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Author Topic: Kingdoms - Chapter 9 (2014/02/08)  (Read 14151 times)

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Kingdoms - Chapter 9 (2014/02/08)
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Prologue (below)
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9

General Character Info for the Story -  (Updated October 12)

Aikuchi Kingdom
Lord – Maeda Atsuko
Second in Command – Takahashi Minami
General – Takajo Aki
Lieutenant - Nagakawa Haruka
Communication Officer - Oya Shizuka

Medical Officer – Kojima Haruna
Doctor - Kuramochi Asuka
Doctor - Matsubara Natsumi

Sister to Lord Maeda – Watanabe Mayu

Kiuchi Kingdom
Lord – Minegishi Minami, Miichan
Second in Command – Itano Tomomi, Tomochin
General – Akimoto Sayaka
Communication Officer - Rumi

Hospital Chief/ Kingdom Doctor – Oshima Yuko
Head Nurse - Sashihara Rino, Sasshi (Originally from Aikuchi)
Coroner – Umeda Ayaka
Doctor - Nito Moeno
Nurse – Uchida Mayumi
Technician - Kitahara Rie

Maid/Chef at Yuko's Mansion - Kikuchi Ayaka, Ayarin
Twin Tower's Bar/Restaurant owner - Sae

Bitoku Kingdom  (Destroyed)
Lord – Kashiwagi Yuki
General – Miyazaki Miho

Satsuki Kingdom  (Destroyed)
Lord - Matsui (Deceased)


Lord Kashiwagi carefully placed a small stature girl into a box.  She looked at the girl.  “I don’t regret anything. Even though I knew who you are, I wanted you by my side.  I love you.”  With that, Lord Kashiwagi leans into the box and kisses the girl on the lips.  The girl couldn’t do anything in return, she wanted to scream Don’t Do This, You don’t have to. Please don’t go. Alas, she wasn’t able to do anything.  Tears continue to roll down her cheek.  Lord Kashiwagi wipes away her tears.  “Please don’t cry.  The drugs should wear out by the time you reach home.”  She then closes the lid to the box.

Later at the Aikuchi Kingdom

An officer runs into the Lord Maeda’s office.

“Lord Maeda, we received a shipping box.!”

Lord Maeda stared at the officer and gave the officer the you ran into my office to tell me that we received a shipping box stare.

“It’s your sister, she was inside!”

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Re: Kingdoms - Prologue
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 :shocked I don't know at all what you plan to do... but it sure is interesting  :grin:
I'll wait for the first chap to review more but... Mayu in a box?!  XD

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Re: Kingdoms - Prologue
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Chapter 1  - Aikuchi Kingdom

**At Aikuchi Kingdom**

Atsuko ran to see Mayu at the Infirmary.

“She’s fine Atsuko, not even a scratch on her.”  Haruna said to Atsuko as she stopped in front of her.

“Atsuko, don’t…”  Haruna continued as Atsuko walked by her.

“I know Haruna, I know.”  Atsuko looked at Haruna and continued to walk into Mayu’s room.  It looked like Mayu was asleep. 

Atsuko stood by Mayu’s bed side.  She pulled Mayu’s blanket higher up.

She softly said to Mayu, “No matter what, I’m always proud of you.  You may not be a Maeda, but you’re still my sister. This kingdom belongs to you  too.”

Shortly after, Atsuko returned to her office.

The second in command of the Aikuchi Kingdom, Takahashi Minami, ran into Atsuko’s office.

“Atsuko, where is she?”

A messenger ran into the office immediately after Minami to interrupt her question.

“Lord Maeda, urgent message from General Takajo.”  The messenger panted out.

The  messenger continued, “Lord Kashiwagi was seen entering the battleship  of Lord Matsui.  Shortly after, there was a succession of explosions.  Out of nowhere, a sudden wind storm appeared which caused the fire to  rage on.  The entire army of the Satsuki Kingdom was engulfed in flames.”

Atsuko paused for a moment and  then asked the messenger, “What about the Bitoku Kingdom?”

“General  Takajo said a survey team was sent to the Bitoku Kingdom. The Kingdom  was destroyed, but the army is nowhere in sight. It’s as if they disappeared into thin air.”

Atsuko slammed her fist onto the  table. “As expected from Lord Kashiwagi. She would rather sacrifice  herself to save the lives of her own people. She must have used the wind  storm to her advantage and completely annihilated the Satsuki Kingdom  while giving time for her people to escape.”

Atsuko looked at the messenger, “Are both Lords confirmed to be dead?”

Messenger nodded, “The battleship was completely destroyed, no survivors were reported.”

“Very  well, next time when the communication line is open, tell General  Takajo to set up camp at Satsuki Kingdom and send a few survey teams to  look for members of the Bitoku Kingdom.”

“Understood!” the messenger responded and left the office.

