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Author Topic: Meeting You (AtsuMina, TomoTomo, WMatsui, MariMii, KojiYuu) - COMPLETED  (Read 58194 times)

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  • Atsumina~! ♥ forever <3 first time...  :mon whimper: so i'm kinda nervous  :mon curtain: but hell with it if it sucks... :mon wind: (oh and umm about the beginning if you think it's lame...well sorry about that...I couldn't think of a way to start it so I used that...) Like some peeps out there English is not first language  :mon sweat: so if there's grammar mistakes then just...ignore it... :mon determined:

    Chapter 1

"Ahhh!" she screamed "I think I'm lost! and it's also getting dark too..." whined the girl. "I just went to the convenience store to get some ingredients and I got lost" she mumbled.  Trying to find her way back, five men appeared blocking her way and one of them said sneeringly, "oh look what do we have here!" 
"Yabai...." she mumbled.
Calmly she said, " could you please get out of my way"
The tallest from the group said,"and why is that? we can show you how to have fun and have a good time you know" 
Feeling disgusted she yelled, "you jerk!" and tried to make a run for it, however  one guy was fast enough to grab her risk and said, "no, you're coming with us."

Changing into her school uniform  Takamina got out of the dressing room and headed out. Grabbing her bag she  said, "I'm going home! oh and are you still staying Yuko?"
"Yeah, I'm staying for a while."
"Ok, make sure to lock everything up then." 
"Yes sir" answered Yuko playfully.
"Well, see ya tomorrow! And don't forget to come early I want to have a spar with you!" shouted Yuko as she saw her friend go out the door.
"Yeah~sure see ya".  Wanting to go home early since they have a guest, she dashed out of the school, holding  her school bag and her bokken. After running for 10 minutes, she slowed down since she thought she heard someone. Trying to find where the noise was coming from; turning  to a corner she finally saw the commotion. "Get away from me!" shrieked the girl. *Woah, what did I come across to*. Having a bad feeling about on what was going to happen she stepped in and yelled,"Oi! The girl said to get away from her! I better listen to her if I were you or else." Laughing, a guy wearing a black pants, a white shirt, black leather jacket and the tallest who might be the leader walked towards her and asked, "or what? midget?" Getting ticked off by getting called a midget, Takamina made a powerful  kick  on his stomach making the guy stumble backwards. Apparently she really hates when people call her a midget. Smiling evilly she asked," who you calling a midget eh? Big guy." Another guy wearing a jeans and a white shirt slightly taller than Takamina made his move, charging in to get her. Seeing this Takamina punched him on the face twice, kicked him on the stomach and kept attacking until her opponent  lost consciousness.

As Achan watched the small girl fight she was entranced by her. She was startled as the second attacker suddenly drop on the ground. "Wow, she's strong even though she's so small" mumbled Acchan while watching.  As she watch the fight, Acchan was more surprise when the the girl said, "Who's next?" The taller guy that got kicked on the stomach advanced slowly towards the smaller girl and tried to punch her. Takamina knew it was coming and dodged the punch, getting frustrated the guy kept punching. While she dodged, another guy came up behind Takamina and raised a stick aiming for her back; seeing this Acchan panicked and yelled to the girl, "behind you!"

Takamina knew already that there was a guy behind her making her not too worried.  She was still focused on dodging the guy in front of her *man this is annoying*. Making a move she quickly kick the guy in front of her sending him to the wall. Turning around to face the third guy she grab her bokken and evaded him. The third guy was surprise as the small girl evaded him so quickly. Feeling pain, he wasn't expecting to get hit by the wooden sword. Getting hit on the stomach he collapsed clenching his stomach.  Looking at the two other guys left she asked, "so wanna go?" Stunned by what they saw, they quickly shook there head and ran away. Takamina satisfied with her victory picked up her bag, straightened her self up and walked towards the other girl.

Takamina walked toward Acchan and offered her hand asking, "Are you ok?" Up closer she could see more of the smaller girl's features. "She's cute and quite boyish" thought Acchan, *ah wait! what am I thinking!* Blushing, she was thinking a lot of things in her head.  "Hey are you ok?, hey...." Snapping out of her own thoughts as she heard the girl speak to her. She got more embarrassed as the girl was close to her face. Blushing, she said, "ummm.... Yes... and  thank you for saving me..."

Backing up and extending her hand back again to the girl, she said smiling, "here let me help you." The other girl was blushing and Takamina could see that, looking away she thought to herself *awwww she's blushing and it's so cute*  Feeling a warm touch on her hand, she looked back and smiled at the other girl as she stood up. She was a few inches taller than her so she had to look up and said, "Glad you're safe" Still blushing Acchan said again, "thanks again."
Introducing herself, "My name is Takahashi Minami-" looking at the time she suddenly apologized and said, "sorry I really have to go... I guess I'll see you around"  running as she waved, eaving the other girl.

