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Author Topic: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ !!RETIREMENT ANNOUNCEMENT!! [4/16]  (Read 107867 times)

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LOL :lol: macho~ LOL :lol::lol::lol::lol:

You know, when karomuwi-san wrote "Non non non non", I accidentally read it as "Omnomnomnomnom" :lol:
Anyway, that's just me with me random reading skills~

*Being grabbed on the shoulder*
I feel like my shoulders are about to be dislocated (0.o)

I was going to put Kumi and Anna together, since not much of that pair is around,
but then I, myself don't know much about that pairing either xD

I'm glad you like it (^^)

Indeed, wMatsui are one of my favourite OTP too~
But you know, being my favourite ones doesn't mean that this fic will end with that pair.
You never know lol xD you never know!
Maybe I will even have Rena dating both of them at the same time!
Bwahahahahahaha :lol::lol::lol:

Anzai-san doesn't know what's going on in my head?
I don't know what's going on inside my head either :lol:

Hmm, will Jurina get closer to Rena after this?
Hmmmm..... Maybe~ (^^)



I'm so very very happy that I got Anzai-san to look into SKE~
They're good! They're really good!
Look more about them! Look more! \(^0^)/

Oh no, unfortunately, Gekikara-Rena would not be making an appearance in this fanfic.
Or at least for now it won't. I don't intend to add her in, but maybe if the plot developes into something else... then maybe Gekikara will come~

As in for the expelling of the girls for the incident,
maybe it got confusing for you guys I guess?
Ahahaha~ Sorry, if it did.
But about those girls, the one that called the boys to hit Churi in the summer holiday,
that girl is already expelled (as mentioned in chapter...4, I think)
These girls are other ones~
Smaller, and... less extreme ones.

Anyway, I hope that didn't confuse Sieka-san?

>>Kamen Knight
Yeah, gomenne~
One week is too long~
But you know, can't help it, blame it on the school and exam :lol:
Though, as I said, special occasion calls for special updates~ (^^)

Whadayaknow~ School is off today lol~
Since our school moved to a different location, a opening ceremony has to take place with the prime minister talking and yadayadaya~
But luckily, I'm not a student rep or prefect therefore, I don't have to go to school today lol :lol:
And because of this special occasion, a special update has taken place!


Anyway, sorry if I used too much repetition in all my updates.
My english vocabulary is very very limited.
Not my first language after all hahahahaha~

Enjoy this chapter~~~~~ (^^)
Maybe I'll get another update done before the weekend ends?
I dunno~


“Ah... Let’s have a chat shall we?”

The two girls shuffled backward, away from the threatening look on the surrounding girls’ faces. Their back hits a wall.

The leader of the girls pushed Rena’s shoulder against the wall and smirked as she saw Rena’s face scrunch up at the sudden impact. “We noticed, you’ve been hanging around Akane quite a lot lately. We just came here to warn you, Akane isn’t very... healthy to hang around with.”

Akane panicked at the words being spoken to Rena. These girls were trying to separate Rena from her! After being alone for so long, just when she finally found someone who she could be friends with, the girls had to come and ruin the friendship between them. She didn’t want to lose Rena like she lost all her other friends. She had to help get Rena out of this conversation fast, even if it meant that she will still get hurt. Gathering up her empty courage, she spoke up, “R-Rena is only helping me get around school b-because I dragged her with me! S-She i-isn’t hanging out with me.” Rena tried to tell the girls the truth but Akane pulled her arm, silencing her.

The girl smirked, “Oh yeah, that’s right. You can’t walk can you?” She walked closer and gave Akane’s wounded leg a nudge with her feet. The others laughed as Akane gasped in pain. The girl waved to one of the girls, and the girl disappeared into the classroom. “That reminds me, I still have to repay you for giving me this.” The girl pointed to the bruise on her eye and moved her face right up to Akane’s, “I thought we made it clear that you FELL down the hill.”

Realization hit Rena as she absorbed the words being spat out by the girl. That was why the girl looked so familiar to her. Rena finally remembered where she saw that girl before; it was the girl who got dragged out of the dining room by Jurina last night. A sudden wave of anger surged up from within her own body. This was the girl who hurt Akane. Although Rena had not been friends with Akane for so long, she felt it was wrong and disgusting for anyone to want to cause pain to the harmless girl.

Akane was about to say something when a hand made its way across her cheek, filling the hallway with the echoing sound of a slap. The girl’s vision blurred as tears were starting to at the corner of her eyes. One of the girls came back from the classroom and gave their leader a bag. “That’s my bag!” Akane cried as she tried to reach for it, only to have one of the girls push her back against the wall.

The girl smirked as she zipped open Akane’s bag and flipped it around, tipping everything out. Akane’s cries were accompanied by the sound of notes and books dropping onto the cold marble floor. “We did say before didn’t we, Akane? That if you didn’t FALL down the hill, your notes will?” The girl said as she threw away the now empty bag and picked up some of the notes. She held it in front of the crying girl’s face and ripped the notes in half.

“Stop it! Stop it! I need them! I need them for the upcoming tests! Please stop! I didn’t tell Jurina, I swear! She wouldn’t believe me when I told her I fell!” Akane cried louder as she dropped onto the floor and gave useless effort to protect the remaining notes with her body. What she was speaking was the truth. Akane would never have the guts to disobey these girls, not if she wanted to keep her study notes. She already tried to avoid Jurina last night after the accident because she knew that Jurina would be able to tell straight away if Akane was lying about how she got hurt. However, Akane couldn’t escape quick enough and Jurina found her.

The girls laughed at the girl’s poor attempt to protect her belongings and dragged her aside, completely ignoring her scream of pain as her wounded leg was sliding across the cold floor. Rena’s anger finally reached the point where she could no longer stand aside and be quiet. Rena pushed the girls that were dragging Akane aside, and went straight up to the girls ripping the notes and returned the slap that she so kindly gave the smaller girl.

The laughter stopped. Only Akane’s cry could be heard in the hallway.

The girl held her cheek with her hand and glared at Rena. “You... DARE TO SLAP ME!?” She yelled as she pointed her shaking finger at the girl. “Who do you think you are!?”

The girl stride forward and tried to slap Rena, who slapped the girl’s arm just before the slap landed and slapped the girl’s face again. Rena could no longer contain her anger, she grabbed the girl’s shirt collar and pushed her against the wall. “That should be a question I ask you! Who do you think you are!? What has Churi ever done to you!? Why are you treating her like you own her!? She IS my friend, I don’t care WHO you are, or WHAT you will do to me, I will keep hanging out with her because that is what a friend do. But bear this in mind,” Rena pulled the girl closer to her face and hissed in a voice that Rena had no idea she possessed, “I don’t care if you hurt me, but if you hurt Churi in any way again, you WILL regret it.” With that, she released the collar of the girl and instantly felt her anger fade away.

Almost no one was breathing as they waited for the girl to recover and reply to the threat. The girl fixed her shirt and cleared her throat, “And what exactly will you do to me if I hurt both of you?”

