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Author Topic: (Short Storys) UPDATED:Love Triangle (10/07/2015)  (Read 13279 times)

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(Short Storys) UPDATED:Love Triangle (10/07/2015)
« on: June 01, 2014, 03:46:19 AM »
I Love You....

My first one shot fanfic, it based one the song by Big Bang HaruHaru which it Awesome I recommended you listen to it and watch it. Hope you like it!! I’ll be working on Wmatsui Fight or Flight sorry for the wait >.< I had exams and didn’t have the time to finish chapter 4, I’ll update soon!!!

I remember the day so clearly, it the day we spend time together as we were getting home from a movie. The rain started to pour down on us. We ran outside a small convenient store outside waiting for the rain to light up.

"Ummm, Jurina lets go play outside!!"

"It's raining hard though well get, sick lets just wait for the rain to stop or lighten up "

"Aw come on lets go!! I want to play outside!" She said with a pout as she pulled me closer to her holding on to my arm "I want to spend more time with you"

"Umm, maybe well alright just for a bit then lets go home"

"Yahh!" She grabbed my hand as we ran outside out of the protection of the store. Running further into an empty meadow just behind convention store .

"Jezz, Rena haha your so full of energy "

"Come on haha let play tag" She said as she poked me on the cheek "You're it"

You started running away from me as I played along trying to catch you, it been so long since we played like this. The way you laugh and smiled at me.

"You can't run away from me for too long"

"Will see, haha come and get me"

As I caught up to you I grab your hand as you suddenly tripped as you fell on top of me.

"Rena are you ok-"

As I looked up I noticed how close you face was to mine. your lips were so red, so soft looking, your pale face and your strands of hair flying all over your face. Your clothes wet from the rain outlining your curves from your body.

"Jurina what wro-?"

Your eyes started to widen as I touched your hair in a gentle manner. I pulled the messy strands of hair away from your angelic face, as I traced my fingers along your jawline and your cheeks. I could feel you shiver from my touch as my cold hands touch the warm the surface of your smooth face.


I pulled your hair behind your ear as we started to sit up. I pulled you closer to me feeling your face close to mine, our nose almost touching. You trembled in my arms as the rain keep pouring on us gently. Our wet clothes clinging to our skin showing our outline of our bodys. Our hands intertwined together as we stared into each other eyes.

"I love you"

Those three word escape my mouth as we slowly started getting closer to each other as our lips finally collide. Your lips tasted so sweet, like a sweet addiction, it made me want more of you, to taste every inch of you. Our kiss started to get hotter as I gently bite your lower lip as you gasp in shock as my tongue invaded the entrance of your mouth as you let small moan escape your mouth.

We kissed so passionately under the cloudy grey sky as we parted as I grab your hand as we ran to my apartment. We went home to my apartment as our collide lips again. I guided you to the bed as our lips stayed in contact with each other. I gently laid you on the bed as I hovered on top of you. You wrapped my arms around my neck bring me close. I slowly removed your clothes as I kissed your neck. You shivers as I made contact with your soft milky skin. That night we made love, we slept in each others arm.

I remember that day so clearly like it was just yesterday. That was the final day we spent time together...


Roughly 2 weeks later….

"Jurina are you ok?"

"Umm, yeah Churi haha i’m fine"

We were walking into a small back alley which was a short cut going to the  movie theater. We were planning to meeting Yuko and Haruna later as they were on a so called date. I noticed Churi suddenly stopping in front of me.

"Jurina isn't that?"

"What is I-"

I noticed you with someone, a girl that was so called Airi. You and her were dating for about roughly 1 weeks after we broke up. I watched as Airi chatted with you. You looked sad with your face looking down at the ground. Then I noticed you giving a ring back at Airi hand, she looked at you with a sad expression as you looked back at her smiling weakly as you walked away from Airi.

“Airi what did you do to make Rena said,” I thought as I started walking towards Airi. My hand forming a fist getting ready to punch Airi from angry of seeing your sad expression on your face.

"Jurina let g-"

I didn’t listen to Churi as I walked up to Airi as you walked away from Airi disappearing from my sight. I grabbed Airi shirt, she was shocked from my actions as she slowly realized who it was.

"What the heck did you do to make Rena sad!"

"Tsk, I did nothing also it none of your concern!"


I punch Airi face as she fell to the ground, Churi ran up to me holding me down as I struggled in Churi arms wanting to punch Airi more. She pissed me off so much making Rena cry that little bitch, I soon pushed Churi away off as she fell on the ground.

"Jurina stop!"

I could hear Yuko and Haruna voices as the ran to us. As they ran up helping Chrui up. I saw Airi pulling my shirt up her face so close to mine as she yelled at me.

"Jurina, Reno nev-"


I  yelled at Airi before she finish her sentence and punched her square on the face as she punched me in the stomach. Yuko, Haruna and Churi tried breaking us up. Airi soon got an opening as she punched me square in the face. I fell back a bit as I touch the blood trailing down my lip as Yuko and Haruna held Airi as Churi held me. I pushed Churi off as I ran away in a different direction as I hear Churi calling my name.


I could hear Churi yelling at me, but I didn't respond, I just keep running.


"Jurina haha what are you doing"

"What do you think i’m doing?"

I watched as you chuckled a bit. As we walked along the sidelines of the lake as I took pictures of you every once in a while. I watched you as you suddenly stopped in front of me turning around and lower the camera from my face.

"Ummmmm, Jurina haha let take a picture together"

You suddenly pulled my arm as we ran to a near by bench. We sat down as you took the camera from my hands.

"Come on let take a picture"

"haha ok"

"Haha chesssseee!"


