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Author Topic: An Annoying Paradise - Den-O 32 - Repairing the Damage - 12/30/12 season finale  (Read 42423 times)

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Re: An Annoying Paradise - Den-O 14 - My Singing Has Made You Cry! 02/19/12
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(This is a fan fic based on the "public images" of various Hello!Project artists and is no way, shape or form trying to imply anything about the personal lives of the real people behind the public images.)

An Annoying Paradise - Den-O Part 14

On top of the skyscraper the hidden figure squeezes the magazine she holds in anger.

Another Imagin appears.

The hidden figure points to some spot in the magazine.

The Imagin, a buxom blond girl smiles.  "I will succeed without fail."  The Imagin disappears.


Rikakas looks back at Aika/Yossikas.  "I can tell you're a Singularity Point.  Please, please,"  Rikakas falls prostrate on her knees, "ENCORE ME!!"

Aika/Yossikas looks offended.  "What is this?  An Imagin that doesn't even want to battle?  I can't be bothered."

Aika/Yossikas walks into an alley and splits.

Rikakas follows them.  "Please, you have to help me."

Aika whispers to Yossikas.  "She might have some useful information.  Let's let Erina deal with her."

Yossikas nods.

Aika puts his hand on Rikakas' shoulder.  I think we can help you, but you have to come with us first.

The three of them walk over to Erina's palm reading booth.

Good thing Erina gave me a spare key.  Aika opens the door and pushes Yossikas and Rikakas inside.  He takes out his phone.  "Hello, Erina?  We have captured an Imagin.  You might want to question her.  We have her at the booth."

"Wait inside, I'll be right there."

Aika walks in the booth.  He sees that Rikakas is sitting down reciting poetry and Yossikas is sitting down in the visitor's chair looking grossed out by Rikakas.  He hears the train horn and Erina enters carrying her keyboard.  Wow, it's really cramped in here.  "Erina, we told this Imagin that we would help her."

Yossikas gives up her seat so that Erina can sit down.

"Is that so?"  Erina starts playing a soothing melody on her keyboard.  "So, may I ask your name?"

Rikakas starts looking hypnotized.  "My name is Rikakas."

"Were you sent to steal the song of the heart of an idol?"

"I know that I must do it."

"Which song is it?"

"Ice Cream to my Pudding."

Yossikas starts looking even more grossed out.  "That song is disgusting!"

Erina motions for Yossikas to shut up.  "And, which idol were you trying to steal from."

"I don't know his name."


"He insisted that he was a girl though."

Aika whispers to Erina.  "She must mean Chisato from the Ajax agency."

"Who put you up to this?"

"I don't know.  All I remember is the song and what the idol smells like."

Erina stops playing and Rikakas dozes off.

"It's no good.  If she knew anything the music would have made her talk."

Erina's cell phone goes off.  "What is it?"

 :hehehe:  "I know that you're interrogating an Imagin in your Palm Reading booth, but I'm smelling another Imagin several blocks away and on the move.

Rikakas wakes up.  "Oh no, they must have sent another Imagin to do the job I was given."

Aika gesture for the phone.  "Mikikas, the Imagin is going to be going for a boy named Chisato.  I met her today during lunch."

 :bingo:  "Say no more.  We're linked, so what you see I see.  I know what he looks like and I can go to him now."

"We'll be right there."

Chisato arrives at the block of the Ajax building, a tall cylindrical building with a flat top and the name AJAX in giant red English letters running up the building diagonally.

 :on cigar:  "Excuse me miss?"

"What, more salespeople?  What are you selling?"

 :on ksweat: "Selling?  No, you look like a very interesting person.  I'm always on the look out for new hobbies, and you look like you know a whole bunch of them."

"Me?  My only hobby is pulling pranks on other people."

 :wriggly: "Really?  That's so cool!  I have some people I would like to pull pranks on."

Suddenly Chisato is hit on top the head from behind by a magazine.

"Chisato, what's wrong with you?  Corrupting random people.  I didn't raise you this way."

"Sorry.  Oh, this is my senpai, Maimi."

Maimi smiles.  "Don't mind me.  If you want to be corrupted by this girl go ahead.  But, don't hold her too long, she has practice in fifteen minutes."  Maimi walks towards the Ajax building.

Aika, Yossikas, Erina, and Rikakas run towards the AJAX building.

The buxom blond Imagin steps out of an alley in front of Maimi.  "Excuse me, miss?"

"Can I help you?"

"My name is Yuikas.  I am a beautician and I couldn't help but notice you."

Maimi points to her nose.  "Me?  Do I have some food on my face?"

"No, no.  Nothing like that.  The thing is that I think that you are stunning, and that I could help you achieve your true idol image."

"AJAX already has stylists.  Why don't you audition your stuff with my managers?"

"Why, thank you.  I will.  But, before I do, I would like to show you a sample.  If you look into this mirror you'll magically see what I am talking about."

"I guess that would be okay."

About ten yards from Chisato and Mikikas, Erina, Aika, Yossikas and Rikakas stop in their tracks as they see an Imagin jump inside  of Maimi.

Rikakas' jaw drops.  "You guys help her.  I'll guard this one."

Erina reaches Maimi first.  "Are you okay?  Can you talk to me?"

"I think so."

Erina holds a card next to Maimi's head.  The card indicates a date.  Erina shows Maimi the date.  "Does this hold any significance to you?"

Farther down the block Chisato is held back my Rikakas.  "Let go of me, my friend is in danger."

"My friends will help her.  But, if you want to be of service, maybe you tell me what the song of Maimi's heart is?"

"You're really strange.  You knew my song, but you don't know Maimi's song?  Especially since we have the same song?  It's a pretty famous story in the idol magazines that we were together the first time we heard it."

Rikakas gets a shocked look on her face, but it quickly changes to sneaky expression.  "I'll tell you what, I'll let you go over to help your friend if you could do me one favor.  That sales pitch?"

Chisato rolls her eyes.  "Okay."

"I have a magic mirror that can show you your true idol image.  All you have to do is look."

Up the block, Maimi nods.  "That's the date that me and Chisato heard the song of our hearts, Ice Cream to my Pudding."

Aika looks shocked.  "The same song?"

Yossikas grabs Aika and turns her around.  "Look!"

They see Rikakas jumping inside of Chisato.

To be continued

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Re: An Annoying Paradise - Den-O 15 - My Singing Has Made You Cry! 02/26/12
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(This is a fan fic based on the "public images" of various Hello!Project artists and is no way, shape or form trying to imply anything about the personal lives of the real people behind the public images.)

An Annoying Paradise - Den-O Part 15

Yossikas grabs Aika and turns her around.  "Look!"

They see Rikakas jumping inside of Chisato.

Erina seethes with anger.  "Never trust an Imagin!"

Yossikas and Mikikas try to look inconspicuous.

This atmosphere isn't good.  "Erina, we need to chase down this Imagin.  Since both Maimi and Chisato heard the song at the same time and place we'll be able to catch up to Rikakas as well."

Erina realizes that she has scared Yossikas and Mikikas.  "Oh, sorry.  Yeah, let's get there!"

Three years earlier a younger looking Maimi and Chisato are walking inside a shopping mall.  Chisato is dressed in boys clothes but still has a pony tail.  The mall is playing a radio station on the loudspeakers.

Maimi collapses and Yuikas arises.

Then Chisato collapses and Rikakas arises.

"Rikakas, what are you doing?  Are you trying to steal the song now, after quitting?  Forget it.  I'm going to be the one who gives the coin to the master."

Rikakas doesn't answer.

"What's wrong with you?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, there are some cute dresses in that store over there.  Who are you?"

"My name is Yuikas.  I don't want to have to battle you but if comes down to that, I will."

Aika runs up.  "No one is going to erase that song."

Yuikas laughs.  "A singularity point?  This is great.  I'll take your microphone as a trophy along with the song."

Rikakas grabs Yuikas' arm.  "You mustn't."

Yuikas slaps Rikakas and sends flying almost into the nearest store.  "Quitter.  Don't talk to me."  Yuikas turns to Aika.  "You think you can defeat the great Yuikas?"  Yuikas grinds her body against a nearby statue.  "Ohhh.  In your dreams."

Aika hears Yossikas in his head.

Aika, do NOT emulate this Imagin either!
I know, her statement didn't quite make sense.  "I'm not going to let you do what you want."

Aika, you're getting better.

Thanks.  "Stage Starto."  Aika transforms into her usual outfit.

"Henshi."  Yuikas transforms into a playboy bunny outfit.

Mikikas, Yossikas, who wants to go?

I already said this song was disgusting.

 :bigdeal: I don't even know it.

Aika looks panicked.  I don't know it either.  Yossikas?

I don't do stupid forms like that.

"Facing me alone?  How brave."  Yuikas snaps her fingers and the music starts.  "An important kiss, a kiss at the eyelids kiss, taking out the melting ice cream and overflowing pudding.  I'm a little tantalized, but I still see my dream of crying ice cream and burning pudding."

Aika is forced down on one knee.  Yossikas?  Pretty please?

Sorry, I couldn't beat her if I tried.

Rikakas pushes Aika out of the way.  "I'll be your opponent."

Yuikas ignores Rikakas and continues.  "Where love is hereafter?"

"Explain by your feelings.  Do it without speaking secretly.  Everyone say 'I love you'."

Yuikas and Rikakas battle but Yuikas gains the upper hand as Rikakas doesn't seem to know the choreography and battles in a dark dress and pill box hat.

Aika uses telepathy to talk to Rikakas.  What's wrong?

It's no good.  I'm just a girl.  I can't understand the song the same way that boy did.

You're going to get encored this way.  Why don't you sing with me?   :frustrated:  Aika can hear in the back of his head Yossikas and Mikikas screaming bloody murder.

You would accept me?  That makes me so Hap ..... py!!

Rikakas jumps into Aika.

Aika/Rikakas presses the gold button on the microphone.  "Hollywood form."  Aika/Rikakas transforms gaining shorter blond hair and a long flowing white dress.  Rikakas, I'll handle the dancing, you handle the singing.


Yuikas continues as if nothing was going on.

"A truthful kiss, there aren't any younger people, greedy ice cream always pudding.  It can't be helped, this weeks schedule is boring ice cream and confusing pudding."

Yuikas and Aika/Rikakas go back and forth for several minutes until finally Yuikas breaks down.

"I can't believe this.  Rikakas, you traitor!"

Aika/Rikakas smiles.  "To keep the music which I love from disappearing, I will use my talent to make those who want to destroy my music cry.  Do you want an encore?"

Yuikas shrugs her shoulders.  "I guess it can't be helped."  Yuikas blows Aika/Rikakas a kiss.  "Chu!"  Yuikas turns into sand and disappears.

Aika and Rikakas separate and are picked up by the Den-O Liner.

Yossikas and Rikakas get in her face and grab her dark dress.

Yossikas looks angrily at Aika.  "You can't seriously expect me to share you with this thing.  She's disgusting."

Mikikas nods.   :on yellcard: "She looks pretty uncool.  I'll bet she doesn't know any good hobbies."

Jun Jun appears out of nowhere and slams her walking stick down.  "Yossikas, Mikikas, when I woke up this morning, I was the one in charge of this operation.  Did something happen in between then and now that I wasn't told of?"

Mikikas and Yossikas reluctantly let go of Rikakas and turn away to sulk.

"Now, Rikakas, earlier you wanted Aika to encore you.  Why was that?"

"Because I couldn't bear the idea of never hearing that song again.  I felt that it would be better for me just to go home in disgrace."

Aika's eyes grow bigger.  "Wouldn't you remember the song?"

"No, if I turned the song into a coin, then the song would no longer exist."

Jun Jun nods.  "But, now?"

"If I can defend great music, then I want to stay and fight!"

Yossikas mutters under her breath.  "She calls that great music?"

Jun Jun pulls a ticket out of her jacket.  "Then I offer you a ticket of passage on this train."

Rikakas accepts the ticket which turns into a gold colored band on her wrist.  Rikakas examines her wrist carefully.  "Cute!"

"But, remember, if you go back on your desire to protect music, I can dump you in the sands outside and you'll never get back to your world or Aika's world."

"I understand.  I want to thank you, and you, and you, and you,"  Rikakas waits for a couple seconds before finally pointing to Yossikas.  "And you too."

 :barf: Mikikas and Yossikas looks like they are going to throw up.

"But, Aika, even though you didn't know the lyrics to the song, you seemed to know what the song was about as well as that guy.  How was that possible?"

Aika giggles.  "I wonder."

 :bingo: Mikikas giggles.  "Maybe Aika shares a hobby with that boy?"

Rikakas looks shocked.  She carefully examines Aika.  "Amazing."


Closing credits theme - Onegai Dakara... by Mano Erina

To be continued

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An Annoying Paradise - Den-O 16 - The Mysterious New Girl Asami - 03/04/12
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(This is a fan fic based on the "public images" of various Hello!Project artists and is no way, shape or form trying to imply anything about the personal lives of the real people behind the public images.)

An Annoying Paradise - Den-O Part 16

"Class, we have another new transfer student.  I am really amazed at the turnover rate this year, but I suppose it can't be helped.  But, putting that aside, let me bring in the new girl."

Towa stops poking Kiraki and sits straight up in wonder.

The new student writes her name on the board.  "My name is Asami.  I have just signed with the AJAX agency.  I hope that you all will help me get adjusted here."

Towa notices that most of the boys in the class are swooning, but most of the girls seem indifferent.

One of the boys in the class gathers his courage.  "Miss Asami, what sorts of things do you like the best?"

Asami smiles.  "That's easy.  I love to eat.  I could eat all day if I didn't have people who would stop me."

