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Author Topic: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 37 (06-07) | What's Meant to Be Will Be  (Read 64179 times)

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 21 (08-29) | 妹の戦争 (II)
« Reply #160 on: August 29, 2017, 02:58:32 PM »
YAY!!!! The little sisters have been revealed!!!!
Good choices for who will be the sister of who.
Looking foward to more drama. But please let it be a happy ending~

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 21 (08-29) | 妹の戦争 (II)
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I KNEW IT, the instant i read about girl in aki's house i immediately realize it was yuuka (she is the only one who looks like sayanee anyway) about girl's smile is the only need to take a man is heart, i think it's true since i experience it myself haha
now i'm curious about what will aki do

when i read description about fuyu's sister i remember about your 1st description for maru in the very first chapter in TTM "the girl wearing grey hoddie with hair as short as hirate yurina" and so i believe it's yurina especially when she has familliar eyes to fumie and i'm glad i was right (techi is really perfect to be fuyu's sister anyway) and thanks i laugh out loud when reading how techi's way of speaking .. i find techi's rude speaking as actually really cute it gives me the vibe of real imouto type (gaah i want to adopt her) besides it's suit with her brother haha

the other sister of fuyu ? is that the girl that work with him,? both have short hair anyway, i wonder what will happen if both of fuyu's sister and friends meet each other

neru as haru's sister ? both have smart type student feeling it's great

anyway somehow when i read about 'family day' event and some background of student-parent relationship in the school it remain me to "ouran high school host club" drama (i never watch anime nor read the manga, only the live action one)

hmmm i know this is hard request but what about siblings for yuuma, i don't know who it is if it was sister but if you want to give yuuma a brother then maybe okada nao (naachan) will be nice hehe (just ignore this request hehe)

thanks for the update it's really great, i will wait for the next chapters

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 21 (08-29) | 妹の戦争 (II)
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So among my theories, i got the part wherein Fuyu's mom died but what the heck, you killed his stepdad, too!

In the part, where Akane is troubled, is she referring to the family of Fuyu? So I assume that Haru invited the other twin—Manaka? I can't wait to meet her! Also Neruuuu :3

I was cracking about the part where Yuma teased Miyu about her green thoughts when she met Aki's imouto lmao xD

I also got theories for the girl in the bakery who's working with Fuyu. XD i pm'd you my theory so... Wahahaha! Im so excited for the next part :3

Also, is Momoka and Maki close? Im dying to know if they have the same chuunibyo wavelength hahaha!

It's good to know that Fumie is learning how to be salty xD i just hope tho that yurina saw how Fuyu hugged Fumie with his loud "imissyou" wahahaha!

This early update is amazing! Thank you, Cut-san! XD
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 :on asmo:

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 21 (08-29) | 妹の戦争 (II)
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Don't worry Shorty... She had seen much worst


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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 21 (08-29) | 妹の戦争 (II)
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Who kept bothering Fumie since last  week?

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The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 22 (09-02)| 妹の戦争 (III)
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Chapter 22: 妹の戦争 (III)

COLD SWEAT. Fuyu could feel cold sweat running down his back. A delicious bowl of katsudon and tonjiru are placed in front of him and he is dead hungry but he couldn’t get himself to eat it. Sitting in front of him is a former military colonel with his chin resting on his bionic arm. Fuyu knows someone of higher ranking and has dined with that person many times but this is the first time that he got so nervous facing an officer.

“Eat.” Fumie’s father ordered. His eyes are examining Fuyu’s every move.

“H-Hai!” The guy immediately grabbed his chopsticks and put his hands together. “I-Itadakimasu!”

As you can all observe, our heroine is currently in the house of his girlfriend. Fumie insisted him to eat dinner at their house. Her parents were surprised to the point that her father had to drink cold water to wake himself up. Her mother immediately went to the kitchen to see if the stock would let her prepare something special.

“Papa, you don’t have to frighten Senpai like that.” Fumie pouted. Her father is really acting strange yet funny at the same time.

“Who is this guy again, Fuu-chan?” His father asked in a scary voice.

“My boyfriend!” Fumie answered with a huge smile on her face. A gunshot sound was heard followed by her father falling down from the chair. Fumie’s mum immediately assisted him while laughing.

“Why are you acting like that, Darling?” His wife asked him in between snickers.

“Darling, do you remember where I kept my rifle?”

“Enough with the nonsense, Col. Shingyoji. You are not leaving a good impression to Fuyu-kun.” She gave a force on her grip to her husband’s normal arm which made the man’s face crumple, a sign that he should get himself together.

“Well Fuu-chan, I didn’t expect that your boyfriend is this good-looking!” Fumie’s mum praised Fuyu which made the guy a little embarrassed. “He definitely fits your description of the guy you were talking about when you were young!”

Fuyu and Fumie looked at each other before looking back to the lady. Fumie’s head tilted a bit.

“What are you talking about, Mama?” she asked in curiosity.

Ara! You don’t remember?” Her mother clapped in excitement. “When you were young you were talking about a prince with cold-mysterious eyes. You even claimed that you will be the one who will make that prince smile and then you will marry each other.”

“Eeeek!” Fumie’s blood immediately rushed up to her face. That totally sounded that she was a chuunibyou before. Suddenly those memories of her when she was 6 came rushing.

“You really don’t remember?” Her mum asked. She then pulled her phone and then made Fuyu watch a video. It was Fumie’s video of declaration.

“I’m going to make that prince smile! I know he will come for me. Our meeting will end his sadness and then we will get married.”

“K-Kawaii…” Fuyu whispered with blushing cheeks.

“M-M-Mama!!!” Fumie snatched the phone away. “D-D-Don’t let Senpai watch embarrassing stuffs! Why do you even have this video of me!?”

Her mum laughed at her frustrated face. “It’s cute, right, Fuyu-kun? She was trying stuffs to make people smile so that when she meets the prince she could make him smile without fail. And then she discovered idols and she was fascinated on how they could make people’s faces light up. There goes the story, she has forgotten about the prince and focused more on becoming an idol.”

“I see…” Fuyu answered with dead eyes. “She has forgotten about the prince. That’s really sad.”

“S-Senpai!” Fumie puffed her cheeks in embarrassment.

“Ehem!” The head of the family cleared his throat to get their attention. “So this means that you are not going to pursue being an idol, right, Fuu-chan?”

The dining table was suddenly covered with silence. Everyone’s attention turned to Fumie.

“W-Well I…” She turned to Fuyu who was just observing her. She then smiled. She then turned to her parents and shook her head. “There’s no need. I have found my prince.”

There was an awkward silence for a moment. Fuyu’s ears are red. He was so surprised, he was moved. But he couldn’t shake off the fact that she hesitated for a moment.

“OH YEEEES!” Everyone was surprised when the father suddenly rejoiced in his seat. “Finally, my daughter has quit her pursuit to being an idol! Thank you, Fuyu-kun! Is there any thing that you want to eat? Darling, can I drink beer just for tonight? I want to celebrate!”

“Sure, Darling! Let’s have a toast!” His wife cheerfully answered and then went to get beer from the fridge.

“Thank you, Fuyu-kun! You’re a gift from heaven! My daughter is now safe from gravure works and from all the dirty eyes of this world! Do you drink? Let’s have a toast!”

“Papa, Senpai is still in high school!” Fumie defended.

The dinner went on like that. It was full of smiles and laughter. Full of fun stories like the adventures of Fumie’s father in the military. It was such a happy family dinner time—something that Fuyu is a stranger of.


“SO, THAT’S what happened…” Fumie uttered under her breath after hearing Fuyu’s story. He was about to go to school when the daughter of his boss came and ask him to man the store because her father was sent to the hospital after passing out.

Fumie could see that Fuyu’s boss is a father figure to him that’s why he got so worried. He was only able to breathe well when his lady-boss called and said that her husband is already in a stable state. That’s the moment when he remembered about Fumie.

The two are currently sitting on a swing in the park near their houses. They weren’t able to talk privately because Fumie’s father keeps on eavesdropping so they decided to talk outside.

“I’m really sorry for making you worried.” Fuyu apologized, his face filled with guilt. “My mind just went blank.”

“Don’t worry… I understand about today’s incident now.” The girl answered with a faint smile. She looked straight to Fuyu’s eyes which somehow surprised the lad. “Ano sa… Earlier I heard from Maki-chan the truth about your mother…”

“Eh?” Fuyu was taken aback but then put up a smile. “Really, Maki…”

“Are you planning to keep it a secret from me?” She tried to keep Fuyu looking at her. “If Maki-chan didn’t tell me about it will it remain a secret from me?”

Fuyu frantically shook his head. “No, Fumie. It’s not like that. I was about to tell you about it yesterday but Yurina suddenly appeared and my plan was blocked.”

“Really?” Fumie pouted which made Fuyu blushed. That grumpy face is really cute. “Okay, let’s say you are really going to tell me about it but why didn’t you send even a good night message last night?”

“Ah? About that…” Fuyu massaged his temple before continuing. “I was busy arguing with her last night. I told her to go back to their home but she insisted on staying. She said she’s getting tired of the orders of their grandma. She even broke my neurolinker and stole my phone.”

“I think Yurina-chan just really wants to see you so she came.” Fumie uttered her breath.

Fuyu sneered. “I doubt that.”

“Why so negative?”

“Well…” The guy looked up to the sky to take a good look of the beautiful moon. “I believe they were told stories about me and I know those stories aren’t really good. Their family considers me and my mother as a curse. They keep on saying that the reason their son died was because he married a divorced woman with a delusional child.”

Fumie was not able to react after that revelation. She could feel the weight in each word, the sadness, the frustration. He could imagine how Fuyu became a little happy after his mother found someone who would love her but they suffered such a fate. He was left alone once again. How sad it is to know that there should be people that can be with you but aren’t really there when you turn around.

“After the funeral, they immediately took Yurina and Manaka away from me. They moved to another city and they didn’t bother to think about me. I stayed at the house Okaa-san has inherited from her parents. The ones who took care of me are Shinoda-sensei and Akimoto-sensei. Shinoda-sensei even asked me to move to his house but I declined thinking that I will bring curse to his household. So until I was on the age that I am allowed to do part-time jobs I received financial support from them.”

He is smiling. He can put up that smile even though he is talking about something that really took a toll on him emotionally. It is the same when he was talking about what happened to him and Natsu. But it is clear with his other movements that all of these events that he is talking about crushed his heart.


There it goes. For a moment Fuyu’s ears stopped receiving audio signals. He turned to his girl in a flash, his eyes wide, his lips parted. Fumie addressed him without –senpai, right?

The girl smiled at him with her signature worried smile and then reached out for his hand. For a moment she was shocked by his cold palm but she’s getting used to it. She gave it a light pinch as if asking Fuyu to hold her too.

