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Author Topic: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ !!RETIREMENT ANNOUNCEMENT!! [4/16]  (Read 108067 times)

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 2) [5/5]
« Reply #140 on: May 05, 2012, 12:09:15 PM »
gekirena is right: YOU ARE AWESOME! I can not say more :) Thanks for this two great fic!!!

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 2) [5/5]
« Reply #141 on: May 05, 2012, 02:43:13 PM »
Lol Togasaki is the bad guy.
I like how Rena punish the ones who insult her hehe

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 2) [5/5]
« Reply #142 on: May 05, 2012, 03:43:20 PM »
yo  :hand:

ah yeah just a tad too quick on the personality change but maybe..SHE HAS A SPLIT PERSONALITY! JK!  8)
i wonder indeed  ;)

ooooh i love how you included imade in here! gj!  :thumbsup
mmm pro archer rena...definitely sexy  :yep: and then theres kumi and yuria!  :w00t:
but daymm this war is gonna get nasty!

PHWOAR JURINAS GONNA BECOME A BODYGUARD FOR SURE! but then.....airinnnnn whats gonna happen with airin  :O maybe jurina will want airin to be together with her as well so she becomes a bodyguard too! DOUBLE BODYGUARD!  :w00t:
renairin renairin.......ah maybe its a wmatsui....ahh dunnooo~~

thanks for the update! :D  :twothumbs

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 2) [5/5]
« Reply #143 on: May 05, 2012, 05:52:02 PM »
I sense a war between AKB and SKE, yeah~  :D

Maybe there'll be appearances of AKB girls. Definitely looking forward to that.

As for the body guard... Jurina seems like the most likely candidate, but like Pandah-san said, DOUBLE BODYGUARD (please), for obvious biased reasons.

And I still wonder why so many people shipped RenAirin,
I mean, before RenAirin, it was always wMatsui.

lol, I dunno either. I just happen to like Airi after watching her sing some anime songs, and I ship every member I like with other members. (I also ship her with Churi, but since RenAirin is more popular there's more material). Oh, and they seem to be all over each other, which is cute.

Thanks for the update!  :deco:

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 2) [5/5]
« Reply #144 on: May 05, 2012, 09:10:04 PM »
Togasaki is the bad guy!!! WOOO!! LOL

Ahh, I can't wait for Jurina to be assigned as Rena's bodyguard.. the good stuffs will be happened after that after all..

Airin and Jurina.. and Princess Rena and Princess Churi.. I wonder what you're planning for this fic.. ha ha ha

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 2) [5/5]
« Reply #145 on: May 06, 2012, 03:00:01 AM »
whoa, the things this fanfic is starting begin good!!! the war and stuff.  I'm feeling lonely here,the only one expecting Wmatsui things in the fanfics T.T Well sorry for my bad english in this reply,is because of my habit of read fanfics in my cell phone, I cannot resist send a reply but because of this I can't verific if I write some things right -.-"   

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 2) [5/5]
« Reply #146 on: May 06, 2012, 05:36:10 AM »
Thank you, geki-chan~

It's nice to know another person supports Imade~
She's such an awesome KKS!
I'm still confused as to why she never got promoted before~ (..)

i cant wait to read/imagine Rena fighting! and along with Jurina too! since we all know that's how it'll be
Hmm~ Oh really, geki-chan~
You know, if everyone can guess the story, there will be no fun lol xD
Hahahaha~ That's all I'm going to say about that line.
I'll let you think about what i mean (^^)

As in Airin's part in this, you'll see~
Airin's part in TPB will be revealed as the story develops.
The only thing I'll say is that, Airin is one of the main characters of this story.
But then, I'm sure you guys all knew that before already right? (^^)v

RenAirin in AGP, coming right up~ *serves AGP chapter update on a plate*

And I'm glad you like my fanfics, geki-chan.
You're awesome too, geki-chan~
Now I shall wait patiently for your next update on your own fic~

Thank you, Kiri-el-san~
It's okay, you don't need to say anymore (^^)
Just reading and commenting is good enough for me.
I'm glad you enjoyed these two fics~ (^^)

Lol~ Juri with a split personality xD
OMG! That just gave me a new fanfic idea xD
Hahahaha~ I love you pandah-san~
But that idea shall go hide in that little hole in the back of my brain for now~

As in what will happen with Airin...
Pandah-san will have to read on and find out for yourself xD
No fun in telling you guys all right?
The pairings too, will be revealed soon~
Maybe in a few more chapters~
Gah, I hate introducing a story, because I always take so long to finish introducing everything.

Ding ding! A war between AKB and SKE!
Except this one focuses more on SKE so any AKB characters (if there will be any) will be minor characters.
Maybe, I'll make another one later based on this except with major AKB characters.
I dunno, that depends~

Double bodyguard xD
Hahahaha~ You'll see when you read on~
You'll see~ (^^)

Hahahaha~ At least oist-san can remember how you got into loving Airin~
I can't even remember how I first started liking Airin xD
And yeah, I love the way those two are just always with each other~
Except at the same time, I don't really like it,
since it breaks up the wMatsui pairing...

Oh? Was Juribait-san expecting wMatsui in these fanfics?
Ah~ well then~ Ahem... Hehehe~
I won't comment anything on that,
because if I do, I'm be giving away too much hints to my fanfics.
Like I am already doing right now.

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE AGP's School (Chapter 11) [5/6]
« Reply #147 on: May 06, 2012, 05:46:39 AM »
I know, I separated the comments with the updates again,
even though I know I shouldn't be doing that~
But yeah, I just, felt like doing that. ANYWAY!

