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Author Topic: Keichan Ichi BANG! Random Update: How to be a Tsundere 101 (Kojiyuu 27/4/2015)  (Read 40196 times)

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Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! That Awkward Silence (Kai X Ray)
« Reply #60 on: August 21, 2011, 02:03:55 PM »
Arhg! The first person/ writer in Jphip i had given a thank i regret it jk  XD
Well, it's time for you to write something, its not that hard, ne~?  ;)
And thank you for writing a fanfic for me BFF ~bearhugs and pandakisses~ (it felt good to let it out ne? u know what i mean lol jk)

But why does that Keigo-jerk face have to appear here?  :smhid Didn't you read my status from Skype? :smhid
Ahahaha jk, I'll be looking forward to your next fic  :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
As for your request....hmm, lets see about that... :cathappy:

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Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! That Awkward Silence (Kai X Ray)
« Reply #61 on: August 21, 2011, 02:58:37 PM »
HEY it's been awhile seen you last update Keichan!

I really thought you quit writing fanfics

anyways...though I'm not KaixRay fan, I quite like this it.....

this is really well written, as always of your writings :grin:

I'll be looking forward to your next update...I hope it'll not be that long :P


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Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! That Awkward Silence (Kai X Ray)
« Reply #62 on: August 21, 2011, 03:16:59 PM »
nice!! it's been awhile for KaixRay fic...  XD

love it!!!  :twothumbs :twothumbs

I'll be looking forward to your next update...I hope it'll not be that long :P

I wonder how long it takes for another update~~  :lol:

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Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! That Awkward Silence (Kai X Ray)
« Reply #63 on: August 22, 2011, 04:20:14 AM »
I like Kai x Ray~
LOL rewatched Mendol 7 more times just for them  :cathappy: kekeke
You had a few grammatical errors 8D
And I'm pretty sure Ray's older than Kai~
But thanks for the awesome fic!
If you were to write a fic about Bunkemons, how cute would that be?  XD
♥♥♥ W Matsui ♥♥♥

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Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! That Awkward Silence (Kai X Ray)
« Reply #64 on: August 22, 2011, 09:01:41 AM »
Haven't seen any Ray X kai for a while, kinda miss watching Mendol.

Maybe I should go rewatch it again keke.  :on gay:

Thanks Keichan for another amazing update

Can't wait to for more  :on GJ:

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Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! That Awkward Silence (Kai X Ray)
« Reply #65 on: August 22, 2011, 12:46:43 PM »
I was so contemplating on what to read and I suddenly saw Kai x Ray.   :w00t:
This is just what I needed to read! I so miss this pairing.  XD
Thanks Keichan!  :twothumbs

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Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! That Awkward Silence (Kai X Ray)
« Reply #66 on: August 22, 2011, 10:34:06 PM »
Wewt, thanks for that :)

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Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! That Awkward Silence (Kai X Ray)
« Reply #67 on: September 18, 2011, 12:28:15 PM »
Rayks first time at ice-skating is sweat ^^

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Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! That Awkward Silence (Kai X Ray)
« Reply #68 on: September 22, 2011, 04:46:36 AM » pure AWESOMENESS!!!  :on GJ: :on GJ:

please update soon!!!

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Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! That Awkward Silence (Kai X Ray)
« Reply #69 on: September 22, 2011, 10:22:56 AM »
awesome! i love Kai and Ray couple!! update soon!

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Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! That Awkward Silence (Kai X Ray)
« Reply #70 on: October 23, 2011, 09:07:06 PM »
Waaa~~~ Just read it~~  :farofflook:
Got me hooked on.  :luvluv1:
Can't wait for the update  :bath:

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Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! Uncertainty (Riku X Yuko)
« Reply #71 on: December 22, 2011, 10:18:28 AM »
 :mon santa2: MERRY CHRISTMAS Y'ALL!!!

Lifeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssss beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen HECTIC!!!!

I don't have motivation or time but I guess after am awesome christmas luncheon today at work I decided I was totally into the Christmas spirit and the best way to be Santa was to provide you all with a new oneshot (Mainly since I have not updated this for months on end)!

