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Author Topic: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ !!RETIREMENT ANNOUNCEMENT!! [4/16]  (Read 107868 times)

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I'm in love with your fanfics!!!  :luvluv1:
(In reality I read some of them in tumblr and here a while, but just now that I decide make a account in this forum  :mon sweat: )
I'm really love the Jurina tsundere mode.  :shy1:
The people here probably will hate but I'm rooting for Wmatsui in the end of SKE All Girl's Private School.  :cool1:
But what I can do ? I'm just a Wmatsui shipper in the end  :bigdeal:
Well good work and keep writing this lovely fanfic. :luvluv1:

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jurina T_T
« Reply #121 on: April 29, 2012, 03:09:56 AM »
i don't mind if u put jurina in every fic you make because i love jurina :D

i'm waiting for update :D

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Yup (^^) Airin is gonna be in the story~
She can't escape from being a character in my writing,
she's too awesome to not write about :lol:

And thank you, Pandah-san, for the comment on the poll!
Thanks too for voting, if you voted xD

Thank you~ <3
And you are welcome~
If you have any more things you need help with,
I'm always open to help (^^)b

Thank you for commenting!
I'm glad you like them (^^)
And I'm glad you decided to make an account too~ d(^^)b


Yay for no complaint for so much Jurina!
Prepare for the JURINA STORM!
*digs out boxes of Jurina-included fanfic plots*

I'm kidding lol~
I don't have boxes of plots xD
But I do have a lot of plots ideas,
that shall remain in my head
until I finish with these two fanfics
because I'm so bad at multi-tasking xD

>>Everyone else
Thank you everyone for reading and/or commenting
and especially thank you to those readers that helped me out by voting~
Votes results came out with:

14 votes for posting in this thread
13 votes for posting in a new topic
And 10 people didn't want me to multitask :lol:

And yeah, since more people voted to have new writing posted onto this thread,
that's what I'll do.
I'm sorry in advance to the 23 voters and others who didn't want me to do that,

PS: Can anyone tell me how to close off a poll? It's my first time creating one so.... yeah... f(^^;)
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Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 1) [4/29]
« Reply #123 on: April 29, 2012, 05:05:54 AM »
So now, onto the updates~
I update this in a different post because I didn't want my previous post to be too long.
Anyway, this is the first chapter of the new fic.
And I have to say, this IS the longest chapter I've written ever.
So, bare with me please~
And I'll try not to make them too long,
but I can't help it, it's too hard to write a short and good one,
so I write a long and average one.

Awoken by shuffling sound on the other side of the room, Airi sat up and rubbed her eyes, “Jurina? You okay?”

The shuffling sound stopped. Followed by a soft sigh.

Airi looked out the window, it was nearly dawn. Yet, because of the thunderclouds, it was still dark outside. Airi slipped out of her blankets and went over to the other girl’s bed. Now that she was closer, she could see beads of sweat rolling down Jurina’s forehead. She wiped it away with her thumb and asked in a whisper, “Dreamt of your father again?” The other girl nodded. Airi patted the girl’s trembling hand, comforting the girl. When the girl finally stopped trembling, Airi released her hand and made her way back to her own bed, hoping to get some sleep before the sun fully rises.

Both girls lay in their beds, under their thin blankets, wide awake. Jurina awake because she feared falling back asleep will mean returning to her nightmare and starting back from where her nightmare left off. Airi was awake because she was worried about Jurina. Although this isn’t the first time Jurina had dreamt of her passed away father, Airi knew that Jurina won’t be able to go back to sleep. Even though Jurina was close to dreaming about her father almost every night, Jurina’s mood the next morning is always the same. Depressed, deep in thoughts, and worst of all, she always does something reckless in those mornings. Jurina being in a bad mood makes her really cranky. That was a fact that Airi knew ever since the first day she and Jurina met. Airi’s mind wandered back to the memory of her first encounter with the girl.


>>Around some ten years ago<<

There was a group of them, all with tiring looks and fear in their eyes as they made their way into the city. No one needed to ask them what happened, everyone knew, because they weren’t the first group of villagers to have come to seek shelter in the city after having their village destroyed. They were rolling a giant cart behind them, the cart was covered with a sheet. No one needed to lift it up and they knew what was in that too. Airi’s mother dropped the fruit she was cutting and rushed outside as she called Airi, “Airi, find your father now. Tell him another village has been attacked.”

Seeing her mother’s anxious expression, Airi ran the shop her father always goes to when restocking of herbs are needed and dragged her father out of the shop. “Mother needs you back now. She said another village has been attacked!” Her father nodded at her and quickly picked her up then ran back home as fast as he could.

It was a horrible sight to see, all the villagers lying on the floor of the storage room her mother has freed up in order to give them a place to rest. All of them were in horrifying conditions, every one of them were hurt in one way or another. Some had cuts all over their arms and legs, some were burned while some were still to recover from the shock of seeing their village burn under their own eyes. There was one thing that Airi kept seeing in the villagers’ eyes. It wasn’t just this village, but in the eyes of all the previous villagers as well. That one thing that Airi felt right now: hopelessness. Airi felt so hopeless as everyday, more villages are destroyed while Airi herself was too young and too weak to do anything for them. Some may say that Airi understands nothing of the adult world since she was only a child in their eyes. But under her parents’ teaching, she had grown up to have a more mature mind than normal children her age. Or at least she is very mature when it comes to serious matters like these.

As usual, without needing her parents to tell her what to do, Airi disappeared into her family’s kitchen and returned to the temporary shelter with spare food and water. Since her family hasn’t done any restocking lately, there wasn’t a lot of spare food left. Airi ripped the bread in parts and cut the fruits into small slices then gave a share to each villager along with some water. However, for the first time, while Airi was giving out the food, someone rejected the offer. Airi blinked in shock when one of the bread roll she gave out flew back at her. She picked it up and looked at where it came from. Looking at her was a girl whom Airi guessed was around the same age, with tears rolling down her face and her cheeks were puffed red in anger. “I DON’T WANT FOOD! I JUST WANT MY PAPA BACK!” The girl shouted.

“Jurina-chan,” a woman called out to her, “You don’t treat others like that. You don’t throw food at them. Oneechan was only being nice. Youu should never treat others like that.” The woman turned to Airi and gave her a small apologetic smile. Airi immediately knew that woman was the girl’s mother. Seeing the way she was talking to her.

The small girl stomped her feet and yelled, “I DON’T CARE! I WANT PAPA!” And the girl broke down into tears.

Seeing the tears immediately broke through Airi’s shock. She never liked seeing anyone crying. Airi walked over to the girl with the roll of bread in one hand and poked the girl’s cheek, “You shouldn’t cry. Wherever your father is, he wouldn’t want you to cry. You have to stay strong for your father no? You father wouldn’t have wanted you to be crying. He would’ve wanted you to stay strong for him, for your mother and for yourself right?” The girl stopped crying at the words and was silent now. Her face looked like she was deep in thought. Then slowly the girl nodded and returned to her mother’s side, wiping away her own tears. Airi was thankful for having a good memory and could remember exactly what her mother said to one of the previous village’s child when that child acted exactly the same as this Jurina girl.

