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Author Topic: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 10 UPDATED (10/03/2015)  (Read 20410 times)

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Wmatsui fanfic:

Haii  :welcome
:D :D Im pretty new here and starting to write my first fanfic of my top OTP: Wmatsui!!!  :cow: :otomerika: :otomerika: :grin: :fap
hope you like the summary lol  :cathappy: :cathappy:
Might chance the title haha  :grin: :grin:
A bit of Akane, Airi relationship. Mostly Wmatsui fanfic
Please don’t mind the grammar lolol.

Fight or flight?

Summary: Matsui Rena is the father of a famous music company. In order for her to be in a normal, she starts off as being at an ordinary school, but the twist is that she has to dress as a guy! It already a mess being the daughter of a famous music company and having every guy hitting on you every second of the day, roaming from stalkers to stars. She starts by going to a school, SKE high school and encountering the so-called "Princess" of school Matsui Jurina and starting off at a bad terms.
These two start off hating each other, but soon start having unknown feeling growing inside as they learned more about of each other. But soon a new student  Yuki Kashiwagi comes along and Rena so-called childhood friend‼ and soon to be Wife? Things get completed as Jurina feeling for Ren grows and Yuki being in the way of their relationship. Yuki soon revels her marriage to Ren, that was planned back when they were kids!! this shocks everyone and threats Jurina relationship with Ren. And after all of this Ren is still a girl and Jurina only loves Rena boy form Ren and not Rena!!
What would happen to these two? Will Jurina be able to take Rena back, will Rena reveal her true self to Jurina? Will Yuki and Ren get married? Will the Wmatsui relationship fall to pieces?
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Wmatsui fanfic
Fight or Flight?:

Fatal Attraction:

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight?
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Omg please update

I want to know which couple will end up together

I hope Wmatsui and Yuki with Mayu become Mayuki :3

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight?
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WOW! This sounds so interesting! :onioncheer: :mon star:
I hope Wmatsui and Yuki with Mayu become Mayuki
Lol I was hoping that MaYuki would be here after reading that Yukirin is here :mon innocent:. She has to have a partner :mon pray2:
Will the Wmatsui relationship fall to pieces?
NO!! :on blackhole:
Lol~ trying to imagine Rena being Ren might give me nosebleeds :on bleed:
Update soon! Can't wait for the whole picture to reveal itself!  :wigglypanda:
Also~  :welcome to  :jphip:

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight?
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WOW! This sounds so interesting! :onioncheer: :mon star:
I hope Wmatsui and Yuki with Mayu become Mayuki
Lol I was hoping that MaYuki would be here after reading that Yukirin is here :mon innocent:. She has to have a partner :mon pray2:
Will the Wmatsui relationship fall to pieces?
NO!! :on blackhole:
Lol~ trying to imagine Rena being Ren might give me nosebleeds :on bleed:
Update soon! Can't wait for the whole picture to reveal itself!  :wigglypanda:
Also~  :welcome to  :jphip:

Omg please update

I want to know which couple will end up together

I hope Wmatsui and Yuki with Mayu become Mayuki :3

haha thanks for the comments! :lol: :lol: I was planning to do Mayuki also in this story so Yukirin can have a partener XD XD I'll update soon and thanks  :otomerika: :otomerika:
Wmatsui fanfic
Fight or Flight?:

Fatal Attraction:

Oneshot here!

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight?
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Come on~ Just give us the storyyyyy XD
Forgive my rudeness and eagerness :bow:
I'll be waiting for updates!!! :panic:
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Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? Chapter 1
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Chapter 1: The Meeting

I looked at myself in front of the mirror as I carefully did the finishing touches on my school uniform. My name is Matsui Rena or now Matsui Ren; I'm the daughter of a so-called famous music company by my father Sato Matsui. Im the only child and a pretty famous person being hit on by variety of stars, stalker wherever I go, *sigh*.

Im a pretty shy person and hate being the center of attention ALL the time. I usually try to blend into the crowd, but everytime someone always finds me shouting into the crowd of people saying "OMG ITS MATSUI RENA!"

So moving now, today I've finally has my first taste of freedom. My father agreed with me to go to a normal school, SKE high school.
I’ve always been the center of attention, and I always wanted to want live a normal life like everyone else for once and I finally have the chance, yes! But I have to dress as a guy *sigh*, Why a guy you ask? well being a pretty famous person I have to hind my identity in order to live a normal, free stalker school life. I have to wrap my chest in order for no one to notice my girl boobs and also wear a boyish wig also.

To be honest I look pretty hot as a guy. I had my short messy jet-black hair top off with a white dress shirt tucked into my dress pants, and a tie neatly around my collar, top off with navy blue dress pants and beats headset. Damn Ren if I were a girl I’ll totally date you!!

"Rena hurry and come down" someone shouted from downstairs, as I stared at myself in front of mirror.
"Ok i'll be right down" I said as picked up my school bag exiting my room, passing my mirror quickly checking myself before heading down stairs.

"Rena or umm Ren are u ready?" Questioned my dad as I hurried in the kitchen grabbing my bento lunch while eating a piece of Melon Pan that I got off the table.

"Yes, daddy" I said as I kissed his forehead "I'll be fine don’t worry haha, go to go don't want to be late" I said as I ran to the front door waving my hand as I exited the house, which to be honest was pretty big for 2 people, but overall a comfortable place. We didn’t really have nanny in our house just 1-2 of them once in a well to clean and wash dishes, clothes etc.

'Finally' I thought as grabbed my bike and blasting my music as I placed my headphones on my ears. I felt the wind pass through my face as I rode my bike pass my neighborhood, which was pretty rich into a more settle area.

As I rode my bike listening to my music as, I noticed someone in a hurry. She wore a girl version of the uniform that I was wearing.
I slowed down, pausing my music and putting my headphones into my bag as I began to watch her from afar, and no I’m not a stalker or anything, I was simply observing.

As I continued watching I noticed she tripped on a small rock as she was running falling right on her butt. Ouch!

"Ouch! AAAAA‼ Omg at this rate I’m going to be late,” The girl shouted as she picked herself up from the ground dusting herself off.
She was quite pretty as I slowly approached her. Getting closer I noticed that she had long black hair tied to the side and had a brid-ish appearance to her.

"Are you alright?" I asked as I hoped out my bike bringing it along as I approached her parking my bike on the concert wall.

"Oh, yeah Im fine ha-ha" she replied as she picked her bag scratched her head in response. "I just fell ha-ha silly me"

"Ha-ha, well I’m, Matsui Ren" I responded with a small smile holding my hand out towards her. “Nice to meet you”

"Akane Takayanagi, but people call me Churi, nice to meet you" she said as she shook my hand.

"Churi?" I said with a questionable looked.

"Yahh, well it because of my love for birds and my bridish appearance" the so-called Churi said with a smile.

"Well Churi chan call me Ren,” I said with a grin as I gave her my satisfying smile.

"Ha-ha, Ren kun it is” she replied as she nodded her head.

"Well aside from introductions need a ride I noticed you wore the same uniform to the school that I was going to,” I asked her with a small smile.

"You go to SKE high school? sugoi!" Churi said as she looked closely at face "what year are you in?"

"Ummm, 2?" I said, as I slowly started backed off from her face.

"Sugoi! Same hope were in the same class,” She said as she held my hand which to be honest was really soft.

