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Author Topic: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Aftermath [one-sided Mayuki] (12/14/17)  (Read 46940 times)

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Manmade Killer [Mayuki] (08/21/17)
« Reply #160 on: August 25, 2017, 04:33:07 AM »

@sakura_drop: Please don't apologize for not replying to the previous OS! You know very well that I don't require my readers to make a comment on my work. So long as you've enjoyed it, I'm grateful that it's out. Who knows if the leader is faceless or not! I think you'll find the answer to be intriguing. (Thus why I need to break it up into three parts... or perhaps even more than three parts...)

@kuro_black29: Feel free to comment in the next post if you want! (Unless you want to edit, of course.) Thanks for stopping by and checking out the story!

@mayuki_daisuki: I honestly didn't think it was THAT angsty, lol! I'm glad you like it either way! Hope you enjoy this next update.

@MaYukiIsLife: Whew... You're onto me there, lol! It's partially finished, but with the complex idea of reality vs. illusion to both the readers and to the characters, it's eating up a good chunk of time. (And I'm excluding the fact that I slightly procrastinate by playing Fire Emblem: Echoes and Tumblr away with UmiMaki, oops) Hopefully, it should be up before I die from my last year as an undergrad. And thank you for the compliment! I did my best to sketch out the first part, so I pray it's somewhat readable and flows decently for the audience. As for the gang that's alive (or in a questionable status), I think you'll like where it's going. mwahaha

I guess this needs to be broken up into more than two parts... Expect to see the third part sometime next week... or heck, even this week again. I'm hoping to wrap this up as soon as possible before school starts for me. I realized that if I left the origin of Adrestia alone, it would've left a gaping plot hole. If this becomes a series itself... I apologize it's uploaded on here as a multi-shot. My ideas run a little too wild at times.

My activity as a writer might actually increase once school starts. (I begin to split my time accordingly with my studies, taking a break through creative writing, and RPing on weekends-only.) I'm praying hard that Physics (Calculus), Botany, and Social Justice doesn't obliterate me while I begin the process to apply for my Master degree. :sweatdrop:

Hope you all enjoy it! (Or not. I'm not your father.)

Madmade Killer [Minor SayaYui, Mayuki, & wMatsui] - Part II

December 26th. The day after a holiday many would celebrate with cheers and glee. Maybe a good number of individuals receiving the lash back of a hangover the night before Christmas. Regardless, it was a carefree day.

Kind of. Now that the snowy day of joy is swept to the side, paranoia is beginning to kick in at Shinjuku. Almost everyone had forgotten about the terrorist organization that loomed over their city. Perhaps it was the intoxication of bliss that drove many to push the threat in the back burner. Besides, no one knew for sure if the Cleansing Day would actually happen. The murders brought many to paranoia... but it also gave the unaffected a sense that they were looking up to God. A God that delivered judgments by the name of justice. They shouldn't be concerned about the upcoming event. If they did not commit a sin that would harm others, then they would receive no punishment. It is as simple as that.

But is their justice truly righteous? What gave them the right to play God to the citizens of Shinjuku?

Those questions bugged the ex-detective and SP Officer. The duo was pulled back to the cruel reality once another cryptic e-mail from Adrestia is sent to Yuko's inbox. Without their hacker, both Yui and Yuko were unable to crack the complicated codes that could determine the hideouts of the terrorists. It wasn't needed though. The content was enough to make them feel slightly bilious.

"Let's play the video," Yui crossed her arms, head tilted slightly forward to urge Yuko. She complied and did what was said.

The organization's insignia. It popped up with a white background. Simple and clean, yet possesses a malicious vibe from the symbol. Revenge. Retribution. Retaliation. Rebellion. Heroic? Hard to say considering their background. A shaky, cracked male voice wavered from the laptop's speakers once the video began.

Plagued by losses beyond incomprehensible level, we are surprised you have yet to make any major move, Oshima Yuko and Yokoyama Yui.

You might wish to take revenge on us, but you have yet to understand our true purpose.

We do not cause pain to those that are innocent.

Both of you uphold the justice that we seek.

We strongly encourage at least one of you to join our cause to deliver retribution.