"Tadaima!" she called as she entered their house.
"Why are you late Takamina? You're keeping our guest waiting you know" Her drunken father asked.
"Etto... I kind of stayed at school practicing and I didn't know it was this late" she explained. *It'll be bad if he knew I got into a fight* she thought to herself.
"Hmmm...ok anyways your cousins are here" informed her father.
"Hahahaha....Alright, I'll just go change" heading to her room.
It's been six years since she last saw her cousin and she was excited. She always played with her when they were kids; however when her cousin was ten years old they had to move away because of her father's job. Changing quickly she headed down to the living room.

Entering the big living room she saw her uncle having a drink with her father, her aunt and cousin talking to her mom. Noticing Takamina's presence enter the living room, her mom motioned her to come over. Her cousin saw her and waved at Takamina. Smiling at her cousin she went and sat beside her mom, greeting her aunt and cousin.
"Hello aunt, how have you been?" asked Takamina politely.
"I'm fine as always" her aunt replied and "how are you and school, young lady?"
"Pretty good and school's always exciting" she answered.
Nodding, her aunt nudged her daughter to say something.
"Hey, Takamina long time no see, still remember me right?" joked Tomochin.
"Hahaha.... Of course how could I forget Itano Tomomi that I played with almost everyday!" Replied Takamina jokingly.
Laughing Tomomi said, "it seems that you really haven't grown that much eh, Takamina"
Embarrassed Takamina answered,"sh-shu-shut up!"
"Hahahaha well you look cute this way being all tiny" smirked Tomomi.
"Yeah, yeah... Whatever, now can we change the subject now" said Takamina with a frown on her face.

~Few hours later~
Takamina lay on her bed thinking of the conversations that she had with her cousin.*She really changed a lot* thought Takamina. When they were kids Tomovhin was kind of tomboyish, thinking of the memory about her, she laughed at how Tomomi had grown and changed. Suddenly she remembered the mess that happened earlier and wondered, *hmmm....I wonder what's the girl's name is, I never saw her around this area, wonder what school she goes to. Well I might meet her somewhere  but still I would really want to know her name...that girl was beautiful......ahh... I should've  ask her name..... Too bad* That was the last thought of Takamina before drifting off to sleep.

~On the other hand~
Acchan couldn't sleep, she kept thinking about her. Thinking about Takamina she said aloud, "she was really cool, I hope I can meet her again, she really seems like a wonderful person" hearing herself say that she blushed. *Takahashi Minami huh...I wish I'll get to meet her again, wait what is this feeling? My heart is really beating so fast when I think about her.....argh! I better go to sleep....first day of school tomorrow.......*

Waking up early, Takamina got up and did her daily routine preparing herself for the day. "I'm heading out" she shouted as she put on her shoes.
"Ok, take care! and aren't you early today?" Asked  her mom.
"Yeah, I promised Yuko that I'll be early since she wanted to spar with me." She replied as she closed the door.
Arriving at the school, she headed to the club room. "Ehh? Yuko isn't here yet" sighing she thought to herself  *If I put on my gear I'll get all sweaty. I'll just practice like this.* Making her decision she grabbed her 'shinai' planning on the doing 100 swings. Around fifty she lost count as her thoughts swiftly drifted about the girl that she met yesterday. She didn't even notice Yuko enter. Yuko who noticed that Takamina didn't notice her enter wanted to surprise her. She went behind her and tried to pull a prank however when Takamina raised her 'shinai' Yuko got hit on the head. "Itaaaaiiii" Yuko yelled in pain clutching her head. Hearing  someone scream she turned around and saw Yuko.
"What the hell are you doing?" she asked with a slight of laughter.
"You hit me on the head."
"Ehhhh? No I didn't, I didn't even notice you. How long have you been here? and you're late"
"Hai,hai, whatever and I was here for a while you know and I kind of overslept" Putting her arm around Takamina, trying to change the subject she asked," I've been watching quite a while and it seems like you were thinking of something,  so why were you spacing out my friend?"
Hearing Yuko said that she suddenly thought of the girl, blushed and said, "n-nothing!"
"You know Takamina you're not a very good liar" teased Yuko.
"Seriously, it's nothing."
"Riiiiiiight, oh by the way I heard there are two people transferring to our class today."
"Oh really" replied Takamina trying to sound like she's interested while her mind still wondered about the girl that she met yesterday.
"Ah! Look at the time" shouted Yuko "we better hurry or else we'll be late."
Grabbing their stuff they made there way to the classroom and took their seats.
As the teacher entered, two girls followed behind him.
"Ok quiet down, today we have two people transferring to our class."
"Oh~" the class cheered.
"If you would introduce yourselves." Asked the teacher.
"My name is Itano Tomomi, my friends call me Tomochin, nice to meet you" greeting the class.

Somewhere around the classroom, a certain girl paid attention to the girl that introduced herself. You could call it love at first sight.
On the other hand Takamina who wasn't really paying attention  reacted when she heard her cousin's name.

