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Author Topic: [AtsuMina] Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi 8 (11/8/16)  (Read 82824 times)

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Re: AtsuMina: Three Chances (11/13/14)
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 just make it UtaMina.. :scolding:
i feel like a Boss now?  :mon sweat:

i'm a big fan of AtsuMina too but sometimes i need a new pair for my KAMIOSHI, Takamina.. :prayers:
geez you made me starting to stalk over your story..

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Re: AtsuMina: Three Chances (11/13/14)
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I know but i dont count it as a atsumina moment.
I dont know,it seem so forceful.
Even when takamina with acchan,she still thinking about uta.
What? Are u going to break my heart in the next chapter? :grr: :grr:
I wonder after u finishing nisemono,can i still loyal to my atsumina? :badluck: :depressed: :fainted:
Well lets see in the future,im sure u know what the best for atsumina :hee:

I already read three chances before but since it can heal me from my heart breaking, i reading it again and i still found it nice  :mon star:

Three Chances


Don't like the ending of this  :( :cry:

Won't you make alternate ending?  :) :)

Hehehe  :twothumbs :twothumbs :nervous :nervous
Im agree with this or can u just make squeel for this?
Well for the great story, please continue lezperv-sama :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow:

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[AtsuMinaUta] Nisemono 5b (11/14/14)
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@Tanchan: Lol, you seem very irritated with Atsuko :P but that’s how I felt when I wrote this fanfic haha because she got that stupid kabuki guy. Maybe chapter 6 will clear Atsuko up, so people won’t be so mad at her… Hai, please look forward to part 2 :D
@black_maa: Yeah… I get that a lot about “Three Chances,” but it’s a One-shot, so it’s finished for now.
@IamNot_Glad: Initially, that wasn’t supposed to be my ending. I had a happier ending planned after Atsuko was seen with the stupid kabuki guy and more drama happens, but I ran out of time and the fic was due, so I left it with an open-ending. I might go back one day to finish it properly, when I’m in the mood. For now, please enjoy other stuff that I’ve created hehe >_<
@minami_pops: Hmmm, you want UtaMina? What if I want AtsuMina? Or want AtsuMinaUta threesome? :P Haha sorry for making you so worked up lol.
@ryu201: Well, who doesn’t like an aggressive Atsuko, right? Just not in this particular situation lol. Oh no no no, I would never break your heart, not intentionally anyway :P It’s just, I came over this actress who reminds me of Atsuko as well, so I was thinking maybe I could create another version of Nisemono, but with the actress instead of Uta. Though, that’ll be too much work and I have to be in the mood for it… Ah thanks for reading it again, and like I told IamNot_Glad, I might go back one day to finish it properly ^_^ but for the time being, please enjoy my other fics hehe.


Here's part 2 to chapter 5 as promised :)


Chapter 5b

Third POV

True to her word, the soukantoku has been writing and checking the piles of papers nonstop. Normally, she’ll take her time, but now, she really wants the break that she rarely gets.

Members been telling her that she is growing thin, but it doesn’t seem so to her. She’s been eating fine… maybe not three meals per day like she should, but she was still eating... that counts for something, right?

She also needs to make a change to her hair style. There’s this thing she’s working on that requires her to dye her hair black. She wants to do it when she has the time, and luckily, she will soon.


The sound of a text message made the leader jumped. She was fully concentrated on her work and was not expecting any disturbance at all.

The text was from none other than Shinoda Mariko, reminding the small captain that lunch was at 2. She wondered why the older girl had messaged her. She look at the time on top of her screen, it was small, but clearly showing 1:45pm. Takamina only got 15 minutes to meet her friends at the café or else she’ll be reprimanded for being late.

She quickly grabbed her bag and rushed out of her office. She ran her way there since it was close by. There were 5 minutes left till the meeting time and she’s glad she got there at least a little early, but her friends were already there waiting for her, leaving a seat in between Mariko and Atsuko.

“See, I told you guys she would forget if I don’t remind her.” The oldest member spoke up, teasing her ex-captain.

“Sorry, I was just really concentrating on my work…”

“So you can have more free time to see your date, huh?” The taller member continues to poke fun at the shorter girl.

“Oooh ho ho, when do we get to meet this person, Takamina?” Miichan joins in the teasing game.

“Yeah, I want to meet them too.” Yuko declared.

Everyone was having fun making the young leader squirm, except for Acchan. She didn’t like how they kept talking about Minami’s date. The short girl belongs to her and nobody else. They need to get it into their head and stop with all the mentioning.

“Um… we haven’t even been on the third date yet for him to meet you guys…” The soukantoku blushed, talking about her partner who happens to be a girl, but none of her friends knew. The info regarding the program is confidential, but if she said the opposite, then it would be fine right?

“Oh my god, your date is a boy?! Kyaaa!” Minegishi was making a big fuss over it. Takamina guess it was best to kept Uta’s gender a secret otherwise there might be more of a commotion about it.

Since Acchan heard it was a male, she doesn’t feel as threaten because no men can give Minami what she can. They are nothing compared to the ace who had known the girl for 8 years. There’s a saying that ‘nothing can compare to a touch of a women,’ and that cannot be truer.

“Are we eating or are we just teasing me?” The leader spoke up, not liking the situation that she was put in.

“You guys, stop teasing my Minami, and let’s order.” Acchan defended, clinging to her love one’s right arm.

Once the ace had spoken, no one dares to challenge her, except for the senior member. Yes, the senior member is Shinoda Mariko.

“When’s your third date?” The model asked, ignoring the tiny looks from her friends, and the glaring one from Atsuko.

“I’m not sure yet, but he asked to pick the next one… I don’t know where it’s at either…”

“Maybe a fancy restaurant to ask you to be his girlfriend?” Miichan got excited.

“Maybe to the movies, sitting in the back where it’s dark, and… itai!” Yuko started to describe what she had done with Haruna, but got smack by said girl.

“Maybe a picnic to the park with slow playing music, while you wait till night time to gaze at the stars together.” Sae also contributed to the ideas.

“Maybe he’ll take you to his house and cook you something, afterwards, watching a movie together and finally… itai!”

“Why you keep thinking about perverted things, Yuko?” Nyan Nyan is now mad at her short girlfriend.

“I don’t know you guys; he’s not telling me anything, but all those sounds really nice…”

All the friends, including Acchan, were staring at the leader with wide eyes. She looks at every one of them, and understood why.

“N-not the y-you know part, but everything else sounds nice…” The captain blushes hard, earning giggles from her ex-AKB members.

“Minami kawaii~” The ex-center hugged the girl, not letting go, as she complimented Takamina.

“Alright, I think we teased Minami enough, let’s get something to eat now.” Mariko was just being happy for her friend, seeing her being herself again.


The text was loud and clear. Atsuko, Mariko, Miichan, Haruna, Yuko, Sae, Sayaka, Chiyuu, and Tomochin all heard it. They were all waiting for the soukantoku to check her phone, but said girl was feeling shy.

She knows that since her friends was here, and barely anyone else texts her, it has to be Uta. She wants to check it, but at the same time no, because Atsuko was there.

“Aren’t you gonna see who it is?”  The squirrel asked, having already made up with her girlfriend.

“Y-yeah… could you move a bit, Atsuko?” Takahashi withdraw herself from the embrace and scoots her chair back a bit so no one else could see her phone.

She was right about it being from Kohaku. She smiled subconsciously just thinking about the girl, which none of the members missed. Acchan didn’t seem to like it since it wasn’t towards her.

To: Minami~
From: Utan
Subject: Hey
Ahhh, was it from our date?
Hmm, are you implying something here Takahashi-san XP
I just got out of work. I’ll meet you at xxx in 30mins okay?
Ureshii yo~ arigatou ne Minami.  Mainichi wa aitai desu  ^_^
- Utan <3

Takamina can feel that the girl was worrying about her, but she’s seriously fine. She chuckles a bit at the playful tactic coming from the younger girl. She was definitely implying something, but she can’t really tell her for she is shy.  What made her smiled even wider was how cute Uta was saying that she wants to see the leader every day.

Though what really caught the captain’s attention is meeting her date in 30 minutes. Did time really pass by that fast when she was with her friends? She guessed she won’t eat with them like she planned to then.

“Is that your boyfriend?” Mariko teased.

