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Author Topic: Yuria-ships OS Series - Between Friendship and More (YuriAnnin) - Part II  (Read 5200 times)

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The Promise (KumiYuri): Part I(below),
                                    Part II
                                     Part III
Between Friendship and More (YuriAnnin) :

Author's note: So..., after months of going in hiatus, I managed to write this one out. 

A woman can be seen waiting near the way that would lead to the Ferris Wheel of Sunshine Sakae. Her eyes scanned her surrounding; looking for someone and sighed when she didn’t found the person she was looking for. She glanced at the watch on her wrist, “Ten minutes more…,” she mumbled and starting to look around again. ‘Ten years… It has been ten years. How times flies…’


Despite Yuria knows that it would be better for her to not think about that person anymore, she couldn't stop herself to not opening that one folder in her phone. 'Baka-senpai' was the folder's name. As her eyes saw the collection of photos of and with her Senpai, memories came flooding her mind. Of those particular beautiful yet electrifying set of eyes, of that infectious grin, of the warmth she always felt whenever they were together, and how her Senpai always know when to push her, to breaking the wall Yuria had built, and when to gives her some space.

She particularly couldn't forget those times when they were alone, in the dressing room, at the way home from work, at the train, in those moments the Senpai would softly said to her, "I love you." It was always in a hushed tone, almost a whisper, unlike when the Senpai was in her fangirl-ing moment. Oh, how Yuria was always debating with herself whenever that moment happened. She was sure she felt the same, but the rule always stopping her from saying what she wanted to say.

Sometimes she would still wondered how much her life would be different now if back then she has the guts to responded to her Senpai in a way she actually wants instead of the smile she would usually gave whenever her Senpai confessed her love to her over and over again. Would that person still graduated so soon? Would they stay in contact with each other regularly now instead of the obligatory birthday and New Year emails?

Just as she was scrolling through the photos, her doorbell rang. The round-face quickly moved towards the door, phone forgotten on top of the sofa. Opening the door, she smiled when she saw the persons standing behind her door, the AnRiRe trio.  “What’s the occasion?”

“Can we just come here to visit you on your day off?” Anna asked, her perfect eyebrows rose when she was looking back at Yuria.

Shaking her head, Yuria only opened her door wider for them to walk in and closing it behind them. They went to the living room and the trio went to sit on the sofa.  Yuria was just about to ask what they want to drink when Rena’s rather loud “Aaah!” interrupted her. Looking at her team-mate, Yuria was instantly blushing when she saw the screen of her phone lit up on Rena’s hand. The girl was giggling and showing off Yuria’s phone up in the air. On it was a two-shot photo of Yuria and someone else hugged her from the back.

“Why are you looking at this, Yuria? What’s with this intimate photo?” Rena asked while still giggling, “That’s Yagami-san, right? You two looked like a couple.”

Anna who was inspecting the said photo, mumbling to herself, “Judging from the background, it was taken during Handshake event, right?” She then turned to look at Yuria, “I thought you said she’s just a close friend?”

“S-shush!” Yuria took the phone from Rena’s hand and put it on her pocket and went to the kitchen to grab some bottles of water.

“Hey, Yuria, there’s no need to be shy! Just say so if you were secretly dating her back then.” Rena called out to Yuria with a wide grin plastered on her face.

Coming back from the kitchen, Yuria put the bottles on the table and sitting on the floor, the phone fall to the carpeted floor as she sat down. “Can it, will you! I was just looking through old photos. And no! We weren’t secretly dating! We have the love-ban rules, don’t you remember that!?”

“So if there’s no rule, you would date her?” Being the smart one, Anna instantly saw the holes in Yuria’s word and use it to tease the girl further.

“I didn’t say that! Why should I date her?”

“Poor Yagami-san…,” Rena faking a pout and shaking her head, “I heard she’s your self-proclaimed number one fan. And proclaiming her love for you was just like breathing to her.”

“Well, that’s…”

“So you hate her then?” Rena pressed further while Anna hiding her smile by drinking some water straight from the bottle. Rina was surprisingly quiet ever since they entered Yuria’s place.

“I don’t hate her.” Yuria answered while rolling her eyes, “If I do, I wouldn’t save her photos, wouldn’t I? After all she’s so kind and sweet and beautiful and cool at the same time. Have you ever seen her performing cool songs? Have you ever met her electrifying gaze?”

While Yuria was blabbering about Kumi, Anna and Rena shared a look and nodded. Rina frowned, she wanted to confirm something, so she sneakily grabbed Yuria’s phone and moved slightly away from the other. And with Yuria was still busy dodging (albeit falling miserably) Anna and Rena’s question about Kumi, nobody paid attention to what Rina was doing.

Luckily Yuria haven’t locked her phone and Rina still can open it without problem. And after scrolling through several photos, she realized the folder Yuria was looking at before was actually a special one for Kumi, the title for the folder was enough as a hint. And not just photos with Kumi, there were also Kumi’s solo gravure photos as well!

Noticing that Rina has been so silent, Anna was looking out for her and found her meddling with Yuria’s phone. “What are you looking at, Ricchan?”

Surprised, Rina dropped the phone on top of the sofa, on it was shown the photo of Kumi sitting on the bathtub. After seeing the phone’s screen, three pairs of eyes looked at Yuria questioningly.

“Are you sure she’s only your respected Senpai?” Anna asked with a small smile.

“Yeah, what’s with the loads of gravure photos of her in your phone? Not just the photos of the two of you, but her solo gravures!” Rina piped in.

“I-I just like that photo, because she looked good in it!” Blushing, Yuria hurriedly took her phone and set up a lock on it before putting it on the coffee table while her friends were teasing her non-stop.
When Rena was still busy teasing the blushing Yuria, Anna took her time to call someone, a senpai of them, but more importantly, a close senpai of Yuria and the same generation-mate of ‘that’ person. They even graduated together! After the call connected, she put the call on speaker mode, instantly made the others looked at her. “Moshi-moshi, Kanako-san…”

“Ah, Annin-chan. Hey~”

“Wait, Kanako-san?” Yuria asked while looking at Anna, “Why?”

“Ah, Yuria, you’re there as well? Hello~”

“Kanako-san, we’re at Yuria’s place right now, and we found out that she-”

“AAAAAAAAAAAAH!” Yuria shout covering Anna’s voice and she stood up, trying to take the phone from Anna’s hand. But to her dismay, since Anna is taller, she couldn’t reach the phone. Of course, Rena’s hold on her didn’t help at all.

“That she’s what, Annin-chan?”

“She still has Yagami-san’s photos on her phone. Lots of it. Do you might know something?”

“… I see…, so you still-”

“No, Kanako-san,” Yuria interjected again, “I was just looking at the photos on my phone.”

“But from what I’ve seen you have hundreds of photos of her…” Rina added, “And you can’t give a proper explanation why you have that much as well.”

“Hundreds??? …Yuria, do you want me to talk to her? I know it’s hard for you to contact her first. I’m sure she would be ecstatic. ”

“But, Kanako-san, isn’t she…,” Yuria trailed off, she already knows from Mizuki and Ogiso that Kumi was dating someone at the moment.

Seemed like Kanako knew what Yuria was about to say, since she only said, “She would be happy regardless. Oh, and… don’t blame me if she suddenly shows up on your door. Okay, I’ve someone to talk to. Jaa ne~”

“Wait! I…”

“She already closed the line, Yuria.” Anna grinned at how flustered Yuria was.

“Damn it, y’all!”