The villagers left Airi’s house one by one after a few days, as many of them had recovered and were desperate to go out and search for a new home. Airi’s parents helped each of them look for new places to live, most of them were at the very edge of the city, away from the population, but no one complained as having a home was good enough for them. Jurina and her mother, however, were not given a home at the edge of the city. Instead, because Jurina’s mother was also knowledgeable in herbs, Airi’s parents asked her to help them out around their shop. Airi’s parents said that she and Jurina can live with them for now and not worry about food and shelter. To that Jurina’s mother accepted without delay since she needed a job and a comfortable place for Jurina to live in. Airi then helped her parents clean out the storage room thoroughly, wiping it from the ceiling to the floor, and helped Jurina and her mother settle in.

Jurina avoided Airi at first, but then slowly opened up to the girl and soon, the two were close friends. Maybe it was because her parents now had a helper or maybe it was because of Jurina’s bad influence, but as Airi and Jurina became closer, they hanged out more in the city. At first, the two of them would be picked on by the richer family’s children, but after awhile, Jurina started to fight back and later, Airi joined in. The more Jurina fought back, the more they were picked on and the more the two girls gained experience in self defense. Soon, no one else dared to go close to the two and before the two knew it, it was the two of them that was feared by other children. Both Airi and Jurina’s parents weren’t happy about them fighting with other children, but none of them had the time to give them a lecture as the refugees coming into the city grew each day.


>>Back in Airi and Jurina’s bedroom<<

“Airin.” A voice broke the girl from her chain of thoughts. “Airin, are you asleep?” Jurina called out to the girl.

“Not yet.”

“I can’t sleep, Airin. My bed is cold...” Airi heard some shuffling sound from Jurina’s side of the room.

Airi chuckled, “Cold? Then close the wind- What are you doing!?” Airi gasped as she felt cold hands and feets made their way into her own warm blanket. “Jurina! Go back to your own bed!” Airi frowned at the girl who had made her way into her own warm bed.

“No~ I can’t sleep... It’s too cold~” Jurina slipped her arms around the waist of the girl in front of her and smiled at the warmth that she was feeling.

Airi sighed, “You know, maybe I should swap bed with you so you can’t use the cold excuse all the time and use me as a teddy bear.”

“But you’re a good teddy bear~ And I’m too scared to fall back asleep on my own...” Jurina mumbled as she recalled the nightmare she had of her father’s death.

“You’re such a kid sometimes, Jurina. Why can’t you act more like you do when you’re outside? The cool and mature Jurina is so much better.” Though saying that, Airi relaxed and shifted into a more comfortable position with Jurina’s arms still attached to her. Airi, personally preferred Jurina when she was more serious. Whenever the two of them go out in the city, the way Jurina acts, many people had though Jurina was Airi’s older sister when in reality, Airi was older than her. However, Airi still loved the Jurina she sees when it is just the two of them. At those times, Jurina shows a side of her that only Airi had seen before. The cute but childish side of her.

“Mmm...” was the only reply Airi got from her words. She turned around and looked at the girl. Jurina had already fallen asleep. Airi smiled and pulled the blanket up closer to cover both of them. Seeing the cute side of Jurina never fails to make her smile. Airi closed her eyes, ’Yes, it is much warmer now.’


Airi woke up to the sound of thunder. She looked outside, and was surprised to see shops on the street already opened despite of the pouring rain. “Eh? What’s the time now?” Airi sat up and tapped Jurina, “Sleepyhead, get up, all the shops had opened already.” The sleeping figure mumbled something and pouted, showing no sign of wanting to wake up. Airi held Jurina’s pouting lips between her two fingers, making Jurina open her eyes and blink at Airi. “Wake up. Is it normal for your mother not to wake us up when she opens the shop?”

Jurina looked at the window and pulled Airi’s finger away. “No... It’s not...” Jurina thought for awhile and looked back at Airi with fear, “Maybe she’s not feeling well?” Jurina quickly got up and climbed out of bed. “I’m going to go check on her.” Jurina slipped on her shoes and made her way outside the room.

“Wait, I’m coming too,” Airi said as she too, climbed off bed and put on her own shoes.

’Jurina was right. She is sick...’ Airi looked at the woman that was still in bed in front of her. Jurina was kneeling next to her mother and was looking at her closely. Airi walked closer and placed a hand on the woman’s forehead. “She’s really burning...” Airi mumbled to herself. “Can you show me your tongue?” The woman obeyed. After close inspection, Airi turned to Jurina and said, “Your mother... She is showing the same symptoms that my parents had before they passed away.” Jurina looked at her with fear in her eyes, fear this time, of losing her mother. She clapped Jurina’s shoulder, “Relax, my mother wrote down the cure for this flu.” Airi opened one of the smaller drawers and took out a pile of paper. She flipped through them and took out one, “Ah, this one.” She gave the paper to Jurina. “We better treat your mother quickly before she turns even worst. If we give her the medicine now, she’ll recover hopefully in a few days.”

Jurina looked at the paper, “So what should I do? Where do I find these?”

“You know, uncle Takashi? Yeah? He still sells some, I think. Hopefully. Now go, get about 3 bundles back. I’ll stay here and try cool down your mother’s fever.” Airi said quickly and returned to Jurina’s mother’s side.

Jurina grabbed her hood, flung it over her shoulder and took off with the piece of paper in hand. The rain was pouring hard, even with the hood over her head, Jurina could feel the rain hitting her. The front of her was already soaked even though she just left her home not long ago. Thanking her own fast speed, she made it to the market area quick. She looked around for the shop Airi mentioned but frowned when she looked at the notice stuck on the front.

”Close due to bad weather.”

“You serious!? What shop closes because of weather!?” Jurina complained as she looked around for more herbal shops. She went into the first one she saw and immediately looked for the grass weed. Jurina pointed to the herb she was looking for in one of the boxes and asked the unknown shopkeeper, “How much for three bundles of that?”

The shopkeeper looked at what Jurina was pointing at and then back at her. “The weed? That’s quite expensive unfortunately, my dear. The city’s stock on them is getting quite low yet everyone needs them. Seeing you came out in this bad weather to get them, I’ll give them to you for a smaller price.” She held up three fingers.

Jurina stared at her, mouth opened wide, “Thirty silver coins?!” Jurina squealed excitedly inside, that is nowhere near as expensive the shopkeeper made it sound like. She eagerly took out coin bag and hunted out for the coins.

The shopkeeper stared at Jurina in disbelief, “Thirty silver coins? What are you talking about? You can’t even get a bowl of grain with that now. It’s three hundred silver coins! Three hundred! As I said, there isn’t of them around anymore. They’re getting quite rare.”

Jurina’s fingers froze. Three hundred coins. She didn’t have enough. Business haven’t been good lately for her mother, money was running low. She looked back at her bag and counted. She was a hundred coins off. “Can I please get them for two hundred coins? It’s all I have! And I need the grass weeds urgently! My mother’s life depends on it!” Jurina begged the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper just shook her head, “I’m sorry, my dear. I can’t cut that much. It was originally three hundred and seventy silvers before and that is already cheaper than most other shops around the market. I already gave you a big cut off. I too, need to feed my family. I’m sorry.” Jurina hung her money bag back onto her belt and frowned. Now where was she going to find any grass weeds?  If all the other stores sold them for an even higher price, how was Jurina going to get her hands on them.

