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Author Topic: my love for you (ATSUMINA)  (Read 3250 times)

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my love for you (ATSUMINA)
« on: March 30, 2014, 08:20:52 AM »
hey guys  i came up with this story is nothing special you might think is funny but yeea... well let me apologize for my bad english . yea i love so much atsumina but this story mmm yea dont kill me hehehe


My life  is nothing special im  just a 20 years old university student  who living  a normal maybe boring life who knows…  the only thing I know is that the only person I’ve ever loved  and my precious friend left me. Im completely alone in this  room in this life. Yea yea I have other friends but is not the same we are not that close, they don’t know my feeling  but now is useless even for me to think about my feelings I lost everything and that’s not going to change.
My name is Minami and this is my painful story.

wow finally I can go Uk and study  I cant wait to leave,  tomorrow is the big day ill say my goodbyes to my friends and family and ill go to chase after my dream.

finally im uk im so excited I cant wait to meet new people and start my new life.
 first day and we have meeting all the student who live  in the accommodation to tell us the rules and start the welcome week with events and everything.
im standing try to listen to the people who talking but im also  watching the people who coming and leave.  There is a girl whose  chatting with others she has something different I don’t know her but for some reason she has my attention  I think shes kinda   cute. 

1 week pass and ive already met some people  they are good and friendly nice I hope my classmates are the same. 

ok today is my first day as a student  cant wait  to meet my teachers and mates.

 is almost one month since I came here to study  and live already met people and make some friends… I also realize I have crush to someone  her name is maeda , atsuko maeda. We are not friends  but I really want to be one .  my friend from high  school came to visit me for the weekend  and o god shes so smart she even understand that I like someone, i  cant hide anything ill just have to tell her….
while I was cooking something for dinner and of course I forgot my fb online  she add my crush … omg I have heart attack right now. I hope she will reject the request (or part of mine wish not)
o god she accept it… o no im not gonna talk to her, I mean I don’t know what to say or how t start…
Is been 3 days since then my friend left today and im here alone again. I post sad pic  on fb  ‘’here again alone’’ yea I missed  my friend now hahah.
 my crush start talk to me she want to know if im ok… finally I have my chance to  speak with her, I wont loose it.
is been few days days and we talking  more and more.
is been almost a month since we start  been friends…
now I know im in love with her, I know is not just a crush is love. I realize it when I spend a night with her. Yea a night but no  not for the reason you might think.
we did babysitting  haha that’s right babysitting.
shes so cute she will be the best mum ever, she even joke about me look like husband/ father yea I tried to calm the baby but shes beter haha. O god when I lied down with the baby trying to make him sleep again  atsuko came and  lied down  in the other side of the bed.. o god I have nose bleed . SHES SO CUTE SO BEAUTIFUL and yea I know im blushing like crazy now so I have to distance my self. It been over an hour and I end up sleep in the corner of the bed while shes trying to make the baby sleep.  Is already midnight and we cant go back home so we have to stay here for the night  nice I wont sleep at all hehehe. We have to sleep n the sofa but shes so ah I cant find the right words I just cant stop staring her while shes sleeping. Its so painful im afraid to talk to her about it  but ill keep this memory   it was one of my best nights ever.

is already December we came closer and closer I really want to talk to her but im afraid

second week before Christmas   holidays and we are out  drinking with the others she said something but I don’t remember but I have the feeling is something important.