“Un~” The short girl answered without actually listening to the question since she was re-reading her text message. Her friends around her gasp, even Atsuko had furrowed her eyebrows.

“You guys are a couple already?” Miichan asked.

“Huh?” The soukantoku finally look up at her friends, wearing a confuse expression.

“Your boyfriend.”

“S-He’s not my boyfriend…” Takamina pouted almost slipping up, making the others think that she was upset by the thought.

“So it ‘was’ him who texted you…” The oldest member deducted, making her ex-captain blush.

The leader pretended not to hear the remarks as she replied back to the girl.

To: Utan
From: Minami~
Subject: Hey
Don’t worry, I slept enough, so I’m fine ^_^
I’m not sure I know what you’re talking about Kohaku-san XP
Okay, see you there in 15 since its 2:45 now.
No need to thank me. I wanted to see you too >///>
- Takamina

“What did he want, Minami?”  Atsuko asked, feeling a little jealous.

“N-nothing, don’t worry about it…”  Takahashi felt like she have stayed long enough and it was almost time to go meet her friend anyway, so she excused herself.

“I have to go now; I’ll catch up with you guys later, jya ne.” The captain stood up to leave, but was held back by Acchan.

“Where are you going? Aren’t you eating with us?” The ex-ace gave the girl her famous pout and puppy dog eyes. She looks really irresistible right now, but Takamina know she has somewhere else to be.

“I have to meet someone, and I’ll just eat later, so have fun okay?” The girl tries to leave again, but the hand that held her, didn’t let go.

“Who is it, Minami?” Acchan bites her bottom lip as her eyes became kinda teary.

“Obviously her boyfriend…” Mariko step up, trying to help her friend leave.

“S-He’s not my boyfriend.” The leader almost slipped up about the gender again.

“Anyway, I gotta go, bye guys.” The short girl looks at her best friend one more time, smiled, and left to her destination.

After Takamina had left, Atsuko also tries to leave, but Mariko had stopped her.

“What are you trying to do?”

“What do you mean?”

“We’re all friends here, but you need to let Minami go.”

While the two were having a conversation, the others were just sitting at the table listening. They didn’t want to speak up for this is between Atsuko’s love for Minami, and Mariko’s protection for Minami.

“I’m not sure I know what you’re talking about.”

“If Takamina really like this person, then let her be happy with him. Stop trying to keep her for yourself. You already have a boyfriend Acchan…”

The ex-ace glared harshly at the older ex-member, freighting the taller woman a bit, for she has never been on the receiving side of this.

“I love Minami, Mariko, and she loves me! I can’t let it go!”

“What if she doesn’t love you anymore?...” What Shinoda said, struck Atsuko in the heart. The other ex-members watch as their ace’s hard exterior crumbled.

“No! NO! She’s mine. She’ll always be mine!” The ex-center girl left, trying to run after her love one, but the short girl had already disappeared.

“Wasn’t that a bit mean, Mari-chan?” Miichan came up to her girlfriend and held her hand.

“She needs to realize that she can’t have both… and that she can’t always come back running to Minami like this…”

Nobody else knew what to say. They had a feeling that every time they would go out to lunch, something like this would happen again. They don’t want to pick any sides, but they also want to help their friends.

AtsuMina had always been together, so to see each other with someone else is different for them. Atsuko was the one who had strayed away and got herself a boyfriend, so if anything; it was her decision to leave her captain. Takamina, on the other hand, was just trying to move on and there is nothing wrong with it.

They all sigh, waiting for things to progress between their two friends…


The young captain ran towards the ice cream shop that Uta had picked. She didn’t want to be late, and want to be the first one there.

As she reaches the shop, she saw the other girl running towards her as well. They both got in front of the shop at the same time, greeting each other with a hug.

“I-I’m glad that… that… I made it in… time…” Kohaku was out of breath, smiling at her dear oshimen.

“Why is your hair wet?” Takahashi had also noticed that during the last date, Uta’s hair was also damp, but she couldn’t figure out why.

“Ah, I didn’t have time to dry it…” The younger girl pouted, looking very cute with her dripped hair.

“You’re lucky that I always bring a towel with me…” Takamina took her towel out and started drying the girl’s hair.

As she continues drying the girl, she was really close to her face. She observes the girl, carefully studying her features, and being captivated by her beauty. She doesn’t know how to describe this feeling, this charm, but one word came into mind…

“Sexy…” The leader whispered, not realizing that she had said it out loud when it was only a thought inside her head.

The taller of the two didn’t miss the compliment at all and blushes hard. She never thought anyone would call her sexy, let alone the girl she’s attracted to.

“Are you getting sick?” The captain was worried, and puts her forehead against the girl’s to check her temperature.

“I-I’m fine, Minami…” This only causes the younger girl to grow even redder.

“Let’s get some ice cream, it’ll help.” The soukantoku took the girl’s hand and walk into the store. They both look at the many varieties that the shop has to offer.

“Which one do you want Utan?”

“Hmm, I want the banana split so we can share; what about you?”

“Then… I’ll just get the raspberry dark chocolate milkshake, and we can share that too.”

The girls smiled at each other and face the owner of the store to tell him the order. At the same time, they asked…

“How much is it?”

They both look at each other, having a silent conversation, as both of them wanted to pay. None of them were backing down as they continue to stand there staring at each other.

The owner figured she’ll get her money either way, so she went and made the ice cream and milkshake.

“Let me get this Minami~” Uta whines and stomp her feet like a child would for not getting what they want, which is a really cute sight to Takamina.

“No. I’m gonna pay, and you go pick us a booth or table, okay?” Takahashi didn’t want to use her leader’s voice, but she had to, to make the girl listen. She didn’t want to intimidate her, but it’s the only way she can pay because she knows if she drags this out too long, she’ll lose.

“Minami~” The girl started pouting, swinging the captain’s arm back and forth.

“You know… you don’t need to always pay for me to make me like you…” That was the first thing that came to her mind. Sure everyone needs money, and it’s what makes the world go round, but relationship is about being happy and understanding each other.

“Do you like me?” Kohaku bashes her eyelashes at the shorter girl with a huge grin on her face.

“Y-you’re my friend… o-of course I like you…” The soukantoku blushes, dodging the question by answering it differently than what the girl had meant.

“Hmm, do you like me more than a friend?”

“Okay, here are your order ladies.”

“Ah, hai… arigatou gozaimasu.” The leader was saved by the store owner. She hurriedly pays the woman so they could go pick a seat.

They picked the table near the window since the window was tinted, and the table was in the back as well, so they got the privacy they needed.

“Say ‘ah’ Minami.”  Uta scooped a spoonful of banana and vanilla ice cream, bringing it up to her oshimen’s mouth.

The older girl opened her mouth hesitantly, and took a bite. The combination of vanilla, chocolate fudge, and banana, tasted so good that she had made a sound of enjoyment.

“Mhmm, oishii~”

Even though it was just an innocent sound, the younger girl blushed from having a slight dirty thought. She shook her head to get herself back together, and reprimanded herself for even thinking of it.

“Here, try the drink.” Takahashi lifted her cup with a straw up to let the girl have a taste of the milkshake.

“Umai~” The combination of sweet dark chocolate blending with the sweet, yet sour taste of raspberry, is truly an aphrodisiac delicacy.

“That’s good to hear. I really like this drink.” The shorter girl took a drink from the same straw, giving the taller girl an opportunity to tease her.

“Indirect kissu~” Kohaku giggled at the red tint on her crushes face.

“Mou~ why do you always tease me like Atsuko?”

The moment Uta heard Acchan’s name, she stopped everything and just stare at the girl in front of her. She doesn’t know why, but her chest felt heavy, like something is constricting her lungs.

Takamina noticed the change in mood, asked the girl what’s wrong. The girl said it was nothing, and continued to eat her ice cream quietly.

The leader starts to feel uncomfortable and played with her cross necklace. The younger girl had notice that the older girl has been wearing it and wonders…

“Where you get your necklace from?”

“This? Atsuko gave it to me a while ago... I believe it was after her graduation… ” The captain smiled at the memories.

“Do you miss her?”

“I would lie if I say I didn’t, but it’s getting better.” The smile on the girl’s face turned into a bitter one.

“You two are very close, best friend, huh?”

“Yeah… something like that...”

Best friend to everyone else, perhaps…

“Why do I hear a ‘but’?”

“…it’s complicated…”

“What do you mean?”