"Ehhhhhhhh? Tomochin?" shouted Takamina making the class look at her.
Tomochin looked at Takamina and winked.
Kasai Tomomi who was sitting beside Takamina whispered, "Takamina~ what's your relationship with her?"
"She's just my cousin" answered Takamina not looking at Tomo.
Acchan noticed Takamina and was surprised and when saw the girl beside her wink.
*ehhh? What kind of relationship do they have?*
Finally Takamina noticed the girl beside Tomochin and said aloud, "oh it's you!" pointing at Acchan, making the class look at her direction again.
"Takahashi you know these two people?" Asked the teacher.
"Tomochin is my cousin and as for the other girl, I just met her yesterday." Looking away as they made eye contact.
Noticing this, Tomochin asked the teacher, "sensei can I sit beside Takamina."
"Ummm.... Ok you can take the empty seat beside Takahashi."
"Haaiiii~~~" she happily answered heading to her seat.
Stopping in front of Takamina she whispered in her ear, "I wanted this to be a surprise" winked Tomochin again.
Acchan who was watching got jealous. *why am I jealous?*
Trying to get this over with she introduced herself.
"My name is Maeda Atsuko, they call me Acchan, yoroshiku onegaishimasu." Introducing herself and bowed.
"Maeda-san you can take the empty seat in front of Takahashi."
Walking to her seat she somehow felt that Takamina was watching her, making her blush. Yuko who was watching leaned to Takamina, "I think I can feel a romance blooming~~"
"Huh? What are you taking about?" Replied the clueless girl.
"This will be interesting." is Yuko's only answer as she laughed.

The bell rang for lunch time. Acchan and Tomochin was suddenly swarmed with their classmates, asking them tons of questions. Leaving the classroom was the trio: Takamina, Yuko, and Tomo who always buy their lunch went to the canteen; buying their lunch they headed to there usual spot (the rooftop). The trio was known for being the strongest (and coolest) in the kendo club thus making them popular and having a fan club.
While eating their lunches Tomo who was interested in Tomochin asked Takamina questions.
"Say Takamina...does Tomochin have a boyfriend?" Asked Tomo slightly blushing.
"Huh? Why are you asking me this?" Frowned Takamina.
Shaking her head Yuko said, "Takamina you really are clueless" teasing her.
"Anyways does she?" Asked Tomo once again.
"Hmmm.... I don't think so...why?" replied Takamina while thinking.
"Nothing...nothing" grinned Tomo.
Continuing, Tomo asked more questions about Tomochin.
"You will become a stalker" teased Yuko.
"S-shut up and I don't want to hear that, coming from a pervert" shot back Tomo.
"Well, I'm sure this will be entertaining." Said Yuko grinning.

~In the classroom~
Acchan was planning on approaching Takamina but she didn't get a chance since she was surrounded by her classmates. After a few minutes the crowd finally settled down. *finally I can eat my lunch* sighing as she grabbed her lunch box. While eating her lunch this girl approached her.
"Hey" greeted the girl.
"Hi" she greeted back.
"The name's Minegeshi Minami but you can call me Miichan" smiled Miichan while she extended her hand to Acchan.
Shaking the girl's hand she said, "nice to meet you M-Miichan and umm my name is-" before she could finish, Miichan cut her off.
"Maeda Atsuko aka Acchan right? Everyone knows who you are since you're one of the new student."
"Takamina's not here so I'll use her desk for a while...she won't mind anyways" said Miichan while moving the desk.
All settled down and ready to eat she said, "itadakimasu~"
Stunned on seeing the other girl do all those stuff she just went along and continued to eat her lunch. While the lunch went by the two chatted, becoming friends.

~On the rooftop~
Standing up Tomo headed to the door  and asked, "anyone want a drink? I'm going down so might as well ask you guys if you want anything."
"Get me an orange juice~" asked Yuko.
"Same with me!" shouted Takamina. Hearing no response she turned to Yuko and said, "she heard me right?"
"I dunno~" said Yuko while she continued to eat her lunch. Sighing she went back on eating her lunch.

Humming a song while she headed to the vending machine. She thought about Tomochin and what Takamina told her. Suddenly bumping to someone she apologized immediately.
"Ah, gomen nasai, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going." Finally looking up to whom she was apologizing too, she was surprised to see Tomochin.
"No it's ok, I wasn't paying attention either...well see you." Said Tomochin as she excused herself.
Her mind suddenly went blank and not knowing what to say she could only manage a nod. Snapping back to reality she went ahead to the vending machine and bought herself a drink and two juice. Arriving back to the rooftop Yuko noticed that something was off and asked, "what's wrong with you? Oh and I want my drink~"
"I just bumped into Tomochin" said Tomo while she tossed the drinks to Yuko.
"Oooh~ so what happened?" Grinned Yuko while she tossed the other drink to Takamina who caght it with one hand, "good catch~" she complimented, eceiving a nod from Takamina.
"Not much, just bumped to her that's all." Explained Tomo.
"So why do I feel like you're not in this world."
"I was just surprised to meet her that quick and close to."
"If you say so" smiled Yuko at her friend, "Takamina what do you think?"
"Sorry wasn't listening."
"Yeah, I didn't even know why I asked you."
"Hey! What's that supposed to mean."
"It means what it means" claimed Yuko while she and Tomo laughed at the confused Takamina.
"My friend, you really are innocent." said Yuko.
"Guys we should go back to class before the lunch break ends we only have 5 minutes." Informed Tomo.
"Ok let's run!" Suggested Yuko grabbing both of there hands and ran.
"Why are we running?" Questioned Takamina.
"No reason...just for fun." Smiled Yuko.
Sighing they just followed Yuko back to the classroom.