We are Adrestia and we strive to take revenge on the evils that outlived their days compared to their victims.

The Cleansing Day will come when New Year Eve arrives. On December 30th, you will tell us your answer. We will contact you again in a location you're most familiar with.

Recruitment. Yui scoffed. That sickened the Kyoto female. The terrorist organization does not cause pain to those that are innocent? Yui knew she was far from innocent as she has committed many sins to uphold her responsibilities, but Sayaka? Atsuko? Those two haven't done anything wrong, especially Sayaka! The SP Officer's fingernails dug into her clothed arms. It goes without saying that Adrestia is contradicting themselves. This further proves how flawed their idealisms are.

Yuko, on the other hand, slumped her upper body on the desk, both hands gripping hold of her head. This was so much to soak in. They have roughly four days to contemplate on a decision. To say that it's plenty of time is far from the truth. Do they wish to join their cause? Is it to save their own skin? Is there a possibility to catching them before time runs out? Could it be possible that Mayu, Yuki, and Rena would be found if they were to dive into Adrestia's organization? Should they call for backup from the Metropolitan Police Department? So many possibilities, so many questions to answer... Wonderment on which would lead to the best outcome.

A groan came from the squirrel's mouth. "They're not even giving us a chance to properly think this through. This is too much."

"It seems they would want us to rely on our instincts and emotional answer."

Yui bounced her back off from the window. Turning around to face the scenery of the sun rising, the warrior clicked open the glass barrier. A push... and the cold wind blew into the warm room. (Thankfully, it wasn't snowing for today.) If their other teammates were alive and witness this, they would've beckoned the woman to shut it. Maybe even call her insane too! But those days would never come back. No matter how many times she closes her eyes, the pair would only reopen to the harsh reality. How cruel. A faint growl from Oshima hinted to the bodyguard that she should hurry. Yui lifted her foot, rested the thick boot on the edges. Then, a hand grasped hold of the borders.

"I'm going to be out on the rooftop."

Yuko motioned a hand in the air. Yui didn't have to check if the inspector made any notion though. She sensed it from her instincts and immediately threw her figure out of the window. The barrier slammed shut once her entire being slipped out of the square hole. Three stories high. Right below the officer was the empty pavement. If she hadn't caught hold of the skinny, but sturdy water pipe nearby, Yokoyama would've slammed face-first on the ground. There would be nothing comedic about that little accident. Nonetheless, Yuko didn't need to fret over her friend. A Special Police Officer are always trained to be the top of their physical form and abilities. They are acting as human shields, after all.

A few grunts came from the Japanese's mouth as she swung to the nearest borders. Once a hand firmly held onto the bricked design, the woman allowed her other to join the fun. She reeled herself downward. Then, Yui pounced upward as if she were a black cat. Her physical strength became notable at the amount of distance she covered from a single launch. Both hands instantly snagged the metal fences on the rooftop. Thanks to its pattern, she climbed up and over the protective wall with ease.

'If Sayanee were here, she would've been at the rooftop at this time... and I would've scared the Hell out of her.'

That's right... Yamamoto tends to go up here for a breather. The ex-Field Ops Officer specializing in the concept of assault would always take a drag up on the roof. Yuki would always nag the older woman in her late 20s to quit, so she always hid up here every day. Too bad her girlfriend would catch her in the act. Yui isn't pleased that she's damaging her health either. They would occasionally bicker, but it would lead to the guard being too sweet to escalate the heated argument. The expression that Sayaka wore on her face as they spoke... The smoky taste on the girl's lips when they kissed... The giggles shared between the tough woman and the officer... The warmth felt with each and every touch...

Another scoff. She reached her fingers into the shirt's front pocket and pulled out a box. A flick of her wrist immediately slid a cigarette out of the carton. Yui stuck it in her mouth and deposited the container back in its original place. Lighter in another hand, the raven-haired female swiftly lit the stick.

'How ironic... I told her to quit, but here I am, smoking just like her...'

Yui inhaled deeply and exhaled just as deep. A stream of smoke puffed out from the forceful action, another source lazily wafting in the air from the cigarette. Her eyelids lowered.