“Atsuko and I…”

Again, the ex-ace’s name was mentioned, causing the younger girl stomach to churns. She doesn’t understand why because she has nothing against the actress at all.

The captain, on the other hand, was debating whether it was the right time to tell her partner about her past relationship with the ex-ace.

“Neh Utan?”


“Do… do you remember asking me about my relationship?”

“Yeah, but you couldn’t answer it at the time…” The girl wonders why it was being brought up. Can it be that her oshimen is already involved with someone, a member?

“I… I have been in a relationship, and it was with another member… but that was in the past…”

“W-who?” She’s glad that it was no more, but she can’t help and wonder about this member.

“You actually know her… or well… you are her…”

What did she meant by I am her?...

“Y-you don’t mean…”

There’s no way… it can’t be true, can it?


“M-Maeda Atsuko?”


She was involved with the girl I have to play role as…

Maeda Atsuko…

AKB48’s ace and partner of Takahashi Minami…

The best leader and ace pairing, turns out to be an actual couple...


“Are you okay?” Takamina was concern that the new information may be too much for the girl.

“Yeah. I’m just a little surprise, is all…”

“I figured... It’s not something you would hear every day.” The soukantoku laughs awkwardly, but was quickly cut off.

“How long have you guys been together?”

“Hmm, I think… about three years? It wasn’t official or anything-”

“Did you guys break up?”

“I think so…”

“What do you mean?”

“We both were too busy… and… she got a boyfriend now…” Since AtsuMina never talk about it, and now that one of the two got a boyfriend, it’s obvious that they are just friends now.

“I see…”

Is this the reason why they chose me? To be a replacement for Maeda Atsuko who left Takahashi Minami alone?

Does Minami see me as Acchan?

Since the atmosphere is already tense, the captain feels that they should just get over and done with all the question that they may have for each other.

“I-Is there anything else you want to know?”

“There is, but that’ll be for another time. I assume you have questions for me?”

“Un…Utan… why… why are you in…”

“Why am I working in this industry, right?” The soukantoku nodded her head.

“I guess… it’s because you make easy money…”

Is money that important to put up your own body?

The leader understands that work nowadays is hard to find, but the thought of being nude and doing those things in front of a camera is not imaginable.

“Are you disgusted by me?” The question came out of nowhere and caught the captain off guard.

“I-I’m not… how did you started doing these work?”

“I was doing gravure modeling, and eventually, I just ended up here…”

“D-do you enjoy it?” The younger girl finds the older one to be super adorable with the blush on her face for asking such question.  The leader has always been embarrassed and shy about this topic, so for her to ask, it must be a great deal.

“There are times where it wasn’t so bad, and there are times where I wish I didn’t do it, but recently I don’t feel as much as I used to anymore…”

“What do you mean?”

“Let’s just say, there is someone out there I rather do it with now than just anybody.” As Kohaku confesses, she caresses Takahashi’s cheek, and slightly rubbing on the girl’s soft skin.  She immediately feels the heat emitting off her oshimen’s face, causing her to smile.

It was true with what she said. There are times where doing it felt good, and there are times where she wasn’t really comfortable with what’s going on, but she still has to do it because it’s her job. She likes it better when she does it with females because it’s much more gentle and sexy, and she like the thought of her making someone feel good. Now, she doesn’t enjoy doing her work as much because of the girl beside her. The girl is all she thinks about because even though it may just started out as liking an oshimen, as she met the person herself and go on dates, the like turns into real attraction.

“D-does y-your family knows?”

“I haven’t really gone back to them or keep in contact, so I’m not sure…” Her family was the one who made her go out on her own and make money, so ever since then, they don’t really talk anymore. She doesn’t make an effort to call them or anything either.

“Family is important… even if they do bad stuff…” The leader speaks from experience. The scandal about her mother, and the one about her brother being a delinquent really got to her, but she can’t let these things take her down. She is Takahashi Minami, AKB48’s soukantoku, she has to be strong.

“Yeah, but you got friends with you, right?” Uta tries to cheer Takamina up.

“Haha, yeah, silly silly friends… Speaking of friends, they want to meet you, and I kind of told them that you’re my boyfriend…” The captain scratches the back of her head in embarrassment.


“I didn’t want them to know you’re a girl, so I use the male pronouns…” She looked down, feeling bad.

“Well that’s okay; at least you didn’t tell them the accurate information.” The taller girl understood and she actually finds it amusing.

“Yeah… “

“I assume your friends are all from AKB?”

“Un~ There’s Mariko, Miichan, Haruna, Yuko, Tomochin, Tomomi, Sayaka, Sae, and… Atsuko…”

Hearing Maeda Atsuko’s name makes Kohaku fired up. She now knows that there is a competition for Minami’s affection even if the actress currently has a boyfriend.

Let’s just say, shit is about to get real.


So yeah... what do you guys think of the second half of this chapter?

Anyway, Thanksgiving is coming up... I don't really care for it, but since it's a holiday, I'll let you guys pick which fic you want me to update.
It's gonna be by voting, so let's say if majority of you want Nisemono, then it'll be it. You gotta let me know in the comment though.
Here are the fanfics:
1. Nisemono
2. Maji?
3. Kowai!
4. My new fanfic, it's AtsuMina, that's all you guys need to know :P
5. Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi

After telling me which one you want, you guys gotta give me time to write them, and I'll try to whip up something lol
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Re: AtsuMinaUta: Nisemono Chapter 5 part 2 (11/14/14)
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Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi !!!! :ding:
onegaishimasu :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow:
and thx for the update :byebye: :byebye: :byebye: :byebye:

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Re: AtsuMinaUta: Nisemono Chapter 5 part 2 (11/14/14)
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Suddenly bring up atsuko there?! :mon zoom:
W-wait! I should happy that takamina still miss her ace right?
But why? Argh! I really starting love UtaMina!!! :frustrated:
Yabai! But i love this chapter it will great if u add that stupid kabuki actor soon :kekeke:

Please! Update Kuroi x shoroi tenshi!
I have been a silent reader there.
I really love that story so please update it,onegai! :kneelbow:

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Re: AtsuMinaUta: Nisemono Chapter 5 part 2 (11/14/14)
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but... but... you already made me freak of this pairing.. gaaah i want UtaMina now..
dare you to turn me like this LOL...

hey you didn't continue kuroi & shiroi tenshi. i'm waiting you know? khehehe...
thanks for the update author san

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Re: AtsuMinaUta: Nisemono Chapter 5 part 2 (11/14/14)
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Ah.. At least Takamina tell the true about her relationship with Acchan..  :D and Utan know who is the rival, it won't be easy to get Takamina.. :prayers:  so get ready to fight..
Can't wait the time, when Acchan un Utana will meet..  :kekeke:

All your fanfics are good.. :thumbsup but I really want to know what will happen there in next chapter :frustrated:
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Re: AtsuMinaUta: Nisemono Chapter 5 part 2 (11/14/14)
« Reply #87 on: November 15, 2014, 08:06:31 AM »
Okay the real fight seems to get ready to be officially proceeded onto the next stage with Utan having found out who her biggest rival is. I'm not irritated at Atsuko, I've just been waiting for her to give me a reason to be on her side again in the fight for Takamina. I like UtaMina and will not mind if they end up together with how the progress of the story flows but Atsumina is still my only OTP so I still want them to be the final pairing, that is of course once Atsuko has cleared up her romance mess. After all her attempts to get involved in Takamina's life despite having already gotten a boyfriend, I still squeeze whenever their lovey-dovey moments come up. That proves that no matter what happens, they're still my ultimate favorite OTP.

I can't wait for chap 6 so that I can shout again "Go Atsuko! Get your man girl back". However, Utan is a lovely girl so I hope even if they don't end up together, she will find someone worthy of her love at the end :P.

I'm torn between all of those choices since I want to see an update of everything XD, but I guess I'll go for Nisemono since I can't wait to see Atsuko and Utan finally meet.

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Re: AtsuMinaUta: Nisemono Chapter 5 part 2 (11/14/14)
« Reply #88 on: November 16, 2014, 12:33:27 AM »
I am not against AtsuMina. Good stories on this pair so little. 1 to 25 and generally drabble. Big good stories rarity. Except your "Three chances" I can remember only "Filling Up Memories" and "How Long Does Forever Last?".
And when KaiAtsuko begins ... no comment ...
In «Nisemono» Atsuko acts not simply as the egoist, she is Super Egoist. I do not like such a relationship. The phrase "Only mine" - kills. As though the speech about a thing, but not about the person.
Minami need someone with whom she can relax. Cease tutelage and feel the protected. In this form Utan is better than Atsuko.