"Ha-ha hope so too.. Well anyways how about I'll give you a ride to school, if you run at this time your won't make it" I said as I let go of her hold approaching my bike patting the seat behind me  "Come on 2 people can fit"

"Ummm, okay thanks Ren kun!" She said in a cheerful tone as she sat behind me.

"Hold on!" I said as I rode my bike in fast motion so we wouldn’t be late for school.

5 Minutes later…

We finally reached schoolyard just 5 minutes before the bell rang. Good thing I peddled hard.

"Thanks Ren kun,” she said as she hopped out of my bike bowing down at me.

"No problem,” I replied smiling parking my bike on the bike rack.

"Thanks again Ren kun, well see you soon nice meeting you by the way!” she shouted at me as she hurried along into the building.
Well Ren you just make one new friend, maybe… well at least it’s a start.

I walked into the school building passing the walls of lockers into the hallways locating my way into the school. I already meet the principle Yasushi Akimoto san a well middle aged man that knew my current situation I was in and allowed me to enter this school and showing me what class I was going to be in. As I was walking I started to look out the window noticing the beautiful scene outside.

Wow the school was quite pretty with all the rows of trees and the small garden right in the middle, in front of the school entrance. I could hear the birds singing a tune to each other in the tress and the wind passing by me as I watched the remaining student entering the building.

Then all of sudden I heard someone yelling behind me…

"Watch out!"

As I turned right before my eyes something hard hit my forehead darkness fell everything went blank.

Aaa ouch my head...

As I woke up I noticed an unfamiliar white room surrounding me I started to regain my eyesight. I noticed an icepack on my head as it fell on my lap.

"Aa you're awake Ren Kun "Someone said in a sad, concerned tone.

As I turned my head around I found Churi chan beside me crying her eyes out likes a newborn baby.
"Whoa, Churi chan don’t cry I’m alright see” I said as I made a weird face to cheer her up which actually worked as she chuckled wiping her tears from her eyes.

“So..what happened anyways? How long was I out?" I asked

"W-well it’s a p-pretty long story,” Churi chansaid as her crying started to subside.

Well to make the long story of Churi chan sweet and short I first bumped into the so-called most popular girl in this school Matsui Jurina.

She was running in the direction I was in as she said 'watch out' which was too late for my reaction to kick in, as I was too amazed at the scene outside. And we bumped heads really hard, and we both blanked out for a good 30 minutes.
Good thing Churi chan was there passing by and witness the scene. She calls the other students around to help bring us to the nurse office.

She stayed by Matsui san side and me for the whole time. Watching us as cried her eyes out praying and tweeting about it… like really Churi chan at a time like this‼

"Well is Matsui san… Ok?" I asked as I looked around trying to find her in the room.

"Well she fine, she left a few minutes ago, but she totally pissed off at you for being in her way" Churi Chan said as she scratched her head.

Oh, well good job Ren making a fool of yourself, now someone hates you the first day going to school, and on top of that the so called most popular girl in school. Nice Ren nice job. *clap, clap*

"I-I’ll apologize to her today" I responded as I let out a big sigh.

I kind of got a small picture of what this so-called Matsui Jurina looked like. She had about shoulder length hair and parted her hair in middle and wore her sweater around her waist and a sloppy job at putting her necktie.

"Well they're good news and bad news I have to tell you" Churi chan said "Good news were the same class!” Churi chan said in a cheerful tone clapping her hands together.

“Well what the bad news..?” I asked with a questionable tone.

 “The bad news…well is that your crossing like wild fire being the most hated person by Matsui Jurina, Its everywhere from Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Google+"

*Face palm* Why can't this day start good!

After a few minutes Mariko san came to check on and introducing herself as my new homeroom teacher. She then asked Churi to go back to class, which she did and started asking me questions such as “are you ok?” “If their anything you need tell me…” stuff like that. Mariko san was very tall and had a very boy-ish haircut and appearance to her. She was pretty good with fashion as her choice in clothes was very stylish in this generation. After the pet talk Mariko and I started to walk to my new class 2-B.


"Alright everyone settle down" the teacher Mariko san as she shifted into the class room "We have a new student today, please come in"

As I took a deep breath I entered the classroom. The half class was whispering loudly talking about my so-called incident with the “Princess” Matsui Jurina and the rest which was girls slightly screaming how cool I looked.

Then my eye wondered around till I found Churi waving at me as she sat near the front with a cheerful smile. I smiled back at her slight waving my hand at her, as the fan girls started screaming louder as they though I was waving at them.

"Class settle down" Mariko san said in a loud voice as the class settled down "Now how about you introduce yourself to the class?”

"Umm I’m Matsui Ren, age 17 nice to meet you" I said as I bow down.I could heard all the girls screaming how cute and handsome I was and some of the boys not even paying attention, but some were whispering about the incident that has occurred in the morning.

"Well class we actually have 2 Matsui in the class now hahaha "Mariko san said with a smile as she checked a bit.


Wait a minute…
Did she just say 2 Matsui? Ooh no.... please don’t tell me. Why didn’t Churi chan tell me…
As I looked towards the back of the classroom feeling an aura of darkness I saw her. Matsui san with fierce eyes looking at me as pray her hawk eyes on me with an icepack on her reddish looking forehead. She was gritting her teeth back and forth in a fast motion. And she had a blackish aura around her as she stared right into my soul.
Such a good start to the day of being a normal student isn’t it?

Well... how was it!! :nervous :nervous Hope their wasn't to much grammar errors haha  :lol: :lol: I'll be working on chapter 2 and 3 later in the week to next week!! stay in tune and thanks for the people that are reading this arigatou!  :) :)
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Wmatsui fanfic
Fight or Flight?:

Fatal Attraction:

Oneshot here!

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight?
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Wow you updated fast! :w00t:
Ren~ You are a doomed person! :nervous
You will feel Jurina's wrath after class ends! :P
Eh~ at first I thought Ren would meet Jurina first but I remembered how you said Jurina and Rena were not in good terms with each other at first XD
Wah~ Churi is so emotional sometimes :lol:
Man~ Jurina really holds grudges seriously, its actually pretty scary sometimes  :twisted: :shocked  :D
I love chapter 1, it was amazing! :heart: :twothumbs
Can't wait for the next chapter ~ :cow:

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight?
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REEEEEEEN MA lovely boy!.. would you be an archer here too.. pleae o.o

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight?
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I love the twist between Jurina and Rena. Not a good start here Ren-kun, you made the Princess angry XD

Good job, buddy! Next chapter! (∩_∩)

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Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? Chapter 2
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 Chapter 2: Let “Fate” Do Its Work

 "Since we have 2 Matsui I’ll call you both by your first names," Mariko san said as she patted my shoulders. "Your seat Ren san is right beside Jurina san near the back of the class room, right beside the window,"

Oh great, now I'm screwed! I approached my seat as an unpleasant aura surrounded around me.

"Well if it isn't Ren kun, Matsui Jurina, H-E-L-L-O," Jurina san said as she spoke slowly in a somewhat irritated tone.

"H-hello J-Jurina san...," I repiled back studdering a bit "Sorry about what happened haha..,"

"Tsk," And just like that she looked at me with disgust as she turned looking forward listening to the Mariko san lesson as class started to beginning.

*Sigh* why couldn't I sit somewhere else, I started to looked out the window watching the clouds pass by as the teacher talked about math.

Lunch Time…

The bell rang as lunch was about to beginning. I saw Churi leaving the class first and the a few other students following along.
"Class remember we have a quiz next week and a exam the following day don't forget to study," Mariko san said before heading out of class.

