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Author Topic: MY ONLY LIGHT (Ch6)*update*{WMatsui, RisaNeru, Mayuki, Kojiyuu} MODIFIED VERSION  (Read 1996 times)

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Hi, everyone welcome to my thread  :welcome
This is my first story  😅
Please excuse my writing 🙇
to read Chapter 6 just keep scroll down

         MY ONLY LIGHT
         By AlvianMahendra

Chapter 1

Jurina POV

“Run Jurina! Run and never look back!”. That’s what my mother told me before we separated a week ago.

The world is so much different now. I can’t even remember the last time I laugh. The others are the same. None of them are smiling. What did us humans do to deserve this cruel fate?

It’s Saturday today (as far as I remember). That means another hellish training with Oshima-san. She’s a demon, i’m telling you. Just plain cruel.

“Keep running kid. Or do you want me to drag your lazy ass then beat you up?”

*groan*  “Hai, Oshima-san”.

*pant*pant* “That woman is seriously a sadist, i feel like i’m gonna faint”.

“Seriously Mayu, you’re overreacting.” *roll eyes*

I know Mayu is weak, but she would certainly dead the second she face a nightcrawler if she keep complaining everytime we do training. Afterall, training is really important and well that’s what we all do ever since we sent here.

The purpose of this training is no other than when we ever face a nightcrawler, we would able to kill it.

But the thing is, we don’t really know much about nightcrawlers. The trainers only told us that nightcrawlers only wandering around when the night come. That’s why they’re called “nighctrawlers”. And that they eat humans. Yeah, that part is really scary.

Because a week ago, those creatures just appeared from God knows where and devoured thousands of people including my family.

Mayu told me that a nightcrawler killed her family too. Mayu and her sister Risa are the only survivors. Mayu is a smart girl but her body is really weak. While Risa, she’s a cold girl. Like seriously, her eyes is so dark filled with anger, hatred, and vengeance.

But i understand what she feels, because i also feel the same. I want to kill, no slaughter every last of the nightcrawlers. I want to avenge my family.

Paru POV

Empty. My soul, my heart are gone ever since that day. When those creatures showed up everywhere.
I tried to search for her but she’s nowhere to be found. I wonder if she’s alive or not.

My only hope is just for her to be alive and safe even if she’s away from here.

*sigh* “I hope i can eat melonpan again one day”.

“Seriously Rena of all things, you want to eat melonpan?”*roll eyes*

*pout*“But Yuki-nee, melonpan is just so delicious. The texture, the taste, the-”

“Stop talking nonsense, Rena! Those creatures could kill you anytime and here you are talking about bread. You can’t survive this world by talking nonsense!”

“See, now you make Salty-boy angry.”

*frown*“I’m sorry Zaki-nee”

Tck. “Hnn.”

This kids are seriously love to piss me off somehow. I just can’t stand them sometimes. But then again there’s something in them that remind me of her.
The only girl that i’ve fallen in love with.
The girl who have the most beautiful smile in the world.
My beautiful flower.
I miss her so much.

I want to kill them. The nightcrawlers are the reason we’ve separated. I swear God, i’m gonna kill every single nightcrawler in this world.

Neru POV

When did this hell started again? Ah, it was seven days ago. But somehow, it feels like I've been in this training camp for years. I know every single place in this camp already, I'm a curious person you see.
But the nightcrawlers are even more suspicious though.
Like, where are those things came from? They can't just showed up out of nowhere. I think, at least someone might be know about them.

"Ne, Fuu-chan. Don't you think that this training camp is a bit suspicious? I mean, they literally never give us any informations about the nightcrawlers."

*Sigh* "Seriously Neru, maybe they just don't know much about the nightcrawlers yet. I mean, they just appeared like a week ago."


"Are you going to eat that tuna-mayo sushi?"

"No. You can have it if you want, Aoi-tan."

"Thank you, Neru-chan."*smile*

*Sigh* "I wish I could smile like Aoi, she's just so innocent."

"Well, you used to be as innocent as Aoi too."

Innocent, huh? I was never innocent. I knew that the world is cruel. There's There's no such thing as cupcakes and rainbows. But I never thought that some scary creatures would show up out of nowhere and killed everyone I care about.

This reality is beyond anything I imagined.
It's like we're all inside a survival game or something. But it's even scarier than a game because none of us know when this nightmare is going to end.
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Chapter 2

Mayu POV

It’s been ten days since they locked me up in this hellish camp and i feel like i’m gonna die soon.

