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Title: Love is Serious, When War is Involved | Ch.14 + Poster (12/3/17)
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Love is Serious, When War is Involved


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Hello!  :kekeke:

This time Me (Tama), Michael (@MayukiIsLife) and Ruka (@Ruka Kikuchi) decided to collaborate.  :whistle: :whistle:
We are really excited with this theme, we hope that you'll enjoy it as much as we do  XD XD  :byebye: :byebye:

I'll use this first post as an index making it easier to locate the next update
Ps. Since now, I'm working on this fic alone.
Cause my friend get busy, and I'd love to finish what i've started.
I'll try my best to write and develop this story. :)

Title: Re: Love is Serious, When War is Involved | Multi Pairing | Prologue (12/3/16/)
Post by: genkingblack on March 12, 2016, 11:17:50 AM

Deep within our world, is a secret one, one filled with various supernatural creatures. However, when the rivalry between the werewolves and vampires gets out of hand, it’s the royal’s job to sort it right..?

Deep within werewolf territory, there were three boys. One of the was hidden in the background, whilst the other two were talking to each other.   

“Jurina, come on, be reasonable here,” one of the two boys said, “It’s vampire territory, if you get spotted, you’ll be killed for sure!”

“Meh, he’s been there many times,” the hidden boy said, “You know I can sense it… Sae.”

“Airin’s right,” the second boy, named Jurina, excitedly said, “I’m sure my cloaking ability will work!”

“But, Jurina, Airi…” the first boy, Sae said, timidly, “I-I’m just worried…”

“You know, Sae… I never really understood why people say I’m the competent leader…” Airi said, “But… Let Jurina be, he’s young, bold… he’s still in the common phases…. I’ll look after him for a little while.”


Airi was the first to sense something strange.


“What is it?”

“There’s a happy atmosphere over there, for some odd reason…”  Airi said as he was pointing at a particular direction

Jurina didn’t hear his brothers talking and continued forward.

“I guess, we have to gatecrash this little fiasco, huh, Airin…?” Sae asked.


Deep inside vampire territory, there was a girl in the orchard. She was looking not at the flowers and the greenery but at the birds that were perched on the flowers.

“Why… Why are my sisters not looking at the bigger picture…?”

“Chu-chan~” A gentle voice chimed in.


The girl looked at the source of voice and found a familiar face smiling at her.

It was one of her older sisters. She has two older sisters, they are twins. They kinda have same vibe, cliche type of princesses in fairy tale. The three of them is the princesses from Kashiwagi clan, one of the high-class vampires clan. The shorter girl was the youngest one, her name is Kashiwagi Akane. But both of her sisters call her Churi/Chu-chan. The one who stood behind her is the one of the older ones, Kashiwagi Rena.


“What are you doing? You had that distant look like something’s on your mind,” Rena said as she walked over to her dear sister.

“N-Nothing, I’m fine…”

“It’s not another one of your phases, is it? Have you been taking the medicine?”

“I have, Rena-nee” She stopped for a while, trying to pick the right word before continuing, “and you know what,  it’s not a phase.”

“Then, what is it?”

Churi forgot Rena is the type who can see through her lies. She could lie to the others, but not with Rena.

“It’s really nothing… I was just overthinking...” As her eyes were roaming all over the place but Rena

“Oh… Are you sure…?”

Here it goes, Rena’s smirk. Churi need to think fast, how to escape from this topic

“Yeah. Don’t worry, though,” she said with convince-able tone as possible, reassuring the latter.

Rena was still worried for the younger sister, however, as she saw worry still clouding her eyes.

“Ah, I know,” Rena then smiled when an idea crossed her mind. “Me and Yuki-chan are going out for a special banquet tonight.”

Akane’s eyes widened a bit. “..Banquet, as in..?” Akane emphasized the last part, as if indicating something

“Would you like to come with us? Leaving the mansion may clear your head. Besides, you’ve never been to one, right? A real banquet.”

Rena eyes beamed in excitement, imagine how fun the banquet will. The banquet was referring to a private party for high-class vampire clans. Tonight the host of banquet will be the Kashiwagis. There will be feast, sometimes vampires use this chance to get to know other family. Choosing your future partner, it will determine how strong and wealthy your family is. Akane is the only one who haven’t join the banquet yet, because she just turned 18 last week. While her twins sisters already had their first last year.


“Then join us..! You might be able to find a mate, too.”

Akane felt her heart skip a beat at the word “mate”. Being the youngest, she had yet to experience such events. Thoughts of actually doing such things made her all nervous and fidgety.

“Have you met one, Rena-nee?”

“Hmm… No one catch my eyes” She shook her head in disagree.

Akane haven’t thinking about find a mate, yet. However, Akane did agree on the notion that getting out may clear her mind. She took in a deep breath and sighed.

“S-Sign me up.”

Title: Re: Love is Serious, When War is Involved | Multi Pairing | Prologue (12/3/16/)
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Oh! Werewolf and vampire?! :ding:
Looking forward for the next chapter! :byebye:
Title: Re: Love is Serious, When War is Involved | Multi Pairing | Prologue (12/3/16/)
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Imma all in tho it kinda sad cause i
smell my brother pairing..=='
Title: Re: Love is Serious, When War is Involved | Multi Pairing | Prologue (12/3/16/)
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Oh! Werewolf and vampire?! :ding:
Looking forward for the next chapter! :byebye:
Yap, this time i take this as a challenge for me to write Dark theme  :kekeke: :kekeke:
and michael suggest to do Vampires and Werewolves one!  :onionwhip: :onionwhip:

You dont have to wait that long! The chapter 1 is here  :on gay: :on gay:

Imma all in tho it kinda sad cause i
smell my brother pairing..=='

Lol :3

You know me so well sis~  :luvluv2: :luvluv2:
Title: Re: Love is Serious, When War is Involved | Multi Pairing | Chapter 1 (13/3/16/)
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Chapter 1

“You know what to do, right, Chu-chan?”

There were two girls talked while facing the big mirror. The taller one is standing up, while other was sat on a stools. There were plenty of make-up kits on the dresser, such as make-up powder, blush on, lipstick, keep in mind though I mentioned it as types. There were at least 20 colors of lipstick, 30 blush ones and many more.They were getting ready for the banquet.

“I think so…” Akane thought about it as Rena brushed out her hair. “First.. I’ve got to act courteous and polite towards the guests.”

“Right.”  She nodded in agreeing

“Second of all, I have to talk with my suitors… Third, I.. erm….” She tried to remember, but she couldn’t

“You must make sure you have your corners checked.” Rena finally help her sister completing the sentence for her.

“H-Huh…?” Akane tilted her, bit lost about the things Rena just said

“We’ve had instances where werewolves have attacked us in past banquets. You must always be very cautious of your surroundings, got it?” She held Akane’s shoulder from behind, she trying to express her seriousness, especially this particular topic..

“Okay.” Akane understood, and put one of her hand over Rena’s. Stroke it a bit, trying to ease her older sister.


“Next.. I do not partake in food until given permission.”

Rena smiling in satisfaction, because of she’s happy with Akane’s answer and seeing her work on Akane’s hair, it looks good.

“Right, now go put your dress on.” Rena handed her younger sister the folded dress. “You’ll look absolutely gorgeous.”

“Thank you…” Akane took the dress handed to her.   

She headed into the other room to change. While Rena waited outside, a knock was heard at the door.

“Come in.”

“Ah, Rena,” another girl walked in, “Has Akane gotten ready yet?”

Yap, finally. She is Yuki, the eldest of the three princesses. The next heir in vampire clan. She just showing up now, because she was busy doing protocol for banquets, trying to help the servants, reminding them of what they have to do.

As the heir, her job was tough. She didn’t have time to play when she was younger, because when her sister busy playing, she was taught by their father, how to become a great leader for their clan.

“Almost. She’s changing now.” Rena said, “Also, Yuki-chan, you look beautiful.”

“Why thank you, Rena-chan,” Yuki smiled at her sister. She looked at her reflection in Rena’s mirror. “Black has always been my color, don’t you think?” She did a turn, want to look a whole angle her dress.

“That’s always been true, my dearest sister.”

“On other hand, red really suits you, as well, Rena-chan,” Yuki said as she turned to admire her little sister. “You look like a living doll.”

“Well,” Rena started blushing, “If you say so, Yuki-chan…”

They started let out a giggled together, they had always love playing in role, and when Yuki did that, Rena always played along with Yuki as she knew what is on Yuki’s mind. Afterall, they are twins for a reason. Before their laugh become louder, just then, the door opened and Akane stepped out in the purple dress Rena had given her.


The youngest look happy meet Yuki. she ran into Yuki’s side, gave her a warm hug. Yuki didn’t utter a single word, she just patted Akane’s back in soothing. She always love spoiling her youngest sister, it also gave her happiness, how to feel like home. Akane always succeed in making her remember, how it was like to be just Yuki as older sister not Yuki as the heiress. As they thought enough, Akane was the first one broke the hug.

“H-How do I look?” Akane asked spinning her body,

“Hmm… you look……” Yuki furrowed her eyebrows, looking somewhat dissatisfied, when Akane looked down, then Yuki continued “..Lovely!!” As Yuki once again pulled her into hug. For a second Akane really thought that her dress look awful, she did have doubt actually, not forget her sister’s reaction was so REAL.

“Absolutely gorgeous.”  Rena added the compliment

“Do you think.. they’ll like it? I mean.. They’re some of the most highest ranking vampires.”

“Yuki-sama, Rena-sama, Akane-sama” A voice called out from outside.

“Come in, Rion.” The middle child answered

The door opened and a young girl with short black hair stepped in. Her eyes widened when she saw how elegantly dressed they were.

“Oh, my.. How beautiful. I forgot, there was a banquet tonight, correct? Forgive me for intruding.” Rion’s jaw dropped, looking the three princess look fabulous. But soon turned into deep bowed for her intrusion

“It’s okay, Rion-chan,” Rena said. “Is something the matter?”

“I was given word that guests were starting to come, if you are all ready.”

“Right,” Yuki said. “Let’s go then.”

Meanwhile, Jurina was trekking whilst Sae and Airi were following behind him.. Jurina’s stomach was growling and Airi rolled his eyes as he took out his backpack to see if he had anything for him.

“Mou, Jurina, you have to be more prepared,” Sae complained.

“Luckily I’ve got some spare bread in my backpack,” Airi said, whilst giving some of his bread to Jurina.

“I don’t need that,” Jurina said. “I’ll have plenty to eat soon.”

The boy sniffed the air and caught a whiff of something delicious. The smell of meat, fresh in the air.

“There’s a feast tonight. Oh, how I’d love to partake.”

“Jurina, you know that if someone else is having a feast, we can’t interfere with their meal,” Sae informed.


“I’m going to have to agree with Jurina on this one,” Airi then spoke, “Let’s be honest, they’re most likely going to vampires and we all hate vampires… So come on, it seems like it’s worth it.”

“The fact that they are vampires is what makes it dangerous,” Sae retorted.

“So…? It’s our chance to get revenge!” Airi exclaimed.

Sae became startled, as Airi wasn’t normally like this, but he just shrugged it off.

“Jurina, keep sniffing out for the location,” Airi ordered, giving a stern look on his face, “I want some bloodshed tonight.”

“But, be reasonable, Airi…!” Sae tried to counteract Airi’s reasoning, “You could die, for crying out loud!”

“I don’t care...”

Airi kept walking with Jurina whilst Sae just stood there.

“I think I see it,” Jurina said. “Up ahead.”

In the distance, the boys could see some lights coming from a huge mansion. Jurina licked his lips in anticipation.

“Time to have my feast…” Jurina said before running and turning into a wolf.

“Might as well follow him,” Airi said, following Jurina’s lead.

Sae sighed. “You know what, I’m staying here.”

“Tsk.. Chicken.” Jurina stick out his tongue out, mocking the middle one.

“I’m NOT. I just don’t want get into trouble. Father will get mad for sure.” As he said this, Sae tried to convince his brothers.

Sae look at Jurina who didn’t move, then he move his eyes to Airi’s, his last chance to prevent this prank that went too far.

“Let’s go Jurina..”

Sae knew he failed, there was no point to argue with those two. He just keep his fingers cross, that his brother won’t do something bad.

To Be Continue
Title: Re: Love is Serious, When War is Involved | Multi Pairing | Chapter 1 (13/3/16/)
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Ohhoo! Vampire and werewolf always hate each other
I wonder what will happen in next chapter..
Thanks for updating!!  :twothumbs  :twothumbs
Title: Re: Love is Serious, When War is Involved | Multi Pairing | Chapter 1 (13/3/16/)
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Ohhoo! Vampire and werewolf always hate each other
I wonder what will happen in next chapter..
Thanks for updating!!  :twothumbs  :twothumbs

Yap like in every vampire stories there will always werewolves  :kekeke:
Soon you'll find out

Thank you for kind enough to left comment, I noticed that you read most of my fic :3
Mybe its not the right place to say this, I'll write brave enough after this  :whistle: :whistle:

Thank you for silentreader, yap this is the next chapter, enjoy~  :onionwhip: :onionwhip: :onionwhip:
Title: Re: Love is Serious, When War is Involved | Multi Pairing | Chapter 2 (15/3/16/)
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Chapter 2

Back at the vampire’s mansion, the party was just starting. Akane looked around her and there was so many people. A lot of them belonged to the most prestigious vampire clans. She was alone at the corner, she didn’t know any of them.

She wanted to be her sisters, but she couldn’t. As Yuki was busy talking with each leader of other clan, while Rena trying to be nice to the younger one. Now she cursed herself for agreeing to join them in the banquet.

Just then, the doors opened and two young men she had never seen before walked into the mansion. The guests were staring at them as they walked around like they were the main event, eyeing some of the guests.

“My, my, this is quite the get together,” Jurina smirked. Then he saw the food, being lined row by row, and his stomach started growling more. Drool started forming in his mouth as he licked his lips. “What a spread…”

“Go indulge yourself, little brother,” Airi said, “I’m going to scour around.”

“Right,” Jurina said, whilst still glancing at the food, “Be safe out there.”

He quickly went over and started eyeing every treat that was set out. He found rows of meat, and all sorts of other food. He hovered over the meat and when no one was looking, started munching on all of it. It was so delicious in his mouth, he never tasted such high quality, tender meat.

“Hey, what are you doing?” A voice rose as he saw a young woman in a red dress walking towards him. This, of course, was Rena. “Why are you eating all the meat?”

Jurina didn’t answer as he found himself entranced by the girl in front of him.

“Answer me,” Rena said.

Jurina gulped down all the meat and kept staring. “My… you’re one foxy lady.”

Rena felt her cheeks blush a bit. “E-excuse me?!”

“Of course, someone who is as beautiful as you, has such a personality~”

Jurina walked closer towards the girl, causing Rena to step back. But he kept pressing forward, smirking whilst eyeing her body once more.

“You look so lovely in that dress… but I’d bet you’d look better out of it,” Jurina grinned.

“H-how vulgar!” Rena said, covering her chest as the boy was staring.

“Do you have sisters,” Jurina winked at her, whilst asking, “I have brothers. I bet if you had sisters, they’d love to hook up.”

“N-No…! I’m not letting you t-touch them…!”

“Then, does that mean~...” Rena was pushed against a wall and Jurina’s hands started to roam the girl’s body, “I can have you all to myself?”

“N-no.. please…”

“I’m gonna have so much fun with you tonight, princess,” Jurina leaned in closer, about to kiss the vampire girl.

Rena gathered up her courage, raising her hand slapped the rude werewolf “Stay a-away…!”

“My, my, I like you even more~” Jurina said before making a bold move and swiftly stealing a kiss from Rena’s cheek.

Rena blushed a bright red. That was her first, she always been taught that girls shouldn’t be careless, which she was. Jurina gave her one more wink before walking away.

“Akane… I hope you’re okay…” Rena thought.

Meanwhile, Akane was confused on what was happening. She thought that this is what Rena meant by ‘checking her corners’.

“Tsk, you seem cute. But too bad you’re a vampire,” a young boy said, as he looked towards her.

“W-what do you want?”

She looked him in the eyes, very suspiciously, before widening them in pain.

“N-Not n-now…!” She thought.

Soon her surrounding became blurry and she started seeing things she might’ve not have in reality. Finally losing her consciousness, her body started falling forward, but not completely, if it wasn’t for Airi being there.

“Oy- wake up!” Airi tried to wake her up by shaking her shoulder before analysing the situation, “This vampire must be like Jurina… Still in her adolescence.”

“Now what am I going to do with her..”

Outside Kashiwagi’s mansion

“Where are they?”

Sae walked back and forth, while waiting his brothers, now he regretted his decision not going. He knew that something happened, but not sure what was it. He really was torn in whether he should come to them, or wait a little while longer. Then he sensed someone’s coming, strange. It was not the sound of two people, just one.


He saw a girl with black dress, her fair skin and the color black really suit each other. Then he began to see her, moving her neck in right and left, or stretching other part of her body.

“How cute.” Sae thought

The girl stared up at the moon and wondered about something.

“What is in her head? She look so sad”

She gave out a soft sigh and finally speak out her mind
“I wonder, what really is the meaning behind this rivalry…? Why can’t we live without fighting with werewolves..?” She stopped for a while.

“I WANT TO BE A NORMAL VAMPIRE” She screamed out of  her lungs.

No one knew, but Yuki longed for a normal life. Like ever since she could remember, she was always studying about her heritage, history, how to be a great heir someday, just because she is the eldest daughter. When she was younger, she used to envy how her sisters could play in backyard while she had to read a dozen books. It was easier for Rena instead, her twin sister is somewhat suited to be the heiress instead of her. Rena has always loved learning, great at everything, and many more. Sometime she wished that Rena was the first daughter.

“Like it would be happen, Yuki,” she talk to herself.

“Of course you can,” Someone’s voice echoed from the dark.

“W-Who is that?” She trying to accumulate her power, just in case that something bad will happen.

“Wow wow, I mean no harm, see,”  as someone finally came out behind the tree, while raising his hands in the air.

“Now speak! Who are you?” Yuki was not planning to drop her guard.

“T-The name’s Sae…! I was just here… I mean no harm!”

“Sae, come out into the light so I may see you.”

Sae came out from hiding, until the moonlight illuminate clearly the young werewolve. He is the tallest among his brothers, his tanned skin come from his mother, while Airin and Jurina is more white. The first thing Yuki do is smell the fragrance, she could tell if the boy is from werewolves, the nemesis of her family. Thanks to Sae ability, he could easily disguise his smell to Human one.

“So, what are you doing here?” The heiress started to interrogate the latter

“I would like to ask the same then.”

“Do you realized that you are in vampire territory now?”

“Y-yeah.. Kinda..”

“Do you know who I am?”

“If I’m not mishearing anything, you are a vampire”

Little did they knew, Sae didn’t know about real identity of Yuki, vice versa. Sae knew if vampire throw a banquet there will be vampire family gathered, but he didn’t know that he is talking to the heiress of the Kashiwagi family. Whilst Yuki thought Sae was merely human, so she just amazed how humans could trespass in her territory.

“Aren’t you afraid of me?”

“Are you gonna bite me?”

Yuki finally let her guard down, by letting out soft giggles. Of course vampire drink human blood, but not anymore. The Kashiwagi relieve their thirst by drinking animal’s blood. Of course they are different like human, so does the effect. When you drink human blood, your power is tripled. But still as the royals from Kashiwagi family, she had enough power to destroy a whole village with just one hand.

“You’re cute,” Sae said, smirking.

“If you think that flattery will get you out of this, you’re wrong.”

“No, I’m not. You are cute, period.” Sae still smiling

Yuki didn’t expect his answer, Sae saw a shade of crimson gradually appeared in the vampire girl’s cheeks

“See, how could you think, you’re not cute?”

Sae isn’t the type who lies, he was just honest, sometimes too much. The heiress’s face couldn’t be more redder anymore, since she could sense from Sae’s heartbeat, she knew the boy isn’t lying. That’s what made her, blush even more.

“S-Stop it. Y-You should see my sisters….”

“Your sisters?” Sae tilted his head, didn’t understand

“Y-Yeah, you might change your mind if you see them….”

“Do you wish for me to change my mind?”

“NO!, Ah I mean I don’t know. Aaah what am I saying…?” She covered her face with her hands, she didn’t want to see the boy’s face

“He must be laughing at me.”