Just as the teacher left I spotted Jurina san staring at me with disgust as she stood up and headed outside the class.
I could see Churi chan entering the classroom again, as she ran up to me bringing 2 other people along with her as they pulled the desk towards mine and sat down.

"Ren kun I want you to meet Mayuyu and Airi!" Churi said in a cheerful tone as they waved at me with smile which I did also.
"There from class 2-B and my best friends since middle school!"

“Mayu Watanabe, nice to meet you” Mayu san said as she bowed down to me “Call me Mayuyu chan, thanks for taking care of Churi chan”

“Airi Furukawa, at you serve, call me Airi chan” Airi said as she bowed down “pleasure to meet you and thanks for taking care of my girl haha” She said as he put his arms around Churi.

When I first saw them Mayuyu chan had a childish appearance to her having 2 ponytails on the side to give her that childish, innocence to her. She was a Cyborg by Airi chan and Churi chan which she replied with an irritated tone. Airi chan on the other hand had her hair parted in the middle and had long straight hair up to her chest area. And her personality was somewhat pervert at times making old man jokes to us as we laughed along. We chatted along as I found out by Mayuyu chan that Churi chan and Airi chan were currently dating at the moment, which explained Churi blushing as Airi teased her and doing lovey dovey couple stuff as Mayuyu chan looked like she was about to puke. I didn’t mind the fact there were “girls” if you love someone gender shouldn’t matter right?

“Well Ren kun I heard about you and Jurina san,” Mayuyu chan said, as she looked at me in a curious tone. “So what are you doing to do?”

“Yahhh, what are you going to do?” Airi chan said as she ate rice.

“Well to be honest I don’t know,”

“Well why not trying to make her fall in love with you?” Airi chan said as she pushed me a little. “I heard most of the girl screaming at you down the hall, you pretty popular even after the incident, their talking about how you part of the Kendo club nice bro”

“Well I don’t think she like me at the moment” I said as I let a big sigh come out of my mouth. "Kendo my childhood sport haha"

“Well try talking to her and making like comments like ‘your look pretty today’ or general things that can start a conversation,” Mayuyu chan said “Maybe you can make her forget about what happened if you change the subject to something that  she likes”

“I tried talking to her, apologizing, smiling at her and she either just ignored me or act colds towards me ," I said as I let a sigh once again left my mouth.

“Well maybe something might happened today for her to forgive you” Churi said as she placed her hand on my shoulder. “There's always ways for someone to forgive each other, you know like “Fate”?”

“Well I guess letting "Fate" decide is easier hahaha” I said chuckled a bit as looked out the window “I’ll try talking to her”

“Good luck!” All three said as they held their first towards me giving me their best smiles.

Lunch was almost over and we started to talk more about Jurina san, and she was pretty athletics as I heard. She was the captain of the track and field team, and the co co-captain at basketball. She pretty popular towards both female and males getting tons of love letter in her locker, or giving her gifts when they see her or have the chance to.I on the other hand was spreading like wild fire, being the guy that hurts Jurina san blah blah and stuff. I was also pretty popular as I heard by Airi chan that mostly every girl in the school though I looked cool which they found out I joined the most popular club at school "Kento club" which I was applied the day I was filing my papers with the principle. Also SKE High school was mostly filled with girls because of how it used to be an all girls school, but turned co-ed about 5 years ago, forgot to mention that haha.

"Well class is about to start again,” Mayuyu chan said as she packed her lunch "better get to class see you guys later,"
"Same haha bye Ren kun, Churi! ~"

Me and Churi chan waved as they left and then she soon waved at me as she sat at their desk that was about 9 desks away from me as the bell rang for class to start, students started to enter the class one by one. Then Jurina san came in as she slowly walking to her desk.

Maybe I should wave at her, yahh I should at least try to get on her good side, remember let "Fate" do the work!
As she took her she looked at my direction, I waved at her with a small smile, but she quickly turned around as she started to talk to someone else. *Sigh* well at least I tried…
In Social Class..

"Class were are doing a project about social justice and I have provides partners" He said as he pass everyone a sheet "In this sheet the person name in it is your partner for the next important project that shall be due 1 month by now its worth 30% for you grade until the break.

As I got my sheet of paper I started to pray. Please let me get someone else than Jurina san, please be Churi or someone else please….

As I opened it a name I read Matsui Jurina. We both looked at each other as she tsk as me again and started to listen to the teacher as he talked about the project.*sigh*

As school ended I stretched my arms as I let a loud yawn exited my months. AAA so tried.

"Ren kun," someone called me in a coldish tone

"As I turned to the side I saw Jurina san staring at me with somewhat cold eyes. “Let start the project soon so we can get this over with"

"Yeah sure I-I guess," In a soft tone "How about we exchange numbers,"

"Tsk, fine its for a project anyways," she said in a annoyed tone as she gave me her iPhone. “Here"

As we finished exchanging numbers she picked up her bag and left the classroom leaving me behind.
Well at least we're TALKING better than nothing. I thought as I packed my thing, well at least I can get to know her better.
Front Gate of the School...

As I grab my bike from the bike rack I noticed a 2 familiar people. Walking closer I noticed one of them turned their head towards me and started running in my general direction.

"Ren kun!" Churi chan said as she saw me outside the school gates with Airi chan right beside her.

“Where Mayuyu chan” I asked as I was looking around for her.

“Ooh she has a club meeting with all the club leader's today” Churi chan said. “We were wondering if you wanted to go somewhere with us, we were planning to eat at a café before heading home? So would you like to join us?”

“Ooo haha thanks, but i'll go home for today I said it been a long day and I need to sleep haha”

“Aa come on, man will pay for you drink” Airi chan said as he held her wallet in my face.

“Haha Sorry haha maybe next time” I said bowing at them a bit.

"Awww" Churi said as she looked at me with baby eyes and a small pout as she looked at me "fine, but you better come the next time we invite you"

We started to talk a bit, they started to head out of the school gate firsthand we parted ways waving at each other. I started to bike my way home, but I then thought that maybe I should take in this moment to see this unfamiliar neighborhood.

I took the long way home, which I took me about 15, minutes more to get to my house, but I had the time to. I watched couple walking home from school and younger students hanging out at 7/11 store outside. I turned my bike into an area where not much people or no one was spotted. It was peaceful until I heard an unpleasant screaming.

"AA GET AWAY FROM ME!" A voice of a girl shouted from near by.

I turned my head in the direction of the sound. There was no one in the area and the general direction the screaming came from behind a somewhat abandoned looking area.

I started to bike my way into the area as the sounds of screaming started to get louder. Approaching the sounds of the screaming I noticed a familiar person with somewhat looking 30 year old with a so-called biker look to him.

"Shhh you're too loud" the man said as she pinned the girl against the wall of an broken down open building stroking her hair behind her ear" "I’ll be quick if your don’t struggle and make so much noise"

"Please stop, let me go" the girl said as she slowly revealed the face of the so-called girl I bumped into this morning.

Omg its Jurina san and slowly angry started to grow as I saw the man staring to strip his clothes as Jurina san started yelling for help. What disgusting people there is in the world.

I hop out of my bike and started to run towards them as I kicked the man from behind. He was shocked of the kick and turned around as he was smiling a sort of scary smile at me.

"Ohh if it isn’t a young boy trying to save a lovely princess." He said as he smiled a creep smile at me "Well to bad that you going to be die by the time she saved" he shouted as he pulled a knife behind him.