Taking a bath and relaxing in the bathtub she closed her eyes and thought about the event that happened. Thinking of Acchan she mumbled, "I didn't get a chance to talk to her today, I hope I could talk to her tomorrow." *wait, why am I disappointed and eager to talk to her* she questioned herself. Before she could think of anything else she removed herself from the bath and headed to her bedroom.

To be continued... what do you think? suck that bad? o.o   :mon huh2:

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Re: New fiction: Meeting You (Atsumina + Other Parings)
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2013, 01:19:58 AM »
It's pretty good!!! And Tomotomo!!!!!
Please continue I wanna read more!!!!
Chiyuu practici g kendo should be funny to watch xD

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Re: New fiction: Meeting You (Atsumina + Other Parings)
« Reply #3 on: January 23, 2013, 01:41:01 AM »
Minami is very strong... saving Atsuko like that...

Ah... love triangle between Tomochin, Minami and Atsuko I guess

Interesting... Thank you for the fic.

Can't wait for the next one

 :love: :heart: :wub: :inlove:

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Re: New fiction: Meeting You (Atsumina + Other Parings)
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continue this fiicc, i hope this will be love triangle between acchan, takamina and tomochin. Make them more aggressive to win minami pleasee, i think it will be interesting :3

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Re: New fiction: Meeting You (Atsumina + Other Parings)
« Reply #5 on: January 23, 2013, 02:52:30 AM »
Congrats on ur first fic :) I think its a great start :D Liking all the characters so far & its cool that Takamina, Yuko and Tomo are in the kendo club :) Looking forward to reading what happens next!

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Re: New fiction: Meeting You (Atsumina + Other Parings)
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Hahaaaa....takamina still dense
Love at first sight  :inlove:
Go atsumina...go tomotomo....  :D

Nice and interesting fic   :twothumbs

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Re: New fiction: Meeting You (Atsumina + Other Parings)
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Please continuous with this history.
is really great. I think
the couple is going to be tomotomo & atsumina  :wub:
you do really great  :w00t:
waiting the next chapter.  :twothumbs

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Re: New fiction: Meeting You (Atsumina + Other Parings)
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And im expecting theres kojiyuu *finger cross* too!

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Re: New fiction: Meeting You (Atsumina + Other Parings)
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YEAH!!! badass minami!! love it and atsumina couple... and tomotomo yeah!!

three kendo girls kyaaaaaaa sugoi! but you need to add oue kendo sempai matsui rena-sama you must to..

But about yuko.. can a request a kojiyuu, please?!?! :B

good story keep going!

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Re: New fiction: Meeting You (Atsumina + Other Parings)
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Wah...Minami very strong :wriggly: :wriggly:
and I can smell something like a war between Atsuko and Tomochiin :ding: :ding:
waiting for your next update :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda:
\\(''^0^)// Sou-chan  \\(^0^)//

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Re: New fiction: Meeting You (Atsumina + Other Parings)
« Reply #11 on: January 25, 2013, 10:13:42 AM »
Please Do Continue :D

I am a fan of AkB48.

I really love their songs.

I really like their fan fiction.

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Meeting You (Atsumina + Other Parings)
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I had exams so couldn't really update any sooner  :mon wind: anyways THANKS GUYS! xD

@kahem: hahahaha naw, it'll be all cool I made them'll see
@TakaminaBG: lol thx...I guess I will...
@cisda83 & FNK23: about the love triangle...maybe not or maybes yes o.o lol just look forward to it  xD
@arrow27: arigatou gozaimasu...  XD
@takamae: actually at first I was NOT gonna me her dense but it changed when I thought of something...ahahahaha
@stepk: thanks... :) and you could say there'll be more...  :twothumbs
@Chichay12: Imma finish what I started...hehehe and maybe
@Haruko: hahaha hell yes! I had to make her all badass so I did...lolol...anyways and again "maybe" hahaha
@Hii_chan: yepp...yepp...  :yep: and hmm.... ;p
@Wmatsui22: yesh I will....  XD

and umm...I'll update it tomorrow...immaa almost done...just have to write that scene...hahaha   :peace:

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Meeting You (Atsumina + Other Parings)
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*sigh* Finally chapter two~  :glasses: hahahaha....

