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Author Topic: S2 This Is My Life's Dorama - chapter 10 (WMatsui) 19/03/2016  (Read 89949 times)

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 5
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They are sooooooooooooooo ANNOYING

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 5
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Just take them as chirping birds...
Btw, it's a good opportunity to train urself being a good father.. :P

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 5
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But,I think that my son/daughter will not be annoying like that  :sweatdrop:
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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 5
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How could u be so sure??

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 5
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Because she/he is my child  :D

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 5
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What a confident guy! T_T
But, I believe that. :D

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 5
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heheh arigato  XD

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This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 6
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Chapter 6

Jun's POV

"class 2A,as what i expected of your lil sis,a genius,but if i see her test's answers she could make it to our first year"
"I TOLD YOU TO EXAMINE HER SCHOOL NOT TO ATTACK HER PRIVACY YAMAMOTO SAI" i shouted to my phone as i search for class 2A

Jurina's POV

and here first they set a trap in the class and I'm soaking wet again,and second they'll beat me up behind the GYM,crazy girls
"Heh,I bet she do some dirty tricks so she could made it to the senbatsu" girl A said as she kick my face,ouch,how am i going to explain this to oniichan ?
he's going to freak out
"you still dare to go to school,after what i told you huh ?!" girl B stepped on my right hand,and they started to beat me up,ouch...,i could feel that I'm crying already,tch why am i this weak ?,too weak to protect myself,so i only can put those masks on to prevent anyone know more about me...
"YEAH GET LOST NO ONE NEEDS YOU ANYWAY !!!" *splash* great the second ice bucket challenge in the morning,i said in my heart waiting for the cold water impact,but instead of the freaking cold water i feel something warm wrapped around me
"Oniichan ?!" what is Oniichan doing here ?!
"Safe,are you alright Jurina ?,why are you wet ?,and bruise on your face,and body,OMG gojii-sama is surely going to kill me" he ask and use his blazer to cover me,i can understand why Rena-san,and other girls fall for her,i smiled weakly

Jun's POV

"YOU TWO,SON'T GET COCKY JUST BECAUSE YOUR PARENTS ARE YAKUZA LEADERS,DON'T YOU KNOW YOUR GROUP HAVE A VERY LARGE DEBT TO OUR COMPANY !!!,just be thankful that you both are girls,if you two were guys,I'll kill you for real for hurting my Imouto" i add some venom to my voice,and they run off scared,tch crazy bitches
"Oniichan,I'm scared..." her body is shaking
"What are you afraid of ?,I'm here Jurina" i pull her into my hug,she's still shaking
"Oniichan,will they come again...?,I'm scared oniichan..." she tightly clutched to my shirt,she's in much more worst conditon than i thought
"No,they will never come again so calm down okay"
"Oniichan,do you need me ?" she said
"Of course i need my Baby jurina" i said and no answer,oh she fell asleep,eh nonononono she passed out ?!,shit i have to bring her to mayu's hospitel

Normal POV

"EH ?!,I DON'T KNOW I'M SORRY,gomennasai,gomennasai...." Jurina only could say that out of fear,and the woman stabbed herself and chase after Jurina with a knife stained by her own blood
"COME OUT YOU LITTLE SHIT !!!" the woman chased Jurina around this messy apartment
"ONIICHAN TASUKETE !!!!,ONIICHAN,ONIICHAN,ONIICHAN" is the only thing Jurina could say and think