The shopkeeper looked at Jurina’s depressed expression and couldn’t help but feel sorry for the girl. Coming all the way here in the storm and having to go back empty handed. “Although I know this is not a very good thing to tell you, my dear,” the shopkeeper said. Jurina looked up. “But have you heard of the sacred dragon fruit?” Jurina shook her head. “Well, in the emperor’s garden, there is a big tree just off the palace. The sacred dragon fruit grows there. Rumor has it that those fruit cures all sickness and if you eat one every day, you’ll live forever.” Jurina listened closely to the shopkeeper. “That fruit may or may not help your mother. I don’t know.” If she could get her hands on just one of these sacred fruit, she could save her mother. Jurina quickly thanked the shopkeeper and ran out back into the rain towards the emperor’s palace in the center of the city, not caring whether or not this was only just a rumor.

It didn’t take long to reach the palace. Jurina hid behind one of the trees on the side and looked out. There were guards by the entrance, and there was no way they would just let Jurina pass. She looked around, the walls weren’t too high and from where Jurina was hiding, she could see some trees growing close to the edge of the wall. Jurina grinned and made her way to the trees. There was almost no difference to this thievery than all the other ones Jurina had done before. Only differences were that she wasn’t stealing bread this time, and the person she is stealing from is the emperor himself.

Jurina jumped from the wall around the palace and onto one of the stronger looking tree branches that were leaning close to where she was standing. She looked around, there wasn’t a lot of guards around right now. Slowly, Jurina made her way down the tree and jumped downed when she got too impatient, landing silently on her feet. She looked around, then mentally slapped herself in the face, ’I forgot to ask the shopkeeper what the fruit and the tree looks like!?’ Jurina looked around the emperor’s garden. ’It’ll take forever to search through the whole garden... So much trees...’

A small patch of green on the ground caught Jurina’s attention. “Eh?!” She kneeled down and felt the grass under her hand. Taking out the paper Airi gave her, she compared the grass under her hand to the picture. It was the same grass. “Is this just my luck or what?” She pulled out three bundle of the grass and looked for a place to put them. “Argh! How can I forget to bring a bag!” Jurina frowned as she searched herself, then ended up putting the grass in the money bag. That was, after all, the only bag she had on her.

“Who’s there!?”

Jurina looked up and saw two guards with large bamboo hat looking right at her. ’Yabai...’ Jurina looked at the guards, these two were lightly dressed guards. But from the belt of small daggers around the guards’ belt and the bow and arrow in the guards’ hands, Jurina knew straight away these guards were trained for speed and agility, thus the light armor and weapons. Jurina also knew right now that she can’t get caught. Stealing is bad enough already, stealing from the emperor is suicide. The guards were closing in now. Jurina backed away and her back hits the wall she climbed in from.

“Trespasser, reveal your face,” One of the guards pointed at Jurina with his bow. Jurina gripped the side of her hood. There was no way she will show her face. That means she will still be hunted down even if she escapes now. If she could somehow get away without having her face being seen, she would be safe. Jurina looked at the two guards. They were at the right distance. ’Please stay on, my hood. I don’t want my face seen for what I’m about to do.’ Jurina prayed. Taking a deep breathe, she jumped as high as she could and kicked herself from the wall. The guards were not expecting this. As they fumbled to get an arrow on their bow, Jurina landed on both the guards, successfully knocking both of them down onto the ground. Before they could get up, Jurina had already kicked their bows away and were making a run for the front gate.

“STOP!” The two guards yelled after her as they ripped the bamboo hat, which was sheltering their face from the cold rain, off their head and took out of the daggers in their belt, completely ditching their main weapon.

Bells were ringing around the palace now, making Jurina run even faster. She was starting to hear more and more footsteps behind her. “Can’t get caught, can’t get caught,” Jurina repeated to herself as she kept running. She could see the front gate now, but she could also see the two guards that were on duty before turned around and were looking right at her.

Jurina had to say, even though she knew this was dangerous, she couldn’t help but feel excited. It’s true that she always used to fight with other children and would go home with bruises all over, but those children were just messing around. No one really knew how to throw a punch properly. In fact, Jurina don’t think she knew how to either. But now that she was up against adults who were trained to fight, Jurina was excited to know how she will go up against these guards. However, at the same time, Jurina was afraid of what will happen if she lost the fight. The guards will catch her and she will be executed for intruding and stealing.

A knife whizzed past Jurina’s shoulder, cutting her off her thoughts. She watched in horror as she saw the small shining knife struck into one of the trees at the front. ’Time to make a gamble,’ Jurina thought to herself as she braced herself for combat with the two guards at the gate. These guards were not like the lightweight ones that caught Jurina. These guards had a spear and that was going to be a problem. Jurina knew from experiences that if the opponent uses a long distance weapon, get close to them.

The two spears jabbed at her, Jurina easily jumped from the sharp metal and kicked one of the guards in the face before turning around and throwing a punch at the other one. Jurina laughed as she realized that there was no difference in punching these adults and punch the kids that used to pick on her and Airi. Except, these adults had the hardest skull Jurina had ever punched before. The guards quickly recovered. One of them knocked the air out of Jurina as the back of the spear made contact with Jurina’s ribs. The other one was pointing his spear at Jurina’s neck.

Jurina froze. She had never felt something like this before. She had never felt like she could die any moment. But that gave her more excitement. When the guard were distracted by the incoming reinforcement that was chasing Jurina the whole time, she took this opportunity and kicked the spear away and kicked the side of the guard’s head, successfully knocking the guard out cold.

Another group of guards arrived and these too, wore bamboo hats on their head to stop the rain from blurring their sights. The guard at the very front leaped over some of the knocked down guards and aimed a kick right at Jurina’s head. Jurina ducked just in time to feel the powerful kick slide above her hair. Jurina kept her body low and charged at the attack, hoping to take this guard down before she gets her skull crushed to pieces. “Captain Sakiko!” The guards yelled as they watched Jurina hit the guard on the back of the neck with her elbow. At the impact, the bamboo hat of the captain fell and almost instantly, the rain soaked wet the long black hair that belonged to the captain.

’A female captain?’ Jurina looked at the knocked out female in front of her. She had always thought that only males worked for the emperor as close guards and that even if there were females, they would not be holding high positions like the female in front of her. Jurina observed the female face in front of her. The captain didn’t look much older than herself, probably only by a few years. Jurina snapped out of her thoughts when the remaining guards yelled at her and charged at her.

Maybe kami-sama was playing with her and wanted Jurina to be caught. As Jurina fought off the guards at the front gate of the emperor’s palace, the rain was started to get even more heavier than it already was. The cold was seeping through Jurina’s soaked shirt, chilling her to the bone. Every punch she threw at the guards, her knuckles would feel numb for a while from the cold impact. Her hood however, no matter how Jurina moved, kicked and jumped, doesn’t seems to want to fall off. And for that, Jurina was glad. “Ah!” Jurina screamed as one of the throwing knives nicked her shoulder. Her eyes widened at the sight of red staining her shirt. This was the first time she has been hurt like this. Jurina started to panic. Deciding that it was time she exclude herself from the fight, she knocked out another guard standing behind her and started running down the streets. It was easier to escape her attackers this way, running through streets and hiding in places where only Jurina knew existed rather than stand outside the emperor’s front door and fight them with no weapon.