Towa cringes when half of the guys in the class start volunteering to share their lunch with Asami.

"She's so dreamy."

Towa looks sideways at Kiraki.  "You're not going to get busted out of our group now, are you?"



At the start of lunch, Towa visits Erina's palm reading booth.  "I think we have a problem."

Erina's eyes grow wider.  She sniffs the air.  "Why do we have a problem?  I don't detect any Imagins in the area."

"Are you sure?  We just had a new transfer student and she looks exactly like Konkonkas.  She even has a food obsession like Konkonkas."

"It's probably a coincidence.  Unless ..."  Erina stares off into space.


Opening Credits Theme: Climax Jump! (Friend ☆ Ship version)


Reina motions for Towa to sit with her group during the later part of lunch.

"So, where is Miyibi-kun today?"

"She said that she had some errands that she had to do, but she would bring us a surprise later."


"Oh, here she comes now."

Towa sees Miyabi and Asami approach the table.

"Hi, everyone.  I have been showing Asami around the school."

Miyabi and Asami sit down.

"Now, Asami, you might already recognize them from home room, but this is Reina-sama and this is Towa.  This other person is Sayumi."

Asami looks at Towa in a strange way.  "I thought it was unusual in this school for boy idols and girl idols to fraternize."

Towa motions for Asami to hold it down.  "Well, since you're in my homeroom class, I think you should know my secret.  The reason that Reina-sama and I fraternize is because we're in the same agency."

"That makes no sense at all.  What agency are you two in?"

"I'm in two agencies.  In JE I am known as Towa.  In HP I am known as Aika."

"I can't even imagine that.  You are a boy, right?"

"Of course."

"So they don't mind?"

Sayumi breaks in.  "Of course we don't mind.  Aika is a dependable person who does a good job at keeping her group together."

Asami rolls her eyes.  "And, I thought some of the girls at AJAX were characters."

Towa prepares himself to ask some tough questions.  "So, Asami, when did you sign with AJAX?"

"About a week ago."

"Why did you apply to AJAX rather than HP?"

Reina-sama pushes Towa's shoulder gently.  "Don't you think that it is still early in the day for such harsh questions?"

"I don't know why.  It's just that it seemed like the right thing to do at the time."

Miyabi puts her arm around Asami.  "Don't worry, you probably heard a song by my group and subliminally absorbed which agency it was from."

Suddenly Towa hears the Den-O ring tone.  "Excuse me, I need to take this call.  I will catch up.  Bye!"

Towa runs out into the school yard and answers his phone.

"Imagin, second floor, west wing.  I'll meet you there."

"I'm on my way."

Towa races as fast as he can to the west wing of the school.  When he gets to the second floor he can hear a scuffle in one of the class rooms.

Towa opens the door.  An Imagin wearing a sailor's cap and club clothes is wrestling with Risako.

Risako looks up.  "Aika.  This isn't what it looks like."

Erina barges into the room as well.  She waves her hands.  Risako dozes off.

"Don't worry, I won't tell Saki-kun."

The Imagin sniffs the air.  "A singularity point?  This is good.  I love a good challenge."

"You're not going to think it's a good thing once I encore you."

Aika!  That was a good one.

Thanks, Yossikas.

"Sorry Cinderella, but the clock is striking twelve.  Your microphone will belong to Captakas."  Captakas snaps her fingers and music starts.  "Hold me, hold me.  I've got no backbone.  These words are stuck in my chest."

"Stage starto!"  Towa transforms into Aika.

Aika hears Yossikas inside of her head.  Aika, who will you pick?

I know this song.  Why don't you guys let me fly solo this time?

Go get 'em!

Thanks, Rikakas.

Aika confronts Captakas face to face.  "Before the buds of love, blossom, the petals of love fall.  I dream endlessly, don't let me be alone."

They go back and forth for about two minutes.  Finally Captakas starts weakening.

Mikikas slaps Yossikas on the back.  "Encore her, Aika!"

Yossikas gives Mikikas a dirty look.

"The night that you understand love's logic is a tearful night that shreds up love.  A tale of ...  OOOOFFF"

Aika feels himself being tackled and shoved against a wall. 

Aika watches in horror as he sees the Imagin wake up Risako and show her Risako's true idol image.

The Imagin jumps inside of Risako.

To be continued

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An Annoying Paradise - Den-O 17 - The Mysterious New Girl Asami - 03/11/12
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(This is a fan fic based on the "public images" of various Hello!Project artists and is no way, shape or form trying to imply anything about the personal lives of the real people behind the public images.)

An Annoying Paradise - Den-O Part 17

The Imagin jumps inside of Risako.  Risako passes out.

Rikakas, Yossikas, and Mikikas rush through the door of the classroom.  They pull the person who tackled Aika off of Aika.

"Thanks.  I wonder who this is?"

Aika turns over the now limp body of the attacker.  "Konkonkas!  I knew she was up to no good."

Mikikas pouts.   :bored: "I already encored that poser."

Yossikas looks at a pile of chairs.  "Wait a second, there's someone else here."  Yossikas rearranges the chairs and pulls Erina out of the pile.  "How did you get there?"

"That person over there jumped me from behind and threw me."

"Um, guys, I know we have a situation with Konkonkas, but that Imagin has already gone back to the past."

Erina holds a train ticket besides Risako's head.  "Can you hear me?  I need to know what the meaning of this date is."

Risako opens her eyes.  "That's when I heard my favorite song, The Peace, for the first time."  Risako goes back to sleep.

"Aika, let's go."

"But, what about Konkonkas?"

"I don't know.  But, I do know that she cannot follow us.  She's a human."

Aika makes some non-comprehending gestures but is swept out the door of the classroom and into the Den-O Liner by the rest of the team.

"What do you mean, she's a human?  How could a human have seen what was going on?"

Jun Jun slams her walking stick down on the floor.

Aika jumps a little bit.

"When an Imagin is encored, they normally go back to their dimension.  But, if an Imagin has already changed a song into a coin, then they stay on earth as a human, unless the person who encored them forgives them."

"But, if she's a human how could she see me after I transformed?"

"She couldn't.  The other Imagin controlled her."

"Oh, great."

"Being a Den-O is not the easiest job in the world."  Jun Jun turns and walks off.

Erina nudges Aika.  "We're almost there."

Aika turns to the Imagins.  "So, who knows the song?"

Rikakas starts jumping up and down.  "Me, me, me."

Three years earlier a very young looking Risako is lying on a blanket in a park listening to the radio on headsets and reading a book.  Suddenly, she passes out and Captakas appears.

But, before she can make a move, the Den-O liner appears and drops Aika right in front of Captakas.

"Wait right there, we have some unfinished business."

Captakas giggles.  "You couldn't get the job done before."

"But, your puppet isn't here to save you from being encored."

"No matter!"  Captakas snaps her fingers and the music begins.  "Oh, hey let's go!  Yeah, let's all go.  Hey, hey, let's sing.  Yeah, let's all sing."

Aika presses the gold button on his microphone.  "Sailor Form"  Aika transforms into Aika/Rikakas and is decked out in a sailor outfit with white pants and a striped shirt.  "Everybody get up.  Our home is the future, let's get up!  Get up!  Everybody scream, even though it doesn't mean anything."

Wow, Rikakas, your dancing has improved.

That's because I understand this song.


Aika/Rikakas go back and forth with Captakas for a minute or so but Captakas cannot keep up.  The music grinds to a halt.

"Bah.  I should have had Konkonkas throw you out the window."

"But, you didn't.  And now, since Aika didn't have the opportunity to do so because of your cheating, I'll say this for her: Do you want an encore?"

Captakas turns into sand and blows away.

On the way back, Aika huddles the team.  "What should we do about Konkonkas?"

Yossikas ponders.  "You know, if she was all human then she couldn't be controlled by the other Imagin."

Aika looks at Erina.  "Maybe you could interrogate her?"

"It's worth a try.  Try to steer her to me after school."

Towa skips the last class of the day and changes at home.  He then waits by the school gate.

Asami walks out.

"Hey, Asami!"

Asami looks around bewildered.  "Who are you?  How do you know my name?"

Aika drops his Aika voice.  "It's me, Towa."  He goes back to his Aika voice.  "This is what I look like when I work for HP."

"Very slick."

"Say, could you do me a favor?"


"The fortune teller in the booth over there?  She's really a spy sent by HP to make sure that their idols behave.  But, she kind of gets lonely if there aren't many customers.  Do you want to have your palm read?  I'll pay for it."

"I don't know."

"I think she still has some Takoyaki balls."

"Okay, let's go!"

Erina looks at Asami's palm.  "This is very auspicious.  It seems that you have had some problems in your past, but now things are looking up for you."

Asami starts looking nervous.  "Well, um, I don't remember much about my past."

"Well, Asami, I think I know something that might help that."


"Just sit back and close your eyes, and I will play some music."

As Erina plays, Asami becomes more and more agitated.  Finally, she sits up in a start.  "Who are you guys?"

Aika smiles.  "Welcome back Konkonkas."

"What happened?  The last thing I remember was trying to get another coin for the master."

"The master?"

"Yes, the master is the one who gives us our assignments."

"So, you were successful in turning a song into a coin?"

"Yes.  It was a great feeling."

"How many coins does the master have?"

"Two.  I gave the master the second one."

"What does the master look like?"

"No idea."

Konkonkas dozes off.

"Sorry, Aika, that's about the limit that I can influence an Imagin with my keyboard."

Asami wakes up.  "So, Towa tells me you have some Takoyaki!"

To be continued

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An Annoying Paradise - Den-O 18 - Karaoke Party Filler Chapter - 03/18/12
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(This is a fan fic based on the "public images" of various Hello!Project artists and is no way, shape or form trying to imply anything about the personal lives of the real people behind the public images.)

An Annoying Paradise - Den-O Part 18

"Everyone, I have an announcement."  Aika looks at Miyabi, Sayumi and Reina-sama.  I wish I was better at reading the atmosphere.  "I was thinking that a good way to make Asami feel accepted at this school is to have a Karaoke party."

Sayumi smiles an evil smile.  "Towa, this is a first for you.  Are you sure this isn't a way for you to spend some more time with Asami?  After all, I did see you pick her up after school yesterday."

Towa flinches, fearing an explosion from Reina.

"Little brother, I think this is a great idea.  I think you need to expand a little bit with your socializing."

Oh yeah, she's not the same Reina.  "I can go as Aika so that won't look like a mixed date to the scandal magazine photographers."

Miyabi smiles.  "This is great, I will ask around my agency. It will be a real exciting party."

There might be some excitement at that.


That weekend, Asami, Aika, Reina, Sayumi, Miyabi, and Chisato assemble at a Karaoke club.

Watch out Aika, this is the same club that the boy embarrassed me at.

It will be okay, Rikakas, these aren't encore battles.

Aika, what are you taking about?  Every song is a battle for supremacy.  You shouldn't be carefree about this.

Yossikas, I'm not going to be laid back.  I set up this little party for a reason.

"Little brother, are you okay?  You look a little spaced out."

"Sorry, just thinking to myself."

The group enters their room.

Asami twirls around.  "Amazing!  This is as big as my apartment!"

Aika smiles.  "Chisato recommended this place."

"I know you love to eat, and this place has a nice menu."


Chisato raises an eyebrow.  "Wow, you act like you were born yesterday sometimes, you know?  Haven't you ever been in an Karaoke club before?"

Asami looks down.  "Well, to tell the truth, my memory isn't very good."

"I'm sorry.  I made you say something embarrassing.  Please accept this menu as my apology."

Asami takes the menu from Chisato.  Her eyes double in size.  "Sugoi!"

"Please feel free to order as much as you want.  They have room service here."

Asami quickly scans the menu.  "Okay, I have decided.  ... Everything."

The group faceplants.

Aika clears his throat.  "You might want to pace yourself.  After all, you won't be able to sing if your mouth is full."

Sayumi gathers everyone's order and phones for the food.

"So, who's going to be the first on the microphone?"  Aika looks around for a volunteer.

"Aika, as the senior girl at our agency, I will accept responsibility.  But, my first song will be a song battle with you.  Be prepared to be overwhelmed by my cuteness."

You see Aika, Imagins are the only ones who use battle boasts before a song battle.

That seems to be true, Yossikas.
  "I look forward to it, Sayumi.  But, don't be surprised if my singing will make you cry."

Oh, boy!  Send me in!

Rikakas, this isn't that type of a battle.

Sayumi punches in the commands on the controller.  The machine fires up.  "Hey, my boy.  Such an age gap.  Hey my boy. I don't care."

Good, I recognize this song from the concert.  "You're deep voice is beautiful.  You're sigh is audible despite the distance between us.  I entrust the rhythm to you while we dance."

Aika goes toe to toe with Sayumi trying to match her choreography as well.

They make it to the end of the song.

"Tres bien, Aika.  Maybe we should do a duet next concert?"

Aika flinches again expecting an explosion from Reina's direction that again doesn't materialize.

"That would be a great idea.  You two look good together."

"But, Reina-sama, you know that I would only want to do a duet with you."

"That's strange, Sayumi, we're already in a group together."

Sayumi sighs under her breath in earshot of Aika.  "So oblivious."

Sayumi gives the microphone to Reina-sama.  "You choose who to challenge."

"Well, since we are in different agencies we don't get to sing together a lot so how about I challenge Miyabi."


Aika sees Sayumi turn purple with envy.

"You pick the song."

"That's easy."  Miyabi enters the codes in the machine.  "It's a woman's feeling, a premonition of love, that sweet look is sparkling.  Because summer is hasty, you can't relax at all."

The food arrives during the Miyabi/Reina battle.  Aika notices that Asami eats very slowly as to enjoy every bite.

