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Author Topic: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 38 (08-09) | Chosen By The Stage  (Read 81666 times)

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 27 (11-15) | Unmasked
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That guy is so creepy. I think I need to do this to him  :on voodoo:

Did Yurina saw Fumie with other guy or what

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 27 (11-15) | Unmasked
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@porkofdoom-san, I wonder when this arc would even end. I thought of finishing it with the next chapter but it is getting so long. I guess I have to divide the next chapter into two. XD

@MaYukiIsLife-san, no. Techi can never do that to her brother's friends. :) She isn't the type to spread rumors as well. :)

@Shinoki-san, Thank you for reading and thanks for the comment as well. We will find out who she saw soon. :)

@hackata48-san, Maru politely declines to do that. XD

@Goto24-san, there are already two guys on the move to get the foreigner. Who are they? We'll find out soon. :D Seems like a lot of people like TechiNeru here. XD

@FZA02-san, slap by chopping the head off by an axe? :0 calm down buddy. Two heroes are secretly on the move. XD
TechiNeru now sailing~~

@Genkikid-san, You also need to calm down. XD  I guess the foreigner really creeps people out. Well, who in the right mind would collect used chopsticks? XD
We will find out soon. :)

Sorry for the lack of post this week.. I've been busy doing school stuffs but I'll update as soon as I finish the chapter. Please wait for it. See you in the next update but before that, I'd like to know your thoughts about the fic as we are nearing the end of the first half of it. Please let me know your thoughts about the overall happenings and theories about what will happen next. (Sorry, this is just me wanting some entertainment. I'd be thankful for a response to this selfish request..) Haha..

Anyway, that's all. See you~ :)
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The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 28 (11-27) | Obsession
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Chapter 28: OBSESSION


YURINA CAN’T stop glaring at Fumie and Fuyu as they were busy preparing dinner. She could clearly see how happy her brother is while he is together with the girl with the scent but why can’t she calm herself at all? Deep down she knows that Fumie is growing on her but somehow she just couldn’t trust her fully.

“They are so close to each other, I’m getting jealous.”

The short-haired girl turned to the guy sitting beside her. It was Natsu who looks like a very sad puppy. It seems like his hooman was taken away from him and is looking at the couple with those doe eyes.

“And what are you doing here?” Yurina raised her elbow to the chair’s backrest. “I don’t remember inviting you.”

Natsu just smiled widely at her. “Fuyu-nii gave me a call. He said I can come if I am free. And guess what, I just finished my job when I received the call!”

Yurina rolled her eyes and released a tired sigh. She could feel the cringe coming up to her nape. How can a handsome lad like this act so giddy just because of his older brother? She’s 100% sure that all his fangirls will be turned on even more anyway.

Natsu rested his chin on his palm as he continues watching his brother.

“I thought Fuyu-nii called me out so we could cuddle but look at him playing family with his girlfriend. I want to be the one to help him with the chores.”

“Then help us.” Fuyu coldly answered. They were surprised that he could hear them. “Don’t just wait for the food to be placed in front of you. Atleast go and set the table.”

“HAI!” Natsu immediately rose up from his seat. Manaka just shrugged before following Natsu.

“Aren’t you going to help us, Yurina?” the youngest asked, her other brow raised.

“You don’t need a lot of hands just to set a table.” Her twin frowned, looking back at the happy couple. Manaka couldn’t help it anymore so she raised the question up.

“You have been looking like that to Fumie-nee-chan since she arrived. Is something wrong?”

“Nothing. Tss.”

The younger twin shook her head and just went to help. She thought that Yurina is probably getting all tsundere again since she can’t have her own time with their brother when Fumie is around.

It didn’t take long before everything was set. It isn’t only the dining table that is full but also the chairs are all occupied. How long has it been since all of them were used all at once? Fumie prepared some Mapo Tofu and Teriyaki Salmon from what is inside Fuyu’s refrigerator. This brought delight to everyone’s faces except from Yurina.

“Eat now, Yurina-chan.” Fumie said with a smile after noticing that the girl is barely moving from her seat. It isn’t the usual Yurina that she knows. Usually, she would go grab the food served in an instant. “Did something happen? You don’t look okay.”

Yurina rolled her eyes again before picking up her chopsticks. “Itadakimasu.” She lazily said.

“If you don’t stop rolling your eyes, I would turn them into marbles so they could roll forever.”

Natsu and Manaka snorted at what Fuyu said. He sounded like a typical Asian mum and hearing that from a cold person like him was really funny. Yurina shouted at her siblings for laughing at her being scolded by the eldest.

“Start eating before the food gets cold.” Fuyu then looked at the giddy Natsu. “You eat a lot since you are working a lot. We have enough rice so just eat. You too, Yurina. You are doing sports so you need more energy.”

“How about me, Nii-san?” Manaka asked, her eyes glittering in excitement.

Fuyu straightened his back for a moment, looking a bit uncomfortable. “Well, I guess even if I don’t tell you to eat well you’ll be eating a lot—“


The dining table was filled with laughter once again. The warm feeling growing in everyone’s heart is undeniably wonderful. Each of them hoping that everyday could be like this… that their parents could be there dining with them as well. But for now, they don’t have to be greedy. Dining together like this is more than enough.

They are already half way in finishing their plates when Yurina suddenly asked a question. She has been wanting to ask this since they got together.

“Fumie, what did you do before coming here?”

Everyone turned to Yurina since it was really quiet when she spoke. They were surprised at the sudden curiosity towards Fumie. The questioned girl, on the other hand, was taken aback a little bit. She looked at everyone as if trying to read the atmosphere before giving Yurina an answer.

“I-I went to do house chores and finished my homework.”

Yurina’s eyebrows twitched but no one noticed it because of her bangs. She took a deep breath and then went back to her food. “Well, I and Manaka went to eat pudding together with silly Momoko and the others.” She looked back at Fumie with a glance passing through her whole. “You know… in Colombin… You know where that is, right?”

“You went out with Momoko!?” Natsu’s question started an endless conversation between him and Manaka. Fuyu was just listening to the other two talk but he is aware of the friction there is between Yurina and Fumie. Yurina kept her eyes on Fumie which made the other girl feel awkward. She was the one to cut the stare game and joined Manaka and Natsu with their conversation.

The short-haired girl just continued to eat not knowing if she would say what’s on her mind. But, she doesn’t want that smile on her brother’s face to disappear. For now, maybe she’d just observe.


THE WHOLE NeoHorikoshi Gakuen is incredibly lively since both Yamamoto Aki and Watanabe Miyu are back to school that day. Their issue was really big the other week and it almost shook the internet for all the hates they received. But now that it was revealed that Miyu was the one writing the fanfic about the two members of the Shiki, which she admitted in a blog post, they are all wondering how the two will interact with each other from now on.

They weren’t seen dining together as Miyu ate lunch with Maki, Fumie and Yuma. It was a little bit surprising to see Fumie eating without the Winter Prince but everyone is more interested with the reunion of Miyu and Aki. They all know that the two are still being careful with their actions.

After eating, the sophomores went to the library as the Shiki is already there. Miyu was really worried on how she is going to face the band vocalist but Yuma assured her that nothing bad will happen. Aki isn’t angry at her. How could he be angry at her in the first place?

The door of the library opened and they saw the four handsome lads sitting on the long table. A 98” interactive panel is in front of the table and the lads looked at them as if they waited for them for so long. Miyu met Aki’s eyes as the latter was already looking at her but quick enough to avert his stare. She felt her heart clutched for a moment but she has to act like nothing happened.

“Private Togawa Maki reporting for duty! What can I do for the four generals?”

“It’s not time for role plays Maki.” Natsu sighed and pulled a chair for the girl. “Take a seat.”

But the chuunibyou isn’t moving. She kept her stance, her hand on salute.

“Maki… please—”

“At ease.”

Fuyu’s command was immediately followed by Maki which surprised everyone. “You should’ve said that before the King, Natsu!” She mumbled before sitting at the seat beside Natsu.

Natsu quickly turned to his brother who is busy looking at the laptop in front of him. “How did you do that?” Natsu mouthed.

“Well…” Fuyu sighed. “You have to play with what she likes to do before she listens to you. You should already know about that.”

Their attentions were then transferred to Haru after he cleared his throat. “Since we are all seated already and everyone who is needed has arrived, let’s start with our agenda. I don’t really have enough time. I have to pick up my fiancée in the airport—“

“FIANCEE!?” The sophomores shrieked in chorus. Haru turned to them with his usual stoic look.

“You mean you have a fiancée?” Miyu asked, her eyeballs almost coming out.

The heir of a conglomerate closed his eyes for a moment before giving his answer. “Yes. I have a fiancée, Miyu-san. I’ve been engaged with her since last year and to tell you the obvious truth…” He looked straight to the girl’s eyes and said, “I am not interested to dating guys.”

Miyu turned into a stone after that line from Haru. She was about to say sorry but Haru is still not over.

“I’m not a lonely son of a billionaire who uses his father’s money to buy the time of a famous band vocalist and get rid of the loneliness by taking him to bed with me.”

“KYAAA~!” Miyu fell from her seat in embarrassment. By that time she just wanted to disappear and evaporate in thin air. This is much worse than all the hate comments she received online. She was only concerned of facing Aki but she literally forgot there is also Yokoyama Haru.

“Ha-Ha…” Aki’s awkward laughter was then heard. “Stop teasing her, Haru. I bet the past week has already stressed her enough.” He then tried to look at Miyu but can’t maintain eye contact even for three seconds. With a sad tone he said, “I didn’t know that you see me that way but I am straight…”

Miyu felt her heart skipped a beat. The sad look on the vocalist’s face hit her hard right in her heart. She has stepped on the man’s pride and pride is something that a man is valuing the most especially Japanese people. She won’t be surprised if he could never treat her like the usual ever again. She has hurt his pride and now he can’t even say her name at all.

“Anyway, let’s continue.” Haru turned on the big panel that projects what is in the laptop. It shows the tweet that started the rumor about Miyu and Aki. Haru stood up as if operating the meeting formally.

“As I’ve told you, I promised to investigate about this matter and I may say that there has been a good result on it. I’ll present to you the evidences. Let’s start with the tweets itself.”

Haru tapped the screen which led to the next slide. It is only composed of the text, all the pictures were removed. He tapped again the screen and some parts of the text were highlighted by red ink.

“As you can see here, the one who tweeted it got so many grammar mistakes to the point that I thought that person intentionally did that to mislead people but looking at it, I got the feeling that all of it are unintentional errors.”

Haru took the touch pen and encircled some words. “I mean, who would write in hiragana something that is supposed to be in katakana? And it is obvious that he couldn’t write a lot of kanji.”

“So are you saying that the uploader is a foreigner, Senpai?” Yuma asked with his hand raised.


Everyone was surprised at that declaration from Haru. “As expected of Phantom Note. I guess there are also obsessed fans overseas. She even came here for you, Aki.”

“No, Natsu.” Haru shook his head and swiped the board to present another slide. It is the CCTV clip that is released by the media last Friday. “At first I thought that it was also one of Aki’s fan but we found light from this clip.”

Haru played the clip and it is exactly as what the media showed the people. But after zooming out, it gave a wider view of the café.

“The media only showed the clip where you guys are seen for the privacy of the other people in the café. Looking at the pictures, I believe that it wasn’t taken from a distance. And since I’m suspecting that the culprit is a foreigner, all we need are foreign features.”

Everyone’s eyes widened when they saw a certain foreigner sitting on the stool by the window. He seemed to be very busy with his phone but the frown on his face cannot be hidden. “What he is doing with his phone can’t be seen but he seems like he is taking a selfie or doing some video call. But I have a feeling that he isn’t doing any of those but taking your pictures.”

Haru then zoomed the footage to the foreigner whose only half of the face is seen. “Does he look familiar to you, Miyu-san?”

“T-To me?” Miyu pointed at herself. “B-But—“

“I had your blog checked and aside from the great number of Japanese followers, you also have foreign followers. Is there anything suspicious or you just don’t read the comments on your blog?”