Rena hesitated. She didn’t know how to reply now that her anger rush was gone. Her anger disappearing brought back the fear that she felt from before. She backed away a step, pressing her back completely flat onto the wall, hoping to gain protection.

The girl was shocked to see someone speak up against her and hit her back. That has in fact never happened before, except with Jurina, but Jurina was an exception. After recovering from the shock, she could finally see that the anger in the new girl’s eyes has faded and was once again replaced by the fear that she sees in Akane’s eyes all the time. The girl smirked and waved her girls forward, “Not so strong now, are you, new girl... What are you going to protect, new girl? Your friend? Or yourself?” The other girls stepped closer towards Rena and Akane and one by one, they striked.

Wanting to protect Akane’s wounded leg at the same time as wanting to help Akane gather her study notes, Rena had no time to protect herself. Not that she needed to though. Although the girls were hitting them, their kicks only gave Rena a short temporary pain which passed as soon as the next kick came through. Rena heard Akane whisper to her in pain as she covered the girl with her own body, praying that no more extra damage will be done onto the bandaged leg, “Just... stay still, and they’ll stop hitting after awhile...” Rena didn’t ask how Akane knew that, she just took the girl’s advice and stopped resisting the damage being done to her back.

That short minute felt like an eternity to both Rena and Akane. But once the kicking stopped, they were both relieved. That was, until a black and shiny object on the floor caught the bully’s eyes. The girl bends down and picked it up, “Well well well, what do we have here? Is this a camera?” She fiddled around with the camera then, nodding to herself, she puts it in her own bag. “Consider this the payment. Don’t do anything we didn’t ask you to do again, Akane. And you too, new girl. This won’t be the last time you’ll see us.” And the girls turned around to walk off as Akane cried after them, begging them to return her camera, the item that means the most to her.

Before the girls turned the corner, they stopped dead in their track, eyes widening at the sight before them. “Ju-Ju-Jurina!” The girl gasped, her voice suddenly filled with fear, the same tone of voice that Akane had before. She backed away a step and the girl in front of her took a step forward. The other girls looked at each other and ran off before the girl could stop them, leaving the girl by herself to face her nightmare. Her nightmare of one Matsui Jurina, staring at her with burning eyes and her hands clenched into a tight fist.

Akane and Rena looked up from where they were. “Jurina-chan,” Akane’s voice trembled as she said the girl’s name in a whisper. ‘Jurina-chan shouldn’t be here... This isn’t good...’ Akane thought to herself as she tried to get up and walk over to Jurina’s side, hoping to stop what is about to happen before it’s too late. Akane didn’t want Jurina to start a fight now, not after the lecture given to her this morning by the school principal. However, just as she was about to move, Rena stopped her. The taller girl silently shook her head and carefully moved Akane back against the wall. Rena don’t know what Akane wanted to do, but if the girl moved anymore, the condition of her leg is going to get worst.

Jurina glanced at them and frowned as she imagined the pain the two girls are feeling from their faces, the face of wanting to hold back the pain. Filled with anger again, she looked back at the girl in front of her. “I thought I made it clear yesterday, that you were not to be anywhere near Churi again,” Jurina hissed as she took another step forward.

The girl in front of her backed away from both the tone of Jurina’s voice and from the anger shown on her face. The girl didn’t know why Jurina had a bruise on the side of her head, or why there was a bit of blood on the side of her lips, but those made Jurina look even more intimidating than she already was. The bully looked away from Jurina’s eyes as she tried to form a sentence from her trembling lips, “I-I-”

Before the girl could form a sentence, Jurina grabbed the girl’s shirt collar and held her up against the wall. Something familiar dropped from the girl’s bag, Jurina kicked the item aside. “Didn’t you say you will never touch Churi again!?” Jurina couldn’t control the anger she was feeling. Although she knew that the principal already had a talk with her this morning when Jurina and Akane was on their way to the dining hall for breakfast, that anymore act of violence from her, no matter what the reason behind it is, will be dealt with according to the school rules. Jurina’s fists were dying to deal some pain.

“Yes,” The girl on the wall whimpered as tears formed around the rim of her eyes. If Akane wasn’t in pain and her own back wasn’t bruised from being kicked in the same spots multiple times, Rena would actually laugh from the scene taking place in front of her. The bully, who just seconds ago, was laughing as she kicked them, was now on the edge of crying. It was a big contrast.

“Then what were you doing before!?” Jurina yelled in the girl’s face, ignoring the white spots in her vision as the dizziness returned.


“You,” Jurina cut her off, “are very lucky today. I am not going to risk my scholarship in this school for a worthless scum like you.” The girl’s tears rolled down her cheeks as she heard the venom in Jurina’s voice. “I will NOT cause you pain again, no I won’t. I will report you to Yamamoto kouchou *(kouchou is the Japanese term for school principal for those who don’t know) and I will make sure that she deals with you personally.” Jurina released her grip on the girls shirt who now was on her knees crying.

“Please! You can’t report to her. She will kick me out of school! Please, Jurina! I beg you! I will have nowhere to go if I get kicked out! I promise this will never happen again!” The girl cried as she grabbed Jurina’s leg, begging for the girl to forgive her.

Jurina kicked her away and shouted, “What makes you think I will say yes even if you beg me, when YOU don’t leave Churi alone when she begged you!? This isn’t the first time, I warned you last night already didn’t I!? You had it coming! And this time you didn’t just hurt Churi! You hurt Rena too! Rena is new to this school and treats even people she doesn’t know in a friendly way, what makes you think you can hurt her too!? Why should I forgive you when you hurt someone as nice as her!?” Jurina leaned against the wall as she felt the world around her starting to slope. She blinked a few times and focused back onto the girl who slid to the middle of the hallway from Jurina’s powerful kick.

Rena was surprised when Jurina included her own name into her words. The way Jurina described Rena was way beyond what Rena thought Jurina’s impression of her was. Rena never even thoughy Jurina actually say she is a nice girl, what with the way the girl treated her last night in the dining hall. ‘I can see why Churi likes Jurina...’ Rena thought to herself as she looked at Jurina. No longer was Rena jealous of Akane for having someone like Jurina to protect her, because for the first time, Jurina was protecting Rena as well. Although it was only protecting Rena with words, it was more than what Rena could ask for.

Seeing no reply from the crying girl, Jurina gave the girl a wave with the back of her hand, “Just leave. I don’t want to see your face again.” The sobbing girl quickly got up and ran away. Jurina relaxed back against the wall and softly massaged her temple as the dizziness refuses to leave. Jurina looked back at the two girls. She could see Akane and Rena, both their hair were in a mess. Akane was in pain, it was obvious. The pain on her leg was shown all over her face as the girl forced a smile at Jurina. Rena, on the other hand, was picking up pieces of paper from the floor and was tidying them back into a bag that Jurina could recognize as Akane’s school bag. ‘Rena is hurt too...’ For some reason, it put a frown on Jurina. The fact that Rena was hurt. The pain wasn’t shown in Rena’s face, but it was shown by the movement of her body. Jurina could see how Rena was moving in a way that doesn’t move her back much, and whenever she has to bend over, Jurina could see Rena’s face wince in pain.