I decided  this is the last week and then we I have 1 month holidays ill try to talk to her.
she look so distance  she just writing n her phone  shes like not care about me I feel so hurt right now but of course like always im just joking and smiling I like it when I can make her smile.
And now she look so sad I don’t know with who shes talking but I don’t like it I want to get closer and tell me whats the matter but yea like usualy shes not telling me anything.  She excuse her self and left like that nothing just put her phone on her  pocket and left nothing at all no good night no have a nice holidays nothing.. is the last night to see her before new year. Shit and I wanted to talk to her and give her x-mas present. I feel so bad why I couldn’t go after her? I guess because she always telling me she don’t want to talk about her problems and she get angry if I try more.

back home I didn’t have the chance to see her before I leave she left early next morning after our last party in uni. We talking a lot  fb but I really miss her. Is x-mas day and im with my family and some of my friends eating  I also talking to her my Atsuko. We talking for several topics but then she said something . she wished me t find someone  to love. What? I told her she will find someone to be with but she just said no. I asked her why? I never expect her answer.  She said she like me. Am I dreaming?
the next few days we are talking a lot. i was out all day with my friend on the last week when I came back I had a good message  ‘ I miss you’  just those words were making my night/day  she then asked me when I go back to talk with her….

im finally back and yea ill see her soon  in the next few days


something is wrong   everything changed…
shes not talking to me that much anymore but im still keep trying talk t her  I understand shes busy with uni like me but is not that. Shes always busy when is about me but for her mates  she always find way…
# need t say this month  we came closer I was finally about to express my feelings make her understand im serious but she never have time yet to talk just me and her#

Im asking her so many times to go out  just have little fun at least watch movie or have a dinner shes always say ‘yes’ but then she canseling everytime and that’s how is going this month when im trying t talk t  her she even ignore my texts. I even decide to  leave her some space  and I stopped to text her she remember me after 2-3 days but see her in the town out having fun with those new friends of her.. what happened acchan? What happened to us? Im really  feel pain I really miss you. Im Just asking little time, just to see you talk to you.  I decide to ask you out I know I will loose you  after that but I cant stand the pain. U said u like me, that you want to be with me  we spend to much time together before why you start forgetting me? Everytime I want to ask you do something you just refuse cuz you are busy but then I see your happy picture on facebook with that new friend of yours im so jealous you look so close to each other im afraid to loose you . Im crying, im drinkning I cant stand the idea of loosing you. I really love you. I feel like stupid now. For all the times I go reject but still hoping, hoping that you didn’t lied to me about your feelings. I text you that i want to see you. Of course you are busy I asked you little time, you asked  why  im only saying  is about us and you just said you will tell me when you can… acchan we living next to each other in the accommodation.

im really angry  its been a week  you went trips with that one friend of yours you look so happy and im so in pain. I just wanted only 5 minutes  of your time to ask you to be my girlfriend  and is fine to reject me… but no you are not really talking to me this week and im waiting for you.
is f riday and uni has party im out with some friends of mine im sad and I want to start forgetting about you. You text me  and ask me to come to the party I was angry but I came. I was angry that after a week you decide to see me. We talked and I realize you are not that serious but I want to try .
I asked you I told you how much I love you how much I want to be with you see your smile and I was so happy, the happiest person when you accept my feelings. Now you are my girlfriend. But still something is wrong

why acchan why you are like this?

I asked you to go out n a date you accept but then the next morning I was waiting for you  to text me I didn’t want to wake you up early is weekend and we had busy day but is already 14:00 I text you and you said you prefer to stay home and maybe study later. I feel sad but I cant do anything ill just accept it.  The whole weeks is like this we talking but you spend time with friends. I just want to see you a little  I know the next built after mine in the accomodation  is yours it will take me 1 min  but you don’t have time. But then you spending all day with that one friend of yours. Is friday  just a just week before valentines day ive already have your gift. I asked you if you will come to the party we have in my flat  to see you  and make some plans about Vday. But you just replied. ‘’Im out to a friends house if im in the mood I might come for a while’’ that replied really hurt me acchan im so jealous of your friend now. Why you are so cold. Everytime I see you out  you are in rush im try to come closer to you try to support you when you are sad.
Im angry now im drinking try to  forget ignore the voice in my head telling me she don’t love you / she will leave you/ 