Miyu was put into a deep thought until something entered her mind. “Ah!” She put her hands together at that interjection. “There is this one that keeps commenting to my posts. There are people who don’t miss leaving comments but that person just floods my post with messages about marriage and asking me random stuffs like how many kids do I like to have. I tried to report him but he keeps making new accounts and repeats everything.”

“He caused a lot of trouble within the fanbase, am I right?” Haru swiped the board again and the many usernames used by the suspect was then seen on the screen. One of it was the same username of the twitter account that posted their pictures. “I guess he wasn’t so careful about it… Mighty Lex.

Haru mentioned the first ever username the suspect has used in Miyu’s blog. Miyu somehow remembered that the display picture of that Mighty Lex account was a blonde guy with a kabuki mask.

“He wasn’t careful enough that he even showed himself twice to one of the detectives” The president then turned to the guy who is sitting opposite to his seat. Am I right, Fuyu?”

Aki’s head turned sharply to where Fuyu is. The other guy is in his usual laidback appearance, almost looking bored at Haru’s presentation of evidence. The band vocalist was surprised that Fuyu participated in the investigation when here he thought he didn’t care at all.

Fuyu stretched his arms and sat upright. He released a sigh and then tried to explain his side. “I already had two encounters with him.”

His statement dumbfounded everyone who is listening. Haru stepped backward as if calling him to take the floor. The great mochigusare lazily stood up and then swiped the screen. The face of the suspect was then shown making everyone more stunned.

“Alexander Woods, 26 years of age, from Portland, Oregon. He worked as a Systems Engineer somewhere in Akihabara but was laid off because of his addiction to a certain someone.” Fuyu took a pause to get some air. He isn’t used of presiding a meeting like this. “He is wise to keep his real IP address hidden as he uploaded the pictures in PC rental cafés and it is evident that he also uses VPN. It would be really hard to track him if he didn’t register the ‘Mighty Lex’ account using his private email address.”

“How did you even find out about the email addresses that he uses?” Aki asked, still amazed. He quite didn’t get the first half of the explanation though.

Fuyu took a short glimpse of Maki who jerked a bit with that quick gawk from the guy. “I know someone with power and asked for his help. Anyway, let me continue with my explanation.”

The Winter Prince told them about how he saw him in the store where he is working and how the guy looked really suspicious to the point that he creeped out the other customers. And when the joint investigation with Haru and a certain army officer results came out, the thought of the weird customer immediately entered his mind.

“And I have another evidence. This one is really solid.” He swiped the screen and another CCTV footage started playing. It is a video taken from the convenience store where he accidentally met Miyu last Saturday. A few minutes after they get out of the store, the said guy suddenly popped out of nowhere. He was standing outside and entered through the back door.

The next scene showed the horrified expression of the old clerk while the foreigner started digging up the trash. The video was then paused when the guy raised a pair of chopsticks in the air.

“Miyu, do you remember what you ate that time?” Fuyu asked with a calm voice.

“N-No way…” Miyu’s started crawling. “D-Don’t tell me that’s my—“

“Exactly. That is the pair of chopsticks that you used to eat ramen.” Fuyu resumed the video. “As you can see, he also saw the mask that you wore but since I used it as well, he lost interest.”

Maki hit the table before standing up. “Let’s go get that pervert! He might do worse if we don’t get him jailed!”

“I agree with Maki-san!” Yuma also stood up. “He is clearly obsessed with Miyu-san. He should know his boundaries. We don’t know what is going inside his head!”

“Calm down.” A smirk suddenly curved up Haru’s lips. He has been trying to hide that sly smile from the very start of the meeting. “We don’t really have to report him to the custody. It would just make unnecessary news. I and Fuyu have already received the permission to handle everything with our own hands, from both of your agencies and from our backup. We are just dealing with one guy. This will be very easy.”

Aki could feel the excitement of Haru’s voice. He knows that doing this detective thing is stirring up the child in him.

“Since Fuyu agitated this guy after using Miyu-san’s mask, he already made a move to destroy Fuyu. One of his forums is being trashed by an anonymous user, inventing weird stuffs about him. He could also feel that he is being followed.”

“H-He’s following you?” Fumie’s worried voice somehow echoed throughout the whole library. The surprised girlfriend couldn’t help but to be anxious after hearing that her boyfriend is being followed by an angry stalker.

Fuyu flashed a faint smile to somehow ease her worries. “There’s no need to worry. I intended to do that so his focus would be out from Miyu for now. I intentionally angered him.”

“We already have a plan to catch him so we just need everyone’s cooperation. I’ll be discussing the plan real quick and then leave so I need your full attention. Also, Fumie-chan… ” Haru then turned to Fumie who is still looking worried, also surprised that she was called.

“I need you to let Miyu borrow Fuyu for a while.”


IF THERE wasn’t any music playing in the background, Miyu’s heartbeat would be heard like it is performing some taiko drum solo. She has never held hands with any boy in her entire life and here she is walking side by side a guy, hands intertwined. To add more pressure to it, she’s holding hands with her bestfriend’s boyfriend. She can’t even calm herself down.

“Hey, try to act more natural.” Fuyu’s cold voice made her jerk. He even tightened the hold to her hand which made her more flustered. This guy has been her original target in the first place. It’s automatic that she would feel embarrassed that they are holding hands now.

“Let’s try to pick some dress for you.”

The whole floor of that shopping center was purposely cleared from other people just as planned. The said shopping center is a property of the Yokoyama clan that’s why it was easy for Haru to set things up. Now, everything is up to their acting abilities.

“How about try this one?” Fuyu drew a beautiful purple dress and presented it to Miyu but the girl doesn’t seem interested to it at all.

“Senpai…” she called out. “Why are you doing this for us?”

This question was raised since she couldn’t stop the playback of what Fuyu said in the meeting a while ago.

“I won’t let Fuyu do it. I was the one involved with it so I should be the one to do it. It’s dangerous!”

Aki knows how dangerous it would be. Everyone knows it. They are dealing with a person that would do anything for someone he is obsessed with. They don’t even really know what’s going inside the head of that person. But Fuyu looked at Aki with those usual cold eyes of his, without any stain of fear.

“Just watch, Aki. Unlike you, I am not keeping my name clean. You can’t do anything even if you face him. If you beat him up you will be defamed. But me…”

Miyu felt chills on her back once again after remembering what Fuyu said. She’s sure that everyone in that room felt the same way, even Fumie.

“I can beat him up with no mercy at all.”

“You are asking me why?” Fuyu pulled out another one piece but this time, it is a plain white cloth but with a more expensive fabric. “Well, that person tried to ruin my friend’s life. Aki is doing his best in his career but he’ll just destroy it for his selfish desire? That is something that I can never forgive.”


Fuyu handed her the clothes that he picked up but as when she was trying to look up on him, Fuyu kept her head bowed by placing his hand on her head. Miyu’s heart almost stopped beating.

“Consider this as my way to atone for Hiroki’s sins. I want you to be happy, Miyuki. You and Aki.”

Miyu felt her heart clenched for a moment. The tears prickling her eyes made her even more curious. It felt like Fuyu said something that freed her soul from something.

“Ha-ha…” She tried to laugh to get rid of the awkward feeling. “It’s Miyu not Miyuki, Senpai. How come you didn’t know my name correctly until now—“

“Go on and just try those clothes on.” Fuyu held her by the wrist and dragged her towards the changing room. Fuyu pushed her inside and he blocked the door with his own body. “Now say the magic words Haru taught you.”

Miyu blushed. Those words that the president taught her are really embarrassing. She just wished that Fumie and Aki were not watching this but those two are with the others monitoring the CCTV footages of the whole floor. They might even be hearing everything that she and Fuyu are talking about. Crossing her fingers, she hopes that this won’t make any misunderstanding between her and Fumie.

“Say it.” Fuyu moved nearer to her which made her face redder. The space between them is so tight as she was jailed inside the dressing room.

“I-I love you, Senpai…” she whispered.

“That doesn’t sound so natural. And how would he hear that if you won’t make it more audible? I thought you were a fisher.”

“Mou…” Miyu’s shoulder dropped as a sign of surrender. She took one deep breath and after chanting ‘I am a fisher, I am a fisher’ continuously inside her head, she started to move. As if the wind of change blew onto her, she became a complete picture of a femme fetale.

She wrapped her hands around Fuyu’s neck and pulled him closer to her followed by that gum smile of hers. “I really love you, Senpai~! Thank you for taking me to shopping today. You are really the best~!”

“Sounds better.” Fuyu whispered to her, disregarding her flushed face. “Now, whatever you hear, don’t open the door until you are fully clothed.”

Miyu nodded at Fuyu’s instruction and set him free. “I’ll give you more than that after we get married. Now change so we can enjoy more of our time.”

Fuyu gave her a reassuring wink before he closed the door. Miyu was about to finish changing when something just crashed on her door. The loud thudding sound was followed by a shout of some guy. She couldn’t understand anything of it because it was in another language but what she feared more is the safety of her Senpai. She isn’t hearing anything from him until the noise subsided.

“S-Senpai?” she called in a shaky voice but no one answered her. “S-Senpai!”

With her hands trembling, she unlocked the door and slowly pushed the door open. She almost shrieked after she saw Fuyu lying on the ground.

“Senpai!” she called out to him but a shadow of a tall guy suddenly casted upon her. Her eyes widened in shock after she met those large, reddish eyes of the guy in front of her. Haru and Fuyu are right; this guy is exactly the same person that the two showed them earlier.

Miyu’s body froze in fear, she couldn’t even move an inch. She stepped backwards but all that she touched was the wall of the small dressing room. The guy looked at her with an angry face but slowly, a smile curved from his lips before he covered his face.

“T-This is the first time I-I s-stood up in front of you. I-I’m so embarrassed.” Lex started talking in broken Japanese. The guy took a glimpse of her but quickly covered his face again. “I thought this guy is harassing you so I quickly come to your rescue.”

He went to give Fuyu a kick before turning to Miyu with a creepy smile. “I mean, you don’t love him, right? You can’t love him more than me, right?”

The foreigner slowly made his way towards the stiffened Miyu. “You can’t love him more than your husband, right? I am your husband, remember!?”

“I-I-I don’t even know you!” Miyu shrieked. Tears started flowing down her face.

The surprised face of Lex started to crumple into a face of confusion. His eyes became sharp followed by the balling of his fists. He grabbed Miyu by the wrists and pinned her to the wall. Miyu couldn’t do anything but to lower her head and cry in fear.

“Do you remember when you were invited to do a charity work!? I donated a lot of money during the live broadcast! You saw me! You saw my username! You even thanked me and told me that you love me!!! Out of all the people that donated you only said those words to me!!!”

Whatever this guy is talking about, everytime Miyu is facing a foreigner all she says are the basic English sentences she knows and that revolves around ‘Hello’, ‘How are you?’, ‘Thank you’ and ‘I love you’. Maybe she noticed that the username is from overseas during the time of broadcast so she said those words. Who would’ve thought that it would bring her a stalker?

“You were the first person to tell me those words! You love me, right? Don’t worry Miyu, I can give you better that any other guy can give you! I’ll be your everything!” He put her face nearer Miyu’s face. “You are my everything!”

“G-Get away from me!!!” Miyu, with all her remaining strength pushed the guy away and tried to escape but Lex quickly captured her by pulling her by the hair.

“You are telling me to get away from you after I spent a lot of money just for you!!? I came all the way here and gave up everything just for you and you are telling me this!!?” Lex eyed the dress she is wearing and his face was filled with fury. “Strip! That dress was given to you by that guy, right!? Take it off!!!”

Miyu shouted after she felt her dress being tugged by the guy. There was nothing she could do but cry.

“Fuyu, we already have enough evidence. Get up.”

On Haru’s cue, Fuyu got up from the floor and dusted off his uniform. Waiting for Haru’s cue felt like forever. He immediately went to where Miyu and Lex are to save the damsel in distress.

I came all the way here and gave up everything just for you and you are telling me this!!?

