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Author Topic: Story Time - chapter 10 (WMatsui) 15/09/2017  (Read 6946 times)

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Re: Story Time (WMatsui) — It's Bout' Time
« Reply #40 on: September 05, 2017, 05:38:51 PM »
Hi  :)

I liked this fic! It was original and entertaining.
Hope you'll find time/inspiration to finish it  ;)
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Re: Story Time (WMatsui) — Mistake
« Reply #41 on: September 15, 2017, 02:44:02 AM »

   “I’m sorry. I never thought it would end up this way.”

   Rena sighed while she sat on the couch in the living room. She couldn’t bear to answer Yuki much less look at her. If she did, who knows what she’d do to the girl?

   A hand made way to her knee. A comforting hand. But in the end, it didn't make her feel relaxed in any way.
   “Let’s get her back okay?”,Mayu said.

   Rena couldn't help but nod. What was she going to do? Sit back and do nothing? No way.

   “So Rena…” Mayu’s voice trailed off.

   There were so many thoughts running in Rena’s mind. There were too many to organize that everything was just a jumbled mess. She became speechless. Mayu talked for a good five minutes before she actually sobered up and paid attention.

   “…and so about the honeymoon. Yuki feels sorry about it. She was just playing around!”

   Rena suddenly looked up.

   “Playing around? Are you saying that almost ruining my new marriage was just playing around?”

   Yuki stood up, a daunting figure to Rena, and she was calm and articulate with what she said next.
   “Don’t get mad at her Rena. We are both in the red. Remember…you didn’t resist.”


   Rena was walking back from the beach with Jurina, feeling good about herself and about life really.
   They came across a convenience store, a small and quaint 7-11. Jurina tapped her and said, “I’ll buy some snacks for us. You head back to the hotel.”

   Rena agreed and she said goodbye to the girl but not before she yelled,”Don’t get the red packs! The green ones are better!”, as Jurina entered the store.

   It was a quiet five minute walk back to the hotel. There wasn’t much action in this part of town at night.
   She felt a cold sensation on her neck and she thought it was just the wind but when it moved in strange ways she knew it wasn't it. She turned around and she sighed in relief. It wasn’t anything dangerous…or so she thought.

   “Yuki what are you doing?”

   “Your neck looked so pretty so I thought I’d give it a little peck.”

   “Wait that was you? That way more than just a little peck.”

   “T’was an exaggeration.”


   “Where were you?”, Rena asked to break the awkward silence. She hadn’t seen Yuki that much during the day.

   “Oh…I’ve been here and there. I just walked along the beach.”

   “Really? Me and Mayu did too. How was it? Relaxing?”

   Yuki nodded. “Saw some interesting stuff. People sunbathing. People running around. People kissing in front of kids trying to play in the sea.”

   Rena’s face burned bright red. There was only them that was doing that kind of…activity.

   “You saw that?”

   Yuki beamed her smile and nodded. “I see everything.”

   Rena collected herself and pointed up. “You heading to the room? Mayu’s coming back with snacks.

   “Yeah just give me a sec.”

   “Okay then. See you-“

   A pair of lips crashed into hers and she didn’t know why, but she let it happen. Her body relaxed and she let herself be lost in the clutches of the other girl. A feeling of euphoria washed over her and a tear drop fell from her eye. It was like heaven, like every worry she had was swept away from this one, long kiss. But in reality, that wasn't the case. In reality, every worry she would have would come crashing down…right at this moment.

    Plastic dropped. The sound of cans rolling along the concrete. A hand over the mouth. Eyes bulging. Hearts breaking.

    The pair broke their kiss and quickly snapped their heads to the broken figure.

    “Jurina. I’m sorry.”  Rena forgot who said that.

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Re: Story Time (WMatsui) — Mistake
« Reply #42 on: September 15, 2017, 09:42:23 AM »
OMG!!   :shocked

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Re: Story Time (WMatsui) — Mistake
« Reply #43 on: September 15, 2017, 08:05:46 PM »

Nuuuuu my WMatsui  :cry:
I ship many pairings at the same time - if you ask me which one is my favourite, don't hold your breath waiting for my answer.

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