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Author Topic: Kingdoms - Chapter 9 (2014/02/08)  (Read 13828 times)

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Re: Kingdoms - Chp 4 Updated (Oct 2)
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YES! it's finally updated THANK YOU!  :bow:

Wow Yuki is predicting the storm even while she is suffering amnesia, I hope she remembers everything so there will be some Mayuki moments for their reunion, or does Mayu have to work to win over Yuki's heart again?

Why are you attacking Acchan, why! *does dramatic cry out to the sky with both hands in air* Even Takamina can't convince you out of it too.

Please update soon.

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Re: Kingdoms - Chp 4 Updated (Oct 2)
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I've been reading since you started this on NHGG. One of the first fics I loved and still do. lol.

THANK YOU. :bow:

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Re: Kingdoms - Chapter 5 (Updated: Oct 7)
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@dream_catcher - Yes yes, Acchan has her reasons. it will be revealed when the timing is right. hehehe  :lol:  Thanks for reading and your comments.  I'm waiting for your updates to your stories!

@immortal_K - Yuki lost her memory but not her abilities.  It is something she has.  I think Mayu will try to have her Yuki back at all costs  :grin:

@Japanime1 - Thank you so much for you comment and for reading!!

Everyone - Thank you to everyone who is still reading this after so long.  I appreciate it!!!

First Post with Characters listing updated!

And OMG, a update....

Chapter 5 – Aikuchi Kingdom Declares War

** Kiuchi Kingdom**

“10,000 Aikuchi troops are heading this way.” Rumi finished while still panting.

Miichan brushed past Rumi and ran out the door.

“Miichan, wait!” Tomochin chased after her.

Miichan didn’t stop running, she ran into the palace and straight to her room.

Tomochin followed closely behind.  She went into the room to find Miichan kneeled down on the floor.

Miichan was sobbing, “Oh what have I done?”

Tomochin rushed to Miichan’s side.

“They’re coming after us, Tomochin.”

“How is that possible? Don’t we have a peace treaty?”

“It already expired…” Miichan replied quietly.

“Why didn’t you tell me this earlier? How could you not tell me?”

“I only realized after it had expired. We’re no match for them, 10,000 troops.” Miichan began to ramble…

“We only have 3,059 registered soldiers, 107 self proclaimed soldiers, 250 snipers only which 82 can actually shoot properly, 23……”

Tomochin listened in awe.  All this time she had been chasing after Miichan to read her reports about the Kingdom, but in reality Miichan had read every single one of them.

“and 1 Sayaka. It’s the end of Kiuchi, my family is going to send me to hell and back.”  Miichan sobbed.

“Well, then I guess I’m going to hell with you.” Smiled Tomochin.

“Tomochin!” sobbed Miichan and hugged her tightly.


A young Tomochin and Miichan sneaked away from the palace and were playing by the lowlands next to the steady flowing river.  Miichan wanted to catch a frog but was getting angry for her endless failed attempts at catching one.  Tomochin seeing her frustration wanted to catch one so Miichan can be happy again.  After a few unsuccessful attempts, Tomochin finally caught one close to the edge of the river.

“Miichan, I got one, I got one.”

Miichan smiled, “Yay, Tomochin, you’re the best!”, but to Miichan’s horror, Tomochin took a step towards her but slipped on the wet surface and fell into the river. Without even thinking, Miichan ran and jumped into the river. 

They were no match for the fast flowing river and were being carried downstream.  In the midst of the panic, Miichan managed to grab onto Tomochin’s hand, but both struggled to stay afloat.  Miichan, who was not a good swimmer, was having a harder time battling against the water. Sensing the urgency, Tomochin tried to grab onto the large rocks but she was moving too fast with the current to get a good grip.    Spotting a fallen tree up ahead, she used all the power she had to grab onto the branch without letting go of Miichan.  Tomochin pulled Miichan onto the top of the riverbank.

Both laid down onto the grass for awhile…

“Are you crazy Miichan? Why did you jump in? You could have been killed!!!”

Miichan looking a bit down, “I just thought I wanted to save you.”

“It’s my job to protect you, Miichan.”