Then nothing came from his mouth. So slowly she removed her hands, just want to see the boy face, yes he still smiling, like a fool.

“Hey, you said you have sisters, right?”

Yuki nodded, “But what does it have to do with anything?”

Sae smiled, looking Yuki in the eyes, “I have two brothers, who they could get along with.”

“I’m bit lost here..”

“My point is….” As Sae closing their gap, by walking step by step towards the heiress. When their face just by inches “While my brothers get along with your sisters…”

“A-and?” Realizing their face are so close, her body began to fidget uncomfortably with the distance

“You and I…”


Sae didn’t continue, but leaning forward to her pink flesh. Yuki panic, as she shut her eyes immediately.

Sae had no intention to kiss her, but he felt that this was the key moment. When he was about to pressed his lips against hers, Then the sound of broken glass came from the mansion behind them, there were two figures that came out. Yuki’s eyes widened, still figuring what’s going on inside mansion

“SAE! Let’s go!” As Sae looked behind him one of them yelled, it was Jurina..

“Come on, Sae!” Airi said, panicking.

“I guess I have to go now,” Sae said, “But, tell me what is your name?”


“Yuki... What a beautiful name, it means snow… Am I correct?”

“Yes, Yuki as in snow.”

“Sae! Hurry up!” The youngest wolf shouted, searching for his brother.

Sae took Yuki’s hand, his eyes were fixed on hers; planted a kiss on it.

“I guess this is farewell, for now,” Sae said, as he started standing up and running to his brothers.

She looked at Sae’s back until he disappeared in the woods. The back of her hand was still warm, the feeling of his lips was still there.

“Be safe out there… Sae…”

To Be Continue
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Awwwwww, that so cute *doki2* update soon chick  :bow:
Title: Re: Love is Serious, When War is Involved | Multi Pairing | Chapter 2 (15/3/16/)
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Aw.. Wmatsui's so cute ~
Title: Re: Love is Serious, When War is Involved | Multi Pairing | Chapter 2 (15/3/16/)
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Awwwwww, that so cute *doki2* update soon chick  :bow:
un, we made this also doki doki suru yo :3

Aw.. Wmatsui's so cute ~
Wmatsui part actually will getting better :3

Thank you for kind enough to leave comment here ,  :luvluv2: :luvluv2:
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Chapter 3

As he caught up to his brothers, Sae noticed that there was a concerned look on Airi’s face. Not only that, but Jurina also had a very pleased look and a wide grin on his face.

“What happened with you two?” He asked.

“N-Nothing…” Airi responded, “Besides… I wanna know what happened with you…”


“Yeah. Did you meet a girl, nii-san~?” Jurina asked while still smiling like an idiot.

“I can ask the same for you, Jurina,” Sae pointed out, “You look like a total idiot.”

Since earlier a smile was plastered onto Jurina’s face, like Sae said he look like an idiot


“So? What happened while we were inside?” Airi said in a curious tone.

“Well… There was a girl…”

“I knew it!” Jurina got excited. “Tell me everything about her!”

“H-her name is Yuki, like snow.. She’s very beautiful… But...”


“She is a vampire.. And she thinks I’m human…”

“Ah~ star-crossed lovers like Romeo and Juliet, huh?” Airi shrugged his shoulder, a bit teasing his brother

“Well, that may as well be the case for me, too~” Jurina said before chuckling. “I also met a pretty vampire. And she was one feisty lady.”

Sae then glared. “Jurina, what did you do?”

“Nothing… much...” Jurina threw his eyes on something else, afraid of Sae’s menacing glare.

“Am I the only one who did not partake in such… Interactive activities?” Airi asked.

“You too met a girl, Airi! Don’t lie to me!” The youngest of three retorted on his brother’s line.

“I didn’t do anything to her, you idiot!”

“But I saw you touching her..!”

“She passed out, dammit!”

“Hah? What did you do to her, Airi?” Finally the taller one butted in to the topic.

“I just looked her in the eyes and she collapsed…! I didn’t do anything else but to try and wake her up!” Airi desperately told the story to his brothers, in the shortest way he could.

“You’re lucky, Airi, I seem to trust you slightly more than I do with Jurina,” Sae pointed out.

“I saw you kissing that vampire, Jurina. For God’s sake, I thought we were just having a feast not getting into mating season.” Airi pointed out, rolling his eyes.

This time Jurina was offended, “H-Hey…! I did eat the food there… She was also standing there… I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.”

“Opportunity for what? Mating?” Airi kept pushing Jurina.

“Y-You..!” Jurina raised his hand, wanting to punch Airi in the face.

“O-Oi! You two! Stop!” Sae swiftly move in between those two “”We better go home now, I’m afraid, father already knew about what you two did.”


Once they arrived home, a figure stood in front of them. They panted as they looked up, to see their father.

“Sae, leave. Jurina, Airi, come with me,” he said.

“Y-Yes, father,” the three of them said, with Sae walking away from the other two.

Once Sae seemed like he was out of earshot, he ran to the office where he saw the door closed.


“You two should know what to do and what not to do..! Especially you, Airi…! You’re the one who’s going to lead, when I’m no longer here, yet you.....!”

Their father massage his temple, he just can’t believe it. Out of all of his sons, Airi, his eldest son, would do something reckless like that.

“And you Jurina! How many times do I have to remind you, stop act like a barbarian..?!”


Sae understood what his father was telling them. Since Airi was the oldest, he was the heir to the kingdom when their father died; Jurina was always reckless and careless.

Since their mother already passed away when Jurina was little, so Airi and Sae just let him do whatever he wanted. Maybe Sae now knew that Jurina was a bit out of control, he was always causing trouble and their father is began losing his patience.

“That is why people always look down on us werewolves, because of what you two do…! Do you know what your reckless actions could cost us?!”


“Answer me!”

“T-There w-will be war between the clans...”
The eldest one spoke, stuttering.

That was what Sae, and his father, were afraid of. War was inevitable, but, the werewolves were being cautious about the true power of the vampires. The ancestors from both the werewolves and vampires did make a pact. They aren’t allowed to cross the borders to each other’s kingdoms, if not… bad consequences will occur. If those things happen, there will be so much bloodshed either from both sides.

“I’m afraid, I have to punish you two.”

“I’ll take full responsibility, father.”
Airi said as took one step ahead, kneeling in front of their father.

“No! Punish me father, it was me the one who had the idea…!” Jurina abruptly knelt down, lowering his head as low as he could.

Sae, who was listening into the conversation, was confused. It was the first time, he heard his father yelling in a cold-hearted tone. Perhaps his brothers were going too far this time.

“Good Airi, that is how you should behave.. When your people are making mistakes, you will take the blame as well.”

“Right… I’ll take any punishment, Father..”

Jurina knew their father isn’t changing his mind after making his decision. He’s somewhat feeling so guilty, he’s refrained himself from talking. Because the more he talks back at his father, the heavier punishment Airi will take. He clenched his fist, just looking down.

“Now, Airi. As you’re the eldest and the next in line for the throne, your punishment is to, go back to the vampire kingdom and apologise.”


Both of them immediately turned their eyes to their father’s. There is no way Airi could go alone to the vampire’s territory, not after what they did. Airi knew as well about that, but if he refused this punishment,  the werewolves clan were in danger… a lot of danger…

“Right… I’ll be off, father.”

“You two are dismissed.”

Sae heard everything, just waiting in front of the door. He had an idea to persuade his father, but threw it away because he knew his father was right. The sound of the door opening from the office, brought him back from deep thought. He rushed to his brothers side, wondering what would Airi do next.

“What are you gonna do, Airi?”

“The best thing I could do is to obey father.”

Airi started to walked away, but a tugging from his shirt stopped him. The youngest clenched the tip of Airi’s shirt, looking down, his face was covered with the shoulder-length hair of his.

“I-I’m s-sorry, nii-chan...”


“I-It was… my fault….” He burst into tears, started sobbing, his shoulders began move up and down.

Airi should have known that, the youngest is still a child on the inside. He forgot the time when Jurina start to call him “nii-chan” was when Jurina always in trouble. Although Sae never call him “nii-chan” because they were only a year apart, but Sae always showed how much he respects him as an elder.

“Awww Jurina…” Airi start to pat the youngest’s head, trying to calm him down “You know that, I’m never going to get mad at you, no matter what.”


“Now, I better go, you two take care while I go.”

When Jurina wanted talk even more, there is someone coming from hallway.

“Nao!!  Right here!!”

Sae began waving his hands furiously to the person named Nao. He is Furuhata Nao, one of hybrids within the two kingdoms, but he’s one of the ones who have taken sides. He looks much younger on the outside, but his real age was unknown even to the three princes.

“Don’t tell me you got into trouble again??” As Nao said this, he pointed out to Sae.

“Not me, but the other two...yeah… It’s complicated but not complicated at the same time…”

“Not with complex words please,” Nao said, standing beside Sae.

“Basically, it’s a long story but not a long story at the same time.”

“What’s the story then?” Nao crossed his arms, waiting for the answer.

“We basically bombarded a vampire banquet and then yeah… We kinda met three girls too…” Jurina said.

“Just two!! I met the other outside banquet..” Sae retorted at youngest’s line.

“I have nothing to do with that girl, I just help her” This time the eldest spoke up

Nao shook his head in disbelieve, “So basically, you and Jurina hooked up with two girls whilst Airi helped a girl?”

“N-No..! I’m didn’t join them  with barging into the banquet. I stayed outside, then some girl named Yuki was screaming about her life…!” Sae tried to convince the hybrid.

“Yuki..? As in…?” Nao tried to see if he knew anyone named Yuki, until, “Wait… Did you know which family she is?”

“I dunno, but I think she must be from a high-class clan of vampires, since as we know only prestigious families who go to banquets are invited to them...”

“The only clan I know with a member named Yuki are the Kashiwagi family…”

“So, what’s the fuss about that?” Sae shrugged his shoulders.

“The Kashiwagi family are the highest ranking vampire clan. They have three daughters…! You do realise, you could get killed if you ever trespass their territory, or, if you ever get them angry!”

Now the princes’ gasped how bad the situation is, Nao will never get angry no matter what the situation was. Seeing him become so mad, no wonder their father was that mad about it.

“Three daughters… C-Crap…!”

“What is it, Sae?”

“Yuki said she has sisters… Now I know… it’s the Kashiwagi Family we’re talking about…”

“W-What if…” Jurina was stunned, “W-When, Airi-nii goes there…”

“He’ll be hung for sure!”

“No, he might not be,” Nao said, “One of them is known to be against the rivalry.”

“Do you know the other two’s names, Nao?”

“If I’m not mistaken, the eldest is Yuki, her twin and the middle daughter’s name is Rena… and the youngest daughter’s name is Akane… Her birthday was not that long ago.. So...”


“She’s still like Jurina… She’s still in the phases… but… her emotional instability is quite high…”

“So.. the one I helped was the youngest..”

“That means…..” As three of them turned their eyes to Jurina.

“I’m SO dead….” Jurina dropped, his body turned into jelly.

“Oh, my God… Jurina…” Nao’s face turned pale “Don’t tell me….”

“I-I stole the middle d-daughter’s… first kiss… I think…”

“Jesus Christ!!!” Sae facepalmed.

“You what??” Now Airi knew, he had to go quick, “You ****ed up big time, Jurina! I-I’m gonna go before anything escalates…!”

Airi walked away, before he could hear anything else.

“Nao, go out into the town, see if you can scout out anyone suspicious.”

“Roger that, Sae.”

To Be Continue
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OMG ! that drama and their father.........  :cry:
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And the werewolf always fall for vampire :on cigar:
:hiakhiakhiak: That's what you get for stealing rena's first kiss :on lol:
They're in a big trouble, really BIG trouble
Oh.. Yuki already like sae, love at the first sight do exist huh?
Can i have an update for brave enough? :hee:
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OMG ! that drama and their father.........  :cry:
drama has not begin yet   :kekeke:
And the werewolf always fall for vampire :on cigar:
:hiakhiakhiak: That's what you get for stealing rena's first kiss :on lol:
They're in a big trouble, really BIG trouble
Oh.. Yuki already like sae, love at the first sight do exist huh?
Can i have an update for brave enough? :hee:
Yap, Jurina will find out later about Rena~ :3
Maybe its not love yet, but attraction maybe the right word to describe SaeYuki :3 who's not gonna fall with our ikemen  :shifty:

Yap! I did update brave enough, have you check it out?
maybe i'll update in the next day~ thank you for reminding me as you're waiting for that  :hee:
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Chapter 4

“God… God… What’s going on…” Rena was walking back and forth, panicking.

Yuki and Akane were no-where in sight. She was confused and really raging on the inside.


Yuki finally showed up, running towards her twin.

“Yuki-chan! Where have you been?!”

“I was just outside. Then I heard, glass breaking and some intruders came out from our mansion...Where’s Churi?”

“... help…! I-It… hurts…”

Yuki and Rena heard someone from the corner of the main room. They looked behind them, and saw Akane laying on the ground in pain.

“Churi!!!” The twins rushed over.



Akane writhed in pain, she had constant visions, but nothing this bad.

Strange, when the moment she locked her eyes with that werewolf’s, she had this unknown feeling, and then straight up pain kicked up from her head. That’s why she passed out. But after waking up, she still felt the pain but not that much.

Although she always had her medicine when she was meant to, it seemed that her ‘phases’ had gotten worse.

“Churi, are you okay?” The young heiress began to ask her youngest sister questions.

“Y-Yeah...but still dizzy..”

“What did they do to you, Chu-chan?” Concern was all written on Rena’s face

“I don’t know..Rena-nee, but I think he wasn’t doing anything…”

“What about you Rena-chan? Are you hurt anywhere?” Yuki forgot that Rena is one of the
ones in there at the time.

“Y-Yeah.. What about yourself, Rena-nee? I kinda remember that you were being held by the other one.”

This conversation made her remember again.. About the rude and barbaric werewolf..Then the kiss came into her mind, she remember clearly about how the kiss made her feel weird on the inside.

“Rena-chan? Are you okay? You look red?”

“I-I’m f-fine, Yuki-chan… seriously.”

Yuki knew there is something, they aren’t twins for no reason. But the main priority is her youngest one. Yuki always had a soft spot for the youngest, because her body is kinda weak from their childhood. When she was tired with learning all of her duties, Churi was the one who would cheer her up. Yuki loved her smile, her bright personality, just everything about Akane made Yuki love her dearly.

“If you say so, let’s bring Churi back to her room.”

Yuki and Rena tried to support Akane as the three of them made their way to her room. Akane lied on her bed, while the other two stay on the side of the bed.

“Try to sleep, Churi...You need it..”

“No…” Akane said, shaking her head, “I need to figure something out…”

“Yuki-chan is right, Chu-chan, especially after that episode.”

Akane knew that she’ll never find out with her older sisters watching her. So she had to come up with something. Then their moment interrupted by the sound of a knock on the door

“Forgive my rudeness, Yuki-sama, Rena-sama, Akane-sama…” Rion said, peeking through the door.

“It’s okay, Rion, what’s the matter?” Yuki motion her to come closer

“Oh my! What happened to you, Akane-sama?” Rion realized that the youngest looked weak.

“I’m fine.. Rion..” Akane tried to talk.

“She just tired, Rion. What brought you here?” The middle daughter said

“Ah! Kashiwagi-sama asked me to summon you to the royal chamber.”

“Tell him Akane can’t make it, me and Rena will be there.”

“We are going to meet father, you better rest Churi,” Yuki said, as she emitted black Aura.

“Yes, Yuki-chan is right. Just call Rion if you need help, Chu-chan.”


Akane’s prayers have been answered, as she saw them leave. She got up trying to sit comfortably, Rion hurried towards her.

“W-What are you doing, Akane-sama?”

“I’m trying to.. Get some answers…”

“What answer?” Rion was now sitting at the end of the bed.

“I-I don’t know yet, but I’m sure I’m gonna find it.”

“I hope you’ll find it.” As Rion smiled, she leaving the youngest princess behind.

“We are here, Father…” They bowed towards the man, who looked in the distance.

“My daughters.. Wait, where is your little sister?”

“Akane is resting in her chamber..” Yuki said in a weak tone

“Is she sick?” Their father look concerned about the youngest.

“No, Father. She just needs sleep..” Rena tried to assure their father.

“Rion said that you need to see us, is there any problem, Father?”

Yuki trying to change topic, because if they keep the conversation about Akane, their father will make a fuss over it, Yuki believes that it will make Akane’s condition become worse and worse.

“Yes, I forgot about that. As you may have realised, the werewolves have rampaged our banquet…”

“How dare they trespass our land, Father?” Rena said in dissatisfaction intonation

“.....That’s why…”

“It means WAR toward us, especially the Kashiwagi’s. It was an embarrassment for us, moreover we were the hosts!!.” Rena clenched her teeth

Rena wanted to say more, but a pinch from Yuki made her aware about her rude behavior toward their father.

“I-I’m sorry...Father...I-I just…”

“Please forgive Rena, Father. She just shocked after what happened, she is one of the witnesses.”

“It’s alright Rena, Yuki,” a warm smile drew on his face, then continued, “As I was saying, I was sent a message by the leader of the Furukawa family that he has sent his eldest son to give a formal apology.”


“W-What does that have to w-with us…?”

“Well… This is why I was expecting Akane to be with you two.”

“Akane?” Yuki furrowed her eyebrows

“Yes. You two know how I wanted her to become a messenger.”

“B-But… What does that have to do…?” Rena refrained herself from talking more.

“It’s just to see how she copes with other people.”

Now Yuki got what their father meant. Akane isn’t a sociable person, not because of arrogance. But over-shyness toward the new person, while Rena is outspoken person, who is too friendly with other people. Not forget to mention about what she did to their father, bluntly or angrily.

“Shall I tell her of what you want to do, father?”

“It’s alright Yuki. Let her rest for now..”


“About Furukawa’s son... What are we going to do with him…? I mean… I have a faint feeling he was involved somehow…”

“I know.. But we have to stay least for now..”

“Father is right, Rena. If we do something impulsive, it could start a war.”

Hearing about the word war, brings chill down her spine. Rena knew a bit about the last war between the werewolves and vampires, it was such tragedy. There was no winner, not after a lot of bloodshed, so many lost their family, many children lost parents, wives lost their husbands, etc. If the Kashiwagi family had rejected the Furukawa family’s apology, then there would be controversy behind the reason.

“So, what is our plan?”

“I think it best for us to accept his visit, then we could learn about his motives..”

“As expected the heiress of the Kashiwagi family, I know that I could count on you, Yuki..” he said, smiling at his daugher intelligence.

Again their moment was interrupted by Rion.

“Forgive me, Master. The Furukawa’s son has arrived. He requests to see Akane-sama.”


“Where is he? Let me meet him,” as Rena said this, she walked out of the room and dragged Rion along with her.

“R-Rena! Wait! Geez. that girl..” Yuki sighed as she followed, “Please excuse me, Father.”

“R-Rena-chan! Wait for me!”

“Yuki-chan? You should stay with father.”

“No, I’m staying with you. I don’t want you to add this problem.”

“Mou, I won’t!” Rena crossed her arms, puffing her cheeks “Say, Rion. I need you do something for me..”

“What is it, Rena-sama?”   

“I need you to go disguise and go to the Furukawa’s land. I need to know their real intention..”

“As you wish, Rena-sama..”

“Remember stay low, Rion. I don’t want you to..” Yuki put her hand on Rion’s shoulder

Actually she hated the idea about sending Rion to go far away, moreover it was their nemesis’ territory. But she can’t help it, Rena is known as stubborn one. If she forbade her to do this, perhaps Rena will assign someone in secret. It’s better for her to know the one that they sending over is someone capable.

“Thank you, Yuki-sama,” Their movement stopped when about to reach the entrance of mansion, “There he is..”

Rion pointed at the young man, known to be Furukawa Airi, the eldest of the three sons.

“That’s him!”

“Where is she?!”


“Your little sister..”

“How dare you to ask for my sister?” Rena’s blood boiled, hearing a bold statement a from young werewolf.

“Please, I was there when she collapsed last night…! I need to see and to tend to her!”

“You--” She was about to strangle Airi, if it wasn’t for a familiar voice.

“R-Rena… S-Stop… I need… to speak… to him…”

“Churi!” The twins eyes widened.

Akane who was still in a weak state, dropped to the ground.

“Chu-chan!!” Rena rushed over.

