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Author Topic: (Group) Watarirouka Hashiritai  (Read 73973 times)

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Re: (Group) Watarirouka Hashiritai
« Reply #360 on: November 20, 2013, 03:42:51 PM »
Watarirouka Hashiritai will disband on Christmas day 2013 with the release of an album.  Please refer to the album thread:

Here's an interview translated by Mely and chichan54

Flash quote:

Watanabe: This group has been able to grow this far, all thanks to the fans. Even after the disbandment, members will still work in different fields, so please watch over each member and don’t forget Watarirouka!

Watarirouka Hashiritai Member’s Interview

Despite saying that this will be the last, we believe that something will definitely happen again.

—Firstly, let us hear about your memories of Watarirouka Hashiritai.

Urano: I only participated in a song once, but I loved the activities as Watarirouka Hashiritai. That’s why I’m really sad about the break up. But, I already took off my seifuku a long time ago (lol), the other members are passing 20, taking off their seifuku, so it’s time to have a new start.

Kikuchi: Watarirouka, to me, is a place that’s like family. When we’re together, I can be relieved, and the best memories are of when we got to do activities while enjoying ourselves. That’s why I’m happy that everyone gathered until the end.

Hirajima: The other derived units probably seem comparably quiet. But, Watarirouka is always really lively (lol) We fight and we have a relationship where we don’t hold back, so if AKB48 are our comrades, here we are sisters. That closeness is also loved by our fans, I think.

Nakagawa: During the formation, there were only a few derived units so I was glad to be given attention (lol). There were only a few of us so we were unified, and it was like we were just going to school meeting everyone and talking, which was really fun.

Iwasa: I participated halfway, but I was able to relax because we were in the same generation, and we experienced a lot of things like having cute songs and cute costumes so I’m really glad. Indeed, an idol unit! I was happy to do those activities with a small number of people.

Watanabe: Watarirouka has really good comfort; it is a group where we can be ourselves. Also, I was able to stand in the center and it included a lot of things like the members changing (lol). It was a place where we grew a lot.

Ota: Even though we were young, there were a lot of stories, and the contents were deep (lol). But, sometimes we had experiences that we couldn’t do, and we always had fun activities so those are memories of my youth!

—Speaking of various things that happened, it’s Nacchan (lol), were you glad to participate in Watarirouka Hashiritai in the end?

Hirajima: Yes! Even when I was off from activities, I watched Watarirouka on TV, and I would support them from the convenience store where I would check out the magazines there were on, that’s how much I love the unit (lol). Besides, we always kept in contact!

Urano: That’s right. Even when we didn’t meet, we talked through LINE almost every day. Actually, for today’s photoshoot, I said “Please treat me well” on LINE.

 (part 2)

Iwasa: Even during the time Watarirouka doesn’t have any works, I still met Harugon and Ai-chan when they came back from Jakarta and Hakata. Somehow, I feel like we are classmates.

Ota: It’s been a very long time all members gather together like this, but seems like everyone doesn’t change. But I think I’ve become an adult. Though I’m saying this myself (laugh).

Kikuchi: Really (laugh)? But when these members gather, it always become very noisy eventually, right (laugh)?

Nakagawa: That’s why these members are interesting! I think we are so cool being able to create such an atmosphere all the time.

Watanabe: Indeed. Right after everyone is gathered, the atmosphere turns back like before. I think our relationship is very good, and I’m sure that it’ll still be the same even after Watarirouka is gone.

ーThen, lastly, please give your message to the fans.

Urano: When I joined Watarirouka, the fans welcomed me very warmly, and that really supported me when I was doing works. I’m very grateful that I’m treated as a member of Watarirouka, as a family.

Kikuchi: For me, I’m hoping that my beloved Watarirouka will revive some years later! At that time, I’d like to sing cool or mature songs. That’s why, please don’t forget us until that time comes!

Iwasa: Me too. Despite saying that this will be the last time, I believe that something will happen again. Also, songs will still be there, so even when we are disbanded, I still want to sing them all the time.

Hirajima: If everyone continues to love Watarirouka, I think someday we will be able to get together again. That’s why, even after we are disbanded, please continue to love us!

Ota: At HKT handshake events, fans said to me “I know you thanks to Watarirouka”, so after this unit is gone, I think there are still fans whom I haven’t met yet. Everyone has been supporting us all the time, so I’m very grateful. Thank you so much!

Nakagawa: Disbandment is a very sad thing, but I want everyone from now on to look forward to seeing us who will be different from now, at different places. I’m still doing my best at JKT!

Watanabe: This group has been able to grow this far, all thanks to the fans. Even after the disbandment, members will still work in different fields, so please watch over each member and don’t forget Watarirouka!
Note: Many thanks to chichan54 for translating part 2!

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Re: (Group) Watarirouka Hashiritai
« Reply #361 on: November 12, 2014, 01:16:27 AM »
Has anyone else seen this? XD If you have not, here it is.

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