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Author Topic: Travel To A Distant World: The Recruitment (Mayuki) [side story] (Dec 29 2013)  (Read 92684 times)

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Travle To A Distant World Chapter 3–The Traitor? (2013/June/04)
« Reply #40 on: June 04, 2013, 02:22:14 PM »
Thanks so much for the comments and reading ^^ so happy you’re all liking this so far! Here is the next chapter! In the next few days I may update fast but starting June 10th they’ll slow down a bit since I have an exam on the 19th, but I assure you it won’t be a long wait :) I’m already working on the others chapters before I have to get studying.

You’ll all find out what happens in this chapter of course after Atsuko shot at Minami! :D

sakura_drop_: lol poor Yukirin indeed, I don’t think Takahashi plans to buy her a replacement phone. And yes, Yuko is awesome no matter what!
bunny_rabbit: Secrets do indeed come with a price, you’ll find out bit by bit each chapter reagarding what’s happened :) R.I.P Yukirin’s phone!
kenjoy12: Glad you’re getting hyped. Things will continue to be revleaed bit by bit. And I apologize for the cliff hanger lol, but here’s the next chapter :D
den_takacchan: You’re welcome! And lol cliff-hangers are a pain, but when you’re writing you can’t help but add them :P
X_Last-Cross_X: You’re Oshimen is indeed having a rough day! And wow :O That’s awesome that we share the same imagination of technology! At ten years old though, you had it before me! I was 3 years after that :P But you explained it perfectly :D
cisda83: Thanks! You’ll find out soon :D
Dieyg48: AW and OW Takamina, good abbreviations :) Glad you like the action, hopefully I can write more in where it fits :)
Chichay12: You’re very welcome! As your request, here is the update the next day! Enjoy
Shinoki: lol a lot happened :P Glad you find it interesting!
FlameHazeKatsu: Lol, guess I am making my debut :O And lol, Yukirins phone was a necessary sacrifice!
Rachel431: Yuko is def a badass character!
bunny_rabbit: LMAO! That’d be quite something. I don’t think the Atsuko in the original world would appreciate knowing a ‘different’ Atsuko gave Minami a bullet souvenir in the head :P
Haruko: Indeed that is the question. What is Acchan thinking! She’s a mystery :O
Tanchan: Glad you like the genre, hope you continue to enjoy the fic :)


Chapter 3 – The Traitor?

(Original World)

   “Wait hold on! I can’t do this” I protested as Oshima and Kojima dragged me onto the stage.
   “You have to! At least for now. The managers and camera crew will be coming in soon for a bit, and you have to pretend to other Minami? Ah! You know what I mean. Pretend to be AKB, the idol groups’ leader. At least until practice is over. Then after that we can make up an excuse that you’re sick or hurt and will have to miss a few activities. That should give you time to do what you need to figure this whole thing out.” Oshima instructed.

   “But I don’t know what to do. I don’t dance or sing.” I further protested.
   “You’ll be fine; you just have to yell out a few orders. You may be a different Takamina but you are still her.” Minegishi encouraged.
   “Yes, we’ll teach you quickly the song we’re practicing before management arrives” Kojima said.
   “...I just... don’t think this is what I should be doing” I told them.

   “Well you have to take responsibility for this. We can’t exactly tell everyone the truth, so in the meantime you have to pretend to be the idol groups AKB leader in order not to cause fans and others to panic.” Shinoda said with a bit of frustration.

         I could tell she was somewhat mad and worried. So was everyone else once I told them that the Minami they knew was in danger. So it was understandable they were somewhat frustrated with me.
   “Yah you’re not exactly giving us much to go on. You won’t explain to us why Minami would be in danger with AKB back in your world or give any details. You have to understand that worries us. But since we have no other option, we have to trust you.” Akimoto said.

   “...I’m sorry. I will take responsibility. I’ll do what you need me to do and I promise I’ll get your leader back” I announced with determination. 
         Oshima nodded in approval, “that’s the spirit!” she yelled as she lightly smacked me on the back.
         Watanabe stepped forward and proposed something, “we should give her a nickname. Referring to her as Minami and Takamina would be confusing.”
        “Good idea Mayu! Amongst ourselves we can use that name, but we have to be sure to refer to her the same way in front of outsiders to the truth” Kashiwagi announced.
         I stood and stared as everyone began to think. They want to give me a nickname? I understood it was mostly to differentiate me from the Minami they knew, but the friendly gesture still made me happy.

         “This is hard since we don’t really know much about you” Matsui said.
         “Yes, not like you’re sharing much” Kuramochi chimed in.

          “Ah! If fits perfectly then. Jane Doe!” Matsui Jurina shouted. Jane Doe? I rattled in my head for the meaning and understood why they’d propose that. Everyone else exchanged smiles and began to agree.
          “That’s great! Jane it is then! Are you alright with that” Oshima asked, given me her brightest smile. Looking around at all their faces, reminded me how much I wanted to preserve those smiles. It also reminded me what my objective was in the first place. For the first time since I’d arrived here...For the first time in awhile actually, I gave a small smile, and nodded. “Jane is alright”
          “Great. It’s settled then. Remember to address Jane as Minami or Takamina when others are present everyone” Yuko instructed as everyone agreed.
          “We should show you the song and dance now”

          I nodded, but then remembered something I wanted to ask, and turned to Shinoda. “It may not be my place to ask, but... I’ve noticed Atsuko isn’t here”

          Everyone stopped chatting and stared at me, I felt like I might’ve said something wrong but then Minegishi stepped forward and narrowed her eyes at me, “hold on! How come you called Atsuko by her first name but refer to all of us by our last” she pouted.
          They all looked questioningly at me and I wondered how my question was now being used against me. Damn. I slipped up.     