Concerning alternative "Three chances". Well, in my opinion, the alternative will kill all impression about fic. No matter how well it will turn out.

Oh, I for continuation "Maji?". It's fun and interesting. Aggressive Minami so isn't enough.

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Re: AtsuMinaUta: Nisemono Chapter 5 part 2 (11/14/14)
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Can you update all your fanfic? Lol
First thing first i would say thanks for your quick update of Nisemono. I enjoyed reading it and be a silent reader lately, gomen ne..:-P, and the three's top class, nuff said.
As matter of fact, i don't mind which one you'll updating as long you finished the story..but since we need a feedback here, I guess I'd go with number 4.., I want to see another new Atsumina fanfic from you..^^ anyway I'm pretty curious bout the continuation of devil wear prada, I'm sure it's going to be an interesting story if you update it..hehe
Okay..That's all from me, i need to get my first chapter done too :nervous
mata ne..

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Re: AtsuMinaUta: Nisemono Chapter 5 part 2 (11/14/14)
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ah... more background on Atsumina relationship

And Atsuko already declared Minami is hers....

What would she do about her boyfriend and Minami?

What about Minami....?

Does Minami ready to accept Utan?

Would she go back to Atsuko if Atsuko chase her back?

Somehow I think Minami still had feeling for Atsuko.... since she has been talking about Atsuko mostly in this date

And she tried to avoid mentioning Atsuko previously

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: AtsuMinaUta: Nisemono Chapter 5 part 2 (11/14/14)
« Reply #91 on: November 18, 2014, 12:14:13 PM »

Three Chances

If you have time please update it  :P :P

Anyway, Thanksgiving is coming up... I don't really care for it, but since it's a holiday, I'll let you guys pick which fic you want me to update.
It's gonna be by voting, so let's say if majority of you want Nisemono, then it'll be it. You gotta let me know in the comment though.
Here are the fanfics:
1. Nisemono
2. Maji?
3. Kowai!
4. My new fanfic, it's AtsuMina, that's all you guys need to know :P
5. Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi

After telling me which one you want, you guys gotta give me time to write them, and I'll try to whip up something lol


I go for Kowai! or Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi

Chapter 5 part 2

Seems like Acchan is the bad guy here ha  :smhid :smhid

But no matter what

I'll believe in ,y Atsumina  :lol: :lol: :thumbsup :thumbsup
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Re: AtsuMinaUta: Nisemono Chapter 5 part 2 (11/14/14)
« Reply #92 on: November 23, 2014, 02:11:00 PM »
You made me come out as lurker now take the responsibility of updating Shiroi x Kuroi  :P
All your fics are good though, but please update them  :)

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[AtsuMinaUta] Nisemono 6 (11/27/14)
« Reply #93 on: November 27, 2014, 10:00:19 AM »
@jumpcx: I like how you’ve been a silent reader of mine, but you’re quick to comment for choosing a fic to be updated next lol.
@ryu201: Woh, hey hey, calm down man. Lol it’s a good thing that Atsuko is brought up, it’s for AtsuMina’s sake and UtaMina’s sake, but first love is also hard to die. Well guess what, your wish will come true next chapter, but he’ll only show up slightly, maybe again later on too… Though, you voted for Shiroi x Kuroi, so you gotta wait longer then.
@minami_pops: The point of being a writer is to mess with their reader’s mind :P I’m just joking haha. Oh, I didn’t know you read Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi either and that’s what you’re voting for, right?
@black_maa: I’m glad you’re able to understand why I did that. It’s better to be truthful in a relationship than to lie and hide things. Thank you for voting for Nisemono, but so far it seems Shiroi x Kuroi is winning haha.
@Tanchan: Lol, I and you are alike. I’m waiting for Atsuko to give me a reason to be on her side too. I’m talking about real life, but fanfic too haha. I get excited when there are AtsuMina scenes too, so yeah, it does prove that they are our OTP. Which I think is a good thing because it means that we’re loyal even if the course may change for a while :) Thanks for giving your vote to Nisemono, though sorry to disappoint you, Atsuko and Uta still won’t meet yet in that chapter :P
@Drakon: It brings a smile to my face knowing that my “Three Chances” is one of the fics that you remember, so thank you <3 Ah, so you don’t like Kai x Atsuko either? Haha yeah, Atsuko is a little bit crazy possessive in this fanfic of mine. I didn’t do it on purpose; it just came out that way. I hope she’ll be able to redeem herself eventually… I agree with you on ‘Three Chances,’ I think it ends well the way it is too. Anyway, thanks for voting for ‘Maji?’ :)
@cisda83: Wow, I didn’t think you were still reading this fic of mine at all. I can’t really answer all your questions because that’s cheating lol. Minami didn’t mention Atsuko in the previous chapter because the girls were on a date. There is camera around so Minami didn’t want to share that on television. It’ll ruin Atsuko’s career and her career/AKB if she did. Anyway, please look forward to the next update, so I assume you’re voting for Nisemono?
@Iamnot_Glad: If I have time and in the mood, I might write more, but I really highly doubt it. I like the way it ended lol. I’m just gonna assume you’re voting for ‘Kowai!’ then since you put that first. If you could, I rather you just give me one title X3 I never intended to make her this bad haha.
@lurker17: Take responsibility? You make it seem like I’m irresponsible or something. Thank you, but sadly for you, Nisemono has won most of the votes.

I have something to announce, but it'll be at the very end. So please enjoy my next chapter.

Nisemono has won most of the votes, hence why I'm updating it. Just wanted to put it out there lol


Chapter 6

Minami POV

After seeing each other on that day at the ice cream shop, and sharing about ourselves, Utan and I have become closer. We continued to see each other every day, well try to every day, even if it’s only a little bit to hang out. Another thing that also started to change in my life was that Atsuko started to come by every night as well.

I have mixed feelings about this because I feel like I’m cheating on the both of them, but I’m not, since I’m not technically with anyone. I had fun with Utan in the afternoon, and then I relax with Atsuko at night. I feel like I’m living two different lives and it’s somewhat taking a toll on me.

It has been another week since that day, and I still haven’t gone out with her for our third date yet. I guess we’re both just busy, or maybe I’m just busy. Though, now, I finally have the time to do things that I needed to do.

I’m sitting at my usual salon place to dye my hair black. I wonder what reaction the others would have from seeing this change in color. I had black hair before when AKB had just started. It’s been a while since my hair is that color again, and I’ve also decided to cut it shorter too; the same way when Atsuko had her hair in AKB. I hope it looks good, but the only way to know is to take a selfie picture and upload it on Google plus.

Now, I’m heading towards the usual café to meet up with the others. I don’t know why, but it seems everyone has a lot of free time lately. It feels like the old AKB all over again whenever we’re all together.

As I was walking there, I saw Atsuko talking to a guy nearby, and it seems she was arguing with him. I think the guy is her boyfriend, and since they’re probably fighting, it really explains why Atsuko has been hanging with me a lot more lately.

I tried to walk pass them without them noticing me, but I can’t help to be worried about Atsuko. Her boyfriend seems really scary at the moment, so I stood somewhere at a distance to keep watch.

I can’t hear what they’re saying, though they seem to be arguing furiously. She tries to walk away, but he held her back, and start yelling at her again. Atsuko is now crying, and I can’t stand this anymore. I walked over there as quickly as I can, and saw him raised his hand.

Don’t tell me he’s going to hit her!

I ran over there with all my might to stop him. I pulled Atsuko out of his hand and into my arms. I stood there defiantly, staring up at him with a stern look. I can’t believe he was about to hit her.

“What do you think you’re doing to Atsuko?” I challenged him to see what he’ll say. He slowly puts his hand back down to his side and smiled at me like it had never happened.

“M-Minami?” I heard Atsuko called out my name, and I know she’s wondering why I was here or maybe trying to see if it was really me since I changed my hair color, but that’s not the point right now.

“Konnichiwa Takahashi-san, I don’t think we’ve officially met; I’m Onoe Matsuya, Atsuko’s ‘boyfriend,’ hajimemashite.” He held his hand out to shake with me, but I disregard it.