After many more battles the microphone is passed to Aika.

"I'd thought that I would challenge the guest of honor here, if she can turn away from her fast food for a minute."

Asami laughs.  "Sure.  Any song you want.  You pick."

"Namida ga Tomaranai Houkago."

Aika pushes in the codes to the machine.

Aika and Asami go back and forth for a couple of minutes.  Then, Asami turns bright red and breaks out in a cold sweat.  She runs from the room.

"I'll see if she's okay."  Aika runs out in the hall.

Asami leans against the wall in shock.  "What is happening to me?"

"I don't know what.  But, I do know why."


Aika leans in and whispers.  "It has to do with your lack of memory.  A couple weeks ago you were an alien invader.  I defeated you in a song battle and you became a human because you had already completed a mission."

"I want to say that what you just said makes no sense.  But, it does kind of explain things."

"Look, I invited you to this party for a reason.  Your buddies still have a bit of control over you and they can take over your body and cause you to interfere in song battles.  The big question is which side are you on?"

"I don't know.  This is a lot to think of.  But, while I was singing, I did remember one thing.  The reason I became an idol singer was to get better so that I could defeat you."

Aika smiles.  "Asami-kun, I'm glad.  It will be fun to have a rival.  Now, let's get back to the party."

Asami looks at Aika in shock.


Closing credits theme - Onegai Dakara... by Mano Erina

To be continued

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An Annoying Paradise - Den-O 19 - Catastrophe at the Fish Market - 08/25/12
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It's back!  Warning - there is much emo-ness in the new arc.

(This is a fan fic based on the "public images" of various Hello!Project artists and is no way, shape or form trying to imply anything about the personal lives of the real people behind the public images.)

An Annoying Paradise - Den-O Part 19 - Catastrophe at the Fish Market

"Everyone, please adjust your seat belts and enjoy your trip."

Towa looks around.  Wow, this is a big turn-out of girls for a field trip to a fish market.  There's only two other guys on the bus.

Sayumi nudges Towa, who sits next to him.  "You weren't here yet for the last field trip.  The girls in the bus are all fans of the bus guide lady."

"What?"  Towa looks around and sees all the girls with hearts in their eyes.  "This is odd.  Even Miyabi is here.  I thought she would have backed out since Reina-sama is doing a photo shoot."

Miyabi loudly sneezes.

The bus guide, an attractive young adult lady offers Miyabi a tissue.  "Are you feeling okay, miss?"

"I'm feeling okay now."  When the lady walks back to the front of the bus Towa sees Miyabi make a peace sign and smiles like a cat that just ate a canary.

Towa looks behind him and see Yurina in the back using her huge camera to get candid shots of the bus guide.  Well, at least Saki and Risako are acting normal, being ecchi with each other.  "Yurina, too?"

Sayumi giggles.  "Well, don't worry.  I know that Asami and myself are only doing the trip because the food you can get at this place is amazing."

Asami, who sits in front of Towa, looks over the seat.  "I heard they have hundreds of types of fish there, and places that will prepare any fish that your buy right there.  I'm so excited."

"Looks like you have your priorities in order."

Asami winks.  "Of course."

Towa smiles.  "I'm looking forwards to learning ways to prepare fish."

Towa gets nudged from behind.  "What is it Kiraki?"

"This atmosphere is kind of scary."

Hiro, who sits next to him, nods.

"Hiro, you should consider this a luxury.  To be on a bus trip and not have to worry about being stalked or having to run from fan girls."

Hiro strikes a conceited pose.  "I guess there is that."

Kiraki shoves Hiro.  "What sort of example are you setting for your kouhai?  What the heck?"

"Since when are you my kouhai?"

Sayumi nudges Towa.  "So nice to see them get along."


Towa gets off the bus.  "Wow, this place is huge!"

The bus guide leader comes from the entrance of the building with a large serving cart carrying rice bowls.  "Everyone, please take a bowl.  The school will be paying for everything you can put into your bowl for the first ten minutes.  Please do not hold back."

The student's line up to take their bowls.

"Miss Kobiyashi, will you be taking a bowl as well?"

"Why yes, I will."

Towa hears all the girls close to him in line murmuring.

Towa gets his bowl.

"Okay, everyone, ten minutes should be enough time so please no shoving or rushing.  The ten minutes begins now."  Miss Kobiyashi blows a whistle.

Everyone files into the building.  Towa can see fish stands as far as he can see.

"Towa, why don't we go right?  Miss Kobiyashi is going left and she'll take her fan girls with her."

"Good idea."  Towa goes down one of the right aisles, along with Hiro, Kiraki, Sayumi, Saki, and Risako.

Towa looks at Saki, who is looking at some sashimi and making a face.  "What's wrong?"

"Well, I actually prefer cooked fish to raw fish in the morning."

"Same here.  But, I do know there's a stand that will cook up your fish on the spot."

"Oh, cool!"  Saki helps herself to some tuna and salmon.

Towa hears a high pitched squeal.  He rushes over to see Hiro scaring Kiraki with a live king crab.  "Kiraki, I thought you were a tough guy?"

"I'm tough against things with two legs, not against things with six claws."

"And, Hiro, we only have ten minutes.  I'm sure you want to eat, right?"

"Hai."  Hiro puts the crab back.

Sayumi looks at Towa's bowl.  "This is so like you, Towa.  You're picking things for their nutritional value, not for their cost."

"I am?"  Towa nervously laughs.

Towa hears a whistle.  "Five minutes!"

"Hey Towa!  They have boiled lobster over here!"

Towa runs over to Risako and is rewarded with the contents of one of the lobster's leg meat.

Towa hears a whistle.  "Time's up!"  It went by so fast!

The group gathers back together in the main lobby.

"Okay, everyone, we can all eat by the tables in the center of the lobby.  Those who want any item cooked can go to the stand in the pink area."

Oh great, it's a long way away.  Towa gets up and is joined by Saki, Risako, Asami, Miyabi and Kiraki.

When they are almost to the cooking station Towa notices something out of the corner of his eye.  "You guys keep going.  I will catch up."

Towa rushes over to a palm reading booth.  "Why are you here?"

Erina gives Towa a serious look.  "We have detected the presence of an Imagin in this area."

"I have my cell phone.  I will be on high alert."

"Towa, that bowl looks like heaven."

"Do you want some?"

"I can't.  If I sample some I will probably go into a frenzy and empty your bowl."

"How about I give you a slice of the salmon sashimi and then run?"

"You better run fast."  Erina takes some chopsticks and grabs a slice.  "Delicious!"  Smart boy, he already took off.

Before Towa can get to the cooking station he nearly collides with a fish seller.

"Hold on there son, it's obvious you want one of these fish."  The fish seller waves two large fish around as if they were flag batons.

"Oh, no, no.  I have plenty already.  Maybe some other time?"

"Come anytime.  My stand's fish are always the best."  The fish seller lets out an ear splitting imperious laugh.

Where have I heard that laugh before?  Well, it doesn't matter.  Towa rushes to rejoin the group by the cooking station.

Before he can get there his phone rings with the Den-O Liner horn ring tone.  "Yes?"

"It's the cook at the cooking station."

Saki gives her bowl to the cook, an attractive young lady with vaguely Western features.  "Please cook the tuna, salmon and mackerel."

"No problem, de gojaimasu."  The cook twirls her shiny knives.

"How cool."

"Hey, you guys are from that idol school, right?  Did you know that if you look into these knives you can see your true idol image, de gojaimasu?"

To be continued

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An Annoying Paradise - Den-O 20 - Catastrophe at the Fish Market pt 2 - 09/01/12
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(This is a fan fic based on the "public images" of various Hello!Project artists and is no way, shape or form trying to imply anything about the personal lives of the real people behind the public images.)

Author's note: "de gojaimasu" is a polite speech sentence ending, used by Mikakas primarily to be annoying.

An Annoying Paradise - Den-O Part 20

"Hey, you guys are from that idol school, right?  Did you know that if you look into these knives you can see your true idol image, de gojaimasu?"

Saki looks at her reflection in the knives.  "Sure."

"Good, now the song of you heart belongs to Mikakas, de gojaimasu."

Saki faints and is caught by Risako.  "Hey, what's going on?"

"Out of my way, de gojaimasu."  Mikakas jumps over the counter and pushes Risako into the rest of her group."

"Hold it right there!  I'm not going to let you do what you want."  Towa runs up.

"A singularity point?  This is my lucky day, de gojaimasu.  Your microphone will belong to Mikakas, de gojaimasu."

"I don't think so."  Towa holds up his rail pass.  "Live starto!"

Towa transforms into Aika.

Aika.  My blood craves the thrill of battle.  Let me in!

Without even knowing her song?  Bold as always Yossikas.  But let's wait until she announces the song.

"We will battle with the following song: Mini Moni Bus Guide, de gojaimasu."

A novelty song?  Well, no matter.  I will do it.

"Henshi"  Makikas transforms into an uniform wearing bus guide.

"Bus guide form."  Aika presses the red button and transforms into Aika/Yossikas.

Aika, I look ridiculous.

Do you want Rikakas to do it?

No, this is my fight now.
  "Guiding young adults to see interesting sites, Atashi Sanjou!  I must warn you, my every performance is at the level of an encore!"

Mikakas ignores her.  "Music starto, de gojaimasu!"  The music starts. "MiniMoni Bus is a mini bus! MiniMoni Bus is not candy!  Look this way, please!"

Aika/Yossikas gets into it.  "A banana has nutrition.  A smiling face is made for a greeting.  This button dissuades a person, everyone has distress about that."

She's weakening.  Finish her off Yossikas.

Roger.  "We are done putting away the toys we have gotten free from watching TV.  Everyone can carry chances, hold on to the big ... oooff"

Aika/Yossikas can feel themselves getting tackled.

"So sorry I can't play with you any more, de gojaimasu.  I have a song to erase, de gojaimasu.  Good bye, de gojaimasu!"  Mikakas opens Saki up and jumps inside.

Erina runs up.  "Are you okay?"

"Yes, no thanks to Asami here."

"That's not Asami."

Aika/Yossikas jumps back.  She sees that the person who tackled her was the fish salesman.  "Who is this person?"

"No idea."

"Aika?  I did hear a command to attack you, but I ignored it."

"Asami, thanks.  But, I really have to go back in time to stop Mikakas."

"Do your best."

Erina holds a card by Saki's head.  "What significance does this date have for you?"

"That was the date I first heard the song of my heart, Disco Queen."

"Aika, let's go!"  Erina finds a door to a closet.  She claps her hands.  Her and Aika/Yossikas run through the door to the Den-O Liner.  Yossikas disengages and Aika turns back into Towa.

Erina fumes.  "This is bad.  I had no idea that Imagins could control random people like that."

Jun Jun looks up from her banana rice dish.  "They cannot do anything like that.  Aika, are you sure that person was a stranger?"

"Well, her laugh did remind me of someone."

Yossikas gives Towa a serious look.  "What type of laugh?"

Towa does the imperious laugh.

"Makokas.  I should remember, she's one of my victims."

Erina nods.  "Well, one crisis at a time.  We still have to defeat Mikakas."

"Maybe someone else should do it.  We got tackled pretty hard."

Aika nods.  "We're just lucky that Makokas didn't slap us in the face with one of her thirty pound mackerels."

"Okay, get ready, we're almost there."

"Aika, let me do it.  I'm sure I will succeed where senpai failed.  Maybe one upping her will be a new hobby?   :wahaha:"

Aika nods.

Mikakas stands in front of a candy store.  Music plays from a radio inside the store.  "What a wonderful place to erase a song, de gojaimasu."

The Den-O liner sweeps down and deposits Towa.  "Stage Starto!"  Towa changes into Aika.  "Hold it right there.  You're not going to erase any songs today."

"We'll see about that, de gojaimasu!  Henshi."  The clothes of Mikakas change into a club outfit.

Aika hits the blue button on her microphone.  "Club form."  Aika changes into Aika/Mikikas and her clothes change into a club outfit.

"Shall we begin, de gojaimasu?"

Aika, look at those beautiful cakes in the window!  Do you think cake eating would be a good hobby?   :ding:

We have a Imagin to encore, okay?

"Disco Disco Di Di Di Disco, Disco Disco Di Di Di Disco, COME ON, WOW WO I'm the disco queen.

"I want to be told I'm super cute today, too.  I want to see some new moves. I put on just a little wild makeup and dance around gorgeously.

Mikikas, what's wrong?

It's hard to concentrate with those cakes over there.  And, this song is so easy that my mind keeps wondering.

"I always feel wonderful, I don't want to forget this fresh feeling.  Your smile is like dessert. Just a little; without, it's boring."

The song grinds to a halt.

"I'm so sorry, de gojaimasu.  But your microphone belongs to me now, de gojaimasu."

Mikikas separates from Aika and pushes her down.  "No way.  You only beat me.  Leave her out of this."  :pleeease:

"Very well, de gojaimasu.  Do you want an encore, de gojaimasu?"

Aika looks on in horror as Mikikas turns into sand and blows away.

"Now, if you'll excuse me, de gojaimasu, I have a song to erase."  Mikakas emits a horrible ear bleed inducing sound.  The radio in the cake store which had started to play Disco Queen switches to another song.

A coin appears in the hand of Mikakas.  "See you later, de gojaimasu."

Mikakas disappears.

To be continued

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(This is a fan fic based on the "public images" of various Hello!Project artists and is no way, shape or form trying to imply anything about the personal lives of the real people behind the public images.)

Author's Note: "Gochisou-sama" is commonly said after a meal, similar to "Itadaki-masu" being said before a meal.