          “I...It’s nothing. I just slipped up is all. So, where is Maeda” I corrected. They all still stared at me suspiciously, clearly wanting to press further for answers but decided to drop it for the moment.
          “We’ll explain later. We have time after practice. Think of it as exchanging information, you open up more about what’s going on and we tell you about Atsuko and whatever else you want to know.” Minegishi reasoned. I sighed and decided to just go along with their practice for now.

          However, I couldn’t help but let my mind wonder to my world and the other Minami. This place I’m in now is peaceful, and proving I came from a different world is easy to prove with my advanced technology and skills. On the other hand, Minami is in a much more dangerous place, with no knowledge of anything, and proving she’s not me would be near impossible. Please try to hold out Minami...for the sake of your friends here.
(Alternate world)

   I groggily awoke with much effort. Blinking as I tried to take in my surroundings. I was laying on a simple bunk bed in a poorly lit...prison cell!? Opening my eyes all the way, I realized I was indeed in some sort of imprisonment. Bars were place directly across my bed and when I tried to get up; I realized my right hand was cuffed to the bar on my bed side. “What the hell!” I slightly panicked while trying to pull myself free to no avail. Okay Minami, calm down, panicking won’t help. Try to remember what happened. However, remembering what happened somehow made things more unclear. Yuko tried killing me, we get attacked by some mutant dogs and then...Atsuko shot me! I quickly looked down to my chest but saw there was no wound, but there was a light stab of pain. A bruise? That was a rubber bullet wasn’t it? “Oh man just what the heck is going on!” I ruffled my hair with both hands in frustration. A dream? This has to be. Maybe I’m still unconscious by the riverside or something. But come everything feels so real?
   I was still deep in thought until I heard the unlocking of the cell door. Looking up, I recognized Rie and Mocchi. “Ah” I attempted to stand up but got pulled down by the chains. “Rie! Asuka! What’s going on?” There was much I wanted to ask, but most of all I wanted to know what was happening. I was glad to see the two of them, but then again, I worried their reactions would be similar to Yuko or Atsuko.

        The two of them exchanged glances; Rie looked at me sadly at first but then maintained a calm look, same with Asuka. “Please refrain from calling us so formally Takahashi san” Asuka spoke up as the Rie walked over and began to unlock the chains.

        “It’s best if you cooperate and not resist” Rie warned as she finished unlocking the cuff and freed my wrist. I rubbed it since it was slightly sore.

        “We’ve been asked to escort you to the main office. Follow us and don’t try anything.” Asuka said. She walked in front of me while Rie walked behind me. Both of them carried guns and their appearance was slightly scruff, as though they’d been in many fights, but next to that they seemed like the same old Rie and Asuka she knew. I kept walking behind Mocchi but turned my head over to Rie, “Um, how long was I out for exactly?” I decided to ask.

        Rie kept her eyes forward and I thought she may not answer, but then she said, “Only a couple of hours. You were out like a light when Atsuko brought you in.”

        “Ah, that’s right!” I suddenly stopped walking and both girls looked at me questioningly. “What was up with the whole being shot thing? I get it was a rubber bullet but isn’t that a bit extreme. And same with Yuko! And what was up with those freaky dogs? If this is all some sort of prank then I seriously think you’re all taking it too far” I said in a frustrated tone, all the shock suddenly coming back. The two girls exchanged confused glances with one another and raised an eyebrow.

        Asuka addressed me, “Listen, it’d be a lot easier if you cooperate. Pretending to feign madness won’t help your situation. Accept what’s to come to you.”

        My eyes widen in shock. Now I’m even more confused. “I’m not pretending to be anything and I’m not crazy. Everyone else here seems pretty crazy to me though” I raised my voice. They ignored me as Rie pushed me forward to keep walking behind Asuka. We took an elevator upstairs and exited into some lobby that had maps plastered to the walls and weapons lying around. I followed through a narrow hallway and then we stood in front of two big doors. Asuka knocked on the door. “We brought the prisoner”

       “Come in” A familiar voice said. The doors opened and the two escorted me in. The room like the rest of the place looked old, but it appeared to be a room held for meetings. There seated at the desk at the far end was none other than Mariko sama. And around the room were other familiar faces. Haruna who didn’t even glance my way was talking to Yuko, who glared at me. Miichan and Mayu stopped what they were doing to stare at me. Yuki, Tomochin and Yui also acknowledged my arrival. Sae and Sayaka were at the end of the room conversing about something and Sasshi was busy clicking away on some sort of laptop. And beside Mariko, Atsuko stood, her facial expression calm. 

         “Long time no see Minami. It was pretty carless of you to come within range of our territory.” Mariko said. “It was even more carless of you to be walking around unarmed. We checked you before locking you up and you weren’t even carrying your watch. Did you lose it?”

          I could only stare as Mariko talked. Not knowing where even to begin, but I figured I’d answer her question. “I’m not really the type to wear a watch, you know that” I said in a mater-of-fact tone.