He doesn’t know but those words of the stalker struck his heart. But now isn’t the time to think about that. He tapped the guy on the shoulder and right after Lex turned to him, he gave him a straight punch to his face which immediately brought the guy to his knees.

“Senpai!” Miyu ran behind Fuyu, her face wet with tears.

“Sorry Miyu. I had to pretend I got knocked out by his pathetic punches.”

“You!!!” Lex tried to stand up from the ground, his knees wobbly after that heavy punch from Fuyu. “Get away from Miyu! Miyu is mine!”

He went to attack but Fuyu was fast enough to counter. He gave him a body blow which sent him back to the ground, curling and coughing up.

“Prepare your things and your passport. You are now being banned from Japan. Get back to your country—“

“What the hell are you saying!!?” Lex coughed even more but the anger in his eyes doesn’t fade at all. “My Miyu is here! I won’t be leaving until she comes with me!”

“Someone will fix everything for you. No one is going to report you to the officials and you can start a new life back in your country without any criminal label on you. Just listen to me and—“

“SHUT THE F*CK UP BASTARD! Are you really telling me too—“

Lex suddenly forgot how to talk after he saw those enraged eyes of Fuyu. He was taken aback; he was being pushed by the fury behind those brown eyes.

“You are calling this love!? Really?” Fuyu stepped forward, his glare glued to the frightened guy. “This is nothing but lust, just a selfish desire!!! You almost destroyed her life and you are calling it love!? Don’t f*ck with me!”

“W-Wait! I-I-I—“ Lex even wet himself at the intensity of Fuyu’s stare. His body trembles in fear. Those eyes are so ready to take his life.

“Aki!” Haru who was currently monitoring them even though he is travelling was alerted after seeing the change in Fuyu’s eyes. He knows there’d be trouble if Fuyu won’t get stopped.

“H-Haru?” Aki held unto his neurolinker. They are in the mall’s surveillance room. “What is it?”

“Send Fumie-chan to Fuyu. This doesn’t look good at all.”

“Alright!” Aki turned to Fumie who is already looking so worried after all that is happening. “Yuma, bring Fumie-chan to where they are. Fuyu needs to be stopped! He isn’t listening to Haru at all.”

“G-Gotcha!” Yuma stood from his seat. “Let’s go, Fumie-san!”

Haru took a deep breath. “Aki, you also get a hold of Natsu.”

“I know…” The vocalist looked at Fuyu’s twin who is gnashing his teeth while looking at the monitor screen. If Maki wasn’t there to stop him then probably he already flew to where that stalker is now. “These guys really loathe this kind of fans, don’t they?”


Fumie was aghast after seeing Fuyu holding Lex by his collar. The face of the stalker is already bruised, his lips bleeding. The angered Winter Prince turned to Fumie after that one call. He lowered his readied fist before letting go of the stalker. He fell, coughing off blood.

“If you don’t listen to me I’ll make sure you won’t be able to get near Miyu again. If that involves limping you off then I’ll gladly do it.”

Lex shuddered in fear. “I-I’ll go back to m-my country! S-Spare me!” he cried, his tears and snot mixed with his blood. “I promise I’ll go away from Miyu!!!”

“Fuyu-kun!” Fumie held unto Fuyu. The guy turned to her and as if drained off of energy, he fell to his knees.

“I’m sorry…” Fuyu whispered. “I didn’t mean to go that far.”

Fumie went to hug her boyfriend and she was surprised to know that the guy is also shaking. Was it because of the adrenaline rushing off of him or was it because of the pure anger that he felt towards the stalker. He was so angry to the point that his whole body reacted to it.

Right then Fumie remembered… The reason why Fuyu’s parents encountered a car accident.

“Of course the twins would  resent stalkers.” Haru heaved a sigh after seeing that everything is already in control.


“If it wasn’t because of a stalker, they shouldn’t have lost their mother…”

I love girls in short cut that's why I cut my hair short so I can love myself. *wink*

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 28 (11-27) | Obsession
« Reply #203 on: November 27, 2017, 12:58:29 AM »
Serves that stalker right. Ahhhhh, but to think that a stalker caused the car accident that took the parents' lives... Stalkers really are the worst!
Did Techi see Fumie in the previous chapter? Ah, I wonder what Fumie was doing...

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 28 (11-27) | Obsession
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I haven't comment here for a long time even tho I'm still reading it. Haha but here's my part of the latest chap:

-aww yurina is still the tsun tsun princess, cute! (even tho I dont really know her, but still)
-oh my natsu is still the inu who awaits his master... hachiko? Haha
-yurina chill down with fumie pls
-manaka pls calm your sis down
-what's in your mind yurina? Hmm....
-as always the chuuni maki makes me laugh
-even fuyu played along, why dont you play along w/ your soon to be natsu?
-and wait wut... HARU'S FIANCEE?!
-omg who?! WHO?!
-I am surprised as the sophomores
-poor miyu got found out
-poor aki when he found out
-oooohh it's like a mission impossible scene
-bgm: mission impossible song
-fuyu is just cool af, always chill
-I dunno what ta feel about that fuyumiyu scene, but it's kinda cute. I see em as siblings window shopping in a mall
-fuyu gained another younger sister! Jk
-man fuyu is like the lion taking care of his pride, "no one touches em or I'll touch you with my fists"
-*gasp* fuyu got knocked out!
-oh no crazy psycho on the move to miyu! Get ya hands off her you prick!
-haru cues
-fuyu came back from the dead! Sent teh lex guy wet himself w/ his eyes on fire lol
-ya deserve that you idiot of a stalker! Now go back ta your country before fuyu froze you to death
-the winter king is on the lose! someone stop him before he literally freeze the lex guy!
-the pup is also in the verge of eating the lex guy in the flesh!
-fumie to the rescue! calming her nervous bf
-no, im not getting teary at the end.I got dust in my eyes.
-yeeaaa the mission is over! miyuaki is now safe!
-good job team!

But seriously, I am shookt about Haru's fiancee.. now you made me more curious about it. Man...

As always, on to the next chapter! Ahahaha XD

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 28 (11-27) | Obsession
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Imagine what will happen to that Lex guy if Fumie didn't stop fuyu :prayers:

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 28 (11-27) | Obsession
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yeah finally serves that lex right, if i was fuyu maybe lex will end up in hospital already...really those kind of guys is really angered me and also staining the name of all men in the world

what does fuyu mean with hiroki's sin ?
my cute imouto techi, she looks like she just hold herself and didn't want to ruin her brother's happiness
i wonder who is haru's fiancee ?
and since the stalker already being taken care of (even thought i still want to beat him) make your move goddamn aki

and actually i have some theory and i've write some here if you don't mind. there will some people and their love life involved in this story, remember when yuma still try to figure out who is he in his past life ? i think he will meet someone (yuki?) and his past will be solved (or maybe he will be knowing his past first and search yuki just like fuyu). and then techi will try to observe more about fumie and i sense that techi won't be alone (perhaps with neru?) and maybe techi will admit to his brother that she likes certain girl (okay this is just my delusions but maybe you'll make it real hahaha), and haruppi will do something major in the future i guess
and then something will happen to fufu couple which is connecting to fuyu's past and maybe akimiyu too (maybe about hiroki's live)


ohh and also......THIS IS ONLY FIRST HALF ? i recommend you to write some novel or directed movie in the future because you are GENIUS

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 28 (11-27) | Obsession
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Commenting has never been easy. When i hit the reply button i get logged off from my acct here. I even left a thank you to a wrong post lol >.<

So anyways, im a bit curious what Fumie's reaction to Miyu's Fisher acting lol xD i want a jealous Fumie!!! Bring it on, Cut-san!!!

But what is that cliffhanger? Stalkers issue? Hmmm. The story is a bit familiar, the one who made several accts just to stay in touch with a certain celebrity, hn... Anyways, i hope this issue gets resolved for good and let Aki comfort Miyuuuu!!! Poor girl she must've been so scared. And let her burn the chopsticks she used in front of that NotSoMighty Lex (phew! Good thing he wasn't named Victor and he's from USA so Yay!!!)

I foresee Maki acting like an angry detective or prosecutor while she interrogates the stalker in a camera filled room. Lol (That would be so cute) — with a growling pupper Natsu beside her hahahahaha xD

They are one big happy family~ with their dog Natsu hahaha. I coin him Nato — that smelly stuff Japanese likes eating XD

Are we getting an early update next time? :3
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 28 (11-27) | Obsession
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Seems like that ends the stalker arc.
Lex is creepy AF.
Good thing that it was settled.
Surprised to hear Haru has a fiancee. But I'm sure it will be 'Her' won't it.
Also, Haru can be a sadist as well. Teasing Miyu about her story.  But looks like Aki and Miyu's relationship won't be happy just yet.
Still wondering who Techi saw with Fumie.

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 29 (12-02) | Please, Stay With Me
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“THE 8TH FLOOR was cleared out in accordance to the Young Master’s command.”

“Did something happen?”

“I heard that the Young Master and his friends had to deal with something in private.”

“I saw it! Some guys in black suits took out a guy that is all bruised up.”

“Sshh! If you value your work don’t ever spread that news. I’m sure the Young Master will be angry if this comes out in public.”

“I’m sure the Young Master has a reason why he did that.”

“One of his friends was wronged by someone. It was Aki-sama. We all know how special his friends are for him.”

“No one died so we really don’t have to worry. Let’s go back to business before someone catches us gossiping.”

“As if the Young Master would kill someone!”

Yuma’s ears twitched as he passed by those workers. He volunteered to buy drinks for everyone. He is already aware of the bond there is between the Shiki but he’s always put in awe everytime it is being proven, taken this stalker incident as one of the prime example. He can’t help but to be amazed of the four’s bond. When someone gets into a pinch, everyone would be there to take risk just to clear that person’s name.

“I’m sorry.” Yuma called out the attention of the sales lady and he got them all with just one smile. “We were filming a movie needed in our class and Haru-senpai helped us in getting the location. Everything that you saw was part of the movie. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding.”

The girls melted at his innocent-looking smile. They all believed him and even praised him on how cute he is. ‘You are such a bishounen’ is what they all say.

“Thank you.” Yuma cheerfully said. “I’m going back to my friends now to help with the wrap up. Have a good day, onee-chans!”

The girls giggled as they wave good bye to Yuma. He felt his shoulders broadened at the thought that he was able to somehow protect the others.

“I understand why they are that close and I want to protect that fact.” Yuma thought to himself on his way back to the surveillance room “I should quickly find out why I am here for them. There should be a connection somewhere, right?”


YUMA IMMEDIATELY distributed the drinks he bought. It seems like Miyu has already calmed down. The encounter with the stalker sure has traumatized her but it seems like she is slowly coping up. Maki and Fumie are by her side to make sure that she’s alright.

Fuyu and Natsu on the other hand are with Aki. The twins seem to have gathered it together as well. Fuyu’s knuckles are a bit swollen though and he was immediately given treatment. He sure taught that guy a lesson. He promised Haru that he would contain his anger but he ate his words and exploded like crazy. If Fumie wasn’t there then he could’ve brought more damage to Lex.

Lex was already sent to the immigration office. They don’t want the issue to be known since there is an on-going war and Lex’s country is one of their allies. Even though they know that it might not really bring that huge of a damage, it’s better to be careful so Fuyu asked for General Togawa’s assistance regarding the matter. The General is the one who will inform the U.S. Army of why someone who’s almost beaten up to death will arrive to their country. Lex will be taken home with the other troops anyway.

“It’s getting late. You should go and head back.” That was Haru on a video call with them. He is on the car and it seems like he has already picked up his fiancée. They could hear a noisy woman in the background. “I’ll have some of my drivers to bring you to your houses.”

“It’s okay, Haru. I’d like to take the subway today.” Fuyu said. “I’ll pass with the free ride.”

“Going to take some air, are we?” Haru asked and was immediately answered by a nod.

“Just give Fumie the ride back—“

“No!” Fumie stood up from her seat. “I’ll go with you.”

Fuyu’s tough act is nothing to those pleading eyes of Fumie. He let out a sigh before giving a faint smile. “Okay. You say so, Hime-sama.”