“Furukawa-san, isn’t it? I’m Kashiwagi Yuki. The eldest--”

“Yes, I know. The girl on the floor is the youngest, Akane, isn’t it? And that fiery tempered girl is Rena, am I right?”

“H-How did you know?”

“Forgive my rudeness, I haven’t introduced myself. I’m Furukawa Airi, the eldest son from the Furukawa family,” He bowed in front of the heiress.

“Why do you need to see my youngest sister?”

“Because she needs me.. and I want to help her... Help her rid of her pain...”

After meeting a lot of people due to her duties, she could easily read someone’s body language. But what she saw from Airi was genuine concern, deep inside Yuki was curious about how Airi could find out their names, especially about Akane’s condition. The royal’s health issue is limited for only them and the doctors.

“Alright then..”

“Yuki-chan!” Rena heard and yes she’s not happy about that

Yuki just gave a ‘it-is-okay-just-trust-me-this-time’ look to Rena, she really hope that Rena would understand.

Then Airi made his way towards the youngest princess.

“You better not do something funny.”

If glares could make people die, he was obviously dead for an uncountable number of times.

“How much pain was she in before I came?” He asked.

“I don’t know, but she was slightly better not like the last time”

“I see..”

Airi was torn, because the next thing he do is without a doubt will make the middle princess angry. But if he didn’t do it, he believed that the youngest will suffer even more. So he close his eyes, preparing his neck if the princess tried to strangle him.

He pulled Akane towards him, their lips centimeters away.. Rena, upon seeing the scene was about to burst. He didn’t care, leaned forward toward the warm flesh of Akane.

To Be Continue
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Not a fan of fantasy type fanfic but this got my attention...

Hmmm...well because its saeyuki and vampire stories suites the pairing.... :cool1:

Be waiting for next happenings!!!!

Update soon!!!
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Not a fan of fantasy type fanfic but this got my attention...

Hmmm...well because its saeyuki and vampire stories suites the pairing.... :cool1:

Be waiting for next happenings!!!!

Update soon!!!
I made Yuki as vampire on this fic, since its waaayy to mainstream to make our Sae as Ruka XD

Thank you for nice encouraging comment~ :kekeke:
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Chapter 5

“S-Stop!!” Rena knew what he was going to do, and tried to stop him, but he ignored her plea.

Airi placed his lips onto of her’s, feeling all of her pain, her suffering.

Akane didn’t have any thought of what had just happened, but she had woken up, confused and unknowing of anything.

“Don’t tell her anything, Rena,” Airi warned her.

“Y-You!!” Rena grabbed his collar, “You’d better have a great explanation about this…! Or else…!”

“Rena-nee? What is going on?”

Akane looked confused with the current situation. She knew there is something wrong, Rena isn’t going to be this mad if nothing was wrong.

“Nothing… Chu-chan.. I thought there was something on Furukawa’s shirt..”

“Furukawa?” She looked towards the young man.

“Yes, Churi. This is Furukawa Airi from the Furukawa family.” Yuki introduced him to her.

His face seemed awfully familiar to her, “Wait… I-I recognise you…” Akane closed her mouth with her left hand in disbelief, “Y-You!” She abruptly changed her view to Rena.

Rena understood what Akane was trying to say.

“Can I strangle him now?”

“No,” Yuki said, straightforwardly.

“But, Yuki-chan! He is….”

“I hear you’ve got an apology, Furukawa-san.”

“Yes, but I have to meet Kashiwagi-sama, the head of your family.”

“He sent for us to see to you.”

“If so…” Airi needed to think fast, about how he should begin to apologize, trying to choose the right words before saying anything, “Umm… Y-Yeah…”

“I’m waiting…..” Rena sent her death glare his way.

He began to kneel down in front of the princesses and put his right hand across his chest, “I, Furukawa Airi as the heir of my family, apologise on behalf of my clan, and my brothers for anything we have done to your banquet.”

“Why would you do that? Don’t you know that it’s a sacred banquet for us?” The youngest retort at his apology.

“It genuinely was not my idea… I may be the oldest but my youngest brother had just dragged us along to ransack this banquet, he just wanted the food.”

Rena gritted her teeth, “Y-You…”

Her foot was hovered above his head, angrily, “You dare do that again… I swear… The next time I see you.. This is going to be ten times as hard!”

“Rena!” Yuki quickly pulled Rena away.

“L-Let me go.. Yuki!”

“Remember, our main object is to prevent war, and what you did isn’t helping at all!” Yuki still held her twin’s body.

“Let her do whatever she wants,” Airi said, “I deserve this for agreeing with my brother to do what we’ve done to you last night.”

“Don’t you dare… act passive in front of me!”

“And… Rena-sama, I would like to apologise on behalf my brother since he stole a kiss from you… Was it your first?”

Airi was dumb to remind her about the last thing that she didn’t even want to remember for the rest of her life. On the other hand, the eldest and youngest, who stared in awe, didn’t believe about what they just heard.

“That’s it!” Rena forcefully pulled herself away, before walking up to Airi.

“Rena! DON’T!”

Yuki tried to plead with her, but it was too late, when she gave Airi a drop kick to the head.

“Oh my God… Rena!”

Airi dropped to the side, as Rena’s forceful kick gave him complete unconsciousness and a pretty a bad nose bleed.

“Oh my God, Rena-nee! H-He was the oldest member of the Furukawa f-family…! And he wasn’t the one who kissed you!” Akane shook her head furiously.

“N-Now, what are going to do with him?” Yuki couldn’t maintain her calm composure, this is beyond of her imagination.

“I don’t give a damn care about him, like he said he deserves it!” Rena brushed off dust from her dress

“I’ll look after him, someone go and apologise,” Akane suggested.

“I’ll go to see Father, we need to report about this. And I don’t want somebody else telling him.” Yuki turned her eyes looking at her twin’s, all of sudden the room was filled with black aura, her signature ability “Y-You’d better come with me, Rena..”

Yuki didn’t use suffix -chan anymore, The black atmosphere between them didn’t fail to give goosebumps.


“You did what, Rena?!” Their father’s voice echoed in the royal chamber.

The twins closed their eyes in sync, afraid of their father.

“I-I was j-just….”

“Do YOU have any idea what this could lead to?!”

Yuki tried hard to pick the right words to help her sister, as much as Yuki hated Rena’s reckless, she had to stand up for her twin sister.

“She was only doing what she thought was right, Father,” She said, “He was acting arrogant towards her..”

“Y-Yes, Father. I was trying to save Akane..” Rena tried to explain.

“What is it that he did to her?”

Yuki knew she’ll say something that probably would make her Father madder.

“H-He kissed Akane…”

“He WHAT??” Their Father raised from the throne, clenched his fist tightly.

“But, the strange thing is.. Akane seemed to have gotten better after that…”

Yuki hope this would be relevant enough, to help reduce her father’s anger.

“I see…” He said, “Tend to his wounds, he should get better in 2 or 3 days, also, send a messenger to tell the head of the Furukawa family himself about this.”

“Are you saying he’ll be staying in here, Father? Our Mansion?” Rena said, speechless.

“He didn’t have to stay actually, if not because of your unnecessary actions, Rena.”

“A-Akane’s tending to him now, Father…” Yuki said tried to change topic as she nudged her elbow to Rena’s body.

“Yuki, prepare the guest room, tell our servant to serve our guest.”  He turned to the source of the commotion, “And you Rena.. you have to apologize to him, when he regains consciousness.” Their father voice changed drastically when he talked to Rena.

“Yes, Father, as you wish.”


“You know what, Rena…? I won’t take no for an answer.. Now both of you are dismissed.”

The two bowed and silently left. Rena remained silent as she started pacing.

“Why did you do that, Rena?” Yuki asked.

“Because, that ****** was annoying me.”

“There was still no reason to act out like that.”

“Geez.. I’m sorry, okay?”

“Rena, you can’t act like this,” Yuki said in a serious tone. “This isn’t like you. Besides…”

The girl looked around to find the two alone and pulled her close.

“It would ruin the image everyone has of you. If they see you acting this way, they won’t see you as the goody two shoes princess they think of you as now.”

“Y-You’re right, Yuki-chan..” Rena’s eyes were roaming around as she said this.

Rena’s odd behavior is a secret, only Yuki, Akane and their parents knew about this. It’s not that Rena was strange in a weird way, Rena has an issue relating to anger management. Beside that, she is a perfect princess like Yuki, or even better.

It was better if she hid her anger issue in front of the public. But after the Furukawa duo intruded their banquet, it was as if like Rena’s seal has been torn away. Yuki knew, it was related with the kiss, that Airi had talked about.

“Rena-chan, is it true?”


“You know, the thing that Furukawa said..” Yuki was careful not to directly say it in front of Rena.

“Ummm….” Rena was back to herself, the shy, polite princess.

“I see.. How did it happen?”

Yuki’s been wondering, why didn’t Rena trust her with the true reason. The biggest mystery is why didn’t Rena resist, like she always did. Like what happened to Airi, and what she did to him.

“It just happened.. No other reason.”

“You’re not angry? Like at all?”

“The thing is.. I couldn’t move my body as if i was hypnotized.. Can we stop talking about the kiss? I barely kept calm in front of Furukawa’ oldest son, and he didn’t do anything to me… I don’t know what the hell I’ll do to his youngest son, but since he kissed me, I’m going all out.”

“On the note of Furukawa, is he okay?”

“I don’t know… I’ll see Chu-chan and find out, do as father says, Yuki.”

“I will. You just try to calm yourself down, okay?”

Rena nodded.

As the two twins parted, Rena recomposed herself before entering Akane’s room.


“Rena-nee, is that you?”

“Yes, it is, why?”

“A-Are you going to hit him again?”

“N-No, Yuki-chan told to me to check up on him… Is he alright?”

“No, he isn’t. He gained a concussion and a partially broken nose because of you.”

“I’m sorry. It was just instinct…” Rena wanted take it all back about not regretting to hit Airi, because right now, guilty was written all over her face.

“He should be awake in an hour or two. I hear werewolves are able to heal quickly, just like us.”

“Alright… I want to apologize when he wakes up, not only that, but Father told me to as well...”

“Oh, then that’s good that you want to, you kinda overreacted by doing that to him.”

“I know…”

“It surprised me, honestly. It was like you weren’t even the same person.”

Rena silently clenched her fist. “Y-yeah.. I’m sorry for worrying you.”

“No, it’s fine. You were probably just shocked because of that one wolf, having harassed you and all.”

“Perhaps,” Rena leaned against the wall. “I’m not even sure what happened myself. I couldn’t do anything, it felt like I was under a spell…”


“Chu-chan?” Rena opened the door for a moment and peeked inside. “What’s the matter?”

“I-I… my head.. Again.. it’s…”

“I’m coming in,” Rena walked in and saw Akane holding her head. She got closer and saw that the younger vampire’s eyes were dimly glowing red, a sign that she was in one of her phases.


“Have you taken your medicine?” Rena asked.

“Ngh.. I-I.. did.. But I…”

“Hold on. I’ll get you something.”

Rena left as Akane stumbled to the nearest chair in the room. She clutched her head once more and when she opened her eyes once more, she saw something, she never wanted to see.

She saw Yuki and Rena getting killed in front of her, by masked figures. Then, she saw their father being tortured relentlessly by the same figures.


“Don’t worry, Chu-chan, I’m coming!” Rena said.

But from a distance, Akane couldn’t hear her. She screamed in horror and fell down, crying.

“Don’t die, Rena-nee! Please!”

Rena came back, with an unknown drink. She rushed to Akane and supported her, offering her the drink.

Right when Akane was able to drink it, her body started to calm down. Her breathing slowed as the light slowly faded from her eyes before passing out.

“Thank god…”

Then at the same time, the eldest Furukawa son stirred in his slumber. Rena became concerned, as this seemed to be connected to her somehow.

“... What..?” He slowly sat up, as he held his head in pain. “Urgh.. what is going on..?”

“I’m sorry… Airi, was it?”

“Y-Yeah… W-Why are you apologising?”

“Well, the fact that I.. kicked you on reflex.”

“Oh, right,” Airi said, remembering. “Well, we heal pretty fast, like vampires, so I wouldn’t worry.”

“Oh… My Father said for you to stay, until you feel well enough to go back.”

“T-That won’t be necessary,” the boy slowly got up. “I already caused enough trouble as it is, I’m sure. I’ll take it upon myself to leave.”

“No..! I genuinely caused more trouble than you have… You only came here to apologise and to help my sister, and yet… I did this to you… Letting you rest here, is the least I could do..”

“But, my brothers.. And father…”

“Don’t worry, one of our messengers has sent a message about your late return.”

“If that’s the case.. Then where am I?”

“You’re in our mansion.”

“I see…” Then his eyes were fixed at familiar figure beside him “E-Eh? What happened to Akane?”

“I was about to ask you the same question.. Why did you kiss her?”

“Because… My gift.. Is dream manipulation, you see… and the catch is… If the person in question, is a girl… I have to kiss her…”

“Manipulation? Are you saying there is something wrong with my sister?”

“Yeah.. Since she still in her phases, her visions will get more and more dangerous.”


“It’s difficult to explain… but, if you don’t help her soon…”

“What can I do to help her?”

“Do you trust me, Rena-sama?”


“If so.. Let me help you… I’ll make Akane get over this… But you need to promise me one thing…”

“What is it?”

“Don’t let Akane know..”

“You have my word.”

To Be Continue
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Aww... That's hurt rena! What will rena do if it's jurina?
Rena and jurina, the troublemaker from their clan :on lol:
Oho! That's cool airin! What'll happen to churi then?
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Aww... That's hurt rena! What will rena do if it's jurina?
Rena and jurina, the troublemaker from their clan :on lol:
Oho! That's cool airin! What'll happen to churi then?
Lol you'll see about Wmatsui later fufufu~

Yeah Jurina is troublemaker, but Rena is.. a bit aaaarghh i don't know how to describe Rena.
But i kinda want to make unusual Rena :kekeke:
What happen to Churi? We'll see.. just stay around, kay?  :shifty:
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Chapter 6

There is a girl who walked through the woods, she wore black robes and looked around, seeing if anyone suspicious was around her. She was sent on a mission, by her masters, to scout out the enemy’s territory.  She kept walking, but her eyes were still roaming around, with her ability, she easily noticed when someone was near her radar. She stopped her feet, because she knew that one more step she is already on werewolves’ land.

She quickly disguised her smell in order to easily blend in with the werewolves. Soon she heard footsteps coming from in front of her. She peeked from behind the tree, there were a group of werewolves. She noticed the Furukawa family’s crest on the side of their clothing and had an idea.

She took some dust and blew it into their faces. They all dropped into unconsciousness, with the exception of one. She broke her own ankle, and screamed.

“Help!! Somebody help me!!”

That same person heard her pleas for help and walked towards the source of her voice.

“Miss, are you hurt somewhere?”

“Y-Yes…  My ankle…I didn’t see that there was a rock, then I stumbled over.”

The man looked at her ankle, indeed there was a bruise, it looked larger than normal bruises, but he knew it wasn’t at all serious.

“It’s just sprained, nothing serious..”

“Thank goodness…” She tried to stand up, but her legs gave way on her, making her fall on the ground again.

“Let me help you..” He said as he reached out his hand to help the girl.

She took the man’s hand, “T-Thank you.”

When she was about to lose her balance again, the man held the girl by her arm.

“What’s your name?” He asked her.

“R-Rion, Azuma Rion…”

“I’m Nao, Furuhata Nao the major-general of the Furukawa Family’s army.”

They both kept walking until Nao found Rion a bench to sit on. Nao pulled out a handkerchief from his vest, then bent down.

“W-What are you doing, Sir?” Despite her acting,she suddenly felt surprised.

“Let me check your ankle, I don’t know whether it’s bleeding or not.”

“I-It is o-okay.. Y-You d-don’t have to…”

“No. But, I want to,” Nao looked up with sincere eyes.

Rion blushed. His eyes were very beautiful, and alluring.

She let the man take off her shoe and examine her ankle.

“S-Say… You said about how you were the major-general of Furukawa’s army… right?”

“I can’t disclose any information,” Nao replied, “Even so, why are you so curious?”

“I just am, no reason.”

“I see… It’s done..” He did a final check, satisfied with his own work,.

“T-Thank you, Sir..”

“Just call me Nao, Sir is a bit too informal for my liking.” He said as he stood up, brushing the dust off his clothes. “Where do you live? Let me escort you..”

“Oh, no, I can--” Rion got up, but she felt her ankle was still sore and limped over.

“Please, allow me,” Nao said as he kindly helped the girl walk.

“Actually….I have nowhere to go…I’m an orphan...”

“What? Really?”

“Yes.. I never really got to know my parents. It doesn’t really matter to me..”

“I see… Stay with me and my masters.”


“I’m sure they won’t mind, especially seeing as though you’ve got no-where else to go.”

“B-But…” She just pretended feeling guilty, but in the back of her mind, she felt relieved and ecstatic.

“I insist.. Besides you need someone to take care of your wound..” He simply replied.

“I-If you say so…”

“Let’s hurry, it’s already dark.. There are many thugs around here..”

In the Furukawa residence, there is one young man who couldn’t stay calm. He kept looking at the clock, after that peeking at the windows as if he was waiting for someone.

“Geez… Jurina.. Airi won’t normally take this long…”

“Chill out Sae-nii, will you? You are making me worried..” The youngest took a sip from his cup

“Don’t you worry about him?” He said as he once again peeking at the windows

“I do, but he knows what to do… He’s the oldest for crying out loud, he may be mysterious on the outside, but he’s as responsible, reliable and down right fragile as the two of us.”

Then sound of door opening interrupt their conversation, The siblings rushed to main door, it wasn’t the oldest son, just Nao with unknown girl. In their entire lives, Nao never brought up topics about girls, like NEVER. So yes, this girl caught their attentions.

“Who is this young woman, Nao?”

“Yes who is she? She looks cute!” The youngest couldn’t keep his tail wagging.

“Jurina, you’ve already caused enough trouble. No more flirting with every girl you meet.” Sae flicked his brother head

“Boo~” Jurina pouted.

“Forgive me, young master. This is Rion, I found her in the woods on my way back to the mansion, after my daily patrol.”

“I-It’s honor to meet you, your highness..”

“Awww hearing someone calling me your highness give goosebump over my body” Jurina said as he furiously brushed his arm.

“Rion-chan? We aren’t used being called as your highness. You can call us by name if you want.” Sae smiled

“N-No, I don’t…”

“Very well, then.” Sae tried to thinking about the solution “How about you call us like Nao always does?”

“O-Okay, young master?”

“Good” Sae ruffled her hair and noticed the bruise on her ankle “What happened to her, Nao?”

“It’s a bit complicated, but I found her with a sprained ankle, young master.”

“She need to rest, where do you live Rion-chan?” This time the youngest spoke up

“I was about to ask your permission, but I don’t have anywhere else to go…”

“You can stay here, right Sae-nii?” His eyes sparkling persuading the taller boy with his request

“I don’t have objection about that, Father always said whoever is hurt in our land is our business..”

“Yeeeaayyyy~” The youngest dance in joy

“Thank you, young master,” Rion bowed.

“No need, Rion.” Sae turned his eyes to Nao’s “You should take her into one of guest rooms, Nao. Provide her with everything she needs”

“Alright, young master. Please excuse us..” Nao bid farewell to princes

Sae looked at them until disappeared at the end of hallway. The first impression of Rion is she looks like a good girl, he did hesitate a bit. But looking at Jurina’s eyes, his brother sometime abuse his ability to persuade him. Jurina has special eyes, it called seduction eyes which can compel someone to become his slave. Jurina always use it to any girl that he like, that is why he got another nickname the casanova of the Furukawa family. Although his eyes has no effect on royals family, his pleading eyes always success made Sae and Airi gave in.

“Now, what do we do about Airi..?”

Then a pigeon came in, Jurina noticed there was letter on it’s leg

To Sae, Jurina

I have to stay a couple of days due to an accident I had on the way to the Kashiwagi's mansion.
I can assure you I am alright, but I will have to stay for a couple of days to help me recuperate.
I will make my return as soon as I can,


Ps. Jurina you owe me a favor, a big ONE.

Jurina frowned at the last sentence.

“What did he mean by it?”

Sae thought hard about the possibilities and came up with a conclusion, “I’m assuming he meant about what you did to that middle child.”

