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Author Topic: Each Day I Spend With You Makes Me Want to Wish for More (Saya-Milky) - 3/5  (Read 1998 times)

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A/N:  Hello! I'm very new in this fandom so please be kind to me. This wil be the second AKB fanfic I would have uploaded. The first one is a gift for a friend I've met here in jphip. If you're curious it's in Things That Mix thread. Haha!

This fic is actually just a companion fic I've written while I was writing the main one which is about Yui-Paru pair (I can't really resist writing Saya-Milky, they're just too cute for their own good. Haha!) So, before you read the first lines I should warn you that there will be mention of VIOLENCE, DRUGS, and RAPE. But everything will be okay in the end. So if this is not for you, please close youre eyes and stop reading and maybe exit this right now.

This is actually a Historical Fiction of AKB members as Geisha, or in other words, Entertainers. Again, if this is not to your liking, please stop reading. Haha! I won't get mad promise (I have no intention to post this if not because of Cut-san LOL)

So maybe some of you don't know the mysterious world of geishas but I'll provide quick trivias on the way and Facts by the end of each chapter since I really don't want to mess up the flow of the story. And if you notice a small asterisks dividing the stories in-between just know that you there's going to be a flashback.

Yes. This is a multi-chaptered fic divided into 5 parts. : )

1 Nightfall

As soon as they entered the Yamamoto estate, the geiko was immediately ushered to her own wing. The mansion is vast located at near the ends of the city where the area is peaceful and only a handful of well-known residents reside in their own respective estates. The house, Miyuki discovered, was a gift from Yamamoto-sama's father. It was a present when Yamamoto became Miyuki's Danna; it was created for the two of them, a sanctuary for their own private moment.
When Miyuki crossed the inner courtyard with her maids trailing behind her, she immediately blushed, expecting for the next events about to unfold. She missed Yamamato terribly, the absence of her lover made her touched herself on most nights when she felt lonely, but later on she had stopped doing it, realizing that it only made her lonelier and missed Yamamoto more.
She picked up her pace and she entered the threshold. The maids immediately picked up the tension as they do their chores in a rush. Miyuki pulled the strings in her kimono, throwing them to waiting hands, unwrapping herself from the obi and let the garment fall one by one by her feet.
Her nakedness on the eyes of the servants doesn't bother her anymore. She was too hyped up, buzzing with excitement as she entered a large wooden tub filled with hot springs water, she was later offered a small bowl filled with warm water mixed with fragrant oil and rose-petals floating by. She picked the warm towel from the bowl and gingerly washed her make up. When she finished, she lets herself be pampered as the maids thoroughly scrubbed her body.
It was merely minutes ticked by; when Miyuki felt she was clean enough. She got up from her now warm bath and was patted dry by her maids. She entered a small room where a small desk filled with make-up and a large mirror wait in a corner. She sat quietly as she picked a brush, hover it on the neatly placed powdered colors on small ceramic palettes. She decided after a long contemplative measure, dabbed a small amount of red paste on the brush then letting the color bleed to her lips. She smacked her lips for a while and even pouted at the mirror.
Yamamoto likes red; she thought and lidded her eyes, thinking whether if she should also line her lashes with charcoal. The sound of a door sliding on the next room put her out from her reverie. She rose up from her kneeling and picked, she noticed, a new kimono which was folded neatly beside her table. It was thin and silky and smooth to her skin. She wore it and blushed when she saw her reflection, it was nearly transparent, her skin under the sheer veil hardly masked. It was like a haori, a cover-up that reached above her knees. The fabric was white with small pink flowers that littered nearly everywhere. She traced the smooth pattern of detailed cherry blossoms like they were tattooed on her skin.  Sometimes, Miyuki thinks that Yamamoto has very peculiar tastes in clothing, but then, she knew he chose this because it contained her favorite colors, and her heart warmed at that.
She picked a perfume, another gift from her Danna and sprayed a good amount on various key points. She watches her face blush some more before she left the small room, equipped with her lips stained and a robe that hides nothing.
Tonight, Yamamoto cannot resist me.
Yamamoto sat with his back turned to Miyuki. The door opened to a private garden, with a koi pond bathed under the moonlight and a rhythmic sound of the bamboo fountain. Beside him is a lacquered tray with a bottle of sake and a small cup and not far from the door is sweet incense burning in a ceramic pot to keep the mosquitoes away for the night.
The swish of the fabric, made Yamamoto notice her as she padded across the room, at the center, was a large futon, the paper screens were already placed near the entrance, covering their privacy from prying eyes. The light on the room flicked from the candles. She noticed they were also scented; Yamamoto must have brought a lot from her journey from Xing.
When she sat beside her Danna, Yamamoto's eyes had followed her, a blush dusting his cheeks and a gulp from his throat. It made Miyuki inner self chuckled, after so many years, the desire Yamamoto on her never dampened, the distance only made them yearn for each other.


Miyuki's life as a geiko wasn't her own choice. She wanted to be a teacher, that teaches kids or maybe a nurse as her family was well-known in the field of medicine. When the war broke out, her family suffered and as doctors, they were first targeted by the enemy. They were massacred, and as the sole survivor, she was sent to slavery and later on sold to an okiya. Her life became monotonous amd bacame a young maiko when their okiya-okaasan noticed her graceful character, thanks to her rich life before, and at an early age she earned a new name, Miyuki and became a rising star among the geishas. She danced for survival, to bring food to her bowl, to pay the debts she has. She then learned the art of seduction at an early age, she knew it will bring her more money, and was slapped by her okiya-okaasan when she later learned she had also sold her body to a guest after her mizuage (a rite of passage by for a maiko before turning into a full-pledge geisha by bidding her virginity to a patron) on the age of 17.
"You are a geiko!" Akiko yelled at her. "I will not let you take off your tabi socks and wear a three-toothed geta!" She then left, closing the paper thin sliding door that hid nothing of their argument from her other okiya-sisters.
The slap of her okaasan had left a burning sting on her cheek. Miyuki slumped on the floor like hopeless being, resigned and tired after all this time. Miyuki cradled her cheek, with no response to the words of her okaasan. Geikos are for entertainment, they dance, they sing, they play instruments and pour tea to their guests. Their bodies aren't meant to be tainted, they are for art. Compare to a yujo (prostitute), geisha's sexual favors are only meant for their danna, and that comes lies the problem, Miyuki doesn't have one.
She sat for a moment void from emotions, her tears flowing with no meaning. Her heart wasn't hurt; the only pain she felt is her stinging cheek. Her mind doesn't process her okaasan's words. They only entered her ear and went out on the other, she is thinking on leaving Hanamichi (geisha community) and maybe Shimabara (a red-district lined with brothels of yukaku or pleasure quarters) would welcome her and maybe become an Oiran (high-class prostitute) or maybe even become a sought after Taiyu (highest rank of courtesan) in a long process and she can pick her clients.
Her thoughts should have disgusted her but she only felt emptier. She was dubbed as one of the most beautiful geiko in Kyoto; her new name was whispered among men when she enters the tea room. People crave her attention when she walks with pride on the cobbled streets but yet no one offered for her company. She thought of Nanaki, her bestfriend, and she only can feel envy when she saw her and her Danna sitting on a checkered cloth as they talk under the blossoms of Sakura trees. She immediately made up her mind and that night she left Gion with her pride.
But Miyuki was wrong, when she left the influence of the geikos rose while the oiran became sex-dolls. Her clothes maybe extravagant than of a geiko but they only felt heavier on her thin body. The war dampened the customers, and while flirty company is still sought after, they only brought her little money.
She refused to be used as a courtesan at first. Dwelling on a pride on as a geiko, she refused intimate offers. While she flirted openly at her customers and even danced while she lifted her skirt like an onsen geisha, he wanted to remain as an entertainer, a name she wanted to promote: an untouchable yujo. But she has lesser money now, after weeks of leaving the okiya, she paid more money on renting a place for her to sleep, the kimono of an oiran is more detailed, thus more expensive, she bought more hair pins and combs and the money she saved up are quickly depleting. She had even eaten less, saving what she could but it wasn't enough.
A fellow oiran she lived with had told her about how to solve her money problems, she can introduce her to a rich foreigner and will bought her time for the night in one senkodai (time measure by burning incense sticks). Miyuki asked how much she will get, and gulped when she discovered how much the foreigner had offered.
Miyuki weighed her options. One night with a foreigner, a man who spoke another language, a man who he won't meet after, rather than a week of dancing. It was like mizuage, all over again. And when, morning came and after she waited her friend rouse from her slumber, she accepted the offer.
That fateful night when she met Yamamoto, was on her way to a yukaku, meeting the said foreigner after dancing for hours from another client. All day she was wrecked with anxiety for the night she'll have to spend on a stranger. She felt exhausted under the heavy set of kimonos and the weight of the pins and combs on her hair. She swayed on her feet and would likely fall over on the muddied ground if not for a gentleman that caught her.
The gentleman, Yamamoto, she later learned his name, is a newly-appointed young general patrolling the area. He was alone, in a nearly empty alley with a yujo hanging by his sleeves. But Miyuki knew he was different from the men that looked at her with lust; she could only see the eyes filled with wonder, worry and longing, which she doesn't understand.
She left his arms after a few spoken apologies and continued on her journey to her personal hell.
The brothel was in fact, cheap. The restaurant on the lower level of the brothel was noisy, bursting with loud cheers from men, laughter from a group of yujos and the sound of banging of drums, the smell of sake and other liquor burned her nose, and the sound of music wasn't pleasing to her ears. As she climbed the wooden stairs to the upper level where yukakus lined the narrow hallway, she can instantly hear the moans and grunts of pleasure from each paper thin-walled rooms. As she walked by to look for her assigned quarter, she met a couple of drunken men staggered in the halls with respective yujos bitterly laughing at their antics. And when she stopped on a numbered door, she dreaded for the moment.
For the first time in weeks she wanted to run away from Shimabara, her thoughts flew to Gion, to her okiya-okaasan, to the comfort of the music on their theatre, to the much simpler yet warm wardrobe of a geiko's kimono. She wanted to be back. And when her thoughts reached out Nanaki, she immediately feels repulsed. Jealousy throbbing on her veins as she pushed the sliding door open and was met a man that made her stomach drop; she can immediately taste the bile in her tongue.
He was big, burly man of a different nation, a guest of a high ranking officer and a political representative from Europe.
Miyuki pasted a wide empty smile, thanking for the thick make up on her face, she shut the door and kneeled by the bed. She went to lie down but was stopped instead; the man gave her a wicked grin and showed a triangular folded paper. When he unwrap it Miyuki can see a fine white powder on his palms.
She noticed his lips move from another language, then translated his words in halting Japanese. But ofcourse, her geiko lessons from before allowed her to understand what he meant, as she was also taught in foreign languages: He wanted Miyuki to sniff the product. She slightly trembled when she ducked her head to his palm.
The scent was sweet, and intoxicated her in a small amount of time as she felt her head foggy. She feels floating yet restrained in a hard ground. When she fell on the futon, she can hardly care of the pain that shot on her hips and shoulder. There was even a prickly heat that crawled under her skin which made her want to rip her clothes off and felt a need to let the man touch her.
At the back of Miyuki's mind, there was nagging voice that wanted everything to stop. When the man, pulled the strings of her clothes, she was screaming her lungs out inside, while her body released a breathy moan. When the man traced his fingers on her skin, she was crying out loud in her head repeating a series of no's and stop's, but instead, her body shuddered from the stimulation.
Miyuki's eyes were dazed, a heavy haze clouding her spinning vision of the plain wooden ceiling,  while the man nipped and kissed her body as he worship her. She lied down lifeless, her breathing erratic, her heartbeat pounding on her ears as her body reacted to the touch of the beast. She let herself be swallowed by the darkness and when she meant darkness, everything becomes quiet.


