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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ Skater Girl Epilogue (Wmatsui) 07/1
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@tfme3638 I am glad you like it! I do feel bad for Akane at the end though, but like you said it's based on the song  :( At least she has a friend in Miyuki now  :)

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ Skater Girl Epilogue (Wmatsui) 07/1
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Poor Churi T_T

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ Skater Girl Epilogue (Wmatsui) 07/1
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 @ Kahem :gyaaah: I know. Even I felt bad at the end, but it is based on the song after all. It seems Churi gets too many bad endings in my fic end though I really like her  :depressed: Hopefully she will have a better ending in my next fic :)

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ Doubt Prologue (SayaMilky & Jurimayu)
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A/N Prologue focuses on SayaMilky, but the main pairing is Nezumi/Center.

“Miyuki…” was all the dark haired girl was able to utter. The sky was dark gray and rain poured down on the two girls as they confronted each other at the empty park. One of them had a pink umbrella in her hand and the other was on her knees in the ground her frame getting soaked by the heavy rain. Her lip was cut and her face was bruised. The girl with the umbrella sneered,” What did you actually think I loved you? You are so naive, Sayaka!” Sayaka bit her lip as tears fell across her cheeks. Sayaka felt so stupid because even though Miyuki had betrayed her and sold her out to the rival yankee school she still loved her.
“Why???” Sayaka muttered sadly looking at Miyuki with huge round sad eyes. Miyuki felt a pang of guilt and quickly turned away from her. Miyuki hated feelings. Especially guilt. They were unnecessary and false illusions people created to feel better or bad about themselves. They meant nothing. Nothing at all “Because it was fun. Now it’s boring here. I think I am going to transfer. There’s nothing left for me to do in this boring school,” Miyuki said casually looking at her nails.

Finally Sayaka was able to muster up some anger. “Because it was fun? What’s wrong with you? Is this some kind of game to you? This isn’t the Miyuki I know!” Sayaka yelled. Miyuki got annoyed and grabbed Sayaka by her shirt collar. “The Miyuki you know? Ha, that’s called lying sweetheart! Besides people always betray each other. You would of done the same to me eventually,” Miyuki scoffed and let go of Sayaka’s collar abruptly.

Miyuki dusted her skirt and continued, “These is no such thing as love in this world. It be best if you learned that by now. I got to go. I am going to transfer to Majisuka Gakuen soon you know. It rumored to be the strongest school in the Tokyo area. I ought to go get my uniform.” Sayaka watched as Miyuki walked further and further away. Sayaka still couldn’t believe the way Miyuki tricked her. “I would have never betrayed you cause I love you…” Sayaka mumbled weakly as she watched Miyuki walk away.

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ Doubt Prologue (Jurimayu & SayaMilky) 07/17
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Nice prologue for this fic I wonder how the main pairing will fit
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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ Doubt Prologue (Jurimayu & SayaMilky) 07/17
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Is this the one you posted on AKBlasphemy? XD
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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ Doubt Prologue (Jurimayu & SayaMilky) 07/17
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@Yuki88 Yes, but hopefully it has less grammar mistakes. Some people haven't read it so I am posting it again.

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ Doubt Prologue (Jurimayu & SayaMilky) 07/17
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Chapter 1. Peaceful days are over

In spite the fact spring was near, the air was still cold and the trees looked dead. Nezumi stood under a tree outside a shrine. The local shrine was holding a festival and Center had invited Nezumi to go to festival with her. Nezumi looked beautiful under the orange glow of the sunset. Nezumi was not wearing her usual hoodie and uniform combo. Instead she was opted for a flowing dark blue dress with long sleeves. The dress was covered with a colorful flower pattern and the silk looked expensive. Nezumi paired up the stunning dress with black tights and heels. To top the look off, Nezumi pinned her hair back and applied make-up. Nezumi looked at the time on her phone and frowned. Center was over ten minutes late for their date.  The whole festival idea was Center’s idea in the first place! Nezumi hated crowded noisy places, but Center had begged her to go with her. Nezumi tried to say no, but then Center gave her those adorable puppy eyes and Nezumi just couldn’t say no.

Nezumi cursed herself for not wearing something warmer. Somehow she didn’t think it would be that cold since spring was near, but she was wrong. The wind was cruel and the thin silk fabric of dress offered little protection. Nezumi suddenly missed her hoodie. Nezumi had decided to dress up to impress Center since they hardly went on “formal dates”, but Center hadn’t even shown up yet. What in the world was taking her so long? Then just when Nezumi was about to let Center’s voice mail have it, Nezumi saw a limping figure approaching her. It was Center. Her hair was all over the place, her lip cut, and her face was bruised. “CENTER!” Nezumi shirked and rushed towards her to give her a hand. Center gave her a weak smile. Nezumi  gently placed Center’s arm around her shoulder and steadied her. Nezumi placed her in the nearby bench. and sat besides her.

“Sorry I am late,” Center apologized with a pained smile. “Baka! Like I care about that! Who the hell did this to you?” Nezumi demanded. “I ran into Yabakune. It’s since you should seen how they ended up,” Center replied. Nezumi groaned in frustration. It frustrated her when Center did got into reckless fight. Sure Center was strong, but there was only so much one person could take. Even if they were as strong as Center. “How many were they?” Nezumi questioned. Center smirked and answered, “15 probably?” Nezumi resisted the urge to smack her girlfriend since she was already hurt as it is. “BAKA! What were you thinking, Center?!” Nezumi exclaimed. Center leaned into Nezumi’s shoulder. “I didn’t have much of a choice. They cornered me on my way over here. Trust me, I wasn’t looking for a fight,” Center told Nezumi. Nezumi’s eyes soften and she stroke the other girl’s short black silky hair. She looked adorable leaning on her shoulder. A rare sight. A sight only Nezumi got to see.

“I been meaning to tell you this, but Yabakune has been acting pretty suspicious lately,” Nezumi brought up with a thoughtful expression. Center sat up and raised her eyebrow. Center gave her a disapproving look and asked, “You aren’t ears dropping again, were you?” Nezumi looked up at the evening sky and a sigh escaped her part lips. How long was it going to take for Center to trust really trust her? Nezumi did put her through a lot, but hadn’t she done enough to redeem herself? Nezumi sometimes felt like her girlfriend always doubted her words and actions.

“Of course not. I promised to tell you if I did, didn’t I?” Nezumi answered softly. Nezumi turned around and gently cupped Center’s cheeks. “Don’t you trust me?” Nezumi inquired sadly. Center’s eyes soften and Nezumi began to feel at ease as she gazed into the other girl’s impressive eyes. “I trust you, but then what do you mean?” Center prompted. Nezumi removed her hands from Center’s cheeks and gritted her teeth.  The loud music from the festival could be heard in the background and swarms of people passed by the girls, but they were much too preoccupied by their own little world. There was brilliant colorful fireworks painting the sky of vibrant reds, neon orange, and cool grass green. The pair were probably missing the best past of the festival, but the festival no longer seemed to matter to them.

“Yesterday when I was walking home from your house, I saw a bunch of Yabakune girls in our area. I would of taken care of them, but they were too many for me to handle alone, so I just hid,” Nezumi explained. Nezumi, unlike Center, didn’t feel like a coward for running or hiding from a fight. If it wasn’t in Nezumi’s best interest to fight, she wouldn’t fight. It made no sense to Nezumi fighting when she knew she would lose. It was something she couldn’t change about herself even after she started dating Center and quit her old ways. Some habits were hard to die. Perhaps Nezumi didn’t have a real yankee soul, but she would settle for having Center by her side. Center’s face changed from a attentive one to an appalled one. “You should of let me take you home that day!” Center exclaimed angrily. Nezumi flinched. She would never show it to Center, but Center’s wrath frighten her a bit. Especially when it was directed towards her. Plus, she was much too annoyed at that point to care or to back down. She hated when Center acted like if she was weaker than her or like if she needed her protection. Given Nezumi wasn’t as strong of a fighter, but she survived before Center came along.

“That’s dumb. I don’t need you to protect me or anything. Besides, I didn’t expect that amount Yabakune girls to be in the area. The bigger question is why were they there? Why did they go after you? Is Yabakune looking for war?” Nezumi spat. The romantic atmosphere the two girls were hoping for ended up turning into a tense one. It had been a while since Yabakune had made a move against them. Ever since Maeda was arrested and Shibuya left Yabakune, Yabakune girls didn’t even go close to their students? So what had changed? Center got up and grumbled, “Let’s just go home.” Nezumi bit her lip. Center was upset, but Nezumi didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, Center was acting a bit off. Center didn’t usually act so aggressive towards Nezumi. It was almost as if she was angry at Nezumi. Nezumi placed her arms around Center’s waist and asked, “Are you mad at me?” Center shut her eyes and let herself take in the sensation of Nezumi’s body against her own. “I am not mad. It’s just I was really close to losing and it has me on edge. I hate losing,” Center replied in frustration. Nezumi removed her arms from Center’s waist and grabbed her hand.

“You need to relax and cool off,” Nezumi point out slightly annoyed at Center’s attitude. Center ignored her comment. Center turned to face Nezumi and put her right hand on her cheek. “You look beautiful by the way.” Center whispered in a seductive matter. Nezumi blushed as Center looked at her with hungry eyes. Center’s hand traveled down her tighten causing Nezumi to shiver. ”Thanks,” Nezumi choked out.  Center smirked and bit her lip slightly before capturing Nezumi’s awaiting lips. Center’s lips were eager and passionate. Center placed her arms around Nezumi’s waist and pressed her body against her own. Nezumi felt her heart pounding in her chest as Center lips moved along her own. Center’s lips were soft and sweet against her. Nezumi couldn’t get enough of them.

Finally, Nezumi had to pull away from air. “Let’s go home,” Nezumi said still gasping for air. Center nodded with a slight smirk and grabbed her hand. The two girls continued their path in silence. The tense vide from before had returned and the pair didn’t know what to say to each other. Nezumi has tempted to go back to her sneaky ways just so she could know what was going on with Yabakune. Clearly the almost defeat had damaged Center’s ego and Nezumi didn’t feel like dealing with a sulky girlfriend. “Sorry…” Center mumbled as the two girls walked. Nezumi looked up in surprise and uttered, “Huh?” Center took a deep breath and replied, “Sorry for taking my anger out on you. We will figure this out. Arguing will get us no where.” “Why isn’t that sweet?” a unfamiliar voice said in the background.

Nezumi quick let go of Center’s hand and settled into their usual fight position. “Yabakune,” Center hissed as a group of girls in gray uniforms revealed themselves. There was at least fifteen girls surrounding them. None of them looked familiar though. They aren’t from Yabakune’s teppen. Were they simply acting on their own? Nezumi was going to have a little chat with Yabakune’s teppen later. “If it isn’t Majijo’s top? You beat up some of ours you know?” one of the girls snarled. “You are the ones in our area! If you don’t want Majijo to mess with you go back to your turf!” Nezumi scoffed. Nezumi glanced as Center as the girls grew more and more hostile. Center was still really injured. There was no way she would be able to fight in that condition. Not to mention. Nezumi looked down at her clothes and heels.

HOW THE HELL WAS SHE GOING TO FIGHT IN HEELS? “Center…” Nezumi whispered. “I can take them. Just run away. You can’t fight in heels, right?” Center whispered back her eyes fixed on the Yabakune girls. Nezumi threw her heels off and replied, “Like I would leave you alone!” The girls made their move. Nezumi and Center fought back with all their power, but the group of girls were too much for the injured girl. Not to mention Nezumi was having a hard time moving in her dress. Then just when all hope seemed lost they heard a voice say, “Come mess with someone your own size.” Nezumi looked up and found herself facing an adorable girl she never seen before in a Majijo uniform. Nezumi figured it was their newest transfer student. “Who the hell are you?” One of the Yabakune girls hissed. “I am Watanable Miyuki, but everyone calls me Milky,” the transfer student replied in a cutesy matter.

The girls turned their attention to Milky and Nezumi rushed to Center’s side. She looked really injured. Center attempted to get up again, but failed. “What are you doing? Just let her take care of them,” Nezumi told her. “What type of Rapappa president would I be if I let the transfer student defend us as if we were weak?!” Center spat bitterly. Nezumi worried glance turned cold. “I am sick of your stupid attitude.  Do whatever the hell you want!” Nezumi snapped. The fighting cease and the transfer student was left standing. “Thanks,” Nezumi told the Milky. “No problem,” Milky replied and helped her up with the smile. There was something about her that drew Nezumi in but at the same time unsettled her. She couldn’t put her finger on it. “I am Nezumi and this is Center,” Nezumi told her gesturing towards Center.

Center only groaned and Nezumi frowned. “Of course! I heard of you guys today. Majijo's teppen, huh?” Milky mused. “Yeah,” Nezumi confirmed. Milky turned around and said, “I’ll see you two later.” With that she walked away. Nezumi watched her as she left wondering about her. “Let’s go home,” Center told Nezumi. “Y..yeah,” Nezumi replied and broke away from her trance.