I saw Jurina san in the corner if my eye. Shocked and sitting on the following crying her eyes out. Then my angry grew more as I imaged the horrible things that he must have done.

Good thing I learned Kendo to be able to defend myself. I saw a rotting stick near by and took a hold of it. The man started to swing his knife at me all over the place, as I quickly dodged his attacks easily. He grew impatient as he pulled out another knife for behind and cut me on my left cheek.

I backed off a bit touching the stinging cut. I looked back at Jurina san who looked at me like a scared puppy, she was shaking a bit as tear fell from her face to her skirt as it started to get wet creating a puddle.

He started to swing his knife again as I quickly dodge the attacks. I found an opening to hit him and I hit him hard on the leg. He yelled as he fell letting go of both of his knives as held his leg in pain. At that moment I kicked him in the stomach and the face as he fell back.

I looked down at the now unconscious man and back Jurina san. At that moment She looked like a lost puppy scares, alone, and afraid. I ran towards her as I gently held her in my arms as I took her hand towards my bike settling her down behind me.

"Hold on tight,”

She nodded holding my waist as tears fell from her eyes.
Thump thump.

What is this feeling when she touched me. My heart somewhat jumped for the sudden skin ship….. Aa now's not the time.

I peddle away as she held tight on my waist. As I peddled I felt tears running down my shirt and I soon notice a small park near by. Maybe I should stop here and ask her if she ok. I slowed down my peddling as we approached the park; I stopped my bike as Jurina san got off. I parked my bike against the pole of the swing. It was about 5 o'clock and I could see the sun starting to set letting a somewhat orange colour surround us.

"Thanks f-for saving me" Jurina said as she bowed down at me

She didn’t look like the Jurina san I saw at school. Scary and cool, sassy and rude. She was more fragile and shy, she looked like a lost puppy.

"You're welcome are you ok, did he hurt you" I asked as I approached her touching her cheek that had a small bruise on it "He didn’t touch you didn’t he?"

"N-no he didn’t touch me, he was about to before you came along," Jurina san said; as she looked away from me a slight blush fromed for her cheeks.

"Well how about I take you home?" I asked approaching my bike again "it is getting dark"

"T-Thanks," Jurina san said in soft tone "Sorry about today, I was a bit hard on you."

"Aa it ok I wasn't paying attention and got in your away" I said as I scratch my head. "I'm not very knowing of my surrounding haha"

"Haha" Jurina san chuckled a bit "You were pretty unaware even as I shouted really REALLY loud" As she smiled.

"Haha yeah well lets get going" I said as I patted the bike. "We still have school tomorrow"

As we go on my bike I peddled the way to Jurina san house as she directed me to her house, which was actually near my area. I stopped in front of her house as she hopes out off my bike.

"Thanks Ren kun" She said as she smiled at me "Well...see you tomorrow " she waved at me as she headed toward her house.

I peddled the way back home. It was 6 o'clock in the evening and my dad wasn't home at around 7-8 o’clock. I went to the fringe as I ate a small portion of the food the maids have left for me, then headed to my room to wash up, settling my Iphone on the table beside my bed. I removed the wig as my long straight hair fell out and my bangs hanging on my face.

I quickly finished washing as I enter my room with a towel around my neck. I quickly started changing my clothes in from my mirror as I noticed the cut on my cheek. I touched the cut that the perverted man did and hiss as the pain shoot up to me as I lightly touched it. I put a bandage on it as I put on a baggy white shirt that had the word printed in the front 'kiss and tell' topped off with light blue short shorts. I approached my bed as I flopped down on it letting myself sink into the mattress.
"Such a day" I said softly as I flopped on my back as I faced the ceilings.

Then my phone started to vibrate loudly beside me. I flopped on my side as I quickly grab the device. Wonder who's texting me, maybe Churi, but I was wrong it was Jurina san.

Dear Ren kun;

Thanks again, and sorry for the trouble I’ve cause you today in the morning I had a pretty bad mood today so... yeah… :(
But thanks for saving me. I hope we can become better terms with each other :))

 I replied back as I remember Jurina sides. Her tough side, stubborn and easily irritated side. And her side that was shy, afraid, and somewhat scared.

Dear Jurina san;

Sorry about that… :(
I was in your way and I got you hurt so you should be mad at me haha
And your welcome, you better walk in areas that will have more people, also try walking with your group of friends next time. ;)

She quickly replied 3 minutes later.

Dear Ren kun

Haha i’ll do that,
Well good night see you tomorrow
Let work together at my house I’ll be a payment for saving me :)

I smiled at the comment as I started to reply back to her message.

Dear Jurina san

I would like that :)

I settled my phone down as I flopped onto my bed again. I stared at the ceiling imagining my day with Jurina san would go to her house. Slowly darkness took over me as dreams about me and Jurina san took over my imagination.
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Wmatsui fanfic
Fight or Flight?:

Fatal Attraction:

Oneshot here!

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight?
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Ah~ I love this! :inlove:
Fate really did it's work between Jurina and Ren/Rena! :wub:
Yay~ Jurina and Ren are finally in good terms with each other! :D
That perverted old man! It's a good thing Ren beat that guy up!! :angry:
Aw~ Ren's developing feelings for Jurina! :w00t:
Yay! Furuyanagi is here! :twothumbs
Eh~ I wonder what Rena was dreaming about?!  :drool:
Update soon ~  :thumbsup  :cow:

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight?
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/thinking rena become ren/ /nosebleed/

Please update it quickly ><)/

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight?
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awww kendo Ren its ok for me *O*

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight?
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Ren save Jurina kakkoii!!