Fast Facts!

geiko - is a Kyoto term for geishas. They are first and foremost, entertainers, They sing, dance, play instruments and if they have a sponsor, they became their companions until the end of contract. Oh! They also pour tea for their patrons, play games and make green jokes hahaha.

maiko - is a student or not a full-geisha, yet. When they graduate as maiko, they become geiko's and can have their own danna. They all perform a rite of passage called mizuage (or come of age) where in they bid their virginity to a highest bidder and spend the money paying debts and provide for their needs.

onsen-geisha - or entertainers in onsens or hotsprings resorts. They have a dance that lifts their skirts up little by little where in they act like they were walking in shallow waters and well during that time it's a scandalous act xD

okiya - is an apartment where maiko, geisha/geiko stay in. They have an okiya-okaasan, who serves as their parent during their stay. They pay for the young maiko's lessons, kimono and such.

danna - is the sponsor or patron who provides the geiko's needs. They give allowance, pay for their company and they are just people who want to be entertained. Haha! And they are very rich, powerful people --- in history, people ae known if they're are either important or rich if they have geiko's in tow.

Hanamichi - is called the community where teahouses are or where geisha's are found. Gion is a well-known geisha district in Kyoto, so when a geisha is famous in Gionm expect that all geisha in Japan looks up to her.

Shimabara - is like a red-light dictrict or where prostitutes are gathered with brothels and such...

yujo - prostitute. So when Japan, opened to the world, yujo attracts customers by saying they are geishas, foreigners unbeknownst to them are dealing with yujo and not geisha instead. So it's like a mix up after all the years.

oiran- they are like geishas but they are also prostitutes. Geisha's are different than Oiran. So because of this, oiran and geisha can be distinguished by their clothes. A young maiko can have colorful kimono while it get's subdued when they became a geiko. Oiran have more elaborate clothes, and their hair-do is more complicated with more pins sticking on their hair. Also, courtesans don't wear tabi or socks and they we three-toothed geta or wooden slippers with three clocks of wood underneath.

taiyu - is an oiran but a high-class one. They can pick up their own patrons, afterall. ; )

yukaku - pleasure quarters (the name says it all haha)

senkodai - it's like a timer for how much money they pay for a geisha's time. They burn incense sticks and count it after an event.

A/N: *runs away after posting*

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when i first read about your warning i was a bit anxious since sayanee is my kami-oshimen and i can't imagine her got bad thing like that (you know what i mean  ;)) but i'm glad knowing make sayanee as boy here haha, and also since i'm about enter my 5th semester in japanese literature in my university this fic really pick my interest what's more my choosen subject is about japanese culture

i will waiting for the next chapter and thanks to you i got some new knowledge about japanese

keep it up  :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Hi porkofdoom-san. Yay a Sayailky fic. This is what we need now. More SayaMilky fics. XD
Hahaha anyways. Interesting take for this fic. I actually like historucal events so this caught my attention. Also Cut-san recommended I read it. Since you wrote that OS in TTM, I was so hyper for this. Though, I would just like to comment a bit about it. Nothing bad, it was just that I got confused in the middle of the story but understood it anyway.
I'm now worried for Miyuki's safety. Will be waiting for the ending of this fic.
I look forward to more of your works.

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Hello Pod-san, welcome to this business. Haha. I really envy on how you tell stories. Your description of the scene is very detailed. The reader can really paint a picture of the happenings in their heads. You are really rocking that part. Let me study English more from you. :) Since it might be a little confusing in the start, I think that the confusion will draw more reader and what's left is how you will bring light to this confusion. I'm really looking forward to it. ^^

I can imagine that foreigner looking like the bulky guy who loves to flex muscles in Full Metal Alchemist. Haha.

Anyway, I saw your post in the Author/Reader Thread. I really didn't do any sort of encouragement. I can just see the potential that's why I requested you to continue writing. And I know I'm not wrong about that.

Looking forward to the next chapters. I believe that this is worth the read. Ganbarou.  :thumbup :peace:
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Very good story.
I loved your descriptions and the atmosphere you created.
Long time no read a fanfic of SayaMilky.
Thank you very much for writing it.

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I like the writing although times the grammar was off a bit. Based on the historical side of it, it is a bit romaniticized on the aspect where it grabs you overall. Also, I saw where this part was heading to although the expectation is now to add a voice if not to develop the story between the two characters
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oh my~!! this is good! amazingly written and i imagined the scenes clearly in my mind. can't wait for the next update. i wish this would be longer than 5 parts hihi.. careful on miyuki please :bow:

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When I start to read your fic the book "Memoir of a geisha" keep going in my mind. I love it! It's really interesting!, I prefer Sayawoman but it's ok for me. Just keep going we really need sayamilky fics
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A/N:*takes a moment to calm my heart and stop myself from jumping from too much excitement*

This is really weird because when I posted the first part of the story I expect not these kind of reactions after all the warning I placed. But you guys still read it though (and I kinda spoiled it after saying “Everything will be okay in the end”, which was repeated to me several times by Cut-san reminding me that I spoiled my own fic LOL).

Okay, I would really like to say thanks to the few people who left theirthanks, and even replied their comments. I was, still am, thrilled that there are readers who actually read my shitty stuff hahaha! I even celebrated by donning myself in geisha make-up (I apologize to my older sister for emptying her BB cream) and danced to a frenzy beat of traditional Japanese music. I would also like to apologize to Cut-san who fell asleep with my nervous chatter via chat and woke up to my voice record of me singing in enka version of a vocaloid song xD Three days later and I’m still giddy with excitement haha!