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ Doubt Ch.1 (Jurimayu & SayaMilky) 07/22
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Center got a rude awakening from Yabakune and Nezumi knew better to avoid but lucky for Milky to stop any more damage
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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ Doubt Ch.1 (Jurimayu & SayaMilky) 07/22
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Ch.2 Distrust

Center sat in the Rappapa president chair with a bitter pissed off expression. Everyone in the room knew better than to approach her when she was in that sort of mood. The only person that was brave enough to approach in that mood wasn’t in the room at the moment. That was mainly the reason Center was upset. Nezumi had texted Center the night before to tell her not to pick her up so they could go to school together. The whole thing frustrated Center because she want to apologize to Nezumi. Center felt like she ruined their date with her aggressive attitude.

Center knew she shouldn’t have taken out her frustration out on Nezumi, but she couldn’t help it. Center simply hated losing in fights. After all, Center had a reputation to uphold. But, getting beat up wasn’t Nezumi’s fault. Not to mention, Nezumi didn’t even want to go to the festival in the first place. Nezumi had dressed up for their date too…. Where in the world was Nezumi anyways? She was way late. Perhaps Yabakune got to her? Center felt a sense of urgency go through her. Center should have walked Nezumi to school in spite her wishes. What if she got ambushed again? Center got up her seat so abruptly she shocked everyone in the Rappapa room.

“Is something wrong, Center?” Gekikara asked. “I am going to look for Nezumi,” Center simply replied and exited the room with no further explanation. Center know she shouldn’t be, but somehow she was sort of suspicious of Nezumi. She didn’t think Nezumi was trying to do anything wrong. No, those days were long over. Nezumi… She wasn’t going to do anything like that again… But… Center saw a bunch of first year girls pass by. Center yanked one of them. The first year looked absolutely terrified. “C…Center-san!” the girl choked out in fright. “I am looking for Nezumi. Have you seen her?” Center demanded. “I saw her on my way here. Near the library,” the girl responded her eyes wide with fear. It was no secret that the whole school was afraid of Center. Maybe even more than they fear Maeda. Center sighed in relief. So, Nezumi got to school safe, but why hadn’t Nezumi headed to the Rappapa room?

Center finally spotted Nezumi with the transfer student, Miyuki or Milky, they met the day earlier. Center gritted her teeth remembering how easily Yabakune beat her the day before. It pissed her off all over again. Center should have been stronger than that. The transfer student and Nezumi were laughing. Center raised an eyebrow. Nezumi laughing? Nezumi never laughed with anyone other than Center. It sort of hit a nerve. “Nezumi!” Center called out. Nezumi stopped laughing and looked up. “Center! Hi!” Nezumi responded not even bothering to turn around to face her. “You’re late,” Center pointed out trying to keep her cool. “Yeah, and?” Nezumi replied in a self righteous tone that Center sometimes loved. At the moment she detested that tone. Didn’t Nezumi realize that Yabakune could of targeted her? “You had me worried sick! Don’t you realize you could have gotten beat up or something?” Center demanded.

“I can take care of myself,” Nezumi retorted and went back to talking Milky. Center felt her temper rising. “No you can’t! That’s it. Tomorrow we are walking to school together whether you like it or not!” Center declared angrily. Mostly she was frustrated with Nezumi. Why couldn’t she just property explain herself? It was almost as if Nezumi didn’t trust Center with her plans. Maybe Nezumi was hiding something? Maybe that’s why she was so defensive?  ”I don’t always have to do as you say, Center,” Nezumi snapped.

Center had to admit she was a bit taken aback by Nezumi’s comment. For a moment, Center thought Nezumi wasn’t serious, but the look in her face was dead serious. Milky looked at Center then back at Nezumi. “I guess I’ll leave you to settle your differences,” Milky announced and walked away. Center watched her leave, but wasn’t too preoccupied with that. “I am only worried about you, Nezumi,” Center mumbled. Nezumi groaned and replied, “I know that, but you don’t have to act so.. Controlling!” “I wouldn’t if you didn’t act so irresponsibly!” Center countered. ”It wasn’t me that took on more than she could chew for yesterday!” Nezumi snapped and then covered her lips.

Center felt her whole body tense up with the statement. It was almost like a slap in the face. Center’s eyes darken. “I was just warning you,” Center said in a monotone dead voice before starting to walk away. Nezumi had gone too far. She just had to bring up last night’s fight again didn’t she? Center looked back to find no one behind her. It was so like Nezumi to run away. Never apologizing property. Never owning up to what she did wrong. Even though Center knew perfectly well that Nezumi understood when she messed up. Center loved Nezumi too much to ever leave her, but she could never stop doubting her. Center hated that fact, but it was true. Nezumi had changed sure, but there was still sneakiness in her. Center knew that well. It used to not bother her, but ever since they had that heart to heart in the school gym about a year ago every time Nezumi did something sneaky it bothered Center.

Later after school, Center wasn’t surprised to see Nezumi waiting for her in the school fence. Nezumi’s face apologetic. It did all the speaking that was needed. With that face Nezumi was instantly forgiven. How could Center not forgive Nezumi, the only person she had in the world? Center simply responded by grabbing hand. There was a lot of unspoken things that had a deep meaning for them. They were indeed a strange couple. Their best moments were those they spend in silence simply basking in the other’s presence.  It was beautiful even though it was odd and even though Center sometimes wished for more The afternoon was beautiful as well as if trying to suit the moment. The sun ,a light shade of orange, as it fell from the sky. To many people Nezumi’s and Center’s relationship was a mystery, but it didn’t matter to either of them. They understood each other perfectly. They loved each other. That was one thing Center could never doubt. Even before Nezumi went out with Center, Center never once doubted Nezumi loved her.

Milky walked into Yabakune’s teppen room without a care in the world. She had no doubts that she would be able to make Majijo crumble. After what she witness with the president and the vice-president messing with them would be no problem. Milky’s mouth curve up as she thought about it. Her, Milky, would fool the infamous Nezumi. Even the genius mouse didn’t stand a chance against her. Not after Nezumi let herself fall in love with Center. Because now she gave Milky a weakness she could use against her. As Milky tried to get closer to the Yabakune president, two girls with dyed hair tried to stop her. “It’s okay,” the president, Mayu Ogasawara, reassured. Just like Nezumi, Mayu was infatuated with Milky. It was simply perfect to Milky. She would destroy Majijo and Yabakune in one go. It would be her ultimate prize. You see Milky prided herself in destroying schools and people’s lives. It was her hobby.

“So, what did you think of Majijo?” Mayu asked. ”Messing with them will be a piece of cake,” Milky replied with an air of cockiness. “Don’t be so hasty. Center and Nezumi are not to be thought of lightly,” one of the girls with dyed hair said. Those girls were known as the Barefoot Society, but Milky could care less about them. They aren’t important to her. “They won’t be much of a threat if they are fighting amongst themselves which I am already planning on,” Milky told Mayu ignoring everyone else in the room. Mayu considered her argument and nodded. “We will proceed as plan then,” Mayu announced.

“Mayu, do you really trust this outsider?” one of the girls demanded. ”Are you doubting my judgment, Mayuge?” Mayu demanded. Milky smirked. “No,” Mayuge quickly answered back. “I’ll be going now.” Milky said. Mayu nodded and Milky walked away. Another girl fell for her charming trap. Milky’s phone ringed. Milky looked at the caller id. It was Sayaka again. Milky sighed and clicked ignore. She had no time for her. After all, Milky had bigger plans.

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ Doubt Ch.2 (Jurimayu & SayaMilky) 07/26
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Milky has her priorities straight from the start.  I wonder what will finally break her streak....
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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ Doubt Ch.2 (Jurimayu & SayaMilky) 07/26
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@ Kurosawa87 You got that right :)

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ Doubt Ch.2 (Jurimayu & SayaMilky) 07/26
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Ch.3 Did you want it to be a lie?

 Swarms of girls lazily walked to school each one of them carrying the same air of hostilely around them. Each wore their red and black school uniform. Although most of them had altered it in some form, they wore it proudly. It was a mark, a symbol that they belonged to Majisuka All Girls School. The strongest yanakee school in the area. It was also a warning to outsiders. That they were not a force to be reckon with. One single girl stood out from the crowd of matching uniforms. An outsider.

Sayaka stood in front of Majijo the wind blowing behind her hair. Her face determined. She knew it wasn’t safe going to Majijo in her school uniform that stood out like a sore thumb, but Milky left her no choice. Girls kept giving her dirty looks and whispering about her. Whatever. Sayaka was perfectly capable of defending herself if anyone was stupid enough to challenge her. She was the teppen in her school after all or whatever is left of the teppen. Nowadays, that wasn’t exactly clear.

Finally, Sayaka spotted Miyuki. Miyuki was walking to school on her own, proudly wearing the Majijo uniform. As if she was loyal to the school. As if that was her place. Sayaka wasn’t fooled. She knew otherwise. “Milky!” Sayaka called out. Milky turned around. First Milky’s face looked absolutely bewildered then it turned cold. Sayaka pushed against the crowd and made her way towards Milky’s side. Miyuki was going to talk to Sayaka whether she liked it or not. Miyuki couldn’t look less pleased to see her. “Why are you here, Yamamoto-san?” Miyuki questioned in an annoyed indifferent tone. She tapped her foot impatiently urging the other girl to hurry up and leave her alone.

 “It used to be Sayanee,” Sayaka retorted reminding the other girl of how close they used to be. Sayaka was trying to keep her calm, but Milky really knew how to push people’s buttons when she set her mind to it. Sakaya was coming to learn a lot of new things about Milky she never imagine from the faired skined beauty. How could such a beautiful creature be so cruel and malicious? ”I asked you a question. Stop wasting my time,” Milky snapped putting her hands on her hips. Why was Sayaka there anyways? Sayaka couldn’t answer the question herself. Why was she there? Maybe deep down Sayaka expected Milky to apologize or to feel guilty after seeing her again. “Why did you do it?” Sayaka finally asked.

“Do what?” Milky asked feigning innocence. Her innocent blank expression… Those big round brown eyes… They were almost enough to make Sayaka forgot what Milky had done. “Don’t play games with me, Miyuki. I’ve had enough of that,” Sayaka replied her voice firm. Milky turned around and her lips curved up into a smile. Someone else had caught Miyuki’s attention. “Ah, you are no fun, Sayanee! I got to go!” Milky whined in a playful matter putting up her innocent sweet girl act. As Milky began to walk away, she muttered,” Leave me alone. Don’t come back here ever again. And stop calling me, too.” Sayaka sighed as she watched Milky approach a cute girl in a hoodie. Was the girl Milky’s latest victim perhaps? Sayaka sighed as she remember how easily Milky sneaked into her life.

Sayaka was eating at the school roof alone. It was quiet and the day was pleasant. It was the only spot of the school that was full of graffiti or trash. Not many people knew how to get there. That was another reason why it was Sayaka’s favorite spot. No one would bother Sayaka there. She could just be alone with her thoughts. Sayaka didn’t normally eat there. Normally, Sayaka ate with the rest of the teppen, but she didn’t feel like talking that day. Sayaka wanted some peace and quiet for once. For some reason, Sayaka felt very uneasy. Sayaka couldn’t exactly figure out why she felt that way though. Sayaka hadn’t felt that way since Minami’s death and Atsuko’s transfer to Majijo,  and she was over both things already. Kind of. You don’t exactly ever get over losing two of your friends even though they aren’t that close and they were two years older than Sayaka. Friends were still friends. Those two girls left a mark behind. One that wouldn’t be forgotten.

“This is a really nice spot! Do you come here often?” a unfamiliar voice asked. Sayaka furrowed her eyebrows. Nobody knew about the school roof. The voice sounded unfamiliar as well. Sayaka turned around curious to see who else had found out about her secret place. Sayaka found herself with face to face with the most beautiful person she ever seen. Her skin porcelain white, her chocolate brown eyes topped with black long lashes, and her light pink perfect lips. Her dark long black hair was glossy and absolutely flawless. The girl was like a princess right out of a story book. A heroine out of a manga. Sayaka was completely awestruck. “N…Not really!” Sayaka stammered. “Do you mean if I join you? I don’t mean to intrude. I am new here soo…” The girl’s voice trailed off. “No no! Go right ahead!” Sayaka quickly replied. The girl smiled and introduced herself, ” I am Miyuki, but you can call me Milky.”

It never occurred to Sayaka that Milky had followed her to the roof that way because Milky had already chosen Sayaka as her target, her pawn. Her pawn in destroying the school. “I didn’t think even you were foolish enough to come to Majijo wearing your school uniform,” a familiar voice commented behind her. Sayaka quickly turned around to face her old friend. “Otabe!” Sayaka blurted out in surprise. Otabe gave her a warm smile. ”Hey,” Otabe replied. “What are you doing here?” Sayaka inquired. Otabe looked at Milky’s direction and sighed. “I came to warn my friends here. About her…But judging by the target Miyuki picked she might have just found her match,” Otabe mused. “Friends?” Sayaka repeated sounding a bit confused.  “I attended a semester here remember? A favor to Maeda,” Otabe reminded. “Right. Maeda… Those were the days our school was at the top. Minami and Maeda were our strongest fighters. Now we have become the joke among Yakanee schools,” Sayaka hissed. “That’s mainly Miyuki’s fault. We were doing fine until she came along,” Otabe snarled.