An Annoying Paradise - Den-O Part 21

"Now, if you'll excuse me, de gojaimasu, I have a song to erase."  Mikakas starts emitting a horrible ear bleed inducing sound.  The radio in the cake store which had started to play Disco Queen switches to another song.

A coin appears in the hand of Mikakas.  "See you later, de gojaimasu."

Mikakas disappears.

Erina grabs Aika.  "Quick.  We need to get back to your time."

Aika looks at Erina in shock.  "We failed?"

Erina drags Aika back to the Den-O Liner.

Aika changes back into Towa.  "What has happened?"

Jun Jun puts her hand on Towa's shoulder.  "Bad things.  Bad things indeed.  Mikikas is now back in her home dimension and won't be coming back."

Yossikas sneers.  "How is that bad?  She was incredibly annoying."

Jun Jun ignores Yossikas.  "Also, your friend Saki is no longer the girl you once knew.  Once the song of the heart is ripped out, most victims fall into despair and apathy."

Towa falls to his knees and starts sobbing.  "I couldn't save Saki?"

"Towa, if you want to save Saki, we will have to find out who the master of these Imagins is and recover the coins."


Mikakas appears on the roof of a building.  "Master, here it is, de gojaimasu!"

A shadowed figure takes the coin.  The figure takes out a CD titled "Top 10 hits" and places it in a CD player.  The figure skips through the CD.  "Impossible.  Impossible!  IMPOSSIBLE!!"

"Is something wrong master, de gojaimasu?"

The master steps out of the shadows.  It is a slightly older looking version of Yuu.  "Am I still smiling?  I'll bet my face looks pretty scary."

"Did I do wrong, de gojaimasu?"

"No, something else must be preventing this mission from completing.  I'll bet it's that singularity point."

"Then I failed, de gojaimasu.  I could have taken her microphone, but I encored that traitor instead, de gojaimasu."

"No.  That's one less obstacle between me and her."


Erina runs out of the closet door and starts waving her arms.  All of the field trip students at the cooking station freeze.  Their eyes glaze over then clear.  "Okay, Towa.  Their memories have been erased.  All we have to do is drag Makokas to my stall and then we can restart time."

"I can help, if you like."

Towa looks at Asami in surprise.  "You're not affected?"

"I'm afraid not."

Asami and Towa carry Makokas by the shoulders to Erina's palm reading booth.

"Asami, Towa, you two should go back.  I will restart time then."


Towa and Asami rush back to the cooking stand.  Towa is relived to find that Erina had not used the time stoppage to eat all of his food.

Time restarts.

Towa sees that there is a different chef handling people's food.  Saki is upright and slowly eating her cooked food.

Risako comes over with her cooked food.  "Is it good?  Can I have a bite?"

Saki ignores her.

"Oh, I get it.  It's so good that you can't respond."  Risako eats some of the food in her bowl.  "I see what you mean!"  Risako does the Yonesuke head rolling gimmick.  "It's so delicious!"

Saki continues to ignore her.

Miyabi nudges Towa.  "Towa, I have to bring this bowl back to Miss Kobiyashi, since she prefers cooked fish.  (Isn't that cool?)  But, I do need to ask you," Miyabi whispers, "what in the world was that?"

Miyabi looks confused.  "What do you mean?"

"Oh, I don't know, things like you transforming like a magical girl into Aika, then transforming into a bus guide, then singing along with the cook who also transformed into a bus guide.  I could go on, but you should get the idea."

"After we eat lunch, I will try to explain it to you."

"Okay, I think Miss Kobiyashi must be getting really hungry."


Miyabi puts her hands together.  "Gochisou-sama!"

Towa does the same.

"So, are you going to explain this to me?"

"Yes.  Come with me.  Asami, you come as well."

"Roger, my rival."

Towa leads them to the palm reading booth.  Erina is inside reading a manga.  Makokas is snoring on a chair.

"Any luck?"

"Still asleep."

"Towa, why did this man tackle you?"

"Well, let me start from the beginning.  The original cook was an alien from another dimension.  She was trying to steal the 'song of the heart' from Saki.  I tried to stop her by engaging her in a song battle.  She commanded this person here to tackle me so that she could get out of losing the battle.  She then went back in time and erased Saki's song of the heart.  I tried to prevent her but I failed miserably."

"What song was Saki's song of the heart?"

"Disco Queen."

Miyabi has a completely blank face.  "When was that popular?"

"Before the battle, you would have known it because it was a big hit.  But now, the song has never existed in this universe.  The cook changed the song into a coin."

"Is this why Saki hasn't spoken a word since then, even though Risako keeps trying to pretend that nothing is wrong?"


Miyabi grabs Towa violently with tears in her eyes.  "Towa, I have seen this happen before!  Kanon was my group mate before Yuu replaced her.  One day she was normal, the next day she acted exactly like Saki!"

"Where is Kanon now?"

"She's institutionalized.  She never recovered."

Makokas wakes up.  "Where am I?  Well, no mater.  Do you guys want to buy some fish?"

"Miyabi, you told me earlier that you could do 'super counseling'.  Do you think you could do that for this person?"

"I can try."  Miyabi takes some beads out of her pocket and starts praying over Makokas.

"Hey, what are you doing young lady?  Aagh!"  Makokas goes limp.

"I was able to dispel an evil spirit that was controlling her body."

Makokas wakes up.  "What's going on?  Why am I dressed like a guy?"

Towa looks closely at Makokas.  "Who are you?"

"My name is Makoto.  I have come to Tokyo from Niigata to make my debut as an idol singer."

Asami pulls Towa aside.  "That's the same sort of vague background story that I got."

"So Makokas must have erased a song before she was encored."

Erina shoots Towa a look.  "Towa, I think Makoto must be tired by now.  We should let her go.  Makoto, welcome to Tokyo.  Please do your best as an idol."

Makoto walks off.

Suddenly, Asami bursts into tears and runs out of the booth.  Towa chases her down.

"Towa.  I don't remember the song that I turned into a coin, but I now remember the idol's name that I took it from.  It was Kanon!"


Closing credits theme - Onegai Dakara... by Mano Erina

To be continued

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An Annoying Paradise - Den-O 22 - An Unsatisfying Measure Of Revenge - 09/16
« Reply #208 on: September 17, 2012, 05:49:25 AM »
(This is a fan fic based on the "public images" of various Hello!Project artists and is no way, shape or form trying to imply anything about the personal lives of the real people behind the public images.)

An Annoying Paradise - Den-O Part 22 - An Unsatisfying Measure Of Revenge

Lin Lin makes hot chocolate for Rikakas and Yossikas.  She starts to reach for the blue colored whipped cream but then withdraws her hand in sorrow.

"Here you go, a red colored hot chocolate for Yossikas and a gold colored hot chocolate for Rikakas."

The two Imagins drink their hot chocolate, color coordinated by colored whipped cream to their Den-O Liner wrist bands, and murmur their approval.

Lin Lin sighs.  "I guess I should take the blue whipped cream back to the storage room."

Rikakas looks at Lin Lin blankly.  "Why do that?"

Lin Lin looks sad.  "Because I can't make hot chocolate for Mikikas anymore."

Rikakas looks depressed.

"Why are you two depressed?  Mikikas was barely on our side.  She was only fighting other Imagins because she thought it might be an interesting hobby.  She lost because she was never serious about gaining glory through song battling.  Good riddance to her."  Yossikas turns up her nose.

"Lin Lin, maybe I can help you with those cans?"


Lin Lin and Rikakas leave Yossikas alone in the dining car.  Yossikas looks out the window and then uncontrollably starts crying.


"Little brother!  I have something to show you."

Towa stops in the hall.  Oh no.  Reina-sama hasn't heard about Saki yet.  "What is it?"

"Take a look at this contact sheet.  We had some time left over in the shooting schedule and the producer asked me if there was anything I would like to try.  So, we shot a roll of this."  Reina shows Towa the contact sheet.

Towa gets a lump in his throat.  It's the old Reina!  "Very interesting."

"Well, I thought it might be fun to cosplay as Gangster Barbie from Lost World."

"But, is it cosplay if you were Gangster Barbie?"

Reina-sama puts her hand close to Towa's mouth.  "Not so loud!  Remember, what went on there was supposed to stay there."


"But, the producers don't know if this would be good for my image or not.  They think that my fans might not accept images like these."

"Well, they are pretty shocking."

"True.  Maybe some time down the road.  By the way, Miyabi told me something bad happened to your fellow soap bubble Saki."

"Yes.  Miyabi is afraid that Saki has come down with the same malady that Mayabi's former group member Kanon has."

"That's horrible.  I wish there was something I could do to help her."

"I wish there was as well."


"And so, she checked into her hotel after the long trip."  The teacher reads in English.  "Miss Saki, could you continue reading from there?"

Asami looks up.  She has been secretly munching on snacks, but now looks on with dread as if she is watching a car crash in slow motion.

Saki stares straight ahead and says nothing.

"Miss Saki?  Could you please read for us?"

Risako jumps up.  "Sensei, this story is obviously too banal for Saki to read.  I could read it for you though."

"Is that so?  Well, please proceed Miss Risako."

Asami starts tearing up.  She puts away her snacks.

Risako finishes reading.

"Now, Miss Saki, you see that was not too banal, right?  Why don't you think about this outside while holding some water filled buckets?"

Saki doesn't move.

"Sensei, I agree with Saki on the passage being banal.  My conscious will not allow Saki to do this punishment alone."

"Very well, both of you stand in the hall."

Risako leads Saki out to the hall.

Asami looks on in shock.


Miyabi walks down the hall.


"Asami.  How are you holding up?  That was a pretty weird incident at the fish market, huh?"

Asami starts crying.

"What's the matter?"

"Miyabi-senpai, there's something I have to confess to you."

Miyabi starts laughing.  "Wow, you do act like you were born yesterday sometimes.  That sort of stuff people write down on letters.  I get them all the time, but, of course my heart belongs to Reina-sama."

Asami notices that they are near a room that is not in use.  "Come with me."

"Even if you do this in an empty room, it's not going to work."

Asami shuts the door.  "Miyabi, there's something about me that you don't know.  I used to be an alien, but Aika defeated me in a song battle, like the one you saw at the fish market.  Normally I would have gone back to my own dimension, but since I had already eliminated a song beforehand, I wound up staying on as a human."

"Asami, you and Towa are taking this joke far enough.  Don't you think this joke is in bad taste with Saki being in such bad shape?"

"I know Saki is in bad shape!  And, it's killing me inside.  It's killing me inside because I know that Kanon is suffering the same thing."

"But, you've never even met Kanon."

Asami starts speaking in a low sinister voice.  "Kanon was wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Cinderella on the front.  She was about to eat a takoyaki.  She asked me if her true idol image was going to look like Cinderella.  She looked into my mirror and then I ate her takoyaki and then I stole and erased the song of her heart.  Miyabi, I put Kanon in the institution.  It was me."

Miyabi tears up.  Miyabi smacks Asami across her chubby cheeks.

"Please, hit me harder!"  I can't stand hurting on the inside without hurting on the outside as well."

Miyabi lets out a cry of anger and hits Asami harder.  Asami crashes into a bunch of tables.

"What's going on in here?"

Asami and Miyabi look around to see Airi standing in the doorway.

"What are you two doing?"

Asami picks herself up.  "Airi-senpai.  I am sorry for causing such a disagreeable scene.  I mentioned that I didn't think that Reina-sama was very pretty and Miyabi was trying to educate me in the error of my ways."

"Miyabi, I think that it's kind of disgusting that you're so fascinated with someone who not in our agency.  Would you have smacked her around if she said that I wasn't pretty?"

"Sorry, Airi."

"So, shake and make up."

Asami and Miyabi shake hands.

"Good.  Anyway, there is a visitor to the school here who wants to show me my true idol image.  Maybe she could show you guys your true idol image as well?  That wouldn't be a problem, right?"

The visitor walks into the room.  "No problem at all, de gojaimasu!"

To be continued

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(This is a fan fic based on the "public images" of various Hello!Project artists and is no way, shape or form trying to imply anything about the personal lives of the real people behind the public images.)

An Annoying Paradise - Den-O Part 23 - An Unsatisfying Measure Of Revenge

"Good.  Anyway, there is a visitor to the school here who wants to show me my true idol image.  Maybe she could show you guys your true idol image as well?  That wouldn't be a problem, right?"

Mikakas walks into the room.  "No problem at all, de gojaimasu!"

Asami looks horrified.  "Don't do it Airi.  She's bad."

"What could be the harm?"  Airi looks into Mikakas' mirror and faints.

"You monster.  I'll get you!"  Asami rushes Mikakas but then falls to her knees.

Miyabi rushes over to help Asami.  "What's wrong?"

"She's attempting to control my mind and make me attack you."

Miyabi pulls out some prayer beads and starts chanting over Asami.

Asami makes it back to her feet and yells at Mikakas.  "Who's going to listen to you?"

Mikakas runs over and pushes Miyabi down.

Asami falls to her knees again.  "I will not do it!"

Sorry, no time to play, I have a song to erase, de gojaimasu!"

"No so fast!"

Miyabi looks up.  "Towa!"

"You have to get through me first.  Stage starto."  Towa transforms into Aika.

"The result is going to be the same, de gojaimasu.  We will battle with the song Summer Night Town, de gojaimasu!  Henshi."  Mikakas's professional looking clothes change into a club outfit.

Aika, I know this song.  I will protect this song with all of my strength.

Okay, Rikakas.  "Club form."  Aika transforms into Aika/Rikakas.  "A friend is gone forever.  Many tears are shed.  A cry for justice is heard.  I, Rikakas, will protect the music I love."