I asked to talk to you, I asked some reasons why you are acting so cold now what ive done but you just said you are not sure about your feelings and you are not ready about us.
I try to make you understand that I can wait for you if you let me by your side but you left..
is already on day before valentine’s day I don’t need you gift now is only one week but its look like you are with someone else. I throw it away I don’t know my self anymore. Im drinking so much im so sad im not study. Im out in a pub drinking when you text me  ‘im sorry  I still like you’ now  now I feel so hurt  don’t play with my feelings please.

is  three weeks  now we are not talking at all but I still staring at you when I see you I just love you so much I cant live like this I cant focus on my studies im drinking everyday
we used to be so closed to each other but now everything changed.
looks like you had fight with that on friend of yours and you texting me again telling me your problem and im ttrying to support you I still love you I don’t wanna see you hurt.. but is painful to know that you text me cuz you are not talking with your friend now.  But you sound more like you talking about someone you love . keep saying I lost her, I want her back . even if u saying shes your friend it doesn’t sound like that to me….  Is been 3 days now but  after that you stopped talk to me then I learned you  are friends with her again…
acchan you don’t know how much I love you , I cant think about  love anyone else right now at this moment ill cry and think about you. Im waking up early cuz I know your lesson starts at 9 ill be out at 8:30 to smoke and wait for you to see you walk  just that and im happy. But now we are not talking anymore… I lost you for ever…

I know I wont be with you ever again I just wished I could stay by your side little longer….

im happy you were part of my life
im happy even if I felt so much  pain in my heart I know ill always know. For me it was real
I loved you and that wont change. Never
because of you I realize I can fight and try more,  i found what means love what it means
to sleep and wake up with someone in your mind
my name is minami, takahashi minami and this is  my story for my first year in university ,  my first and only love about a girl who made my life brighter.

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Re: my love for you (ATSUMINA)
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2014, 09:13:44 AM »
Will there be more or is this just a OS?

I really want you to write more, I want to see if Minami will go down the suicide road and that would wake Atsuko up, but then it would be too late cuz Minami already died. Or if you gonna write Atsuko's POV and show how she's being a bitch and she's just using Minami!  :angry: I'm really mad at Atsuko... I love the girl, but I'm starting to find things I don't like and I'm afraid it'll eventually make me not like her anymore  :(

I hope you update soon or write more  :)
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Re: my love for you (ATSUMINA)
« Reply #2 on: March 30, 2014, 04:48:39 PM »
Very good story there....

Is there a continuous of the story?

Can't wait to see more if there is one...

If not, looking forward to see others

Thank you for the Atsumina...

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: my love for you (ATSUMINA)
« Reply #3 on: March 31, 2014, 10:53:32 PM »
very relatable kind of story  :nervous
I'm voting for Atusko's POV too

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Re: my love for you (ATSUMINA)
« Reply #4 on: April 09, 2014, 07:12:26 AM »
I'm voting for mote than this continue this I also want to know the reasons of atsuko...

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Re: my love for you (ATSUMINA)
« Reply #5 on: April 10, 2014, 12:54:07 AM »
Im really happy that you like my story guys . Actually I wasnt planning t writte more but well you make me change my mind hehe thnx for that but I wont write atsukos side cuz I really cant think any reason that make her act like that and be ho est I dont want t destroyed her image more haha but ill have a short story about minami I decided to give her a happy end... well she dont deserve to be alone rigt guys? Heh im already writting the next story I might make it  in part cuz now I have so many projects to do... o god I dont even know how im still alive haha well ill post soon the first part and I hope you like it as much u liked the first one ^.^ thnx fr the support guys!!!! :wub:

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Re: my love for you (ATSUMINA)
« Reply #6 on: April 11, 2014, 01:47:39 PM »
So no more Atsumina...well continue soon...

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Re: my love for you (atsumina)(takayu)
« Reply #7 on: May 09, 2014, 07:14:44 AM »
well i dont want to leave my minami alone and unhappy so here is the next part i hope you like it guys even if is not atsumina at least not this part who knows what gonna happen in the next one  XD
 sorry is short part

part 2

Its been 3 years  already since I left home to study in uk and  only few weeks left before I go back. I just want you to know that I never forget about you and i still love you even if you are with someone else. Since then   I never been able to date someone else because my heart still  keep calling you. But thats it. This is our story this is our fin im going, im leaving  its time for me to move on.