Fuyu then turned to Miyu who’s holding the canned coffee Yuma bought for them. He went to her and knelt in front of her, his action brought unease to Aki’s heart.

“You are safe now, Miyu.” He said in a calm voice. “If someone threatens you again don’t hesitate to tell me, okay?”

Miyu was moved into tears by those words of Fuyu. She wanted to contain her tears but she just produced a cute puppy face before letting go of her sobs. Fuyu smiled to her and patted her head. “You did well. Get some good rest.”

He stood up and then looked back at his girlfriend who is as surprised as Aki is. He extended his arm to her, asking for her to hold his hand. Fumie smiled at him and gladly held his hand.

“We’ll be taking our leave then.” Fuyu said, feeling a bit more comfortable now that he’s holding Fumie’s hand. “Take care on your way home. See you tomorrow.”

Fuyu and Fumie went on their way but Fuyu stopped to give Natsu a tap to his shoulder and told him not to think of what happened anymore. He also did the same to Aki but whispered something else to him that shook the guy’s core.

“What are you doing? Can’t you, at the very least, comfort her? What’s wrong with you?”

Aki couldn’t even look at Fuyu. He remained frozen, his eyes fixed on Miyu making the girl curious. He averted his stare by looking down. His heart shook so hard, for a moment he found it hard to breathe.

It’s true. He is being careful with his actions especially towards Miyu. At some point he thought that it was to protect her from getting into more scandal with him but now that they found out that it wasn’t one of his fans who spread the rumor why is he still hesitant about going near her?

Was it because—

“You chose the other option, didn’t you?”

Aki’s eyes widened in shock. He turned to Fuyu but he couldn’t speak at all. Fuyu tapped him in the shoulder again and then went out of the room with the worried-looking Fumie with him. He tried to stop Fuyu but the guy just waved at him without looking back.

What is the cause of his distance? Has he been keeping the distance to avoid Miyu getting into trouble or is it for his own cause? To not get his name dragged into this case… To not get himself into more trouble…

The door closed, leaving them behind. One by one they left the room as the drivers are already waiting in the parking lot. Maki assisted Miyu as she still feels wobbly after all that happened. Aki was taken aback when Miyu stopped in front of her and with a smile she said,

“I’m sorry for causing you a lot of trouble, Aki-senpai.” Miyu started, trying not to choke. She tried her best to look like she’s fine. “Seems like after everything I only caused you headaches… You know? This and the fanfic…


“I… I’m really sorry…” she bowed deeply before facing him with her bright smile. “J-Jaa… See you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow, Agoki-senpai.” Maki also smiled at him before going.

“We’ll go ahead, Aki.” That was Natsu giving him a light push in the back.

“Good night, Senpai.” Yuma followed them after waving at him.

Aki was left alone in the room together with a few staff members. He sat in front of the laptop where Haru is still connected to. The musician let out a sigh of frustration before messing up his hairdo.

“Fuyu said something, didn’t he?” Haru asked. He is eating something that was given to him by his fiancée.

“Haru…” he sighed once more. “Am I really acting like a coward?”

Haru remained quiet for a while. He took the time to swallow whatever he is eating.

“Well… I was expecting that you’ll be the one to assist her after that horrifying experience but you just stood there and watch. Were you that afraid? It was only us around.”

“I see… I’m really pathetic…”

Haru took a good look of the devastated state of Aki before looking at the car window.

“Aki...” he called out. “Don’t forget that there’s always a third option…”


THE TRAIN was crowded that time, probably because it is the time when workers who work overtime usually go home. And of course, to avoid having Fumie squeezed by the sea of people, Fuyu used his body to shield her from all these people who are craving for rest.

Fuyu noticed the flushed face of his girlfriend as it is the first time after a long while that they are this close to each other. The guy started to blush as well after realizing the situation they are in now. It is too crowded and if he is not strong enough then he could also squeeze into Fumie. He is currently giving the best that he can, applying all his strength to his arms so that he won’t even bump to his girlfriend. He is making sure that there is enough space between the two of them.

The train stopped and as it loaded off people more people came in and Fuyu was pushed towards Fumie. He felt his left arm almost gave in; thank goodness he managed to regain the strength.

Fumie tried to look at him but she immediately bowed her head. The faint smell of Fuyu’s cologne somehow stirs up something inside of her.

“H-How close were you and Miyu earlier?”

“Eh?” Fuyu raised his eyebrows. He couldn’t quite hear what she said because of the sound of the train accelerating. “Did you say something?”

“I-I said… How close were you and Miyu earlier?” Fumie repeated her question in a much audible voice. Surprised at the sudden question, Fuyu looked at his princess’ cute pouting face that is somehow oozing with jealousy.

“I mean… Both of you were in that small dressing room earlier… T-There was no camera so I wasn’t able to see how close you guys were.”

That’s right. Since Miyu had to change, they didn’t put any camera inside the dresser. They only planted a recording device to get more evidence.

“W-Well…” Fuyu looked at another direction. “Miyu hugged me earlier to make things more convincing. We already know that he’s following us so we had to give a realistic acting.”

“I see…” Fumie whispered. “She hugged you, huh?”

Fuyu felt sweat breaking down from his head. He keeps getting pushed by the people behind him but what makes him more hyped is the first time his girlfriend is showing jealousy. She doesn’t really show interest whenever there are girls who still attempt to confess to Fuyu but here she is getting all concerned after her bestfriend got a small body contact with her boyfriend.

The guy tried to suppress his smile by biting his lips, revealing his deep dimple on his left cheek.

“W-Well…” Fuyu started, looking up at the ceiling. “You can hug me anytime if you want to. I am your boyfriend anyway.”

Looking back, the only time that Fumie initiated a hug is when Fuyu found her at the bus station in Seoul. There are times that Fuyu would surprise her with back hugs but aside from holding hands and for that one time when they were about to kiss (if only Yurina didn’t interrupt the scene), they don’t really have any intimate couple moments. They might be seen together everytime they get the chance to meet but having each other around is more than enough for them.

“Y-You don’t really have to hesitate… I’ll always be within your hugging distance…”

Fumie looked up to him after that somewhat cheesy line and their stares locked. Fuyu gulped as the wonderful scent of the girl keeps on hitting his weak spot. He thought that the scent was really gone forever after that scene on Maru’s grave but it went back at the time he went to search for Fumie. How can he just let this moment pass by without making a move? How long will he be able to suppress himself?

Then all reasons just shut down at Fuyu’s mind. Without breaking the connection of their stares, his face descended towards Fumie’s. From the girl’s eyes, his focus transferred to the girl’s appealing lips. Their faces are only an inch away, so close that they are able to feel each other’s breath.

Time seemed to stop and the noise ceased as well as Fuyu continued to make his way. But, when he thought that everything was going in accordance of the mood, Fumie suddenly turned her head to her side, completely avoiding Fuyu’s lips.

For a moment Fuyu was in a state of shock. The face Fumie made when she fended off will be hunting him for nights. She looked so scared and guilty at the same time. Confusion is so evident to her face. He could feel that she wanted to give him what he wants but it is also obvious that she doesn’t want what Fuyu wants.

What is that scared face for?

“I-I’m sorry… I-I’m not ready…” Fumie’s shaky voice also added up to the daggers that have already sunk in Fuyu’s heart. Did she really feel frightened of him?

“S-Sorry… I got ahead of the situation. Sorry…”

“N-No, Senpai… I mean I’m—“

There she goes again addressing him with –senpai.

“It’s okay. Our stop is next. Get ready.”

The train stopped and the two went out of the cart together with the sea of people. The bus they rode was packed as well but Fuyu secured her a seat while the guy stood somewhere far from her after getting pushed by the other passengers.

Fumie’s fists clenched as she looks at Fuyu’s face. It has returned to its usual emotionless appearance. She has ruined the mood and made a gap between them. She’s sure that he’s disappointed but she’s more disappointed to herself. It was her duty as a girlfriend but why can’t she do anything right when it comes to skinship?

Wait… Did she just say duty?

Time was quick and it’s already their stop. Fuyu rode off first and was waiting for her, wearing a faint smile. The other girls that were there couldn’t help but to turn their heads to the beautiful guy and Fumie noticed all of those. Maybe if those girls found out that she evaded the guy’s kiss even though she is the girlfriend she would be considered a big idiot.

“Let’s go.” Fuyu called out to her but he didn’t reach his hand to her instead he pocketed his free hand while the other one carries his bag. Fumie just nodded and they went on, silence surrounding even their very step.


They haven’t reached far when Fuyu was called by a familiar voice. He immediately turned to the caller. Fumie getting all curious also turned back. It was a girl with short bob hair and a cute smile that seems to highlight her eyes rather that her teeth. A smile so innocent that would make anyone want to smile with her.

She ran towards them, carrying a wrapped bento box.

“Ehhh… I thought shomething really important came up so you weren’t able to go to work but it seems like you only went on a date.” The girl mischievously said while taking glimpse of Fumie.

“We really did something important together with our friends, silly.” Fuyu gave the girl a flick in the forehead which made her yelp. “And to tell you, this girl is really important.”

“EHHH! So she’s really your girlfriend!!?” The girl asked with geinin level reactions. “Why didn’t you tell me and ‘Tou-shan!?

Fuyu released a deep sigh. It’s not that he doesn’t want to talk about Fumie but he just doesn’t know when to start the conversation since it has always been awkward for him to open up to anyone.

He was about to place his hand on Fumie’s shoulder but he stopped midway. His hand immediately went back to his pocket. “This is my girlfriend, Shingyoji Fumie. Fumie, this weird, loud girl is my co-worker, my boss’s daughter… Fukuoka Haruka.“

Fumie looked at the girl, her heart suddenly kicked after hearing the girl’s name. Haruka then smiled at her and reached out her hand to her.

“Nice to meet you, Shingyoji-shan. My name is Haruk—OUCH!”

Haruka yelped once again as Fuyu smacked her by the back of her head. “Why are you stretching your hand? You aren’t a westerner.”

“You’re such a killjoy!” Haruka returned the favor to Fuyu by slapping his arm. Fumie just watched as another girl interact with her boyfriend as if she’s not around. They seem so be so close to each other but here she is. She is called the girlfriend but she couldn’t even do the same thing to him. There’s an awkward feeling with every hug, a guilty feeling whenever he holds her hand. She even shunned Fuyu’s move for intimacy.

“Anyway, here!” The short-haired girl gave Fuyu the bento box. “’Kaa-shan made shomething really delicious tonight and she kept shaying your name while we were eating so ‘Tou-shan shaid that we should give you shomething.”

“Thank you, Shitatarazu-chan. (Lisp-chan)” Fuyu received another slap after his joke. Haruka has lisp with the syllable ‘SA’ which she always ends up pronouncing as ‘SHA’. “Tell your parents that I’m thankful. I’ll be eating it for breakfast tomorrow.”

“No worries!” Haruka gave him two thumbs up. “I’m going back now. I still have homework to finish. Nice to meet you, Shingyoji-shan~! See you around~!”

Fumie bent a little forward to set the other girl off.

“See you tomorrow, Fuyu-kun~!”

“Mhm. See you.”

After that the girl ran back to their house/store that is blocks away from the bus stop. After she disappeared from their sight, Fuyu continued walking towards the slope they climb everyday. Fumie just tailed after him.

What is even happening to her? She was doing fine as a girlfriend but why on earth is she acting like this again? Why is her heart this… divided?

“H-Her name is Haruka?” Finally she managed to spit something out to break the rule of silence.

“Yes.” Fuyu answered thriftily and then there goes silence again. They are already in front of Fumie’s house when Fuyu spoke again.

“Say, Fumie…” he called out to the girl who was about to open their gate. “I’m really sorry for earlier. Sorry for trying to kiss you without getting your permission and it’s even in public. That was stupid of me.”


“It’s my fault. I made everything awkward. I’m not going to do that again so rest assured. I’m really sorry for trying to rush things up.”


“Good night. See you tomorrow.”