                                                                                                           Chapter 2
For Takamina she felt that the whole morning went by so fast. *5 minutes before lunch* she thought looking at the clock. Looking in front of her, she could see that Acchan was still listening. *ah, what a good girl* smiled Takamina *I should ask her later if she would like to eat lunch with us* thinking she looked at the girl beside her *I should probably ask Tomochin also, I'm sure Tomo would like to have her over...even though I still don't get why..* scratching her head *ugh, whatever I'll figure it out later* hearing the bell ring she stood up and was about to approach Acchan however Tomochin suddenly clinged to Takamina's arm, distracted she missed her chance. Tomo who was watching what happened got jealous and went ahead of the group.
"Where are you going?" Asked Yuko.
"I'm going up ahead" replied Tomo while she made her way up.  Yuko nodded.
Having fun watching Takamina and Tomochin she asked Acchan if she would like to eat lunch with them? Acchan looked at Miichan, Yuko who saw this added "Miichan you can also come." Agreeing they both went with them.

They settled down making a circle and started to eat lunch.
"Ahh~~~"  stated Tomomichin to Takamina.
"Eh? What are you doing?"
"Well, it's not always healthy to eat convenience food, come on let me feed you~~ ahh"
Having no choice she had to do it.
Two people, Acchan and Tomo who was watching got jealous by it.
*I want Tomochin to feed me too* pouted Tomo while Acchan just sat and looked away feeling somehow irritated. Miichan who was just eating her lunch showed some interest and chuckled to herself thinking *what do we have here*. Yuko who obviously was enjoying this decided to help Acchan.
"Ne,Takamina how did you meet Acchan?"
"She saved me from some bad guys" Acchan explained trying to help Takamina.
"Oh~~ as expected from the captain!"
"Yeah well, even though Takamina is small, she's pretty strong and quick, she knows martial since her family runs a dojo and also she's the team captain of our Kendo club ~" explained Yuko.
"Oh, that's amazing"  said Acchan complimenting Takamina.
"Arigatou" said Takamina obviously embarrassed.

Chatting for quite sometime Takamina thoughf of inviting them to a cafè.
"Guys anyone want to go to a café later after school? We don't have practice anyways." looking at all of them.
"Sorry, can't, 'someone' is finally coming back and I'm planning on meeting her."
"I have work later,sorry."
"Umm..ok then... Tomochin, Miichan, Acchan? What about you?" asking them with pleading eyes.
"Aww...would love to go with you but I have to do something later." Said Tomochin.
"Can't either...I have plans" Said Miichan smiling.
Sighing Takamina turned to Acchan and said, "Are you busy too?" with a disappointing voice.
"Umm...actually I don't have anything." Responded Acchan smiling. Hearing Acchan's response Takamina grinned and hugged Acchan overjoyed.
Looking at the time, "Ok we better go back to class now" ordered Takamina.
"'s already class time...time went by too quick." Complained  Yuko.
"Well nothing you can do, come on let's go" sighed Takamina.

As class went smoothly during the afternoon. The end of the day came. Standing outside, Achhan waited for Takamina. As Acchan waited she saw Yuko, Tomo, Tomochin and Miichan.
"She'll be here in a couple of minutes the teacher just had to make her do something" said Yuko and she added grinning "Have fun~".
"Ummm... Thanks... Well, see you guys" said Acchan waving.
"See you" the others said while they went there own separate ways. After waiting for a few minutes Takamina finally arrive.
"Gomen, took me a while." Apologized Takamina.
"It's ok." Reassured Acchan.
"Hmmm... I still feel bad for making you wait, so I'll treat you on whatever you want when we go to the café." Smiled Takamina.
"Ehh? If it's not too much trouble then I guess so..."
"ok let's go!" Said Takamina grabbing Acchan's hand and ran.

Few minutes of running, Acchan was running out of breath, "Takahashi-san pl-please wait."
"Ah gomen, I just got really excited and you can call me Takamina."
"O-ok" she blushed.
"You know you're really cute when you blush."
"Hahaha it's true! Anyways we should keep going" smiled Takamina brightly.
*kawaii... she REALLY is cute when she's blushing*

