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[HalloweenCollection_Extra] Beauty of The World [Yuiparu]
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Hello, everyone!  Long time see~

What's this? Isn't it not time for Halloween, yet?
Well, it actually isn't. That's why this is an extra chapter, ha ha.

This chapter is only loosely connected and won't really affect the main story of [Halloween Collection]. So you don't really need to read the previous fanfics to know what happened, but if you are curious about a few things or who's who you can check them out. The link is just right underneath in my signature.  8)

This time it's about YuiParu and a little peek on how the Oddities live when Halloween's not around. It is based on SEKAI NO OWARI song "KachouFuugetsu", and hmm... That's all I guess? Oh, and there's extra part again this time. Maybe it'll shed some light on how this interconnected with the main story. Or maybe not, ha ha.

Well then, enjoy~

Extra Chapter: Beauty of The World



When did I stop noticing those stars in the night sky?

I wonder to myself as I look up at the summer sky

Have I forgotten something somewhere?

“Goodbye, goodbye,” the wind quietly whispers


   “The moon. It's so beautiful tonight, isn't it?”

I opened my eyes from the voice.

A ghastly voice that the wind brought as it passed by and tickled my face.

I switched my eyes to my right, searching for its source.

A round glass window greeted me. Gaping on one side of the room. It swayed a bit from the gust, its wooden frame squeaking and creaking against the stone wall.

Nobody was there.

As I expected.

I sat upright and raised my skeletal hand. Soon after the window came into a perfect shut, its rusty lock sliding and locking into place.

I kept staring for a while.

At the countless stars and the never ending night behind the transparent glass.

They never changed, those scenery. Not even one bit.

For these last thousands of years.

I silently lowered my arm, resting it back to the throne I was sitting on before glancing up the pitch black ceiling. Numerous lanterns were there hanging along the tall structure, flames of many different colors curiously floating inside the flasks as they dyed the room in a soft mysterious glow.

Those are the souls of the dead.

The remnants of human as they left their body behind.

And I am the caretaker of those souls. The keeper of the dead.


I am the Skeleton Maiden.

The leader of [Country of Bones], and a member of The Great Council of Sixteen.

I believed you have heard of us; of [Oddities] and their realms and the world of the dead. Perhaps you have also heard of our annual tradition. A big festival held in the world inbetween ours and human's conducted on the night of Halloween.

A carnival shifting among the forest and fire.

A grand fabrication of pent-up desires and lies.





Perhaps it's too soon for me to reveal the true nature of that unfathomable festival.

Sorry to disappoint you but this is not the story about Halloween. 

This is a story about me.

A simple boring and uneventful story of a single oddity that had been recurring for hundreds and hundreds of years. A tedious story that kept repeating every summer.



Have I confused you long enough?

Unlike Phantom Knight and Miss Spider I am not very keen of explaining things. To be honest it's just too troublesome. So you may stay and watch, or stop listening and leave. I wouldn't care in the slightest. Besides I had more important things to do.

I turned my gaze downward, staring at the huge cauldron in front of me. White smoke rising up from its surface, concealing my own pale face that was reflected on the water-like substance. I drew my hand toward it, running my fingers lightly and scooping the smoke into my grasp. The white vapors danced around my palm and I stared at it intently, trying to decipher its message.

I see.

A hundred and fifty thousand people died today.

No fluctuation in the number of deaths.

Nothing out of normal.

That is, if those same amount of souls would really arrive at my realm.

I dismissed the little ball and traced my forefinger through the smoke. The white air started to change. It morphed into a more distinguishable image this time, an almost transparent figure of a girl in a long robe that resembled mine, a skull mask hiding her face safe for her mouth. She didn't seem to realize my presence yet as she read the scroll in her hands intently. Her pale flesh hands that were nothing like my cold skeleton ones grasped the old scripture tightly.