To FZA02, I hope this would ease up your worries since… well, this chapter would explain a bit more of what happened.  I hope I won’t embarrass myself because you’re literally learning Japanese Lit and Culture in College while I only Google what I see fit. I really don’t want disappoint you and forgive me if there are any historical inaccuracies since I actually don’t like History but like you, I’m also fascinated in the Japanese Culture. : )

To Goto24, I just can’t help writing a Saya-Milky fic, they are a cute couple after all. And Cut-san is really too kind to promote this fic on his last chapter and I hope everything will clear up since I’m really bad at writing. xD

To shortcut48, your comment always warms my heart. And I have barraged a lot of messages on you after I saw your reply, but what the heck is that learn English from me? LOL. And yep, the foreigner is inspired from The Fullmetal Alchemist character Alex Louis Armstrong (He is a kind character there, don’t hate him please, hahaha). I just can’t help it since first and foremost I am a fan of anime, and you know the rest. Sometimes it surprises me how you can easily see through me. ; )

To sadrilim, OMG thank you! I’ll have to thank all the fanfics I’ve been reading for the past year. : )

To Minami-chan, thank you very much. I’m so thrilled that you guys appreciate what I’m doing. And I hope you’ll like the rest of the story. : )

To kuro_808, finally! Someone here who pointed out my cringe-y grammar, haha! Sorry about my mistakes, I really edited it to the best of my abilities as a non-English native speaker. And while I was editing in jphip (it’s a hassle!), I was a nervous wreck knowing this baby fic is going to be published. They all sound like excuses but now, I’m very careful to edit my work in Word rather than in jphip instead. (After the first chapter was uploaded, I reread it and cringed a lot, too, LMAO xD) Oh, there’s definitely a new voice ; )

To sakuramiyawaki, I don’t know if this chapter is worth the wait but here ya go! I also wish that this is more than 5 parts but this is just a side-story from the main fic I’m doing. I’ll try my hardest to be gentle with Miyuki. Hehe : 3

To Haruko, Memoirs of a Geisha is one of the books I used as a reference in writing this. I even have to watch bits of the movie again on YouTube so I could easily visualize how their world works during that time. To your preferences, hm...  ; )

Thank you to the silent readers who took their time sparing my writing a glance but let me know if you like it by hitting the thanks button. I just feel so overly anxious, let me know your presence onegaishimasu... (I'm so needy, I know! xD)

So we're in the second part of the story, I hope this will explain bits of what you should know. I reread it multiple times to check my grammar but if you think there are mistakes, message me guys! Enjoy~!

2 Midnight

Miyuki opened her eyes when she felt a familiar cool touch of Yamamoto-sama's finger tips on her cheeks. Her lips immediately lifted into a smile, leaning to the touch she missed so much.
"I thought I lost you for a moment. What are you thinking?" Her Danna said; his voice, raspy from the cold.
Miyuki can’t tell him her thoughts, those dark days she had had already been buried behind. Now she wants to enjoy the time with her lover before he's being sent back to a far place. At that thought she can feel tears burning in her eyes and before she knew it, she’s weeping.
"And now, you're crying." A finger swiped on a tear.
"I just missed you a lot, Danna-sama." She sobbed. Thanking her lucky stars she didn't lined her eyes. When she opened her eyes, she was met with Yamamoto's warm smile, a faint red stain on his lips, the trace left after hours of kissing inside the confines of the carriage as they travelled to the estate.
Yamamoto pushed the tray behind them as he inched closer to Miyuki, he slid his arm on Miyuki's slim waist, placing it at the small of her back and pulled her into his arms. "It's Sayaka for you, Miyuki…", he whispered and Miyuki felt a tingle on her toes, thrilled to call her Danna with his given name. Her eyes immediately widened when Sayaka groped a good amount of flesh of her buttocks while he watched her with an amused expression.
"Mou~!" Miyuki pushed her lover away, crossing her arms on her chest. Her actions lead Sayaka to look at her chest, which was visible under the translucent fabric of her clothes. She saw Sayaka gulped, his eyes dilated as he eyes her milky skin. "Like what you're seeing?" She smirked, crossing her legs, making the robe flutter, her thighs showing.
"Futon!" Sayaka suddenly exclaimed.

"W-we should go to bed." The stutter earned a good laugh from Miyuki as she remained in her seat. She only stopped when Sayaka lifted her up, squealing but still held tightly on his shoulders. Even though Sayaka had a small body, he still had the strength of a beast; he is after all a respected war general.
When Miyuki was laid down and Sayaka hovered on her, she couldn't resist touching Sayaka's arm, the firm muscles under his robes were defined. She is tempted to know if they were sculpted marbles but under her touch his heat seeped through the fabric, and she longed this kind of warmth.
Sayaka placed a knee in the middle of Miyuki's thigh, while Miyuki wound her hands around his neck, playing with little hair on his nape. "I like your robe today." He quietly said, his words made Miyuki's fingers still for a moment then continued playing with his hair.
"Didn't you pick this up for me?"

"Shinichi chose this one." Miyuki's eyebrow quirked up, the mention of Sayaka’s adopted son picking up clothes for her is still preposterous since she only met the kid hours ago. She can tell though, the kid must have a shrewd mind if he picked this up if knowing what his Ojisan and his geiko are doing as of this very moment. "Apparently, it's a hype fashion for the kisaengs in Joseon, it's a new product of Xing," he smugly replied.
"And what do you think? Does it look good on me?” Miyuki knows that the sheer fabric definitely looks good on her but she’s still a curious what Sayaka thinks of, after all. Her Danna’s words are absolute.

"Hm…" Sayaka sat up, his eyes raking Miyuki's body from her thighs, towards her chest, where a firm bosom shows when the robe shifted. He crawled back above Miyuki burying his face on her neck. "I must say, he has good tastes. I should bring him more with me when I go shopping in Xing. It looks good on you, Miyuki."
"W-won't I look better without it?" Miyuki challenged and then released moan when Sayaka planted a kiss mark on her shoulder.
"How about we both make love with this on you and do what you like? We have all night."
Miyuki felt a new dismay crawling into her mind, but she did her best to push it out of her system. One night with Sayaka is better rather than having none after all. She hooked her arms around him and pulled him for a kiss. She won't let the future take away the time she has now. The country can need Sayaka some other time but tonight, Sayaka is hers alone.

Miyuki's head throbbed when she woke up, her eyesight shifted for a while blurred until her world came into focus. There was a needle stuck on her arm, connected to a clear tube to a bottle of clear liquid hanged on a short pole towering beside her.
She's alone in a large room, three times the size of the pleasure quarters she last remember she’s in. She took note of the surroundings around her and found out that the room was fairly empty, except for the futon she's lying in which is located in the middle of the room. There’s pole where the bottle dangles, she had noticed earlier, and beside it is the low table is filled with bottles of medicine, an expensive looking bowl filled with brown liquid and a folded towel beside it. She sat up but regrets it afterwards when the world started spinning. She stuck an arm and tried to hold on to the nearest object she could ground herself with, which was the bowl that went flying and shattered to the wooden floor. Her hands landed to the table, it was a heavy set of furniture but her hands slipped on the smooth surface and bumped her head to the hard wood. She groaned and listened to a heavy set of feet running towards her room, the door sliding and a barked of orders from a handsome voice.
Miyuki listened to the voice more, while her eyes are shut closed. She learned that the man who had entered is the master of the place where she is currently resting. There were more scuffling of feet, and then gentle arms pushed her back to the futon, while on the crack of her vision she can see two pairs of hands on front of her. One servant was wiping the floor and picking up the shards of glass while the other had wiped her hands from the brown liquid and changed the stained duvet with a clean one. But the unseen pair of arms cradled her; they were warm and eased some of the dizziness she's been feeling.

"Waka-sama..."  Another voice said, deeper and hoarse.
"Sensei..." the owner of the arms sighed. Miyuki can feel the tension released on his body but his arms remained enclosed her. Miyuki snuggled deeper, smelling the fresh scent of grass and musk on his clothes.
"If you'll excuse me, Young Master..." The doctor, his voice is now nearer, asked. Their conversation’s a mystery to Miyuki. She felt an aged hand checked her pulsed, two fingers on her wrist, then, it travelled to her head, checking her body temperature.
"So how is she?"
"She's out of danger, Waka-sama." The doctor pulled a leather bag, produced a small vial of clear liquid.  "But a small amount of drug is still in her system. It's a good sign that she woke up today, another day means, she'll lose life."
A small of tinker of sound and Miyuki breathed a minty scent. Bile rose from her stomach and she doubled over. She gagged a good amount of rancid water out of her stomach on an awaiting bucket before her. A hand held her hair, while other hand rubbed her back.
"When will she be okay?" The master's voice sounded concerned. When Miyuki felt better, he assisted her back to the futon.
"One week, Waka-sama." The doctor said, a sound of crisp paper, and then he's on his feet. "Those are the new list of medicine she is require to drink. I'm afraid she cannot still digest solid food.  When her vomit had no trace of blood in it, then you can serve her rice, but for now, it's soup."
When the doctor left, warm hands held on to Miyuki's hand. They patted her skin with warm water, cleaning her arms as the master of the house nursed her until Miyuki fell back to sleep.

Every day she was cared by a horde of maids. In the morning, she would wake up from a silent padding of feet, tinkers of glasses and the young master would gently wake her up to feed her meal and medicine. Afterwards, female servants would come as the young master leaves and she would be wiped clean with warm scented water, and changed to soft expensive undergarments.