The rain was hammering against the roof of their house, creating a new music piece with the thunder that was booming above the city and the wind that was howling across the barely occupied street. Airi stood up from Jurina’s mother side and walked to the window. Jurina has gone out for a long time now, and still she wasn’t back yet. Airi knew Jurina well and thought that perhaps Jurina felt like wondering around, getting some fresh air. After all, the girl did have a nightmare last night. But somehow, Airi couldn’t shake this uneasy feeling off her chest that something bad happened.

SKE's next chapter is on it's way~
Still writing it~
The words are being typed into that chapter really slowly,
but it's making progress~

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this chapter (If you did, GIMME A COOKIE! I WANT A COOKIE! COOKIE WITH MILK! :cow:)
And yeah, that's the end of moi update~
Please look forward to the next one!
Next update SHOULD be of SKE~
If my brain works out well, maybe it'll be an update on both (^^)b

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 1) [4/29]
« Reply #124 on: April 29, 2012, 05:30:35 AM »
Wow something new
Airi and Jurina are friends..
Will it be love triangle between friends..haha
Like the story by the way
hope you update soon

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 1) [4/29]
« Reply #125 on: April 29, 2012, 07:29:45 PM »
This your new fanfic reminded me something I read a time ago : '' ship JuriXAirin, because RenAirin and Wmatsui is too mainstream  :wahaha:'' LOL
Jurina using Airin how teddy bear so cute!!  :luvluv1:
I'm loving the new fanfic, Jurina thief style is cool  :on crazygran:
I'm waiting for the updates  :on GJ:

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 1) [4/29]
« Reply #126 on: April 30, 2012, 05:15:09 PM »
*huff huff* wooo been spending a few hours catching up on comment writing...argh i hate you assignments for making me lag behind *shakes fist*

 :hand: yo neighbour  :lol:

yes! loving airin being a main character!  :D :D 
wow airin and jurina being childhood friends o.o totally didnt expect this! and they're so close as well! LOOK AT JURINA BEING ALL CLINGY IN BED! :O amazing!

*gasp* jurina actually went into the emperor's garden! i wonder who the emperor is...are they going to be an important character? hmmm hmmm i have a feeling i know who it is but i might be wrong  :P
THESE FIGHTING SKILLS ARE BEYOND NORMAL! how is it even possible that airin and jurina learnt how to fight even better than pros? lol they must be a natural at it xD haha cant wait to read a scene of airin fighting  :lol:

JURINAS DOWN! AIRIN GO AND SAVE HER WITH YOUR SUPER POWERS! what super powers you might ask? i have absolutely no idea either  8)
i wonder whats gonna happen next *drum rolls*

thanks for the update!  :twothumbs

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 1) [4/29]
« Reply #127 on: May 01, 2012, 05:01:09 PM »
tako-chan!!!  :D
i finally created an account here  :D
i'm liking your new fic so far  :twothumbs
but i still LOVE your SKE private school fic the BEST  :wub:
still waiting for you to update it  :D
cant wait!!!

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Love triangle hmm? Maybe~ You never know lol~
And thank you, I'm glad you like the new fic~ (^^)

If I was better at drawing, I will probably draw what Juri-thief looks like,
but I suck, so let's not embarrass myself hahahaha~

And Juri x Airin? Those two are shippable?
Lol~ I shall keep that pairing in mind~
Maybe something could happen with the two of them in some future fanfic...
OOOO or maybe something can happen between them in THIS fic~
You never know (^^)

Me and my hentai mind, I totally just understood that in a wrong way.... f(^^;)

And Airi has superpower!
No one can match that! (^^)v

You created an account!!
Not to mention you're starting to write as well!

And I'm really happy you like the new fic so far (^^)

And since you love SKE Girls' Private more,
it's updated lol xD
Good timing, geki-chan, good timing (^^)b

Thank you minna for reading~
I can see people are reading my new fic, though I wish more people would comment (..)
But, that's okay, as long as you guys are reading AND is enjoying it,
I'm algudz~ Just make sure my dear readers enjoy it,
if you guys don't, tell me, and I'll do my best to make a better and more enjoyable one for you (^^)

Anyway, off to the update nau~
I was going to update yesterday, since it was a very special day for me~
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Chapters that have to do with pain, is something that's easier for me to write...
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“Hmm, your bruise looks so much better now. Does it still hurt?” Rena asked as she inspected the girl’s head. The colour of the bruise is less purple now, compared to earlier. Though still visible, it was much less obvious. Rena made a note to remember to thank her maid when she goes home in the summer holidays.

Jurina nodded, a grin on her face, “It feels much more better than before. Thank you, Rena-chan.” She slightly touched the spot where the bruise for. No longer can she feel the pain, unless she pressed hard on the spot.

Rena frozed. ’Rena...chan?’ She looked at the girl.

Surprised by the look on the older girl’s face, Jurina blinked her eyes innocently, “What?”

“You... You just called me... Rena-CHAN...” Rena replied, emphasizing on the honorific at the end. This was the first time she had heard Jurina address anyone like that before. It was the first time she heard Jurina addressing herself like that. Now that Rena thought about it, Jurina has been acting really different today. From this morning’s event, Jurina had protected her. Then there was Jurina asking her not to leave her, and those cute puppy dog eyes that Rena couldn’t help but love. And there was also dinner. Jurina offering to share her food already surprised Rena, as if she isn’t surprised enough already, Jurina fed her little by little. ’Maybe the nurses got it wrong when they said there wasn’t any permanent damage to Jurina’s brain,’ Rena thought to herself. However, Rena was fine by this change. She actually enjoy being around the new Jurina.

Jurina looked away and scratched the back of her head. She gave a nervous laugh, “Uh... Hehehe... Yeah... I guess I did...” Jurina faked a yawn and covered her burning face with her hand. She couldn’t believe she actually called Rena, Rena-chan. She never called anyone with honorific unless she actually accepts that person to be on a level above her, such as Masana, the head girl. Jurina has always addressed Masana in a more formal way than her friends, while Masana’s friends call her by her nickname, Jurina call her Masana-san. She had always looked up to Masana. Therefore, she feels better addressing the girl formally. Jurina was much more obedient to the head girl than the teachers in her class. That was the exact reason why teachers always find Masana to talk to Jurina whenever she does something wrong. Unless it’s so serious that they have no choice but to get the principal involve.

However, what Jurina didn’t understand was why she called Rena like that. The words just slipped out of her tongue and it felt normal to call Rena that. Perhaps it was because Jurina’s respect for Rena have grown a lot now that the girl has taken such a good care of her. But, Jurina still wasn’t entirely sure. Either way, Jurina liked calling Rena that it felt normal for her to address Rena like that.

