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Author Topic: She is my enemy and my hero - chapter 2 (MaYuki fanfic) 08/04/2016  (Read 5420 times)

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Mayu pov

swallowing hard, I entered the room without minding Yuki. As I sit beside her, I keep my stare at front. I don't have the courage to look at her, knowing I was the reason why we're here today. If only I been listening to her and waited for us to go home together, but no, I have to be selfish and stubborn, kissing her in the class, now no matter how much I try to go back and correct my mistake, I can't. undone what have been done. and as badly as it's sound, no matter how hard you want to, you can't change it.

All we can do is waiting them decide what to do with us, I bit my lips, trying hard to stop my tears from flowing, After this, I will never able to see Yuki again.

"Mayu-san, can you explain to us, what happened in the classroom, please?"

 The principal asked. I licked my dry lips, what should I tell them, truth or lie?. No matter what I say, they will blame her in the end, they will arrest her, there is no way to save her, so why not tell them the truth.

"I lov..."

"I kissed her by force." Yuki cut me, I snapped my head toward. her face looks calm as always, but I know deep inside she was crying.

I liked Mayu so I thought of kissing her," she continued. I  shake my head, that's a lie, Don't lie Yuki, please. I try to speak but Yuki holds my hand and squeezes them. before I can say something, the door swung open and there stood my worst enemy. but like always she isn't smirking. she walked toward us and stood behind both of us.

"I forced Yuki to kiss Mayu!!!" She said like it's was not a big deal. Yuki and I glanced each other shocked. what is the hell going on? does my enemy try to protect me? but why??

The room filled with noises."What are you talking about Matsui-san??" The principal asked absolutely shocked. well who won't be.

"Don't you hear me?I forced Miss Kashiwagi to kiss Mayu. I blackmailed Miss Kashiwagi if she won't kiss her I will continue bullying Mayu." she replied smirking. Everyone in the room gasped.

"And why would you do something like this?" Principle asked trying to understand.

"because I hate Mayu, isn't it's fun to watch your enemy in pain." Rena giggled.

"And what make you tell us the truth now??" The vice principle asked.

"Because if I didn't tell you guys the truth, Miss Kashiwagi will end up going to jail while Mayu will being suspended.I won't allow it to happen, because if it happens, I will miss my fun," she smiled again not caring about anything. is she insane?

"Besides I promise this kind of thing won't happen again, right miss Kashiwagi??" she looked toward us. "Kashiwagi-san tried to help Mayu, nothing else. and since Miss Kashiwagi kissed Mayu, I won't bully Mayu again. I apologize for giving all of you lot of trouble." She politely apologized and bowed her head as if she feel ashamed for hurting me, but deep down I know she is just acting and trying to save us for an unknown reason.

The principal heavily sighed, probably shocked by the new information. "Mayu can you wait for us outside?" The principal asked. nodding my head, I stand up and walk outside but not before glancing at Rena cold eyes that were filled with sorrow and pain.

Why do I feel like I'm the reason behind her pain? Even though she is the one who destroyed my life since I first come to this school, then why I felt like I have done something wrong, that making her hurt me like this. It feels like I have taken something important from her.

"Mayu! Are you okay? I heard what happen with you and Yuki!" My best friend, Jurina said hugging me.

"I'm fine." I replied coldly and broke the hug.

"What happen? Why are you acting like this? Did I do something wrong that hurt you??" She asked worriedly.  I shake my head. "No, you didn't."

"Mayu, don't worry, everything will be fine." Smiling she rubbed my shoulder.
"Jurina??" I called her name weakly.


"What happen between you and Rena?" I asked. I can't take this anymore, I want to know why Jurina hate her that much.

"Nothing!!" She said gazing at the floor. I hold her chin and raise her head up staring deeply into her eyes.

"Jurina, please tell me, what happened between you guys? Why you hate her that much."

"You know me Mayu, I hate everyone without reason," She  replied looking around.  Angrily I grabbed her by the collar. "Don't lie to me Jurina, I heard your conversation with Rena today at the rooftop, so don't lie to me and tell me what she meant by she is hurting me because of you? What have you done to her, that make her hurt everyone close to you." I yelled. She stared deeply into my eyes and sighed.