Arriving at there destination, they entered the cafè and took a seat.
Looking at the menu she asked, "what would you like?"
"Everything seems delicious, I can't decide...well what's you recommendation?"
"Well the parfait here is delicious."
"Ok, ummm... I'll get the  strawberry parfait then and what about you?"
"Alright, and I will get my usual; banana."
Wanting to get their order Takamina called over a waitress.
Approaching them was none other than Mariko.
"Hey, Takamina" she greeted.
"Hey to you too and you know Miichan was asking when you're going back to school."
"Hmm...well I'm glad that Miichan is thinking about me." Chucked Mariko, "I  may go back in a few weeks and tell Miichan..." and whispered 'something' to Takamina.
"Ehh... Just call her, that's why their are cellphones."
"Hmm...but it makes it more fun."
"Ok,ok... I'll tell her." Sighed Takamina.
Changing the subject Mariko asked "Oh, whose this? This is the first time that you brought someone here...."
"...Could this be your girlfriend? Eh Takamina" teased Mariko.
"G-gi-giirlfriend?!?!" They both replied simultaneously.
"Ehhh... Of course not! this is my friend, Acchan" blushed Takamina as she was really embarrassed.
On the other hand Acchan was blushing like crazy.
*They really do look cute together* thought Mariko, while having fun at what she was witnessing in front of her.
*ahem coughed Mariko trying to bring them back to reality, "can I take your order now?"
"Oh ummm... I'll have one strawberry and one banana parfaits."
"Two parfaits coming right up!" Grinning as she walked away.
"Umm Acchan... Don't worry about what Mariko said"
"Ehhh...umm yeah..." Changing the subject she asked, "do you go here often?"
"Yeah ever since I was a kid, I've been coming here since then."
"Wow you must really like this place then."
"Yep!" She smiled happily.
"Sorry to interrupt you two but here's your two parfaits" smiled Mariko.
"Arigatou Mariko-sama!" chuckled Takamina.
"I'll leave you two alone" winked Mariko at the two of them, "Well, excuse me~"
"Seriously Mariko" mumbled Takahashi.
"Did you say something?"
"Ehh umm nope nothing! Come on you should taste the parfait. It's really delicious! I bet you'll love it"
"Ok" answerd Acchan, taking the small spoon and tried the delicacy.
"Heh, told ya! Do you want to try mine?" asked Takamina brightly.
"Ehh? Are you sure?"
"Yeah, here open your mouth say ahh"
Opening her mouth and tasting the parfait that Takamina ordered, "wow~ really delicious~ oh here why not try some of mine to"
"Alright" Takamina said opening her mouth.
"Ehh you want me to feed you?"
"Sure why not, why you don't want to?" Said Takamina  trying to have  a slight hurt in her voice.
"iie,iie,iie I will do it" leaning in and putting the spoon in Takamina's mouth.
*Isn't this an indirect kiss* thought Acchan blushing
"You know Acchan, you really blush a lot and it's cute."
"Maybe, that's because I'm with you" answered Acchan boldly. *ah wait, what did I say? Why did I just say that!!!*
Takamina who wasn't expecting that answer, lost her words.
Acchan who was troubled on what she just said was trying to think of something else to say.
Takamina collected herself however she was still blushing. "I-I'll take that as a compliment."
"Hehehe... But you're really cool!"
"Hahaha thanks Acchan and we should eat our Parfait now!"

They spent nearly and hour in the café before deciding to go home.
"I'll walk you to your house." smiled Takamina.
"What, no you don't have to"
"No,no I insist."
"Ok if you don't mind then."
"Nope not at all, come on let's go."

While walking together Takamina started up a conversation.
"So Acchan why'd you come in Tokyo?"
"Well, my parents wanted me to go to a good school that's why they sent me here I guess."
"Oh I see so you live alone? Isn't it lonely?"
"Yeah I live in an apartment and it's lonely sometimes."
"I can't imagine living by myself" laughed Takamina, "by the way what were you doing walking around that place yesterday?, it's a dangerous place."
"Oh ummm well, I went to the grocery store and I kind of got lost while walking back and you? if you say it's a dangerous place why were you there?" Pointed out Acchan.
"I was in a hurry home yesterday and it was a short cut so I took it, and more importantly you got home safely right?" Asked Takamina with a concern look on her face.
"Yeah I found my way home somehow."
"Yokatta" she sighed with relief "too bad I can't walk you's so lonely sometimes walking by yourself." Sighed Takamina again.
"Ehh..." Was all Acchan could say.

After walking for few minutes they finally arrived where Acchan lives.
"Here we are." said Acchan pointing at the big building in front of them."
"Woah this is a pretty huge place." exclaimed Takamina amazed. "You live at this apartment by yourself?"
"Hahaha yeah, my parents were pretty over dramatic about choosing this place for me."
"Wow your parents really loves you."
"I guess so...anyways you wanna come in?"
"Awww sorry I would want to but I have to go home, I have  practice today." Hearing her friend's answer Acchan got disappointed somehow. Takamina who noticed this felt bad and promised, "...but next time? For sure?"
"Ok, next time!" Cheered Acchan happily.
"Well I'll see you at school, ja ne~"
"See you" waving as she started to walk in the building.

~Next day during lunch~
"Hey guys!" Greeted Kojiharu waving as she approached the group sitting there shocked, except for Yuko who was smiling.
"Hey Nyan-Nyan~" Yuko was the first to greet her (of course).
"Hey Kojiharu, I didn't know you're back already." Said Tomo.
"Yeah" nod Takamina agreeing with Tomo.
"Ehh? Yuko didn't tell you yesterday?" Frowned Kaojjharu as she looked at Yuko.
"No, she didn't mention anything at all." said Takamina and Tomo in unison. Looking at each other they laughed.
"I must have forgot." said Yuko acting innocent.
"Hey Miichan~" said Kojiharu waving at Miichan.
"Hey~" replied Miichan looking up to see Kojiharu.
"Sorry to interrupt but if I may ask who would you be?" asked Tomochin.
Turning around to look who was speaking to her she replied, "Oh,sorry to introduce myself late...I'm Kojima Haruna you can call me Kojiharu, Kojipu or Nyan-Nyan--"
"Noo~ Nyan-Nyan is only for me~" interrupted Yuko acting childish.
Kojiharu who blushed, hit Yuko on the head.
"Itaaaai" yelped Yuko touching her head.
Ignoring her protest she continued. "You must me Itano Tomomi" said Kojiharu pointing at her.
Nodding, she said smiling, "you can just call me Tomochin."
"Ok...And you must be Maeda Atsuko?" Looking at Acchan.
"Ah...umm yeah, you can call me Acchan."
"I've heard interesting things about you too from Yuko" said Kojiharu bluntly.
"Ehh?!" said both Acchan and Tomochin surprised.
"Well, she said that you like-"
Before she could say anything else Yuko who was nervous interrupted,
"I-I j-just said to her that t-there was two transfer students and that I've become friends with you two."
"Ehhh...that's not what you said you said that they like T-" said Kojiharu. Before she could say anything else, Yuko grabbed her and covered mouth.
"Yes it is I said that." said Yuko and whispered something to her ear.
"Oh!" Said Kojiharu.
"So what was it?" Asked Takamina curious.
"W-what Yuko was saying." Quickly replied Kojiharu.
" that so?" Said Takamina still not satisfied.
"I guess so then." Frowned Takamina  dropping the topic.

