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Author Topic: Travel To A Distant World: The Recruitment (Mayuki) [side story] (Dec 29 2013)  (Read 92685 times)

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Yay they going to recruit Mayu :D

I wonder how Mayu and Yuki meet each other

Please update soon

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OMFG!!! I LOVE YOu!!!  :on slopkiss:

I really gotta hand it to you, this is one of the best fic I've ever read, and that means a lot coming from me  :on lol:

Idk where you have been all my entire time in the fandom, but I'm glad to finally be able to read this  :nya:

The action, the love, the friendship in this story is truly amazing, and to top it all off, it is an AtsuMina story  :shy2: I'm really glad that AW Atsuko and AW Minami got together when they were younger and got married now, but I also wanna see a good/happy result to my Original Atsuko and Minami getting together and all that. Last where you left off for them is Atsuko going out of country for her work, right? Maybe when she comes back Minami can plan something nice and confess to her? :hee:

Anyway, I love you and I really like this story. It will definitely be in my favorites   :on GJ:

Please write more AtsuMina or update soon  :kneelbow:
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Interesting recruitment...

I like this background story....

Can't wait to see more for other members too

Thank you for the side story

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Fantastic! Glad I read this fic!

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Re: Travel To A Distant World: The Recruitment (Mayuki) [side story] (Dec 29 2013)
« Reply #404 on: September 25, 2014, 06:09:18 PM »
Cool ~~  8)

Want to read more  :thumbup  O0

Update soon  :bow:  :bow: MaYuki  :heart:  :heart:

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Re: Travel To A Distant World: The Recruitment (Mayuki) [side story] (Dec 29 2013)
« Reply #405 on: September 30, 2014, 02:56:32 AM »
I really love this fic!
The wedding was so cute~

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This is an awesome fic! Now I'm really interested in how they manage to recruit the other members into their family^^ update please:) :deco:

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This is an awesome fic indeed!..every chapter was well-written and exciting to read..I'll also include this in my favorites.. :on GJ:

I hope you can update this author-san..
I still want to know what happened to the OW Atsumina..please please please~..  :pleeease:
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Still the best, doesn´t matter the year! :D

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I already read this last year's late August but I was still a guest so I couldn't leave a comment of how wonderful this story is. And was left hanging on the last chap...

And then I saw this on the the thread a while ago and thought you updated it lol

It was just another comment haha, false alarm :lol:

But I do hope you come back and update it...  :(

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Wow... just.... wow... :heart:

I just found this in tumblr, and omg, I have read many fanfics, but this is the best fanfic I've ever read so far
I started it in the morning and read it without breathing, it was really amazing

I don't know if you are still here author-san, but please keep on writing! You're so good at it! You would be a great author  :twothumbs

Not only the story is great, it is also planned out throughly, and my every wish was satisfied when reading it..
Not to mention my kami oshi is Minami, so it doubled the fun for me.

Everyone in the fandom should read this! It's the best :thumbup :heart:

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