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Title: KitaRie dedicated OS Collection [12 Short Stories] COMPLETE
Post by: calista_castro on January 07, 2016, 12:56:04 AM
Hello folks! As you can guess from the title... this new thread it dedicated to one of my dearest oshi's - Kitahara Rie. I'm not sure YET how many OS there is going to be... maybe around 12? Time will show that, I think... but time after time I will write something and share short stories (or maybe even longer ones, who knows) involving Rie-chan. Some will be a simple ones, others romantic ones, maybe funny ones, or maybe something with supernatural (though since I'm not good at it...I doubt it) ... let's just say that's undecided YET... If you're reading this - thanks for reading and enjoy!  :luvluv2:


#1 - I Can Resist Everything Except Temptations (see below)
#2 - Attraction Fatal (
#3 - RinoRie Drabbles (
#4 - April Fool's (
#5 - If Only You Loved Me (
#6 - Dear Diary, She Confuses Me (
#7 - Misunderstanding (
#8 - Lost Stories (
#9 - Message Me (
#10 - Dating the Wrong Matsui. Maybe
 ( - All Remains the Same (RinoRie) (
#12 - Fangirl (

#1 - I Can Resist Everything Except Temptations (Rie, Yuki, Yui)

“What’s the matter with you? Don’t tell me you’re overthinking it again? I’m pretty sure that’s just a little game which for some reason you keep on playing… she knows your weakness”.

Rie sigh defeated after another of her friend’s correct remarks. Since she got close with Yuihan through the years, younger girl read her like a book. She couldn’t hide her true thoughts or feelings from her. Rie somehow always guessed that this might end badly… especially in situations like this one, where her friend saw more than it was.

“You’re the one overthinking it… that’s truly nothing. Yukirin and I were always close by the way. Obviously, not the same way like we are, or Rino and me… or MaYuki, SaeYuki but still…”

“Oh come on…” Yuihan seemed to lose patience, at first talking carefully and not just blurting out what was on her mind. It was usual for them to start like that and carry on more seriously… After all, honesty was one of the things that held both friends together. Usually they shared or their worries and thoughts… once again Rie never considered that she might have regret it at some point.

“Its a different kind of close… MaYuki or SaeYuki is more for the eyes… they’re so close with both touches or looks in view of the public because there is nothing they need to hide… they don’t even care about the shipping… I think they enjoyed it in a way as it gives them more popularity…”

Rie squinted her eyes slightly confused “wait… are we talking about shipping wars or…?”

Yuihan shook her head “sorry… I changed the topic though obviously you’re the one that avoided talking about in the first place… Also… that’s a little bit annoying…”

“What is it this time?”

“The fact that I’m the one talking about it… I know how close you were back in the day, in team B…come on…I’m as always with both of you as a third wheel though maybe fans had a different opinion about it… neither of you needed to be too careful as no one payed close attention to you… Yukirin enjoyed that… I think…”.

Rie coughed while touching her neck, showing some signs of feeling uncomfortable. She never expected that Yuihan could have noticed anything… indeed she went straight to the point revealing some things that even Rie hasn’t thought about.


“As I told you at the start of this conversation… Yukirin knows your weakness… though…” Yuihan stared at her friend truly attentively, giving her full attention “wait… maybe you realize that yourself or… now I’m staring to think that maybe I have looked at it from the wrong side… maybe that’s a two way thing… you’re quite comfortable with your RinoRie and of course YuiRie fans as well…”

Rie covered her head with one hand. It was involuntary reaction to some words or maybe trying to avoid the answer that she knew… either she want it or no… she will have to give to her best friend…

“Just spill it out”, Yuihan raised her eyebrows with a challenge. There is no way Yuihan stopping this conversation now. They had some similar ones in the past and all of them ended as Rie wanted… its time for Yuihan to hold her ground.

“Fine… I can resists everything except temptations.”


After this Rie had no other choice but to explain what she meant. Yukirin’s and hers relationship wasn’t an ordinary, especially with a love ban for all the members. But just a Yui guessed it was easier as no one looked at their interactions attentively.

First of all, even back in the day, Yuki liked stealing short kisses. Yui probably wouldn’t have believed it if she hasn’t noticed it before as well. There was two videos where Yukirin did that on camera, maybe even unaware of it. Once it was an accident during the filming… or that’s how she called it though it was quite obviously that she leaned in having a reason.

That happened during the filming of Sakura Kara no Tegami~AKB48 Sorezore no Sotsugyou Monogatari~ where they had some scenes together. Even back then while running around and filming with the trains Yukirin held to Rie’s hand tighter.

Another kissed happened behind the scenes of AKB to XX while they were waiting to film ‘Beginner’ performance. Rie was quite annoyed that day… especially with Yuki’s attention and unexpectedly she leaned it gaining Rie’s attention as stealing a short kiss. They both all of a sudden realized that there was a camera near by so had no other choice but to act truly surprised and continue playing around as if nothing happened.

Somehow it kept repeating through those years just this time without cameras around. Sharing a room during concerts or going out when they had time between those performances also became a common thing.

Things only stir up after another team shuffle. They hadn’t got a chance to spend as much time as before and as usual in these kind of cases, distance makes the heart grow farther… they still had a good relationship but now some uncertainty appeared. After all, they never even discussed if there was any feelings involved or not.

As Yui guessed it about two years ago when she was around them very often too… kind of interrupting those moments or staying aside like a third wheel.

Things started repeating only recently and once again the reason was another team shuffle, KitaRie — NGT group captain, Yukirin with her kenning position, and of course Yui, who had her doubts from earlier years.

“So it’s like temptations? It’s more physical?

“Kind of… I guess… we haven’t talked about it and I don’t know if we ever have a reason to have such conversation but yeah… its kind of complicated. I’m not sure what else I could tell you about it…I guess as you said… I truly am weak for the temptation…”

Yuihan sigh. That was probably the best answer she could have hoped for. Well not actually best…but at least the most informative one.

Soon after, interrupting the situation after their discussion someone called Rie and she stood up walking away while answering that call.

Yuihan looked at her friend attentively, even though she stood far away, still Yui managed to read her face expressions pretty well.

Sometimes Rie squinted her eyes and seemed a little bit annoyed, even negative, other times all of a sudden she started laughing as if hearing the funniest thing on earth.

“Baka…” Yuihan whispered to herself not trying to hear any part of conversation anymore and concentrating on her phone instead.

I can resists everything except temptations”, it was the first time she heard such phrase but somehow… it made sense.
Title: Re: KitaRie dedicated OS Collection[#1 - I Can Resist Everything Except Temptations]
Post by: kuro808 on January 07, 2016, 02:43:56 AM
I found it interesting although passing through the grammatical stuff and what not.

I feel a little less on dialogue and more on details around scenery would work :nervous
Title: Re: KitaRie dedicated OS Collection[#1 - I Can Resist Everything Except Temptations]
Post by: yocelin17 on January 07, 2016, 04:27:08 PM
It was rare to find kitarie x yukirin story, the story was interesting, and i would love to read your other story
Title: KitaRie dedicated OS Collection[#2 - Attraction Fatal]
Post by: calista_castro on February 06, 2016, 02:57:14 PM
I have decided, that I'm going to write one OS for KitaRie per month. So I guess, 12 short stories in total. Thanks for those who will read these stories and for the previous comments! (oh...and I guess, I should mention that this OS is written in Rie's POV)  :on drink:

#2 - Attraction Fatal (Rie and Rena)

I had a boyfriend. A boyfriend which everyone around me would have described as an abusive one. When he got angry he lashed out. He said hurtful things, but I ignored it. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only thing he did.

Sometimes he hit me too. I hated myself, because I actually told myself that this is the way he is and I have provoked him. I have always ended up blaming myself for whatever decision he made.

I guess I would have lived this boring life if not that girl. She was very pale in comparison to me and you would think of her as someone who can’t possible harm anyone. Even if she tries.

But there was something about her and I don’t know what it was. Instantly I started wondering if I am the only one feeling these kind of things or does she have this effect on everyone that crosses her path.

First time we meet I had a bruise near my left eye which I explain as random injury (you know… when you say that you slipped and fall down, accidentally hit your head in the table or at the door). I’m not sure if people believed me but I guess they knew better than to try and find out what was behind it. In the end, I guess they had enough problems of their own.

But this girl reached her cold fingers and traced them along the bruise, so softly that it didn’t hurt.

“Put ice on it when you get home” was the only thing she told me, while piercing into my eyes. I felt hypnotized like that was the only reasonable thing I could do.

At the same time I didn’t know what to say, so I just nodded. She didn’t ask me what had happened, not like everyone around me, and her short, but meaningful smile made me feel weak.