-Later on that night on SKE48’s 1-Ki’s LINE group-

Kanako: Kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, where are you?! (」゜ロ゜)」
Nishi: What’s wrong, Kana-chan?
Rikako: Is there something wrong?
Kanako: I’ve been trying to call her but she didn’t pick up the phone! (〃>_<;〃)
Mizuki: Want me to go to her home to knock her head? ψ(`∇´)ψ
Masana: Σ(°△°|||) Katsuo is brutal as always~
Masana: Though, what’s wrong Kana-chan? Why are you looking for Kumi?
Kanako: It’s because of Yuria!
Rena: Yuria? (•ิ_•ิ)?
Jurina: What’s with Yuria? ╮( ̄ω ̄;)╭
Mizuki: Ahh… I think I know…
Mizuki: And Jyu, why are you still awake? (メ`ロ´)
Jurina: I’m already eighteen! (`ω´)
Rena: Go to sleep, Jyu.
Nishi: Rena is right. Go to sleep, you have work tomorrow, right?
Jurina: But I want to know what happened!
Mizuki: Ya just need to read the chat later, Kid!
Rikako: I’ll mail you the summary later, now go to sleep.
Jurina: Boo… Fine. Oyasumi~ (・ω<)☆
Aki: What’s with Yuria and why are you looking for Kumi, Kana-chan?
Kanako: Ah! Aki-chan, Aki-chan, Aaaaaaakiiiiii-chaaaaaaaaan~ o(≧▽≦)o
Kanako: I want to meet you. ( ◡‿◡ ♡)
Nishi: Kana-chan, back to topic, please. ( ̄ヘ ̄)
Kanako: Ah, well, since Kumi is nowhere to be found. I might just as well say it here.
Shiitan: If any of us can reach Kumi, we’ll tell her for sure.
Mizuki: I’ll meet her tomorrow for our project. So speak up, Kana-chan.
Mizuki: …Though I think I might know what this is about. (↼_↼)
Kanako: Annin-chan called me earlier. They were at Yuria’s place.
Rena: They?
Kanako: AnRiRe. And they found out Yuria still has Kumi’s photos on her phone. Hundreds of them.
Shiitan: Woah, Σ(゚ロ゚) hundreds?
Aki: And the reason why you’re looking for Kumi is…?
Kanako: Yeah! That’s way too much, right, Shiitan?
Kanako: Um…, Because it seems like Yuria still has a thing for Kumi?
Nishi: Did she tell you that?
Kanako: No, not really.
Rikako: What if she only saves the photos because she keeps forgetting to remove it?
Mizuki: Rika-chan is right, but in this case… I don’t know if it’s in my place to say it or not…
Mizuki: Yuria asked me and Ogiso about Kumi recently. And yeah, I agree with Kana-chan.
Nishi: Uh…, she actually had asked me about Kumi as well.
Kanako: Then we should tell Kumi!
Rena: But…, I think we shouldn’t meddle with their life. (︶︹︺)
Shiitan: It’s already too late. Kumi would see it later when she opens LINE. (″ロ゛)
Aki: Yeah. Definitely.
Rikako: I hope this won’t distract Kumi.
Nee-san: I’m worried of what this revelation might cause as well.
Kanako: Eeehhh… why are you two being negative like that?
Kumi: So… why are you all mentioning my name? (・・;)ゞ I’m too lazy to scroll to the top of the chat.
Kanako: Kumi! Where have you been?
Kumi: My phone ran out of battery earlier, so what is it?
Mizuki: Ask Kanako. (¬ ¬)
Rikako: Ah…. Kana-chan, explain to her.
Nishi: Yuria!
Kumi: Yuria?  What’s with her?
Kanako: Yuria still has a thing for you.
Kumi: Σ(O_O) … Really? But… she never contacts me outside the happy birthday mail last June.
Mizuki: Really. Go ask Ogiso if you think we’re lying. (¬ ¬)
Seira: Wooooohoooooo… Kuumin, go get your girl! \(≧▽≦)/
Kumi: I don’t think I can call her as such. ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ
Seira: Eeeh…, have some confidence in yourself, will you?
Rikako: Kuuchan…, what are you thinking now? (ノ_<。)ヾ(´▽`)
Kumi: I… don’t know what to think actually. (ノд`)
Rena: Don’t force yourself, Kuuchan. (*´ー)ノ
Masana: I think you should meet her. To get a closure or something. I want you to be happy, Kuuchan.
Mizuki: I know her apartment’s address if you want to give her a surprise visit. (`∇´)
Kanako: I can ask Annin-chan about Yuria’s schedule!
Kumi: Thanks, everyone. But I still don’t know… (>_<)
Nishi: Take your time, Kuuchan. After all Yuria is still under love ban rules.
Nishi: So you don’t have to worry about someone might takes her away.
Shiitan: Oh, a good advice there, Yuka-chan.
Kanako: As expected from expert.
Nishi: Eh? Expert? (ーー;)
Kanako: Yeah! Yuri manga expert! You’re just as expert as that HentAirin! (`ー´)


It has been weeks since the time AnRiRe Trio discovered that there was some truth in the KumiYuri’s ship even though Yuria tried to deny it. And for her relief, there’s still no news from her group of senpais about Kumi. It brought a tiny bit of sadness to Yuria though; for she believed that Kumi already forgetting her and moved on with her life. Because thinking of the baka senpai made her moody, she tried not to thinking of her too much, especially when she was in public like now; though AKB48’s training studios couldn’t actually be called as public places since only authorized persons can enter the building. But she couldn’t control her thought and even the members’ jokes and antiques couldn’t raise her spirit. That’s why she just sat in the corner of the room with Anna who was busy with her phone during break from the practice for the next TV appearance.

“What’s with you, Yuria? You’ve been pretty moody lately.”


Hearing the short answer, Anna turned her head to look at her friend, “Really?”

“Yes. Really. I just-”

Yuria paused because suddenly the studio got to quiet after the sound of the door being opened, so she shifted her gaze from Anna to the door and frozen on the spot when she realized who the person whose opened the door earlier. Standing in the front of the opened door in a rather awkward manner was no other than Yagami Kumi. She, Yuria noted, still looked the same from the Kumi she saw in the photos Ogichan had shown her a few days before.

The room was eerily silent, until Kumi mumbled a “Hey…, I’m sorry to barging in,” in a rather small voice, complete with the small, rather awkward smile. The room was still quiet for a few seconds until Jurina’s loud voice filled the room.

“Kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccchhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!” She shouted while running towards Kumi and tackled her in a bear-hug, “Whuuuuaaaah… I miss you so much!”

It made the members laughed and some even shaking their head, but Yuria still frozen on her spot, her eyes never leaving Kumi (and Jurina). She noted how they still hugging each other while talked to one another in a low volume, or at least low enough so that other people can’t know what they’re talking about. And when Jurina started to kissing Kumi’s cheeks, Yuria frowned. It was something normal for Jurina, and Kumi was one of her favorite person to kiss, but that didn’t mean it didn’t make her upset, especially after seeing how calm Kumi was.

Without Yuria knowing, actually right after Jurina tackled Kumi, she told her, “Put on your straight cool face, Kuuchan. And don’t push me away.” The older girl did what she was told to do even though she was asking for explanation with her gaze. The SKE’s Ace grinned at her friend, “Don’t you want to check if Yuria really still has a thing for you? Let’s make her jealous, shall we?” She then pecked Kumi’s cheek to explain what she had meant further.

Kumi just laughed, “You haven’t change at all…. Alright, but don’t make Rena turn Gekikara on me later, okay?”

“Yay!” Another peck followed by a loud shout, “I love you, Kuuchan!” Another peck on the cheek, “You’re the best!” then followed by another one on the lips.

It’s a good thing Yuria had put her phone inside her trainers’ pocket because if she still hold her phone, she probably would crush it with her hand by now. Her hands were literally shaking when she saw Jurina kissed her first love’s lips. She had to force herself to stop staring or else she would go punch someone.

“Yuria, your ‘Magic’s look comes out.” Anna off-handedly commented. It was an inside joke between them when it comes to Yuria’s rather crude and yankee-ish persona. They would call it as Yuria’s character in the recent season of Majisuka Gakuen.

The round face girl only responded with a “Tsk….” And she pulled Anna to walk together with her towards the other members.

“I think we make her jealous indeed.” Jurina grinned and nuzzled her face on the crook of Kumi’s neck. Despite what others might think, this is perfectly normal for them. Even though sometimes the young Ace would go overboard with her way of showing affection, way too much for Kumi’s liking.

“I hope Rena won’t kill me later…” Kumi sighed and looked at Yuria. The girl was indeed looked upset. And even thought Kumi was always looking at her for the rest of the break time, Yuria seemed to be ignoring her, or at least trying to. Jurina, ever the loyal puppy, stayed with Kumi for the whole time and even shared her portion of food with Kumi even though she only took a small bite here and there.

It was until the end of the practice that Kumi found her guts and approached Yuria, even though the kouhai was surrounded by her AKB’s friends. “Yuria-tan,” she hesitantly called out to her, unconsciously using the honorifics she was often used when they were still on their closest time, “I wanna talk to you. Can I?”

Despite her friends teasing by faking coughs, namely Kato Rena and Yokoyama Yui; and Anna’s smirk at her, Yuria managed to pull out a straight face, nodded at her senpai’s question, silently took her bag before motioning Kumi to follow her and walked out of the room. Inside her mind, she cursed her friends and wondering what Kumi wanted at the same time.

Right after they had walked out of the room, Jurina approached the group and grinned at them, “Is Yuria alright?”

“That was intentional, right, Jurina-san?” Anna asked with a smirk on her face, “You intentionally frolicked around with Yagami-san, knowing Yuria would’ve seen it.”

“Guilty.” Jurina chuckled while throwing up her hands in the air, “Though there’s another reason as well. I miss Kumi.”

“Yeah, we can see that. But does kissing her really necessary?” Yui asked with one eyebrow raised, “Rena-san would get angry, you know.”

“Rena-chan would understand. After all, now I know for sure… what I wanted to know.” Jurina nodded, somehow her expression turned serious. “We, as SKE, I mean…, always wanted the best for our comrades. And Kumi is not just a comrade for me, she’s a family. I’ll do what I can to guarantee her happiness.”

Anna couldn’t stop but asking, “What about Yuria’s?”

“1-Ki already adopted her, Suda-chan and Yukko as one of us. So of course we’re thinking of her happiness as well.” The SKE’s Ace explained, “After all we have receive the ‘go-ahead’ permission from 3-ki. Ogi-chan also helps us. They belong to one another. ” She then winked at Anna.

“Ehhh…, but what if they found someone else?” Renacchi wondered out loud.

“If the other person is good enough then it’s okay. But of course we’ll investigate on them first. They have to face with, not only 1-ki and 3-ki, but the whole SKE.” Jurina let out a scary laugh before adding, “But don’t let Yuria knows about this. She would think we’re treating her like a child.”


Yuria was leading Kumi towards the back door and turned around after they reached a rather secluded corner and sat on the benches there while Kumi was standing a meter in front of her. “What do you want to talk about, Yagami-san?”

The use of her family’s name followed by the formal honorific made Kumi felt like crying. But it was her fault, really. She had promised Yuria she would always be there for her, but after several weeks, she went MIA for Yuria. Sure she still picks up her calls and replying her messages, but unlike with other members, Kumi always refused Yuria’s invitation to meet up. Not because she doesn’t like Yuria, far from it, but because she wasn’t sure how to act when they were alone and she wanted to move on. “I’m sorry, Yuria. I’m sorry for never accepting your invitation to hang out together, I’m sorry for always late in replying your message, I-”

“Late?” The girl glared at Kumi, “Sometimes you never even replying my mails!”

“I… am sorry for that too.” Kumi answered with a small voice, “But…”

“But what!?” Yuria knew she was being mean, but she’s beyond angry at Kumi. “You said you would always be my number one fan! You promised me that you would always be there for me!” Yuria stood up and approach Kumi. “Where were you when I need you, Kuuchan?!” She then hit Kumi’s shoulder, strong enough to leave a bruise.