Atsuko  looked at the map and drew two big Xs through the now destroyed  kingdoms of  Bitoku and Satsuki.  She smiled, “Mayu did very well  indeed, she was able to indirectly cause the destruction of two kingdoms  without us having to fight.”

“Atsuko, your sister just got back and that’s all you care about?”

“I already visited her at the Infirmary. She was asleep.  She’s fine.”

“Well, in that case, since you have everything under control, you won’t need  me as an advisor, you know where to find me.”  And Minami stormed out of  Atsuko’s office.

Maeda Atsuko, Takahashi Minami and Kojima  Haruna have been together since diaper days.  Although they are from the  royal families of the Aikuchi Kingdom, they rarely use formalities  between each other, not even in front of other members of the Kingdom  (despite the disapproval from their families).

Haruna stopped Minami from entering Mayu’s room.

“She’s asleep.” Haruna said to Minami.

They entered the room quietly only to see Mayu standing by the window, looking outside.

“Or maybe not…”

Minami went to hug Mayu and she just started crying in Minami's arms. 

Still tired and exhausted, Mayu finally returned to her bed.  Minami and Haruna decided to let Mayu get some rest. Haruna closed the door to Mayu’s room.

**In the hallway, outside Mayu’s room**

“Of all the people to send as a spy, she had to choose her own sister? I don’t get it Minami.”

“Neither did I, She didn’t even listen to my objections.”

“Why did Mayuyu agree to do it?”

“When has Mayuyu ever said no to Atsuko?”

“That’s true, from the time Mayuyu arrived at the Kingdom, she has totally looked up to Atsuko.  She would do anything to make Atsuko proud of her.”

“Mayuyu did very well whatever she did, a report just came in.  Both Bitoku and Satsuki Kingdoms have been destroyed.  Lord Kashiwagi also sacrificed herself to save her people.”

“Is that even possible? A Lord that would put themself first so others won’t get hurt?” questioned Haruna.

Inside her room, Mayu had her ear to the door, listening to every word between Haruna and Minami.  The words 'Lord Kashiwagi sacrificed herself' echoed in her head over and over again.

“Lord  Kashiwagi was known to be a selfless leader, she used her unique  abilities with the natural elements to save her people.  She is definitely something.”

“Wait! Did Lord Kashiwagi find out about Mayuyu then? But then why was she sent back in a shipping box unharmed?  Mayuyu was definitely drugged, but probably to prevent her from doing  anything during the trip and to protect her during the journey.”

“DRUGGED?” shouted Minami in shock.

“Yes, there were traces left in her blood. And could you lower your voice, Mayuyu is resting.”

“Haruna, why are you asking me all these questions? I just got back from my rebel quelling mission.  I can’t even think right now.” Minami said as  she walked away.


It’s been a few days since Mayu has returned.  Every few hours, Haruna would check on Mayu in her room.

As usual, Mayu was looking out the window, her face was  emotionless.  Haruna stood and watched Mayu for a moment.  Minami and her have treated Mayu like their own little sister, especially when Atsuko became the ruler of the Aikuchi Kingdom. Atsuko was simply too  busy to look after her, and so they spent more time with Mayu than  Atsuko did. 

Haruna walked into the room and stood next to Mayu. She placed her hand on Mayu’s shoulder.

“Mayuyu, what’s wrong? You can me tell anything. I’m your Nyan Nyan right?”

Mayu turned towards Haruna and suddenly hugged her and began to cry.

“She’s gone, isn’t she?”  Mayu wailed.


“Nyan Nyan, have you ever been in love? It hurts, it really hurts.”

Haruna didn’t know what to say. She just deepened her embrace on Mayu.

Haruna thought, I do know that feeling and that feeling never ever goes away.

“Can I stay here longer?”

“Mayuyu, you’re perfectly healthy. Don’t you want to go home?”

“Please Nyan Nyan, please let me stay here longer.”

Haruna could never say no to her.

Haruna returned to her office and sat down at her desk.  She opened the side drawer and took out a gold locket.  She ran her finger through the initials ‘O.Y’ that is engraved on the locket.


“Here, this is for you.”

“What is it?”

“Graduation present. Open it to see.”

Haruna opened the box to see a beautiful heart shaped locket inside.

“It’s beautiful!”

“See, my initials are on it. My heart is always with you no matter what.”

*Incoming Transmission*

Haruna’s thoughts were interrupted by the telecom.

She accepted the transmission and a screen appeared in the middle of the room.

“Dr. Kojima!”

“Ah, General Takajo, how are things?” Haruna asked the young General.

“Considering  we didn’t have to fight, things are not too bad.  I could use a drink  though.  I am sending a team back to the Kingdom carrying members who  are hurt. Nothing major, some broken arms and legs, cuts, etc. I trust  you will take care of them.”  General Takajo smirked. 