Mikakas ignores her.  "Music starto, de gojaimasu!"  The music starts.  "Smile, smile, smile, try to make to wonder what I'm feeling, but you can see right through me somehow that I know.  Do you know how long it will take for me to love you?  Come on I really feel for you, I hate you, hate you, hate you, love you."

Aika, she's singing in English!

Aika/Rikakas hear Yossikas' voice in their heads.  Just sing the song in Japanese.  There are no penalty points associated with doing that.

Penalty points?

Roger.  Let's do this Aika.

"A summer night that feels the season, I want to stay together forever.  I don't voice my selfishness but I want to stay together.  What a strange feeling."

Mikakas looks confused, but continues.  "Feel me, touch me now.  Take me, love me now.  Won't you tell that you love me forever."

"I couldn't dive into your arms, so I sulked and cried."

They battle on for another minute and then the music grinds to a halt.

"Ha, ha, ha.  You didn't even know the lyrics, de gojaimasu."

Aika/Rikakas smile.  "You are mistaken.  Your song is a cover of a Japanese song.  Our lyrics were correct.  And, you lost."

"Muri.  Muri.  Muri, de gojaimasu!  There's no way."  Mikakas' smile vanishes when she realizes that this is true.  "No!  Wait, wait.  I could forgive Mikikas.  You don't have to encore me."

Rikakas, look to your side.  That low life is still trying to get Asami to attack you to get out of losing.

Aika/Rikakas glances quickly to the side.  "Well, that was a wonderful offer Mikakas.  What else can I say, but, ..."

Mikakas looks hopeful.

"Do you want an encore?"  The face of Rikakas hardens and she snarls the question.

"Bye bye, de gojaimasu!"  Mikakas turns into sand.

Kick the sand!  Quickly!

I hear you, Yossikas.  Aika/Rikakas kicks and scatters the sand before it disappears.

Asami collapses.

Erina runs into the room.  "Great job guys.  Let's get this place cleaned up while I fix Airi's memory."

"Wait, Asami is hurt."

I'll help clean things up.

Okay, Rikakas.

Aika and Rikakas separate.  Aika changes back into Towa.  Towa runs over to Asami who is being helped by Miyabi.  "How is she?"

"She's just tired."

Asami opens her eyes.  "Rival.  I didn't give up."

"I know.  You did well."

Miyabi looks indignant.  "Wait a second.  Asami, shouldn't your rival be an Ajax girl?"

Asami sits up on her own and gets a sly smile.  "Miyabi, shouldn't your crush be an Ajax girl?"

Miyabi waves her hand in front of her face.  "No, no, no.  One day you'll understand why.  Trust me."

"Okay.  But, anyway, thanks for helping me resist Mikakas.  For some reason her mental attack was stronger this time."

Towa smiles.  "Last time she was attacking you and Makokas at the same time."

Miyabi stares at Rikakas.  "By the way Towa, I remember palm reading lady.  But, who is the pill box hat girl?"

"Oh, I'm Rikakas."

"Towa, is she another monster?"

"Yes, but Rikakas does not want to erase songs.  She loves music and would rather be encored than to hurt a song."

"This situation is getting stranger and stranger."

Asami puts her hand on Miyabi's shoulder.  "Senpai.  The important thing is for Rikakas and Aika to keep fighting.  If they can recover the songs that were lost then Kanon will go back to normal.  If they fail, more girls will wind up like Kanon and Saki."

Erina comes back into the room.  "Okay, Airi is on her way to lunch now."

Towa gets a thoughtful look.  "I guess I won't get to find out what the song of Airi's heart is."

Miyabi looks at Towa like he was an alien.  "What are you talking about?  It's Massara Blue Jeans.  How can you not know that?"

"I'm not in your agency?"

"You're being ridiculous Towa.  There was an article in last month's Idol Singer Monthly that listed all of the songs of the heart of all of the girl idols in Tokyo.  Although, I don't remember seeing your name."

"I haven't been a girl or a boy idol for very long.  Maybe I started too late to participate in the survey.  But, do you have a copy of that magazine?"

"Yes, it's in my locker."

"Could you get a copy of that article for me right now?  I know I am being inconvenient, but this could help Kanon get back to normal."

"Be back in a second."

Erina, Asami, and Rikakas look at Towa with stunned expressions.

Finally Asami speaks.  "I don't remember what the master looked like.  But, I do remember that she always had a music player and a magazine with her."

Miyabi comes back.  "Here it is!  And, I copied all of the pages that had the poll."

Asami looks at the magazine with a flash of recognition.  "That's the one."

Towa looks at the copied pages.  "Great.  We'll just need the copies.  You should get back to lunch.  I'm sure Reina-sama is being bored by Sayumi right now."

"I can't let that happen!"  Miyabi runs out.

Asami bows low before Towa.  "I know that I don't have a right to ask you this, but, please forgive my being encored so I can fight with you like Rikakas did."

To be continued

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(This is a fan fic based on the "public images" of various Hello!Project artists and is no way, shape or form trying to imply anything about the personal lives of the real people behind the public images.)

Author's note: Potato girl means a country bumpkin.

An Annoying Paradise - Den-O Part 24 - An Unsatisfying Measure of Revenge

Asami bows low before Towa.  "I know that I don't have a right to ask you this, but, please forgive my being encored so I can fight with you like Rikakas did."

"Let's discuss this on the Den-O liner.  I'm not quite sure I know how to answer your question."

Erina claps her hands.  The Den-O liner's horn sounds.  "All aboard."

They walk through the door of the classroom onto the Den-O liner.

Yossikas stares at Asami with disdain.  "Konkonkas, don't you think your request is a little weird?"

Asami looks at Yossikas with a blank expression.  "Who are you?"

"Atashi, sanjou!  I am the Imagin whose every performance is at the level of an encore, Yossikas.  I happen to be Aika's main weapon."

Asami still looks lost.  "And, my request is weird because?"

Yossikas slams her hand on her diner table.  "It's obvious.  How did you lose to Mikikas?  You lost because you heard the your host's microwave oven ring and you became distracted.  How did Mikikas lose?  Because she saw the cakes at the store and became distracted."

Jun Jun stamps her walking stick, startling Asami.  "Yossikas has a point.  Not needed is an Imagin who takes her mind off a song during a performance."

Asami looks at Jun Jun blankly.

"Oh, my name is Jun Jun.  I own this time train."

Lin Lin hands Asami some hot chocolate.  "Here you go.  My name is Lin Lin."

"Thanks."  Asami takes a sip.  "Amazing!"

Towa goes into a deep think.  "I think I have it.  Asami, let's put the decision off until this weekend.  Do you have Saturday free?"


"Good, then meet me at that Karaoke club.  We can decide then if you should join us."

Asami bows.  "I will do my best!"


Aika, Yossikas, and Rikakas wait in the lobby of the Karaoke place.

"Aika, I cannot tell you how weird I feel."

"Just relax Yossikas.  It's a mall.  No one will notice you."

"I am here!"

Aika directs the other three into a medium sized booth.  "Okay, here is the deal.  I have studied the list I got from Miyabi.  In my opinion, we should master all of the songs on the list."

Yossikas' jaw drops.  "Aren't there over fifty songs there?"

"Seventy three."

"All of them?"

Aika gets in Yossikas' face.  "You saw what happened after a loss.  We have an obligation to make sure that losing never happens again."

Yossikas chuckles.  "Aika, I see now that I made a really good choice in picking you.  This is some real fire I am seeing now."

"We'll see if you still feel that way after we finish rehearsing.  And, Asami?"

Asami looks up from the menu.  "Yes?"

"While you are singing, the three of us are going to tempt you with junk food."

"Uso!  No way!  You're being sadistic now."

"Asami, if you think about it, you'll see exactly why we're doing this.  I can't have you get encored because you became distracted during a challenge."

Asami sighs.  "You're right."

"Okay, let's order some food and get this party started."


"I won't allow things like looking astray.  Say it: you love me, you love me, you love me, you love me.  Yeah, say it right here.

"Special generation LOVE.  I want to trust in fate. Even after a million years pass this love will not be ..."

Rikakas waves a green tea stream cake (Uiro) in front of Asami.  "Why aren't you singing?"

Asami beats her head with her fists.  "Why can't I get this?  Let's try it again."

Aika cues up another song.

"Stubborn.  You're stubborn.  You're still clueless.  Enough is enough, goodbye, my love.

"Friendship. There's no way we can go back to being friends.  I intend to be selfish from ...

Yossikas waves a monaka (two mochi pieces filled with azuki bean jam) in front of Asami.  "If you stop singing like that in a challenge you will be encored."

"Why?"  Asami starts crying.

"Let's try another one."


An hour later, after failing to complete a single song, Asami puts up her hands.  "Rival, you are correct.  I am ten years too early to be of service to you."

Aika smiles.  "Asami, I was always going to forgive you.  I just wanted you to understand how strict we were going to be from now on.  Besides, we were here last night trying things out ahead of time and Yossikas got distracted by warabimochi and Rikakas got distracted by dorayaki.  So, it does happen.  And, I could tell that it was taking you longer to get distracted the more we practiced."

"Rival, I am not worthy."

"Too bad.  But, this is a war and sometimes in war you need to use what you have, not what you would want to have."  Aika takes out his cell phone.  "Erina, we're ready."

They hear the Den-O liner's horn.  The walk through the door of the booth to the Den-O liner.

The dining car is festively made up with banners and streamers.  Lin Lin and Jun Jun look on with approval.

"Asami, I forgive your being encored."

Nothing happens.

Yossikas starts panicking. "What is this?  Did something not work?"

Konkonkas' eyes light up.  "Is this good enough for you?"

Yossikas jumps back.

Jun Jun takes a ticket out of her pocket.  "I believe this has your name on it, Konkonkas."

Konkonkas takes the ticket and it vaporizes and re-materializes as a light-pink wristband.

Erina smiles.  "Aika, your microphone should now have one of its buttons be light pink."

Jun Jun clears her throat.  "Konkonkas, although you now have permission to ride this train, I think that you would be of more use to us if you continued as Asami."

"I understand."


Kiraki walks the halls in between classes.  He sees some boys bullying a girl.

"Look at this weird uniform."

"She looks like a potato girl."

"Maybe she got lost and is going to this school by mistake?"

One of the boys starts shoving the girl.  "I think she's just stupid."

Kiraki grabs the boy who did the shoving and introduces the boy's head to some nearby lockers.

The rest of the boys run away in fear.

"Are you okay?"

The girl looks up with sparkles in her eyes.  She pushes her index fingers together.   "Why yes, I am.  Thank you.  My name is Makoto."


Closing credits theme - Onegai Dakara... by Mano Erina

To be continued

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Re: An Annoying Paradise - Den-O 25 - An Encore For Konkonkas part 1 - 11/10/2012
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(This is a fan fic based on the "public images" of various Hello!Project artists and is no way, shape or form trying to imply anything about the personal lives of the real people behind the public images.)

An Annoying Paradise - Den-O Part 25 - An Encore For Konkonkas part 1

"Towa!  I think that you should meet this new person."  Miyabi winks at Towa.

Geeze, I am going to be late for class.  "Okay."

Miyabi pulls Makoto out of the crowd of students hurrying through the halls trying to get to class.  "This is Makoto.  She is the newest idol over at Ajax."

"Please take care of me."

"Makoto, this is Towa."

"No way!  The Towa?"

This cannot be good.  "What do you mean?"

"I'm sorry but Kiraki always talks about what a good senpai you are to him."

"You know Kiraki?"

"He's so dreamy."

Both Towa and Miyabi look shocked.

Miyabi shoves Makoto.  "Hey you, don't get any weird ideas.  National idols aren't supposed to have boyfriends."

"Sorry."  Makoto pouts.


Yuu paces the top of the Ajax building.

A new Imagin appears.

"Kannakas, you are to get this song."  Yuu points to a spot in her copy of Idol Singer Monthly.

"I understand."

Kanna disappears.


Risako steps into Miss Megumi's office.  It is small and cluttered with stacks of paper everywhere.  "You wanted to talk to me?"

"I think we both know why you are here."

"Is it about Saki?"

"She's been almost completely unresponsive in practice."

"She's just not feeling our new song yet."

Miss Megumi slams her hand down.  "Risako, wake up!  I have gotten calls from your school and you've been making excuses for Saki there as well.  Saki can't be uninspired by everything.  And, she's never been uninspired before.  What's going on?"

Risako start crying.  "I don't know!!"

"She hasn't started taking drugs has she?"

"Of course not."

"She doesn't have a secret boyfriend that she had a fight with?"

"No way."

"Anything at all I should know about?"

"You tell me.  Maybe this has to do with the fact that we went to Lost World."

Miss Megumi ponders.  "I have never heard of anyone who came back from Lost World who had these symptoms."

"But, is it at least possible?"

"Honestly, I would have to say no."

"But, what I am to do?"

"Well, we cannot live in denial.  I am recommending that Saki go on medical leave since she is not in condition to practice or perform."

"Then put me on leave as well."

"Risako, the school also told me that you would not allow Saki to be punished unless you had the punishment as well.  I know it must be crushing to have your friend not feel well, but do you really want to throw away your career?"

"I would not be able to concentrate worrying about her."

Miss Megumi gets in Risako's face.  "I will give you one week off.  But, as cruel as this is going to sound, I don't think that you should be with Saki now.  Whatever is wrong with her is not something friendship can cure.  She needs professional help."

"I hate you!"

"That's okay.  I'm your boss and sometimes you should hate me.  But, at this point, you're the one that I think can be saved.  Saki, not so much."

"I will never accept that."

"One week.  After that, you might not have a job to come back to."

"Fine!"  Risako storms out of Miss Megumi's office.

Miss Megumi looks on in wonder.  What in the world could be wrong with Saki?