          Everyone shot me a curious look. But Mariko continued to speak, “so what were you doing in our territory anyway. I’m guessing you knew the risk of returning here”

          I looked around the room again then back at Mariko, slowly losing my cool. “I seriously don’t get why I’m the one being questioned here. I’m the one with questions to ask. Like what’s up with Yuko continuously glaring at me. Or those dogs that attacked, and Atsuko appearing out of nowhere shooting me! Which hurt for you information.” I accused as I rubbed the sore spot on my chest. Mariko looked to Rie and Asuka who just shrugged.

         “She’s been acting weird since we took her out of the cell” Rie told them.
I let out a forced laugh, “you’re all the ones who are weird, not me. Is this a prank of something? Are we secretly being filmed? There has to be hidden cameras here somewhere” I said frantically since everyone’s serious expressions were making me nervous. If this isn’t a dream, then it has to be fake. None of this can be real!

         Sayaka spoke up. “We don’t know what you’re up to Minami. But acting like this won’t help you. You’ll make this a whole lot easier on everyone if you just admitted to what you’ve done. Don’t make this any harder than it already is.” She said tiredly.

         Everyone began to whisper and talk but then Mariko raised her palm to silence everyone and sighed. “Minami, are you trying to convince us you lost your memories or something?” she questioned.

         Before I could answer, Yuko stood up and quickly walked towards me. She grabbed me by my collar and yelled, “Don’t you dare throw out pathetic excuses! Don’t you dare say you forgot what you’ve done! Don’t you dare try to cover up for your mistakes?” Haruna and Miichan had to peel her off me and I coughed due to how strongly she held me.

         “Calm down Yuko.” Mariko told the girl then faced me again. “I don’t believe she’s lost her memories, after all she does recognize us all, correct?”

          I straightened up, “I’m honestly beginning to question that myself. You all look the same, but my friends wouldn’t act like this”

          ...It was silent, and then Yuko barked out again, “You have no right to call us your friends!”

          For the first time, Atsuko spoke up. “Mariko, why don’t we have her tell us what she believes she knows. It seems we’re all having a different conversation here and it won’t help to keep going back and forth like this.”

          “Right you are Atsuko... So Minami, why don’t you start by telling us what you were doing in our territory? And I’d appreciate no interruptions from anyone else” she looked to Yuko who muttered something and sat by Haruna. 

           I sighed. “Look, I don’t know what you mean by territory. I left my apartment and was heading over to the station to meet with Miichan so we can go to practice together”

           Miichan raised an eyebrow, “Hold on, I wasn’t supposed to meet you”

           Mariko shot her a look, “Miichan, I said no interruptions” Miichan stuck her tongue out at Mariko, who smirked. She then turned back to me, “What do you mean go to practice together.”

           “What do you mean what do I mean. We had rehearsals for our concert coming up, but then I ended up falling into a river and when I got out well...that’s when I had my little meeting with Yuko...”

           “Concert!” Sasshi shot up her head from the laptop. “That sounds like fun!”
            Everyone shot her a glare. “What?” she said defensively.
           “Why would we be having rehearsals for a concert?” Mariko further asked.
           “Seriously? Because that’s what we do. AKB48. Idol group. We perform for our fans.” I explained.


            Everyone was quiet, then Sae chocked up, trying to hold in a laugh but couldn’t as she laughed out loud. “I’m sorry! It’s just...imagining most members singing and dancing to cute songs is too much” she continued laughing and a few other members who were present, smirked.

            I pouted without any real anger, “hey! We don’t just sing cute songs, we sing cool and dark songs once in awhile too” I defended.

           “Wait, so we’re all in this idol group? Am I popular?” Sasshi asked as Yuki smacked her on the head.

           “You guys aren’t taking this seriously are you...?” I said dejectedly.

           “Aren’t you the one who isn’t taking this seriously?” Haruna said in a bored tone.

           “What do you make of this Atsuko?” Mariko asked as the two continued to look at me.

           “...There’s no doubt she honestly believes what she’s saying” Atsuko answered.
           “It doesn’t make sense though. Even if she was knocked in the head a hundred times, a person would tend to lose their memory, not recreate everything they knew...” Mayu chimed in.

            Yuko spoke up again, more calmly this time but anger still seeped in her voice. “Lost memory or altered memory, it doesn’t change or fix what she’d done.”

            Everyone had a grave expression, and I could tell the atmosphere suddenly changed.

            “Yuko’s right. Most members wouldn’t care for excuses. The civilians as well wouldn’t be forgiving. They won’t be satisfied until Takamina pays for her crimes” Miichan said.

             I was shocked to hear that once again. “Hold on! What crimes! I haven’t done anything that gives you all the right to treat me as some sort of criminal.” I protested.

             Atsuko stepped up before Mariko answered, “Takahashi Minami, you are accused of betrayal towards the AKB rebellion, treachery to the citizens we swore to protect, fraternizing with the government, and for the murder of over a dozen AKB members and citizens”

End of chapter 3

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Re: Travle To A Distant World Chapter 3–The Traitor!? (2013/June/04)
« Reply #41 on: June 04, 2013, 03:01:07 PM »
another update :onioncheer:

I guess if Atsuko know that her other self gave Takamina a bullet in her head as souvenir she will jump to the other world and smack her other self for doing it... :on lol:

so...that was what 'Jane' had done :hehehe: but the reasons behind her actions are still unrevealed...

anyway, nice chapter and good luck with your upcoming exam :on GJ:

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Re: Travle To A Distant World Chapter 3–The Traitor!? (2013/June/04)
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Minami in idol world... really had it easier than Minami in the other world...