Haruna  smiled at the General, “That is my job afterall, we will prepare for  their arrival. And I’ll buy you a drink when you return to the Kingdom.”

“Thanks Doctor.”  Transmission ended.


**Lord Maeda’s office**

“Atsuko, are you out of you mind?  Don’t we have a peace treaty with the Kiuchi Kingdom?”

“It is expiring soon.”  Atsuko replied emotionless.

“That doesn’t mean we should be attacking them. They have been our business partners for centuries, where else are we going to get our resources.”

“So instead of trading for resource, why not own the resources?”

“The Kiuchi Kingdom is of no threat to us, why are we going after them?”

“Minami, sometimes even the smaller fishes have to go too.”

“You  never listen to me, Atsuko, why am I in this position. Were generations of Takahashi’s like this to the Maeda’s?  I’m supposed to be Second in Command yet no one in this Kingdom respects me like one.  Well, that’s  because you never send me out to battle other than to quell the measly  rebel groups. I barely have to do any fighting.”



“You’re rambling.”

“Argh!!! Atsuko, I’ve got a bad feeling of this.”  Minami said as she was leaving the office.

“Where are you going?”

“To talk to Haruna about Mayuyu.”


Haruna continued to hold the locket in her hand.


“Kojima  Haruna, of all the people who are in this Kingdom, you are in a  relationship with a commoner??? This is why I should not have agreed to  let you stay in residence here at the school. ”

“Mother, she  graduated top of class with the highest honours ever given to a student.  Lord Maeda even offered her to become head of the new state of the art  hospital. She may not be from a prestigious family but she is special  and loves me for who I am!”

“We won’t allow it Haruna!  You are  due to take over as medical officer of the Aikuchi Kingdom.  You are a  Kojima, either break it off before you return to the Kingdom or I will  set up an engagement with the Shinoda family.

“Mother, I…”


Haruna was once again interrupted.

“Minami, what happened to knocking?”

“Are you sure Mayuyu is ok, she hasn’t said a thing nor has she eaten much in the last three days.”

“Minami, I’m a medical doctor, I can help sick people but I can’t heal a broken heart.”


“Even Mayuyu knows how to fall in love, I bet Atsuko didn’t factor that in her plan.” Haruna smirked.

“With who??!?”

“My guess… is…. Lord Kashiwagi.”

“WHAT?!?!?!” Minami threw her hands up.

“Love doesn’t exist in Atsuko’s dictionary, does it?” Haruna questioned ignoring Minami’s reaction.

“It used to….” Minami trailed off from her sentence.

Haruna turned to look at an old photo of the three of them on her  desk.  “Wouldn’t it be nice if we were back in the elementary school  days, the three of us of together playing around, when it didn’t matter  what our last name was or who we were destined to be.”

“Stop dreaming Haruna, we can’t go back.” Minami snapped back at Haruna.

“Minami, why are you so annoyed?”

“Because Atsuko won’t listen to me.  She wants to attack the Kiuchi Kingdom.”

“WHAT????”  Haruna dropped the locket that was in her hand onto the floor.

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Re: Kingdoms - Chp 1 Updated
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I have three really important questions...
2- Where is "O.Y"?!
3-Is it me or Atsuko is cold and heartless XD

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Re: Kingdoms - Chp 1 Updated
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omg sun... you never updated this in the other forum!! :cry: but at least you have it here! please do update! I miss this fanfic! LOL i might upload mine here too sometimes soon XD

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Re: Kingdoms - Chp 2 Updated
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thanks thanks!  Making minor changes to the chapters before posting here. will catch up eventually...


Chapter 2 – Kiuchi Kingdom

“You did WHAT?!?” Tomochin screamed at Miichan.

At that moment, another angry person walked into the office.

“Can anyone tell me why my soldiers have been sent home?”

“Oh Sayaka, you’ve been working them so hard, I thought they needed a vacation.”

“Are you out of you mind, Miichan?” Tomochin responded angrily.

“Aikuchi Kingdom have been actively battling other Kingdoms, now is not the time to be sending our soldiers home!” added Sayaka.

“Relax, we have a peace treaty with the Aikuchi Kingdom.” Miichan replied nonchalantly.

“And besides, it’s only for a few months.  Our soldiers could use some time off to actually do something besides training.  They don’t really have anything to do around here.”

“Whatever!” said Sayaka as she knew there was no point in arguing with her Lord. She turned around and left the office.

“I have a headache.” Tomochin whined.

Miichan wrapped her arm around Tomochin and said, “Tomochin, relax, let’s go have a drink.”

“Oh no we’re not. You have to read through all the reports I sent you.”

“I’m sure those can wait.” Miichan said as she tried to sneak away only to be pulled back by Tomochin.

“You’re going to sit and read those reports. This is your Kingdom, at least do something!”  Tomochin said as she pushed Miichan down onto her chair.