Watanabe's Main Hospital Japan

Jun's POV

"ONIICHAN,ONIICHAN TASUKETE !!!" i heard jurina shouted in her sleep nightmare or even worse,since she collapsed earlier
"Jurina ?!,WAKE UP JURINA !!!" i shake her gently while she's shaking even harder than before
"NO !!!,DON'T TOUCH ME DON'T TOUCH ME GO AWAY I DON'T KNOW YOU !!!" she slapped my hands away,and because of this uproar sai,milky,rena,mayu,yuki,haruna,yuu,Tomochin,and Acchan come inside
"what happened ?" they ask in unison
"I DON'T KNOW SHE'S HAVING NIGHTMARES ABOUT THAT INCIDENT AGAIN !!!,JURINA ?!,WAKE UP JURINA COME ON" i hug her shaking body thats trembling so much like a vibrator
"STOP I DON'T KNOW WHAT DID I DO AND WHO IS HE YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT GO AWAY,I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING !!!" she pushed me and i fell on the cold floor,she's crying now her eyes are opened but somehow it's so hollow and full of sorrow
"JURINA WAKE UP,IT'S ME JUN YOUR ONIICHAN !!!" and she stopped trembling,and crying
"O-oniichan !?" she asked and hug me immediately
"Un,I'm here to safe you okay Jurina,she's already gone,and will never bother you again" i whispered to her to calm her down,and she fell asleep or passed out I don't know anymore,even if it's mother she's going to raise Jurina if like that and not going to  commit suicide
"baka onna" i accidentaly cursed Jurina's Mom
"Care to tell her story ?" Yuu tap me back
"Sure,but not here,if she heard it,she'll lose her sanity for sure,Tomochin can you stay here ?,in case she wake up call me okay"
"sure,i don't want my kouhai getting stressed like that" she smiled and sit on a chair,and the rest of us left the jurina's ward,and sit at Mayu's office It's big but not as big as mine or Ojii-sama's office
"So ?,WHY IN MY OFFICE ?!" he rub his temple out of anger
"Because here is soundproof,and doesn't reek of medicines,it's killing my puppy nose" i chuckled

"So you better start to explain Jun,we all skipped school because your little sister is sick Jun" Sai sit beside me as he said those
"HUH ?!,SISTER ?!" everyone gasped exepct me,sai rena and milky
"Didn't you say that you're the only child ?" Haruna ask me
"And here i thought that you were cheating on my sister and you're a pedo" Yuki sighed
"She's my half sister,from different mother,in other word she's the illegitimate daughter of the Matsui"
"And so,what's the connection with the nightmare and 'that incident' that you mentioned" yuu ask in interest
"She was sent into a orphanage at 3 because her mother commited suicide,and tried to kill her,but luckily she was saved by a neighbor and her mother managed to kill herself,and she's been having nightmares she said,and according to sebby,since she goit into middleschool her condition is far more worst because of the bullying i assumed,and so she entered AKB she often overworked herself,she passed out because of physical exhaustion and mental shock,so her state become very unstable and she got into panic state like yesterday"
"But did she know about you being her half brother and her own mother commited suicide ?" Mayu-san asked
"She only know the fact that I'm hef full blood brother,and both of her parents got into accident"
"Why didn't you tell her,she deserve to know the truth Jun"
"I'll tell her when she's 17,she's too young to know all of this Yuki"
"Oy Jun,she woke up a nurse call me earlier" Mayuyu said and i run toward her room
"Oniichan,why am i inside the Hospital ?" Jurina weakly grumbled as soon as she saw me
"You overworked yourself,why don't you talk me or something "
"But I'm fine i can get back to work or school again" she puffed her chest proudly
"Saying something like that again,what do you earn by putting those masks on ?,if you want to cry then cry Jurina,I'll always be here for your crying pillow,I pity mama brown that always,become your crying pillow" i said and put her face on my chest,and right she cried
"Why am i always getting bullied oniichan,what is my fault ?" she cried on ,my chest
"You did nothing wrong,they are just jealous of you" i pat her head

"Will,they bully me again ?" she asked staring at me
"No they wont" i wipe her tears
"Oniichan,I want to go home" *puppy eyes attack* i looked away not wanting to see thos puppy eyes
"N.O,I will be here with you so calm down okay JuJu" I rufled her hair
"EHHHH,nande nande nande nande" she whined like a 5 years old and...*puppy eyes again*
"You need to rest JuJu" i sighed,this kid really have to learn how to relax her body
"No" this girl...
"Mayu,can she just rest at home ?" i ask mayu that's standing on the doorway
"Come here for a bit..." he answered me
"Her mind is in total chaos now,she needed some relaxing event like holiday or something,just go to a beach" he whispered
"Then let's go with everyone ?" i asked and he just shrugged
"Nee,let's go to a beach guys~" i smiled
"Where ?"
"O-K-I-N-A-W-A~ Yuu" i smiled lewdly
"Yushhh,let's go together or,we just meet up there ?" Yuu said
"Then leave the transportation to me,let's meet up at the xxxxxx harbour,at 7 in the morning tomorrow ?,and I'll invite some friends"
"Okay" everyone said execpt Jurina and me