Jurina was stunned, “So what you’re saying is…?

“Remember that Airi always said when he ate that large portion of ramen? He always said that it was a small portion for him....”


“So what he’s saying is, no matter what you throw at him, he’s always going to have a solution to it.” Sae stopped for a moment, “My point is maybe the middle child of Kashiwagi did do something to him… and he’s trying to hide it from us.”

Jurina gulped, “I-I’m s-scared about w-what she’s going to do to… me…”

“Just….Prepare your head my brother….” Sae patted on Jurina’s shoulder.

“M-My h-head?”

“Yes, because I heard vampires love their necks, so best prepare it.”

“E-Eh? H-Help me Sae-nii. I’m afraid…” Jurina tug Sae’s shirt

“That’s why I always told you careful with maiden’s heart… old quote said you reap what you sow..”

“God help me…” Jurina thought to himself.

Back to the Kashiwagi’s mansion, apparently the heiress couldn’t sleep. She took a walk and her feet brought her back to the place that she met a certain young man. This is her secret place, when she was tired of her duties as an heiress.

She always found peace just sitting down on bench, enjoying the sky. Yuki always admire sky, stars, and especially the moon. When she was younger, she always wonder where is the end of the sky. Then her mother told her, that sky is infinite and she need to be strong enough to be leader of Kashiwagi one day, her heart need as wide as sky, which is infinite.

Then she remembered about how she met Sae, though his brothers are the one who made ruckus over her family banquet. She didn’t hate him, she just had too much curiosity.

“When will I meet him again?” She talked to herself in mumbling

“As soon as you want me to, Yuki.”

Yuki noticed that there was someone behind her. She was ready to released her power, she didn’t expect uninvited guest after that rendezvous with the Furukawa brothers.

“W-Wow it’s me Sae.. Don’t throw your energy ball at me..!” Sae panicked, not expecting what he had seen.

“S-Sae?” Yuki eyes widened, can’t believe what she saw.

“Geez.. Yuki, I was expecting for you to be surprised in a good way of course, but not with that death ball in my face…!

“H-How? H-How did you get in?”

Yuki is smart enough to know, after that incident. Her father increased the guards around the border. She believed it applied to her mansion as well.

“By this.” 

Sae snapped his fingers and suddenly he instantly appeared in front of her.

“Teleportation. It’s my born gift. The members of the Furukawa family usually have one special gift.”

“Same for the Kashiwagi family,” Yuki said before the two sat down.

“Stars are beautiful, tonight,” Sae says as he gazes at the sky.


“Hm? Why what?”

“Why’d your brothers do it?”

“Ah…” Finally he understood the reasons she was acting that way “They are… sometimes immature, believe me I did everything that I could to prevent this from happening…”



“Why didn’t you tell me you are a werewolf? The middle son of the Furukawa family…!”

“You didn’t tell me you were the daughter of the highest ranking vampire family either!” Sae wasn’t pleased with the sudden change of attitude the heiress was showing, “Now.. What did you do to my brother?!”


Yuki didn’t expect Sae question will about Airi. Now she cursed Rena for doing what she did, and how she was the one who has to tell Sae about it.

“My sister kicked his head, he was in a concussion and my youngest sister says he has a broken nose…!”

“He what?!”

He couldn’t believe that the middle daughter has so much leg power. Airi wasn’t a weak man, to be honest, Sae thought he was the most tactical of the whole family. What is Yuki’s sister actually? Is she a girl? Now, he’s afraid.

“I-I’m sorry on behalf my sister” Yuki bowed her head, “S-She can be like your youngest brother sometimes… a bit reckless. But for good reason, I swear.”

Because of Yuki, Sae remembered about Jurina. He joked about prepare the head of course, he wanted to scare him. But looking at the current situation, Jurina could losing his head for sure.

“That’s fine, Yuki..”

Yuki raised her head, relieved that Sae is more understand than she thought he would be.

“Only that?” Sae asked

Yuki lost in thought, tried to remember if she did miss something

Sae find her too adorable now “Don’t you miss me, Yuki?”


“If it’s me, you are always on my mind. I’m missing you although right now you are in front of me”


“I’ve been having strange thoughts invade my head… Thoughts of you.. Your eyes, your skin, your lips…”

Yuki stood in awe as the man before her seemed to draw closer, the two staring into each other’s eyes for what felt like eternity. The staring contest was broken when Sae looked down and held Yuki’s hand gently.

“W-what are--?” Yuki was about to speak, but then Sae hushed her.

“Don’t ruin this.”

With their hands held together, Sae made a bold move and kissed Yuki’s soft lips. Not forceful, like Jurina would, but delicate, as if he were kissing the petals of a gentle rose.

Yuki stood shocked a moment, her eyes grew the size of melons. But soon, she melted in the kiss and her eyes slowly closed. She felt a strange warmth flutter inside her chest like butterflies, but she didn’t feel sick. In fact, in this peaceful silence, this moment right now couldn’t be any more perfect to either of them.

The kiss itself just last for a couple of  seconds. Sae put all his heart into this one kiss, hoping that the heiress would get his messages through this one kiss. Sae is the first one to broke the kiss, he barely hold his urge to kiss and embrace the slender figure in front of his eyes. For this time, he just wanted treasure their first kiss so much.

“Was it good?” Sae got nervous and fidgety at the same time

“...I-I...don’t..know..Because i never kiss someone..” The heiress blushed

“Really? I guess we did take each other first kiss then..” Sae smiled

“Are you saying i’m the first girl you kiss?”

“Yes..” Sae cupped her cheek “No one else, before you..” His eyes fixed on hers

Although he’s already an adult in terms of age, he took his Father’s advice that he should keep his love only for a important person. At first he didn’t understand about the meaning, until he met the heiress, Kashiwagi Yuki. On Yuki’s side, she thought Sae same as his youngest brother, always flirting with any girls. Sae’s appearance is more than okay, he’s quite tall, his tan skin made him a bit sexy, what made Yuki more attract to the young wolf is his calm presence.  Rena said that the youngest forced her to kiss him, but when she did it with Sae, it just feel so right like their lips are belong to each other.

“Yuki, close your eyes..” Immediately Yuki complied with Sae’s sudden request.

Yuki wonder if Sae was going to kiss her again, silly but she’s prepared her heart for it. To add her disappointment, Sae didn’t kiss her. But he made his move to put on something around her neck.

“Done..” He took a final check, whether he put it right or not.

Yuki saw a necklace on her neck, there was something else with it. Yuki noticed that it was a ring, with red jewel on it, it was made of ruby. Her eyes widened, she didn’t expect all

“Our Father gave the three of us each a ring with a different jewel on it. Airi has emerald, Jurina has lapis lazuli, whilst mine is ruby.”

“It’s so pretty..” Yuki take a close look on the ring, the ruby has red color like blood.

“You know what Yuki? Actually I felt glad that my brothers actually ruined your banquet..” He looked at the sky and leaned his back against bench.

“H-huh..? Why?”

“I heard that every banquet was held in order for vampires meet their mates,right?”

“Yes, it was the main purpose of banquet..” Yuki still didn’t get where the conversation was going.

“I know this may sound weird to you… but…” Sae turned his eyes to hers, intertwined their hand together

“But..?” Yuki tilted her head

“I don’t want you to find your mate…” Sae looked at the ground, not letting the heiress saw his blushing face

“I-I haven’t meet mine, yet..” She said in whispered, but loud enough for him to hear.

Sae grinned hearing the heiress answer

“Yuki.. Look at me…” Once again their eyes meet again, gazing at each other “I love you..It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight..”

Sae’s honestly didn’t fail to impress the heiress. To tell the truth, Sae always occupied her mind, she did angry and skeptic when she found out about Sae is the brother of intruders. But when he appeared out of nowhere, she was happy, no happy isn’t the right word. She didn’t know for sure if she love him, but yes she missed him. Not forget that their family are enemy, and she is an heiress..


“You don’t have to answer now… But if you missed me, just kiss on that ruby, it will gave signal to me.. And i’ll be here shortly..” Sae strengthen his grip, made sure Yuki knew that he was serious

Then Sae heard someone’s step approached, Sae stood up, ready to leave. He stopped when felt someone tugged on tip of his shirt, the heiress bit her lower lips, her eyes were conveying that she didn’t want to Sae leave her.

“It’s not goodbye Yuki, it’s see you again, right?”

Sae leaned forward, capturing the alluring lips of heiress once again.

“See you again, Yuki…” He took the right hand of Yuki, kissed on back of her hand. Without waiting on her answer, he snapped his fingers and disappeared on blink of eyes

“See you again, Sae…” she smiled looking at the ring on her necklace

To Be Continue
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Prepare your  neck head juri :on lol:
Furumarion? I like them!!! i like it when rion play piano!!  :twothumbs
Ohoo it's saeyuki first kiss... and it's really diferent from wmatsui's hehe
Thanks for updating! :on GJ:
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OMG! I love this OTP ..

Yes furumarion! it's my thing too..
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Yeah saeyuki moment...please make more author-san....

I like sae's special powers.... Want to have that too....

Why am I running with bad ideas here...

BTW your saeyuki fic in your vault...I'm waiting for update too...

Please update if you can but yhe sooner the better....
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Prepare your  neck head juri :on lol:
Furumarion? I like them!!! i like it when rion play piano!!  :twothumbs
Ohoo it's saeyuki first kiss... and it's really diferent from wmatsui's hehe
Thanks for updating! :on GJ:
lol Let's see if Jurina can keep his head or not :kekeke:
Yeah so total 4 pairing in this fic, I dunno if later i'll add another chara or not ._.
Yap~ SaeYuki is more hmmmm romance type in this story, whilst Wmatsui the wild type :3

OMG! I love this OTP ..

Yes furumarion! it's my thing too..
I love this OTP too  :inlove: :inlove:

Yeah saeyuki moment...please make more author-san....

I like sae's special powers.... Want to have that too....

Why am I running with bad ideas here...

BTW your saeyuki fic in your vault...I'm waiting for update too...

Please update if you can but yhe sooner the better....

Yeah kinda want Sae's power too, its amazing just snap your finger and voilaaa~
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Ah the one at the vault? yeah kinda long not update that one.
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Chapter 7


Jurina knocked at Rion’s door, soon the door opened. Rion’s head pop-up behind it

“What is it, young master?”

“Geez.. just call me Jurina..” Jurina pouted


“I won’t take any buts!”

Rion just stay for day and already much figuring out about the princes’ personalities. She wrote it down in her note, Sae is more humble type, wise, nice, a man with full manner toward other. Whilst the youngest was much like aggressive type, love to flirt, selfish, sometimes reckless but inside he just a child with a lot of fear. About the eldest one, she already saw him back at the Kashiwagi mansion. He’s polite, tactical and thoughtful of others, she knew that he was a capable leader.

“O-Okay.. Jurina…” Rion knew there was no point arguing with Jurina

“Yeeaayy~” Jurina threw his fist on air “Let’s go outside! There is festival on Neutral land”


“Pretty pleeeaseee~” Jurina used his seduction eyes “I wanted to ask Sae-nii, but since Airi-nii is away, he have to fill him in with his duties as heir.”

“Alright… Let me change first” He successfully made Rion one of his victim

“Okay, meet me on the entrance then!”

Meanwhile on Kashiwagi’s

Rena walked toward her sister chamber, surprisingly there was Airi in that room. He took a seat beside her bed.

“Airi, what’s going on?”

“I’m sorry, Rena-sama. But... I noticed something strange with your sister.”

At the same time, Yuki was entering Akane’s room. Because since yesterday, she got a lot of work to catch up. She did receive news of Akane from Rena, still she wasn’t able to work out what was wrong with her. Then she saw the door of Akane’s chamber slightly opened, she heard Rena and Furukawa Airi talked..

“Strange? What do you mean, Furukawa-san?”

“Yuki-chan?!” Rena surprised seeing her sister at the entrance of the door

“She doesn’t have the typical symptoms of a common vampire adolescent phase.”

“Are you saying… that she’s not perfect vampire now?” Yuki said as walking closer to the bed

“No… That’s not it.”

“It’s complicated… All I can say, is that she could die before anyone could save her.”

“Is there anything we could do to cure her? I’m worried about her…” Yuki sat beside Churi, tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

“I’ll try something… but I don’t know if it’ll work.”

“Just tell me one thing..” Rena spoke up her mind


“Why are you bothering to help her? What is the benefit for you?”

“All I can say is… the future is going to look bright for her, if she isn’t dead by then.”

“I’ll entrust her in your hand.. Please save her, Airi..”

Yuki decided to drop any formality between them. Since she saw Airi looked so passionate to help her sister. She had to believe her gut to trust Airi, like she know that their father already brought all the physician to cure her before, but none of them found what is her illness. Unlike them, Airi just found out by kissing her, and she saw with her own eyes that Churi got better after kissing him.

“I will do my best, Yuki..” Airi crossed his right hand in front of his chest, slightly bowed to the heiress.

The twins sad eyes caught his eyes, he knew that this happened with Jurina. He and Sae will act the same way, because Jurina is their dearest brother despite sometime he just act selfish and reckless. Then he remembered about the festival on neutral land, he remembered because Jurina keep nagging at him and Sae to go there together.

“Nee Rena, I heard there is festival on neutral land. Why don’t you ask Yuki to go with you?”

“That’s right! It’s been forever since our last festival, isn’t it?”

“Yeah…” Yuki smiled weakly, “Too bad Churi isn’t gonna be with us… She was always excited to go…”

“She’ll be sad if she knew the reason you won’t go was because of her..” Rena  tried to persuade her twin


“Just go with Rena, Yuki. I’ll take care of Akane while you’re away. I swear on my life.”

“Come on, Yuki-chan! I know that you’re sick of your work right? Just come on~”

“Fine… but Airi,” Yuki said, looking at the eldest werewolf prince, “If Akane isn’t better, by the time you leave… I’ll make sure Rena kicks you again.”

“Y-Yuki-chan!” Rena nudged Yuki’s body, embarrassed with her previous action.

Yuki’s declaration froze Airi for a moment, he remember clearly how painful it was to be on the receiving end of Rena’s kick. But Rena’s shy behavior was the one that caught him off guard, Rena seemed so different with the Rena he met on the first day.

“ I-I.. umm.. Yeah… u-umm…”

Yuki looked at Rena and Airi. Of course, she was joking around, she just wanted make sure that Airi really take care of her beloved sister. On the other side, it's funny to see the current Rena, if she could she would take this Rena and  let her see her behavior when she had kicked Airi in the head.

“If so.. Let’s get going then, Rena-chan.. Please excuse us, Airi..”

“Take care of Chu-chan, okay?”

“I will…” Airi said, whilst bowing at the two, “Now enjoy yourselves!”

“Look Rion-chan!!”

Jurina overly excited about this festival, of course he’s waiting for this of course. Because there will be a bunch of hot chicks. He will use his ability to woo girls, meanwhile Rion just enjoying herself. Because she never went out of Kashiwagi’s mansion to join festival like this.

Jurina dragged her from one booth to another, they tasted any food on that festival. Until Jurina saw this beautiful figure from behind. He swore that he never saw any girl like that before, her curved body, the way she let down her long-black hair. Jurina stood there in the middle of crowd, his jaw dropped

“My, my~ tonight must be my lucky night. Rion-chan, just wait for me, I’m off to have some fun,” he said as he walked towards the girl.

Once he got close enough, he tidy up his shirt, ruffling his hair to give a badass look, do the final check with his breath. After final checked, he’s ready to show his fangs

“I’m gonna get you, pretty girl~”

Jurina poked the girl’s shoulder “Hey, are you a--”

Before he couldn’t finished his sentence, his face turned pale. God was always funny, when we didn’t want to meet a particular person, and suddenly, bam! That person showing up in front of you. Like what happened with the youngest werewolf, he finally meet the middle daughter of the Kashiwagi family... Call it bad luck.
“No tha-..AHH! Y-You! You again!” Rena says when she realizes who the boy was.

“Nice to see you, too,” Jurina grins. “My, I didn’t think we’d meet twice after that party. Must be fate.”

“Fate my ass!”

Yuki since earlier saw this, and was watching from a distance as her twin began making ruckus in the crowd, gathered a lot attention from others

“Why are you here? Are you following me?” Rena squinted her eyes, looking at Jurina suspiciously

“N-No! I came to have some fun... and maybe meet a few pretty ladies like you~” Jurina didn’t give up to get Rena’s attention

“Well, you aren’t going to. I won’t let you, especially since I can’t forgive you for violating me.”

“Aw~ I’m sorry,” Jurina said with a pout before getting closer, letting Rena see his eyes under the moonlight as he used his seduction eyes on her. “Perhaps I should.. Make it up to you.”

Suddenly, Rena felt frozen at the sight of Jurina’s eyes. “M-make it.. Up to me..?”

Jurina smirked. “Yes. If I make it up to you, will you forgive me?”


Rena felt her mind growing hazy. It was the same as what she felt during the banquet when she first encountered the wolf boy.

“Wh-what are.. You doing..?” Rena asked.

“You know, you were feisty, when I first met you… What happened to that?”

“N-no one.. Can know…”

“Is it the fact that you did something to my brother, Airi?”

“N-No..!” Rena tried to look away, but something was making her body unable to move.

“Oh, come on, we know that’s true~”

“N-No, i-it’s not!”

“Don’t lie. I already know the truth, my nii-san told me.”

“I-I… kicked.. him…”

“Damn~ you are a feisty woman.”

“N-Now… w-what do you want from… m-me…?”

“From you.. Hmm…” Jurina got closer and examined the girl head to toe before caressing her body. “I may want this ..body.. For tonight.”

Yuki wanted to stop this, before it progressed any further.

“Excuse me, but I need to talk to my sister.”

Yuki pulled Rena away, before she gave herself to Jurina.

“Rena, what are you doing?” Yuki hissed. “This is the second time that wolf has tried to rape you..!”

“..wha.. What?” Rena blinked, looking around. “Yuki? What was I..?”

“That wolf boy is doing something to you. He has to be. Why didn’t you try to stop him?”

“I-I.. I don’t know.. I-I couldn’t.. Control myself…”

“Well, you better next time, or you’ll be sorry.”

Back in the Kashiwagi Mansion…

“I have to get this right… or else my head’s gonna be decapitated.. “ Airi said, as he was pacing back and forth, thinking.

He hovered over Akane, who was still unconscious.

“This is the moment of truth… let’s see if my dream manipulation works on vampires…”

He leaned closer toward the youngest princess figure, Airi really thought that Akane has a her own charm unlike her sisters, which is more type princess-sy. She’s not lose in term beauty to her sisters, in short she’s cute rather beautiful like her sisters. Airi stopped when their faces in inches

“I’m sorry, Akane..” He pressed his lips against the latter’s

He used his special ability which is dream manipulation. His ability provided him access to someone’s dream, he used to did this to Jurina. When he was a young werewolf, Jurina always had bad dreams. It was like torture seeing his brother screaming out like crazy every night, but all he can do is ease the pain with his dream manipulation. On werewolves side, this phase actually is normal, but sometimes when a werewolf couldn’t stand this phase, he would be dead. On the note, when he did it to Jurina he wasn’t kiss him, When he did to Jurina he just put his hand on his forehead, but it didn’t work that way to girls, his father said that he need to kiss her. He’s nervous, since it was his first time to use this ability beside werewolves. Thank God, apparently it worked well too on vampires.

Airi success made his own way to Akane’s dream. He looked around, he was in Kashiwagi’s mansion. But strange, there was no one there, almost empty. Then suddenly he heard someone screaming from the royal chamber.

“Father! Noo!!”

He rushed over the source of voice, he found Akane with her family. But her father was laying unconscious. Then he noticed there were a group of thug trying to kill the Kashiwagi’s. Her mother body was full of blood from her neck. Rena was held by one of the thug, he put a knife on her neck.

“Yuki-chan run! Take Chu-chan away from here!” Rena plead to her twin


“If you run, I’ll slit her throat!” The thug threatened


“Come on, Churi.” Yuki dragged Akane by her wrist

“W-We can’t leave Rena-nee, Please…” Akane tried to resist Yuki’s grip.

Akane keep struggled, and made their movement slow. They didn’t notice that the rest of the thugs finally catch up, and trying to hold Akane. Yuki saw that and flip their body, so it was Yuki who get caught by the thug.


“Churi, GO!!”