“But I want to protect you too, if Tomochin isn’t by my side, there’s point in life.”

“Silly Miichan!” Tomochin slaps Miichan lightly and smiled.

“Well, I will always stay by Miichan’s side,” Tomochin shyly said.

Miichan widen her eyes in excitement, “Really? You promise?”

“I promise!” Tomochin nodded. “Let’s go back to the palace, the Lord is soooo going to punish me when he sees us like this.”

“Don’t worry, I will sweet talk dad out of it.” Miichan said grabbing Tomochin’s hand and happily walked away not caring that they had a near death experience.

End Flashback

**Kiuchi Hospital**

Yuki was back at the hospital, helping out where ever she can.  With the threat of war fast approaching, she hadn’t seen Yuko all day as she had been busy running around trying to figure things out.  Yuki was walking along the hallway when she noticed someone on a ladder, fixing the ventilation outlet in the ceiling, had dropped something onto the floor.

Yuki quickly ran up to pick it up.

The girl on the ladder turned around and saw Yuki. Her eyes brightened up. “Lor…um, thanks for picking it up.”

“No problem,” Yuki handed over the tool she had picked up.  “I’m Yuki by the way, you must be the new technician, Rie right?”

“Yes, thank you Yuki-san.” Rie replied.

“Just Yuki is fine.” Yuki laughed, “hmmm, I’m starting to sound like Yuko.”

Rie laughed.

Down the hallway in Yuko’s office, a not so happy duo were in a heated conversation.

Yuko stood up from her chair.

“Sasshi, how many times do I have to tell you this? Go home!” Yuko raised her voice.

“Nope, this is home! I’m staying here and I’m going with you. You’ll need help and as YOUR nurse, it is my duty to assist.” Sasshi raised her voice in reply.

“Sasshi, you shouldn’t be part of this war.”

Sasshi, ignoring what Yuko had just said, continued on, “During the first year of nursing school, I was given the opportunity to observe in the surgery rooms at the Aikuchi Hospital.  One time, the doctors were performing a very difficult procedure and were having a hard time, they were losing the patient, but this upper year medical student stepped in and performed the procedure flawlessly.  Everyone was amazed.  I thought to myself, I want to work for this doctor when I graduate no matter what.”

Yuko sat back down on her chair knowing full well who this medical student was that Sasshi is talking about.

“I wasn’t the smartest student, but I kept working hard because I really wanted to work with you. I wanted to be your nurse.  I wanted to be there in person as you work your magic to save the lives of people that come your way. If you are going to be on the frontline then I will be there with you! End of story. So put my name on that list now!” Sasshi pointed to the sheet of paper in front of Yuko.

Reluctantly, Yuko placed Sasshi name under the Frontline column.

“Ok, I will be going now to check on the medical supplies.” Sasshi smiled and left Yuko’s room.

“That Sasshi!” Yuko scoffed. 

Yuko looked at her list, she doesn’t have much time.  She had to decide quickly which staff will stay and help at the hospital and who will be with her on the frontline.  Yuko was frustrated at her own lack of experience.  She knew nothing about war yet knows it will get ugly.

Yuko opened her drawer and grabbed the heart shaped locket. She rubbed the initials "K. H" that was on the locket.

“Be safe.” Yuko whispered to the locket.

**Aikuchi Kingdom**

Mayu walked onto the balcony and sighed.  With Haruna gone to war, Atsuko busy with the attack and Minami off doing who knows what.  She has no one to talk to.


Mayu was standing on the balcony overlooking the Bitoku Kingdom. She was deep in thought.

“What are you thinking about?”

Mayu turned around to see Yuki walking towards her.

Mayu shook her head, “nothing much.”

“You’re going to catch a cold.” Yuki said wrapping a jacket around Mayu.

Mayu smiled, “Thanks.”

“You’re beautiful when you smile. You should smile more often.”

Mayu turned away slightly, blushing from what Yuki had said.

Yuki brought Mayu close to her and gave her a hug.

“Mayu, I love you.”

Mayu was shocked to hear those words, but for a moment, she felt like she was the luckiest girl on the planet. 