*Author goes to hide in the shadow again.
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Re: The Promise, Part 1 of 3 (KumiYuri)
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Kuuuumiiin...!!! More, pleaseee.... :mon inluv:

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MORE PLEAASSEEE!!!!  :drool:

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oh! GREAT!!!

Please More!!

Thats Great!!!

I miss Kumin  :cry: :cry:

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Re: The Promise, Part 1 of 3 (KumiYuri)
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Magic appeared! Watch out, Kuumin. Please do update.. ;)
Jaa... 48 is about skinship

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Re: The Promise, Part 2 of 3 (KumiYuri)
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Yuria was leading Kumi towards the back door and turned around after they reached a rather secluded corner and sat on the benches there while Kumi was standing a meter in front of her. “What do you want to talk about, Yagami-san?”

The use of her family’s name followed by the formal honorific made Kumi felt like crying. But it was her fault, really. She had promised Yuria she would always be there for her, but after several weeks, she went MIA for Yuria. Sure she still picks up her calls and replying her messages, but unlike with other members, Kumi always refused Yuria’s invitation to meet up. Not because she doesn’t like Yuria, far from it, but because she wasn’t sure how to act when they were alone and she wanted to move on. “I’m sorry, Yuria. I’m sorry for never accepting your invitation to hang out together, I’m sorry for always late in replying your message, I-”

“Late?” The girl glared at Kumi, “Sometimes you never even replying my mails!”

“I… am sorry for that too.” Kumi answered with a small voice, “But…”

“But what!?” Yuria knew she was being mean, but she’s beyond angry at Kumi. “You said you would always be my number one fan! You promised me that you would always be there for me!” Yuria stood up and approach Kumi. “Where were you when I need you, Kuuchan?!” She then hit Kumi’s shoulder, strong enough to leave a bruise.

Shocked by Yuria’s reaction, Kumi could only apologizing over and over again while holding the younger girl’s hand, trying to calm her down despite the stinging pain from her shoulder. “I’m sorry, Yuria. I was wrong. I was trying to move on without thinking of what you might’ve felt. I was certain you won’t miss me all that much. Since you’re always surrounded by the other members and we’re just… friends…”

Hearing the friend word, made Yuria felt cold all of a sudden, “Wait, Kuuchan, I…” all this time, Yuria thought Kumi knew that she loved her as well. Sure she never said anything and sometimes she would be so tsun at her as well, but she was sure Kumi knew about how she felt.

“So, I thought…, even if I disappear from your life, you won’t feel…”

“Did you know that I was in love with you?” Yuria cut Kumi in mid speech again, while she wasn’t sure of her feelings now, she was sure she used to be in love with Kumi. And she doesn’t want Kumi to wallow in her self-pity and self-destruct mood. Talking about this made her incredibly shy, so she looked away. “I… loved you as well, you know. That’s why I was so sad when you announced graduation without telling me first…. And for me… perform Ookami to Pride with other person than you felt so wrong. I just can’t sync with other people than you when it comes to Ookami to Pride….”

Hearing Yuria’s confession made Kumi feels like she could fly. She had a feeling that Yuria might felt the same, it’s not hard to guess with how the girl was acting when they were alone, and she knew how Yuria always try to following the rules as much as she can. Kumi only started to doubt herself after she graduated and seeing Yuria shined so brightly whenever she saw her on TV. She started to think that maybe she was wrong, maybe Yuria only being kind to her, and it only getting worst from there. And she was certain, now that she’s just an ordinary person, there’s no way someone like her could ever get a chance with Yuria. She then realized that the younger girl was talking in past tense. “So, now you’re not in love with me anymore?”

“I… I do still love you, but I don’t know if I’m still in love with you anymore. I mean, you’re a great person, how could I’m not love you? But… we haven’t seen each other for years and…  It’s more like…, I love you like a sister? I mean…,” Yuria shifted her gaze and bit her lower lip, confused with her own feeling.

Unknown to them, Anna and Rena was walking out from the same door they were using earlier and heading to their direction. Anna noticed them from around fifteen meters away. She then stopped walking, pointing to their direction in silence so that Rena would know as well. Giving each other a look, they agreed to see what would happen between Yuria and her Senpai, and went to hide behind the wall; only eight meters away. With their position and distance, they could sneakily glance at them and listening to their conversation. It’s not like they want to stalk them, but giving the circumstances, why not?

“It’s okay, Yuria. I can understand that.” With a small, almost shy, smile on her face Kumi turns to look at Yuria and softly asked, "Can I ask something from you? …Can I kiss you?" Seeing the look of surprise on the round-face girl, she adds, "Just for old time sake. I always want to know how kissing you would felt like. Now that I do know that you were in love with me as well. Could you just give me one last memory?"

"To close the arc of our stories?"

"In manga talk, yeah..., let the kiss to be the closure of our arc." Kumi’s smile turned to an almost melancholic one, it made Yuria to think that it might be the last time she would saw her Senpai and it made her feel rather sad. Considering the disappearance act Kumi had pull on her before, she simply knew the older girl would do the same again after this. Despite she wasn’t in love with Kumi anymore (or so she thought), she still loved her.

“I…,” Yuria hesitated to give an answer to Kumi’s (rather) crazy question. On one hand, she did wondering what kissing Kumi would’ve felt like. But on the other hand, she was afraid of the consequences. Sure nobody would see them (or so she thought) since they were on the back road of the studio, but still... “…Okay.” With her face blushing hard, Yuria took a step closer towards her Senpai and closing her eyes, waiting.

Kumi had imagined the sight before her eyes for countless of time, seeing Yuria with her eyes closed, her cheeks flushed red, never she had thought she would finally kiss the girl she had loved for so long. After releasing her breath shakily, the older girl then leaned forward, closing the gap between then. As her lips met Yuria’s she felt tears forming in her eyes without knowing the reason why. At first she was planning for a short peck, but after feeling Yuria moving her lips and kissing her back, all thoughts flown out of the proverbial window from Kumi’s head. She just wanted more. Even thought she had her share of dating and more after graduated from SKE, this felt different, Yuria’s kiss felt different. And she couldn’t get enough of it. Stopping to catch her breath, her eyes met Yuria’s for a short while. The desire she felt also shown in Yuria’s big round eyes. “Yu-” Right before she finished her word, Yuria already pulled her shirt and kissed her again, with more passion than before, Kumi noted. Complying with the younger girl’s demand, Kumi then wrapping her arms around her and sneaked her tongue inside Yuria’s mouth.

Yuria didn’t know what had happened; never had she felt something like this. When Kumi pulled away earlier, she felt her lips tingling and she wanted, needed the older girl to kiss her again. And so she did. Not long after, she felt Kumi’s tongue met hers in a playful battle; and she couldn’t stop herself from moaning into her mouth.

Unknown to them, the two people hiding behind the walls couldn’t believe what they had witnessed. Yuria, the Team B Captain who’s so strict when it comes to idol’s rules, breaking the said rules in front of their eyes; kissing her Senpai oh-so-passionately that they can literally feel the heat from the fire that burned between Yuria and her Senpai; and how their body made some small movement in sync with the rhythm of the kiss.  They were only looking away when they saw Kumi’s hands disappearing under Yuria’s clothes, knowing they had just saw something that was very private. Thus, they only looked at one another awkwardly; nobody dared to break the silence between them or even move.  Until Kumi’s voice made them look at the pair again.

“Yuria…,” Kumi paused to catch her breath, “I…,” her gaze moved from Yuria’s eyes to her lips, “I’m sorry, but I really want you right now.”


“I’m sorry! I know you don’t love me in that way anymore, and… and… I…” Kumi looked away helplessly; the kiss has awakened her needs for Yuria all over again; no one else but Kizaki Yuria. All the times she had spent with another girls and boys, couldn’t erase the need, the pure desire she had for Yuria. All this time, she thought she had stop being in love with Yuria, but it was a lie, a lie she had repeated over and over to herself, and she had no other choice but to believe it. This, Kumi realized, was the reason why she can never love other people fully, how can she? When she never fallen out of love with Yuria. “I want you so much… so much… I’m sorry. I should’ve never kissed you.”

Yuria kept her gaze locked onto Kumi, as shocked as she was, she still can see the pain and sorrow in Kumi’s eyes.

This is wrong, so wrong. She’s dating someone else!
But don’t you want it too?
But, the rules!
Fuck rules! If you let her leave right now, you won’t see her again.

And when the tears fallen from Kumi’s eyes, she realized; despite what Kumi had said before about moving on with her life, her senpai was still in love with her. The realization made her felt warmth surged all over her body, and accompanying that, she felt the hot liquid that had pooled on her stomach region when they were kissing came back again, even stronger than before.

See? You would forever wondering what you might have if you let her leave.
She has a boyfriend!
She’s still in love with you, not her boyfriend, after all they could already broke up now. Come on, you’ve never gave her a straight answer. Give her the answer she deserves now.
But… the rules…

“Kuuchan…, look at me.” Yuria softly demanded, and when the Senpai did looking at her, she wiped the tears away with her thumbs and held Kumi’s hand right after.  She was looking at her, with eyes still glassy with tears, and the little smile she gave just so that Yuria wouldn’t worry too much. She could see the smile was just to hide how Kumi actually felt inside, she just knew it.

See those eyes? That broken smile?  Do you really that heartless to let her walk away? Are you sure you’re not in love with her anymore? You want her just as much as she wants you!

That was it. The devil had won. Licking her lips, Yuria shakily asked, “D-do you… maybe… want to spend the night in my apartment?” While she was unsure what this might bring, she felt that it’s okay. This was Kumi, so somehow, it will be okay. “I mean, since… it’s already late and… you’ve said you want me so… um…” Yuria looked away as well, unsure with what to say next and feeling extremely embarrassed.