Timeskip tomorrow at Jun's cruise LOL~


"Juny boy,you bought the royal carribean ?!" yuu shouted at me ughh so noisy,where am i  ?,this is not my room...,don't tell me they drag me to the cruise ?!,shit~
"Oh,so it's this ship's name,no i didn't this is my present from Ojii-sama" i rolled on my bed
"Oniichan wake up" jurina jumped and landed right at my abdomen
"ITTAIIIIIIIIIIIII !!!!!!!!!!!" i shouted shit seriously that hurts
"wake up everyone is waiting for you you know" she pinched me,ouch since when she become sooooo violent like this
"hai,hai" i said getting up and follow those two to the dining hall,and as i enter the dining hall all of the girls blushed except yukirin that run towards me and punched me right a the gut
"ITTAI !!!,WHY IS EVERYONE SO VIOLENT TOWARDS ME TODAY ?!" i whined and sit,and beside me...,a demon is glaring at me
"Jun,what did i told you about your sleeping attire ?" she ask with a evil smile plastered on her face,and i look my appearence that's shirtless,oh shit.
"Are Rena-chan,are you planning to save it for yourself ?" milky laughed
"Awwww,My sweet Rena is jealous because of me ?,aww...,so cute~" i hug rena that's sitting next to me
"Not here Jun" she pushed me away but i keep clinging to her
"So It's fine if it's in my cabin,or later in the hotel ?" i whispered and bite her ear softly but because my mouth was covered by her hair so no one see it
"JUN !" she blushed madly,awwww so sweet
"Awww you're no fun Sai,just go out with milky already" Yuu teased and the mentioned people blushed
"So the blushing milky is cute too" Mayu teased and yuki glared
"Hey,don't flirt with my milky !!!"
"Did you hear it Jun ?,he said WITH MY MILKY" yuu tried to imitate sai and failed
"I hear it loud and clear" and we laughed tougheter except the soon-to-be lovebirds

Timeskip 1 PM

"Jun,do you love me ?"  rena suddenly ask
"Of course i love you Rena,and what about you,do you love me ? " i sling my arms around her and smirked,she only nod while blushing
"Nee,how many exes do you have ?" Rena asked me,her gentle dark brown orbs meet my auburn ones
"Only one" i look towards the sea remembering her,makes my heart broke to million pieces
"Why did you broke up ?" she ask
"She,loves another guy and left me,end of story" i fakely chuckled
"oh." she simply said,i put my earphones on and play dakishimetai kedo...,lol my own song,suddenly i felt someone takes my left plug and it's rena
"this song...,is for her isn't it ?" she bitterly said,while hearing my song
"yeah,you could say so,that was my feeling at that time,but now I'm completely move on" i laughed at my own foolishness
"did you cried,when she left you ?" she chuckled
"a little,but when you were angry to me I cried all night while writing my debut album you know ?" we laughed together like a pair of idiot
"I don't know that you're a crybaby Jun" she continued to laugh
"Hey,even mayuyu would cry if Yuki left him" i sulked she continued to laugh but was interrupted with the PA system in the ship saying that we've arrived,sebastian already bring my equipments,and i take my camere from him and take some pictures of the sea,and Rena's photo,shit,papparrazis and fans are waiting at the harbour
"well,who wouldn't wait for the shots of the largest cruise in the world carrying the succesors of the families that have a very big effect to Japan's and world's economy" Kai chuckled
"I hate papparazis" chiyuu and yuuji grumbled at the same time
"And i hate fangirls" Mayu and Sai said at the same time"
"Hey Yuu,Up for a ride ?' I smirked at him,as i head to the basement,where all of our cars and bikes were parked
We get down from the basement to the harbour using our own cars,I was on my Lamborghini Aventador J with Yuu besides me,and everyone is inside Company's melbourne limo,only me and Rena can ride my bumblebee limo,as on the way to my summer house,Yuu's driving so i just put my headphone on and fell asleep,because last night Jurina had nightmares again so i have to accompany her all night watching movies to calm her down,but I'm not watching actually,and that's why someone dragged mo to the cruise