Seeing that Jurina yawned, Rena stopped rolling the egg. “You tired? You should go back to sleep,” Rena said as she stood up from her chair and rolled the chair back under the table. The egg was still quite warm though, probably good enough to roll for about half an hour more. ’Such a waste of the egg... but then Jurina is tired, might as well as let her rest,’ Rena thought to herself as she felt the egg in her palm then placed it on the table. “C’mon, go back to bed, you need more sleep,” She pulled Jurina up from her chair and tucked the uncomplaining girl back into her bed. Rena winced when she felt a small pain on her back as she stood back up after giving Jurina a small kiss on the forehead, like all older sisters do when they tuck their little sisters in bed.

That face didn’t go unseen by Jurina, who wasn’t feeling sleepy at all. Rena had failed to see that the previous yawn was a fake yawn. Jurina sat up from her bed and poked Rena’s cheek, “Rena-chan?” Rena turned to look at her, the way Jurina called her puts a smile on Rena’s face without even trying. The pain on her back long forgotten the moment she saw the smile from the girl. “You back still hurt doesn’t it?” Jurina asked as she pointed to one of the small bruise that became visible as Rena’s bathrobe had slightly loosened and revealed her pale shoulder and a small part of her back.

Rena looked at where Jurina was pointed and quickly fixed her robe. She shook her head and stood up, giving the girl the best smile she could manage as the pain returned from her sudden movement, “I’m fine. Don’t worry about it. Go get some sleep, Jurina.” Rena made her way back to her side of the room and dropped on her bed with her back facing the ceiling. It seemed like she was going to have to sleep with her back on top today if she doesn’t want to wake up in the middle of the night due to the pain from her back. Rena didn’t even bother to get change anymore, she was too lazy to. And now that she has become aware of the bruises on her back again, she could start feeling the pain again. She looked at her phone, half an hour till ten. It was nearly lights out time anyway. Rena closed her eyes, attempting to start her sleep early, not even bothering to pull the blankets over her.

Suddenly, Rena felt something warm on one of the bruises on her shoulder. She opened her eyes and turned her head. “Y-You... What are you doing, Jurina? Go get some sleep, don’t worry about me,” Rena sat up and took the egg from the girl’s hand.

Jurina stopped the fingers that were trying to take the egg and placed them back to the side of their owner. Jurina frowned at the fingers, “I’m not tired. I think I’ve slept more than I needed to already. Just let me help you, you’re obviously in more pain than me. I saw it on your face when you bend you back. And like you said before, it won’t kill you to accept kindness from someone once in a while. You can’t always be the one that helps me.”

Rena ignored the girl’s words and tried to take the egg from the girl. All that was Rena’s mind right now was the fact that Jurina needs rest. She didn’t know what happened to her today to make her just suddenly collapse, but whatever it was, it was really bad. And it is because of that, Rena doesn’t want Jurina to do anything else but rest.

The more Rena tells her that her back is fine and that she should go back and get some rest, the worst Jurina feels. Even at this stage, when Rena’s back was starting to hurt so much that she could no longer keep the pain from being shown on her face, she was refusing to back down and kept telling Jurina to go back and rest. “Rena-chan!” Jurina almost yelled out, her patience running low. She really wanted to help Rena, but Rena wasn’t making it easy at all. Rena froze at the calling of her name. No matter how many times she hears it from Jurina, she still can’t get used to Jurina calling her like that. Seeing that Rena has stopped, Jurina pulled Rena’s fingers away from her hand. “Can you please just let me help you? After you helping me out all night... I don’t want you hurting...” Jurina said in a small whisper as she gave Rena her irresistible puppy eyes.

“I-I...” Rena stammered at the sight of Jurina’s eyes, no longer able to form a sentence in her brain. Rena’s heart melted and she sighed in surrender. ’That’s not fair... who can resist that...?’ Rena thought to herself as she dropped her hand and allowed the now smiling Jurina to lower her back onto her bed. She had to admit, she really like the way Jurina is acting all different tonight. But it is also because Jurina is acting more like her age than the cold and mature Jurina from last night that makes Rena worry more about the girl’s condition than her own.

A small sigh escaped Rena’s lips when Jurina gently pressed the warm egg onto one of the bruises on Rena’s shoulder. ’If I knew that’s how nice this felt, I wouldn’t have bothered to resist before...’ Slowly, Rena closed her eyes and started to relax as her bruises absorbed the heat being given out by the egg.

“So, Rena-chan, what happened after I was out?” Jurina asked as she turned her attention to a different bruise that was on the opposite shoulder.

Without opening her eyes, Rena explained, “Well, a few seconds after you collapsed, your three friends came over. One of the girls who I have never seen in school before called Masanya, Mizuki was helping you and Kuumin was helping Churi. Then the head girl arrived and send all three of us to the medical facility. Which reminds me, you know, Masanya was pretty shocked to see you on the floor.”

“Well I don’t collapse often so... yeah,” Jurina mumbled to herself, feeling slightly embarrassed at the fact that she showed such weakness in front of all the others. Even though they were just her friends, she didn’t like others seeing the weak side of her. However, being in this room right now, with Rena, Jurina for some reason, couldn’t care less. Jurina already killed her own popular image when she requested Rena to stay behind and look after her.

“Anyway,” Rena continued, “when we got there, the nurses gave your head a brief scan, they said not much damage has been done and that you will recover quick but someone needs to be there when you wake up because you might still feel dizzy. Which again, reminds me, what happened to your head anyway? You looked like you got kicked in the head.” Rena opened her eyes and looked at Jurina, dying for an explanation from the girl to satisfy her own curiosity and concern.

Jurina stopped what she was doing and scratched the back of her head. She forced a small laugh from her throat, “Uh... um... To be exact, I was punched in the head.” Looking at Rena’s eyes which looked like they were about to fall out of their sockets, Jurina quickly explained, “well I was having a play fight with Mizuki and then I was thinking about y-“ Jurina stopped her words. She couldn’t possible tell Rena that she lost concentration because her mind was completely occupied by the girl during the fight. It was way too embarrassing. “I was thinking about something, and I got distracted and didn’t block the blow,” Jurina said. It was too hard to think of an excuse.

Now her mind trailed back to what she was thinking about during the fight: Rena’s kindness, the way she treats others, even those that she did not know and the way Rena looked after Jurina tonight proved to Jurina that Rena was indeed a nice person. To be honest, Jurina wouldn’t mind being knocked out again if she could have another chance to have someone like Rena to look after her.

Rena chuckled at Jurina’s answer. She have no idea what Jurina would’ve been thinking about to have distracted so much during a fight, but whatever it was, it must’ve been something really important. Otherwise, Rena couldn’t think of a good and reasonable excuse for Jurina to space out during any sort of dangerous events like these. Rena wanted to ask Jurina what she was thinking about, but decided against it. Although her curiosity is killing her, she didn’t want to accidentally ask something too personal and ended up angering Jurina.

“What about Churi?” Jurina asked as the picture of Akane’s bleeding leg flashed back in her mind.

“The nurse just changed the bandage on her leg and had Mizuki carry her back to her room. She spent the rest of her school day off, in her room, playing on the computer.”

Jurina looked at Rena with a confused face. ’How did she know what Churi did? Was she with her the whole time?’