Sayaka stayed silent and simply nodded. Sayaka’s eyes were too focused on Milky and the mystery girl. The two girls were giggling over something. Sayaka felt a pang of loneliness. Sayaka missed that laughed that filled her ears and made her feel warm. Sayaka suddenly felt Otabe’s eyes on her. “Sayaka, why are you here?” Otabe questioned. Sayaka kicked a stone with her foot and shrugged.

“No reason.”

“You were hoping it was all a lie weren’t you?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“You know exactly what I am walking about. You were hoping Miyuki hadn’t betrayed us aren’t you?”

Sayaka looked at the ground. Otabe was right of course. Otabe was always right. Her wise eyes missed nothing. “Not that it matters anyways. People don’t always get what they wish for anyways.”  Sayaka replied bitterly. Otabe casted a look at Sayaka. “You two were together aren’t you? You were lovers…” Otabe stated her voice trailing off. As usual, Otabe had guessed correctly. Miyuki and Sayaka had been lovers.

“Sayanee!” Milky squealed and hugged Sayaka from behind. The two girls were up on the roof again. The spot the had first met. Their favorite spot. Sayaka gave the other girl a big smile. ”Hey.” Sayaka replied softly. Sayaka couldn’t think of anything, but Miyuki’s body pressed behind her. Sayaka hadn’t told anyone, but she had a huge crush on the other girl. How could she not? Miyuki was beautiful, sweet and kind. Or so Sayaka thought. “Nee, Sayaka… Do you like me?” Miyuki questioned her voice sounding kind of shy. Something unusual for the usually outgoing girl.

“Of course, I like you.” Sayaka answered quickly. Miyuki removed her arms from Sayaka’s waist. Sayaka turned around to face her. Miyuki looked uncomfortable and looked at her hands. “Milky? What is it?” Sayaka pressed on. “But, do you like me like me? Like love like?” Miyuki asked her eyes still on her hands. Sayaka eyes widen at the question. Was Milky asking if Sayaka had a crush on her? Sayaka flushed and managed to say, “Y… Yeah…” Milky finally looked up. There was a huge grin in her face. “Really?” Milky asked excitedly hugging Sayaka. Sayaka giggled softly. “Yes, really!” Sayaka insisted. There was a brief silence and Milky looked into Sayaka eye’s. “I love you.” Milky declared and captured Sayaka’s lips.

The kiss was unlike anything Sayaka had ever experienced before. Never had Sayaka’s heart beat faster, nor her body so aware of another person’s body. Milky’s lips were so sweet like candy. So addicting. Sayaka pulled Milky’s body closer to her wanting more contact. Milky pulled away leaving Sayaka wanting more. “So, we are like together now?” Milky asked her voice shy. “Yes, we are,” Sayaka reassured her. “Nee, Sayaka…” Milky inquired. “If I needed you if I needed your help, you would come for me for me , right?” Milky said. “Of course. I’ll always be here for you.” Sayaka answered.

“It doesn’t matter anymore. Whether we were lovers or just ordinary friends. That doesn’t matter,” Sayaka responded. Otabe looked thoughtful. Sayaka observed her friend wondering what was in her mind. “You look lost in thought.” Sayaka said. Otabe looked at Milky and the girl with the hoodie she was talking to. “I once knew two girls here.” Otabe began. Sayaka knew Otabe was going to say something important. Otabe always said something important. No story was simply a story or piece of gossip with her. Every single word Otabe said had a deep meaning to it. “One of the girls was strong. One of the strongest fighters I know. Slightly arrogant, but overall a good person who was very loyal and lonely.” Otabe continued. “Are you talking about me?” Sayaka joked. Otaba laughed. “You two are a bit similar. Except you don’t have nearly the same amount of arrogance this girl had or the aggressiveness. Not to mention she was a lot more clever than you,” Otabe admitted with a laugh at the end. Sayaka was about to protest, but Otabe didn’t give her a chance.

“The other girl was a spoiled brat. She was a evil genius as well. Manipulated people as well. Just for the fun of it. Her father had given her money, but no love. She trusted no one,” Otabe explained. ”She sounds like…” Sayaka began, but was interrupted. “Like Miyuki? Don’t get them confused. Nezumi was something else. She would do something and no one would ever know she was behind it. Not until the every end when she began to feel.” Otabe explained. There was a spark in her eyes. Was it admiration? “Just so you know that girl is chatting with Milky right now.” Otabe pointed out.

Sayaka gasped. Clearly no matter how pretty and innocent someone looks in the outside that does not reflect on their hearts. “What happened between the two?” Sayaka asked. “The fighter, Center, and Nezumi met up someday. Who knows when? When I came to this school they were allies. At first everything was business like with the two then it began to change. Nezumi didn’t like how close she and Center were getting. She tried to get rid of her, but the other girl refused to leave her side. She knew Nezumi was betraying her, but she didn’t care. In fact, I bet she knew it since the beginning.” Otabe said.

“But why? Why would she stay by her side?” Sayaka questioned. “She saw something in her. I didn’t understand either. Sometimes I still don’t. All I know is that she stayed by her side and she changed that girl. Sometimes even though someone hurts us we simply can’t let go.” Otabe explained. Sayaka looked at Milky. Sayaka had been hurt too and she also couldn’t let go. “Maybe maybe just like that girl you can change Miyuki. I really hope you can.” Otabe finished.

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ Doubt Ch.3 (Jurimayu & SayaMilky) 07/30
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Otabe's words of wisdom seems to be a catalyst to stopping what will happen.  Battle on Sayanee
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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ Doubt Ch.4 (Jurimayu & SayaMilky) 08/6
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Ch.4 Heartless

Miyuki stood in Majijo’s roof staring at the view from below. Miyuki could see girls moving their mouths and laughing, but couldn't hear a thing. Silence. Peace. The perfect place to think. Miyuki didn't feel like herself at all. Stupid Sayaka always threw Miyuki off guard. The day was windy and blew Miyuki’s raven hair wildly on her face. Miyuki didn't seem to notice a prominent frown in her face. Why did Sayaka have to go to Majijo? Why couldn't Sayaka just leave Miyuki alone? Miyuki kicked a nearby plastic red chair in frustration. Why didn't Sayaka hate her? It didn't make sense for Sayaka to still like Miyuki. Not after what Miyuki did.

Miyuki smirked as all the foolish yankee girls prepared for a surprise ambush. The girls were moving around in their messy graffiti filled teppen room barking orders and telling people were to report. Miyuki sat in a nearby broken chair with her legs crossed. Miyuki wore a smirk in her face. The girls from NMB All Girls Academy had no idea what was headed their way. Miyuki giggled softly to herself. One more school destroyed under the hands of Watanabe Miyuki. That would teach that Miyuki wasn’t weak and was not a force to be messed with. The plan was for SKE All Girls Academy to do a surprise ambush on the NMB girl’s.

A ambush no one expected the perfect way to catch an otherwise tough school vulnerable. Thanks to her newest girl toy, Yamamoto Sayaka, Miyuki had gotten the inside scoop on the NMB teppen. Miyuki knew all of their weakness and not only that, but had planted seeds of doubt in each of the girl’s heads. Miyuki made them all doubt their friendship and relationships. Those seeds of doubt were the most effective when it came to destroying people.

The ambush was planned to take place right after school. The teppen would be destroyed. Then for the grand event, Sayaka would show up at the park for a date with Miyuki and SKE’s teppen would be waiting there to defeat her after the had taken care of the rest of NMB’s teppen. The plan was beautiful, flawless, and simply brilliant. “Milky, we are heading to the park already!” one of the teppen girls told her. Miyuki couldn't even remember her name, so she just gave her a big fake smile and replied, “Okay, coming!”

Everything had gone perfect except Miyuki didn't imagine Sayaka wouldn't leave her alone even after she transferred to Majijo. It was annoying and it made Miyuki feel unlike herself. No, Miyuki didn't feel. Miyuki was heartless. Sayaka’s presence only messed up Miyuki’s plans for Majijo. Soon that school would meet the same fate. Miyuki heard that there was a genius there in Majijo called Nezumi. An evil genius with a reputation of manipulating people. Haha, what a joke. Miyuki found her weak spot in a heartbeat. There was no one that challenged Miyuki’s brains. Miyuki would prove that by fooling Nezumi.

“What are you doing up here?” a familiar voice behind her demanded. Miyuki’s lips curved up mischievously. Still Miyuki managed to turn around with her most innocent face. “Center! I didn’t see you there!” Milky replied cheerfully. Center didn’t return her smile. “This spot belongs to Rappapa members. You don’t belong here!” Center hissed. Ah, there was no fooling that girl. Or perhaps Center simply didn’t like Miyuki. Miyuki could think of plenty reasons why. Miyuki would have thought Center was an easy target too. Oh well. Miyuki put her arms behind her neck and smirked. “Do you even belong here? After all you couldn’t even defeat those Yabakune underlings the other day. Wasn’t it I who had to rescue you? Who would have thought Rappapa’s president would be so weak,” Miyuki taunted.

“I have already beaten up several before you arrived!” Center snarled. Center’s entire body tensed up defensively.”You tell yourself that Center,” Miyuki replied calmly playing to the other girl’s insecurity. Center was stunned for a moment. Miyuki walked closer to her. The air between the two was tense. “It was Nezumi who showed me this spot and invited me here. Just so you know,” Miyuki whispered with an smirk. It was so easy. Center’s weak point was the same as Nezumi’s. Just like in the past, seeds of the doubt were really the best way to utterly destroy a person and make even the most fiery will crumble.

Miyuki walked out of the roof grinning. “Gosh, I feel so much better!” Miyuki said to no one in particular. Miyuki was about to head to the library when something caught her eye. It was Nezumi. The hooded mouse-like girl was sitting in an empty desolated classroom. Nezumi was looking out the window lost in thought. It was the perfect time to approach her if Miyuki wanted to talk to her without Center being around to interrupt the two girls. The day before Miyuki was doing so well. Miyuki could even say she had Nezumi eating out of the palm of her hand, but Center interrupted them. Miyuki was determined to get Nezumi in her side too.

It would be Miyuki’s ultimate conquest. Fooling Yanakees was easy, but fooling a genius? That was a rare and more complicated opportunity Miyuki had yet to encounter. Miyuki was determined to prove she could deceive even a genius. Miyuki entered the empty classroom joining Nezumi. “Milky-san? Nezumi said noticing Milky’s presence. “Hey! What’s up?” Milky greeted cheerfully trying to bring Nezumi’s guard down. “Why are you here?” Nezumi questioned getting up from the spinning chair she was sitting in. Nezumi turned her back on Miyuki to look out the window. Nezumi looked thoughtful. Miyuki sat in the spinning chair and took a good look around the room. There were a dozen of equations written in the walls and mice drawings all over the place as well. The room had Nezumi all written over it.

“Did you draw these? That’s impressive!” Milky complimented. ”You didn't answer my question,” Nezumi pointed out not taking the bait. “My my I just wanted to talk to you,” Milky replied turning out her flirtatious voice. Nezumi turned to face her and raised an eyebrow with a faint smile in her lips. “If I didn’t know any better I would say you were trying to seduce me,” Nezumi remarked. “What if I was?” Milky questioned inching closer to Nezumi. The girls were close now their faces only inches away. Nezumi wore a smirk in her face and replied, “That’s too bad. I have a girlfriend you know.” “A girl can still try,” Milky stated with a husky voice. Miyuki’s hands found their way to Nezumi’s shoulders. Slowly they removed Nezumi’s hoodie. Milky’s lips found Nezumi’s ear, her hands trailing Nezumi’s arms. “I could be way better than her. Center. I am stronger than her,” Milky whispered with an alluring voice. Nezumi  gave her a knowing smile and recoiled.

“I don’t trust you,” Nezumi retorted putting her hoodie back on. Nezumi proceeded to walk out of the room leaving a bewildered Miyuki behind. Miyuki rejected? That had never happened before! Miyuki was suddenly overcome by vicious anger. Nezumi would pay back! She had no idea what was coming to her.

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ Doubt Ch.4 (Jurimayu & SayaMilky) 08/6
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Center and Nezumi can probably stop her although I wonder if Sayaka can be used as a pawn by Milky or can she relize that she was being used...
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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ Doubt Ch.4 (Jurimayu & SayaMilky) 08/6
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Ch.5 Distance

The foggy weather wasn’t helping Nezumi feel any better as she hurried to school. The thick humid white mist made it impossible to see anything. Nezumi shivered and hugged herself. To make matters worst it was freezing cold that morning as well. Even Nezumi’s thick sweater wasn’t doing much to keep her warm. Autumn was a bitch. Nezumi wiped the fog off her cell phone screen and furiously sent another text to Center. Nezumi was beyond annoyed. Nezumi wasn’t a clingy person at all. In fact, Nezumi was quite the opposite. Nezumi valued her space more than anything in the world. However if there was one thing Nezumi hated it was being ignored.