The smoky figure flinched as I called her name. She finally realized that I'd been watching her with my clairvoyant and hurriedly put away the scroll, turning her face toward me. Well, isn't she in quite a panic? I rested my chin on my free hand in a bored manner, knowing what had probably happened.

“What? Some souls are missing again?”

“That's, uh, no ma'am. Today's last batch containing a hundred and fifty souls are still on the way here, but there seems to be... a delay in their delivery.”

Go figure. I rolled my eyes.

“Last contact from the gravekeepers?”

“U-uhh... They managed to harvest all the one hundred fifty thousands souls from the [Plain of Beginning]. Most had arrived and now being prepared for safekeeping in the lower realm, but for the last batch... there hasn't been any information since they leave the plain. I have sent the gargoyles to search for them, but—”


I mouthed out the word. Grudgingly. Almost in a hiss. Death gave me a blink.

“Excuse me, ma'am?”

“Call all the gargoyles back. I don't want to rebuild them stone to stone.”

“Of...course. That means...”

“I'll take care of this matter myself.”

I swished my hand through the smoke, dismissing her. She seemed unsure of my vague order but it didn't matter. I never bother explaining unnecessary things to my underlings anyway and I bet she's used to it already. I planted my palms against the side of my throne, pushing myself up. My bony frame creaked and rattled against each other as I rose, as if scolding me for not leaving my seat for too long. What a nonsense. It's only been a few years. I sighed and turned toward the stone table beside my throne. A huge scythe was there, floating above the altar; I took it with one hand. My wrist let out a small creak from its weight and I promptly used my other hand for support. Hm. Maybe it has been a bit too long. I shrugged and tapped the blunt end of the weapon to the ground. The clink it produced bounced off the stone walls and echoed throughout the room. The smoke circled around me.

And I closed my eyes, letting out one last sigh.

“You better have a good reason this time...”


Like a constellation going ’round and ’round,

if I could become an unfading light in the night sky

even when shrouded in never ending darkness

Would I be able to stay here without losing anything?

In this night where the plants, flowers, and birds

fall to sleep and dream


The [Country of Bones] is a very special realm.

Even among the many realms it was considered as the most unique; of course not counting the Miss Spider's [Hidden Nest] and the [Abyss of Nothingness]. One reason was because the barrier that separated this world and the human's world was quite weak in this realm. It's only natural since human's souls were transferred on daily basis but it's not weak enough that Oddities could just travel through it. It's like water flowing through a crack; the gap in the barrier was one-way only. And if any Oddity ever tried to force their way through, well, I never find anyone crazy enough to do that.

Still, it's a very troublesome job to be honest; regulating human souls, safeguarding the barrier, thus maintaining the life of Oddities as a whole. I had to take a central role in the great council even with Black Witch as our supreme leader, working every day without rest for all eternity.

Or at least until either Oddities or human race extinct.

That could happen for all I care.

I mulled to myself as I walked down the barren path, stopping as I reached a huge empty space of half-dug earth. A dark hole gaping in the middle of the makeshift crater, spewing boiling gas to the air.

The [Plain of Beginning].

The so-called natural crack in the barrier between worlds.

I stepped closer to the hole and peered into the bottomless pit, catching no sight of light from any soul inside. That means the gravekeepers had actually done their job properly. But if I think about it hasn't the hole grew larger since I last came here? I guess the side effect of that incident with Miss Spider years ago hadn't fully subsided. That, or another despicable individual had started messing with the barrier.

Whatever. I'll take care of them when the time comes.

I left the hole and walked toward the other edge of the crater, finding an intersection there leading toward a forest. Familiar stone debris scattered around area and with one glance I knew those were the remnants of my gargoyles. I frowned.

Yes, this.

This is the other reason why my realm became so special.

Normally no Oddities could travel between realms safe from the Great Council and those who were given permission by them. But here, in this place, three different realms crisscrossed with each other.

[Country of Bones]

[Forest of the Beasts]

and [Demons Lair]

Those three realms made up the Realms of The Night where the sun never rises.