'Sayanee, I should've protected you from Mayu.'

Yamamoto Sayaka was ecstatic to see the return of Mayu. Yui was present as well when the two met. It was honestly a coincidence at first glance. The two were out in Shinjuku, holding hands and taking a trip down the busy premise. Many pedestrians went about on their own businesses during the winter season. They were out on an early shopping spree for the upcoming holiday. Despite the news that Mayu, Yuki, and Rena had disappeared without a trace, both didn't want to be bogged down by the negative vibes. Time is tough, but together, they were unstoppable.

The reunion was short-lived. Watanabe lifted her firearm up. A single pull of the trigger was all it took to make their world come crashing down. Yui shouldn't have lowered her guard when they spotted the ponytailed woman. She should've pushed Sayaka out of the way. Anything to keep her safe from harm. Ironically, the Special Police Officer and the ex-Field Ops Officer had their roles reversed. The Japanese female tumbled to the side as her girlfriend's body jerked. Sayaka had shoved Yui away from the bullet's direction. Originally it was aimed at the Kyoto official. A fatal blow narrowly avoided. However, it was in exchange for something just as precious and important as her own life.

Yui took another deep breath from the cigarette.

'I promise you, Sayanee... I promise I will arrest Mayu. I'll kill her if I have to.'

Death won't bring any peace, but will it bring peace to the deceased woman? She doesn't know. Hand raised to keep the lit object stable, the protruding cigar between her index and middle finger continued to leave a smoky trail.

'Adrestia...' Another drag. Puffing the smoke out, the SP Officer narrowed her eyes. Her other hand reached out towards the fence, knuckles becoming white the tighter she clings to the steel. Deep inside her chest, she wanted to scream. Kick something... flip anything in her path. Anger is an understatement. However, Yui was trained to keep her emotions in check. A mistake she had done when Mayu approached Sayaka... "I'll make them pay for this."

December 30th will arrive soon. Yuko and she will scrutinize and ponder on a decision before the time arrives. For today, Yui simply wants to kick back, smoke, and keep an eye on the ex-detective. If they're able to get a clue on who their leader is or the location, they'll be able to further crack down on their plan. It doesn't seem like it'll happen today though. Perhaps tomorrow if they're lucky.

'Looks like it's going to get extremely busy tomorrow. I'll have to start searching through some old records back at the Metropolitan Police Department if Commissioner Takahashi allows it.'


In an underground hideout, Watanabe Mayu clipped on the ammunitions. Her fingers moved fast as Yuki's arms remain wrapped around the tainted figure. Another kiss on the cheek, lips brushing on the crimson surface. How long have they been in this confinement without so much as moving? Members of Adrestia hasn't taken a step inside since Mayu returned. Yuki tightened her hold around the woman.

'Mayuyu... Please don't ever leave...'

Watanabe is no mind-reader. She cannot sit down and understand the turmoil that ran through her girlfriend's skull. What she could understand is her role as the Executioner. Just murder them. Assassinate them. Destroy their lives. All for the sake of avoiding pain. Mayu didn't forget who she was... her original role as a SRCPO member or what her life was like. She was simply broken. A trained pet taught to be terrified of the collar around her neck. Every single time the leader would raise the device, Mayu would tremble and cower. The sight of the console means she was too late to prevent what would happen. It didn't help that any attempt to remove her collar would immediately result in an excruciating death.

In the end, Watanabe is stuck in a rut. At least Yuki is there to comfort her. Oh... there were times they made love to fill the empty void that threatened to extinguish whatever sanity they had left. Voiceless screams from the hacker as Mayu thrust her body as if she were a machine. Kisses showered, bitings and claw mark prominent on Yuki's skin... The normal officer wouldn't be so rough and violent with her lover. What could she do though? The ponytailed female is constantly reminded that she too couldn't protect her girlfriend.

The abuse Yuki underwent while she was away... The taunts Yuki heard while she was away... Yuki is no plaything to the members of Adrestia. For an organization singing high praises about delivering retribution and revenge to those that deserve it, Kashiwagi deserves none of this treatment. Still... the collar. The days where Mayu screamed and wailed out, tears flowing nonstop as her fingers desperately tugged against the metallic device. Mayu didn't want to relive that. Anything but that, even if it meant watching her girlfriend get demolished by the terrorists.