Update soon

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Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight?-Chapter 3
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Chapter 3: The game..
“Help me, help me” a sudden cry rang into my ears as my eyes slowly opened up. My vision started to clear up as I woke up in an unfamiliar area covered with trees and grass to an open night sky in front of me, as I was lying in the middle of an old looking road.
Where am I, aaa why I’m a wearing such weird clothing like I’m in fairy tale, what type of dream is this. Mou, I wore a type of medieval style clothing as what a boy would wear and had a long sword around my waist, but I had my long hair tied up into a neat bun, as my bangs covered my forehead.
“Help me please!”
It’s the cry again. Mou… why can’t I have a dream where I can eat as much Melon pan as much as I want *sigh*. I started to run following the road that I lying in, slowly hearing the sudden cry get louder and louder as I reach an old looking, wore out castle that was some-what deserted looking. I slowly approached the main door pulling out my sword as I slowly opened the door as a loud creaking sound echoed into the dark room. I slowly enter as I held the sword close out in front of me walking into the big room with many doorways and a larger staircase in front of me as it separated out into smaller stairs to either side of me. The cry for help rang to the right of me; I slowly walked up the steps into a larger narrow hallway. It was pretty dusty and worn out as it had been abandoned for a long time.
Aaa why do I have to do this, why do I have to do this Why can’t I be in a dream with Melon pan. Why? WHY?
I reached the room that was some-what dim with light with the surrounding darkness as only my mind was complaining about my current dreams as I slowly opened the door, just a little bit to see what the shouting was about.
There she was, the girl that was crying for help. She was helpless and struggling as a bunch of guys of  drunk looking guys tried to touch her in place as she was tied into a chair with her eyes swollen red from crying.
As I looked closer I noticed it was Jurina san? Aaa in this situation again, I slowly heard the conversation of the somewhat leader of the gang as they pulled Jurina san hair back into the chair as she lend into her almost touching her lips.
“Such a beauty we have here boys!” He said as she licked his lips “Good thing we saved you haha”
“You didn’t save me you kidnap me you MONSTER!” She said as he spat into his face as he fell back.
“Why, you little brat, let get this over with, tie her to the bed”
They tied her into the bed as she yelled for help. They put a piece of cloth into her mouth as she struggled. I watch in horror in the scene in front of me. Aaa though piece of jerks i’ll break their necks.
I kicked the door in front of me as I held the sword to the side of me. The guys jerked back as they didn’t suspect the sudden entrance.
“Well what do we have here, well, well Prince Ren” The gang leader said as he pulled his sword “Wanting to save your princess I see”
“How the hell do you know me?” I asked as I held the sword towards him
“You're the prince that will marry princess Jurina”
“The w-what of t-the what?” I said as looked at him in a confused tone
“Do I have to say this again YOU, MARRY PRINCESS JURINA” He said as he pointed to me than Jurina san in the bed. “You should know this by now, everyone in the kingdom know this already?”
LIKE HELL I KNOW!!!” I said yelling at them as I ran to him cutting his leg as he fell in pain letting go of the sword.
The 3 other people in the room started to run toward me as I dodge as I attacked, cutting their arms and legs as they yelled in pain into the floor. I ran towards Jurina san as I quickly cut the rope and united the cloth on her mouth.
“Let go,” I said as I held her hand
We ran out of the room out the castle into the deep into forest as we slowly stopped running to trying to catch our breaths.
“Are you ok?” I asked, as I looked at her in a breathless tone as I held my knees, slowly standing up looking at her as she was also catching her breath.
“Yahh thanks, Prince Ren” She said in a shy tone covering her blush on her cheek “Thanks for saving me”
She looked at me as I stared back at her, I noticed her features more closely than before her tangled hair, her rosy cheeks, the cut and torn blue silky dress and the dark brown eyes that spoke of her gentle thankfulness for saving her.
“Y-you're welcome” I shudder a bit as I blushed looking up into the starry night sky “The sky pretty tonight isn’t it?”

I tried to change the subject and make the so called Princess Jurina san feel more comfortable even with the curtain situation that happened. I watched the tiny light flicker back and forth in the sky. It was calm and peaceful then the sence that had happened before. The stars seem to dance with each other as the warm night wind gently hitting my face as I was looking into the starry night sky.
“Yahh it is” She said as she looked up too “I wished our wedding day would be at night so we can say our vows to the stars”
I looked at her as she said wedding day. So the guy wasn’t lying she was my SOON TO BE WIFE!!! WTH????
“Marry?” I asked in a confused tone
“Yes of course” She chuckled a bit “Were getting married you forgot didn’t you”
“Well you can say that”
She looked at me with a gentle smile as she held my hands looking deep, deep into my eyes into my soul. Oh boy what going to happen next?
“Well how about I’ll make you remember”?

She slowly started to get closer to me, my face started to heat up as she slowly started to close her eyes. I should push her off, but for some reason a force held me back. OMG what the heck am I doing, but she looks so pretty, her lips look so soft…. I started to lend in forward as I shut my eyes waiting for our lips to collide.

“Rena wake up” A sudden voice started to ring into my ears “You're going to be late for school”

“AAAAA‼” I screamed as I stood up from my position
I looked around the room, OMG why did dad have to wake me up when I was in the zone for kissing Mou!
“It’s already 8:10” He said as he stood up throwing me my wig “You're going to be late”
At Lunch…
“Are you ok Ren kun” Airi, Mayuyu and Churi chan said as they looked at me as I had my head on the desk.
“Yeah I’m ok, just tried”
“Well get you rest later, it almost first semester break in about 1 week‼” Airi chan said as she held Churi chan arm “We should go the beach or something”
“Yahh, we should!” Mayuyu chan said as she stood up holding her hands into her chest. “We can go to my beach house”
“OMG, Yes we should it going to be so much fun!”
As the 3 girls started to chat about spring break I started out the window as I watched Jurina san chatting to her friends as she smiled laughing at them.
“Ren kun, are you looking at Jurina san” Airi said as she poked my cheek “Are you staring to like her?”
“Hahah n-no” I replied, “I was-looking a-at the tree? Yahh hahaha I was looking at that”
“Ummm” Mayuyu chan said as she held her hand on her chin “I heard from you so-called fan girls that you and Jurina san rode back home?”
“OOOOO Ren kun, tell us tell us” Airi chan and Churi chan chatted as they looked at me with gleaming eyes.
I told them what happened with the pervert man and saving Jurina san and making up with her. They smiled and eyed each other as nodded heads as they listened to me. Oh, no I feel something wrong *Sigh*

“Awwww, Ren kun such a gentlemen” Churi chan said as she put her arms around herself “You guys can make such a couple”

“Hahah, no I’m not the type of guy for Jurina san”

“Churi, you know that Ren kun fangirls are watching us right?” Mayuyu chan said as she looked outside the room.

We all looked as we saw a bunch of fangirl hiding behind the wall that divided the hallways and the classroom.

“Ren kun, better prepare yourself with tons of fangirls and stalker” Mayuyu chan said as she held my shoulder

“Hahah good lucky” Churi chan said as he ate her sushi.

“Ren kun you pretty popular” Airi chan said as she poked my cheek “Better watch yourself at practice today at your first club meeting”

“Haha, thanks” I replied as I scratched my head.

Aaa stalker again even when I’m a guy, *Sigh*


“Aaa so tired” I said as I panted on the ground as the club meeting ended.

I could hear the sound of fangirls as we finished Kendo practice.Some came up to me and gave me their cookies they bake and or a sudden shout of 'We Love You'. At the beginning of class and some just watched from afar. It was cute how I would wave at them, and they would cheer and scream at each other. The fangirl soon left and Yokoyama san came reaching her hand as she help me up to my feet.

“You're pretty good at Kendo” A voice said as I turned my head.

The person that was talking to me was my club leader, Yui Yokoyama. She was a year older than me and was a pretty easy going girl, she was currently dating a girl named Shimazaki Haruka the captain of the Melonpan club, wish I could join haha. Well to be honest this school was mostly a girl school and had a 30% guy student with a 70% students as girl, no surprise that some girl at the school are “Dating each other”

“Thanks Yokoyama san” I said as I stood up bowing at her “Thanks for teaching me new moves”

“Your welcome and call me Yui”

“Ok Yui san well better get going, bye”

I waved at her as we parted ways. I headed into the guy change room as I got my stuff from my locker and headed toward the stall. I changed into my school uniform and some of the guys waved at me as I headed home first. I headed toward the school yard toward my bike as I saw Jurina san headed her way into the bike rack.

“Jurina san!” I yelled as I ran towards her

“Ren kun, hello” She said as she waved at me “What are you doing at this hour?”

“I had Kendo practice” I said as I walked towards my bike as I faced her “What about you?”

“I had track practice today” She replied as she helped me with my bike

“T-thanks” I shuddered a bit as her soft hand lightly touched mine

“You're welcome” She replied “How about we go home together again”

“Sure” I said as I handed her an extra helmet in my bag “Get on”

I started to peddle as she held onto my waist. I suddenly remember the dream I had and slightly blushed.

“Umm, Ren kun?” Jurina san suddenly said


“Well I was wondering if you wanted to start the project tomorrow?” She said as I felt her head leave my back “Since it the weekend tomorrow, I thought we could start the project?”