If one crossed this intersection they could easily travels between the three realms. But not many had done such. First, it's because Werewolf and Vampire, the leader of the other two realms beside mine, were not in a good term. That also applied to their underlings, which mean both side would bare fangs and claws at each other the moment their eyes met. I had no clue of the reason nor do I care. Probably had something to do with their natural instincts. Second, the air in my realm was toxic to everyone except the undead so no beasts or demons dared to trespass. So yes, you could say this intersection is pretty much "useless". But even then there's still someone who make use of this seemingly useless thing. And that certain someone had been getting on my nerve.

I tapped my scythe to the ground, waiting for that Oddity to show itself.

“What do you want, Yui?”

My voice rang in the empty landscape, swallowed away by the moon. There was no answer for a while, before I heard a familiar screeching voices coming from the dark forest.


Countless number of bats came surging out of the forest and flew toward me.

They stopped before they reached me, clumping together like a blob of clay and starting to form a human-like figure. I watched the transformation with bored eyes.

Soon enough a familiar figure stood before me; a girl with short black hair dressed in a typical victorian clothing of vested shirt and pants, black cape covering her shoulder and a black top hat with brown googles sitting atop her head. Dark bat wings sprouted from her back, flapping and stretching their stitches, as if trying to get used to their new form. She fixed her white cravat and raised her face, giving me her toothy grin. My expression didn't change. Her showy entry didn't amuse me. Not even a bit.

“Why hello, Skeleton Maiden. How rare to see you here. And while I'm at it I'd like to remind you that you should address everyone with their Oddity name in—


I cut her off, my scythe already raised and sliced through her mouth, splitting her head into two.

The severed piece fell and dispersed into another bats, while her body staggered back, trying to find its balance. The bats scrambled together and reformed the upper part of her head on the next second.

“One hundred and fifty souls.”

I plainly said, resting my hand on my scythe and shifting my weight to it.

“And also some of my gargoyles. Fix them and give them back. Now.”

She put her hat back and stared at me in disbelief.

“That was dangerous! Don't you realize that artifact can kill even Oddities!?“

“Oh, shut up. Do you really need to steal more than a hundred souls just to call me out?”

She abruptly stopped, and I raised a brow at her. So she couldn't even retort back. Then I'll took the liberty to continue.

“You are the overseer of all Oddities. The rulekeeper of the Great Council. Yet you stole humans souls. Just to meet me.”

The girl gritted her teeth, trying to find something to say, but then she dropped her shoulders in defeat.

“Alright. Fine. I admit that I did steal those souls and I do want to meet you but that's not the main point. You've been staying in your tower unmoving for nearly a decade and the other council members have grown wary about it.”

“How cute, you're making excuses now. Well miss lonely vampire, I've moved now. So give me back the souls.”

I uttered matter-of-factly and I could see her face fell behind her straight expression. The small bat wings on her hat lowered down in disappointment. Really. What a sorry state of a vampire. I shrugged and walked past her.

“You're keeping them inside your coffin as usual, right? I'll take them back myself.”

Right at that moment, even without turning my head, I knew her frown had switched into a smile. It creeped myself out sometimes that I knew her this well, even though I didn't spend that much time with her. I could hear the tip tap of her boots following behind me.

“I'm sorry but I'm not sure if I really kept them in there. Do you need my assistance in searching them?”

“Do whatever you want.”

“Gladly. Also, it might take a while to search the whole castle. Would you like to stop for teatime first?”

“Like I said, do whatever you want.”

I gave her the same salty response. She didn't seem to care and simply chuckled, walking with me side by side. I stole a glance at her, seeing her genuinely happy as she smiled like a child. It was at moment like this that I sometimes forgot this black clad girl beside me was a respected member of the great council. The one who inherited Tin Cat place as the overseer of all realms.

She's normally a serious one, really, but when she showed her childish side like this I couldn't help smiling to myself. I shook my head and sighed.