Feeling slightly better yet still feeling dizzy, Jurina pushed herself off the wall and made her way to the two girls. From the corner of her eyes, she saw something black lying on the floor. It was the same object that she had kicked away before. Jurina made her way closer and picked up the object. Jurina shook her head silently as she observed the object in her hand. It was the camera that Jurina gave Akane for her birthday a few years ago. She remembered saving up her pocket money to get the girl the present, she found it surprising that Akane still kept it since Akane was really into photography and she liked using the best camera out on the market, and the camera in Jurina’s hand was already outdated. With the camera in her hand, Jurina walked to the girls, deciding in her mind to question Akane about the camera later.

“Jurina-chan,” Akane gave Jurina a weak smile as the girl kneeled next to her leg and looked at the bandage on her leg that was now soaking red.

Jurina let out a small smile, and spoke in a much softer voice than before, “You okay?” Akane nodded. “Didn’t I tell you not to go anywhere without me?”

Akane looked down, “It doesn’t always have to be with you, Jurina-chan. And we didn’t go far anyway, it was just to the sakura tree.”


Akane cut Jurina off her sentence, “You’re never around when I want to go out. You know how bored I get during free period, yet you decided to go out and hang out with all the other girls. I can’t always stay in the classroom and wait for you to come back everytime. It’s not fair for me, Jurina-chan.”

Jurina stayed quiet, she could hear hints of anger and jealousy behind that voice. Guilt climbed its way up to her mind, Akane was right. It wasn’t fair for her. Jurina didn’t even know why she didn’t stay with Akane, even though she knew that the girl will have trouble getting around. Jurina never understand why she, herself never tell the girls to back away from her and leave her alone. But at the same time, Jurina kind of have an idea why. She enjoys all the attention she’s getting. Before she came to this school, Jurina was just an average kid. There was nothing special about her, except for the fact that she was good at sports. But after she came, all of a sudden, she became one of the popular students in school. Being popular at that time was something Jurina never expected to happen to herself. After being chased around the school by the girls, Jurina got used to the idea of always having girls around her and started to enjoy always having company. Even though she probably doesn’t even know half the name of the girls.

Without saying anything back to Akane, Jurina stood up and went to Rena’s side to help gather Akane’s scattered items. As Jurina bent down, she ended up sitting down on the floor as she felt the world suddenly flipping upside down. The dizziness returned and was worst than before. However, Jurina pushed it aside and started picking up some of the books by her side.

“You okay, Jurina?” Rena asked. Although she was no expert when it comes to medical, she was pretty knowledgeable in that area. From the way Jurina sat down, or fell down, and the way that Jurina looked at the floor as she tried to regain her balance, Rena could already guess Jurina was obviously not feeling okay. Most likely to be a headache.

“I’m fine. How about you, Rena? Is your back hurting a lot?” Jurina asked as she recalled how Rena tried to move around without moving her back. She couldn’t help but feel concern for the girl since afterall, the girl did protect Akane at the time of the bullying. Something that Jurina could never do, and had never done. Jurina was always too late to get there on time and could only deal with what happened after Akane is hurt.

Rena smiled and nodded her head. Deep inside, Rena felt slightly happy at the fact that Jurina could tell she was in pain. If she was back at home, the maids would’ve never known unless Rena actually tell them. ‘But then, maybe it’s just because the maids are unobservant?’ Either way, Rena did feel really happy that Jurina was concerned about her. She watched as Jurina reached for the bag with a pile of books in her hand, attempting to put the books inside. But before the girl’s hand touched the bag, she fell forward and collapsed on top of the books she was holding.



Rena dropped the paper in her hand and rushed to Jurina. Akane wanted to help Jurina too, but her movement were restricted as she felt pain surged up her leg again. She watched as Rena tend to Jurina. Akane was grateful that Rena was helping Jurina, when she couldn’t, but then, deep inside, she couldn’t help but feel slightly jealous that it wasn’t herself helping Jurina.

“Jurina!” Footsteps pounded against the hallway floor. Mizuki dropped next to Jurina and checked her condition. Kumi went to Akane’s side and helped her instead as she didn’t want to crowd around Jurina since Jurina will probably need space to breathe. Kanon, was surprised by the scene in front of her but quickly recovered as it wasn’t the first time she has seen something like this. She took a look at the unknown girl that was taking care of Jurina but then left the girl alone to tend to Jurina. ‘Self introduction can wait.’ Kanon flipped open her phone and dialed a number, “Hey, Masanya? It’s me, Non. We have a little bit of a problem, can you drop by outside Jurina’s classroom please? Oh, and please don’t bring any teachers with you. I... don’t think Jurina would like that.” She knew Jurina well enough to know that Jurina hated teachers getting involved in situations like these. Teachers involved will always mean tons of questions and then later, a big lecture on what should’ve been done and what shouldn’t have been done.

Kanon quickly hanged up and picked up the rest of Akane’s stuff and put them in her bag. “The head girl is coming, hopefully she will know what to do,” Kanon said as she zipped the bag closed and stood up. Even though Kanon herself is the co-head girl, she didn’t know what to do. She is really good at helping around school and the teachers and sorting out all school-related things. But when it comes to emergency situations revolving around her own friends, she’s hopeless.

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Finally an update!!!  :onioncheer: :onioncheer: :onioncheer: :onioncheer: HOORAY~!

And lol. Really? Non non non non turned into onomnomnomnom?  :dunno:

*loosen up hold* You still need your shoulder to type an update!

:OMG: AND WHAT DID YOU DO  :mon uggh: TO RENA-SAMA?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!  :angry1: :angry1: :fainted: Rena-sama *hic* I couldn't do anything but read about you getting kicked. And WHY YOUR PERFECT BACK?!  :OMG: :frustrated: :gyaaah:  :angry1: Ohayou-san! I wouldn't be going all RINAGE ahahaha made my own rage since there's Tomorage and such! I wouldn't be pulling my hair! And I love my hair!  :ptam-cry: *hic* I *hic* hate *hic* being helpless reading *hic* Rena-sama getting hurt.  :mon cry:  :mon waterworks: RENA-SAMA!!!!

*ahem* enough of my Rinage and onto the story though I'm trying hard not to punch my screen I really like how you made Churi try and protect Rena. It's really nice that she wanted to protect her new friend, and I really like RENA-sama's way of getting angered!  :mon fyeah: Kinds of remind me how I wanted to get angry but I can never show my anger. *sigh* It's so nice how these two girls. AMAZING JOB! because GREAT job is too mainstream

And....RENA-SAMA slapped the bully!!!  :mon squee: Should've been like this more though....---->  :mon slapself: If I can only offer my assistance to Rena-sama and Churi-san...I would.... gladly...  :mon evil: play with those bullies.  :mon misch: If you know what I mean. Ahahaha.