Seriously, last time they ordered me to lift 20kgs iron. I can’t freaking move my hands after. And now they order me to lift 50kgs iron??
Are you kidding me?? Gosh.

*inhale* ”OK. Here we go.1.2. ughh. F*ck i can’t even move this thing the slighest bit!” *grunt*

“1.2.ughhh. Come on, Mayu. You weak ass girl. 1.2.ughhhh. Yappa, it’s imposible. Maybe i should-“

“Arghhhh. I’m gonna f*cking kill them all!!!”

*gasp* “Risaaa???”

Risa just lift the iron? *Sigh* She had changed a lot. I can’t even recognize my sweet little sister anymore.
*frown* Yosh. I have to be stronger from now on. I have to protect Risa!

“But lifting this super heavy iron is an imposible thing for me.” *sigh*

“Don’t give up! I know you can do it. You just need to believe in yourself.”

“Err. Who are you?”

“Ah. My name’s Kashiwagi Yuki. You can call me Yuki or Yukirin. What’s your name?”

“Mayu. Watanabe Mayu.”

“Yoroshiku ne, Mayu.”


Yuki’s boobs are so huge. I bet it’s DD size. *grin**grab*

*slap* “You pervert!”

(everyone’s staring at them, yes including their gorilla trainer)
Crap. Gori- ehm Akimoto-san’s coming. I’m doomed.


“Hai, Gori- Akimoto-san.” *pale*

“Lift this iron now!”

“I-i’m sorry, Akimoto-san. But i can’t do it, it’s too heavy for me.”
(Gori-Akimoto lift Mayu’s body then throw her accross the room)

“If you can’t lift it then get the hell out of here, kid!!”

*grunt* That gorilla suyoi *faint*

Jurina POV

*sigh* This girl’s so troublesome. Luckily her body is light otherwise i would just drag her to the infirmary. Kedo sa, carrying her bridal style like this is kinda make me feel uncomfortable.
I mean, Mayu’s cute. But nah, she’s not my type. Her boobs are too small.

“Sumimasen, Mayu’s fainting. Again.”

“Ah, Jurina-chan. Mayu-chan’s fainting again? The trainers are too hard on her aren’t they? Poor girl” *pout*

“Just let her rest here. I’m going to take care of her, she’ll be fine in a few hours.” *wink*

“Hai. Onegaishimasu, Watanabe-san.”

*pout* “Didn’t I tell you to call me Miyuki?”

“Milky, stop teasing Jurina!”

“Hai, hai Haruna-chan.”

“Excuse me Watanabe-san, Kojima-san.”

Jeez. That nurse’s really flirty. I wish i wouldn’t have to go to the infirmary again. *snicker* The last i got i injured my hand, that aunty groped my stomach.
I mean, i’m proud of my abs but there’s no way i would let some crazy obasan touching my abs or any part of my body!

Miyuki-san seriuosly need to lay off.
Maybe with one of the trainer or more than one trainers? *snicker* Ewwh. That’s really disgusting. Wait, did I just called her Miyuki-san? OH MY GOD. What’s wrong with me?

Eh? Is that....Risa?

“Risa! Are you going to see Mayu?”

*blank stare*

*murmur* ”What’s wrong with this kid really?”

Risa POV

“You’re not going to the infimary? She’s your sister afterall.”

“She just fainted. Nothing serious.”

“But aren’t you worried? It’s the nth time she fainted this last few days.”

“Neru, can you please- ugh. Why do you act like you care about what i do?”

“I do care about you. You’re my girlfriend afterall.” *smile*

*groan* “F*ck my life.”

Three days ago

Shit i’m late. Oshima-san’s gonna kill me for sure. Come on, run faster you idiot!
*brakk* *chu*

Tck. “Watch where you’re going, idiot!”

*gasp* “You just steal my first kiss. You have to take responsibility!”

“Seriously? Look, i don’t have time for this alright. I need to go go to the training field now, so can you please let go of my hand?

“No. I won’t let you go before you promise me a date!”

“How the hell can anyone have a date in this training camp?”

*gigle* “We can date at the secret garden. It’s located on the west wing. I’ll bring cookies and melon juice.”

“How the hell do you get those things? And seceret garden?”

“I know every places in this camp. Anyway i’ll see you at the west wing entrance at 7 PM. Don’t be late, uhmm-”

“Watanabe Risa.”

“Risa-chan.” *wink*

“Anyway, my name’s Neru. Nagahama Neru.”


Shit I’m CERTAINLY sure Oshima-san’s gonna make me run a hundreed times around the field now. F*ck.