A small polaroid film came out revealing a cute raven long haired girl and a girl with shorter hair making peace signs as they smiled widely in the picture.

"We look cute hehehe, let take more together and we should put a collage of picture of the time we spent together,"

"Yahh we should,"


I ran all the way home unlocking the front door as I walked inside locking the door behind me as I ran upstairs to my room. I pulled the door up as I ran up to my table smashing my books, pencil everywhere messing my bed and pushing tools and book stand to the the ground not caring how messy my room was. I was breaking everything I saw in my sight. I torn the collage of pictures of me and you that were posted on my wall where my studying desk was. I slowly started to stop tearing the pictures to pieces as I looked up at the ceiling, I slowly looked down at the mess I made. I noticed a small picture on the floor, I slowly walked to it as I picked it up. I noticed a crumbled polaroid photo showing 2 girls smiling. Memories can to me as it remind me of our first date when we were dating.


I cried as I kneet on my knees wiping the tears from my eyes.


"Jurina lets break up"

I looked up at her as we sat looking at the stars in the starry night sky. You asked me to come and meet you in the field near the the convenience store.

"W-what why, did I do something?"

"No, I just want to break up"

I watched you stand up as you brushed the grass away from you dress. looking up to the starry night sky as you closed your eyes and slowly started to face me.

"Rena please let me make it up to you, I don't know what I did, but please lets stay together will fix whatever I did, we can fix it toge-"

"WE CAN'T FIX IT JURINA!" You yelled at me.

I could see your eyes looking straight into mine. I saw the pain showing in your eyes, sadness, anger. I never seen you like this, your eyes spoke of sorrow and your lips trembled as you spoke to me.


"I-im sorry, I have to go"

I watched you running away from me as I stood there watching you disappear from my sight. I sat down again as I looked up to the sky, a the tears started fall down from my face.


3 days later…...

"Jurina why are we doing this" Yuko said as she looked at the rear view mirror as she looks at herself. “Jezz Jurina, just leave them alone,”

"I can see them in the corner" Haruna said as she pointed in the direction of where Airi and you were.

"Jurina lets leave, please let this go"

I looked up to Chrui last comment as I saw Airi and Rena in the car together. My blood boiled as I watched Airi putting her hand around your arm. She looked at you making you laugh a bit showing her smile. That smile I wished she showed me again.

"That little bitch"

I opened my door as I started to walk to Airi car. Airi noticed me as she brought you closer to you as you stared at the ground and everywhere else not looking straight at me. I started calling you, but you didn’t even look as me as I called your name over and over again. I wanted you to look at me, didn’t you still care about me? please just look at me just for one second, please...

"Jurina lets just go" Churi said as she pulled me back.

We drove back to my house as I ran upstairs as Churi, Yuko and Haruna came in after me, but soon slowed down as I ran to my room again smashing my things again. The pain my my heart ached and angry grew. Why didn't she tell me the reason she left me for a bitch like her. I felt tears falling from my face as I punch the mirror in front of me. My hand drew blood from the impact. And for some reason it didn't hurt.


Churi and Yuko are watching Jurina crying as she punched the mirror as it smashed into a million pieces as Haruna hanged out downstairs not wanting to see Jurina state. They watch Jurina looking at her bloody hand as she started crying again as she held her bloody hand to her chest


"No its not time to tell her, we promise Rena…."

"But, Yuko,"

"Give her time Churi, Rena will tell her… she has to sooner or later…."


1 day later…..

I was walking down the street as the sky started to get dark as the orange silouate stained the sky. I held my bandaged hand on my chest as I walked.

I watched people pass by me as I bumped to other people as I walked the opposite direction the crowd was going. The sky remind me about you… the time we spend our dates outside looking out into the orange sky as it slowly turned to the starry night.



"What is it" I replied as I turned my head towards you.

"I love you"

You looked at me with your angelic smile, as you looked back up at the sky.

"Im happy to be with you"


I noticed you gave me a quick kiss on the lips as she blushed looking away.

"Promise that you'll never stop loving me" you said in a serious tone "Whatever happens promise me"



I still keep that promise and you're the one that broke my heart.

I keep walking as I walked in a more isolated area. My mind thought only of you.

Ring Ring


"Jurina, were at the hospital, Rena… she goi-"

I dropped my hand from my ear as I hurried my way running as fast as I could to the hospital. I didn't care about anyone as I bumped into people, falling once in a while as I quickly picked myself as I run quickly to the hospital. Rena, hold on….. I’m coming….. I’m coming


Hour before…...

"Haha, I have another story about Haruna me and he-”

"Yuko stop you perv, Airi here" Haruna said as she pushed Yuko off the bed as Airi, and Rena were laughing.

"Haha you guys such a lovely couple"

"Haha" a small voice escape Rena mouth as she laughed along, she sat in the hospital bed as the other sat around her.

Churi was watching from afar as she watched Rena, Airi, Yuko and Haruna laughing together.


Present time in the hospital…….

Churi put her hand down as she looked out the window as she watched the sky turning darker as the sky turned to different colors and the sun slowly descended down from the sky.

"Is Jurina coming" A voice came as Churi turned around to the voice behind her.

"Yah she is Airi…. i’m sorry… it’s just that Rena, she…. I just had to tell her before it too late"

"I know churi……. I know"

Churi started crying as Airi held her in her arm comforting her as she looked out the window.

“Jurina, please hurry she doesn’t have much time…”


I rushed my way to the hospital running around the hospital finding any signs of Rena.

Rena where are you, please be ok…...please be ok…..