Of course she left soon after it and I met her only twenty minutes later when I was too late for my bus and decided to walk home.

At first I shuddered when I heard familiar voice so far and at the same time so close to me.

“You look tired. I’ll buy you a drink”

For once in my life I felt that someone was interested in me. Interested in the real me.

We drank and talk a lot and I felt like I trusted her the way you trust your best friend.

She drove me home and come inside only after I invited her in. The apartment was silent because my boyfriend was drunk and asleep. If we kept our conversation quiet, he would never have to know.

“I got chips, pancakes, sushi what would you like?”

“I don’t eat them”. She stated simply and looked through me at something. Or better say — at someone.

My boyfriend actually woke up and was standing in the doorway with anger in his eyes “Who is that?”

“I’m Rena”, she answered coldly back at him. Surprising my boyfriend that someone can talk with him this way.

“What’s that suppose to mean, Rie? Get this one out of here and come to bed”.

This girl’s gaze traveled from me to him. Then back again, and I felt her question in my mind. So I nodded.

She moved faster than anything I have ever seen. Next thing I knew she raised her face from his neck, her eyes brighter than before and her face not so pale anymore.

She leaned down to drink from him. The look on her face… I couldn’t name it. I couldn’t name her…So I stumbled back through the doorway, unable to speak.

Even as I ran away as it seemed like the only reasonable thing I could have done at the moment… I still left the door open. Maybe she will come after me. Maybe I won’t need to run and hide anymore.
Title: Re: KitaRie dedicated OS Collection[#2 - Attraction Fatal]
Post by: kuro808 on February 06, 2016, 04:51:08 PM
It's a bit confusing to read it out at first but the overall message came out eventually :nervous
Title: Re: KitaRie dedicated OS Collection[#2 - Attraction Fatal]
Post by: kuro808 on February 06, 2016, 05:18:19 PM
^ more like how Rie's view is awkward when I read it, it's rather hectic as probably like the change in Rena made her stiffen up when she attacked the boyfriend.  The attack part was blurred a bit  :nervous
Title: Re: KitaRie dedicated OS Collection[#2 - Attraction Fatal]
Post by: calista_castro on February 06, 2016, 05:46:01 PM
^ more like how Rie's view is awkward when I read it, it's rather hectic as probably like the change in Rena made her stiffen up when she attacked the boyfriend.  The attack part was blurred a bit  :nervous

I see  :nervous well, maybe you will always find my stories confusing then. :( Considering that this is my writing style and I don't just describe situation as it is. Instead I prefer giving hints (like Rena's question in Rie's mind, the fact that she looked more lively after the attack). Well, Rena turn out to be a vampire, so yeah, Rie didn't know what to think herself. Maybe if I hadn't written it in Rie's POV it would have been described differently. Dunno.  :)
Title: Re: KitaRie dedicated OS Collection[#2 - Attraction Fatal]
Post by: kuro808 on February 06, 2016, 05:51:47 PM
I find it more like describing than a style.  The way you write is fine but what is being written sometimes gets lost, it happens to me a lot so don't worry too much but the better writers have that way catching their readers into believing the story so it takes time and effort to do so.  The best thing is to have readers catch where didn't feel the hook and work on those problems in the future.  :nervous
Title: Re: KitaRie dedicated OS Collection[#2 - Attraction Fatal]
Post by: calista_castro on February 06, 2016, 05:55:41 PM
I find it more like describing than a style.  The way you write is fine but what is being written sometimes gets lost, it happens to me a lot so don't worry too much but the better writers have that way catching their readers into believing the story so it takes time and effort to do so.  The best thing is to have readers catch where didn't feel the hook and work on those problems in the future.  :nervous

Roger that  :)  well, there is plenty space for improvement and we all want to get better with time, so I will work on that  ;)
Title: Re: KitaRie dedicated OS Collection[#2 - Attraction Fatal]
Post by: sasshirie on February 06, 2016, 07:57:29 PM
dont worry, i didnt got confused at all. its my first time reading smth thats has something else,not rinorie. i really love rinorie... but i really like ths too!

“Put ice on it when you get home” was the only thing she told me, while piercing into my eyes. I felt hypnotized like that was the only reasonable thing I could do.

At the same time I didn’t know what to say, so I just nodded. She didn’t ask me what had happened, not like everyone around me, and her short, but meaningful smile made me feel weak.

rena vampire-hell yeah! and she saves rie from her boyfriend even better!  :thumbsup
Title: KitaRie dedicated OS Collection[#3 - RinoRie Drabbles]
Post by: calista_castro on March 01, 2016, 04:06:24 PM
#3 - RinoRie Drabbles

Bad Dreams

Rino shook Rie gently noticing that she’s sweating and squirming in her dreams “Hey…Rie? Rie? Sweetheart?“.

Rie opened her eyes slowly, they were really sleepy but it didn‘t take her long to separate dream from reality. She was used to it, especially all these bad dreams but didn’t like showing it “oh…hey”, she said smiling sleepy.

Rino touched her forehead and cleaned the sweat while keeping eye contact and concern voice “had a bad dream?”.

To this Rie nodded her head slowly “kind of… it is good that you know when to wake me”.

Rino leaned in kissing her girlfriend’s forehead “you know I have this chart where I have described your every expression so I know what to expect” she joked and climbed out off bed “I have a surprise for you…so stay in bed” and winked smiling wider while walking away.

Rie laughed louder so Rino would hear “were would I go?” and when Rino left the room for a short moment, the girl still kept on smiling.

It took Rino about two minutes to get back into the room with a plate full of sandwiches and pancakes.

The sign of that woke Rie up instantly and she lazily stretched her arms in hope of getting all of it sooner “Food! You know me too well!”


One day after the her own graduation concert Aki come to Rie‘s apartment in hopes of spending some time with her best friend. At first she tried reaching Rie by phone, calling time after time, but she had to give up at some point, guessing that maybe Rie overslept or is once again lost in her world of pure imagination.

Aki pressed the door bell few times fidgeting and even knocked on the door getting slightly impatient. Finally she heard weird sounds from inside sighing relieved and stepping one step back so Rie wouldn‘t hit her with those doors while opening them.

As expected Rie opened her doors quite widely with sleepy eyes looking straight ahead without full realization who come to visit her.

Aki was way faster to notice things looking inside and seeing messed up bed, it looked kind of innocent at first but then from another corner, with bedsheets around her body appeared very sleepy Rino asking surprised “is it morning?”.

Rie’s eyes grew wider with realization, she was probably too sleepy before to remind herself that the first thing you need to do in such situation is check who is behind the doors.

Aki just raised her eyebrows and didn’t look surprised, instead she commented jokingly “I guess you’re lucky that it’s not paparazzi or your manager. You do need to be a little bit more discreet, you know that right?”

Aki still kept on smiling while looking at her two blushing and VERY embarrassed friends.

Just a Drive

Rino and Rie sat in a car without a roof, red and definitely an eye catcher. Rino drove it this time, not very successful with her driving skills but managing without any incidents. Rie sat next to her, in a passenger’s seat, with dark brown and this time a little bit wavy hair. For this drive she had a photo camera in her hands and was taking pictures of nature surrounding them. Sometimes Rie with a huge grin plastered on her face turned to Rino taking few photos of her girlfriend and getting the reaction she wanted. Rino either laughing it out or covering her face with one hand while keeping the other one on the wheel. Rie just chuckled every time and turned to the other side again not stopping to take pictures of the view, all the mountains and lakes, that deserved the attention Rie gave to them.


I’m thorn right now. Confused whether I like Rie or not. It’s strange state of mind and I feel lost. I’m trying to understand if all of these emotions I felt lately are real… I guess most people would laugh at this. Silly girl crush. I know I have no hope about this situation because she doesn’t like me that way. I guess she like me as a friend, I know more than some of our friend do and I guess she trusts me because I know her deepest thoughts.

Of course I can’t be sure that Rie hasn’t told about this to others. Maybe she did and I felt special for nothing. But Rie even told me “You can read me quite easily” and I guess that’s true. I can see her emotions, I can sense when she’s feeling low or when she’s happy.

Rie didn’t need to tell me things or assure me about it, though she does. She keeps repeating that’s she’s alright. That’s she’s having fun. And I’m believing her. Why shouldn’t I? We have been friends for a long time and we have talked about things I haven’t talked with other people. You know what they say “It’s easy to confide in someone so special to you” or at least that’s what she used to tell me.

It was hard when I started crushing on Rie though. It was unexpected and painful in a way. At first it was silly really. I was stupid enough to believe that she might like me though that’s just how Rie acts with everyone. She laughs when you joke, she’s touches her friends most of the time, hugs and squeezes them.