Thank you to all for reading and commenting~
I love comments~ Comments are my fuel~
It is the fuel that keeps me writing,
even when I am up at 2 am and stuff~
So again, thank you~ :kneebow:

So, here is the next update for AGP.
I'm sorry if it is really bad.
I mean, I'm not good at writing really warm and happy stuff.
As I said before, pain is so much more easier to write since I live most of my life with that~
But yeah, I'm blabbering on for too long now~

Jurina’s eyes opened as the vibration alarm of her phone went off. Although her head doesn’t hurt or feel dizzy anymore when she moves it, a small touch on the bruise and the pain will return. She peeked over the table and looked at Rena’s sleeping figure. Rena’s blanket had fallen onto the floor, yet her position was still the same as Jurina left her last night. ’Ah... I didn’t put the blanket on properly...’ She thought to herself as she climbed out of bed and slowly wrapped the blanket around Rena again. It might be a sunny day today, but it can still get really cold in the morning. Once satisfied with the secured blanket, Jurina quickly washed herself, got changed and quietly slipped out of their room.

Jurina opened her phone, still no mails from Akane. “This girl really is mad at me isn’t she...” Jurina mumbled to herself as she made her way to Akane’s room. Not even bothering to knock on the door, Jurina walked into the girl’s room and found Akane still sleeping on her bed. Completely ignoring the snoring Mizuki on the floor, Jurina tapped Akane’s shoulder., “Churi~ It’s time to wake up. We have breakfast duty this morning.” Akane mumbled something and pulled her blanket closer. Jurina smiled at the sleeping girl, Akane is always cute when she’s sleeping. Jurina tapped Akane’s shoulder again, but before she could say anything, Akane’s arms darted out of her blanket and pulled Jurina down into a hug. Already used to this happening, Jurina returned the hug, “C’mon sleepy head, wakey wakey.”

“Hmm...” Akane hummed as she held onto Jurina tighter. It has been a while since she had initiated such close contact with Jurina. Or at least it has been a while since she had had the chance to do so, and right now, she didn’t want to let go. Deep inside, she was still slightly annoyed that Jurina left her alone in the classroom last night, but seeing that the girl still personally came and woke her up, there was no way she could still be mad at her.

“Not mad at me anymore?” Jurina asked in a whisper. Akane shook her head. How can she still be mad at the girl she likes? “Good,” Jurina smiled as she pulled Akane up from her bed, “Then go get ready. You don’t want the chef growling at us again for being late hmm?” Akane nodded and quickly went into the bathroom.

Not knowing what to do while waiting, Jurina helped Akane made her bed and packed her school bag. Her hands stopped when she saw an old picture of her and Akane on the table. Jurina picked up the frame and stared at the photo. It was the photo the two of them took together under the sakura tree on their first day of school. Jurina was lost in her memory as she stared at the photo, completely unaware that the snoring figure on the floor was no longer snoring. “What you thinking about?” Mizuki asked as she stretched and did a big yawn.

Jurina jumped at Mizuki’s voice and quickly placed the photo frame back on the table. “No-Nothing,” Jurina said as she went back to packing.

Mizuki raised an eyebrow and walked over to Jurina. She looked at Jurina for a while and picked up the object Jurina was so interested in just then. “You know, Churi hasn’t been very happy lately.” Jurina nodded and continued to pack. “You gonna do anything about it?” Mizuki asked as she put the photo back to its original place. Jurina nodded again. “She misses the old you a lot.”

Jurina stayed quiet as she packed and listened to Mizuki at the same time. ’Have I really changed? What was I like before?’ Jurina no longer remember what she was like before she came to this school. She didn’t even know what it was about her that changed. But Jurina know for a fact that there is one thing that hasn’t changed between her and Akane. And that is that Akane will always be her first priority. If something happened to the girl, no matter what she was doing at that moment, Jurina will always rush to Akane first. That was something that never changes.

Mizuki stood there in silence as Jurina put Akane’s pencil case in and zipped her bag closed. Then Mizuki spoke again, “How’s your head? Feeling better?” Jurina nodded. “That reminds me, what were you thinking about before I punched you? You were so lost in your little world,” Mizuki asked as she thought back to yesterday’s incident. She could clearly remember how Jurina was just standing in the middle, her arms were up and ready to fight, but her eyes were staring into empty space and she was smiling about something as well.

Jurina stopped her movement. ’Should I tell Mizuki about Rena? Should I tell her what happened last night? And how I feel so not like myself when I’m with the girl? What would she think of it? But what if Churi hears it? If she heard what happened last night, she’ll go mad at me again. Argh... Why is life so hard!?’

Seeing Jurina was having another mental conversation argument within her head, Mizuki clapped Jurina’s shoulder, “Doesn’t matter if you don’t want to tell me.” Despite her curiosity was killing her, Mizuki climbed back onto her bed and tried to go back to sleep again since she had no morning duties and there was still a few hours before breakfast is served.



“Is it normal for a person to feel like they’re a completely different person when around another person and just when alone with them, that person acts really different to how they usually act?” Jurina asked. She can’t always keep her thoughts inside her mind after all. Mizuki was the type of friends that Jurina have that knows what is serious and what is not when Jurina talks to her and it is for that reason why Jurina sometimes talk to her about her own problems instead of going to the school counselors who never seems to do their jobs right.