I rushed my way through a narrow hallway as I noticed Airi leaning against a wall as she held something in her hand. She looked at my direction as she stood up straight, walking towards me. I rushed my way through her as suddenly grab my arm. I pulled away, but she held onto my wrist harder as she stood in front of me.


"Get out of the way"

I pushed her as I walked away from her. But she pulled my hand opening my palm as she placed something in my hand. I felt confused from her action. I looked down noticing a ring placed on my palm as my eyes widen, I wore the same ring on my finger, the same ring that you placed in Airi hand few days before.


"Rena I have a gift for you"

"Really what is it?"

I pulled something out of my pocket revealing 2 rings that were imparted With our first insitiona of our name J&R.


I took the ring placing it on Rena finger as she placed my ring on my finger. She stared at the rings on our fingers. She looked down at our intertwined hands as she slowly looked up at me smiling widely at me.

"Jurina I can't explain how happy I am" You said as tears started to fall from her eyes.

I noticed you eyes filled with sorrow, sadness. I never seen you like this as you stared at the ground. I held my hand under your chin as I pulled her face to look at me as I wiped the tears and pulled her hair behind your ear.

"Rena I love you, more than anything"

You looked at me as you smiled a little at me.

"I love you too"


"Why do you have this" I asked as I looked at Airi with a angry, confused tone in my voice.

"Rena gave it to me"

I looked at her confused as she sighed and started to talk again.

"Rena loves you Jurina, more than anything…. she never left you because she liked someone else it was more than that"

"What is it then"

"She going to die Jurina, she had a heart problem. She told me about it when you guys were dating and told Churi, Yuko and Haruna also. The day she broke up with you we all went to the hospital together doing her regular check ups. The doctor came to us telling Rena that she had only about 3 weeks to live. She cried, she wanted to tell you, but she was scared you would leave her if she told you and forget about her also….. she broke up with you that day she was told she had 3 weeks to live. She told me to be her temporary Girlfriend and I agreed. That week she gave me the rings was the last week she was going to live and told me to give it to you when she was going to die.

I was shocked about what I heard about your heart being so weak that you were going to die…. This can't be happening…. You can’t leave me…. please don’t let it be real.

"She currently in the emergency room, she wanted to last longer for you to see her…..but she weak Jurina, she wanted me to say something to you today just in case she wouldn’t make it…. she told me to tell you that she loves you…."

Airi walked away from me as she loosened her grip from my hand as i saw tears running down her face, I stood there shocked. I looked at the ring on my hand and the ring in my palm as I grip onto it tightly. you always loved me all this time…. but why would you leave me alone in this world…. I would rather have you be with someone else than you dying….

I started to cry again holding onto the ring I gave you. I Started running down the hospital hallway as I noticed Yuko, Haruna, and Churi sitting down as they waiting in the waiting room. The sky turned dark as the source of light that was shining into the hallway was the light stands and the starry stars in the sky.


As Churi said that I started crying falling to the ground as tears fell. They rushed to calm me down as the memories of you and me flowed inside my head.

2 hour later……..

As we waited I was looking out into the starry night holding onto your ring as hours passed. Then we heard footsteps as doctor came out taking his mask off with a sad expression. No…. please don’t tell me…. please tell me she alive…. I want to tell her that I love her no matter what problem she had….. please don’t say that word…. please….

"Were sorry, but Matsui Rena is died"


I saw the doctors bring your body along a rolling bed. You. i ran to you side as Yuko stood from her seat as she looked at the ground angry as tears fell from her face as Churi and Haruna started to crying hold each other for support. I saw your face so lifeless….you lips looked so pale….. I started to cry as I held the ring on my palm.


I started crying as the hallway fell silent only the sound of crying filled the room.

1 month later…..

Me and Airi after your death became best of friends. She supported me telling me that you and her were only friends and she asked you a favour to make me jelous. Churi, Yuko and Haruna supported me also though the difficult times of your death. I still keep you ring that Airi gave me… It became something that help me through your death, and something that was precious to me.

We went to you graveyard just when the sun was about to set sending a orange glow in the sky. As we came to your grave, Churi placed flowers beside the imprints of your birth and death and your name. Yuko and Haruna placed candles side the edges of your tombstone as they lit them. As me and Airi helped also. Churi, Haruna and Yuko soon left and went inside the car leaving me and Airi alone in front of you grave.

Airi faced me as I noticed her pull out a small letter from her pocket as she handed it in front of me.

“Rena wanted me to give you this, I wanted to give it to you when you were ready”

I took the letter from her as I noticed you handwriting in the front printed in big letters “JURINA”.

“You should read it when your by yourself”

“Thanks Airi” I said as I placed the letter into my jacket pocket as we left you grave into the car as Yuko drove us all of us home.

They dropped me off at my house as I placed my things aways and headed outside again to the place we always went to spend our time and dates together. I went to the empty meadow as I sat on a grass as I leaned against a tree watching the view of the green endless grass and the sound of firefly roaming around in the night sky.

I pulled out the letter from my pocket as I carefully opened the letter. I saw your handwriting as the tears started to form in my eye as I read the letter…..

Dear Jurina,

Im sorry for everything, by the time you read this I wont be with you anymore…..
I broke up with you because I had a heart problem and I only had 1 month to live the time we started dating.

I had since I was young, but my heart been growing week every year. The doctor told me to wait for a donor to come or at least a person that was dying to give their heart to me... I waited for a donor but no one volunteered, no one came.. I only had 2 month to live that time and I cried every day..