Akane ran with all her might, then she heard Yuki screamed. She turned her heel, stopped for while, she saw Yuki got stab straight to her heart.

“P-Please.. No more…!” He heard her voice crying out in desperation.

Then, she froze in fright, terrified of what those thugs were going to do to to her. She turned to her left and saw one of the thugs, with an eerie smile, as he held a bag.

He then saw her, crouching down, crying as a mysterious dark mist hovered behind her. The mist contained the shadows of her relatives, Rena, Yuki, their father and everyone else.

He knew that he had to get rid of that mist, or else, her life could end, in a split second. He closed their gap by stepping closer towards her, one step at the time. He didn’t want to scare Akane even more.



“Relax.. It’s me Airi...!”


“Yeah.. It’s me. What are you doing here?”

“P-Please..I-I want to get out of here….” She burst into tears

Outside her dream, Akane was screaming and crying out, clawing and scratching at anything she could.

Airi was trying the best he could to restrain her but he was concentrating on saving her.

“I will, Akane… Just let me figure things out.”

“I-I s-saw my father, my mother, Rena-nee, and Yuki-nee….” She sobbed with each word, then continued “T-They are dead.. Because of my u-uselessness…”

Airi couldn’t stand a woman's tears, nor could he not stand seeing a woman in pain.

“Sshhh…” He pulled her into his arms, patted her hair as gently as he could.

“They are dead because of me, Airi..”

“They aren’t, Akane… Listen to me, you’re just in a dream.”

“D-Dream?” Akane pulled away from his arms, Airi could see the trace of dried tears on her cheeks.

“Yes.. It is just a dream.. You need to wake up..”


“You need to relax.. Just think about happy thing for now..”


As Akane stayed crouched, Airi walked away from her to find the thug. He saw the dark bag glistening in the moonlight, and someone smirking.

Airi hastened his walk, clutching the hilt of his sword. But then, the figure slashed at him with some sort of dark energy.


Airi turned to the source of the scream.

“Don’t you dare hurt her!”

He unsheathed his sword and swung directly at the figure, dissipating into dust. Akane collapsed straight after, relieved that the whole ordeal was over. Airi, however, knew that it wasn’t over, as he was surrounded by the black dust.

He gathered up all the strength to get out of her dream, which succeeded.

Back in the real world, Akane shot up from her bed, confused at what happened. Airi was also wide awake, but he felt dizzy and nauseated.

“Airi..?” She massaged her temple “What are you doing in my chamber?” Her eyes weren’t completely opened

“I-I was told to take care of you..” Airi was fidgety.

“Huh? Where is Yuki and Rena-nee?” Akane roamed all over her chamber, looking for her sisters

“Ah! They’re out of town, Yuki insist that she want to wait until you wake up. But I told her that you won’t be happy if she did for your sake..” Airi spoke.

“I see…”

“I-I’m sorry for my impudent act,” Airi bowed to Akane.

“Oh No-No!” Akane furiously waving her hands “I’m glad that you actually did that, sometimes Yuki-nee is too stubborn…” She looked down, clenched into her bed sheet “I just want to see her enjoy being herself, without thinking much about her duties…”
Hearing what Akane just said, somehow Airi knew what it’s like to be the heir/heiress. There are many things that they need to learn, they can’t act like normal kid because they need to be well-behave in front of others, and many more.

“Are you feeling better?” Airi tried to change topic

“Y-Yes..” Akane stuttered

Akane had a weird dream, strange, but yet it felt so real. Although she used to had nightmares before, this time is different. There was Airi, he saved her. The most embarrassing thing was Akane hug him. In her dream, Airi was really courageous, and sympathetic, even though the two of them were meant to be enemies.

“Thank God…” Airi let out a relieved sigh and smile
“Thanks… Airi.”

To Be Continue
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Ohh.. Churi have a nightmare and it's really bad! Lucky we have airin :hee:
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:on lol: :on lol: :on lol: really? Wild wmatsui? They're cute! XD
Ohh.. Churi have a nightmare and it's really bad! Lucky we have airin :hee:
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Of course they're cute XD
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Chapter 8

During Jurina’s escapade with Rena, Rion took the opportunity to look around the festival. She saw how happy the humans were, making other people happy with their talents.

She found it fun, until… She had bumped into a certain someone.

“Oh, it’s you again,” Nao pointed out the plain obvious.

“Hi,” Rion smiled shyly.

“How’s the festival going for you?”

“Not bad… You?”

“Not bad myself,” Nao said, scratching the back of his head, “Just walking around… This year’s been the best so far…”

“Eh..? Why?”

“Every year I seem to go as a part of my master’s entourage… So I don’t get to enjoy it as much as I could.”


“This year’s different since Airi-sama is at the Kashiwagi Mansion, Sae-sama has got duties to fulfil in place of Airi-sama and Jurina-sama is with you.”

Rion couldn’t help but ask, “What’s with the change of tone?”

“What tone?”

Everytime Nao talked, he used a blunt, aggravated tone of voice. It was his usual tone, that he uses everyday, but Rion didn’t know about that and misunderstood.

“That tone of yours, are you mad about something?”

“No, it’s my usual tone of voice.”

“Are you sure? Because it seems to me that you’re angry about something.”

“No.” Nao simply replied.

Rion sighed, a bit frustrated, “Alright.. Where are you going to go now?”

“Hmm… I’m not sure… How about you come around with me?”

Rion pondered, but looking at the situation, Jurina isn’t going back sooner. The last thing she wanted to do is to spend time alone in this festival.

“Okay, how about we go there?” Rion said, pointing at takoyaki booth

Nao nodded, and they started making their way to the booth. Nao had ordered two containers of 8 pieces of takoyaki for each of them.

“Takoyaki’s always a good thing to have during these,” Nao said, giving Rion advice.

“Un” Rion was busy munching her takoyaki “hof dit yu en ap in…”


Rion realized that her mouth was full with takoyaki, swallowed what was left in her mouth, “How did you end up with the Furukawa family?”

“Yeah.. Is that weird if I’m not a werewolf but staying I’m with the Furukawa family?”

“E-Eh? You’re not a werewolf?” Rion stopped her hand in the air.

“Well, I am… just not fully.”

“Huh?” Now Rion stopped eating her takoyaki, her eyes fully on Nao’s.

“Have you ever heard about hybrids?” He asked her.

“Isn’t that a group that are part vampire and werewolf?”

“Yes, I’m one of those hybrids.” Nao said

“Wow….” That was the only thing came out from her mouth

“Is that a bad wow or a good wow?” Nao snorted, smiled.

“I don’t know…”

“Forget about me, now it’s your turn.” Nao started to ask Rion questions, “Where are you from?”


“You’re not a werewolf yourself, are you?”

“No, I’m not a werewolf...”

“Are you saying….?”

“What are you implying here?”

“I sense something weird from you.. So I’m curious, that’s all.”

“Look I’m not a vampire, see, I have no fangs!” Rion showed her teeth

“Pfftt,” Nao couldn’t hold his laughter anymore, he’s rarely showed this side of him to others. But Rion just looked at him confused.

“What are you laughing about…?”

“I-I’m sorry,” Nao said, as he started to stop laughing, “I haven’t laughed in so long…” He held his stomach starting feel hurt.

“Mou..” Rion puffed her cheeks

“I-I’m sorry but pfft...hahahaha” Nao’s laughter became louder.

“Stop. Now you’re being mean.” Rion pouted.

Too bad that Nao’s laughter was now unstoppable, that is one of his hidden habits. That is why perhaps he always had flat expressions and tone in his voice.

“Okay.. haha.. Okay.. hahaha.. I’m gonna.. Hehe.. calm down now.”

Rion was still unhappy with him and tried to leave him alone. She raised from the bench, starting walk away. But before she could do that, Nao grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer. Rion who didn’t expect that, lose her balance.Then she found herself on top of Nao, their faces just inches away.


Nao smiled. “Cute…”


“I think you’re cute, Rion-chan.”

“I-I’m not cute…” Rion looked away. “I mean… I’m a halfie.”

Nao’s eyebrows furrowed. “Halfie?”

“That’s what everyone called me. Because of what I am…”

“So… You’re a hybrid?” Nao’s eyes widened


“That’s good.”


“Because you and I could make a good couple. You see, I’m a hybrid, as well.”

Rion finally grasp the situation, tried to change the topic “I-I think we need to go..” Rion tried to get up from awkward position

“Wait,” Nao stopped her. “Can we meet again sometime?”

Without thinking, Rion tried to resist from his grasp. “W-What are you doing?”

“We are not done, yet. I haven’t heard your answer…”

“I… um…”

Nao pulled her even closer, they could feel each other breath “What is your answer, Rion-chan?”


Rion couldn’t think straight anymore, and what Nao did wasn’t helping at all. What came next was surprising to her. Sudden warm flesh pressed against her lips, her eyes widening when she was this close to him. Nao’s hand cupped one of her cheeks, stroking it at the same time. The kiss wasn’t last long, but it was long enough if it was your first kiss as in Rion.

“What is your answer now?” Nao’s gazed at her, in loving way

“Okay…” Rion’s face was as red as a ripened tomato, “I’ll see you here…”

“That’s good,” Nao said, “You’re going to be mine… soon.”

He whispered the last part in her ear with his husky voice, which captivated her, even more. Their moment interrupted by someone.

“Rion-chan!!” It, unfortunately for Rion, was Jurina.

Jurina saw both Rion and Nao were in such a daring position “Am I interrupting something  between you two…?”
Jurina didn’t know where to look.

“Yes, you are, Jurina-sama” Nao simply answered

“NO NO!! You are came at the perfect time!” Rion abruptly answered, she raised herself from top of Nao’s body, tidiyng up her dress.

“Sorry, Nao.” Jurina showed his puppy eyes

“You don’t have to, Jurina. We aren’t doing anything, right Nao-san?” Rion pleaded to Nao for at least cooperate with her

“Yes, you didn’t see anything, Jurina-sama.” Nao smiled

Rion released a sigh, but Jurina’s eyes were still glistening with curiosity.

“Where have you been, Jurina-sama?” Nao asked, pulling the rope a bit with his comment.

“Listen Nao! Guess who I saw earlier?” The young werewolf was in happy mood

“Hmmm… a girl?”

“Not just any girl!”

“Oh God…” Nao silently facepalmed, “Did you…..” Nao couldn’t continue his question, he was praying inside his heart, Jurina won’t tell him what is on his mind now is true


“..........” Nao was about to lose his temper, “You better run, Jurina-sama… or I swear to God…”

“What are you two talking about?” Rion who was in the middle, barely followed their conversation.

“N-Nothing--” Nao tried to assure the young girl, but was cut off by Jurina.

“I met the middle daughter of the Kashiwagi family today, Rion-chan!”

“You what?!”

Rion stunned in awe, she lucky that Jurina went to see Rena alone. If not, her cover will be blow out. But she got to give salute to Jurina who brave enough to try to hit on Rena-sama.

“She’s surprising in so many ways. She looks all calm and poised like a princess, but she’s a feisty woman. I dunno why she’s hiding it.. It’s hot, honestly.”

“Jurina-sama, don’t tell me you--”

“I had to. I want her so bad..! But someone come and pull her away from me before I could have my chance.”

“Well, that’s probably good. You’ve been in heat for too long lately.”

“It’s complicated… but…she’s SO beautiful…”

“Alright, that’s it, stop before you get a you-know-what.”

Then, Jurina froze for a moment, he looked down. Nao was right, just by thinking of how beautiful Rena is, his little friend reacted.

“Told you so,” Nao smacked his head.

Fortunately Rion didn’t see that, “Nao-kun’s right, Jurina. Re-- I mean, I’ve heard that the middle daughter is scary among the daughters.”

“Scary? She can’t do anything, not in front of my eyes~”

“What do you mean, Jurina?”

“It’s a secret, Rion-chan~”

“There there, we need to going back to Furukawa’s mansion soon,” Nao looked at the sun and saw that the sun was setting.


To Be Continue
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Yeah, Rena is Rena and we love her :on gay:
Wait, Rion isn't a vampire?
Juri! You interrupted them :on lol:
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Update soon Author-san.  :kneelbow:
Juri-boy is so aggressive. :on cigar:
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Yeah, Rena is Rena and we love her :on gay:
Wait, Rion isn't a vampire?
Juri! You interrupted them :on lol:

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Too bad Juri came in the "perfect time" LOL  :hiakhiakhiak:
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Chapter 9

Akane looked out of the window and saw that the sun was setting. She felt oddly worried, there was uneasy feeling, but she couldn’t pinpoint out what it is.

“Akane,” She heard a voice coming from the door, she looked and it was Airi.

“Airi… W-What are you doing here…?”

“I just wanted to talk…”


“Your condition…”

“What about it?”

“It’s just that… you have symptoms that are uncommon in vampires…”

“I don’t understand.”

“Were you dreaming of something lately?”

“Y-Yes….” The first thing that popped-up into her mind was about how Airi held her in his arms, it felt like a weird dream afterall.

“Should I tell her the truth?” Airi talked to himself.

That was the only thing in my mind.

“But if I tell her, what would her reaction be? Will she react the same way as Rena?”

Imagined the taste of a kick from Rena and a look of disapproval in Yuki’s eyes. Airi wanted to tell her, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

“Airi… Is anything the matter?”

Akane’s voice brought him back to reality.

“Umm… Actually….”

“Chu-chan!!” Rena barged into Akane’s chamber, her face looked panicked.

“Rena-nee? What’s wrong?”

“Things! Now, come on!”

Rena dragged Akane walked out of her chamber, leaving Airi in the room, by himself. Airi pondered on whether he should come along, but his guts were saying something bad has happened.

“R-Rena-nee…Calm down…! What’s going on…?” Akane tried to talk to her sister.

“It’s about Father… I-I don’t know…. I-It’s just… He’s acting strangely…”

“Oh my God! Where is Yuki-nee?”

“Yuki-chan already went to him…I-I’m scared...What if...” Rena stopped, trying to not choke on her tears.

“Sshhhh..Everything’s going to be okay, Rena-nee...” There was a false sense of security between the two of them.

Two of them heard someone’s voice coming from the other side, it was the heiress.

“Churi, Rena-chan, Father...He…”

Rena and Akane rushed to their parent’s chamber, leaving the heiress alone. They found their father lying unconscious in his bed, but he’s not alone, there was their mother beside him. They inspected him closely until they had found something strange on his chest.

“Werewolf claw marks…?” Rena asked.

“What could’ve caused it…?”

“Your father was out in the woods… he encountered a group of werewolves who were travelling as well… and he was caught in a fight…”

Their mother finally broke the tense atmosphere, Rena noticed eye-bags under her eyes, apparently their mother cried her eyes out.

“How did you find out… Mother?” Akane asked her

“Lucky there was a young man who found him, he brought him back here..”

“Who is he…?” Rena asked, resisting the urge to cry.

“He is from the Watanabe clan, Rena-chan.”

Yuki finally showed up, Airi was next to her.

“Are we thinking about the same Watanabe now, Yuki-chan?” Rena’s eyes grew wide

“Yes.. we are…”

The Watanabe clan is another high-rank family among the vampires, one of the sons is showing interest in Rena or Yuki. But too bad the twins had no eyes for him, they felt that something missing from him, although his face was handsome However, after the last banquet there was talk between the head of the Kashiwagi’s which is their father and the head of Watanabe clan to unite their strength together by marriage, and the first candidate was Rena.

“Umm…” Their father’s body was moving, from what they could see.

Yuki rushed to the side of their father’s bed, joined her sisters who already sat there.

“Father… what’s going on?” Akane was the first one to spoke up.

“A-Akane… a..are you… okay…?” His voice was weak, he struggled to breathing normally.

Akane held his hand, “I’m okay, Father.. How could you ask that, when you’re in a worse shape than I am?!” Akane’s voice began to crack

“Ha..ha.. I..i’m..fine.. Where..are.. your.... Sisters..?”

“We are here, Father..” Yuki and Rena said at the same time.

“Y-Yuki…” Their father tried to reach Yuki’s face

“Y-Yes...Father…” Yuki tried hold in her tears.

“You.. have to… lead… the kingdom… now…”

“We still have you… right?”

“Silly…*cough*…… leading… and Rena….”

“Yes, Father. I’m here….”

“Lucky...that...Watanabe’ else… I would… be… dead….”

“......” Rena knew where this conversation was going to go.


“Father… please… I know we’ve had this conversation but I don’t want to.”

Because Yuki is the heiress, so she’ll pick her future husband by herself. But it’s different with Rena, since she is the 2nd daughter, it’s her duty to accept her fate by marrying someone just for because political issues, it happened to their ancestors before. Nevertheless, Rena wished to marry someone that she loves with all of her heart, not for someone that use her as an object to increase the clan’s strength.

The silence surrounding them had suddenly become a bit heavy, you could hear a pin drop. None of the princesses dare to speak, until.

“Let me do it, Father..” Yuki said, putting herself forward.

“No! Yuki-chan!” Rena held her twin’s figure, trying to stop her.

“It’s fine, Rena. I’m sure he’s nice. Afterall, if it’s to help us win this war… I’m up for it.” Yuki looked into Rena’s eyes, smiling but Rena knew Yuki was forcing herself.

“But you have your privilege to choose your husband, right?”


Yuki closed her eyes, there was a certain man in her mind now. His face was vivid in her mind and his personality was the complete opposite to her’s. She clutched the ruby ring necklace around her neck, with every second making her remember.

“Sae… Help me…”

“I am choosing him now, Rena-chan..” 


Yuki took a deep breath, because after she said this there is no turning back “Yes.. I’m sure.. Father..”

“Very..good..” He smiled

Rena’s hand clutched onto Yuki’s dress, Yuki felt something and turned her eyes. She found her twin looked down, bit her lips.

“Yuki-chan…..” Yuki could tell that Rena feeling guilty about this matter.

“Sshhh...” Yuki took Rena’s hand, stroke it in soothing way and leaned forward to whisper “We’ll talk about this later, okay?” Yuki ended with a smile.

Rena wanted to talk more about this, but Yuki’s hand stopped her. She turned her eyes to her twin’s, Yuki plead with her eyes. Rena released a soft sighed, complied with her twin request and changed the topic.

“Tell me, Father. Who did this to you?” Rena asked him, there was an angered tone to her voice.

“” Their father smiled weakly at Rena, “I… couldn’t tell… what... clan they… were in… but I know…. they were…. werewolves…”

“Right… Wait… What?!” Rena threw her death glare to the only werewolf in that chamber.


“What did you do… Furukawa?” Rena raised from her seat, walking towards him.

“I-I.. was here the entire time…” Airi was fidgety and anxious, as he was unaware of any planned attack by Jurina, Sae or Nao.

“Rena-chan! Don’t!”

“Don’t try to stop me, Yuki-chan.”

“R-Rena-nee… please…” Akane also tried to plead with Rena.

“Speak the truth or I will….” Rena’s mental state started to crack, “I will do unspeakable, painful things to you, Furukawa Airi.”

She laughed in creepy way, it gave shivers to Airi’s spine

“I-I swear Rena, Yuki, Akane! I don’t know anything!” Airi tried to defend himself, “If I knew, then I would’ve had word from my brothers, or the major-general of my family’s army!”


Rena took one of her hairpin from her hair, she pierced into her lower arm. Made a long cut, then her blood was dripping from it. Magically her blood was slowly transforming into a rapier, a thin and long type of sword, but strong enough to cut someone’s head.

“W-What are you doing?”  Airi was taken aback with the current state of the middle princess, “I-Is it…?”

“Yes… It’s my special gift… Blood Manipulation, I could easily draw any weapons from my own blood or others.” Rena played with the rapier with her hand.

Airi was surprised, he knew that every royal family in each clan has their own special gift. But he never saw this particular ability. Somehow he believed this ability suited Rena, but on the other hand it made her look creepier when she’s on the anger mode.

“R-Rena… Calm down.. Will you?” Airi halted her movement toward him

“Shut up!”

Rena thrusted the rapier, aiming at the middle of Airi’s torso. Airi swiftly evaded the rapier, but still he got a cut on his right shoulder.

“Look, I don’t want to fight with women, especially one of your status,” Airi took a look at his wound.


Rena snorted hearing Airi’s line, too bad Rena is one of those women who couldn’t stand  men who try to look down on women.

“Of course, we are much stronger than you are,” Airi obliviously said, causing Rena’s temper to go off the roof, “It’s better, if you just give up now.”