“It’s okay…” Fumie started. “It’s certainly okay to cry…”

Fuyu was once again startled. Before he knew it, there is a rush of emotion coming from deep within which moved him to tears. He didn’t know about it until he felt Fumie’s palm caressing his face as if trying to wipe the tears away.

“W-Wait… It’s not like I’m really sad about it… H-Hey…” He tried to cover his face because of embarrassment but the tears just kept on flowing.

How long has it been since the last time that he cried about this? How long has it been since he started to act in accordance to his name? How long has it been since he began keeping all these emotion?

He kept denying that to himself that he is sad. There’s no point to these tears but they just won’t stop. Fuyu then suddenly felt Fumie’s hands holding his hands and then she slowly uncovered his face.

“I’m here…” Fumie stated while bending towards Fuyu. “I know I’m a hopeless at times but you can rely more on me. As much as I want you to smile, it would really be bad for you to keep those things forever. Please depend more on me…”

She bowed her head to hide her blushing face. “Because I am your girlfriend…”

Fuyu smiled. That statement surely got him but that smile slowly crumpled as even more tears kept on flowing. He pulled Fumie into an embrace which surprised the girl. Then he just started crying like a little child. He wasn’t saying anything but Fumie can feel how heavy it was with those faint sobs.

“I’m glad…” He uttered under his breath after calming himself down. “I’m glad that I didn’t give up on you. I know that I would certainly find you.”

He released Fumie from the hug and the girl just looked adoringly at him. He caressed her face which the girl just let him do. “Even if everyone else turns their back on me as long as you are there I know I can go through.”

Fumie nodded with a cute smile on her face but her heart suddenly quaked when she saw how Fuyu was looking at her so longingly. His eyes are simply saying that he is yearning for her. The beating of her heart is too loud making her worry if ever Fuyu could hear it.

Their stares locked and she could hear her heart telling her to just go for the inevitable conclusion of this moment. They have been yearning for each other for so long, right? Why not just give it a go?

Fumie closed her eyes, a sign that she is ready. Fuyu blushed and panicked for a moment but he immediately composed himself back. He drew his face nearer to Fumie until they could feel each other’s breath. Nearer and nearer until—


The two jerked from their places and drew a distance from each other in a flash after hearing Yurina’s voice. Suddenly, everything became awkward.

“Nii-san, where are you~~!? I’m hungry~~~” Yurina suddenly came running. Her eyes glistened after she found her brother sitting on the swing but then she immediately transformed to her usual smug appearance. “What the hell are you doing here with that girl!? Let’s go home and give me something to eat!”

“Yurina!” Fuyu shouted back, his face beet red due to the earlier happening. “Don’t address Fumie like that! She even packed your dinner!”

The girl’s eyes glittered once more but just like the usual she reverts back to the smug face.

“So!? Are you waiting for the food to spoil before giving it to me!?” She shouted. “Let’s go home now! I’m starving!”

“As I thought…” Fumie told herself. “This girl is a tsundere.”

“Tch.” Fuyu slapped his forehead before turning to Fumie. “L-Let’s go home. I’ll drop you first.”

“Let her go home by herself! She’s already in highschool!” Yurina teased.

“Her place is along the way so stop shouting like a kid.” Fuyu answered coldly. He then marched towards Yurina and gave her the dinner Fumie prepared for her. “At least say ‘thank you’ to Fumie. Let’s go.”

That’s all and Fuyu went ahead. Fumie immediately went to follow him but—

“T-Thank you for this.” Yurina whispered, her face blushing a bit.

Fumie smiled at her. “Enjoy the food, Yurina-chan—“

“But…” Yurina cut her sentence and looked at her intimidatingly. “I tell you the truth, kanojo-san… Don’t be so happy… Romantic love doesn’t last.”

Fumie blinked fast. Where did she hear that sentence again? Maa… She sweetly smiled to the other girl after taking a quick look at her boyfriend.

“It does! It lasts!”


POSTERS about the upcoming Family Day are posted all over the school and the mood is quite set. There’s also a good response from the parents which made everyone more excited. Most of the parents were also stars or prominent people of the society. It will surely be a star-studded Family Day. There are even TV networks that asked to broadcast the event but Haru wanted it to be a private time for the families so he denied the offers.

“I’ll be absent for that day.” Fuyu said which made Haru hopelessly shook his head.

One of the biggest news is that Matsui Yuu and Kojima Haruna confirmed that they will be attending the event. After hearing it, Fuyu suddenly changed his mind about the attending. A few days ago he agreed that he will attend this year even if no one comes for him but then here he is.

“I’ll be working on that day. There’s nothing fun about that event.”

“Is it about—“

“I realized that working will be better. I also have to assist my boss. He just came out of the hospital. I believe he needs assistance.”

“But Fuyu, you promised—“

“Do you want me to go to the event looking like a freak being the only one without a family?”

Haru fell silent. How will he even answer this? He has already sent the invitation to someone he knows as Fuyu’s relative but it seems like no one is really coming for him.

“I don’t need this kind of things. I grew up with a broken one and I’m used to it. There’s no need to be so concerned about—“


The door of the Student Council room flung open at the kick of a certain twin-tailed girl. She marched her way in like an angry gorilla leaving those who were eavesdropping with her dumbfounded. She hurriedly went to Fuyu and pulled his collar.

“King, you are not alone!” Maki shouted which terribly surprised the two guys in the room. Her eyes are welling with tears. “You don’t really need blood relationship to consider someone as your family!!!”

“Ohh…” Miyu wowed while watching the impromptu drama with Fumie and Yuma. “Sometimes Maki-chan really has good words to say.”

“Since my mother is not healthy enough to come and my father is still at work, I will attend the event as your sister!” She dropped Fuyu down and then twirled. “Can’t you see? I’ve been wearing my hair in twin tails in preparation for that role!”

“M-Maki…” Fuyu called out, still surprised.

“Come to the event and let’s become a family!!!”

The eavesdroppers flustered after hearing that declaration.

“That doesn’t sound so right.” Yuma commented. “It’s as if they are going to make their own family.”

Miyu giggled at the thought and then turned to her friend with an evil smile. “Hey, Fumie. How about enter the scene and declare that you are the one to make a family with Hoshi-senpai.”

“W-W-What are you talking about!?” Fumie frantically waved her hands. She tried to deny it but she really doesn’t dislike the idea. “And please, how long are you going to call Senpai like that?”

“T-Thank you about that, Maki.” Fuyu finally answered. “But, I have already decided to make a family with Fumie and not with anyone else.”

“Oh, he said it.” Miyu’s devilish smile grew wilder and then she gave Fumie a slap in the shoulder to let her know how much she giggles. Fumie was just frozen while Yuma is seen scattering confetti in the background.

“It isn’t like that, King!” Maki dropped to her knees in frustration. “How will I even explain it?”

Fuyu just laughed and gave her soft pats in the head. “I know what you mean and I really appreciate it.” He heaved a sigh and smiled. “Okay, let’s just say I will come to the event as your brother.”

Everyone’s face lightened up after the successful convincing tactic of Maki. These guys are graduating and they need to leave with good memories from this school. If good memories just don’t come like that, they have to be purposely made.

Maki already noticed that Natsu is thinking twice about attending the event because he knows for sure that Fuyu will not come if their father will participate. She wants the best for the brothers and she won’t let awkward blood relationship to ruin it.

“Ara, ara… Looks like I am not needed here anymore.”

Everyone’s attention turned to the broken door. The eavesdroppers stood up from their place as the new comer leans on the other side of the doorway.

“Y-Yurina-chan…?” Fumie called out. The girl just sneered at her and then turned her stare back to her brother. Yurina raised a familiar-looking envelope.

“I came here to send my answer to this letter.” She said full of superiority. “I don’t know how to reply to snail mails so I just went here personally.”

Yurina then eyed Maki who immediately got taken aback but then tried to return the stare just like how her cat, Marucus Gryffindor VII, looks at her.

“It seems like Nii-san already found a f**king family.” She then flipped the card towards Fuyu. “Eat that, baka.”

Fuyu then turned to Haru who just looked back at him. “Don’t tell me you sent Yurina—“

“Wow. Are you going to get mad to that person now?” Yurina rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. “At least that guy knows who your real family is.”

“She’s a tsundere.” Miyu whispered but still audible.

“I know right.” Yuma seconded.

Yurina’s face reddened. “Will you guys shut up!?” She turned back to Fuyu and pointed at him. “Don’t ever come home without food or I will kick you out of the house. Get along with your new sister!”

“W-Wait, Yurina!”

The girl was about to go when another girl arrived. That girl is beaming widely while running away from the guy who believes that he is the most wonderful guy in the world.

“Momoko, wait!” Natsu cried out. He is at the end of the corridor, chasing for his breath. He has been trying to catch his troublesome sister but he was shocked that Momoko has that amazing speed. She doesn’t even seem to be running but just skipping.

“Hello~” Momoko greeted Yurina then passed her by. The said girl went straight to the SC room and then Yurina heard a giggle which made her eyebrows form a knot. What she heard next made her rush back to the said room.

“Fuyu-onii-sama!” Momoko’s eyes are glittering like crazy. Her hands are even clasped. “I finally meet you!”

Natsu finally caught up but the he met Yurina by the door which made him rooted in his place. He couldn’t even move a muscle after those eyes landed on him.

“W-Who are you?” Fuyu asked while sweating really hard. “Don’t tell me you are—But you are not supposed to know about me!”

Momoko smiled relentlessly. “I am Momoko, I am your sister! I am pleased to meet you, Fuyu-onii-sama!”

The eye contact with Natsu broke when Yurina heard Momoko’s statement. She immediately stepped inside and faced the other girl.

“Hey, hey, hey! I am that idiot’s real sister! Stop acting cutesy, that makes me sick!” She resentfully stated while trying to act that she’s having goosebumps.

“B-But! I am Onii-sama’s sister! We have the same fa—“

“Shut up! We came out from the same hole so shut up! And stop calling that turd Onii-sama like he is a prince!” Yurina panted after shouting.

“Actually, he is a King!” Maki butted in.

“Grr…” Yurina growled as her fists balled. She took a good look of the two who are claiming what she believes is rightfully hers. After that she turned to Haru which surprised the lad.

“Hey you, put my name in the list of attendees under that ugly guy’s name. Write in all-caps that I am his sister!” Yurina ordered like she is talking to someone of her age. Haru just signaled ‘ok’ to her. She then pointed at the two other girls and declared, “Let’s fight in the upcoming Family Day! If I win, stop dreaming about being his sister!”

“Call!” Maki raised her fist. “You don’t know who you are challenging, kid!”

Momoko snickered. “I’ll be on it! I’ll be fighting for my Natsu-nii-chan as well!”