Present time

*sigh* Why did i even went to that “date” on the first place? I just can’t understand myself sometimes. Maybe because she’s cute? Nah, she’s not that cute. I mean she is pretty cute but- ugh stop thinking about Neru! I have so much things do, i don’t have time to think about a girl.

But maybe i should really go to the infirmary though.
I do worried about Nee-san you know. I just don’t wanna show it to anyone. I don’t want anyone think i’m weak, even if i am weak compare to the trainers.

I want to beat them someday.
So that i could protect the only family i have left, Mayu-neesan.

To be continued

You're welcome to criticize this work  :sejinemo:
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It looks interesting  :twothumbs
I hope the next update  :D
I love all those couples  :heart: :heart:

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Chapter 3

Yuko POV

*Grunt* I just can’t take it anymore. Those useless kids really piss me off. Esepecially that Watanabe kid. So weak.
How the hell is she gonna kill the nightcrawlers if she can’t even hold a sword properly?? That’s right, sword.
Those bitches can’t be killed by guns. You need to chop-off their head to kill them.

So we humans start using swords again, like the old time.
Speaking about kids, that Shimazaki kid is no wonder the strongest of them all. Her streght, agility, her sword skill are above the others.
Wanatabe got potential too.
The younger Watanabe’s pretty strong unlike her weak sister. Just a little more hard training and she’s without doubt the second strongest cadet.
She should wake up late more often so that I-

*grin* “Nyan-nyan.....” *squirrel attack*

“Mou, Yuu-chan yamete yo.” *pout*

“Kawai...” *chu*

“Yuu-chan!” *blush*

“I really miss you, you know. It’s been awhile since we have love-love time.” *pout*

“I miss you too. But we can’t do those things here.”

“Not here. We can always go to my room.” *grin*

“Eh. Yuu-chan but-“

I lead Nyan-nyan to my room. It’s beside the other trainers rooms. Actually, Takahashi forbid us to do “funny things” because it’s gonna distract us. But i don’t give a damn about that stupid rule anymore. I want my Nyan-nyan now.

I open the door, close it and of course lock it. I don’t want anyone interupting our love-love time.

I kiss Nyan-nyan’s lip. God i miss this lip so much. So soft and sweet. I push her body on top of my bed.
I kiss her again, more passionate this time. She’s starting to kiss me back and put her hand on my neck. I make my way to her bosom. She moan. I take this chance to push my tongue into her mouth. I can feel her tongue dancing with mine. Like a sweet harmony.

My lips starting to travel from her lips to her collarbone then her neck. I bite her neck. She moan very loudly.
I take off her shirt. Fondling her bosom.

“Nyan-nyan boob’s the best.”

“Yuu-chan, please just touch me already!”

“I’m touching you.”

“Not there. Here.”

She guide my hand down to her skirt. She looks so desperate right now, makes me wanna f*ck her hard.

“Don’t worry, my love. I’m gonna treasure every single part of your body tonight.”
This night is gonna be a very long night.

Rena POV

*Sigh* It’s been two weeks since i last eat a melonpan. I miss melonpan. The sweet taste, the soft texture, the heavenly smell.
*sniff* *sniff* Why would God give me this kind of torture? Did i made an unforgivable mistake  or something? *cry*

“Are you alright?”

*sniff* *sniff* “U-un.”

“It’s hard isn’t it? Losing our family, friends. I understand what you feel.”

*confuse* “Eto....I wasn’t crying because of that.”

“Eh? Why were you crying then?”

“I want to eat melonpan.” *pout*

*blank stare*
“Sou? I thought...never mind. So what’s your name, melonpan girl?”

“Melonpan girl? I’m not melonpan girl. My name’s Matsui Rena.”

“Rena-chan, ka? My name’s Matsui Jurina. Nice to meet you, Rena-chan.”

*smile* “Un. Nice to meet you too Jurina-chan.”

“It’s late now, we should probably go back to our rooms.”

“You’re right. But please accompany me. The hall is really dark, i’m scared.”

*sigh* “Ok. Let’s go then.”

“Un. Arigatou, Jurina-chan.” *cute smile*

“No big deal.” *blush*

Normal POV

I’ts Sunday morning and Yuko can’t be more elate. She had a really amazing love-love time last night. She’s walking casually towards her fellow trainers and bestfriends, Sae and Sayaka.

“Yo, Sae Sayaka. What’s with that faces?”

“You did it last night, didn’t you?”

“Me and Sae were looking for you but we heared ehm weird voices from your room so we lied to Takahashi-san, we told her you had a bad stomachache.”