Mizuki opened her eyes and thought about Jurina’s words over in her mind. ’Why does those words sound so familiar? Didn’t Kuumin say something like that before when she first met Non.......?’ Mizuki’s eyes widened in surprised and was about to asked Jurina who that person is, but then decided against it. Now is not the time to do so. Not when Jurina’s tone of voice is so serious. Mizuki thought about how to answer her, but then decided to point Jurina to the right person to ask. After all, Mizuki herself had never had any experience yet. It was hard to help when you don’t know what it is. “That question... Go ask Kuumin about it,” Mizuki said as she pulled her blanket back over her head and from underneath the warm material, she spoke again, “She had had the same problem as you before.”

’Kuumin? Why Kuu-‘ Jurina was cut from her thought when the bathroom door opened, revealing a fully dressed Akane with tied up hair and the bright smile that Jurina loved seeing. Jurina handed Akane her bag, “You good to go?”

“Un!” Akane nodded and grinned. “See you at breakfast, Mizuki!” Akane yelled as she took Jurina’s hand and went out her room.

Jurina placed a finger on Akane’s lips, “Shush, Churi. It’s still four thirty in the morning! You don’t want to wake up anyone now, do you?”

“Ah, gomen. I forgot. C’mon! It’s breakfast duty time!” Akane pulled Jurina with her as the two made their way to the dining hall. Although breakfast duty always mean waking up so early in the morning, it is the only duty Akane have with Jurina and because of that, Akane can’t help but always feel so happy on that day of the month when they get breakfast duty together.


“Ready? Ok, on the count of three. Three...” A girl started to count.

Another girl stopped her, “Wait, what are you trying to do!?”


“Wait!” Two voices shouted at the same time.


“Kanakana! Don’t do that!” A different voice shouted.

“OOF!” Rena gasped as she felt pain shot up her back from a large pressure.

“Yay! She’s awake! Hey, Rena~” The girl jumped down from Rena’s back and kneeled down next to her bed, resting her head on her arms that was folded on Rena’s bed.

“Kanakana?” Rena breathed out the words as she tried to ignore the pain on her back. “Why did you jump on me?!” Rena asked, trying to keep her voice as normal as she could despite the anger and pain that she felt from the wakeup call that Kanako have so kindly offered her.

Kanako grinned at Rena, “Because then you’ll wake up. Why are you looking at me like that? You said I could wake you up!” She slightly backed away when she felt a really dark aura radiating from the girl. Something wasn’t right and Kanako could finally see it. Both Masana and Airi have a very worried look on their faces. “What?”

Masana spoke up first, “Rena hurt her back last night and you just jumped on her.” Inside Masana’s mind, she slapped herself for not knowing what Kanako was going to do. After all, the girl always likes waking people up by jumping on them.

Kanako looked at the head girl in surprise then back at Rena who was now trying to flip around on her bed and sit up. Kanako could see the pain in Rena’s eyes now. “Oh... I’m sorry... I didn’t know. Rena, I’m sorry, I really didn’t know! No one told me!” Kanako held up both her arms as if Rena was pointing a gun at her. She turned to the other two girls at the two, “Why didn’t you guys tell me!?”

“I was going to. We told you to stop, but you didn’t listen,” the head girl said.

Seeing Rena struggling with getting up, Airi ignored the two girls’ conversation and walked over to Rena’s bed and gently helped Rena sit up from her bed. The head girl saw the interaction between Rena and Airi, then she waved at Kanako and pointed at the two girls. Kanako looked at Masana with a confused face then she realized what the head girl was implying. “Hey, Rena, we’re um... going to go get a seat at the dining hall first. Take your time,” Kanako said as she followed the head girl out the door.

“Wa-wait! What about me!?” Airi looked at Kanako as she closed the door. The girl only received a grin from her as a reply. Airi noted to herself to remember to get Kanako back for ditching her. A groan from Rena snapped Airi out of her thoughts and turned her attention back onto the girl sitting in her bed. “Are you okay, Rena-san?” Airi asked as she helped Rena stand up from her bed.

Rena weakly nodded as she leaned onto Airi for support. Kanako jumping on her really hurts her back but since the girl didn’t know about it, Rena couldn’t stand snapping at her. “Airin, what’s the time?” Rena asked as she made her way to the bathroom with Airi holding onto her arm with one hand and having her other hand behind Rena in case she falls.

“Uh...” Airin looked over her shoulder, trying to see if there’s a clock around. The only clock she had was on her phone and that’s out of reach right now since she was holding onto Rena. ”Um, I’m not sure. But the last time I checked it was around six thirty.” Seeing Rena was reaching for the door knob of the bathroom, Airi quickly stepped forward and opened the door for Rena.

“Thank you, Airin. Can you wait for me before you go off? I won’t take long,” Rena asked as she stepped into the bathroom. Airi nodded and closed the bathroom door behind her.

’Wa! I did it! I... I managed to talk to Rena-san without stuttering like an idiot! YES!’ Airi fistpumped the air and smiled as she leaned against the door of the room, waiting for Rena to finish. It was getting easier to talk to Rena now. Or maybe it was just easier because Airi wasn’t really thinking about it, she just said whatever came first to her mind. ’Wha~ I’m not even making any sense~’ Airi pressed her palm into her cheeks. Now that she was thinking about, she can feel her cheeks burning up again. She held her hands in front of her and stared. ’I touched Rena-san... Her skin is so smooth and so warm... And she smells really nice too... And she was in a bathrobe! The light green colour of her bathrobe is such a nice matching colour for her skin... Gaaaaah! What am I thinking about!?’ Airi turned around and slammed her head on the door.

“Airin? Are you okay?”

“Ha!?” Airi turned around and found Rena standing in front of the bathroom door, fully dressed, and was staring at her with a very worried face.

Rena walked forward and touched the red spot on Airi’s forehead left behind by the painful impact with the door. “Are you okay? Why did you hit yourself on the door?”