“I…”Mayu paused.  Mayu couldn’t finish her sentence.

Realizing the situation, “it’s ok, you don’t have to say it if you’re not ready,” Yuki quickly said,  “hopefully, one day, I’ll hear you say that back to me.”

Mayu stayed silent and nodded while in Yuki’s embrace. She felt the warmth from Yuki.

Mayu wanted to tell Yuki how much she loves her too but she could only do so in her mind.

‘Yuki, I love you. I truly do. You taught me the meaning of love. But how can I tell you I love you when I’m not who am. When I’m here working for my sister? Against your kingdom. The kingdom that you love. The kingdom that I’ve come to love. How can I tell you I love you when our ending will not be a happy one…’

End Flashback

Mayu looked up at the dark gray sky.  Even looking at the sky reminds her of Yuki.

“I never got a chance to tell you how much I love you…” Mayu whispered to the sky.

“What are you thinking about?”

“Yuki?” Mayu turned around excitedly.


Atsuko frowned, “Yuki?”

Before Atsuko could continue, she was interrupted by Office Oya.

“Lord Maeda, transmission from General Takajo.”

“Thank you, I’ll take it in my room.” Atsuko replied.

“Mayu, we will talk about this later.”

Well, here's another chapter. Thanks for reading.

Next Chapter - Aikuchi Kingdom vs Kiuchi Kingdom   
what will happen? how will this war end? will it even begin in the first place?

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Re: Kingdoms - Chapter 5 (Updated: Oct 7)
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OMG!! the war is coming...
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Re: Kingdoms - Chapter 5 (Updated: Oct 7)
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YAY~! Update! Please post the next chapter~! I can't wait to read what's going to happen next! Hmm~ Since Yuki has an amnesia, can you make her fall in love with someone else (like Sae XP) then make Mayuyu very jealous! Hahaha~ That'll be awesome! But it's up to you!
Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
Here are my fics~! They can be found amongst these three. :hee:

Love's A Mission
Oh My Dolly!

SoUL (Series)

The Akiba Family (T.A.F)

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Re: Kingdoms - Chapter 5 (Updated: Oct 7)
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YEY!!!!  :cow:
update!!!! less that 3 months! FTW!!!!

war!  :smhid

Miichan forgot 1 Yuki! ehehehehe!  :grin: of course she did know about her!   :nervous

a little MaYuki scene! how cute!  :twothumbs

TomoMiichan is cute too! Tomochin always a tsundere!  :D

wooooooo.... Atsuko!  :angry:

Team B + Team K VS Team A! ahahahahaha!

ah~ Sasshi?!!!  :doh:

Hmm~ Since Yuki has an amnesia, can you make her fall in love with someone else (like Sae XP) then make Mayuyu very jealous! Hahaha~ That'll be awesome! But it's up to you!
or Yuko!  :doh: ahahahahaha!

thanks for the update!!!

update soon!  :bow:

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Re: Kingdoms - Chapter 5 (Updated: Oct 7)
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So curious~ I want to know is Acchan going to be angry at Mayu?!  XD

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Re: Kingdoms - Chapter 5 (Updated: Oct 7)
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OMG war!!!! Someone have to stop it!

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Re: Kingdoms - Chapter 5 (Updated: Oct 7)
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Ohh nooooo the war !! Acchan what are you doing  :k-mad:

The Mayuki's forbidden love  :k-inlove: I like this so much  :k-wink:

Please update soon  :luvuluvu: 

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Re: Kingdoms - Chapter 5 (Updated: Oct 7)
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Re: Kingdoms - Chapter 5 (Updated: Oct 7)
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@Haruko      The War is coming indeed…     :banghead:

@Dream_catcher       Yuki’s past is a blank sheet right now so anything can happen, including a new love?     I have to start showing that Miichan is  a Lord afterall.  Miichan & Tomochin have a special relationship, not unlike other Lords of other kingdoms.