“Hehehe. Gomen ne. I missed Nyan-nyan so much so i couldn’t hold back. Anyway, thanks for covering me guys. You guys are the best.” Yuko hug her bestfriends.

“Yeah, right. Don’t sweat it, squirrel.”

Meanwhile Risa and Neru are having their second date at the “secret garden”. That garden is actually Takahashi Minami’s garden. She planted all kind of flowers on the behalf of her long lost fiancee, Acchan.

Anyway, the “couple” are sitting on the garden bench. Neru is busy playing with Risa hair, while Risa is well wondering why she even here on the first place. And no, she isn’t here because Neru gave her that super cute puppy eyes.
Or is she?  :panic:

To be continued


Thanks for reading  :mon kissy:
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Chapter 4

Normal POV

Every soldiers in the Nightcrawlers Eradication Force (NEF) heading to the front wing. Every night, NEF soldiers will go to a mission to fight the nightcrawlers.
The General of NEF, Takahashi Minami herself would lead the soldiers fighting against nightcrawlers for the sake of humanity. She’s a fierce leader, not afraid of anything.
A heartless monster, other might called her. But regardless of her sadistic nature, she’s without doubt the strongest soldier of NEF. Her strenght and speed are almost inhuman.

Yuko, Sae, Sayaka, and Sasshi are on the same team. Their mission is located at the C_03 ward, not far from Takahashi team. Like the usual, Yuko is the team leader considering her high rank.
Sae driving the team to the C_03 ward. When the team arrive, they grab their weapons (sword, explosives, etc) and ready to slay some nightcrawlers.

Yuko divide the team into two smaller teams. Sae’s with Sayaka, while she’s with Sasshi. Sasshi might be a hetare, but she got a reason as to why she choose that hetare girl.

“Get ready team, we’re going to slash the motherf*kers head off!”

Everyone’s fire up, just like their super genki captain.
“Yes, captain!”

The YukoSasshi team are heading toward the west part of the ward. While the Saeyaka team are heading toward the east part of the ward, where there’s lesser nightcrawler. After the Saeyaka team finish their job, they’ll head to the west to help the othe team.

*Sigh* “Yuko-san, are you sure about your plan? There’s a lot of nightcrawlers here. What if Sae and Sayaka won’t head here on time?”

Like always, Sasshi’s worrying about everything. Her life, her pet life, her non-existant love life (she tried to court Rie a few times but she always messed up). It pissed Yuko off to no end. Like seriously, if it weren’t for her usefull "secret technique". She would throw Sasshi to a nightcrawler and then leave.

Yuko roll her eyes “Tck. Are you doubting my strategy, soldier?”

“No, sir. I was just- never mind.”

“Look, there’s a nightcrawler coming our way. Get ready!”

Yuko command Sasshi to stay in her place and doing her “secret technique” wotagei, while she’s making her way to the side.

She’s waiting for the nightcrawler to get close enough to her range.
When it gets close enough, she’s running towards it. Then she jump to slash the nightcrawler’s neck, beheading it.

“One down, 10 more to go.”

*Groan* “Do i really have to do this all night, captain?”

“Would you rather face them yourself?”

Sasshi snicker “Ehm. No, thanks. I love doing wotagei.”

She rather doing weird dance in front of the giant dog-like creature then facing them herself. Like, seriously she didn’t signed to the military to fight monsters.
She only joined because her father was a soldier himself and she wanted him to be proud of her. Because whatever she did, she never seems to impressed him.

They move near a building. There are two nightcrawlers accross them and three more located a bit far from their hiding place.
Yuko starts to think of a strategy. Fighting a nightcrawler is a piece of cake. But two or more nightcrawlers are one thing, considering her lack-of-fighing-skill teammate.
That’s it. She get enough of Sasshi’s no-fighting motto.
She command Sasshi to attack the nightcrawlers accross them.

“What? Yuko-san, are you crazy? There’s no way i could kill a nightcrawler, let alone two!”

“You don’t know if you never try. Don’t worry kid, i’ll help you.”

*sigh* “Fine, but if i won’t make it. Plese tell Rie-chan i love her.”

And so, with whatever bravery she have inside Sasshi run to the bulding in front of them.  She run around the building and attack one of the nightcrawler. meanwhile, Yuko’s running straight to the closest nightcrawler.
Sasshi is a fast learner, she secretly observe her teammates fighting techniques.
But the thing is, she never really apply them. She gets nervous easily, thus she always ends up doing random attacks.

