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Hello all!

This is my first attempt at a fanfic.
I hope I can create something decent.
Comments to help me improve will be appreciated.


Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
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“No! Don’t go! Don’t leave me!” Matsui Jurina said as she reached her hand out towards the figure walking away. The figure stayed silent as it continued to walk away. Jurina ran after the figure with all her might, but the figure slowly became smaller and smaller, until it eventually disappeared. Jurina was left alone in the darkness all by herself.

Jurina slid to the ground and tears began to fall down the side of her face. It felt like a part of her had disappeared from her. There was an aching feeling deep within her heart. Jurina felt like the world was ending and that there was nothing to live for.

The world was meaningless without the most special person by your side. The good times you have with them. The bad times you had with them. It did not matter so long as that special person was by your side. The whole world could be against you, but that special person gave you the courage to stand and fight back.

Jurina could feel her heart beginning to beat faster. Thump. Thump. Thump. The heart beats became rapid and stronger. Jurina could feel a sharp pain in her chest each time her heart beated. The heart beats suddenly went silent, and Jurina suddenly collapsed.

 “Good morning sleepy head,” one of Jurina’s best friends, Kashiwagi Yuki, said as Jurina opened her eyes.

“You have been asleep for a while,” Jurina’s other best friend, Watanabe Mayu, said as she hugged Yuki from behind.

The sudden hug caused the taller girl to blush slightly. Mayu giggled at the reaction of Yuki, causing Yuki to blush even more. Mayu gave Yuki a kiss on the cheek. Jurina’s two best friends were girlfriends of each other.

“Mayuyu! Not now!” Yuki yelled at the shorter girl, pushing her away.

“Ehh~~~” Mayu said as she started to pout.

“Those two are energetic as ever,” Jurina thought.

Jurina turned her attention to the window of the classroom and stared blankly into the distance. There was a strong downpour today. Jurina’s was also feeling under the weather. She continued to stare into the distance until their classroom teacher walked in.

The class stood up, bowed to their teacher, and sat back down. Jurina continued to stare out the window and into the distance. Her mind was somewhere else, while the teacher was talking. Jurina came back to reality when the classroom door was suddenly opened.

“Welcome the new transfer student to our class,” the classroom teacher said.

The transfer student walked into the class and stood in front of the classroom. The class stared in awe at the tall female transfer student. She had a slender build with curves in the right locations. She had long straight silky black hair that extended down to the middle of her back. The transfer student had the appearance of a beautiful graceful girl, but gave off the aura of a mysterious girl at the same time.

“Hello everyone. My name is Matsui Rena. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu,” the transfer student said as she bowed.

The classroom erupted into whispers. The class was interested in the new transfer student. Rena transferred to their school at an odd time in the school year and was beautiful like a model. The male students were talking about Rena’s beauty, while the female students wanted to befriend Rena.

“Silence!” the teacher yelled and slammed a binder on the table, silencing the classroom.

“She’s beautiful…” Jurina blurted out loud in awe.
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Nice, a new WMatsui fanfic.
I'll be supporting you and waiting for your updates  :)

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My WMatsui fanfics:

- Heartbeat | Completed
- Partners | Completed
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- Back in Time | Ongoing
- Warriors | On hiatus (will return in December 2017)
- One Shot collection: Her Sun | Completed
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Feedback is deeply appreciated, and comments motivate me to write!

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Chapter 1

“I can’t believe you said that out loud,” Mayu said while laughing and eating her lunch.

The morning classes had ended and it was lunch period. The three friends had their desks linked together and were eating lunch together. Jurina was trying to forget what had happened at the start of morning classes earlier.

“Shut up, Mayu,” Jurina said coldly.

“Wah~ Yukirin~~~ Jurina-chan is being mean to me,” Mayu whined as she sought comfort from Yuki.

“There. There. You asked for it yourself,” Yuki said while stroking the shorter girl’s head.

“Ehhh?” Mayu responded like a child.

Jurina continued to eat her lunch, ignoring her two friends. Although she acted coldly to Mayu’s comment, she was embarrassed about what she had done earlier. She stared out the window into the distance, remembering what had transpired earlier.

--- Flashback ---

The class turned to stare at Jurina after she had broken the silence with her sudden comment. Rena blushed at the unexpected compliment from one of her new classmates. The atmosphere turned awkward, while Jurina continued to stare at Rena in awe. The class teacher broke the atmosphere with a deep cough that shook the whole classroom.

The teacher’s deep cough broke Jurina’s trance like state, and Jurina finally realized what she had just done. Her face turned red from embarrassment, and she hid behind one of the books on her desk to escape her class’s stares. Her heartbeat increased as she continued to hide behind her book. The class returned their attention to the front of the room as the teacher continued the introductions.