Miichan pretended to cry and wailed loudly.

“For god sakes, why am I in this position? Why am I an Itano? Actually, why are you a Minegishi?” Tomochin rambled on when she was suddenly hugged by Miichan.

“Itano Tomomi, you’re the best Second in Command this Kingdom has ever had. If you marry me, then you can become a Minegishi, and this Kingdom will be rightfully yours too and you can run it the way you like without coming after me. What do you think? We can get marry this week! It’ll be the best party this Kingdom has ever hosted!”

Tomochin slapped Miichan. “Get serious!”

“I am serious!” pouted Miichan.

“You’re never serious Miichan.”  Tomochin scoffed.

“I’m going to see Sayaka to talk about recalling our soldiers. You better be reading those reports when I’m back.”  Tomochin said in a stern voice with a mean stare.

Miichan gulped and replied, “Fine!”


**At Twin Towers Bar & Restaurant**

Two people walked into the restaurant.


“Oh hey Yuko! Oh, and Sasshi too.  Break time?” asked Sae, owner of the Twin Towers Bar & Restaurant.

“Yah, just finished another surgery.  Archery practice gone awry.”  Yuko chuckled as she sat down at a table with Sasshi.

“The usual?”

“Yes please!”

“And you, Sasshi?”

“Water is fine, thank you.”

“Geesh Sasshi, give Sae some business here,” said Yuko.

“Ha?!…orange juice?” Sasshi replied embarrassingly.

“Don’t mind your boss, she was just joking.” Sae smiled at Sasshi and gave her a glass of water.

Sasshi smiled back, even more embarrassed.

“Yuko, stop picking on her, she works for you.” Sae scowled.

“I’m trying to lighten her up. She’s been here for 6 months already and she hasn’t gotten into the Kiuchi spirit yet.”

Sasshi sat quietly listening to the conversation between Yuko and Sae.  She turned around to see a figure standing next to her.

“Lord Minegishi!” shouted Sasshi in shock.

No one had noticed that Miichan sneaked into the restaurant.

Miichan looked up and down and around her. “Where? Where? Oh my god, is he back from the dead?!?”

Yuko tapped Miichan on the shoulder and said, “She’s talking to you.”

Miichan sarcastically laughed, “Oh, right.”

“Yuko, you have to do something about your nurse, being called Lord Minegishi gives me the chills.” Miichan said to Yuko as she sat down next to her.

Sasshi got up and walked over to the bar to chat with Sae instead.

“Ha, it took me 6 months to get Sasshi to stop calling me Dr.Oshima.  I’m working on her, it’s a long process.  You know how people are from the Aikuchi Kingdom.”

“Yuko, aren’t you from Aikuchi Kingdom?” Miichan questioned.

Yuko laughed, “I’m the exception.”

The door to the restaurant slammed opened and Tomochin walked into the restaurant.
Miichan quickly ducked under the table. 

Yuko realized that Miichan was now under the table and she waved Tomochin to come over.

“Have you seen Miichan?” asked Tomochin.

Yuko covered her face with her hand so Tomochin couldn’t see her laughing and just shook her head.  Sasshi and Sae tried not laugh as well.

“How are you Tomochin? You don’t look so well.  Miichan giving you headaches again?” Yuko asked with a smirk.

“Worse, she gave me a marriage proposal.”

Yuko bursted out laughing. “Congratulations, when’s the wedding?  I need some time to buy you guys a nice gift.”

Tomochin gave Yuko the death stare.

“I’ll take that as you didn’t accept her proposal.”

“She’s never serious, how is this Kingdom going to function with a Lord that is not serious!” Tomochin complained.

“She is serious to a point.” Yuko said to Tomochin sympathetically.  “She’s lucky to have you by her side.”

“I should just quit.”


Their table suddenly shook.


Tomochin looked under the table.

“Minegishi Minami!”

“Oh crap!” Miichan dashed from under table.  Tomochin chased after her around the restaurant.

Sasshi and Sae were laughing by the bar while Yuko just smiled and shook her head as this scene was just too familiar.


Yuko looked over by the entrance.  A local entered the restaurant frantically.

“The fishers found a body while out at sea! They will be returning to the dock shortly.”

“I’m sure Dr. Ayaka would be glad to dissect the body up, tell them to bring the body to the morgue.”  Yuko replied

“They think the body is still alive.”

“Well, that’s a not body then! Why didn’t you say that in the first place” shouted Yuko as she got up and ran towards the door.

The local shrugged.

“Sasshi, let’s go!”

“Yes, Dr.Yuko” Sasshi said as she followed her quickly.

“Oh this is going to be fun, I’m coming to watch!” Miichan started to run after Yuko and Sasshi only to be stopped by Tomochin.

“Ow, ow, ow!” Tomochin grabbed Miichan by the ear.

“Oh no you’re not. You are coming back to the palace with me.  I’m going to watch over you until you finish reading those reports.”