She had doubts on their actions, questions to ask of what had happened to the foreign patron but internally she’s glad she’s away from the dirty brothel. She likes the warmth of the young master’s hand compared to the clammy cool fingers of the… She shook her head and Miyuki allowed herself to slumber from the effects of medicine.
On the third day, Miyuki could sit up but she had to lean to gain balance, that's when Yamamoto-sama would sit beside her, letting Miyuki lean to his shoulder. She had learned his name after noticing the family crest embroidered at the back of the servants’ happi. Yamamoto is a well-known samurai clan. The head, Daimyo-sama, is Lord Yamamoto senior, the respected Father of her Danna. Miyuki has seen a glimpse of him one time when he visited the Yasushi teahouse before. While he is a rich and well-known daimyo, he refused to take a geiko but sat with the famous geiko Atsuko, who poured him a drink.

On the times she was awake, he would tell her stories from his journey outside of Nippon. He would tell stories about the vast mountains of Joseon, the dessert in Xing, the snow in Russo, he would tell them in explicit details and sometimes Miyuki would laugh a rumbling on her chest and a scratchy voice.

When Miyuki can see clearly without getting dizzy, her eyes sought the face of the young master and immediately fell in love with him. He is beautiful, a face that a man can impossibly possess. When she tried to say her gratitude, she found her voice missing, in exchange, the young lord offered her paper and a brush. When she wrote her thanks, the master asked her to write her name on a blank sheet.
On another paper, she wrote "why?" as she cocked her head for emphasis.
Yamamoto-sama only blushed, huff a shy chuckle and scratched the back of his head. "It's just… you have a beautiful penmanship." Then rest of the day was spent with the two of them exchanging haiku poems.
When the week passed, the doctor came back and Miyuki can sit up, no longer needing the help of the kind Master. She no longer vomits, yet her voice hasn't come back.
"What happened to me?" Miyuki wrote on the paper and when the doctor saw it he asked Yamamoto-sama why he hasn't told her yet he was answered with a sheepish smile from the young Lord.
"She hasn't asked me." Yamamoto-sama defended, while Miyuki blushed, hiding her face on the booklet the young master gave her to write on.
"You were very careful around me. I cannot dare ask the young lord." Miyuki wrote, when Yamamoto read it, he sighed.
"My priority was to nurse you back to health. The things that happened to you are mistakes that shouldn't have happened if I came in Kyoto on time."
His statement left her puzzled; she draws a big question mark on the paper and the young master huff a breath.

"I was there on the day you performed a solo dance… the day when to bid of your mizuage." He blushed. "I had offered a large amount, but I was outbid by another." He fisted his hands on his lap and after few breaths, he calmed down. "It left me disappointed. I got drunk that day and nearly killed the man who won the bid. Then Akiko, your okiya-okaasan, slipped to me that I can offer myself as your Danna she would accept me to take care of you after the rite. But by the next day, I was called to the capital, to Edo, and when I came back after a week, you were gone."
 The paper on Miyuki's hands crumpled, the brush fell, the black ink splattering on the white linen as it rolled to the floor.
All those emotions she had felt, her jealousy directed at her best friend, the anger to her fate and the pride that engulfed her as she left the okiya had lost its meaning. She felt drained and lost. If only she had waited for a day. If only she had been patient, if only she had listened to okaasan. The thoughts of regrets rounded her mind. And she clutched to the booklet close to her chest.
"For a month, I looked for you. I rounded every brothel in Shimabara hoping I could find you. I had dispatched men, looking for you discreetly in every nooks and corner. One would say, you were dancing on a teahouse, another would say, he has found you in a yukaku. It tore me apart, knowing that I couldn't find you.

"I took pride in my position in the Imperial Army, the money I have as an heir of a rich family, but when a month had passed, I felt helpless.
"Chichiue suggested giving up, as another week gone by with no hopes to find you. It broke me when he said those words, but I have to accept them and he offered me another geiko to choose. I was about to give up and I was later assigned back to Shimabara, to hunt a certain immigrant who had been providing illegal drugs and there I found you.
"But that night, when I saw you, I just knew I can't let the moment pass. I followed you and you entered a brothel. It broke my heart, Miyuki. When I returned to my post, an officer came up to me and told me the location of the man we were hunting down."
Yamamoto tried hard not to think of the black and white painted picture of the man. For two weeks there have been strange incidents of people in rambling states. There were even inexplicable cases of people in clinics and hospitals in shivering mess and heart palpitations. A large number of them died with heart failure, and as the doctors and chemists traced the cause of the incidents, it leads them to a conclusion of a new developed drug. Sugar-like substances were found on the nasal cavities of the corpses, some were even found on the lungs.

"When he told me the same brothel you are in, I had a nagging feeling to take you away from there even though you possibly can't be the Oiran he is with."
He took Miyuki's hand, gently unlocking her fingers on the poor book, he held them as if she's made of fragile glass, he then looked at her with so much emotions, his eyes full of wonder as if Miyuki's very essence is a miracle.
"That night, I ran my hardest, I nearly kicked every door in the brothel," he laughed but then the gentle hands stiffened at the memory.

He had reached the last door, while men and yujos ran around him, their private time disturbed because of a mad young officer kicking every door. When Yamamoto opened the last door on the hall, his heart nearly sank. There on the futon, a pale naked Miyuki lies, her kimono pooling around her arms while a hairy nearly naked man hovered above her, kneeling between her legs, three small squares of papers are empty beside him. At the moment he saw the powder, Yamamoto flared up. He unsheathed his katana and began striking the foreigner with a body size twice his size with the blunt side of his sword. He chuckled bitterly at the memory, he was too out of his mind that time that it amazed him to remember to not kill the drug lord.

The man was high on drugs, and he mostly swayed while Yamamoto attacked, but the man had the body of a bear and when he roared, the paper walls shook with him. The foreigner gripped the sword with his right hand as he swiped Yamamoto with his other. The young officer flew to the other side of the wall, the thin wall fell with him and he can taste the blood in his mouth. His sword was no longer on his hand and the foreigner grasps it, his blood oozes on the blade and dripped to the tatami mats. The foreign man cannot recognize the pain on his hand but instead he charged to Yamamoto like seasoned bear, barking curses while he points the katana on Yamamoto.
It would have been a second too late when the foreigner swung the sword to Yamamoto, but he was lithe and his body small and fast to evade, a cloth on his knee ripping in process when it was caught in a splint wood. He rolled on the floor with a grace like no other, climbing on the back of the foreigner like a snake as he locked his limbs on the foreigner’s fat body. Yamamoto eyes were dark with concentration as he put his arms around the man's neck, gripping it with ease from hundreds of practice. He rolled his shoulders and with a fast turn of his body, he heard a loud crack and the foreigner's eyes rolled onto the back of his head. He immediately jumped off the body when it hit the tatami with a loud thud, dust clouding in the room. He wasn't dead, the headlock was only meant to bring the criminal unconscious.
He ran to Miyuki, covering her naked body with her kimono that pooled around her as his men finally arrive, entering the small quarters. Yamamoto barked some orders and the officers hurried and they began tying the man up. They all understood that the Yamamoto wasn't in a cheerful mood even though he single-handedly caught and fought the criminal.
When he checked Miyuki, he thanked all the gods and spirits of all shrines of Nippon that he isn’t too late that the beast hadn't penetrated her. But he cannot celebrate yet when he found Miyuki's labored breathing, her delirious state and the calm he felt from fighting slipped away from him, it was slowly turned into panic. With another shout of order he called for a carriage and brought her to the nearest clinic.
Yamamoto doesn't cry but after he reminisce the greatest fright he has ever felt in his life, he cannot help the tears flooding his emotions out.
"But of all the yujos he is to be with, it was --- y-you were…  W-When I found you, Miyuki, in that state; I cannot forgive myself for letting you experience that. Y-You were by Death's door. You were poisoned by the drug. You inhaled a large dose, and you were malnourished. The doctor said it made the drug more difficult to flush out of your system. It nearly killed you.

"I would trade my money, my job and title just to let you live.  And the proof of you here, alive and breathing is a blessing I will always cherish."
Yamamoto gave a sigh of relief then tightened his hold on Miyuki, making the girl lock eyes with him. "E-Even after everything that happened, I-If you'll have me, can… can I be Miyuki's Danna, and let myself walk beside you?" He asked in a small voice, an uncertain offer from a confident man.
The question was wrong in Miyuki's ears. But the gaze of the young master’s eyes is sincere. She can't believe that his words translate to being a privilege for him to be with her, when it was the other way around. He holds the money yet when he looks at her, it made her feel treasured as someone he had longed for a long time. A geiko never walks equally with their Danna, they trail after them. But why does he looks at her with so much passion which she couldn’t comprehend the equality he wishes to happen between them. She’s only an entertainer of Hinin class, she’s not much different from a beggar. While he... she sees the Yamamoto family crest drawn on one center of a folded divider, a circle of three black dots painted at the center then it was dragged to the outer circle showing a thin white blades of turbine on the center --- a sign of nobility.