“Continuing on. You may sit in the empty seat over there,” the teacher said to Rena while pointing to the empty seat in front of Jurina.

“Hai,” Rena said as she made her way towards her seat.

“Hello, my name is Matsui Rena. I hope we can get along,” Rena greeted Jurina before taking her seat.

“Ah- My name is Matsui Jurina. I also hope we can get along,” Jurina said while still red from before.

--- End of flashback ---

“But Mayu is right. It has been a while since I saw that expression on your face,” Yuki said, causing Jurina to return to reality.

“Please don’t remind me of it,” Jurina replied without any hint of emotion on her face.

“Eh??? What is this difference in reaction for Yuki?” Mayu said in complaint of her earlier treatment. Yuki laughed at Mayu’s complaint and gave Mayu a kiss on her cheek.

“Nee. Matsui-san, where did you transfer from?” a girl could be heard asking Rena.

“I transferred to Tokyo from Nagoya due to my parents’ work,” Rena replied in a graceful manner.

A group of girls started to form around Rena. As the new transfer student, Rena was barraged with a series of questions from the girls that surrounded her. Jurina could not help but stare at Rena while she was being questioned by the crowd of girls. Rena eventually noticed Jurina’s gaze and gave a slight smile in Jurina’s direction.

“Matsui-san, would you like to come eat lunch with us?” one of the girls surrounding Rena asked.

“I am sorry, but I have already made plans,” Rena said as she stood up to leave.

Rena took her bento box from her bag and walked towards where Jurina, Yuki, and Mayu were eating lunch. Jurina could feel the gazes from her classmates as Rena walked towards them. She turned her gaze back to the window as Rena was about to arrive to their desks. Rena greeted both Yuki and Mayu first before turning her attention towards Jurina.

“Hello Matsui-san. May I join you for lunch?” Rena said with a cheerful smile on her face.

“Do whatever you want,” Jurina replied coldly while still staring out the window.

Rena felt hurt by the way Jurina acted towards her. Jurina’s current attitude was a complete reversal from how she was acting in the morning. Rena wanted to know what caused the sudden change in Jurina’s actions towards her. She began to wear a complex expression on her face.

“Don’t mind her. She’s always being like this,” Mayu said when she noticed Rena’s expression.

“We would love for you to join us, Matsui-san,” Yuki said to invite Rena to join them.

“Thank you,” Rena replied as she went to get her chair to join them.

Rena, Yuki, and Mayu chatted while eating their lunches. Jurina continued to stare out the window while she ate her lunch. She periodically stole a glance at Rena who was enjoying her lunch with Jurina’s friends. Mayu began to smirk when she noticed Jurina give quick glances towards Rena.

“Ne, Matsui-san. Do you have a significant other?” Mayu asked Rena to get a reaction out of Jurina.

Jurina’s heart began to beat faster. She wanted to know what Rena’s answer was going to be. Wait, why was Jurina’s heart beating faster? It was not like she was interested in Rena or anything of the sort. Jurina could not explain to herself why she was feeling that way.

“No I do not,” Rena replied with a calm expression on her face.

“Eh? Really? I thought you would have been really popular at your old school,” Yuki said, oblivious to Jurina’s dilemma.

“I just never had any interest in dating,” Rena responded while putting a piece of her bento into her mouth.

Jurina internally sighed in relief to Rena’s answer. There was a sense of joy in her heart when she heard Rena’s answer. It did not make any sense to her why she was happy about what Rena had said. Again, it was not like she was interested in Rena or anything like that. She was so lost in thought that she did not notice that she was wearing a happy grin on her face.

“What about you Matsui-san?” Rena asked Jurina when she noticed Jurina’s expression.

“Wah- Um- Eh- No, I don’t have anyone else,” Jurina said in shock while trying to regain her cold composure.

“Ah! You were paying attention!” Rena exclaimed in joy as Jurina realized her mistake.

Jurina turned her body to rejoin the rest of the girls instead of staring out of the window. The four girls continued to eat their lunch while chatting away. Jurina could not help but continue to give quick glances towards Rena from time to time. The three friends were able to learn a lot about Rena while eating lunch.

Rena’s parents were business people working for a large financial company. They were transferred to Tokyo to help improve the Tokyo branch of the financial company that that they were working for. Rena grew up learning how to play piano and violin. She participated in many recitals and even won a few regional competitions. Her upbringing truly gave off the air of an ojou-sama.

“Ne. Since it’s Saturday tomorrow, we should go hang out,” Mayu suddenly suggested with an excited smile on her face.