“Sae, save me.” Miichan reached her hand towards Sae while being dragged out the door.

“Sorry Miichan! Tomochin is one person I rather not mess with in this Kingdom.” Sae replied with a smile and a wave.

Miichan dropped her head down, resigned to the fact the she has no choice but to follow Tomochin back to the palace.


**At the Kiuchi Kingdom Hospital**

Yuko stepped out of the surgery room after 8 hours of surgery. She removed her surgical mask and said to Sasshi, “Go home, don’t worry about the cleanup, I’ll ask Uchida to do it.”

“Dr. Yuko, what about you, you’ve been here all day already.  That was your third surgery of the day. You need to rest too.”

“I’m going to stay and be on standby in case something happens. It’s ok, I’ll sleep in my office,” assured Yuko.

Sasshi didn’t push further, having worked with Yuko for a while now, she knows she won’t change her mind once she has decided.  She shook her head and headed towards the change room.

Yuko returned to her office and sat down at her desk.  She opened the post-surgery report and looked over the stats of the girl that was found at sea.

If she survives, it will be a miracle.

Yuko opened her drawer to grab her notepad, she glanced at the gold locket that was also inside the drawer.

Knock Knock.

“Come in.”

“Dr.Yuko, this was the only thing I thought was worth saving, other belongings  were beyond salvageable.”  Uchida handed a metal tag to Yuko and walked out of the office.

“Thanks Uchida”

Yuko looked at the half melted tag, there were letters on it.

She looked closely at the tag, and tried to read what was on it. She could only make out 4 letters.



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Re: Kingdoms - Chp 2 Updated
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YUKI???  :shocked

Why am I an Itano? Actually, why are you a Minegishi?”

 :rofl: I laughed so much there  :rofl: I look stupid, I know  :nervous

Ha, it took me 6 months to get Sasshi to stop calling me Dr.Oshima. 

Why am I not surprise...  XD This is so Sasshi XD

Yuko's here!  :grin: Now I'm asking a meeting between her and Haruna  :grin:

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Re: Kingdoms - Chp 2 Updated
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mr. writer is this fanfic is finished?  :banghead:

if not please update soon.. :love:

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Re: Kingdoms - Chp 3 Updated
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minor revisions again.  Forgot to update here. it's been awhile.


Kingdoms - Chapter 3

**Kiuchi Kingdom**

It’s been one week since Yuko had performed surgery on the girl found at sea. Although her injuries have healed at a rapid pace, she has remained in a coma. Yuko has no idea why this girl has not woken up, her stats are almost normal to a healthy person.

Yuko entered her room to see Sasshi jotting down notes onto her clipboard.

“Ah, Yuko-san!”

“Sasshi, I’ve told you many times now. Just Yuko, no ‘san’. YUKO!”

“ugh, ah, I can’t do that.” Sasshi replied with an embarrassed smile.

“You can, but you won’t!” Yuko rebutted back at her with a smirk.

“How’s she doing?” Yuko asked changing the subject.

“No change since yesterday. Moeno-san sent back the CAT scan results. I left them on your desk.” Sasshi replied.

“Great, I’ll go take a look. As usual, let me know if anything changes.” Yuko said as she left the room.

Yuko sat down on her chair. She opened the drawer and grabbed the locket inside. She ran her fingers through the letters “K.H”. Holding the locket helps her think, especially when she is stuck on a problem. She opened the file that Sasshi had left on her desk and began reading the data.

**Aikuchi Kingdom**

Mayu sat at the restaurant by herself. She wanted to get away from the Palace. Atsuko has been busy planning the attack on Kiuchi, Haruna was busy organizing medical supplies in preparation for the attack and Minami was sent on another errand by Atsuko.

As she was staring blankly into space, she noticed someone familiar leaving the restaurant. She quickly paid for her meal and followed the person.

“General Miyazaki!” Mayu yelled out at the person but it seemed that girl walked even faster.

The person turned right at the alleyway and Mayu followed.

Suddenly, she was flung against the wall.

“Look Ono Mayu, or should I say Watanabe Mayu, sister to Lord Maeda, if we all had not promised Lord Kashiwagi that we would not harm you in anyway in the future, you would be dead right now. DEAD!” Miho said starring Mayu straight in her eyes.

“Lord Kashiwagi died for us so we can live. She saved your life too, trust me, we all wanted you dead. I don’t know what magic love potion you gave her but she was head over heels for you. After all that you’ve done, she still protected you. Her best trait was her own worst enemy.”

Mayu stared back at Miho, she was speechless.

Miho continued, “She loved you, I’ve never seen her so happy. She really…loved… you.” Tears began to fill her eyes as she thought of her beloved leader. Miho let go of Mayu and began to walk away.

Stunned by what Miho has just said, Mayu remained silent and stood watching as Miho walked away.