I lose my hopes till I meet you, we were having coffee at starbucks as you bumped into me spilling coffee on me as you bought me a new shirt. At that moment we became friends as soon we started going to starbucks every day until we developed feeling as you asked me out. It was like fate, I wanted to spend the rest of our lives together and I knew God wanted us to be together.

You asked me out which made me happy and I believe I could at least spend my dying days with someone I loved. It was1 month untill my death bed.

I dreamed about us getting married, having kids.. but that would never happen.
Weeks pass by as my death bed approaches me. I started considering telling you about this, but you gave our sealed rings.

I cried, that you wanted to be with me forever, but I couldn't be with you forever…

I broke up with you so that I would be a burden and you wouldn't leave me when I told you. I wanted you to remeber me so I choose to break up with you..

I hurt you so much and Airi helped me so you would at least be jealous and remember me...
Yuko, Churi, Haruna helped also and keep this from you…

Please don’t be mad, it my fault..

I gave Airi the ring just in case I wouldn’t be able to give it you… I want you to love again with someone else. I want you to give you heart to someone you can be with forever that could never give to you. When you love someone… gave them our rings…. I want you to be happy… When you look at the ring on our lovers hand remember me… the times we shared till the moment of my death.

I love you..

I always loved you.....

Im sorry I caused so much pain to you, to hurt you, cause so much sorrow in your heart. I want to be with you but I can’t.... I’m sorry….

I love you Jurina..

I love you forever......




I looked up at you as we started into the starry night sky the the grassy meadow. As you smiled at me as you lean forward lightly kissing me on the lips as I returned the kiss back. You pulled aways are you stared into my eyes, as you smiled brightly at me.


These 3 word were still stuck in my mind forever. I could never forget the things we shared, experiences together. Even though you're not here I’ll be ok, don’t worry about me. I’ll promise you that when I love someone again, i’ll tell them about you and the ring that i’ll give them. I’ll remember the times we shared and these 3 little world that made my world go round.

"I love you"
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Wmatsui fanfic
Fight or Flight?:

Fatal Attraction:

Oneshot here!

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Re: (Wmatsui oneshot) I Love You....
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2014, 04:05:53 AM »
Such a sad OS ~ :cry:
But this was really awesome, even though Rena had to die  :D
I feel bad for Airin! :shocked She had to get punched by a jealous Jurina!  XD
Jurina suffered a lot in this OS :nervous
At least her friends were there to comfort her after Rena's death :)
Keep up the good work Author-san!!  :thumbsup
Can't wait for more! :twothumbs

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Re: (Wmatsui oneshot) I Love You....
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(˘̩̩̩⌣˘̩̩̩) Rena should have told Jurina, she wouldn't leave her.

Great story anyway. Can't wait for more (wMatsui) stories from you (´⌣`ʃƪ)

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Re: (Wmatsui oneshot) I Love You....
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Omg the story. It made me cry :'(

Wrote more story pls

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Re: (Wmatsui oneshot) I Love You....
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Re: (Wmatsui oneshot) I Love You....
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So sad!!! I cried reading this :ptam-hbk: :ptam-hbk:

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Re: (Wmatsui oneshot) I Love You....
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I cried  :cry:

And to make it worse, i was listening to a sad song while reading this  :gyaaah:

Awesome fic btw !  :thumbup

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Re: (Wmatsui oneshot) I Love You....
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woaahhhh I know this story. this story remind me of Big Bang's MV Haru-haru. ♥♥

I often imagine this storyline with another pairing in my mind. and finally, there's someone who write this storyline into AKB fic (or in this case, SKE) ^_^

good job, author-san!!

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Re: (Wmatsui oneshot) I Love You....
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so sad :farofflook:
but great story :thumbsup

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Re: (Oneshot storys) UPDATED SOME ADVICE (Wmatsui)
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I'm back with a One Shot fanfic!!!  :cow: :cow: :cow:
It's been a while since my last one shot I did that had Rena dying in the end... sorry about that... :bow: :bow:
here a more fluff story with Wmatsui as the couple!!! :cathappy: :cathappy:
It's inspire by the song by K Will- One Fine Day!!!  :cow: :cow:
Anyways Enjoy!!! :otomerika: :yossi: :otomerika: :yossi: And also happy late Halloween!!!!! :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes:
Wmatsui- Some Advice

Jurina was sitting in her room listening to the radio station, Love station. She was excited about the letter she sent that was going to be aired tonight. Jurina waited patiently pushing her glasses on her face, as she on held onto a pillow to her chest, as she sat in the floor. the radio went on as the a deep voiced bombed into the speakers. She always listened to this station after setting her eyes on her crush since… well she was in highschool, and she always followed their advice to get her crush to notice her, but it never worked.. never.

“Well the letter was have today is, Jurina age 19 in college” The voiced said as Jurina listened carefully “I’m trying to get this special someone to notice me and I’ve had a crush on them since my first year in high school.. please help me try to win this person heart i’ve tried everything!”

Jurina blushed thinking about herself writing this letter. She always wanted to get her letter on this radio station and it came true. She remembered her embarrassing years in highschool, trying to get this special someone to notice her.

A Few Years Back In Highschool

“Jurina are coming, school about to start?” Jurina friend Kanon yelled across the sidewalk “You so slow!”

In the corner of Jurina eyes she could see her crush coming toward her from the other side walk. Her heart started to beat fast as she looked back toward her friend yelling back towards her.