Minami in the war world really had a hard life there... very dangerous too...

What the heck... the other Minami did... to earn such crimes....?

So is Minami really guilty of the crimes they mentioned...?

Would idol Minami be to save herself from this bad situation?

What's going to happen with both Minami?

Can't wait

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Travle To A Distant World Chapter 3–The Traitor!? (2013/June/04)
« Reply #43 on: June 04, 2013, 03:05:23 PM »
 :OMG: :OMG: :OMG:

uwa~ this chapter has so many feels....

Jane has to practice and pretend she's awesome like Takamina... and then Takamina...she's getting it WAY worse...she s being accused....

Atsuko is so cool in this and Yuko-sama~  :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv1:

but the accusations...did Jane really did all that....?  :shock: :shock: :shock:

arienai..  :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum:

update soon!!!!
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Re: Travle To A Distant World Chapter 3–The Traitor!? (2013/June/04)
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omg omg omg!!!
This fic is killing me :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
Minami what will happen to you?
I cant wait to read the next update kyaaaaa :on gay:
Arrow thank so so so much!  :cow:

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Re: Travle To A Distant World Chapter 3–The Traitor!? (2013/June/04)
« Reply #45 on: June 04, 2013, 03:13:36 PM »
Ahhhh!!! Oh no...Takamina is in a big trouble right now!!!
 :banghead: :( :cry:

~Well, at least Jane is being treated nicely in the OW...~
 :twothumbs :wub: :D

~And they even give AW Takamina a nickname...Jane Doe..Kakkoi!!~
 :yep: :heart: :lol:

~But really, poor Takamina...Takamina keep moving on and convince them!!!
 :twisted: :twothumbs :thumbsup

~B-B-But...I didn't know that Jane has KILLED a DOZEN of AKB member and the other citizen!!??
 :banghead: :shocked :panic:

~Honestly to speak, i kinda like it like this...Jane being harsh in here..but she must have a reason to do it..yeah...
 :yep: :twothumbs :sweatdrop:

~GoGo!!! I love this kind of genre!!! Pls update more of it!!! I'll be waiting for sure!!!~
 :twothumbs :thumbsup :bow: :banghead:
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Re: Travle To A Distant World Chapter 3–The Traitor!? (2013/June/04)
« Reply #46 on: June 04, 2013, 03:21:52 PM »
Yeah, I've been imagine that since my childhood.... Just like you know, dreaming about it  :P :P :P

YUKO, I SWEAR I'M GONNA RIP YOU APART IF YOUR TRY TO SCRATCH MY OSHIMEN WITH YOUR DIRTY HANDS!!!!! (I will gonna give her a series of roundhouse kicks with additional of multiple swordslashes)  :angry: :angry: :angry:

I think Takamina (Original world) and Minami (Alternative world) was having a hard time, but in Takamina's case, she have a very worst hard time.

Takamina, you should start using swords and bladed weapons in mastery level so that you could knock them all (being a midget has a many advantages: Speed, Agility, Reaction Time and Evasion)

Minami, start now to repair your watch so you could save my Oshimen.....  8) 8) 8)

Waiting for your next update  XD XD XD
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Re: Travle To A Distant World Chapter 3–The Traitor!? (2013/June/04)
« Reply #47 on: June 04, 2013, 03:43:42 PM »
Oh my gosh! This is just keep better and better! Ahaha :twothumbs

Again! I'm hyper very thrilling! :fap

Poor Takamina.. Come on! Takamina prove that they're wrong.. Wow everyone at alternate world looked really pissed .. What are the reasons why Jane did all the accusements to her? We know that there is a valid reason..

Oh! I think Jane will be troubled about the dance routine.. Gambatte!

Great update! :thumbsup

Thank you :bow: :twothumbs

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Re: Travle To A Distant World Chapter 3–The Traitor!? (2013/June/04)
« Reply #48 on: June 04, 2013, 10:12:11 PM »
that was so epic...
and I'm like... still Takamina!!
Ok... Jane-san, what did you dooooooooooooo??!!
Jane Doe, Takasolo~~
hrm... poor Takamina...
and Sasshi <3 <3 lol

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Re: Travle To A Distant World Chapter 3–The Traitor!? (2013/June/04)
« Reply #49 on: June 05, 2013, 03:17:20 AM »
por minami she have a big problem but nobody believe in her..

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Re: Travle To A Distant World Chapter 3–The Traitor!? (2013/June/04)
« Reply #50 on: June 05, 2013, 06:04:25 PM »
Wow that was something!