*author note here is the company's limo interior,so i could explain it easily

the boys are sitting on the left one and the girls are sitting on the right one

Rena's POV

"He said that if transportation leave it to me,but why are we wearing Company's Limo ?,and I'm sure that he have more than one personal Limo" oneechan face-palmed
"He does have some,and allows me to use it,but he never allows anyone to use his bumblebee limo,and only sebastian that he allows to clean,maintain,and drive it" Jurina have a confused look
"Eh ?!,it's impossible,he always pick me up with that car,if he's not driving himself" i said with a same confused look
"MAJIDE ?!,It means that you're really special to him rena" milky smirked and poked my cheek
"Rena-san MAJIDE ?!,even he was so angry at sebastian when he tried to clean it without his permission" Jurina said
"The one filled with red and yellow LED neons,and transformer markings ?"
"Yep that one" Jurina nodded
"He's so romantic,not like someone" Yuki rolled her eyes
"Sorry for not romantic enough" Mayu shouted from the other side
"He's pretty strange,he always have some melonpans in his room's chiller even though he never eat it,some spicy crackers on his snack storage,and he hates spicy foods,never let anyone touch his red velvet plushie,and there's a wardrobe that only sebastian can wash the clothes inside that wardrobe,and there's a study room that's so messy and he never allows me to come in there,and only sebastian can clean that room,I wonder why ?" i blushed madly after hearing Jurina's explanation about how Jun's treatment to my presents
"nee,Jurina,can you show me the plushie's picture ?" i ask her
"Sure Rena-san" she showed me the picture from her phone

I blushed madly,it's really the plushie i gave him,my thought were interrupted with yuuji's words that we've arrived,and stopped in front of a large mansion not as big as my main house,the matsuis are really rich

I saw yuu tried to wake Jun up,he's sleeping,and when i looked besides my Jurina is frowning
"What happened Jurina ?" i tap her shoulder
"Nee,rena-san,I'm really a useless sister,and a burden to oniichan right ?" she was about to cry but i pat her head like jun always do
"No,he doesn't,and will never think something like that of course,he really love you so much,when he told how he met you and how you are at the jungle cruise,he looked really happy you know,if he looked you as a burden,he will never care this much" i said to her as we walked to the dining hall probably for room dividing
"So guys,the room's will be announced by Sebby,and was fairly decide by drawing slots"
Then please let me announce it,first Jun Bocchan with Rena-ojou-sama in the master bedroom,Yuki-sama with Mayu-sama,Yuuji-sama with Haruka-sama,Sai-sama with Miyuki-sama,Tomomi Itano-sama with Tomomi Maeda-sama,Kai-sama with Atsuko-sama,Jurina-sama with Minami-sama,and now the maid will lead all of you to your own rooms,and now where would you have lunch,here or the beach ?"
"Beach,I'm getting changed first" Jun said and get in into our room,the maid put our luggage here and left
"Rena-chan,you get changed inside the bathroom,I'll change here" i nod and get in to the toilet,i changed into these : and get out from the bathroom finding Jun wearing this : damn... he's so sexy,wearing those trunks,and he got some muscles and  six packs...