“Go ahead! I’ll meet you at school”

Kanon waved at Jurina as she disappeared into another direction. Jurina waited for the sign to turn green as someone stood beside her. Jurina stood still as her music was playing in her ears. She toned down the music as bit, as she slowly turned her head a bit to the side seeing the certain crush beside her. Her crush soon turned their head as Jurina quickly looked the other way trying to act normal. The sign turned green as Jurina crush quickly walked on as Jurina followed. For the rest of the day Jurina was in her day dreamland thinking about her encounter with her crush. School quickly ended as Jurina packed her stuff as she bid goodbye to her friends headed out of school grounds. Jurina pulled her music out as she listened to her playlist. As she was walking she could see her crush again from afar. She tone down her music again as she tried her best not look in her crush direction. She could see her distance from her crush and her growing closer and closer. Her heart started beating faster, then all of a sudden, her crushed waved at her. Jurina was shock of a few seconds, but with her best smile, she waved back. Jurina couldn’t resist her crush smile, those eyes that shined in the sunlight and her perfect straight hair. As they passed, her crush passed her as she continued to wave behind Jurina. Jurina soon noticed she wasn’t waving at her, but the person behind her.

“Rena!” The voiced behind Jurina said “Come on lets go out, I heard their a new cafe a few blocks from here!”

“Sure lets go!” Rena said as she walked beside her friend.

Jurina hand was still up in the air, she awkwardly put her hand down scratching her head as her blushed a deep red.

Present Time

Jurina blushed as she replayed the scene in her head as the deep voiced conuited speaking.

“I guess this person been trying many things to get this person attention!” The voiced said in a somewhat sad tone.

Jurina hugged her pillow harder as she blushed soon formed into a deep red colour as she reclaimed the memories of her failed plans of getting the girl of her dreams.

A Few Years Back In Highschool

Jurina was at the library watching Rena as she worked on her homework. Jurina was one table away from her and she had a book in her hands, trying to act like she was read. She pulled the book closer to her face as she watched Rena from afar. Jurina was to scared to approach Rena after what happened after school with the waving incident. She watched Rena as she pulled a piece of hair behind her ear. Jurina heart beat a bit harder from the site of Rena actions. She wasn’t a stalker or anything, she just… wanted to talk to her, but didn’t know how. Jurina soon grew the courage to try to get the other attention as she stood closer to Rena. With the book still in her hand, she tried getting the she attention. She tried waving at her, standing behind her, but nothing worked she even tried one or twice making noises beside her. After her failed attempts she flopped onto the a chair as she laid her head on the table. Jurina blew her hair away from her face as her laid her arms in front of her to support her head. Jurina watched Rena carefully, till Rena stood up trying to grab a book from the shelf. Jurina sooned stood up in a heartbeat as she appeared beside her crush on the bookshelf.

“Do you need help?” Jurina asked presenting her best smile to crush

“Umm yes” Rena said softly with a smile on her face “Can you get this”

Rena pointed to the book with her tiptoes. Jurina slowly started getting the book as she slightly started at Rena. She blushed a bit from seeing her crush so close to her. As she was admiring Rena, she didn’t see the books starting to fall overtop of them. As Jurina pulled the book, more books fell on top of them. Later that day, Jurina apology to Rena outside of the library.

“I’m so sorry!” Jurian said as she bowed down

“It’s ok” Rena replied as she patted Jurina on the shoulder “It was an accident”

Jurina slowly stood up from her bowing position as she eyes were glued to the floor.

“I’m Matsui Rena by the way!” Rena said warmly holding a hand towards Jurina “And yours?”

“Matsui Jurina” Jurina replied as she looked up shaking her hands with the other Matsui.

After the encounter Jurina, Jurina soon more attracted to the other Matsui. She listened to her fave radio station everyday, getting advice on romantic ways to get her crush to notice her. If she was painting on the bench outside, Jurina would sit in the other beach a few feet from her as she watched the other paint. If Rena was outside doing homework, Jurina would follow, making paper airplanes to get the other attention. But whatever she did she didn’t seem to get the other Matsui attention much.

Present Time

“Well Jurina, why not try being yourself!” The voice said “Try confronting her next week, make it a date for the two of you, impress her with your sharp skills!! You can do it!!”

Jurina made a mental note to herself as she planned the week to prepare asking Rena out. Jurina tried cooking, and well that well because she was a pretty good cook, but once in a while she would burn some stuff. Next she tried changing her glasses into contact, it felt a bit weird for her, but as she looked into the mirror she liked her new look. Jurina then looked up using a trick to make a flower appare with fire. She failed at this once of twice and almost burned the house down, but with little bit of practice she was an expert! the day was approaching. The day came as Jurina was waiting outside for Rena to appear. One by one students left as Rena came out last. Jurina came up to Rena as Rena looked at Jurina with a surprised look on her face.

“Jurina! I haven’t seen you in a while!” Rena said as she smiled at Jurina

“Yeah its been awhile!” Jurina said as she tried hiding what's behind her back hissataing a bit.

“Jurina, is their something behind you” Rena asked as she tired looking behind Jurina.

Jurina drew a long sigh as she held the stick in front of Rena, with her hand fire came up on the stick as a red rose was presented in front of Rena. Rena looked surprised and shocked as Jurina gave her the flower to her.

“Will you go to the movies to me tomorrow?” Jurina asked as she smiled at Rena

“Sure, I love to!”