“I... uh... um... I...” Airi couldn’t think anymore. All her mind focused on right now was Rena’s cold and smooth fingers pressing against her forehead.

Rena giggled at the Airi in front of her again. It amuses Rena to see someone act like that around her, and Rena can’t help but love it when she knows someone is acting like that because of her. “Why are you stuttering, Airin?” Rena poked Airi’s burning cheeks and asked. Rena watched with fascination as Airi stared at her and opened her mouth, as if to say something, only to close it again.  The two of them stood like that, just looking into each other’s eyes.

Airi’s heart was threatening to jump out of her chest and she felt like her face was being set on fire as she broke the stare contest between her and Rena. “W-We s-should g-g-get going,” Airi managed to speak the words out clear enough for Rena to hear. She fumbled for the door knob and opened the door.

Rena smiled at Airi’s reaction and nodded. She made her way to her bag and winced in pain as she tried to put her bag on her shoulder. Airi, seeing the pain on Rena’s face again, immediately returned normal and rushed over to Rena’s side and took the girl’s bag from her hand. “Here, let me get that. It’ll hurt your back if you carry that bag around all day,” Airi said to Rena as she slipped Rena’s bag onto her own shoulder.

It’s true that Rena likes the stuttering Airi, but she loved it even more when Airi can actually talk to her normally. Without any complain, she allowed Airi to take her bag and hold onto her as the pair made their way to the dining hall. When they reached the stairs, Rena stared at it. How on earth was she going to be able to get down all these stairs without hurting herself? Without realizing, Rena was biting her bottom lip as she imagine the pain she will feel if she suddenly slipped.

Airi’s holds on Rena’s arm tightened as she watched Rena’s troubled expression. “It’s okay, Rena-san. I won’t let you fall,” Airi said as she took the first step down, leading Rena down with her. Airi felt this strange feeling in her heart as she watched Rena’s face winced with each painful step they took. ’What is this? Why does it feel so horrible to watch Rena-san like this? Then Airi’s mind clicked. That feeling was guilt. Airi felt guilty for not being able to help Rena. If only she was strong like Jurina, then she would’ve been able to stop the girls from hurting Rena instead of running all the way to Jurina to get help and wasting all those time. It was her fault that Rena was hurting. Her fault that Rena got hurt.

“Airin? What are you thinking about? You’re spacing out,” Rena asked as they two of them arrived at the door leading to the dining hall. Rena noticed that the girl’s face has been deep in thought the moment they started making their way downstairs. It’s as if the girl was hiding something, though Rena didn’t know for sure. Maybe Airi was always like this?

“I...” Airi mumbled. What would Rena think of her if Airi told her that she ran away to get help from Jurina when she saw the girls hurting her and Akane? Rena would think she’s weak and useless. Airi didn’t want that. But somehow, Airi couldn’t shake that feeling of guilt off her shoulder. Airi’s mind was set. She had to apologize. She had to tell Rena, even if Rena is probably going to be angry at her. “Rena-san.”

“Hai?” Rena looked at Airi and saw the serious expression on her face. It was much like the face she had when the head girl was telling them Jurina’s history.

“I... I-“ Airi jumped when the dining hall doors suddenly swung opened. ’Ah... Guess I have to tell her later...’

“Ah! There you are! We’ve been waiting for so long! We thought something happened so I decided to come find you guys. What were you guys doing standing out here?! Come on! The food are nearly all gone! Everyone is so hungry this morning for some reason, everyone is taking second serves!” Kanako shouted as she dragged the two girls into the hall.

“Stop! Rena-san’s back- Kanako-chan!” Airi shouted at the girl over the noise in the dining hall, attempting to stop the hyper girl from dragging them. Airi could see Rena biting her bottom lip as the girl tried to hold in the pain this dragging  movement was causing her.

Kanako stopped and turned around, she had completely forgotten about Rena’s sore back. “Ah! I’m sorry, Rena! I forgot! Sorry! Please don’t hurt me!” Kanako cried as she ran back to the table she and Masana were seated, earning a slap on the forehead from the head girl as she sat down.

Rena thanked Airi as the two of them made their way slowly to the table. Airi, much unlike her, was walking in front of Rena, stopping any girls from accidentally bumping into Rena. The head girl watched as Airi as the two girls made their way to their seats. Masana looked worryingly at Rena who looked back and gave the head girl a small nod as she relaxed into the chair, finally free from the pain. The girl then turned her attention to Airi, only to find that the girl was already on her way to the kitchen, getting two trays of food. Masana chuckled. Rena’s arrival seems to be doing some good already. Airi’s shy barrier was certainly starting to break down.

As Rena waited for Airi to return, she had this strange feeling that someone was watching her. She sat up and looked over her shoulder. She scanned the dining hall room. No one was watching her. ’Huh... weird.’ Then Rena looked over to the table where the bully sat before. Rena sighed with relief when she couldn’t see the girl anymore. It was a good thing because now, at least, no one else will hurt Akane anymore. Suddenly, Rena felt that strange feeling again. She looked behind her again, and this time, in the middle of a big crowd, her eyes locked onto another pair. The pair looked away immediately and focused back onto the girl next to her.

“Hmm, you noticed Jurina is acting a bit different today too huh, Rena?” Kanako asked when she saw Rena looking at Jurina.

“Ha? Um... I don’t know. Is she acting different today?” Rena asked as she focused on Jurina.

Kanako took a bite into her omelet and continued, “Mmmhmm~ She usually keep her distance from Churi when the other girls are around her. But look,” the girl pointed to the crowd with her fork, “Jurina is hardly paying any attention to the girls today. It’s like she has her full attention on Churi.”