“S-sure” I replied peddling a little faster

“Ok, we'll meet at my house at around 1:00”


We finally reached Jurina sa house as it felt like an hour going there which was actually 15 min.

“Thanks for the ride” She said as she bowed at me “I’ll text you tomorrow if any changes happen”

“Ok, well… see you later”

“Bai, Ren kun” She replied with me with a smile as she headed into her house.

Thump, thump

What this feeling, it feels kinda warm. I shock off the sudden feeling as
I headed home. As I was peddling my way to my house I noticed 3 familiar figures in front of me. It was Churi, Airi and Mayuyu chan. I shouted at them as they turned around and waved at me.

“What are you doing at this hour?” I asked as I stopped my bike in front of them.

“We were going to Mayuyu chan house want to come” Airi chan said as she held Churi hand.

“Ummm, sure I’ll text my dad that I’ll be friends house”

I texted my dad about going to Mayuyu chan house and my dad replied with a yes. We all walked to Mayuyu chan house which was 10 blocks away from my house. We entered her house, which her parents wasn’t home until tomorrow for a business trip. As we headed into Mayuyu chan room which was pretty big and had lots of anime poster hanging on her wall and anime figures on her study desk. We all sat down around her small table as we set you bags beside her bed.

“OK since it our first time Ren kun were having a sort of drinking contest” Mayuyu chan said as she held a bottle of alcohol in her hands “Don’t worry it not really acholol just 25% alcohol and the 75% tasted like milk”

“So the game starts off telling each other a series of questions” Airi chan said as she looked around the table “Every time you have been in that situation you drink a shot of this, and if you don’t you don’t drink it”

“No cheating either” Mayuyu chan said “Or else you're going to be slap by Churi chan and she pretty strong”

I looked beside as Churi had her arm towards me, as we laughed. The games started as Mayuyu chan asked the first question to us as we had a shot in front of us.

“Have you ever seen someone having sex?” Mayuyu chan ask as she directed her attention to Airi chan which she sigh and drank from her shot as she poured a new one.

“Airi!!” Churi yelled as she slapped Airi chan on the shoulder

“Ouch that hurts” Airi said as she rubbed her arm “It was when I was at a convention I went into the stall and accidental saw them “doing it”

Mayuyu chan laughed as Churi chan faced turned red as Airi chan blushed.

“Ok my turn since I drank, have you ever french someone?”

This time we all drank as me and Churi chan turned bright red. Airi chan was laughing a bit as Churi slapped her shoulder again. Well I think Airi chan french kisses Churi haha.

“Aww Ren kun who was this special someone?” Mayuyu chan asked as she rubbed her chin

“Hahah it was with a gu-girl one year older than me” I said as I dodged the “guy” word “We were at a park at night and we sort of started kissing and then it happened”

The tro looked at each other as they smiled towards me. We continued playing the game and the question got more intense and we all started to become sort of drunk. I felt as if I didn’t know what I was doing.

“Hahah….*hick*” Airi chan said as she started kissing Churi all over while Churi chan was pushing her away and Mayuyu chan looked like she was about to puke

“O-ok… last round….” Mayuyu chan said as she held her shot up “Lets strips our clothes…. hahah joki-”

Then all of a sudden I stood up as the three looked at me and I started to strip revealing my clothing underneath. I was totally drunk even it was 15% the three of them started at me as I quickly took out my clothes and my wig and revealing that I was girl. They started at me and I quickly started to see what i’ve done as I grab all my clothes and the wig in my hand.

“Y-your Rena Matsui!!!” Churi said as she stood up “OMG I WAS FRIENDS WITH RENA MATSUI!”

Oh no what have I done…..
Thanks for everyone who read this till now thanks also for your kind comments!!!  :heart: :heart: :heart: :luvluv1: :luvluv1:
I'll be wirting and updating Chapter 4 soonnn :Onionwoohoo:
I might be wiriting a one shot fanfic also  :cow: :cow: :cow:
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Wmatsui fanfic
Fight or Flight?:

Fatal Attraction:

Oneshot here!

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight?
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Aw~ Rena you're falling in love with Jurina!  :wub:
Eh! Rena already French kissed someone!
Lol poor Airin no matter what question she says/ answers she gets hit by Churi XD
Haha! Rena got too drunk and revealed her true identity  :lol:
Will Churi, Mayu, and Airin treat Rena differently or will they choose to keep her secret and help Rena with Jurina? :?
Ah~ that dream Rena had was so sweet and cute! :inlove: It's clear enough that Rena is developing feelings for Jurina :heart:
Mou~ couldn't have Rena's dad waited a couple more minutes!  Wmatsui was just about to kiss :angry:
Awesome chapter!
Update soon~
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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight?
« Reply #16 on: May 22, 2014, 11:24:48 AM »
Heeeee.... She stripped her clothes XD
And also starting to love Jurina <3
So this is more interesting, please change the title and tell the chapter, I've lost 2 chapter (╥﹏╥)
Waiting for the next chapter (∩_∩) 

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 4 UPDATED
« Reply #17 on: July 17, 2014, 02:15:27 AM »
Sorry for the long wait :gyaaah: :frustrated:
I had summer school to do and was to busy to finish Chapter four!  :bow: :bow:
I'll try to do chapter 5!!!!  :panic: :panic: :panic:
anyways enjoy! :hee: :hee:

Chapter 4: The Beach part 1
“I knew it, you look too good to be a guy” Mayuyu chan said as she stood up holding onto my shoulders “So tell Rena san, the so called daughter of the most successful music company, why are disguised as a guy at our school?”
I could see Airi chan with a shocked expression as Churi chan was constantly fangirling and shaking Airi chan. Mayuyu chan slowly sigh deeply as she sat me down on her bed getting my clothing on the floor. She handed it to me as I quickly changed. I sat down on the bed facing the trio in front of me.
“Why didn’t you tell us” Mayuyu chan said in a concerned tone
“Well long story short I wanted to live a normal high-school life and the only opinion to do that was to dress as a guy and not have stalkers everywhere I go " I said with a sad expression

"Just for once I wanted to be free from all the fame... just for once"
“Aaaaaa” They said at once.
“Don’t worry we won’t give you out” Mayuyu chan said as she stood up and patted my head as she sat beside me.
“Yahh me and Churi here will keep your secret, right Churi?”
I saw Airi chan looking at Churi chan as we watched her phone out ready to take a picture of me. She suddenly noticed our intensive gazing on her as she slowly lower her phone down.
“Hahah of course, hahah….”
“Well I still can’t believe Rena san in my house” Mayuyu stated.
“It like a dream comes true, like something from a Korean drama or anime like Ouran High school Host Club” As Churi said that we laughed together as Churi slightly blush from the sudden outburst.
“Well Rena or Ren it’s a pleasure to be friends with you please call us by our first names then being formal” Mayuyu said with a smile.
The night soon ended as I biked my way home from Mayuyu house. Before I left I told my father the situation on phone about Churi, Airi and Mayuyu knowing. He sighed, but told me that it was ok for them to now. We were all happy especially Churi as she held onto my arm which I saw Airi dark gaze on me *shiver*.
I sat on my bed with my laptop roaming around the Internet till my ringtone of my phone started to play.
I slowly, comfortably sat on my bed as I quickly open my phone revealing a text message from Jurina chan.
Dear Ren,
Sorry about the late text at night, you should be sleeping right now hahahaha, but I wanted to know if it’s ok with you to do the project next week before spring break arrives?  :D :D
also wanted to ask if we can hang out with each other, I told my friends a lot about you hahaha  :peace: :peace:
If not that’s ok maybe next time XD
And call me Jurina without the chan since were closer than before