She charge the nightcrawler, slashing it’s mouth. But of course, that move just angered the creature more. It starts attacking Sasshi aggresively.
Sasshi see Yuko throwning explosives towards her opponent, then she gets an idea.
She backs down. Then she concentrating.
She imagining herself wearing a baseball jersey, with a ball in her hand.

She throw the ball (grenade) to the creature’s mouth. *gulp* She wonder if her plan’s working. Then suddenly...

*BOOM* The nightcrawler’s head explode.

She can’t believe it. Finally, she manage to kill a nightcrawler for the first time. Now she understand what it feels like to be proud of herself. Her confident meter boost up to 100%.
Next time, she’ll definitely gonna kill more nightcrawlers. She-

“Yaaattt.” *slash* Yuko successfuly beheading her opponent by jumping to it’s back.

Yuko approaching her teammate.
“Well done, Sasshihara. I knew you can do it.” She pat Sasshi’s soulder.

“Un. Arigatou, Yuko-san. I’ll definitely gonna kill’em all. Then i’ll confess to Rie.”

“Right....” (since when this kid become this confident?)

After defeating 5 more nightcrawlers, the Saeyaka team finaly come to aim them. By the end of the night, Yuko team manage to kill roughly 18 nightcrawlers.

The’re heading to the NEF truck. This time, Yuko’s the one driving the truck. On their way back to NEFHQ, they stumble upon Takahashi team. It appears that the team’s in the middle of an argument.

“We’re leaving without her, that’s my final decision!” Takahashi’s yelling at her teammates.

“But there’s a chance that she might be survive.” One of her teammate retort. In her arm, is a girl with a losing hand and blood gushing from her stomach.

Seeing this stupid argument, Sae move towards the team. “Your teammate is injured and you want to leave her here? So those monster can eat her body?”

“She lost her hand. She won’t be useful to the NEF anymore.” Takahashi answers with a cold tone.

You heartless monster! I-“

“Sae! Go back to the truck. This isn’t our problem.”

“But Yuko-san we-“

“Sayaka! Drag Sae back to the truck! We’re leaving.”

“Hai, captain. Come on, Sae.”

Yuko and her team continue their journey. Everyone’s silent. Obviously Sae want to say something but her argument is useless anyway, so she holds back.

Like Sae, Yuko wanted to argued, to told Takahashi how stupid and heartless she is. But she chose not to.

It’s not like Takahashi would listen to her anyway. Even if Yuko was her dear bestfriend once.

To be continued


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Chapter 5

Yuki POV

Yabai. I overslept. Mou, Yamamoto-san’s gonna kill me if i’m late.
This is Rena’s fault, she made me sleep late because she can’t sleep. If i don’t arrive on time i’ll-

“Itai. You! Why did you push me? Do you hate me that much? I’m sorry alright, it’s just your boobs are so big that i-“

“It’s not like that. I didn’t mean to push you, I was in a rush. And i don’t hate you.” *blush*

God, why did she mention that embarassing incident again. Whatever. I definitely gonna late now if i keep talking to this little pervert.

“Really? Jaa-“

“I have to go now, bye.”

Mayu POV

Mou, don’t just runnaway like thati. *sigh* I want to get to know her. I mean, don’t you think that she’s pretty cute? Not to mention sexy. I saw her bend once and dude, her butt is so big and round. *nosebleed*

“Oi! What are you doing, Mayu? Aren’t you going to the training field?”

Tck. Jurina, you just ruin my imagination! But she’s right though. I don’t wanna get punish by Ago- ehm Yamamoto-san.

“Hai, hai. Let’s go.”

We run to the training field. Thankfully, we manage to arrive on time. Yamamoto-san starts to call our names.

“Sugai Yuka?”


“Matsui Jurina?”


“Watanabe Mayu?”


“Hirate Yurina?”

Hirate Yurina? I’ve never heard of her. Is she new here?

“Hirate Yurina?!”


This girl, even though she’s late she doesn’t appear to be scared at all. Didn’t she know the punishment of being late? Yamamoto-san’s gonna beat her up for sure.

Paru POV

That face, she seems familiar. I think i’ve saw her somewhere. But why can’t i remember? Anyway, she seems pretty young. But her expression’s really cold. Her eyes’s so full of darkness, i wonder what happened to her (or maybe her family?).

Yamamoto-san approach her then lifting her by her shirt. Yamamoto-san’s certainly angry with the new kid.

“Who do you think you are, gaki? Showing up late in your first day? Do you think i will go easy on you because you’re new here?”

Hirate doesn’t say anything, her expression doesn’t change either. This anger Yamamoto-san more.