Seeing Jurina’s confused face from the corner of her eye, as if she could read the girl’s mind, Rena answered the question swimming in Jurina’s mind. “Churi mailed me. We exchanged mail addresses on our way back to the classroom.” Jurina nodded and then decided that she will check her phone afterwards before she goes to sleep. If Akane mailed someone else, it is most likely that Jurina’s inbox would be spammed with the girl’s messages.
“Rolling for too long isn’t good for the bruise, Jurina,” Rena pointed out as she stopped Jurina’s moving hand. The girl have been going on at the same spot for a long time and Rena’s other bruises were calling for Jurina’s attention.

Rena’s soft grip on her hand turned Jurina’s attention back onto her. “Ah! I’m sorry,” Jurina apologized, “I’ve never done this before so...” Jurina pulled her hand away from Rena’s bruise. She didn’t want to make the bruises’ condition anymore worst. “Um... Do you have any more bruises? The egg is still warm.” Jurina opened the paper towel and felt the egg. It was the perfect temperature. Jurina might’ve eaten it herself if the egg have not been used to roll on bruises.

“On... my back...” Rena said in a very small voice but before Jurina could say anything back, she sat up. “It’s okay, don’t worry about the ones on my back. They’ll heal on their own. It’s okay, Jurina, thank you for helping me,” Rena lied. The bruises on her back are screaming in pain each time she moved her back and the truth is Rena did want Jurina to treat her back as well. But at the same time, Rena didn’t want Jurina to do anything to those bruises. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Jurina, but more like because Jurina will need to see her back in order to treat it and letting others see her back is something Rena have never done before.

Jurina frowned at Rena’s words. Can the girl not understand that she was trying to help her? Listening to Rena telling her to let her bruises heal on her own really annoyed Jurina, especially when Jurina is feeling guilty for making Rena look after her. “No, it’s not okay, Rena-chan. You have bruises on your back. You said it yourself just then. So let me help you.” Jurina said as she waved for Rena to lie back down.

Rena looked at her then gave a sigh as she lowered herself back onto the bed. From the look on Jurina’s face, Rena knew the girl wouldn’t listen if Rena kept telling her she was fine, so instead of arguing, she might as well as relax and enjoy it since it does feel really nice. Only problem remaining now for Rena was to let another person see her back. Rena didn’t like people seeing her back, she never had shown it to anyone willingly. Not that there was any reason to. The only people who had ever seen it was her mother and the head maid when Rena once fell down the stairs when she was really small.

Rena tensed as she felt Jurina pull down the shoulder of her robe. ’Is Jurina’s hand shaking?’ Rena questioned herself as she felt Jurina’s fingers touching her skin, whether intentionally or not, Rena didn’t know. Jurina was considerate, only pulling down Rena’s robe to the top half of her chest, not revealing too much. She was glad that Jurina couldn’t see the whole of her back. It would be quite embarrassing indeed. Rena had never been that confident about the appearance of her back. In fact, Rena has never really cared about her own back, since she never intended to have anyone see it.

Jurina pulled Rena’ robe down to reveal the top half of her back. She didn’t want to pull it down too low and make Rena feel uncomfortable, considering the two of them had only known each other for the second day. Slowly, Jurina rolled the egg onto one of the black purple bruises on Rena’s really pale back. She could see Rena’s body immediately relax when it came into contact with the warmth.

No more words were exchanged between the two as Jurina treated Rena’s back. Mainly because Jurina didn’t know what else to say. Her mind couldn’t form any sentences as she observed every inch of Rena’s back. She watched with fascination as Rena’s back slightly moved with each breath the girl takes. Before Jurina knew it, one of her hand was rolling the egg while the other, the other was tracing the outline of one of the faint bruises in the middle of Rena’s back.

Rena felt a touch on her back. A touch that seemed like it was drawing little patterns on her back. A touch that was soothing yet at the same time, strange. It wasn’t a touch Rena was familiar with which made Rena reach the conclusion that the touch was probably just her imagination from her fatigue. Her tiredness was really overwhelming her afterall. Yet Rena didn’t want to fall asleep yet. Not when her back is exposed to another person. But, while Jurina slowly and gently treated her bruises, Rena felt her eyelids droop lower and lower.

A soft ring echoed into Jurina’s room. “Ah, lights out. Good timing, the egg had gone all cold now...” Jurina rolled the egg in her hand. She looked at Rena’s back and unconsciously, traced around one of the bruises with her fingers, “At least the bruises look fainted now.” Jurina threw away the egg and called the girl who have been still for the whole time Jurina was observing her back, “Rena-chan, I’m done now.” Seeing no reply, Jurina moved closer and tapped the girl on the shoulder, “Rena-chan?” Jurina looked closer and smiled at the sight in front of her.

Matsui Rena, sleeping, with a faint smile on her face.

Quietly, Jurina pulled Rena’s robe back up to cover her shoulder and then pulled Rena’s blanket over her. Then she tiptoed back to her side of her room, turned off the light and threw herself on her bed. Before Jurina fell asleep, she remembered what she had to do first. She took out her phone and flipped it open. “Eh?” Jurina stared at her phone in surprise. There was no messages. She closed it, waited for a few seconds then flipped it open again, thinking that maybe her phone had a lag. “No messages from Churi? Yet the girl texted Rena-chan?” Jurina frowned as she stared at her screen. Then realization hit her as she remembered what the girl had said today.

”It’s not fair for me, Jurina-chan.”

“Oh... Churi is mad...” Jurina sighed and pulled her blanket over herself. “Looks like I have to make it up to her tomorrow morning,” she mumbled to herself as her mind starts pondering on how she can gain the girl’s forgiveness.

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Yay the WMatsui was so innocent and sweet ^^

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I like this chapter :) WMatsui is perfect, but I like RenAirin too. And poor Churi, she loves Jurina, but it seems Jurina fall in love with Rena... Interesting, I'm waiting for the next chapter!

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Had to catch up on the last two chapters.

Really liking how things are progressing, don't mind if it turns into a RenAirin or WMatsui story, it's well written and interesting enough for me to be okay with whatever.

I can understand how Jurina feels about Rena's back though as weird as it is.

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Prologe of The Perfect Bodyguard: Wow... Such a horrible dream. Jurina-chan... I pity you!  :pleeease: Why did those bandits have to try and kill the people?!

Chapter One: Hmm~ So Airin is here.... :glasses: Is there...:hee: Perhaps...RenAirin?  :on ksweat: Or maybe some AiriJuri? I'm fine with whoever ends up though. AS long as Rena-sama is happy. LOL. So... Here, Jurina is stealing. Hmm~ And I wonder who she'll become a bodyguard. I'm not sure who she's going to protect, but I'm suspecting Rena-sama or maybe Churi-san. And maybe how she'll be a bodyguard is when she gets caught perhaps? So many questions~ But I'm sure you'll care to enlighten us by answering those in the next comin chapters. I'm waiting for the next chapter, Ohayou-san! ^^

Chapter Ten: Finally~!  :farofflook: And hooray~! Jurina saw Rena-sama's back! And even traced some parts of it!  :shy2: And she called Rena-sama 'Rena-chan'! HOORAY~!  :on woohoo: So...How will Juri-boy try to make it up to Churi? And how will Churi react to Jurina's sudden kindness to Rena-sama even though she's the one who told her to be kind to her. Ahh~ :glasses: I'll be waiting for more of these updates, Ohayou-san~
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Just read SKE School from chapter 1 to 10 in one sitting!!!! Loving it so far (and with this trend, I'll love it more and more in the future!). Makes me wonder why I hadn't read this earlier...