Let alone being ditched. It wasn’t like Nezumi minded walking to school by herself, but she did mind standing outside her house 30 minutes waiting for Center to pick her up. Wasn’t it Center that had chewed her out for walking to school without her because it wasn’t SAFE??? Nezumi’s irritation grew as the inbox stayed empty. Center didn’t even bother sending a text to inform her she wasn’t showing up. Center better have gotten in trouble because if she had the nerve to leave Nezumi outside waiting for her in the cold, which Nezumi hated by the way, it was not going to be a pretty morning for the Rappapa president. It was not going to be pretty at all.

Finally, Nezumi reached Majijo an hour late. It wasn’t like the teachers in Majijo expected their students to show up on time or to even show up at all, but if Nezumi was going to be an hour late she preferred being late because she was doing something worthwhile not waiting for her inconsiderate girlfriend to show up. Nezumi looked up and spotted a familiar beige colored cardigan silhouette standing in the rooftop. Oh, Center was going to get it! Nezumi hurried her way upstairs only to find them blocked by Milky.

“Why in such a hurry?” Milky asked with her annoying fake friendly voice. Nezumi wasn’t in a mood to humor the pretty girl. It briefly occurred to her that Milky might have something to do with the reason why Center had ignored her that morning, but Nezumi decided to just bring it up to Center later. There was no point in letting the other girl know that Nezumi saw right through her. The less Milky knew the less damage she could cause.

“I don’t have time for this nor I am in a mood,” Nezumi spat making her way around the girl. “Trouble in paradise?” Milky mocked with a vicious smile. Suddenly, Nezumi couldn’t take it anymore and she slammed Milky against the floor. Nezumi was hoping the other girl would be frighten, but instead she was laughing at her. “What the hell is your problem?” Nezumi demanding losing her temper.

“I am not the one with the problem,” Milky replied cheerfully clearly enjoying her predicament. “I don’t want to see your fucking face near these stairs again. You got that. Go AWAY!” Nezumi threaten her eyes dark. Milky wrapped her hands around Nezumi’s waist and pulled her closer. Nezumi squirmed, but the girl was an iron grip shocking coming from such a petite girl.

“Careful now Nezumi. We wouldn’t want people getting the wrong idea would we?” Milky taunted and let go of Nezumi. Nezumi watched her walk away in disbelief and anger. Something was going to have to be done about that girl. Then, Nezumi remember the whole Center issue. Stupid Milky! Hopefully Center hadn’t left the roof.

If Nezumi didn’t catch her she would be furious. Nezumi ran up the stairs in a rush and finally she reached the roof. Nezumi opened the door gently. The was Center standing up looking at the horizon. There was a Hermann Hesse book in her right hand. Nezumi smiled in spite her irritation knowing the other girl’s choices of books so well. Nezumi had always found Center’s love for Hermann Hesse books cute and something amusing to tease Center about.

Still there was nothing cute or amusing about that morning. “I do not appreciate waiting outside my house for half an hour,” Nezumi spoke up breaking the peaceful silence. Center didn’t response nor flinch at Nezumi’s sudden comment. “I was waiting for you. A text would have been nice,” Nezumi tried again trying to keep her temper in check. Still no response from Center. It irked Nezumi. Why couldn’t Center just give her an answer? “Wasn’t it you who said walking to school alone wasn’t safe?” Nezumi continued her tone of voice rising. Center didn’t say a word.

Instead, Center turned around and began to walk away, but Nezumi grasped her wrist. “Don’t you dare walk away from me, Jurina!” Nezumi hissed using Center’s first name hoping to get some sort of reaction. Center paused and simply tried to pull away from Nezumi, but Nezumi’s grip was too strong. “What the hell Center? Why are you ignoring me?” Nezumi gritted finally losing her cool. “LET GO!” Center snarled her eyes threatening and hostile. Nezumi suddenly felt like taking a step back. Center’s wrath scared her.

“I didn’t do anything!” Nezumi protested. Nezumi didn’t understand why Center was so mad at her. Center had never ignored Nezumi before not even in the past when she backstabbed her numerous times. It hurt. Tears began to escape from Nezumi’s eyes. The distance between the two had never felt so big or evident. Nezumi didn’t even understand how it got there in the first place. Nezumi thought they were super close at this point.

Center’s face soften as she saw her cry, but still she replied, “How could you? How could you bring another girl here?” Nezumi recoiled her face still wet. Suddenly Nezumi felt embarrassed about crying and wiped her tears. “What are you talking about Center? What girl? I haven’t even been up here recently. At least not without you,” Nezumi responded with furrowed eyebrows. Center’s face grew annoyed. “The new transfer,” Center answered her voice sounding frustrated.

“That little bitch! What did she tell you?” Nezumi demanded. “Nothing just that you bought her up here. Is it true?” Center asked sounding more calm. It was Nezumi’s turn to get mad. “OF COURSE NOT! I am surprised you even believed her! Is that why you left me waiting Center?” Nezumi bellowed unleashing all her fury. Center looked completely shocked for a moment and then started to laughed. “What’s so funny?” Nezumi demanded. Center was in hysterics now and just managed to say, “You.”

“You think this is funny?!” Nezumi shouted. There was nothing funny about her situation and Center was acting way to carefree for someone who ditched their girlfriend in the morning. “I am sorry. You’re cute when you are mad,” Center explained trying to calm Nezumi down. Nezumi didn’t calm down though. Instead Nezumi kept going. “Instead of laughing you should helping me to find a way to get that girl out of our lives. I can’t believe she said that to you!” Nezumi complained. Suddenly, Center pulled her to an embrace getting her to finally shut up.

“Nezumi, I am sorry. I wasn’t thinking straight. That girl she got under my skin. I should have never listened to her in the first place,” Center apologized. Nezumi let a sigh escaped her lips as she buried her head in Center’s shoulder taking in her scent. It was like a drug to Nezumi and she could never feel like she was close enough to Center. “You trust me, right?” Nezumi asked pulling away from Center’s shoulder to look directly at her. Center’s arm around Nezumi’s waist pull her even closer. “Of course I do. With my life,” Center declared. Nezumi smiled. “Then I forgive you,” Nezumi said before capturing Center’s lips.

Miyuki smirked as she walked away from the roof and witness Center’s and Nezumi’s little reunion. How sweet. Enjoy it while it lasts, Miyuki thought to herself. Miyuki finally had assembled her plan to get back to Nezumi. It was brilliant perhaps her best plan ever. It was simple though. The only problem was the timing, but that could easily be taken care of. Miyuki thoughts were broken when she notice a familiar figure standing in front of her. Sayaka. Miyuki groaned and cursed her heart for beating faster. “Miyuki.” Sayaka said. “What no Milky this time?” Miyuki teased trying to anger the other girl. It didn’t work however. Instead, Sayaka simply looked sad.

“Leave those two alone. Leave this school ago. It isn’t to late for them to undo your damage. Come back to me, Milky,” Sayaka pleaded. Her statement stirred something in Miyuki’s heart and she founded herself wanting to say yes. To say yes and run away with Sayanee. Wait! What the hell was Miyuki saying? “I am getting quite sick of seeing your face!” Milky yelled and ran away leaving the shocked girl behind. Milky couldn’t fall in love. Love wasn’t true. Miyuki couldn’t forget this. There had to be more distance between Sayaka and her. More more more distance. Being with Sayaka wasn’t safe at all.

“Miyuki, you are so stupid! And you are suppose to be the class genius!” her girlfriend or ex-girlfriend, Nana Yamada mocked as Miyuki was surrounded by a circle of girls. All of the girls were laughing at her and pointing at her. Miyuki felt dizzy with all their laugher. “Yeah, Nana would never want to actually date you! I can’t be believe you thought she really love you!” Fukumoto Aina laughed and pushed Miyuki. The other girls proceed to shove Miyuki as well. Tears were pouring from her eyes now. All of those girls were suppose to be her best friends, and yet… They were laughing at her. “Nee nee, Milky what are the answers for the test again? Akane teased as she pushed her. Miyuki tried to break free from the group, but they were too many.

Miyuki’s eyes were wide and frighten. Miyuki threw a desperate glance at the girl she loved, but she was laughing as well. A girl, Milky couldn’t see her face because of her tears, grabbed her bag and pour the contents to the ground.

“Look at how weak you are! You can’t even run away or fight!”

“You are a fool Miyuki! So native.”

“Please! Just leave me alone!” Miyuki begged already lying in the ground. Her clothes were now soaked with mud for it had been raining the day before. “This is what you get!” One of them screamed before kicking Miyuki in the stomach. Miyuki cried out as she felt a jolt of pain course through her body. And then another and another until everything went black. The last thing Miyuki saw was the mocking smile of the girl who supposedly was in love with her.

Miyuki headed straight for Yabakune to get her latest plan in motion. Miyuki was going to make an arrangement to get Nezumi captured. Nezumi wasn’t the strongest of fighters, so it shouldn’t be a difficult thing. Then, Miyuki would move on from there. There would be no stopping Miyuki. Miyuki intended to finish what she started no matter what Sayaka said. Nezumi and Center would turn on each other. If fooling Nezumi wasn’t going to work then Miyuki could just fool Center.

The next day, Nezumi was in high sprits. Things were okay with Center and that idiot Miyuki stayed out of her sights the rest of the day. Not to mention it was no longer cold and foggy outside. It was also as if the weather had reacted according to her mood. Now all she needed was for Center to get there, so they could go to school. Center wouldn’t take long. Not after yesterday’s event.

Nezumi, however, wasn’t aware of the figures creeping up behind her. Suddenly, Nezumi screamed as she felt unknown arms grabbed her and begin to drag her away from her house. Nezumi tried to scream again, but the person had gagged her. Nezumi kicked her legs wildly and tried to throw punches, but there was more than one person and they restrained her. Oh god… What in the world was happening?! What was going to become of her?

Finally after a long walk, the stranger dropped Nezumi and removed the cloth from her mouth. Nezumi’s eyes widen as she looked at her surrounding. Yabakune…. There was someone in front of her. The girl had her back on her, but she was wearing Majijo’s uniform. “Ah, I hope they aren’t too rough on you Nezumi,” a familiar girl said. Miyuki turned around to face Nezumi.

“YOU!” Nezumi hissed. Miyuki giggled and replied, “Yes, me. You know we could have done this differently. If only you had been nicer, but you rejected me and I don’t like being reject. So I think it’s only fair I get even,” Miyuki explained in a calm casual voice. Nezumi looked at her with disbelief. “So you are going to get even by kidnapping me and getting the girls from Yabakune to beat me up?” Nezumi scoffed in spite her situation.

Miyuki smirked and kneed down to meet Nezumi’s challenging eyes. Nezumi looked away, but Miyuki put her hand under Nezumi’s chin and forced her to look up. “Beating you up would be to easy and too dull. I was thinking more about calling up Center,” Miyuki replied with a smug tone. Nezumi grabbed Miyuki’s collar angrily. “Don’t you dare get her involved!” Nezumi screamed.

Even Nezumi knew Center couldn’t take all the Yabakune girls even with Nezumi’s help. Plus Center was still injured from her last fight. “Grab her while I make a call will you, please?” Miyuki ordered a Yabakune underlings. The girls complied. All Nezumi could do was struggled because they had an iron grip on her. “Dammit, Miyuki you are not getting away with this!” Nezumi yelled. Miyuki smirked with a mysterious anger behind her eyes. “Watch me,” was all she replied before approaching Nezumi. Miyuki reached into the pocket of Nezumi’s hoodie and grabbed her cell phone.

Nezumi watched as Miyuki surfed though her contact list. “Ah, here it is. Center,” Miyuki announced wanting to bother Nezumi even more. Nezumi watched as Miyuki typed a text to Center wondering what in the world she was typing. Whatever it was it could be no good. “What did you write?” Nezumi demanded. Miyuki flashed her a mysterious smile. “You’ll see.” Miyuki replied before gesturing the girls to take Nezumi to an empty room and following them.

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ Doubt Ch.4 (Jurimayu & SayaMilky) 08/6
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Ch.6 Betrayal

Center, I am sorry! I been captured by Yabakune. Help me…

Center thought about the message over and over as she ran towards Yabakune. Center didn’t understand. The schools aren’t supposed to be fighting. Sure, Yabakune had been giving them problems, but a little rivalry was way different than kidnapping a school’s teppen member. What was the point in kidnapping Nezumi anyways? Why not just beat Nezumi up at the spot?

Not the Center wanted anyone to beat up Nezumi. If they even laid a finger on Nezumi… Center clenched her fist anger coursing through her veins. I should have gone pick her up earlier. I should have told her to wait inside her house… that was all that was in Center’s mind as she hurried to rescue her lover. Yabakune All Girls School was surprisingly empty making Center even more suspicious. Something wasn’t quite right… Something was off. It was too quiet. Way too quiet for a Yanakee school. Center made her way into the school gates. Whatever. Center was going to rescue Nezumi no matter what conditions. No matter what…

“She is here!” a random Yabakune underling announced looking out the window of the messy room. Miyuki grinned as she saw the Rappapa president with her usual brown cardigan making her way inside the school. Nezumi sat in a chair tied up so that she wouldn’t be able to escape. Miyuki approached her and put her hand under her chin forcing her to face her. “Aren’t you happy? Your girlfriend is coming to save you,” Miyuki told her in a sweet voice. Nezumi responded by looking away with a displeased expression. Nezumi didn’t know what Miyuki was planning, but whatever it was Nezumi wasn’t sure that she would be able to protect Center from it.