“Huh?” Yurina smiled wryly. “I will let you know the taste of frustrating defeat in that event.” She was about to go but then stopped again. “Nii-san, I will not forgive you for forgetting about me and Manaka. Bring me the same food like yesterday’s dinner if you want my forgiveness!”

That’s all and she ran away leaving all of them in state of shock. All their attentions turned to Momoko who suddenly clapped, that sweet smile is still pasted in her face. She then went to Fuyu, bumping Maki away and then held the guy’s hands.

“Fuyu-onii-sama.” She called out, smiling from ear to ear. “I’m really glad that I found out that you are my brother. I promise that I won’t be noisy about it. But really, I’m overjoyed! I promise I will be the best sister!”

“Momoko!” Natsu barged inside and gave Fuyu and embarrassed look. “I’m sorry about this Fuyu-nii.” He pulled Momoko by the ear which erased the smile on the girl’s face. He made her bow for an apology together with him then pulled the girl out of the room.

“Am I not the best sister already?” Maki puffed her cheeks. “Those girls! They can’t beat me! I will perfect my jutsu even more! See you around, King!”

Maki rushed her way out. She could be heard calling out to Natsu in the hallway. The SC room can now finally rest from the invasion of younger sisters.

“Seems like it will be an interesting match. A contest for the best sister, huh? I will enter Neru’s name in the participants.” Haru casually said as he reached for his laptop.

“So the reason why Yurina came is because you sent her the invitation.” Fuyu stated, his sharp eyes fixed on Haru. “Why do you have to do that? Do you know that you made a big problem?”

“I will just make a separate event for younger sisters so that it won’t be a big issue for them to compete for you. How about that? You will be safe from rumors.”

“Haru!” Fuyu stood from his seat. “Why are you even doing this!?”

Haru looked back at him. He raised his glasses and then went back to his laptop. “Fuyu, you have seen it, right? You have people in your back. Maybe you are just too focused to your own loneliness.

Fuyu was silenced. It felt like he was splashed with cold water. He wobbled back to his seat and dropped like he has lost energy. Haru took a glimpse of Fuyu’s shocked face but then just went back to his work.

“Let’s go back now.” Miyu asked her friends. “The drama is over.”


“MAAAAA~! Who could it be!?”

Maki cried out as they went back to their classroom. She and Yuma dropped back to random seats while looking so fatigued. They’ve went all over the school looking for that certain someone Aki has requested them to hunt.

“How sure are you that the one writing that thing is from this school, huh, Yuma-kun?” Maki asked while sitting like a drunken ojii-san.

“It’s too obvious! The setting is in school and the scenes are based on the real happenings that happened here in school. There was also a chapter about the M.T. I’m sure that person is somewhere nearby observing Aki-senpai and Haru-senpai’s movements!”

The guy scratched his head as if trying to push his brain to narrow down the suspects. “This is seriously taking much of my time. I’m still trying to figure out who I was in my past life now I have to put that into a halt because of this mission.”

Maki just grinned at him which somehow creeped him out a bit. “But it is fun, right? We are like detectives here. I’ll be Sherlock and you will be Watson.”

Yuma sneered. “Isn’t it the other way around? All you do is to stare at people and you are scaring them away. I am the one doing all the investigation.”

“What!?” Maki stood up with such a force that the desk in front of her flipped. “I’m doing the job—“

“Maki-san! You knocked down Miyu-san’s table!” Yuma went to put the desk back to its place and then picked up all the things that were under it. He was surprised to find a phone under the pile of notes. “Eh, Miyu-san forgot her phone.”

Maki went to see it out of curiosity. “Nonsense! Her phone is another model. She doesn’t use Android phones!”

“B-But it fell out from her desk.” Yuma explained.

Maki snatched the phone from him. “I told you this isn’t her phone. Her phone has the Phantom Note—WAAH!”

The phone suddenly vibrated which surprised Maki, making her lost her grip to the phone. Luckily Yuma was there to catch it. They both looked at the screen to read the notification.

Banana_Storm commented to your—

The two shrieked when the phone’s screen suddenly turned black. They tried to open it due to curiosity and the two gasped when there is no password at all. What welcomed them is a stolen picture of Haru and Aki together in a plane as the wallpaper of the said phone.

Yuma immediately got a hunch and swiped down for the notifications.

Banana_Storm commented to your post [Chapter 21: Unforgiving Master]

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SaveMeFromThisPitCalledYAOI replied to your comment. “I really loved how Aki blushed...

The two looked at each other. There are more notifications but they already stopped with scrolling.

“What… Don’t tell me…”

“Maki-san…” Yuma gulped. “I guess we have already found the culprit.”


This will be a long arc as well. :)

@Goto24-san, there is still a long way before the ending. :) Thank you for always being up to date. :)

@ FZA02-san, Hahaha. It;s nice that you got Yuuka correctly. Even Techi. XD Yeah, I believe smile is very important as well. XD
I want to adopt Techi as well. XD
Fuyu's sister is not the one working with him. The one who is working with Fuyu is--
I really had hard times thinking of who's going to be Yui's sister. XD
About Ouran, I haven't watched the live action but I saw that Mariko-sama was also there.
Let's see what will happen to our dear Yuma. :)
Thank you for always reading. :)

@porkofdoom-san, because I am bad, I make characters suffer. HAHAHAHA.
Please wait for the other sisters. :)
Miyu is always green. hahaha.
About the theory you sent me, I guess you are right. You are the only one who noticed it. Or probably the only one who told me that you noticed it by yourself. Haha. XD
Let's see if Maki and Momoko are on the same length. :)
Thank you too for reading~! :)

@hackata48-san, That's making me curious.

@Genkikid-san, the answer will be on the next chapters. :)

Thank you everyone for reading, pressing the thanks button and leaving a comment. Next update will be on next Friday. :) Happy September, everyone!

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The chapters just keeps getting better and better.
Also, YURINA!!!!!
And, where did I here that from again? 'Romantic love doesn't last forever?'

Lots of things going on in the SC. Hahaha time to decide who is Fuyu's sister!!! Lucky guy. Looking forward to family day. Reunion or Yuu and Kojipa??!!!
Also Cut-san, will it be added in the next chapter?

Gonna try and wait patiently.

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you got me again with your story cut-san  :twothumbs and sorry for late comment, its just im busy with my work
waiting for your next chapter :thumbup  :thumbup

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Only the best imouto will win!!  :on asmo:

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damn techi ! she comes at wrong time, what a rude but cute and adorable imouto she is, the way she calls fuyu with loud "nii-sannnnn" really got me gahh i want her as my imouto
and is it just me or yurina is more sounds like maru than fuyu himself sometimes ? well they are siblings and it really fits techi

the battles of imoutos, just keep my words if techi didn't win i will adopt her bahahaha (sorry fuyu) actually techi's personality here is to call it ? interesting and somehow feel unique which is make her really really cute
and dang techi just ordered no other than yokoyama haru just like that is really cool and badass for me

a,a,ah i think i know who is the girl who works in same place with fuyu..couldn't it be she is the one that i often asks before, (i asks it in the chapter of where haru get  screen time (if i'm not mistaken)

now what will aki do to miyu ?
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The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 23 (09-07)| 妹の戦争 (IV)
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*** I think of returning back to Thursday as my update day. I just want to rest during Friday night. Sorry for the late notice.***

Chapter 23: 妹の戦争 (IV)

YUUKA was sent into a trance after that spectacular guitar and vocal performance of her brother. Aki presented her the song that he recently wrote. It was a love song which really tugs the listener’s emotion. It’s like sending you in a state where all you would want to do is to listen to it and be taken with the waves of emotion that it brings.

“What do you think of it, Yuuka?” Aki asked as he placed his guitar to the stand. “Do you think our producer will like it once I present it to him?”

Yuuka jerked on her seat, waking up from the trance. “W-What are you talking about, Nii-san? That song is really fantastic. Your producer will surely put that in your next album!”

“You think so?” Aki smiled. “That’s really good to hear.”

Yuuka observed her brother while grinning without any reason at all. She sighed and grabbed her phone.

“Don’t tell me that you wrote that for that girl.” Yuuka asked while keeping her eyes on her phone.

“Girl?” For a moment Aki was surprised. It was the first time after a long while that someone linked him with a girl. In NHG and on fansites, it has always been HaruAki. “Who?”

“Are you going to deny it, Nii-san? I’m talking about Watanabe Miyu. That girl that you have been collecting magazines of.” Yuka gave out a somehow irritated sigh but still managed to act like a princess. “Okaa-sama has seen your stash of fashion magazine. She started to think that the rumors about you are true. But I noticed that you only buy magazines where Watanabe Miyu is featured.”

“W-W-What!?” Aki stammered; his fingers froze. “H-How did you—“

“It’s too obvious!” Yuuka put her phone down and looked at her flustered brother. “You even brought her home—“

Iyayayaya! I told you we just really had to stay somewhere safe that time!”

“And you think bringing her to our house when everyone is out will be safe for her?”

“It’s not that I will eat her!”

“Oh.” Yuuka gawked at Aki with sarcastic eyes. “I didn’t say anything about eating her. Nii-san, your desire just came out of your mouth.”

Aki covered his mouth with both of his hands and started to hit his head on the wall again and again. That was one hell of a tongue slip.

Yuuka pressed her lips together while looking at her helpless brother. She just went back to her phone before she could see the explosion of Aki’s head.

“Honestly I don’t like that girl for you but seeing you this crazy about her is something so I won’t barge in like an immature younger sister. Just tell her what you feel. She looks like a girl who is capable of charming a lot of guys. If you don’t haste then someone might win her over you.”

“But…” Aki sat back to his seat. “It will be hard for us if ever. It will also be bad for Phantom Note. I can already see that once a dating news about me comes up, the media and the fans will give us a hard time. I don’t want Miyu to be bashed online.”

“But you like her, don’t you?”

Aki fell silent. He wasn’t able to give Yuuka an answer. It is true that he is collecting magazines where Miyu is featured. He just couldn’t help to be attracted to the smile of that girl. It gives off a very familiar feeling, everytime he sees it warmth starts to fill his heart. Some sort of a magical feeling. It just feels like it is… home.

Was it because of Yuma told him that he and Miyu were lovers in their past lives? Was his feelings influenced by that story? But he knows for sure that even before they met Yuma and heard all of these claims, he already has his eyes on Miyu.

He was delighted when he found out that Miyu is friends with the girl that his friend likes. That means that he could finally get an excuse of getting near the girl. Finally he won’t just be a bystander; he can finally get himself to talk to her without creating any malice to the eyes of other people.

But, talking to her is like entering a trap even though he already knows that it is dangerous. It’s like a complete surrender. He has put himself into something that he would never be able to pull himself from. He is well aware that he is on a skyfall.