And...WHY MUST JURINA BE SO LATE IN SAVING RENA-SAMA and Churi-san?!?!?!? most fics...The hero is always late.  :mon annoy:

I really waited for this new update of yours Ohayou-san. I can't get enough of it. And did you know? I re-read the fic all over again? Because like what I heard... great AWESOME and AMAZING fics should be read over and over again.  :mon annoy: even though I find this new update really aggrivating. -3-

Anyways.... another AWESOME and WONDERFUL update from you again!  :mon geek: I'll wait patiently for your new updates, so no pressure from me  :mon hi:
Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
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AWESOME CHAPTER!!! i bet jurina will once again see rena's back(because rena hurt her back) after she wakes up (cause jurina she fainted)  :wub:

BUT i thought there will be GEKIKARA coming out!! AWWW rena!!! TT

AWESOME CHAPTER thanks for the update!! :D

Cant wait for the next chapter!

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Ah!!!!! Those girls deserve my fist in their face!!!

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ahh~ why rena's beautiful back??? :mon annoy: how dare they hurt it... :shifty:
wondering if Jurina will cure that wound :wub:

please update more~ :onioncheer:

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WOW! It's an update!!

Oh my God.. the friendship between Churi and Rena is getting stronger, and someday they will be in a love triangle! (or maybe they have?) Man, the climax of this story will be so great! I really like this chapter, the bullies' attitude and how they bully people are realistic. Jurina is really cool when she didn't beat up the girl and tell her to leave instead. Btw, you are kind of mean, aren't you? You just made Rena's back got bruises after Jurina praised her back at the previous chapter.. lol

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I specificlly made the bullies target Rena-san's flawless back because you know,
others get jealous when something so godly exists on earth :lol:
But don't worry, some good will come from it (or at least I consider it as something good),
but that will be later.

Slapping was more than enough for the girls, karomuwi-san,
I can't be TOO mean to the girls.
I was CLOSE to releasing a gekikara-rena-san on them though,
but.... you know... hehehe~

I'm really glad you like it, in fact I'm really glad that so many people like it,
makes me so happy reading all these comments and seeing everyone like these.

And by the way, just really want to mention this:
I love how you use so much emoticons in your comments, it's so awesome!
I open up the page and then...
BAM! Monkeys everywhere! :lol::lol::lol:
I love you even more for this,
I personally like using emoticons as well,
but I get too lazy hunting for them all the time when I comment,
so I only use the ones that I can remember :lol::lol::lol:

Thank you~
And giving you spoilers (not much of a spoiler though, since it's pretty obvious),
Jurina will see Rena's back again. Possible in tomorrow's update though,
I had to cut this update in half because it was getting a bit long-ish.

ANd I'm trying my best to keep Gekikara OUT of the story,
since, if Gekikara started to show up in the middle of a private school...
Uh... hehehe..... f(^^;)
I kinda, don't want to know what will happen to the students that crosses Gekikara's path.

But yeah~ Thank you for commenting!

The puppy Juritan cure, of course there will be some!
Most likely.

>>Kamen Knight
Yeah, I'm mean like that~
But I was nice enough to the bullies for not unleashing gekikara-rena-san on them :lol:

And just to ruin everyone's thoughts on Churi and Rena,
those two stays as only friends in this story,
nothing more to those who are thinking about it.
Nothing more~~~  :smhid

As I said before, special occasions calls for special updates.
Just because I was bored and didn't want to do maths homework~

This update has been cut into half (or ROUGHLY half)~
As it seemed like it was stretching on a bit for too long.
So... yeah~
Anyway, this chapter focuses only on the two you can see.
And later, there will be chapters where it focuses on the other two.
Now, I'm giving too much away aren't I?
Meh, enjoy this second update of the day!


Now I'll go sleep~
Have so much tutoring tomorrow morning~~~~  :panic:

Something warm and soft pressed again Jurina’s forehead. Whatever it was, it felt really comfortable on her. She no longer feels dizzy, but she could still feel some pain coming from her temple. ‘Where am I anyway? I was... wasn’t I helping Rena or something?’ Jurina tried to recall what she was doing before she ended up in this familiar-smelling place. Slowly she opened her eyes and quickly adjusted to the dimly lit room.

“Ah- You’re finally awake, Jurina. I was starting to wonder whether or not I should bring you back to the medical facility since it didn’t look like you were waking up,” Rena spoke as she shuffled closer to Jurina on her bed side.

Jurina stared at the ceiling, it was her room. Not wonder it smelled familiar. The girl looked around and fount Rena sitting on the side of her bed. She was still in school uniform, but her hair was fixed. It wasn’t as messy as Jurina remembered earlier today. Then a thought hit her. Shouldn’t everyone still be at school? “Shouldn’t you be in class?” Jurina choked on her voice. Her throat felt like sandpaper as she tried to speak.

“You already missed dinner, Jurina. You’ve been out for longer than you think,” Rena laughed softly as she lifted a cup of water in front of Jurina’s face. There was a plastic straw in the cup, but Jurina didn’t want to feel so weak, needing someone else to take care of her. She tried to push herself up from bed but then fell back down when the side of head started to feel really heavy again. “Just relax for a while, Jurina. It won’t kill you to accept kindness from someone once in a while,” Rena spoke as she lifted the straw for Jurina who, after thinking for a while, took it with her mouth and drank the water.

Jurina stopped when she felt Rena press something warm against the side of her head again. Seeing Jurina suddenly tensing from the contact, Rena smiled and allowed Jurina to see what was in her hand. “It’s a peeled hard-boiled egg. One of my maids taught me that if you roll a hard-boiled egg on a bruise, the bruise will heal quicker.” Rena unwrapped the paper towel around the egg and turned it until a dark spot in the egg was facing up, she pointed to it with her thumb, “That spot is from your bruise.” Jurina looked at the egg, fascinated by this new knowledge.

Once Jurina finished with the water, Rena placed the cup back onto the table and went back to rolling Jurina’s bruise. “T-Thank you,” Jurina said in a really small voice. Rena just smiled, it felt nice to have the girl saying such simple words to her, words that are so rarely spoken by the girl herself. Jurina leaned back on her bed as she looked at the smiling Rena. Finally being able to look at Rena’s face closely, Jurina took in the shape of face in front of her. The shape of Rena’s eyes, the faint yet noticeable eye bag under her eyes, her jaw line... Jurina gulped. It wasn’t just Rena’s back that was attractive after all. Jurina’s eyes focused on the lips that was smiling at her, ‘Ah... want to kiss them so bad~’

She and Rena haven’t even known each other for longer than a week, and already, Jurina feels fine with close body contacts such as this with Rena. She didn’t know why though. There are many girls in the school who is dying to, but have never had any body contact with Jurina unless Jurina initiates it. Normally, Jurina would get pretty annoyed at someone touching her, but for some reason, she didn’t feel any annoyance building up inside her. Inside, there was calm and peace as Rena tends to her bruise.

Jurina has never felt like this before when alone with someone else. She had never been taken care of before. Although she was an only child in her family, her parents are always overseas on business trips. She has almost no memory of any activity her whole family did together when she was small. That was why Jurina had grown up being so much more mature and much more independent than other girls of her age. That was also the reason why Jurina had always wished for a sister, someone who can be there for her when she comes home, someone who Jurina can cry to, someone who can look after her in place of her parents. It was really tiring after all, to only be a person who looks after others.

