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Author Topic: Rappapa Beginning  (Read 574 times)

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Rappapa Beginning
« on: April 28, 2017, 07:28:24 AM »
This is the story where it brings us back to where Oshima Yuko the president how did she formed Rappapa, gaining her vice-president and her four heavenly queens, how did Majisuka Gakuen become the top of Yankee schools.

Oshima Yuko - granddaughter of the top yazuka clan Oshima-gumi likes to fight and wants to be no. 1

Shinoda Mariko (Sado) - granddaughter of director in National Hospital Organization but left the house already

Kojima Haruna (Torigayo) - Has a trauma events before

Itano Tomomi (Shibuya) - granddaughter of famous fashion designer

Kashiwagi Yuki (Black) - granddaughter of the ninja clan

Matsui Rena (Gekikara :heart:) - granddaughter of Matsui kendo dojo good in kendo but never show anyone and after being hit in the head years ago, is abnormal.

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Re: Rappapa Beginning
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2017, 01:58:20 PM »
Chapter 1

"What do you want to play today?" A 6-year-old girl who acts like a leader among all the five of them.

"Yuko obaa-chan will scold me if I get my clothes dirty again."

"That's right Yuko her grandmother is very detailed when it comes to clothes so we should play something." A girl who is the tallest among the five of them spoke up. "Eh? Tomochin but......" The girl Yuko starts to think about what to play which doesn't dirty their clothes but which kid doesn't dirty their clothes when they come out and play? At that moment Yuko thinks that Tomomi's grandmother is a troublesome grandmother. "What do you think we can play?"


"Yuki! Say something at least!"

"Yamete Kudasai~ Itai yo!"

"Yah! What are you doing!" The five of them heard the voice and run to see a bunch of boys wearing keikogi holding onto to shinai hitting the fallen girl. "What? Go away! Before I beat you up!" The girl who was beaten up pulled the leader's keikogi which was given a kick at her ribcage for helping Yuko and her friends which they anger the girls mostly on Yuko.

"Stop beating her!" Yuko had rushed over to the boys punching them was the first thing she did while blocking the shinai. "Let's go too Yuko is our friend." Mariko had run towards the boys joined Yuko to save the poor girl while Tomomi worried about dirtying her clothes and stay still while Yuki had went to help the girl without anyone noticing. "Damn it! Who cares about obaa-chan now!" Tomomi pulled a hard punch on one of the boys without them noticing instantly knocking the lights out of the boy. "Mariko Tomomi had knocked down one we can't lose to her now!"

"Yes Yuko!" This time both Yuko and Mariko had used their full force to beat the boys but the boys had training so Yuko and Mariko had a hard time winning them, the boys knew the girls were lacking of stamina but suddenly they felt a gush of wind the moment they were on the floor already. "What? Yuki"

"I'm from a ninja clan, speed like this is nothing with the training I had."

"Then Tomochin your strength?"

"I punch this when I felt unhappy if that's called training."

"Haruna! How long you want to keep standing there?" Yuko saw the girl standing there looking at the girls fighting while doing nothing at all. "Coming!" The girl ran towards them when she heard Yuko's call.  "Yo! What's your name?" The girl which Yuki had been attending to saw there were five of them surrounding her got to scared to speak.

"It's ok no harm to you."

"I'm Matsui Rena." Rena spoke when Yuki assured her they were harmless. "The boys you girls beat were from my house dojo, my family runs the Matsui dojo."

"I'm Yuko and these are my friends Mariko, Haruna, Tomomi and Yuki if you want you can play with us we can protect you."

"Yuko we? You can't even beat those boys just now."

"Don't estimate me! I will train in my own clan and the next time you see me, I will be the best in fighting!"

"Then I will do the same too."

"Rena are you been bully all the time?"

"If I don't have my shinai with me and what are you doing Mariko-san?"

"Checking you're injuries but you seem to be ok with the hits you received."

"I have good endurance from my training I have to go, it's nice to meet all of you."

"Wait!" Yuko stopped Rena from leaving which the latter wonder what she wants. "A gift from me next time in the future if I still see you but don't recognise you this would allow me to know who you are." Rena nodded which she and Yuki stared at each other which she left leaving Yuki feeling lonely. "I'm sure we will see here the next time, why don't we make a promise then?"