Jurina pov

I was living my life peacefully, ignoring and hating everyone, I don't give a damn about anyone, the human is such piece of shit. That what I always thought until the new student transfer to our school.

She was different from everyone, she melt my heart so fast, I liked everything about her. They way she talk, the way she smiles, and the way she calls my name. Everything about her were beautiful, she is perfect.

But sadly, she only sees me as a friend. Although I was quite sad but I'm happy having her as my best friend.

Everyone got jealous from our friendship, but everything changed when Rena tried to talk with me once but I ignored her, that's when she start to bully Mayu, I knew it because no one dared to hurt Mayu other than Rena, she make Mayu life like hell.

No matter how much I tried to protect her, Rena always gets in the way and hurt Mayu.

One day, I have reached to my limits and punched Rena, accidentally cause her to fall off the stair and broke one of her leg.

Well, don't blame me. If it comes to fighting, she is weak, and because of this, I got suspended for one week.But I don't care as long Mayu is safe.

After staying half months in hospital Rena come back, but something changed, she don't look evil as before nor she tried to bully Mayu anymore
But I can't trust her, she's like wild animals, who find the perfect time to attack her prey. I keep watching Rena every move, I don't want her to hurt Mayu again. Especially when Mayu and Kashiwagi-san are dating,  I knew it from the beginning, Mayu had the feeling for our history teacher and for her luck, the teacher like her too. So the two of them start dating secretly.

If you ask how I know all of this information, well, since I have to keep Mayu safe. I always stalk her, so I heard them talking, chatting and even making out in the class which is probably not a good idea, but you can't stop lovers from making love.

Today at lunch time, when I was eating my bento at the rooftop, as usual, Rena appear from who know where and sit beside me.

"Aren't you going to apologize for breaking my leg." She joked. 

"Well, in this case, you should apologize to Mayu for bullying her without any reason," I said without looking at her.

"I didn't bully her without any reason," She said in the serious voice. I glanced at her. "I did it because of you," She said giving me her deadly glare. "You are the reason why Mayu have gone through all of this. You should apologize to her not me."

I know what she meant by that word, ignoring her, I closed my bento and start walking to the door.

I didn't have the choice, I can't be friend with the killer, I can't fall in love with the murderer, I still remember that scene clearly, like it just happens. I still remember Rena evil face and my hand that were covered in the blood of her mother.

How can she live after that and act like it never happened? She is the devil who deserve to be punished.

Since I don't feel good, I decide to skip the class, not after an hour later. I heard some students saying that a teacher caught Mayu and Kashiwagi san kissing in the class.

Quickly, I rushed toward the principal office  and saw mayu coming out from the office. She looks guilty and angry. I approached her and hugged her, but she avoid my hug and asked me what happened between me and Rena. Seriously, what with her? Why was she worried about Rena at the time like this?

I looked deeply into Mayu eyes and sighed. "She killed her mother." Mayu eyes widened with shock.

"We used to be a good friend, we spend a lot of time together since my father used to work late at night, I always sleep at Rena house, her mother was a nice person. Sometimes, I wish she were my mother. her mother cared about me a lot, every morning she makes me bento and always help me with homework, whenever I feel down she always praise me with sweet words. She treats me like her own child. I start to forget about my real house and spend most of my time with her.She was a nice person." I wiped my tears as the memory flashback.

 "Why she killed her??" Mayu asked.
"I didn't know, after that accident I never talked to Rena again," I said tugging my hand inside my jacket pocket.

to be continue
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Re: She is my enemy and my hero: MAYUKI; Part 1
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Update soon plz! :bow:

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Re: She is my enemy and my hero: MAYUKI; Part 1
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Oi!! Why did u make Rena so scary and crazy?!?

YAHHHH MY MAYUKI!! Student and teacher relationship heh~~

Update soon

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Re: She is my enemy and my hero: MAYUKI; Part 1
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*clutch my heart

Live in the land of mist..nahh just kidding..
Live in the land of Wmatsui and Mayuki...
World of fantasy..World of Lalaland~

            (っ´▽`)っWmatsui~Mayuki ♡ (。’∀’。)

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Re: She is my enemy and my hero: MAYUKI; Part 1
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Woah i like it all mayuki relationship and my rena gekirena i mean $_$ kakoieeeeee
MAYUKI are real !!!