The egg was starting to lose its heat. It wasn’t doing a very good job now. Rena unwrapped the egg and threw it in the bin. “Stay here, I’ll go get another egg,” she said as she stood up.

Then, out of nowhere, a hand grabbed Rena’s hand. “Stay,” The word slipped out of Jurina’s lips. Rena blinked at the girl in surprised. Jurina was starting to enjoy being taken care of. She finally realized how lonely she had always felt before when she was sick and no one else was there to look after her. Jurina finally realized how much she actually wanted to be looked after. “Please don’t go...” Jurina whispered. Although the girl knew Rena wasn’t that kind of person, Jurina was still scared that once Rena leave their room, she won’t return and Jurina won’t have anyone to look after her anymore. The fact that Rena had no other place to sleep but this room never even crossed Jurina’s mind.

The girl lying on her bed was no longer the cool, mature, boyish, popular girl that sits in front of her in class. Rena looked at Jurina and for the first time, she sees the face of a 15 year-old girl. She didn’t know what it was that she saw in Jurina’s eyes as the girl told her to stay, but whatever it was, it wasn’t normal coming from Jurina. Was it loneliness that Rena could sense coming from Jurina’s tone of voice? Rena sat back down on the edge of Jurina’s bed, she patted Jurina’s hand and sighed, “I was just going to get you another egg, but I guess I won’t be going anywhere now.” She smiled as she carefully slid her hand from Jurina’s grip, the girl pouted the moment her hand lost contact with Rena’s. Rena chuckled at the sight; it was so strangely cute to see Jurina pouting with those puppy eyes. “I’m just going to go get a shower first. I’m not leaving. Don’t move around much okay? Rest. I’ll tell you when I’m done.” With that, Rena stood up from Jurina’s side, walked to the bathroom and quietly clicked the door shut behind her.

‘What am I doing? Why am I keeping her behind?’ Jurina thought to herself as the water turned on in the bathroom. ‘Who are you, Matsui Rena? Why are you making feel something I’ve never felt before?’ Jurina frowned as she tried to figure out the answer to her own question. This was the first time Jurina had ever asked someone to stay by her side. It was always her telling other to leave, the bullies, the teachers, the other girls and even Akane sometimes, when Jurina is in a really bad mood. But this, this is the first time Jurina felt like she didn’t want someone to leave her alone. This was the first time Jurina actually understood what the word ‘loneliness’ meant. ‘Is this how Churi feels whenever I’m off with the other girls?’ Jurina closed her eyes as she recalled Akane’s words from this morning.

“...yet you decided to go out and hang out with all the other girls. I can’t always stay in the classroom and wait for you to come back everytime. It’s not fair for me, Jurina-chan.”

Jurina could still feel the anger and jealousy from the girl’s words. And now, on top of that, she could feel loneliness coming from the words too. Jurina sighed and made a mental note to herself that from now on, she will try better to hang out around her actual friends more. Although she enjoyed the attention she was getting, she couldn’t imagine having Akane feeling lonely again. The same thing she is feeling right now.

Rena walked out of the bathroom in her bathrobe. It was too hot tonight and to be honest, if Rena had a choice, she would really rather walk out naked. But then, Jurina was in the room, so she decided to wear her bathrobe instead, and stick with putting on her shorts and t-shirts later, just before she go to sleep. Not to mention she didn’t want to cause any more pain to her abused back as she get into her clothes. A bathrobe was way easier to put on and take off. “Jurina, it’s your turn,” Rena said as she hanged her towel on the drying rack.

Seeing no answer coming from the girl, Rena walked over to Jurina. “Ah, she’s asleep...” Rena mumbled to herself as she looked at Jurina’s face. Jurina was sleeping on her side, with the bruised side of her head facing upwards. ‘Should I wake her up now or should I wait till she wakes up on her own? But now that she’s resting so peacefully and it didn’t look like she was in any sort of pain, I don’t really want to disturb her.’ Rena thought to herself as she brushed away some of the hair that was hanging over Jurina’s closed eyes.

She retracted her hand when Jurina stirred and slowly opened her eyes. “Rena? Are you done?” Jurina asked as she rubbed her eyes and sat up. Feeling satisfied that she longer feels dizzy from the bruise but shocked at the sight in front of her. Looking straight at her was Rena in a light green bathrobe with water droplets dripping from the tip of her hair and down her chest. Jurina could once again pick up the perfect features of Rena that stood out as she stared at the girl. This time, Jurina noticed one more thing, Rena’s collar bone. Jurina swallowed and allowed her gaze to wonder somewhere else.

Rena nodded and pointed to a white paper bag on their desk. “Go get a shower, Jurina, then come and have something to eat. You’ve hardly eaten anything today.” Without any objection, Jurina climbed off her bed and slipped into her slippers as she made her way to the bathroom. Jurina decided right away that this was going to be a quick shower as she was already feeling the long forgotten hunger lurk inside her.

As the bathroom door closed behind Jurina, Rena sat down on her chair. She was starting to respect her house maids even more now, with having to look after her all the time. Because now, Rena realized how hard and tiring it was to look after someone, especially with a sore back like hers. Rena slipped off a bit of her bathrobe and using her own mirror, she looked at the bruises on her back. It was like those camouflage patterns on the army uniforms. Rena’s back was covered with little faint spots of black and purple.

Rena sighed as she put away her mirror and took out her school bag. ‘Lots of work to do tonight,’ Rena thought to herself as she took out a spare notebook. Although she wasn’t in class at all today, she had a lot of work to do. She took out the ripped pieces of papers from her school blazer and laid them out on her table. Slowly, one by one, with tape, Rena rearranged the paper like puzzle pieces and taped them together to form Akane’s ripped up study notes. Rena remembered the girl said that she had tests coming up and with her condition right now, there was no way the girl will be able to do all her notes again in time. So, wanting to help her friend out, Rena secretly took some of Akane’s notes and planned to fix them and recopy them for the girl overnight.

Suddenly, Rena’s phone rang. She fumbled for her phone on her bed and almost screamed when she accidentally bumped her back onto the corner of her desk. Ignoring the pain, she flipped open her phone without looking at the caller ID and spoke, “Moshimoshi, Rena desu.”

”Hey, Rena! It’s me, Kanakana! Are you okay? We missed you at breakfast, lunch AND dinner. Masanya said you were busy, but it felt weird not seeing you the whole day so I decided to call you instead.”

The girl didn’t even have to introduce herself and Rena would’ve been able to tell who the caller was from the girl’s voice. Rena was glad though, to know that the head girl hadn’t told others that she ditched class because she was looking after Jurina. Not that anything is wrong with that, but Rena didn’t want to have to explain to others why she was looking after her instead of going to class. Because, apart from the reason that the nurse in the medical facility told Rena that someone had to tend to Jurina when she wakes up, Rena didn’t really know why she stayed. “I’m fine, Kanakana. I’m fine. As Masanya said, I’m just busy.”

“Oh, okay then. You’re fine, that’s all that matters then. Sorry for disturbing you with whatever you’re doing! I’ll come get you tomorrow morning okay? In case you wake up late again.”