Rena nodded and looked at Akane. The girl’s smile was so bright it almost seemed like nothing happened to her yesterday. Just as Rena was about to turn back to her table, she saw Jurina look at her again and this time, she saw a childish grin on the girl’s face for a second before it turned emotionless again and turned away. Rena blinked, ’Did Jurina just grin at me? Or did I just imagine that?’


Please don't kill me if this chapter was really bad.
I'll try make up for it with my next update on whichever one I'm working on next.
I'm just... Yeah, not going good right now....
Maybe I should stop writing a while... Hmm...
Maybe if I rest for awhile and come back, then I'll write better? Maybe?
I dunno~ I'll see~

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE AGP's School (Chapter 11) [5/6]
« Reply #148 on: May 06, 2012, 07:19:27 AM »
EH??? Airin is one of the main characters in TPB???? thank God!!!!  :cow:
i thought she was just a minor character  XD
i can wait to read more Airin in TPB hehehe
and sorry for guessing about the bodyguard haha   :sweatdrop:

regarding AGP!

yay another update~!!!! it was great!  :cow:
yay for RenAirin!!!! :wub:  :bow:
love the new RenAirin moments  :twothumbs  :inlove:

and i just realized that your Airin character and my Airin character is almost the same! with the stuttering and the shyness  :shocked
maybe i was getting inspiration unknowingly from your fic as I was writing mine!  :shocked
i'm sorry, i didn't have any idea at all!!! I didnt really have a specific character for Airin even before I wrote the prologue.
I just wrote her character as the story progress...and with this new update i just realized that it is really similar to yours!!!  :shocked i hope you're not angry  :cry:

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE AGP's School (Chapter 11) [5/6]
« Reply #149 on: May 06, 2012, 09:06:20 AM »
AWESOME UPDATE!!! I was looking forward to this chapter hehe.
Another nice chapter phhayou-san :D Thanks for the update!

Jurina with rena oho i sees love is in the air~

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE AGP's School (Chapter 11) [5/6]
« Reply #150 on: May 06, 2012, 02:11:30 PM »
Hahaha I wonder how Mizuki finished on the floor lol
I like Kanakana, she is so funny ^^

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 2) [5/5]
« Reply #151 on: May 06, 2012, 06:56:30 PM »
Oh? Was Juribait-san expecting wMatsui in these fanfics?
Ah~ well then~ Ahem... Hehehe~
I won't comment anything on that,
because if I do, I'm be giving away too much hints to my fanfics.
Like I am already doing right now.

In reallity I'm rooting for Wmatsui  :mon sweat:
I ship JuriChuri too but Wmatsui is my N° 1 OTP, and when I see, I'm rooting for then even when I should not doing this  :err:
Jurina smilling to Rena in the final remind me Kataomoi Finally, in reality this fanfic remind me a lot that PV  :mon mischief:
I'm happy seeing Akane have their precious moment with Jurina  :mon inluv:
But I'm sad too because when she know that Jurina have feelings for Rena, her heart will be broken again  :gyaaah:
Poor girl...
The chapter was good ohayou-san, you write well happy stuff too.  :mon thumb:

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE AGP's School (Chapter 11) [5/6]
« Reply #152 on: May 06, 2012, 08:03:34 PM »
Upon thinking about this story...  :V :V :V
I realized that I'm shipping ChuriJuri way more the usual RenAirin. That's prolly because I don't really like bad ends, and emo characters. And maybe because I like Churi way too much that I can't stand the fact that she's hurting.

D'aaaaawwww.. That RenAirin moment!!!!!!!!
Awkward Airin is fun.
Serious Airin is way too cool (which is a good thing), even if she can't fight lol.
Rena is perceptive as always. I'm liking her character a lot.

Ahhhh, Churi. I really hope that something good will happen to her.

Thanks for the update!! :flower:

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE AGP's School (Chapter 11) [5/6]
« Reply #153 on: May 07, 2012, 09:36:57 AM »
I did it again didn't I (Part 1)
Ah? It is difficult and painful, trying to rekindle the relationship with one that is going almost too far from your reach. The last part when Jurina run away at Rena and Airin moment, honestly, i dont think that it is overreacting. It is me though, i mean...if i am in that sort of situation, i will choose to silently leave that scene because it hurts. It isnt like i will choose to stand there and watch them, it will be just too painful and i am kind of afraid i might do things i am not supposed to do, so in the end, leaving quietly is the best option, for me at least.

Time To Give Up (Part 2)
Wah? Unexpected to see her yet she has to. Confusing, it is confusing when you are wondering bout relationship. Is it okay to be near her? Could she win her heart? What should she do? Between her own feeling that she want to stay close with her and feeling that it is just too tiring to be near her. Wonder if it is okay to just give it up. Then again, the signs is obvious that it is for the better to just give up. Lol, what am i rambling about..:lol: I guess what i mean to say is, i kind of understand what Jurina felt here.

For Now (Part 3)
Jurina's eyes widened at the statement. 'Rena... giving up melonpan... for me? Should I be happy? Or should I be sad that she's comparing me with melonpan?' no good, it is no good to compare someone with food, i think :lol: that's what i said, even though i do it too sometimes. Anyway, it is good that it's somehow ends happily. I am smiling widely right now, you know. I was frowning at your previous updates. So, now that i am feeling quite satisfied with the ending, i have wiped that frown away :D

I Love You Too Much (OS)
Eeeh?! I was just smiling widely at your previous update and then reading this. >__<;; Sigh...this one felt too real. Like, someday, Jurina might really collapse because she's too exhausted. Then again...I...somehow hope, that it isnt the case. Like, i dont want her to quit just because of this. No, really....i would like her to have a long career. I..ah...this fic is good. Like, i am almost cry because of it.