"It's okay... You listen to me, Yukirin..." she muttered to the hugger.

Monotone. Mayu wouldn't know she's speaking without any articulations. Straightforward and blunt. Yet what she said is meant to be filled with emotion if she had any left in her shattered heart. If it weren't for Yuki here, the woman might actually commit suicide. Far away from the sight of the terrorist organization, she would've pulled the trigger. Then again, knowing how intelligent the leader is, Watanabe might not be able to pull it off. This collar wasn't done by any normal engineer to this extent.

Eyelids lowered, the Executioner fiddled with the revolver. Her index finger spun the cylinder for a bit till her ears perked up. The horrific creaking of metal sliding against metal emitted in this area. Ordinary individuals would cringe at the sound production. Mayu raised her head up.

Zero. That was the leader's name. This person always dressed to conceal, leaving only the lower half of their face exposed. Whether the individual was male or female is up for debate. Any clues about their genders are twisted thanks to the manipulative voice control. Each and every word spat out of their mouth distorted to a genderless mechanical being. A faint smirk ran across the leader's face as they allowed two other Adrestia's members to file in.

One is an idol by the name of Itano Tomomi.

One is a high school teacher by the name of Shinoda Mariko.

There were more than that for sure. A total of twelve. Six members that did the dirty work as disposable pawns. Six other members as a part of the organization's purpose to cleansing Shinjuku and eventually Japan.

The Special Regions Crime Prevention Officer proceeded to get up on her two feet. However, her lover prevented the pawn from fully straightening her back. She glanced over her shoulder. Their eyes met... Nothing but the voidness, yet another round of tears began to trickle from the corner of Yuki's eyes.

'It's as if she's crying for me...'

Mayu's lacrimal glands were dried up. Crying is an impossible feat for the trained pet. Meanwhile, one of the two members walked up towards the duo. A bitter expression scrawled all over the teacher's face as the short-haired female snapped.

"Get off of her, freak." Mariko shoved her winter boot out, the heel slammed into Kashiwagi's shoulder. Whatever grip she had on the other slid off so easily like her arms were slime. A voiceless yelp is expressed as she shielded her head. The officer knew what would happen to this victim. She didn't want to watch. Normally Mayu would object to the abuse. She would've shrieked and done everything in her power to prevent harm coming to the hacker. The cold metallic band firmly planted on her neck constantly reminded the woman of her position. Last time she rose her voice about it... No, Mayu didn't want to recall those nightmares. A shudder ran down her spine as the stain-uniformed official approached Zero.

The door squealed as it slowly closed. Whatever the two Adrestia's members did to Yuki, Mayu wouldn't know nor does she want to know. Now it's just the hooded figure and the SRCPO member.

"The Cleansing Day will soon arrive, Executioner." The hooded figure reminded. "I need you to secure the Shinjuku Church on December 30th. Kill anyone and destroy anything that would get in the way of that day."


When there wasn't any answer coming from the officer, the leader motioned a hand in the air.

"Oshima Yuko and Yokoyama Yui will give us their answers in person. You must be ready to kill them if they don't meet our requirements."

Mayu blinked. Then, she mumbled an "okay" under her breath before walking past the individual. As the officer brushed past the leader by the name of "Zero", the terrorist widen their smile. Everything was going according to plan. Watanabe Mayu is a crucial person in comparison to the other members. Considering her past and how easy it was to discipline the woman into an obedient dog, Zero returned back to her private quarters.

They waltzed through the barely lit setting with hands in their black jacket's pockets. In this underground layout, traps and security cameras were installed everywhere. Hidden under an abandoned factory and stretching out all the way to the nearby Shinjuku Church, it was an easy accessway to anyone's destination in this cult group. No ordinary civilians would want to seek this premise thanks to a false horror story floating around the factory and holy ground. The police and government are unlikely to do anything either since people constantly cross through the area on a daily basis. Any kind of abnormality would've been reported instantly. Of course, this leader isn't foolish to stumble on the obvious mistakes. For every situation, there's a loophole to bypass.