I’m not sure if I still like her. I want to believe that I don’t. I really hope that I’m out of it because I have been in the dark for too long. I hit rock bottom… got my hopes up because of all the stupid little details that wasn’t even for me.

Meanwhile I crushed on her she crushed on another.

She even told me about it and I guess that’s the part that hurt me the most. Finally coming down to earth and realizing that I was mistaken. Mistaken again that someone so special to me can like me. I have few crushed before but I never cried because of it. I know there’s another saying “It hurt because it mattered” but I would take everything back if I could.

I believe Rie’s worth it… being happy and I want to see her this way though I won’t be the reason of it. Crushes disappear but friends stay forever that’s what people say, right? I guess that’s what helps me fall asleep at night.

It’s stupid but I still spend whole day crying about it. Tears rolled down my cheeks while I messaged another good friend of mine. She listened to me rambling about it and supported me which made me feel better and when you stop crying you stop feeling. So I felt numb again.

I don’t know if that’s just a short time trying to pretend that there’s nothing. That there’s no feelings or I actually managed to convince my mind and heart that she’s not the one for me. But I will stay this way… I can only dream about my happy ending but this is real life and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Telling Rie would only make this situation weirder and I would get hurt again. She would start acting differently around me and I don’t want to lose her. I will get over this crush and stay her friend because there’s nothing better I can be… to anyone… just a really good friend.

The Last Time

We got drunk again. Just an excuse to feel the warm of each other bodies. Just an excuse to hear each other heartbeats. Just an excuse to spend one more night together with justification that we were too drunk to control our minds and our actions. With justification that it is the last time we are going to spend time in an intimate manner. With justification that when your mind is clouded, you can’t control your actions and thoughts and what we do… is just a result of being foolish… the results of being stupid… with justification… that it is… truly…


surely …

the last time…
Title: KitaRie dedicated OS Collection [#4 - April Fool's]
Post by: calista_castro on April 02, 2016, 06:12:28 PM
A/N: something truly random for April Fools' since in real life I'm actually complain a lot being an easy target for my friends... yeah... I'm quite gullible, but luckily Rie isn't  :)

#4 - April Fool's (Rie, Rino, Mariyagi)

April Fool’s day, unavoidable to everyone — usually hit Rie harder than any of her friends or teammates. It was not because Rie was gullible, there was actually no reasonable explanation why other members wanted to tease her and choose this day as perfect opportunity for it.

Truth to be told, with quite a lot of time, and more than enough of experience, Rie didn’t fall for those jokes easily anymore. Despite the attempts that kept on repeating and the effort others put in.

Rie wasn’t the only exception or the only victim though. Actually, quite a lot of suffered. For example, Rino who get followed around by her ‘kids’.

But even though Rie didn’t try these kind of games, despite of ‘torture’ Rino still tried to fool her bestie every year. This time choosing to leave a message:

“Maybe we should take a break… you know from each other… don’t communicate for a little bit? I’m just a bit tired…”

Rino did put a lot of effort to it, remembering their previous fight that left both girls without communication for a couple of months. Rino was quite unlucky this time, since Rie overslept and didn’t read her text message on time.

Waiting impatiently for about an hour Rino couldn’t take it any longer and tried different approach.

“So you don’t even care?”

But not getting an answer even after this… she panicked a little bit, guessing that maybe her friend believed her and she might actually be in trouble.

“Ech…I’m sorry! Please don’t be angry! It is just…April Fool’s… and you know… everyone is joking around so…”





Waking up the later than she ever had before Rie only snickered after finding panicky messages from Sasshi. At the same time, she mentally prepared remembering what kind of day it is. 

Rie wondered why she overslept and found out that her NGT teammates played with her phone previous night. After all, it is quite difficult to wake up on time without alarm-clock.

All day through Rie didn’t get fooled by others… not even once. She already had quite a strong sense whenever girls tried. Silly NGT group kids’ attempts were also incomparable with older generations in the past. Especially when Mariko used to take control whenever others couldn’t succeed in their tries. 

These past year was a different era for everyone.

One thing though caught Rie off guard. Mariyagi never actually tried to fool her before (like many others), so when the girl quite out of the blue confessed her ‘hidden true feelings that she had for a long time’, Rie spend at least half a minute wondering how not to act too surprised or shocked. Also, how not to show emotions, since she did have some hidden feelings of her own.

In the end, Rie settled for laughing out loud and commenting “yeah… April Fool’s to you too”.

She didn’t notice Mariyagi’s face expression after turning and walking away, since apparently younger girl wasn’t aware of impact of this day and was caught of guard, at first believing that Rie was actually laughing out loud about her feelings.

Rie also didn’t hear Mariyagi cursing under her breath about the turn of events.

“Damn you…fool’s day”.
Title: KitaRie dedicated OS Collection [#5 - If Only You Loved Me]
Post by: calista_castro on April 12, 2016, 11:16:43 AM
A/N: I have changed my mind (I tend to do that... not necessary a bad thing though). I will just post OS stories here when I write them (without waiting for a month to do that...because we can never predict if we will actually be able to write in a future... so why hold it and hide it, right?). I'm still sticking to 12 stories, since there is 12 months of the year. So yeah...

#5 - If Only You Loved Me (Rie, Yuko, Miichan, Haruna)

I woke up hearing “Heavy Rotation”. I was really obsessed with this song but I kind of regretted making it my ring tone because most of the time it drove me inside. I groaned to myself and soon took the phone still moving only minimally “Hello” my voice was hoarser than I expected it to be.

“Where are you? Seriously Rie? You better tell me you’re on your way or I will come there and get your ass out of bed myself…”

I was still half asleep and it took me about 30 seconds to realize what was happening. Miichan sounded unusually pissed off but I’m not surprised. I mean… I’m 20 minutes late.

“Are you there? ARE YOU ASLEEP?”

She knows me too well. Now I’m really in trouble. I coughed to clear my voice and sit down slowly while answering “yeah…am…I am listening…”

My head hurt and I couldn't see properly what was in front of me, still a little bit dizzy after yesterday.

“You should be here! Do I have to call someone else so they will help me? I mean… I asked you one thing and you’re sleeping!”

“Aaarghh…” was all I managed to let out with still buzzing head. “Miichan…”

“You know what? Whatever. I can take care of all of that myself. You can just go back to sleep! I bet you have been drinking yesterday! You should really stop with that act of hurt when you haven’t ever been with her.You barely know Yuko and still you’re like obsessed!” she practically shouted and this got me out of my trance immediately. Fighting with one of my friends was the last thing I wanted. Especially now. Especially on this day.

I guess Miichan also realized that her words hurt me because after a pause she spoke more calmer and quieter “look…I don’t mean that… I’m just angry. You promised to help me and you’re not here and it would take you forever to actually get here. Though I guess you might be sabotaging it…because well..I guess it should be hard to be around Yuko on this day”.

“The only thing that actually hurts me is knowing that she will never look at me…the way I look at her…and she…I guess she will never know how I am feeling…”

“Because you never told her…” Micchan tried reasoning with me which actually caused me to laugh.

“So what?I should run in Church and shout NO STOP I HAVE BEEN IN LOVE WITH YOU FOR THE LAST 5 YEARS BUT I HAVE NEVER TOLD YOU ABOUT THIS BECAUSE WE AREN’T REALLY FRIENDS WE JUST HAVE SAME FRIENDS AND THAT’S WHY YOU’RE FRIENDLY TO ME. I mean..I’m not even her friend…I would come off as a creep…She already thinks that I’m your weirdo friend and she only tolerates me because of you… I don’t really want to go…you know…I don’t even want to go to their wedding…I know that she’s happy with Haruna… and seeing them exchanging their vows would break me even harder…”

Miichan sighed pondering what to say next but as usual she had to state the obvious “You kind of…promised her to come, Riechan…me too…I’m not saying I would mind…I really wouldn’t… but Yuko will be expecting everyone who promised to come…she cares about these kind of things”.

I knew I can’t really reason with Miichan because it was my own fault that I couldn’t say no to Yuko. So I jumped out of my bed and answered quietly “I will be there as soon as possible…”. I ended our conversation and decided to take shower first.

I still remember the day when I have fallen in love with Yuko. The way she looked at me, the way her eyes sparkled, the fact that even though she talked with me really shortly she still gave me all the attention and it made me feel special to say the least.

Since that day I couldn’t really stop thinking about her and maybe eventually I would have gotten over my crush. I always did that…sometimes it took few months, sometimes few weeks…I guess that depended on the person but with Yuko…it never happened. I felt like a stalker checking her instagram and twitter every day, joining Miichan when she went to see Yuko though I was always third wheel, a weirdo that couldn’t even form normal words. As I have said before Yuko tolerated me only because of our mutual friend.