Kumi could only blink at Yuria for a few seconds. “A-are you sure? Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“Baka Kuuchan! Don’t make me explain what I meant to say to you!” Yuria stomped her foot and hit Kumi’s upper arm before huffing and looked away again, her face blushing hard.

“Oh…” That’s all Kumi could say while her mind running fast. Yuria was asking her to spend the night with her. And not in a platonic way either. Yuria was willing to do more with her. Yuria was willing to give herself to her!!  Feeling high and ecstatic, Kumi wasn’t sure she can speak, so she just squeezed Yuria’s hand and nodded.  Yuria returned the nod with a small shy smile, wiping Kumi’s tears away again before started walking away, hand still linking with Kumi.

Just after the pair had left that the two behind the wall dared to move. Anna was blinking repeatedly, still couldn’t believe what she had just witnessing. Rena was sighing and moving around, feeling her muscle cramped after holding the same position for several minutes.

“That was shocking, huh? I never thought it would escalate to…,” Suddenly embarrassed, Anna paused and averting her gaze.

“I never thought Yuria can be ‘that’ mature…. So, I guess it’s better for you and Ricchan to not have a sleep over in Yuria’s place again, at least until she changed the sheet, right?” She then laughed while wiggling her eyebrow.



Despite what had happened before, after they reached Yuria’s apartment they only talked a little bit about some unimportant stuffs, ate the take-out food while watching the TV and took turns in using the bathroom. Somehow Yuria knew that Kumi was waiting for her and the thought of it made her heart race. She glanced to the side and watched the older girl’s instead of the TV. Her eyes took noticed of how smooth Kumi’s skin looked and how beautiful she was even without make up.

As if noticing Yuria’s stare on her, Kumi turned her head and instantly looked away again when their gaze met each other. She cautiously glanced at the other girl from the corner of her eyes and smiled when she saw how flustered Yuria was. ‘Cute….’ She desperately wanted to kiss Yuria again, to hold her, to touch her, to feel her close; but she would wait until Yuria was ready. She didn’t want to force herself on her nor would she want to rush things. She had saw how empty and broken a friend of her after said friend had sex when she haven’t feel ready for it. Luckily the peoples she had dating with were decent, if not nice. Of course this time it was different. This time it was with Yuria. She had wait for the girl for five years and she didn’t mind to wait a few more minutes or even hours. For Yuria, she would wait.

With each seconds passed, Yuria felt her heart beat won’t slowing down and her body felt warm. ‘What the heck am I doing? Don’t be a chicken.’ With that decision, she slipped her hand on top of Kumi’s and squeezed the hand for a few seconds before walking away to the bedroom.

Realizing what Yuria’s gesture might mean, Kumi watched her going away, noticing how Yuria didn’t close the door behind her, and she turned off the TV. She took a deep breath before went to opened door and right before she close it behind her she heard Yuria requested, “Please turn off the light.” Surprised, Kumi could only responded with an “Eh!?” before she noticed how red Yuria’s face was and the girls was looking away while biting her lower lips. Even the stupid Kumi could understand why now. With a sigh, she turned off the light. Thankfully the light from outside the door and the light from the road that was coming from the window were bright enough for her to see Yuria (although not as bright as she wanted), not just the silhouette. Then she went to sit on the bed besides Yuria, her back resting against the headboard as well.

Hearing Yuria gasp when she dropped her body beside her, Kumi slowly reached out for Yuria’s hand. “Relax…, if you’re not ready yet, I won’t force you.” Despite her own nervousness and needs, the younger girl’s happiness is her first priority. “It’s okay, we can just…. Sleep?”

“No… I… I’ll be fine, just need some time….” Yuria mumbled; her voice was shaky with anxiety.

She should’ve done something or say something to make Yuria more comfortable, but Kumi was at loss of what to do. From what she had experienced, she was the one who was getting lead on, but now she was the one who had to do the leading. And she didn’t know what to do. Instead of riling up Yuria like what the main character in a manga would, she sighed and let go of Yuria’s hand, “Come here,” and sling her arm around the girl’s shoulder instead.  From their close distance she could felt how fast Yuria’s heart beats were. “It’s not like I’m an expert as well. I’m actually just as nervous as you are.”

“But this is not your first time, right?” Yuria pouted and leaned her head against Kumi’s shoulder, “You’re actually know what to do.”

“Well, yeah. But trust me; I’m just as nervous as you are.” Kumi admitted and she slowly pecked Yuria’s forehead, “I want your first time to be perfect,” and again, “And I’m not sure if I can live up to your expectations.”

“Kuuchan….” With those words, Yuria felt a surge of emotions flowing through her body. Kumi has always been kind, way too kind to her. Her hand slowly Kumi’s thigh and stayed there. “J-Just do what you want to do.”

Hearing what Yuria had said, Kumi moved away slightly so that she can see Yuria properly, “A-are you sure? Is-is it really okay? I mean, if you’re not ready yet I still can wait. I mean it doesn’t have to be right now. W-we can postpone it to-” Then Yuria kissed her to stop her from rambling, knowing one of them had to take the initiative and that person wouldn’t be Kumi. The kiss seemed to turning on the gears in Kumi’s head and she somehow knew how to take the lead. Somehow she managed to be on top with Yuria laying on the bed below her. Breaking the kiss, she then went for Yuria’s neck, her free hand went under the girl’s shirt and caressing her flat stomach.

On the other hand, Yuria didn’t know what was happening. They were just started and she could only barely control herself!  And when she felt Kumi sucking on her pulse points on her neck, she felt like she wants to rip Kumi’s clothes to pieces and just get it done with. “Kuuchan,” Yuria growled, her breath hitched when she felt her neck being biten, “Shit, don’t leave any mark! I have gravure shots in a few days.” But then she felt Kumi bit her shoulder before sucking on her skin, and she cursed again at the older girl.

“You’re an idol, don’t curse like that.” Kumi said before going up to kiss Yuria again, “but I like how boyish you are sometimes.” She gave a peck to Yuria’s lips, “And I’ve seen the Team 4 concert when you were doing danso in Miyazawa-san’s song,” and another in her round cheek, her hand went dangerously high on Yuria’s stomach, “Maybe you can danso again later for me?” She was about to kiss Yuria’s lips again when suddenly their position has changed. Yuria was now straddling her stomach.

“You’re a damn tease!” The round face girl growled before went down and kissing Kumi, nipping at her lower lips in revenge of what Kumi had done to her and trying to strip the older girl at the same time, tugging the shirt without care.

“Mm…, careful, Yuria. You’re gonna tear my clothes.”

“You can always wear mine instead.” Yuria smirked at Kumi and tugged her shirt, motioning Kumi to take it off, “Take that off or I’m gonna rip it to shreds,” and made the older girl sighed.

“Fine, hop off for a while.”

The younger girl did as she was told to do and stood near the bed. After she was free, Kumi took off her shirt and jeans before turning back to look at Yuria, the girl’s eyes were watching her and looked hazy, as if on a daze; her mouth opened slightly giving off a very sexy expression. Despite they’re often did gravure together, she never saw this expression on Yuria’s face and wondered what had triggered such change. She could only hope it was because of her.

“Not so shy anymore, huh?” Her comment made the girl’s shier side to come back. Yuria was quick to looks away with a red face. Chuckling, Kumi went toward her and leaned to kiss her again, this time, her hands helped Yuria to take off her pajamas instead of teasing the younger girl.  After they were both only cladded in underwear, she pushed her to the bed and laying on top of the younger girl with both hands on either side of Yuria's head, successfully trapping her.

“Are you sure, Yuria? You would break the rules, is that really okay with you?” Kumi asked just to make sure. She, after all, didn’t want to force Yuria to do something that she doesn’t want to do.

The younger girl smiled and put her hand on either side of Kumi’s face. “I already broke the rule when I let you kiss me, Kuuchan.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize. I want you as well.” Yuria smiled for a few second before growling angrily, “But I’m gonna make your life a living hell if you even dare to stop now!”

Kumi blinked at the girl before bursting out laughing. “Oh, dear… this is why I love you so much.” She mindlessly confessed her love to the younger girl again, and felt her arm getting hit.

“Quit laughing and kiss me, you baka!”

After a while (and several hits from the younger girl) Kumi managed to stop laughing. The look in her eyes turned soft when met with Yuria’s. “I love you…,” she whispered before capturing Yuria’s lips again, “… So much….”


Thanks for reading. Authors out again. 8)2

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*gasped* OMG... MY OTP~!!!! XD XD XD XD

God.. That hot scene.. It makes me breathless while reading...

Waiting for your next update... XD XD XD XD
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Re: The Promise, Part 2 of 3 (KumiYuri)
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“Hey, Kuuchan…, what are you working on lately?” Yuria asked after a few minutes spent in silence while they were trying to catch their breath and energy back; laying side by side and their hands linked together between them. She then turned to laying on her side so that she could see the other girl’s face better despite how dimly lit her room were. “Besides the reunion project with Mii-san and Ogichan, I mean… And…. Aren’t you dating someone?”

Kumi smiled, then leaned closer to give a slow, almost lazy kiss on Yuria’s forehead, “Nothing much, working as OL in weekdays and sometimes I would do some modeling gigs on the weekends. Sometimes I would help in my friend’s café. Just normal boring life.” She intentionally didn’t answer the second questions.

“But that’s what you’ve wanted, right?”

“Yeah…,” Kumi turned to the lay on her side as well, and draping her arm around Yuria’s waist in a loose hug, “That’s the reason why I want to graduate.” Then her eyes twinkled, though she still have a serious look on her face, "There are some other things, but I won't tell you now." She then laughed when Yuria pinched her waist because of the way her words sounded, "I mean it... it's still a top secret for now. You'll know later..."