“I know who you are, but what were you planning on doing to ‘my’ Atsuko?” I don’t like his face, I don’t like how he claimed to be Atsuko’s boyfriend and emphasizes on it, and I just don’t like him in general.

“We were just talking, Takahashi-san. Tell her, Atsu-“

“Don’t call her Atsuko!” Only I can call her by her name.

“… Tell her, Acchan.” He looked at Atsuko with the expression of ‘you better not say anything,’ causing her to withdraw behind my back.

“M-Minami…” Her voice was still trembling, and her eyes are still full of tears. She looks like a child afraid to be punished. I’ve never seen her so scared like this before. How dare he make her act like this!

“Look.” I stared at him in the eyes, showing him that I’m not joking.

“You and Atsuko are done here-“

“You-“ He was trying to grab Atsuko.

“Hey! Don’t interrupt me.” I scrunched my eyebrows, making him back away.

“If you were to even think of laying a hand on Atsuko, you don’t know what’s coming, and it’s not just a simple threat.” I can see his face is now boiling mad, but he didn’t dare to make a move.

“We’ll be leaving now Onoe, and don’t come near Atsuko anymore-“

“You can’t do that!” He was balling his fist, but I’m not scared.

“Try me Onoe, that is, if you want something to happen to you.” I gave him the sweetest smile I could manage, and left with Atsuko, hand in hand. I swear to god if he really wants to try something, I will ruin him, and his career. I will make it happen somehow.

We kept walking towards the café as I wait for her to open up to me. I know there was no point in asking her if she wasn’t going to tell me, so it’s best to let her do it herself. Speaking of her opening up to me, it seems pretty fast since she’s already squeezing my hand. This is usually the sign of her thinking hard.

I wonder if she’ll tell me truthfully or make up excuses…


I heard her, but I didn’t want to say anything. I just kept walking with her in toll. I feel like she’ll be making an excuse for everything that I saw, and I really don’t want to hear any of it, if it turns out that way.


I continued walking until she starts shaking my hand and whines the way she would when she wants my attention. This kind of brought a smile to my face, but I don’t want to give in to her yet.


I finally stopped walking and turned back to look at her. I was just staring at her, observing her to see what she wants to do and wants to say. She seems timid under my eyes. She looked down to the ground, not saying anything, but would look up once in a while. I can see the fear in her eyes. Was she afraid of telling me or afraid of me?

I don’t like the silence between us, so I continued to walk. What surprises me is that she started walking as well, but now she’s pulling me with her instead of vice-versa. I guess she decided to tell me or maybe she’ll change the subject and try to distract me instead. I don’t know, and Atsuko is the one human being that is the most difficult for me to figure out.

We reached our destination and our friends were already seated. Atsuko once again, dragged me into the restroom like she did a few weeks ago, locking both the door and us into a stall.

I just looked at her, waiting to see what she’ll do to me. Will she attack me like she did before or will she actually talk to me? I won’t know until it happens.


I was silent, but urge her to go on.

“I… I broke up with him…”

I’m not sure if I heard what I think I heard, but it sounded like she broke up with her boyfriend. Was my mind playing tricks on me? I focused on her, noticing that her cheeks had become red, which is a sign of her being shy.

“I’m sorry?” I wasn’t sure on what to say. I was hoping that she would repeat herself, and she did.

“I broke up with him… with Matsuya... that’s why you saw us arguing…”

I can see the tears in her eyes, and her voice started to break, but she still tries to look tough. Why are you trying to be strong in front of me, Atsuko?

“Why?” She has always argued with him before, but in the end, they always go back to each other. What is the cause for this sudden break up?

“I was stupid.” I’m quite confused, and it is probably showing on my face as well, because she continued.

“I’m so sorry Minami.” She hugged me, laying her head on my shoulder.

“For what?” I’m completely lost.

“For leaving you and being with him. I’m really stupid for that. I’m sorry… I’m so so sorry Minami… I’m sorry I hurt you.” She was crying now, and I felt hopeless. I don’t want to see her upset, but at the same time, I’m glad she realized the pain that I went through.

“Atsuko… I’m at ease knowing that you’re done with him… He wasn’t good enough for you…” I embraced her, trying to calm her down like how I used to when she was back in AKB.

“Minami...” She kissed me. Again, she kissed me, catching me off guard. I swear that she does this on purpose.

“S-sto-“ Her soft lips were still on mine, leaving me no room to form coherent words. I tried to push her away, but she started sucking on my bottom lip.


My legs are getting weak from hearing that sexy sound that she made, but all of this feels so wrong. She just broke up with her boyfriend, so I think she’s being emotional right now, and needed to let out what she was bottling up.

“Minami~” She whispered against my lips, blowing her sweet breath into me, making my head hazy like I was walking through a poisonous smokes.

“S-sss-stop…” I told her, trying my best to fight the urge to kiss her back and let her do what she wants to me.

“Why?” She continues as she roams her hands on my body.

“I-it doesn’t feel right…” I said, making her stop all of her movements. She looks at me with what I think are disbelieving eyes.

“What do you mean by it doesn’t feel right? Why doesn’t it?” She sounds angry and hurt. I feel bad for making her feel like this, but I can’t just let her do whatever she wants.

“You and I are not together, and you just broke up with him too. I think you need to take a break and calm down a bit…” I tried to let her down as easy as I can, but I don’t think it is working.

“I am calm!” She pushed me against the wall and held both of my wrists above my head.

“Please, Atsuko, don’t do this…” It seems whatever I say will anger her even more.

“I love you.” She said with conviction. I swallowed the lump in my throat as I watch her predatory eyes gazing into mine.

“A-Atsuko…” I breathe out the last time before giving up. When she’s in this mode of hers, I can’t do anything, but let her do what she wants. I just wished someone or something would save me out of this situation.

“Minami is mine…”

“You’re the one I love…”

“I want you…” She whispered those three lines into my ears, claiming me as her own, like I am her possession. Though I will admit that it causes me to feel something inside, but I don’t know what it is. I just know that I need to stop her.

“Atsuko… but I’m not yours…” I told her dejectedly, making her froze.

“What do you mean?! I love you, Minami. I broke up with him because I love you and I want to be with you!” She’s really angry right now, and normally people would be scared, but I’m not. I know that she is just hurt.

“N-no… no… Atsuko, it’s all wrong.”

“Is it because of your boyfriend?! Is he the reason why you don’t want me anymore?!”

“You got it all wrong, Atsuko!”

She looks at me with teary eyes. I didn’t mean to shout at her, but I feel like I wouldn’t get anything in if she kept assuming things.

“Atsuko, I think you’re confused. I will always be your friend if that is what you’re worried a-“

“No! No…” She got out of the stall and went to the sink. She suddenly slips down to the floor and cried.

The sight in front of her breaking down hurts me so much. I don’t know how to cheer her up. I want to make her happy, but I don’t want to lie to her.

“Atsuko, I’ll always be here, you’ll always be my best fri-“ I crouch down next to her, rubbing her back to soothe her.

“I don’t want to be just your best friend, Minami. I want to be more…” She looks at me with her puffy red eyes. She looks like a child right now, and it’s quite adorable, but that’s not the point right now.


*knock knock*

“Atsuko, Minami, are you guys okay?” That sounded like Mariko. I look at Acchan and she nodded her heard.

“Yeah, we’re fine, we’ll come out soon.”

“Okay, hurry up, we’re all hungry here.”

I’m pretty sure Mariko left, so I helped Atsuko up. I grabbed the paper towel and rinse it with water. I start wiping away the tears and the smudge from her make-up.

“There, all beautiful again, like the Maeda Atsuko I know and love.” I smiled at her goofily, making her laugh. I’m glad to hear that sound. That’s the sound and smile that tells me she’s fine.

“Alright, let’s go.” I tried to walk away, but she pulled me back.

“M-minami… I really do love you. I can see it clearly now, and I’m really sorry for hurting you for so long. Please give me a chance to prove it?”

“Atsu-“ She kissed me.

“Shhh, don’t say anything. Just let me prove it to you.” She pecks my lips one more time before pulling me out of the bathroom with her. I was definitely dumbstruck. I don’t really understand, but I felt little butterflies inside.