“What a sorry state of a vampire.”


The answers I’ve obtained from your love

Slowly disappear one by one along with my pain

And in this world where I can no longer feel sadness

Would I be able to love you again despite everything I've lost?


“One hundred and fifty.”

I muttered to myself, catching the floating will-o-wisp with my skeletal hand. I tugged the red ribbon on my neck and popped the first two buttons of my robe, revealing a small part of my ribs. The will-o-wisp left my hand, wavering a bit before dissolving into the bigger orb shining inside my ribcage. A jolt of electricity ran through my body, slowly, like a wave of tingling spasms. I never like that sensation. If I have to explain, it's like laying a brick on an already finished house before rebuilding it all over. It's just that annoying. You don't get what I mean? Then think for yourself.

“Oh, there you are.”

Hm? I heard the Vampire's voice coming from the other end of the corridor, pulling me out of my self talk.

“Have you found another soul?”

I glanced at her smiling face, narrowing my eyes.

“Don't look, you pervert.”

“H-huh!? What, I just—okay. My mistake.”

She turned away despite her protest, clearing her throat. I couldn't help smirking. She's so easy to tease; I thought to myself as I buttoned back my robe, seeing the tray of tea carried by her bat familiars. I raised a brow at them. Even her familiars were trying hard to cover their eyes with one wing while staying afloat in a silly manner, what a goof. And so much for helping my search. In the end she only wanted to spend some time with me and invite me for a tea time. I chuckled and walked toward her.

“I'm done.”

“Huh? Oh.”

I poked her cheek from behind and walked past her, taking one of the cup. She stared at me for a while before following.

“Now, don't drink while you walk. At least do it after we reach my room.”

“Your room stinks of blood.” I plainly said before taking a sip of the tea. It tasted sweet.

“I prefer the balcony instead.”

She didn't respond to that, but I know she was just acting tough. This vampire was actually pretty brittle in the heart. As a proof you could see the small wings on her head. See? It's flopping down again.

I finished off the last of my tea and put it on the nearest windowsill, not stopping my steps. She took the cup and sighed, passing it to her familiar.

“Come on, why the hurry?”

I stopped and let out a long sigh, turning to her with one hand on my hip.

“Outside today's batch there's still some souls missing. Where are they.”

“I have no idea. That's all the souls I took.”

I rolled my eyes.

“So you've stolen too many and you forget where you put them.”

“It wasn't me, okay?”


“Listen to what I say for once...”

I ignored her and resumed my walk. My eyes wandered around before noticing a bouquet of black roses sitting on one of the vases. That wasn't there when I visit last time. And have I seen them before? In that exact vase and that exact numbers. I couldn't really tell.

“Do you like those flowers?”

I heard Vampire said quietly, her emotion masked by the stillness of her voice. I shrugged in response.

“Those plants are native to Country of Bones. I have a lot of them.”

“I know. I also know you gave one of those death flowers to Phantom Knight to sustain the core of one of her underling. But that wasn't my question.”

I frowned and stole a glance at her; it's unnerving how she also knew so much about me.

“I don't hate them. But I am not attached to them either.”

“Ah, the usual salty response.”

“None of your problem. In fact, Vampire, how do you manage to get your hands on those flowers? Or did you steal them as well from my realm?”

“Who knows? Maybe you gave them to me yourself.”

I raised a brow at her questionable remark. It didn't seem like she'd say anything anymore so I left and continued my 'sight-seeing'. 

Unlike my tower it felt like the interior of her castle changed all the time. There's always a new thing, a new furniture, or a new arrangement. But rather than curiosity seeing those things gave me a sense of nostalgia instead, though I couldn't really wrap my fingers around the strange feeling. Actually I also found the way she always 're-decorated' her castle to be a bit odd. It was as if she was trying to forget something by changing all the time, or not wanting to forget something by adding more memento of it. Even though she was the one who said the beauty of this world lies in its eternity; they way she contradicted herself confused me sometimes. And I didn't like that kind troublesome of feeling. So I pushed away the thought and started another topic.