Is she worth this much to him? She couldn't believe it.

The two of them, were silent, their eyes searching letting their minds talk for themselves. But when Yamamoto dropped his gaze and his shoulders slumped, he let his hands fall from his grip on her hands which made Miyuki panic, her hands scrambling to look for the paint brush. The said brush had rolled to a distance which she couldn't reach, so with determination, she cupped Yamamoto's face, forcing his eyes to meet hers.
Miyuki gulped hard, tasting the bitter medicine on her tongue. She opened her mouth and breathed a word.
It was silent, no sound came out but an empty blew of air. She repeated the single word but she only came up with frustration on her silent voice.  She kept repeating the word as she watched how the silent hai's had dawned on Yamamoto's face, his eyes widening with disbelief.
She tried again and again until his smile goes wider and she mirrored the same smile as she heaved her unspoken answer.
Miyuki only stopped her useless gawping when she felt Yamamoto's crushing kiss. His lips were soft like petals, while hers were dry but the warmth of his love and the gentle caresses had only heated up on her responses to him. She kissed him like there's no tomorrow, and he kissed her back with the same fervor.
Miyuki has never felt like this before. The electric feeling of the kiss buzzed her in the inside, exploding like a series of fireworks behind her eyes, her heartbeat drumming loudly in her ears.  When they separated, they laughed with elating happiness. Yamamoto's excited chuckles with Miyuki's breathy laughter.
There was a nervous clearing of throat that made the couple froze and look at the doctor who had just discreetly dabbing a handkerchief on his eyes. "I-I think my work here is done." He offered them a kind smile, a pink blush on his wrinkled face. "I shall take my leave then." He later on added when he saw his young master's flustered expression, he looked guiltily away.

"Un," was only the shy reply as the doctor rose to his feet. Bowed and left the room, closing the door behind him. The doctor's footsteps echoed in the hallway, and when they think he's already away in a safe distance, they gazed at each other, obviously smitten.
"Just to make sure…" Yamamoto started; he felt the blush spreading on his face again. "It's a yes?"
Miyuki wanted to roll her eyes at him, but oh well, she could try again. She opened his palm and wrote a single character using her pointer finger. She smiled, wide and gummy, indulging her silly Danna. And for a good measure, she pecks a shy kiss on his cheek. The telltale blush on his skin told her she means more than enough for him.


Fast Facts:

Ojisan – Father

Gisaengs / kisaengs – courtesans in Joseon

Oiran – courtesan

Yujo – prostitute

Geiko – Geisha counterpart in Kyoto

Gion – A famous entertainment district in Kyoto

Shimabara – red-light district

Yukaku – pleasure quarters

Waka-sama – Young Lord; addressed to the son of the respected leader.

Sensei – respected teacher or in this case how young Yamamoto addressed their family doctor.

Chichiue – is an address called to a father by his son/daughter which denotes an extremely high level of respect, since ‘–ue’ literally means above. The same goes to Hahaue which is addressed to the mother instead. As for my experience, I only heard this is being addressed to powerful families’ patriarch like Martial Arts clans in certain animes.

Hinin – This is a certain class of people in the Japanese Feudal Caste System. They are consists of outcasts, ninjas, beggars, gamblers, entertainers, sorcerers, exiled criminals, survivors of suicide pacts and eta. While geisha, oiran and yujo have a different ranking system based for their beauty and performance, they are still considered as non-persons.

Bushi – or the Warrior Class, consists of the Imperial Court, Daimyo or land owners, Samurais, which are led by Daimyos, and Ronin (masterless samurai).

Nippon – Japan

Joseon – old name of Korea

Russo – people of Russia, I've search and the very first thing I saw on the results was the Russo-Japanese War hence the name (I'm very lazy xD)

Xing – or Sin, just know that it’s old China, since Chinese History has a long list of dynasties, I used the Japanese term addressed to the people of China so, Sin or Sino? xD

Some of these facts are only quickly Googled. Please don’t be shy to correct me if I made a mistake.

A/N: So… what do you guys think?
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They are so cute together. But I thinl Sayaboy gonna have trouble because he has a 'that kind of woman' besides him. Hoping for the next episode
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aaaah~!! i'm in love with this fic!!! :heart: first i wanna say thank you for the fast update. i was checking from time to time for and update :lol: and because Miyuki wasn't raped, thanks to the gods and spirits of all the shrines in Nippon!!😂 :bow: I can feel the sincerity of Sayaka in here, how she really wants and likes Miyuki, awww~ :heart: and Miyuki's such a tease😏 i do enjoy this kind of theme really, geishas and all :twothumbs

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The grammar looks much cleaner this time around. The back story is interesting between the two of them although something seems in the horizon for the two although I wonder where this will leave them as a duo.
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i maybe much too late to comment but really... this is cute and cool at the same time, how our great general yamamoto rushed to save the girl he loved, and also i learned a lots of knew words from your story keep it up

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A/N: Again, thank you for the people out there who left their thanks! And to those who always leave their reply/comment.

To Haruko, yes, I think Sayaka would probably die of heart attack everyday if Miyuki teases him this much. Lol! Thank you for reading!

To sakuramiyaki, so someone subscribed to my work *blushes* but I hope you know what you’re getting into haha! really hope I can finish the first few chapters of the main fic, I’m still having trouble knowing the idols and their personality. OMG, it’s making me self-conscious and can’t help but to do better. So ganbatte to me *gulps*

To kuro_808, thank you for praising my grammar! I deserve a pat on the head, right? Well, they do have an interesting back story… but the future happenings on the couple isn’t going to be stated here.  This will be just a boring narration of how the two meet and how they part ways because of their relationship. Now I think I don’t deserve to be patted on the head… : /

To FZA02, thank you for commenting! It's never too late and I hope my writing doesn't confuse you and pretty much explained everything. : )

I have to apologize for not updating last Thursday. I was supposed to but I have been busy irl. I haven’t opened this fic for a while and it wasn’t edited by that time yet. Then there’s this long weekend (Yay!) and I finally had time to edit, and write some additional scenes! ^^

I think this chapter will confuse you guys but oh well… there are also warnings: Implied smut (as always—haha—nothing new actually), a bit of angst, food porn and (I can’t resist writing) crack! ; )

So here yah go ;)

PS. Mature content for Food Porn!


3 Sunrise

Sayaka rolled to his side and his face was met with Miyuki's feet.  He roused from his sleep and looked at Miyuki sitting by his stomach, tracing patterns on his kimono-covered stomach with her fingers, a playful smile on her lips.
He smiled at the ruined red smear on her lips and it extends to her willowy body which was also smeared with stains from the rouge. Love bites littered on intimate areas and can be discreetly hidden when she wears her kimono. He sighed, basking at the sight he missed to see while he was away.
"What are you writing?" 
"Nothing particularly at the moment," was Miyuki’s tepid reply. She stopped tracing his clothes and crawled to him, straddling her lover, her fingers pausing at the strings of his robe. "You have pleasured me a while ago, and I…  I-I was thinking of returning the favor." She blushed.
"You don't have to do that Miyuki," he retorted. He had earned a new scar by his shoulder and he fears the moment Miyuki saw a new addition to his blemishes in his body, she would weep and sulk all day.
"Eh? Don't you want me peppering your body with kisses?" She bowed, placing a kiss on his cheek while her hands were already roaming on his body and her hands sliding in the inside of his robe. "And I want a taste of you, too, Sayaka."

Miyuki's voice is too saccharine sweet, she knew Sayaka is too weak for her pouts and it nearly always made him blushed. He knew that Miyuki likes kisses, she had said it once to him: "It feels like fireworks." He often feels bad that he's mostly away on a mission while his partner would wait for him to come back home. But Miyuki is a force to be reckoned with, under her gaze he's but a weak being, too much compared to the pirates he fought hard the other day. He felt Miyuki started to trail little feathery kisses on his collarbone and he moaned at the contact.
"M-Miyuki…” he gasped when a smooth palm rests on his chest.  His breasts suddenly too tight on the cotton wrap where it's enclosed in.
"Sayaka-sama," Miyuki whispered his name like a prayer, her breaths ghosting on his neck. "Let me give you my love," she purred and Sayaka ended up gripping the covers with his hands.
"Yes," he breathes out and watched Miyuki uncover his body. Her eyes sparkled when two firm globes unraveled on front of her.
And it was followed by sensual moan that echoed throughout the night.