“You little- i’ll show you why you should NEVER disrespect your trainers, kid. Run 100 times around the field!”

Pft. This kid’s really have some guts huh. I give her some credits for it. But i bet she’ll be dead in the end of the day, there’s no way Yamamoto-san’s let her get away with just  a hundreed rounds of running. Welcome to hell, kid. *Smirk*

Normal POV

To everyone’s sureprise, Hirate manage to finish her punishment in less than one hour. She doesn’t look that tired either. Neru become curious with the girl.
Why she suddenly appeared? Why is she so dark and cold? How did she manage to run that fast?
Yamamoto on the other hand, she doesn’t look impress at all. She’s thinking of ways to teach Hirate a lesson. She then command the cadets to rush to the gym.
She command everyone, except Hirate to lift 30kgs iron.

“Hirate, Lift this 60 kgs iron!”

Hirate, again to everyone’s sureprise lift that heavy iron without too much effort. This adding Neru’s curiosity even more. Just how powerful this Hirate girl is?
Yamamoto’s thinking the same, she haven’t seen anyone with such small body can lift such a heavy weight with ease. Well, anyone other than Takahashi Minami that is.
She have a new idea.
She told everyone that the next training is sparring. She want to know how strong Hirate is. After the weight lifting session’s over, she told them to do hand-in-hand sparring in pairs. Of course, Hirate’s not include. She told Hirate to do sparring with her.

“Don’t hold yourself, kid. Because I won’t go easy on you.”

Yamamoto’s serious about not not going easy with Hirate. She throw a full-power punch toward Hirate’s face. But shockingly, Hirate catch her punch. She aim Hirate’s stomach this time but again, Hirate catch her punch. Everytime she throw a punch, Hirate always catch her punch again and again. She becomes really mad now.
She’s trying to high-kick Hirate, but Hirate backs down. She charge Hirate with a flying kick. Hirate lift her hands to dodge the flying kick. But for some reason, she then lower her hands and let herself getting hit by the dangerous flying kick. Yamamoto’s flying kick send her flying accross the room.

Yamamoto approach the girl. It looks like the girl’s fainting, but Yamamoto doesn’t buy it. When Hirate catch her punches, she could feel the girl’s incredible power. There’s no way a single kick manage to knocked her out. Besides, she saw with her own eyes how Hirate lower her hands.  Did Hirate really let herself getting hit by her kick? There’s definitely something strange with this kid.

“Moriya! Take this kid to infirmary!”

“Hai, Yamamoto-san.”

Akane POV

I walk to Hirate’s location. *sigh* Why do I have to  do this unnessesary task? I see Yuuka walking towards me.

“Akanen, do you need help?”

“Un. This girl’s more heavy than i thought.”

We lift Hirate’s body together. Then we slowly heading to infirmary. Is it just me, or Hirate’s body is so darn cold? I asked Yuuka.

“Ne, don’t you think  that Hirate’s body is cold?”

“Ma, now that you mention it. It does feel pretty cold. Moreover, her skin’s so pale too. Maybe she’s sick?”

“If she’s sick, how did she manage to run that fast and lifted 60 kgs iron?”

“You’re right. I saw her catched Yamamoto-san’s punches too. Nobody ever did such thing before. Even Shimazaki could only dodge her punches.”

“Ayashi. Maybe this girl is like a vampire or something.”

*Pale* “Akanen! Don’t make a creepy joke like that. Nightcrawlers are already bad enough and now vampires?”

*giggle* “I’m just joking. There’s no such thing as vampires exist, right?”

But the truth is, I was half-joking though. I mean, if three weeks ago someone told me there’s a giant human-eating monsters exist. I would definitely laugh at their face. So what makes us sure that vampires or other supernatural creatures doesn’t exist?

At the canteen

Normal POV

After the sparring session is over, Yamamoto disbanded the cadets. So here they are now, fighting over foods at the canteen. After everyone have their own food, they sit down with their own little groups.
Among this little groups there’s Mayu, Jurina, Risa, and Neru combi. Neru have been sitting with Risa’s group since they’re “dating”. Much to Risa’s dismay. Though, somehow she’s starting to get use to Neru’s presence.

“Ne, Risa-chan. Don’t you think that Yurina is a bit interesting?”

Risa crinks at this. *scoff* “What’s so interesting about her? And why did you called her by her first name, you don’t even know her!”

Neru smirks. “Hmm. But she’s really cool though. Did you look at how she lifted that iron? Kyaaa. Meccha Kakkoi...”