SKE All Girl's Private School
Oh? A longer fic. It is fun to read :) Jurina's character is like having a bipolar personality. One time she's cold and mean, and then she turns to a lonely kid, then a warm and cute girl. Really, this kid is making people confused, just like she's making Rena confused. I like it though, because it will make her chara somehow unpredictable. But, i think...she may just be a kid in her early teen lol, so having her emotional running like a roller coaster ride, is normal...maybe. One thing, i am sure..about her is that she's a good kid who just want to do the right thing based on her perceptive and try to not hurt her friends. Oh...i want to say that she's starting to fall or Rena..but, i think it is too fast for that.

While Rena, is the most mysterious..i think. Despite how the story often using her point of view, still...she's a mysterious chara for me. I cant put on words on why i thought she's like that. Because, in visual novel games and such, Rena will be like the player, isnt she? She's opening route of other charas one by one yet she hasnt have a focus yet. All i could say is just that she's a good girl with a wise..perceptive, the hero or heroine of the story i think. Like...ah..sorry i cant explain it clearly >__<;;

Akane, is...hmm...another lonely chara. Because she clearly knows what she wanted yet cant do anything to really acted upon it. What i mean is, she knows she likes Jurina, more than friend, yet she cant really act upon her feeling because she thought, Jurina doesnt have the same feeling as her. Not helping that Jurina is really outgoing with other girls. She is jealous and hurt yet she cant hate Jurina because she likes her and maybe because she knows that despite what she did, Jurina never intended to hurt her. A complicated chara, i think.

Airi, shy, arent we? No, really...she is really shy here, but her act and feeling toward Rena is genuine, least till the latest update, it is still genuine. What i mean with genuine is...she hasnt show any sign of pervertness, yet :lol: With her awkward way she tried to help Rena as much as possible, within her own range of course.

Kumi, Mizuki, Kanon, and the gang, mm, such a loyal friends. No really, Jurina's really lucky to have such people as her friends, the one who could know not to step on boundaries, one who could stop you doing anything foolish, one who will worry over you, one who will think bout your happiness.

The bad girl and the gangs, lol...honestly i feel pity toward them. No..not the one that beat Akane up in the past. She's terrible and what she did is even more terrible. But, i feel pity toward the girl that Jurina hit and later bullying Akane and Rena. No, i dont like what she did, bullying just because you are jealous is no good. But, the moment her friends flee when Jurina arrive at the scene i just, some friends you got, girl. The moment she begs for Jurina's forgiveness lol, it is amusing yet...i feel pity, i wonder why. I hope Jurina didnt really report her, no...what i mean was, i thought that girl already got her lesson. Lol, if she did terrible things to Akane and Rena again...well then, that pity i felt is going to 'poof' in an instant though :lol: I am not a good person, after all.

Ah, it is not important, but....RenAirin is really popular, nowadays, isnt it? O___o like...really popular, lol. It is just, i like wMatsui more. This story however, i dont know who will win Rena's heart lol. Whatever end it might have, i will still like it, i think :D. Oh, and in other note, i really like Masana chara here, dont know why, just like her, i guess.

The Perfect Bodyguard
Ara? Another fic? Uh...the prologue is sad. I hate war, really hate it. It makes children lost their parents, their siblings, their homes, their family, their childhood. It wasnt war, but it is close to war, attacking a village. Sigh...what is it feel to die in front of your daughter and your wife like that? I cant imagine it. And, how little Jurina saw it with her own eyes, it will definitely leave a scar inside her heart. Moving on to the 1st chapter..waw...Jurina and Airi? Jurina is really cute here...snuggles in bed like that :lol: Then after cute scene come thunder. Like one said, good stuff always followed with bad one. Stealing is wrong at some level. But, she did it because of some pressure, so maybe it is okay? Chased by the guards, even managed to knocked off some of them, she is pretty good for a beginner thief, i mean it in a good way :D. But, she's hurt, least she got the grass, i hope she could reach her mother right on time, so that her doing wasnt useless. Then come 2nd chap in which reveal Rena, and her family who is going to have a war. Ara...i wonder if it is going to be okay. For some reason i think Jurina is in Togasaki land, not in Rena's side. Hmm...will she be Rena's or Akane or Kanako bodyguard. It will be funny if it is Airin and Jurina is on the opposite side. Funny yet devastating lol.

That's really long blabbers i wrote there /(o.o)\ Anyway, i am waiting for your updates, ganbare, Ohayou~san  :cow:

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE AGP's School (Chapter 11) [5/6]
« Reply #154 on: May 07, 2012, 10:27:51 AM »
Aah!!!  :mon curtain: Don't kill with that katana!  :mon runcry:
*comes back*
Then what do you want me to call you Ohayou-sam*cough*  :mon pray2: -san?

And I'm trying really hard not to be biased! But it's kind of hard not to, since you make her so lovable!
And kill her?!  :mon wtf: Ohayou-sam*cough* -san...
 :gmon pissed: :mon cweepy: :shifty: :ptam-kill: Shall we take a walk by the beach or cliff if you do that?
:hiakhiakhiak: I'm just kidding!  :bigdeal: I probably will return to being a lurker in your fics. And not even bother to press the thank you button.  :hehehe:

Anyway~ Onto the commenting!

Hmm~ I'm not familiar with I hope that I get to know her in your fic. ^^
And yeah~ Rena-sama is a princess along with Churi and Kanako
She knows how to do archery. YAY~! :onioncheer:

I hope that Jurina becomes her bodyguard. though it's most likely that she will. ahahaha
And about Airin...will she become Churi's bodyguard? Hmm~

And now onto the next one!