"Rena-chan,how many pads do you use" he ask groping my boobs,and all i could do was blush
"I DIDN'T WEAR THOSE !!!!" i slapped him hard
"Ittai yo Rena-chan" he sobbed
"hentai..." i muttered
"But remember this rena,you're mine and mine only,so don't ever let any other guy touch or see you like this" he said pinning me on the wall,and how that puppy became a possessive wolf like this ?
"Jun what if someone find us like this... ?,they will misunderstood for sure" i  blushed
"I've locked the door Rena,calm down" he whispered in a very seductive tone
"Jun,get off me" i tried to pushed him away,but instead of letting me go,he forcefully pins me on the bed,i tried to break free but of course i'm no match with Jun's strength
"So,rena-chan,do you want to do 'it' ?" his alluring voice reach my ears and send shiver down to my spine
hohohoho,an update LOL,so find out what will happen on the next chapter,and comment please TROLOLOLOL~~~~~~~~~~~~ Byeeee
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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 6
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Jun.. You're so wild.. :inlove:
Can't wait what happen in next chapter..

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 6
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Moreee... Moreee !!!!

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 6
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Should i make Jun more possessive towards rena ?  :(

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 6
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Been a silent reader until now  :D

I've gotta say this fic is aweasome  :lol:

And  yeah u should make Jun more possessive  XD

Can't wait for the next update  :)
Kami Oshi is Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena and Jurina

WMatsui and Mayuki all the way :D

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 6
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Please make they relationship more bold fufufu
I always be your silent reader
But your idea make really big impact neee~
Please update ASAP 

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 6
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Okayy~~~~~~,I'll make him~  :grin: :bigdeal:

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 6
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THAT WMATSUI MOMENT OMG!!! :cathappy: :deco: :cathappy: :deco:
Update soon Crunchy-san!!!! XD XD XD Can't wait for what will happen. Rena locked by that possesive wolf hahahaha XD XD XD

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This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 7
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Chapter 7

Rena's POV

"what do you mean Jun,don't make some lame joke like that" i shivered
"Hm ?,I'm not joking and,I'm pretty sure that you're smart enought to know what that means or i have to explain what that means ?"
"I know that much" i pouted
"Then,let me ask you once again my lady,would you do 'it' with me ?" his voice OMG,my mind it's going to be blank anytime soon,what happened to him ?
"mnn" i accidentally moaned,because he licked my right ear
"Rena-chan,if you moan sexily like that,it will add my desire to eat you even bigger,and i will eat you by force" he said with his alluring but tempting voice,omg this puppy,nonononono,he is in wolf mode now,and he IS SO SO SO AND VERY SEXY
"perv,get off me Jun !!!" i struggled in vain
"Swearing is not very ladylike Rena" he chuckled,and his voice is just so...,sexy....
"And pinning down a lady forcefully is very ungentleman of you Jun,and now get off me Jun" and again he didn't let me go,instead he lick my collarbone,and kissed it gently,i tried my best to held back my moan,but his next motion made me let it out,and he left a hickey there
"Rena-can you tastes so sweet" he chuckled and let me free
"Mou Jun...,you left a hickey there" i pouted
"But you enjoyed it right ?" he peck my forehead lightly
"Now what should i do with this hickey" i sulked
"wear this,it'll cover your body" he hand me a white jacket with golden lining
"eh ?,but it doesn't cover my hickey" i face-palmed

Jun's POV

"I did on purpose,to show everyone that you're mine" i wear the same jacket as her but mine is black,so yeah we wore a coupling jacket but she hasn't realized it yet,my god why did i do that ?,she was to beautiful that i can't held back myself,shit what if she got angry with me ?,tch if i can't hold back myself what kind of beast am i ?
"Nee,nee Rena-san,what's that red thing on your collarbone ?"Jurina ask innocently,and everyone stared at me and Jurina,the boys was like good job jun,and while on the other side Yuki is killing me with her glare
"Oh that that's a h-" rena slammed my mouth shut tight
"That's a bug's bite,it's nothing Jurina,and call me Rena-chan,or rena-oneechan,or whatever but not rena-sama or rena-san okay" rena said cutely,dang wearing those bikini and her smile is so angel-like...,shit why am i thinking like a pervert now ?
"Nee,Rena-chan,you're wearing a couple jacket aren't you ?" haruna asked while looking at me and rena
"Yes,we are nyan2" i smirked and she blushed
"Tsk,doing 18+ things like that" Sai muttered
"Hey let's go to the public beach,I want to look at some oshiris,right shiriri ?~" yuu said in his super lewd voice,and of course haruna hit his head
"Hentai...,let's go Rena-chan,sebby where's my bumblebee ?" i put my hand at rena's waist and pull her closer