"Nyan-Nyan~" grinned Yuko, grabbing her and making her sit beside her. "Ne, Nyan-Nyan feed me~"
"Yada, you're not a kid."
"Aww...come on we haven't seen each other for a while and I really missed you~" pleaded Yuko snuggling close to Kojiharu.
"J-just this once then and i-it's n-not like I-I m-missed you or anything." said Kojiharu looking away flushed.
"Such a tsundere." Teased Yuko.
"I am not! And I think I change my mind...I'm not feeding you anymore." Pouted Kojiharu.
"Ehh... I was just joking~ come on feed me~ I really miss you're cooking~" said Yuko acting like a child.
"Ok,ok fine, here aaa~" 
Yuko opened her mouth and chomped the food, "delicious as always~"

Acchan who was 'kind' of watching the exchange happen thought *woah, what's with this vibe that they're projecting...seems like they're a couple...but can't be right?*
"Yo, you couple over there could you please stop being so affectionate with each other, we can't eat while watching you two getting all lovey-dovey and seems like you're making 'some' people here confuse or something." joked Miichan and by meaning 'some' people she pointed out to Accan and Tomochin.
"But I missed my Nyan-Nyan and it's our quality time." grinned Yuko.
"You can do your 'quality time' somewhere else but not here~ this is school~" smiled  Tomo slightly amused.
Couldn't help but ask, Acchan blurted out, "what's your relationship with each other?" She fiddled with her thumb, looking embarrassed  on just what she asked. *baka! Why did I just ask that.*

Yuko who wasn't really afraid to tell people about their relationship answered bluntly, "Kojiharu is my...girlfriend!" planting a kiss on Kojiharu's cheek.
"Ehhh!!" All of them shouted in surprise except for Tomo and Miichan who already knew about this.
Agape from what she heard she said, "G-girlfriend!?"
"Yep, Nyan nyan is my girlfriend~~" Yuko exclaimed happily.
"Since when? And Tomo, Miichan you knew about this? I only thought that Yuko was only playing around..." Said Takamina confused.
"Yeah we already knew it, it was so obvious" pointed out Miichan.
"Eh? it was that obvious?" chuckled Yuko.
"Why didn't you tell me" pouted Takamina, "I'm the only one that didn't know well except for these two but I should've known since I'm your friend."
"Well...we...thought that you already knew." said Yuko, "but thinking about it now you're really dense about this kind of situation."  she mumbled.
"Huh? Did you say something else?"
"N-no I didn't" denied Yuko.
Cutting in Tomocin said, "we'll that's great~ you two make a great couple" and looked at Tomo then Takamina.

As the group kept  talking, that got Acchan thinking and looked at Takamina. *I wonder what these feelings are?Do I like Takamina that way?  No way, right? We're both girls after all but Yuko has a Kojiharu and I think it's ok, I wonder what Takamina thinks of me?* While she pondered, she didn't  know that someone was watching her.
Takamina found herself staring at Acchan, *She's beautiful...* realizing that she was staring she looked away before she could get caught. Remembering about yesterday she relied the 'message' to Miichan. Miichan hearing the message grinned and thanked Takamina.

Class time ended and the trio got up, headed for practice. Reaching  the dojo they stopped, as they could hear the younger members practicing. "Ho-ho seems like our underclassmen our fired up today." Commented Yuko smiling.
"Seems so." said Tomo.
"We can't also loose, so come on let's go!" Said Takamina running into the changing room. Entering the room the underclassmen stopped practicing and greeted the trio. After few minutes of practicing Tomo and Yuko took a break and watched. In there surprise two people showed up at the door.
"Sumimasen, is this the kendo club?" asked a certain girl.
"Baka, did you really have to ask that." Said the other girl hitting her friend on the head.
"That hurts you know." Pouted the girl.
"Hai,hai, gomen nasai." apologized Rena patting Jurina on the head.
'ahem' coughed Yuko smiling, "what can we help you with?"
"Eto...we would like to join the kendo club." Said Rena bowing and whispered to Jurina "come on you too" putting her hand on Jurina's head and made her bow.
"Oi! Takamina~ we have new members joining~" shouted Yuko.
Stopping, she went to get a drink of water and wiped her sweat away before going to greet the two.