It was now three days after Miyuki agreed to be Yamamoto's companion and she is slowly but steadily healing. Her cheeks were now rosy and the bags under her eyes were gone. She's once again bright and healthy but the strength of her body has not come back yet. In the mornings, Yamamoto helps her exercise her legs in the inner courtyard facing her room, so she now hobbles, leaning to the strong frame of her danna's body as she walks the paved garden of the Yamamoto residence.
Yamamoto-sama had only been gentle with her, constantly feeding her with soup and expensive fruits. He would attend to her needs as he whispers praises when she finishes a bowl, smiling at her when she shyly takes a bite from a piece of orange he had peeled. Now,her Danna would patiently nodat Miyuki whenever she takes an awkward step.
"You can do it, Miyuki," he would silently cheer. The grip he has on her hips is soothing and it made Miyuki drew energy from his casual touch, chasing the heat of his hands with another step.
Yamamoto-sama hadn't kissed her again after that day. When Miyuki had told him, or rather written to him that it was her first kiss it made her Danna turn into a blushing mess for the rest of the day after. He also did admit that it was his first, too. After that, Yamamoto refused to stay in the same room with her alone, it was always with the doctor or a servant would wait by the door. Maybe it was Miyukibeing whimsical but she heard stories from her okiya-oneesans and other geiko friends that kissing is quite addicting. And she wholeheartedly agrees. She maybe doesn't have enough experience with other men but kissing her Danna made her squirm on her seat, make her feel hotter and her lips would give out a shuddering breath to taste it again. Miyuki ran a tongue to wet her lips as she eyes her Danna’s plump ones.
"Ne…", she boldly voiced out. Her voice is still a raspy whisper but yet it was audible in the otherwise silent garden. Her Danna looked at her with regards, his expression expectant for the first ever request that may come out from Miyuki's voice. "Yamamoto-sama, if… I-I can walk to that pillar without your help, I want to earn a prize for my hard work." Yamamoto contemplates at first but after several nodding of his head, he smiled.
"That's a good idea, to a set a goal for a fast recovery. But what prize would you want? Though even with a goal or none, I'll gladly buy it for you."

His plush pink lips moved as he said the words and it was distracting that Miyuki had to tear her eyes off them and looked at the pillar instead. The said pillar is the target dummy her Danna uses to hit with his sword every morning before their walking exercise. It is made of bamboo then covered with goza, the top-layer of a tatami mat and if she squints she can see the harsh cuts from her lord’s katana.

She didn’t answer his question but she made a tentative step with Yamamoto's hand ushering, but not touching, around her. The first step made her wobble and it took a lot of effort on Miyuki not to fall to the waiting arms of her Danna, though she would gladly do so if not for the goal that is set on her mind.
She thinks of petal lips, cherry-sweet flavor and fireworks as she took three small steps, while Yamamoto only paced once. It annoyed Miyuki and she was just a breath away to ask for a single kiss and yet her pride on her own challenge only stopped her.
She stumbled a little but her Danna caught her in time.
"Miyuki… maybe you should try again after a few days." Yamamoto said his grip on her waist strong. "Just say what you need and I'll give it to you before the sun sets." Which he means she could ask for the moon and Yamamoto would gladly pluck it out of the skies
The request is silly on Miyuki's part ofcourse, and yet her eyebrows drew in concentration, gathering at the middle as she took three longer steps, her goal nearer. She ignored her Danna’s sigh as she took more steps, sweat on her temples running down like tears on her cheeks.

Another step.
Left  foot.
Right foot.
Her left foot caught on an uneven pavement and she's falling.
Except she isn't.

She was met instead by an angry glare from her Danna, his arms around her waist and she was gently pulled back to her feet.

"Miyuki, that's enough." Yamamoto's voice was thunderous, and Miyuki flinched with it." You're tiring yourself and you're not supposed to be stressed out." He gave an exasperated sigh, running his fingers to his hair, combing his already neat hair. "I don't even know why you're working this hard when you know that are not too well to exert too much stress on your body. You just got out of your bed two days ago and I'll gladly play the role of the bad guy if it means for your own wellness."
He's right. Ofcourse, he's right. It was too much for her. She stared longingly at the pillar which was ten more meters away from her. Her legs ache and her feet are uncomfortable on the wooden slippers. As she realizes this, the dam of her tears broke and she was wailing. She tried to hide her face with her sleeve, hiding the hurt and humiliation with her tears. Her sobs whacked her body and she feels guilty of disobeying and ignoring her danna. For all she knows, her days as his companion is numbered, she might be thrown out of the estate later and the mere thoughts only added more tears. She felt strong arms envelop her in a hug, her face now buried on his shoulders.
"Why are you crying when you're the wrong here?” He murmured. “Are you really making me the bad guy?" He patted her hair, now dry, matted and untamed and probably should smell bad by now because of her lack of bathing. She sniffed and hiccupped. "Can you even share to me what your goal is? To be making all these kind of effort?"
"I…" she started at first, her goal sounds childish but thinking back kissing her danna really sounded like a good idea. She wanted to evade answering the question and yet, the warmth of the gentle caress Yamamoto gave to her head, hypnotizes her. It's a mysterious effect she only feels when he's with her. The thought of kissing him goes on and on.  It's like a drug and it's addicting.
The sound of Yamamoto's voice pulled her from the trance and she snapped her head up and looked him in the eyes. She can see her face reflected on his eyes, her own face fired up on her single-minded obective and without preamble she blurted out,"KISSU!"
The redness that blossomed on Yamamoto's face reflected her own. The heat was overwhelming and it made her dizzier.

"A kiss from you!" She only said with determination.
The staring contest began and she was surprised when her knees knocked out and she was on Yamamoto's arms, carried bridal style as he briskly walked to the target dummy. She held on around his neck and when they reached the dummy after half-running, she hardly registers a soft shy kiss on her cheek.
"What was that?" She wiggled her way out from Yamamoto's grasp until her feet met the hard ground. Her danna let her stand but the geiko still had her arms looped around his neck.
"It was a kiss." Ofcourse it was a kiss but she was rather disappointed that it landed on her cheeks instead.
"Not that kind of kiss,” she pouted and Yamamoto had a feeling this would be a deadly weapon for him in the future. With a galloping heart, he slid an arm on Miyuki's back, pulling her pressed against him. He gulped, his hold tightened at her back, his eyes blown wide.
"A half-way walk means not a full-kiss on the lips." He joked but neither laughed because they're busy ogling in each other eyes. "Just say it, Miyuki. You know the words…" He trails off waiting for the words he longed to hear.

Miyuki hesitated for a second but she realizes that this is what having a danna means. Her patron would attend to her needs in exchange for a company but Miyuki now knows that having Yamamoto beside her is different. She doesn't even spare a glance to the gifts he has been bringing her for the past few days. She was craving for his gentle touches, the warmth of his gaze, and his voice that seemed her body would gladly follow. At this she knew she was only falling --- Falling deeply on a maze called Yamamoto Sayaka, her danna. She's a geiko and one rule had been taught to them for years while they were training as a maiko :Our heart cannot be owned. And yet here she is, embracing her savior, looking to the depths of his eyes and searching… searching for the same feelings if he likes her back, too.

Yamamoto-sama, her hearts clenches, I think I'm falling inlove with you. But the words she thought came out differently as a selfish wish she had intended from the start was said instead. "Danna-sama, please kiss me."
The hunger was the same, a reflection of her own.

The three days’ worth of avoiding seemed like a waste. Yamamoto had shied away, hiding in his shell after sharing his first kiss to his first love. He felt like he had pushed himself on her and now, with guilt he cannot look at her doe-like eyes as she revered him as her hero. He's a part of the Imperial Army, trained to be fighting and saving civilians have been part of his job and they all looked at him the same. But something has changed and as he looked at the same wide eyes that had looked at him with courteous eyes, but now they glinted differently. Perhaps with other feelings…
He understands and yet he chose to say the same as her, afraid for the mutual emotions swirling like a storm. His own heart is excited from the chaos in his chest. "It will be my pleasure to do so." I love you, from the very start, Miyuki.

He leaned in, Yamamoto had his boots on while the geiko only wore a wooden geta, and he towered over her in an easy few inches. He raised her head, lifting his beautiful Miyuki’s chin to look at him. They locked eyes and he closed the distance between them.
The kiss was a smooth press of the lips. Miyuki's lips, unlike before wasn't too dry. It was soft and it fit like a puzzle on Yamamoto's own. But he needed more; he is after all a curious lad.  He pushed the boundaries aside, opening his mouth as he nibbled on Miyuki's lips, swiping a tongue that seeks access.
Yamamoto while he trained before had been to a lot of red-districts. Together with his father, they had traveled together when he was younger. He had seen shameless kisses in brothels; he had seen his father kissed courtesans as they drink. It made him blush when a courtesan leaned in to kiss him and yet he protected his honor like a true soldier. He stammered his way out, leaving his drunk Chichiue a momentarily bliss. But sharing a kiss with Miyuki is special; he has this strong urge to taste her mouth, his curiosity winning on trying a new exploration on an unclaimed area.

Miyuki let out a gasp, her mouth opening and her eyes widened from the flesh that entered her lips. It was warm and wet and it danced with an excited fervor on her tongue. She let out a quiet moan, her knees buckling under her and she clung on tighter on her danna's neck.  She's under a dizzying spell, her chest hammering and her ears pop from the lack of oxygen. When they separated,they were both gasping for air.