“Yeah, we should go to the karaoke box,” Yuki suggested while starting to get excited.

“Umm, do you mind if I join you?” Rena asked with a worried expression on her face. Jurina’s expression brighten for a moment without Jurina realizing what her face was doing.

“Ye-“ Yuki began to say, not noticing Jurina’s expression.

“Of course! We would love to have you join us. Isn’t that right, Jurina?” Mayu quickly interjected, noticing Jurina’s expression.

“Hm? Yeah, of course,” Jurina replied with her cold composure, but in reality she felt a slight sense of joy.

“Really? Thank you!” Rena said while grabbing and shaking Jurina’s hands. Jurina could feel her cheeks redden slightly as Rena continued to shake her hands.

“Okay I will go see if the other two want to go with us,” Yuki said while taking her cellphone out.

“We shall meet in front of the station at 11:00 tomorrow, don’t be late.” Mayu instructed the other girls.

“I don’t want to hear that from Miss ‘Always Late’,” Jurina retorted with her cold tone.

“Eh? I’m not always late,” Mayu replied while pouting. Yuki and Rena laughed at Mayu’s reaction, which only caused Mayu to pout even more.

The four girls finished their lunch just as the lunch period ended. Jurina spent the whole afternoon class staring aimlessly out the window, ignoring the teacher’s lecture. She was lost in thought about her current feelings. There was a sense of confusion in Jurina heart that she could not get over.

The afternoon classes eventually ended with Jurina not having written down a single word in her notebook, as she recently stopped writing notes. The four girls packed their books into their bags and began to walk home. Jurina did not participate in the conversation that the other three girls were having. She was preoccupied with her feelings of hesitation about tomorrow.
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Chapter 2

Jurina was waiting by herself outside Shinjuku Station for her friends to arrive. She arrived 30 minutes earlier than the agreed upon time to meet. She had a restless night which was caused by her confusing emotions.

“Why can’t I control these feelings?” Jurina whispered to herself while letting out a sigh.

“Ah! Ohayou Matsui-san!” a voice yelled behind Jurina.

Jurina turned towards the voice that was calling out her name. She was shocked to find Rena running towards her. Rena had a bright smile on her face as she was running.

“O-Ohayou Matsui-san,” Jurina replied in a cold manner as Rena stopped in front of her.

“Ne. What do you think of my outfit?” Rena asked as she spun around for Jurina to see.

Rena was wearing a simple white blouse and black skirt. She wore black flats to match with her black skirt. Her hair was tied back into a ponytail using a bow tie hair accessory. The coordination was simple, but it gave off a mature look.

“You look beautiful,” Jurina replied with a slight blush in her cheeks.

Rena also started to blush from Jurina’s compliment. An awkward atmosphere started to develop between the two as they stayed quiet, unsure of what to say to each other. They periodically stole glances at each other, but would quickly look away when the other person noticed. The silence continued until the others arrived.

“Ohayou minna!” Yuki yelled as she waved towards Jurina and Rena.

Yuki and Mayu arrived with two people following behind them.

“Ara? Did you two get here together?” Mayu asked with a smirk on her face.

The two girls looked at each other and their faces turned red. Mayu laughed at their reaction.

“You must be Matsui Rena. I am Oshima Yuko, and this is my girlfriend Kojima Haruna,” Yuko introduced herself in a polite manner.

“She seems like a nice girl,” Rena thought.

“Matsui-san, I would be careful if I were you. Yuko is really touchy,” Mayu said to warn Rena.

“Hey! I don’t want to hear that from you, other half of the Oshiri Sisters!” Yuko yelled, causing the two of them to get into an argument.

“Just ignore those two. They are always like that. Anyways, do you guys want to go anywhere before we go to karaoke?” Yuki asked as she let the Oshiri Sisters continue their argument.

“Can I suggest that we go eat crepes?” Haruna asked.

Everyone agreed to the suggestion and started walking towards the closest crepe shop, leaving the Oshiri Sisters behind. The remaining girls talked about their plans for the weekend, but Jurina did not participate in the conversation. She was too busy looking at Rena’s outfit from behind. She felt a sharp pain in her heart as she remembered something.

“And here we are! Oh, the other two are back,” Yuki said as the Oshiri Sisters came running towards them.

“Yukirin~ I can’t believe you left me behind,” Mayu complained to Yuki.

“Harunyan~~~ Why did you leave me behind?” Yuko asked Haruna.

“What? I thought you were following us,” Haruna said with her airhead expression.

Everyone except for Jurina, Yuko, and Haruna laughed at Haruna’s response. Jurina was wearing her cold expression and giving the Oshiri Sisters a cold stare.