Silence means yes, Yuuka thought to herself. She wants to tell her brother that she could smell that Miyu feels the same way but she doesn’t want to spoil the surprise. She knows for sure that her brother will not believe it anyway.

She’s just a little afraid that the other girl might be thinking that Aki is really into guys. Yuuka knows that she and his brother might have little resemblance but Miyu thought that she was Aki even though she was wearing a skirt and her hair is really long. She was addressed as Aki-senpai and she can never forget the cringe she felt that time.

Maa, for now she will just let this past. Her Aki-nii-san is actually very shy and she knows it well. She’ll just wait for the developments but what’s important now is to focus on the preparation for the best little sister battle. Yuuka is not up for any other title aside from the best.




EVERYONE IS swooning after Manaka introduced herself. Fuyu is just watching at a corner, exhaling exasperatedly as he witness his friends adoring his little sister. It is different to the reaction that Yurina received.

“I’m sorry for my sudden appearance. I came today in support of my brother.” Manaka politely said. “Thank you for taking care of my brother.”

She gave them a bow which made the others giggle at her cuteness. After that she smiled to them cutely which almost knocked out Yuma. That guy has a strange weakness to younger, cute girls. Manaka has the aura that makes you want to hug her but her twin sister always seems like a starving wild tiger in a hunt.

Manaka arrived last night at Fuyu’s home. She arrived without making a ruckus. In an easier explanation, she pressed the doorbell and didn’t break in just like what her sister did. Of course Fuyu was surprised when she arrived. After Yurina stowed away, he thought that the grandparents will be tighter with Manaka but there she was in his front door as if nothing happened.

When the girl was asked about her grandparents, she explained that she is just going to bring Yurina back. That’s what she told them and they easily agreed. This shocked Yurina to the core. Why do her grandparents frighteningly strict to her but not to Manaka? Was it because Manaka doesn’t look like she is up to no good?

“F*ck.” Yurina rolled her eyes. “Stop treating Manaka as if she is an idol.”

“Nee-chan~!” Manaka called out with a grumpy face. “No cursing!”

Yurina’s face reddened and she blushed even more when Miyu suddenly hugged her and then started caressing her head. She tried to free herself but Miyu’s hug is superb.

“See, see… That’s the reason why we find Manaka-chan cuter than you. She’s like an angel.” Miyu even rubbed her cheeks to Yurina which made the girl panic even more. “But I am more attracted to warui types like you.”

Yurina pushed Miyu’s face away but the other girl isn’t giving up. “What’s wrong with you, woman!?”

The group just laughed at what seems to be a manzai. Fuyu bowed his head down to have his eyes rest from watching them. Although Haru is right, he isn’t used to having his sisters around. He is basically clueless to how he is going to interact with them again. He wants to make a move but he always ends up showing his cold nature.

“I’m hopeless.” Fuyu whispered to himself, trying to plant his face to that table of the library.

“I heard you.” Fumie playfully said. She was planning to surprise Fuyu but the plan failed. The guy didn’t even move an inch as if he already knows that she is near. Fuyu patted the seat beside him, telling the girl what he wants.

Fumie smiled and sat beside him. “What’s troubling you, Fuyu-kun?” She asked, resting her chin to her palm. Fuyu shook his head just like a stubborn child.

“Come on. Are you going to deny—“

Fumie gasped when an arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her nearer to Fuyu. The guy is still has his head down and is facing another direction. Fumie flushed furiously.


“I feel awkward.”

Finally, Fuyu voiced out what he feels inside leaving Fumie silent for a while. She reached out for the hand that’s hugging her. “Do you need help?”

Another sigh came out of Fuyu. “I don’t even know how to treat Natsu properly but here are my sisters invading my life. I know it has just been three years since we got separated but I’m afraid that their grandparents may have brainwashed them about me.”

“But they seem really fond of you.” Fumie answered, trying to take a peek of Fuyu’s face.

“Maybe.” Fuyu then turned to her but his head is still on the desk. She felt her heart jumped at the moment he laid his eyes on her. Fuyu looks like an abandoned puppy and it is moving her heart into the melting point. She wanted to play with his hair but she’s just too shy to reach out.

“Also,” Fuyu continued, waking the girl up from her daze. “I’m worried about Natsu. He might feel bad if he sees me having fun with the girls. I don’t want him to feel sad. Since he met Yurina last time he seems to be avoiding me.”

Fumie was kind of surprised after hearing that other reason. She didn’t expect that he was also thinking about how Natsu would feel. He is indeed cold towards Natsu and often brushes him away. Hearing it from him just proves that he really loves his twin brother.

Observing how he is forcing a smile since they met before going to school, she could sense the uneasiness there is to Fuyu. It is finally the Family Day. Today there is a big chance that he would cross paths with his father and Fumie could feel that he is anxious about it too. He’ll be meeting him after a long time, displaying a happy family in the public, seeing him with his half-sisters. She could trace the restlessness in that handsome face.

“Hey, hey!” Fumie gasped when Yurina suddenly barked at them, looking all flustered just by looking at them. “What do you guys think you are doing in broad daylight!?”

Fumie’s eyes widened when Fuyu pulled her nearer. She watched him tuck his tongue out to his sister with an amused expression in her face. Yurina backed off a bit but she became even more furious.

“Get a room, will you!? How indecent!” Yurina gritted her teeth. Miyu jumped to hug her once again and blew to her ears which weakened her knees.

“Don’t worry, Yurina-chan. That level of skinship won’t give you a nephew—“


Yurina shouted at Miyu, her face burning in embarrassment while Miyu just laughed her heart out.

Manaka skipped her way towards the couple and sat at the seat beside Fumie. She looked at the older girl adoringly. She gave Fumie a hug which immediately melted the girl’s heart. Fumie turned to Fuyu, her lips parted due to the sweet surprise of the young girl. Fuyu slowly let her go as he places his chin to his palm.

“Thank you for taking care of Fuyu-nii-san.” Manaka smiled like a cute baby. “I’m really glad that I met you, Fumie-nee-san.”

“Manaka is a really sweet girl.” Fuyu explained. The little girl then turned to her and smiled with delight. She bowed her head as if asking Fuyu to give her some soft pats. Fuyu backed off a little bit. He indeed had a habit of patting Manaka’s head when she was younger but after everything that happened…

Fumie noticed the awkwardness that’s why she took the initiative to break the ice. She reached out for Fuyu’s hand and led it to Manaka’s head. The little girl raised her head, her face beaming with glee. “I really missed you, Nii-san~!”

Fuyu pushed her head to make her bow again so she won’t be able to see his embarrassed face. The little girl just giggled and then smiled to Fumie as her way of saying thanks. Fumie’s heart was struck with that cuteness.

“You know…” Miyu started, she’s still clinging to Yurina. “You and Manaka-chan are like Fuyu-senpai and Natsu. You are twins but you are extreme opposites!”

Miyu didn’t hear any answer from Yurina. She took a glimpse of her face and her lips formed an oval shape. The girl’s eyes are sharper that it usually looks like.

“Don’t compare us to that person. He isn’t a part of the family.” Yurina freed herself from Miyu. “I’m going to win this contest. No one from that family is related to any of us.”

Miyu and Yuma were silenced by that coldness. Yurina just proved that she’s indeed Fuyu’s sister. They watched her pocketed her hands and then went out. She didn’t even say a word to her brother but Fuyu definitely noticed her.

“This family relationship is really complicated.” Miyu put her arms in akimbo. “Why can’t we all just live happily and protect that precious smile of Manaka-chan?”

“Hmmmm…” Yuma thought loudly. “We will all live happily if we would all stop keeping secrets.”

Miyu almost snapped her neck when she turned to Yuma’s way. “What are you talking about now, Yuma-kun?”

The guy shrugged his shoulders and left a more cryptic message.

“It applies to all of us.”



“I’M REALLY surprised on how big this event is.”

Natsu heaved out a sigh. He is in the rooftop of the Senior’s Tower together with the Perfect Zombie. Maki rushed her way out when she saw Fuyu coming with Yurina and Manaka then she bumped into Natsu who was sneaking his way towards the library. The guy couldn’t find the courage to join them so the two decided to go somewhere with lesser noise.

The young actor is currently looking down at the school grounds. The atmosphere is just like a festival but his heart isn’t on the mood for celebration at all.

“This is what you call Family Day of the elites, anyway.” Maki casually answered and then had a slice of her kimbap. “We can’t deny it. 99% of the students here are from very rich families starting from politicians, world-class athletes and TV personalities. Haru-senpai, the organizer himself, is an heir of a big conglomerate business in the country. What are you expecting, Natsu?”

Natsu asked the same thing to himself. What was he even expecting? He has been to showbusiness for many years now and he still finds it weird that he is still not used to big events like this. Or maybe, this event is just really awkward and it feels so fake for him.

He went to sit on Maki’s side. The zombie offered him her kimbap but he refused. His stomach isn’t really in a very good state. He couldn’t even sleep well just because of the thought of this event. He didn’t even have breakfast because he felt like he is going to puke everything up. Just the thought of his father and brother crossing paths is really making him restless.

“What are you so worried about, Natsu?” Maki asked innocently. “Nothing bad is going to happen. As if Uncle Yuu is going to make a ruckus when he meets King. I don’t think any of them is up for some drama.”

“I’m still nervous.” Natsu sighed as he combed his hair up with his fingers. “They haven’t seen each other for a very long time. I am worried about how they are going to react.”

Maki also sighed and then looked up at the clear summer sky. She’s thinking of something witty to say but nothing is getting in her head. Natsu is really the type to panic whenever it is about his family. His encounter with Yurina the other day adds up to his anxieties.

He has never met the twins since he was forbidden to. Well, there was no exact order about it but it is just too awkward to meet up with them. Since both of their parents remarried, they tried to live like they didn’t even get married at all, completely cutting ties with each other.

His mother, frequently contacts him before but with him feeling bad for his brother about not getting fatherly love, Natsu avoided most of the calls. He pretended that he was really busy but the truth is he purposely let the caller get tired. He wanted to be fair to his brother even though it hurt him.

That’s why his whole world crumbled after the news of his mother passing away because of car accident. He couldn’t even get to drag his feet to the funeral service. He was filled with shame and he bitterly regretted the times he ignored his mother. Not even his shadow was seen even in the burial and he believes that it is the main reason why Yurina is angry at him.

“Are you really nervous?” Maki asked once again and then took a slurp of her orange juice. She already finished her kimbap in a flash which surprised the guy. “It’s really weird to see this side of you. It’s somehow nostalgic.”

Natsu smirked. “Even the hottest man in the world has his fears. It’s a good character gap, isn’t it?”

“You would be a good character if you have special powers!” Maki ecstatically answered.