“Enough! You filthy wolf!” Rena slashed continuously at him, this time she was aiming at the neck

Airi tried to resist turning into his wolf form, which he usually reserved for worst case scenarios, this is one he thought was one of them. Airi began to clench his fist and teeth, he was making a growling sound, he released a copious amount of energy from his body. He screamed in pain, since every time he transformed, he needed to break each bone of his body. Since his human form wasn’t strong enough to stand against Rena’s blood manipulation, but he knew the consequences if he released his werewolf form, he will lose his humanity. His clothes began to tear off since,the transformation nearly finish, suddenly fur grow all over his body, his fangs, his claws, and finally he’s done.

“Oho~ Look what we’ve got,” Rena smirked

Airi growled, rushed to where Rena’s stand. He ran with four legs, surely the werewolf form made him more swift and fast. Rena didn’t expect that werewolves were actually that fast. Rena tried to move to the other side, but too late as in a blink of an eye, Airi already got there.


Airi took step by step closing their gap. Rena completely surprise with the true power of werewolves, for the first time she actually didn’t know what to do. In the middle of fighting, Rena back into her normal state.

“H-Huh? Why am I holding on this rapier?”


Yuki knew that when Rena is no longer in anger mode, she was not more than a typical princess like in every fairy tale. She could help Rena, but to release her power in this chamber is not smart move, not in front of her father condition. Then she remembered something

“Churi, could you do that?”

“Eh? That as in ?

“Yeah, Rena-chan need you, no they both need you, please..”

“B-But… I’m not sure I could handle it…” Akane looked anywhere but Yuki’s eyes.

Yuki held Akane’s shoulder, forced her to look Yuki in the eyes “I know you can do it, Churi. I believe in you.”

Although Akane doubt that Yuki’s plan will be succeed, but Akane need to trust her, not to mention Yuki was right, Airi and Rena need her.

“Okay, I’ll try Yuki-nee…”

Akane began to close her eyes, focusing to accumulate enough energy. After she thought the energy had enough, she released the energy into the air. Suddenly she saw the flashback of the current situation. Then she could see in the next minute, Airi will hurt Rena’s leg with his claw. Before it could happen, Akane once again closing her eyes, and playback the image in her head. When it play the certain part, she opened it and voila, the time freeze. None of them were moving, Airi’s claw was a centimetres away from Rena’s leg. Akane sure, if that claws were going to hit Rena’s leg, her sister probably will never walk normally again for the rest of her lives.  Akane walked closer to them, she hit the back of Airi’s neck, pulled away Rena to the certain distance. When she thought she had done enough, she snapped her fingers again.

“Errr…….” Airi lost balance, dropped on his knees. He felt that his body can’t move at all, his eyes were so heavy. The last thing he saw was Akane who tried to reach his face.
After Airi completely lost his consciousness, Yuki heading toward her twin who already turned white.

“Rena. calm down, it’s okay...” Yuki tried to touch her

“Y-Yuki-chan?? What happened??” Rena still didn’t fully grasp the situation.

“Nothing….” Yuki simply answered, then she look at Akane “Are you okay, Churi?”

“I-I’m a bit dizzy, Yuki-nee. But, I’m fine,” Akane reassured her eldest sister.

“Rena…..” The princesses turned to see source of the voice, it was their father.

“F-Father…” Rena once again back to herself, realizing what she did. “I-I’m sorry..”

“That’ll.. Do… Rena…” Father breathed out. “That’ll do…”

Rena can’t stand anymore, she knew that she shouldn’t be act reckless, not in front of her father who lying weak. She made her way out of the chamber, trying to calm herself and she didn’t want to make her father worry about her even more.

“Rena-nee…” Akane looked at her sister, worried.

“…” He paused, and took a deep breath before continued “Rena is.. Kind.. her heart’s in the right place.. She just.. Can’t…” His words were interrupted by severe cough

“Father!” Yuki and Akane ran up to him in panic.

“Don’t leave me, Father..!” Yuki held his hand, a couple of beads started fall down from her orbs.

“Yuki….don’t cry…” He wipe the tears that escape from her eyes

“Just don’t leave me, Father. I still need you, not only me….Mother….Rena, and Akane too” Her last attempt to not cry has failed.

“I-I will... be... a good…. Girl.. just please….” Akane sobbed between each words

Their father just smiled, slowly the grasp from his hand loosing.

FATHER!!” Akane screamed.

“C-Churi, Wait here. I’ll call our physician”

Not long after, Yuki arrived with both the physician and Rena whom she met at the corner of the hall in the west wing of the Kashiwagi’s mansion. The queen and the princesses were stood beside the unconscious King. Yuki as the oldest princess tried to calm her sisters, although inside her heart there were mixed feelings, but the more important is her father condition. The royal physician carefully examined the King’s condition. There was no sound, as if they could heard their own heartbeat. After a quiet long time, he finished.

“How is he?”

Rena was the first one to asked, since she feel guilty about how she lost herself in anger again, to make it worst, she lost it in front of her father the one she love the most.

“Forgive me, Rena-sama. But….”

“But what? Just tell us !” Akane retorted.

“His condition is not good, he could survive because he is a pure-blooded vampire. He was inflicted with poison from werewolves claw..”

“C-could you heal him?” Yuki asked, although she tried to maintain her composure, but uneasiness from her voice was shown.

“Well, that is the thing, Yuki-sama.”

“What do you mean?”

“I cannot heal it with the potions I have on hand, you see,” he explained, “Since it’s from the werewolves, the only thing that I could do is to slow down the poison from getting to his heart…”

“A-are you saying that his condition is incurable?” Rena widened her eyes.

“No… But I’ve heard this rumor….”

“What rumor, mister?” Akane asked him

“The only thing that could prevent him from dying is a pure-blooded werewolf heart.”

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Hmm... a pure blooded werewolf heart  :huhuh :huhuh
I wonder who'll get it
Hehehe Gosh Rena went berserk... Blood Manipulation is cool.
Rena VS Airi wooooo!!  :twisted: :twisted:
And Churi has an awesome power. I wonder what kind of power Yuki has.  :? :?
Thx for the update!  :) :)
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gut story  :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup
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Churi and Rena's power are cool!!!
Watanabe clan? Hmm... Mayuki or Saeyuki? I can't choose
Pure blooded werewolf heart? What is it? Airi is werewolf, is he pure blood? :kekeke:
Werewolves attack the King, it's mean WAAARR!!!
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Hmm... a pure blooded werewolf heart  :huhuh :huhuh
I wonder who'll get it
Hehehe Gosh Rena went berserk... Blood Manipulation is cool.
Rena VS Airi wooooo!!  :twisted: :twisted:
And Churi has an awesome power. I wonder what kind of power Yuki has.  :? :?
Thx for the update!  :) :)
About Yuki... I will save the heiress's power until later  XD

gut story  :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup
Thank you~

Churi and Rena's power are cool!!!
Watanabe clan? Hmm... Mayuki or Saeyuki? I can't choose
Pure blooded werewolf heart? What is it? Airi is werewolf, is he pure blood? :kekeke:
Werewolves attack the King, it's mean WAAARR!!!
Well... The term pure-blood is when you are born from the core/founder family on each clan.
I gotta say those three is legit pure-blood  O0 O0

Hello, Tama desu~  :hee:
Thank you for the one who kind enough to left comment, gave thanks, also for silentreader  :love: :love:

I gotta say that from this chapter on, I'll be working alone.
Since both Ruka and Michael are busy, in real life also their fic.
Well I'll try my best to finish this story, though I gotta say sci-fi thing isn't my forte.  :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes:

Last but not least, Enjoy~
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Chapter 10

“A.. a p-pureblood.. werewolf heart..?!”

“Yes, you see, since the poison in your father’s body was inflicted by werewolves, that’s the only way to do it, Akane-sama.”

“How many days we have?” The mother asked.

“I’m afraid.. We have time until the next moon eclipse.. Since after the moon eclipse, vampires are in their lowest strength..”

“What are we gonna do, Yuki-nee?”


There were a lot of going on in her mind, her father was attacked by werewolves, the one who rescued him was Watanabe. And now, the royal physician said that the only thing that can cure her father is werewolf’s heart, the pure-blood one.
“Nee, Yuki-chan. Before you forget, we do have werewolf’s heart, now,” Rena said and her eyes looking at the unconscious young werewolf who lied on the floor.

“Rena-nee!” Akane hissed.

“It’s true! Do you want father to die then ,Chu-chan?” Rena crossed her arms

“I-It’s not what I meant!”

“Stop you two.” Yuki said with a firm tone, once again both of her sisters were chill because the atmosphere became so cold suddenly “Not in front of our father, got it?”

“Yeah, Yuki-chan.” | “Alright, Yuki-nee.” They both said at the same time

“Good.” Yuki smiled, turned her gaze to her mother “Mother, what should we do?”

“It’s your duty to think about it, Yuki” Her mother stroked her hair, trying to ease the heiress. “One thing.. You shouldn’t rush anything..”

Yuki thought over the situation for a little while before coming to a decision, “Let’s not use him.”

“Are you out of your mind, Yuki?!” Rena was shocked with her twin’s decision.

“Calm down, Rena..” Yuki raised her hand, halted Rena before she could do or say anything more, “Besides, if we kill the heir now, then that will be more trouble, and drama.”

“But you do know right, it was the werewolves fault that our father is dying now.”

“Yes, I know. We both know that it wasn’t Airi’s fault either.”

“But he’s one of them, and I remembered about the last banquet suddenly..” Rena shook her head, not wanting to remember anything from that day, “He was there when he and his younger brother ransacked it!”


Yuki knew, Rena was right at some point. Nevertheless, Airi is one of the suspects from the last banquet. But one thing she didn’t understand, if Airi was going to hurt her father... Why would he stay and help Akane?

“H-How about we put him in our dungeon in the meantime?” Akane tried to reason with her sisters, “Force him to give us answers as to who we could use.”

Yuki turned her eyes at Rena’s, “Is that okay for you, Rena-chan?”

“I guess.”

“Good, let’s call the guard to carry him”

Morning time on Furukawa’s started by sound of piano. The melody echoed across the hallway to chambers of the princes. Sae was the first one to wake up, his head pop-up from door, with  bed-hair, and squinted his eyes searching for the source of sound. Then another head were coming from the very next door beside his chamber

“Sae-nii~ I thought you were the one who play piano” Jurina whined while rubbed his eyes

“No, I was about to say the same. Who is it?”

Sae massage his temple. Although he is a morning person, but today was exception. He sleep late last night, since there are many thing he should do. He was busy with duties, that Airi would usually do. Now Sae know why Airi always had no time to play.

“Dunno~” The youngest shrugged his shoulder

“Was about time you two woke up!”

A voice echoed through the empty halls of the mansion. The princes immediately turned their eyes to the source of voice. Sae widened his orbs, rubbed his eyes in disbelieve, so does Jurina.


“Long time no see, you two,” The heiress of the Yamamoto clan, Yamamoto Sayaka, stood up from where she was and walked towards them, “Where’s the mysterious one?”

“Sayanee~” Jurina gave Sayaka tackle hug.

“W-Wow, nice to see you too I guess Jurina” Sayaka hug Jurina back

“How come you didn’t tell us you were going to visit?” Jurina broke the hug

“It’s surprise you know hahaha” Sayaka patted the youngest head, and continued “Where is the nerd, Sae?”

“You should stop calling him a nerd, Sayanee. He’s going to be the next leader you know”

Sae leaned his back against the wall, “Sayaka, I am not a nerd, for your information. And Jurina, don’t forget that Airi’s gonna become leader before me.”

“If you two are here, where’s your older brother?” Sayaka looked around and noticed that indeed the trio was missing the eldest.   

“Why do you keep looking for  Airi-nii? Don’t you miss me, Sayanee?” Jurina pouted, threw his face on the side, sulking..

“Cut it out, Jurina,” Sae smacked the back of Jurina’s head   .

“Owww~” Jurina hissed in pain.

“If you were looking for Airi, he’s out of town now.”

“Eh? Airi out of town? Are we still talking the same, mysterious nerd now?” Sayaka’s jaw dropped.

“Yeah, we kinda had him apologise to the Kashiwagi family…”

“What?! Kashiwagi? Oh my God...” Sayaka covered her mouth with her hand

“U-Un…” Jurina sheepishly nodded, “We kinda… bombarded into a banquet they were holding, and yeah… He hasn’t  been here for a number of days now.”

“You WHAT??”

“Geezz Sayanee, Could you stop raising your voice every time I talk?”

“No..!” Sayaka slammed her hand against the wall, creating a loud thud, “You do know what this means, right?”

Sayaka couldn’t contain her anger. Her hands were reaching the youngest ear, and pinch it hard. She’d love to kick or punch him, but since there were many people she need to well-behave, nevertheless she is the princess of Yamamoto Clan.

“What’s wrong, Sayanee?” Sae concerned with the sudden change on Sayaka’s face

“It might be my hunch but … It’s just… I might’ve put Airi in danger.”

“What is with commotion in early morning?”

Nao and Rion showed up from behind Sae.

“Good Morning, Jurina, Sae and miss….” Rion bowed to them

“Rion chan~”

Jurina ran toward Rion tried to gave her a hug, before he could. Nao stopped him by put his hand on Jurina’s face.

“Good morning, young-master” Nao smiled at Jurina “Good morning, Sayaka-sama” Nao bowed to Sayaka

“Booo~” Jurina crossed his arms

“Good morning, Rion, Nao” Sae said

“Yo! Long time no see, Nao.” Sayaka wave her hand in friendly way, but she couldn’t help but notice the unfamiliar figure beside Nao “Care to introduce the young girl beside you?”

“My name is Rion, Sayaka-sama”

“What a beautiful name. I’m Sayaka, no need for honorifics, by the way. I hate that sort of formality,” Sayaka offered her hand, for a handshake, which Rion gladly accepted.

“Nee, Sayanee, What are you talking about earlier?” Sae asked

“I think I need to see Uncle now,” Sayaka remembered again, turned her eyes to the princes and said “and you two come with me”


“Just come!”

Sayaka dragged both Sae and Jurina, leaving Nao and Rion in the hallway. Jurina tried to stop Sayaka, because of her sudden behavior. But you couldn’t underestimate her strength just because she is a girl. She is way too strong for Jurina to handle, that’s when Jurina gave up and just follow her lead. They made their way into the prince’s father’s office

“Who is it?” The father still write something, didn’t bother to see

“Good morning uncle, I hope that I didnt disturb your work,” Sayaka bowed .

The father lift up his face because unfamiliar voice, then he found his sons and a girl. When Sayaka raise her face, he knew who it was.

“Sayaka, my niece,” The father raised from his seat, walked to where Sayaka stand, open his arms to hug.

“Uncle, long time no see,” Sayaka hug him back.

Even though Sayaka is just his niece, their father loves her as much as his own daughter. Since he has no daughter by himself, not forget to mention that Sayaka used to play and stay in Furukawa’s mansion.

“How come you didn’t tell me that you were visiting,” He asked her.

“It was a bit last minute, uncle, because I needed to tell you something..”

“Tell me anything, Sayaka.” He tried to assure her.

“Is it true that Airi is staying at the Kashiwagi’s mansion?”

“Ah yes my dear, it’s because of…” He threw death glare to the youngest werewolf. “Reasons…”

Jurina hid behind Sae, didn’t want to face his father anger again. Thank God, Sayaka didn’t notice about this, since she focus talking with their father.


“Yeah here and there, but what’s wrong? Do you want to see Airi?”

“Actually, when I was on my way to here, I met with a group of vampires…”

“Where?” He asked with worried tone

“At the north border, I saw they were hunting something. But I noticed that one of them actually trespassing our land..then…”

“Don’t tell me, Sayanee.. You….” Sae looked at his cousin, worriedly.

Sayaka took a deep breath before continued “I think… I might’ve injured their king…”

“You what?!” Jurina’s jaw dropped

Sae fell down on his knees, whilst the father still maintain his composure, after all he’s the leader he need to stay calm for whatever condition.

“Are you sure it was the king? From Kashiwagi?” He asked her to make sure the information is valid.


“Which one Sayanee?” Sae raised his voice

“Look I don’t know! But I know that he’s somewhat a higher rank, but I noticed the emblem it was the Kashiwagi emblem.”

“Higher rank? How did you know?” Jurina finally gained his composure

“He is the only one who was riding a horse, whilst the others were just on foot.”

“Oh my God….” Sae cupped his own cheeks,

The father didn’t say anything. Sae and Jurina couldn’t imagine that they were going to have a problem with Kashiwagi again after banquet incident. On the other hand, Sayaka who didn’t know about banquet problem, just know that she made a big mistake. The office filled with heavy air, none of them were trying to speak up or made a move. Until...

“Wait!” Jurina surprised all of them with sudden talk

“What Jurina !?” Sayaka held out her chest

“A-Airi…” Jurina stuttered

Sae slapped his own forehead “Father! What will happen to Airi?” .

“I’m not sure, either, he gets tortured, or….”

“T-Tortured?!” Jurina turned into stone

“W-What’s t-the ‘o-or?” Sayaka asked.“W-Wait, is there anyone want to tell me what’s going on in here?”

Three of them couldn’t open their mouth to tell the heiress of Yamamoto Clan. Because if she knew, she’ll be feel bad about that. The father knew that Sayaka always get what she wanted, not mention that she has this stubborn personality.

“Just tell me already!” Sayaka couldn’t stand the heavy atmosphere any longer

“M-Me and Airi..”

“Thank God, Jurina.” Sayaka turned her eyes to Jurina, happy that finally there is someone is willing to tell her. “You and Airi what?”


“He and Airi messed up a sacred banquet of Kashiwagi family.” Sae helped Jurina to finish the story

Now Sayaka grasp the whole situation. Sae’s answer is like completing the puzzle. Sayaka walked closer to the youngest, gave him a knee kick.

“O-owww! What is that for?!” Jurina hissed in pain, hold his tummy.

“That is for your stupidity!” After that she walked toward Sae

“W-What?” Sae got nervous and fidgety at the same time

“This!” Sayaka pinched Sae’s cheek, pulled in the maximum elastic

“Awww! S-Stop it Sayanee!” Sae pleaded to his cousin, Sayaka immediately complied “Why did you pinch me? I didn’t even join them in the first place!” Sae retorted , rubbed his both cheeks

“Anyways, you three… The other consequence might be that he gets sacrificed for his heart.”

“E-Eh?!” The three of them exclaimed in utter shock

“Yes, if a vampire gets poisoned by a werewolf, the only way to prevent the poison from getting any further, is to sacrifice a pure-blooded werewolf.”

“W-What are w-we going to do…?” Jurina asked, timidly and sheepishly.

“We wait until we got official confirmation from the Kashiwagi family themselves.” The father finally spoke up his mind.

“What about Airi? What if….”

“Don’t worry, Sae… He can think of a plan, he’s more tactical than the both of us combined!” Jurina said, confidently.


“Just relax, Sae,” Sayaka tried to calm her cousin. Sae only clutched his chest silently.

Their father spoke once more, “My sons, I know you are both worried, but worrying about it will only make it worse.”

“Father’s right, Sae. We have to think positively!”

“As much as we can, anyways…” Sae mumbled.

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I never expected Sayanne to be in the story. Hehehe but glad that she's included
Never thought that their father was a positive person. Hehehe
Sacrifice a pure-blood werewolf heart. Hope the Kashiwagi's father get better.
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father's are scary in this story!
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wait is sae going to sacrifice his heart for the king of vampires and yuki will end up with the watanabe clan prince or smth which i assume is going to be mayu?

LOL :glasses:
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please not mayu, someone who will be Yuki partner. everyone can, but not mayu please....
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I never expected Sayanne to be in the story. Hehehe but glad that she's included
Never thought that their father was a positive person. Hehehe
Sacrifice a pure-blood werewolf heart. Hope the Kashiwagi's father get better.
Me too never expect that Sayanee would be in here too LOL  :sweat:
Yeah... but time is running out if they dont find any solution about it ._.
father's are scary in this story!
Are they? Their father look fine to me  :whistle: :whistle:

wait is sae going to sacrifice his heart for the king of vampires and yuki will end up with the watanabe clan prince or smth which i assume is going to be mayu?