“Can we get crepes now?” Jurina asked with her cold tone.

“Wah! Jurina-chan is being icy,” Yuko said, resulting in a glare from Jurina.

“I mean yes we can,” Yuko said as she faked a cough.

The MaYuki and KojiYuu couples both shared their own crepes, while Jurina and Rena got individual crepes. The two pairs were taking turns feeding each other while Jurina and Rena stared at them. Jurina turned to look at Rena and her crepe. Rena noticed Jurina looking at Rena and gave her a smile.

“Ne. Matsui-san, would you like to try some of my crepe?” Rena asked Jurina with eyes filled with expectation.

“No, I am fine,” Jurina replied in a shy voice, turning away.

“Come on, just say ‘Ahhh’,” Rena said while inching her crepe closer towards Jurina’s mouth.

Jurina could not resist the temptation and took a bite out of the crepe that Rena was offering her. The smile on Rena’s face widened as Jurina continued to eat the crepe that she offered. Jurina’s expression softened and a smile was forming on her face. She offered her crepe to Rena who happily took a bite out of it.

“Ara? What is happening over here?” Yuko said teasingly, which caused Jurina to realize what she was doing and return to her cold expression. Rena’s expression saddened when Jurina lost her smile.

“Yuko… you idiot,” Mayu whispered while facepalming herself.

The group walked over to the closest karaoke box that they could find from the crepe shop. The room that they rented had just enough space to fit six people in it. The two pairs sat on either side of the seating space, which left the two Matsuis sitting together in the middle of the seating space.

“Ne. Matsui-san, can you sing?” Yuko asked as she passed the song book over to Rena.

“I am not that good at singing, but if you insist,” Rena said as she chose a song to sing. Haruna passed a microphone to Rena as the song started.

Rena began to sing the song that she chose. The room was silent as her voice filled the room. Everyone stared in awe as Rena’s pitch perfect voice reached their ears. Tears could be seen running down the side of Jurina’s face as Rena finished singing.

“Hey, Jurina-chan! Are you okay?” Yuki asked as she noticed Jurina crying.

“Oh? Un. I am fine. Matsui-san’s singing was just so beautiful that I couldn’t help crying,” Jurina replied as she wiped the tears from her eyes. She felt a strange sense of familiarity when she heard Rena singing.

Rena passed the microphone over to Yuki and went to sit beside Jurina. The others began to sing by themselves, leaving Jurina and Rena alone at the back of the room.

“Your singing. It’s beautiful,” Jurina said to Rena as a compliment.

“Really? I don’t think it’s that good,” Rena replied with her cheeks turning red from Jurina’s compliment.

An awkward silence formed between Jurina and Rena. The others did not notice as they were too busy singing. Rena was the first person to break the silence.

“To tell you the truth, I didn’t have any friends at my old school,” Rena said with a solemn smile on her face.

“What? That can’t be true,” Jurina responded in a surprised tone.

“It’s true. Some girls at my old school bullied me because of my looks. No one wanted to be friends with me due to fear of being bullied as well. My everyday life consisted of going to school and going home immediately when school was finished for the day. I was excited to find out that we were moving. A new school meant that I could get a fresh start and possibly make friends. That’s why I appreciate that you allowed me to come today,” Rena explained with a slight expression of sadness as she remembered her past.

“No. No. It wasn’t me. It was everyone here,” Jurina said in a panicked manner, while her cheeks turned red.

The silence from before returned between Jurina and Rena. Jurina was not sure what to say in response to Rena opening up to her. Rena once again broke the silence.

“I have been wondering. You act gloomy most of the time, but you have your moments of cheerfulness. Did something happen in the past?” Rena asked with a curious expression on her face.

Jurina’s body froze, and her expression changed from happiness to shock. Her eyes shifted to her hands that began to shake. Her mind started to slip away as she remembered what happened.

Jurina was not sure of what to say to Rena. She felt an obligation to Rena because she opened up about her past, but the emotions that were associated with Jurina’s past was too difficult to face. Jurina could feel her heart beat rapidly as she felt the world around her darken.

“I’m sorry! I should not have asked something so personal,” Rena said as she grabbed Jurina’s hands, which caused Jurina to return to full consciousness.

“No, I’m sorry that I can’t say anything. After you opened up about your past…” Jurina said with her voice trailing off near the end.

“Unhm. Everyone has things that they don’t want to talk about. I don’t want to force you to say anything if it brings back bad memories. But I will be here if you ever change your mind and want talk about it,” Rena replied with a sincere smile.

“Thank you, Matsui-san,” Jurina said with a slight smile on her face.