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Re: She is my enemy and my hero: MAYUKI; Part 1
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Jaa... 48 is about skinship

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Re: She is my enemy and my hero: MAYUKI; Part 1
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rena is killer ???/  :smhid :? :OMG:
i'm sorry for my poor english~
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Re: She is my enemy and my hero: MAYUKI; Part 1
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So Rena just jealous about JuriMayu frienship?
I bet Rena didn't kill her mother without reason...
I know rena not innocent after all,  but she's not killer

Please update Author san :k-hello:

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Re: She is my enemy and my hero: MAYUKI; PART2
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Hello my lovely reader  :D

sorry for leaving you guys. :cry:

forgive me  :nervous

i was having hard time fighting with depression but now i'm fine and back sorry for grammar mistake i'm not good writer but i do my best anyway hope you guys enjoy the last part i will post other one shot in this page to hope you read them too.  :panic:


I like to challenge myself to do something risky, this time, I decide to fall in love with one of my students.

In every school, there is always students who have a crush on their teacher, so I wanted to know how it's feel dating student.

I know it's not something easy,but I don't care because living a simple life is boring.

After finishing my usual routine I drive to school in my bike, doesn't driving motorcycle make the teacher look cool?

After 15 minutes later I arrived the school, I park my bike at the parking lot, taking my leather jacket off I entered the school building and greeted by students.

Suddenly a familiar figure stood front me she lowered her head and greeted me, I greet her back and waited for her to say something, but she keeps staring me with her beautiful eyes, I raised my eyes brow in confusion, glaring she walk past by leaving me dumbfounded, 'what's her problem? ' shrugging I walk toward my office putting my belong on the table and getting ready for my class.

The half day passed without any problem, but at the seventh period I got interesting in two students, they are best friends, I can tell from they way they act towards each other, their name is Jurina and Mayu

Jurina she is good looking girl but she have scary aura, she always had famous glare on her face saying 'Mind your own business.' While Mayu is smart beautiful and genius. I wonder how they become friends.

I decide to get closer to them and figured out that Jurina has feeling for Mayu while Mayu has feeling for me.

She always blushes and act shyly toward me whenever I approach her, her adorable eyes and flushed cheeks make me fall hard in love with her, I can do anything to make her happy and protect her from the bully who always hurt her for fun, as the time pass we get to know much about each other.

I always love to tease her, while Jurina always sends me her usual deadly glare in reply I just smirk evilly at her.

Also, there is wired girl who always appears whenever I enter the school at morning After greeting me and moment of silence she will pass by glaring at me like she wants me to remember something about her which I tried hard but failed.

Late I found out her name is Rena and she always bully Mayu that makes me angry, I call her in my office and ask the reason why she hurt innocent students.

But avoiding my question she asked me if I remember her which I didn't. 'Try to remember me.' Saying this she walk out of my class after that day I never saw her again.

Until the day when Jurina and Rena had the fight, Jurina pushed Rena Over the stair which caused her leg injury badly.

Luckily nothing bad happened but Jurina got suspended For the week from school. I can't blame her knowing she was just protecting Mayu.

After that accident, Mayu spends a lot of the time with me since Jurina were not with her, and finally, that day comes when she confess her feeling and of course I accept it by kissing her kissable lips, you guys have no idea how much I waited to kiss them.

we started to date secretly, Jurina, of course, knows about us, she always warns me to be careful, she always watches from far and stand out of the class after the lunch,

no matter how much I scold her not to guard us, but she alway ignores me saying she is being a good friend.

but one day Mayu keep insisting for a kiss in the library, I keep ignoring her but suddenly she kissed me forcefully sadly she had no idea that we caught by one student and send us to the principal office.

Since the first day of our dating I promised myself if we get caught I will take all the blame which I did but Rena appears of nowhere again and takes all the blame on herself which of course surprised everyone.

why in the world is she trying to help us? I glanced at Rena's eyes hoping to read her emotions but her eyes were emotionless but in those emotionless eyes, I saw something that I should have seen before.