“Ehh?” Natsu leaned forward and rested his chin to his palm while looking up to the excited girl. “Like what kind of super powers should I have to be an interesting character?”

“Well…” Maki started thinking. This cute curious face gets Natsu’s heart flutter all the time. “There are a lot of cool super powers but what I like the best is Chronokinesis!”

“Oh, time manipulation, right?” Natsu tried acting cool but he couldn’t help but leak a smile. “What if I tell you I can manipulate time?”

“What do you mean—“

And then it all happened in a blink of an eye. Actually, Maki wasn’t able to blink that time because her eyes were wide open. She heard a smack with Natsu’s face in front of hers. She felt something soft pressed on the side of her lips and then she just saw Natsu grinning at her.

“See?” Natsu started, his dimples all out because of his puppy smile. “I can stop the time.”

After that he stood up and left as if nothing happened, leaving the zombie who is still in the state of shock. Maki felt the side of her lips where she was kissed and realization slowly struck her. Blood crawled up her face as she stood up from where she was sitting.

“Natsu! Come back here! I’m going to kick you off of the roof!!!”

On the other hand, Natsu was running down the staircase with uncontrollable grin on his face. He was sweating due to adrenaline rush, cursing his self for adding something to ‘What Makes Me Nervous’ list but kissing Maki definitely gave him a boost.

“I kissed Maki!” he giggled, trying to contain his voice. “I kissed her!”

He jumped his way off the stairs and started running in the corridor. Guess this kind of action runs in the blood.



FUMIE IS ON her way to the school gate to meet up with her parents. She’s very excited because it is the first time after a long time that her parents will attend a school event for her. Her father completely being healed of the trauma is really something that she is thankful for. For now she just wants this day to be the best that it can be. Her boyfriend may be having a hard time but she’ll be there to somehow brighten things up for him. She even woke up early today to prepare food for Fuyu and his sisters with the assistance of her mother.

She just came out of the building when her phone suddenly vibrated. Thinking that it was her father, she immediately pulled her phone from her pocket but seeing the caller ID made her heart stopped for a moment but then her heart rate doubled.

She just stared at the caller ID until the one who is calling got tired. When will this person going to stop bothering her? Soon after the call ended, a text message arrived from the said person. Fumie was reluctant to read it but her thumb pressed it open.

Fumie-chan, please let’s talk about it. Please stop ignoring my calls. We really need to talk. Please contact me back. If this persists, I’ll be coming for you.

Fumie immediately deleted the message. She somehow felt scared even though she isn’t originally frightened to that person. She shook her head and started running to meet her parents. Why is it even hard to that person to accept that everything is over?

The real question is, why can’t she just block the number?

Her parents went of the car and greeted her with smiles on their faces. Her heart was still beating fast but she tried to convince herself that everything is going to be alright. She cheerfully greeted them; successfully pretending that nothing is wrong.

She was about to lead her parents to the place where her friends are when an elegant-looking black car stopped by the gate. The students started gathering by the gate which made the Shingyoji family stop on their way.

The students cheered when the one who was driving get off the car. Fumie held her breath for a moment. The person who just came is still stunning even though he is already a family man he is still capable of getting the hearts of women regardless of age group. Definitely people would say that Natsu got his genes from him and no one can argue about it—Matsui Yuu.

Yuu greeted the students and made the girls swoon with his signature bright, dimpled smile. After that he went to open the door of the passenger seat where his queen was sitting. The lovely Kojima Haruna came out, being assisted by her husband.

The students cheered even more. Matsui Yuu and Kojima Haruna are considered as the Royal Couple of the entertainment industry and seeing them in flesh is really a rare chance. The whole Japan knows their story and for them it is like a true to life fairytale. They got separated, got into different paths but ended up getting together as their happily ever after. Nobody cared about the first wife of Yuu and nobody knows about his other son’s existence.

“Papa, Mama!” Everyone turned to Momoko who jumped to hug her mother. “Welcome back to your old school!”

“Thank you, Momo-chan.” Haruna smiled at her as she pats her head.

“Where is your brother anyway?” Yuu asked while looking around, his eyebrows forming a small wrinkle in the middle. “He should’ve welcomed us too. We came here for you guys anyway.”

“Natsu-nii-chan is with Maki-nee-chan.” Momoko answered with full grin.

“That guy.” Yuu sighed. “Anyway, let’s go now. The event will be held in the field, right?”

The royal family started making their way to the field. The students made way for them, the only thing they lack is the red carpet and everything would look like a road to an awarding ceremony.

Fumie met Haruna’s eyes and the former just gave her a meaningful smile. The girl’s heart almost stopped when she found out that Yuu was also looking at her. The usual cheerful smile on the man’s face is nowhere to be seen. He looked at her with a poker face sending her chills down her spine. They just passed her while Fumie was sent into another dimension.

“Fuu-chan?” Her mother called, snapping her back to reality. “Are you okay, honey?”

“Don’t tell me you are also giggling over Matsui Yuu just like your mother?” Her dad irritably commented. His wife just hit him in the shoulder and denied the allegation.

Fumie tried to laugh. “Let’s go”




Yurina’s shameless cursing echoed to the whole corridor. She bumped to another girl while she was turning to a corner. The girl was smaller than her but she was incredibly blown away by that small frame. She hit her bottom when she fell which really hurts.

“Are you hurt?”

Yurina’s ears twitched at the voice of the girl who bumped unto her. Her voice sounds really cute but what the hell is with that brute force? Yurina looked up at the girl and her jaw couldn’t help but to loosen.

The girl cocked her head to the side, curious of why Yurina isn’t responding to her. She reached out her hand to her. “I’m sorry. I didn’t see you and I was in a bit of a hurry.”

Standing before her is a girl with silky, black hair on armpit level just like Momoko but it is styled in a country style twin tails. This girl has a very attractive aegyo sal (little fatty deposits under the eyes) which make her eyes really, really charming.

Yurina snapped back to reality and stood up by herself. The girl smiled widely which made her beautiful eyes produce a very wonderful eye smile.

“I’m glad you aren’t hurt.” She said while grinning from ear to ear. “I really have to go now. My brother is waiting for me.”

That’s all and the girl skipped her way to the other part of the hallway. Yurina’s body automatically turned to the direction of the girl.

“Hey! What’s your name!?” She shouted. She was even surprised of herself for having the voice to call out unto a complete stranger.

The girl curiously turned to her. The surprised expression on her face made Yurina’s heart weakened even more. Shortly after her eyes landed to Yurina’s way, the smile went back to her cute face.

“Neru.” The lassie answered with a meaningful smile. “Yokoyama Neru.”

@Goto24-san, younger sisters are always like that I guess. XD
Let's see. :)

@misaamasane-san, Oh! Welcome back. :) I hope you are doing well. Gambatte with your work. :)

@Genkikid-san, the battle will be on the next chapter. :)

@FZA02-san, I think Techi got you here. XD
Ohh.. Who do you think that girl is?
We will find about AkiMiyu soon. :)

Thank you everyone for reading~ See you on the next chapter or maybe in the comments section~ :)
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 23 (09-07)| 妹の戦争 (IV)
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Thank u for the early update Cut-san...
There are a lot of emotions here from Salty Yurina to Sweet Manaka, then there's Emo Natsu and Suprised Maki bc of that kiss wahahaha!
Its a good thing that Manaka accepts Fumie (aww) also that Yurina-Neru at the end. XD

Im very curious who is that person who texts Fumie? Which she said she could block but refuses to. I have my theories and I crossed out a past relationship since i know that fuyu is fumie's only love, so i think it has to do with her career.

And i hope everyone is going to be happy at the end. Especially the relationship between fuyu and his dad. :)))

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 23 (09-07)| 妹の戦争 (IV)
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well, i'm feel ashamed to admit it, but.....i used to remind myself that i fall in love with sayanee but after i got stuck with keyakizaka46's music and thanks to your fanfic, i think i got my heart stolen by techi haha it's kind of odd since i don't like girl that too much younger than me and rather i like girl that older than me like sayanee, but techi is exception

yuuka finally appear, really sayanee's 'long lost sister' they are looks alike in real life so of course someone can mistake them hahaha

the girl that work with fuyu.... could it be ? "marco's 'pretend' girlfriend ?" (i'm sure you know who

yuma's criptic message "it applies to us all" i have feeling he is not only pretend to miyu but also to the others

and.... Goddamn it natsu.... you sly motherf*cker, even after born again as boy jurina still a kissing stealer huh?

someone who keeps bugging fumie, i have feeling it could bring trouble to fufu couple,

and lastly....Did you will make a yuri on this fic (for your info i like yuri as long as it's about 4846girls)  yurina and neru huh ? i like it  to be honest after watching zankokuna drama i kinda ship techi and neru hahaha
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 23 (09-07)| 妹の戦争 (IV)
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Who kept bothering Fumie? Is this person going to get in the way of FuyuFumie's love?

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The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 24 (09-21)| 妹の戦争 (F)
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Chapter 24: 妹の戦争 (F)


EVERYONE is on a cloud of huge excitement as the annual Family Day of NeoHorikoshi Gakuen was put into a start. The Principal of the school gave a speech of appreciation to each family who made time just to attend the said event. He also gave thanks to Haru and the Student Council for despite having a few members to work still managed to have the task done magnificently. He welcomed everyone with the warmth that there should be inside a family.

The next person who gave a speech was Akane, somehow surprising everyone because Haru is present but why is the Vice President doing the speech for him?

“As our Principal said a while ago, we warmly welcome everyone to our Family Day. I hope that you will all enjoy this time with your family. Like usual, it is the combination of Sport’s Day and School Festival.”

Akane took air for a moment. “Morning activities will be focused on sports while the afternoon will be free for everyone to go around the booths. There are tasks to be enjoyed as a family, so don’t worry if you won’t be able to play in the morning games. We have prepared a lot of things for all of you to enjoy.”

The atmosphere was added with more excitement after that statement from the Drill Sergeant. Her parents are watching her from the distance with tears in their eyes, so proud of their daughter. What do you expect from this gachi family?

“And now, to officially begin this program, we are going to bring you the representative of our school and their families into a contest. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s welcome NeoHorikoshi Gakuen’s own idol group—SHIKI!”

The girls’ cheer started to fill the field after hearing that the Shiki will be the one opening the event. The parents’ interest was piqued by the said group. They have heard about them from their daughters but this is the first time that they will see them in person. They never thought that they are really a big deal in this school.

“Known as the one who brought back social life in NHG, the Prince of New Beginnings and a prodigy in the business world, the representative of spring—Yokoyama Haru!”

A loud howling was heard for the respected president of the SC. He is really well-loved by the students because his thoughts are for the welfare of everyone. Haru went out to the improvised stage wearing a pink sports uniform to represent the cherry blossoms of spring.