“Thank you, Kanakana. I’ll see you tomorrow morning then, good night.”

“Good night, Rena.”

Rena closed her phone and went back the notes. Thanks to her professional skills with puzzle pieces, it didn’t take her long to tape all the notes together. And before long, she was already starting to copy out the notes.

Jurina quickly turned off the water and got change into her shorts and singlet after she dried herself. Almost instantly, she could already feel more relaxed without her school uniform weighing her down. She walked back into the warm, slightly lit room of her and Rena. After hanging her towel on the drying rack, she walked over to the other girl who seems to be working on something that she has still yet to realize Jurina has already finished with her shower. The girl tiptoed closer and peered over Rena’s shoulder to see what she was doing. “Where did you get those?” Jurina asked as she could recognized the handwriting on the notes as Akane’s.

Rena jumped from Jurina’s sudden appearance behind her. But quickly fixed herself and showed Jurina some of the taped up notes, “They’re Churi’s. The other girl ripped them up. Churi said she needed them for an upcoming test so I thought I should help her out since there is no way one person can redo all these notes by herself.” Rena set aside the completed notes and turned to the next empty page of her notebook.

Then suddenly remembering Jurina haven’t had anything to eat yet, she set aside her work and grabbed the paper bag as she pulled out Jurina’s chair from in front of her. Jurina sat down, eyeing the paper bag eagerly. Rena reached in and took out a small bottle of orange juice, an apple and a small dinner box and placed it on Jurina’s side of the table. “Now eat up, I’m going to go get another egg from the kitchen so I can fix your bruise okay?” Rena folded the paper bag and placed it on the table then she stood up and reached for the door.

“You’ll come back right?” Jurina asked, her voice filled with fear of abandonment.

The girl chuckled, “Of course I will, silly. Where else am I going to sleep tonight if I don’t?” Jurina mentally slapped herself for asking such a stupid question. Rena closed the door behind her and made her way to the kitchen.

Jurina opened the dinner box and already felt like she was on the edge of drooling as she stared at the food in front of her. There wasn’t a lot of food and it was just the normal boarding dinner, but it was so nicely arranged into the box that it looked much more tastier than usual. ‘There was no way the chefs would do this for me, even Churi won’t do this... did Rena help me with my dinner?’ Jurina opened a pair of chopsticks and said outloud, “Itadakimasu!” And she dived in. It didn’t take her long to finish the dinner box. By the time Rena came back into the room, Jurina was already half way through.

“Slow down on your eating, Jurina. It unhealthy enough to eat this late, eating so quick will make it even worst,” Rena said as she sat down back on her chair and placed the freshly boiled egg on the table, waiting for it to cool down before taking the shell off. Rena returned to her work as Jurina continued to eat, at a slower pace, while watching the other girl copy the notes.

A rumbling sound echoed across the room. Rena’s writing hand froze. The hand moving the rice towards Jurina’s move froze. Jurina blinked and stared at Rena, then down at Rena’s stomach where Rena was so desperately trying to silence with her free arm. Then Jurina burst into laughter. Rena facepalmed herself as she remembered that she haven’t eaten anything at all today. Akane was going to give her a melonpan for her breakfast but the two of them never made it back to class, and then everything happened so fast that by the time Rena has everything sorted, she has already forgotten about her hunger. Jurina’s laughter died down after a while then after some thinking, she pushed the remaining half of her dinner box to Rena. Rena looked the girl, confused. “You’re hungry aren’t you? I don’t feel like eating too much anyway, you can have the rest if you want,” Jurina lied. Truth is, she was still hungry. But, she didn’t want Rena to go hungry. After the girl has been so kind to her, Jurina felt that she too had to do something kind for Rena.

“No, no, no, no, it’s okay. You finish your dinner, Jurina. You need to strength to recover. I’m fine, really. That’s your dinner, Jurina. You have to finish it,” Rena said, pushing the dinner box back to Jurina.

Jurina frowned. Rena wasn’t making it any easier for Jurina to repay her kindness. Then an idea popped into her head and she grinned. She lifted up some rice with her chopsticks. “Rena?” Jurina called to the other girl.

Rena half turned to Jurina, half focused on the line she was copying. “Ha-“ Before Rena could finish saying anything, Jurina seized the chance and popped the rice into Rena’s opened mouth then grinned in triumph as the girl stared back at her with wide opened eyes. Knowing there isn’t anything she can do about it, Rena chewed the food and swallowed. She gave a small silent sigh as her stomach gladly accepted anything that falls through. “You really should eat them yourself, you’re gonna get hung-“ Jurina lifted a small piece of chicken into Rena’s mouth as she talked, silencing her. Rena, unwillingly chewed the chicken and swallowed. Rena have yet to tell the others that she, was actually not a meat eater. But, seeing how Jurina is surprisingly caring for her, Rena didn't want to ruin the moment by telling Jurina. 'Re-self introduction will have to come later on I guess...' Now Rena refuses to say anything more, fearing that the girl will give her more meat.

“Mou, you can’t stay quiet forever, just eat something, Rena. You’re making me feel really bad for eating everything when you were the one who looked after me and haven’t eaten anything at all,” Jurina frowned as she lowered her chopsticks.

Although Rena felt it was really weird for Jurina to feed her, she kind of enjoyed it. It was as if her own emotions were affected by Jurina herself. When Jurina is happy and smiles at her, she automatically smiles back without herself realizing. If Jurina is sad and frowns at her, she automatically feels the need of cheering her up. No matter how selfish Rena felt she was being, she made no attempt to stop herself from doing what she was about to do. Rena opened her mouth.

Jurina’s frown immediately disappeared and was replaced by a bright grin. She quickly lifted her chopsticks again and feed Rena as the girl continued to copy the notes. Rena was glad that the chicken from before was the last piece in the dinner box, she really didn't want to have to go through eating that again. Just as Rena finished the last page of copying, Jurina finished her apple and was opening the orange juice. Rena watched as Jurina drank the orange juice and was fascinated by how Jurina’s expression changed to that of a young girl. The happiness on her face was the same as that of a child whose parents had decided to give some money to so that they can buy the things they want. The expression on Jurina’s face made Rena smile as she packed up the notes and put them back in her bag.

Once finished tidying up the table and throwing away the rubbish from their dinner, Rena picked up the now slightly cooler egg and started peeling the shell. “Nee, Rena?” Rena looked up at the voice. “Thanks for today. For helping Churi...” Jurina looked away and almost whispered the last words, “and for helping me...”

Rena smiled at the girl, “There’s no reason to thank me. I’m only doing what every roommate would do. And plus, you’re my classmate aren’t you? And you’re Churi’s friend too, so that makes me responsible to look after you as well. Since Churi wouldn’t be happy if you’re not well.”

Jurina frowned slightly at the words. ‘Are these the only reasons? So you’re not helping me because you care about me? You’re only looking after me because I’m your roommate, you classmate and a friend of a friend? So if I’m none of that, you wouldn’t look after me?’ Somehow, Jurina found herself really upset by those words.