At The Movie Theater

Rena and Jurina sat in the middle of the row of seat. The movie began as the two watched. There wasn’t to much people and Jurina felt nervous about her date with Rena. Once in a while she would try holding Rena hand, but chicken out. They were watching a somewhat scary movie that had jump scares. When Jurina tried holding Rena hand, there would be a scene that would make her and Rena jump from their seat and she would awkwardly pretended to eat popcorn, she soon gave up on holding Rena hand. the movie was at the end as she slowly felt someone holding her hand. She turned her head as she saw Rena paying her attention to the movie and Rena hands on hers. For some reason Jurina lend forward as Rena was looking straight at Jurina with their faces close to each other. Rena then lend into the kiss as their lips touched each other. Sparks came as the two kissed. It was a soft light kiss and their lip lingered with each other scent when they ended the kiss. When the movie was over, Rena went to Jurina house as she cooked for the two of them. Rena seemed to laugh as Jurina tried to show her cooking skills and somewhat spill here and there. Rena remember the time Jurina tried getting her attention. She always knew Jurina was trying her best to get her attention, but she wanted to play hard to get. She always loved Jurina ever since she saw Jurina in the sidewalk. When Jurina was looking at her that day, she knew that she had a somewhat strong connection to her.

A Few Back In Highschool In Rena Class

“Gezz Rena, stop playing with Jurina heart!” Churi said as the two sat for lunch in the class “You keep pretending not to see her, like she invisible!”

“I’m trying to play hard to get!” Rena smiled as she ate her melonpan “I know we like each other, i’m just you know… waiting for Jurina to make a move”

“But still….” Churi replied eating her bento box “Well you know what, I trust what your doing, but don’t go crying when Jurina stops liking you and your “Soulmate” goes liking someone else”

“Don’t worry!” Rena replied “I got this, I know Jurina, she looks at me everyday when I pass her, even when i’m alone she follows me! she likes and me and well I like her also”

Present Time

The two sat down at Jurina couch as they watched TV. Rena cuddled towards Jurina as Jurina wrapped her arms around her new lover.

“Why didnt you see me getting your attention during our high school years” Jurina wined as she kissed Rena head “I wanted you to look at me and chat with me”

Rena laughed a bit as she looked at Jurina as Jurina looked back.

“I was playing hard to get!” Rena replied with a smile on her face “I wanted you to ask me out, and I liked you also ever since you looked at me the first time in the sidewalk!”

Jurina blushed a bit thinking about the past she, tried hiding her face with her hands.

“After going through with Love Station advice to get your heart, I already did after all!!”

“Love Station?” Rena replied

“Nothing!” Jurina replied as she kissed Rena again “Just some good advice to get the girl of my dream!”
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Re: (Oneshot storys) UPDATED SOME ADVICE:Wmatsui
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Rena playing hard to get :mon lol:, luckily what Churi said didn't come true. :mon sweat:
Aw~ Wmatsui fell in love at first sight  :mon lovelaff:
Jurina following the advice from "Love Station" helped her have courage to confess to Rena :nya:
So much fluff :wriggly: Thank you~ :tama-heart:

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Re: (Oneshot storys) UPDATED SOME ADVICE:Wmatsui
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Haha.. Rena playing hard to get...  :w00t:
she sure had fun looking Jurina trying hard to get her attention :cathappy:

so sweet~ wee :deco:

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Re: (Oneshot storys) UPDATED SOME ADVICE:Wmatsui
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So glad that Jurina did not give up even Rena tried to pretend not to notice Jurina. Rena, you lucky girl!

Jurina was cute as she tried all her plans on Rena … a bit clumsy but sweet = simply adorable!
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Re: (Oneshot storys) UPDATED SOME ADVICE:Wmatsui
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Re: (Short Storys) UPDATED: Often (Wmatsui) Warning may contain Foul words!
« Reply #14 on: January 19, 2015, 03:32:28 AM »
Hey everyone! sorry for the long delay of me writing fanfics!!!!! :bow: :bow:
Well I have really hard writer block and its killing me!!! :banghead: :banghead:
Well anyways I thought of a new 2 shot fanfic with Wmatsui!!! Yahh!!!! :cow: :cow:
It has a bit of Foul language hahah!
Its a bit different from what I usually write!
WELL ANYWAY PLEASE ENJOY! :yossi: :otomerika: :yossi: :otomerika:
"What he actually broke up with you?" My best friend Yuki asked with disbelief in her eyes "He's such a bitch!"

I nodded drinking the mocha coffee I ordered as we sat outside the cafe SKE. She seemed like her wanted to punch someone at the moment when I told her about the shocking news .

"Its fine Yuki.." I said trying to calm her down "I already knew he going to break with me"

"Well because we saw him, cheating a few days go!" She yelled at me "I swear guys these day are just worthless jerks!"

I laughed at her comments. She pouted at me before playfully slapping my arm.

"Mou! Rena!" She said out loud "Why are you laughing!  This is a serious topic, you just broke up! aren't you suppose to be crying right now and you suppose to be like "Yuki I’m sad" while I reply saying "Forget about him! There are plenty of fish in the sea!"

I laughed again at her cheesy comment, she pouted again before actually slapping me on the forehead this time. I yelled in pain holding my now redden forehead. Well to be honest I cried 2 days straight when he broke with me, and I would always cry myself to sleep. I faked a smile at Yuki, remembering the unpleasant memories.

"I'm fine Yuki"

"Your not I can tell you're lying!" She yelled

"No I'm fi-"

"Matsui Rena" she said raising her voice at me "Were not friends for nothing! and drop the, I'm tough act! I know you're lying to me"

"Well ok fine I did cry for 2 days straight, but I'm fine now" I said still faking a smile at her "I'm ok now, really Yuki"

She sighed before looking back at me with a smile.

"Well, its his fault for losing such a beautiful and wonderful person in his life!" She said "Well since you're just broke up.. lets go to the club!"

"Huh?" I question "A club, really Yuki when I just broke up"

"Well yah!" She said cheerfully "Why not! When me and Mayu are fighting going to the club calms me down! Also you might take your mind off of him"

I placed my hand on my chin before stroking my invisible bread.