*grunt* Risa is sooo piss off right now. She doesn’t even know why.
But it doesn’t matter. From now on, she’ll train harder to impress N- ehm to show everyone that she’s stronger than that Hirate kid.

Mayu see Risa’s dark expression, so she’s asking Risa if she’s alright.

“Risa, are you alright? You seems to be upset about something.” *worry gaze*

“I’m fine, Nee-san. Don’t worry about me.” Risa answers Mayu with a flat tone.

*frown* “Sou? If-if you have a problem, you can always tell your nee-san, you know. You might think that i’m weak but i’m actually stronger than i look.”

Risa scoff. “You can’t even lifted 40 kgs iron properly.” She spat.

Mayu’s silent. Who is she kidding? Everybody knows she’s the weakest girl in here.

At the infirmary

After lying Hirate’s body down, both Yuuka and Akane leave the infirmary. The nurse, Yoshida Akari starts to examine the fainting girl. She hear Hirate’s heart beating in a really fast rithym.
Then she’s checking Hirate’s temperature. She gasp. 30° C?

“So strange. Who’s this girl, really?”

To be continued


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RisaNeru  :heart: :heart:
Plz make more NeruRisa scene Al-san  :bow:

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I wonder if Techi is some kind of super human :pimp:  :roll:
Anyway your story's good
but you need to slow down a lil
Keep it up   :twothumbs

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“I miss you too. But we can’t do those things here.”

“Not here. We can always go to my room.” *grin*

“Eh. Yuu-chan but-“

Yuko you perverted korisu!!!  :smhid XD

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Takamina kowaiiii. I wonder what happened to Atsuko  :roll:
Is she dead????  :cry: :panic:
Anyway I wait for the next update
Ganbatte author!  :twothumbs :lol:
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Re: MY ONLY LIGHT (Chapter5)*update*{WMatsui, RisaNeru, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Others}
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Mayu see Risa’s dark expression, so she’s asking Risa if she’s alright.

“Risa, are you alright? You seems upset about something.” *worry gaze*

“I’m fine, Nee-san. Don’t worry abot me.” Risa answers Mayu with a flat tone.

risa shouldn't say rude things like that to her sister  :mon suspect: :grr:
 :smhid seems like the Watanabe sisters is in a really bad relationship  :?

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RisaNeruLive : there will be more RisaNeru moments later

Spaceboy686 : well, Hiratechi is technically a SUPER IDOL so  :lol:

BelieberJ : you know her

Albies22 : I don't know, keep reading to find out  :D

creepypasta : Risa is just being a Tsundere
she actually love her sister  :love:
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Re: MY ONLY LIGHT (Ch6)*update*{WMatsui, RisaNeru, Mayuki, Kojiyuu}
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Hi,  everyone!
I'm back with a new chapter  :bingo:

Chapter 6

Normal POV

After the three weeks of harsh trainings, finally the NEF cadets are excused to be outside of the NEF HQ for one day.

But of course, they have many rules to follow.
For example, they’re not allowed to roam the town on their own. So they have to go in groups.

They’re only allowed to roam around Tokyo, which is the nearest town from the NEF HQ.
Anyone who cause troubles will be punish. Etc.

Everyone’s exited to look around the town after awhile.
Well, Hirate doesn’t seems to look exited. But maybe that's just her usual face.

Yuuka, Akanen, and Shida were speechless when Hirate
suddenly walked toward the three and asked if she could joined them.

Shida and Akanen were hesitant to accept but
Yuuka insist that they should give Hirate a chance.
So they reluctantly accept Hirate on their group.

They’re going to the town with a bus.
The trainers also going with them.
Some of the trainers are going with their respective partners.

Yuko’s going with Haruna, Yamamoto’s with Miyuki, Sae’s with Sayaka. The others are going with their friends.

Once they’re arrive, the trainers are about to give the cadets a speech but they’re already gone.

Neru’s tugging Risa’s arm. “Ne, Risa. Let’s go over there!”

*groan* “Why don’t you go on your own?” Risa answers with a boring town.

Neru pouts. “You’re no fun!”

Neru sees Hirate. She walks towards Hirate’s direction.

“Ne, you’re Yurina-chan right? My name’s Neru.” Neru’s smiling to Hirate.

Hirate’s looking at Neru.

“Hmm.” She answers shortly.

“Do you wanna buy ice cream?” Neru asks Hirate.

“I wanna eat ice cream. Let’s go, let’s go!” Akane excitingly answers.