“‘Matsui-san’ seems too formal. Can I call you Jurina instead?” Rena asked with expectation in her eyes.

“Of course, we are friends, right? I will call you Rena then,” Jurina replied with a large smile on her face.

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Chapter 3

Rena was walking to school by herself on Monday morning. Two days ago, she went to karaoke with Jurina and her friends. She walked while preoccupied by the memories of the conversation she had with Jurina.

“Wah!” Rena thoughts screamed, “I can’t believe I said that. What was I thinking? But she did agree to it. Oh? Is that Jurina?” She noticed Jurina walking by herself and began to approach her.

Jurina was lost in her own thoughts. She was trying to forget what she had said during her conversation with Rena at the karaoke box.

“Ugh. Why did I agree to that?” Jurina thought as she let out a sigh. She did not notice that Rena was approaching her.

Rena called out to Jurina, “Jurina! Ohayou~.”

“Eh? Ohayou, Matsu-- Rena,” Jurina replied with a cold but friendly tone.

Rena was happy with Jurina’s reply, “Let’s go to school together.”

Jurina still had her cold expression on her face, “Sure, let’s go together.”

The two began to walk to school together. They were finally able to have a short conversation instead of the usual silence between them. Jurina was still using her cold tone of voice, but had a smile on her face. Rena was happy about the change in Jurina. They kept on chatting until they reached the entrance of their school. They did not notice that the rest of their friends were watching them from afar.

“Oh? Is that Jurina-chan and Matsui-san? Shouldn’t we go say hi to them?” Haruna asked as she began to walk towards them.

Yuko stopped Haruna, “No, it looks like they are talking about something private.”

“They might want to be alone right now,” Yuki added.

Mayu began to walk towards class, “Just leave them be. Let’s go to class.”

Jurina and Rena walked into the classroom after the MaYuki pair walked in. They were going to greet the pair, but the bell rang to signal the start of classes. The teacher walked in a moment later to start the morning classes.

The class stood up, bowed to their teacher, and sat back down. Jurina returned to her usual activity of staring out of the window instead of listening to the teacher’s lecture. Rena noticed Jurina not writing down any notes. She was concerned about her but could not do anything about it. The morning classes passed by with Jurina still not writing down a single word in her notebook.

The group gathered together on the school rooftop for lunch. The two pairs sat together and left Jurina and Rena sitting together. The two began to eat their lunch and started a conversation between only the two of them. This caused the remaining two pairs to stare at them.

“Ne. Jurina what are you eating?” Rena asked as she moved closer to Jurina.

Jurina shifted slightly away, “A bento that my mom made for me.”

Mayu and Yuko turned to stare at each other. They started to grin when they realized something.

“Jurina?” Mayu asked.

“Rena?” Yuko asked.

“Ehhh?!?!” Yuki exclaimed, “First name basis? No honorifics? Could this mean?” she asked as she realized the same thing that the Oshiri Sisters realized.

The two Matsuis realized what they were doing. No one knew of the conversation that the two had during their karaoke event two days ago. Jurina noticed her face reddened as she was embarrassed from being called out about calling Rena by her first name. Rena was happy that Jurina did not react in a cold way to the Oshiri Sisters’s teasing.

Rena tried to change the subject, “That reminds me. I think we should go somewhere together after school. Is anyone available?”

Yuki, Mayu and Yuko glanced at each other and realized that it was the perfect opportunity for Jurina and Rena to be alone together.

“Sorry Matsui-san. Mayu and I already have plans for after school today,” Yuki said with her hands clapped together in front of her head that is tilted down slightly.

Mayu added to the apology, “We would love to go, but we planned this for a while now. It’s impossible to cancel it at the last minute.”

“In that case, Yuko and I can go,” Haruna said, oblivious to what was going on.

Yuko interjected into Haruna’s declaration, “Ehhh? Harunyan~~~ Did you already forget? We have plans for after school.”

“What pla--” Haruna began to say before having her mouth covered by Yuko’s hand.

Yuko apologized, “Anyways, sorry that we can’t go. Maybe you should go with Jurina.”

Jurina thought about rejecting the offer. Before she could do so, Rena turned to look her straight in the eye. Rena’s eyes were full of expectation. Jurina could not resist and gave up in the end.

“Yeah, I can go,” Jurina replied with a slight hint of coldness in her tone.

Rena responded with a smile on her face, “Un. Sounds like a plan then, Jurina.”

The bell rang to signal the end of lunch period. Everyone returned to their classrooms for afternoon classes. The afternoon classes ended the same way as morning classes. Jurina ended up staring out the window the whole time and did not write anything into her notebook.