That’s all and Fuyu left wearing a forced smile on his handsome face. Fumie entered their house, dragging her feet as if their mission to save Miyu wasn’t successful at all. She’s sure that she felt jealous when Fuyu and Miyu became so close in such a tight space and then there’s this girl that’s acting so close with Fuyu as well to the point that she addresses him with –kun and brings food for him. But what’s keeping her to properly express her feelings for her boyfriend?

She went straight to her bedroom without even properly greeting her parents. Her mind is so occupied and her heart is tightening so much. She threw herself to her bed and closed her eyes but she only saw the disappointed face of her boyfriend after that scene in the train.

Her eyes opened automatically to get rid of that sad picture but what she saw first was her calendar that is hanging on the wall near her study table. A certain date is marked in red circle 17 days from now. Her face crumpled, she grabbed the nearest pillow and covered her face with it before shouting.

“Fumie, you better get yourself together!!!”


AKI ENTERED the library expecting to see the other guys. It is the last day in school before he gets busy with the intense preparation for their surprise live. He wants to give them the tickets personally so he did his best to get to school today.

He walked towards the usual area where they gather but to his surprise, all he saw was one lady sitting on that long table. It was Watanabe Miyu.

“W-What’s up? Where are the others?” Aki asked before pulling a chair for him to sit on. “I thought they are already here since they finished eating before me.” He came late since he had to check their clubroom to get some stuffs.

Miyu smiled at him, closing the book that she was reading. “I… I asked them to give me a time with you… Just the two of us…”

“Eh?” Aki couldn’t even get to sit after those words of Miyu. He looked at her once more only to see her smiling but her eyebrows are telling another story.

“I mean… I’m here to privately talk to you, Aki-senpai… I want to discuss something with you… Please take a seat…”

Feeling a little nervous, Aki finally took the seat. He thoughtlessly stared at Miyu who made the girl conscious about how she looks. She tucked her stray hair behind her ear and took a deep breath. She tried to look at Aki but she’s too embarrassed to meet his eyes.

“I’m sorry… I know it is a little annoying to see me after everything that happened. You got involved in a scandal mainly because that person is obsessed with me and as you kept on saying, the fanfic that I write caused you to lose your cool character but let me explain myself…”

Miyu took a deep breath, the smile on her face faded as she raised her chin up to look at her senior. Then she opened up her lips.


A long and faint beeping sound followed those words of Miyu. For a moment Aki couldn’t hear anything but that imaginary sound. He just stared at Miyu, eyes wide and mouth gaped.

Miyu snickered. “What’s with that look? Is it really that disgusting?” she lowered her head once again. Biting her lips to prevent tears from falling, she continued with her explanation.

“I started that fanfic not because I am a fan of BL. I made that because I thought it will be a way to keep the girls away from you. I thought it will be a way to protect you from them until you get to notice me. It sounds familiar, right?”

She gulped to push back what’s choking her. “Whichever angle you look at it, it is almost the same reason of that stalker. I tried to destroy your image so that I can keep you to myself. Because Aki-senpai… I really, really like you…”


“From the very first time that I heard your music I got inspired. Your voice somewhat enticed me and it felt like I have known it for a very long time. It kind of felt like it already had a place in my heart. I started to be curious about you so I took the time to read articles about you and your band. When I found out that you are studying in NeoHorikoshi I worked hard to be able to get in just to see you more in flesh. You didn’t notice that I like you, don’t you? It’s because I’m good at hiding… I’m good at acting…”

Tears dropped from her eyes which she immediately wiped by her sleeve. She forced a smile to lighten up her heavy heart.

“Hearing my own story makes me sick. I acted like a complete stalker. I took stolen pictures of you and Haru-senpai just to inspire myself in writing BL. I even read a lot of BL related things so I could write well… Just with the intent to build a fence all over you… What comes around goes around, right? I deserved what happened to me.”

Miyu stood up from her seat which somehow thawed the frozen Autumn Prince. “I thought it will be nice to tell you the truth rather than doing this pathetic stalking. Fuyu-senpai told me that he wants me to be happy and I guess confessing is one way of lifting up the burden off of my chest…”

The wind blew so hard that the curtains of the opened window were flown upwards. Miyu’s hair was also blown by the wind and the lovely scent of her shampoo brought life to the room.

“The fanfic will all be erased. Don’t worry about it anymore.” The damsel gave her final bow of apology. “I’m really sorry for everything… for the scandal… for the fanfic… and for liking you so much… I’m sorry…”

Miyu’s beautiful face crumpled as she couldn’t hold her tears anymore. She dashed towards the door and left Aki still dumbfounded.

“What are you doing? Can’t you, at the very least, comfort her? What’s wrong with you?”

Those words of Fuyu reverberated on his mind which took him off from his seat, snapping him back to reality. And as if someone lighted fire crackers on his feet, he ran outside to search for the girl who just confessed to him.

“You chose the other option, didn’t you?”

“Shut up, Fuyu!!!” he shouted at his mind. “This isn’t the time for you to playback on my mind!!!”

How long has it been since he was frozen? Did he really take that much time to absorb everything that he heard? Where on earth is Miyu? How come she runs so fast?

“She likes me!” Aki told himself while running. “Miyu likes me as well!!!”

He couldn’t think of the other things that the girl said, all that his mind chose to focus on to is the fact that the girl he has feelings for a very long time is feeling the same as well. If only he has manned up long ago, the girl won’t resolve into doing the fanfic and won’t feel guilty about anything. If only he had the courage long ago then it would turn out fine today.

No matter how much he run, he couldn’t see even the shadow of the girl so he resulted into one thing. Risking his vocal chords, he took a deep breath before—



He was halted when he heard someone called him. He turned around to see the members of his band rushing towards him.

“We’ve been looking for you!” Kei stated, panting heavily. “Our manager came to pick us up for a sudden appointment. Didn’t you check our group chat?”

Aki then reached for his phone in his pocket and saw the overwhelming amount of chat notification. He didn’t even feel it vibrated while he was with Miyu.

“We better go. We are so late!”


“Is there something more important than this?” Kei asked. “The release of the next single is three days from now. Get yourself together, leader!”

Aki was taken aback by those words of Kei. He calmed himself down and fixed his unruly hair. His desire to go after Miyu was there but the responsibility he has for Phantom Note felt much heavier. As their producer said, he is the face of the group. They are all important part of the band since it will never be complete if one of them goes missing but as the vocalist, he holds a much important position.

“Are you going or n—OUCH!”

“Don’t shout at me, Kei. I heard you correctly.” Aki fixed his uniform. “Let’s go.”

The band felt some spark after with that command from their leader. They saw how his eyes primed up. He led them as they walk fast towards the gate of the school. Miyu just watched Aki leave while hiding behind the wall. If the band members didn’t arrive, Aki could’ve caught up to her since she stopped to cry on that certain intersection.

The girl tried to smile while watching her prince go back to where he truly belongs. Knowing that going out with him would never be possible, Miyu swallowed his feelings and whispered to the air…


“Good luck, Senpai…”


“GIRLS, are you ready!??”

Yuuka’s really on fire as she lighted her light sticks on. The banner that they made for Phantom Note is ready as well; it is so huge that they need to hang it out somewhere. It was good that Yuuka could only afford the upper box; they are planning to hang it there.

Aki’s younger sister couldn’t help but to be amazed at the amount of people who are in the line right now. She can’t believe that the live was only announced to the public last night at 10 o’ clock but the tickets were sold out in just 30 minutes. Yurina was right when she said not to underestimate the fans.

Everything is set, the banner and the sign boards, but the girls have one more obstacle to go through.

“Kids without guardians are not allowed to get in.” is one of the messages being flashed in the digital sign board of the venue. Since there is a curfew for kids 15 years old and below, they can’t just watch the event without a guardian. They are getting nearer and nearer to the entrance and each step they take are making them more nervous.

“You should have told your brother that we are coming. He could ask the security personnel to let us in.” Momoko said while scratching her head. She’s feeling so hot because of the wig Yuuka made her wear. The white polo topped with black suit sure doesn’t fit the weather. It is really hot and Momoko can’t complain even more. “We don’t have to dress as guys just for this event.”

And yes, they are currently wearing suits and are acting like guys to conceive their age. Yuuka’s wild imagination is really at its finest.

“For once I would like to agree with Momoko.” Yurina irritably said while trying to loosen her necktie. “This outfit is so hot I am going to die. And look at you, you look exactly like your brother that you are gaining attention.”

“What?” Yuuka looked around and she was surprised to see that most people are staring and mumbling about her. Her horrified face made Yurina crack. “Do I really look like my brother!?”

“Please, don’t complain about your clothes. Look what you all did to me.”

Everyone turned to Manaka who is standing behind them and they all lost it once more. Manaka threw a kick to Yurina’s leg which made the girl yelp but soon continued with her laugh.

“Stop that! A grandma doesn’t have enough strength to kick people!”

The three girls laughed even more leaving Manaka speechless. In her mind she is already planning how she will strangle Yurina to death in her sleep. “I’m going to report you to Nii-san!”

“That’s the only costume that will fit your height, Manaka-chan!”

“Shut up, Momoko!” Manaka pouted.

“And why aren’t you wearing any costume?” Yurina turned to Neru who is beside her. The girl is busy taking pictures of them to add in her diary. She just shrugged her shoulders before smiling cutely at Yurina.

“I’ll tell them I am your wife. I think that’s enough—Yurina-chan!”

Neru immediately assisted Yurina who suddenly choked after hearing the word ‘wife’. Momoko’s eyebrows flinched after seeing Yurina’s reaction. She then hugged Yurina by the shoulders and pulled the girl to her side.

“I want to be Yurina’s wife!” she complained, puffing her cheeks.

“Shut up! What the hell are you girls saying?” Yurina wiped her beet red face. For that moment she felt like her sweat glands operated sbove normal.

They all stiffened when they are already in front of the entrance. The security personnel is eyeing them with his intimidating glare, surprised that some group of kids thought that they can make a fool out of him.

“No kids al—“


Everyone’s jaw dropped when Neru suddenly raised her hand and waved at the guy standing by a stall inside the venue. And did she just say Fuyu’s name?

Yurina’s eyes widened even more when she saw that it was really her brother that Neru called. What on earth is her brother doing here? He isn’t the type to watch performances like this.

Fuyu went to the personnel and whispered something to him. The guy looked surprised and then turned to Neru. He immediately let them pass after verifying their tickets. The personnel even looked nervous at the same time.

“What the hell was that?” Yurina asked her brother. “You should’ve said that you’ll be coming here so we didn’t dress like this!!”

Fuyu tucked his tongue out to Yurina. “You should’ve told me that you are coming in the first place. I’m not the one who needs a guardian. You should thank Neru or else you will just listen to the music outside of this arena.”

“What are you doing here in the first place? And how did this girl know your contact details?”

“Are you pertaining to me?” Neru cutely pointed to herself.

“Are you serious with that question, Yurina? My friend is performing today and this is the time he needs support more than anyone else.” He then placed his hand on top of Neru’s head which delighted the girl. “And this girl is my friend’s sister and I used to tutor Neru before. Looks like Neru is the only one who used her head about this curfew matter.”

“No way!!!” Yurina shouted.

Fuyu’s eyes narrowed. “What’s up with that reaction?” He looked at everyone and he almost snorted after his eyes landed on his youngest sister. Manaka started sobbing after seeing the look on his brother’s face. She threw him the light stick that she’s holding before running towards the rest room.

The little grandma bumped to Fumie but it seems like she didn’t recognized her. Yurina’s face immediately turned sour at the sight of the girl.

“That was Manaka-chan?” Fumie asked Fuyu. She went to the rest room while they were waiting for the kids to come. “Why is she dressed like that and—oh!”

She was more surprised when she saw the three girls wearing suits. She turned to Yuuka and curiously asked, “Aki-senpai?”

“I am not my brother!!”

Fuyu just sneered and then Momoko started to cling unto him again. When Manaka finally finished wiping the grandma makeup off of her face, they already went in. Yurina noticed that strangely, her brother isn’t holding Fumie’s hand that time. His hands are pocketed which is really not his style.