"Well ok" I said as we stood up leaving the bill on the table with our money as we exited the cafe "I haven't been at a club since college..."

"Thats the spirit!" Yuki said happily wrapping her arms with mine "I know a good club nearby!"

"Well ok, lets go later today" I said

3 hours later

Me and Yuki arrived at our destination club AKB. Yuki seemed excited to go as we drove there. The club seemed to be packed with people inside from college students to adults in their early 20s to 30s. We both wore dress that ended at our knees. Yuki wore a strapless red dress, her hair in a up do bun as she wore diamond earing to complete the look. I wore a black sleeves dress. My hair was curled a bit at my ends with my left side of my hair in a small braid top off with a cute black bow. When we arrived Yuki quickly ran up to the dance floor when she heard her favourite song playing leaving me now all alone at the bar. Why did she just leave me! Fricking Yuki..

"One more glass please " I said as the bartender gave me my 4 cup of alcohol

I quickly drank the liquid down in one go, before dropping my cup down. I sighed looking at my watch to see that one hour 1 passed since I came here. This club isn't helping me forget about him at all!! Aaaa Rena he been playing with you with another girl! Why do u still think about him!

"Fuck, I can't seem to forget about him" I said under my breath "Damn it, I thought this would take my mind off of him.."

I then felt someone taking a seat next to me. I looked up to see a handsome looking face staring at me before. She wore a furry white coat top off with a red dress that had a little slit on right side exposing her smooth legs, her hair done in curls as it hanged on the left side of her face. I blushed at her appearance. She smiled at me before turning her head to the bartender.

"Two glasses of beer for me and her" she said

She turned her head towards me before placing as hand on her cheek.

"Why so sad?" She asked “You're suppose to have fun, It a club for a reason”

I seemed to answer her back rather quickly with a distasteful look on my face.

"I just broke up with my bf" I said laughing "Trying to drinking my sadness down"

She chuked a bit before our drink arrived. I drank the content down again in one go once again. I could sense her eyes widen how fast I drank it.

"Wow you drink faster than me" She said smiling at me "You shouldn't drink that much, someone might use you to your advantage, if you're drunk"

I looked at her as she continued to grin back at me. I sense she was hitting on me on how she tried to flirt with me.

"Well I'm guessing you're trying to hit in me" I replied “Since I look drunk and I keep telling the truth out loud about my fucking stupid boyfriend, cheating with me with a fucking bitch..”

"Well maybe I am!~" She replied before leaning into my ear "If you want me to, I'll be my pleasure to  take full advantage of you"

I blushed at her comment as she pulled away. She laughed a bit before leaning her body closer to mine. OMG why is she so close! She smells good and she looks so sexy with her dress.. OMG what are you saying Rena! You like guys remember! I must be really drunk from all that alcohol right...

"So whats your name? " She said seductively "I'm Jurina"

"Rena" I replied back "Matsui Rena.."

"O we have the same last name!" She said cheerful "Well Rena how about coming to my place right now?"

She looked at me as she suddenly leaned her body even closer to mine, I could feel the warmth coming from her body. I blushed at how close she was till Jurina leaned into my ear  again whispering in a very seductive tone.

"I can take your mind off of that bitch if you let me" She said alluringly

1 hour later at Jurina house

I don't know why I agreed to go with Jurina to her place. Maybe I was too drunk to say no.. or Maybe I really desperately needed to take my mind off of him. Anyways after she said those words we headed out of club. She led me to her car opening the door like gentlemen as I entered. We drive in silence till we reach her house. My mouth opened a bit at her place. Her house looked like a freaking mansion! Like holy carp! This Jurina person must be really rich.

"Come on" she said as she stood in front of the door motioning me to follow her "Its getting chilly so lets go in!"

She opened the door to reveal a nice spacious room. The house on the outside looked big, but inside it was even bigger! I looked around the house in awe till Jurina pop in front of me hanging me a can of beer.

"Thanks" I said before I sat down at the kitchen
Jurina stood on the other side of the countertop watching me as I was trying not to make eye contact with her.

"So Jurina how old are you?" I asked trying to break the silences

"Umm.. 22 you?"

"What your 2 years younger than me!" I said in disbelief "I thought we were the same age!"

She chuckled at me before leaning closer to me

"Well I do look mature for my age" She said lending her body closer to me "I do have the killer looks to attract males and females"

I nodded at her comment, I could see her grinning at me walking around the counter to stand beside me.

"Umm.. well Rena I been watching you for a while now.." she said smirking at me

"Huh? watching me like a stalker?" I questioned

"Well I always pass by you and your friend when you go to the cafe..." she replied before walking towards me from "You some how got me attracted to you"

Before I could replied to her, she crashed her lips onto mine smashing me pushing me against the wall. I didn't hesitate to kiss back as we passionately kissed. We somehow walked up the stairs trying not to break our intimate kiss. As we arrived in her room, she pushed me towards her bed. She crawled up on me smirking at me with lustful eyes looking up and down my body, she licked her lips a bit at me.

 "You can just tell me.. to stop" she said before kissing my neck.

I moaned as her lips made contact with my skin. I shocked my head side to side bring her to another passionate kiss before breathless answering her back.

"I want you" I said before kissing her passionately again

Its was all a blur after I said that to her. I could only remember calling her name a lot of times as she kissed me everywhere. Our body exposed to each other as I could hear our voices filling the room.

Sometime in the morning

I woke up to having a huge headache. Fuck... this hurt like hell! I quickly looked around to see I wasn't in my apartment, but in an unknown room, I looked down to see my body fully naked.