Jurina and Rena packed their bags and left the MaYuki pair behind in the classroom.

“I hope everything goes well for Jurina-chan,” Yuki said as she watched the two walk out of the classroom.

Mayu replied with her own thoughts, “Everything will go fine. Matsui-san seems like a good person. She won’t be like the other one.”

“I hope you are right,” Yuki responded with a concerned look.

The two Matsuis headed towards the closest train station to the school. They had decided that they wanted to watch a movie together. They got on the train and went down two stops before getting off. The movie theater was a short walk away from the train station.

“Eh? There’s only scary movies left?” Jurina asked with a concerned look on her face.

Rena noticed Jurina’s expression, “Can you not handle scary movies?”

“What? Of course I can,” Jurina replied, trying to give off a brave aura.

They bought two tickets to a scary movie and entered the building. The movie started out calmly. It quickly changed paces and the tension within the movie increased. Rena enjoyed the increased tension, but Jurina was cowering behind her hands.

A scary figure suddenly appeared on the screen. “Kya~!” Jurina screamed as she pulled Rena closer to her, trying to hide behind her.

“Jurina is so cute when she’s scared,” Rena thought as she continued to enjoy Jurina’s reactions.

The movie ended and they walked out of the theater. Rena had a large smile on her face, but Jurina was not happy. They walked in a random direction in silence. Jurina was the first one to speak.

“Rena. We never speak of this event ever, okay?” Jurina asked with her head down.

An idea popped into Rena’s head, “Okay, only if you treat me to dinner.”

Jurina sighed, “Fine, where do you want to eat?”

“Let’s go to that Italian restaurant over there,” Rena pointed towards a restaurant nearby.

Jurina looked up towards the restaurant that Rena was pointing at. Her eyes opened wide in shock when she read the name of the restaurant. Her heart started to hurt as she remembered something, but she was able to hide it from Rena.

“‘La Bisubotcha’…” Jurina whispered to herself.

“Is there something wrong?” Rena asked with a concerned look on her face.

“No. No. It is fine. Let’s go to this place then,” Jurina replied quickly to avoid Rena’s concerned eyes.

The two entered the restaurant and was greeted by a waitress. They were led to a table where they were given menus. The waitress left them alone to allow them time to look at the items on the menu. They selected something to eat and put in their order when the waitress came back.

There was no conversation between the two of them as they waited for their food to come out. It was not the awkward silence that they had during the karaoke. Jurina was purposely avoiding a conversation with Rena. She was thinking about how she was going to open up to Rena about her own past. A few minutes passed before Jurina decided to speak.

“Rena, about my past,” Jurina began to say, “I am not quite sure how to say this,” she continued with a bit of hesitation in her voice.

Rena interrupted Jurina, “It’s okay if you don’t want to say anything.”

Jurina shook her head, “No, I want to tell you. To tell you the truth, I used to be in a relationship with another girl. She ended up breaking my heart and was the reason that I became so gloomy.”

“It’s okay. I will never break your heart,” Rena reassured Jurina with a hug.

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Chapter 4

A week had passed since Jurina and Rena went out to the movies and ate dinner together. Jurina had felt free ever since opening up to Rena about her past. She felt like all her worries had disappeared and that she could move forward with her life.

Jurina and Rena walked to school together every day since then. Jurina started to act clingy towards Rena. She would hug Rena’s arm as they walked. This obviously made Rena happy, but at the same time it got to be quite bothersome at times.

At school, they were inseparable. Any chance Jurina got, she would be hugging onto Rena. When they walked between classes, eating lunch, and even during PE class she could always be found hugging Rena.

It was an interesting sight for everyone around them. The Jurina that most people knew was a cold person that did not care about the people around her. All of a sudden, she became a clingy person towards one person. They were not even dating, which made people more suspicious about Jurina’s change in personality.

The change did not come to a surprise to their friends who have been waiting for Jurina to return to her normal self. It was a welcomed change even if it was a bit odd.

“Haven’t the two of them been acting odd recently?” Haruna asked as she tilted her head to the side.

Yuko facepalmed herself, “Harunyan, you just noticed?”

“I’m just happy that we get to see the old Jurina again,” Mayu said as she watched the pair walk through the school gates from the window in the hallway.

Yuki sighed, “I’m happy too, but it’s been lonely lately. Those two are always in their own world.”

Jurina and Rena walked into the hallway as the two pairs finished their discussion. Rena was the first to greet them. Jurina was too busy hugging Rena to even notice their friends in front of them. She finally noticed them when she was pulled away from Rena by Yuko.