I feel bad for Minami in the alternate world.  :cry: She didn't anything; she's just confuse.
Though, it seems that Minami has a new nickname in the normal world. Jane Doe. That's cool. XD

Please update soon. :) XD
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Re: Travle To A Distant World Chapter 3–The Traitor!? (2013/June/04)
« Reply #51 on: June 06, 2013, 01:47:37 AM »
oh zaaaaaaaamn~!  :shock: "Jane" y u betray them!? :frustrated: must have a reason...right...  :smoke: ...right....
This is seriously getting cooler each chapter!  :on GJ: wooo~ hehehehe can't wait to see the reason (if there is one...I'm sure there is) why "Jane" did it...  :glasses:
Takamina!!! hold on!!!!  :pleeease: ...stay safe!  :cool1: hehehehe

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Travle To A Distant World Chapter 4–The Verdict!? (2013/June/06)
« Reply #52 on: June 06, 2013, 01:55:03 PM »
Thanks again for reading everyone! I know you’re all curious about what Jane did and it will be revealed eventually along with other things :D ENJOY CHAPTER 4!

bunny_rabbit: Lol, that’s definitely a possibility of what Atsuko would do if that were to happen :P And yes nothing revealed yet :) & thank you, I’ll need luck!
cisda83: Wish I could answer all your questions now lol. Sadly though the answers will be given as the chapters go by :) & yah, even though they’re both ‘Minami’ they grew up under different circumstances.
sakura_drop_: Lol we’ll see if Jane can pull off her moments of being an idol, but idol Takamina is one of a kind :D As for Minami’s crimes, we’ll see if she’s guilty or not! :O
Chichay12: Lol you’re welcome. Glad you’re engaged into the story :)
Dieyg48: Thanks for always waiting for an update ^^ Our Takamina is tough so you’ll see how she handles things! As for Jane, she’s still a mystery so we’ll find out more about her later on ^_^
X_Last-Cross_X: Well who doesn’t dream of these sorts of things when they’re younger :D & lol, Yuko will have to remember to never cross paths with you :P
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FlameHazeKatsu: There def will be an explanation of Jane’s past with AKB so no worries :)


Chapter 4 – The Verdict

(Original World)

       “Graduated. What do you mean? She isn’t dead or anything is she!?” I yelled.

        Yuko threw a towel at my head. “Of course not you idiot. We mean she’s no longer part of the group. Being in AKB isn’t a permanent gig. You graduate when you’re ready to move on and follow your own dreams” she explained.

        I was both shocked and fascinated to hear this.

        Most of the members who were at practice gathered in the change room, and we began to talk. The practice had gone by fairly well. At least enough to fool the managers and camera crew. I was stiff with the singing and dancing, but Oshima figured that was at least a good way to start the whole ‘Minami isn’t feeling well’ excuse.

        “That’s pretty amazing.” I commented honestly in regards to the graduation process. Of course there were no graduations back in my world from AKB. The only thing that’d make someone leave AKB was death or certain circumstances. “So... what’s Atsuko’s dream? Is she happy” I eagerly asked, wanting to know more.

        Minegishi raised a finger and waved it back and forth. “Nu uh. Information for information remember. We told you this, so you have to answer our previous question. How come you keep referring to Atsuko by her first name but not us?”

        “Yah, spill!” Sashihara yelled.

        I sighed. “It’s...complicated...” they all waited for me to continue. “I really don’t know where to begin...I’m just no longer used to calling you all by your first names. I kind of lost that privilege, and to respect the wishes of the AKB members, I wasn’t allowed to formally call out to you anymore.”

        Everyone looked confused and I knew they wanted to ask more about the situation. “Did you get into a fight with all the members or something?” Kashiwagi asked.

        I let out a bitter smile. “...Yah, something like that. I’d rather not talk about it yet.”

        Seeing my mood and expression, they all decided to drop the subject. “Okay then, so why still refer to Atsuko by her first name?”

        A blush appeared on my face and I lowered my head. “...It’s just...I’ve always been close to Atsuko I guess. I couldn’t get used to referring to her by her last name”

        “Hey, are you blushing! Why are you blushing?” Oshima said out loud.

        “I’m not!” I looked up defensively and glared.

        “You totally are” Watanabe quipped.

        “Wait, how close exactly are you to Atsuko?” Itano questioned.

         At that question my face grew redder and Oshima grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me back and forth, “hey come on, answer us!”

        “Ah! Geez. She was my partner alright!” I said, releasing myself from Oshima’s grip.

        “By mean...GIRLFRIEND!” Kawaei yelled out as everyone began to talk at once.

        I should’ve kept my mouth shut. The all kept asking me if that’s what it meant and I finally answered. “Yes, yes. She was my girlfriend I guess. Man you’re all noisy.”

        “Woah, no way” Minegishi said.

        “Well, I mean since their AKB isn’t an idol group, they obviously don’t have a rule against dating.” Yokoyama said.

        “...So no one minds that you two are dating?” Iwata asked curiously.

        “Were” I corrected. “And it wasn’t really dating. We were just together. And why would anyone mind?” I raised an eyebrow. “No one cared about what we did. The last thing on people’s minds is to worry over others relationships” I answered with calm. “Being with Atsuko just made sense then” I shrugged.

        “...Wow. Well, if you two are anything like the Minami and Atsuko we know, then you were meant to be” Kojima smiled.

        I smiled back sadly, “You guys seriously keep forgetting the past tense sentences I said. We aren’t together anymore.”

        “Is it regarding that fight you had with the whole group” Minegishi worriedly asked.

        “...Yah. It’s not their faults though. It’s mine.”

        Shinoda spoke up seriously, “You mentioned before that Minami wouldn’t be safe with AKB. Why not?”

    I kept silent, but she shouted the question, “why not!?”

        “Hey Mariko, calm done” Kitahara tried to calm her but she was ignored.
        “I can’t calm down. We still don’t know where Minami is or what her situation is. If the AKB there won’t help her, then who will. I can’t trust her if she doesn’t tell us everything.”