Center… Whatever happens just be safe, Nezumi pleaded in her head worried for her girlfriend and best friend. Nezumi had seriously underestimated the cute looking malicious girl. Miyuki was one smart girl. A master in disguise. Nezumi couldn’t even fathom what her plan was for Majijo. Nezumi would normally try to manipulate the girl into revealing her true intentions, but Nezumi knew nothing about the girl. Nezumi had no ammunition to hurt Miyuki with. Everything about Miyuki was a mystery to Nezumi. Nezumi didn’t know where she came from, what was her true personality.

Who was Watanabe Miyuki and what was she after? “I’ll stand here and keep watch. You guys go downstairs and help the others. Text me when it is time.” Miyuki ordered the girls. The three underling nodded and did as they were instructed. Nezumi wondered how Miyuki had so much power in Yabakune. Nezumi would have known if she was a student at Yabakune before, but Miyuki wasn’t. A strong fighter like her would have been noticed by Nezumi. Nezumi was a 100% sure of that fact. “You seem to have a lot of say around here,” Nezumi observed. Nezumi had to get something on Miyuki. Anything.

Anything to get Center and her out of this horrible mess. “Ah, you see I am pretty close with the president. She is a cute girl, but a little native. I wonder how such a silly girl can become president of a school?” Miyuki replied looking at her nails. Nezumi took her comment as an opening. “So is that what you do? Flirt with girls and make them fall in love with you so that you can get what you want,” Nezumi confronted. Nezumi knew it be unless to beat around the bush with Miyuki. Miyuki would instantly know she was trying to fool her and put her guard up. If Nezumi confronted her directly, however, she stood a greater chance of getting something out of her. “Maybe. Sometimes. It works well. Unfortunately it didn’t work with you, but that is fine. There other methods to get what one wants.” Miyuki replied.

Nezumi’s hands tried to find a way to untied themselves as Miyuki spoke. “Such as kidnapping?” Nezumi prompted. Miyuki didn’t respond. Instead Miyuki looked at her phone. A grin appeared in her lips. Miyuki sent a quick text and placed her phone in her pocket. Suddenly, Miyuki approached Nezumi and sat in her lap.

At this Nezumi’s eyes widen in utter shock. “What are you doing?!” Nezumi shrieked. Miyuki’s hands travelled to the knot holding Nezumi captive. “You know Nezumi I actually did like you. I never met a girl who could challenge my intellect. I find it alluring, but you pushed me away for Center. It made me angry, but I don’t want to hurt you. I love you, Nezumi ” Miyuki confessed removing the ropes around Nezumi. Nezumi tried to get up, but Miyuki captured her wrists with iron grip.

“What the hell are you doing?! You really think I buy that?” Nezumi retorted. Miyuki smirked inching closer to Nezumi. “You don’t have to. As long as Center does,” Miyuki replied in a smug tone. Nezumi blinked in confusion for the first time not knowing what her opponent was thinking. The door flew open and before Nezumi even had a chance to react Miyuki captured her lips. Nezumi squirmed under Miyuki trying desperately to push Miyuki off. Nezumi’s eyes wondered off to the door’s direction and Nezumi saw Center watching the scene in disbelief. Center’s face was bruised and filled of blood. That gave Nezumi the strength to push Miyuki off her.

“Center! It’s not what you think!” Nezumi quickly exclaimed getting off the chair. Center’s face harden, she turned around and began to run. Nezumi tried to run after her, but was surrounded by a bunch of Yabakune girls. “I had enough of this crap!” Nezumi screamed before proceeding to attack the Yabakune girls. There was anger coursing in Nezumi’s veins and she was fighting hard desperate to get out of there so she could get to Center and explain it wasn’t what she thought.

To tell Center it wasn’t what she thought at all. Never had Nezumi hated someone as much as her father until now. Unfortunately the sneaky brat was nowhere to be founded. Finally, Nezumi was cornered. There were too many girls and no matter how many she beat up more appeared. Her situation wasn’t looking good at all. How much longer could Nezumi go on fighting before collapsing? Nezumi tried to block all the attacks thrown her way, but there were too many girls. Before Nezumi knew it, a girl sneaked an punch in her stomach knocking the breath right out of her. Nezumi’s world became cloudy and she fell to the floor.

“Don’t give up to these underlings so quickly, Nezumi!” A familiar voice yelled. Nezumi looked up to find herself facing Otabe. “Otabe!” Nezumi exclaimed and quickly got on her feet. “Hi, Nezumi. How are you?” Otabe asked with a casual smile yet her eyes were analyzing her opponents. Nezumi smiled happy to see her old enemy and now her new best friend next to her.

“Been better. You really have like the best timing you know that right?” Nezumi commented as the menacing girls circled them. Otabe giggled softly and said, “Just go, Nezumi. I’ll take care of this. Go get her before its too late.” Nezumi nodded and somehow managed to break away from all the girls while Otabe fought them. Otabe sighed as she saw Nezumi run. Hopefully those two will be alright. Otabe thought to herself.

Miyuki giggled as she walked out the back entrance of Yabakune with her pink umbrella. Rain was forecast on that day and Milky wasn’t one to be unprepared. Still it was all too easy. Getting Center to believe Nezumi was cheating on her, getting those Yabakune idiots to do her biding, and then sneaking out while they probably got beat up. It was all so easy. So simple. Milky extended her hand and a single raindrop fell into her hand. Rain. It was here. Milky smiled and pulled out her umbrella to avoid the rain.

Just as Milky predicted. Milky kept on walking happily until she notice a familiar figure in the distance. One Milky didn’t particularly want to bump into. Sakaya… Sayaka looked up and their eyes met. Milky groaned inwardly and turned around to try and avoid the girl, but Sayaka ran to her side before she could even get away. “What do you want now Sayaka?” Milky questioned her tone filled of annoyance. Sayaka shivered slightly from the cold rain, but Milky didn’t bother to offer her umbrella either ways. “Stop messing with those girls, Miyuki. Just stop. There is no point in what you are doing. It’s wrong,” Sayaka told her.

Miyuki’s face grew cold and her eyes cold as ice making Sayaka feel even worst than wet rain could make her feel. “Who do you think you are preaching to me? This is none of your business!” Miyuki snapped. Sayaka grew frustrated and demanded, “Then tell me Miyuki! What was the point of this?” Miyuki put up a confused face with a slight smile eager to annoy Sayaka as much as Sayaka was annoying her.

“The point of what Sayaka?” Miyuki replied in a mocking tone. Sayaka couldn’t take Miyuki’s attitude anymore and grabbed Miyuki’s shoulders. Miyuki was so surprised she dropped her pink umbrella. Miyuki froze as the umbrella tumbled to the wet ground. “You know perfect well what I mean. What was the point in destroying those girl’s relationship? Of destroying NMB? Of deceiving me?” Sayaka exclaimed shaking Miyuki. “Let go of me!” Miyuki screamed trying to push Sayaka away. Sayaka held on even harder.

“Don’t walk away from me, Miyuki!” Sayaka yelled. “Leave me alone! I don’t owe you any answers!” Miyuki spat avoiding Sayaka’s gaze. “You do owe me answers, Miyuki because I didn’t deserve what you did to me!” Sayaka replied though gritted teeth. Miyuki managed to pull away from the angry girl and shouted, “You want an explanation? Fine! I needed to get something done and you were the easiest way to get me there. I no longer need you so GO AWAY!” Sayaka grew more frustrated the more she argued with Miyuki.

Why wouldn’t the girl see? Why wouldn’t the girl understand that she was wrong? “People aren’t there for you to use nor are they toys! You want me to disappear, but I am not and you can’t force me too. I don’t have to listen to you either!” Sayaka exclaimed. Miyuki didn’t replied instead she began to walk away. “Miyuki, please just think about it. How would you feel if someone did it to you?” Sayaka called out as Miyuki walked away. Miyuki stopped on her tracks, but didn’t say a word. Tears began to fall from her eyes for some odd reason Miyuki didn’t understand. Maybe it was just rain. “Someone did do it to me.” was all Miyuki mumbled before running away leaving a stunned Sayaka behind.

Center stood in the falling rain, her face hard. Center might have been crying, but the rain made it hard to tell. Nezumi put her hands on her knees and tried to catch her breath. “C-Center,” Nezumi panted. Center’s back was on Nezumi, but Nezumi saw Center clench her fist. Center began to walk away, but Nezumi rushed to her side and grasped her wrist. “Don’t walk away from me. Please!” Nezumi pleaded tears forming in her eyes.

Center stopped and her hand went limp. “You broke your promise, Nezumi. You broke all of them… There is only so much I can take…” Center whispered her voice filled with pain as she pulled her hand away from Nezumi. “I can explain!” Nezumi exclaimed. Center shook her head and replied, ” Sorry I just don’t trust you. You betrayed my trust too much.” With that said, Center walked away leaving a sobbing Nezumi behind.

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ Doubt Ch.5 & 6 (Jurimayu & SayaMilky)
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Ch.7 Misunderstood

Nezumi threw a paper plane across the darkening sky hoping it would fly far far away just like her problems. Except it didn’t. The plane didn’t even reach the sky instead it fell weakly to the ground. Just like the day they met. Only this time Center wasn’t there to pick the plane up. The conversation kept replaying in Nezumi’s head like a broken disk and all Nezumi could do was bite her lip and not cry.

That’s how bad it was. She wanted to cry and Nezumi didn’t cry. Of course Center didn’t believe Nezumi. Why would Center believe her after Nezumi played her so many times and made a fool again and again out of her genuine feelings? Nezumi wouldn’t believe herself either if she was in Center’s shoes. Even though this time Nezumi was being completely honest. Even though Nezumi was trying so hard to change. And some stupid stranger had to just make their way into their lives and just ruin it all. Nezumi hadn’t broke her promise to Center, but how could she prove that to Center?

“I lied to you again…” Nezumi mumbled looking at the ground. The sky was bright, a complete contrast to the mood surrounding the hooded mice and her companion. The girl in the cardigan was wearing fresh scars and had been limping due to a fight Nezumi provoked and had to be saved from. Again. “Why?” was all Center asked in return. Why did I lie, Nezumi wondered to herself.

Nezumi was already in the top of Majijo and Yabakune was no longer a threat. Why did Nezumi feel the need to fall back into her string of lies? Maybe because it was safe? “I don’t know…” Nezumi answered in a weak voice. Nezumi felt like she was going to be sick. She didn’t want to lose Center. The immense fear suddenly hit Nezumi and she realized she had something to lose.

“I am sorry!” Nezumi blurted out with frightened eyes. Tears began to fall from her eyes without a warning. Nezumi knew why she did it. Why it started… It was because of her… Otabe… Nezumi didn’t want Otabe to be around and steal Center’s attention so Nezumi devised a plan to get ruin of her. And it backfired. She got discovered and worst of all Otabe wasn’t even angry. Otabe expected it.

Nezumi felt like such a spoiled child. Center looked surprised at her sudden apology, but asked again, “But why Nezumi?” Nezumi felt a bit irritated and snapped, “Does there has to be a reason?” Center grabbed her wrist forcefully and gritted out, “Yes! You expect me to believe you backstab me for no reason? I thought we were passed this Nezumi!”

“We are!” Nezumi insisted in a less angry voice. “Then why did you do it then?” Center demanded. “Because I didn’t want you to be with her instead of me!” Nezumi exclaimed. Center looked taken aback and her grip on Nezumi’s wrist loosen. “With her? You mean Otabe?” Center repeated making sure she heard correctly. “Yes Otabe you baka!” Nezumi snapped. Center began to laughed. Hard. Nezumi’s eyes narrowed.

“Why are you laughing?! That’s not funny!” Nezumi exclaimed and punched her in the arm. “I… I am sorry, but seriously you went through all that trouble just for that?” Center asked. Nezumi blushed and looked down feeling a bit embarrassed. Center had a point. Nezumi made a big deal out of nothing. “I am glad you find this amusing,” Nezumi snapped and began to walked away, but Center grabbed Nezumi’s wrist and pulled her against her body knocking the air out of her.

Center’s intense eyes were suddenly gazing at hers with an unreadable emotion. “I promise you I am not making fun of you in the least bit. I just never imagine you cared so much…” Center said softly her voice trailing off at the end of her statement. Their faces were only inches away and their bodies pressed together. Nezumi’s could feel Center’s heartbeat under her chest. It probably matched her own.

Nezumi was lost for words. What was Nezumi suppose to say? Nezumi took a deep breath and took in Center’s intoxicating scent. “I-I care, okay… A lot…” Nezumi mumbled finding her voice again. Center put her soft hand on Nezumi’s cheek. “So do I,” Center replied. Nezumi looked into Center’s eyes and sighed. So pretty, Nezumi thought as she looked into them. Every small touch Center delivered made her heart go on overdrive.