Finally meeting the two, they exchanged some words; Takamina introduced herself and the duo introduced themselves as well.
"My name is Matsui Rena, hajimemashite."
"And mine is Matsui Jurina, how do you do."
"Eh? are you sisters?" asked Takamina.
Laughing they replied, "No~" Leaving it at that.

Happy that they got new members the group welcomed them happily.
"Do you have your equipments?" Asked Takamina.
Nodding they both went outside the door and took it in.
"If it's ok with you, can you show us what you got?" Asked Takamina.
Agreeing, Takamina told Yuko and Tomo to spar with them.
"Hey! Why us? You should do it." Said Yuko while in fact she  got up and put on her protectors.
"That's  because I would like to... watch the match." Said Takamina bluntly.
"I'm against?" Asked Tomo looking at the two.
"You'll be sparring with Matsui-san." forgetting that there were two of them.
"There's two Matsui you know." Said Tomo.
" could just call us by our first names." Said Rena.
"Tomo you'll be with Rena, so Yuko you're against Jurina."
Jurina and Rena first excused themselves to put on their bōgu. 

Returning the two, took their positions and started. The other members who were practice stopped and watched; filling the room with silence except for the two fighting against each other and their shinai could be heard striking against the other. At first glance you could tell that they're fighting equally however Yuko was being overpowered. But again Yuko wasn't using all of her strength. *she's pretty good but this fighting can't go on forever* thought Yuko. Takamina who was watching got impressed by the girl's strength. Looking at Yuko she saw her smile. *it seems that she's planning on ending this, I wonder how Jurina would  handle this* thought Takamina smiling to herself. Tomo who noticed this asked, "why are you smiling?"
"Just watch~" grinned Takamina. 
"Ok then" said  Tomo, looking back at the two figures fighting with each other and finally figure out why Takamina was smiling.
Yuko who was planning on ending this took the offensive. *woah, strong.* thought Jurina while she tried to keep up with each strike. Finally seeing an opening Yuko struck  a 'men'. "Ehhhhh?" said Jurina shocked as she didn't anticipate it. *I didn't see that coming* thought Jurina while they bowed to each other. "Thanks for the match." Said Jurina.
"Same here~ and you know you're pretty good."smiled Yuko.
"N-no not really and you're amazing too senpai." replied Jurina thinking about what happened.
"Hahaha...arigatou and well we should also watch the upcoming 'battle'." grinned Yuko.

Tomo and Rena who already started were doing pretty good. Neither of them wanted to loose (even though it's only a practice). Tomo, trying to get the right timing to execute her plan waited patiently. Five minutes  passed and neither gave up. Finally Tomo who thought she have the right timing, hooked Rena's  shinai with her shinai; spinning Rena's shinai down. Getting the right timing and the right amount of strength she actually spun off Rena's shinai from her hands and striking a 'men' thus ending the match.

Clapping her hand Takamina complimented the two members, "you guys are really good."
"B-but we lost." Said Jurina and Rena.
"Well, these two have been practicing Kendo since they were little and it's rare that someone beats them." chuckled Takamina, "but you really do have skills, keep practicing and you'll beat them."
"Hey!" Said Yuko.
Laughing they went back to practice.

Finished practicing they locked the dojo. Heading outside the trio saw someone standing.
"Is that Acchan?" Asked Tomo.
"Oooh~ seems that someone is waiting for our captain~" teased Yuko.
"Hey~" waved Yuko at Acchan.
Meeting with Acchan, Yuko and Tomo bid their goodbyes leaving Takamina and Acchan alone.
Breaking the silence Takamina said, "You didn't have to wait for me you know...I'm troubling you."
"N-no it's ok besides you said that walking alone is lonely and I also joined a club." Smiled Acchan.
"Well I said that but I guess it's ok if you joined a club 'cause I really would feel guilty if you waited for me."
Answering her, they headed home.

To be continued... this chapter good? hahahaha... :smoke:

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Re: Meeting You (Atsumina + Other Parings) ~update chapter 2~ [1/27/13]
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Thanks for the update! Really enjoyed this chapter :) Kojiharu's and Mariko's entrance into the story was great :D & Takamina and Acchan are so cute, both blushing lol.

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Thanks for the update! Really enjoyed this chapter :) Kojiharu's and Mariko's entrance into the story was great :D & Takamina and Acchan are so cute, both blushing lol.

hahaha thanks yesh I really just had to make their entrance freakin' "something"  :on gay: :on gay: :on gay: (don't know how to explain) and hell yes!  :farofflook: :farofflook:

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wooo I love it  :inlove:
really nice history

Thanks for update. :twothumbs

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Kojiyuu couple is so cute~
Tsundere Kojiharu is the best ^^

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acchan and takamina are cute~
give me more blushing acchan XDD

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OMG!!Kojiyuu yeah!! :B jeje atsumina  y tomotomo are so tsundere..

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