        “...You’re right. I’m sorry. Since this involves your friend, since I’m the one who put her at risk, you all at least deserve to know. The members are more than just mad at me. It wasn’t just a simple argument that split us up. I did used to be their leader...but then something happened and that changed everything. If your Minami is caught by them, and can’t convince them she’s not me...there’s a strong chance that they may kill her...”

        Everyone taken back by shock, then started shouting and panicking at the same time. Confusion and worry evident in their expressions.

        “They wouldn’t really do that would they?”
        “What the heck are we sitting around here for, shouldn’t we be doing something.”
        “Minami must be super confused wherever she is. This is more serious than we thought”
        “You have to go get her!”

        “Quiet!” Oshima yelled. Everyone quieted down and she glared at me. “You should’ve started your explanation with that. If anything happens to Minami...” she gripped her fists.

        “I’m sorry. I didn’t want you all to panic. I told you I’d take responsibility for this and figure out a way to fix things.”

        “How can you be so calm when mentioning that Minami could be killed by the only people she’d think she could trust?! Especially when you don’t even know how to get back yet!” Minegishi said with much concern.

        “Because, the girls from AKB aren’t monsters. They’re kind and caring. They wouldn’t hurt your friend in the state she’s in now. I have faith that they wouldn’t do anything to harm her until they are 100% convinced she is me. They wouldn’t be satisfied unless she herself admitted to being the person they think she is. They won’t kill her...I’m sure of it.” I said with much confidence, which seemed to ease most members.

        “Then the question remains...If the members are as kind hearted as you say, what is it that prompts them to want to kill you. What did you do?” Shinoda asked.


(Alternate World)

        Shock couldn’t even begin to describe how I felt. If I thought I was confused and shocked before, then that feeling just grew ten-fold at what Atsuko just accused me of. I still didn’t comprehend what was going on or where I was, but there was one thing I knew without a doubt...Before anyone else could say anything, I found my voice and spoke up, “...I’d never...Even the thought of...I won’t let you accuse me of such a thing! Honestly, I still have no idea what’s going on or what this is but...I can tell you right now that not in a million years would I ever, EVER betray or intentionally bring harm to the members. Whether this is a dream, or the past or present or future it doesn’t matter! I’d never hurt my family!” I spat out while attempting to maintain my cool. I hadn’t realized how hard I’d been clenching my fists until I uncurled my fingers and felt some blood trickle down my palms.

        Everyone remained silent, and for the first time they were the ones sporting confused looks. Sasshi slowly raised her hand and said, “I don’t know about you guys, but that gave me chills” Yuki was about to smack her again but then stopped and said,

        “...I’m as lost as everyone else here, but, I don’t think she’s faking. She has no reason to”

        Everyone seemed like they had an opinion to express, whether it was bad or good. Although Mariko spoke up first. “Atsuko, your thoughts”

       Atsuko shrugged, “Like I said before, she seems to really believe what she’s saying”

        Mariko sighed and rested her forehead on her hands. It appeared she was thinking, and everyone, including me, waited. After a few minutes, she raised her head. “Alright. No matter what is happening, right now all that’s clear is that Minami has no recollection of...her memories here. Therefore....punishment for her crimes will be put on hold”

        “What!?” Yuko shouted as she stood up. A few other members seemed to want to protest as well but Mariko gave them no chance.       
        “Yuko, even you must realize that she is not putting up an act. When she is tried, she should be tried based on the crimes she knew she committed. She herself has to admit to her crimes...That is the only way we’d be satisfied and serve justice, correct? We gain nothing by killing her as she is now. Therefore, in the meantime, Takahashi Minami will be on...parole; I suppose you can call it. I want a member to always be by her side to keep an eye on her, get her updated on what’s happening. Rie, Asuka, inform all the rebels of this. And as for you Minami” she said, finally addressing me directly. “I hope you realize how big of a deal this is, so I do encourage you to follow orders and behave.” Mariko then stood up from her desk and stretched. “Welcome to the AKB rebel camp Minami.”


         After that fun meeting, everyone left except for Atsuko, Mariko and me. “For now, Atsuko will show you around the place and explain a few things for you. Atsuko, if you don’t mind”

        “It’s fine by me. But you’ll have to let Yuko take my patrol shift then.” Atsuko said as Mariko nodded. She then looked to me. “Come on, let’s go.” I followed her out into the hallway.

        We walked in silence for a bit side by side as she led me through many halls. “...So, Mariko sama called this place a rebel camp...What exactly are you all rebelling against?” I asked, figuring I may as well try to learn what’s going on.

        “...The government. A bunch of power hungry freaks that think they can control everyone.”

        “Wait...The government as in the government. Why would they do something like that? And shouldn’t you all be letting the police or army handle this”

        “There isn’t exactly a police or army. There are soldiers who serve the government though, and the government is made up many people, not exactly our world leaders. No one fights for us, so we decided to take things into our own hands and fight for ourselves. That’s how AKB was born.” Atsuko explained.

        “That’s...terrible. I mean, you all shouldn’t have to go through that. This is dangerous”

        She shrugged. “It’s what we’ve known our whole lives. We each accepted this knowing what we were getting into. Our entire lives this is how it’s been. This is the world we grew up in. ... ...AKB actually saved us. Gave us a reason to fight. Gave us a family, people to protect. Anyways, enough about that. We’ll continue your history lesson later, let me show you around.”

        Atsuko showed me the training room, weapons room, the sleeping area, cafeteria, and common room. “Wow, this place is huge” I observed as I tried to remember everything Atsuko was showing me.