"W-What was that?" Miyuki dazedly whispered. Her eyes wide with wonder, eyeing the offending mouth that wickedly dared to take her in passionate experience. The question made Yamamoto's face heat up, the pink blush reaching to his ears.
"I-It was a k-kiss," he stammered. His tongue useless after the adventurousquest had it made just a while ago.
Miyuki had only asked for fireworks that can be found on Yamamoto's kisses and yet he showed her another level in the world of emotions. And this might be the reason why kisses can be so addicting. It exploded like a bomb, 10 times more powerful than the pop the fireworks made. It made her crave for more, surprising herself in the desire she radiated as she eyed Yamamoto's lips. She can't help but want to taste it more --- More of the taste of mochi and sweet anko, the taste of the bitter genmaicha tea and the taste uniquely of her Danna. She swipes her tongue on her lips, Yamamoto following her action.
"Let's do it again," Miyuki whispered and she pulled him down as she tiptoed and meeting his lips, ignoring a small whine that came from him.
The kiss was more explosive, Miyuki learning to give back the more she received. Her toes were aching and with her weakened knees she was trying not to flail but Yamamoto held on to her like a lifeline and they could kiss forever….
The sound of someone clearing his throat had startled them from the euphoria. They both staggered to separate yet they both held on to each other with ragged breaths.

They soon notice the company they had. They weren't alone in the garden after all. The servants were lined on one corner, the three of them facing the wall. Their ears and neck are red from blushing. Lord Yamamoto, fanning his amused expression with his paper fan, sat on the deck like godly being.
"They're done now, you could turn around." The Lord mock-whispered and the servants turn with their red faces and can't look anywhere but the ground.
"Chichiue!" His Danna but bellowed on his own father, his voice boomed and the three servants and Miyuki flinched. Despite the blush high on his cheeks, he was angry for disrupting the peace the two of them had.
Miyuki on the other hand was panicking; she can't offer a face worthy for the Lord. She crossed boundaries and she prepared herself to die. She let go from her vice grip around the young Lord’s neck and she ended up tumbling on the ground.

"Miyuki!" She heard her Danna shout, but she ignored him. She's facing her death and she can't afford to lose her Danna, now that she discovered new feelings towards him. She kneeled with her head low and her hands above her head rubbing together like a prayer.
"Forgive me, my Lord. I-I was the one who requested it. I will accept any form of punishment from you..." her voice hoarse, she hadn't recovered yet from all the puking she had been doing the past days. It irritated her vocal chords and while her voice is coming back, it was still raspy and it sounded more like a croak of a toad.

"Miyuki, please get up." Her Danna crouched besides her, trying to lift her from the ground but she stayed low, her hands still furiously rubbing above her head.
"Oh? A dogeza?" Yamamoto senior stepped forward; he leaned in to the young geiko as he tapped his lips with his folded fan. "I assume that you would do anything that I would say." He said, his voice dark and cold, making Miyuki shiver and cower in fear.
"I will do anything, Daimyo-sama." Miyuki whispered, her forehead touching the cool cobbled floor.
"Then I suppose the best punishment for you…", the senior drawls out as Miyuki gulped while the younger Yamamoto only rolled his eyes expecting what to come next," is to stay by my son's side as long as he will allow it."
The wheels on Miyuki's head turned as she processed more of her Danna's father. She whipped her head as fast as she could as she looked up on the towering frame of body above her. She looked at him unbelieving.
"Just remember geiko, the family name also extends to you. When my son chose you, I expect you to be worthy of my son's money." Lord Yamamoto smiled eerily. He huffed a sigh and looked at his son straight in the eye.

"As for my stupid son, your punishment will come later ---", he wagged his finger to the young Yamamoto when the young lord opened his mouth to protest,"---indecent public behavior! Affections, my dear son, should be done in closed quarters, though I surely missed my youth just by watching your little quirks." He smiled pleasantly and flipped his fan open. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I shall hunt your Hahaue and maybe have a passionate night with her this evening." He then took off with a little wave of his fan and two servants followed his trails.

Miyuki let out her breath she didn't even know she was holding. She coughed when the cold air it the back of her throat and she whacked her frail body with a series of coughs.
“Are you alright, Miyuki?” His Danna pulled her up, and she clung to him when her coughing fit ended.  The young Yamamoto is sporting a faint blush on his high cheekbones as he ushered her to sit on the wooden raised flooring of the mansion. "You shouldn't mind my father. He's a bit eccentric, you see. Like me, he'd spent his childhood as a soldier, earned his ranks by his sword and now that he had retired, he's like becoming a child again.” He smiled and the pink on his cheeks only grew darker.
Miyuki is amazed how much she had learned about her Danna within a few days, whenever she asked her oneesans in the okiya, they didn't have a lot of stories to tell. She had once thought that having a patron means to just walk a step behind of them but when she's with Yamamoto, she never felt like his geiko. He would look at her like they were the only people in the world and nothing else is more interesting than Miyuki. She feels loved when in truth there is nothing in between, just a line that separates them with labels like geiko and Danna. For once in her life she makes herself believe on one thing…
"You should meet my mother!" He smiled, his chin more prominent when he lifted his mouth curled at the sides (Miyuki thinks he look like a cat), his eyes lighting up as the mention of his mother. He talks more about his parents, about his younger sisters, about a tanuki with curly brown locks he found in his backyard and discovered it was actually a stray dog and adopted it after.

Yamamoto can go on and on and Miyuki can just listen to his voice but she has to make sure if she can really trust her fate to this young man's hands so she cleared her throat, interrupting an excited babble as she ducked her head and let her world be passed on to her Danna. Can you promise to take care of me?
"Danna-sama---", she started but Miyuki was stopped by a mere wave of her Danna.
"Miyuki… call me Sayaka from now on."
The tears that pooled on her eyes blurred the outlines of the beautiful man in front of her and she knows already the answer to the question that didn't even leave her lips.
"Hai, Sayaka-sama."


When Miyuki woke up, the first thing she noticed is the thick kimono she's wearing even though she's very sure that she fell asleep naked. The endless silks tangled on her legs and arms and she moved sluggishly on the futon.
She's alone. No Sayaka beside her and she is swallowed instantly by an unbearable sadness.  The sobs rose up from her clenching chest and tears threaten to fall. Her fists balled up and she nearly ripped the expensive fabrics that tied her up on the bed to shreds so she could just ran out of the manor and follow wherever Sayaka is.
One night isn't enough afterall. The love she is sporting for ten years can’t be quenched by a single night. She wants to hear the sweet promises Sayaka whispers between his gentle kisses, the trail of rough calloused hands that wake goose bumps on her skin, the warmth of his breathing, his caress, his scent…
She paused her thoughts as the tears fell one by one and she lets herself cry. Sayaka, Sayaka, Sayaka…, her thoughts chanted like a mantra, maybe Sayaka would come back. She had heard sorcerers whisper words repeatedly and the gods may even hear it and grant their sincerity. And Miyuki did what only a lowly geiko can do, wish for her Sayaka to appear before her and perhaps never leave her side again.
But Miyuki knows the gods never listen to her, so she curled herself on her side, pulling the fabrics close to her as she curled like ball, velvet colors wrapping her limbs. The contrast of the shocking colors mocks her dulling emotions and she lets them comfort herself from the little scent of Sayaka that clung to the sheets. She inhaled deeply and hiccups her sadness away.
Then she felt it, the futon, moving, a heavy figure crawling behind her, spooning her back as strong arms engulfed her from behind.
"Mou, I left only for a while you're asleep and here you are missing me already." He said his voice deep from the sleep. He nuzzled his cheek on Miyuki's neck and he heard a small hitch of breath.
Miyuki slowly turn around like everything might disappear if she moved too fast and there he is, Sayaka, smiling sheepishly with his red-tinted lips, neck littered with love bites and the faint flush on his cheeks that doesn't seem to go away.
"You're here…” Miyuki whispered and she doesn’t even pray regularly but the gods must be bored for some reason if they hear her this time.
"Ofcourse, I'm here. Where would you want me to be?" He cocked his head to the side. He lifted an arm and leaned onto his hand, watching Miyuki under his gaze while Miyuki looked at him with wonder in her tear-streaked face.
"Where did you go?" She clutched on hem of his clothes, his kimono shifted and Miyuki can clearly see his chest-wrap on.

"I-I was cooking…", he cleared his throat,"ummm… you know, breakfast for you." Well, that surprised Miyuki. She knows that Sayaka doesn't cook; he has a kitchen staff to do it, afterall. Sayaka must have noticed Miyuki's expression because he flicked her forehead and she dazedly look back at him. "I learned how to cook this in one of my travels in Ginza, a District in Edo. We had to do a stop-over because we had to see a doctor. And there was this dish the foreigners liked to eat, it is called omuraiso", he concluded his brows furrowing. And then he chatted more about how he had to be taught by the young Shinichi — “Who knew that the kid has a fine palette? He enumerated the ingredients before the cook when they refused to disclose how they made it!” — how to crack eggs until he boasted about knowing how to crack using only a hand but then unfortunately he had gripped the egg tightly and then it was squished with a gooey madness in his hands. He swore not to crack eggs again but the mere thought of Miyuki eating his food had quipped him with new energy that not a cranky pirate can extinguish it.