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Before Jurina knew it, one of her hand was rolling the egg while the other, the other was tracing the outline of one of the faint bruises in the middle of Rena’s back.
Rena felt a touch on her back. A touch that seemed like it was drawing little patterns on her back. A touch that was soothing yet at the same time, strange. It wasn’t a touch Rena was familiar with which made Rena reach the conclusion that the touch was probably just her imagination from her fatigue.

I forgot to coment this in my other reply so I decide send another.  :mon sweat:
No Rena is not you're imagination is just Jurina who want your body. LOL
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RenAirin coming up soon~~~
Please wait for it lol~~

Thank you, Juribait-san~

Why you think like me!?
That's exactly what I thought when I was re-reading through my chapter xD
I love you for thinking this!

How many times do I have to say this!
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I actually think I made Jurina's change in character slightly too quick...
But, I dunno~
Still, I'm glad you all was fine by it~

Hmm, what is Jurina gonna do to make it up to Churi~
I wonder~~~ (^^)

I'm glad you like it, oist-san~

And I still wonder why so many people shipped RenAirin,
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And then suddenly, one day,
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But I'm not complaining though~
The pair is kawaii~

Thank you everyone for continue to read/comment on my fanfic,
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And no, that was no exaggerating.

Anyway, enough of me blabbing on.
Here's the update for TPB (The Perfect Bodyguard).
I hope you guys enjoy it.


A girl stood by the door as she waited for the princess to get ready. “Mai-chan, can you come help me out please? I’m kind of stuck...” The princess said as she tried to get her arm through the other sleeve of her kimono.

The girl giggled, “Princess Rena, how is it that you always get stuck? Would you like me to tell the servants to resize your kimono so you can get it on without help?”

“IMADE! Don’t laugh! Come and help me out!” The princess cried as she jumped around and waved her stuck arm at the girl.

“Alright, alright. It’s not like I can say no to the princess,” Imade said as she walked forward and helped the princess put her kimono on.

The princess frowned, “How many times do I have to tell you, it’s just Rena. RE-NA. Don’t you call me princess when no one is around.”

The girl laughed as she helped comb the princess’s hair, “Alright, Rena-chan. But you know, if I get caught calling you that, I’ll get punished for disrespecting you.”

“Nonsense. If my father was another emperor, then perhaps, you would be punished. But he is not. My father is too nice to do that, you know that. He was the first emperor to completely abandon the death penalty. He doesn’t hurt anyone,” Rena said as she made her way out of the door. “Come, Mai-chan, let’s go for a walk. I haven’t seen the garden in a while.”

Imade nodded as she followed the princess, walking down the hall of the palace. Once out of the princess’s chamber, they continued their conversation from where it started, “Yes, your father is a good and kind emperor, but that doesn’t mean his men are. The general is so scary!” Imade could clearly remember the angry look on the general’s face the last time he caught her calling the princess by her name. She would’ve had her tongue cut off if the princess had not intervened. She shuddered at the memory.

“Ma... You think too much. No one would hurt you as long as I’m around. Who would even dare to,” Rena laughed. She might be the daughter of the kindest emperor, but that doesn’t mean she’s not dangerous. Although her father is against fighting, he had no problem when Rena decided to go and watch the soldiers do archery. After a while, when Rena decided she wanted to try kyuudou as well, her father, instead of going against the idea, like all emperor does when their daughter decided to do anything that an ideal princess wouldn’t do, the emperor encouraged Rena to try and even assigned one of the best archer in the army to help Rena. At first the army didn’t like having the princess in their training hall, but the determination of the princess of wanting to master kyuudou and how she was actually doing much better than most of the archers in the army, they accepted her after a while.

“Of course no one would dare to! Who wants you to use them as a stand to shoot apples off,” Imade laughed as she remembered something that happened a few years ago. One of the captains in the army had insulted Rena by saying that she was a princess and a female and had no place in kyuudou and that she should go back and do what every princess does. And the next thing the captain knew happening was that he was tied to a chair in the middle of the kyuudou practice area and was having apples shot from the top of his head. Rumor had it that the captain resigned after that incident while some said the captain died from a heart attack afterwards in his own chamber. But either way, Imade never saw the captain again.


The two girls frozed at the angry voice. They looked at each other and then at the door on the right that led to the place where the emperor meets with generals for private meetings. The place where the voice came from. Rena walked forward, curious at the conversation, only to have Imade pull her back. “That’s the meeting hall, Rena-chan. We’ll be punished if we get caught eavesdropping,” the girl whispered at the princess who just shrugged at her and pressed her ear against the wooden door. Imade sighed as she kept a lookout for any incoming soldiers who might catch them. She hated it when Rena does things like this, never thinking about the consequences. Rena doesn’t care because she’ll never get punished even if they get caught, but what Rena didn’t know is that Imade would. She’ll be punished for not looking after the princess and allowed her to do things that she shouldn’t be doing.


>>Inside the meeting room<<

The emperor slammed his hands on the table, “An emperor is supposed to look after his people! Not allow them to be slaughtered in exchange for golds and silvers!”

The rest of the generals jumped from the sudden sound of impact. No one has ever seen the emperor this angry before. No one dared to speak a word as they waited silently, hoping that the emperor’s rage will die down slightly. The commander of the army however, wasn’t slightly affected by the emperor’s rage. She was after all, the only female commander in the army. There is always something special about the people who can hold such a high and powerful position. And in her case, she got this far not only because she showed she was a professional at the field of commanding, but also because the emperor admired her for being able to speak out her thoughts, not caring whether or not she insulted anyone. She was probably also the only one who dared to insult the emperor in front of his face.

The emperor sat back down on his chair and took deep breaths, trying to calm himself down. Then he leaned forward and looked at the map in front of him. “Yagami, how long has Togasaki been going on with this... this slaughter of his own people?” The emperor struggled to speak the words out. He still found it hard to believe that any emperor would allow bandits to slaughter villages after villages in exchange for gold and silvers from the bandits, the very gold and silvers that they looted from the villages.

Kumi stared at the map as he counted, “My father has also been investigating this before I came into the army, so I assume that it has been for at least some ten years.” The other generals’ eyes widened at the number. For ten years, Emperor Togasaki has allowed bandits roam freely in his land. For ten years, that emperor has taken the small fortune that these villagers had made themselves all for himself. The emperor’s fist shook as he closed his eyes, thinking of all the villagers that have been slaughtered in these ten years. “And there was something else that I need to tell you too...” Kumi mumbled as she watched the emperor’s shaking fist. For the first time, she was afraid of telling the emperor this news. She didn’t know how the emperor will react and most of all, what he will do about this news.

The emperor waved his hand, mentioning for Kumi to speak on. Kumi took a deep breath and almost in a whisper, reported the news, “The bandits are now starting to target our villages as well.” Everyone in the room froze. The long silence in the room started to make Kumi feel uneasy, but she still had to finish her sentence. “And two of our villages had already been looted. My me-“

The emperor’s fist slammed down on the table for the second time that meeting, cutting Kumi off. Kumi and the other generals jumped from the sound. Kumi looked away from the emperor as he observed the map. “I would not have done anything if the damages was only to his people, though I would’ve tried to help them. But now that damage has been done to MY own people...”