@karomuwi     A jealous Mayu might not be a good thing, she did bring down two kingdoms. Hehe

@aoi_sora     yay, first person to mention the Teams A, K, B thing.  I really enjoy writing about Miichan/Tomochin together!   YukiYuko,  my two favs!!!!   :wub:

@RenaChii    Yuki is not someone Acchan would approve would she?  Acchan loves Mayu too much to be angry though.

@kahem     Who will be the hero?

@chibi-nyao-chan      Mayuki is great!

@haruhi16  I will do my best!   :peace:

Thanks everyone for reading and leaving comments!!!!!!  It helps to keep me going!!!

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Re: Kingdoms - Chapter 6 (Updated: Oct 12)
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Thanks for reading!!!

Chapter 6 – Aikuchi Kingdom vs Kiuchi Kingdom

**Aikuchi Kingdom**

“How can that be? We have barely made any advances but have already suffered major casualties?  General Takajo, I expect better of you!”  Lord Maeda scolded to a not very pleased General.

“There are elements beyond my control, Lord Maeda. I will report back once we have received more surveillance info.” General Takajo ended the transmission.

**Kiuchi Medic Camp**

“Sasshi, if those soldiers are doing better, take them off the oxygen tank, we will need to conserve as much of it as possible.”

“It will work, right, Yuko-san?” Sasshi asked with a concerned look.

“If it doesn’t, then it will become a head to head battle, Kiuchi will be done.” Yuko replied with a serious tone.  “We need to conserve our medical supplies just in case.”

“Yes, I understand, I will go check on them.” Sasshi left Yuko to check on the soldiers who have suffered from smoke inhalation.

Yuko placed her hand inside her pocket and took out her locket, she ran her fingers over the engraved initials like usual. 

“Is this what war feel likes Nyan Nyan?” Yuko whispered to the locket.  Yuko’s usual happy go lucky personality disappeared once the war started.  Although direct combat has been minimal thus far, there have been causalities on both sides but Aikuchi has suffered a lot more than Kiuchi has.

“There are too many lives at stake, war is stupid.” Yuko continued talking to the locket.


Yuko looked up to see Yuki standing there.

“Is there anything I can help with at the moment?” Yuki asked.

“, Sakiko is checking on the patients, so far, things are under control. And you have already been a big help.  To think, I really didn’t want you to come with us in the first place.”  Yuko replied.

“I just thought it would be better for me to go in place of someone with a family.” Yuki said with an assuring smile.

“I understand.” Yuko nodded.  “Ne Yuki, You don’t seem to be ‘scared’ by this war.  Of all the people here, you are the most calm. Even Sayaka has had moments of panic.”

“Hmm, uhhh, is that a complement Yuko?”

Yuko laughed, “You are unique Yuki, I have always thought that since I met you.”

“Thanks and that’s the first time I’ve seen you laugh in awhile.” Yuki replied.

“I…I’m just not sure if that is appropriate given the circumstances.” Yuko said in a heavy tone.

“But I think everyone around here feeds off of you, although the situation we’re in is a serious one, it doesn’t mean that we can’t have little moments of laughter. We can’t let this war overshadow us and beat us down yet.” Yuki spoke in a calm matter.

“Wow Yuki, you really sound like a leader.”

“Ehhhh. Eya eya.” Yuki waved her hand back and forth motioning that she is not.
“Dr. Yuko, Miichan wants to see you.” Rumi walked into tent. “Oh, Yuki is here too, Miichan wants to see you as well.”

Yuko and Yuki nodded and followed Rumi out.

**Aikuchi Medic Camp**

“Dr. Kojima, we have 20 more soldiers coming.”

“Dr. Kuramochi, go do an initial assessment, if the injuries are too severe, mark the soldier's forehead with an ‘X’,  for the ones with serious injuries but saveable, mark with a ‘1’, ones that are not serious and can wait, give them some painkillers and mark with a ‘2’.  We will have to make some sacrifices.”

A busy Dr. Kuramochi turned around and looked at Haruna with a disbelieving face.

“We don’t have a choice! The number of injured soldiers has already stretched us beyond our limit. Now go!”

Dr. Kuramochi nodded and ran out of the medic tent.

“How is it possible that we’ve suffered so many injuries? Did Atsuko underestimate the Kiuchi Kingdom?” Haruna mumbled to herself as she struggled to stop the bleeding of the soldier in front of her.