“You should smile more often, Jurina. You’re cuter when you smile. I don’t like it when my friends don’t smile,” Rena said absentmindedly as she fully peeled off the brown outer shell of the egg and threw the shell in the bin. Completely unaware of what she just said, she wrapped the egg in thin paper towel and gently held it up against Jurina’s temple, then slowly rolled it in a small circle.

‘I don’t like it when my friends don’t smile’

Jurina gave a small smile. She was thinking too much after all. Rena did care for her because she treated her as a friend. Without a proper reason, Jurina felt happier, at the knowledge that Rena treats her as a friend. She hummed happily to herself as she felt Rena’s cold fingers brush across her forehead, pushing back the pieces of hair that was hanging in front of her eye.
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Damn.. I have to rub my eyes after refreshing page..


I think I'll have to wait for a week or so for the next update,, lol

You've done a great job again, Ohayou.. I really like this chapter, Jurina getting Tsuntsun is definitely a pure win! And not to mention the feeding scene as well.. Their relationship is geting to a new level now, so.. i guess the next chapter will focus on RenAirin?

Anyway, please keep on being epic!

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another awesome chapter! and wow your updates are fast! xD AWESOME!

Shy jurina is so cute!!!! and omg the feeding scene hahaha!! i was totally imagining it in my mind!
Awesome chapter once again can't wait for ur next update !  :drool:

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MACHO MACHO MAN~~ (<-- da *beep*?  :wth)

phew *wipes brows* finally can take a breather from my epic assignment that has made me so busy these past few days that i havent been able to comment :O and staying up for 31hrs is meh...BUT! its pretty rewarding to see two updates from you right after i came home  :twothumbs :twothumbs


ahh! jurina didnt make it in time! they still got beaten up pretty badly :( and churis leg....omg it sounds like it totally needs to be amputated soon (okay maybe not...just exaggerating lol) YES RENA! YOUR INNER GEKIKARA HAS FLARED! then it disappeared again...... :sweatdrop:

churis jealous churis jealous!! and shes lonely :( i would send her a canary to make her feel better lol but i got none  XD
aww rena took care of jurina all day.....the sisterly love is happening (it better be sisterly love!)  haha 
and its nice to know that rena has this certain effect on people that brings their other self out into the open :) jurina gets to actually be a kid who wants to be spoiled   :D

and i wonder what happened to airin .....i actually miss her  :P  haha totally wonder what she actually thought about after she ran to find jurina....did she go back and check? or maybe shes thinking of doing something to help rena like offer to rub ointment on renas sore back   ;) jk airins too chicken shiit to do something like that LOL

and the other two...RENAIRIN?!  :w00t: *gets down on knees and starts praying*


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"Furukawa’s perverted mind is DEFINITELY rubbing onto me" Me too... :lol: I imagined when Jurina see Rena damaged back... Then she have cared for Rena... :wub:

I like this fic so much!!!

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No~ It's not an update~
I can't write that fast xD
Just thought I should make that clear before I go of rambling about stuff :lol::lol::lol:
Sorry to those who thought this post was going to be an update :lol:

But I just wanted to say (since I re-read it over and over again this morning and a dear friend on Tumblr pointed it out),
I just realised how weird one of the line was....

There was a plastic cup in the straw

Yeah.... That's... just how epic I am...  :sweatdrop:
I'm glad no one pointed that out.....
Or at least no one in this forum pointed that out xD
It's fixed nau~

Also, I realised I forgot something when I wrote the previous chapter (thanks to HashirePomeranian-san for reminding me)

But, I fixed that now~ (or at least I'm going to fix it right after this post~)
Pretty small fix~
Didn't make a big difference in the plot, so I could just edit it~
If you guys want, feel free to read that part again~ (^^)

And yeah.... Just apologizing for any sort of weird spelling... or sentences that pops up sometimes in the middle of the writing...
That happens....

Because I'm a lazy person,
lazy as in REALLY lazy...
Even though I find spelling mistakes in my writing (such as "not" instead of "no"),
I get too lazy to edit them.
Sorry~  :nervous



>>Kamen Knight
Hahahaha~ I was half way through posting the previous chapter when I saw you commented xD

RenAirin? Next chapter?
No sorry xD
For now it focuses on wMatsui~
But later, and soon too~
RenAirin will take over :lol:
Please look forward to it!

Who the "other two" is.....
You will have to wait and find out xD
Even though I kind of made it really obvious with comments replies~ f(^^;)

*goes back and edit* (since I want the characters to keep some of their RL things)

Pandah-san stayed up for 31 hours????!!!!
You need some sleep (0.o)
Maybe I should postpone some of my updates, to let you sleep first.

Airin will come back soon~
Very very soon~

I'm glad you like it~ (^^)

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in reply to your reply :D

haha that plastic cup in the straw.....i think the first time i read it something looked off but then i was too excited to know what was gonna happen next so i continued reading then i think i mentally skipped how weird that part was :D (okay somehow what i said just then didnt make much sense)

i got to have a 3 hour nap before dinner so it was all cool :D but when i got woken up i felt so zombified  :yawn:

lol NEVER!! if you ever postponed any updates ill be so devastated D: and then all the other readers will rage and hunt me down and then chop me up into little pieces to feed me to the piranhas! 


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  • what~?
just realized you continued your update in the same day, :doh:

LOL, anyway... so now arrogant jurina turns into sweet jurina when she's together with rena~~ :yep:
still waiting for some 'back healing' scene, if you know what I mean XD

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FINALLY!!! I CAN COMMENT! I'm so sorry Ohayou-san! My internet was being such a jerk, and I wasn't able to comment using my laptop! So sorry!!!

But...  :fainted: I just wished that they did it a bit softer...
*sigh* Fine. Just this once! Because Rena-sama slapped them, I'll forgive you. LOL.

Really? I thought that my usage of emoticons/icons were too much though...That's why I wanted to limit myself.  :hiakhiakhiak: Though I think that my last comment was still a bit TOO much. Ahahaha~ And I wanted to show you just how enthusiastic I was about this story! I use lots of those whenever I'm reading something aweseme! So...Now you know how aweseme your fic is?  :hee: And just a secret between us two, *whispers*  :mon psst: I only remember one emoticons. the :kneelbow: one.  :hiakhiakhiak: Now it's almost rare of me to type a comment or update without it. Ahahaha~!