She sighed in bliss when the younger girl moved closer to her, but the sigh quickly turned into a painful “Ouch….” after Yuria used her shoulder as pillow.

That made Yuria quickly sat up, the blanket fall from her body and exposing her bare torso. “Are you okay? Is there something wrong?” She grew even more worried after Kumi didn’t say anything. After one look to Kumi’s eyes though, she knew where the older girl’s mind was going into and why she didn’t answering her question. “Don’t be a pervert, Kuuchan!” She slapped the back of Kumi’s head and pulled the blanket to cover her body again before laying back down on the bed with a huff.

“You don’t have to hit me that hard…,” Kumi whined while giving puppy eyes to the younger girl and rubbing the spot on her head, “Yuria-tan is abusing me…”

“I will hit you again if you don’t tell me what’s wrong with you.”

“Yuria-tan is scary.” Kumi pouted at her and when she saw Yuria narrowing her eyes menacingly at her, she immediately added, “Okay! Okay! Don’t hit me again!” Kumi pouted. “I had bruised my shoulder. I just noticed that when I took a bath earlier.”

Yuria blinked before leaning closer to inspect the said shoulder while cursing at herself inside her mind. A faint purple colored spot had formed in Kumi’s shoulder. She should’ve noticed it earlier, but she couldn’t see that well without proper lighting. That, and her mind was occupied with other things; like how good Kumi’s touches were, how warm she was and how Kumi’s moans are like music to her ears. “Eh? How? What happened?”

“You hit me earlier, remember? When we talked outside the studio?”

 “I’m sorry!”

Kumi just chuckled at Yuria’s reaction. It was just too funny, how the girl’s face turned from worried, to thinking, to realizing, to remorseful. “Nah, it’s okay. I deserved to be hit anyway.”

“You’re such a DoM.”

“And you’re too much of a S.”

“Shush,” Yuria hit her Senpai’s arm and snuggled close to her, “I’m not a S.”

“But you’ve hit me for several times now, and considering other… things…, then yeah, Yuria, you’re S.”

Yuria was wondering what the other things might means but she had a hunch that Kumi was talking about how Yuria never really answered her confession. ‘But that’s because of the rules…,’ she thought, ‘not because I want to torment her…’

“I’m not S.”

“You are, if you don’t want to admit it, then tsundere.”

“Well, that’s ….”

“So you’re admitting it then? You’re a tsundere?” Kumi teasing the younger girl while pinching her round cheek. After Yuria punched her arm, she immediately moved away and let out an exaggerated whine, “Yuria-tan is abusing me…., so crueeeeeeeeel…”

“Oh, shut up,” Yuria sighed and moved closer, laying on top of Kumi, “if you keep saying that, I’m gonna kick your ass.”

Despite the younger girl’s threat, Kumi just smiled and put her arms around Yuria’s waist. With the happiness of finally being together with the girl she loved the most, came the fear and guilt. The fear of living her life alone after she goes back to Nagoya, and the guilt for making Yuria breaking the love-ban rule. At this point, she was certain the Team B Captain would be willing to start dating in secret if she asked. But would long distance relationship works out for them? Especially with how different their life-style at the moment was. Kumi herself knew that she was a rather jealous person, there were several times when she felt like wanting to throw things to the TV whenever she saw Yuria being touchy with others. Watching GTO was like a test of self-control for her. If they’re dating, she knew her jealous tendencies could get worsened. Kumi ended up thinking about it until she realized that Yuria had fallen asleep on top of her, based on the light snore coming from the girl. Smiling, she patted the head that was laying on her shoulder and on that moment, she had made her decision.


Yuria woke up quite late on the next day. When she opened her eyes, she still didn’t remember what had happened the night before, it was until she sat up, stretched her body and feeling the sheet rubbing against her bare skin that she finally registered what had happened and blushing furiously. After her eyes scanned her surrounding, she sadly sighed, believing that Kumi already left. She unconsciously bit her lower lip and pouting while looking for her pajamas. She was still pouting when she went to the bathroom to wash her face and walked past the kitchen door. It was until she walked out from the bathroom then she realized that she saw something, someone to be exact, from the corner of her eyes when walking past the kitchen and she hurriedly walked to the kitchen.

There, she saw Kumi standing in front of the stove, flipping what looked like omelet with a spatula. Not just that, the Senpai also wearing one of her t-shirt. The sight was enough for making her face turned red again. Kumi. Wearing her clothes. From the back of her mind, Yuria could recall the buttons of Kumi’s shirt flown away when was she impatiently opening (or more like tearing) Kumi’s shirt the night before. The memories of what had happened made her groaned, half ashamed and half exasperated at her own self.

“Oh, you’re awake.” Kumi grinned at her, “I hope you don’t mind me borrowing your t-shirt. I can’t find the buttons for my shirt, so…”

“I’m sorry…”

A pat on the head, another flip of the egg and she was done. Kumi turned off the stove, took the two plates of omelets and went to the living room with Yuria following her without saying anything after grabbing two forks. Kumi put the plates down on the coffee table and they ate in silence.

“What is it, Yuri? You want to ask me something, right?”

“How did you know?” Yuria asked back, a pout was thrown at the older girl. Her heart was starting to beat faster from the usage of that nickname, the nickname that was only used by her family. Inside her mind, she was cursing at how her senpai can called her in that way without even batting an eyelash.

“I just did. What is it?”

“Why are you still here?”

Frowning, Kumi asked back, “You want me to leave?”

“No!” Yuria reached for Kumi’s hand, “I just… thought you would be gone when I woke up.”

“To be honest, I did consider that.”


Smiling at the look of surprise on Yuria’s face, she gave the hand grabbing hers a light squeeze. “But I think you would kill me if do, so…” Then Kumi chuckled after Yuria punched her arm. “All jokes aside, I think that I have to be here when you wake up. I actually wanted to give you a breakfast on the bed but you already woke up.”

Kumi was actually waked up earlier than she usually would on off day. The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes were Yuria’s face, dangerously close to her own. And she ended up staring at the sleeping beauty in front of her eyes for quite a long time until her bladder kicked in. But even then she still had the time to take some photos of Yuria’s sleeping face with her phone.

“Oh… anyway, are you okay? Not sore or anything?”

“Eh? Why should I feeling sore?” Yuria innocently asked back.

“Uh… I mean… since… uh… first time… and all…”

Yuria only understood the question after seeing Kumi blushed, and she realized she did felt slightly uncomfortable, but she didn’t thought it was because of what had happened the night before. Blushing, she hit her senpai’s arm yet again.

“Why did you hit me!?” Kumi protested and pouting at Yuria.

“Stop saying embarrassing things!”

“I’m just concerned of Yuria-tan’s well-being!”

“That’s embarrassing!”

Kumi pouted at the younger girl, “Where did the cute, shy, meek little Yuria go? The current Yuria is cruel…”

“That was because you’re a senpai and I was still newbie!”

“So Yuria-tan only nice to me because I’m her senpai,” Kumi sighed and acted as if her heart was hurt by covering it with both of her hands. She knew she was being childish and as usual, her mood swings would made Yuria confused, but she liked the way she was feeling at that moment. Warm, fuzzy and light. “I know Yuria-tan loves Ogi-chan more than she loves me!”

“Oh, shut up.” One of Kumi’s hand was taken by her kouhai. “I love her like a sister… while with you, it’s different.”

Seeing how Yuria was cutely blushing and refused to look at her, made Kumi felt more elated than ever. She knew it would be hard, but… after one quick glance at the clock on the wall, she knew she had to say what she wanted to say. “Yuri, I have to go back to Nagoya.”

“So soon?”

The mixture of pain and love on Yuria’s face melted her heart, but… “Yeah. I need to… clear out things with…”

“Your boyfriend?” Kumi threw the Kouhai a look of surprise even though she should’ve expected Yuria to know about it. “I know it, you know… From the way Nakanishi-san and Mii-san reacted whenever I asked them about you.”

“I… already broke up with him though. Or… he broke up with me, not sure how that went out.” Kumi stated while tilting her head to the side and gave a short awkward laugh. “I do think I owe him an explanation though. After he kindly accompany me to the station and I just… said … uh…”

“You don’t have to explain anything to me if you don’t want to.”

Despite the cold tone Yuria gave her, Kumi can see the honesty in her eyes. Yuria wouldn’t ask anything or pestering Kumi for information. But that’s the least she could do. To give the younger girl an explanation.

“I told him that I would go seeing my real first love. And I asked him to not contact me at all when I’m in Tokyo, in here. Then I apologized to him for being selfish, but… I just need to see you. I want to see you. To clear things out.” Kumi smiled a little. “After all, I thought you don’t love me in that way, so… what would happened?” She shrugged and linked her hand with Yuria’s. “I never expected we would be… like this.”

“So… w-what do you mean by like this?”

“If I ask you to officially date me in secret, would you?” Kumi slowly asked with an unreadable look on her face, the she started to smile when seeing the conflict on Yuria’s eyes, “Don’t answer it. That’s why I have a proposal for you. And before that, hear me out first.” She then took a deep breath.

“I… am a very jealous person. And I know you know that. All these time, I can control myself when it comes to you and… other members, because you weren’t my girlfriend. But if we’re dating, the distance between us, the differences of our current lifestyle, my jealousy and lack of confidence would make us fight. A lot. And I don’t want that.” She put her free hand on Yuria’s cheek and kissed her lips softly. “I don’t want us to end up like Yukko and Ogi-chan. I want to feel warm and happy whenever I think of you, not sad and bitter.” The hand on Yuria’s cheek started to move to her hair. “And…, if we occasionally meet out with each other, it’s also dangerous, for you especially. Even though the media probably wouldn’t find out about us, but the members would. Well, they seem to know from how they were reacted when I came to the studio yesterday.” Kumi shrugged a bit before continued, “And that would be bad for your reputation. I know you, Yuria. I know you would try your best to set an example to the juniors. That’s why I am happy that you’re willing to risk it for me.”