The girl’s eyebrows met. “Something happened… I’m sure of it…”


THE LIVE is closing to its end and the hype of the audience can’t be tamed. Phantom Note has already performed their new single and fans can’t help but to fall in love with it for the wonderful arrangement and heart-clenching lyrics.

They also performed their all-time favorite songs and presented the CD covers of the single. There was a seat prepared for everyone even to those who are in front of the stage but it doesn’t seem necessary since everyone chose to stand up and be taken away by the music.

“They are really the best band! Right, Fumie?” Miyu, who is wearing a mask, asked Fumie. She risked her life just to watch this live. She can’t imagine what will happen to her once Aki’s fans recognize her.

“I agree with you! This is the first time I saw them perform up close! Aki-senpai and his band are amazing!”

“I’m glad that the band is doing fine.” Miyu murmured to herself but audible for Fumie to hear. Her swollen eyes are still noticeable even in the dark.

They are sitting by upperbox as well. Probably Aki gave them those tickets to avoid them getting squeezed by the fans on the floor. The arena was then filled with cheer once again when the staged lighted up again after a short break.

Phantom Note are now wearing shirts that says thank you to their fans for the support. The members’ faces then flashed on the screen one by one as they enjoy the view of the fans cheering for them. Their eyes looked all misty which moved the audience to a louder uproar.

Aki expressed how grateful he is for the fans with a shaky voice which made the fans tear up. His avid fan girls are already crying while shouting for his name.

“Thank you very much for staying with us even after that rumor. Thank you for trusting and believing on me after everything that happened. That was a really tough time for us… Honto ni arigatou gozaimasu!”

The band took a 90-degree bow which was received by the audience with a clap. They raised their heads up wonderful smiles are pasted on their faces before picking up their instruments.

“This is the final song that we will give you for tonight. I know that you are all going to shout for encore later but I’m saying it ahead, this will definitely be the last for tonight.”

The audience laughed at him but then their main guitarist started to play as if on cue.

“This last song is on the B-Side of the single and I personally wrote this song.” Aki started plucking his guitar as he continues to talk about the song. The look in his eyes felt a bit more intense and the fans couldn’t help but to notice that.

“Actually… this song is for the girl I have been in loved with for a long time now…”

Gasps were heard from the audience. Everyone was surprised and Miyu is one of those. Aki is in love to someone? How come she didn’t know anything about it? The people in the audience fell quiet because of the shock but it seems like the band members already knew that this was coming. They are only looking at Aki with proud faces.

“Before I came to my current label, I auditioned for other agencies but I kept on getting rejected. No one believed on what I can do so after another failed audition I just found myself in a CD store in Harajuku listening to synthesized music. I already thought of giving up that time but then…”

The cute smile that slipped out of Aki’s face melted the heart of the audience. When did he become even more handsome? Was it because he is really in love?

“I saw a girl handing out tissues during that breezy autumn day and she was in a maid outfit, probably because it was the theme of their shop. She was working really hard, flashing a smile to everyone, to those who receive the tissue and even to those who flatly rejected her. I could see that she’s getting really cold not only because of the weather but also because of the cold shoulder that other people are giving her…

For some unknown reason I went to see her work everyday. I made ‘going to the music store’ as an excuse but the truth is I just really wanted to see her smile. I know, I know… I was like a stalker back then but seeing her move forward despite all the rejection she was receiving, I thought that I should stop sulking and continue with my passion. If it wasn’t because of her then probably I won’t be here on this stage today.”

“I can’t believe he is saying this...” Yuuka whispered to herself. Her brother is seriously opening up this thing to the public? At the release of their new single? Right at this moment?

“But then one day she just disappeared from her usual spot. I asked the maid café where she was working about her and I found out that she was escorted by a modeling agency. I was amazed but I didn’t doubt that because I think that she is really beautiful and charming. So when I found out that she’ll be working in this industry I worked harder to get into the same industry where I know she will shine. And then I was discovered by my producer while I was singing on the streets of Harajuku with my guitar.”

A shy smile struck the hearts of the fans. Aki looked at them but bashfully covered his face due to embarrassment. He was cheered by the audience to continue with his story.

“But yeah, since I am here now I won’t be able to make my move to her. I don’t want her to be judged and I value everyone’s feelings as well. I don’t want to disappoint anyone of you so for now, I will set this feelings aside to focus on giving you more wonderful music. But for now let me say this…”

Aki took a deep breath and look at the area where Miyu is sitting. He knows where she would be since she was the one who picked the seat for her.

“I bet you didn’t know because I am good in hiding my feelings but I really like you. From the very start I’ve been into you. But since I won’t be able to stand up with this feelings for now… I can’t properly receive your feelings as well… I’ll be selfish… Until that day when I can properly hold you in my arms… I want you to please, stay with me.”

The intro of the song entered and then Aki started to sing. His husky voice added by the right emotion he is pouring out to the song made everything so perfect. The sound of the instruments is in proper balance as well sending everyone into a fluttering feeling.

( Please Stay With Me by YUI vid: translation: )

The live ended with the B-Side song becoming the anthem of the whole fandom. The fans can’t help but to sing it as they were going out of the venue. They didn’t care about Aki being in love with a girl. He appealed to them with sincerity and he did delivered great music together with those emotions which they consider as a job well-done for the musician.

This is the third option that Haru was talking about. Be honest and tell yourself that you can’t let any of it go. Be selfish. That idea had a trace of business mind on it but it somehow worked out.

Radios were flooded with requests for the song and their digital sales are skyrocketing as well. Phantom Note has certainly taken the whole country by storm.

Miyu was then pushed inside the dressing room of the band by Maki and Yuma who dragged her to the backstage. The two were cheering on her like crazy. The band was surprised to Miyu but as is they already know what’s happening, the members went quiet waiting for what is going to happen, hiding their silly smiles. The others are all present together with the little sisters. If only Aki could ask to leave them alone he had already shouted at them to get out but his heart is racing that he can’t even say a word.

Miyu looked at him with teary eyes which were then followed by her wonderful, gummy smile.

“Aki-senpai…” she called, freezing Aki even more. “I’m staying.”

What happened next was riot as the members of the band and their friends started to throw confetti all over, rejoicing at the wonderful outcome of their story.

For Aki that is enough… To know that the person he loves will be staying with him through his journey in this world of music he believes he can reach anything… no matter how high it is.



“IT’S only a few days left! Are you sure you can make her come back!?”

The shout of the boss echoed throughout the whole office sending the employee in front of him deeper into the mud of embarrassment.

“I’ll be bringing her back.” The guy in black suit answered.

The boss scoffed at him. “If you won’t be able to bring her back I’ll have you pay for the cancellation of her contract. You are such a shame. What happened to you, Mr. Genius?”

The employee’s fist balled but he kept his head down. “I promise to take her back.” he stressed.

“Anyway, I don’t even care about that girl because she looks useless from the very start. You only forced her to be taken in.” The fat guy laughed and put his cigarette off. “With this I can have you work for me like a dog forever...

Kato Kenta-kun....”


I know you all got tired of reading to so I will reply to comments in another post. Thank you all for reading, leaving likes and commenting! :) Thank you very much.
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 29 (12-02) | Please, Stay With Me
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“What are you doing? Can’t you, at the very least, comfort her? What’s wrong with you?”

Those words of Fuyu reverberated on his mind which took him off from his seat, snapping him back to reality. And as if someone lighted fire crackers on his feet, he ran outside to search for the girl who just confessed to him.

“You chose the other option, didn’t you?”

“Shut up, Fuyu!!!” he shouted at his mind. “This isn’t the time for you to playback on my mind!!!”

I can imagine a chibi-devil Fuyu whispering on Aki's ear XD This is really cute :D
But oh  well... There are priorities that should be entertained first... It's so sad that they can't pursue the person they like in a moment's notice.


1- Train Kiss - HE DID apologize to Fumie acting like a jerk but why is there so many silent moments between the two of them?This just proves how a young couple they are. Still testing the waters and full of awkwardness. :/

2- Another Haruka - I'm worried for her. I know that Fumie is a fan of the book she always reads before and I hope that Haruppi won't be used as an excuse for a brewing problem that soon to arise.

3- MIYU'S CONFESSION - What the heck Aki? He's so slow... But maybe Miyu is like an Olympic Gold medalist runner that Aki can't catch up to her? Lol But he's so slowwwww he should be like Fuyu who confessed on the first day XD


A shy smile struck the hearts of the fans. Aki looked at them but bashfully covered his face due to embarrassment. He was cheered by the audience to continue with his story.
This paragraph captivated me. I dunno why, maybe I have this weird kink about shy people Ha-ha-ha!

So Im kinda surprised since Im a bit of a fan of YUI <3 Omygod Imissher XD So before I fangirl here about the song and the singer I might as well give you thumbs up for choosing this song :)))


“Anyway, I don’t even care about that girl because she looks useless from the very start. You only forced her to be taken in.” The fat guy laughed and put his cigarette off. “With this I can have you work for me like a dog forever...

He's a meanie! But however are they talking about Shingyoji Fumie? Bc you have that scene earlier when Fumie looked at the calendar and there's a circled date on the 17th? I mean it's not a bday right bc she shouldn't be talking herself out like that. But anyways....

Kato Kenta-kun....”

Is this supposed to be #$@#%$%*&^-san? XD KATO = #$% like omg Maybe I'm a genius or something? But lol XD Why are *&@ going to be the bad guy?

HAHAHAH OMG I'm not cursing words or something XD
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Uza... Uza... Uza... EKISAITINGU!!!
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 29 (12-02) | Please, Stay With Me
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Uwoooohhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I wonder if you're trying to kill me because I died from this chapter. Haha, it was so satisfying. Miyu and Aki are finally together, huh. Ah, but at the same time, Fumie and Fuyu seem to be reaching some trouble. Always hyping us readers for the next development.

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The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 29 (12-02) | Please, Stay With Me
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I feel bad not replying to the last comments so here is

 (Chapter 28)

@Shinoki-san, Answers will be on the next arc. :)

@Erza_Jerusalem-san, that was an entertaining reaction. Thank you so much. Thanks for getting back to the comments. :)

@Genkikid-san, He'll probably need a stop over in the hospital before going home. And that stop over would probably take days.. XD

@FZA02-san, Do you remember the name of the kid in the SayaMilky fic that I wrote? :) I'm planning to have a short sequel for that era so please stay tuned~~ :) It will have another pair on it though. Thanks for sharing your theory.. :)

@porkofdoom-san, there was a bit of jealous Fumie in the latest chapter but we all know what happened. Haha.. I kind of imagined prosecutor Perfect Zombie and her pet K9, Natsu. Haha. That was cute. :)

@Goto24-san, I guess everyone already has a guess about Haru's fiancee. Haha.

(Chapter 29)

@porkofdoom-san, haha. You look like you are cursing or something. Haha.

@Shinoki-san, I'm glad I'm able to give that feeling.  :D Hopefully I can give the same at the following chapter... More intense... :)

Thanks for reading.. Keep the comments coming... I'll reply at the next post~~ :) It's really nice to read your reactions. :)
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 29 (12-02) | Please, Stay With Me
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i couldn't reply fast...damn my japanese language proficient  test today but at least now it's over so i have to catch up  :nervous :nervous

firstly first i love how akimiyu's relationship's development and they are so sweet

and...techi got chocked because of neru's words? does that mean i can officially says that this adorable (and rude) imouto is fall in love with neru ? dang i already imagining techi in suit waiting 'his' wife while neru walking down the aisle to her husband
and yeah haruppi's appearance, her ways of talking looks similiar with real life and it's so cute
and yuma.. maybe fuyu can help him somehow

Be honest and tell yourself that you can’t let any of it go. Be selfish
i have to say a giant big thank you because this words is actually helps me, i also got similiar situation with aki to be honest (except the fact that i'm not a musician or anything, just ordinary student) and this words really help me, and i think in near future i will do what aki do hahaha

p.s : i know about hiroki since i still sometimes reread it but just don't know what fuyu means with "sin" ? can't wait for that story haha keep it up  :twothumbs :thumbup

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 29 (12-02) | Please, Stay With Me
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Such a sweet conclusion for miyuaki's complicated love story. But both still can't be together though.