Only one week before I go back, I must say I CANT WAIT to go and see my family and my old friends. It happened to meet you last week we just ignore each other  even if I couldn’t stop staring at you, you were acting like I wasnt exist at all, well I guess I cant ask for nothing now but is good that I can see you face your smile one more time before I leave you forever.

Only 2 days  cant wait to leave this place, leave the past in the past.

1 year later

Already back home its been few month since I move to live alone.  I made some new friends  but im more closer with that girl named Yuko shes really funny  and I found my self forgeting my past when im with her, even if  ill never forget you,  my first love and ill always have feelings for you but with yuko  my life is more happier again, shes really good friend of mine. We met in a really funny way

Waiting for my bus to go to my work
‘hey shorty how long you thik it will take for the bus to come?’ a girl with smile came close to me, but wait how did she call me?
‘by shorty you mean me?’ I asked little annoyed
‘im just kidding’ she answered back   still smiling
‘well I don’t like this kind of jokes, and I don’t even know you ‘ I tried to control my self, I really hate it when people call me short’
‘ ok my bad , Oshima Yuko nice to meet you’ she offered her hand
‘just that? minami?’ she asked, I guess shes bored and want to chat with others
‘takahashi. Happy now?’ 
After that the bus came and  we stop our annoying comversation .

 Since then we end up  meeting  each other in the bus station and after a while we became friends

‘oi shorty from tomorrow we have 2 weeks break lets do something’ it was Yukos voice  who woke me up with her phone call ‘
‘what? Wait you little …. Arg its only 6 oclock in the morning why the hell you woke me up?’ I was still sleepy why  she woke me up  I still have 2 hours sleep
‘that’s cuz we need to make plans  for our trip, meet me in one hour in the usual café shop’ and with that she left me  with my phone on my hand.  What wait trip? Since when I agreed to  go  somewhere and I don’t remember it, that girl she always doing things without asking me.

in the café shop
‘ shorty 5 mins late’ she was already drinking her coffee
‘im sure I told you  to stop calling me that baka-chan’
‘well when you stop call me baka-chan ill stop’ she offered me coffee with that big smile in her face
‘you started it first and anyway  whats wrong with that face?’ I asked isn’t it too early to be that happy?
‘whats wrong with my face?’ she asked trying to clean her face in case she has something n it
‘ forget it. Anyway  where we going?’ I asked changing the topic
‘wait, are you oke? I mean you look fine but are you feeling ok?’ she asked with serious face
‘yea whats wrong with me now?’
‘well that’s cuz you never agree  that easy’ she joked
‘ well I know you  and that’s mean if I don’t agree now you will take your time annoying me till I agree so .. well yea so where?’
‘that’s a secret just be ready tomorrow morning, im sure you will love the place’ and with that  our 2 weeks break its about to start. I don’t know where I m going to spend my break but I guess as long is with my yuko , I mean just yuko  is fine, I guess.

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Re: my love for you (ATSUMINA)
« Reply #8 on: May 09, 2014, 07:20:36 AM »
Eh... Minami is with Yuko?

Would they get together or just stay friends?

Can't wait to see more drama or twist

Thank you for the update

  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: my love for you (ATSUMINA)
« Reply #9 on: October 02, 2015, 03:16:00 AM »
Oki guys after soooo long i decided to write again blame my studies guys dont hate me heheh ill post later the next chapter more drama and more love stories  :twothumbs

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Re: my love for you (ATSUMINA)
« Reply #10 on: October 02, 2015, 11:11:51 AM »
see you soon 😋

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Re: my love for you (ATSUMINA)
« Reply #11 on: October 03, 2015, 08:48:51 AM »
Usually I don't read atsumina but I'm glad I did because I loved it.  :thumbup

Keep up the good work. Bye bye  :peace:

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