Yuria bit her lower lip, as much as she knew what Kumi had said was true, she couldn’t help but feel sad. It was as if Kumi was saying good bye to her. After last night, she was sure she would still have the older girl in her life, but now she couldn’t shake the feeling that Kumi would leave her again, and this time, it was maybe forever. “Kuuchan…”

“…Don’t look at me like that, Yuria.” Kumi had to look away for a few seconds. Yuria was looking at her with her big round eyes and pouting at the same time. “I would melt if you keep giving me your puppy eyes look.” She was chuckling when Yuria punched her arms as she had expected. “Unlike before, I won’t ignore your messages or call, but… I think it’ll be better if we don’t see each other-”

“No! No, Kuuchan, I don’t want that! Why the heck did you even come here if you would leave me again?!”

Kumi winced when Yuria punched her shoulder, in the same place with the day before. She then took both of Yuria’s hands in hers, to prevent the younger girl from hitting her again even though it was might be useless since Kumi was weak and Yuria was… Yuria. Yankee idol that was good at sports. “I’m not done yet. What I meant to say was… Us… spending time together alone. With your schedule, we won’t be able to see each other that often anyway. If you want to see me, then okay. Only… it wouldn’t be just us. Let’s ask Ogi-chan or Mii or Yuka-chan or Yukko or other people, just to prevent other things and the rumors from happening.” She then leaned her forehead on Yuria’s before adding, “And if… No, not if. After ten years and we’re both still single and you still want me, then… let us marry to one another.”

Yuria’s eyes widened at Kumi’s crazy proposal at the end of her speech. It was crazy, she thought, anything could happen in ten years, but then again Kumi is a bit crazy. That, and Yuria couldn’t find another way out. “Why ten years?”

“After ten years, I hope we would have enough time to settle our own life and career. I think you would probably end up as a famous actress. I’m hoping to see several awards under your name in ten years from now.” Kumi grinned mischievously, though her eyes showed honesty. “And I hope, at that time I would be someone who can support a family and not just depending on you.”

“You even think that far? I’m impressed….”

“Oy!” Kumi tapped the tip of Yuria’s nose, “I’m an adult now, you know?”

“So… how should I contact you? In case you went MIA again.”

“I won’t go MIA on you again. But…,” Kumi took a while to think before answering, “Let us meet in Sunshine Sakae, on the hallway to the Ferris Wheel, on 5 PM.”

“Sunshine Sakae, huh? It’s pretty fitting.” Yuria smiled at Kumi, her eyes caught how Kumi glanced at the direction of the clock, and she pouted, “Do you really have to go so soon?”

“Uh…,” Kumi’s mind went blank after seeing the look on Yuria’s face, “I can always take the afternoon trains or night bus.” She then leaned downward to kiss the younger girl’s lips.


-Ten years after-

After months of not seeing each other’s, Kumi and basically had no one to talk to about her current problem, she finally had a girls' talk (more like whining) about her relationship problems with Rikako and Masana. It’s not like she doesn’t have someone to talk to, but these two are her confidante, they know her really well, and sometimes even better than Kumi herself! At the moment, there was this one man who kept contacting her and asking her out. The man is pretty decent, but Kumi only look at him as friend.

But then Masana reminded her about the promise she had with Yuria, and with Kumi still being a little bit of a baka, she had to reminded her friends that the date was getting closer.

“But it has been years since the last time I met her. Maybe she doesn’t even remember it anymore.” Kumi sighed and her gaze went unfocused as she remembered the last time she met the girl, on her graduation from 48 Group. And now, Yuria was a famous actress, she even starring as one of the main casts of NHK’s Taiga Drama! “And don’t you even read the tabloids?”

Knowing what Kumi’s meant by tabloids, Masana and Rikako only looked at each other. The ex-leader of SKE48 then patted Kumi’s head, “Rumors are just rumors, Kuuchan. You know that.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“I just know it.”

Kumi looked at Rikako with a frown on her face, which the older girl returned with a kind smile. “You should go there. Don’t make Yuria waiting for you.”


So there she goes, to the promised place, even though she knew Yuria wouldn’t come. And like she had predicted, she saw a woman with a tiny face came towards her with an apologetic smile on her face. "Sorry, Kuuchan, but Yuria..."

"I already know that she wouldn’t come. I was thinking of not going or asking Yukko to go in my stead but..." Even though she had predicted this, Kumi can't hide her disappointment from showing. After all, she still had feelings for Yuria. It was hard to stop it when she could see Yuria everywhere.

"Mm... well, then what about we go somewhere instead?" Ogiso Shiori asked while tugging at Kumi's arm. "Come on, I had a place in mind."

“What about your family, Ogi-chan?” Kumi was actually wanted to go back home and just be alone, but didn’t want to be rude, especially after Ogiso came to meet her just to not let her wait forever for someone who wouldn’t come.

“No worries. The kids would be safe with their father for a few hours.” With another tug on Kumi’s hand, the younger girl finally relents and let Ogiso led her to a fancy restaurant and to a private room! This made Kumi tugged at Ogiso’s hand to stop her, “Hey, Ogi-chan, isn’t this place a little too expensive?”

Ogiso merely smiled at her and simply said, “Don’t worry, Kuuchan,” and went inside the said room.

They talked about what they've been up to, a little bit of their past when they were still idols, life after graduation, their reunion projects with Mizuki years ago, a little bit about Ogiso’s family, and Kumi’s current work.  Suddenly Ogiso's phone rang and she excused herself. After she was alone, Kumi was starting to pity her own self until the sound of the door being opened distracting her from the negative thought. "You take so long, Ogi-chan," she chastised while turning towards the door, but the person who opened the door wasn't Ogiso.


Half an hour before. Sunshine Sakae.

A woman with a rather round face was running towards the Ferris Wheel. 'Yabai! I was very late! I hope she would still be there.' She said to herself while running. She had asked her manager to have this day emptied from months back, but there was this one sudden interview came out and her manager practically begged for her to take the interview. Saying this interview is important for her image and promotion for the new upcoming drama. So she did. But since she had been waiting for this particular day since forever, she couldn’t concentrated on the interview and ended up spacing out way too often, caused the interview to dragged longer than it should be. And now, she was berating herself from spacing out before.

Her mind kept reminded her of the time when she graduated from being an idol. How her friends, the active members at that time, set her a party and such, but that day (and a few days after that) were also the last time she saw the person she loves. She didn’t expect that person would come, but she did. Stood near the door and smiled in an awkward and shy manner towards her with Jurina practically pushed her to Yuria. Her manager was kindly gave her a three days off after the graduation and she spent those three days with that person, locked up inside her apartment.

She never really tells anyone about what happened during those three days but it seems her close friends and family knew what might happen. Probably that’s also why her parents never questioned her about the rumors about her dating her co-workers in the tabloids. They just simply knew. From where or how, Yuria doesn’t know.

Over the years, due to her hectic schedules, she had barely time for herself, let alone to keep in contact with other people except for her parents. From random phone calls once in two weeks, it became once in several weeks, to nothing. So did the emails and messages. Even when she has some free-time, it would be very late at night or even when it was in the middle of the day, she couldn’t bring herself to contact Kumi first. It made her a little lonely, but at least she has the memories. The memories of those days she had spent together with her, was enough to make her live through her lonely nights.

To think that there’s someone loved her enough to wait for her and kept on waiting in all these years.

Oh, she knew Kumi still waiting for her even though they rarely contacted each other, there was this one fan of her that kept on sending her mails with pen-name ‘Ookami-san’. The Ookami-san can be anyone though, but she recognized the hand-writing by heart, and how the person knew some things that only Kumi and Yuria knew.

As her eyes caught the figure of a woman waiting in front of the door, she smiled and walked slower. But the smile quickly disappeared when she saw that it's not the person she thought it was. Feeling confused, she took a deep breath and went towards the woman. "Hey, Yukko~, long time no see."

The said woman lifted her gaze up from her cellphone’s screen and smiled at her, “Hey, Yuria.”

“Why are you here?” Yuria saw Yukiko looked away with her ‘oh-shit’ face and felt her heart sunk. She knew several SKE members (if not all) knew about the promise she had with Kumi, and for Yukiko to be here instead of Kumi, only meant one thing. Kumi didn’t come. “O-oh…, I get it….”

“H-hey, cheer up, will you?” Yukiko patted Yuria’s back, inside her mind she was glad she could fool the younger girl. “C-come on, Onii-chan will treat you dinner, okay? Come on, Yuria.” She then took Yuria to a fancy restaurant. From the corner of her eyes, she saw Yuria’s eyes widen when she realized where Yukiko had took her. “Don’t worry. As I said before, I will pay. I have a nice thick wallet at the moment from the accessories I made with Shiitan.” Right before they entered the restaurant, Yukiko stopped, “Ah, I forgot I have to call someone. Yuria you go first, I’ve made a reservation under my name.”

So the Yuria went in on her own with one of the waitresses ushered her to a private room, and almost get a heart attack when she saw what, or more likely, who was inside the room.




The two sets of eyes locked with one another for a few while until…

“I thought you didn’t come!”

“I thought you have forgotten about the promise!”

They looked at one another. One was blinking and the other shaking her head.

“But why was Yukko waiting there?”

“I thought you sent Ogi-chan because you don’t want to go!”