Actually, my feelings only grown after the night when we were all partying and Yuko was so drunk that she kissed me. She didn’t remember about it later though some guys saw it and then made fun of us.

Those jokes lasted for two weeks and only Miichan knew how I felt about the situation, and that it actually meant something to me. I wasn’t really surprised… but of course Yuko also laughed it off not really caring about it.

Few days ago Yuko invited me to her wedding. I knew all about this because they were planning this huge party for the past few months with all the relatives and friends.

I have nothing against Haruna. She loves Yuko and I want Yuko to be happy…I guess that’s what you feel when you’re in love with someone, right? Their happiness is the most important thing to you.

But it got harder. I got drunk yesterday and that’s why Miichan was so angry with me.That’s all I have been doing lately. I spend less time with my friends and more time just drinking at the bar, talking or dancing with strangers and then waking up next day with major headache.

Now I had no other choice but to go to Yuko’s wedding which is going to happen after few hours. I know that firstly they will just sigh the papers and then later on will drive to the Church and you know… promise to love each other till the day they both die.

And I will just stand there in the corner watching them and trying to calm myself and don’t show any tears. Of course if anyone notices it I would just fake that I’m really happy about them and I always got sensitive during weddings but that’s just going to be a big fat lie…

With my unsettling thoughts I finally left my home and headed for the Church. At least Yuko will be happy, she found the love of her life, I am just sad because that someone is not me.
Title: KitaRie dedicated OS Collection [#6 - Dear Diary, She Confuses Me]
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A/N: don't pay too much attention to date (well I guess only the difference between days is sort of important).

#6 - Dear Diary, She Confuses Me (Rie, Milky, Aki)


Dear Diary,

Don’t you wonder sometimes if what you hear escaping other people lips and what they actually want to tell you are two different things?

I can’t explain it but it is like I’m having a sixth sense, guessing what is about to come, but standing there with mouth agape and confusion written all over my face, since I have no idea if this is how the conversation should have happened in the first place.

Everyone knows that Milky is a flirt, she has no problem of telling other people sweet nothings. She never stutters or cares about the outcome, also she voices her thoughts clearly and loudly.

But for some reason our interactions lately are getting stranger. Who knows, maybe it is just me who expects something so I just imagine that there is something else… something MORE behind her fidgeting hands and quiet words. Is it even possible that someone like me could leave the almighty Watanabe Miyuki speechless?


It happened again today. All of a sudden Milky grabbed my hand without explaining anything and dragged me to an empty locker room for a little chat. I have never really fight her, since she’s a friend and that’s normal, though her hands always linger on my hand, like she’s trying to prolong it for at least a second. Once again, I neither fight it or mind it, but in confuses me. More and More.

“Mmm… there is something I want to tell you…” and there it is, that same phrase that I have probably heard for at least ten times… more probably. But who’s counting?



“You can just tell me…”, I’m not expecting much, believe me, you will soon realize why.

“I…… apple pie”.


“YES! Have you eaten it? I just found this new recipe! We should try it sometimes! I could probably squeeze it into my schedule and make some for you!”, she’s excited like it is the most normal thing to grab someone (stealing their attention away from other friends) and tell such a random trivial thing. I already knew she liked apple pie… who doesn’t like?

“I would love to”, I still answer with a smile, always noticing her weird behavior. Not voicing it out though…


“I…LIKE the sky… you know… the moon and… I like it both in daytime and night time… during the day, it is so clear, there are many clouds and the sun is so shiny, isn’t it? At night… there are stars and I wish sometimes, I could touch all of them. Well, that’s obviously impossible but… even though they are untouchable, they are beautiful to look at, right?”


“I…l…li…LOVE that dog! OMG what a cutie! Let’s go! Maybe the owner will let us play with him for a little while! This is so exciting!”


“So… this is it… I have been meaning to tell you for… a very long time but…” *coughs* nervously and looks down at the ground. I have noticed that Milky does it sometimes. It is not a constant behavior but lately, for some reason it is like she’s waiting and expecting something from the ground.

“Okay, I’m listening…” this comes naturally to me to. Whether we are standing in the park, near our school, back at hers or mine place, visiting one of our friends’ home, parking lot, cafeteria, shop, I always encourage her with the same words. Maybe I’m masochist? My heart starts beating faster and I don’t know what I’m expecting even… but the more random and weird confessions I hear, the more I want to believe… gosh… who am I kidding… I hope that maybe Milky secretly likes me too. Maybe I AM a masochist? And she’s just a closet ‘sadist’ who enjoys seeing my hopeful eyes and that fake smile whenever I try to recover after her words.

“I really… like… REALLY… like coffee…”


“No wait… that’s not it…”


“No no… I lo…ve… TEA!”


And once again, the atmosphere gets awkward around us. I don’t know how to explain it, but maybe it is just me who’s stupid like that…


“I have an idea!”, another friend of mine, Aki announces excitedly. She’s the only one who knows about my unreasonable crush on Milky that doesn’t disappear no matter how many times I tried to look away…or at least find someone else attractive… ha… if only it was that simple.

“I’m all ears…”, I whisper while looking down at my green tea and remembering Milky’s words once again. Is it bad that I keep mocking her in my head ‘I lo…ve… tea’, well yes, there is probably a small amount of people that doesn’t like tea but I mean… isn’t that a bit insignificant? She could have at least told me the favor… for example, ‘I really like fruit tea… I really like tea with milk… I really like dark tea…’, anything would have made more sense than this.

“You will probably hate it but what if… you told Milky that you’re going on a date… any kind of date… for example, I have found someone interesting and suggested you to meet him… you’re just really curious since I have a good taste in men and…”

“You don’t have a good taste in men”

“What…why? What is THAT suppose to mean?”

“You’re dating Mocchi. How can you have a good taste in men?”

Aki just scowl like I said the most stupid thing she has ever heard. “So? Yes, for a moment I’m dating our beloved Asuka… but it doesn’t mean that I have a horrible taste in men… I have keen eyes… do you remember my tutor from few years back, he was good looking, wasn’t he? Wait… that guy… Pete…I think… he was even hitting on you”.

“He was?”

“Yes! YES! Now I remember… but you know… since you’re so obsessed with Miyuki and you can’t think straight” Aki laughed like it was the best joke she ever voiced out a loud “you can’t think straight, get it?”

I just nod with a roll of my eyes knowing that it doesn’t matter what I’ll say, there is no way I can win against my friend. Especially not when she gets excited like that.

“So yeah… it is just a hitch but I think Milky really disliked him… the poor guy tried to avoid her and somehow get to you and ask you out… he was really shy so… he never really managed to do so… BUT we can use it now… I have no idea where he is… maybe he moved to Europe or something? But let’s pretend that he’s still here and finally asked out for a date”.

“And… the point of that is?”

“OMG you’re really soo… argh… let’s see if Milky cares… wouldn’t that answer your question? Or you want to keep on torturing yourself for another couple of years with Milky’s weird conversions…? hHasn’t she told you once, that she likes AIR? There might not be many things left to like since she has probably gone through all the objections surrounding you two and food…”

Even though, I didn’t want to admit it… Aki had a point… that is the reason why I’m writing it down, my personal thoughts in my personal diary.

But oh diary… can you really blame me? I have started writing you after Milky started acting this way… well… it was probably at the same time… so you contain all those things and I guess I could write TRIVIA for Watanabe Miyuki, mentioning a list of thing that she both likes and loves.

Can you blame me for wanting to know if that’s not just my head… that I’m not going insane and only let my imagination run while when she doesn’t mean anything by it at all?

Dear diary, Watanabe Miyuki confuses me, and finally I’m ready to figure everything out.


This is my last entry. Oh Dear Diary… I know this is probably weird since I’m writing as if I’m communicating with someone, but I think you do remember my reasons of writing you and it finally came to end.

I had no idea if Aki’s suggestion will work… hell… I can’t remember the last time I was as nervous as that. Not only because I could hear the truth that I have been waiting to hear for almost a year… but because I can find out that I’m wrong. That would have hurt me the most… if Milky didn’t care at all…

Still, deciding that it is now or never, I waited for another weird Watanabe Miyuki confession. It happened on Sunday, yesterday evening, after yet another movie night. We had one once a month (it was reasonable enough, considering that you need money for such activities) and I have always treasure it as our little date.

All day — just the two of us.