Towa enters the JE building and waves to the receptionist.  He goes to the stairs for his usual pre-practice workout of running up five flights.  However, this time he is stopped dead on the fourth floor landing.

"Hold on there buddy, there's a problem."

Towa looks with surprise at Hiro, Seiji and Josephine.  "What's wrong?"

Josephine takes control.  "Towa, as you know, at JE we tolerate a certain amount of scandal and seediness, since that helps develop a successful boy idol's image.  However, I have received reports that someone has crossed a line that should not have been crossed."

Is he talking about me?  "Oh?"

"I have received reports from my spies at the school that Kiraki has fallen in love."

"That's worse than having sleazy affairs?"

Seiji nods.  "It seems stupid, I know.  But, think about it from a marketing point of view.  How are girls supposed to fall in love with us if we are taken?  The guys who have sleazy affairs are at least still on the market."

Hiro chimes in.  "This is a critical time for us.  We shoot our music video next week.  If Kiraki doesn't have his head in the game our video is going to stink out the place."

Josephine nods.  "The boss can still yank Climax Jump and give it back to the flagship group if you guys can't bring the song to life."

"I understand.  I will do what I have to do."

Hiro squeezes his shoulder.  "I knew you would be a team player."



Towa approaches Kiraki in the halls.  He can see that Kiraki is talking to Makoto and being totally infatuated.  Josephine's spies are right on the money with this one.

"Hello, Kiraki."

"Towa, have you met Makoto yet?  Isn't she dreamy?"

"Makoto, are you Kiraki's girlfriend?"

Makoto blushes purple.  "Well, I don't know.  I mean, I haven't talked to him about that.  But..."

Towa smacks Kiraki upside of his head.  "You know Kiraki, I think you're being pretty darn low to lead this girl on like that."

Kiraki shoves Towa.  "What are you talking about?"

"You'll have to forgive Kiraki.  He often pulls pranks like this.  The truth is he will never really be in love with you."


"Kiraki is in love with me."

To be continued

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An Annoying Paradise - Den-O 26 - An Encore For Konkonkas part 2 - 11/18/2012
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(This is a fan fic based on the "public images" of various Hello!Project artists and is no way, shape or form trying to imply anything about the personal lives of the real people behind the public images.)

An Annoying Paradise - Den-O Part 26 - An Encore For Konkonkas part 2

"You'll have to forgive Kiraki.  He often pulls pranks like this.  The truth is he will never really be in love with you."


"Kiraki is in love with me."

Makoto looks at Towa with a stunned expression.  Then she looks at Kiraki and then back at Towa.  She nods.  "Kiraki, I want you to know that I support you and Towa.  Please be happy together."  Makoto runs off in tears.

Kiraki grabs Towa by the collar.  "What the heck was that for?"

"Josephine and the rest of the group asked me to intervene.  We have a video to shoot next week.  We can't have you causing the wrong kind of scandals by having a girlfriend."

"But, Makoto is special."

He doesn't know the half of it!  "I'm sure she is, but we all make sacrifices to be idols."

"And, telling her that I'm in love with you?  She's going to tell half the school now that I'm gay."

"But, it's the truth."

Kiraki punches Towa.  They go to the ground and start wrestling, Towa trying to prevent Kiraki from hitting him.

Kiraki's phone rings with the Den-O liner's ring tone.

"Crap that's important."

"I don't care!"

This sucks!  I can't break free of Kiraki so I can't stop an Imagin attack.

Suddenly, Kiraki slumps over.

Towa struggles and frees himself from being under Kiraki's limp body.  Towa sees Erina.

"Hurry!  An Imagin is attacking!"

Erina and Towa sprint through the school.  They arrive at an empty classroom where they find Miyabi's limp body.

Erina hold a ticket up to the side of Miyabi's head.  "Does this date have any meaning to you?"

"That's the date that she heard the song of her heart, Special Generation Love, for the first time."

Erina looks up at Towa with surprise.

Miyabi, in a trance, nods.

"I do have the list memorized, you know."

"Okay, we better get there at once."

Erina claps.

Towa and Erina walk through the door of the classroom into the Den-O Liner diner car.  Asami is already there.

"Tough break, rival.  To be in the middle of a fist fight when an Imagin attacked."

"Sometimes, guys have to do strange things.  But, stop snickering.  I want you to encore this new Imagin."

Yossikas stomps her hand on the table in front of her.  "This is absurd.  We don't know anything about the other Imagin yet."

"Doesn't matter.  Konkonkas had the highest score on Special Generation Love."

Yossikas sulks.  "I guess you're right."

"Where's the battle ground?

Jun Jun looks up.  "Miyabi heard the song at a bake shop."

Asami looks panicked.

Lin Lin runs up to Asami.  "Don't worry.  I have just the right things to help you."


Kannakas looks around the bakery, standing over the limp body of a  younger looking Miyabi.  "This should be a snap."

"Excuse me, there is something you need to do before you erase that song."

Kannakas turns around.  "Who are you?"

Asami, wearing dark glasses and holding a microphone smiles.  "I am the annoying surprise reporter Imagin, Konkonkas.  Today's interview will be about what you'll be doing after you get encored."

"Not happening.  Henshi."

Yossikas, looking on from the Den-O Liner starts gagging.  "Lin Lin, what did you do to Asami?  What is that awful smell?"

"I put Tiger Balm under her nose so she wouldn't be able to smell the cakes.  And, I gave her black glasses so she can't see anything."


Asami smiles at Kannakas.  "I'm afraid it will."

The music starts.  "Saying this and that, making excuses, don't annoy me.

"If you like that girl then why don't you go get her?

"Showing off, showing off, tottering about in silver accessories.  Who are you trying to appeal to?

Rikakas looks on in amazement from the Den-O Liner.  "Wow, we're seeing the real Konkonkas now."

"Special generation LOVE, I don't feel lonely passing through Ikebukuro.  This love is Fore-v-e-r."

The music grinds to a halt.

"This can't be happening."

"You look depressed.  I have something than might cheer you up.  Would you like an encore?"

Kannakas disappears.

Towa and Asami return to the Den-O Liner.

"So, how did I do?"  Asami nervously looks around the dinner car.

Yossikas looks at Asami with annoyance.  "Well, I guess you did okay."

Rikakas shoves Yossikas.  "Don't listen to her.  She's just jealous.  You kicked butt."

Asami smiles.  "Well, I owe it all to Lin Lin.  I wasn't even aware of the cakes while I was singing."

"It was nothing."

Towa smiles.  "Looks like the hard work and practice paid off as well.  That Imagin didn't have a chance."

"Rival, I will continue to work hard."

Towa nods.  "But, I still have a fight to get back to."

Erina raises an eyebrow.  "I can arrange it so that Kiraki won't notice that he fell asleep."


Erina and Towa depart from the Den-O Liner and arrive at the school hall.

Erina erases the memories of all the students watching the fight.

"Can I be on top when the fight resumes?"

"No.  We're here to preserve the time line, not change it."

"Rats."  Towa gets on the floor and scissors Kiraki's body with his legs.  "Okay, restart him."

To be continued

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Re: An Annoying Paradise - Den-O 27 - An Encore For Konkonkas part 3 - 11/25/2012
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(This is a fan fic based on the "public images" of various Hello!Project artists and is no way, shape or form trying to imply anything about the personal lives of the real people behind the public images.)

An Annoying Paradise - Den-O Part 27 - An Encore For Konkonkas part 3

"Can I be on top when the fight resumes?"

"No.  We're here to preserve the time line, not change it."

"Rats."  Towa gets on the floor and scissors Kiraki's body with his legs.  "Okay, restart him."

Kiraki tries to punch Towa who deflects his punch and ties up Kiraki's arm behind Kiraki's back.

"Will you stop this stupid fight?  It's not like I said something that wasn't true."

Kiraki struggles.  "Shut up."

"Isn't it true that you had a crush on Aika not so long ago?"

Kiraki glares at Towa.

"So, why don't you get your head on straight and channel some of this anger so that we can have a good promotional video for our song?"

Kiraki stops struggling.  "I suppose I can put this on hold for a week.  But, after that, I can't say I won't beat you up."

"That's the spirit."


On top of the Ajax building Yuu fumes.  "She got totally wiped out.  How could this have happened?"

A new Imagin appears before Yuu.  She looks lightly older than the others.  "Yuu, I'm afraid that the singularity point has discovered our secret and is now well prepared for any other Imagin that we can throw at her."

"So, our deal was for nothing?"

"No.  I have a plan.  Allow me the honor."

"Very well.  This whole mission will come down to you, now."


Aika enters Miss Megumi's office.  "You sent for me?"

Miss Megumi nods.  "I have some bad news.  I am placing the Shabondama Four on hiatus."

Aika nods.  "I kind of expected that with Saki and Risako being in the state that they're in."

"I don't understand what could have happened to Saki.  Do you know anything, Aika?"

"Well, I could tell you something, but you can't repeat it to anyone or else people will think that I am crazy."

"Hey, they trust me to keep Lost World a secret.  I think I am trustworthy."

"Do you remember the Saki's answer in the Song of Your Heart survey in Idol Singer Monthly?"

"Sure, it was ..."  A panicked look comes over Miss Megumi face.  "That's weird.  I made a point of learning all of their answers."

"It was Disco Queen."

Miss Megumi looks even more puzzled.  "The Abba song?"

"No, that's Dancing Queen.  The reason why you can't remember it is because someone stole the song and erased it.  Now, the song has never existed."

Miss Megumi has a completely blank look on her face.

"I know this sounds absurd.  So does Lost World.  But, there is a way that Saki can be cured.  I am working on that now."

"Well, Aika, I'll just have to trust you then.  Please do your best to make Saki well."

"I will give it my all."


Towa, Hiro, Seiji, and Kiraki sit on the floor of a gym, listening to the director of the promotional video.

"Since this is your first video, it would be best just to have the four of you against a plain background.  If you guys really have the goods, then it should pop out on the screen.  So, this video will be all dancing and expressions.  Okay?"

The boys nod their approval.

"Okay, let's go through the dance that you learned."

The assistant turns on the boom box.  "Grab on to the waves of time, right now let's go to the place of promises..."

Towa concentrates hard on doing the dance.

The song ends.  The director looks pleased.  "That was wonderful.  I can tell you boys are really committed to this project.  Now, all you have to do is work on some heroic poses at home for inset shots and we'll be there.  The shoot next week should be a snap.  But, you'll have to excuse me, I have another meeting to run to."  The director runs out.

Seiji tousles Kiraki's hair.  "Look at you!  You were with us the whole way.  I'm glad to see that your head is back in the game."

Kiraki smiles bashfully.  "Well, I did what I had to do."

"So, you're no longer seeing that girl?"

"I am seeing her."

Hiro shoves Kiraki.  "Baka!  You're going to derail our group right before we debut?"

"No, no.  I figured out a way to make it work.  Makoto and I are spreading the rumor around the school that me and Towa are an item.  That way Makoto can hang out with us pretending to be a fujoshi."

Hiro frowns.  "Kiraki, that's, that's ..."  Hiro's frown changes to a smile.  "... brilliant.  You could actually get some good rumors started with this."

Towa looks annoyed.  "Wait a second.  This sounds like I'm going to get implicated in this as well."

Kiraki turns up his nose at Towa.  "It was your idea to start with.  Deal with it."


Towa leaves the high school.  An older woman is waiting for him at the gate.

"Excuse me.  This is for you."  The woman gives him an envelop.

Towa looks at the envelop.  It is addressed to "The Singularity Point".  Towa looks up and the lady has vanished.

Towa runs to the palm reading booth.  "Erina, something weird just happened."

Erina looks at the envelop.  "This looks bad."  She takes out her cell phone and dials.  "Yossikas?  Come down at once.  You need to see this."

The door to the booth opens and Yossikas enters.  "What, what?"

Erina shows her the envelop.

"So, it has come to this."

"Is it safe to open?"

Yossikas nods.

Towa opens the envelop and pulls out the note.

"Singularity point.  On the Tuesday of next month you are challenged to a song battle.  The song will be Akai Nikkichou.  You will lose so make any final preparations you need before then.  Yukokas."

Yossikas pats Towa on the shoulder.  "I have seen this before.  This is pretty serious stuff."

"This Yukokas must be pretty confident."

"I have never heard of an Imagin who lost a challenge like this.  She must be very well prepared."

"Well then, we know what we have to do."


Closing credits theme - Onegai Dakara... by Mano Erina

To be continued

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(This is a fan fic based on the "public images" of various Hello!Project artists and is no way, shape or form trying to imply anything about the personal lives of the real people behind the public images.)

An Annoying Paradise - Den-O Part 28 - The Challenge of Yukokas part 1

"It's always hard to tie a red thread to love.  After love burns out what kind of diary am I supposed to pick out..."

Yossikas, Konkonkas, and Rikakas study Aika intently as he sings.

Aika finishes and looks at his score.  Aika exhales loudly, depressed.  "Eighty-one."

Yossikas tries to overturn the table she sits at in the Karaoke booth, but the table is attached to the wall and does not budge.  She then slams her hand on the table.  "This is ridiculous!  No Imagine would ever make a challenge on a song that they couldn't at least score an eighty-six on.  If the highest any one of us can do is eighty-one we might as well not even show up and get encored by default."

Rikakas weeps into a tissue.  "The beauty of songs can be cruel."

"Rival, I will work hard!  I know I can improve from seventy-eight."

Aika looks sad.  "There's only a couple days left before the challenge.  I'm not sure it's possible to improve that much."

Yossikas seethes with anger.  "What kind of talk is that?  Are you giving up?  That's not like you at all!"

"I'm just being realistic.  It's good that we want to win, but we must face the reality that we might be badly overmatched here."