I quickly replied back as I closed my laptop as my head landed on the soft, fluffy pillow.
Dear Jurina,
Ok Jurina it is!  :thumbup
I’m actually not sleepy at the moment Hahaha, it too early for me  :O
I'm fine with working on the project before spring break arrives :)
We should totally hang out sometimes at lunch and afterschool!  :peace: :peace:
From Ren

We talked throughout the night as I fell asleep with my phone in my hand as sweet dreams of me and Jurina arises as my deep slumbers devoured my mind.
A week later.
After the text message, me and Jurina started to hanged out more often at school and outside of school. I meet her friends Yuko, Haruna, Minami and Maeda while they meet Mayuyu, Airi and Churi.
Now introducing Jurina friends‼‼
First up is Kojiyuu which consist of Yuko and Haruna. Their 1 year older than us and 1 grade higher. Well first off Yuko is the captain of the basketball team and a totally pervert when it comes to Haruna. Touching her boobs and butt whenever she gets the chance. Yuko and Mayuyu somehow clicked as they formed an unofficial group called Oshiri Sister, well this so called Oshiri Sisters is a fan club for butts *facepalm*. Never wondered when I would see Mayuyu be perverted and crazy as she is with Yuko. Then their Haruna ….. the somewhat air head type. She doesn't seem to be smart and would always respond with lame, weird and totally off topic answers.... but overall they are  totally unusually couple, but they're cute together.

On the other hand Atsumina couple consisting of Minami and Maeda. The're also a year older than us and in the same class as Yuko and Haruna. Well firstly Minami is the current leader for student council with Maeda as vice president. Minami is pretty short being a year older than us and at times when were at the mall, people mistake her as a middle schooler *laughs*. She and Yuko are usually called W midgets because of how their short and dorky they are *laughs agains* She also very bad at jokes like VERY BAD! I can’t even express how silent it is after Minami ends her joke you can't even hear a single sound when her jokes ends like literally...


“Omg you guys I have a funny joke, and i'm serious i’ll make you cry from laughter” Minami said as she ran up to me and Jurina walking along the hallway on our way to the cafeteria.

“Sure go ahead”

“Ren!” Jurina whispered as she punched my arm “You don’t know what you getting into remember the talk we had about Minmai somewhat LAME, FAILING jokes”

“What’s so wrong with hearing her lame jokes” I said out loud as I caught the attention of Minami.

“What? lame?” Minami said with a puzzled look.

“Nothing” me and Jurina said in unity.

“Ok then well here the joke” Minami said as we watched her clearing her throat “Ok what did the Buffalo say to his son after he dropped him off at school?”

“What?” We said in unity

“BISON!!! HAHAHAHAHA GET IT BYE SON BUT ITS BISON HAHAHA” Minimi said as she started laughing uncontrollably.

During that day the hallway fell silent as you can only hear 2 thing,  Minami laugh and the sound of the wind coming from the windows, and on that day I swore that I would at least smile at Minmai lame joke, at least i'll try to...

End of flashback

Well on to Meada, she a total teaser to Minami and acts like the master talking to her slave. I once saw Maeda and Minami together and she used her as a personal slave to get her things..... Poor Takahashi.... Well anyways Meada is pretty protective about Minami and always pout when Minami gets 1 or 2 guys or girls starts flirting with her.

The days passed by and me and Jurina soon became super tight. We were always together walking home and talking after school. During our after school activity practice Jurina would always wait for me when she would finish early from track or either watch me when she had free time.

A week before spring break

"RENA!" A voiced called from downstairs "You're going to be late going to Jurina house"

I quickly ran downstairs as I did the finishing touched on my wig clothing grabbing my bag as I exited my room.

"Sorry daddy" I said as I kissed this forehead "I better go its already 10:00"

"Be good ok" Daddy said as he bear hugged me "Now go out there and get that girls heart hahaha"

"DAD! I'M A GIRL REMEMBER!" I yelled as a small blushed appeared when she said those words.

"I'm joking sweetheart hahaha, now hurry along you don't want to make the princesses waiting"

"Yah, yah I know"

I quickly wave as I closed the door and hopped on my bike as I rode along to Jurina house.

10 minutes later.

I soon arrived at Jurina house as she greeted me inside. Her family was currently out and she was home alone for the day. We quickly sat down as she got drinks and snacks for us. She sat next me as we opened our laptops and started working. We work for about 1 hour in silence as I heard a small noise beside me.
"This is so hard!!" Jurina said as she scratched her head.
I watched her pout and scratch her head at the screen in front of her. I chuckled a bit at her childish attitude.
"Mou….Ren stop laughing at me"
"Sorry Jurina you just to cute when you're frustrated"
The moment I said that Jurina eyes were widen and a slight blush appeared.
"Im not that cute.."
"Jurina is the most prettiest girl compared to all the fangirls I get"
'Woah Ren what are you saying, aaa i'm getting embarrassed saying this in front of her especially being ALONE with her'
I could see her trying to hiding her blush as she continued working. The room became silent once again as we typed away.
"Ummm? What is it?"
Jurina perspective
"Ummm? What is it?"
I could see his eyes fixed onto the screen as he waited for my reply.
Ever since that incident with me bumping head and him finding me in the back alley, we became closer and closer with each other. I would always get this feeling inside when Ren near me and I start to get all nervous. Well Ren a handsome looking guy, a girl can easily fall for him. I dont know this feeling, inside of me. Maybe its a feeling of him being like a sort of brother....ummm yeah like a brother that I never had!
"Jurina are you ok?" Ren said as she waved his hand in front of my face getting my attention.
"Yah, hahaha….." I snapped out of my own world as Ren called my name, "I was just wondering if you wanted to go to the beach with us next week since it summer break, we asked Mayuyu and Airi and Churi to come also and they said they wanted to."
I could see his face light up with a warm smile
"Sure, I would love to"
Rena perspective
"Yahh its settled, let finish this so we don't have homework when were at the beach" Jurina said with her signatures cat smile.

Aaa shot now what am I going to do? Im a girl for heaven sakes I don't have a man chest!!! well i'll just wear thoughts surfer guy clothing yahh that a good idea good job Rena.
A week later
We soon finished the 30% project in 4 days. And the week of break came as we headed to Meada so called vacation house just outside of Nagoya city the view was amazing as the air of the sea blew into the car as we drove beside the scenery of the beach. We soon landed at an area beside the beach as we all got off of the car getting our luggage out.
"Woah Meada I never knew you lived here?" Yuko said looking up at the house in front of her.
"Woah Meada you're so rich!" Airi said as she stood by Yuko in awe.
"Yuko, Airi stop drooling like that!" Haruna said as she slapped Yuko and Airi. on the head.
"Sorry, sorry" the both said bowing in front of Haruna.
"Meada, you're really a rich family!" Minami said as she looked up at the house in awe.
"Well this is actually my grandma and grandpa vacation house" Maeda said with a slight blush.
"Well what are we waiting for lets go inside shall we!!" Churi said as they ran towards the house as the others followed along.
At the distance I could see Maeda thanking her personal driver as he soon drove away. Maeda soon ran towards us as we watch the others enter the house.
"Meada you can host a party here!" Jurina said as she clapped her hand together
"Well i’m to lazy to host one and too lazy to clean up" Maeda said with a small laugh.
"Well why don't we go inside I bet Yuko and Airi are going to break something soon.."
We went inside the house as Meada showed us our room and the inside of the house. Yuko and Airi were laughing and playing games as their respected partners followed along as Meada, Takahashi and Mayuyu help unpack everyone luggage into their assigned rooms.
"Ren" A small voice said beside me said as we sat in the living room.
"Umm what is it?"
"I wanted to look around the beach if you don't mind" Jurina said in a shy tone looking at her feet as she asked me.
"Sure why not?"
I could see Jurina invisible ears pop as she stood up grabbed my hand as we headed towards the beach. We ran towards the shore line and Jurina let go of my hand running towards the water as she splashed her feet around.
"Ren come here the waters great!" She said with a smile as she ran towards me again and held onto my hand as we headed to the water.