“Fuck what did I do” I said, cursing myself

Just as I was about to stand up I hear a small moan beside me. I turned to the noise to see Jurina fully naked also asleep beside. I quickly but quietly hopped out of the bed grabbing quickly my clothes on the floor. I noticed my phone variating on the floor. I picked it up to see Yuki calling me 40 times and texting me 50 times. I quickly put my clothes on before heading downstairs. I dialed Yuki number trying to figure out what I was going to say till she answered.


"Yuki calm down i’m ok” I replied in a soft tone “Calm down”
“HOW CAN I CALM DOWN!” She yelled again “You fucking scared me Rena! I even called Mayu to help me look for you all night! good thing Mayu was there I would have called the police for you, but she told me you’ll be ok like fuck Rena!!”

I could hear her sigh imaging her rubbing her temples at my childish actions.

“Well at least I know you're ok!” She said before calming down a bit “Where are you anyways?”

“At someones house..”

“Who house?” Yuki questioned “What her name, I might know her since I always go to this club.. So who is she?”

“A girl name Jurina..” I replied back

“Jurina… WAIT... You mean Matsui Jurina!” She said a bit loudly in the phone “Rena holy shit did you do you want I think you did!”

“Yuki can we talk about this later” I replied to her as she keep ranting at me.

I suddenly hanged up on her not wanting to converse with her about this so early in the morning. I quickly went to the kitchen as I suddenly remembered Jurina was still sleeping upstairs. I decided to cook for her since I sleep in her house, plus she invited a total stranger to have sex with her. I looked inside her fridge to find someone vegetables and egg and leftover. I sighed, picking up the ingredient I needed as I planned to make Omelet for the two of us. As I cooking, I suddenly felt someone wrapped there arms around me before kissing my neck a bit. I shivered at the sudden contact, I turned my head a bit to see Jurina smiling at me. She leaned her head on my shoulder as she watched me cook. We stood there for a few minutes in silence till she interrupted the dead silence.

“Are you ok?” She asked in a concerned tone “I didn’t hurt you or anything did I”

“I’m ok..” I replied back “I’m fine..”

Jurina soon pulled me closer to her as she kissed my neck a bit more, I tried not to let a moan out as she continued to kiss me bring her hands in places that I didn’t feel comfortable with. I decided to pull away from her embrace turning my head towards her.

“You should sit down i’m almost done cooking”

She smiled at me before kissing me on the cheek turning her body away from me. I sighed letting a breath of air out of my lungs.

“I still can’t believe I had sex with a complete stranger plus a somewhat stalker.. Like what the Fuck..” I said under my breath

I finished cooking as I placed Jurina plate in front of her. She smiled at the food before placing her hands in front of her.

“Thanks for the food”

We ate in complete silence till I interrupted.

 “I think we shouldn't see each other anymore..” I said still eating my omelette “Jurina”

Just as I said that she stood up from her chair grabbing me into a passionate kiss. For some reason I kissed her back wrapping my arm around her pulling her closer to me. I pulled away breathlessly turning my head to the side so I couldn't see Jurina face at the moment. What the heck is wrong with me? Why am I kissing her?. She smirked at me before whispering to me

“Rena I can’t seem to get enough of you” She said leaning to my ear “I want more of you, Rena, and I can see you want more of me..”

After our breakfast I didn’t say another word to Jurina. After breakfast I packed my stuff before heading home. Jurina insisted me that she could drop me off, but I said that I could call my friend to do that.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to drop you off?” She asked for the 5 time as watching me put on my heels “I worried about you Rena”

“I’m fine thanks” I replied back standing in front of her “I really think we should stop seeing each other after what we did… so this is goodbye I guess"

Before I turned around to exit her house she turned me around, I could see her smirked at me as she kissed me again. I automatically wrapped my arms around her neck.. Why the heck am I doing this! Did she put some drug me? She pulled away before she whispered into my ear again.

“I know you like me Rena, you need me… you need to forget about him some how” She said breathlessly “So how about we do this sort of thing often?”
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Re: (Short Storys) UPDATED: OFTEN( Wmatsui)
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I really love it! that i dont want to see you but her body just... not omg

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Re: (Short Storys) UPDATED: OFTEN( Wmatsui)
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I'm really loving it! :3 awesome One-shot! I cann't wait for part 2. Jurina is so hot! :D good job writer~ <3

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Re: (Short Storys) UPDATED: OFTEN( Wmatsui)
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Lololol author san.

You are such amazing writer.  *hug author san*
.first you make me cry. Then heart warming ,then smut.

 I totally died.  I enjoy it thankyou so Much.

And if you not get any idea for fic, take shower, it loads ideas in our minds.

*hug tightly *

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Re: (Short Storys) UPDATED: Often (Wmatsui) Warning may contain Foul words!
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thankyou author-san!
Lololol author san.

You are such amazing writer.  *hug author san*
.first you make me cry. Then heart warming ,then smut.

 I totally died.  I enjoy it thankyou so Much.

And if you not get any idea for fic, take shower, it loads ideas in our minds.

*hug tightly *
well i don't know what comment, just....
thankyou for the stories akbfangirl24 author-san :)  :love:
Yo, i'm sastio! i like to read fanfics! :)
a silent reader :grin:

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Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Yagami Kumi, Okada Nana, Shinobu Mogi, Thalia, etc.
overall, i like all members hehe

every pairing is fine, as long as i enjoy :)

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Re: (Short Storys) UPDATED: OFTEN( Wmatsui)
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That was amazing author-san

Please continue for part 2

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