Third POV

Mariko, Miichan, Haruna, Yuko, Sayaka, Sae, Tomomi, and Tomochin watches as Atsuko drags Minami into the restroom, not even getting a chance to say a quick ‘hi’ to both of them.

“Déjà vu…” Yuko commented.

“Wondered what happened…” Sayaka looks on worriedly.

“Acchan looks upset…” Haruna took noticed.

“I guess they just needed to talk.” Tomochin knows only Takamina could cheer the ex-ace up.

“What do you guys think it’s about?” Miichan asked.

“Her relationship with her boyfriend?” Sae thinks.

“Or her relationship with Takamina…” Tomomi added.

“Or… her relationship with both of them…” Mariko said what she thought was probably true.

None of the friends talked for a few minutes because they all thought of the AtsuMina couple, even though they aren’t really a couple. They thought it would be nice to just have their normal group instead of an added member that’s not related to them. They don’t want to see Acchan’s boyfriend, nor do they want to see Takamina’s boyfriend either. They rather have the two girls together, so that they’ll remain the close AKB group of friends.

Of course life is not so easy, and there would always be up and downs, but it doesn’t hurt to dream of such possibility.

“They are taking a while in the bathroom, don’t you guys think?” Sayaka was being worried again.

“I’ll go check on them.” Mariko said and went to do so.

She tried to push into the restroom, but it was lock. She knocked on them, calling out the girls’ name. Takamina had answered back, but that doesn’t really ease the older woman’s mind. She told them to quickly come out because they were all hungry, even though it was a lie. She just wants to see if they were okay. She got her answer and went back to the table, waiting with the others.

“How did it go?” Miichan asked.

“Takamina said they’ll come out soon…”

“Speaking of the devil.” Yuko announced.

They watched as Atsuko pulled Minami with her to the table. The two of them sit down like nothing had happened. Acchan never letting go of the hand the hand she held, snuggles closer to Takamina. The leader just let it be as she faced her friends.

“So what’s up?”

“You tell us.” Yuko spoke up.

“What do you mean?”

“Why were you two doing in the bathroom for so long?”

The soukantoku didn’t know what to say. She looked over to her right, making eye contact with the actress to see if it was okay to share. Maeda thought for a bit and nodded her head.

“Atsuko… she… she broke up with her boyfriend.”


“What?!” Mariko was really shocked to hear the new info.

“Why? What happened?” Miichan inquired.

“I don’t love him…” The ex-ace answered, looking at the captain while doing so.

Everyone sitting at the table can tell that Acchan broke up her relationship for Takamina. They can clearly see that the ex-ace does really love her ex-captain, even though it took the girl long enough to realize it. They felt a bit happy knowing that there is a possibility of AtsuMina being back together. Though, they seem to forget that there is another woman in Takamina’s life, and this woman is not yet known to them.

“Well… we’re glad that you’re done and over with that jerk.” Mariko spoke up, genuinely happy for the ex-center.

“Now that we’re all happy, let’s order food.” Sae suggested, feeling exhausted for having been caught in this drama from her friends.

Food was ordered, as they chat happily about anything and everything. The news about Atsuko breaking up was never mentioned again since it’s all in the past now. At least it was for the others.

Takamina’s new change in hairdo was brought up in the conversation, and her friends teased her about having the same haircut as Atsuko when the actress was in AKB. They joke about her missing the ex-ace too much that she decided to get the same hair to ease her loneliness.


Chatters were immediately stopped as they heard the familiar ringtone. They all looked at the little soukantoku as she tries to pull her phone out and check her text. She felt uncomfortable with Acchan being all up to her, so she scoots back a little for some privacy. Of course this tiny motion was noticed by all.

To: Minami~
From: Utan
Subject: I miss you <3
I couldn’t stop thinking about you X3
I can’t wait to see you later~
Meet me at the usual place :D
- Utan <3

The leader blushed after she read her text. The tinge of red was very noticeable and of course Acchan didn’t like it one bit. She felt the anger inside her, but it wasn’t at Minami. She was mad at herself for letting this person go, and now she has to win the love of her life back.

It’s going to be a lot of work to make Takamina fall in love with her again, but it’s worth it. Only by doing this, can she be able to prove her love for the girl in front of her. She only wishes that her effort will be rewarded because hard work will always be rewarded, right?

“Who is it?” Miichan asked.

“Is it your boyfriend?” Mariko teased.

“S… He’s not my boyfriend…” The captain pouted her adorable lips, making the actress wanting to kiss them, but she has to restrain herself from doing so.

“What did he say?” Yuko was curious, and so are the others, but she was the only one who wouldn’t mind asking such questions.


“Come on, Takamina, tell us.” Yuko whines.

“Fine… they said they can’t wait to meet me later… there, happy?” The soukantoku looked at anything that doesn’t have a face because she doesn’t want to see what expressions her friends have, and she especially doesn’t want to see Acchan’s.

Speaking of the ex-ace, she clings to the captain’s arm and held on tight. She feels like she is losing her girl, and it’s partially true.

Takamina look down at the girl, seeing the sadness in her eyes as they made contact with each other. This was exactly the look that she didn’t want to see in the girl because it’ll only make her feel guilty, even though she shouldn’t be.

“Oh ho ho, for how long have you guys been seeing each other? Did you guys go on your third date y- Itai!” The squirrel definitely deserves that smack from Haruna. She was being too nosy, and was being inconsiderate about Acchan’s feeling which everyone else can see.

“We really want to meet your boyfriend, Takamina. How about two weeks from now?” Mariko suggested, wanting to evaluate and see if this guy was good enough for their ex-leader.


“I want to meet him too, Minami.” Now that is scary. Who would have thought that the actress wanted to see this guy as well? What will happen? Will she kill him? That would be interesting to watch, but sadly it won’t happen.

“I-I can’t exactly agree to that because of the show, but maybe?” Even though Takahashi had a good excuse for saying no, she really wants to say no, but eventually her partner has to meet them anyway if things will go towards in that direction. The direction of dating.

“Then two weeks from now it is.” It was decided just like that. The short leader has no choice, but to agree.

After spending time with everyone, just like old times, it was time for the soukantoku to leave. She stood up saying bye to her friends and left. She didn’t realize that Acchan was also following her.


“Atsuko?” Takamina didn’t expect her name to be called. She wonders if she’ll have a hard time leaving since she knows the actress is pretty persistent.

“…”No words came out. The ex-ace knows that she wants to win her ex-captain back, but being selfish was not one of them.

“Doushita?” The shorter girl was concerned.

“Nandemonai… I just want to tell you to have fun and be careful.” Even though it was hard saying those words to the girl she love, she had to smile and do so, for she doesn’t want to guilt the girl into staying with her.

“Atsuko…” The leader smiled at her friend. She understands what the girl is doing, and it makes her happy knowing so.

“Thank you, and be careful on your way home too, okay?” Takahashi leans in to give Maeda a hug. The taller girl relish in the warmth of her friend’s body as she snuggles tighter.

The short girl left, while still being watch by her friend. The distance became too great for the ex-center to see, so she headed home to her apartment.


Minami POV

I went to the usual place to meet up with Utan. The ice cream shop has become our go to place to see each other.

As I reach the store, I can see her sitting with her banana split and my raspberry milkshake. She seems to saw me, and wave, which brings a smile to my face.

“Hey, did you wait long?”

“Iie. I came five minutes ago. How was your day?”

“Hectic I guess…” I wasn’t really lying when I said that. The thing with Atsuko and her boyfriend was tiring, and the thing with me and her in the bathroom was a lot to handle too.

“Why is that?” She looks worried.

“It’s Atsuko…” I told her honestly, so that she wouldn’t think there was anything wrong with me.

“Maeda-san?” She seems surprised.

“Yeah… Atsuko broke up with her boyfriend. I swear he was going to hit her if I didn’t happen to be there to stop him. He was such a jerk, you know? Nobody likes him.” Thinking about that dumb stupid man makes me angry.

“Minami, calm down, he’s not even here.” She giggles, but I could have sworn that there was another hint of emotion showing.

“I know, I know, but I just get mad thinking about it…”

“Well, let’s put that topic aside. I notice you changed your hair color.” She reaches out to pat me on the head.

“Yeah, it’s for a work I have to do, but you also changed yours.” Her hair seems to be shorter. It makes her look more mature, and less like Atsuko’s.

“Do you like it?” She seems timid. How cute.

“Yeah, it suits you.” I smiled.