I followed along as Jurina as we walked hand in hand along the beach, the suns ray of light offered a orangey glow to the beach.
Thump thump
I could feel my heart about to explode from the sudden touch. I could see Jurina fine features, her white flowered shirt and her white shorts revealing her white smooth skin underneath....
Ren snap out of this your a girl remember you like guys GUYS I SAY!!
I snapped out of my thought as I watched Jurina in front of me stop and turned to face me.
We both turned our heads as I saw Yuko laughing in slow motion as she pushed us as we fell face first into the water.
I noticed the sound of familiar voice as I got up helping Jurina as Yuko in the distance started backing up from Haruna as she sprinted into the other direction.

“YUKO, JUST WAIT TILL WE'RE ALONE TOGETHER YOU DIED!” Haruna yelled as she ran after Yuko.

“Caught me if you can sweetheart hahah!” Yuko shouted as they ran into the distance.
"Yoo Jurina, Ren are you ok?" Mayuyu said as she ran towards us.
"Yahh were fine" We replied as we chuckled a bit.
"Gezz Oshiri always attacking people butts even mine" Mayuyu laughing
I looked at Jurina as we both laughed along. The night soon fell as ate and took a bath, preparing to go to sleep. Kojiyuu sleep in a room as the couple Atsumina slept in a other and the trois sleep together. Me and Jurina got a room together with two separate beds beside each other. We both took turns taking a shower as we got ready for bed.
"Today was fun wasn't it?"
"Yahh it was Yuko, and Airi are really into being here all hyper" Jurina replied with a small laugh escaped her mouth.
At that moment Jurina smile made my heart beat a little bit faster than usually.
"Yahh it was well it getting dark and we have a week to play around before we go home and school starts again" Jurina said was she settled down on the bed turning her face to me.
"Yahh well goodnight" I replied as I turned off the light beside
"Nighty night Ren~"

The next Morning

"Woahhhh!" Yuko said as she raced to the water with Airi behind him.
"Yuko let play tag" Airi said as she pushed Yuko as she fell face first.

"AIRI PREPARE FOR DEATH HAHAHA" Yuko yelled as she ran following Airi trying to push her into the water.
"Mou Yuko, stop acting like a child" Haruna said as she started catching up to Yuko.
"Airi aaa gezz" churi said as she followed Haruna behind.
I could see in the distance the 2 couple playing in the water as me and the others sat in the shade not to far from the water.
"Umm Minami"
"Lets go walk around a bit" Maeda said in a seductive voice.
"But i'm tired" Minami said as she laid down on the beach towel with her eyes closes.
"Mou Minmai!!" Maeda soon stood up and pinched Minami face as hard as she could as she dragged her along.
"M-maeda a-aa it hurts s-top p-p-pinching ME!!" Minami yelled in the distance as the couple was no where to be seen.
"Woah," Mayuyu said as she laid down on the beach towel " I feel bad for Minami being dragged around like a rag doll and a slave"
"Yahh..." me and Jurina said as we watched the other couples in the water playing around.
"Yosh, I want to have some fun too!" Jurina shouted as she stood up "Want to join me Mayuyu, Ren?
"Umm I'm ok," Mayuyu said as she closed her eyes "Maybe later"
"Yahh same i'm a bit tired i'll join later"
"Mou ok, just join when you want to ok"
Just like that I watched Jurina run towards the couples as she pulled her baggy shirt aways revealing her blue 2 piece swimwear underneath revealing her toned body and smooth skin underneath. Woah to be honest Jurina is really hot, even to a girl she really H-O-T.

Soon a voice woke me up from my image of Jurina body.
"Yoo, Ren"
"I'm hungry for ice cream care to join me, i'll pay for you" Mayuyu said as she stood up in front of me with her puppy eyes on me.
"Sure I love to and thanks Mayuyu"
We both got up as we walked to a near by ice cream stand. They was currently a lot of people at the beach at the other end of the beach as we ordered our ice cream.
"2 choclate ice cream please"
As Mayuyu order I noticed a familiar figure caught my eye.
'Umm she look familiar, is she… she can't be she currently in USA, she should have texted me if she were here.'
"Ren here your ice cream~" Mayuyu said as she held my ice cream as she licked her cone happily.
We walked back to the other area of the beach as we ate our ice cream and later played along in the water with the others. The time flew by fast as we got ready to eat outside at the bonfire.
Everyone got s'mores and marshmallows as we told scary stories to each other as we all held on to each other for dear life. As Mayuyu started to tell her story as I watched Airi death gripping Churi arm as Haruna and Yuko slept peaceful and Maeda and Minami holding onto each other. Then Jurina suddenly laid her head on my shoulder as we listened to Mayuyu story.

Some else perspective

"Rena, I never knew you were into crossdressing" the figure said hiding behind the large rocks.
“You gain more friends Rena you were so shy when we were kids, just wait Rena i'll make you mine, I won't let that Jurina girl get in the way of our relationship!" The figure said as it clucked its fist together
As the figure watched from afar as Jurina laid her head on Rena shoulder as Rena face turned bright red from the sudden touch of the girl.
"That Jurina girl rrrr, no one get Rena heart like that, but me and ONLY ME" the figure said as it slowly slipped away into the darkness.
Wmatsui fanfic
Fight or Flight?:

Fatal Attraction:

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 4 UPDATED
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Oh~ Wmatsui getting closer and closer to each other ~ :mon XD:
Rena has such nice friends, willing to keep her secret :hee:
We were all happy especially Churi as she held onto my arm which I saw Airi dark gaze on me *shiver*.
Haha~ Poor Rena :mon lol:, but its cute how Airin got jealous :on lol:
Yay! Atsumina! KojiYuu! :onioncheer: Their here too !  :mon squee:
I followed along as Jurina as we walked hand in hand along the beach, the suns ray of light offered a orangey glow to the beach.
Ah~ Just imaging this scene  :mon fu: :nya:
Airin and Yuko are so hyper :wahaha:
"Mou Minami!!" Maeda soon stood up and pinched Minami face as hard as she could as she dragged her along.
"M-maeda a-aa it hurts s-top p-p-pinching ME!!" Minami yelled in the distance as the couple was no where to be seen.
Ouch! That must really hurt  :mon ouch:. Poor Takamina ~ :mon exhaust:
"That Jurina girl rrrr, no one get Rena heart like that, but me and ONLY ME" the figure said as it slowly slipped away into the darkness.
Why do I get such a feeling that this mysterious person is Yukirin? :mon huh:
Thanks for chapter 4 ~ :k-great:
I can't wait for the next ~ :k-thrilled:

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 4 UPDATED
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That mysterious person sounded like black... Yukirin?! Could it be? Or wait... Who? Did I miss anything ._.

Update soon >_<

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