        “Well it does have to fit over 300 members. Anyways, I’d take you to the main lobby on the north side of the building but that’s where most member are right now, and the others are most likely still explaining the situation so it’s best not to see anyone for today. It’s getting late though; I’ll lead you to your quarters”

        It turned out ‘my quarters’ was the prison cell I awoke in. Atsuko guided me in then locked the doors. “It’s procedure” she explained. “Part of the parole. You’ll have to put up with it for now, and honestly at the moment you’re probably safer behind bars. We’ll go over more things tomorrow; another member will be in charge of escorting you tomorrow though.”

        “Right...” I said. Atsuko turned to leave but then I shouted, “Wait!” She stopped and turned around. I wanted to ask her not to go. To stay with me. I was trying to keep it together but the truth was I was scared and freaked out by all this. “Um...Thanks...for putting up with me, I mean” I instead said.

        She just nodded then turned back around to leave, before she left however, I heard her quietly say, “good night” 

        I let a small smile play across my face, “good night Acchan”


    I’d be lying if I said I didn’t hope to wake up the next morning to realize everything that’s happened was just a dream. But when I opened my eyes, I was greeted by the same poor lighting and uncomfortable mattress of the prison cell. Sure it was terrible, but I figured for someone who was practically put on a trial yesterday for a death sentence, I had nothing to complain about, and at least they hadn’t cuffed me this time.

        I had tried not to think about what they’d do if I supposedly got ‘my memories’ back of this place, but I knew that wasn’t possible since I definitely don’t belong here. But they believe I do, and indeed I’m Takahashi Minami, but there’s no way I’m the one they’re referring to... Geez, what the heck am I even suggesting. I shook my head in order to stop thinking about this. I didn’t know what to do, so I decided to stretch and work on some choreography until someone would come to fetch me.

        I’d started off with practicing Sayanora Crawl, river and now was working on Kaze wa Fuiteiru. Still in the middle of practicing, I hadn’t heard someone approach but stopped my practice when someone tapped on the cell bars. Turning around, I saw Yui unlocking the cell. “Ah, Yui!” I smiled, “good morning”

        She was surprised, but kept a straight face as she said, “morning.” Opening the door, she gestured for me to come out. As I did, we began to walk upstairs. “So everyone knows of your situation and of Mariko sama’s orders. I can’t promise you everyone will treat you kindly though, but I can guarantee your life will be safe.” She notified me.

        “Great” I said sarcastically. “Because having most members have to be ordered in order not to want to kill me would make this all better” I sighed. “Thanks for letting me know though,” I said honestly as she just nodded.

        “All the members who aren’t on duty now are either in the training room or having breakfast, so I suggest we grab something to eat first” Yui led me into the cafeteria, and once we stepped in, the entire room got quiet. I noticed everyone stare, each person giving me a different look. Some shock, some sadness, anger, hate, curiosity, fear? It seriously made me feel terrible and guilty...even if I knew I’d done nothing wrong...but they all believed I did.  I stood there awkwardly at the entrance until Yui sighed and pulled me over to some machines at the side of the room. “I’d say not to draw too much attention but I guess that’s impossible. Just ignore it. Come on, pick what you want to eat” she handed me a tray but I just stood there.

        I looked around the room to try to see where the food was being served and noticed most members were still watching my every move. Yui looked at me questioningly and asked, “What are you waiting for?”

        “Um...I really don’t see where the food being served is”

        “Eh...You seriously even forgot how to use our machinery” Yui said surprised. I just shrugged, not knowing what she meant. She turned around to face the machines we were beside. “You can pick any food you want from the selections that appear here.” Yui pushed a button on the machine and suddenly pictures of food with their descriptions all popped out like holograms around us.

        “Woah!” I shouted in surprise not expecting that, catching most people’s attention in the room. The images of different foods kept floating around us. “This is insane! Hey Yui, do you see this! It’s so cool!” I yelled excitedly while Yui had her mouth slightly agape at my behaviour.

        “Ta...Takamina san please calm down, it’s not that big of a deal”
        “Are you kidding? This is insanely cool! So do I just click on the image I want or something?”
Yui nodded in slight amazement.
        I looked at all the pictures but one caught my eye instantly. “Ah! Katsudon! I’ll have that” I reached over and clicked the image, and then from the side of the machine, my katusdon began to materialize. This is amazing!
        “Katsudon for breakfast. Some things never change” Yui commented. I peeled my eyes away from my katsudon and saw that Yui was actually smiling, as though reminiscing about something. 
        “No matter the time or occasion, it’s always appropriate to eat katsudon. Besides, I’m sure any Takahashi Minami would have the same taste” I said as I grabbed the bowl.
        Yui grabbed her food then directed me to an empty table, “Any Takahashi Minami?” she asked as she placed her food down and sat. I also took a seat across her.

        “I know it sounds stupid, but it’s honestly the only thing that makes sense to me. I’m clearly not the Takahashi Minami you all think I am, but it remains evident that you do know a Takahashi Minami.” I said matter-of-factly as I began to eat.
        “So you’re saying there’s two yous” Yui asked astonished.

