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Author Topic: The Miyamoto Karin Thread (宮本佳林)  (Read 31492 times)

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Re: The Miyamoto Karin Thread (宮本佳林)
« Reply #120 on: August 28, 2017, 06:55:37 PM »

This is Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice。

My comeback was announced on the official site、
And I was able to offer my greetings with my own voice over on LINELIVE。
I had the opportunity to tell all of you with my own voice。
It made me really happy。 Thank you so very much for your many comments。

Ever since I was diagnosed with 『Functional dysphonia』

I took a break for a short while

From concerts、 events
And jobs that used my voice

But I’ll be appearing starting with our 31st August performance of 『Juice=Juice Live Around 2017 ~Seven Horizon~』 at Yokohama Bay Hall。

Looking after that
I’ll also be appearing at

『Juice=Juice Live Around 2017~World Tour~』

I caused difficulties for
The members、 the staff members
And a lot more people、

And of course, I caused concern to all of you。

And yet
When I told the members with my own voice
That I’d be coming back
They all welcomed me warmly。

The kindness of the staff members。

The warmth of all the Juice=Juice family。

I was able to feel those firsthand once again。

Having normal activities
Being able to perform on-stage。

I really think
That I can’t think of all of those
As something that’s a given。

At first
It wasn’t certain
Whether I would be able to make a return someday

For me myself
At first, when my voice couldn’t come out
And even when it could, I couldn’t sing finely
I had no idea when I’d heal。

There was a time when I was at a loss and felt miserable
Over the fact that I was troubling others and being an inconvenience and yet I was unable to do anything about it。

Yet still
Through the blog comments
I received your kind words
Telling me that you’d wait forever
And all the members
Sent me their gentle words
And that really drove me to want to come back to the stage。

「Functional dysphonia」
Is not uncurable
My singing will decide on
How I’ll train and rehabilitate from now on。

From when my voice started to return, though it was barely audible
My regular vocal coach
Taught me once again
How to control my voice and breathing
Using instruments like the pianica and the kazoo

Getting hit by this illness
My mind was focused on ‘I want to talk。 I want to sing’
And I did a lot of things I’d found out about for the first time
As well as plenty of training。

Thanks to that
I was able to make a swift return。

From now on
I’ll strengthen the muscles surrounding my vocal cords
While taking care to not mess things up by overdoing it
Just like how I take care of my body

I would like to give my all
Towards my Juice=Juice activities
Doing each and every thing carefully
So that I don’t cause worry and concern again。

It may be presumptuous of me

But it would make me happy if you would keep on supporting Juice=Juice、 and Miyamoto Karin。

And once again
For all of the support from
The Juice=Juice family
The members
The teachers and the staff members
My family
And everyone I deal with

Thank you so very much。

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