They spoke at the same time again and laughed afterwards, realizing their friends had set them up. As the laughter died down, Kumi smiled warmly and patted the seat beside her, motioning Yuria to sit on it. As Yuria was sitting down, her hand reached for the older girl’s and she was just about to hug her, or maybe more, when the door opened with Ogiso and Yukko standing behind the door while grinning.

“You two! The fuck do you think you all doing!?”

This made Yukko turned her gaze to Ogiso while sighing, “Maaaan, Shiorin, why our dear little sister here still has such a foul mouth.”

“I know, Yukko. I’ve tried to make her stop cursing but…”

“Don’t ignore me and tell me what the heck is going on!?” Yuria cursed again, she knew they meant no harm, but she’s still angry from being fooled. Kumi on the other hand, she was just blinking and shifting her gaze from one person to the others, confused as well, but she doesn’t want to receive Yuria’s ire. So she opted to watch.

Yukko just shrugged, “Hey, don’t get angry at me. I just do what I was told to do.”

“Get angry at Mii-san if you want. She’s the one who came out with the idea to prank you two.” Ogiso added, her smile then turned into a mischievous smirk. “After all, what are you about to do when we opened the door? For you two to have your reunion in public places… you would end up in tabloid’s front page! Mii-san is actually thinking for your sake as well.”

The revelation made Kumi sighed. “That Mizuki…”

“Well, anyway…,” Ogiso moved to take her bag, “We’ll leave now. And, don’t worry about paying. Rena-san and Jurina-san already paid in advance. Bye you two. I’ll be waiting for the wedding invitation~” With that being said, Ogiso and Yukko left the two blushing woman inside the room again.

The End.

...I probably would make some epilogue drables, but.... we'll see... :nervous
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Re: The Promise, Part 3 of 3 (KumiYuri)
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Its very nice this fic!

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Re: The Promise, Part 3 of 3 (KumiYuri)
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Finally, KumiYuri.. :luvluv1:
I'll look forward to your next work, author-san.. :on GJ:

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Re: The Promise, Part 3 of 3 (KumiYuri)
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I can't hold it... The feels... <3 <3 <3

Love it.. Thanks for the update... XD XD XD
(To meet you someday, was the last thing I will wish for.)
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Between Friendship and More (YuriAnnin)
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"Where's Yuria?" Annin asked around to the team B members, hoping that they might knew where their captain had left. It was their rare break time, and she was hoping to spend some time with the captain. "Renacchi?" Finding no one to answer the question, she turned to look at her close-friend, but the girl didn't even dare to look back at her.

"She goes to SKE's rooms." Ryouka answered instead. Seeing Annin's frown, she immediately felt bad for her Captain, knowing the team A's beauty would probably get angry with the said Captain.

"We're still in the middle of rehearsal and she goes off to play just like that?!"

"W-well, our team's schedule is over already. You know her better than I do, she wouldn’t go if she still has some obligations to do." Yep, Ryouka thought, Annin is definitely mad, or probably jealous.

Annin pursed her lips; she knows Yuria loves SKE more than she loves AKB, but still! "Senbatsu's rehearsal’s time for the middle part of the concert will come in a few minutes."

"She said she'll be there on time, and wants to ‘catch up on things’ with them."

And true to what Ryouka had said, when Annin was already on the stage prepared for the senbatsu, Yuria came..., with... SKE's senbatsu. "Oh, riiiight… SKE's would be on stage after us, huh?" She could heard someone talked behind her, but her mind only focused on Yuria, walking together with Suda Akari, arms around each other’s' waist, and smiling at what Suda had said.

"Whoooops.... Yuria is so dead." Renacchi muttered, her eyes keep on looking at the oblivious Yuria and fuming Annin.

It was a good thing the song they were rehearsing was not the usual idol’s bubbly song, because Annin couldn’t smile or act cheerful at the moment. Not after she was reminded again of how Yuria chose her SKE friends to spend her free time with instead of AKB members. With her. ‘And she said she likes being with me…, I guess she likes Suda-san more…’

On the other side of the stage, Renacchi keep glancing at the still oblivious Yuria and her fuming friend. She was shaking her head when she saw Yuria got ignored by Annin when walking down from the stage after the rehearsal. She took pity of her Captain, and after make sure Annin wouldn’t saw her talking with Yuria, she whispered to her Captain, “Annin’s probably mad because you went missing to SKE’s room during break time. She was looking for you earlier.”

“Eh, but... what’s wrong with it!? Why she has to be mad? I haven’t seen them for quite a while!” Yuria defiantly stated with her usual half-pout-half-huff.

Seeing Yuria’s reaction, Renacchi sighed. ‘God, why are both my friends are idiots when it comes to love. Yuria is to be expected, but Annin?! They don’t even realize Annin is mad because she's jealous!’

And so the same thing keeps happened during rehearsal. Yuria would goes to Annin, get ignored, and she would goes to other members instead, hoping Annin would calm down later, only to find her still mad. It was just like circle. And by the end of the day’s concert, Yuria was getting impatient. Right before Annin entering the car for her home area with the other members, Yuria grabbed her hand and almost dragged her.

“You’re coming with me.” Yuria growled as she takes Annin to the other car; the one which would take them to Tokyo’s inner city area, to Yuria’s apartment. She was tired and hurt after being ignored all day, and she determined to know the reasons why; hence the kidnap. She doesn’t even care of the looks given by the other members and staffs.

“Who said I want to spend the night in your place?” Annin coldly asked, she tried to walk away, to go to her assigned car, but Yuria’s hold on her hand tightened.  And the stare from the Captain scared her a little. Realizing they had made quite a scene, Annin blushed and went inside the car instead, knowing there’s nothing she could do without earning more worried and intrigued stares from the other members, but she was determined to give Yuria the silent treatment, which she did.

The air inside the car was tense and heavy because of the pair, even the other members didn’t even dare to talk. Knowing how scary Yuria would be whenever she’s in bad mood. They didn’t know what happened, but they all had one thing in mind. Lovers’ spat. After all, most of them witnessed how Annin successfully gave Yuria the silent treatment all day.

Right after they were inside of her unit, Yuria didn’t waste time and pinned Annin to the wall right after she turned the lights on. “What the fuck is your problem!?” She asked, her eyes glaring at her friend.

Annin gasped. Not just because she was surprised by the cursing and the kabe-don, but also because of the intensity of Yuria’s gaze. Instead of answering the question, she just reminded Yuria, “I’ve told you to stop using swear words. You’re an idol!”

“Then tell me why you are ignoring me! What did I do wrong?!”

The beauty was about to tell her friend to stop hanging around SKE members, but she realized how selfish it would be. SKE’s bond is tight after all. And it would be more selfish of her to ask Yuria to not go to Suda all the time. They are from the same generations! Just because Annin doesn’t like it, it doesn’t meant she can ask Yuria that. Yes, she realized it as much, she doesn’t like it when Yuria was with another members instead of her. She was… jealous. The sudden realization made her face grew warm and her heart beat frantically inside her ribcages.

The change in the way Annin looks at her, the growing redness on her face and how Annin slowly made some little movement of licking and biting her lips, made Yuria felt self-conscious all of a sudden. Only just then she realized how close the distance between them was. So close that she can smell the faint strawberry scent of Annin’s soap, and felt the warmth from her body.  Glancing up to look at Annin’s eyes again, she was, as always, dumbstruck by how gorgeous her friend was. Beautiful, Annin was beautiful, but yet she was also…. “Cute…” The moment the word slipped out from her mouth, Yuria quickly looked away, embarrassed.

She was about to moved away when she suddenly saw a flash of movement and saw Annin right in front of her again, and the soft and warm lips covering her own. It was happened in an instant, and finished just as fast, before her slow brain could even register what had happened. Yuria was blinking for several times, and saw how Annin was looking away and covering her face, almost as if she was refusing to look at her. Seeing that Yuria’s brain reminded her that Annin wasn’t the type who would playfully kiss others. That it must’ve meant something. Blinking once more, Yuria was desperately trying to control herself, to not just saying how much she likes her friend or to kiss her more. But…

“I was jealous, you know…,” Annin suddenly spoke, even though she still had her eyes casted low, “You always go to them whenever we have a joined event. It’s like…, you don’t even need me when they were around.”

“But that’s not true!”

“I know!” Her gaze met Yuria’s, the other girl’s eyes were looking straight at her. Honest and serious. “I know…, that’s why… I… don’t know what’s wrong with me as well…”

Yuria was about to just confess already, but she couldn’t. Not when they are bound by the love-ban-rules. Hesitating with what she wanted to say, she just captured her friend’s lips once again. Not as fast as the one before, but not long enough to make it awkward. Then she slowly moves away, not trapping Annin again. As if letting her go if that was what she wants. “I… Different with the others… I don’t see you just as my friend. Considering the love- ban, that’s all I can say.” She then bit her lower lip, waiting.

“I-it’s the same… for me… I… I guess….”

Shocked, Yuria raised her gaze and saw Annin smiling at her, her cheeks still tinted red. “S-so… i-it’s mutual?”

“I-I guess….”

Yuria was about to kiss Annin again when her door bell ring. Once, and twice, and the third time. Sighing, she went to open her door and came face to face with Ricchan. The round-face raising up one eyebrow at her friend and in an almost accusing tone, she mumbled, “You never came here without telling me first.”

“Blame Renacchi. She told me to come here as fast as possible. Saying things like… ‘before they kill each other….’ Or uh…, she said you might probably do something you will regret later?”

“What the heck is that?!” Yuria walked inside her unit again and when her eyes found Annin still standing in the same spot on her living room, she felt her face warming up.

“Oh, you’re here as well, Annin.” Ricchan grinned at her friend, but when she saw the look in the girl’s face and Yuria’s, her smile dropped, replaced with a frown. “Why are you two blushing like that?”