Before Miho exited the alley, she turned around and said one last thing to Mayu, “Just do us a favour, if you ever see anyone of us ever again, pretend you don’t know us. It’s the least you could do for Lord Kashiwagi for returning you home safely.”

Miho walked out of the alley.

“Yuki….” Mayu fell to floor sobbing.

Back At Kiuchi Hospital

Sasshi ran into Yuko’s office, “She’s up, she’s up!”

Yuko didn’t hesitate and ran into the patient’s room.

The girl was up indeed. She sat up and looked at Yuko wide eyed.

For the past week since the major surgery, Yuko had been amazed at the girl’s fast recovery. Her wounds have healed quicker than any average person. It almost seemed like she wasn’t human.

“Hey there, how are you feeling?” Yuko asked the girl.

“I, um, where am I? What am I doing here?” The girl questioned.

“You’re at Kiuchi State Hospital. I’m the doctor in charge of this hospital. You were injured. Could you tell me your name?”

“I….My name….” The girl looked around.

Just as Yuko thought, her head injury might have affected her memory.

“Yuki right? We found something with your name on it.”

“Yu…ki? My name is Yuki? Yuki?” She questioned with a confused look on her face.

“You had a serious head injured which may have affected your memory. Let me check your stats again and make you sure you are doing ok.” Yuko said with a smile.

Yuki nodded.


It had been a week since Yuki woke up, rather than sit around and do nothing, she kept busy by helping around the hospital. Her remarkable recovery has been the talk of town.

“Yuki-san, you’re a patient here, you shouldn’t be doing these things.”

“I feel fine and besides, it looks like you guys could use the help. I…uh… seem to know what I’m doing….” Yuki said as she finished bandaging a deep cut wound on a fisherman.

“Uh….” Sasshi was speechless.

“Sasshi, it’s alright, let Yuki help, we could use it today. It seems like she’s a pro.”

Yuko said to Yuki, “You must be a doctor or nurse or something.”

“I, uh…,” Yuki stuttered.

“Ah, sorry, you wouldn’t know, would you.” Yuko said with smile.

“By the way, since you’re perfectly healthy, why don’t you come live with me for the time being until you regain your memory? I have plenty of space.”

“ha?” Yuki questioned.

“ Unless you want to live at the hospital. Sasshi could use some company at the house.”

Yuki smiled, “Not really. And I don’t want to take up your bed space”

“I’m leaving in an hour or so, I’ll come by and get you.”

“Thanks Dr. Oshima.”

“Oh, don’t be like Sasshi, just call me Yuko, please.”

“HEY!” Sasshi objected.

Yuko smiled at Sasshi and left the room.

**Aikuchi Kingdom**

Haruna was sitting in her office, holding onto her locket. She was deep in thought and hadn’t realized that Minami had walked into her office.

“You’re worried about her aren’t you?”

“Ha? Ah. Takamina, how long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough to know you’re thinking about her.” Minami replied.

“No, I’m NOT!”


“She’s never been in a war, let alone one that she doesn’t have time to prepare for. Kiuchi is not exactly a state of the art kingdom.” Haruna answered back to Minami knowing she will fully understand.

“There’s not much you can do, Haruna.” Minami replied sympathetically

Haruna nodded, “This is unlike Acchan, to go after a kingdom like Kiuchi.I still don’t understand.”

“I gave up arguing with her on this matter. She set her mind up long ago. I really don’t know what she’s thinking anymore and it scares me, Haruna. I’m so worried about her.” Minami’s eyes swell up with tears.

Haruna got up and hugged Minami to console her, but Haruna also felt comfort in the embrace. Haruna just hope that when the time comes, the fighting will end quickly, and most importantly, that ‘she’ won’t get hurt. Haruna gripped the locket tighter in her hand while still hugging Minami.

A few moments later, Minami looked up at Haruna and said, “Communication to Kiuchi won’t be cut off for another few days.”

“Minami, why are you telling me this?”

“Haruna, you know why!”

“I would never do such a thing!” Haruna replied back. “Even if I had thought about it, thinking and actually doing it are two different things!”

Minami smiled at Haruna. “Just checking.”

Haruna turned around and sat back at her desk. She let out a big sigh.

“I guess that means we will be deploying for Kiuchi very soon, right Minami?”

Minami simply nodded.

“In that case, I need to finish up the inventory and re-assign positions.”

“I’m going to look for Mayuyu.” Minami said as she waved goodbye to Haruna.

this story is my baby so updates will be slow, but hopefully Chp 4 will ready before you know it.  :grin:

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Re: Kingdoms - Chp 3 Updated (7/7)
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your story is interesting..  :twothumbs  please update..

Mayuki  :cry:

and i hope yuko and haruna will become lover again..

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Re: Kingdoms - Chp 3 Updated (7/7)
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 :cow: :cow: :cow:

Update more!!!!!