Yossikas pulls back her hand as if to slap Aika but Rikakas stops her.

"Stop it.  Beating ourselves up won't help us raise our scores."

Yossikas sits down and sulks.  "I can't stand this!"


Opening Credits Theme: Climax Jump! (Friend star Ship version)


Towa opens his foot locker at school.  A dozen letters fall out.

Hiro chuckles.  "Look at you!  Racking up a big fan club I see?"

Towa stuffs them in his bag for disposal later.  "You're seeing things wrong.  This is Sumo Boy's fault.  All of these letters are going to say we support your romance with Kiraki."

"Even so, it looks like you're doing the something right."

"You're too noisy."


Miyabi and Asami ride the subway together.

"Asami, I think this is a bad idea.  It's not that Kanon will be traumatized by seeing you, but I'm worried that your seeing her will be depressing for you."

"Please give me the favor of being depressed."

Miyabi nods.  "Okay, but she's in really bad shape.  I have been to visit her before and the other people at the asylum are also pretty depressing."

"It's something I need to do."


"Cut."  The director looks disappointed.  "Hey, guys.  I think there's something missing today that you guys had last week.  I'm going to get some coffee.  You guys discuss among yourself how to get it back."

Towa feels Seiji's hand on his shoulder.

"Is something bothering you?  You seem a half step behind today."

Hiro butts in.  "I can tell you.  Kiraki is bullying him by spreading the rumor that they are an item."

Seiji gives Kiraki a cold look.  "Kiraki, I am disappointed.  I know that this was a convenient way to solve your problem with Makoto, but you should have talked to me or Hiro first.  We would not have minded you naming one of us.  We already deal with a rumor like that with each other.  We're at the point now where we can laugh about it."

Kiraki bows low to Towa.  "Towa, I am sorry.  When my father taught me martial arts he did not teach me anything about lashing out at my opponents in anger."

This is becoming a touching scene even though they are completely wrong about what I am worried about.  But, I can't really tell them that I am worried about getting encored tomorrow and losing my opportunity to help Saki get her life back and help Erina get her world back.  "Kiraki, it's okay.  I'm just being a baby about it.  Getting bombarded by weird support letters is just not something important enough for me to screw up this shoot over.  I must ask you guys to forgive me."

Hiro tousles Towa's hair.  "That's the Towa I know.  Now, let's kick some butt!"


Miyabi and Asami ride the subway back from the asylum.

"Are you okay?  I did warn you that you shouldn't go."

Asami is still involuntarily shaking.  "It's okay.  I needed to go.  I'm getting off a stop early from the Ajax stop.  I have something I need to do."

Miyabi smiles.  "Okay.  I know that you want to help things now, so if you need anything don't be afraid to ask me."

"Thanks, Miyabi.  You're a real friend."

"But, I will have to warn you that looking after Reina-sama takes precedence over you."

"But of course."  Asami giggles.


"Cut!"  The director smiles.  "That was what I was looking for.  You guys really jumped off the monitor on that one.  I'll let the make up people touch you up and then we'll knock down those insert shots.  This video is going to make you guys stars."

The director walks off.

The boys give each other high fives.

Seiji smiles a sneaky smile.  "Hiro, since you said that you didn't mind earlier, why don't we have a insert scene where you're comforting Kiraki?"

"Bad boys don't do stuff like that."

Josephine, who has been watching the shoot, mostly holding his breath, clears his throat.  "Hiro, when I woke up this morning the plan was to debut you as a comforting big brother type.  Unless you've had an affair with the Emperor's daughter or some other scandal big enough to force our hand, and had it this morning, you're still a big brother type!"

"You guys are tough on me."

Seiji smiles an evil smile.  "Okay, then.  Kiraki, Hiro, I want to see a scene that will convince the school that there's no way that Towa and Kiraki could be together."

Kiraki turns up his nose.  "That's a dumb idea."

Seiji whispers into Kiraki's ear.  "Is it, Kirarin?"

Kiraki turn beet red.  Finally, Kiraki relaxes.  "Okay.  You're right.  It does make sense.  But, it's up to the director to use the idea."


"Cut!"  The director visibly relaxes.  "Great job, everybody!  I think we have more than enough for a video that people won't be able to get enough of."

The boys cheer.

"Hiro, I especially like that shot you did with Kiraki.  I could sense some real chemistry there."

Hiro and Kiraki notice the way the director is looking at them and look nervously at each other.

Hiro frantically makes an "X" with his wrists.  "No, no, no.  We're just friends."

The director chuckles.  "Good answer."

Hiro gives Seiji a dirty look.

Seiji smiles an innocent smile.

To be continued

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An Annoying Paradise - Den-O 29 - The Challenge of Yukokas 2 - 12/09/12 (ep 100)
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(This is a fan fic based on the "public images" of various Hello!Project artists and is no way, shape or form trying to imply anything about the personal lives of the real people behind the public images.)

An Annoying Paradise - Den-O Part 29 - The Challenge of Yukokas part 2 (Episode 100 of the Meta-series)

Rikakas sits alone in the diner car.  She weeps.

Lin Lin comes in with a vacuum.  She wears headphones.  She vacuums the room while doing a little dance.

Finally Rikakas notices.  "Do you always dance while vacuuming?

Lin Lin turns off the vacuum and takes off her head phones.  "I was listening to music.  Check it out."  Lin Lin hands the head phones to Rikakas.

Rikakas gets a shocked expression on her face.


Asami finishes singing.  The Karaoke machine flashes a score of eighty.  Asami groans.

Yossikas looks annoyed.  "At least you are improving.  I've been stuck at eighty-one for days now."

Aika sighs.  "Four hours to go and the best I can do is a eighty-two."

Rikakas bursts through the door.  "Oh my god!  Oh my god!  Oh my god!  You must listen to this!"  Rikakas holds Lin Lin's portable music player.

Aika plugs the music player into the adapter on the Karaoke machine.

Yossikas' eyes bug out.  "What!?  The opening is in English?"

Rikakas nods.  "More than that.  Listen closely, there are four parts!"

They listen to the song in amazement.

Yossikas smiles a sneaky smile.  "You know, boss, when responding to a formal challenge we are allowed to do things that we normally wouldn't be allowed to do ..."

Aika nods.  "We have four hours, let's make this work!"


Reina-sama, Sayumi, Miyabi, and Makoto sit around a table during lunch.

Reina-sama sighs.  "I don't know what could be happening with little brother today.  He didn't show up for class and he isn't answering his phone."

Makoto nods.  "How vexing.  I can't hang out with Kiraki without him being there."

Miyabi nods.  "This is very strange.  Asami also didn't come to class and is also not answering her phone."

Sayumi gets a devilish grin.  "Fu-fu-fu.  I wonder if they ran off together."

"Don't say things like that.  Little brother is a dependable person."


Yossikas, Aika, Konkonkas, and Rikakas wait around in an empty area of a park.

"This is where the map she had with challenge note said, right?"

Yossikas nods.  "Ah, here she comes now."

Yukokas walks up.  She wears male clothing, a red jacket, red pants and a white shirt.  "I hope you have made your final preparations?"

Aika sneers at Yukokas.  "If you're talking about the song, then yes, we have."

"A pity that you are so overconfident.  I'm sure your next of kin will wonder what happened to you."

"Don't assume you'll win."

"Well then, singularity point, I see you have no desire to hold onto life.  Let's do this."

"Agreed.  Formal form."  Konkonkas and Yossikas change into outfits similar to Yukokas.  Aika and Rikakas change into formal long red dresses.  Rikakas enters Aika.

The music starts.  "Hey, I'm afraid to ask you for I want to know so much."

Yukokas looks shocked that Aika/Rikakas has started in English bit presses on.  "But, if I open my heart, I feel that would be the end.  And, there is only one thing.  Still, I will love you more."

Rikakas leaves Aika to join Yossikas and Konkonkas who sing harmony.

"I felt you a bit more affectionately today.  You remembered the day we met. I have to go buy a new red diary soon, (but) I'm unsure."

Konkonkas, Rikakas, and Yossikas switch in and out as needed.

"Do you perhaps like another girl now?  I can write it in my diary, but I can't bear to ask. To make sure love would always burn I bought a red diary, but does love disappear because it burns?  Please tell me, my love."

They reach the end of the song.

Yukokas starts crying.

Yossikas sneers at her.  "Did the strength of our singing make you cry?"

"No, it's just a sad song.  One has to feel the emotions to truly know how to sing it."

Rikakas jumps up and down.  "I know exactly how you feel."

Yossikas smacks Rikakas on top of her head in annoyance.

"It's a pity.  I did not expect you to last the whole song.  Using an alternate version of the song was a good tactic, but I can feel that your score was not higher than mine.  So, with no further ado, do you want ..."

"Wait."  Yossikas holds up her hand.  "We might not have a higher score than you, but, this is a formal challenge match and the one who makes the challenge must win outright or she gets encored."


"We tied."

"That's impossible.  No, no!"

Aika smiles.  "I hope there is good weather back in your world, do you want ..."

"Wait.  I agree to be encored.  But, I have no reason now to protect the idol I made the initial contract with."

Aika, and the three Imagins look at each other in shock.

"Her name is Yuu, and you can find her on top of the Ajax building."

Aika looks puzzled.  "Yuu?"

Yossikas has a flash of recognition.  "I remember!  She is in that Ajax group you were introduced to with that Miyabi girl."

Asami also gets a flash of recognition.  "I think I have seen her in general practice, but she keeps to herself mostly.  She only talks to her Musk group mates."

Aika smiles.  "Thank you Yukokas.  Enjoy your trip home.   Do you want an encore?"

Yukokas smiles.  "Good luck."  Yukokas turns into sand and disappears.

The Den-O-Liner picks them up.

They sit down in the dining cars tables in shock.

Jun Jun walks up to them.  "That was a good job you did.  Look out the window."

Aika looks out the window.  It looks like a new track that leads into a tunnel is under construction in the distance.

"If we get those coins back, that new track will allow us to connect to what the universe was before the interference."

Erina looks out the window.  "I'll be able to go home."

"But, before we take care of Yuu, there's one thing I want you to do, Aika ..."

To be continued

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An Annoying Paradise - Den-O 30 - The Challenge of Yukokas 3 - 12/16/2012
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(This is a fan fic based on the "public images" of various Hello!Project artists and is no way, shape or form trying to imply anything about the personal lives of the real people behind the public images.)

Author's Note: "-ben" refers to the dialect of a region.

Author's Note: Makoto says "sou dateba naa" which is "that's the way it is" in Niigata-ben.

An Annoying Paradise - Den-O Part 30 - The Challenge of Yukokas part 3

Makoto walks towards class.

"Hey, over here."

Makoto sees that Aika is waving her towards an empty class room.  "What is it?  Who are you?"

Aika closes the door behind them.  Aika speaks with his boy voice.  "It's Towa."

Makoto giggles.  "Oh come on.  Don't you think this is dangerous?  You could get Kiraki in trouble this way."

"Well, that might be true.  However, I have a couple of things I need to talk to you about."

"Is Kiraki in trouble?"

"No.  However, the act the two of you have been doing to fly under the radar needs to change.  We shot a video yesterday and there is a scene in the video that will convince all the girls that Kiraki is going out with Hiro."

Makoto smiles.  "Kiraki talks a lot about Hiro.  He sounds like a very forceful person."

"So, you would have no problems changing your act?"

"I would do anything to stay with Kiraki."

Aika smiles.  "Then I have some bad news for you.  Within the hour you will never see Kiraki again."

Makoto looks panicked.  "What?!  Why?"

"Well.  It's kind of hard to explain.  But, let me start from the beginning.  May I ask you a couple of questions?"


"Where are you from?"


"Which town?"

Makoto's face goes blank.

"What is Niigata known for?"

More blankness.

"Appeal with some Niigata-ben."

Still more blankness.

"Doesn't it seem strange that you don't know the answers to some really basic questions."

"But, I'm cute so it's okay, right?"

"Not in your case.  The reason you're no longer going to be with Kiraki is because you're name is not Makoto.  Your name is Makokas.  You are an alien from another dimension."

"No, no, no.  I am an energetic happy type of an idol, not an idol who acts like an alien."

"You came to this world to steal the songs from other idols' hearts.  You succeeded in turning one song into a coin.  However, when you tried a second time I defeated you in a song battle and encored you."

Makoto's eyes widen.  "And, I was upset that Yossikas had turned traitor and was helping you."

"Bingo.  And, I am going to end this time line.  You will not be in the time line that will be created."

Makoto grabs Aika by her collar.  "And, if I stop you, then I will get to be with Kiraki?"

"Maybe.  But, don't you think that it will get back to Kiraki that you hurt me?  Don't you think that will hurt our group's chances?  Are you so selfish that you would ruin Kiraki's career to be with him?"

Makoto lets go of Aika.  "No.  I would not hurt Kiraki like that."

"However, there is a way that you might still wind up with Kiraki."

"What is it?"

"I'm about to battle the big evil.  She can probably still manipulate you into interfering on her behalf.  The safest way to prevent this is for you to join Yossikas."

"Okay, I will do it, for Kiraki's sake."

"Good."  Aika claps his hands.  They hear the Den-O liner's horn.  "This way."  Aika leads Makoto through the door of the classroom into the Deno-liner's dining car.

Makoto sneers at Yossikas.

Asami puts her hand on Makoto's shoulder.

"Asami, why are you here?"

"We're alike.  I am Konkonkas."

Makoto looks at Aika.  "So, what happens now?"

Jun Jun sneaks up behind Makoto.  "What happens now is we decide whether or not to forgive your encore.  If we do, you will regain all your memories and powers as Makokas.  But, you will need to swear allegiance to Aika.  If you don't, we can always kick you out of the train with no way to get back to your world or Kiraki's world."