Zero arrived at their door. The individual pushed into the small room almost the size of a narrow closet. A bright light keeping the small area lit thanks to a light bulb provided a compact sight. There's a desktop with three screens on a desk sitting right by the door. A bed is shoved to the back. Finally, there's a small suitcase with feminine clothes sticking out of it. Ironically, a police badge from the Special Regions Crime Prevention Office is seen peeking out from one of the many attires.

The notable figure took off their hood now that they were back in their safety net. Seven more days... Seven more days and they will rise from the ashes. Long black hair was released from the cover in a sickeningly elegant manner. The woman balled her hands into fists as she closed her eyes. Chin lifted and eventually, those fists uncurled their fingers. She stood as if the holy light descended upon the leader.

"For you, Jurina... I'll make sure no one will ever have to feel the same pain as us."

Matsui Rena knew that the time has come for retribution. A cleansing is needed to make Shinjuku free from the tainted sinners. Seven more days... Seven more days till the day of the cleansing. Hopefully, Oshima Yuko and Yokoyama Yui will be a part of the plan to shake Japan to its core. Their stories, their history marked by their own hands are that befitting the purpose of Adrestia. The Greek Goddess would be pleased that her name is reused in this fashion.

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Manmade Killer Part II (08/21/17)
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WUHUUUUUU "blowingtrumpet

Live in the land of mist..nahh just kidding..
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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Manmade Killer Part II (08/21/17)
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Oh my dear lord, I did not expect this at all, like...WOW, so Jurina is also dead? mhm, what happened to her so that Rena-sama has to go to these lengths?

Yui, stahp smoking! >.>

Shachou, please update soon!!!
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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Manmade Killer Part II (08/21/17)
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Please update as I has nothing else to say

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Manmade Killer Part II (08/21/17)
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Please do excuse my abnormally long absence. is this a calling sign that I should retire from being a writer? Just needed to stretch a bit of my rusty writing and see how it goes. Enjoy it! (or not, I'm not your father.)

Aftermath [One-sided Mayuki]

It's always been a certain individual's nightmare. How could you face the uncanny fact that your crush might not return? It wasn't a metaphorical statement. Their relationship bound close to each other tighter than that of a knot. Best friends are almost an understatement. Lovers are almost an overstatement. Yet has it always been unavoidable when falling head over heels for a detective, right? Someone as simple as a doctor should've known this sort of incident would occur. Worse comes to worse. Watanabe Mayu should've understood this from the getgo.

Mayu felt her lower lip tremble. She had taken a step out of the operating room. Though how long has she been standing there after the emergency surgery? Mere seconds? Minutes? Could it even be an hour since the session? She didn't know as her brown hues remain fixated on the tiled floor. No one had passed by the doctor. If they did, none bothered to shake her out of her trance-like state. Eventually, the ponytailed female let out a shaky exhale through her rosy tiers. Latex gloves, tainted and should've been tossed from within the ER prep premise, finally slipped off and soon exposed her smooth, soft skin to the chilly atmosphere. As she deposited the soiled item into the appropriate trash bin nearby, Nurse Matsui approached the doctor from behind. Jurina-- That flirty, optimistic, and talkative woman could hardly muster the courage to initiate a conversation with her long-time friend. The younger female gulped. She raised a hand up to adjust her own white hat as she murmured,

"Mayu, the operation was a success. Yuki's stabilized now."


The specialist grit her teeth. Without meaning to, she turned around and snarled.

"In what way was that operation a success? Nothing about it is successful!"

Once those words flew past her opened mouth, Mayu instantly regrets having them thrown at the unfortunate woman. Jurina merely widens her eyes. Those pair of brown eyes just staring at her superior. It didn't take a genius to figure out what she was feeling at this moment. In a desperate attempt to alleviate the infliction, Doctor Watanabe took a step backward.

"I... I'm sorry, Jurina... I-I didn't mean it..."