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Re: Kingdoms - Chp 4 Updated (Oct 2)
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Another chapter, can you believe it?  If you are reading this, THANK YOU!!!!

I updated the first post with character summary as there are lots of ppl in and out from the different kingdoms.

Kingdoms Chapter 4 – A Storm is Coming

**Kiuchi Kingdom**

Yuki followed Yuko back to her home. Her house was only a short distance away from the hospital.

Suddenly, Yuki said nonchalantly “Hmm, looks like a storm is coming this way.”

Yuko looked up at the blue skies, not a cloud in sight. She thought, Eh, how’s that possible?

Yuko decided to make nothing of it and continued walking.  Yuki followed and froze when she saw Yuko’s house, or rather mansion.   

Yuko noticed Yuki had stopped walking.

Yuko laughed when she saw Yuki’s reaction. Her eyes were as wide as can be.

“You…. live….here??” Yuki asked.

“The previous Lord insisted I live here when he hired me. I couldn’t refuse. I guess it’s not so bad having people look after you.  Although it is a bit much for a few people, so I’m honoured to have you as another guest at Hotel Oshima.” Yuko placed her arm around Yuki and pushed her along towards the door.

They entered the mansion and was greeted by a very cheery person.

“Yuko! I prepared the room as you had requested, and dinner is almost ready.” She said to them.

“Yuki, meet Ayarin. She does everything for me here.”

“Hi, I’m Ayaka, but everyone calls me Ayarin. If you need anything, just let me know!” The upbeat girl grabbed Yuki’s hand and shook it vigorously.

“Ayarin… Ayarin, that’s enough handshaking.” Yuko said.

Yuki weakly smiled.

“Oh. Hehe. Let me show you around the house and your room. Come this way.”

“I left you some my clothes that you can wear for now.  I have to go prepare dinner. If you need anything else, let me know.” Ayarin said to Yuki as she walked out of the room.


Yuki looked around her spacious room.  She looked out the window and stared at the sky for awhile. 

A storm is coming indeed she thought.

Yuki decided to head downstairs and look around the mansion.  She found Sasshi sitting at the dining table chatting with Yuko.

“The new hospital technician is so smart, she’s fixed so many things already. I heard she’s from out of town and doesn’t have anywhere to stay. Why don’t you invite her to stay here, Dr.Yuko?”  Sasshi inquired.

Yuko smirked.  Rarely has she seen Sasshi so interested and excited about something, let alone someone.  She decided to tease her a bit.

“Her name is Rie right? Came about a week ago? Very beautiful?” Yuko asked.

“Yes, yes, yes, her.” Sasshi nodded happily but suddenly snapped out of her trance when she registered what Yuko had said.  She looked away embarrassed as her cheeks turned red.

Yuko laughed. “Why don’t you invite her to live here then, tell her I said so. I’ll give you a chance to talk to her.”


“Don’t tell me you’re going to back out now?” Yuko said continuing her teasing.

“huh, uhh, well, oh, Yuki-san!!” Sasshi turned her head as she spotted Yuki standing by the entrance of the room. 

“Hey Yuki, like your room? I knew Ayarin’s clothes will fit you nicely.”  Yuko smiled to Yuki and motioned her to come over to the dining table.

Yuki nodded and walked over.

Yuko and Sasshi started chatting about some other stuff.


Yuki reacted with a wide eyed expression.  She turned to where the sounds were coming from.  It seemed like it was coming from the Kitchen.

Yuko and Sasshi didn’t flinch at the noise and continued chatting.

“Don’t worry, food is good.” Ayarin shouted from the kitchen.

Sasshi leaned over to Yuki and said, “You see, Ayarin is a bit of a klutz, so everything in the kitchen is made of hard plastic so it won’t break when she drops it. Don’t worry though, Ayarin is a mean cook.”

Yuki looked at Sasshi, unsure of what to say and just nodded.

Yuko smiled and explained to Yuki, “Ayarin was one of my first few patients here in the kingdom, unfortunately, I was unable to save her family. When she recovered, she went to live with her aunt and uncle, but hated it.  She begged to live with me and said she’ll repay me for saving her life.”

“Through many trials and many broken plates later, we found a solution that worked.” Yuko laughed and looked over at Ayarin who was carting in their meals.

Ayarin gave them their meals and was about to sit down at the table when they heard the front door open.

“I’m hungry!” Miichan said as she barged into the dining room.

Ayarin smiled and started to walk towards the kitchen to get food and place settings for Miichan.

“Ayarin, prepare for two.  I’m sure Tomochin will be here shortly.” said Yuko.

Miichan went over to Yuki.

“Hi, I’m Miichan.  You’re the body from the sea, right??? Sooner or later, this kingdom will be full of people saved by the great, Dr. Oooooshima Yuuuuuuuuuuko!”