“So. You asked me why I'm in such a hurry.”

She blinked, as if trying to decipher my sentence. I simplycontinued.

“It's summer. I believe you know why.”

She didn't respond for a while, before I heard her spoke.

“Is it about time for the [Day of The Dead]?”

I gave her a small nod.

“Indeed. That's why I need all of the souls. Or else the ritual wouldn't be complete.”

She stared at me, not saying anything. We kept on walking in silence.

[Day of The Dead]


[Ghost Festival]

That day had been known by many names in the human world but all of them are actually the same; the day when spirits of the dead return to the world of the living for a brief period of time, before returning back to their resting place. It is a ritual held on the fifteenth day of the seventh month, a way to ease hungry spirits and preparing them for reincarnation.

It was the most important part of my job. The pinnacle of my being.

I'm sure the Vampire knew about that.

But instead of concern she laughed at the matter instead.

“It's fine, isn't it? Not that you need every single bit of those human souls.”

I narrowed my eyes.

“So you're telling me to let some of them stuck here while others roam free? What an unfair warden I am. And for a serious person you're being surprisingly irresponsible.”

“Well, what I mean—“

“Right. I forgot. You have no 'work' to do everyday. Must be nice to be as carefree as you and everyone else.”

“ can always be carefree if you want.”

I glanced at her. Staring as if she just said the most ridiculous thing in the world. Which she did.

“We are [Oddities]; we can do anything we want without anybody consent. So there is no need for you to do your job to a fault. Nobody ask you to.”

I was speechless. That time I'm sure my expression had turned into that of a glare, but she simply looked straight back at me in the eyes. As if telling me that she really mean what she said. I turned away in disgust, heading toward the front door.

“You're being utterly despicable today.”

“I'm just saying that your 'duty' as Skeleton Maiden isn't the only thing you have. Even without that, you're—”


I raised my voice a bit, planting my hand on the doorknob. I glanced at her with cold eyes.

“Send me the rest of the souls by the end of this day, Vampire. No excuses.”

And with that, I closed the door behind me.

I saw her face for a split second through the gap of the door, her wings hanging limply in disappointment as she stared at me sadly.

But somehow, back then, I felt like something in her eyes changed.


Like a constellation going ’round and ’round,

if I could become an unfading light in the night sky

even when shrouded in never ending darkness

Would I be able to stay here without losing anything?

In this night where the earth, the sea, and the forest

fall to sleep and dream


Today is the Day of the Dead.

All of my underlings had already gathered on the Plain of Beginning; Death and the other gravekeepers counting the souls stored within the lanterns while the gargoyles placed them for the ritual. This was the only time in the whole year I was forced to stay out of my realm for a long period of time, so when the revenants howled from a certain trespasser, I could already take a wild guess who it was.
“Is it time?”

I heard the Vampire's voice. I turned my head, seeing her standing on one of the gargoyles' head. The stone creature didn't seem to mind at all; it kept on working while unfazed, putting down all the lanterns around the barren earth. She leaped down the gargoyle and I casually dismissed her.

“Shoo. Come after the ritual ends, I'm busy.”

“No, no, I know how the ritual goes. Every souls will leave our world and you'll be incapacitated until they return, correct? I'll watch over your body until it all ends.”

“What are you planning to do with me while I'm unconscious?”

“Nothing! Just what kind of image do you have of me?”

I shrugged, walking closer to the middle of the plain. A makeshift bedding made of dead leaves was there, just like an altar prepared for a sacrificial lamb. The Vampire beat me to it, plopping herself down on the leaves, sitting and patting her lap. I gave her my unimpressed look, but I lied down anyway, resting my head on her lap. I could see the sky so clearly, and this, again, gave me a strong sense of nostalgia.

“Hey.” I called up to her.

“Have we done something similar to this before?”

“Who knows.” She answered lightly.