Jurina greeted everyone and suddenly got excited. She told them a story about how she and Rena went to Shibuya yesterday for some shopping. Rena’s face reddened as everyone laughed as Jurina continued to tell her story. She finished her story as Rena’s face became completely red out of embarrassment.

Mayu looked at her watch and realized that the bell was about to ring. Everyone ran off towards their respective classes. They just made it into their classroom when the bell rang. The teacher walked in a moment later and yelled at them to return to their seats.

The morning classes began with an announcement that a group project was being assigned and was due the end of the next week. Jurina turned around in her seat and gave Rena her puppy eyes. Rena contemplated rejecting her to see her reaction but could not bring herself to do it. She sighed and nodded. Jurina’s eyes shined as she turned around. If she had a tail, it would be wagging excitedly.

The teacher continued morning classes. Rena stared at Jurina from her seat. She was happy to see the change in Jurina within the past week. Jurina was finally listening to the teacher’s lectures. She wrote notes into her notebook as the teacher wrote on the board. She did not look like she was in her own world during class anymore.

Jurina noticed that Rena was staring at her. She tore a piece of paper out of her notebook and began to write a message on it. She folded the piece of paper and passed it back to Rena.

Rena read the message, “Are you staring at me?” Her whole face went red when she realized that she was staring at Jurina. She wrote her reply on the other side of the piece of paper. She tossed the piece of paper on to Jurina’s desk.

Jurina burst out laughing when she read Rena’s reply. The teacher stopped the lecture and turned around to look at Jurina. The teacher asked if anything was wrong. Jurina replied that nothing was wrong and apologized to the teacher.

The morning classes ended with the two returning their focus to the teacher’s lecture. The bell rang and lunch period started. Jurina turned around to stare at Rena with her puppy eyes. She had been using her puppy expression for the past week when she interacted with Rena. Her cute expression made it hard for Rena to reject her when she was being annoying.

“Rena~ It’s time for lunch. Let’s go!” Jurina yelled as she jumped up from her seat.

Rena sighed, “Okay, Okay, Okay. I get it. Can you calm down a little?”

Mayu laughed as she walked up to them, “It is impossible to calm Jurina-chan down once she gets like that.”

“That’s why she’s so fun to be around. She’s always doing something funny,” Yuki giggled.

Rena began to ponder, “Always doing something funny…”

They went up to the rooftop where they usually ate their lunch. Yuko and Haruna were already waiting for them there. They all sat in their respective pairs. Jurina was already hugging Rena tightly before they started eating.

“Jurina-chan, Rena-chan can’t breathe, you know,” Yuko said as she pulled Jurina off of Rena. Jurina gave Yuko her puppy eyes, but Yuko was unaffected by it. She began to pout as she was dragged away from Rena.

Rena caught her breath, “Thank you, Yuko-san.”

“Jurina-chan, you should really learn some self-control,” Mayu said as she pulled out her lunch.

Yuki pinched Mayu’s cheek, “You’re the last person who should be talking about self-control.”

“Ow, ow, ow. Yukirin, that hurt!” Mayu yelled as Yuki turned around to ignore her. She began to beg for forgiveness from Yuki.

Jurina moved over back to Rena. This time, she restrained herself from hugging Rena, so that she would not get dragged away by Yuko again. They finally began to eat their lunch.

Yuko and Haruna ended up having to leave early due to class duties. Jurina and Rena were left alone as Mayu was busy with Yuki. They ended up discussing what they wanted to do for the group project. They decided that Jurina would come over to Rena’s house after school to work on the project.

The bell to signal the end of lunch period rang. Mayu was still seeking forgiveness from Yuki who was still ignoring her. Yuki turned towards Mayu and gave her a kiss on the cheek before getting up to leave. Mayu was left confused, but returned to her senses and chased after Yuki.

Jurina and Rena had already returned to the classroom before Mayu and Yuki did. The two were already in their seats chatting with each other. The teacher walked in to start afternoon classes.

Afternoon classes ended up being similar to morning classes. Jurina focused on the teacher’s lecture and wrote notes into her notebook. Rena stole glances at Jurina who was only last week just staring blankly out the window during class. She could not help but wonder what exactly happened between Jurina and her ex-girlfriend.

The bell rang to signal the end of the day. Jurina and Rena packed their bags and left the classroom after chatting with Mayu and Yuki. They walked through the school gates and made their way to Rena’s house.

Rena struggled to walk as Jurina wrapped herself around Rena’s body. She tried to push Jurina off of her, but Jurina’s puppy eyes made it impossible to do so. People around them stared as they walked. They eventually arrived at Rena’s house.

Jurina finally let go of Rena and entered the house after being invited in. It was the first time that Rena brought home a friend in a very long time. Her parents were still at work, which left the two of them completely alone in Rena’s room.

