this too, you hide it pretty well. You just continue on with the conversation as if nothing happened. Or maybe, that is, because nothing did happen. At least not for you.

“Well... this is me,” you said again, with that captivating voice of yours as you stopped in front of your gate. Your eyes showed the exact same thought as I have in mine.

“Unn.....” I mumbled as I look down at the floor, not wanting to part yet. It’s dark, yes, and we both have works that we need to complete once we get home, but no, I don’t want to get home and luckily enough, neither did you

“So,” you spoke again as you leaned against the closed gate of your house, hoping to strike up another conversation, “what homework do you have tonight?”

A smile unconsciously crept on my face. “Just maths, I didn’t manage to finish the exercises today in class so I have to finish it tonight before I study for the test tomorrow. What about Kuumin? Have you finished your exercises already?” I asked, more as a reminder to you than an actual question, knowing how often you get too distracted during class to focus on your tasks.

You nodded and with a laugh said, “Of course. I copied off Jurina at lunch.”

“Mou...” I frowned, “You can’t always copy answers off Jurina, even though her maths isn’t that bad. You have to learn to do the maths yourself, Kuumin... What are you going to do about the maths test tomorrow? Copy off Jurina again?”

You shook your head and gave me a cheeky smile, “Nope. I’m going to copy off you. Tomorrow is Friday, remember? Our seats rotates every Friday, I’ll be sitting next to you.”

I gave you a small slap on the arm, “You baka...”

You took this chance and you grabbed my arm, pulling me closer to you. Not too close, but close enough for me to breathe in your scent, meddling with the senses of my brain. “I’m kidding, Yuria,” you gave me a small smile and looked at me with a sudden seriousness in your eyes, “I will definitely study hard tonight. I won’t slack off. If I am to beat you, I want to beat you fair and square.”

That occasional seriousness in your voice is definitely what made me love you in the first place, I think. At school, you are always the type that messes around and fool you way through the school day. You mess around so much, it’s almost impossible to see your seriousness, if you are ever serious at all. So whenever I see you being serious about something, I feel happy for you, and when I know that you’re being serious about things like this, it makes me happy to know that I was the one who was able to make you like this.

“Be prepared, Yuria, don’t forget our deal,” you whispered in my ears, your warm breathe sending a comfortable sensation down my spine in contrast to the cold air of the night, “I will beat you because I am determine to find out who is it that you love so much.”

I blushed and pulled away. You really are slow when it comes to things like this, Kumi. All your friends could tell, as much as my own friends could tell, without me telling them, that the one I have always loved was you.

“Well, it’s getting dark now,” you said again as you pushed yourself off the gate and turned around to pinch in the code to open your gate. A small beep and a click sounded and you pushed open the gate. “Be careful on your way home, Yuria. Good luck with your homework and studying,” you said and closed the gate behind you and started making your way to your front door. The movement-sensor outside your door sensed your coming and immediately, the lights outside your porch turned on.

“Kuumin, wait!” I called after you without thinking. I wanted to tell you so bad, that the one I love was you, but I couldn’t bring myself to. Everyday we walk home, our friendship grows closer and the urge for me to let you know that I love you was getting stronger. But, what if you didn’t like me? What if your feelings towards me had always only been friendship all along and you didn’t want anything more than that to develop? With those thoughts in mind, just like all the other previous nights, I stopped myself from confessing to you.

“Hmm?” You turned around and looked at me, the light illuminating you, making you stand out from the darkness that surrounds us as you waited for me to continue.

I gave a small smile and shook my head, “No... Nothing... Good night, Kuumin.” I’ll leave it for another time. Now isn’t the time to tell you yet. I’ll tell you later. If I tell you now, it might distract not just me from the test tomorrow, but possibly you as well. I don’t want that. I want you to do well in your test, so your mother would be proud of you, as you have told me many times through the phone that you wanted her to.

You smiled again and waved at me, “Good night, Yuria.” With that, you disappeared into the house and with a barely audible click, closed the door behind you.

After seeing the lights in your bedroom turn on, I frowned and slowly made my way back home as I think to myself over and over again,

’Why was it so hard to tell someone that I like them?’


Wednesday again.

Yuria slowly put her books in her locker and made her way towards the field, where she knew Kumi would be, because it was a Wednesday. Every Wednesday, Kumi would stay behind with Jurina and train. Yuria threw her bag down on the bench and sat down. From where she was sitting, in the spectator area, she would see Kumi running around the tracks, keeping up closely to Jurina.

Sometimes Yuria wished that she was Jurina. To be able to train with Kumi there, on the tracks. She didn’t like only being able to see Kumi’s concentrating face from afar. She wanted to be like Jurina, cheering Kumi on as she ran with her, leading her forward and making her strive harder for a personal best. Yuria wanted to be the one that makes an impact in Kumi’s life. She wanted Kumi to be able to remember her when they are all older and are thinking back to their past. Yuria want Kumi to be able to think back to days like this and be able to think ”Yes, she was the one who cheered me on. She was the one who made me into what I am today.”

But, life never seems to work out the way Yuria wanted.


Jurina stopped the watch as soon Kumi crossed the mark they laid out. “Not bad, Kuumin. Getting better each time,” Jurina smiled as she showed the girl the stopwatch time.

Kumi gave a satisfied smile and dropped herself onto the ground, out of breathe. Jurina was right, she was improving. But there is still room for even more improvements. After a while, Kumi allowed Jurina to pull her up and the two of them walked around the tracks one more time just to cool down their muscles. When they returned from their round, Kumi walked over to her bag while Jurina walked over to her own. Kumi took a quick drink of water and threw her water bottle back into her bag before zipping it up and slinging it over her shoulder.

“Jurina, hurry up! It’s getting dark!” A voice called to them.

Jurina turned around and a bright smile appeared on her face as she greeted the newcomer, “Rena-chan!” Immediately, Jurina grabbed her bag and ran straight to Rena and threw herself into Rena’s arm.

“Argh, you stink, Jurina,” Rena laughed and pushed Jurina’s sweating body away from herself.

Jurina grinned at the girl and giggled, “I know, and you love me for it.”

Rena gave Jurina a smack on the forehead and then turned to Kumi, “Do you want a ride, Kuumin? I could drive you home as well if you want.”