Nezumi wondered if Center understood just how much she cared. “I don’t think you understand…” Nezumi told her. “What don’t I understand?” Center questioned in her melodic voice. Nezumi was silent for a bit and wanted to step back, but Center’s grip was too strong. “I-I think I love you…” Nezumi whispered softly. Center blinked. “W-What?!” Center blurted out in utter shock at the sudden confession. Nezumi took a step away from the bewildered Center. “I-I mean… Just forget it…” Nezumi said.

Center grabbed her waist and pulled her close again causing Nezumi’s eyes to widen. “What if I don’t want to?” Center demanded in a husky voice. Nezumi’s breathing became erratic at the words and she was too aware of Center’s body that was pressed against her own. Moving a strand of hair from Nezumi’s ear, Center leaned in and whispered, “And what if I love you too?” Nezumi drew a breath. Pulling away from her ear slowly, Center touched Nezumi’s lips with her index finger causing Nezumi to shiver slightly. “What if I want to kiss you?” Center whispered again, her lips dangerously close to Nezumi.

“Why don’t you?” Nezumi managed to say. Center smiled and crashed her lips against hers. The sensation was hot, sweet, and exciting all at the same time. Grabbing Center’s collar, Nezumi pulled her closer. Center responded by gently pushing her tongue into Nezumi’s parted lips. The kiss grew more intense by the second and Nezumi never wanted it to stop.

Pausing to take a breath, the two pulled in for another kiss again. And another. It as complete bliss. Neither ever thought such a thing could happen and neither wanted it to ever stop. Finally the two laid in the ground still trying to catch their breathes. “Nezumi…” Center said breaking the peaceful silence. “Mmm?” Nezumi replied. “Promise me you won’t ever do anything like that again. Enough with the lying,” Center told her. “I promise.” Nezumi sworn knowing for once she completely meant it.

That… That was the last time Nezumi lied to Center. Nezumi had completely kept her promise and now an outsider had to come and ruin it. It funny how easily things can come undone. To make matters worst Nezumi couldn’t located Miyuki to give her a piece of her mind. Instead Nezumi was left with all her anger inside. “You’re Nezumi aren’t you?” an unfamiliar voice behind her asked.

Nezumi turned around to find herself face to face to a complete stranger. The girl wore a NMB uniform. A yanakee school. One that was quite famous in its area for being really strong, but a couple of months ago lost it’s title to their rival school SKE which ended up falling as well. Both were now the laughing stock of yanakee schools. Nezumi being as calculating as she was kept tabs on various yankee school. This girl didn’t scream the aura of your average grunt however. She was more important than that. Nezumi could sense it. Still why would a NMB girl be interested in Majijo? Their areas were completely different. Not to mention they were still recovering from the major blow they just suffered.

“And you are?” Nezumi asked with a raised eyebrow. The unfamiliar girl leaned into the railing of school stairs. “I am Yamamoto Sayaka. I am Milky’s ex-girlfriend,” Sayaka explained. Nezumi’s eyes widen. Could it be? An opening? “Miyuki’s?” Nezumi repeated making sure she heard her right. Sayaka nodded.

There was an awkward silence then Sayaka finally spoke up, “She is causing trouble here too isn’t she?” Nezumi didn’t respond instead her eyes were on the roof where a familiar figure stood. Center. “You were like her too aren’t you? Otabe told me. I need your help. I want to save Miyuki,” Sayaka told Nezumi. Nezumi’s face grew dark.

“Why should I help you save Miyuki? She has done nothing, but unravel my life. Besides if you are her ex girlfriend why should I believe you? Miyuki already caused enough trouble. Go away!” Nezumi spat remembering her bitter separation with Center. Sayaka paused trying to think of the right words to say. Sayaka needed Nezumi’s help. “You want to get your girlfriend back don’t you? If you help me I’ll help you get her back,” Sayaka offered.

Nezumi didn’t reply. “She’s your best option, Nezumi,” Otabe pointed out behind her. “Why are you always so nosy?” Nezumi snarled forgetting all about the heart to heart moment she had with Otabe during the fight at Yabakune. “Nezumi just relax. Look I know Sayanee since a long time ago. You can trust her,” Otabe continued ignoring Nezumi’s remark. “Come on! You got to help me! Miyuki isn’t going to stop, Nezumi! She isn’t going to stop until your entire school collapses. Just tell me how did your girlfriend get you out of your malicious ways?” Sayaka insisted as well.

Nezumi sighed. “Otabe sure doesn’t know how to keep her mouth shut…” Nezumi said glancing at Otabe. Sayaka’s face brightened. “Does that mean you will help me?” Sayaka asked with hopeful eyes. Nezumi tore her eyes from the rooftop and nodded. Nezumi had no choice, but to trust Otabe’s judgment. It wasn’t like she had any other ideas.

“So then we got a deal!” Sayaka announced happily and began to leave along with Otabe. “Sayaka!” Nezumi called out as the girl walked away. The two girls stopped and turned to face her. “You are already in the right track. To save Miyuki I mean,” Nezumi told her before walking away. Sayaka and Otabe exchanged a smile and walked away.

Nezumi sighed away and groaned. I hope I don’t regret this, Nezumi thought to herself.

“Everyone! Get her!” a Yabakune student yelled. Center looked around. She was surrounded and exhausted. Both physically and mentally. Not to mention it was raining again. Center hated rain. Blocking the first hit, Center began to fight back. Why did they pick that night to ambush her out of all the days? Center was still recovering from her old injuries and there was the thing with Nezumi. Her heart was in pieces and her head wasn’t in the right place to fight.

Center hissed as a blow was landed in her stomach. Center wasn’t going to win. There were too many girls not to mention Center wasn’t herself today. She completely failed as a president. Center blocked the hits herself trying to protect herself. She was cornered. “To hell with you!” a girl screamed and prepared to deliver the final blow. Center shut her eyes when suddenly she heard a smacking sound. Center opened her eyes to find Miyuki standing in front of her extend her hand.

“Come on,” Miyuki ordered.. Center hesitated, but grabbed her hand. How weak had she grown that her enemy had to rescue her from Yabakune? “I’ll teach you to mess with our president!” Miyuki screamed and began to fight. She’s strong, Center noted as she began to fight by her side as well. Soon thanks to Miyuki’s help the Yabakune girls ran away frightened.

Center felt ashamed. She, Rappapa’s president, had to get help from a transfer student. What did that say about Rappapa? “Are you alright?” Miyuki asked in a concerned voice. Miyuki tried to reach out to her, but Center snatched her arm away. “Go away!” Center snarled. Miyuki sighed. “Look Center, I know you hate me and I don’t know what I did to make you hate me so much, but I am just trying to help,” Miyuki said with her arms crossed.

“Sure! So much help you are stealing away my girlfriend!” Center retorted. Center’s legs suddenly felt weak and she collapsed in the wet ground. Tears began to fall from her eyes, but Center quickly brushed them away. “I am Rappapa’s president… I shouldn’t need someone to rescue me. Especially a transfer student…” Center mumbled. Miyuki kneed down. “You know even presidents need help. Isn’t that why you have your queens? Beside you are injured.” Miyuki pointed out and patted Center’s head.

For some odd reason, this time Center didn’t move away. Miyuki got up and extended her hand to help Center up. “I didn’t try to steal your girlfriend by the way. I just think you should know that,” Miyuki added in a gentle voice. “Really? You think I believe you after what you told me in the roof shortly after we met?” Center countered bitterly tears still pouring out of her eyes. No matter how much Center tried to wipe them away they kept falling and Center suddenly wondered if they were tears or rain. It didn’t matter.

Center hated both. Miyuki gave her a pained smile. “I was provoked. You were rude to me for no reason. Besides I didn’t know you were dating Nezumi. I simply thought you liked her or something. I am a transfer student remember?” Miyuki reminded. Center didn’t reply. Miyuki sighed. “Look Nezumi reached out to me not the other way around. Nezumi kissed me and flirted with me and I can’t change that. Like I said I didn’t know you two were dating. Nezumi never mentioned it,” Miyuki told her.

Miyuki put her hand under Center’s chin and forced her to face her. “She backstabbed me too you know. That day… She told me she loved me and that she wanted to take the top with me and end your reign in Majijo, but she was just using me to get to Yabakune…” Miyuki bit her lip at the end of her sentence. “I.. I didn’t know. I thought she was over this… I thought she loved me, but she was using me… All along she was planning my downfall….” Center sobbed.

Miyuki suddenly hugged Center. Center looked surprised, but hugged her back. “I am sorry for my part in this and like I said every president needs help. Don’t be ashamed of it. It’s them that are wrong for gaining up on you and Nezumi… She doesn’t know the great person she is missing out on. It’s her lost not yours,” Miyuki reassured.

“You think I am a good president?” Center asked wiping her eyes for the last time. “Of course! You always watch after everybody and you never back down from a fight even though you know you might lose or are outnumbered. It really admirable and makes you a great president!” Miyuki complimented. Center smiled for the first time that night.

“That means a lot,” Center said. Miyuki grinned and got up. Extending her hand to Center, Miyuki said, “Let’s go home. It’s getting late and the rain is going to give us a cold.” Center nodded and took her hand. Miyuki helped her up and both girls began to make their way home not minding the rain anymore. “I got your back Center. You and I can become good friends you know,” Miyuki told Center as the walked home. Center paused and considered it. Now that Nezumi was gone, Center was all alone. Center really use a friend and Miyuki was proving to be loyal enough. “I would like that,” Center replied with a smile.

Nezumi sighed as she walked through Majijo’s hallway the next day. Everyone was glaring at her. Did the news of Nezumi’s latest betrayal really travel that fast? Or was there someone else involved in spreading the information? If so Nezumi had an idea as to who that person was. Thankfully no one annoying confronted her about anything.

Now all Nezumi had to do was plan. The faster Nezumi devised a plan to help Sayaka the faster she would get Center back. Even so there was another thing Nezumi had to do. Nezumi would help Sayaka and all, but even so she couldn’t allow Majijo to crumbled under Miyuki’s feet. Nezumi had to do something and fast. Center had too many injuries and was upset over what happened with Nezumi. Center wasn’t in any shape to handle an ambush if Miyuki planned one.

Center would fall for sure. Surely even if Nezumi wasn’t able to talk to Center there had to be a way for Nezumi to still be able to protect her. According to Otabe, Miyuki had a lot of people in Yabakune. Nezumi just had to dig deep. There had to be people that weren’t okay with a Majijo student walking around like they owned the place. That was what lead to Nezumi’s downfall once.

Surely if Nezumi pushed hard enough they would snap like they did with her and Milky would be cornered. The only way to get Miyuki to listen to Sayaka was to take away all her security. Nezumi had to show Miyuki how alone she really was so that Miyuki could allow Sayaka in and truly start to change. Then Sayaka and Miyuki would talk to Center and explained what happened. It was perfect. The plan was perfect.

“Do you usually have lunch in the rooftop?” Miyuki asked loudly as her and Center walked by Nezumi. Center looked at Miyuki and smiled. She didn’t even acknowledge Nezumi’s presence. ”Yeah, you could come with if you like,” Center replied. Nezumi’s eyes widen. No! This could not be happening. But it was. Center and Miyuki walked past her, talking and laughing like best friends and Nezumi sure didn’t see that one coming. Suddenly Nezumi’s plan didn’t seem as simple as she thought.

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ Doubt Ch.5 & 6 (Jurimayu & SayaMilky)
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Ch.8 Deadly Alliance

A/N: I thought I would take some time to explain the teppens of this story since it might get confusing. Technically this story takes place on Nezumi’s and Center’s third year so there are some changes since some people are supposed to have graduated. Here’s the chart for each school so far:


Gakuran- retained due to being hospitalized

Gekikara- retained again due to being hospitalized

Churi- new queen

Anna- new queen

Team Fondue

Yabakune Teppen:

President: Ogasawara Mayu

Hadashi no Kai memebers

NMB Teppen:

President: Sayaka

Vice-President: Fuuko

Member: Kanako (NMB48)

The hallways in Yabakune were crowded and noisy just like any other yankee school. Girls were shoving and screaming at each other. The walls were filled of graffiti and there was trash all over the floor. Miyuki was perfectly used to that type surroundings as well as the deadly glares she was receiving from all the Yabakune students. Rather than shying away from the unwanted attention Miyuki walked around as if she owned the place. After all Miyuki was the true top no matter where she was Miyuki would always take the top there.

Heading towards a secluded room, Miyuki encountered four girls dressed in the most bizarre way. They had multicolored dyed or was it hair clips decorating their hair and what seemed to Miyuki an unfortunate sense of fashion. They were the infamous Hadashi no Kai or Barefoot Society of Yabukune. They were rumored to be very strong and even beat a few of the Majijo queens.

At the moment the four girls were giving Mayuki hostile looks. Miyuki resisted the urge to roll her eyes. It wasn’t a secret that the girls didn’t want Miyuki around, but luckily Miyuki had someone more powerful on her side. “I am here to see Mayu,” Miyuki said responding to the hostile looks with innocent eyes. She knew this would agitate them even further and the thought of that made her smile.