KYAAAHHH~! Jurina asked the question that was asked by Kuumin!!! YAY~! *dances like an idiot*
Oh yeah! MAGNIFICENT JOB AS ALWAYS, Ohayou-sam*cough* -san!
And wow...Four-thirty? So early! Even I would be in my bed... in a DEEP sleep.

And Rena-sama's poor back!!! Jurina!  :mon beam: Treat Rena-sama's back again! It's still hurting!
:hiakhiakhiak: hahahaha!
And...^^''' Good for you, Airin! You didn't talk like an idiot. haha. But...even I would be like Airin when I'm around Rena-sama.  :mon dance:

And once again...Kanako-chan hurted Rena-sama's back. Tsk tsk tsk. Jurina!!! Why aren't you treating Rena-sama's back?! Hmm~ :glasses: She's too busy imagining the godly back, I guess. :hiakhiakhiak:

THANK YOU FOR THE TERRIFIC AND WONDERFUL UPDATES, Ohayou-sam* -san!!! I'll be waiting for more~!
Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
Here are my fics~! They can be found amongst these three. :hee:

Love's A Mission
Oh My Dolly!

SoUL (Series)

The Akiba Family (T.A.F)

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE AGP's School (Chapter 11) [5/6]
« Reply #155 on: May 08, 2012, 08:45:45 AM »
OH IM LOVED! LOL hoorah for me giving ohayou-san a new idea  :cow:

lol boooo i wont be finding out whats gonna happen with airin in a long time then D:
haha but the introduction is a very crucial part in any story  :yep:

LOL WHAT! CHURI FORGAVE JURINA SO EASILY! juri needs some tough love from churi...cant just always forgive her like this D:
hmm hmm jurina is starting to question herself and the way she acts....ITS TIME TO TALK TO KUUMIN!

KANAKANA! your way of waking up people is rena secretly totally wants to murder her  8) oh oh oh they left airin together with rena  :D and airin can talk to rena normally! well just for a bit rofl  XD aww shes feeling guilty :( and she didnt get to tell rena! GAHHH! shes just so awesome here *hugs self* being all gentle(wo)manly to rena  :thumbsup

lol somehow im starting to find jurina a bit creepy o.o sounds like a stalker...okay its just my imagination i think

thanks for the update!  :thumbup

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE AGP's School (Chapter 11) [5/6]
« Reply #156 on: May 10, 2012, 10:00:20 PM »
*cough cough* Anways... Late reply... is late. o no ; But better late then never.
Jurina is growing a soft spot for Rena, how adorable. (~ o 3o ) ~ And yet Rena growing a little fond for Airin.
Love triangle! .... Sqaure... because of Churi. xD ; Though though though ~ I wonder Churi going to pull off a yandere and try keep Jurina to herself after. > w>
OR she might just have feelings for Rena someday too! But... That won't happen right? * u*
That totally won't happen.... Maybe? But questions to lingers around. If Jurina likes Rena. And Churi likes Jurina.
Is Churi going to be jealous and hate Rena? o no And maybe become a bully like those other girls? Wait... GASP! D: No! Churi you can't be a bully! ; AAA;
So hard to imagine Churi as a bully. * siiiiiiigh ~ * Then there's Airin. I wonder if Rena going to love her first, then she'll realizing she actually likes Jurina.
Can't help but giggle how Churi forgiven Jurina so easily. > w> Aaaaaw. ~ But Churi needs to be tough on Jurina more tough. xP
Hnn. Is Jurina going to tell her about Rena? IF she did... Who going to eavesdrop, hm ~ ? Airin or Churi? OR... Is Jurina still going to keep it a secrect. o 3o
So much questions.... = w= ;;
Awww. Rena feelin' the pain how old people feel. o uo ; She'll live... I'm sure Jurina is going to be persistent again and try to take care of Rena's back once they get back into the room! xD
Got to feel sorry for Rena, she's going to have to go through a lot of pain, aye? ; u;
... GASP! Why is Jurina being a stalker? Lol. She can always admire Rena when they're in the room! Don't do it in front of Churi! xD ;
I'll comment on Perfect Bodygaurd when another chapter is out! :"D

Thanks for the update, bro. > w < AND write when you have power surging through your mind! * u*

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE AGP's School (Chapter 11) [5/6]
« Reply #157 on: May 12, 2012, 03:04:36 PM »
Ofc not my dear geki-chan~
I'll never make Airin a minor character~
Or at least not in this story~
And don't worry, I don't mind when readers guessing the plot
because you never know if I might or might not actually add that in~
But if I do decide to change my own plot and use readers' ideas,
I always tell ask for permission~ (^^)b

Why would I be angry?
Don't worry about that, geki-chan~
Airin is a shy, stuttering character by default I think,
because before I started writing fanfics,
many writers were already writing Airin as a shy person xD

Thank you~
I hope you liked this chapter xD

I should've wrote down the reason why Mizuki was sleeping on the floor huh~
But you know, the reasons are usually the same~
Maybe I should've added the fact that Mizuki was sleeping completely spread out on the floor, with her mouth wide opened? xD
Bwahahahaha~ I'm completely ruining her image~ xD

If Juribait-san's top OTP is wMatsui,
then I think hope you will like TPB fanfic~
If you don't know what I mean, you'll understand as the story continues.