Anyway some quite replies.
@blueangel65:  ahahaha I feel loved!! Weeeeeeee! ahaha welcome to jphip I guess although I'm quite late with welcoming you. But yeah when i am motivated I will write more.
@BFF: Hahaha whoot I own your first "Thank You" ahahahaha but yeah look I didn't write Atsumina are you happy? ahahaha Merry Christmas BFF.
@blughise: Hahaha I'm sorry it took me so long to update... it was only 4 months...
@Flean: It takes 4 months ahahahahahahaha
@Marichan: Bunkemons... hmm... it would be based on the perverted Alexiel snooping around stealing things....
@Kira: Have fun reading this fic. I dont even know if you like this couple xD But yeah have a nice christmas I will move into your basement soon!
@FoFchan: Hey glad it kept you entertained buddy! Hope this one makes you happy as well! Sorry for lack of update... it's just my unmotivated bitchness!
@Arakawa: NP! Hope you enjoyed!
@Kahem: Ahahahaha you seem like someone who loves romantic scenes!
@hott3ston3: Thanks for calling it AWESOMENESS and sorry I did not update soon V_V;
@haruhi16: Ahahaha Im sorry I didn't update soon!
@skytsuna: Ahahahaha sorry it's only a one-shot! But yeah I updated a different one-shot!
@Thank You Posts: Thank you for the Thank You's!!! They always motivate me!
@Secret Readers: Please write something! I need motivation to write updates and stories. I guess all authors feel unmotivated to update when there are lack of replies as we begin to think no one reads our fics.

Anyway I present to you,


I remember the day we met. It was through a mutual friend. My first impression… She looks like a bitch. I was scared to talk to you. You were quiet and your facial expressions were neutral. You never spoke much, just a short introduction. Then afterwards you just followed our friend around. Then came the moment, the moment we were forced to speak to each other one on one. Was it awkward? Heck yes. I didn’t know what to say. It was basically me trying to be the idiot I normally am but the whole time I was petrified that you would judge me. It took me awhile to breath out the one word that would change our relationship forever…


“H-h-hey.” Far out why did I stutter? You look up at me. Suddenly for the first time I see you smile.

“Hi.” Finally the weight came off my shoulders. All I could do at that moment was genuinely smile back.

End Flashback.

Now here we are. Stuck in the middle of friendship and love, unsure of what was right or wrong. We never spoke about feelings. All we ever did was joke around. We constantly laughed off the possibility of being together. However things are slowly changing. I’m scared of accepting the fact that I like you whilst you are telling the world how you feel about me. Each time we are together you constantly try to stay close to me. You try to hold me in your embrace. However I always move away and joke about how weird you are despite the fact that I enjoy you holding me close. I am confusing you because when we are alone it’s as if I act differently. I hug you all the time. I tell you everything in my life. There were no secrets between us when we were alone. Just the uncertainty of what I really feel about you. The uncertainty of what our relationship is. And I know, yes I do, that one day if I don’t tell you I will definitely lose you…

“Hey.” I turn towards the door once I hear your voice. However you weren’t talking to me, you were greeting another colleague. It’s been awkward between us since the last time we saw each other. I pushed you away from me when you were hugging me once another colleague arrived. You looked at me confused and saddened that I could not accept you. Could not accept what we could be. I watched as you walked away from me. You never replied my messages for the few days we didn’t work together. And now for the first time in awhile I feel my heart skip a beat again. I watch as you quickly walk by and place you bag into the storage room. I watch as you brush your hair behind your ear as you grab your laptop. I watch as you ignore my presence and cheerfully greet our colleague with a bright smile and small hug. I was jealous and I knew it. I walked towards you both, I could see you watching my moves from the corner of your eye. Were you trying to make me jealous? Make me claim you as mine. However before I could make that come true a voice ceased my movements and I was dragged away back to work with a client. Each time I had an excuse to walk back into your office I would. And you would sit there not acknowledging me. Is this how you felt when I hid my feelings from you? How could I make you look at me again? I need to feel needed by you. Wanted and loved. I walked behind you whilst speaking to my client. Maybe I can make you jealous. I cheekily joke around with my client. I watch as your ears perk up trying to hear our conversation. You’re frowning. Have I made you sad? I speak to my client again. But this time I walk closer to you and push my chair closer to yours. I move closer and pretend that I need to borrow your pen. Telling you your pen works better than mine. You turn and smile at me before quickly turning away. I know my movements have triggered you to feel like wanting to hug me or at least poke me. After filling out the paperwork I send my client back out to the other room before I return to my seat. Moving across I gently nudge your arm.

“What are you doing?” You turn to look at me, uncertain if you should reply. Is it because you don’t want to fall for me again? Maybe I shouldn’t speak to you before I’ve figured out my own feelings.

Before you could reply another colleague enters the room. They grab onto my arm and drag me outside whilst telling you to come out as well. We stand in the staff kitchen. It’s another colleague’s birthday and I stand next to the colleague who pulled me out of the room chatting away and gently poking her arm. You become irritated and stand next to me. Gently leaning against my arm. You don’t like it when I get close with other people. I switch my attention towards you. I gently move the loose strand of hair behind your ear for you, watching your body shiver slightly upon my soft touch. You shift a bit closer to me and I feel blood rushing to my cheeks again. We stare into each other’s eyes for no more than a second before our colleague burst out in song, distracting us. We both begin to sing and unconsciously I wrap my arm around your petite body. I feel as your fingers gently move on top of mine, sliding into the crevices of mine.