The four girls exchanged an annoyed look, but moved aside. They knew that if they refused to let Miyuki pass they would be in real trouble with their president. They might hate Miyuki, but it wasn’t worth trouble with Mayu. “You know I liked it when people just stick to their own school,” one of the girls, Comeback sneered. Miyuki smirked as she walked through the door.

“How about you say that just a tad bit louder,” Miyuki dared the Comeback as she passed by the four girls and into the room. The four remained silent and simply responded by glaring at her. “Miyuki. You finally show your face around here.” the girl sitting in a large chair at the end of the room said with a bitter tone. The air in the room was tense and the girls around the president didn’t seem pleased either.

“I am sorry. I been held up by things,” Miyuki said with a small bow. Miyuki learned from experience that feeding people’s egos could be quite useful. Especially when they weren’t very happy with her. “We had a deal. I told you I wanted Center out of the picture, yet you go and save her from our ambush! Whose side are you on, Miyuki?” Mayu yelled clearly angry with the other girl’s actions. Miyuki winced at Mayu’s loud voice. What was it with yanakees and shouting? How the shouting going to make more point anymore important? “Patience Mayu. Patience. I know you want Center, but it isn’t the right timing yet. Unless your plan isn’t to end Majijo’s reign for good.” Miyuki explained trying to hide her irritation in her voice.

“You better not be backing out on me. You know how we treat traitors,” Mayu warned and the girls in the room surrounded Miyuki. Miyuki feign a outraged look. “Me a traitor? Then I guess you don’t know me very well. I had promised you I would help you bring Majijo down right? I do not break my promises,” Miyuki told the president. Mayu seemed to calm down and Miyuki smiled. She fell for her words so easily just like the others did. It was all too easy and all the more amusing. ”So then what’s our next move?” Mayu asked Miyuki giving her complete control. “You are letting her decide?” the voice came from outside the door. The four generals of the Hadashi no Kai society burst into the room earning stares from everyone in the room.

“Are you questioning my authority? ” Mayu demanded getting out of her chair. “With all due respect she is a Majijo student! We should have beat her up the moment she entered these doors! Not to mention she hasn’t even managed to give us Center yet and something tells me it’s because she doesn’t want to!” Mayuge yelled with a pointing finger at the otherwise sweet-looking girl. Mayu glared at the general that was speaking out of line. “With all due respect Mayu all of us agree with Mayuge. We should stick to our own,” Comeback said and the rest of the people in the group nodded giving Mayu hostile stares. Mayu punched the nearby wall. “Enough! Like I said I want to hear Miyuki’s plan and next time you talk out of line I will make sure you don’t see the inside of this room ever again!” Mayu hissed.

Miyuki smirked slightly and threw a smug look at the angry girls. “With all due respect I think what we need to do is get rid of Rappapa’s queens before attacking Center,” Miyuki suggested. The four generals scoffed. “How is that any different from last year? And let me remind you last year was an utter disaster,” Comeback reminded Mayu choosing to ignore Miyuki. Miyuki rolled her eyes annoyed that the generals were being so difficult.

Even though Miyuki just wanted to get rid of them they were very well respected in Yabakune. Messing with them would be bad for her reputation and right now she needed to have a good rep in Yabakune. “That plan only failed because both Shibuya and Nezumi switched sides at the end. I will not do that,” Miyuki declared looking directly at Mayu. Mayu smiled. “We will do that. Now who should be start with?” Mayu wondered out loud. Milky smirked and replied, “Well I have a few suggestions.”

The girl wearing a beige cardigan had a thoughtful expression in her face. Her hands were gripping the bars that prevented her from falling to the ground and allowed her to take in the most impressive view around the school. I am not giving it up, Center thought. Center understood that trusting Miyuki could be deadly and she wasn’t an idiot. In spite the fact the Miyuki caught her in a moment of weakness, Center knew perfectly well that there was something fishy about the overly friendly girl and that her sudden kindness wasn’t out of the bottom of her heart, but Center needed her. For revenge. Especially now that Nezumi was out of the picture.

Yabakune had to pay and with due time Center would uncover the truth of whether Miyuki was being genuine with her or not. All Center needed from Miyuki is info on Yabakune. Miyuki had to know something since she was involved with Nezumi’s Yabakune plan. “Miyuki? You befriended Miyuki?” A familiar voice laced with disbelief demanded breaking Center from her thoughts. Center’s face grew dark. “I don’t owe you any answers Nezumi,” Center answered in an indifferent tone.

Nezumi scoffed, “You really think that is such a bright idea? God you really are naïve!” Center turned around her hands balled up in a fist. “You really got some nerve you know.” Center hissed tightening her fists. Nezumi laughed bitterly upon her antics. “You wouldn’t hit me, Center.” Nezumi told her. Center knew the other girl was right. Nezumi was always right, however…

“Don’t underestimate me, Nezumi. I know you are planning something and I will protect the top. No matter what,” Center snarled. Nezumi sighed. She couldn’t believe Center thought Nezumi was after her spot in Rappapa. Out of all the things. What part of Nezumi hating fighting and Yankees did Center not understand? At this point Nezumi thought Center would at least realize this. Miyuki was sure good at brainwashing people. “You got the wrong enemies here,” Nezumi told her softly. Center shook her head. “I don’t think so. Now are you leaving or shall I call my Rapappa to come get you?” Center asked crossing her arms in a threating matter.

Nezumi laughed bitterly at Center’s audacity. “Your Rapappa? Have you forgotten who help you get to the top? Who fought alongside you?” Nezumi questioned her eyes filled with anger. Being talked down was the thing Nezumi hated the most in the world. Center knew it perfectly well. Even if Center thought Nezumi was a backstabber she didn’t have the right to talk down to her. Nezumi wouldn’t stand for it. The air got more tense by the minute as the two girls stared each other down with piercing looks.

“Get off your high horse, Nezumi. You didn’t earn your spot in the top. You know it. I know and everyone else knows it too. You are nothing, but a filthy rat,” Center said in a mocking voice. Nezumi lost it and went up to Center who was looking at her with a menacing look. Nezumi slapped her. Hard. Nezumi didn’t know what came over her. For once Nezumi wasn’t thinking about what she was doing. Her pride suddenly got the better of her and she could see nothing, but red.

Center looked up at Nezumi in utter shock. Nezumi had only hit her once and that was a few months ago after that heart to heart she had with Nezumi at the gym. Center’s hand flew to her now red cheek. For someone who didn’t fight often Nezumi hit quite hard. Center found herself surprised at the amount of pain she was feeling in her right cheek. Center wondered what hurt more Nezumi’s slap or Nezumi betrayal? “You know what Center? I will take the top from you if you keep speaking like that. I will make you fall.” Nezumi swore her hands shaking with anger. “Are you declaring war Nezumi?” Center demanded recovering after Nezumi’s unexpected action grabbing the hooded girl from her collar.

“Are you going to befriend Miyuki?” Nezumi asked not answering Center’s question. Center’s eyes narrowed. “Say I was. What is your answer then?” Center answered. Nezumi pulled away from Center’s hard grip. “Then yes. I am declaring war on you,” Nezumi answered surprising herself with her response. With that Nezumi began to walk away. Nezumi bit her lip as she walked away. She was suppose to talk some sense into Center not declare war, but her pride got the better of her. What in the world was she going to do now? Nezumi knew she had no means of fighting with Center. It was nothing, but empty words. For one Rappapa would side with Center and secondly Nezumi wasn’t much of a fighter and had no fighters in her side. Things were not looking bright for Nezumi at all.

Nezumi slammed the door behind her in utter frustration. Making her way down the stairs she bumped into the person she least wanted to see: Miyuki. Nezumi groaned as she saw a familiar smirk curve up in the other girl’s face. Miyuki caught this and answered, “Are you okay Nezumi? Is something bothering you?” Her tone was full of sarcasm and pissed off Nezumi even more, but she refused to show it. That would be giving Miyuki what she wanted and Nezumi wasn’t about to do that. Instead she opted to try a different tactic. “I met your girlfriend the other day. Sayaka was her name wasn’t it? Lovely girl,” Nezumi taunted trying the strike a nerve. It worked.

Miyuki’s entire body tensed up, but she instantly recovered. “Oh that girl? That was nothing, but fun and games. Now I have my sights on someone else.” Miyuki replied casually. “Oh yeah? And who might that be?” Nezumi asked fearing what Miyuki’s response might be. Miyuki flashed her a wicked smile and answered, “You know I quite fancy your ex-girlfriend. She is really a good-looking girl. I don’t understand why you would cheat on her.”

Nezumi resisted the urge to punch Miyuki right in her stomach knowing it would get her nowhere with the other girl. In fact it would probably just give Miyuki what she wants. ”Oh I don’t know. The reason is beyond me,” Nezumi replied pretending to sound confused. Miyuki gave her a bored look not pleased at all that she wasn’t getting any better response from Nezumi. She was hoping to get her angry, but the girl was being to level-headed. “I got to go. Center’s is waiting for me you know,” Miyuki said before going up the stairs.

“I really do pity the girl. Some girls just flirt with other girls to get what they want,” Nezumi called out. Miyuki for once felt herself snap and replied, “True, but sometimes other girls turn out to be cheaters.” Nezumi smirked at the lame response. For once she could hear Miyuki sounding pissed off and it made her happy to be getting such a response from the other girl. The odds suddenly seemed more favorable. Now all she had to do was push her even more. That however would require more scheming. Luckily Nezumi was very very good at that.

Sayaka sighed as she began to slowly pack the few things she had in the NMB Teppen room. It seemed so unreal to be leaving the place she had made so made friendships and dealt with so many hardships. A single member, Kanako, watched her pack her things silently with a gloomy look in her face. Sayaka knew the small girl didn’t want her to leave. None of them did really. When Sayaka told them she was met with an uneasy silence. She expected for her Vice President Fuuko to at least object or something, but instead she simply walked out of the room.

“Sayanee do you have to go?” Kanako finally sniffed breaking the silence that had taken the room. ”We spoke of this before didn’t we, Kanako-chan? There is no other way. I have to transfer.” Sayanee explained once more slowly hoping that by saying it that way it would finally stick into the other girl’s head. “It doesn’t have to be this way! You could just let her be and wait to see if she comes back or something. You CAN stay!” Kanako insisted desperately not wanting the girl she considered to be her older sister to go. “No I can’t. Miyuki needs me,” Sayaka answered.

The smaller girl was silent not knowing what else she could do. It seem her Nee-chan’s mind was made up. “We need you here too Sayaka. You can’t leave,” a voice behind them said. Sayaka turned around to face Fuuko. Sayaka sighed knowing perfectly well Fuuko was against her decision even though she hadn’t voiced it earlier, but Sayaka had made up her mind. Sayaka was transferring to Majijo. That was the only way she could be close to Miyuki.

“I made up my mind. We had already spoken of this hadn’t we?” Sayaka answered while grabbing her bag. Fuuko frowned. “So you really don’t care what happens to us then? You still chose to go after her even after all she did to us?” Fuuko demanded angrily. Fuuko wasn’t normally a person that lashed out in spite of being a yankee, but Sayaka could tell she was furious at the moment. “I’ll be back. I’ll come back, you will only be in charge temporary,” Sayaka told her hoping to calm her down a bit. However it didn’t seem to work and Fuuko was still glaring at her.

Fuuko crossed her arms. “Well I won’t welcome you back. Especially if you bring Miyuki with you. I consider this your betrayal to us!” Fuuko hissed. Sayaka froze not believing what she just heard from her best friend. “Fuuko… You don’t mean what you are saying do you? You two are like sisters!” Kanako exclaimed in absolute shock. Sayaka looked at her waiting for her response. There was an heavy tension in the room for those thirty second it took Fuuko to answer. ”I do…” Fuuko said clearly her voice not wavering at all. Sayaka paused considering what words to say. She didn’t exactly blame Fuuko. Miyuki had caused so much harm and Sayaka couldn’t possibly ask her to side with her. “I am sorry,” was Sayaka was able to say before leaving the room without even a goodbye to her sisters.

The sky outside was gloomy. It seemed as it always was those days. Sayaka began to make her way to Majijo to turn in some papers for her transfer, but Sayaka’s chest felt heavy as Fuuko’s words replayed in her mind: So you really don’t care what happens to us then? You still chose to go after her even after all she did to us? Was Sayaka wrong? Maybe Fuuko was right. Maybe Sayaka was turning her back on her real friends for someone who wasn’t even worth it, but she couldn’t go back now. Sayaka herself didn’t understand why she was fighting for Miyuki’s heart nor why she was being so stubborn. Her head told her she should stay in NMB by her friends’ side and forget all about Milky, but her heart refused to let her. It was all so conflicting and all Sayaka could do was pray for a miracle.

Miyuki peered out the window of an abandoned classroom. Pretending usually came easily to her, but today pretending to be Center’s friend was just exhausting. The classroom seemed to be the only place she could avoid the world and Miyuki was enjoying very bit of the peace and quiet it provided her. Thankfully things were moving a lot faster than Miyuki anticipated.