He came out with an elegant manner where he is well-known for and all his fan girls from the business clubs couldn’t help but to shout his name.

“Up next, representing the overflowing energy there is during summer. The one who has captured the hearts of many due to his remarkable acting and his irresistible charm, the Prince of Summer—Matsui Natsu!”

Natsu came out wearing a yellow version of what Haru is wearing to represent the sun. It also fits his lively personality. He even showed his arm muscles to the audience which intensify the cheer to his name.

“And now, let’s welcome the Prince who has never failed to keep our hearts from swooning through his wonderful husky voice. The leader of our favorite band of this age, representing the cool breeze of autumn—Yamamoto Aki!”

A loud roll of cheers welcomed Aki as he came out on the stage. His uniform is color orange for autumn’s dried leaves. He waved to the audience and raised his fist to say that he is prepared to fight. He smiled to his friends and the smile he gave to Haru made the hearts of the shippers go wild.

Akane gulped. How is she going to present the next person with praise? She blushed for a moment, remembering how she was dumped by this guy that made her shut herself in her room for a week. The serious girl shook her head to get rid of the idea of revenge. It won’t be professional of her if she would shame him in front of all these people.

“For our last member, unexpectedly making his debut to this event; the one who is still able to charm ladies despite his cold treatment; the one who has made everyone curious of how he looks when he smiles; the prince who despite having a cold name has a surprisingly warm heart…”

“Is she confessing again?” Manaki asked Risao with a smirk.

Risao just shrugged his shoulders with a playful smile. “Her feelings might be leaking.”

“Representing winter—Hoshizora Fuyu!”

Fuyu came out with a face tinted with cringe. It was the first in his entire life that he was introduced like that and he wanted to cut off the mic’s signal while he was waiting in the backstage. It certainly made his skin crawl.

“What the hell is with that weird presentation, Haru?” Fuyu asked the SC president who is busy waving at the people.

“What’s weird with that, Fuyu? Akane said nothing wrong.”

“Come on, Fuyu! Just smile and wave, boy!” Aki arched his arm to him and presented him the audience who are busy cheering for them. “Smile and wave!”

“Tch.” Fuyu rolled his eyes which automatically landed to the seat where his girlfriend and her family are sitting. Miyu and Manaka are also sitting with them. A faint smile curved up his lips and he waved at them leaving the field into a louder roar of cheer. Fumie waved back at him as a sign of support, feeling a little bit flustered with the scene.

“Fuyu-nii, gambatte~!” Manaka cheered on top of her voice. She’s waving the banner she and Miyu made in a rush in support of his brother.

“Hoshi-senpai, fight-o~!” Miyu shouted which was followed by a soft push in the shoulder from Fumie. She then turned to Fumie only to eat rock salt.

“I said stop calling him like that!”

The attention of the audience then went back to the MC as Akane continued with the next participants.

“And since this is a family event, one family member of the Shiki’s will participate in this relay. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the younger sisters of the Shiki~!”

A platform then rose upward from the bottom of the stage and revealed the younger sisters who are wearing the same colors as their brothers. There was even a smoke effect which made the presentation more extravagant.

Curiosity covered the whole field as the kids were also covered with smoke. When the smoke screen was fanned away, everyone was up to their seats just to take a better look of the sisters.

There are those who murmured on how Aki and her sister look almost the same while there are people who giggled with Momoko’s cute and pure smile. The appearance of Neru at a quiz television program didn’t make it hard for her to be identified by the crowd but the sudden appearance of Yurina drove everyone into bewilderment. They all once thought that Fuyu is all alone in his life but here he is, presenting his younger sister in the whole school. They cannot deny that the two are oozing with the same aura.

“Neru-chan! Momoko-chan! Yuuka-chan! Yurina-chan!”

Each of them gave a bow to the audience as their names were called. After that, they joined their brothers and all of them bowed. Everyone is already settled with the participants when…

“Chotto matte!”

The cameras then focused on the other side of the stage where the voice came from. A bright ray of light somehow prevented the owner of the voice to be seen but the light soon faded only to reveal Maki and a gloomy Yuma behind her, both in military outfits.

The audience laughed but her cuteness got them on hook so they didn’t criticize her. She is widely known as a chuunibyou anyway so no one is really surprised for her to suddenly come out like this.

“I’m also here to join the relay!” Maki protested in a loud voice. Miyu already lost it that she had to cling to Fumie in order not to die of laughter. “And Watanabe Yuma-kun here will serve as my older brother!”

The audience, thinking that probably Maki is lonely for having no one to come for her to this event, accepted her participation with warm hearts. Although she is originally a participant to this particular contest.

“Why the hell are we going to participate as well, Haru?” Fuyu continued to grumble. “I thought this will only about younger sisters?”

“Isn’t it good?” Haru answered with composure just like a traditional Japanese man. “With this we can be able to play together. You can play with your sister, Yurina, and you can also enjoy the event with your twin brother at the same time.”

Fuyu’s eyes widened after realization struck him. He then turned to Natsu who is busy warming up. Their eyes met but the other guy immediately averted his gaze. Fuyu sighed and then turn back to Haru. “Man, you are really a genius.”

“Don’t think about it too much.” Haru smiled faintly. “I just want to beat you into this.”

Akane went on explaining the rules of the game to the now calm audience. The rules are as follow:

The younger sisters will be participating in a pop quiz that are of middle school level. The one who is quickest to answer the question correctly will give her brother an advantage to the start of the race. Simply put, their rank on this quiz will determine their brothers’ order in the race.

After the quiz, the official race will start. The guys will then have to race towards the next station where they have to reach for the numbers that are hanging in the air only through their mouth. The number corresponds to a costume which they have to wear in the cosplay booth. They will be judged if they have properly worn the item or not. If they pass, they can go and run towards their sisters and pass the baton to them.

The girls will now have to run towards to a mysterious booth and enter it. They have to pass the baton to a mystery player who will continue the race for them. Those mystery players will then race to pass the baton to the brothers who are already back to their ordinary clothes.

The last race will be of the guys running two laps and then the race will finish. With this flow, the younger sisters’ intellect and sports abilities will be measured. Although the over-all outcome of the event is also important, they have their mini games which will determine the best sister.

“But…” Yuma sighed. He is with the Shiki on the other side of the stage, waiting for the quiz to start. “Isn’t Maki-san in an advantage here? She’s already in high school and the quiz level is middle school.”

“Well…” Natsu gulped. “Let’s just see what will happen.”

The girls were made to sit in the center stage. In front of them are buzzers that are just waiting to be pressed for those who are going to attempt to answer. Yurina looked at the other competitors and she was overwhelmed of the calmness and confidence that Neru and Yuuka are showing. They looked like they are veterans of quizzes. On the other hand, Momoko is just smiling as usual. She doesn’t seem to be taking this game seriously at all while Maki is in deep concentration as if she is praying for the stars to align in favor of her victory.

She looked back at the girl wearing pink. Again, her eyes were jailed just to look at Neru. She was surprised to see her in the backstage. For the whole time she was talking with her brother, telling him how excited she is about the event. Neru suddenly turned to Yurina’s way which somehow made the latter stiff. Neru gave her another sweet smile making Yurina curse in her thoughts.

“Come on, Yurina. Focus! At least give Baka-nii-san a favorable spot in the race.” She told herself as she clenches her fist. She isn’t really confident of this type of contest but she has to try her best. If only Manaka could do this part…

“First question!”

The girls were put into serious mode. Their ears wide open for whatever question Akane is going to ask.

“First subject is Math…” The audience gave a chorus of ‘ooh’. They didn’t expect that the Drill Sergeant would start with the most hated subject. “If 2(x + y) = 8 + 2y, what is x?”

Yurina immediately used her palm as scratch paper, scribbling using her finger but a loud buzzer crumbled everything that she is trying to compute. Everybody turned to Neru whose hands are still on the buzzer.

“Yes, Neru-chan?” Akane asked.

“x is equal to 4.” She answered with a cute eye smile.

“She got it right.” Fuyu murmured surprising Aki and Yuma who are sitting beside him.

“You already computed it as well?” Aki asked, his eyes bulging.

“Come on, Agoki. That’s too basic. You can solve it without using a paper.” Fuyu innocently answered. Aki and Yuma looked at him like they are torturing him in their minds.

“Correct! The answer is 4!” Neru received a round of applause from the audience. She immediately gained their attention with that superb way of answering. “With Neru-chan being the first one to give a correct answer, Yokoyama Haru-senpai will have an advantage in the race. Neru-chan, you can now take your sit. Job well-done.”

“That was really fast.” Yurina murmured to herself.

“Yosh!” Maki stretched her arms forward. “It’s time for me to get the next question.

“Next question: There are two popular ways of riding a horse, Western and ______________?”

A buzzer immediately made an alarm. This time it was Yuuka, she hit the buzzer with her fist and she is even panting heavily when the camera turned to her. Probably because of the adrenaline rush.

“English!!!” Yuuka answered with a shout.


“YES!!!” Yuuka celebrated and then went to take her seat without waiting for Akane to say anything. Aki facepalmed at the sight of his sister getting fired up about horses.

“How am I even supposed to know that?” Maki complained. “That’s not being taught even in highschool! This is unfair!”

“Next question!”

“At least listen to me!”

But the Drill Sergeant already got her ears closed. She went on with reading the next question.

It took quite a long time for the three to be ranked because they kept answering with the wrong answers. In the end, the ranking fell into this: Neru, Yuuka, Yurina, Momoko and Maki. The chuunibyou went back to her seat with her face so pale because of embarrassment. The middle-schoolers got her served in front of all these people.

With this ranking, Haru will have the most advantage in the beginning of the relay. He’ll start with a two-meter lead from Aki and a total of eight-meter lead from Yuma. The crowd went crazy once again when they went to their positions and readied their selves. The tension is so thick that you would think it is real Olympics.

Finally, the real event is about to begin and everyone’s hearts are already racing. The lights of the stage turned red and the screen is divided into five which focuses on each player’s faces. The background music set the mood into a deeper level of frenzy.

At the loud buzzing sound and the stage lights turning green, the runners jolted towards the cosplay booth that is about 150 meters away from the starting point. Even with a favorable lead, the other four runners were able to catch up to Haru. The president was surprised at the speed of the four. Did he become rusty with all the office works that he is doing?

They all arrived on the next stop at almost the same time, fighting their way to the hanging numbers. Yuma, who is unexpectedly serious about the race, immediately took the number with the longest thread. He grabbed the corresponding costume and went inside the booth to change. He was really fast like a mouse.

The others soon followed and everyone’s hearts are on halt, waiting on who will come first and what kind of costume are they going to wear. Everyone was startled when Haru’s booth opened first. As far as they can remember, he got the number that is hanging higher than the others.