“Anything else happened with your day?” She’s very attentive, always listening to me and asking about me.

“Ah, yes… um…” I don’t know how to tell her the fact that she’ll be meeting my friends in two weeks.

“What is it?” She giggled.

“My friends decided that they want to meet you in two weeks…”

“Ah sou desu ka… Eh?!”

“Yeah… they’ll be surprised to see that you’re a girl instead of a boy…” Especially Atsuko…

“What about our program though?” I was hoping that she wouldn’t bring that up.

“I know… I don’t know what to do…” I’m really in a bind.

“I guess we just gotta hurry up with our third date then. What do you think?”

“Why do we have to hurry it up?” I do not quite understand where she’s going with this.

“Well for one, we can find out more information about the show and two, because I want to go on another date?”

“Ah…” She does really have a good point.

“Dame ka?” She starts pouting, probably thinking that I was saying ‘no’.

“I would love to. Where is it gonna be?” She never told me where she wanted, and I am dying to find out.

“Hmm… Hi~mi~tsu.” She stuck her tongue out at me.

“Mou~” Now it was my turn to pout.

“Let me call them to make the arrangement.” She got up and went outside.

I watch her through the window. I find it funny that she’s bowing her head even though nobody was really there. It’s kind of a habit that we all got, but it’s still amusing to see it.

I drink up my milkshake as I wait for her to return. I don’t know why, but I keep feeling unease about something.

“Minami, what’s wrong?” I heard her asked as she went to sit beside me.

“Iie, so when’s our date?” Maybe thinking about this will help me forget the feeling.

“They said two days from now, so that they can set things up.” She seems really happy. I should feel the same too, which I am, but there is just something…

“I can’t wait to see the surprise then.”

“You’ll love it. I hope…” It seems she’s doubting herself. 

“Whatever you pick, I know I’ll like it because you have put thoughts into it.” I tried to reassure her, hoping that she’s more confident about her choices.


“You just seem to know how to cheer me up, don’t you?” She gave me a kiss and held onto my hand. Hers is a little bigger than mine, but even so, it was really warm.

“Heh~ we kept talking about me, but how was your day?”

“Just work… nothing special, but it’s a whole lot better now because of you.” I think she’s the one who know what’s to say as my cheeks turn red.

“I-is it… is it possible that you stop doing that kind of work?” I really want to help her out of this profession, but the decision is hers. I won’t force her to do anything that she doesn’t want.

“I can’t… I don’t want to take advantages of you…”

“What do you mean?” How would she take advantages of me?

“They didn’t tell you?” She was surprised, but I’m even more confused.

“Tell me what?” I’m feeling quite nervous...

“That I could get out of my work if I mentioned your name…”


This is the first I’ve ever heard of. I didn’t know I have that kind of power, nor did I know my name does either. Was there something worked out between Akimoto-sensei and Utan’s boss?

“Minami?” She waved her hand in front of my face to get my attention.

“Yeah… I didn’t know that, honestly…” I appreciate that she didn’t use me to get out of her work because it tells me that she’s genuine about her feelings for me, but I wish she would have used it. I wouldn’t mind it one bit if I know it would help her out of her job.


Eh? Why is she blushing?

“I want you to use my name from now on. If it helps you get out of it or get out of anything that you don’t want to do, then please use it. I would personally confirm it if I have to.”

“You called my name.” She smiles brightly at me.


“You called me Uta.”

Did I?

“Ureshii~” She hugs me tightly into her arms. I hugged her back, enjoying the warmness.

“Did you even hear the other part?”

“Un~ wakatta~”


“Arigatou Minami~”

We stayed in the ice cream shop for a couple hours, just talking, and enjoying each other’s company. She stole a few kisses here and there, but they were only on the cheeks. She’s really honoring her words about not kissing my lips. Though, I’m not sure if the thought of wanting to kiss her would occur. I’m very shy about that kind of affectionate thing. I could barely kiss Atsuko when we were semi-together, so I don’t think I could initiate this with Utan either.

Speaking of Atsuko, I wonder what she’s doing at home right now. At first, she would come over at night when I would be in bed already, but she’s been coming over before I get home now. Sometimes she would be wearing my clothes and run to greet me at the door, and there are times where she’s sleeping in my clothes on my bed. I would join her after showering and changing into fresh ones, and we’ll sleep through till the morning.

“What are you smiling about, Minami?”

“Huh? Oh, I was thinking about kissing.” Well, I’m not technically lying, but it’s not the whole truth either.

“Kissing makes you smile?” She giggles.

“I just thought about how you’re not really pushing me into kissing you, and that the most you would do is kissing my cheeks.” I grabbed her hand and squeeze them, showing my appreciation.

“W-well, I just don’t want to force you to do anything you don’t want to…” She’s so adorable stuttering her words.

“I know, so thank you for that.” I gave her a kiss on the forehead, making her blush.


I check my phone to see what time it is, and it was getting late. Before leaving, I was adamantly telling her to use my name to get out of her work, and she agrees to it. I parted with a hug from her, each going our own way. We would text each other to see if I was able to hang out tomorrow because she doesn’t want to bother me if I were to be too busy. These considerate gestures from her, gives me butterflies.

On my way home, I stopped by a cake shop to buy Atsuko some cakes. I want to cheer her up from the things that happened earlier. I reached my apartment and opened the door to silence and darkness.

“Tadaima~” I didn’t hear anything back, so I went to my room to check.

Atsuko is not here…

“Atsuko?” I went into the bathroom to look for her, but she wasn’t there either.

“Atsuko?” I head into the living room to see if she might be sleeping on the couch, but none.

Why is she not here?

I decided to call her cell phone. I hope she would pick up, and she did, thank god.

“Moshi moshi” She said through the phone, sounding very tired.


“Minami~?” Her tone of voice seems to change.

“Where are you?”


I don’t see her though…

“Where exactly?”

“On the couch watching our old performances.” Now she sounds sad, but what she said is not true.

“No you’re not.”


“I don’t see you!”

“Where are you?” I heard her moving in the background, but there’s no sound in mine.

“I’m home.”

“I’m home too.”

“What are you talking about? You’re not here!” Nothing makes sense anymore. I’m just confused.

There was a minute of silence before she spoke up again.

“Minami… I’m at home, in my apartment…” Now I understand that, that’s what she meant by home, but…


“What do you mean ‘why’?” She giggles, probably thinking that I’m asking a silly question, but I was being serious.

“I thought you would be at home… here…with me…” I guess my definition of home was different for her. I thought she would think that this was her home too. After all, she’s been staying with me for a while now.

“Minami… can I really call that home?” Why does she sound timid? Was there something wrong?

“What? Of course! This is also your home, Atsuko. I told you you’re welcome here at any time…” Why do I feel frustrated all of a sudden?

“Can I come over?” I stayed silent for a little bit. I don’t like the way she sounded so scared. Why is she scared? What is she scared of?


“Do you want me to come over?” Is it me, or does she sounds like she’s about to break…

There was another silence. Why can’t I just answer her? What did I want to say? I need to calm down. I need to breathe, but my chest feels constricted. I just want to say yes, but why do I feel like that one word isn’t enough? I’m just going to stop thinking and let whatever flows out of my mouth.

“I want you to come home…”

There, I said it, feeling like I can breathe again. I waited for her to answer me, but it was quiet on her end.

“I’ll be over soon.”

“Be care-“ She hung up the phone on me. I stared at my cell for the longest, thinking that it might reconnect if I do.

I settled my box down and went into my room to change into comfortable clothes. I want to wait for her before getting in the shower. No, it doesn’t mean that we’re taking one together. I just want to know that she’s safe.

*ding dong*

Eh? Who is that? No one told me that they’re coming over except for Atsuko, but she has a key, so who is it?

I went towards my door, getting ready to open it. I don’t know why, but my heart is beating very rapidly. I took a few breaths before opening the door, and the sight in front of me took my breath away.

“Atsuko?” She seems to be out of breath, hair a little disheveled, and still wearing her home clothing.

“Minami~” She hugs me tightly.

“Hey… you were quicker than I expected, and why did you ring the bell?” I hug her back.

“I rushed over, driving…” I think she’s blushing, but I can’t tell without seeing her face.

“That’s reckless you know?”

“I know, but I wanted to see you as soon as possible and…”


“I wanted you to welcome me…” This girl is incorrigible, but that’s one of her charming points.

