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Author Topic: Race Against Fate [An attempt on Magical AU and angsty romance]  (Read 385 times)

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Race Against Fate [An attempt on Magical AU and angsty romance]
« on: September 06, 2017, 10:45:33 PM »
Yellow! Welcome! :cow:
The name's Snoopy, I just feel like writing an angsty WMatsui but one rule to this fic's pairing is: "It will develop as story goes"
SO let's see what happens.

Aw yeah, I'm might not be that good in writing and English is not my motha' tongue, so I welcome any critics and feedback.


"No..." Mayuyu said as she fell on her knees and buried herself into her black witch hat. She couldn't believe what she saw, the one and only person she could call as bestfriend was right in front of her, hanging and pierced through silver pikes. She lifted her head wishing for the sight to begone as more tears flow down her face, "NO!!! JURINA!"

Her scream had finally managed to knock everyone's senses back to reality. Yes, the remaining survivors of the Spirit Defense Force: Chief Takamina, Enforcer Akigori, Black Yukirin, Cronus Rena, Oni Yuuko. They had currently been pretty much dead with the way the world was, 95% of them was turned to ashes.

Their meaningless struggle was actually started in much cheerful world. The school was still there, the fresh green trees, the blue sky, and most importantly the Occult room expanded by infinite width magic—where fate has led them to meet. When the Spirit Defense Force, disguised as The Occult Club, was initiated, they had already have one big fish pinned at the center of their MOST WANTED OUTLAW board. They call it as Ragnarok hence the name the outlaw spirit was rumored to bring about apocalypse on Earth. A flick from its claw was enough to turn Tokyo tower as one of its lego -like-toys. Yet none of them, not even the initiator board members know how exactly Ragnarok looks like. Thus, unlike other outlaws, the wanted poster was left blank, pictureless. If its not because of the trio mischief's freedom act of expression—Enforcer Sae, Silver Jurina, and Oni Yuko's shenanigans the gecko painting would not be embedded on the poster.

Yes, such day exist. Until fate ridiculously tried to give its joke, one BIG FAILURE example of an Oyaji Gag. At the time when the weather gets more chilly and leaves were nicely baked brown and falling from its tired trees, Chief Takamina urged a sudden meeting. Tension clearly showed from her demeanor, she announced that the initiator had found the first activity of Ragnarok's host.

That was the moment Jurina's mana went awful-lost of control. The cheerful youngest member of the Spirit Defense Force, a part of the mischievous trio, the nominated future Chief, the harbinger of end to Takamidget Era, resigned herself from the club. it worsened after the Immortal Mariko-sama was accidentally killed when trying to calm the young silver mage.

Very much after that, the secret club went to disbandment. Afraid of their future. Yet, Fate threw another set of its jokes. Mayuyu, of all people had persuaded the members to unite and begged them to save Jurina's awful state. By that time 13% of the world had went ashtray because of Ragnarok's wrath.

"There exist XXX cure Ragnarok's host. One XXX find new host, the other XXX spirit materialization ritual XXX"
and the rest of the book were scratched off.

With that knowledge in mind, hope emerged within the group until the very end, at least for, Mayuyu until she witnessed the impaled silver in front of her. The pain that she felt was unbearable that she couldn't stop crying—She had performed the spirit materialization ritual which ended up in failure. Akigori, on her weakened state, could only rest her back on a wall, she had lost a lot of mana as well as blood—and she definitely lost the hope to have hope again. Yuko, despite her devastated state had tried to hold down Takamina from her loose rage, the chief were shouting curses as she destroyed the infinite-growing silver pikes.

And Yukirin, she was dead silent. So silent that she couldn't even react. In her head, a lot of calculations stormed her mind. One year and 4 months researching the ancient book of Ragnarok with Rena and Mayuyu, 'was it really never enough? What went wrong? Which ritual went misinterpreted?' The black mage of the Kashiwagi lineage secretly wished for more time, that was when her eyes fell on Rena. "Ah!"

"I refuse," Rena began curling her fists so hard that her nails dig blood from her palm. Everyone was startled by her statement as she continues, "I refused to be played by fate. I have enough!!!" with her last remaining strength, golden blinding light emitted from her as she went into her God Mode transformation. "From this time forward, I, Matsui Rena from the sage of time lineage, declared war against fate! and I would defeat fate. I WILL save Jurina by any means possible." with that, she ripped the time dimension gate and flew into it, leaving the devastated world behind her. over. and over and over again.



"OI FRESHWOMAN!" It was Shinoda calling across the empty soccer field, she ran closer into the junior she just called, "Matsui Rena-chan, nee? Yoroshiku! I'm Shinoda Mariko," The white werewolf chuckled seeing her underclassmen fidget, she was clearly uncomfortable by Mariko's presence. The wolf just sighed then grinned, she really couldn't do much towards rumors about her spreading out. In fact she was somewhat amused by them, although her cool title of immortality what trouble d her so much. A lot of beings just irresponsibly threw letters of challenges to her (of which she can't really refuse since she has the love for fight and adrenaline rush).

Despite the rumor that she heard plus her habit to just ignore crappy rumor, Rena felt tremendous sense of insecurity around her senior, "Y-y *cough* Yoroshiku, Shinoda-senpai," Rena coughed at her stutter and greeted the rumored immortal back.

And Mariko found it very cute and began pinching the junior's cheek, "Kawaii! I'd wrap you in ribbon and took you home for my room's decor, Rena-chan!"

The time sage descendant however, didn't find the skinship pleasant. She lightly—yet firmly—rejected the pair of hands on her cheek. Rena was completely forgotten about the dread she felt earlier and had slapped the hands away.

Mariko's eyes went wide. Her surprise quickly turned into amusement though—no one has dared to reject her so quickly on her first meeting.

On the other hand, Rena tried to kept her face stoic and unimpressed. She had been screaming internally inside, readying herself for instant brawl if the immortal werewolf in front of her decided to attack.

Seeing through the junior's act, Mariko just laughed hard. 'Man! Junior kids this year is full of surprises!' she thought. She then reached Rena's head for a pat, "I heard that, you are the next successor sage of time right? Tell me, Rena-chan, will you surrender to fate when the time has come for you?"


To be continued

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