"I've prepared it Jun-sama"
"You're driving sebby,bye then~" i went inside the car with rena and sebby closed it
"Nee Jun,is it right that you only use this car to pick me up ?" rena ask me while sitting at the side seat while I'm laying down at the back seat
"Yep,because you're special rena-chan,you know ?,I never carried a girl bride-styled except you" i smiled and sit properly
"U-urusai..." she covered her face,awwww such a tsun-tsun,i take her blushing picture secretly or she'll kill me
"Bocchan,Ojou-sama we've arrived" sebby opened the door and we get down,and everyone hasn't arrived yet
"Sebby,prepare some bench for us,i want to eat lunch immediately"i  put my right arm around Rena's waist,to show that she's mine,and no one else can have her,tch why is everyone staring at her,she's mine !!!
"Jun,we're on public,your hickey is already embarrassing enough" she looked down and flushed red like a ripe tomato
"So that means you're embarrassed to be with me ?" i lift her chin with my left hand so i could see her beautiful face
"No,It's just i feel strange if everyone is staring at- mhm ?!" i pressed my lips on the Rena's lips,and slip my tongue inside her mouth completely dominating her,and that kiss lasted for a few seconds but we finally parted away,with me smirking and rena blushes
"Remember that you're mine only Kashiwagi Rena,say that you're mine Rena" she tried to look away,but i force her to look at me
"Jun...,not here..." she break free and looked away,tsk why ?!,i grab her wrist roughly and lift her chin to look at me
"Look at me,say that YOU'RE MINE Rena" i stared at her tightening my grip on her wrist because of anger
"J-Jun,Ittai yo...,let me go..." she whimpered
"why,just can't you be mine ?" i said in my trembling voice,i realized that i was about to cry,i release my tight grip on her and run away at the beach's shore as fast as i can
"JUN WAIT !!!" I heard rena shouted at me,and her footsteps chasing me,but i don't care,my heart hurts,even it hurts more than when Annin left me,Why Rena ? that's was all i could think

*pant* *pant*,i was out of breath from running,and fell hard on the white sands,and this at place there is nobody,i guess it's too far
"Jun" i could see rena panting behind me
"What do you want ?" i ask with a sinister voice
"so if you can't be mine ?,did someone replace me ?" i ask trying to not cry
"Yes,i guess...?" she said in a very small voice
"Oh i see,then we're done Kashiwagi-san" i throw the black couple phonestrap to the sea,and walk further
"wait,Jun..." she said but i ignored her
"wait Jun,just please wait..."
"What do you need Kashiwagi-san ?" i said coldly not bothering to see her face
"Gomen..." she said and cried,i wanted to cry too but...
"If that's all you wanted to say then I'm leaving" i walk further,and left her behind,and when i realized that i have ended up at a different beach,i took some pictures of the beach,and some people,i rent a mat and umberella and lay down lucky,i bring my wallet,phone and headphone,while listening to music i heard someone called my name,and when i heard her name i feel like i was being pierced by a thousand needles cliche
"Jun" i miss this voice...
"what are you doing here Iriyama-san ?" i ask her simply
"Spending my golden week here of course" she chuckled
"alone ?" i sit down and looked at her,shit she was way more worst than voldemort Rena,because her eyes were red
"Yeah" she nodded sitting next to me
"What about him ?" i asked
"Him ?,oh airi ?,we broke up i found out that he was cheating on me" she chuckled but i knew that it was fake