Anyway~ Onto the comments~! :mon beam:

I never knew about the egg thing! I should use it whenever I fall down! yes. I'm so clumsly that I still fall.
And I love how Rena was taking care of Jurina!!!  :mon inluv: So cute~!
Jurina really feels lonely, and now I wish that Rena-sama would take care of me.
Maybe I should go and get myself beaten up or feel even lonlier than I'm currently feeling to be taken care of by her, like Jurina. *runs off to find a bully*  :mon look: :mon rush: *sees bully, runs away*  :mon tantrum2:

I-I knew that I can't ask someone to beat me up. I'm to scared.  :mon curtain:

Anyway~ I laughed when I saw the
There was a plastic cup in a straw
No offence intented, Ohayou-san. It's just really funny.
And it made my headache go away!  :mon fyeah:

So...Rena-sama got to be fed by Jurina-chan...*feels jealous*  :mon sigh: I guess that I'll get Rena-sama to feed me in one of my fics Ahahaha~
And it's so sweet that she ate a piece of meat just for Jurina!!!  :mon XD: So cute!!! Kyaah~
Ahh~ I'm dying from so much W Matsui!!!!  :imdead:

And thank you for the update!!!  :mon love: I shall be cheering you on and on and on and on and on and on~!  :mon yeah: I shall be waiting patiently for the next update, and will try to fix my laptop ASAP to be able to reply fast! I will also NOT limit my usage of emoticons~  :mon dance: So tata~  :mon bye:
Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
Here are my fics~! They can be found amongst these three. :hee:

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Prologue)
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Hahahaha~ No way~
ALl my dear readers are nice,
no one will rage and hunt down Pandah-san so they can feed Pandah-san to the piranhas~
They're most likely to hunt ME down and force me to do an update xD

Currently writing the "back healing" scene.
Kind of stuck on it, for some reason.
I dunno, why.
But I'm getting to it.

I'm just trying to make sure these kind of scenes,
for both this pair and the upcoming pair,
is as perfect as possible.

No need to apolygize, karomuwi-san~
No need to apolygize~
For you to actually comment is more than I could ask for already (^^)

And about that trick with the egg,
it's actually real.
My mum used to do that all the time when I was small,
so, yeah, feel free to try it sometime xD

No offence taken lol xD
Even I laughed when I read it xD
I'm glad my idiotic mistakes helped healed, Karomuwi-san~

And I'm glad you won't be limiting your usage of emoticons~
I love them~

School on holiday today~ It's ANZAC day lalalalala~
Thank kami-sama for all these little extra holiday in New Zealand xD
Anyway, although it's a holiday, I'm not feeling EXACTLY well, so I could really write much.
So, for that, I'm sorry everybody.

But don't worry, this is an update. Or at least, it's a post with writing. I wouldn't call it an "update" though.

As you can see from the title, this post is a prologue of another story that popped out of my head last night when I was watching some old asian movies.
So, tell me what you guys think?


Fire spread from one shack to another at the speed of light. Before anyone could react, the fire had already swallowed most of the villagers’ home. Young men were back and forth from the only well in the village with buckets in their hands and were trying to put out the still-spreading fire.

“Go! Arm yourself with anything you can hit with! Jared! Take the women and the children into the mountain! Keep them safe!” A middle age man shouted to everyone. Others obeyed without questions. Bigger, stronger men, armed themselves with the hay forks while younger and slightly weaker ones picked up ladles and strong-looking tree branches. One by one, the capable villagers armed themselves and held their grounds, preparing to protect their village at all cost.

“Papa!” A young girl ran away from her mother to the middle age man who picked her up with ease and held her close.

“Go back to your mother, my dear. It’s not safe for you here anymore. Hide. Keep safe,” The man whispered to the girl as he planted a kiss on her small forehead. Slowly, he crouched down and placed the girl back on the earth.

“Papa will come back right?” The girl asked as she touched the man’s face.

The man gave the girl a smile and ruffled the top of her hair, “Of course I will, my dear girl. Now be good and listen to your mother okay?” The girl nodded and ran back to her mother. The girl’s mother gave the man one last look and turned around to join the others who was already starting to make their way up the mountain and into the dark secluded forest.

Then they arrived. The monsters responsible for destroying the village. The men tensed and gripped harder onto their weapons as the galloping sounds of horses came to a stop in front of them. Steels in the riders’ hands, they charged forward without warning and slashed at those in the way.


The young girl shuffled in her little space. “Mama?”


“Papa will come back right?”

The mother’s hold on the girl tightened. “Of course,” the woman kissed the girl’s forehead.

“When will he come back?”

“Go to sleep, my dear. Papa will be back when we wake up.”

Feeling satisfied with the answer, the girl shuffled closer to her mother’s warmth and quickly fell back asleep. The mother, on the other hand, laid on the cold wet floor like all the others, holding her child as she listened to the sounds of clashing metals and screams of pain echoing from the village to the inside of the dark cave they were hiding in.


“Papa? Papa? Where are you, papa!?” The girl ran through village, searching. A dark body raised from the ground and fell back with a groan. The girl spotted the movement and ran towards the body. “PAPA!” The girl hugged the bloody man. Barely able to move, the man did his best to return the hug. The girl’s mother gasped at the sight of the man and immediately, tears rolled down her cheeks. “Mama! Look! Father was sleeping here the whole time and didn’t come find  us like he said he would! Lazy papa!” The girl laughed as she poked her father’s forehead, completely unaware of the seriousness of the condition of the side of his face, which had been sliced open, revealing pink flesh underneath, coated with red liquid.

No longer feeling anymore pain, the man gave the girl one last hug and said with his last breath, ”Remember, my dear. Learn to fight and don’t let those bad bandits get to you or your mama. Protect your mama in place of me, Jurina-chan.” With that, the man’s eyes rolled back and he collapsed back onto the floor.


The girl sat up from her bed, sweat rolling down her forehead, chest heaving up and down as she tried to regain her normal breathing pace. “I sleep because I want to dream, not re-live my memory...” the girl mumbled to herself as she laid back on her pillow and stared at the dark ceiling of her room.


This is a pretty short writing, it's a prologue afterall.

I'm sorry for using Jurina again, for those readers that don't really like Jurina (though I can't think of any reasons why anyone would not like Jurina)
There WILL be... two pairings in this story, or maybe more, if I decide to write in a few more.
Who that two pairings will be....
You guys will have an idea when I post the first chapter (IF you guys want to continue the story, that is)

But yeah, what do you guys think? Should I continue with this?

Oh, and I'm very very very very very very sorry that this wasn't an update on SKE All Gir's Private.
I'm kind of stuck-ish on writing the next chapter.
I mean, I know what I'm going to write, but yeah, I'm stuck.
So... Sorry! m(__)m

And please help me out with the poll~
If I continue with this new writing, or if I ever have another idea in the future about a new writing,
should I post it in this thread, or should I start a complete new thread on that story but put the links in here as well?

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 :D :D haha nobody is gonna hunt you down and force you to do an update you say all your dear readers are nice xD hahah  :lol:

and ohayou-san is like my next door neighbour!!  well next door country neighbour  8)

oooh a new story :O!! fantastic!  :cow:
but its so sad D: what a tragic opening with the death of jurinas papa  :(
TWO PAIRINGS?! i want airin to be in the story but thats cos i love her  :P haha and yes please! id love it if you continued  :thumbup

take your time with SKE A.G.P :)  no rush

and in regards to the poll i was thinking it'd be nice if you posted the stories in the same thread and the links in the first page for easy access *shrugs*


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 :twothumbs don't worry! you can chill and update when you are feeling better! TAKE CARE!!! Nice prologue by the way! and thanks for helping me out xD

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Wow! New fic! Jurina and bodyguard.. it sounds interesting!! Is it going to be set in medieval era?

UOOH! I can't wait for this!

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Poor chibi Jurina T_T

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