“Mmm… there is something I need to tell you…”

“Oh… is there something else that you like?”, I don’t know why… but I asked it sarcastically. Was it because I’m tired, hurt, confused? Maybe I got angry, since it felt like one of Milky’s games… I know it wasn’t a game… I trust my friend but still… She was sort of a player with her flirty ways… the only time it changed was when we spend time together… but I guessed that is because we’re friends and she didn’t want to spook me.

“Ah…yes… that is… well… I like… I don’t know how to say it…”

“Just spill it out…”

“Mmm…okay… I like… LIKE… really… REALLY like…d… this movie!”, why was I expected something else?

“Oh…me too…”, acting natural — my specialty. “By the way… I forgot to tell you something… it is a bit weird, since I noticed that… we don’t really talk about these sort of things but… I’m… going on a date next Friday”.

Milky stopped in her tracks looking at me with disbelief. “What?”

“Date. Friday.”, I repeated with a little smile on my face. I forced a fake smile hoping that it looked natural, but since I couldn’t actually see myself from a side, I have no idea how it came out in the end.

“Who?”, she instantly shoot a question and shook her head “I mean… with who?”

“Do you…maybe remember… Aki’s tutor… he is two years older than us…”




“That’s his name”, I shrugged my shoulders. Honestly, I was a little bit confused because of her silence and short questions. It looked like my friend was contemplating something.

“I don’t like Pete”, she blurted out randomly which resulted in me squeezing my eyes with confusion.

“Okay… well… you’re not suppose to like him… I’m the one who needs to like him…”

“You don’t need to like him!”

“Well… I think I do if…”

“NO!” oh…okay… “I mean… no wait… sorry…I just… Rie…”


“Please…don’t like him”.

I can’t lie, my thoughts were both hopeful and confused at the same time. Questions kept reappeared in my head, like: she is just messing with me, right? Maybe she just really dislikes the guy, just like Aki mentioned in our previous conversation? Or maybe she’s just confused as I am?

“What do you…?”

Milky didn’t let me finish, suddenly looking more determined that I have ever seen her before. She still bit her lip nervously, but shook her head as if pushing some thoughts away and immediately spoke up “Please don’t like him, Rie.”

“Please don’t like him, because… I… l… like you”.

And this is it Dear Diary… Milky finally told me the words I have been craving to hear for as long as I can remember. I don’t want to write what happened next (I’m not some perv who describes things like that… even if it would stay hidden under my pillow). Oh no… I don’t need to write it anymore since my girlfriend is already waiting for me to go on a date.
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#7 - Misunderstanding (Rie, Sayanee, Annin, Nana)

“Let’s stop here!” the girl jumped from the car and shouted impatiently showing her hand at the beautiful park scene with very little people around but with undeniably amazing scenery.

One of Rie’s friend who had the privileged to be her driver for today, Annin, sigh a bit tiredly “do we really have to? We stop at least two three times in a hour for 10–15 minutes for random pictures that you’re not gonna put anywhere and might forget about in the end”.

Rie laughed innocently a bit exhausted to explain her point but still putting her free hand at her own chest “yes but it is for me…like my private collection…who knows I might never come her again…”.

Annin still pouted trying to reason with stubborn girl “but our destination is only one hour away…and I need a shower”.

Though Annin had no other choice and gave up when Rie kept on pouting “fine, Rie, but only for five minutes”.

Rie nodded enthusiastically and ran farther away trying to absorb everything that surrounded her. Spring was the most beautiful time of the year — with nature coming to life and Sakura trees showing their pink leaves.

“Come on, Annin!” she shouted looking back only for a second and running off completely.

Her friend didn’t rush climbing out of her car,walking around it and sitting near the table in the park were she could see everything without needing to walk or look around like Rie did.

No more than five minutes later some guy (or that’s what Annin guessed) come to her questioning “is that your girlfriend?” really interested.

Annin couldn’t control her laughter for that split of a second“oh no,she’s a friend”.

Unknown guy (or at least someone that looked like a guy) smirked with content “oh…good…what do you think… I mean… is it possible that I’m could be her type?”.

Annin looked the person up and down pretending to think about it and trying not to laugh “well if you ask me…I think you exactly her type”,and after this person’s enthusiasm grown added “go get her”, now chuckling when the he/s walked off to Rie.

Annin chuckled uncontrollably staring at the scene in front of her but also covering her mouth so no one would hear.

“Hello, beautiful”.

Rie looked at the person next to her and smiled politely while focusing on the scenery in front of her “hello”.

Feeling more encouraged the person kept up with question “soo…am…what are you doing here? Traveling or staying? I’m living near by”.

Still smiling politely Rie answered in a friendly manner “oh…cool for you living in front of such beauty” of course meaning scenery all around them but the person took it the other way “oh yes…you’re really a beauty…so maybe you would like know go out with me or something? I asked your friend…she didn’t mind”.

Rie stopped her actions and one eyebrow just shoot higher with curiosity very shortly looking back at Annin who didn’t catch it because she was fast (like one of those hidden talents no one knows about) “you asked her permission?”

The person explained immediately “well…I didn’t want to hit on you in case you’re together…so I asked if you were dating..and well if I’m your type and she said…”

”That you’re.” Rie finished already knowing what just happened. The unknown person looked at her confused not sure if it is going good or really bad and getting impatient.

Rie smiled apologetically “I’m really sorry for my retard friend, but you’re not my type. Actually I’m not interested in guys so that’s not you, it is me”.

“Oh you..oh…”

“I’m really sorry once again. My friend just enjoys torturing people”.

The person nod and nervously walked away. It seemed like he/she wanted to say something else but didn’t there. So Rie was left alone with taken few more pictures after it.

Later Rie get back to Annin, ready to travel ahead but still commenting a bit irritated “why you have to be such an asshole?”

”I was bored. Also you made a friend. Kind of” younger girl added with a smirk.

Rie shook her head just a little bit annoyed and letting it show “it is not nice, he thought he got a shot with me. Also,he was kind of sweet... I mean if…”

“If it was a she… then that person would be your type. It is not like I lied…”, Annin showed her tongue in a teasing manner and two friends finally agreed on something going back to the car.

Unknowingly to both of them Sayanee sulked back to Nana (her friend that waited and watched the scene from a small distance).

“What happened?”

“I… mhm… she thought that I’m a guy and…”

“Rejected you? Again? I told you to buy more girly clothes and… wait… you could just told her that…!”

“I know! But… I…”, Sayanee sigh defeated, she couldn’t believe that something like this happened for maybe third time. Rocker style clothes and short haircut worked in in her disadvantage “I panicked”.

Nana laughed shortly and shook her head probably deciding that her friend is helpless so there is no way to help her out “well… better luck next time”.
Title: KitaRie dedicated OS Collection [#8 - Lost Stories]
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A/N: just like the title states... two lost stories. Well I'm not sure when "This is How Love Stories Start" disappeared, maybe I deleted it by accident(?). Yeah... I'm not sure but for that reason I'm reposting it again, still wanting to have everything I have written in one place.

#8 - Lost Stories

#1 Now I'm Your Captain (Rie + Yuki) ^^^  #2 This Is How Love Stories Start (Yui + Rie)


The first time it happened in 2009. It was announced that there are going to be team captains and members will change their teams. A big team shuffle that no one expected. The first one to ever happen.

That time Kitahara Rie was switched to Team B while Kashiwagi Yuki was made the captain. Everyone was in shock while this happened as well as the two girls in question. Of course they were relieved when some of their friends joined the team as well. Yukirin was especially glad to stay with Mayuyu as they started their activities in AKB48 group together and the thought that they will have to be separated was a scary one.

As much as Rie liked Team A and was fond of her teammates she had to accept the fact and after some crying got used to the current situation.

It sounded easier than it was. Even before this event Yukirin and Kitarie spend time together along with other girls, especially Rino who was friend of both of them. They personalities clashed some times and Rie liked toying with Yukirin’s kindness a little.

That didn’t change even after the transfer. Yukirin was a kind captain who cared about her teammates, in most cases more than herself as she was always worried to do her job properly. Girls helped her out with this unexpected captain position and she learnt to be just a little bit stricter than before.

Of course Rie acknowledge that and as she liked to say ‘kept just right distance’ between the two of them. The whole situation continued up till 2012 when new team shuffle was announced.

This time Rie got switched to team K and got concurrency position with SKE48. Neither of them concerned about the other as they had enough on their minds. For the first time Mayu was in different team then Yukirin. Worry and hurt could have been noticed on both girls.

Rie and Yukirin eventually got used to their new positions just like before. Yukirin wasn’t captain anymore and they got tossed around between SKE and NMB right until the time for new announcements.