"What promise?"

"A 10 years promise!"

"What do you want us to promise?"

"In 10 years time I will be attending a yankee school what my grandfather says and we will all go to the one Yankee school which we will see whether we can attend the same yankee school or not." Everyone nodded which Haruna was half a beat slow in nodding too. "Ok so 10 years later today I will find all of you so break our promise and I will definitely win all of you!" Yuko was running away from the group already which they had thought that she was the leader of course they would follow her.

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Re: Rappapa Beginning
« Reply #2 on: August 31, 2017, 12:48:10 PM »
Chapter 2: Shinoda Mariko

10 years have passed from the 'promise' the six girls have made, in 20xx at Majisuka Gakuen there's a first year student walking into the school trying to find the school hall.

"Excuse me do you know where is the school hall conducting the first year orientation?"

"What the hell are you saying? This is Majisuka Gakuen! No fucking people will go there!" One of the girl had kick the girl. "Apologise right now!"

"What if I don't?"

"Then...." The girl had kicked another girl who had kicked her the first time with more force knocking down the girl also. "W-who are you?"

"I'm Oshima Yuko I'm late!"

"Let's go and tell Sado-san about her." Yuko who was frantically trying to find the school hall now double her speed running along the stairs and corridor bumping onto someone along the process. "Gomen! In a rush!" The girl had dropped her kendama when Yuko bumped onto her which Yuko had failed to notice as she was rushing.



"E-Eh....A new first year student just like you came and beat us up." Sado was glaring at her underlings which they were hesitant to speak up. "So? This shows your incompetence right?" The girls were lowering their heads as Sado continue to say. "Her name is Oshima Yuko and she bump onto you just now. " Sado had turned around and look at them which frightened the girls more. "Where is she?"

"School hall if she had found it, she was going to attend the orientation by the principal."

"Damn it! Let's go there too."

"Are you going to fight her now?"

"None of your business!" Sado had ran up the stairs to the school hall and didn't saw Yuko and got dejected and sat down in one of the chairs. "Sado-san? Are you ok....?"

"JUST sit down will you?"

"Finally......hey you know when is the orientation over?"

"You again!"

"You're Oshima Yuko?"

"Yup that's right!" Sado look at the girl in front of her still can't believe she's the girl from 10 years ago and didn't grow much at all. "So you hurt my underlings? I hope we get to fight against each other." Sado stood up and left the hall. "Then if you lose will you be my underling!" Yuko shouted which Sado was half smiling thinking that she would still follow Yuko even if she wins for the promise she made herself.

"Good the morning stwudents! Welcome to Majisuka Gakuen! Enjoy your high school!" The principal Yuriko said three sentences and left the stage. "Do die old woman!" Yuriko walked in front of that student and punch her in her guts which she fainted by the force scaring other students. "Listen to the elderly."

"Wait! I have something to say I Oshima Yuko will be the next Rappapa president!"

"Rweally? There's so many strong opponents you need to face then?"

"I fight my way through then."

"Follow me." Yuko follow the principal to her office which she took out a file for Yuko and place it in front of her. "If you need to reopen the club and you will need people, here are the names and photos. Sado, Shibuya, Black, Torigayo and Gekikara."

"So I can't find the others?"

"Can but to form the strongest team they would be the only ones you need."

"Sado....I saw her in the school hall this morning, I'm finding her now!"

"Interesting Oshima Yuko....."

"Sado-san when are we fighting that Oshima Yuko?" Sado stopped playing with her kendama and looked at her underlings, which Yuko appeared in front of them. "Fight me!"

"We are fighting now."

"Sado if I win join Rappapa!"

"Then make me." Both of them rushed towards each other pulling a punch in each other knocking out each other, standing up again with their best move which Sado try to punch Yuko fast and strong while Yuko trying to have fun while she can but their stamina had reached their limit. Giving their last shot Sado missed while Yuko had knocked down Sado.


"Join me!"

" got stronger and stronger than me than 10 years ago."

"Do I know you?"

"Shinoda Mariko"

"You're Mariko!"

"Mariko become the vice-president of Rappapa."

"No matter what I will follow you."

"Great now I need to find Torigayo."

"Isn't that Haruna?"

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