Matsui Rena, I meet her when she was 12 years old she was the first person I challenged myself to save from bully, I saved her when everyone was beating her, I hold her hand when everyone letting her go, I saved her , I gave her hope, I make her see the world from the different view, I teach her to enjoy the life and smile without reason.

without knowing I become Matsui Rena first love, she sees me as her hero as her prince but I failed to become part of her life and left her just like others.

the anger and hate she had on me she take it out on Mayu, it was my mistake but Mayu had to suffer.

and know she becomes my hero my savor by taking all the blame and giving the new chance to me and Mayu to start a new life together.

after the meeting in principle, I never take my eyes of Rena and silently  keep apologizing for leaving her, the principle apologized to me and Mayu and let us go.

coming out of the office I saw Jurina leaning on the wall folding her arms she glared at me and mouthed "I told you to be careful."
I apologized with my eyes and walked back my class to take my belongs.

putting some important file in the bag I walked out but stopped as I saw Rena standing front blocking my way.

'If it wasn't me you were rotting in the jail."she said.

"If it wasn't me you were not standing here," i said hiding the fact I know about her feeling.

stepping closer to me she leaned her face close to my ear and whispered.

"You know the most thing I hate in the world is?" gulping I shake my head.

"Humans!" saying this she away toward the roof, I stared at her back until it disappeared.


You know the feeling when you were about to walk out of the school building but feel someone is standing at the roof planning suicide, well that's how I felt right now as I walked out of the school main door.

When I raised my head to look up at the roof and surprised to see no other than my enemy Rena, she were holding her hands in the air enjoying the air for the last time, throwing my backbag on the ground I run at full speed to the roof not caring if I was about to collapsed I didn't stopped until I reached the roof and yelled her name startling her.

"What are you doing??" i asked catching my breath.

"What does it look to you?" she asked looking back at the sky.

"Are you insane? you can't kill yourself because of Jurina." Rena chuckled.
"Why would I kill myself because of that bitch?"

"Because you love her, I can see it in your eyes," I said walking little close to her.

"Used to, but when she become my mother number one daughter I started to hate her with a bottom of my heart."

"Rena....." I whispered not understanding her at all.

"My mother used to hate me because I wasn't perfect daughter for her just like Jurina. I was her real daughter but she treats me like shits and treat Jurina like a princess." Rena looked at me with her angry and sad eyes that about to got teary from the pain she was suffering all those years.

"You know Jurina always used to tell me that I'm her first love and she can do anything for me but when I killed my mother she left me saying I'm a monster and she will never forgive me for taking someone important from her."

"There is nothing worst than human." Rena glanced back at the blue sky taking deep breaths.

"Than why you saved me early?" I asked.

"Because of Yuki, I can't hurt you since you are her girlfriend, I got surprised when I heard someone caught you guys kissing, knowing she will get in trouble I saved you guys, at least, I should repay her back as a good person." Rena wiped her tears with her shirt sleeve and looked down at the ground, quickly I grabbed her hand to stop her from doing something stupid.

"Please don't do this!!" She snatched her hand away and glared at me.
"Don't touch me!!"

"Please," I begged with staring at her painful eyes.

"Leave!!" she commanded me.

"I can't!" The drop of tear flow of my left eyes.

"Mayu...." she whispered wiping my tear with her thumbs.

"Rena-san!!" I whispered back looking at her.

"Arigatou." she said smiling a most beautiful smile I ever saw in my life.

"Rena-san don't leave me!" I said holding her hands tightly.

"I want to rest," she said in tired tone. slowly taking her hands away from mines she looked back at the ground closing her eyes she takes last long breath.

After very long time later she felt happy again, happier than child who got his first Christmas present, happier than homeless man who got his first home after hard works, right now she is the happiest person in the world because she going to rest finally after suffering all these pain that keep killing since the day she born.

she is happy because she knows she going to where nobody can hurt her or broke her heart.

"Matsui Rena thanks for being my hero."

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Re: She is my enemy and my hero: MAYUKI; PART2
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Yay! Update! >w<

It's so good~

Thanx for updating! :heart:

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Re: She is my enemy and my hero: MAYUKI; PART2
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ah. oh, well,,, so.. the hero dies..??
It's so sad, senpai...  :cry:

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