Rena’s room was very simple in design. There was a bed on one side of the room. A desk full of books was positioned opposite to the bed. A lone knee height square table laid in the middle of the room with sheets of papers sprawled all over it.

Rena opened her room door and closed it immediately. She forced Jurina to wait outside before rushing into her room to clean up. Jurina waited patiently like a puppy who was told by their master to wait. The door eventually opened up and Rena let Jurina into her room.

They placed their bags down and sat opposite from each other around the square table. Rena took some sheets of paper out of her bag to start working on their project. Jurina quickly moved around to the other side of the table. Rena looked up to see that Jurina had disappeared. She suddenly felt the embrace of the girl behind her.

“Jurina, can we at least get some work done before you fool around?” Rena asked with a sigh.

“Can’t we work on it sitting like this?” Jurina looked at Rena with her puppy eyes, “Please?”

Rena could not resist Jurina’s expression, “Fine.”

The two of them started to work on their project. Jurina gave Rena ideas to write down as her hands were too busy with hugging Rena. They decided to split the work up with Jurina thinking of the ideas and Rena writing it down. A few hours had passed before Rena’s parents came home.

Rena’s mom opened the door to Rena’s room, “Re-- Oh?” A large grin appeared on her face, “Am I disturbing something?” Rena’s mom asked before closing the door.

Rena sighed, “Ugh, she is going to misunderstand what is happening.”

“What’s wrong with that? Am I not good enough for you?” Jurina began to pout.

Rena’s face became completely red, “N-n-nothing is wrong with that. It’s just…”

“It’s just what?” Jurina asked while still pouting.

“Don’t worry about it. Get back to work.” Rena commanded Jurina who complied.

A thought ran through Rena’s mind, “We haven’t even confessed our true feelings yet…”

They continued to work on their project. They finished half of their project before realizing that it was getting late. Jurina stood up to leave and Rena followed behind her. The two of them walked by Rena’s parents when they walked down the stairs.

Rena introduced Jurina to her parents as one of her new friends. Her parents invited Jurina to come sit and chat with them. Jurina got along with Rena’s parents. She told them the same story that she told their friends earlier. Rena could feel her face go completely red as she listened to her parents laugh at Jurina’s story.

Rena pulled Jurina from her chair and forced Jurina and herself out of the house. Her parents were yelling behind them for Jurina to come visit them again.

Rena let go of Jurina, “Let’s go. I will walk home with you.” Her face was still red.

“Hmmm? Are you embarrassed?” Jurina asked while laughing.

Rena turned around, “S-s-start walking or I am not going to talk to you at school.”

“Okay~ Let’s go,” Jurina said as she began to walk.

Rena followed behind Jurina. She thought it was the perfect moment to find out what Jurina’s feelings towards her were. She was sure of her own feelings but did not know what the other girl was thinking. Rena began to think of a way to ask Jurina.

They walked through a park to save some time. Jurina looked around the park and realized where she was. Her body froze momentarily before she began to walk again. Rena noticed this and grabbed Jurina’s wrist.

“Are you okay?” Rena asked with a worried expression on her face.

Jurina had a confused look on her face, “Of course. Why are you asking?” Her expression momentarily became painful before returning to her confused look.

“It looked like you paused for a second there. I guess I was wrong then,” Rena replied while letting go of Jurina’s wrist.

They continued to walk through the park. Rena had finally decided what she wanted to ask Jurina. She grabbed Jurina’s wrist as they were about to walk out of the park.

“There is something I have to ask you,” Rena said as she stared at the ground.

Jurina turned around with a smile on her face, “What is it, Rena?”

“I’m not sure how to ask this…” Rena waited a few seconds before continuing, “You’re the first friend that I made when I came to Tokyo. We’ve spent the past week together. I’ve enjoyed every second of it even if you kept on hugging me. But I need to confirm this. If I am wrong, I may never be able to look at you again…” Rena paused again, “How do you feel about me?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I like you, of course,” Jurina had a big smile on her face

Rena could not keep her emotions clam any longer, “That’s not what I mean!”

“Rena, what are you trying to say?” Jurina asked with her eyes wide with shock.

Rena looked into Jurina’s eyes with resolve, “What I’m trying to say is that I lo—” She paused when she noticed Jurina’s expression suddenly go dark.

Rena turned around to see a figure standing in the entranceway of the park. The figure stepped out of the shadow and into the light. The figure turned out to be a girl who appeared to be roughly their age.

“Who are you?” Rena asked the girl.

Jurina could not believe her eyes, “A-ka-ne?”
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