The medic camp was currently set up at the outskirts of the Kiuchi Kingdom.  For the past few days, the number of injured soldiers arriving at the medic camp has grown exponentially.

She hasn’t had time to even listen to the reports of what’s happening at the front line to cause such heavy casualties. 

“Dr. Kojima, asystole!” yelled Dr. Matsubara.

Haruna ran from her patient over to Dr. Matsubara’s patient.  In her rush, the locket that was in her pocket fell onto the floor.

“Ah, Yuu-Chan!”

**Aikuchi Camp**

Heavy smoke was blowing towards where the Aikuchi soldiers were resting.

“General Takajo, we have to move away from here especially with nightfall coming. We can move towards the lowlands on this side of the mountain which will shield us from the smoke.”  Lieutenant Nakagawa pointed to an area on the map.

General Takajo was deep in thoughts.  Nothing seems to have gone their way so far. 

“The winds have picked up and are blowing west, with the fire still raging on, we are going to suffocate if we don’t leave this area.”

General Takajo realized there are few options available.  “Agreed. Let’s move.”

All the Aikuchi soldiers have set up camp on the lowlands for the night.  General Takajo was in her tent looking over the maps and intelligence info.  Lord Maeda has not been pleased at any of her reports thus far.  Not that the General can blame the Lord, she has yet to have any accomplishments to show for.  This attack has bought the General to her wits. She has been outsmart in many ways. The key is to engage in one on one combat with Kiuchi, that will give Aikuchi the upper hand.  The problem is the Kiuchi army has retreated onto higher grounds, forcing Aikuchi to fight from below.

A thunderous roar interrupted her thoughts.

“How fitting!” General Takajo mumbled in response to the thunder. 

Heavy rain poured down shortly after the bouts of thunder.

Not long after, chaos ensued at the Aikuchi camp.

“Quick, run for higher ground.”

General Takajo heard a series of people yelling.  She quickly ran outside and was shocked.  Those who had setup their tents close to the river were already washed away by the flash flood.

 “This can’t be happening.”

Short chapter, but at least I updated, right?  :grin:

I prefer writing lighter stuff like previous chapters but of course the war is an important component to this story.
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Re: Kingdoms - Chapter 6 (Updated: Oct 12)
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wow... the fight begin.. and minami`s kingdom winning.. great!! I also think war are stupids
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Re: Kingdoms - Chapter 6 (Updated: Oct 12)
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yay! an update!!! nice chapter!

NOOO! Dr. Kojima the locket!!

please update soon!

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Re: Kingdoms - Chapter 6 (Updated: Oct 12)
« Reply #34 on: October 13, 2011, 02:01:03 PM »
this is your fastest update!  :twothumbs

the markings on their head...  :rofl:

poor Akicha~
feels like heaven is on Kiuchi Kingdom side!  :grin:

Akicha, Get over it.... RIVERRRRRRRRRRRR~!!!!!

Yuki and Yuko!  :inlove:

WAR IS STUPID!!!  :angry: Yuko is always right!

Yuki is going to fight too?  :w00t:

Waiting for Acchan and Mayu's talk!  :D

and some MaYuki!  :heart:

ano.... where's Lovetan? hiding?  :rofl:

thanks for this update!
thank you thank you!!!!

update soon!  :bow:

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Re: Kingdoms - Prologue
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 :OMG: WAR!!!! I never liked wars...  :err:

“Love doesn’t exist in Atsuko’s dictionary, does it?” Haruna questioned ignoring Minami’s reaction.

“It used to….” Minami trailed off from her sentence.

What happened to Acchan?? What made her changed???  :fainted:

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Re: Kingdoms - Chapter 7 (Updated: Dec 28)
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@Haruko - things played well for Miichan's Kingdom
@dream_catcher - good catch on Kitarie :)  the lockets are very important to KojiYuu.  Hmm, maybe Mayu should hit Yuki on the head a few times?
@haruhi16 @aoi_sora   is 2 months considered soon? hehe
@skytsuna - hope this chapter explains a bit about Acchan

Thanks for reading everyone!!! Hope everyone had a nice Christmas!!!