Yurina sure is fast on catching up to things. Or she's just a tsundere with brother complex?

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 29 (12-02) | Please, Stay With Me
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Hahaha so it will be 'Her.' Wonder when is she gonna appear.

Interesting turn of events.
Now that Miyu and Aki's arc has been settled. But looks like it might take some time before they become officially official. XD
Still, Lex is still creepy AF.
I like the song that Aki sang to her. Hope they have a happy ending.

Now that is done, FuFu couple is a bit of a predicament.
Kato Kenta? Is he the.......?
The next chapter gonna be interesting.
Still waiting for the development of TechiNeru~
Also loved the way Neru said that she will be Techi's wife.   :hee:
Though Momoko ruined it.  :farofflook:

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The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 30 (12-09) | Loss
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@FZA02-san , I hope you did well on your test. :)
Well, let's see what will happen between the two as the story progresses..
Yuma's relation with them will be revealed soon but I don't know how soon it is. haha.
I'm hoping for the best for you. Good luck! :)

@Genkikid-san, Yeah, they have to wait for some time I guess...
Maybe Yurina is both of what you said. XD

@Goto24-san, Lex also had a collection of photoshopped pictures of him and Miyu being together. Husband goals? Maybe not.. Haha.
Kato Kenta~~
This three might become a brewing love triangle.. What do you guys think?

Okay, so for this week's chapter~~ Here it is! Enjoy~

Chapter 30: LOSS

FUYU WAS in class when he received a call from a hospital. He was immediately released by his teacher and he rushed towards the said hospital with his heart running wild in his chest. He couldn’t even calm himself while he was on the taxi after they passed by on an area where an accident happened. There he saw a familiar car, its plate number on the ground.

It bumped on the truck in front of it while the car behind it collided to it as well. He won’t be able to recognize the car if it wasn’t for the stickers he and his sisters pasted on the car’s back screen. It was a family sticker that Yurina and Manaka designed by themselves.

The accident caused heavy traffic and his heart couldn’t handle it anymore. He left the taxi and ran towards the hospital that is only a few blocks away from the accident area. Media people are starting to gather when he arrived but the hospital staff has managed to keep them out. He ran pass them and hurriedly went to the information desk.

“I-I’m the son of the couple who got into the car accident few blocks from here!” Fuyu told the nurses on duty while still chasing for his breath. “W-Where are my parents? P-Please… I beg you, tell me that they are alright!”

The nurses looked at each other with worried faces. Then they told Fuyu the whereabouts of his parents.

“We are sorry to say but Mr. and Mrs. Takahashi were pronounced dead on the spot. You can find them in the mortuary.”


TOGETHER with a doctor, Fuyu was brought to the morgue. His legs are just moving with his mind being absent. If ever that was a nightmare he wished to wake up from it right after he received the call that his parents got into a terrible accident. But no matter how he bury his nails to his thighs, he just couldn’t wake up from the cruel reality.

The doctor led him to two beds covered with white cloth. Fuyu looked at the doctor who just gestured at him to confirm it. The boy slowly lifted up the cover of the bed in his right and he broke into pieces after seeing that it really is his mother, her head still has traces of blood on it, not breathing… lifeless.

With his whole body shaking, he went to uncover the other corpse and his tears started to fall like waterfalls when he saw Kai. His face has deep cuts because of the shards of the windscreen. His skin so pale, having no warmth at all.

With a loud lament, the boy fell on his knees while holding to the hands of his parents. The doctor felt his heart clutched at the scene. For the first time in his entire life, Fuyu cried out loud to the point that his throat gets hoarse, until there isn’t any sound coming out from him.

“Okaa-san… Otou-san…” He kept on calling out to them but there was no response at all. He couldn’t cry hard enough, his face already wet with his tears. He doesn’t even know if there are more tears to shed.

“Otou-san… You said you aren’t going to leave me! You promised not to leave me but what on earth is this!? Otou-san!!! Wake up!!!”

He remembered that last night they were just talking about changing his surname into Kai’s surname. He has been against it for he thought he might bring damage to Kai’s reputation but he was finally convinced by the two. He couldn’t forget how happy Kai was after he finally said yes but now what? Where did that smile go?

“Okaa-san, I haven’t found her. I promised that I’ll present her to you first, right? Wake up, don’t be unfair. We got promises for each other, don’t we?” Fuyu went to hug his mother but the usual warmth of his mother’s embrace was replaced by this cold, lifeless body. “Okaa-san!!!”

“I’m sorry!! I’ll be a good boy. I promise I will not miss family dinner again. I will not get myself into trouble. I promise I will do better in school! I will not fight with Yurina again. I will take good care of my sisters! Please, just wake up! Otou-san, Okaa-san… Please!!!”

His voice trailed off as he went back to his knees. His tears just won’t stop from falling. “Wake up… please…”


HIS SWOLLEN eyes enraged after his sight landed to the only survivor of the car crash. The woman in her late 30s only suffered fractures, a dislocated neck and a bit of a trauma in the head. She’s already in the recovery room after receiving the necessary treatments.

The lady noticed him and she was horrified. She tried to run but her condition won’t let her go anywhere. Her family members, probably her siblings, are there and they can’t even look at Fuyu because of the shame their sister brought her.

“Y-You?” Fuyu asked as if he couldn’t believe of what he is seeing. “How come you were inside the car as well? D-Did you hide yourself and then wait for the opportunity to kill them?”

Fuyu’s feet led him nearer to the terrified lady. Groans were heard from the woman who was struggling to move. If only she could run she already did but all she can do is to cry.

“Y-You…” Tears started to fall from Fuyu’s eyes again. “H-How come… How come you are alive? WHY ARE YOU THE ONE WHO SURVIVED!?”

The boy’s shout echoed at the whole corridor of the hospital. He was already a foot away from the lady before he stopped. He wanted to hurt her; he could feel every muscle of his body shaking in anger.

“Are you that crazy of my dad!? It has already been years!!! The court already issued a restraining order against you! Why does it have to come up this way!? Tell me!! Why do you have to do that to my da—“


Fuyu froze. The lady just talked back to him, this lady whose hands are stained by the blood of his parents just dared to talk back at him.

“You will never be his son! You are not of his blood! Don’t dream about it, boy!!!”

Her relatives tried to stop her but the lady has really lost it.

“Your mother had you from another man and how dare her seduced my Kai!! Kai is everyone’s precious man! How can a divorced, failure of a woman like your mother take him to herself!? Your mother is a whore!!! You and your mother should be the ones who died and not Ka—“

“Don’t talk like you and my father were friends.” Fuyu’s fists balled as he gritted. “And don’t you dare call my mother a whore in front of my face.”

“W-WHY!?” The lady talked back once more, laughing hysterically. “The truth hurts, right? Your mother failed being an idol because she’s a slut! You stole Kai from m—“

Everyone in the room gasped when the woman’s head suddenly flew back leaving her with a broken nose plus a heavy nose bleed. Her lips were bleeding as well.

“F*CK YOU!!!” Fuyu shouted, not caring about the age gap anymore. He gave the awful lady a head-butt that impacted straight to her nose. “You took the most important people in my life and you have the guts to talk like that!? F*CK OFF!!!”

“How will I explain this to my sisters!? How will I tell them that a soulless person like you caused an accident and now we are orphans!? How will I tell them that Otou-san and Okaa-san will never be coming back!? HOW!!!?”

Fuyu was about to punch the lady straight to her face but his fist was stopped mid-air. He turned around and saw Mario together with Michael. The two were chasing for their breaths as they rushed all the way to the hospital after hearing the news.

Mario weakly shook his head, calmly telling Fuyu to stop. “It’s futile, Fuyu-kun. You should not dirty your hands to this kind of person.”

The lady was taken aback by Mario’s words. The idols that she has been looking up to all these years are looking at her with disgust and hatred.

Fuyu broke down even more as he was welcomed to the arms of Mario and Michael. He cried his heart out, calling out to his parents.

The stalker then started crying as well as guilt filled her once more. She kept asking for forgiveness from the three people who lost their loved ones because of her, saying that she didn’t want everything to end like how it ended.

Fuyu turned to her once more, for the last time. He glared at her as if engraving her miserable image in his mind. “Forgiveness is something that I can never give you. You survived? Then live your life with guilt and regret. Live a miserable life…


I will never ever forgive you.”


BATHING with his own sweat, Fuyu rose up from sleep while gasping for air. He immediately stood up and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. He wiped the sweat clustering up on his forehead.

“This nightmare is so late.” He told himself as Miyu’s stalker incident concluded days ago. He shook his head to shake away all the memories of the nightmare. He looked at the clock and saw that it is almost time for his day to start.

He went to wear his favorite overall and went for a run around the vicinity. For years this has been his routine as instructed to him by Maki’s father. He would run for an hour and exercise at the park for another hour. With this he has to wake up earlier than most people.

He does 50 push-ups a day and he uses most of the exercise equipment in the park. His favorites are the horizontal and parallel bars so his upper body strength is no joke at all. No wonder his body is ripped for an 17-year old like him.

Working out became his way to momentarily forget about the past. It helped him a lot when he was trying to move on and entertain himself. This is the reason why Yuma was knocked down in just one hit and Miyu’s stalker crumpled in one blow.

Mario told him to use his looks so there was a time that he tried modeling but he didn’t enjoy it. He didn’t like the attention he was getting so his modeling career was short-lived but sparkly. In the end, he chose to move in a tighter space. Exercising early in the morning, sometimes with AkiGori or General Togawa if they aren’t busy, school and then part-time job. He is so disciplined in terms of exercising that he doesn’t need to set an alarm. He would just sleep during lunch but that was when he hadn’t found Fumie yet.

He already finished his routine and on his way back home when he was called by a loud girl. It was Haruka jogging with their dog and shop mascot, Rupyo. Fuyu slowed down to wait for the said girl.

“Good morning, Fuyu-kun!” Haruka greeted him with a wide smile. “Exer-shay-sing as usual!”

Fuyu just shook his head and looked back at his path. “Good morning, Haruka. Stop being too loud early in the morning.” He took a glimpse of the cute shiba inu and greeted, “’Morning, Rupyo. Good job for walking your master today.”

Fuyu received another shoulder slap from the girl which is some sort of a habit.

“I didn’t know that it is this hard to wake up early to exershays.” Haruka wiped the sweat from her forehead. The girl does look like that she’s a bit deprived of sleep.

“How long have you been jogging?”

“Ten minutes.” Haruka proudly answered.

Fuyu shook his head in disbelief. “Seriously?”

They turned in a corner and met another store owner in the vicinity which cheerfully greeted them. The old lady stopped them and gave them some freshly harvested pears that she got from her own backyard. The two thanked the old lady and were about to go when the lady suddenly blurted. “Grow old fast and make babies. I really want to see how your children will look like.”

Haruka turned beet red and heavily waved her hands. She almost let go of Rupyo, good thing the dog is well-disciplined. “Really, Tsukiko-obaa-shan? When will you stop talking about that? Me and Fuyu-kun are just friends.”

The old lady just looked at them, switching her stare from Fuyu to Haruka then back to Fuyu. “I thought you two were together since Fuyu-kun has been working on your store for years already. I thought that romance already bloomed between the two of you.”

Haruka laughed and smacked Fuyu’s shoulder once again. “That’s impossible! Fuyu-kun likes those idol-type girls. His standards are so high and I can never reach it!”

The old lady chuckled at Haruka’s excuse but Fuyu flinched at that statement. “I just thought that your kids would be interesting to look at since the both of you have coconut hairs.”

“Eh?” The two looked at each other. Fuyu’s styling a two-block long haircut while Haruka wears a bob cut. Now that the grandma mentioned it, they do look like coconut shells.

The lady laughed at them once more and then went on her way. “I’ll get going now. Tell me when you both end up together, alright? I’ll be sure to attend your wedding.”