It happened three years later in 2015. This time Kashiwagi Yuki got concurrency position with NGT48 and was in shock while asking “Eh?” loudly for the world to hear.

Everyone was even more surprised to learn that Rie was leaving AKB group and is going to be the captain of NGT. After some crying with friends the two mentioned girls met in the backstage.

Yukirin had a lot of questions but before she could ask any of them Rie smiled sheepishly “Well…now I’m your captain”. At the same time both of them started laughing.

Seriousness came only later as they agreed that for now on they will have to relay on each other and make this new group as great as other AKB48 sister groups.


It’s late at night, almost dawn, and you lay on your bed staring at the ceiling. You try to remember all the things that happened which led you to this moment. The moment you realized that you fall for you best friend while being in relationship with the one and only Sashihara Rino.

During rehearsals back in the studio, you stop at the bathroom to try and organize your mind, but it’s too difficult. Nothing makes sense anymore.

Those feelings for Yui appears out of nowhere but at the same time you remember all the times you spend together, all the adventures you two had, beds you shared while staying in hotels or stories you told. You look at yourself in the mirror but you can‘t see the girl you used to be.

You don‘t see the girl that have everything figured out. And and this point you remember the night before, the night that changed everything. The night that made you feel the unexpected. That made you realized that you‘re not having the perfect relationship that everyone is jealous about. The night that showed you what you feared the most. The night that proved that you have feeling Yui.

You finish your practice and decide to listen to some old AKB48 songs when you hear a knock on your door. It‘s strange because everyone is out and nobody called you but you decide to check who‘s there in case it‘s something important.

Soon you notice Yui stepping inside. Her eyes are red and puffy and the tear tracks are unmistakably visible on her cheeks. Worry fills your insides because you hadn’t seen her all that morning. You send her a questioning look and she inhales deeply before speaking up.

„She cheated on me“

You let her inside and she quickly walks towards your bed, sitting on it. You‘re probably even more surprised than Yui because you always thought that only Haruka can make your best friend happy. The one who could love this girl forever. The one who would never hurt Yui’s feelings. But now… now you see broken-hearted Yui and you feel angry. Dissapointed. How can Haruka anything like that? How can she hurt Yui?

“How do you know?“ you ask intrigued (though at the same time you realize you shouldn’t be).

She glares at you.

“Sorry, not important right now.” You sit down next to her and embrace her shoulders, rubbing her arm with your hand in an attempt to make her relax.

“If Haruka can do something like that… she’s a fucking idiot… truly an idiot“ the sentence escapes your mouth before you can control yourself.

Yui looks at you with pure surprise on her face because she isn’t used to hearing you swear. You keep on repeating yourself “ She is. Really is. She doesn’t deserve you than. No one remotely sane would ever throw away what you two had”.

“You’re just saying that to make me feel better.” She argues. But you shake your head and state sincerely “No, I mean it. You‘re smart, caring, talented, funny, adorable, everything anyone could ask for. Not to mention the fact that you‘re breathtakingly beaut…“

Your speech is interrupted by the pressure of soft lips against your own.

You stand now in front of the mirror and wonder how could you not see this.

You always see things coming your way. You always know what to do. You even predict things.

But Yui’s lips on your lips… you didn’t see that coming. It took you completely by surprise.
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when I read this, I remembered when Yuki was a captain XD
and I just realized that actually this time Rie is the captain

good story cat~ :love: :love:
Title: KitaRie dedicated OS Collection [#9 - Message Me]
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@buciq, haha, that is exactly what I have thought alpaca!  :shocked :D :w00t: it is like they switched positions  :roll:

#9 - Message Me (Rie + Yuria)

Yuria still scrolled down her dashboard when she noticed some interesting url titles and decided to check them out and figure out what kind of blogs do other people have.

This particular one had mostly k-pop or j-pop stuff and was quite similar to hers.

Yuria thought what to write for about fifteen minutes but finally decided to keep it simple “Hey,your blog is really cool“.

Yuria was actually-honestly surprised when a stranger messaged her back almost instantly.

Rie: Wah… really? You think so?

Yuria laughed unconsciously this time, honestly surprised at this sudden burst out but liking it at the same time and writing back without any doubt, feeling comfortable enough and not thinking what should she write so she wouldn‘t sound stupid.

Yuria: What? You don‘t believe me? (:

Rie: NOO! I mean…YES? Maybe! I’m not sure! But like… you really think so?

Yuria: I have no reason for lying, do I? I don‘t even know you soooo…

Rie: YES! RIGHT! You have just MADE MY DAY! I had a very strange and long one..I mean…at first it was kind of know when you do the things you suppose to do and don‘t expect anything. Then it got better (but not that great). Afterwards, it got even stranger… but I’m smiling now!

Yuria: Glad to hear that I made you smile.So..what‘s your url is also your name? (:

Rie: Oh!Right! How rude of me! I haven’t even thought of introducing myself. Yes, it is Rie. How about yours?

Yuria: Indeed it is. I’m Yuria. :) Nice to meet you, Rie!

Rie: Oh…Okay! I like your name! And how old are you? Or we shouldn’t talk about age? Would that be too weird?

Yuria: No? Why weird? I don’t mind it :) almost 20! You? (:

Rie: Oh! I‘m 24! Eh… I’m jealous, you still have your whole life ahead of you!

Yuria: Haha… so do you! You’re not old :D

Rie: 4 years! I would love to go back in time and be 20 again! Or like at any age… even a teenager… I want my youth back! Sorry :D I kind of lost it. By the way… my followers don‘t ever message me! So I’m still can’t stop smiling!

Yuria: I‘m different. By the way… I have noticed you like music a lot? Don‘t you? I was kind of thinking of perfect know meaningful lyrics and stuff…maybe you have some suggestions? :)

Rie: Let me think about it for a minute :)

Yuria: Okay… I’m waiting :)

Yuria: Your minute is almost up! :D (hehe, sorry!)

Rie: Okay… so honestly I like AKB48 a lot… if you haven’t listened to their songs… you can try ‘Choose Me’ it is one of my favorites :)

Yuria: I think have heard it somewhere before… (:

Rie: You should definitely listen to it!Amazing song! Oh… my friend is here already… (I mean in my home). I’m having a sleepover. It was REALLY nice meeting you (well kind of meeting but you know what I mean)! :)

Yuria: Same here (:

Yuria wrote back smiling and soon found “Choose Me“ song now listening to it while laying on her bed. She chose to repeat this song time after time and drifted to sleep probably after 15 time hearing it and already knowing all the lyrics by heart, with a smile plastered on her face.


Yuria: That song is incredible. I still can‘t stop listening to it.Thanks for showing it to me, Riechan :)

Rie smiled to herself and messaged back faster than she should have.

Rie: I know right? By the way, good morning! I‘m not really a morning person though… but I couldn‘t sleep properly so…you know…

Yuria: Did someone disturb your sleep? Can I help you somehow? :)

Rie read new text few times thinking Is she flirting with me? I don‘t know what flirting is really… but does she? I mean… what would you answer to that?

Before she could think of a way to answer this girl she got a new message from Yuria and pressed her message box nervously.

Yuria: Calm down,I‘m not hitting on you.At least for now ;) I‘m just curious what keeps you awake at night :)

Rie smiled again feeling like a little girl but fortunately Yuria couldn‘t see her face or that would be really embarrassing for the latter.

Rie: I‘m just nervous about today… I will meet new people…and have to take care of some things…and I have no idea how to do it… I guess I‘m just scared…

Yuria: Don‘t be.You seem great… I bet you will succeeded at whatever you do and they‘re going to love you!

Rie: Maybe that‘s what makes this so scary. But… I shouldn‘t think about it… I mean I‘m eating food! No bad thoughts when you‘re eating!

Yuria: Wow…Crazy about food, I see? So I bet you like food more than talking to me?

Rie: :)

Rie felt like she was risking with this short answer because Yuria can simply skip it and maybe she messages more people. Maybe she‘s one of those friendly people who come off anons and talks with people whose blogs they like? Then she‘s probably talking with few more persons at the same time and not even interested in her at the end. After thinking like that Rie even felt nervous thinking what else to write at the same time staring at the her computer screen waiting for some kind of action.

Finally new message came and Rie exhaled though she hasn‘t even noticed that she wasn‘t breathing for some time.

Yuria: Oh well..I will get over it. Unfortunately, I have to go now. Though you haven‘t asked about me I‘m also having quite an important day :P Good luck with whatever you do and next time you want to talk. Text me first ;)

Rie again spend few minutes reading a new message and sighed while leaning on her hand and still staring at the screen. It looked like some kind of ultimatum and at the same time it looked like Yuria was encouraging her to start the conversation.