Yuki was unsure how to respond to the new hyper person that walked in.

“Yuki, meet the Lord of this kingdom, Minegishi Minami aka Miichan.” Yuko introduced Miichan to Yuki.

Yuki stood up immediately, “The LORD!” and bowed.

“Way to ruin the fun Yuko!” Miichan said and stuck her tongue out at Yuko.

Yuko and Sasshi giggled.

Miichan turned back to Yuki and tapped her shoulders. Yuki stood up again.

“No bowing required, and please do not, I repeat, DO NOT, call me Lord Minegeshi like someone here.” Miichan said as she looked at Sasshi.

“HEY!” Sasshi retorted.

Yuki smiled. Everyone here is so casual and easy she thought.  I feel really comfortable here.

Miichan sat down waiting for food to come when another person barged into the dining room.

“Minegeshi Minami!!!!”

Ayarin walked in carting two more dinners.

“Perfect timing, Tomochin, dinner is ready for you too.”

Tomochin nodded and sat down at the table while continuing to give Miichan the death stare.

Miichan avoided Tomochin’s glaze and stared at the food that is now in front of her.

“Itadakimasu!” Miichan excitedly said.

With food in her mouth, she looked up at Tomochin who was sitting across from her. Tomochin was still staring at her.

She swallowed her food and said, “It’s not my fault that Yuko has the best chef in this whole Kingdom. If only Ayarin would be the palace chef then I wouldn’t have to come here all the time. You like the food too otherwise you wouldn’t be following me here!”

“Excuses!” Tomochin replied while thinking that Ayarin’s food is indeed 10 times better than the palace food.

Yuko noticed that Yuki hadn’t start eating yet and was looking over at the squabbling duo.

“Yuki, meet Itano Tomomi aka Tomochin, the Second in Command of this kingdom.”

Yuki stood up again, “Second in Command!!!!”

Everyone laughed and looked at Yuki.

“You have really big reactions.” Miichan smiled, “So cute, I like you!”

Tomochin scoffed at Miichan, “You like everyone.”, and stabbed her chicken with her fork.

“But you are the only one that I love Tomochin.” Miichan said with a kissy face towards Tomochin.

Tomochin thought, you’re never serious, Miichan.

 A loud thunder interrupted the party and rain started hitting the windows.

“Oh crap! I left the bedsheets out for drying.  The forecast didn’t say anything about rain, it said it was going to be nice evening.” A panicked Ayarin said as she ran outside to try and pickup the sheets before it got drench.

Yuko turned her head towards Yuki and raised one eyebrow.  That girl is something indeed…

Before Yuko finished her train of thought, the front door swung open.

A soaked Rumi ran in.

“Rumi?”  Tomochin exclaimed.

Huffing and puffing, Rumi managed to say “Aikuchi Kingdom has cut off communication!”

“WHAT?!?!?!?”  Miichan, Tomochin and Yuko said at the same time.

Chapter will Kiuchi Kingdom react to the threat of Aikuchi Kingdom?????

Until next time (it won't be 3 months I promise).....

Thanks for reading!

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Re: Kingdoms - Chp 4 Updated (Oct 2)
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Yey! You updated!  :cow:
Yuki and her big reactions.... Cute! :D
Can't wait for some MaYuki scene... :nervous

Thanks!   :twothumbs

Update soon!

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Re: Kingdoms - Chp 4 Updated (Oct 2)
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Yeah~! Update!!! Please update whenever you can. This story is very interesting! I want more~!~! Please update whenever you can  :bow: :bow: Totally love this story!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
Here are my fics~! They can be found amongst these three. :hee:

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SoUL (Series)

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Re: Kingdoms - Chp 4 Updated (Oct 2)
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nice fic! please update soon!!!

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Re: Kingdoms - Chp 4 Updated (Oct 2)
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Mayu still didn't meet with Yuki again huh~  :(

Please update soon~  :bow:

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Re: Kingdoms - Chp 4 Updated (Oct 2)
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Wow an update!!! Yay I like this fic!!!!

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Re: Kingdoms - Chp 4 Updated (Oct 2)
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waw so interesting !!! I want more !!  :vv:

Update soon  :luvuluvu:

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Re: Kingdoms - Chp 4 Updated (Oct 2)
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please update soon!!!

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Re: Kingdoms - Chp 4 Updated (Oct 2)
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@karomuwi  @kahem  @haruhil6  Thanks for reading!!!

@aoi_sora   @RenaChii     for my favourite pairing, Mayuki are quite far apart right now~  :nervous

@dream_catcher  Thank you!  I actually read your comment to me in your story thread, motivated me quite a bit, this chapter sat at 80% complete for a long time~ after reading your comment, it really helped me get going.   Plot twists eh? Hmmm. I wonder….

I appreciate everyone’s comments, hopefully next chapter will be up by end of week. hehe   8)

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