Ricchan blinked after the two answered her question at the same time, and seeing their face get even redder. She blinked once more; her two friends were still standing oh-so-awkwardly without even raising their head, and yet they would try to stealing glances at each other. The way they would silently sigh, and how Yuria biting her lower lip after stealing glances at Annin again. What Renacchi had said before… Then realization hit her hard. “Oh, God…, oh…. GOD! You two!” She pointed at them with her hand and stomping her foot on the floor. “So that’s why Renacchi told me to come here ASAP. That’s why she mentioning the rules thing! Since when?! Why you two never told me anything!? What did you do just then!? I demand an answer!”

For a few while, the two could only looked away and blushing some more. Then slowly, even though they rather not saying anything, they started to explain what has happened before Ricchan came. “Ooookay… so there’s nothing happened other than kiss, right?” She asked her friends just to make sure.

“Well…, yeah?” Yuria shrugged, “I guess so…”

“So since when?” Ricchan asked again, “I never noticed anything different from you two before.” She then noticed the confused looks Annin and Yuria throwing at each other. “Oooookay…, never mind, seems like you two hasn’t talked about that as well. Well, let me know later. And let just sleep for now, I’m sleepy.” She was walking towards the one and only bedroom in the unit when suddenly reminded of something and turning back to look at her friends. “Oh! And… I’ll sleep in the middle. There’s no way I’m gonna let you two go at it now. It’s too soon.”

“What the heck are you talking about!?” Yuria growled and hit Ricchan’s head. At the same time, Annin face-palming herself and mumbled, “It’s not like we would do anything there…”


I don't know if there's any YuriAnnin shippers here, but I know the pair has several shippers on tumblr.
@Minami-chan, @niineechan: thank's for reading.
@Minamiyuki: I'm still waiting for your fics  :P

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Re: Yuria-ships OS Series - Between Friendship and More (YuriAnnin)
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Can you do a YuriChuri oneshot based off the Halloween Night performance pic I attached? (Yuria was the policewoman, Churi was the AD Kenkyusei~) Thanks, I'd appreciate if you did :)

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Re: Yuria-ships OS Series - Between Friendship and More (YuriAnnin)
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YuriAnnin~! <3 Sweeeeeeet! Another one from Yuria's harem XD Will be waiting for more~ <3 <3

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It's has been a while since the last time I was here. Well, considering this one as the part two for the one before  :nervous


It was one of those days when she wanted to meet her daughter, so she woke her husband early in the morning and hopped into the earliest Shinkansen they could find to Tokyo. As far as she knew, her daughter didn't have any work until later that night, so she might be at home, right?

As she unlock the door to her daughter apartment unit, she changed into indoor slippers and left her husband there. Alone, she tip-toed to her daughter's room, only to find the curtain still down, someone sleeping on the bed with her daughter, and clothes thrown haphazardly on the floor. Clothes. On the floor.

Gasping, she turned to look at the bed again, to check that if the person lying beside her daughter ON her daughter's bed was really the person she thought it was. And yes, there's no mistake on her part, the long straight brunette hair could only belong to one person. And from what she could see, the clothes on the floor weren't just her daughter's clothes. She knew her daughter didn't have laced underwear. ...Or did she!? She peeked at them again, this time noticing the bare skin of her daughter’s back that was partly hidden by hair and blanket, the skin that should be covered if she wore a shirt.

Blinking with realization of what might happen the night before, she hurriedly walked out before she accidentally wake up her daughter and the girl beside her, finding her husband about to turn on the TV outside.

"Don't turn it on. Come on, lets go!"

"Eh? But we're just arrived... and why are you whispering like that?"

"Just... go... now..." By now, she had pushed her husband to walk. "I'll explain outside." After they were outside the apartment unit, she whispered to her husband, “Annin-chan is there.”

“So? I know, I’ve seen her shoes.” Her husband retorted, “There’s no way Yuri would wear pinheels.”



“They’re sleeping naked. I’ve seen the clothes on the floor and all.”

“So they…?” Her husband stopped, he frowned in deep thought for a while before sighing, “Maa…, they are that close, huh? Well, at least she makes Yuri happy and that’s good enough?”

“I agree.” She smiled; her husband has always been a simple person. A simple and kind and honest man. “Let’s just get some brunch and message Yuri that we’ll come soon. So that we won’t have to barging in on them.”

“That’s nice. Okay, let’s go eat.”


The sound of her phone beeped woke her up.  With a groan, she reached out for her phone and read the message while rubbing her eyes.  “Yuri, we’ll come to visit you in an hour,” she read out loud, “Wait… in an HOUR!?” Yuria turned her head and saw Anna still sleeping, her long hair was slightly messy and almost covering her face, it was probably inappropriate for fashion magazines but for Yuria she looked, ‘Hot…’ Gulping down her excess saliva, Yuria leaned closer to the sleeping girl and kissed her exposed shoulder, “Wake up…,” to neck, and went all the way to her lips; smiling when she felt the other returned her kiss.

“Mmm… what’s the matter?” Anna asked while slowly moving closer and nuzzling her head on the crook of Yuria’s neck with her eyes still closed. Yuria felt a shiver ran all over her body from the skin contact but she suppressed the need it caused.

“My parents would come in an hour.”

“And? Do you want me to go?”

“What? No! Of course not!” Yuria exclaimed, feeling a bit hurt that Anna would even have to ask that question. “It’s just that… I might get a bit weirded out to be in the same place with you and them after what happened last night.”

“Almost.  Almost happened.” Anna sighed and moved away slightly to look at Yuria better.

“Yeah, that’s your fault, you horny drunk.” Yuria retorted with a half-frown-half-pout on her face, “How could you attacked me when you’re drunk and immediately stopped when you were starting to get sober!?”

“Excuse you,” Anna paused and Yuria got a pillow slapped on her face, “I just don’t want our first time to be when we’re both drunk.”
“…We’re totally sober now…”

“And your parents will come here in less than an hour.”

“Oh, right. Damn!”

Giggling, Anna leaned closer to give a short peck on Yuria’s lips, “Don’t sulk, we have a lot of time later on for that kind of stuff. There’s no need to rush for that. Now let’s go get some shower before they come.”

Despite she had often see Anna on various state of undressed, thanks to all those gravures and sharing the changing room, she couldn’t stop herself from commenting, “You’re… hot…,” after seeing her in all her naked glory, walking towards the door.

Turning her head and pausing on her way, Anna threw her a smile, “Thanks, Pervert. You are too.”

“I’m not a pervert.”

“You are.”

“I’m not!” Yuria huffed and started to follow the taller girl towards the bathroom.

“Well, who’s looking at me like I’m a piece of meat when we were changing our costume backstage?” Anna called out from inside the bathroom while turning on the water.

“That was once!”

“Who steals my share of extra photos from our gravures?”

“I’m in those photos as well!” Yuria retorted. By now she had walking inside the bathroom and the sight that was greeting her inside made her mouth went dry.

“See? You are a pervert.” Anna took the shower head and pointed it at the Captain, successfully drenched her, “Where are you looking at, huh?”

Yuria wiped the water from her face and muttered, “Not my fault if you’re too sexy for your own good.”



That was the one word that kept replaying on Yuria’s mind when she saw how extremely nice her parents were to Anna. They had always been nice to the girl, after all she’s their daughter close friend, but something was off; and Yuria didn’t know what that was.

And yet…

“Our Yuri has always been such a boy, but I hope she could treat you well. You should come to Nagoya with her when you both have the same day off, we’ll show you around. And thanks for always taking care of our Yuri, Annin-chan,” her mother kept on talking while patting Anna’s hand before wearing her coat, “I can be less worried now that she has you by her side.”

Yuria whipped her head to the direction where her mother was talking with Anna, right near the front door, seeing how her mom just casually said that and noticing the small frown on Anna’s face (the one that Yuria was sure her mother didn’t see). With that, there’s no doubt on Yuria’s mind, ‘They know… but how…?’ She shared a confused look with Anna right before getting caught in a headlock by her father.

“When will you have a day off? Go back home and we’ll go drinking together. You, me and your oniichan.” Her father ruffled her hair then gave Yuria a short hug, whispering, “I feel like we have a lot to talk about, especially about your beautiful friend.”

Yuria’s eyes widened as she whispered back, “W-what do you mean!?”

Her father moved away, grinning at Yuria and ruffling her hair some more, before walking out with the mother of the place with the mother.

'Oh, shit... they definitely know.'


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You really have to continue this story tho~
And should I wait for the 'smut' part~?

Thanks for the fic, author-san^o^/
I'm a hardshipper of many pair! lol

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Oh. My. God.
It's been like forever since the last time I visited this forum.
Then I saw that you posted an update.
Then I immediately checked the thread out.
Then I read the latest part from start to finish (ignoring the fact that I'm working and need to prepare for a meeting in about an hour).
Then I grinned and giggled (ignoring the fact that the intern next to me might think that I am crazy or something).
Thank you, Author-san!
I really like YuriAnnin and I really really like your writing style, your plots, and everything.
Although I am not into KumiYuri, I also read all that previous stories on this thread.
I really enjoyed them all.
I especially love how you write all the teasing and flirting between the characters.
I really really wish that you would write more.
Aaah... you really made my day through this stories...  XD
Thank you!

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Ok so here is what I think:

-'The Promise' was really cute, a little bitter but sweet at the same time. Some scenes with the other members provided a little comic relief to the story

-'Between Friendship and More' was also really cute. It was funny and lighthearted despite the 'rough' start (aka Annie being jealous). I don't know if part II is the end the story but if it's not please updat :)

But if it is then thank you for writing such amazing stories. It's rare for me to find stories with yuria as one of the main characters so thank you very much!

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