“Then… Okaeri Atsuko~” She steps backward, looking me in the eye.

“Minami… Tadaima~” She leant in wanting to give me a kiss, but at the last moment, she stops near my lips. She changed direction and kissed me on the cheek instead. I was really surprised. Why did she stop?

“Come on, I bought some cakes for you.” I dragged her in, closing the door to my apartment.

“Hontou ni? Arigatou~” She jumped on me, making me dragging her along to the dining table. I don’t like it. I don’t like the way she feels so light on me.

“Atsuko, have you been losing weight? You need to eat more, you know?” I’m concerned about her. Her whole body has been thin lately…

“I could say the same for you, Minami.” She reprimands me back, and I can’t argue with her. We both have a lot of work to do, so we can only eat when we have time.

“I hope you like the cakes.” I opened the box to show her the content. I went into the kitchen to get her a fork.

“I like anything that comes from you.”

“Sure you do.” I rolled my eyes, making her giggle because she knows that, that’s not true.

I watch as she eats the cakes. Once in a while, she would feed me a piece, and I have to eat them. Though, I prefer to see her enjoys it instead. The smile on her face is what I like to see the most, and I hope that it stays that way.

“I’m gonna go take a shower now, so you go on ahead, okay?” It was getting late, and I know that we both have a job to do even if it’s tiring.

“Un~ but I need to brush my teeth first.”

We both headed to the bathroom. I took this opportunity to brush my teeth as well. We both remove our make-up and applied face moisturizer.

“I’ll wait for you.” She told me as she got out, and closing the door behind.

Normally she would insist on taking a shower with me, but surprisingly, she just went out to the bedroom like a good girl. What’s the sudden change, I wonder.

I usually take a long shower to relax myself, but I took a quick one today. I’m tired, I want to sleep, and I didn’t want her to wait up long for me.

I finished up, drying myself, and headed towards my room. She was lying there, closing her eyes. It seems like she fell asleep, but I was wrong when I got in.


“Hmm?” I settled in the comfort of my bed, blanket wrapped warmly around me, while facing her.

“I love you~” She smiles brightly at me, making me blush.



“Can we cuddle?” She’s acting strange…

“W-why are you asking me?”

“I won’t do it if it makes you uncomfortable.” Her smile never falters, and I can tell that she’s not lying.

I didn’t know what to say about it, but I don’t mind. I actually like it because it makes me fall asleep faster. I put my right arm out, signaling for her to come closer. She snuggles into me and wraps her arms around my waist.



“Can I kiss you?”

“W-what?” My eyes are wide open, completely dumbfounded.

“On the cheeks…” She stated, but I know that, that’s not exactly what she wanted.

“U-un…” She kissed me, and true to her word, it was on my face.




“Oyasumi.” I close my eyes, feeling myself drifting slowly off to sleep.



“I will make you fall in love with me again.” I was shock to hear that, so I opened my eyes to look at her, but her eyes were closed. The smile on her face never left. She was really serious about it.

I haven’t seen Atsuko so focused on doing something in a long time. I don’t know how she’ll do it. I don’t how I’ll react to it or how I’ll feel about it, but she is the kind to accomplish what she has put her mind into.  Would I fall in love with her again? Have I ever fallen out of love with her? What am I feeling right now?




“I love you.” The way she said those three words are so strong, so full of power and emotion that I can’t look at her anymore. My face still heats up after all this time, even though I should be used to her saying it.

“A-ah.” She seems satisfied with my response even though it was just a sound of recognition. She wiggles even closer to my body. Her face touching my neck, and I can feel her breathing on me.

I’m so tired, and sleepy. I tried to head off into dreamland, but my mind said otherwise. I looked over at Atsuko and I think she’s already asleep. It’s so fast, but I guess because she was exhausted and strained from today’s event as well. I continue to look at her peaceful face, wanting to caress her cheeks, but withheld my hand.

“Atsuko… I still love you, but I can’t give you another chance… I just can’t… Who is to say that you won’t leave me again, or go back to that jerk?” I whispered, wanting to let my real feelings out while she’s asleep. I’m too scared to face her upfront.

“When I read in the papers that you gave him another chance after he cheated on you… I wasn’t sure of what to think about it… The first thing that came to mind was that you’re a baka for that. The second was ‘why’? Thirdly was if you really love him that much…” I sigh.

“I’m sorry for being a coward Atsuko, but I think it’s best if we’re only friends… Akimoto-sensei wanted me to be happy again, and so does everyone else, so he found me a person who is similar to you.” I remembered how I reacted when I first found out about it. It was really unbelievable.

“Uta is really sweet, kind, and gentle. They remind me a lot of you, but there are also some things that are different. I feel happy with them. Uta treats me like a girl, you know? I like that a lot.” I remembered how she kept calling herself the boyfriend.

“Anyway, our third date is coming up soon and I very much looking forward to it. I have to be honest; I’m really dreading the day that you and the others would finally get to meet them. I don’t know how you guys would react… especially yours. I don’t want to see that sad look on your face…” Sharing my feelings makes me really tired. My eyes started to shut slightly.

“Atsuko… what should I do…” I finally shut off my eyes, and let sleep take over.


I hope you guys enjoyed that :)

Alright onto business.... Me and Ruka are not partners anymore for Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi, so it'll all be on me from now on, but it's not like it hasn't always been. Anyway, if you guys still want to read it then I'll continue it, but don't expect any Wmatsui side stories like before because I wasn't the one who wrote those. My main focus will always be AtsuMina with the side couples MariMii, TomoTomo, Saeyaka, etc etc.

For the next few weeks I'll be completely busy with school finals/prep/presentation/and writing papers. I don't know what will happen, but I might be gone for a while... just heads up.

Lastly, if you guys haven't seen the new AtsuMina pictures yet, then go to their thread to see it  :heart: Happy Thanksgiving.
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@lezperv that's not what I meant.  :P
Thank u for updating! But I'm still hoping that you'll have the time to update Kuroi and Shiroi.  :) I love your fics.  :thumbsup

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With each chapter what are you writing in this fanfic, things for Minami is getting harder and harder..  :badluck:
At this moment I am confused, what she will choose..  :frustrated:

Thank you for updating and waiting next chapter.. and of course good luck with school things.  :on GJ:
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U know why? Its because i really really have a bad day but ur update really make happy  :onioncheer:
Arigatou lezperv-san ^^

Whoa~ this update make my atsumina shipper turn on!!!
And takamina so coooooollll when she meet that stupid kabuki actor :mon star:
But now im confuse to choose between atsumina or utamina >.<
Just like takamina who confuse between acchan and utan  :frustrated:
Well no matter how long u gone,as long as u update this story,i will keep waiting for u  :hee:
And sure i also wait for shiroi x kuroi tenshi too ^^
And lasr,arigatou for update lezperv-san  :kneelbow:

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No matter what, Atsuminaaa!!!
but Atsuko, it won't be easily. So FIGHT FOR UR LOVE!!!

Author San, read it, really complete my day. Thx yo!

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Ah... Minami saved Atsuko just in time...

Now Atsuko is going to start chasing and attacking Minami... trying to make Minami fallen for Atsuko

Minami has good and steady feeling for Uta...

But who is the one that she loves?

Did Minami really fall out of love with Atsuko already?

I hope it's Atsumina story...

But it's getting interesting...

What's going to happen in the 3rd date?

Can't wait to see

Thank you for the update

PS: I wish to read ' Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi' as my 1st choice then Nisemono and Maji

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lol u caught me red handed, :OMG:
i know i should comment more but  :sweat: i'm very very lazy.
gomenasai  :on cloudeye:
i'll make my self comment more  :on freeze:

first off, i really like how atsuko finnaly realize that she loves takamina, :on gay:
i really like atsumina, but i want to see what lengths atsuko is willing to go though for takamina's love  :hehehe:

second, u got me hooked on uta with takamina,  :scared:
their sweet momets makes me want to have a uta takamina pair ending  :grr:
the way she treats takamina puts a smile on my face when i read it. :kekeke: well not this smile, more like someting like this :hee:
and in some moments i was really sad to see atsuko doing the stuff she did to takamina, :stoned:
and i kinda disapprove the way takamina is leting her do it. :temper:

well then, i look forward to see more of uta takamina and atsumina action, thx for the update. :on drink:

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