“We've been living for centuries. Maybe it was in one of the previous ritual.”

I frowned, clearly not satisfied with her answer.

“I haven't forgiven you yet, you know.”

“Aah... Well, can this make up to it?”

“Offering your lap to sleep on. Against an insult to the essence of my being.”

“Okay, I understand. I'll think of something else.”

“You better do.”

I nestled my head into a more comfortable position, my hands folded above my chest. The vampire rose her face to the night sky and sighed in defeat.

The gargoyles opened the lanterns around us, letting the souls floating away into the air. I felt the orb inside my chest slowly fading as well, and my eyelids started to grow heavy. I felt Vampire putting her hand on my head, stroking my hair gently.

“The moon. It's so beautiful tonight, isn't it?”

Her voice echoed in my ears.

A familiar line. Like I've heard it hundreds of times before. The full moon shining down on me. 


I had seen this scene before.

The sight of her soft smiling face illuminated by the moonlight.

But why can't I remember?

As if reading my thought, she answered.

“This past one hundred years didn't work so well, huh?”


“I didn't manage to save you again this time. I didn't even manage to spend enough time with you to leave any precious memories. And now I've already reached the end of the cycle.”

“What... do you mean?”

My voice cracked. My whole body started to feel heavy.

“It's alright. You don't have to worry about anything. Because you will forget all of this.





I see.

Now I remember.

I laughed under my breath, raising my shaky hand to cup her cheek.

“I see... You failed so badly this time ...”

Her eyes widened for a second, before they softened in realization. She raised her own hand to clasp mine.

The [Day of The Dead]. The one hundred year cycle.

Everything returned to me like a surging wave.

This is the day when spirits of the dead return to the world of the living, and the day when every soul that support my very being leave me for a brief period of time. Some of them would return, some of them would pass for the next cycle of life, but whichever it is, I would never be the same after the ritual ended.

It's just like I told you before; how I hated adding a brick on an already finished house and rebuilding it all over.

I would lose some part of me, some part of my memories. And this cycle would keep repeating until one hundred years passed, when all souls would be released from their prison and be brought anew. My memories would be wiped clean by then, safe for the necessary knowledge about my duty as the keeper of soul.

I had always thought that it's natural. That it's a given.

But in the last moment I always ended up remembering everything.

And I think it's because her. This unbelievingly foolish vampire.

   --Because I had fallen in love with her.

A part of me that's not made of those souls. A part of me that is 'me'. It kept clinging onto those images of her and wouldn't let go. Even though it's not supposed to be possible. Even though I knew it violated my nature as the Oddities called Skeleton Maiden. I kept yearning for her in the end. And I knew it couldn't be stopped.

“Hey, Yui.”


“You've been very annoying in this cycle.”


“You didn't try hard enough to get my attention so I got bored of you.”


“And put the death flowers from the previous cycle in a bigger vase. They need more soil to grow.”

“I'll keep that in mind.”

She chuckled, playing with the end of my bangs with her finger.   

“Say... Will I remember you after this?”


“It's a silly question... isn't it?”

“It's not.”

I softly laughed.

“I wonder if I can stop forgetting someday...”

She didn't answer me. She only smiled, her eyes locked to the dark night sky. So I smiled back at her.

The sleepiness had started to feel unbearable and I closed my eyes, hearing her voices ringing in my ears for the last time.




“Good night, Haruka. I love you.”


How long I’ll be able stay by your side?

Is it alright to believe that every rain will someday end?

I don’t want to forget anything anymore, but

“The moon’s so beautiful tonight,” you simply utter as you smile next to me


“Good morning. Though I think that phrase was a bit wrong since the sun never rises here.”

I opened my eyes.

A girl was there, smiling down at me. And I was lying on a heap of dead leaves, my head resting on her lap. I blinked.

“You are?”

“Oh, right. I forgot to introduce myself.”

The girl let out a small chuckle.