The colleague who pulled me out of the office noticed our entangled hands. She quickly grasps onto my arm and pulls me forward towards the birthday girl. Our bodies detach and I feel as coldness spreads across my once warm body. I turn and look at your pouting face. I watch as you heave a sigh before another colleague begins to chat with you. I can tell from his body language that he is interested in you, his body leaning down closer towards you. I feel my fist clenching, you shouldn’t be talking to him I tell myself, but then I realise I have no reason to say that as you are not mine.

As we begin to eat birthday cake I watch as cream smudges against the crack of your lips. I smile towards myself; you’re just too cute sometimes. Suddenly I see the male colleague lean in close towards your rosy lips, gently caressing them with a tissue. I’m irritated and angry and I feel as though there is nothing I can do to prevent this from happening.

We both enter back into our office. Sitting down at our desks I watch as he pulls out his phone asking for your number. I watch as your eyes gently divert towards me. Seeing me look away you then begin to enunciate each number to him. He smiles cheerfully and calls your mobile so you can have his. I hope you don’t save it. He swiftly moves a bit closer, tapping his pen against your desk. I listen into your conversation. He asks you to go out on a date with him on the weekend. I immediately stare at you, hoping you would say no, but instead you just tell him you’ll get back to him because you have already made plans with friends. Are you interested in him? My face scowls as he happily moves closer, telling you he doesn’t mind hanging out with your group of friends. You smile sincerely towards him telling him that you’ll talk to your friends first.

As I leave the office after finishing my work I hear my phone ring and quickly answer it. It’s you. Your shy voice gently serenades my ear drums.

“H-hey.” I hear your gently stutter.

“What’s up?”

“Nothing. Have you left?”

“Yeah I’m on my way to the bus station.”


“Where are you?”

“I’m just leaving the office now.”

“Want me to wait for you?”

“Are you rushing to get somewhere because if you are you can go ahead.”

“I’ll wait for you. I’m just outside the building.”


I listen as the line goes blank. I stand leaning against the wall. My briefcase swung over my shoulder. After a few minutes I hear the clicking of your shoes.

Turning I watch as you run towards me, I smile before stepping forward to meet you. You begin huffing deep breaths from the short run.

“Sorry about making you wait. Sae-kun stopped me to chat as we were leaving.” I feel as my eye twitches in annoyance. I hastily turn away from you and begin walking towards the bus stop.

“You should’ve just gone home with him.” I say to you, the tone of my voice is dangerously low. You gently take a few quick steps towards me, walking quickly in order to synchronise my strides.

“We don’t live close to each other.”

“He has a car, he could drive you. It wouldn’t be a worry since he’s soooooooo into you.” I say in a sarcastic tone. I hear as your footsteps cease behind me. I turn to look at you. Worried you had fallen down. I look as your slumped body. Your head is hanging low. I hear as you begin to speak to me. Your voice cracking upon each syllable you let out.

“W-why don’t y-you walk A-Atsuko home then? You seem to be more interested i-in her than me.”

You look up at me. I can see your eyes building up with tears. I watch as your turn and quickly run past me. I’m lost for words. How could you even think I like anyone else but you? Have I really been that unreadable? Have I really acted as though I never felt anything towards you? I stand there frozen. It isn’t until now that I’ve realised that all along I’ve known my own feelings towards you. I quickly turn and sprint after you.


I watch into the distance as you board the bus, your fingers brushing away the tears on your cheeks. I quicken my pace but I’m still too slow to get there is time. Are we fated to not be together? I pull out my phone and constantly try to call you as you constantly ignore my calls. I don’t know what to do. Would you open the door for me if I come to your house? My fear gets the better of me and I’m too much of a coward to come find you. All I could do was toss around on my bed all night, thinking about how I could possibly get you to forgive me for my ignorance and cowardly decisions.

The next morning I arrive at work hoping to see you alone at your desk. Looking across the room I feel as a lump forms in my throat. Sae is sitting on your desk chatting to you. I watch as a smile stretches across your face. Have I lost my chances with you? I walk closer towards you.

“Morning.” I loudly say, hoping to gain your attention. You turn and look at me briefly before you continue your evocative conversation with him. I place my belongings down and quickly send you a message.

To: Yuko
From: Riku

Can we please talk alone?

You glance down at your phone then quickly put it away telling him that it’s not important before you continue chatting with him.

To: Yuko
From: Riku

I’ll wait for you on the rooftop. I won’t come down until you come see me.