Jurina's smile in the KataFai PV?
Was it the part when Juritan touches Rena-san's leg?
And I love the wMatsui biting ear scene too!
Yeah, sorry, just had to blurt that out~

You know, maybe, just MAYBE, Churi would never find out about Juritan and Rena-san~
The pair might end up being in an underground relationship!
Who knows lol~
I don't even know myself lol xD Bwahahahaha~
I don't have a set plot after all (which isn't very good),
I think of the plot as I go.

And thank you~
I'm glad the wMatsui chapter worked out okay~
Though it didn't really have the effect I wanted when I re-read it~

A ChuriJuri(or JuriChuri? Which way does it even go lol xD I don't know) shipper!
I love ChuriJuri as much as I love RenAirin xD
I dunno~ I love any pairing with my oshimen~
Except, maybe not YukiRena, but I'm algudz with GekiBlack(or BlackGeki?)

Yay! Oist-san likes Rena's character!
And I thought I made her a bit too... aware of her surrounding~
Hmm~ But I guess she was o----kay-ish?

Yay! Luna-san, I bow to you for reading through all my fanfic in one go~ :bow:
And commenting on everyone of it too! :bow::bow:
Thank you, luna-san~ Thank you~ :bow::bow::bow:

For the RenAirin pairing, yeah, they're getting waaaaay too popular~
But it's so hard NOT to write about them!
They so LSKJAGHAKSLDJ CUTE together!
Even though writing about RenAirin is slowly killing the inside of the wMatsui shipping me!

And may I mention you have guessed something correctly regarding what I was planning to do in TPB~
Though I won't say what it is right now, because that would give it away~ (if I haven't already)

Anyway, yeah, thank you for reading all my fanfics!
I do hope you enjoyed them~ (^^)b

Yay! Karomuwi-san commented again~
To be honest, I thought Karomuwi-san left me~
And here I was thinking I wrote something really bad f(^^;
I really do think too much don't I~~~?

And just to make sure you don't call me by -sama again,
I guess... You can karomuwi-chan can just call me by my real life name~
Jen, Jenny, J whatever~ I have heaps of nicknames~
But yeah, please don't call me ohayou-sama~ ONEGAI! :bow:
Or I too, will stop commenting on your fics!
(Not that it will do anything, since I don't comment much despite me reading every chapter,
and plus karomuwi-san has so much comments on your fanfic not having my comments won't even matter xD)

And uh... hehehe~ *backs away*
I was kidding about killing Rena~
I was kidding~~~
Ehehehe~ *runs and hides in a hole*
And.... NOOOOOO!

And personally, I love Imade, but I too, don't know much about her xD
I mean, she rarely appears on TV shows and stuff so...
But yeah, I hope you can get to know her!
And maybe start liking Imade too! Even though she's going to graduate.....

Who is whose bodyguard~~~?
I wonder~~~
Maybe Karomuwi-san guessed correctly, or maybe karomuwi-san didn't~ (^^)

And, hahahaha~ Karomuwi-san would be better than me at least when you're aroudn Rena-san.
I think I might've fainted already the moment she is within my right~ bwahahaha~

Well, Pandah-san won't have to wait TOO long~
As soon as I get a few more chapters written,
everything will be revealed~

Hi again, altoids-san~~~
Altoids-san didn't leave me after all (^^) Yay!
And I don't mind late comments!
As long as they're comments, I welcome them~ (^^)

Churi having feelings for Rena?
Altoids-san shall never know!

Altoids-san with so much questions~
BUT! I shall not answer any of them,
I shall allow altoids-san to read on and find out (^^)
I don't want to ruin the fun xD


And that's the end of the commenting.
I'm sorry everyone for not updating this week,
probably won't be able to update tomorrow either (even though it's a Sunday).
I have exams coming up in a few weeks, and I really need to catch up with studying,
I've been failing a few tests lately and my mum isn't very happy....

But I'll work on the updates slowly, bit by bit and hopefully get it done soon.

Sorry to all for having to wait!

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE AGP's School (Chapter 11) [5/6]
« Reply #158 on: May 12, 2012, 03:16:56 PM »
I'm sooo glad Airin is not a minor character! hahaha  :cow:

can't wait to read more of her in your new fic  :D

and you're right! Airin seems to be the shy character by default  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I remember reading a lot of RenAirin fanfics with Airin just as shy as she really is when she's with Rena  :lol: :lol:

and good luck on your exams!!!  :cow: i hope you do well!

and dont worry coz we'll always be waiting patiently for your next update ^__________^

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE AGP's School (Chapter 11) [5/6]
« Reply #159 on: May 12, 2012, 06:05:21 PM »
If Juribait-san's top OTP is wMatsui,
then I think hope you will like TPB fanfic~
If you don't know what I mean, you'll understand as the story continues.

Jurina's smile in the KataFai PV?
Was it the part when Juritan touches Rena-san's leg?
And I love the wMatsui biting ear scene too!
Yeah, sorry, just had to blurt that out~

You know, maybe, just MAYBE, Churi would never find out about Juritan and Rena-san~
The pair might end up being in an underground relationship!
Who knows lol~
I don't even know myself lol xD Bwahahahaha~
I don't have a set plot after all (which isn't very good),
I think of the plot as I go.

And thank you~
I'm glad the wMatsui chapter worked out okay~
Though it didn't really have the effect I wanted when I re-read it~

You're welcome  :on GJ:
The TPB fanfic, I think I understand what you mean  :hehehe:
Yes the part when Jurina touches Rena-san's leg and smile,the end of chapter remind me that part.
(I love the way that Jurina smile in that part, is so... SEME!!! xD)
And I love that PV and all that Wmatsui scenes  :shy2:
Is okay, update when you can, me and a lot of people will be wainting patiently for the next chapters  :on GJ:

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