"And the kid even had to look smug at me when I messed up while frying the rice. He even swore it was the blackest he has ever seen. But I didn't even know that the rice should be red. In my defense, the rice should be cooked thoroughly." He pouted by the end of his story-telling
"So where is it?" Miyuki laughed her worries now at the back of her mind. She wrapped her arms around Sayaka and smells the scent of eggs and tomatoes on his clothes.
"I-I… brought it with me actually." He looked proud and excited. He scrambled to his feet and called out the servant waiting outside. The door opened beyond the screen wall and then it was closed again as the servant exited. Sayaka left his place from the futon and went to get the small table where a wide and shallow bowl is covered with a golden embroidered silk. The presentation is overwhelming; also she can see the newly brewed tea with puffs of smoke coming from the teapot. She instantly went to pour some tea but she was stopped by a hand.
"I will serve you this time." He calmly said and with clumsy fingers, the teapot shook when he poured the green colored steaming liquid to the earthen mugs.
Miyuki's heart warmed at the scene in front of her. She is being cared at the moment and even though she's puzzled by his actions she still appreciates the affection radiated from Sayaka. She will miss this when he leaves again. Her musings was cut short when Sayaka started humming a song. She smiled at the silly tune.
"Alright, I hope I got everything right. I had Shinichi helped me to perfect this." He smiled warmly and began starting on humming again.
"What kind of song is that anyway?" Miyuki laughed.
"It's Cancan, the French Ambassador can't stop humming it and now the melody kind of rubbed on me. The Europeans said that it was mostly used in their cabaret dances in Moulin Rouge."
The song is fast and ridiculous but with way Sayaka had wiggled his eyebrows with every note had made everything achingly funny. She clutched on her side as Sayaka finally revealed his masterpiece.

"Oh, wow." Miyuki stopped laughing and watched the golden lump of yellow on the middle of the plate. It was a glowing above the dark porcelain dish and she stared in awe at the characters of her name spelled with cut dried laver above the omuraiso.
"Taste it!" Her danna shoved a soup spoon on her hands.
"Thank you for the meal…" She reluctantly dipped the wooden spoon on the yellow substance and it actually bounced like a fluffy being before it breaks under the force of the wood and let out a wafting steam of pure happiness and golden shining goo. Underneath it is the reddish rice and she gulped as her mouth waters at the sight.
"Go on…" Sayaka whispered, and Miyuki nodded like they were onto a secret or something. She scooped a good amount of red rice, egg and goo on her spoon and brings it to her mouth.

When they touched her tongue, she gave out a lewd moan, chewing an indescribable flavor of sweet tomatoes, salt aged meat and sweet eggs rolled into one. The hint of laver threw in the taste of umami and Miyuki can't stop herself as she groaned another scandalous sound.
Her eyes opened, which she didn't know were actually closed upon her eating, and saw Sayaka with his lips opened and sporting a deep flush on his face.
"D-do you… do you want to have a taste, too." Miyuki offered but Sayaka must want to taste his cooking, too right? She flip her wooden spoon so the handle is pointing on her danna's direction. But she can't also stop herself from being selfish. She would really rather have the plate all to herself.
Miyuki wished that Sayaka would refuse but the bastard nodded and she can clearly hear her heart breaking into two. Sayaka gulped and for good measure he even said, "O-okay." He sounded unsure. She felt Sayaka's warm calloused hands on her fingers and she tightened her hold on the spoon, refusing to let go. But his hand eased up some more and it wrapped on her wrist. She was concentrating so hard on Sayaka's grip that she didn't even notice how she's being pulled forward, her lips brushing Sayaka's lips and a warm tongue rolled out, swiping a piece of rice on the edge of her lips and oh---Oh!
The wooden spoon clattered on the table when Miyuki's grip lax out and she instantly pushed Sayaka off her. Miyuki gasped for air, both of them breathing hard, while Sayaka looked like a sex god with a shocked expression.
Miyuki huffed a guiltily and picked up the wooden spoon. "Let's resume after I eat, okay?" She then literally inhaled everything, stopping only after her plate is clean and finished her lukewarm tea.

"Gouchisousama!" She sighed. "That was fantastic, Sayaka-sama." Miyuki blushed and patted a napkin on her lips like a graceful madam. She looked on the empty plate and she longed for more. The simple dish is heaven-sent and she'll have to ask for Sayaka to teach her how to do it, though, Shinichi's omuraiso must taste better. Her thoughts fired up as she think of learning from the master rather than the student. She's patted her now full stomach and caught Sayaka smiling at her.
Miyuki smirked as she crawled to the cook.
"Now… time for dessert.”


Food Facts!

genmaicha tea - brown rice green tea (it's bitter! Bleh --- bc I have a sweet tooth)

mochi - japanese rice cake, it's mostly filled with anko, or sweet red beans and it's called daifuku

omu-rice - or omuraiso is a yoshoku (a japanese dish which is Western-influenced).  So yes, it did not exist before but it originated around 20th century in Tokyo in a western-style resto.

A/N: I recently read a thread about placing [COMPLETE] on the thread title after completing the fic so I'm very worried about this thread bc the title's so long and mouthy. I want to ask if you guys would agree of me changing the title? But if you won't I understand... certain changes sucks. I just don't know what came into me when I wrote that xD

And yes, that was the added part in this chapter. I was reading a few fics with food porn in it and I'll probably can't face another omu-rice without thinking this Lol~! #scandalous!!!

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Re: Each Day I Spend With You Makes Me Want to Wish for More (Saya-Milky) - 3/5
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well, ummm how i shoud say, i think my face become red when i read the 1st part about sayamilky's night  :oops: :D
and just for confirmation, sayaka here is a boy right so... what does "two firm globes" means ? :oops: (i actually have idea since i'm a boy myself but just to make sure and i was actually a bit shy to ask that so don't tell the direct answer just a hint would be better hehe :nervous)

and really i like the eccentric old yamamoto just teasing his son and his geiko.

and the food..... :drool: i haven't drink the genmaicha so i don't know how it looks but i can tell you about ocha (japanese green tea) is also really bitter since they don't add any sugar at it

now, i want to eat omu-rice too, sadly i don't live in japan and in my place it's hard to find restaurant with japanese food

thanks for amazing chapter

p.s : i don't know about changing the thread's title, i already used to this title but it's up to you and another readers

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Re: Each Day I Spend With You Makes Me Want to Wish for More (Saya-Milky) - 3/5
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Okay, so as you have said the chapter might confuse us so I'll be asking about those things that made me curious. It’s not a lot though.
So, is Sayaka really a he in here? I mean, you said that he got some wraps, right?  :?
And I'm wondering about Chichiue. Did you assign someone to this role? Somehow a danso episode is popping up in my mind with Sayaka's father. Haha.
How much is the fee to Shinichi's cooking class? I want to learn how to crack an egg. Lol.

Thanks for this chapter. Gambare~!
☆The title is fine just the way it is.
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Re: Each Day I Spend With You Makes Me Want to Wish for More (Saya-Milky) - 3/5
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I think you should keep it since you've gone this far. The story seems like it'll end tragically  :nervous Although I think the best thing is see where else you can expand. I'm not sure what else is in the arsenal but hopefully you can get better as a well-rounded writer :jphip:
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Re: Each Day I Spend With You Makes Me Want to Wish for More (Saya-Milky) - 3/5
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Okay, so as you have said the chapter might confuse us so I'll be asking about those things that made me curious. It’s not a lot though.
So, is Sayaka really a he in here? I mean, you said that he got some wraps, right?  :?
And I'm wondering about Chichiue. Did you assign someone to this role? Somehow a danso episode is popping up in my mind with Sayaka's father. Haha.
How much is the fee to Shinichi's cooking class? I want to learn how to crack an egg. Lol.

Thanks for this chapter. Gambare~!
☆The title is fine just the way it is.

Same doubt, sayanee is a boy right?

I love your story!
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Re: Each Day I Spend With You Makes Me Want to Wish for More (Saya-Milky) - 3/5
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Yay!!! More updates!!!!
Love this fic so much. I like this story a lot.

Looks like they are having a good time together. Please. No more drama for them. I want them to have a good and happy lofe together.

Also, please show or introduce Shinichi soon. Wanna meet this adorable kid.

I also am confuse about Sayaks gender here. But now I think I know what the gender is. If I'm right, you just ruined my fantasies. Hahaha. Just kidding. XD

Also, I don't think you need to change the title. Keeping it like that is ok.

Can't wait for yoy next update. Ganbatte~~

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