The President is wearing a basketball uniform, no wonder it was very easy to change on it. The judge raised the green flag for him and he is good to go. Soon after Haru went on, another door opened and the whole field rolled into laughter. The one came out is a mascot, a monkey mascot to be exact. It struggled to make its way to the judge’s area because of its giant head. It was Yuma, he fell into the trap of the numbers. He thought that the lowest one will be the easiest costume to change into but he got it all wrong.

Natsu and Aki came out almost at the same time. The audiences were on their feet at the sight of the two princes in costume. Natsu changed into a butler outfit while Aki got a yukata outfit or a traditional Japanese clothing for summer. They both looked marvelous to the point that people would think that there are stylists inside the booth.

Four runners are already back in the track but the winter prince isn’t coming out yet. His opponents have already taken quite a lead from him but his booth’s door is showing no sign of activity.

“What’s happening with Fuyu-kun?” Fumie’s mum asked. Her daughter couldn’t answer her because of worry.

Miyu and Manaka started shouting for Fuyu’s name to call him out but no Fuyu is coming out.

“Don’t tell me Senpai picked up a very embarrassing cos—“

Miyu’s statement was cut when the audience suddenly jumped from their seats. The next thing they saw is the camera focusing to Fuyu who is already back on the track. He is running barefoot and… and… and—

“He is only on SWIMMING TRUNKS!” Miyu shouted, half of her body is almost out of the railings.

Fuyu is running on top speed not because he wants to win the race but he badly needs to change back to normal clothes. Why on earth is swimming trunks included in this game? His face is already red due to embarrassment.

His fans are swooning at the sight of his upper body. His abs and chest muscles are refined that they thought he is some sort of Korean idol. His skin is so white and looks properly moisturized. For them, there was really no need to be embarrassed if you have that kind of body. At least his trunks are below the knee.

“His body is of a navy seal.” Fumie’s father casually commented while his daughter is struggling to free herself from her father’s hand blindfold.

“Papa!” Fumie gritted, trying her hardest to pull her father’s hand away from her eyes. “I want to see Senpai!!!”

“I wonder what kind of routine that boy is doing.”


A big part of the audience is cheering for Fuyu for his late start and basically because of his abs. He effortlessly managed to outrun Yuma who was currently on the last place that time. He couldn’t see well because of the big head and the costume was really heavy. He also managed to outrun Aki because the guy kept on stepping on his long clothes and running on those sandals is really difficult.

“Natsu!!!” The running butler took a look at his brother for the sudden call. His heart almost jumped in joy when he saw that Fuyu is smiling at him. “Don’t tell me that you forgot that you never won against me on a race!?”

Memories of them playing as kids suddenly entered Natsu’s mind. A playful, puppy smile curved up his lips but then soon into a challenging one. “This will be the first time that you will lose!”

Fuyu slowly managed to close the gap between them and taunted his brother with a smirk. “Who told you?”

He managed to take over the second place in just a short time which fired up Natsu even more. He ripped his butler clothes open and revealed his also well-toned body to the whole school. This action almost flooded the field with blood because of nosebleed from the girls.

“I won’t let you show off just like this!” Natsu started to run faster while trying his hardest not to laugh. Just the sight of the two of the Shiki having fun like this is like a source of healing for the viewers. If they also knew the background story of the two they will be moved even more.

Haru was once again surprised when the two caught up on him. He smiled to himself, admitting that he has to work to regain his speed back.

Yurina is already dead nervous as she sees her brother approaching. She was worried about him a while ago but look at him running with the beam on his face.

“It feels nice to see them having fun together, right?”

Yurina turned to Momoko who spoke all of a sudden. She immediately wore her deadly stare to frighten the other girl. “What are you talking about?”

Momoko smiled wider. “I’m talking about our brothers—“

“Shut up!” Yurina glared at her. “The only siblings Fuyu-nii-san has is me and Manaka. That blonde guy is never related to him. Especially you!”


“Where were the both of you when Nii-san was suffering? That guy didn’t even visit our mother’s funeral. Can you consider him a family after that?”

“Hmmm…” Momoko thought aloud, there is no sign that she’s being she is fazed by Yurina’s intimidation. “Don’t you agree with me that we are all kind of caught up in the wrong decisions made by our parents?”

“Shut the fuck up!”

“I mean, the actions and everything… They were all influenced by those wrong decisions. Technically the fault is not ours…” Momoko turned to her brothers and smiled. “How about let’s just all be happy instead of making things harder for everyone of us?”

Yurina fell silent after that. The shout of the audience deafened her and made her return her focus on the game. Her brother suddenly appeared in front of her, passing the baton to her. She, Momoko and Neru took off almost at the same time.

“Yurina, gambare!!!” Fuyu shouted at his sister which made the girl flustered.

“I know exactly what to do!!!” She cursed to herself. She has been running on her top speed but she couldn’t catch up to Neru who is surprisingly fast. “What the hell is with this girl? Brute force and speed!? Is she a girl of the wild!?”

“Tch!” Yuuka tried to catch up with the three girls but her stamina immediately fades out as soon as she started running. “If they only permitted me to bring Sebastian then this race will be a piece of cake!”

“Maki-san, I’m sorry!” Those were Yuuma’s last words before he collapsed. He managed to properly pass the baton to Maki whose eyes are already burning.

“HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” With a loud shout, Maki set off and surprised everyone with her… running form?

“What’s happening to Maki-chan?” Fumie asked, her face looks so troubled. “Why are her eyes closed? And her arms…”

Once again, Miyu lost it. “She’s running like a titan!!!”

“All I have to do is to feel the wind and to be taken by the it! With this I will surely be—“ Maki opened her eyes only to see that Yuuka is still far away from her. “No way! What happened to my ninja-way of running!?”

Neru arrived first at the mysterious booth and shortly after, a familiar guy came out running with the baton on his hand. The guy was a member of the legendary male idol unit Roku-jihan (Half Past Six), the one who became a bigtime idol producer—Hirahara Rino!

Another surprise came after as the second mysterious player came out. It was Shinoda Mario-sensei also known as Rio of Roku-jihan. He was the one who went out on the field for Yurina. He ran as fast as he could because he knows that the next members will eat them up if they don’t run for their lives.

Momoko finally arrived in the booth and her eyes widened in surprise. The guy took the baton from her and dashed on his way to the field.

“I’ll win this for you, Momo-chan~” was Yuu’s words before he set off. The ace of Roku-jihan and an award-winning actor, Matsui Yuu, is now on the field as well. After that they heard a roar from the booths followed by the rampage of Akimoto Michael, also a member of the said idol group that is known for his brute strength. He is with Aki’s team.

The last member of the group finally came out which received a lot of cheers from the audience. Maki came out of the booth short after. The girl is on tears cheering for the member who came out.

“Papa! Ganbatte~!!!” Maki shouted on top of her voice. Togawa Sae is also now in the field. He just raised his fist to tell his daughter that he heard her loud and clear. The idol turned army general made his debut to the public after a very long time.

General Togawa or was more well-known as Genking, dashed to tighten the gap with a roar until to the point that each competitor is already almost in a straight line. Everyone is on their feet as they are cheering for their own favorites.

But even after a lot of years have passed, nothing has changed to the characters of Roku-jihan. Despite being the shortest, Yuu still managed to take the lead. Behind him are the twin towers of the group, Michael and Sae. Next is the most handsome yet best prankster of the group, the Sadist, Mario. He is just running like he is doing a CM. While on the other hand, Rino fell so much behind despite the huge lead Neru gave him. The guy didn’t improve with his athletic skills. It probably became even worse because he’s always at the office writing songs.

Yuu managed to pass the baton to Natsu who seemed to be in a wary. The son went on, worried about the people who were left in that line. For the first time after so many years, Yuu and Fuyu are such in a close distance.

“Go son! Don’t dare to trip!” Yuu shouted as if his other son is not around. There isn’t any trace of emotion in the face of Fuyu. He is just patiently waiting for his uncle to come…or not?

He keeps on wishing on his mind that Rio would come soon so he could leave this strange air behind. He doesn’t want to look at his father. He doesn’t have any interest to see his face and he doesn’t want him to see him as well.

Michael and Sae arrived at almost the same time, launching Aki and Yuma back on the track. This is the final leg of the race and the brothers are the anchors. They have to run two laps to finish the race.

“Long time no see.”

Fuyu suddenly froze when he heard Yuu greeted him. He couldn’t look at him directly but he can see in his peripheral vision that the man is still chasing for his breath after that run. His hands are on his knees for support.

“You grew up well.” Yuu commented in between huffs. “I’m really glad that you are good in keeping secrets. No one even suspected that you came from me.”

Fuyu still didn’t show anything through his face but his fists are saying another thing. They are balled firmly and even shaking. It’s as if he is restricting himself to hit this guy beside him.

“I never wished for that anyway.” Fuyu firmly answered. “You left a home broken just to pursue another woman but you can’t accept a son who is set to find the girl of his dreams. I never liked to be recognized as your own flesh.”

“Hee…” Yuu smirked. He straightened up and turned to Fuyu with a smug face. “Saying those mean words while having those eyes of Atsuko just proves that leaving you behind is the best decision.”

Fuyu almost chocked after hearing the name of his mother. How can this guy so casually say her mother’s name as if he didn’t wrong her? He couldn’t even blink his eyes; he could feel the heat filling up the back of his eyeballs. He was about to turn to him but—

“BAKA-NII-SAAAAAN!!!” Fuyu snapped back to reality after that call from Yurina on the other side of the course. “STRETCH OUT YOUR HAND! DON’T BE STUPID!”

Fuyu’s gaze turned back to the track and he saw his uncle waving the baton at him like he is filming a graduation CM. The winter prince stretched out his hand automatically and his focus went back to the race as soon as he felt the baton in his hand. Before he set off he took a quick glance to his father and—

“Sorry, I don’t really talk to strangers.”

Haruna couldn’t help but heave a deep sigh after seeing that the two has already been separated. She is sure that Yuu agitated Fuyu just seeing how the two acted. She shook her head with great disappointment and shrank on her seat.

“Why can’t you just be honest with your son and say that you are truly sorry and you are making him your punishment to yourself?

Yuma and Aki passed Natsu behind who is strangely slowing down. The viewers started to murmur at each other about the sudden behavior of the usually energetic prince. He knew something has happened on the short period of time his father and brother are together. He couldn’t help but to be bothered by it.

Behind him are Fuyu and Haru racing with each other, both of them gnashing. The two passed him in no time and seeing his brother looking okay somehow calmed him down. He slowly tried to accelerate but it seems like it is already late for him. Yuma already took the first place. Somehow he and General Togawa saved Maki from shame. Aki is in second place. It seems like they don’t need the help of Yuuka’s horse to get a good place.