"Oh,i see" i only said with an emotionless face,but deep inside i want to kill him for hurting Annin,she looks so sad now
"If you want to cry just cry,I won't be fooled by that fake chuckle" i pat her head,and right she cried on my chest and hug me tight
"I was a fool back then,why did i choose him over you ?,I just realized that i loved you more than him" she said between her sobs,shit...,what should i do ?
"haha,I'm not that great,I think he is better than me cause i was a playboy at that time you know ?,i changes my girlfriends everyday" i laughed
"That's why i choose him,and i was wrong i guess" she pout and hit my chest playfully
"But,you're the one that I'm serious with" i stop laughing
"And how about your relationship with kashiwagi-san ?"  she fake-smiled
"Well,the same thing as how we break up,i was replaced by someone,and we broke up a few hours ago" i bitterly smiled
"so we both are in the same ship ?" she said looking at the sea
"Hey,have you eaten lunch ?" i ask
"Nope,not yet" she shakes her head
"Let's eat together ?" and she nodded,we left the beach and walk
"what do you want eat Iriyama-san ?" i chuckled
"Just call me Annin like how you used to,and whatever,you pick" she smiles
"Hey,you look worse than voldemort you know ?,here wear this" i hand her my sunglasses
"Arigatou" she blushed and use my sunglass,she looks cute...,so i still love her probably ?

Yuki's POV

Those two... really...,I guess my Imouto is just to stupid she never realized that he only loves otouto,and who's it ?,that Furukawa boy ?,is a playboy worst than otouto,and now... Jurina is very gloomy because her oniichan ran off somewhere...,and rena's calling someone now laughimg like there's no tomorrow,I bet one million yen that she'll be crying at night,i sighed and looked at the sea and saw OTOUTO lsughing with a UFO (A/N UFO is Unidentified final onna,i got it from a fic)
"Oh otouto,where did you ran off ?" i approach him
"I'm not your otouto again Yuki-san,I've break up with her" he smiled bitterly
"meh,I want to call you that,come on you better have lunch first" i smiled,and they follow me to our bench
"Jurina ?!/Annin ?!" it seems the UFO is jurina's acquaintance
"what are you doing here ?" Jurina immediately stick to her
"On a broken-hearted holiday" otouto smirked as he sit down beside Sai that's far from Rena,geez these two...
"YOU DISREGARD THE BAN ?!" tomochin takamina and acchan choked their food at the same time
"Maeda-san,Itano-san,Soukantoku ?! ?!,sumimasen" UFO bowed and sit across Jun
"Well,it's fine though" they said in unison
"You're in AKB ?!" jun choked his sphagetti
"What kind of friend are you" UFO rolled her eyes
"Because I never see you at all,bleehhh" he stuck his tongue out,and when i see Rena she's glaring at UFO without anyone realizing,she's jealous eh ?
"Jurina want to go surfing ?" otouto ask his imouto
"un,you'll teach me right ?" she nodded in antusiasm
"of course i will" otouto and jurina ran off somewherethe other boys were playing volleyball,the AKB girls were talking,and left me and my imouto
"So,how did you two broke up ?" i ask her
"I,got someone else in my heart" she chuckled
"O,that furukawa airi ?" i raised my right eyebrow
"yep" she nodded
"Baka..." i muttered

Timeskip 6 PM

Rena's POV

I talked tto oneechan about many things,we lost track of time,and now It's 6,and we're looking at the sunset,it's beautiful...
but...,i saw Jun and Iriyama-san KISSING ?!
Soosososososososo what will happened at the next chapter TROLOLOLOLOLOLOL,why Jun and Annin kissing ?! hohohohohoho,fiind out later trololollolololol,and sorry for the short chappie ciaooooooooooooo

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 7
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WOW, You surprised me with your writing speed   :shocked
And, what happebn with JuniRena  :? :O

Thanks for update  ChrunchyCream-san  :thumbsup
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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 7
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haha,am i that fast ?

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 7
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An update but what suddenly happen :?

No my Wmatsui  :banghead:

Rena why u do that and now Annin and Arin is in  :(

Damn Rena just realise that u love Jun :banghead:

Just hope everthing goes back to normal soon  :cry:
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Kami Oshi is Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena and Jurina

WMatsui and Mayuki all the way :D

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 7
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Yup, you writing 2 chapter in 2 days  :cathappy:
that fast you know...  :thumbsup 
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