        “That’d make sense!” someone said loudly. I turned and saw Sasshi approaching as she took a seat beside me. “I mean think of all the possibilities. What if Takamina has a twin! Or maybe she was cloned! Perhaps even abducted by aliens!”
        Yui and I just stared blankly at her. “I’m pretty sure I don’t have a twin or wasn’t cloned or abducted.”
        “That’s what they want you to think! She said enthusiastically.
        “Look, what I mean is that it’s not just the fact that theirs two Minami’s. I’m telling you all I don’t belong here.”
        “Oh yah, you did mention something about another AKB that’s an idol group. Man I just can’t imagine that....Am I popular!?” Sasshi suddenly asked. Yui just sighed at the question and I was taken back. “Come on tell me, I can take it. You said we perform for fans and everything right? What am I like...I mean what’s the Sashihara you know like?”

        I smiled and answered, “Actually you are really popular. You have a big fanbase and honestly you’re the exact same as the Sashihara Rino I know. Loud, energetic, confident, curious, friendly”
        “Aw, come on stop, you’re making me blush” Sasshi said as she playfully shoved me. Yui threw her bread at Sasshi.
        “Yes Takamina san, please stop, we don’t need her ego to get any bigger” she teased.
        I laughed as the two bickered back and forth after that. Once we finished eating, Sasshi energetically spoke up again, “Hey Yui, let’s show Takamina our training center next!”

        Yui shrugged, “I suppose it's fine”

        I walked with the two of them and we all spoke animatedly. I was very glad for both their presence, because they made me feel like I was back at home. Before we entered the door of the training room, I saw Yuko, Haruna and Sae about to go in. Yuko stopped to look at me; “joining us for practice huh, I guess it’ll be interesting to see what you remember” she then walked in with the others.

        I looked nervously back and forth between Yui and Sasshi, “Um, I won’t have to fight or anything will I?”

        Sasshi smile, “who knows, it could be interesting!”


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Re: Travle To A Distant World Chapter 4–The Verdict!? (2013/June/06)
« Reply #53 on: June 06, 2013, 02:16:43 PM »
WOHOOO!!!! TAKAMINA WAS SAVED!!!! THANK YOU ATSUKO, THANK YOU!!!!!  :panic: :panic: :panic:

If anyone dare to hurt my Takamina, I will promise to them I will give them a unforgettable nightmare that they will experience in their entire life.. (Readying plasma-bladed sword, beam swords, several modified guns, and couple of grenades..)  :angry: :angry: :angry:

Jane has really having a hard time on Takamina's world.... AND MARIKO DON'T SHOUT AT HER!!!!!!!  :angry: :angry: :angry:

I love Atsumina couples... In every parallel universe...  :wub: :wub: :wub:

Waiting for your next update  XD XD XD
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Re: Travle To A Distant World Chapter 4–The Verdict!? (2013/June/06)
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I really cant get enough of this fic....
When im reading i really wish that i cant read the end word *sigh
And most of all takamina is safe...for now~
Anyways,arrow thank you again
And pls update soon :on gay:

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Re: Travle To A Distant World Chapter 4–The Verdict!? (2013/June/06)
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Ah... so now everyone in the idol world knew that rebel Minami indeed already got switched...

And rebel Atsuko and rebel Minami were girlfriends... Yeah....

Yeah... what did the rebel Minami that made all rebel AKB members hated her and wanted to kill her?

Lucky that some of the rebels believed idol Minami... if not she would be dead by then...

Poor idol Minami.... for being targeted when she was not even responsible with everything that went around in the rebel world...

Yui and Sashi were friendlier than before... now that they kind of thought that there were other Minami... probably exchanged...

Eh... idol Minami was going to be fighting with rebel Yuko....

What's going to happen in the fight between idol Minami and rebel Yuko?

What did rebel Minami do to earn killing order from everyone...?

Can't wait to find out more

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Travle To A Distant World Chapter 4–The Verdict!? (2013/June/06)
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KYA~~!!! You updated!!! I will repeat myself, but I so love the cool Yuko-sama in both worlds!!!!  :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

I wanna see the fight!! And I want them to see Takamina singing and dancing. They would believe then, nee?  :roll:

I was laughing so hard at everyone's expressions when Takamina was acting weirdly at the machines and stuff :DDD

Mhm, Jane seems getting it easier, nee? I am waiting for her further explanation!
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Re: Travle To A Distant World Chapter 4–The Verdict!? (2013/June/06)
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I love Takamina more and more because of your fics, Arrow-san...! :farofflook:

Awesome story!  :twothumbs
Hope the rest of AKB rebels would know the truth ASAP..

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Re: Travle To A Distant World Chapter 4–The Verdict!? (2013/June/06)
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can't stop laughing at Takamina's reaction on the sophisticated vending machine :on lol:

and Sasshi's theories...twin?cloned?abducted by alien? the heck is that...somehow I got a feeling that Sasshi will start to nagging on Takamina to tell her more about her idol counterpart and she will become a fan of her counterpart...

among all the rebels it seems like Yuko is the most hostile towards Takamina...did she lost someone special to her because of Jane :hehehe: if yes who? but if not, why? man...more questions popped up :on lol:

Yuko vs Takamina on training ground? sounds fun...a rebel vs an idol...I guess Takamina can use her dancing experiences to fight Yuko back....or atleast to distract her...

anyway, nice update :on GJ:

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Re: Travle To A Distant World Chapter 4–The Verdict!? (2013/June/06)
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OMG your fic is so Fu#"#$ng (sorry for the big word im excited) COOL

I love it

Update soon

more than soon please!!!!

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