I watch as you glance at your phone again. This time you look up at me briefly before continuing your conversation. I slide my chair out and walk towards the lift. I feel tension building up in my body. I’m anxious as to whether or not you will come see me.

I stand there in the cold. I feel as the cold air blows against my cheeks. It is winter after all. I should’ve expected so much. After half an hour you still haven’t come up. I squat down in the corner and gently rub my hands together, blowing warm air onto them before I get frost bite.

Another half an hour passes and you still haven’t come up. I look up and watch a snow gently falls from the sky. I look back down at the ground and huddle deeper into the corner trying to contain my body heat.

As I feel my body beginning to numb and ache in pain I unconsciously begin to tear up. I’m not crying because I’m cold. But because I am starting to realise how much I need you close to me and how scared I am to lose you. I gently close my eyes. Keeping them shut and hoping that once I open them that it would all just me a dream.

I suddenly feel as material wraps around neck, causing me to open my eyes. I watch as you squat down in front of me wrapping your scarf around my neck. You then quickly push yourself up.

“Stop being stupid.” You say before pacing away from me. I quickly push myself up, my legs burning with each stride I take. My arms reach out around your waist and I pull up back into my grasp.

“I love you.” I mumble into your hair. I feel as your body gently shakes upon feeling the coldness of my body.

“Don’t say stupid things.” You gently whisper whilst trying to leave my arms.

“If loving you is stupid then I’ll be stupid for the rest of my life.” I mutter as I cling onto your fragile body for dear life. “I can’t let you leave because I feel alone without you. I can’t let you speak to others because my heart aches whilst I watch you. I can’t let you love someone else because I’m falling deeply in love with you.” I feel as your body trembles uncontrollably in my arms. “I’m sorry I’m a coward I promise I’ll never hurt you again.” I feel as you push away from me. You turn around and hastily begin to hit my chest. Mumbling words which can’t be understood as you cry viciously. Your body finally slumps into my arms and you hold me tight as my arms wrap around your waist. I gently move my hand up and brush the bangs out of your face. Gently caressing your tear stained cheeks I lean forward and capture your marshmellow lips. A simple kiss suddenly becomes passionate, exuding all our hidden feelings and desires for each other in a heated tongue battle of dominance.  I feel as our quivering lips finally detach, both heaving deeply from the lack of oxygen. Resting our foreheads against each other’s we both grin widely with our eyes still closed. As the snow continued to fall onto our heads.

“Merry Christmas Yuko.”

“Merry Christmas Riku.”


Anyway, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you! Hope you enjoy the update!

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Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! Uncertainty (Riku X Yuko)
« Reply #72 on: December 22, 2011, 10:25:28 AM »
Riku and Yuko that so sweet..... happy ending for them

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Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! Uncertainty (Riku X Yuko)
« Reply #73 on: December 22, 2011, 10:27:56 AM »
wowho! is this real .? you updated ..  :shocked JK

i love it ..^^ riyuu ..^^   :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:


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Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! Uncertainty (Riku X Yuko)
« Reply #74 on: December 22, 2011, 10:51:22 AM »
Woah!!! You updated Keichan!!!!!!!!!!!  :mon star:  Is this what they called Christmas miracle... :wahaha:

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Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! Uncertainty (Riku X Yuko)
« Reply #75 on: December 22, 2011, 12:04:36 PM »
i love the flow of your fic,  :)
stranger at first, more than friend second but feeling insecure
then with sweet ending at the end -the fear of losing someone who always there beside you-
simple & clean  :thumbup

* n LOL @sae and atsuko i thought it was OC(other charaters) :lol:*
« Last Edit: December 22, 2011, 03:14:24 PM by CrimsonGrxy »

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Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! Uncertainty (Riku X Yuko)
« Reply #76 on: December 22, 2011, 03:11:33 PM »
omg i love this!! Thank you Keichan!!! I consider this a gift from you this christmas and i really love it!!! RIKUYUU <333333 *__________*  Want more!!

Anyway, merry christmas!!! :D

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Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! Uncertainty (Riku X Yuko)
« Reply #77 on: December 22, 2011, 06:44:51 PM »
the kojiyuu`s wotas appreciate :D a lot thanx

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Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! Uncertainty (Riku X Yuko)
« Reply #78 on: December 22, 2011, 06:52:42 PM »
 :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
Going to love this Christmas a lot.
Lots of KojiYuu's sweet fics ...

MERRY CHRISTMAS. :mon santa4: :mon santa2: :mon santa3:

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Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! Uncertainty (Riku X Yuko)
« Reply #79 on: December 22, 2011, 07:57:41 PM »
I don't really like romantic scene, just the one with AKB lol

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