Haru came third. Even though Neru outshone the others with her wit and sports abilities, they got unlucky with their teammate coming from Roku-jihan. Natsu heard cheers from the crowd and his head automatically raised up only to see that his brother is standing before the finish line.

“Natsu… What the hell are you doing?” Fuyu asked with a hint of annoyance in his face, trying hard to get air. “You could’ve won first place! Why are you spacing out in a race!?”


Natsu wasn’t able to continue what he is saying when Fuyu walked towards him. The former backed off a little bit. Why is Fuyu even coming near him when Yuu can clearly see everything? Why is he breaking the law their father has set?

Fuyu suddenly caught him by arching his arm around his neck. He then dragged Natsu who is still feeling awkward. And despite that sudden drama, the two of them finished the race at the same time and they were welcomed with a round of applause from the audience. To most people, that was just a wonderful showcase of their deep friendship but for a few a people this is a very amazing scene of brotherly love.

Fumie was moved by what Fuyu did. She knows exactly how he was trying so hard to ignore his brother in public but she guesses there is a limit to everything. She just couldn’t believe that he would do it in front of everyone, in front of their father.

The younger sisters and the guest players joined them in the finish line. Maki was very happy that their team won even though they were in the toughest position since the beginning. She just won’t let go of her father’s arm and clings to him like how it usually is when they reunite.

They were then invited to the stage and they gave their short speeches. Roku-jihan was also asked to greet the crowd and everyone went wild.

“This is to celebrate the anniversary of our group.” Rino explained. “Even though we were disbanded quite a long time ago, there are still a lot of people who love the group and it is really amazing. I thank Yokoyama-kun for inviting us all.”

“It would be great if Kai is also here but I guess the King of Fails is already enjoying his stay in heaven.” Sae commented that somehow pricked the hearts of the audience. “It would still be best if all six of us are here. We won’t be Roku-jihan if we are just five anyway.”

“If Kai is here he would just tell a joke and fail miserably like always. Let’s just let him rest and drink his favorite wine in heaven together with his wife.” AkiGori snobbishly said, trying his hardest not to show the tears that he is forcing back.

“Don’t worry…” Mario suddenly stole the mic. “I believe that guy is also in the hearts of many people. He won’t really die if he won’t be forgotten even just by one person.” He then sneaked a glimpse of Yurina and Fuyu who are standing behind them and gave them a meaningful wink.

“Anyway, thank you everyone for having us here! We really enjoyed the event and I hope you enjoyed that race as well.” Yuu waved to the audience while smiling from ear to ear. “I believe that being a family isn’t just by blood but also by the special bonds we create with people like our friends, seniors and juniors and our teachers. I hope you all enjoy this family day~!”

After that, they went backstage and the former national idols were too noisy chatting with each other after a long time. Mario suddenly elbowed Yuu and pointed something with his lips. The other guys just looked at where he was pointing and they saw Fuyu, Natsu, Momoko and Yurina on one corner of the backstage.

“What are you going to do”? Mario challengingly asked Yuu who is intently looking at the four. The latter just shrugged his shoulders and went on walking.

“Let them be.” That’s all and he exited.

“What’s up with this sudden meeting, stupid brother?” Yurina asked with her arms crossed. “You lost the game because of waiting for this guy who gave up midway! How pathetic—“

“Yurina!” The girl suddenly fell quiet at that call from Fuyu. “I know things were hard for all of us but being the eldest, I shall take responsibility with this.”

“W-What the hell—“

“Yurina, this is your other brother, Natsu.”

Yurina’s jaw dropped straight to the ground. Is Fuyu really introducing Natsu as his brother?

“W-W-Wait! What are you—“

“He is my twin brother; if you treat me as your brother then you should do the same to Natsu.”

Fuyu’s firm resolution was properly received by those who are listening. Momoko clapped in joy after that order from Fuyu. The eldest then pushed Natsu towards Yurina to have him introduce himself.

“Y-Yo!” He awkwardly greeted, looking at his brother from time to time as if asking for help. “I am Natsu. I’m sorry… I’m sorry for not being there—“

Yurina was dumbfounded when he saw Natsu shedding tears. The guy couldn’t stop his tears from flowing and he didn’t plan to cry in the first place. Natsu felt his brother’s palm on top of his head and he started to cry even more.

“I-I’m sorry for not being able to show my face on our mother’s funeral. I-I am really ashamed of what I did. I’m really sorry.”

“I told you.” Momoko whispered to Yurina. “We are all victims here.”

Yurina looked at how the usually proud guy cries in front of him. She then looked at her Fuyu-nii who is gesturing for her to do something. The tsundere girl sighed in defeat.

“Alright, alright. Natsu-nii-san… Are you happy with that?”

Natsu raised his head, his face filled with tears with his cheeks blushing. “How about... How about call me ‘handsome Natsu-nii-chama’?

The other girl backed off in disgust. “Dude, are you on drugs!?”

Momoko just laughed at their banters. She then turned to Fuyu and tugged his sleeves.

“How about me?” She asked with an innocent face. “Can I call you, Fuyu-nii-san as well?”

Fuyu leaned forward Momoko which surprised the other girl. “You can. But, don’t be too loud. Are we okay with that?”

The girl’s face brightened after that affirmation. She nodded in excitement and she received a pat in the head as a reward.

“Let’s go out and meet Manaka. It would be unfair for her if we left her out like this.”

The four then went out leaving the others behind.

“Seems like a big family reunion for them.” Aki commented with a huge smile on his face. “Our little Fuyu just stepped out of his shell and took his role.”

“Something might’ve urged him to do that.” Yuma stated.

“Maybe.” Haru thriftily answered. He then turned to his sister who is busy eating a snack with Yuuka. “Neru might’ve won the best sister competition but the real winner here is nobody else but Natsu…”




From: Togawa Sae

Subject: No time to think about one

Message: Hey, Fuyu. I saw you at the Family Day but I wasn’t able to talk to you because I immediately left soon after the event finished. I really wanted to talk to you but maybe next time.

Have you thought about the offer? Give me a call when you finally have arrived in a conclusion.

I heard that you found the girl you were searching for. It’s a waste that I wasn’t able to meet her but Maki showed me her picture. They seem really close.

Anyway, is Maki really not enough? Haha. See you next time I get an off from work. Think about it well, Fuyu. This is for your future.

**Sorry for being absent last week. A lot of things happened. Sorry also for not properly replying to comments of the last chap. I will respond in the next chapter.
Also, my updates will be irregular for now. I'm undergoing a lot of changes so yeah.. I hope you enjoyed this arc and I also hope you are all ready for the next arcs to come. If I say ready, you know what I mean already. Haha. See you~ **
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 24 (09-21)| 妹の戦争 (F)
« Reply #175 on: September 21, 2017, 06:04:34 PM »
My mind is spinning on trying to figure out who is who. Lol! Can i get an otousan guide? XD and don't worry on the late updates, it's still better than not updating afterall.

The cosplay race made me remember the event in Kaichou wa Maid-sama (i miss that stuff) and I was laughing the whole time as I imagined the red-faced Fuyu running in a swim suit lol, also Yumaaaa, oh poor guy. He must be suffocating inside. The winner is also a surprise lol. MAKI HAHAHAHA MAKI's titan run omg xD

But wait since the Fuyu and Yuu talked about something and he mentioned Atsukooooo!!! Is this Aachan? Maeda Atsuko? @_____@

Im glad that Yurina and Neru is being coupled here but I wish for more twin moments! Yaaaa~

Arigatou for a super long chap~ Spasibo Cut-san ;)
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 24 (09-21)| 妹の戦争 (F)
« Reply #176 on: September 22, 2017, 06:25:19 AM »
What a heartwarming family reunion. If Yuu would be my more honest it will be better.
AtsuMina are dead?!  :cry:

What's with Sae's offer to Fuyu?? It seems fishy

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 24 (09-21)| 妹の戦争 (F)
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i agree with porkofdom-san it's okay with late update than not update at all, i will always wait for your update because i really love this fic

when i knew that yurina and manaka's family name is takahashi it suddenly remind me toward yuuko and takamina and to put two and the two together, what are those two are similiar beside their height is that both are being shipped with haruna and atsuko and since haruna is yuu second wife then the 1st wife must be atsuko, (atsumina is my very first pairing i've known and the pairing that drag me to akb fanfic so it can of...strangely nostalgic ) :wub:

ee, ano sa, cut-san i know that i'm being annoying with requests but....please tell me that this is not will be the last time for yurina and neru to take a major role, i kinda like....really really ship those two and yurina's tsundere character here is so.....gahhh  :D

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 24 (09-21)| 妹の戦争 (F)
« Reply #178 on: September 23, 2017, 04:37:07 AM »

Too many things to mention. So emotional and breath taking.
AtsuMina??!!!! General Sae?!!!!
Offer?!!! Yuu accepting??!?!!!
TechiNeru confirmed??!!!!
Hoshizora/Matsui family come together??!!!

All will be answered in the next chapter XD

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The Waste of a Wish - ANNOUNCEMENT
« Reply #179 on: September 28, 2017, 03:22:52 PM »
Let's start with replies to comments...

@porkofdoom-san, The only dads here are Sae and Yuu. AkiGori has a family and Rino is also married but Mario is still single. XD
Actually, I kinda get the idea from Kaichou wa Maid-sama. Haha. They got badass costumes tho but Fuyu got swimming trunks instead. Haha. Also, Maki's run isn't called Titan Run, she calls it Ninja Run. XD

Like what kind of twin moments are you expecting? Haha.

Thank you. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

@Genkikid-san, It is, right? :) Details about it will be revealed soon. :)

@FZA02-san, Thank you for the love. I really appreciate it. I can say that you got it right. :)  :D
Let's see what I can do about Techi and Neru. It would be a waste to put them as characters and only mention them once, right? But the characters are already piling up so I'm stopping with adding more. Sorry for being greedy, Haha.

@Goto24-san, Yes! All will be answered but I don't know if it is in the next chapter.


There won't be an update for WISH this week. While I was writing the chapter (I was already half way on it) I saw that the anniversary of the first chapter of Things That Mix is soon. (October 10, 2016 is when I posted the first chap.)

I thought that it won't be bad to write a special chapter so I opened a new document and started writing the SP. I thought it would only be short but I'm taking days to finish it so I'm sorry for those waiting for the next arc of WISH. But hey, there would be a special chapter for TTM. Isn't that great?  :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: (lol that was an embarrassing promotion.)

The SP chap will be up soon. I am not decided if I would divide it into small chapters but yeah, please wait for it.
There are people who asked me what would happen if Maru didn't die so I think you are guessing what the SP is about. :)

Also, I'll be on a vacation because of our long h-h-holiday so I'll try to post something before I leave. ^^

See you in my next post! Thank you all for reading. :)
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