Without waiting for a response from her friend, she ran out of the hospital. Each and every single rapid step was taken and it hardly registered to her brain. Almost as if Mayu is watching someone move her body on its own. There wasn't anything she could do to command it. Not like that was much of an issue the doctor would actually digest. Blankness. Nothingness. Not a single thought ran through her skull. If it weren't for the existence of her brain, Watanabe might've been thought of as a hollow-minded individual. She simply couldn't bear to face reality. It was too harsh to her, blinding her like that of the ultraviolet rays from the sun. (Ironic as it is now nightfall.) Running away was all she could do. Her crush is still alive, but...

Why would she want to see Kashiwagi Yuki limbless on the bed? After all, this surgeon was the one who chopped off all four limbs in an attempt to save the detective from death's grip.

White coat fluttered from behind as her speed increased. Lacrimal glands began to work up its chemical reactions as tears sprouted from the corner of her eyes. She raised an arm up to vigorously wipe away the liquid. A single brush seeped the natural salty substance into her coat's sleeve. A temporary solution to dry as more was produced. As if she were a stubborn child, the doctor continuously wiped her wet cheeks till a trip from lack of attentiveness became a reality. She was able to break her fall thanks to her arms.

However, once Mayu got on all fours, she clenched her jaw till its outline became visible to the naked eye. Her sight aimed at the sidewalk. There wasn't anything in particular that she needed to examine. Well... If it were Yukirin, yeah, that silly detective would've found something to remark on. Those sharp wits of hers... It doesn't appear like she would be able to put it to its appropriate use now that she's hopeless by herself.

Mayu slammed her fist into the pavement. A tinge of pain rippled through her nerves upon contact with the rough surface. It didn't stop there though. She raised the same hand up. All five digits curled inward, another smack on the sidewalk. Again... and again... and AGAIN. Droplets slid down mid-way to her cheeks. Eventually, the brakes were pressed as discoloration on the skin were apparent, if it wasn't already torn from the multiple harsh impact and friction. Light smears of the crimson liquid evident on the grayish ground. Her blood crawling downward from her hand and plopping droplets onto the cleansed premise. Mayu's entire hand throbbed from self-harm. Not that it made her aware of the destructive tendency as she lowered her head. Both hands clasped ahold of her skull as she let a sob crack from her usually-stoic shell.

"Yukirin... God, I'm so sorry... I didn't want you to die!"

How could she forgive Mayu?

Mayu's eyelids squeezed as more tears fell out. Another outcry came as if she were a wild beast mourning for a deceased kin. It really hurts... IT HURTS! God, how could she live with herself after this as a doctor?! Her chest is in so much agony as emotions twisted and wrestled within her body. The uncertainty of her mental and physical being. Regret? No, regret is too underwhelming. SIN. Yes... That's the terminology. Sin. She had committed a grave sin to her crush and robbed her of the ability to live a normal life. Now Yuki can't perform her responsibility as a detective. Now Yuki can't read her favorite books in a cafe. Now Yuki can't stroll in the park with Mayu during break time. Now Yuki can't clean herself. Now Yuki can't feed herself. Now Yuki can't function as a human being.

She finally ushered herself to get back up on her two feet. Mayu stumbled upward as if she were a drunkard. A few seconds used up to stabilize her connection with gravity, the surgeon dragged her gaze back to the hospital's building. Ah-- Its white lights in the busy heart of Tokyo acted as a beacon of hope and a safe haven for the afflicted. Yet it carried a darkness of death and despair to the much more unfortunate victims. Mayu trembled and hugged her own figure. The strongest organ in her body slammed itself against her chest plate. Each beat may pump more blood in and out of her body, yet it tortured the female by wracking wave after wave of dull aches.

The tears came to an eventually cease. Production of it would be impossible as the doctor cried it all out. Any more and Mayu would just be beating herself up for no apparent reason. She blinked once. Then, speaking her under breath,

"...I need to save her..."

Save Yuki? From what though? No one would know as she decided to walk the opposite direction of the hospital.

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Aftermath [one-sided Mayuki] (12/14/17)
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Noooooooo Yuki!!!  :cry:

What did Mayu do to cause this?  :huhuh
And where is she going?  :?

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