From that day on, the two girls kept messaging each other every day. Who would have thought that they you can actually meet new and awesome people on the Internet. Who knew that it is quite easy to fall for someone else character even when you don’t see their face?
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#10 - Dating the Wrong Matsui. Maybe (Jurina, Rie, Rena, Mayu)

Matsui Rena got impatient because her younger sister Jurina was late and she couldn’t take it anymore. She leaned closer to Rie and whispered “I need to tell this now! And then I can repeat this when my sister will be back!”.

Rie nodded agreeing and now Rena talked loudly to her family “Actually…Jurina is not the only reason why I decided to bring Rie home today. We got something to announce, Rie, do you want to tell them yourself or I should I be the one doing it?”

Rie smiled shortly in an encouraging manner “you can do it” acting as supporting girlfriend and smiling widely.

Rena hugged Rie from the side and finally said while looking at her parents “Kitarie and I. We got engaged. We’re getting married after two months!” she looked at them expectantly, waiting for an applaud and soon her mother burst into happy tears.

At the same they heard the doors being opened when Matsui Jurina come inside with five luggages and beret on her head smiling cheekily and spreading her hands to the sides still believing that her coming back home was the most important news of the today:

“I’m back, my beloved family!”.

Matsui Rena turn around with Rie by her side. Jurina instantly noticed the new girl who Rena hugged eying her curiously, excited to meet Rena’s girlfriend but at the same time feeling as if she already have seen Rie before.

Kitarie squinted her eyes a bit: firstly, because she was unsure why Jurina was looking at her this way. Secondly, because she felt some kind of connection she couldn’t understand herself even though she was sure that she hasn’t seen this girl before.

Rie and Rena found themselves in their apartment after a long dinner at Matsui family home and Jurina telling them all about her four years abroad. It was constant battle between Matsui sisters. Rena telling how amazing Kitarie is and how happy she is to have Rie as her fiancee and future-to-be-wife. 

Meanwhile Jurina remembering all the artistic people she met during these years that had huge influence on her life and creative choices.

Now in the apartment Rena and Rie continued their ritual as every night with kissing while reaching their bedroom and falling on the bed. Kitarie was the dominant one with Rena laying on her back.

Unexpectedly Rena questioned“so what do you think about my sister?“

Rie laughed lightly “You want to talk about your little sister right now?“

Rie’s hand moved down, lightly caressing her lover’s stomach.

Rena’s head got quite clouded, because of those actions but she still spoke up “I‘m just curious it was just a little bit awkward sometimes and Jurina kept on looking at you intensively she rarely does that, only when she tries to remember something or she‘s really intrigued“.

“Maybe she didn't like me and decided to show it that way?“

“Why should she do that? She doesn‘t even know you. There‘s no reason for Jurina to dislike you. I will talk with her…but I believe that‘s just a misunderstanding“.

“But Jurina has nowhere to stay, right? Your father actually pointed out she should search for an apartment but it might take time. We can invite Jurina to live with us for a short while. Until she finds a place to stay in and this might even bring us all together“.

Rie took her shirt in the meantime and Matsui Rena helped her out with her jeans. Rie continued on asking and smiling absent-minded “So what do you think?“

Rena was still for a moment, lost in gazing because of her beautiful girlfriend. Kitarie was wearing a brown lacy bra that matched the panties that practically made Rena’s mouth water.

“I think you’re wearing entirely too much clothing. But yes… I believe that’s a great idea. Let’s invite my sister to stay with us for a while.“

Next morning Rie woke up alone in her bed and knew that Rena has already left to talk with Jurina.

Actually at the same time in cafe close to their house Matsui sisters ate breakfast discussing this whole situation.

“I think that‘s a great idea, Jurina. Don’t you agree? I have talked with dad already and he agreed to it. You can stay with us for few months until our wedding. Maybe you can even help out Rie sometimes. You know I can‘t do much because of my job“.

Jurina still seemed unsure and unconvinced. So a little bit suspenseful from last night Rena, had to ask “Tell me the truth. You don‘t like, Kitarie?“

“What?“ Jurina asked confused. “Who told you that?“

Rena had no secrets with her sister that‘s why she answered honestly “Riechan thinks this way because according to her you looked at her strangely last evening. I have noticed that also… maybe… I’m not sure… So… I just need to know whether you like my fiancee or not?“

“Would that change anything?“ younger Matsui asked unexpectedly but curious at the same time.

“That wouldn‘t change Rie’s and mine relationship, and of course it wouldn’t change our sisterly bond. Still I wouldn‘t be happy about it. I had quite big hopes before you came back and I wish you can become really good friends. Rie needs friends…I work all the time… Can you just be honest with me this time? Without fooling around“.

“I don‘t dislike her .I just…I didn‘t even thought that she would think that… well…yes I have probably…looked at her quite strangely last night but she‘s your fiancee! My older sister is going to marry this girl after few months!How can I not look at her?“ Jurina played it off now pushing Rena‘s shoulder playfully.

“So you will move in with us?“

Jurina felt defeated this time “Fine. Let‘s try this…but I warn you… living with your fiancee and your sister can‘t be good combination“.

Hearing this, older Matsui laughed calmly “Don‘t worry we will keep it low volume at night“ and smirked laughing while Jurina punched Rena one more time, this time harder “Wash your mouth, first!“

Matsui sisters went to the apartment where Rie was, and after walking inside, older Matsui talked out loud letting Rie know that they are here already “Riechan we‘re back!“.


When Rie showed up from their bedroom, Rena nodded lightly now leaving Jurina‘s side for a second “Yes. I invited Juri to stay here for some time just like you suggested. But actually…I wanted to help Jurina settle here…but I have to go back to work. Can you do this instead? Show her around and stuff? Maybe even take her shopping or something like that? You haven‘t seen the city for two years,right Juri?“

Jurina looked around avoiding looking at Rie, the reason for that was probably the fact, that Rie was only in a t-shirt still a little bit sleepy from last night, but didn’t keep quite and answered to Rena.


It looked like Rena enjoyed this moment, the most, of all three of them, kissing Rie goodbye and pecking Jurina’s cheek while leaving too.

After few seconds of awkward silence younger Matsui finally looked at Rie, because she had no other option and the girl in front of her waved awkwardly.

“I will change.Unless you want me to show you around looking this way?“

Random comment helped them break the ice and after that Rie indeed went to her bathroom to get ready for the rest of the day.

It took Rie some time to prepare, and after coming back to the room, she instantly asked what was on Jurina’s mind.

“So what do you want to do first?“

“Mmm..I don‘t…know“ Jurina started unsure still looking around and feeling like she shouldn‘t be here.

Rie brushed in off pretending that she hasn‘t noticed any hesitation “Let‘s start with the apartment then“ and walked closer to Jurina locking their arms and leading the way “That‘s our bedroom…I mean Rena‘s and mine“ she added as if that was even necessary.

“That‘s the kitchen…where we eat…obviously…‘s bathroom… seriously I have the best showers here…oh…and finally the room were you are going to stay…for as long as you need…” after this comment Rie opening the door to Jurina’s new room.

Younger Matsui walked inside curious and Rie noticed it asking “You like it?“

“Well..I spend four years of my life in little cartoon size apartment with six people…and it‘s like…huge…“ Jurina said honestly still walking around the room both: surprised and amazed.

Rie smiled slightly “I knew you‘re going to like it…but I have a question for this occasion…“ and stopped younger girl when she was about to leave room.

Matsui felt kind of awkward because of the closeness and she didn‘t understand why. After all, all the time spend in France and Italy Jurina had no issues being close to other people but since she come back home and met Rena’s fiancee… it changed…

Truth to be told, Jurina has always hated these situations when people mentioned some questions. It always associated with bad things like break up or bad news. So she got a little bit worried when Rie mentioned it as well and now stood there in front of her waiting anxiously.

“Do you want to eat before going outside? I still have to show you the city!”

Instantly Jurina relaxed, surprised that all this time she worried for nothing “Sure! What do you have?” asking immediately and already going to the kitchen because she didn’t have a problem of remembering where it was in the first place.

Rie followed up slowly and reached the kitchen finding Jurina already eating. She looked like caught deer at that moment, a little bit confused and even shocked because of what just happened.

Rie just shrugged it off and joined the girl — in eating process. It seemed like a very serious matter for both of them.

While eating, Jurina mentioned quite randomly ”You know I was surprised when my father agreed wit me moving in with you guys. He even insisted that I should do it. Mmm… if I have said something like this before… like few years ago… he wouldn’t have let me to do this for all the money of this world. He’s really protecting and he would have said that’re a couple and I’m like third wheel which is true…” she ended a little bit worried.