The two shook their heads and continued with their jog. Most of their neighbors are thinking that they are in a relationship since they see them together everyday at their store. Most of them have seen Fuyu together with Fumie but somehow they didn’t like him being with another girl. It’s like the whole neighborhood is shipping Fuyu and Haruka together (excluding all those young girls who has a crush on Fuyu).

“Hey, Haruka.” Fuyu called with his usual cold voice. “What’s up with what you said earlier?”

Haruka tilted her head to the side. “Eh? What are you talking about?”

“You know what I’m talking about so don’t act like you are innocent.” Fuyu saw a different smile curved up on Haruka’s lips.

“Well… Since I shaw that she was wearing the uniform of your school and is really cute, I thought that probably she’s on a celebrity status so I searched her name up on the web. I shaw her profile and screenshots of her past blog posts.” The girl then turned to Fuyu with a teasing face. “I knew it! You are really into girls with dreams of being an idol! I thought your taste changed when Asuka got really big in the industry!”

Fuyu’s pace slowed down a little as his ears opened up wider to listen to whatever Haruka is saying. Has this girl seen something about Fumie that he hasn’t seen yet? And why is Asuka being dragged into this?

“Your girlfriend’s past blog posts show how she is eager to be an idol. One would like to cheer on her because of how diligent and sincere she writes her posts. She had quite a following but her blog suddenly got deactivated. I guess that was when you two started dating.”

Haruka paused to take a quick breath. “Her name also popped out in the list of trainees that joined Kojima Haruna’s search for girls that would debut in a group.”

Fuyu completely stopped running, looking so confused. The short-haired girl and her dog also stopped with their jog and curiously turned to Fuyu.

“Are you really saying that her name is still on the list?” Fuyu asked.

“W-Well… Yeah.” Haruka scratched her cheek while trying to remember the details. “The website about the prospect idols also has a discussion thread for each aspirant. Nothing has been mentioned about her quitting the course. In fact, a lot of people are cheering her to her thread. I guess no one has seen her dating you. You don’t really go out on dates, do you? I know, I know! It is hard to date an idol-aspirant.”

It’s true that they don’t date outside. Since Fuyu has work after class and duties at weekends as well, the only places they hang out are at school and at their houses. But hey, that isn’t the issue here. The main concern is why Fumie’s name is still on the list.

“Hey!” Haruka’s face showed worry. “Don’t tell me you don’t know!” She covered her mouth with both of her hands. ‘Did I just say something that I shouldn’t have said?’

The guy suddenly fell to his knees which surprised the girl but it turned out that he was only tying his shoelaces properly. “I’m going now, Haruka. I badly need to shower. See you at work later.”

That’s all and Fuyu set off in much faster speed. Haruka released a sigh and then started to rub Rupyo’s head. “I hope this won’t be the Asuka incident all over again. Fuyu-kun looks so dazzling the past days, doesn’t he? I hope his smile won’t disappear again…”


WHEN Fuyu arrived back home, he immediately went to the showers and there he spent more time thinking. Questions are popping non-stop in his head. There are ideas being induced to him by how Fumie was acting the past days but he rejects the ideas right away. He wants to believe that everything is alright, that things aren’t supposed to hurt him. ‘Having the girl with the scent means that all his suffering would be put into stop’ is what he always believes in. All the pain should stop bothering him.

...but why is it like this?

After spending some time on the showers, he went to groom himself for school. Though one would not really call it grooming since he would just put his uniform on and then dry his hair and leave without even combing it. It just magically falls into place, perfectly hiding his birthmark on his forehead.

He then ate the food Haruka gave him last night for breakfast before finally setting off. If the girl didn’t give him anything, he would certainly go with his usual breakfast—a slice of bread and milk. He then would wait for Fumie in front of his house then they’ll go to school together.

“You again?” Fuyu blurted out after seeing Haruka waiting for him outside. He quickly locked his house before turning back to the girl who is just smiling at him. She’s already wearing her uniform. “What are you doing here this time?”

“I came to get the bento box.” She answered in a bit of a high pitch. She lied. The truth is she just wanted to check him out. She’s feeling guilty that she told him everything that she found out with her little research. It’s not her fault anyway; she thought that Fuyu already knows about those things.

“I haven’t washed it. I’ll give it to you later when I go to work. Now go ahead.”

“Are you okay, Fuyu-kun?” The girl worriedly asked but hiding her worries by smiling.

“What are you talking about? Do I look sick?”

“W-Well…” Haruka was taken aback, thinking of what to say next. “I just thought that you may be—“


The boy’s head automatically turned to the owner of that voice. Haruka saw how his expression completely changed from the usual cold and stoic Fuyu to a wonderful guy with a smile of complete happiness. Is this really the guy that she has been working with everyday for years?

“Fumie~!” Fuyu waved his hand to the girl who was looking so surprised of what she just saw. Haruka bowed her head to greet her. Somehow, she’s not having a good impression of Fumie.

“I’m going ahead. Give me the bento box later, got it?” That’s all and she left. She ran downhill without even looking back.

“That was Fukuoka-san, am I right?” Fumie asked.

“Yes, she was asking for the bento box but I haven’t washed it.” Fuyu went to carry Fumie’s bag for her. “Let’s go before we miss the bus.”

The guy started to take the lead. Fumie had to run a bit to catch up to him and walk by his side. Fuyu didn’t ask for her hand today as well and it has been like this since the subway incident. He still looks happy whenever he sees her but somehow she could feel that there has been a building resistance between the two of them. This has already made her heart suffer so after pondering carefully about it last night; the girl has decided to make a move.

“F-Fuyu-kun!” Fumie called him with a stutter.

“Mhm?” Fuyu turned to her with a cute smile that made her heart skip a beat. This guy is just so beautiful. That innocent and happy face is something that she would always love to cherish. Moreover he only shows it to her... but why can’t she just focus on protecting that smile?

The girl stopped walking and stretched out her hand towards Fuyu. “C-Can I… Can we hold hands?” This is the first time that she asked for it so she couldn’t help but to be embarrassed.

The handsome lad turned to her direction and just stared at her for some time. She witnessed how his cheeks got tinted with a light blush of pink before he finally smiled again. He won’t deny it, Fumie’s move was able to make his heart go crazy. He reached out for the girl’s hand which he wasn’t able to hold for the past days because of his fear of another rejection.

The lad’s heart was put at ease after feeling Fumie’s palm on his, fingers intertwined like all the other couples usually do. They both smiled at each other before Fuyu pulled Fumie to his side. Then the two continued with their journey down the slope, both with warm hearts.

“Did you sleep well last night?” Fuyu asked.

“Hmm… yes!” Fumie lied. She’s still bothered by a lot of things that caused her to sleep late. “How about you, Fuyu-kun?”

“Well… I slept well too.” The nightmare he had entered his mind but he chose not to tell anything to Fumie. He doesn’t want to ruin the moment that they are having now with his sad memories. He has already decided to only make good memories from now on. Even if Fumie is hiding something from him, he’ll just be there waiting for her to open up to him. He is willing to take the role of the fool if that is what it takes for their relationship to work out.

“Say, Fumie…” Fuyu took a deep breath. “Do you... you know... have any time to spare this weekend? How about going on a date with me?”

“D-Date?” Fumie repeated.

“You see… We haven’t really had a proper date. I can ask for a day off this Saturday... that is if you want to go out with me… I’m not forcing you or anything.”

Fumie was not able to answer but it doesn’t seem that her silence meant to be a yes. Worry is all over her face so Fuyu concluded that it is a no. He just shrugged his shoulders and continued on their way. It was foolish of him to suddenly ask her out for a date.

“A-Actually, Fuyu-kun… There is something that I like to tell you…”

Fuyu gulped. Is this it? Is he about to hear that thing that he’s afraid to hear? His heart was covered with fear but he tried his best to smile. “Yes?”

“T-The truth is… I… The truth is I—“

“So this is the reason for your absence, Fumie-san?”

Fumie’s eyes widened in fear right after hearing that familiar voice. Fuyu’s face immediately changed into a protective one before turning to the guy in a black suit. Leaning at the door of his car, the guy with chestnut-dyed, parted styled elegantly to the side hair brushed his hair up but his fringe would always fall to cover most part of his left eye. He lifted his back from his car and stood properly.

“K-Kato-san…” Fumie, as if her body automatically moved, pulled her hand free from Fuyu’s grasp. The guy turned to her with wide-opened eyes, could hardly believe that he is seeing this guilty face from his girlfriend again.

“I had the hunch so I came to confirm it myself.” He looked at Fuyu with narrowing eyes behind those round specs. “You are quitting because of this?”

“What are you talking about?” Fuyu tried to ask calmly but his brows are already meeting.

“I came here to pick Fumie-san up and bring her back to where she belongs.” He opened the door of the backseat of his car. “Get in.”

Fuyu’s fists clenched. Noticing the build up of anger on his boyfriend’s face, Fumie tried to stop him with whatever he is thinking. “H-He is my manager, Fuyu-kun. He is—“

“There’s no need to tell him about me, Fumie-san. He already knows me.”


“TCH.” Fumie heard Fuyu’s tongue clicked. He’s struggling to stay calm but his fists are telling otherwise.

“Long time no see, Hoshizora Fuyu-kun.” Kato smiled at him. “I didn’t know that we will meet this way after a long time. I guess your preference hasn’t changed at all. You still like idols, don’t you?”

“I don’t have any business with you.” Fuyu retorted.

“Maybe you don’t have but the girl beside you has. Get in the car, the both of you. I have to talk to your parents as well, Fumie-san. Let’s head to your house first.”

“But Kato-san I—“

“You signed a contract. Do you want to get your parents in trouble?” Kato went back in his car. “Hop in. We don’t have much time.”

Fuyu was about to tell Fumie to run with him but he was dumbfounded when the girl slowly made her way towards the car and rode it. He felt his throat dried up in an instant and his heart slowly dying. Left with no other choice, he followed Fumie inside the car just like a fool.

He knew it already, he could already feel it but he just kept on denying it. The very moment that Fumie rode the car he knew that…



he has already lost her.


Yes, Kato Kenta is an original character. See you on the next chapter~
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 30 (12-09) | Loss
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Even though it had been said that Fuyu's parents died because of the stalker... reading it is so much sadder. Even though the nurses were just doing their job and properly informed Fuyu, when they said...
“We are sorry to say but Mr. and Mrs. Takahashi were pronounced dead on the spot. You can find them in the mortuary.”
My heart totally broke... Even though I already knew that they died...

(That crazy stalker woman deserved to be punched in the face! Ah, life is really unfair for Fuyu. The good people get torn away from this world while the bad ones survive. Even if they do repent... Fuyu's parents are still dead.)

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 30 (12-09) | Loss
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It seems today is just a very bad day for Fuyu  :(

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 30 (12-09) | Loss
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You told me to criticize you but...

Omygod that drama... Why is that stalker fan even there in the first place? I hope she had reconstruction surgery so Fuyu wouldn't recognize her xD

Look at that Haruka why are you so caring, Fumie will get jealous!

Oh no! She saw you together with her bae... And the whole NEIGHBORHOOD SHIPS THEM?!?!?!!! HAHAHAHAHA WHY OH WHY. OMG xDDD And apparently they don't like Fumie or other girls besides Haruka... but the sound of free food is enticing ! HAHAHA :drool:

Haruka doesn't like Fumie?  :wth

KATOSAAAAAN~ Make him handsome please hahahaha! Look at his elegant hair xD

Ugh Fumie why are you keeping a secet from your bae? Now Fuyu is a sad puppy again :<

Okay I get it. It's #FuyuHaruka after all.  :roll:

So when you say that you'd be dropping hints... Is Fuyu's career going to be a soldier? He's going into army? Bc he likes working out a lot. Like A LOT. He breathes, eat and live to exercise which Haruka helpfully emphasize thru her lisp lol. Exershays  :lol:

I can't blame Fumie tho, she had signed a contract before meeting Fuyu and I wanna know her otousan's reaction  XD  she's going to have gravure pics all along~

Heyow Cut, mail me some tissues next time you write angst. Poor Fuyu :<  :cry:
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