“I am Vampire; the leader of [Demons Lair]. Do you know who you are?”

I sighed and pushed myself up, looking around my surrounding.

“It's a silly question. I am Skeleton Maiden, keeper of souls and ruler of [Country of Bones]. And if you please excuse me, I am very busy.”

I found my scythe lying on the ground beside me and I took it with one hand. My wrist let out a small creak from its weight and I promptly used my other hand for support. I blinked. Somehow I felt like this had happened before. I shrugged and walked away, watching the gargoyles collecting the empty lanterns scattered around the area. I saw the Vampire stood as well, patting her dirty pants.

“Good job at this year's [Day of The Dead]. Would you like coming to my place to celebrate with a cup of tea?”

I frowned.

“No thanks. I'm busy.”

“It's okay. We have unlimited time so come by anytime. I'll wait for you.”

I gave her another frown, edging away from her. She's being awfully friendly to me for no reason and it irritated me a bit. I gave her a quick bow just formality before I left. I could hear the wind brought her whisper along, and somehow, without any thought, a single tear fell down my eyes.




“I'll wait for you... forever...”


Under the midsummer stars that go ’round and ’round

We hate and we love, gazing at the faraway moon

So don’t forget it, even if the day when our tears run dry finally come,

Don’t ever forget the light in this night sky

Then maybe the long, long night,

could one day greet the morning

Extra Chapter: Beauty of The World// END






  "It's almost done."

The devil spoke to herself.

Her crimson eyes glinted in the dark dark night.

Against the huge flask of floating light.

    "Have you gather enough to save her?"

The Black Witch watched in excitement.

Her eyes twisted in crazed amusement.

     "Human. Oddities. Anything is fine. I'll offer all their lives for her."

  "How interesting~"

The Witch cackled.

Her voice rang in the starless night.

          "Another one will be satisfying, yes? Or do you prefer two?"

The mirror on the wall shivered.

A single image sprung to life.

           A trickster in blood red suit.

           Among the floating bubbles under the great great tree.

     A silent girl with cold fearful eyes.

     Standing above the tall tall tower above the town.

The queen of Oddities smiled.

    "Rejoice for your next sacrificial lambs~"

                               >>END OF PRAYER

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Re: [HalloweenCollection_Extra] Beauty of The World [Yuiparu]
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Western and Eastern meeting up in an interesting mash up of cultures

Awesome job!!
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Re: [HalloweenCollection_Extra] Beauty of The World [Yuiparu]
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That was so sad and beautiful!!!  :cry: you make my day!!! because Yuihan is my Oshi!!!.....and I like YuiParu  :wub:
Thank you for the fic was great as always!  :twothumbs

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Re: [HalloweenCollection_Extra] Beauty of The World [Yuiparu]
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How long has it been since i cried reading a fic. So sad!! I don't care how long but please say there will be continuation! So good!! :cry:

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Re: [HalloweenCollection_Extra] Beauty of The World [Yuiparu]
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Thanks for reading everyone!  XD

Western and Eastern meeting up in an interesting mash up of cultures

Awesome job!!

Thanks~ Glad you like 'em.

That was so sad and beautiful!!!  :cry: you make my day!!! because Yuihan is my Oshi!!!.....and I like YuiParu  :wub:
Thank you for the fic was great as always!  :twothumbs

To be honest this is the first 'bad ending' from Halloween Collection and I kinda have mixed feelings when writing it. At first I wanted to write in Yui's persprective but then I realize it's just too depressing, ha ha... And there's another reason why I wrote this in Paru' pov which lead to: 

How long has it been since i cried reading a fic. So sad!! I don't care how long but please say there will be continuation! So good!! :cry:

Yes. There will be a continuation. The event in this extra chapter actually plays huge role (though not explicitly) in the main story and yes those two will make an appearance on other Halloween Collection's chap, and perhaps they'll finally find the closure to their looping life.

I'll update the main story this October by the way. So see you this Halloween~
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