LOL :glasses:
Do you think so? Hmmm... obviously there'll be a sacrifice..
But the question is whose heart? Sae? Jurina? or Airi?
All of the options still open tbh  :on freeze: :on freeze: :on freeze:

please not mayu, someone who will be Yuki partner. everyone can, but not mayu please....
Eh? Why?
Do you hate her?  :stoned:
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Chapter 11

That night, there was someone who let out a deep sigh on the balcony of Kashiwagi. It was the heiress, she walked back and forth. Yuki was feeling… rather uneasy. With everything that has happened, she didn’t want to be in this situation.

She held her chest as her heart was pounding nervously. Then her hand found the ruby necklace and she clutched the ring tight.

“Sae… I hope everything’s okay on your side… because, right now.. Everything feels like it’s starting to fall apart.”


Sudden voice from behind, brought her back to the reality. She abruptly let go the ring, and hid it behind her dress.

“Oh it’s you, Rena-chan..” Yuki released a deep sigh

“What’s wrong? You look...awful.”

“How couldn’t I?”

For a couple of minutes, the twins just stand there without a sound.

“Yuki-chan… I’m sorry….” Rena finally broke the ice between them

“Huh?” Yuki tilted her head

“About.. Earlier. I nearly lost my temper.”

“It’s okay..” Yuki patted her sister’s shoulder “But you shouldn’t do that, not in front of father, Rena-chan..”

“I know… but Furukawa… Airi.. he’s…”

“He did nothing wrong, you know that Rena..”

“How could you be so sure about that?”

“If he was planning to hurt our father, why would he bother to apologize?

Rena was about to say something, but Yuki won’t allow her and continued “Did you forget that he was the one who made Churi feel better?”

What Yuki just said was right, Yeah Rena forget about that. The fact that Airi was the one who take care of Churi.

“But, I don’t want our father to die.”

“Trust me, I won’t let that happen”

“What….are we.. gonna do, Yuki?” Rena leaned her back against railing

“I don’t know...Rena..”  Yuki looked down

“When time has come and we still don’t have the werewolf’s heart.. I’m afraid… I’ll have to take him down..” Rena simply let out what is on her mind

Yuki’s eyes widened. “W-What…? R-Rena…”

“It’s the only way.”

“What happened with Churi?” Yuki asked, worrying for her youngest sister.

Not only Yuki, but Rena was in torn as well. They both love Churi so much, of course her health was the twins’ priority. But in this case, their father’s health was much more of a priority.

“I don’t know, after you left Father’s chamber, she left too, walking the opposite direction.”

“Opposite direction?”

“I saw her heading for the dungeon. Who knows why…”

“I know why…” Yuki said, looking forward at the view, “She cares for that werewolf, and it makes me happy.”

“Happy..?” Rena’s eyebrows furrowed.

“In all honestly… yes, I do. It makes me think. What would happen, if us vampires and the werewolves managed to make peace and had gotten along with each other….”

“That’s just wishful thinking, Yuki.. We both know that it will never happen…”

“Don’t you feel happy seeing Churi finally able to made a friend?”

“I… I’m happy for Churi, but… but he is a werewolf..!”

“So what!? It’s not that every werewolf is bad.” Without realized Yuki raised her voice

“If they weren’t bad, why did they rampage on our banquet?”


Rena then gave a suspicious glare. “Why are you even sympathizing for them?”

“I’m NOT! It’s you who full of suspicious mind about them!”

“Since when did you taking side with them?” Rena arched an eyebrow

“I’m not taking their side--!”

“Then why?!”

“Enough!” Yuki screamed, causing her twin to become silent.


A familiar voice made them stop, then both Yuki and Rena noticed a glimpse of Akane at the doors of the balcony behind them.


“Did you two fight?” Akane said still hid behind the door, the twins only saw her head, “If so, then please stop…”

“We are not fighting, Chu-chan. Isn’t it right, Yuki-chan?” Rena step on Yuki’s foot, gave her signal to drop the conversation

“Ow.. Y-Yeah.. We are not fighting, Churi..” Yuki threw death glare to Rena

“Really?” There was a indecisive tone to Akane’s voice, not knowing whether to believe them or not.

“Un, Come here..” Yuki motioned  for her to come closer

Thanks to Yuki’s acting, Akane totally bought  it. She smiled, walking closer, then enveloping Yuki in a hug which is Yuki accept and return the hug.

“Aww, you didn’t even hug me, Chu-chan? Now I’m sad..” Rena cover her face, pretend to cry

“E-Eh.. Don’t cry Rena-nee.” Akane broke hug and rushed to Rena’s side, gave her a bear hug.

Three of them giggled, it’s been long time since the last time the princesses were laughing.

Akane now stood between her sisters, “Nee, Yuki-nee.. Are you sure about that?” Akane carefully  said the last part.

“About what?”

“About…. Watanabe’s son…”


Yuki was lost for words, she didn’t even think about Watanabe’s son right now. Now after Akane mentioned about it, she couldn’t help but thinking about her reckless decision.

Looking at her twin who had distress on her face, Rena felt guilty about that “You don’t have to do that, Yuki-chan…”

“But someone has to..Rena..”

“It’s my duty, not yours!” Rena frustrated with her twin, who tried to suppress her feeling.

“So are you saying you’ll marry him?”

“......” Rena's lips failed to retort, not even a lie.

“You can’t, right?” Yuki annoyed with Rena’s stubbornness

“If I said that I’ll marry Watanabe’s son. Would you stop fighting, onee-chan?”

NOOOO!!” They both answered at the same time


“I’m leaving, if you want to marry him, then that’s fine with me. I’m gonna find some answers.” Rena said, before walking out.

“Y-Yuki-nee, I-I’m going to go see what she’s up to,” Akane said, before following her.

Yuki just looked up to the sky, clutching the necklace around her neck.

“Sae… please… help me..”

Meanwhile, Akane was trying to catch up to Rena who was furiously making her way to the dungeon.

“Rena-nee!” Akane was getting Rena to stop, or at the very least slow down

“What do you want from me, Chu-chan?!”

“I just want you to think about what you’re doing…!” She clutched the sleeve of Rena’s shirt, “I know I may be the youngest, but I know what’s right!”

“Eh?” Rena looked at her younger sibling.

“You don’t know what you’re doing to him… It… It’s not truly like you, Rena-nee…”

Akane’s tears started pouring from her eyes.

“It’s making me worry…”

“C-Churi… I want what’s best for all of us.”

“What you want, Rena-nee… Is not necessarily what me and Yuki-nee want.”

Rena stopped, speechless at what her sister said to her. One of the only people who had loved her, said something that hurt her feelings.

“Akane…” Rena stopped calling Akane by her affectionate nickname, “If you really think that, then leave, look after that werewolf, I wouldn’t care if something happened to you.”


“Just leave me alone, Akane,” Rena said, before pulling down, making Akane let go of her and walked away.

Yes, Rena was upset, but she didn’t mean to say it that way. Of course, that was her way of letting out her anger, but doing so towards Akane… Made her realise, the meaning of what her sister had told her.

She had just ignored Akane’s shouts and made her way down to the dungeons. She walked down the dark hallway, until she made it to a larger cage.

She had turned to a guard who was patrolling the area.

“Is he awake?”

“Yes, he is, Rena-sama, but he’s not retaliating.”

“Open it, I want to talk to him, myself.”

“As you wish,” the guard stepped aside, and opened the cage door.

She walked inside and saw Airi, sat down, tied to a pillar behind him. She instantly grabbed his collar and picked him up as high as she could.


“I told you already, it wasn’t me.”

Rena was so angry, that she instinctively threw a punch at him. Or, she wanted to. She tried her best to control her anger, taking a deep breath.

“Look… I just need an answer, or I’ll beat it out of you.”

Airi looked up with skeptical eyes, “If it’s to save your father, then I’m not saying squat.”

Rena was nearly about to lose it. “I mean it..!”

“So do I.”

“Do you want me to go there?” The vampire gripped her fist.

“I… DARE you.”

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 Take my heart then  :pleeease:
 I dun want any of them to die
 Want to see their happy n lovely moment  :fainted:
 And yuki going to get married with watanabe,
 What will happen to sae??  :gyaaah:
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Chapter 12

“Oho~! Let’s see....”

Rena smirked, and began to laugh creepily. She grabbed Airi’s collar, gave him a punch in his stomach.


Blood came out from Airi’s mouth, Airi clenched his fist.He really wanted to raise his fist against the latter but he remember about Rena anger management issue, moreover she is a girl and princess. He just stare blankly at Rena’s orbs. On the other side, Rena is more annoyed with Airi’s silence.   

“I thought for a second I could trust you, Airi..”

“Did you?” Airi glared. “Doesn’t really feel like it...”

Rena laughed again, nearly sending a chill up the werewolf’s spine. Even the look in her eyes was becoming scary.

Rena gave him another blow, this time aim for his cheek. Airi who has no strength left because of hunger and thirst. He couldn’t count how many times Rena hit him, the last blow brought him down on his knees unconsciously.  Rena was about to kick his head, when someone’s voice startled her.

“Stop it Rena!”

Rena turned around her heels, found the heiress and her youngest sister standing there. Akane hid behind the heiress, but Rena could see her body trembling and Akane didn’t  dare to look her in the eyes. It made her snap from her anger mode, she looked confused about what happened.


Rena tilted her head, her eyes roaming around. She found herself in dark room, very humid since there was no window at all, finally she noticed was in the dungeon deep within the mansion, where they have kept the werewolf captive.

“Eh..? What was I..?” Rena blinked, then she found trace of blood from her knuckle, realized the blood wasn’t from her.

Yuki walked closer, at first Akane didn’t want because she still afraid of Rena. But Yuki patted her head, assuring her that it was okay now.

“Rena-chan? Do you remember anything?”

“No, What was I doing again?” Rena showed her her knuckle covered with blood, she noticed Akane still hiding behind Yuki “What is wrong, Chu-chan?” Rena bend down tried to hug Akane.

Akane a bit hesitant to accept the hug, she looked to her older sister. Yuki just smiled, then Akane walked closer and accept the hug.

“Rena-nee, you don’t remember at all?” Akane said still hugging Rena

“Mm-mm..” Rena shook her head, broke the hug “Care to tell?” Rena held Akane’s shoulder, force her to look her in the eyes.

“Ummm..” Akane didn’t know how to start the story.

“Just tell me..”

“Look behind you, Rena-chan.” Yuki said calmly

Immediately Rena complied, her eyes widened looking at the motionless body on the floor. She noticed the familiar shirt, because there is only one person who wore that outfit.

“Did...I…?” Rena covered her mouth

“Yes…” Yuki closed her eyes

“Oh my GOD! W-What a-am I g-going t-to d-do, Yuki-chan??” Rena started panicking

Neither the princesses say anything, there was heavy atmosphere on Airi’s dungeon. Yuki still thinking the best solution, the middle one still extremely anxious about what was her doing, not forget to mention it was the second time that she beat him to a pulp.

“I’m s-sorry Rena-nee, I could have been better if I stop you earlier, but i was afraid…” Akane burst into tears.

Akane’s tears brought the twins from their deep thought.


“Nee-chan… P-Please…” Akane talked, whilst trying not to choke on her tears, “J-Just stop…”

“Akane, tend to him later, Rena… Try not to beat him up again.” Yuki said, demandingly.

“I will try…What about father, Yuki-chan?”

“About that.. I’ll figure out later.. The most important thing right now is you need to rest, Rena-chan.” Yuki said, looking up and down Rena’s figure “Probably.. Shower too.”

“O-okay…” Rena nodded and quietly left.

After she left, Akane faced the heiress. “Yuki-nee… what’s going to happen now?”

“I don’t know, Churi… But I sense something bad will happen..”

“B-Bad? Is this related to our father issue?”

“Yeah.. Although you know how much I hate conflict. But as an heiress I couldn’t just sit after Father was attacked by werewolves side..”

Yuki kneel down to check up on Airi’s wound. Akane thinking about what just her sister said, it was totally right. If Yuki let this matter out their family reputation will ruin, she doubt why did Watanabe happen to be at the same place? To make it worst now their father is dying and need a pureblood werewolf’s heart.

“Nee, Yuki-nee. Don’t you think Watanabe seems somewhat fishy?”


“Yeah.. He just randomly comes to rescue Father at the right time, when he was just attacked by werewolves…” Akane just saying what is on her mind

Churi’s right…”  Yuki thought, with suspicion in her mind.

“Don’t you think so, Yuki-nee?” Akane shook Yuki’s body a bit

“Yeah.. But we can’t accuse him without evidence, Churi..”

“Still… It can’t just be coincidence…” Akane said.

“What about we ask Rion about it, since she’s still in their territory.” Yuki tried to convince Akane, because Akane is sometimes stubborn like Rena but in a good way.

“Un! That’s a good idea, Yuki-nee~”

Suddenly a maid came to tell Yuki, there was someone who had requested for her.

“Who is it?”

“He said he’s from the Watanabe family, Yuki-sama..” The maid bowed

“Right… Tell him I’ll be there in a few minutes,” Yuki said, “I’m still talking to my sister.”

“As you wish, Yuki-sama,” The maid said before leaving.

Yuki watched the maid left, leaving the princesses again.

“Now.. We need a way to find answers from Airi, over here, without violence…”

“I trust Airi, Yuki-nee. There is no way that he planned this…”

“But, even so…”

“I’m not gonna let bloodshed continue to pour from our side, Yuki-nee….”

“Churi… I’ll find a way, don’t worry.” Yuki patted Akane’s head, and continued “Now, I have to go, it’s rude to keep someone waiting.”

Before Yuki could walk away, Akane grabbed her wrist “In the end.. We need to kill a werewolf right?”

“....” Yuki can’t answer her immediately, but she knows she need to be sure, “I’m afraid yes, Churi.”

“W-Will this start… a war?” Akane whispered the last part, but it was loud enough for Yuki to hear.

“To be honest, I don’t know…” Yuki smiled “Churi, I need to go. I think you should tend to Airi. I think he hasn’t eat anything.”

“Will do, Yuki-nee. Be careful with Watanabe’s son, okay?”

Instead of answering the youngest’s question, Yuki made an O form with her thumb and index finger

Meanwhile on werewolves side

There was a particular girl who seems busy to write something in her room.

Dear Yuki, Rena, and Akane-sama

Is everything okay on that side? I’m sorry I couldn’t inform you as soon as possible.
I was a bit distracted with some… commotion..

I’ve managed to infiltrate Furukawa’s castle, they totally trust me.
I could say that the 2nd child whose name is Sae, he is the wise one, right now he’s handling all of the eldest, as you know, his name is Airi’s work.
Then we have the youngest son, Jurina. He is player, always flirt with every girl he met. I remember the first time we met, he was trying to hit on me. There was something strange about his eyes. When I looked at them, I felt like I was being pulled into him. I’d be careful not to make direct eye contact if he confronts you.
I met another hybrid in here, his name is Furuhata Nao. He’s the one who took me into Furukawa’s castle. Because I said that I’m an orphan and have no place to go.
Today, there was someone coming. Her name is Yamamoto Sayaka, I think she’s the heiress from Yamamoto clan. She seems friendly… But something was fishy, she dragged both of theprinces to see Furukawa-sama. I think there must be some conspiracy against your family, too bad I can’t follow them because Nao was with me.

I’ll contact you again later.


“It’s done~”

Rion re-read her letter again to check if she missed any information since she knew the Kashiwagi clan depend on her. Satisfied with her writing, she immediately called the pigeon with secret whistle. She tied the letter carefully, then set the pigeon go.

*knock knock*

“Rion? Are you there?” Someone said behind the door


Rion abruptly tossed aside her writing equipment and opened the door, curious to find out who is behind the door. She opened the door, find the familiar hybrid,


“Did I bother you?” Nao scratched behind his head

“No, It’s fine. Is there something you need?

“Young master ask you to join dinner with them.”

“Is it really okay for me to join?” Rion unsure about this dinner, since she just a girl that Nao found in the woods

“Of course. Young master wishes to treat you as a guest.”

“O-okay.. If you said so..”

They both walked side by side, neither both of them tried to talk. Rion use this chance, to find out some information from Nao.



“You know I haven’t see Jurina all day, was he busy?”

“Ah Yes.. He was with Sayaka-sama today..”

“Do you know the reason why Sayaka-san getting worked up this morning?”

Although Sayaka clearly state that Rion can call her by her name only, but she find it too uncomfortable, therefore she added -san after her name.

“I can’t tell you, Rion.. Let’s say that it was royal issue..” Nao simply answered

So there is something happen..” Rion didn’t want to push the sensitive topic “I see…”

Not long after that, they both arrived at dining hall. Nao let her to go in first, Rion saw Furukawa-sama, Sae, and Sayaka sitting at the table, waiting for them.  She noticed that there is one person missing from table.

Strange.. Where is Jurina?


Jurina gave a tackle hug, jump at Rion. Rion who didn’t expect that Jurina coming from her right side, losing her balance. Jurina now on top of her, staring down at her with a mischievous smirk.

“My, you look cute when you’re vulnerable.”

Rion quickly averted her gaze from Jurina’s eyes. “J-Jurina, get off me!”

“What’s the matter? Let me look at you,” Jurina held the girl’s chin, turning her head to meet her gaze. But before she could be put under his spell...

“That’s enough, Jurina,” Sae said firmly. “We’re having dinner, now sit and behave.”

“Boo~ You’re such a party pooper, Sae-nii~” Jurina sticked out his tongue

Jurina get up from Rion’s body, skipping to his seat happily. He sit beside Sayaka who gave him smack in the head.

“I’m losing brain-cells, stop it, Sayanee~~”

“I thought you didn’t have any, Jurina.” Sayaka said in sarcasm

“Stop it you two!” Sae hissed “Come here, Rion.” Sae motion her to sit beside him.


Rion quietly sat down beside Nao, still flustered by Jurina’s previous actions.

Surprisingly, the dinner went well. Although Jurina not even once tried to use his eyes on Rion. Still Rion felt odd. It was her first time to had dinner with leader of Furukawa, and she can’t help but thinking what was behind Sayaka visit. She lost in deep thought, until she felt a hand touch her shoulder.

She looked over and saw Nao staring at her with a worried look.

“Are you okay, Rion?”

“O-oh, yes. Sorry, I was deep in thought.”

“Thinking about what?” This time Sae jumped into their conversation.

Before Rion could answer Sae’s question, Sayaka who’s been playing with her meal, was glancing at Rion every few second. She could sense Rion’s heartbeat was faster, a sign that she was indeed hiding something.

In front of Sayaka, you couldn’t lie. Because she has sensitive hearing. She can hear the changes of a person’s heartbeat. At first, she use that to differentiate between human and vampire. Since vampires are undead, they have a different heartbeat from humans’.

However, she soon became familiar with the unique patterns and were able to recognize them.

“It’s hard to explain… a lot’s happened.”

She is lying.” Sayaka talked to herself.

Sayaka wanted to discuss about incident related to Kashiwagi, but her guts telling her not to say anything in front of Rion.

“Nao, it looks like Rion-chan’s tired. Could you take her back to her chamber?”

Rion was taken aback with Sayaka’s line. She really wanted to stay, because she need to inform any information to Kashiwagi Family. But if she insisted to stay, it may cause a few problems.

“Uh, sure, I guess…” Nao said. “You don’t mind, do you, Rion?”

“No, I don’t mind. Thank you for dinner.” Rion bowed to the royals.

Before both Rion and Nao completely out of the room. Rion heard something behind her back.

“Sayanee, do you think he’ll be dead?

“Who? The vampire’s Father?” Jurina busy munch his meal.

Rion’s feet stopped automatically “What happened with Kashiwagi-sama?”


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What will happen with kashiwagi sama?
I don't care what will happen to kashiwagi king. I hope Yuki will call Sae in her room. "Everything will be OK", line come out :dozing
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What will happen with kashiwagi sama?
I don't care what will happen to kashiwagi king. I hope Yuki will call Sae in her room. "Everything will be OK", line come out :dozing
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1. he will die if no one can find him the cure
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Chapter 13

“Here you are,” Nao opened the door to Rion’s room. “If there’s anything you need, call for me.”

“Wait,” Rion stopped him.

“Hm? What?”

“Does she often come here?”

“Ah Sayaka-sama? Since she is the sole heir of Yamamoto clan, she has no siblings. That’s why she always come here and play with young masters.

“So.. This time just another visit?”

“Yeah, but something happened.”