Since everyone’s agreeing (Hirate doesn’t say anything), Yuuka and her group plus Neru are looking for an ice cream vendor.

Risa’s gritting her teeth. She know exactly why Neru is leaving her, but she just couldn’t threw her pride away.
Maybe it’s better if Neru starts  going after someone else, so she’ll stop bothering her. It’s not like she’s someone who’s fun to be with anyway.

“But somehow thinking Neru going out with someone else makes me kinda sad.”

Mayu hears Risa’s mumbling.
“Maybe that’s because you like her," she says.

“Tck. Don’t be kidding. There’s no way i like someone like her. All she did was annoyed me.”

“You can lie to yourself, but you can’t lie to me. I’m your sister after all. I know you like her, you just don’t want to admit it. You don’t want to tell her her how you really feel because you think you’re not good enough for her.”

Risa scoff. She hates it when her sister can read her like an open book.

Risa’s trying to change the topic.
“Where’s Jurina-san, anyway?”

“Eh?” Mayu confuse.

She didn’t realize that her bestfriend’s missing.

“Yabai, let’s go find her!”

Jurina POV

Eh. Isn’t that? Rena-chan? Why is she walking on her own?

I walks towards Rena. “Rena-chan! Why are you walking
on your own? Where’s your friends?”

Rena pouts. “They won’t accompany me to buy melonpans, so i choose to buy it on my own.”

"Heh, sou? But it’s prohibited to roam around the city on your own. How about i accompany you to buy melonpans?” I asks her.

“Hontou desuka? Uresshiiii...” She answers excitingly.

I giggle . Somehow, Rena-chan being excited makes her look even more cute.

“Let’s go?”


She holds my right hand.

*badump* Her touch makes my heart skip a beat.

I’m holding her hand tightly. Her fingers fit perfectly with mine. We walk side by side to find a sweets shop which selling melonpans.
It’s not hard to find one, but i want to be with her longer
so i ask her if she want to go to the game center first.

“Ne, Rena-chan. Why don’t we go to the game center first? I mean, we still have all day right?” I flash her my charming  chesire cat smile.

“OK. It’s been awhile since i’m playing a game.” *smile*

Yatta! She agrees. Well, even though it’s not officially a date. But this makes me really happy.

We’re walking towards the game center. So many youngsters here. Some of them are couples.

I blush. We look like a couple too since we‘re still holding hands.
I asks Rena-chan which game she want to play first.

“Rena-chan, which game do you wanna play first?”

“Let’s play dance dance revolution!” she answers.

“You can dance?”

“Of course i can! Come on, Jurina onegai.” She give me a really cute puppy face.

Oh my God. How can i resist her when she’s being this cute?

Normal POV

When Mayu and Risa are looking for Jurina, they meet Paru’s group who are also looking for their friend.

Mayu ask Yuki “Ano, did you was our friend Jurina?
She’s a girl with short hair and a blue shirt.”

“Um. No, sorry. Actually, we’re looking for our friend too.
Her name’s Rena, she said she wanted to buy melonpan but she hasn’t come back yet.” Yuki answers.

Mayu suddenly has a brilliant idea.
“Ja... how about we’re looking for them together?”

Paru raise her eyebrow.

Yuki doesn’t trust Mayu but she agrees anyway.
“Well, I guess it’s not a really bad idea.”

Mayu smirks. She finally can talk to Yuki now.
She actually had liked the girl for a while now.

To be continued


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Re: MY ONLY LIGHT (Ch6)*update*{WMatsui, RisaNeru, Mayuki, Kojiyuu}
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Risa’s gritting her teeth. She know exactly why Neru is leaving her, but she just couldn’t threw her pride away.
Maybe it’s better if Neru starts  going after someone else, so she’ll stop bothering her. It’s not like she’s someone who’s fun to be with anyway.

“But somehow thinking Neru going out with someone else makes me kinda sad.”

Mayu hears Risa’s mumbling.
“Maybe that’s because you like her," she says.

“Tck. Don’t be kidding. There’s no way i like someone like her. All she did was annoyed me.”

Risa is such a tsundere  :mon annoy:
that's what I love about her tho  :wriggly: :ptam-shy:

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Neru-chan don't leave your Risa alone  :OMG:
I can't stand love triangle  :ptam-cry:
you have to write RisaNeru love scene to heal my heart al-san  :ptam-mad:

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Risa is very tsundere :lol: :lol:
I hope she accepts her love for Neru soon and if it is possible that she steals a kiss  :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Wmatsui is in progress  :on gay:
NeruRisa is getting there I guess  :on drink:
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