"I guess that's the way it is then."

Aika chuckles.  "You do know Niigata-ben."

"I do?"  Makoto blushes.

Aika looks at Jun Jun.

Jun Jun nods.

"Makokas, I forgive your getting encored."

Makokas gets an evil look on her face.  "You guys have to be kidding me.  An Imagin acting sappy over some guy.  Do you really think I am going to help you?"  Makokas does an imperial laugh.

Jun Jun grabs Makokas by the scruff of the neck and prepares to throw her off the train.

Asami intervenes.  "Wait, let me talk to her."

Jun Jun nods.

"Makokas, I know it's hard to accept, but you are no longer just Makokas, you're also Makoto.  The same way that I am both Konkonkas and Asami.  Your dreams, your friends at Ajax, your love with Kiraki, these things may seem like rubbish to Makokas, but they are very important to Makoto, and you cannot stop the fact that you are also Makoto."

Makokas gets a sad look.  She sits down at one of the dining car's tables.  "For some reason I feel like twirling a large fish."

Jun Jun stands beside her.  "So, will you stand with Aika?"

Makoto nods.

"Then this is for you."  Jun Jun hands Makokas a ticket.

Makokas takes the ticket and it vaporizes.  A black wrist band appears on her wrist.

"You now have permission to ride with up.  Also, that black band will prevent Yuu from controlling you."

"I understand."

Jun Jun smiles.  "Well then, it's time to take someone's microphone."


Closing credits theme - Onegai Dakara... by Mano Erina

To be continued

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An Annoying Paradise - Den-O 31 - The Final Battle - 12/23/2012
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(This is a fan fic based on the "public images" of various Hello!Project artists and is no way, shape or form trying to imply anything about the personal lives of the real people behind the public images.)

Author's note: Kyonyuu means having large breasts.

An Annoying Paradise - Den-O Part 31 - The Final Battle

Kiraki walks the halls in between classes.

"Hey Sumo Boy!  Wait up!"

Kiraki sees Hiro and Seiji run up to him.

"They just sent a rough cut of the video to our email addresses.  I was able to copy it to my phone.  I wanted us to watch it together."

"Where's Towa?"

"I guess he's out today.  Oh well, his loss."

"Should we really watch it?"

"I'm sure he won't mind.  Come on, we only have a short amount of time in between classes."



Opening Credits Theme: Climax Jump! (Friend star Ship version - Full PV)


Yuu continuously flips through the tracks on her personal music player and sobs incoherently.  "Why?  Why?"

The Den-O liner horn is heard.  The Den-O liner flies past and one of the cars stays behind on the roof of the Ajax building.

Aika exits the car.

"Singularity point.  I have been waiting for you.  I will take your microphone and recruit a new army of Imagins."

Aika gives Yuu a dirty look.  "Ehhhhhh?  You haven't given up?"

"Never!  I will never stop up until I have fixed the injustice that the fates have given me."

Yuu notices that Yossikas, Rikakas, Asami, and Makokas, all wearing frilly formal black and white waitress outfits, are carefully carrying a large dining table out of the train car.  "What are they doing?"

"Before you can try to take my microphone you have a much more important obligation to take care of."

The table is set down.  Erina, is similar dress, comes out of the car and spreads an ornate elegant looking tablecloth over the table.

"What sort of nonsense is this?"

Lin Lin, also in similar dress, emerges from the car and directs traffic.  Yossikas and Rikakas come out of the car with large expensive looking chairs.  Makokas and Asami bring out candelabras.  Erina first brings out a serving tray and puts it in front of Lin Lin, then goes back and gets a tray of food, hidden under a fancy serving hood.

Makokas and Asami light the candles in the candelabras.

Jun Jun emerges from the car wearing a formal tuxedo.

Lin Lin yells in a loud voice.  "Hear ye, hear ye.  The challenge is about to commence.  Contestants please report to the table."

Yuu turns up her nose.  "This is stupid."

Yuu suddenly finds herself sitting down at the table.

Jun Jun sits down.  "Singularity points cannot refuse a challenge like this."

Yuu tries to rise but cannot.  "Okay, what do you want me to do?"

Lin Lin places a large plate of banana rice in between Jun Jun and Yuu.  A small flag, held by a tooth pick, is in the middle of the dish pointing upwards.  Lin Lin then unrolls two large napkins in front of Jun Jun and Yuu, each napkin holding a variety of vintage spoons.

Jun Jun smiles.  "The rules are simple.  We take turns.  If the flag falls after you take a bite you lose.  You must use your spoons in order.  You go first."

Aika goes over to Erina.  "Wouldn't it have been easier if I encored Yuu?"

"Nothing would have happened.  Neither of your are Imagins."

Aika looks on in amazement as the owner and Yuu furiously make their moves.  "What would happen if the owner loses?"

"Nothing good.  She would lose her license.  But, that's not going to happen.  Owner practices too hard to lose to a novice."

Suddenly a pained look comes over Yuu's face.  She make a move and the flag falls.

Jun Jun makes the "Home Alone" expression.

Yuu leans backwards.  A microphone suddenly appears from the middle of her chest.

Jun Jun takes the microphone.  "I'm afraid you no longer belong in this time line."

Yuu starts to fade.

"Wait!  I want to ask Yuu one question before she goes."

Jun Jun smiles at Aika.  "Certainly."

"What was the great injustice that you wanted to fix?"

"I was a rising star for the Ajax agency.  Around one year in the future I made my solo debut.  It was a great song.  It was to be my ticket to being an idol whose name would live forever."

"So, what happened?"

"A bunch of grannies came out of retirement.  Girls who had been popular idols some five to twenty years ago all came out of retirement the same week.  My song should have been top five.  But, because of those hags, my song was shut out of the top ten.  I was subsequently dropped from Ajax."

"So, why were you using Imagins to erase songs?"

"It's obvious!  By eliminating the most popular songs of these hags they would not have been given the chance to come back and my song would have made the top ten and I would be a huge star in the future instead of a nobody, reduced to doing bikini DVD's for rent money."

Aika has a shocked look on her face.  "That's insane, but I almost understand that feeling."

"But, even though I erased three songs, my single never went up in ranking.  It never appeared on my top ten compilation."  Yuu holds up her personal music player.

Aika thinks for a minute.  "I got it!  I know why your song never went up."


"Because it will not exist."

"What?  Did you erase my song?"

"No.  The song will not exist because in the new time line that you created you never debuted as a soloist."

Yuu's jaw drops.

"You erased the song of the heart from Kanon from Musk."

"She was a nerdy girl.  I never liked her or her Cinderella gimmick."

"She had to drop out of Musk and you were the replacement.  So, you never debuted in the future as a soloist because your were tied up doing Musk."

Yuu withdraws in shock.

"I think I can understand the feeling of wanting to be a star at all costs, but to undertake such a destructive plan without any thought as to whether or not there would be unintended consequences, Yuu, you're a baka!"

Yuu starts crying.  "You're right.  I am a moron.  I was even getting good reviews for my bikini DVDs."

Jun Jun looks at her sternly.  "You are no longer a singularity point.  You will return to the point before you were contacted by Yukokas.  Since you will not be a singularity point Yukokas will not contact you.  You will also not remember any of the havoc that you have caused, a fate way too good for someone like you."

"If it is any consolation to your sense of justice, I will start shooting The Kyonyuu Ranger part three the day after I get back."

Jun Jun smirks.  "Do your best."

Yuu disappears.  Three coins appear at the table where Yuu had been sitting.

To be continued

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(This is a fan fic based on the "public images" of various Hello!Project artists and is no way, shape or form trying to imply anything about the personal lives of the real people behind the public images.)

An Annoying Paradise - Den-O Part 32 - Repairing The Damage (season finale)

Yuu disappears.  Three coins appear at the table where Yuu had been sitting.

"So what happens now?"

Jun Jun smiles at Aika.  "What happens now is that the maids will carefully put away the equipment.  This is official issue dueling equipment and would cost a lot to replace."

"Should I help?"

Jun Jun gathers up the coins before the maids take away the table.  "You can help me instead.  I need to analyze the coins to make sure I restore the past correctly."


Jun Jun and Aika walk back to the Den-O liner storage car.  In one corner of the car is a small machine that looks like a juke box.

"We can use this machine to analyze the coins."

Aika nods.  "One of the coins should be for Disco Queen."

Jun Jun holds up one of the coins.  "This one just got warmer."

"It's the Song of the Heart for Saki.  Wow, it will sure be great seeing her get back to normal."

"I can do one better than that.  When I restore the song the reality where she had her song stolen will no longer exist.  It will be as if it never happened to her.  You will be the only one who will remember that it happened."

Lin Lin comes into the car and parks the serving tray into it's designated place.  "You guys will need this."  Lin Lin hands Aika the Song of the Heart survey from Idol Singer Monthly.

"Aika, check to see if Saki is only that list."

Aika scans the list.  "She is not."

"Watch."  Jun Jun places the coin in the juke box.

"Disco, Disco.  D-D-D-Disco..."

"Now, check the list."

Aika scans the list again.  "Amazing!  The entire list moved around to put Saki's entry in alphabetically."

"That's good.  But, we still have two more coins."

Aika scans the list.  "There is a missing entry for Kanon.  However, Reina-sama still has an entry."

"Has she become withdrawn?"

"No.  But, one moment she was a delinquent type, the next moment she was a Yamoto Nadeshiko type and I was the only one who remembered the was that she was."

Jun Jun meditates for a few minutes.  She then holds up one of the coins.  "I think that this is the one for Kanon."  Jun Jun puts the coin in the juke box.

"Just relax, take it like a surfer coming off a wave.  Just relax, take it like a surfer, coming coming coming up."

Aika smiles.  "Girigiri Surf Rider!"

"Now, check Reina-sama's entry."

Aika looks puzzled but looks up Reina's entry anyway.  "EEEEEH??  Her song changed!"

Jun Jun nods.  "It was as I suspected.  Kanon and Reina-sama share a Song of the Heart.  When Konkonkas took Kanon's song the song stopped existing.  Therefore, Reina-sama never heard it and was free to bond with another heart song."

"So, that's why her entry used to say Sakura Mankai."

Makokas, Kononkas, Yossikas and Rikakas pull the table into the car and put it in it's place.

"Getting crowded in here."

Jun Jun shrugs.  "Maybe they should have planned things better."

"So, what about the last coin?"

"I'm betting that this is the coin of the song that brought Erina's parents together."

"But, I wonder who it could be from?  Saki and Kanon were the only two withdrawn girls that I heard of."

"There are many companies in this list.  She was probably someone who didn't run in the same circles as you did."

Erina enters the car.  "Is that the one?"

Jun Jun nods.  "I think so.  We were just trying to figure it out what the song was."

Erina sneers.  "I know what we can do.  Let's interrogate Makokas.  She was the one that took it."

Makokas enters the cab.  "Lot of good that would do.  I have no memory of encountering the idol.  Just a memory of giving Yuu the coin."

"Well, all hope is not lost.  If we recognize the song when the machine gets the coin then we can see which idol on the list had it."

Aika nods at Jun Jun.  "But, what if more than one idol has the song?"

Makokas gets excited.  "I know what to do.  Mark every fifth idol on the list.  That way if an idol reappears then you'll be able to tell which grouping she's in."

Jun Jun hands Aika a pen and Aika furiously marks off every fifth entry.


Jun Jun places the coin into the juke box.

"Without a glance, it is goodbye is it?  Compared to how I look, I'm not so strong. At a time like this, I don't know what sort of expression would be good. From the start, even as I had nothing like confidence, I just pretended."

Aika smiles.  "That's Onegai Dakara."

"Now check this list."

"There is a group with six girls and one of them has that song."

Jun Jun stamps her cane.  "Great!  That means that our job is finished.  The juke box now has enough information to restore the sands of time."

Yossikas calls from the back of the car.  "All done!"

"Okay, Aika, let's get out of this storage car and call back the Den-O Liner proper."

After much squeezing and climbing, Aika escapes from the car, now filled with the materials from the challenge.

Aika watches in amazement as the Den-O Liner swoops down, backs up onto an alternate track to couple with the storage car, then swoops around to pick them up.

Aika sits down in the diner car.  "So this is it?  I don't get to say goodbye to my friends?"

Erina sits down with Aika.  "There's no point.  That time line no longer exists.  Even if it did, what's the point of saying goodbye to people who you are going to see in a couple of minutes anyway?"

"What about them?"  Aika looks back at another table where the Imagins sit nervously.

"Whether I like it or not, Jun Jun is going to pardon them and allow them to live on in your world and time line."

Yossikas snickers.  "You didn't think you would get rid of us?"

"That would have been bad.  After all, Asami and I are rivals."

"Wait a second, I'm your rival as well.  And, you know I hate to lose."


Jun Jun motions to Erina and Aika to look out of the train.

They see that the track in the distance has grown and now connects to the track that they are on.


Aika feels Jun Jun put her hand on Aika's shoulder.

"Aika, before I drop you off, I want to remind you of one thing.  You are a singularity point.  You will remember everything that has transpired.  However, you must protect the flow of time.  You must not use the knowledge you gained in this timeline to unduly influence the correct timeline."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, remembering test answers at school is okay, but remembering winning lottery numbers is not."

"I knew I forgot to do something."

Jun Jun smiles.  "There are many singularity points out there.  Yuu won't be the only one who will be tempted to use her powers for evil.  I may need your powers again."

"Do worry.  I will be happy to help again."

"Thanks.  Next stop is yours."


Closing credits theme - Onegai Dakara... by Mano Erina

The End of An Annoying Paradise Den-O

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