Kumi’s eyes widened at the words coming out from the emperor’s mouth. The emperor was about to make a decision that she had hoped never to happen. Wanting to stop this from happening, Kumi started, “Emperor Yuasa, please re-“

The emperor held up his hand and stopped Kumi from speaking, “Togasaki is asking for this. My duty is to protect my people. And he is stopping me from doing my duty,”

“There will be war.”


Rena pulled back from the door, the last line continued to ring in her mind.

”There will be war.”

She shook her head and grabbed Imade’s hand, who was surprised by the princess’s sudden seriousness, and ran out of the palace and into the garden outside.

“Rena-chan! Rena-chan! Stop! I can’t run anymore! Please!” Imade tried to shout at the princess who still had her grip on her hand, dragging her with her. Suddenly Rena stopped and released Imade’s hand. Alone, she walked to the pink sakura tree and picked up some of the fallen petals. “Rena-chan?” Imade watched as she tried to catch her breath. She have never seen the girl act like this before. The expression on Rena’s face was scaring her. It was a face filled with seriousness, and right now, Rena looked as if she was deep in thought. ’Did she hear something that she wasn’t suppose to?’ Imade asked herself as remembered where they were a few minutes ago.

“Soon these petals will no longer be pink...” Rena unconsciously mumbled to herself.

Imade made her way to the princess’s side and nudged her, “Rena-chan, what’s wrong?”

The princess allowed the pink petals to slip from her hand. “Soon these petals will be stained with red...” Rena whispered as she watched the last petal fall onto the soft earth.

“What do you mean? You’re scaring me, Rena-chan. What’s wrong?” Imade shook the princess’s shoulder, trying to get the princess’s attention back onto her.

Rena turned around and looked Imade right into her eyes. Imade took a step back, shock at the sorrow she could feel from the princess’s eyes. “War is coming, Mai-chan. War with Togasaki.”

“EH!? Why? Why with the most bloodthirsty emperor of all!?” Imade tried to control her volume of voice but still, her voice came out as a shout. Emperor Togasaki, the ruthless ruler of the bordering faction, was well known for his strong and deadly army. They were the very army that had completely crushed over ten factions. Togasaki was an emperor that was feared by all other. No one dared to provoke the man, fearing the annihilation of their own faction. Emperor Togasaki’s army is always at war. Either with stronger emperors who wanted to put a stop to his endless slaughter or with tribes and rebels who were refused to be ruled by such a monster.

Rena explained everything that she overheard from the meeting to Imade as the two sat down under the sakura tree. By the end of the explanation, Imade too, were looking at the sakura tree, and imagining it stained with the red blood of the soldiers, the blood of the people. “If a war is waged against Emperor Togasaki, Rena-chan, he will do everything he can and destroy everyone here,” Imade stated.

“I know,” Rena sighed. Rena hated war, just as much as her father did. “When the time comes, maybe I too, will help my father in battle,” Rena whispered as she stretched the fingers she always held her bow with. She would have no problem fighting with the army. Her kyuudou skills were better than most of the soldiers.

Imade shook her head, “Emperor Yuasa will never allow you to take part in the major battles.”

“I may not be able to help out with the major battles, but I can convince father to let me help with protections of the small villages from the bandits, can’t I?” Rena asked.

Imade thought for a while. “Maybe, but your father will never allow you to go alone,” Imade said. Everyone knew how protective the emperor gets when it comes to his three daughters and especially, Rena, who was the oldest out of the three and his favourite.

“I won’t be alone! I have you to come with me!”

Imade’s eyes widened and flailed her arms around, horrified that Rena will even think about such things, “No no no no no, I am not going anywhere NEAR the bandits. And I was talking about someone who can protect you. You need someone who can protect you. The emperor will never allow you to leave the castle without protection once we’re at war. I can’t protect you, I can’t fight!”

Rena frowned, “So... what, I have to find a bodyguard?” Imade nodded. “But what if he ends up like... the one before!?” Rena exclaimed as she recall the bodyguard her father had assigned to her when she was small. Her bodyguard had once barged into her room drunk in the middle of the night and was trying to do unimaginable things to her. If the general had not come in time, Rena couldn’t even imagine what would’ve happened.

“That’s why you need to find a female one. Someone who can fight as well as General Yagami or like her bodyguard, Kizaki-san,” Imade said, her eyes sparkling with admiration at the name of the famous general. Everyone admired the one and only female general in the army. She was strong, fast, smart and best of all, she was really beautiful.

“Kizaki-san? You mean Yuria? Well, Kuumin and Yuria had exceptions. How many girls do you know living in this world that can fight like those two?” Rena frowned. Trying to find someone as powerful as Kumi and Yuria was absolutely impossible in this world. The skills the two girls possess is rare.

“Hard to find, but you’ll need to find one if you want any chance of convincing the emperor to let you take part in the war,”  Imade said. Sounds of giggling echoed in the garden. Imade turned her head and saw the other two princesses on the other side of the garden. Then another thought entered the girl’s mind. “I think it will be good if Princess Akane and Princess Kanako have protection as well,” Imade suggested as she watched the two chased each other in the garden, completely unaware of what was happening in the world around them.

Rena turned her head to her two younger sisters and nodded, “Maybe I should ask my cousin, and see if she can find any good female fighters? Maybe she can find someone like that around Emperor Togasaki? I mean, the emperor’s army has some female fighters in it as well, doesn’t it? So chances are, there are probably some females that are strong enough we can recruit perhaps.”

“But,” Imade stopped Rena from thinking any further, “If you write a letter and it is intercepted by Emperor Togasaki’s own men, you will risk exposing her identity. You have to remember your cousin is working there as a spy. Emperor Togasaki isn’t your father, if he finds out your cousin is a spy, he isn’t going to let her go like your father does.”

“Well it’s worth a try isn’t it?” Rena asked. Imade shook her head. “Then what can we do? I don’t want to have to sit in the palace all day once the war starts and see soldiers leave everyday with only a few returning each time!” Rena yelled.

Imade placed her hand on the princess’s shoulders and tried to calm her down. “We wait, Rena-chan. We wait. The more you try to look for something, the harder it becomes for you to actually find it. If kami-sama wants you to go out in the battle, he will find you someone. If he doesn’t, then you will have to accept it, Rena-chan.”

Rena slowed her breathing and started to calm down under the comforting hand of her best friend and servant. “I just don’t want to see man being slaughtered everyday... I want to help...” Rena sighed.

“I know, Rena-chan, I know. Kami-sama knows that too. He’ll find you someone,” Imade patted the princess’s shoulder.


Imade Mai makes a special appearance as a big minor character in my fanfic!
Just because Imade is my favourite KKS, and the one who I always give support to.
I had always hoped she gets promoted, but then her leg injury and oversea study and all that...

So, was the emperors' identities who you guys thought it would be?

Anyway, hoped you guys enjoyed this chapter~

The next chapter for AGP is currently being typed as you read this.
It is most likely to be up tonight, if not, tomorrow morning~
So, please look forward to it! (^^)v

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