Chapter 7 – Atsuko’s Decision

**Aikuchi Kingdom**

Minami walked into Atsuko’s office.

Atsuko was pacing around her office. 

“Well?” Minami asked.

“Well what?” Atsuko replied, clearly annoyed.

“I guess I’ll prepare for departure.” Minami said.

“What?? Where are you going?” Atsuko questioned in a panicked tone.

“To Kiuchi, With General Takajo seriously injured, I should be there to lead the troops. That is my job!”

“Uhhh, that might not be necessary Minami.”

“Are you serious Atsuko? Why won’t you ever send me out there? You don’t trust me, Atsuko?”  Minami questioned Atsuko.

“What, uhhh, that’s not true...”     

Minami cut Atsuko off.  “All the stuff that has happened, it’s like a bad omen.  What’s to gain from Kiuchi, Atsuko?  And don’t give me the same bullshit answers.”

Atsuko was taken aback by Minami’s attitude.  Minami has always supported everything she has done, but lately, Minami has always argued against everything. It’s like she is losing her.

While hurt by Minami’s words, Atsuko handed a piece of paper to Minami.

Minami read the paper.  “Oh.”

“Well?” Minami questioned.

“I haven’t decided it yet.”

“Atsuko, they’re giving you an easy way out of this without suffering further casualties, what is there to think about?”

“I won’t lose to circumstances, Minami.”

“Circumstances?  These occurrences were  nature’s way of telling you that this war was wrong from the start Atsuko! If you still consider me your advisor, your confidant, accept Kiuchi’s offer!!  I have nothing further to say.” Minami stormed out of the room.

“Minami…” Atsuko whispered.


Mayu sat in the media room.  Her best friend, Oita Aika, had returned to the palace from her visit to Hasako Kingdom and was sitting next to her.  To Aika and everyone else close to Mayu, it was obvious Mayu had changed since coming home from her “mission”. 

“Ne Mayu, what are you thinking about?”

“Her.” Mayu simply said.

“What is it like to be in love?” Aika asked.

“The best feeling in the world. ” Mayu smiled at Aika,

“I want to know what love feels like...” Aika replied

Mayu smiled at Aika but her smile disappeared quickly.  “But at the same time, all I feel now is guilt. And now, knowing that she knew who I was has made that guilt even worse.  She loved me for who I am…”

Unbeknownst to the two inside the room, Atsuko was just outside the media room listening to their conversation.
“Love…” Atsuko whispered to herself.  She had wanted to talk to Mayu.  After her conversation with Minami, she wanted to get away from her office.  Atsuko leaned on the wall and sighed.

Ever since Mayu returned, she had been focused on the attacks and never had time to really sit down with her.  Hearing tidbits here and there, she pieced together what had happened.  She didn’t think her sister would fall in love someone.  Mayu had always sheltered herself from showing emotions, except to those truly close to her.


A young Atsuko sat in a chair and watched her father pace around the room. 

Her father finally stopped and stood in front of her.

“Your mother is back.”

“Mama?” Atsuko questioned her father.

“Yes, she’s sick Atsuko and won’t be around for long.”

“Can I see her?” Atsuko asked.  She hadn’t seen her mother since her mother left when she was 7 years old.   As she got older, she realized that her mother had actually runway with someone.

Her father nodded. 

“Atsuko, you listen to me.  Love makes you weak.  Love hurts.  When you become the Lord, you have to do things that no one will understand, even the person that you love will question you. Eventually, they’ll leave you just like what you mother did to me.  You are destined to do great things for this kingdom my wonderful daughter.  Aikuchi will become the most powerful Kingdom.  Do you want that Atsuko?”

“Yes father.”

“Good. Remember my words Atsuko, Love makes you weak.”

Lord Maeda, we have a received a transmission from the General.

“Very well, I’ll take it a few moments.  Atsuko, your mother is at the hospital.  By the way, you’re a big sister now Atsuko. It seems your mother had a daughter with him though he died two years ago in an accident.”