”Don’t worry. You’re not third wheel. Also, I’m sure that we will have a lot of fun together”.

Matsui stopped eating only for a split second and smiled again while nodding her head.

Unexpectedly they heard a door bell and a bit confused Rie rushed up to check who it might be. The first thought: Rena forgot her keys (though in fact, it never happened before).

Obviously, it wasn’t Rena, instead it was Mayu, one of Jurina’s best friend who decided to come and congratulate Matsui of finding a new place to live in. Mayu explained that she got into a fight with Yukirin and she wants to forget about it for the rest of the day. How she knew the address — remained the mystery for both Rie and Jurina.

Without a hint of hesitation Jurina suggested going to a club. Dancing helped out in all the situations…and Rie… well she promised Rena to take care of Jurina for the rest of the day. It is not like she had a choice.

It literally took two hours for girls to get ready. They met in the living room, ready to leave, but still Rie received a call from Rena and asked two friends to leave first, promising to catch up.

Both girls nodded and left the apartment, meanwhile without hesitation Rie answered her phone“Yes, dear?“

“Hey…how are things? You have a good time?“

“Actually yes, I‘m taking Jurina to the city, like you suggested. I guess we will be late…and how about you?“

“I’m happy to hear that you’re getting along. Sadly, I‘m not sure when I will come back home…work is killing me...”

“Oh…work hard but you know… not too hard”

“Of course I will call later, if I get a chance… I’m not sure if I manage to leave the office tonight. Oh…and have fun!”

“Thanks, Rena, we…well… we will try”, Rie ended the conversation with a short laugh and suddenly remembered about those two, so she soon rushed off after them.

After about half an hour drive they reached the bar nearby. Jurina walked inside with the girls seeing how Mayu actually brighten up and smiled to herself too.

Mayu left to talk with the DJ and request some song, while Jurina and Rie headed to the bar. After all, Rie decided that it wouldn’t hurt to celebrate a little and drinking was a priority as of now.

After few drinks, Rie rushed out to the dance floor. She looked hilarious though, probably imagining those awkward moves better in her mind.

The bartender come to check on left alone Jurina and commented curiously (Jurina just couldn’t stop laughing while watching Kitarie’s dance) “That girl is pretty special, isn't she?“

Jurina kept on laughing and agreed with a short nod “well.. she’s definitely something”

After few more seconds, the bartender added “Go and save her from embarrassment. I don’t think she realizes it herself”.

Jurina listened to the advice, realizing that it was probably the most logical thing she heard all day. At the same time, she surprised Rie with her approach while putting hands on her waist from behind.

At first Kitahara Rie thought that it was a stranger and she wasn‘t prepared for that. But soon she felt warm breath closer to her ear and recognized the younger girl’s voice “I don’t want to sound rude but those moves… I mean… I don’t think anyone would like to take you home after seeing all that… Expect me… but it is not like I have a choice” Jurina concluded while chuckling softly and then pressing herself harder and closer to Rie from behind moving along with the music “Maybe you just need a good dancing teacher…”

Rie was actually trying to calm herself because she felt like her whole body was set on fire for the first moment Jurina put hands on her waist and then started whispering things near her ear and neck. Even with alcohol in her blood she still manage to react reasonably “maybe we should go and check on Rena on our way back? She’s probably still at work…and your friend seems to be in a way better condition now…”

Jurina looked up noticing that Mayu found some friends and was dancing in a circle with all of them. Rie’s comment, mentioning her sister already ruined the moment so she just pulled back and nod with agreement “sure…that’s a good idea”.

On their way back, younger Matsui still whispered to herself, kind of glad that Rie can’t hear her because of this loud music “I kind of wish I was the first Matsui you met…you know…”. Jurina did say these quite words with honesty… but as we all know — some things in life — are forbidden.
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It's bit weird to see RenaRie pair but that nice!

it seems that Juri tried to steal her sister's girlfriend fufufufu~
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Can you do RinoRie if they one day suddenly switched bodies for one day? XD
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inrtresting - different oneshot! I liked it  :grin:
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@sasshirie, thanks for the comment!
@buciq, yeah trying out new stuff sometimes, or new ideas... I really doubt that anyone in this fandom ever write for some slight Rena,Rie and Jurina triangle so yeah  :lol:
@Ruka Kikuchi, I'm not taking request unfortunately... there is only one story left in this thread for me to upload after this one... but nice idea! You should definitely write something involved body-swap (that's how it is called...I think?). Since you like supernatural stories, I believe you could make it interesting  ;) (or at least more interesting than I would make it...)

#11 - All Remains the Same (RinoRie)

Have you ever thought really… about this little thing, nagging and annoying thing that people chose to ignore most of the time. That thing is — that everything remains the same.

Sometimes people feel like they have escaped the circle of life: routine that we need to repeat everyday. Yes, we’re born…we grow up… we go to school, we leave our family home (go to study), follow our dreams, find our partners, have children, maybe meet our friends on Friday evening or have some sort of Sunday brunch routine when we end up visiting our beloved parents.

Every day we repeat the same things: wake up, wash our face, brush our tooth, make coffee and breakfast, eat, go to work… (well you get the point, don’t you?)

Nothing really changes. Not even people… we still end up spending time with friends that we met in high school… like there is no escaping.

That is sad, isn’t it? How nothing changes, all remains the same…

Yes, some people travel, wander around the world, reach their goals and dreams, but still… do they really escape this constant thing called life?

It gets tiring… How nothing changes… but when you find the person who stays next to you during the day… you end up feeling a little bit better. You stop over thinking it.

That is what Sashihara Rino is for me. The love of my life. My girlfriend. My roommate. My best friend. She’s everything…

She’s also the reason why I don’t mind this boredom anymore. All can remain the same — as long as I have her by my side.
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#12 - Fangirl [LAST STORY]

It was just a usual party where people get drunk and at the end of the night no one cared about anyone else but themselves.

Rie rushed into the girls bathroom furious because of her ruined dress (some random guy literally throw up on her a little which was probably the worst outcome of this evening). Most ironically, she and almost bumped into someone else inside the bathroom saying “sorry” but without meaning it anymore.

The random girl looked at Rie shortly and looked at herself in the mirror for the last time before leaving the bathroom. So now Rie occupied her spot cursing under her breath while looking at herself in the mirror.

While standing there she heard someone in the booth obviously fangirling over someone she just saw recently.

“AKB48! Can you believe this!? Like SERIOUSLY? I have them on my walls and now I will see them in person! THAT JUST! I CAN’T EVEN…!”

Rie laughed at this lightly at least for a moment forgetting about her dress.

“No NO NO! Of course I will take pictures with my phone! Are you kidding me? I will post them on my TUMBLR account and on my INSTAGRAM! oh oh! And twitter too! I will post their every move! OMG I WILL BE BREATHING THE SAME AIR AS THEY DO!“

Rie slowly put her jacket on now hiding the ruined spot and forgetting about it completely. Looking at herself but at the same time at the doors where the unknown girl talked obviously not knowing that someone else is here as well.

„OMG I can create blog just for this occasion! What if I will see them again? What if I really meet them and they will like me? OR IF THEY SAY A WORD TO ME? Okay…I‘m breathing breathing…“ unknown girl was repeating it breathlessly, stressing out and walking from one side to the other. „What if I like…I dunno… I faint? I need to tell my friends to keep on taking pictures and filming if this happens! I know Rie, Rino and Yui will be here! Oh…fuck…I don‘t look good! I should have brought better clothes! Yes I took other clothes I‘m changing now but I should have taken better clothes! My life will be complete! I could die happy after today!“ she almost shouted excitedly.

Rie would probably have stayed and listen to it longer or waited to see the excited girl which made her smile without any reason even though she didn‘t know her, but unfortunately she got a text from Yui.

We need to practice a bit. Almost everyone is here. Hurry up.

Unfortunately for Rie, that stranger heard her phone as well “Oh fuck I think someone is here! No! NO! I don‘t want people hearing our conversation! I‘m not embarrassed about my fangirling! I‘m used to this! But then people keep on looking at me like I‘m some alien from another planet! Maybe I am but still…yeah…let‘s end this! I will tell you everything in details! OMG OMG!“ she still shouted few times walking from one side to the other again impatiently and nervously.

Rie was unsure whether to wait for the girl or not and surprise her, but then decided that she can’t waste the time and better get going to practice. After few more minutes she walked out of the bathroom.

A/N: Officially the last story of this thread. Kind of random one... I don't know what is wrong with my imagination lately. Oh well... thanks for those who read the stories (or you know: some of the stories) and I hope you enjoyed it! See you next time (or in my other -continuing- threads)

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