“Is it bad?”

“You could say that, she hasn’t told me anything of it, but from what I am hearing from Jurina-sama, it does seem like it.”

“I hope everything is okay..”

Nao smiled, and left Rion alone in her chamber.

Meanwhile in Kashiwagi’s Mansion

Yuki entered the Royal chamber, and found a young man with a long cape standing in front of her. It was the eldest son of the Watanabe family, Watanabe Mayu. He noticed that someone was coming from behind.

“Ah Yuki~, Long time no see.” Mayu walked toward Yuki, tried to grabbed her hand.

“No need to court me, Mayu.”
“Eh? What seems to be troubling you, my princess?”

“You.” a lazy answer came out from Yuki’s mouth.

“Me? Why?”  a shocked expression plastered on his face, Mayu said.

“Because when you come here, you always gave me a headache” Yuki pretended to massage her head.

“Aww~ doesn’t that mean you always thinking of me?” Mayu smirked

Speechless. Yuki didn’t know what to do with Mayu anymore. He was always like that when Yuki said something serious he always thought it was a jokes, vice versa. Yuki and Rena have met him for a couple of times when all the vampire clans held a sacred banquet. Instantly he had his eyes set on hers. Yuki caught him a couple of times taking a glance at her, and then he made a move trying to woo Yuki. Too bad, when he find out about Yuki was the heiress of Kashiwagi, he gave up. Because among royals there is some unspoken rules. One of them being, that the heir of each family can’t marry among themselves. Yuki snapped back to the current situation when someone called her name.

“Yuki-chan, I heard from maid th-.”

Mayu turned his eyes to the source of the  voices. His eyes were sparkling, when he found a certain figure from the entrance of chamber.


“Rena-chan~ I’ve been looking for you, love.” Mayu dashed toward Rena. When he tried to give Rena a hug, she pulled away.

“Mayu.” Rena’s voice became stern as her brown orbs glared at Mayu’s.

“Okay okay” Mayu raised his hands up “Geez, what’s wrong with you two?”

“Nothing, what’s bringing you here?” Yuki tried to save her twin from Mayu.

“Well, I want to see how my in laws are doing, also my future bride” He put emphasis on the last part whilst he threw his gaze at Rena.

His gaze brought chill to Rena’s spine, not in a good way of course.

“P-Please, not in a serious situation like this, Watanabe-kun.”
“You know I’m being serious in here, Rena-chan.”

“Not in the sense of love, please.” Rena sighed

Although Mayu wanted to tease Rena more, but somehow he knew it isn’t the right time. “Okay, okay. How’s your father, by the way?”

“He is….” Rena stopped for a while, before continuing “....not okay.” 

Rena barely managed to finish her sentence. Mayu couldn’t help but to walk up towards her and hug her, expecting her to accept it and cry into his shoulder.

Though she hated the engagement, she didn’t hate Mayu, not at all. He’s nice, when he hugs her, it’s like saying ‘It’s okay to cry’. Without her consent, beads of tears formed at the corner of her eyes. Her body began to shaking, as he grasped her body.

“I-I h-hate… s-seeing F-Father like… this…”

“It’s fine, Rena, just cry it out.”

His words are like magic. After listen to his voice hushing her in calming way, Rena let out her sorrowness which has been piling up. Yuki, who saw that unfold, just stayed quiet, she knew that Rena’s been holding in her emotions.

Though Churi is the mentally unstable princess, Rena has her moments. Not to mention the fact that Churi is their father’s favorite; as the middle child of the three, Rena knew how to behave, how to be polite to the right people. The one who recognised her effort was none other than her father. That’s why her father’s condition was the hardest for Rena to accept.

Mayu turned his head to Yuki’s direction.

“Yuki, where’s your youngest sister?” He asked, whilst rubbing Rena’s back calmingly.

“She’s currently attending to some of her own matters,” Yuki replied.

“What happened to your father? Is it that bad?”

There is no answer between the two twins. Yuki threw her eyes at somewhere else, meanwhile Rena was still sobbing in his embrace. The silence became too much too handle, when Rena mumbled something, still in his comforting embrace.

“Do you say something, Rena-chan?”

“F-Father… is…. Dying…, Watanabe-kun…” She sobbed in each words.

“Dying?” His eyes met Yuki’s as if asking her what Rena was talking about.

“He was wounded by a werewolf’s claw, Mayu.” Finally Yuki speak up

That’s it,the missing puzzle. It’s not a secret among vampire clan that werewolves claw was the vampire’s weakness. It could’ve killed you instantly. Just because the Kashiwagi leader has strength beyond a normal vampire, but Mayu sure knows it is making him incredibly weak.

“How many claw marks are there on his wound?”

“Just one, but it’s on his neck.”

Rena pulled away from the hug, her eyes were red. There was a trail of her dried tears on her face.

“What are we gonna do, Watanabe-kun?” She held Mayu’s shoulder “I...I…don’t...want… father……..-” Rena barely said it with her weak voice until Mayu cut her off.

“Rena-chan, look at me.”

He grabbed her hands, put them into his. Soon, Rena complied with his request, as his pair of calmness waiting for hers. When she did, he welcome Rena with a smile.

“He’s going to be okay, trust me. Okay?”

Rena stay silent. He tightened the grip on his hand as if tried to gain Rena’s attention.

“Rena.. He’s gonna be OKAY. Just trust me.” Mayu tried his best to convinced Rena.

Rena saw that, honestly deep inside she wanted to thank Mayu about what he did. But right now, she couldn’t muttered any words to describe her feeling. So, she just replied it with a single nod.

Lucky, Mayu understood. He gave a soft patted on Rena’s head.

“Now tell me what happened on that day, Mayu.” Yuki asked



“Argh… If not for that stupid pact. I’ll go to human village instead and drink their blood.”

Mayu wandered alone at the forest. He looking for his prey, small animal like rabbit or deer. Though vampire still can drink human blood, but there is a new pact between vampire’s clan. This new rule applied because there was a controversial case. When vampire drank human blood continuously they’ll lose their mind. That’s why the vampire only allow to drank human blood once a month.

When he walked long enough, he sensed something as if someone has been following him. He smirked, he isn’t in the mood to play. Because he’s hungry.

“Show yourself while I’m being nice.” He began to stretching his neck to right and left

When he’s getting ready, he heard a werewolf howling in agony. It was long enough, as if it’s crying over something. The howl followed by a yelp from someone. Mayu walked slowly toward the source of voice. Step by step. There was only the sound of dried leaves that he stepped in. He’s getting his fangs ready in case of an emergency, as his eyes roaming around him. His eyes grew wide, when he found a familiar figure.

He rushed to the unconscious figure. Mayu panicked, because in front of his eyes is one of the highest rank vampire. His mind disturbed by a certain figure behind tree. When their eyes met, Mayu saw guilty was written in all over her face. The moment she noticed that Mayu saw her, her feet started to dash leaving the scene.

“Hey!! Stop!!”

Mayu wanted to chase the unknown girl. The only thing he sure is that girl is a werewolf.

End of Flashback

“Do you remember what she looks like?

“All I remember is.. She has short hair and fair skin..”

“I see…”

“I’m sorry Yuki, Rena-chan. I should’ve chase after her.”

“It’s okay, Mayu. Thank you, I really mean it.” Yuki smile.

When Mayu just returned the smile back and turned his attention back to Rena. Yuki once again lost in her thought. She sure there is something fishy behind her father’s assault.

“Who is that girl? Perhaps I’ll ask Sae about this…”

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Chapter 14

Sae yawned, literally got sick of this usual routine of the heir already. He used to mock Airi because every time he asked him to play, he had to decline due to his duties. The amount of paper in his desk never reduced, more likely it had increased everyday.

“Geez.. Can I get a day off?” It seemed like he was literally drowned in a sea of paper.

He wanted to close his eyes for a while, then he could feel something inside him.


Sae sense something from Yuki’s side, since he gave her his ruby necklace, he knows that it was the sign when Yuki want to meet him. More likely there is something urgent, since Yuki never use it before. Sae knew Yuki is busy with the daily routine of being the heiress. However, he’s glad that Yuki actually wanted to see him, it’s not a one-sided feeling afterall.

Sae looking around him, just want to make sure that there was no one around his chamber. He locked it, before snapping his fingers, teleporting to the other side.

There he is, the one that she’s been long for. Yuki was staring at the sky again. A smile was plastered on his face, as he keep walking toward the heiress from behind.

“Hey, Princess..” Sae wrapped her waist.

She was surprised, Yuki’s body flinched on sudden skinship. But when she turned her head and found the exact person that she’s been waiting for.

“Mou~ You almost gave me a heart attack.” She made sounded like she disliked what the latter did.

“You don’t like it? Hmm.. okay..” Sae was sulking, and tried to let go his hand on her waist.

Before he completely removed his hands, in a flash Yuki grabbed it and said “I never said, I don’ it..” as she keep her eyes down.

“How cute!” Sae pinched one of her cheeks, as once again his hand found the comfort place on her slim waist.

Both of them just stayed quiet for a while, enjoying the moment. Unlike Sae who was enjoying every single moment he was spending with, Yuki was contemplating on whether to tell him what was going on. Little did Yuki knew, Sae could noticed her tensed aura, not to mention she kept playing the hem of his shirt. One of Yuki’s habit that he found, it’s not just about Yuki. Sae was born with an extraordinary observation skills. Like he could immediately noticed if someone move his things, although Jurina always said he put it back at the right place. The youngest always missed by an inch, even millimeters, if that counted.

“Is there something wrong, love?”

“.........” Yuki’s breath hitched when she heard the question

Sae turned her body facing him completely. Now, Yuki can’t lie anymore, since it all written on her face. Sae took her hands in his, lacing them together. Still the heiress wasn’t looking at her prince, she somewhat troubled because of some unknown reason. Therefore, Sae gave a soft grip in the hands, trying to get the heiress’s attention.

“Yuki.. Just tell me..” He said it with a soft voice, trying reassured her along with a simple act of brushing her knuckle.

“I-I can’t, Sae, I-I’m sorry,” She said, continuing to look away from him. The heiress bit her lower lip, but she couldn’t lie to Sae’s eyes. Moreover, the tears that she kept inside, starting to come out without her consent.

“Look at me, Yuki.” Sae was trying hard to make Yuki look at him in the eyes, which is she complied “I’m with you.. Whatever the situation may be.”

After hearing that, it was as if the final effort of her to hold back her tears had failed. She couldn’t maintain her trance anymore, not in front of Sae. Yuki find herself hug Sae, her face nuzzled in the crook of his neck, as her arms now snaking behind Sae’s neck. The tears keep flowing endlessly, because in front of her sisters and others she needed to keep a straight face, but in front of Sae, she can let all of her emotions roam free. On the other side, Sae just hug her back, whilst one of his hand brushing her long-raven hair in soothing manner.

“M-My..F-Father… h-he’s…”


“H-He..i-is…..d-dying…” Yuki was struggling to finish her sentence as her breathing started to fluctuate, her voice and sobbing got mixed into one.

Sae stopped brushing the heiress’s hair, he was just too shocked upon hearing the news. Now, the puzzled Sae started to think about the possible reasons as to how it happened until he remember what Sayaka said to him. He was definitely in torn, whether telling her the truth or not.

“How is he?”

“The physician said….. That we need the heart of a pure-blooded werewolf, before the next moon eclipse.”

Sae knew, the only thing that can cure the werewolves claw is the werewolf’s heart, the pure-blood one. He should’ve known that Yuki was going to ask him about this, perhaps about Sayaka too.

“Where is Airi, Yuki?”

“He should be down in the dungeon, Akane’s looking after him.”

“Dungeon? What did you do to him?” Sae couldn’t hide his worry tone over his brother.

“I-I’m sorry...Sae, after Father has been attack by unknown werewolf. Rena was raging so she kinda… attacked him.”

“Oh God…”

“Did you know about this attack? Is this your prank again? If so….” Yuki removed one hand from Sae’s neck, trying to gather energy ball inside her palm.

“Wow wow Hold it there! I’m not, I wasn’t there, I don’t know what happen, please, believe me.”

“Are you sure?” Yuki squinted her eyes in suspicion.


“Okay, I believe in you.” The energy ball magically disappear in the blink of an eye. “But, do you have any idea who did this?”

“Hmmm…” Sae speechless, didn’t know what to say nor what to do.

“Please...Sae..” She cupped one of his cheeks

“Listen to me carefully..”

Sae began to tell her about his cousin, Sayaka; The heiress of Yamamoto Clan. He told her everything from A to Z nothing was left unturned. Especially the part when Sayaka said there was someone else who trying to pick a fight first.

“So...That’s all I know about this..” Sae ended his story.

Both of them now sat on the bench in the balcony. There was a long pregnant pause between them. Not because of awkwardness, more likely they didn’t know what to do. Yuki was trying hard to comprehend all of the information that she got. One thing bother her was, Sayaka’s story wasn’t matching with Mayu’s. Even though she trusted Sae, she couldn’t shove away this uneasy feeling.

Who is telling the truth?” Yuki mumbled in soft voice

“Are you saying something?” Sae turned his face to his princess

“N-No, it’s fine…”

“Nee Yuki.. Tell me honestly, What are you gonna do to Airi?”

Since earlier, Airi was on his mind, he was just wondering what happened to him. Though Sae himself hadn’t met Yuki’s sisters yet, from Nao and Jurina, her sister who has name Rena is a bit scary, more than he could imagine.

“I-I don’t know myself, but if worse comes to worse, we might have to use his heart.”

“H-Heart? Can you just release him, Yuki?”

“As much as I want to, you know I can’t, Sae… not after that incident.”

“But if you do that…”

“Yeah.. There will be a war between the vampires and werewolves but I have to be precautious.”

“Yuki, promise me you won’t use his heart.. Not when you have another option.” Sae knelt down before his lover.

“What option do I have left? I can’t let my Father die...” Yuki clenched her fist

“I’ll find a way out.. But not Airi’s heart. He’s the heir of my clan. His life is equal to a thousand werewolves.”


Sae intertwined their hand together, put a little strength in it “I swear on my life, I’ll find a away. Just promise me, Yuki…”

Yuki didn’t like the scene that she was involved in, not even a bit. For the first time in her life, she hated being the heiress, hated being the one who will decides everything. But now, her judgement will greatly affect not one person, but an entire clan, perhaps her love as well. Yuki knew if she was in Sae’s shoes, she’ll do the same thing. Seeing Sae kneeling before her, pleading over his brother’s life. How can she ignore him?

Yuki took a deep breath, as her orbs met the prince’s “I promise..Sae..”

“C-Can I see him?”

“Yes.. But not now..”

Yuki still held his hand. Sae couldn’t hide his disappointment, it was showing on his face.  She cupped both of Sae’s cheeks and pulled him closer until their warm flesh met. Yuki was trying hard to convey her feeling to the prince. The kisses went slowly, until she felt Sae reciprocated the kiss want to be the dominant one.

Sae deepened the kiss as his hand now in Yuki’s milky neck, as if he made sure Yuki won’t able to escape from the kiss. They keep exchanging the position of their head, switching from left to right or vice versa. The kissing session went too long than they thought it would be. Although they’re both supernatural creatures, too bad they still need an air to breath. Yuki was the one who broke their kissing session.She still trying to catch her breath, so does Sae.

She reached out her hand toward his “Sae.. Later, okay?”

Sae put her hand into his “Okay…” then he kiss the back of her hand, not even a moment divert his eyes from hers.

Then they both heard someone’s voice coming from door


It was Rena’s voice. Both Yuki and Sae rose up immediately, they’re panicking. Though she wanted them to meet, since they’re both important presence in her life. But she can’t, not now. Nevertheless Yuki couldn’t make sure about Rena’s reaction. She didn’t want her prince to become pulp like Airi.

“Sae, I’m afraid we have to say goodbye for now.”

“If you need me, just kiss that ruby, okay?” Sae leaned in to kiss on her forehead, “And one more….It’s see you later, not goodbye.” beaming his infamous smile

Yuki giggled at how easy Sae made her laugh with a simple sentence “See you later, Sae.”

“See you later, princess.” Then he snapped his fingers and magically disappear

Lucky Rena was late for 2 seconds, if she was walking faster. Surely, She’ll caught her older sister with her lover.

“There you are, Yuki-chan! I’ve been looking for you anywhere.” Rena stomped her feet toward the heiress.


“Everything alright?”

Yuki quickly hid the necklace and spoke softly, “Yeah… Just trying to clear my head.”

“Oh, alright.”

“How’s Akane?”

“She’s in her room right now. I think she needs some space after all that’s happened.”

“Nee, Rena-chan. What are you going to do if you were me?”

Rena stayed quiet, not knowing what to say. Yuki didn’t have to say it out loud, since they’re twins, of course Rena knew Yuki is having a hard time. Not only Yuki, but all of the Kashiwagi clan.

“I don’t know Yuki-chan…. But I’ll be here with you, no matter what happen.” Rena held the heiress hand, tried to reassured her that it’s okay.

Yuki didn’t say anything back but smiled faintly. “Sometimes I hate being me.. I just want to runaway from all of it.” She talked inside her head

Rena couldn’t help but to see through Yuki’s faint smile and wanted to know what happened to her. She knew that there was something behind her sister’s facade, something that was not only worrying her sister, but worrying herself.

After that conversation, it was all she could think about. What was Yuki hiding and why? It had to be more than just her being tired.

“You are hiding something from me, aren’t you Yuki-chan?”

“Hm? N-No, I’m not….”

“Don’t you dare to deny it. I smell a wolf scent here…” as Rena kept sniffing around, the strange thing was the closer she walked to the heiress, the stronger scent of werewolf is.  “Ah.. It came from you…” Rena grinned

“….” Yuki felt her throat tightened, she tried to act like usual but it was useless when rena threw another line.

“You’re not seeing a werewolf right, Yuki-chan?” Rena crossing her arms, clearly demand an answer from her twin.

Yuki knew that Rena already knew, after all they aren’t twins for nothing.

“I don’t have to say anything, Rena-chan”

“Oh My God Yuki-chan! So, is it TRUE?”

At first, Rena was joking about Yuki seeing werewolf. It was came out of her mouth casually when she noticed a little trace of wolf’s scent in balcony. The twins often joke around when they were younger, Rena thought one joke could help the heiress to relax. Rena grabbed Yuki shoulder, though she had hunch that Yuki was hiding something, but she’s been in relationship is beyond her imagination, moreover she is seeing a werewolf, their nemesis.

“Are you out of your MIND? You’re the heiress Yuki-chan! The next queen! Remember that!” Rena raised her voice. Clearly displeased by this sudden news.

“So WHAT!? We both know that you are more capable than I am. I’m stuck here because literally I was born like 5 minutes ahead before you.” Yuki shared the deepest thought of her with the same tone.

Rena loosened her grip after the heiress, let her head rest on Yuki’s shoulder.

“I can’t change the past too… I just…. can’t be the heiress…” Rena softly said.

They just stayed in silent for minutes, until Rena spoke first but still in the same position

“If you are so sick of heiress title, why didn’t you tell father about this?”

“Rena….. Deep inside we both knew, I CAN’T. You know that I-I c-can’t…” Yuki broke into tears, as her walls that she’s been build fall apart.

The heiress covered all of her face with her both hands, she kept sobbing as her chest motion up and down.

“Yuki….” Rena pulled her sister in her arms, patted her back “I’m sorry...I shouldn’t have yell at you..”

“Mm-mm” Yuki shook her head, “I’m sorry too….”

“But now tell me, who’s this guy? Do I know him?” Rena let go the heiress, lift up her chin to face to her. Hesitate, that’s all she can see in her twin’s eyes.

“I don’t think you know him, but I’m afraid that you will hate him…..” Yuki bit her bottom lip

“How can I hate someone if I don’t know about him?”


“Because??” Rena raised an eyebrow, anticipated the next bomb.

“He is the middle son of Furukawa’s family..” Yuki immediately closed her eyes, bitting her lower lip. She was afraid of Rena’s reaction.

But nothing came from her twins, not a single word either. It made Yuki felt more terrified.

Rena facepalmed herself, “Seriously Yuki-chan? Out of all werewolves you chose Furukawa family?”

Wait, it means we have an additional werewolf’s heart

“I got a plan.” Rena smirked.



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So now Rena knows Yuki is seeing Sae.

What are they planning now, to save their father? Ahh~ I can't wait!

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