Nezumi had made things so easy by declaring war on Center like that. If there was any doubt in Center’s mind that Nezumi was innocent it’s gone now. Even so Miyuki didn’t feel as giddy as she should about the whole situation. What Nezumi told her was bothering her. How did Nezumi meet Sayaka? If anyone could ruin Miyuki’s plans it was Sayaka. Well perhaps not ruin, but at least complicate. Miyuki groaned. Stupid Sayaka! Why couldn’t she just leave her alone?

What does she even want from me? Miyuki wondered bitterly. Miyuki couldn’t understand the girl’s actions at all and it bothered her. Miyuki pulled out her phone and looked at the time. It was finally time to go home. Miyuki had planned to visit Yabakune once more, but she was really tired. It could wait. All Miyuki wanted to do was to get home and read a nice long book. Going back and forth from yanakee schools made her feel like she was losing her brain cells.

Miyuki walked out of the room and gently closed the door as if worried that the outside noise would disturb the peace of the quiet empty room. Miyuki winced as the outside chatter began to fill her earlobes and fought a massive headache. What’s wrong with me today? Miyuki asked herself. Hurrying her way through the crowd, Miyuki spotted a familiar figure. A very familiar figure. Sayaka. Miyuki groaned. Sayaka was the last person she wanted to see. Miyuki would have hidden and turned the other way if it wasn’t for the massive amount of paperwork in Sayaka’s hands that caught Miyuki’s eye.

Miyuki approached the girl and asked, “What are you doing here?” Her voice was cold and Miyuki wasn’t bothering to put an act up. Besides it was a waste on Sayaka and who knows maybe if Miyuki did it Sayaka would realize that her attempts to be around Miyuki were foolish and she would finally go away. Sayaka looked startled by Miyuki, but simply answered, “You could ask more nicely you know.” Miyuki rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. “I am simply curious.” Miyuki stated while leaning in the wall. Sayaka flashed her one of those stupid grins she has and replied, “I am getting paperwork ready to transfer here.”

Miyuki’s eyes grew big as shock entered her body. “What!?” Miyuki snapped recovering quickly from the unexpected response. Dread began to fill her body as she took in the repercussions of Sayaka’s transfer. “I think I answered quite clearly,” Sayaka replied. Miyuki glared at Sayaka. “What the hell are you planning?” Miyuki hissed pissed off at Sayaka’s sassy response. Sayaka smirked. “Wouldn’t you like to know? But guess what Miyuki for once you been cornered,” Sayaka replied.

Sayaka was right of course. For once Miyuki couldn’t predict Sayaka’s actions and it irritated her to no end. Not that she let Sayaka know that. Miyuki let out a laugh, but it sounded strained, “Cornered? By you? You are a little too full of yourself.” Miyuki answered. Sayaka chuckled. A gentle musical laugh that frighten Miyuki. It made her wary because there was no way the warmth in the laugh was genuine after all Miyuki did. Surely the girl was planning her revenge. Yes that was it. Everything Sayaka was doing finally made sense. it was all for revenge. Why hadn’t Miyuki thought of that before? It was so obvious!

“Don’t you for one second think I don’t know what you are doing,” Miyuki warned sounding quite annoyed. “Huh?” Sayaka asked and furrowed her eyebrows wondering what in the world was the other girl talking about. Miyuki was even more irritated with Sayaka’s confused seemingly innocent reply, but instead of showing it she simply smirked. “Whatever I look forward to seeing you around,” Miyuki said and began walking away. “You are the oddest thing ever! You know that right?” Sayaka called out as Miyuki walked away. Miyuki didn’t reply instead she grumbled to herself. Sayaka always put her in the worst of moods and now she had to figure out how she would keep Sayaka’s mouth shut. Perhaps Sayaka would be a little more sensitive if her little “younger” sisters her involved.

Nezumi wondered what it was that was so important that Sayaka suddenly called her so early in the morning and asked her to meet her outside Majijo. Nezumi did have to wake up and head to school at that time anyway, but she was surprised Sayaka was heading to her own school at that time. Not to mention Nezumi barely remember giving the girl her number, but Nezumi was not at all annoyed. If anything Sayaka could have good news or something. Who knows.

“You showed up,” A voice behind her said. Nezumi turned and found herself facing Sayaka. Sayaka, however, was wearing a different uniform. A Majijo uniform to be more specific. Nezumi’s eye bugled. “Your uniform…” was all Nezumi managed to say. Sayaka grinned. “I wanted to tell you I was transferring. I wasn’t at ease at NMB and figured I be more help to you here than over there,” Sayaka explained. “Well you got that right. I need all the help I can get,” Nezumi groaned remembering the previous day. “Care to fill me in?” Sayaka asked.

Nezumi nodded and began to open her mouth when she suddenly heard Center’s voice. “Whose this?” Center demanded with hostilely that could only be defined as jealously. Nezumi wasn’t surprised at the fact that Center didn’t try to hide it one bit or change her tone of voice. That was the way Center was rash and honest in everything she did. And Nezumi wouldn’t have it any other way. “Yamamoto-san! Why are you here?!” Miyuki screeched with fake surprise. Sayaka raised her eyebrow and replied, “We talked yesterday. I told you I was transferring yesterday,” Sayaka hissed. “Yamamoto-san? Are you a transfer?” Center asked ignoring Miyuki’s and Sayaka’s conversation.

Sayaka looked at the girl and nodded. “From NMB,” Sayaka replied with a tone that indicated respect for Center and yet show that even though she had respect for Center she was in no way inferior to her. “You shouldn’t bother with people like her Center. Yamamoto is a traitor. That’s why she is here. I am not surprised she quickly found someone like her,” Miyuki hissed. “You can’t be serious when it was you who-” Sayaka’s angry words were cut off by Nezumi who knew there was no use in fighting at that point.

“Don’t bother Sayaka. She will be found out soon enough. I think she is rather pleased with herself though. Just so you know Center I already warned you. You be wise to listen to that warning,” Nezumi reminded in a voice that was as non-threating as possible. Center seemed thoughtful for a moment, but simply replied, “I do not take advice from the enemy. That is what is not wise,” Center responded in a calm voice. Nezumi laughed and pointed at Miyuki.

“Then you my friend are acting like the fool for who can not differentiate an friend from a enemy. Think about that. I am leaving. You coming, Sayaka?” Nezumi asked as she started to make her way inside. Poor Sayaka was completely confused as to what was going on so she simply followed Nezumi. Miyuki put her hand on her hip and looked at Center. “Well she is in a high horse.” Miyuki stated irritably. Center was thoughtful for a moment. “I think the question is when isn’t she in a high horse,” Center said and began to walk towards the roof along with Miyuki.

Sayaka followed Nezumi into a small empty classroom unsure of what was going on. Sure she had an idea, but there seemed to be something deeper going on. Still Sayaka didn’t want to push the mouse-like girl who was simply pacing with a frown on her face. Nezumi would talk when she felt like it. “Ano I am going to go look around.” Sayaka said breaking the silence. Nezumi finally looked up and said, ” Miyuki told Center I was trying to become president of Rappapa.” Sayaka paused and chuckled. “Of course she did,” Sayaka said. “Why doesn’t this sound like news to you?” Nezumi wondered out loud. Sayaka leaned against the wall and said, “She did that to us too. Try to turn us against each other. Me and my vice president.” Nezumi seemed thoughtful for a moment and asked, “Why are you here?”

“What do you mean? Didn’t I tell you? I am here to get Miyuki back,” Sayaka reminded not quite grasping the full extend of Nezumi’s question. “I guess what I really mean to ask is why would you come get her back? I mean from what I can tell so far she done nothing other than ruin your life so why?” Nezumi asked more directly. Sayaka laughed softy. “Did I say something funny?” Nezumi demanded with a glare not pleased that her companion was laughing at her serious question. “Sorry I didn’t mean to offend you, but shouldn’t it be obvious. It’s because I love her.” Sayaka answered seriously. “But I mean even love has its limits doesn’t it?!” Nezumi objected. Sayaka put her hand on her shoulder and gave her a gentle smile. “Does it really? I don’t think so,” Sayaka replied calmly.

Nezumi was silent. Center used to be that way too. What had changed? Center had always forgiven her, but now she could care less. Could this mean Center no longer loved Nezumi the way she used to? What if Center had been running out of love for her way before this happened. What had made Center’s warmth go away? ”I am going to look around,” Sayaka informed her sensing the mouse-like girl wanted to be alone. Nezumi nodded. “I’ll be around if you need to talk,” Sayaka said softly before walking out of the room.

“Let me get this straight you want us to go after Nezumi? As in beating her up and teaching her a lesson? Did I hear you correctly?” Gakuran, who had been retained a year due to being hospitalized the previous year, asked with a tone of disbelief. The Rappapa members were called together by the president and were now gathered in the infamous room upstairs. The room many Majijo students could only dream of reaching.

Most of the members weren’t surprised by the gathering considering things had been getting heated with Yabakune lately, but Center’s announcement was definitely not what they were expected. Everyone in the room looked shock even Gekikara, who was repeating her third-year yet again due to being stabbed, that only had two emotions stoic or insane looked shocked.

Center glanced at her and replied coldly, “Did I stutter? You heard me.” The room was silent for a moment and then Churi, the new queen, broke it, “We heard you we are just surprised. Are you sure you want to do this?” She was one of the closest queens to Center after Gekikara and couldn’t believe her ears. Nezumi and Center were always attached to the hip even after Nezumi back stabbed her, so what happened?

“She is sure. Nezumi has it coming. You sold you guys out you know.” a voice said from outside the room. The group turned only to find Miyuki standing outside the room. “May I come in?” she asked innocently. “Go ahead,” Center said dryly still upset about the previous confrontation in the morning. “Who are you?” Gakuran asked coldly not trusting the outsider who had just barged into their meeting. ”She’s our vice president,” Center announced surprising even Miyuki who wasn’t told about Center’s plans beforehand.

“What?! What about Nezumi?” Gakuran blurted out in shock. “Are you serious?” MIyuki asked Center with a huge smile in her face. “Nezumi isn’t allowed back up her. She backstabbed us and yes Miyuki you are Rappapa’s new vice-president.” Center said. “I understand Nezumi backs tabbed us, but we don’t even know this girl!” Churi argued. “I trust her. Is that not enough?” Center demanded.

“You don’t exactly have a history of trusting the right people,” Gakuran pointed out, Center grabbed the collar of her shirt and hissed, “You will listen to my orders or the door is right there.” Gakuran nodded knowing she wouldn’t win a fight against Center and not wanting to go against Astuko’s wishes since it was her who granted Center the top. Well not just Center, but Nezumi as well, but that wasn’t important that the moment.

“Whoever see Nezumi even get close to this room takes care of her. Are we clear?” Center yelled irritated by difficult queens. Everyone simply nodded even though they didn’t agree. Center sighed and walked out of the room. Miyuki started to follow her, but Center turned around and said, “I want to be alone.” Center headed to the roof wanting to find some peace. She had a headache and felt like she just couldn’t see anyone.

Unfortunately the last person she wanted to see beat her to her favorite spot. Center felt so stupid. Of course she would be there. She liked to go there to clear her head too. At least that’s what she told Center. Center didn’t even know who Nezumi was anymore and how much of what she had told her was true. It was a cloudy day just like the day she met Nezumi.

The memory bought back an ugly sense of yearning and sadness that Center was trying to avoid. Looking at the back of the girl she once loved made it worst. All she could think about was hugging her from behind and whispering sweet things in her ear. That’s what she would have done before the entire mess happened. Things aren’t the same though and she had to be content with watching her from behind and… hating her.

Center had to tell the Rappapa members to take care of Nezumi because she couldn’t do it herself even though it was what she was expected to do as a yankee in this sort of situation she couldn’t do it. She loved the girl too much. Pretending to hate her was exhausting. “I didn’t betray you. I don’t want to fight,” Nezumi said softly. Center wondered how she knew she was there even though she didn’t turn. “Why should I trust you? And beside weren’t you the one who started this war anyways?” Center replied harshly.

“You provoked me Center. My intend was never to fight with you that day. I wanted to get you back,” Nezumi said. Center chuckled darkly. “You have an awful funny way of showing it,” Center retorted. Nezumi finally turned to face her. Her beautiful eyes were eye and Center felt a pang of guilt, but at the same time she knew what good of an actress Nezumi could be. Once she fooled her into thinking Yabakune had broken her leg even though she was working with them all along. Center shouldn’t let her heart get the better of her. “Stop. Stop talking to me like that. I didn’t do anything. You told me once didn’t you? That I was a weirdo because I didn’t even bother trying to hide my lies. Why would I start doing it now? I was kidnapped by Yabakune and back stabbed by Miyuki. You have to believe me!” Nezumi insisted.

Center was ignored her. She wanted to believe Nezumi, but at the same time she knew she shouldn’t. Nezumi frowned. “You know what forget it. But don’t come crying to be later when you learn the truth. I didn’t do anything,” Nezumi said angrily and started to leave, She slammed the door loudly behind her leaving Center to her peace and quiet, but suddenly that didn’t seem as appealing.