Atsuko nodded and walked out of the room.

“Serves him right for stealing the Lord’s wife.” Lord Maeda mumbled softly but Atsuko heard every word of it as she left the room.

End Flashback

Atsuko stood still by the wall and sighed again.  When her mother past away, she had begged her father to let Mayu stay in the Kingdom.  She had promised her mother that she would take care of her.  Mayu had always clung onto her since she first met her.  She was a very cute 5 year old, always smiling and happy.  As she got older, Atsuko watched as her little sister built a wall around herself. 

Was it wrong to keep Mayu in the Palace?  Atsuko had always wondered.  Mayu grew up with people whispering behind her.  She grew up on the receiving end of her father’s hatred. She grew up in the kingdom known as the illegitimate child.  Mayu should have had a better childhood.  If she had not stayed here, Mayu would have been a lot happier. 

When Mayu begged Atsuko for a mission, she couldn’t say no.  She wanted to prove to people that even though she is not a Maeda, she is from this Kingdom.

Atsuko walked away from the media room and headed back to her office.

“Love…”   Atsuko whispered again.

She wasn’t angry at Mayu. In some ways, she was just simply jealous...

**Kiuchi Base Camp**

Rumi ran into the main tent of the base camp.

“Miichan, Lieutenant Nakagawa from Aikuchi Kingdom request entrance into our camp to see you.”

“Let her in.” Miichan said.

Miichan stared at Tomochin.  Tomochin nodded. 

Sayaka, Yuko and Yuki stood up from where they sitting.  There was anticipation in the air.

Lieutenant Nakagawa finally entered the room a short while later.

“Lord Minegishi.”

There was silence in the room.  Everyone looked at Miichan but she doesn’t seem to be acknowledging.

Tomochin smacked Miichan on her arm.

“OW!” Miichan looked at Tomochin,who was giving her a death stare.

“Oh right, that’s me.” Miichan whispered.

Everyone mentally face palmed.

Miichan looked back at the visiting Lieutenant. “Yes?”

“I, Lieutenant Nakagawa, on behalf of Aikuchi Kingdom, accept your peace treaty offer.”

“YES!”  Miichan jumped up and down, hugged and kissed the stunned Lieutenant.

“Miichan!” Tomochin quickly grabbed Miichan away from Lieutenant Nakagawa while mentally face-palming herself again.  Just when she thought Miichan was finally serious, it’s like she is back to her previous self in an instant.

“Thank you Lieutenant.  Is there anything we can help with?” Sayaka asked.

“Thank you for your offer, we will be preparing to leave your kingdom.  Please excuse me.” Lieutenant bowed and left.

“We did it, we did it.” Miichan said while still happily  jumping up and down.  She went over to Yuki and gave her a big hug. 

“You’re awesome Yuki.  Would you like to work for this Kingdom? Be the Lord perhaps?” 

“HA?”  Yuki replied immediately wide eyed.

“Your reaction is cute as always!” Miichan pinched Yuki’s cheek.

“Ehhhh.” Yuki said in response to Miichan’s actions.

“Miichan, we should prepare for return to the palace, transport the injured soldiers to the hospital and let the uninjured soldiers return home to rest.” Sayaka interrupted.

“Right right, do whatever you want Sayaka. I need to start preparing for an awesome party.  And everyone in Aikuchi is invited.”

“Everyone?” Yuko asked.

“Why not?” Miichan smiled.

“Come on Tomochin, let’s go have a drink.”


“OUCH!” Miichan yelped.  “What was that for?”

“Now is not the time for party Miichan!” Tomochin said in a stern voice.

“But why….” Miichan whined.

Yuko smiled.  “Things are already getting back to normal…”

“Indeed.” Sayaka nodded.

and that's Chapter 7~  Those waiting for the Acchan/Mayu talk, I apologize, that will come in the next Chapter.

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They still didn't meet each other again huh~ Yuki & Mayu~

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They still didn't meet each other again huh~ Yuki & Mayu~

They will meet soon.....

My Love for Team K is seriously evident in this fanfic  :grin:
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Acchan agreed wxith a peace treat? Hum it smells trap

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